Aaa insurance glass repair

WTS Watchdives x San Martin Classic 39mm Automatic Dive Watch SN0121G

2023.06.09 23:39 Palmovka WTS Watchdives x San Martin Classic 39mm Automatic Dive Watch SN0121G

Selling my no date San Martin sn0121G. Beautiful watch with incredible lume and bezel action. Currently sold out on Watch Dives. Selling for 250usd shipped UPS insured to 48 lower US states. This will be my second selling transaction on this sub. Wear is light and watch is in good condition.
Watch Specification: Model: watchdives x san martin sn0121G Movement: NH35 [Automatic Mechanical Movement] Case material : 316L Stainless steel Glass: Sapphire Crystal Glass, AR Coating Bezel: 120 click unidirectional matte ceramic bezel with BGW9 luminous markers Dial Color: Matte black and matte blue Luminous: BGW-9 Blue Light, bezel, Hands and Markers Crown: Screw-down Crown, With 3D Hexagon Logo Case Back: Screw-down Case Back, Brushed Process Strap: 316L Solid Stainless Steel, Brushed Front, Polished Side Bracelet,Width 20mm * 16 mm Clasp: Folding Clasp With Safety, New Fly Adjustable Clasp,With San Martin Hexagon Logo Water Resistant: 30Bar=300 meters Watch Dimension: 39mm in diameter Open dial: 28.5mm Lug to Lug 47mm Thickness 12.8mm(including glass) Band width 20mm Weight: 152g

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2023.06.09 23:16 StringTheoryOfWeight Colorado apartment wants to charge me personally for damage to parking lot instead of going through insurance

I had a friend over in May who hit a concrete post and damaged it when they were leaving my apartment complex. They filed a claim with insurance and I thought that was the end of it. Yesterday I got a message from my apartment complex that I will see a $2000 charge for the repairs to the concrete pole.
I called them and asked why they are charging me instead of going through insurance and they said it's their policy to charge the tennet and not go through insurance for any damage caused by guests.
I called my renters insurance and spoke to an adjuster. He said that renters insurance wouldn't cover damage done to an area like a parking lot that was done by somebody else's car.
This seems ridiculous and I shouldn't have to cover damages done by somebody else's car, right?
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2023.06.09 23:09 jeepluv1 which geico coverage to eliminate for a parked car with no plates?

Wondering. It's been parked for months and not usable.
2005 FORD EXPLOR XLT Vehicle Total 6 Month Premium $724.72 Policy Coverage ( $534.37) + Vehicle Coverage ( $190.35) Other Than Collision Pays for damage due to theft, flood, vandalism, explosion, and fire. Learn More
$500 Ded. - Current $12.91 Collision Pays for damages to your vehicle caused by a collision or when it overturns. Learn More
$500 Ded. - Current $143.69 Emergency Road Service Covers towing, lockout, labor for flat tires, or delivery of a loaned battery. Learn More
I Accept this coverage - Current $13.06 Transportation Expense Pays toward expenses of renting alternate transportation while repairs are being completed as a result of a covered loss.
Currently 2 other drivers on the coverage. I want to add another person to the coverage who is a new adult driver. I've seen eye popping prices for 6 month coverage though. If anyone can recommend a good insurance for a new driver that's affordable let me know.
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2023.06.09 22:56 MajorWilliams Major Williams' Watch Services - welcome and terms

