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StormComing is about Exceptional World-Wide Weather and Extreme Events. Current news of natural disasters such as extreme weather, mass animal die-offs, disease outbreaks, solar flares, geological events and pollution related disasters such as oil spills.

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A reddit community for member of the Wolfpack nation! Welcome all NC State fans, staff, alumni, students, and future students. GO PACK!

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Welcome to the wholesome side of the internet! This community is for those searching for a way to capture virtue on the internet.

2023.06.10 13:22 DuchessBatPenguin Just reread some inspection reports for the place we got 2 years ago ..

I think we missed a very important one ... something about fungus on wall and water damage....
I noticed issues after we moved in and usually calmed myself w "naw the inspections would have caught it" .... but I think the inspection did catch it...we just missed the report... fuck. Like double fuck. I knew I hated that everything was an email and not a physical report for a reason...
Welp the journey to get more inspectors start later today...or really since 2am in the mornjng... it's 4 now..and I have to be up for work in less than 3 houes.... good times ahead
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2023.06.10 13:21 barrierkult I'm getting scammed on etsy. Please advise

Here's my case, so a week ago I purchased an engagement ring from an etsy store from sweden called NorthernSparkly. I did a review on the seller and everything was fine, 5 star seller, generally positive reviews so I pulled the trigger. I spent around 700 euros on a 2 ct moissanite oval solitaire style ring in 14k gold. The seller was super responsive and kind and so on. But today I discovered something that completely shocked me. I was browsing through the chinese sites and I found a ring listing with the exact same picture as northernsparkly on etsy. The ring costs few euros. The picture is exactly the same the only difference is that there is a watermark norhternsparkly on the etsy listing. I kept looking on ali and I found more listings with the same ring. And when I say same I mean EXACTLY the same. Not a single difference and these are rings selling for 600 euros plus while they cost 14 euro on ali. I immediately contacted the seller with the provided emevidence and he does not reply to me. There's definitely something going on because he went from super responsive and friendly to totally ignoring my messages. He does not have a cancelation option. How should I proceed here. Every information is welcomed. Thank you in advance
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2023.06.10 13:21 BruteSilverback Welcome to the Future of Cryptocurrency - Introducing IPRO Coin

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2023.06.10 13:21 dasun0218 16 Game-Changing AI Tools: Unleashing the Future of Innovation