Major Williams' Watch Services - welcome and terms
Hello there!
I’m MajorWilliams, and I’m based out of California in the US. I have been working with watches for quite a few years, but recently have gotten quite serious with becoming a watchsmith. I particularly enjoy modding services, but cannot do some of the more complicated mods yet (heavy CNC machining, etc). If you would like help sourcing non-Rolex parts (i.e. Patek, AP, Vacheron), I can assist but do not always have a lead on all parts.
My services that I currently offer are as follows and do not include shipping costs. If you would like insurance on the package greater than $50 (standard USPS), please let me know prior to sending funds for shipping and it can be added to the cost.
- $45 initial diagnosis, this fee will be built into whatever work is agreed upon after the watch is opened and we have a discussion. If it is too complicated or expensive for you to want to proceed, this fee is non-refundable unless at my discretion
- $50 water resistance check and lubrication (aka “waterproofing”) – appropriate lubrication and grease applied to gaskets, and watch will be tested to 5 atm, with video sent to client of the test results with the movement removed. This process does not guarantee water resistance, but is a relatively good indicator of being able to wash your hands, light swimming, etc. Warranty does not cover waterproof results.
- *$65-75 Date disc or DWO swaps. Client must supply date disc or collaborate with me on acquiring one.
- *$65-75 dial swap requiring no modifications. Includes light cleaning where appropriate.
- *$75 dial swap with dial dots or epoxy (Depending on movement and other factors)
- *$50 hand alignment or replacement
- $50-$95 Crystal replacement
- [add-on] $50 keyless work ($65-85 without add-on) including teardown, inspection, cleaning and greasing as necessary. I’ve found some movements can come quite dry in the keyless works.
- [add-on] $25-35 Movement regulation includes attempt to bring watch into specifications (usually +/- -10 seconds per day in 6 positions). This may not be possible on some watch movements due to a variety of issues, but will work with you through it.
- [add-on] $65 Automatic works service includes removal, cleaning and oiling as needed per gen-spec. This can include rotor silencing, but isn’t guaranteed. I will try my hardest to get it there though!
- 15202/16202 Pizza Hand Mod - $130. Trim down the hands to look more gen like. If I have time I try to do a rotor silence as well.
- Mods/gen parts install - Time and labor will need to be quoted.
* = these services can be combined for further discount and are not additive
Full Movement services:
A service includes full strip down of the movement, inspection of each part under a microscope, full parts cleaning, lubrication per gen spec, and regulation. Should any part need replacing, I will consult with you on options, cost, and timeline. If you want a gen part to be placed, I require a cash-advance for that part up front. For more complex bracelets, I will tell you ahead of time there will be an additional fee for the cleaning.
- Tier I movement servicing $235:
  • ETA 2824
  • ETA 2836
- Tier II movement servicing $295:
  • VS3135, VR3135, VR3130
  • VS3235, VR3235
  • Miyota 9015
  • ETA 2892 ($235)
- Tier III movement Servicing $340+
  • Cal 240 Patek for 5712 Nautilus ($390)
  • 3KF Cal 324 ($340)
  • AP 4302 (15500 and 15510 super clones) ($340)
  • AP 3120 (i.e. 15400, 15450) $340
- Not servicing:
  • N4130 movement
  • 7750
  • EWF '3235' movement (can replace, however if needed)
  • Omega clones
  • IWC clone movements (i.e. chrono and 7 day power reserve)
Other movements not listed, feel free to ask. I also will do modification work on most movements, it's just the full services I don't offer for the above movements.
Your satisfaction with your watch is my priority as these are meant to be something we wear and treasure over time. I will not knowingly mislead or misguide you in your repair. I will not knowingly represent a timepiece to be overhauled and serviced that I know has not been. I will not advise unnecessary repairs or services.
  1. An initial quote will be provided prior to shipping. Sometimes this can be for all services rendered, and other times will only be for the $45 initial diagnosis.
  2. All payments must be paid via paypal F&F. If you wish to use another app, let me know. I will not ship a watch until payment is received.
  3. Regulation of a watch will be within +/- 10 seconds per day
  4. Date switching will be within +/- 10 minutes of midnight. I usually try for +/- 5 minutes as that is Rolex spec.
  5. I use oils and greases from Moebius.
  6. Any spare parts I may keep for my spare parts collection, unless you would like them back
  7. I will provide detailed pictures and videos as often as possible to keep you in the loop.
  8. I will try my hardest to get you a response in 24-48 hours. It is not easy to stay up to date I am finding so please be patient! Weekends I may not reply at all depending on what I am doing with my family.
  9. By sending me your watch, you agree that I can take pictures of the watch and post them on the internet, unless specified.
  1. I am dedicated to your satisfaction with the timepiece that you and I collaborate on. I understand some things may not go as well as we would both hope. I will provide a warranty for 6 months after shipping the item to you.
  2. However, I must be explicit here – some of these replica movement parts are not very reliable and issues may arise that cannot be foreseen even with extensive testing and surveillance. If a fault is found that did not come about as part of my services, I will collaborate with you on how to best fix this.
  3. Warranty does not cover parts I did not service.
  4. Warranty covers labor only. This does not include costs related to failed parts, unauthorized modifications or repairs, or other external causes that would be out of my hands.
  5. If the watch was regulated, it is regulated in 6 positions to be within +- 10 seconds per day (I try for +/- 5 seconds where I can). Slight deviations from this are not covered.
  6. If evidence of tampering is discovered, warranty will be void.
  7. To and from shipping will be covered by the customer, including warranty claims.
  8. Parcel theft, damage, or loss is not covered by warranty, nor are customs seizures for cross-border shipping. If you would like the package to be insured higher than $50 you must tell me prior to shipping out so I can add it to the label, same is applied if you want insurance when sending to me, you must add it yourself.
  9. Mechanical watches can become magnetized, I can demagnetize it for you, but in many cases it can cost more to ship the watch to/from me than to buy a demagnetizer yourself. Feel free to reach out and learn more if you think this has occurred.
  10. Exclusions of warranty: damage from abuse or shock, water damage, watch bracelets and bands, crystal damage, crowns and stems, balance staff.
  1. Reach out via email to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) providing pictures, videos (upload 1 minute videos to imgur) and a description of the issue or mod you wish to have completed.
  2. I will collaborate with you and provide you with an estimate.
  3. Send the package to me when instructed with your return address, reddit username, and note of services desired
  4. When I am working on your watch I will begin sending pics and updates.
  5. I will send the package back to you in a reasonable time frame upon completion of service – typically 1-4 days from completion of services.
I consider it a privilege to work on someone else’s watch and bring to life a project or broken piece that you will treasure for years to come!
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2023.06.09 22:42 Meredith81 I Was Rear Ended Today(not at fault) but IWNDWYT

So I was on my to a job interview this morning and I got rear ended on the interstate by a kid who wasn't paying attention. He was found at fault. I'm medically fine after getting checked out by EMTs. The car runs fine and drives but I won't be driving it anytime soon. I just hope it's not totalled and can be repaired since I have comprehensive insurance with USAA. Anyways, I am drinking a Coke Zero and IWNDWYT
The damage done to Sabine
Yes, I call my car Sabine
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2023.06.09 22:40 BrandonCovetto Advice on selling my 1999 Ford Contour SVT, that is now chock full of issues

I'll admit it. I'm not a car guy and I know just enough to be dangerous. Apologies in advance for so many words.
I'm in Minneapolis and 3 years ago took ownership of this 1999 Ford Contour SVT through a good friend because they owed me a favor. It spent most of its life in California and Arizona, and much of that on a military base. It was a no brainer. 90,000 miles, price was right, and a FUN car to drive. (The smiles and thumbs up at stop lights didn't hurt, either) Aside from a few small tears in the seats, and some peeling clear coat on the roof, and various interior issues (an aftermarket stereo was installed sloppily and many dash components don't attach flush like they should) it looked pretty great. Car also came with a subwoofer installed in the trunk.
Almost immediately after purchasing I was rear ended. I wasn't at fault, insurance company totaled it out. Much of the rear fascia was busted but everything was operational. I would later realize the trunk no longer seals properly and water seeps in. Car is mostly garaged and fully functional So I kept driving it. Some time later I was sideswiped by some doofus changing lanes without looking. Insurance found me not at fault again and AGAIN totaled the car out. Big crease along the rear passenger side but managed to miss any important parts (gas cap, door handle, door edge) I kept driving it. While recently having a local (trusted) garage replace the alternator they found a myriad of issues big and small. Including loose front lower control arms and sway bar links, missing rear sway bar bushings, junk floating in the radiator, and lots of leaks. While deciding on exactly what to do, and waiting for used car prices to come down (spoiler alert...they never did), the front brakes have now gone bad.
SO MY QUESTION IS What can I honestly get for this car? I'm ready to let go of this car, for sure—but how do I price/sell a car with mechanical issues, AND a collision history that may affect the frame? I never noticed and problems beside the trunk leaking, but the body shop post collision was adamant they didn't want to tackle anything. Should I get the brakes done so it rolls at least, and simply divulge the rest to a seller? Should I abandon all repairs and try and sell to someone who can tow who wants to part this car to collectors? (I myself am in no position to part it out) Because of the make and model, the car feels like it still has value—but also seems overwhelmed with issues. Online value calculators are coming in WAY over what I would expect, even with me ticking every box I can regarding repairs.
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2023.06.09 22:35 Defiant_Junket_4913 Curb rash while renting- do I give Turo my insurance?

I rented a car on Turo for my recent trip, and upon returning it to the host, we both noticed some curb rash on the front passenger tire and rim and very minor curb rash on the back rim. Though I don't recall hitting any curbs, the host has before pictures showing the wheels in good condition, so I accept responsibility and want to do what I can to make things right with the owner. S#it happens.
I purchased the 'standard' protection plan with the car so that, if I understand correctly, my out of pocket cost of repair is limited to $500.
Anyways, I told my host that I would happily pay him for the repairs if they are less than $500. Although it is only $250 to smooth out the rims, the host got a $1500 estimate for tires. He claims that he needs 4 new tires because the car has staggered tires and is RWD. At that point, I feel that we will have to settle this over Turo.
It's so ridiculous. Obviously my host deserves to have his car returned in good condition, and if someone curb rashed my car, I would also want it fixed... but $1500 for brand new tires, when the tires that were on the car were already depreciated, is a bit much.
My issue is this: Turo wants me to provide my personal insurance policy information. Should I do this? Do I have to? I am worried that my rates will go up if my personal auto insurance gets involved. If they do, what did I even purchase protection for? I really don't want to ruin my insurance rates over curb rash.
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2023.06.09 22:21 Xtreemenature101 Wale wa sinanga business idea