The Ultimate Arsenal: Unleashing the Power of 16 AI Tools for Unprecedented Success
Gone are the days when artificial intelligence (AI) belonged solely to the realm of science fiction. Today, AI has become an indispensable part of our daily lives, seamlessly integrated into our technology. We no longer have to manually navigate through software updates or tirelessly solve complex problems. Instead, we rely on AI to process code, autonomously learn from past experiences, and free up our time for more important endeavors.
The impact of AI is far-reaching, revolutionizing the way we work and live. According to Gartner, around 37 percent of companies have already embraced AI as a fundamental aspect of their operations, a number that is poised to grow exponentially in the coming years. From 2015 to 2019, the adoption of AI by businesses saw an astounding 270 percent increase.
In today's fast-paced and ever-evolving tech landscape, AI has become a cornerstone of success for businesses worldwide. Its transformative power empowers organizations to compete and thrive in an increasingly competitive environment. If your company has yet to embark on the AI journey, fear not. We have curated a list of the top 16 AI tools, each offering unique features and capabilities to suit your specific needs.
Discover the endless possibilities that AI brings as we explore these cutting-edge tools and their potential to revolutionize industries. Embrace the power of AI and unlock new levels of innovation, efficiency, and success. To learn more, check out the full article here:
16 AI Tools
  1. Zest AI: Revolutionizing Fintech with AI-Driven Lending
In the ever-evolving fintech landscape, Zest AI stands out as a game-changer. With its cutting-edge approach to credit underwriting, Zest AI harnesses the power of machine learning to make lending decisions. By replacing biased human decision-makers with AI-driven credit assessments, Zest AI is paving the way for a fairer and more transparent lending process. Working closely with banks, credit unions, and other lenders, Zest AI's innovative technology is set to reduce risk and empower the financial industry with data-driven insights. Experience the future of lending with Zest AI, where artificial intelligence takes center stage in shaping the financial landscape.
  1. Enhance Your Cybersecurity with Symantec Endpoint Protection
In today's digital landscape, safeguarding your online assets is paramount. That's where Symantec Endpoint Protection comes into play. As a leading cybersecurity tool, it utilizes the power of machine learning technology to provide robust protection against evolving threats. With each encounter, the program autonomously learns to differentiate between benign and malicious files, reducing the burden on human operators. Gone are the days of manual software configurations and updates, as Symantec's AI-driven interface automatically downloads the latest updates and continuously learns from each security threat to effectively combat malware. Elevate your cybersecurity defenses with Symantec Endpoint Protection and enjoy peace of mind in an increasingly interconnected world.
  1. Transform Your Recruitment Process with Outmatch
Outmatch revolutionizes the recruitment landscape by integrating all stages of the hiring journey into a single, comprehensive platform. No longer will you need to navigate disparate systems for background checks, resume screening, and interview assessments. With Outmatch's AI-powered solution, the entire recruiting process is centralized, offering an end-to-end solution. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, recruiting teams can streamline their operations and achieve significant cost savings of up to 40 percent, as stated on the Outmatch website. Experience the efficiency of automated reference checks, interview scheduling, and candidate behavioral and cognitive screening with Outmatch's cutting-edge tools. Elevate your recruitment strategy and unlock the potential of AI-driven hiring workflows.
  1. Unleash the Power of Data Visualization with Tableau
Tableau, a leading business intelligence platform, empowers companies to transform raw data into actionable insights and drive informed business strategies. With Tableau's advanced AI and augmented analytics capabilities, users gain rapid access to valuable data insights, surpassing the limitations of manual analysis. The platform accelerates decision-making processes and enables organizations to stay ahead of the curve. Renowned brands like Verizon, Lenovo, Hello Fresh, and REI Co-op have leveraged the power of Tableau to unlock the full potential of their data. Experience the transformative impact of Tableau and revolutionize your approach to data visualization and analysis.
  1. Revolutionize Your Business Operations with Salesforce
Salesforce, a cutting-edge business intelligence platform, harnesses the power of the cloud and machine learning to transform customer service, sales, and product development. At the heart of Salesforce is the Einstein AI platform, an intelligent assistant that provides valuable recommendations and automates tedious data entry tasks. By leveraging Einstein AI, employees can make data-informed decisions with ease, enhancing productivity and efficiency. Whether you're a startup or a major corporation, Salesforce offers scalable solutions tailored to your specific needs. With a wide range of customizable apps and seamless integration, Salesforce empowers businesses to optimize their operations and unlock unparalleled growth opportunities. Experience the future of business intelligence with Salesforce and take your organization to new heights.
  1. Empower Your Business with Real-Time Data Insights using H2O.AI
H2O.AI, a leading machine learning platform, equips companies with the tools to tackle business challenges by harnessing the power of real-time data insights. With a wide range of applications including fraud detection and predictive customer support, H2O.AI enables businesses to streamline operations and optimize efficiency. Through the use of H2O's driverless AI, traditionally time-consuming projects can be completed in a matter of hours or minutes, unlocking unprecedented speed and agility. Elevate your business strategies and maximize productivity with H2O.AI's cutting-edge technology. Visit the H2O.AI website to explore the transformative potential of real-time data analysis.
  1. Unlock the Potential of AI in Software Development with Oracle AI