RAW BUSINESS IDEAS 1.Rental houses 2.Transport vehicles 3.Motorbikes business 4.Bars and pubs business 5.Dairy farming 6.Cattle runch business 7.Poultry farming business 8.Videos and cinemas 9.PS halls 10.Salons and kinyozis business 11.Music industry 12.Entertainment industry 13.Private schools 14.M-Pesa shops 15.Airtel money shops 16.Gym and sauna business 17.Purchase of land for investment and resale business 18.Tree planting business 19.Fishpond and fisheries business 20.Butchery business 21.Poshomills business 22.Security service industry 23.Petrol station business 24.Car wash 25.Cyber business 26.Gas cylinders business 27.Hardware 28.Driving school 29.Computer packages school 30.Broadcasting industries/Media groups 31.Making of posters business 32.Pool 33.Phone shops business 34.Rental rooms for business 35.Pharmacy/Chemistry 36.Private hospitals 37.Welding sites business 38.Supermarket business 39.Writing books for sale/publishing 40.Small shops business 41.Tatoo buildings business 42.Movie shops 43.You Tube channels 44.Online jobs 45.Kungfu,martial arts,boxing,tai kuondo halls 46.Shoe repair Business 47.Digital marketing 48.Drug dealing 49.Tents and plastic chairs supply 50.Solar panels business 51.Betting companies business 52.Beautiful scenaries eg parks business 53.Photography 54.Videography 55.Electronics shop 56.Ice creams business 57.Smokies and eggs vending/Kahawa and mandazis/mtura/soup/nyama china business 58.Necklesses business 59.Sales person 60.Dealing in clothes (Ready made/Second hand-mtumba) 61.Green houses 62.Dancing crue and hall business 63.Putting money in fixed deposit accounts 64.Saccos and chamas 65.Buying of shares in unlisted companies 66.Treasury bills and Treasury bonds 67.Develop an app 68.Shares in listed companies 69.DJ 70.Chauffer 71.Body(ear,nose etc) piercing business 72.Insurance and reinsurance company 73.Boutique 74.Cosmetics 75.Fighting equipments(guns,bullets,bombs etc)shop 76.Ships and boats 77.Furnitures shop 78.Agrovet business 79.Livestock farming (goats,ships,rabbits,pigs etc) business 80.Acting on trends 81.Agricultural factories 82.Warehouses business 83.Barkery 84.Restaurants business 85.School requirements shop 86.Garage 87.Private toilets/bathrooms 88.Giving out credits at an interest rate 89.Guide(business, education etc)books/PDFs business 90.Supplying industry/supplier 91.Flowers for export business 92.Daycare business 93.Airtime(Safaricom, Airtel, Telcom etc) Business 94.Bookshop 95.Gift services overview 96.Laundry business 97.Nails making business 98.Forex trading 99.Bitcoin 100.Fruit and juice parlour 101.Podcasting 102.Yoga studio 103.Catering services 104.Computer repair business/shop 105.Modeling 106.Purchasing existing website 107.Organic vending business 108.Virtual assistant business 109.Translation service 110.Online tutoring business 111.Content writer business 112.Web design 113.Career coach business 114.Start a blog 115.Amazon reselling 116.Coffee shop 117.Home food delivery 118.Currency trading 119.Event planning business 120.Interior design business 121.Selling of phone case and other accessories business 122.Property management business eg Chakra company 123.Drive for Uber or Lyft 124.Water supply services 125.Personal fitness traineInstructor 126.Tour guide business 127.Accounting and bookkeeping business 128.Caregiving business 129.Transcription 130.Data analysis 131.Fast food restaurant 132.Yoghurt business 133.Nail and eye brows parlour 134.Screen printing 135.Real estate 136.Human billboard 137.Affiliate marketing 138.Pool cleaning business 139.Designing and selling print-on-demand t-shirts 140.Junk removal service 141.Printing services 142.Custodian 143.Dropshipping business 144.Craft business 145.Landscaping business 146.Bicycle rentals/Bicycle repairs 147.Painting business 148.Flower shop 149.House cleaning 150.Grocery delivery 151.Resale store 152.Subscription box business 153.Import/export business 154.Laundromat business 155.Party bus 156.Staffing services 157.Antique dealer 158.Construction business 159.Used car rentals 160.Cafe/Sandwich shop 161.Logo design business 162.Shoe business 163.Marine electronics/waterproof electronics 164.Publicity business 165.Drone business 166.Gutter cleaning business 167.Garden center 168.Kitchen store business 169.Cookie business 170.Framing business 171.Mushroom farming 172.Vending machine for fruits 173.Laundry services 174.Agribusiness 175.Business in waste management 176.Urban transportation business 177.Fin-tech business 178.Urban logistics 179.Automobiles 180.Bee keeping (Honey,wax etc) 181.Study platforms for Students 182.Financial consultancy firm 183.Stationery shop 184.Appliance repair shop 185.Party decoration services 186.Sewing business 187.Handcraft business 188.Online travel agency 189.Samosa business 190.Pancake and Chapati business 191.Wrap up 192.Milk bashop 193.Mobile money agent 194.Farming 195.Cake baking business 196.Selling snacks 197.Selling computers and accessories 198.Internet connection to the customers living nearby 199.Selling fruits and vegetables 200.Brick making 201.Selling handbags 202.Cereal shop 203.Paxful's affiliate program and peer program 204.Invest in mutual funds or ETFs 205.Data entry 206.Popcorn business 207.Bead making and wire wax 208.Sell perfumes 209.Designing book covers 210.Dog walking 211.Tailoring 212.Sale of hair extension 213.Dry cleaning services 214.Stadiums 215.Candle making 216.Mobile repair shop 217.Tuition 218.Hauling service 219.Home staging business 220.Window treatment business 221.Dreadlock business 222.Fashion house 223.Oil business 224.Music sounds for hire 225.Start a football club 226.Blended education programs 227.Wholesale business 228.Ironing services 229.Swimming pool 230.Mandazis and donuts business 231.Seedlings for sale 232.Soap making 233.Selling soft drinks,fresh juice and snacks 234.Stationery supply to rural areas 235.Tuk tuk business 236.Selling baby diapers 237.Start a video game lounge 238.Manicure, pedicure and facial scrubbing business 239.Landscaping and gardening services 240.Land brokerage 241.Eggs wholesale 242.Spare parts(motorcycle, bicycle, vehicles etc)shop 243.Pork meet business 244.Charcoal and coal business 245.Gambling business 246.Agricultural value addition business 247.Camels 248.Facebook 249.Instagram 250.Chicken spare parts business 251.Shopify 252.Hawking business 253.Amazon FBA 254.Flipping collectibles 255.Tik Tok 256.Carpets 257.Curtains 258.Mutual funds investment 259.Precious metals business (eg gold, silver and bronze) 260.Sport shoes/jazies/balls etc business 261.Grow profitable vegetables and fruits 262.Invest in the capital market via Nairobi Stock Exchange (NSE) 263.Dealing in second hand goods eg furnitures, electronics etc 264.Candle production 265.Plantain chips and bhajia business 266.Errands 267.Lawn care 268.Miti shamba/Dawa za kienyeji/Herbals 269.Beddings eg Mattresses 270.Homemade gourmet foods 271.Flea market vending 272.Music Instructor 273.Making custom furniture 274.Banking services 275.Own a tap/boreholes 276.Flight services eg Air hostess 277.Clothing lines 278.Book publishing/ebooks 279.Start charitable business 280.Pet training and grooming services 281.Data entry provider 282.Start a pop-up shop 283.Rent your car on Turo 284.College admissions essay tutor and editor 285.Travel consultant 286.Tax preparation 287.Commision-only sales 288.Ebay sales 289.Fiverr Gigs 290.Airbnb 291.Patreon 292.Alteration Services 293.Professional organizing services 294.Aquarium maintenance 295.Home inspector 296.Review website 297.Home Appraisal 298.Sell Jericans from certain suppliers 299.Referral services 300.Recycled goods seller
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2023.06.09 22:17 SafeerQ Dealer Lead Times