Oracle AI, a cutting-edge platform tailored for developers and engineers, harnesses the power of machine learning to analyze customer feedback and generate precise predictive models from extracted data. By automatically extracting data from open-source frameworks, Oracle eliminates the need for developers to build applications or software from scratch, streamlining the development process. Additionally, Oracle AI offers advanced chatbot tools that evaluate customer needs and seamlessly connect them with relevant resources or support. Experience the transformative capabilities of Oracle AI and revolutionize your software development journey.
  1. Unlock the Potential of Machine Learning with Caffe
Caffe, an innovative open-source coding framework, empowers developers and coders to unleash the power of machine learning in their software projects. Designed by Berkeley AI Research, Caffe is a go-to choice for researchers, startups, and corporations seeking to bring their digital endeavors to life. Seamlessly integrating with Python, Caffe allows for precise code model optimization, project testing, and automated bug resolution. With Caffe's robust features and user-friendly interface, you can take your coding capabilities to new heights and embark on a journey of groundbreaking innovation. Experience the transformative potential of Caffe and revolutionize your coding process today.
  1. Transform Your Business with SAS: AI-Powered Data Management
SAS, a leading provider of business intelligence solutions, offers a robust AI-driven data management program designed to fuel progress and drive growth for companies. Leveraging the power of open source and cloud-enablement technologies, SAS enables organizations to optimize various business functions, including customer intelligence, risk assessment, identity verification, and business forecasting. With SAS, companies gain greater control over their direction and unlock new opportunities for success. Experience the transformative capabilities of SAS and take your business to new heights of efficiency and innovation.
  1. Unleash the Power of Code Development with Theano
Theano, a cutting-edge AI-powered library, is the ultimate tool for developers seeking to build, optimize, and deploy code projects seamlessly. Developed with a focus on integration with Python, Theano empowers developers to harness the full potential of machine learning. With its advanced capabilities, Theano autonomously diagnoses and resolves bugs or system malfunctions, minimizing the need for external support. Experience the efficiency and productivity boost that Theano brings to code development, revolutionizing your coding journey. Embrace the future of programming with Theano and unlock a world of limitless possibilities.
  1. Accelerate Your Data Analysis with OpenNN
OpenNN, a cutting-edge open-source software library, revolutionizes the field of software development by harnessing the power of neural network technology. With its advanced capabilities, OpenNN enables faster and more accurate interpretation of data, surpassing the capabilities of traditional methods. What sets OpenNN apart is its ability to handle and process massive datasets with ease, providing unparalleled efficiency in training models. Experience the future of data analysis with OpenNN and unlock new possibilities in software development.
  1. Transform Your Software Development with TensorFlow
TensorFlow, a cutting-edge open-source platform, is revolutionizing the world of machine learning and neural networks for companies. With its versatile capabilities and seamless integration with Javascript, TensorFlow empowers developers to effortlessly build and train custom machine learning models tailored to their organization's unique requirements. From startups to tech giants like Airbnb, Google, Intel, and Twitter, businesses across industries rely on TensorFlow to drive innovation and unlock the potential of AI. Explore the limitless possibilities of TensorFlow and supercharge your software development projects today.
  1. Elevate Your Business Intelligence with Tellius
Discover the power of AI-driven business intelligence with Tellius. As a leading platform in the industry, Tellius empowers companies to gain deep insights into their strategies, successes, and growth areas. With Tellius's intelligent search functionality, data organization becomes effortless, allowing employees to visualize and comprehend the factors that drive business outcomes. By simply asking questions within the platform, users can uncover hidden patterns in their data, efficiently sort through vast amounts of information, and extract actionable insights. Unleash the potential of your data with Tellius and revolutionize your approach to business intelligence.
  1. Unlock Sales Success with, a cutting-edge AI-driven sales platform, empowers companies to elevate their sales performance through advanced analytics, deal forecasting, and comprehensive sales pipeline visualization. One of's standout features is its unwavering transparency, providing valuable insights to employees and leaders alike. By automatically analyzing customer interactions and transforming feedback into actionable trends, enables organizations to uncover weaknesses, make strategic pivots, and drive sales growth. Experience the power of and revolutionize your sales approach for unparalleled success.
  1. Elevate Your Business Intelligence with Zia by Zoho
Zia, the cutting-edge AI platform developed by leading business software company Zoho, is revolutionizing the way companies harness organizational knowledge and transform customer feedback into actionable strategies. Seamlessly integrated with the cloud, Zia's powerful AI tools analyze customer sales patterns, client schedules, and workflow data to empower employees across all teams, enhancing productivity and driving success. Discover the power of Zia and unlock the true potential of your business intelligence. Experience the future of data-driven decision-making with Zia by Zoho.
  1. Maximize Productivity and Master Time Management with TimeHero
TimeHero, an innovative AI-powered scheduling platform, revolutionizes the way users manage their project calendars, to-do lists, and schedules. Leveraging advanced machine learning capabilities, TimeHero automatically sends reminders for meetings, email deadlines, and project milestones, ensuring you stay organized and on track. Collaborative features allow individuals to sync their personal calendars with team members, enabling seamless coordination and efficient project collaboration. Say goodbye to missed deadlines and overwhelmed schedules with TimeHero, the ultimate time management solution. Experience the power of AI-driven productivity and take control of your time like never before.
To learn more, check out the full article here:
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2023.06.10 13:21 Adam-best PolyGel Nail Kit

PolyGel is an all-in-one formula to get salon quality nails right at home. No monomer, no mixing, and no ratios! The odorless formula allows you to get your nails perfectly done within minutes.
Formulated using a game-changing polymer fusion, PolyGel's breakthrough TriPolymer Technology delivers gravity-defying performance for astonishingly easy, and ultra-stylish nails.
The unique putty-like viscosity ensures smooth, flawless nails and color. PolyGel's formulation combines acrylic powder for strength in a gel base with photo initiators providing workability without any unpleasant odor. Stop wasting time and money at salons, and get the PolyGel Nail Kit today!
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2023.06.10 13:20 quicksubset6 Feeling a bit flat today happy to share the love in return

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2023.06.10 13:18 sinjaz31 Pregnant and not planning on telling my mom

Hi everyone. I’ve been NC with my mother for 3 years. She does occasionally send me and my brother text messages (we believe she has undiagnosed bpd). It usually goes along the lines of her reaching out, saying she’s spiritually healed and would like to make contact. My brother and I tell her that’s great but we’re not wanting a relationship with her unless she gets professional help. She then swears at us/uses emotionally abusive language towards us. The last time this happened was 2 months ago. My dad, I’ve never had a relationship with, he was extremely physically abusive growing up. I’m 2 months pregnant and I have no desire to share my pregnancy news or have the baby meet my mother. She’s extremely toxic and my mental health and well-being are extremely important to me.
Did anyone have a similar experience of not telling their parents about their pregnancy? What was hard about becoming a parent and not having your own parents in your life? I am in therapy and have been working through some of this stuff but would like to get the perspective of someone that actually went through something similar if anyone is willing to share their experiences.
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2023.06.10 13:18 Proof_Restaurant_809 Is this subreddit death?

Today, I discovered NXP Semiconductors company. It looks fascinating to me. I ve planning to buy some stocks in the near future. Let's talk. Can you tell me some good or bad news about this company? Would you happen to invest in this company? Did you invest some money in NXPI? Are you satisfied with the company's work, products, revenue, and profit? Where do you see this company in like 10 or 20 years? How many shares do you own?
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2023.06.10 13:17 excitedtomato73 ithaca renting - getting keys

to preface this i know it was a very stupid decision to not fully read over my leasing email / check in with ithaca renting before hand but i was planning on moving in today and i’m already on the way to ithaca and i just realized that their office is closed on the weekends so i can’t get the key to my apartment to move in. i also called their 24/7 maintenance phone number but it kept transferring me to someone who told me she gave my information to maintenance and then hung up the phone after i tried to ask her more questions but no one has reached out to me yet.
has this happened to anyone before / does anyone have any advice? my internship starts on monday so i can’t really move in on monday. i was hoping that someone could let me into my apartment like a superintendent and give me spare set of keys.
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2023.06.10 13:17 SkogAKust Awoo Lightweight Waterproof Bags - Skog Å Kust

Awoo Lightweight Waterproof Bags - Skog Å Kust
Looking for durable and reliable Lightweight Waterproof Bags? Look no further! Our collection of high-quality Packable Waterproof Bag is designed to keep your belongings safe and dry, even in the toughest conditions. Browse our selection today and find the perfect bag for your next adventure!

Shot in Copan, Honduras, Central America. Photographers Brad Ryon and Nick Nowak.

Music: Awoo - Sofi Tukker

EMAIL: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])

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2023.06.10 13:17 visionservices Staffing Company in Mumbai Contact Us: 7303740432

Need reliable Staffing Solutions in Mumbai? Look no further! Our staffing company excels in providing top-tier talent for your business needs. Whether you require temporary staff, permanent hires, or specialized professionals, we have you covered. Trust our expertise to streamline your recruitment process. Contact us today for seamless staffing solutions.
Read More:
Contact Us: 7303740432
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2023.06.10 13:17 GovernmentPrevious75 Are you mowing this weekend?

There's conflicting advice on whether you should mow in hot weather. Though I suspect (after no mow May) that there are many lawns in 'need of a mow' this weekend.
I've gone ahead and done mine but on setting 4 so not too close to the ground. But I've seen neighbours out cutting theirs at what must be 1-2.
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2023.06.10 13:17 wunderbarvik Shoutout to Sofirn.