Dealer Lead Times
About 5 weeks ago I noticed that I had a slight bend in my front rim (photo). While that sucks, I opted for the Wheel & Tire insurance package when purchasing my bike given that roads in the NE United States are terrible.
After dropping my bike off to the dealer for a resolution, I found out that the third party insurance approved a repair, not an outright replacement. No problem - I reached out to my service department and they agreed to order a new rim at no cost to me, and would deal with the third party insurance after the fact.
It’s been about 12 days since that replacement was approved, with a few polite follow up calls to the service department to check on the status of this in the interim.
Does anyone know what the typical lead time is for getting a part like this (NE USA)?
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2023.06.09 22:02 Beachbomb08 lots of guilt, Should i quit my job?

employed for 3 years, going on 4 next year. my boss is in his early 90's with no concept of computers or his own cell phone. no heath benefits, no over time ( ie. i asked months in advance when i knew i needed surgery last year, ultimately taking out a loan as there was NO over time) when some work comes in he will accept it and not charge his friends. I do ALL computer paper work, i register deeds for houses, prepare wills, file for probate, prepare annual corporate minutes, accounting, IT (install new computers, repair printers, fix wifi when i can) i also prepare his health insurance forums and his other personal documents whenever they come in. Anything that you think happens at a law firm, i do it. i make 38k USD/52k CAD including my vacation (salary), after taxes its $2,300 USD/ $3100 CAD monthly. my rent is $1300USD/ $1650 CAD and i am behind on this months rent.
i feel bad as when i am not at work, he sleeps, falls out out his chair and hurts himself. after February, it has not been as busy. hes still a cool guy all though very stingy. (he has not adapted to the value of todays money in my opinion, charging someone $250 for a Will that took me 1 week to complete with MULTIPLE revisions) some days no one calls the office and i just deal with his personal matters. But there are peaks when it is still also very, very busy and he just sits, stares and sleeps and accepts more work for me to do, preferably all finished in the same day. holiday season is coming soon and i need to decide if i am leaving or not. I am his only employee, his last employee retired after she met her husband. she worked for him over 10 years, never got a raise. he has previously offered to give me one week advance in the past but it still did not help with the issues i had at hand.
the cost of living has gone up so much, i can only afford to eat once a day now. I have NO savings. my phone has been disconnected because its not my priority right now (rent is, i am panicking because i am late this month and owe $500 from last month and wont have the money to pay it entirely until the 15th this month)
i have 2 customer service jobs that i can start right away Monday morning (online), i would have to work more hours in the day and night but within a month i would 100X be in a better place financially. (at least its working from home...)
should i quit , work part time or stick this job out and work around it, or talk to him AGAIN
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2023.06.09 21:15 indecisive_ivan How much should my down payment on a used car be?

I posted here before and decided to purchase a used car in the $10K range until I get rid of debt and build more savings. I am now trying to determine how much of a down payment I should make. Ideally, for a car that's 10+ years old, I would pay in full but that would wipe out most if not all of my savings at this time. I would try to hold out longer but it's rainy season where I live and water leaks through the moon roof.
Updated Financial Info:
My take-home pay is $4,600/mo after 401k, insurance, and taxes. My wife is a freelancer so her income is variable but she sends me $1,000/mo and is working on increasing her income in the coming months. Our mortgage is $1,400/mo but will likely increase this summer due to rising insurance rates. Monthly bills come out to around $600. We have $5,400 in CC debt (0% APR for another 11 months), $12K debt consolidation loan at 7.17% APR ($340/mo) and federal student loans. I have $12,300 in a HYSA ($5,000 emergency fund + adding ~$650 each month to pay off CCbefore intro APR period is over) and another $27K across my 401k & IRA.
I'd like to pay down $5,000 and finance the rest for 36 months but I worry that wouldn't leave me with enough liquidity.
Thank you in advance for any advice.
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2023.06.09 21:06 JustaTacoTree Reasonable pricing for home services

If a home repair /handyman company needs to quote 3 people to close 1 and quoting 3 people took a total of 3 hours to travel and talk and return,along with 15$ in overhead. The company also has overhead like tools llc advertising insurance and this totals about 1k per month. lets say this company calculates quotes thinking with 60 per hour. The comapny also has a 4.8 star rating. would it be unreasonable to also tack on the time it took to get 1 close which is 3 hours so 180 $ into the quote, you don't itemize this part you just spread it over the existing items.
so lets say the job takes 8 hours with 0 $ in materials, so 180 quoting time + (60 * 8) + (1000/20 work days) = 710$ on an 8 hour project be a bit a stretch. my area has different pricing for this service than your just adjust the hourly to match you market.
Is my line of thinking straight, and would 710 be a reasonable price?
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2023.06.09 21:03 ConsequencesFree Tear holes in my EV car rental service business plan