Ordered on May 28th, out for delivery today in FL.
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2023.06.10 13:17 UzairU1 The elevator at my office stopped between the first and second floor

I used to work at a reputable audit company. Those familiar with me will recognize the company. I'm certain my colleagues will come across this story on Reddit, as I've seen them browse the site during office hours.
It's been approximately two days since the incident, and I can't shake the feeling of being watched. Each passing night, the shadows in my room seem to grow darker and have more substance. I fear I'm losing my sanity.
My fellow coworkers, as you read this, I'm uncertain if I'll still be alive. However, please, heed my warning. You must put an end to this curse before it's too late.
It happened on the night of June 23rd. It was around 11 PM, and anyone passing by the office building would have noticed that only the lights on the third floor were on. My colleague Awais and I were the only ones working late, as we had an upcoming deadline and, thus, had some unfinished tasks. It wouldn't be fair to solely blame us for the delay, as our client had taken their sweet time in providing the necessary data. Such was the life of an auditor.
My fingers glided across the keyboard of my laptop, the sound of typing echoed through the empty floor. Both of us were surviving on caffeine at this point, evident from the scattered paper cups on the table.
In the midst of entering an Excel formula, a faint scraping sound caught my attention. I had paused briefly to double-check my calculations, and that's when I heard it. As soon as I paid attention to it, it abruptly stopped. I looked up from my laptop, surveying the dimly lit office, but found no source for the sound. Awais, sitting to my right, seemed too busy with his work to notice. Shaking my head, I returned to my tasks, convinced that I had simply imagined it. However, as I looked back at the laptop screen, the scraping noise resumed, faint but distinct.
I immediately stood up, and once again, the sound stopped. I scanned the room and heard Awais making a strange noise. I turned toward him, and he burst into laughter.
"Bruh, you should have seen your face," Awais said, struggling to contain his amusement.
"Dude, that scared the hell out of me. Don't pull such pranks when we're up against a deadline."
"Yeah, yeah. You definitely need some sleep. You're losing it right now."
"I'll get some rest once I finish this," I replied, plopping back into my chair and letting out a sigh.
"I hate my job."
"Not much longer, right? This is our last day. Do you think our replacements will be able to complete this?"
"Probably. We gave them a thorough briefing about the work earlier."
I looked at Awais, and he slowly closed his laptop.
"You're leaving, huh?"
"I have a lot on my mind right now. I need to take a step back."
"Sure, I'll probably leave in a few minutes as well. You go ahead."
Awais started gathering his belongings, and in the midst of packing, he asked, "Have you heard from Asjad Bashir? He left the company a week ago, and we haven't heard a word from him."
"Same here. I've tried contacting him multiple times, but his phone was turned off."
"You think it's related to that rumored curse?"
"Nonsense. Do you believe in such things?"
"I don't, but lately, it seems more than just a rumor, doesn't it? They say those who leave the company vanish."
"Asjad not answering our calls would definitely have a logical explanation, rather than some absurd curse. He did say that his phone was causing all sorts of problems before he left"
"Sure, but what about Sarah and Ahmed?"
"They both had plans to move to China, so it's possible that they haven't had a chance to reach out to us yet."
"Junaid, it's been three months, and Ahmed, your work buddy, hasn't even contacted you."
"I understand that his silence is bothering you, but I have faith that he will eventually get in touch with us."
Awais didn't seem satisfied with my response. He stared blankly at the vacant office space.
"Don't worry about anything. You'll be fine. That rumor is just a tactic to keep us in the company," I assured him, giving his shoulder a pat.
"I want to believe that too. Anyway, I'm leaving now. Let's grab lunch sometime and talk shit about this company again," Awais said weakly, letting out a faint laugh.
"Sure thing, buddy."
We shook hands firmly, and Awais picked up his bag, heading towards the elevator. The doors closed, plunging the space into darkness once again, I returned to my desk and resumed my work.
About 20 minutes later, I stretched my arms.
"Man, the newbies are going to have a field day with this assignment."
I closed my laptop, preparing to pack up. I gathered the empty paper cups and tossed them into the nearby bin.
As I stood by the elevator, I took one last glance at the empty office.
"Never thought I'd witness this day, especially not after four years of being here."
With that, I stepped into the elevator. The doors closed, and the descent began, the floor numbers gradually ticking down from three.
Surprisingly, the elevator jolted and came to a sudden stop.
"Well, that was quicker than expected," I muttered.
I looked at the elevator panel, only to find the lower portion of "2" and the upper portion of "1".
"What in the world?"
Realizing that the doors hadn't opened, I pressed the buttons and attempted to force them apart, but to no avail. Of all the times, it had to be today. I decided to call the security guard, Kashif, I picked up my phone, and at that moment, the elevator doors opened.
Before me lay a dark corridor, without a single light. Glancing back at the panel, I noticed that it still displayed the same numbers. I tapped the panel and pressed the buttons, but nothing happened.
Letting out a sigh, I adjusted the strap of my bag and stepped out of the elevator. As soon as I did, the doors closed shut. I turned around, only to see the elevator panel indicating that it was descending to the ground level.
"You've got to be kidding me."
I found myself in an unfamiliar corridor. It didn't match any floor layout I was familiar with. With my phone's flashlight activated, I cautiously proceeded forward, noticing a partially open door a few meters away. In a final desperate attempt, I pushed the elevator button, but it remained fixed on the ground level. Admitting defeat, I slowly approached the door.
Carefully, I pushed the door open, my body on high alert for reasons I couldn't quite understand. Illuminating the room with my phone's light, I discovered empty workstations and chairs. I scanned the area, moving the light from one corner to another. In all my four years at the company, I had never seen this room before. I searched for a light switch, however, there were none, and I realized there were no windows either. Odd.
The only sound that came in the room was the sound of rushing air from the ventilation system. As I approached the first workstation, I noticed the name "Akhtar Ali" taped to the desk, accompanied by a photo of a man in his late thirties, I assumed the man in was Akhtar. Strangely enough, I had never seen or met him in the office before. I directed my flashlight towards the adjacent desk, where the name 'Parveen Nabil' was written—a name I had never heard in the office either.
Something felt off. I hurriedly passed by each table, each taped with a name tag and a picture of the person assigned to it. As I approached the end of the table, a particular name caught my attention. There was no mistaking it. Moving closer, I confirmed that 'Asjad Bashir' was written there, accompanied by a picture taken on his last day of work.
I took a step back from the table, feeling uneasy at what I had just looked at. Did the office maintain some bizarre memorial for all the staff members who had left? It sounded absurd, but that's exactly what was before me.
There were two desks next to Asjad's. I moved towards it, making me shiver at what I saw. The desks had mine and Awais' names taped on. What's more shocking was that the picture of either of us was the ones we took a couple of hours ago, when everyone had left.
"What in the world is going on? This is madness," I muttered.
I knew I had to leave. Something was severely wrong. At the far end of the room, there was another door. I approached it and cautiously opened it. Immediately, a horrendous, rotting smell invaded my nostrils, nearly causing me to throw up. Covering my nose, I took a step forward but tripped over something and stumbled to the floor. In the process, my phone was thrown a few feet away, its light illuminating the room. As I slowly rose, I noticed an arm lying next to my feet. Startled, I stood up, only to be confronted with a horrifying sight.
The floor was covered in dried blood, and several hooks with chains dangled from the ceiling. Lifeless bodies hung from those hooks, each with their mouths impaled on a hook. Limbs were strewn across the floor, as every body had been gruesomely dismembered.
I began to hyperventilate. What in God's name was I witnessing? This was sheer madness. Trembling, I reached for my phone, and as I retrieved it, I recognized the first body—the resemblance was unmistakable, it was Asjad Bashir. The corpse had decomposed slightly, but the face was still recognizable.
Three rooms stood at the end of the room, one of which was illuminated. I hurriedly made my way toward it, peeking through the doors' small window. Inside, a huge, obese man stood, easily seven feet tall and weighing over 500 pounds. His body was covered in scars and stitches, with a prominent red scar across his bald head. Gripping a massive meat cleaver, he was busy dismembering a lifeless figure on a table before him. With each strike, limbs fell off, and blood sprayed in all directions. I couldn't see the face of the body from my position.