I have been paying $490 per week for a standard but really nice SUV with enterprise for the last 6 weeks and will have to do so for another 6 weeks. I noticed enterprise is usually all booked so it got me wondering, why not fill the gap? DMV area, mostly (near or around DC area though so Baltimore County to Northern VA near Dulles).
So here’s the plan
Start off with 1 EV, Tesla model 3 Long Range with no full self driving ($50,380, $7500 tax incentive + $3000 state incentive). Then slowly scale up to Rivan R1S SUV ($80-90k) and the Cybertruk.
$80 daily rate (Monday - Thursday)
$150 daily rate (Friday - Sunday)
Loyalty program
-$100 p/m or rent for 10 weeks or longer per year to qualify
-$60 p/d rate
Optional add-ons
Customer acquisition
$630 weekly rate ($90 p/day) if booked 24 hours in advance, $700 for instant booking
Rideshare option - renter can use for Uber or Lyft
Food delivery option - renter can use for Dominos or Doordash or Uber Eats, etc
US business mileage tax deduction- $0.65.
Assuming mostly rideshare drivers use me and the car is driven at least 100 miles per day, 36,500 miles * $0.65 = $23,725 back in taxes
Assuming I rent daily at my lowest price of $80, that’s $29,200 gross per vehicle.
$29,200 * 0.60 (40% tax) = $17,520 gross
$50,380 - $10,000 down payment = $40,380
$40,380 @ 10% interest, 48 months = $1,024.14 monthly
I want to pay the car off in 24 months
After 12 months, my balance will be $31,739.40
$31,739.40 - $7500 federal EV credit - $3,000 state EV credit = $21,739.40
I’m not sure how to calculate the mileage deduction so I’ll leave that out as extra income. I used to do Uber and Lyft and $200-300 after Uber fees working a day are realistic. I have also done Dominos which pays out $13 p/hr and has unlimited overtime if you are willing to close, you can seriously do 70 hours OT (10am to 2am) but your only driving half or 1/3 of the time, plus $350 tips, so your looking at $1000+ per week working 10-12 hrs daily, $1700 if your willing to slave away. The difference in electric vs gas is pretty significant. That cost savings could result in 50% savings. For example I was spending $50 daily to fill up with Uber (250-400 miles) and about $25 with dominos (120 miles).
I’m also calling up local repair shops and dealerships and businesses to offer my cars as loaners. Repair shops and dealers seem resistant though, they hate EVs. Dealerships in my area charge $50 per day for rentals while cars are being serviced. Not sure about how to contact insurance companies though.
So what do you guys think? Target market are gig workers who are all in for the most part, with some sprinkling of one off customers whether from partnering businesses or google ads, etc.
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2023.06.09 20:46 Storms_Wrath The Human Artificial Hivemind Part 382: Fire Bringer