"Gotta love it when the little fishy walks right into my hands," he chuckled, his voice hoarse.
Shocked and terrified, I stepped away from the door, realizing I needed to escape this place.
I heard movement in the room and quickly ducked into the next room. Just as I slightly closed the door behind me, the man emerged. Although I couldn't see what he was doing, I heard the sound of chains rattling and the piercing of flesh.
Footsteps echoed again, and it seemed the man was leaving. The footsteps halted, followed by the man sniffing the air, chuckling with delight.
"Oh boy, oh boy, looks like another little fishy was wandering around here. I do love me some good hide and seek."
With that, it sounded like he exited the slaughter room and entered the memorial room. Gathering my courage, I left the room I had hidden in, refraining from using my phone's flashlight to avoid being spotted. I used the light coming from the butcher's room to navigate my way to the butcher's room.
The room was a blood-splattered chaos. In the center stood a large table, with limbs on it from the previous victim. I frantically searched the room for a key, a button, anything that could help me escape.
But there was nothing. Overwhelmed with despair, I collapsed onto the floor.
"I don't want to die. I don't want to die."
All hope seemed lost. That monster was sure to return any minute and kill me. At that moment, I noticed a large finger hanging on a cleaver keychain from one of the walls. I got up and grabbed it.
Then, I heard the door behind me creak open, and I felt a force pulling me upright.
"Well, well, the little fishy has strayed too far from the fishing net."
I turned and saw one of the ugliest faces I had ever seen, grinning at me. I struggled to break free from his grip, but he was too strong.
"Oh, the little fishy is putting up a fight? I do love me some strong fish."
He flashed a toothy grin and threw me onto the table. Placing his enormous hand on my neck, he began to strangle me.
"Now, playtime is over, fishy. Please die for me and create the music of death."
He brought his face closer to mine, a sadistic smile spreading across his lips. I clawed at his hands, but his grip tightened. I gasped for air and that made the man laugh.
"Give me more music fish."
Summoning my last ounce of strength, I clenched the cleaver keychain tightly and drove it into his eye with all my might.
The man howled in agony and stumbled back. Coughing and gasping for air, I scrambled to my feet. With one goal in mind to escape, I sprinted out of the room.
"You piece of shit! I'll skin you alive!" roared the butcher.
I took out my phone and illuminated my path with its light. Hastily finding the door to the memorial room, I entered it. The room was now a mess, with overturned tables. I didn't have much time to assess the full extent of the butcher's rampage. I exited the memorial room, rushed down the corridor, and reached the elevator.
Frantically pressing the buttons, I received no response. "Come on, come on!"
Despite multiple attempts, the elevator remained motionless. I heard a loud explosion behind me, signaling that the man had entered the memorial room. Ready to give up, I remembered the giant finger I had picked up. I decided to use it to press the elevator button, and to my relief, the elevator started moving up.
The elevator doors opened and with that, the memorial room doors as well. The light from the elevator shone in the corridor and I saw him running towards me.
"Get here, you little fish."
He raised his cleaver and hurled it towards me. I used the finger and pressed the ground level. The doors closed, stopping the cleaver from impaling me.
The elevator descended and stopped at the ground level.
The doors opened, revealing the reception area of the office, with the security guard Kashif sitting there. As he saw me, he quickly stood and approached.
"What happened to you? You're a complete mess, and what's with all the blood?" he asked, bewildered.
"There... I... He..." I struggled to form any words.
With that, I bolted out of the front door. I ran and ran, not even bothering to call a taxi. I needed to distance myself from that place and everything I had witnessed.
I reached my house in no time as I didn't live too far from the office, I locked all the doors and hid in my room. I don't know how, but somehow I managed to fall asleep. The next morning, I attempted to call Awais, but received no response. I tried calling the security guard, Kashif, but his phone was powered off. Each number I attempted to call yielded the same result—no connection.
During all this confusion, I noticed a text message notification on my phone. It was from Awais, sent to me just after he left the office last night. The message read:
"Junaid, what the hell is going on in this office? Why the hell are there dead bodies being kept here?"
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2023.06.10 13:17 Sugargliderwithdrip Beaut day in Mākara today

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2023.06.10 13:16 ShadowoftheWild r/unpopularopinion post parody

Greetings all you Redditors, developers, mods, and more! This is your deeply unpopular CEO u/spehz (fsr, I cannot even reference myself!) I am joining you today to share some thoughts on the community's responses to Reddit’s update on Data API. I can sense your eagerness to participate in the Reddit blackout organized by many of our beloved communities, such as tifu where I have confessed to a major f*ck up. I highly encourage you to please read this post in its entirety, as I am about to explain the rationale behind this deeply unpopular opinion.
Some background:
Since the initial launch of Reddit's Data API in 2008, there has been a plethora of fantastic applications built, such as essential bots that are critical for moderating many, if not all subreddits, and third-party apps such as Apollo created by my good friend u/iamthatis which I definitely did not threaten have provided our broad user base with an ad-free and almost seamless user experience, fixing many of the problems our official app has yet to resolve, but I sincerely promise that the Reddit team can definitely figure it out on our own. Furthermore, third-party apps are essential to making the site accessible for minorities such as the visually impaired. Reddit has always been an advocate for freedom of speech and has harbored many vibrant and diverse communities, from FloridaMan to OneOrangeBraincell, which is why we have gladly provided 3rd party apps with our API services for free. After all, as one of the largest corpora of human-to-human conversations online for the past 18 years, Reddit has an obligation to our communities to be responsible stewards of this content.
However, expansive access to data has greatly impacted our profitability and has deterred investors, which is bad news for Reddit as a company trying to maximize our earnings. Thus, it is only reasonable for us to set a totally affordable pricing plan for 3rd-party apps that only costs $20 million a year, and we have also given a generous 30-day notice for users of our API to adjust.
Reddit is not banning 3rd-party apps, as users can still support third-party apps through whatever means available by paying these apps more, and it will create a win-win situation for everyone. We believe that removing easy access to third-party apps is an invaluable opportunity for our beloved community to thrive and flourish, as forcing all Redditors to use the official app would make it easier for Reddit to centralize user experience, improve quality control, and create uniformity by removing consumer choice. This would simplify things and foster an enhanced Reddit experience by allowing Reddit to monopolize access to user data.
I am deeply shocked by the community's immense backlash when I have explained Reddit's rationale so clearly and civilly over multiple AMAs and negotiations in this thread, and as some of the largest, most active corners of Reddit suddenly go dark in "protest", there is clear evidence that users, rather than Reddit's decision regarding APIs, is spurring this "insensible boycott" and is slowly pushing our beloved social media site to death. Thus, I am warning all users to not participate in this needless rebellion, or else there will be unimaginable consequences for the Reddit community as a whole. We need to keep the Reddit spirit alive and I am here to help every member of the Reddit family do just that! Note: Just in case I haven't made it clear enough, let me state this explicitly: this is a parody, and here's an obligatory fuck u/stevehuffman because I can't tag the official account.
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2023.06.10 13:16 DiabloCielo Acer nitro 5 with a 3050 32gb of ram and 500gb internal ssd 600$

Hello everyone I am selling my gaming laptop to help pay off my cars service bill. It’s a Acer nitro 5 with a 3050 and 32gb of ram and internal ssd of 500gb the stock ram is included with this sale in case you want to revert it back to the old ram and the box and all manual is included as well. It was bought as a gift December 2021 but later I got a series x so it has been collecting dust. I did turn it on today and it works fine it has all updates. I only used it to play all battlefield titles and star citizen but console has my heart. Serious inquiries please and thank you. Idk how to add pics so if you want pics just send me a message also I’m located in Huntington park and will do the swap at Huntington park police department for safety reasons as this is my first time selling something online.
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2023.06.10 13:16 NewMaterialOnly GIC reinvested against request

Hi folks, Can I get your take on this? I have a very large GIC from selling a house and I was reinvesting it on a 90 day cycle. It was originally invested with the instruction to reinvest. We found a home to buy, so I called immediately (call #1) to change the instruction to not renew. The bank said we could only do that 30days before maturity. I called 30 days before maturity (call #2) and against their persistent advice to reinvest, I changed the instruction to mature to my bank account. Weeks later I got a notice that my GIC was maturing to reinvest. I called again (call#3) and was told the rep from call #2 had not actioned my request for the GIC to mature to my bank account. He strongly and repeatedly advised me to reinvest. I said no, mature to my bank account. We need that money to pay for our house and kid's college immediately. Today is the maturity day. I logged in to see that the GIC is reinvested. This is a major Canadian bank. My only thought is swear words. What is going on and how can I fix it, pronto?
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