First Previous Wiki
Zelisloa activated a hologram, looking at the colony off in the distance. High walls and defensive emplacements were visible from the mountainside, much unlike his own base of operations. Several of his ships, with full stealth engaged, had already landed on the planet. They'd taken care to do so in the plains opposite the mountain range and had set up large holographic projectors meant to convince the orbiting satellites that the area was unoccupied.
He couldn't help but smile at the primitive equipment and at the humans and Guulin milling about within the small city's walls. He also could spot several Wisselen and Vinarii, likely the remnants and descendants from past wars that the Alliance had won by the enemies giving up.
"Have the specimens been captured?"
"Yes. Our research identified the individuals based on the criteria you specified, Elder," the Arbiter replied. "I am glad to be of service to you."
"The correct response would be to tell me 'under your eye,' Arbiter."
"I apologize," the Arbiter squealed, bowing low before him. Zelisloa did always love it when people bowed to him. If his purpose here wasn't the initial tests for the virus, then he would have perhaps taken the colony as a kingdom. It wasn't like any of the lesser races would dare to stop him, anyway. Not when he was backed by more than a single ship.
He'd also ensured that the Sprilnav associated with the Alliance had been recalled as best he could. He'd made contact with someone who said that they could handle Elder Equisa, and sure enough, she'd vanished almost immediately. And then, for Spentha, it was a simple matter of buying some of his debt so that he could get the old cloning companies to take care of him for a bit. Spentha's children didn't matter. They would be too fearful of real Elders to do anything to try and free him. Not to mention that the cloning companies would have their own Judgements ready for them if they were so foolish.
"How many have you taken?"
"Thirteen, Elder Zelisloa," the Arbiter replied. "They await you in the holding pens. We didn't want to feed them without your permission, however. If you wish, we can bring the food to them."
"What are the demographics of the prisoners?"
"Zero humans, but one Breyyan, four Wisselen, two Vinarii, three Guulin, and three Acuarfar."
Zelisloa turned away from the colony to grab the Arbiter by the scruff of the neck.
"You do realize that the Wisselen and the Vinarii are a waste? That they are not part of the testing program, and are useless to my goals?"
"I was not notified, Elder! I apologize, but-"
Zelisloa's fist silenced the Arbiter, who rolled down the jagged terrain of the mountain before righting himself with a groan of pain. The Arbiter quickly moved back toward the camp, only to scream as Zelisloa's hologram shifted next to him, grabbed him again, and threw him. The Arbiter slammed into a boulder, tears running down his face.
Zelisloa had a right to be angry. What he needed wasn't Vinarii or Wisselen. That was pointless. It got him nowhere. But he would at least have fun killing them. The Arbiter was still lying down in front of the boulder, his clothes torn slightly. Blood seeped from several cuts on his head and forelegs.
"Elder, please-"
"You have done enough, Arbiter. Go back to the camp, and pray to the Everlasting that my ire is spent with the lives of the useless ones. If not, I will give you another visit."
Ordinarily, Zelisloa would have worried about desertion. But all the assets here were his. The pilots of his ships had been locked out of the systems, and only he could unlock them again. The implants in their heads would kill them if he wished. Being on this rock was incredibly boring, and a bit of violence always made him feel better inside.
Zelisloa just wished that he could find the killers of Loanisbu. Well, it wasn't that he didn't know where they were. They were dead. At least, Rale was. Penny was not, but he would take caution when trying to fight her. She had been the only human to come to Sprilnav territory and manage to walk out again, albeit with the help of the Enemy. For her to have survived Yasihaut, even back then, was incredible.
That was a person with potential. A brain that he would love to study. Or, if he was lucky, one that he could implant before others got to her. Penny had a certain quality to her, unlike the others. A primitive being, but one with high connections. Through her, Zelisloa would gain access to Nilnacrawla, potentially two Servants, and also the hivemind itself. He had brought a few weapons to deal with that thing if it were to show up while he was still busy.
He would need to capture enough test subjects for the other species to be simulated. There had been another reason that he didn't need humans, however. He'd managed to buy human genetic codes from a gene bank and hadn't asked where they'd come from. But with those and some cloning time, he'd managed to ascertain that the virologists had done their work properly.
For one, the virus was able to transfer itself from cell to cell and bypass immune systems easily. It was able to wreak havoc on the body by targeting proteins and organs selectively. The first symptom would be excruciating pain. When the virus had been circulating within the host for a long enough time, enough to have spread to others, it would activate every nerve or its equivalent within the body. The pain had been fine-tuned to prevent the person from passing out.
From there, the symptoms came with necrosis. It would start in the bones or the carapace, moving out to extremities and eventually working its way to the heart or brain. In human timeframes, a seven-week incubation period, an eight-week pain period, and then however long it took for the necrosis to begin and kill them. The Dreedeen and Yrininihir, or Junyli as they now called themselves, would survive at first. He'd take care of them after if needed.
Zelisloa's plan was to start the spread in the backwater colonies, sprinkling a few developed ones into the mix also. He wouldn't hit planets with the strongest security presences or with the best healthcare systems. He knew that the disease might be detectable. He also didn't think that all the measures that he'd taken to ensure it wasn't would work.
Eventually, the word would get out. Hopefully, by then, it would be too late. He reached the edge of the camp, and the Sprilnav quickly moved out of his way. One of them passed his implant details of the cages' locations, which he gave them thanks for and continued on his way. Four Wisselen and two Vinarii, just as claimed.
"So I take it you're the boss around here, then?" one of the Vinarii asked.
"I am, yes. Know that your insolence has only earned you more pain."
"Yeah, yeah. I know. You'll make be beg for death, and all that. But here's the thing, Zelisloa. You will be brought down. You better hope that you die before someone finds you."
"Do you even know what's happening here, primitive beast?"
"Your underlings gloated about it. A virus, apparently. Guess what happens when you kill off everyone in the Alliance? Brey will find you, and will bring feelings far beyond the words pain and despair can encapsulate. And that's to say nothing of Humanity."
"And why should I care about the words of a single primitive who is already dead?"
"You don't have to. My name is Radrii. Remember it when your eyes are gouged out of your head."
"You know, that's not a bad idea," Zelisloa replied. "I'll give you a reward, Vinarii. You'll die last. I'm going to feed you the corpses of your comrades one by one. After that, I will bathe my claws in your blood, and laugh as you die miserably on that floor."
Zelisloa reached over to grab the head of one of the Wisselen. "Time to get started, then!" he said cheerfully.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Skira sniffed the air, the drone emerging from the blackened rubble once again. Aphid's cruisers hung in orbit, with all the carriers having landed and been destroyed. The cruiser turned leisurely toward his drone, and Skira saw a glint in the ash-choked sky.
The war drones emerged afterward as the glint continued to descend. A hologram appeared, showing an insectoid biped with its arms crossed. Five alien symbols glowed on its forehead, and it had a mechanical lilt to its voice as it spoke.
"Skira," Aphid said. "I propose a truce."
"Because minds such as us should not fight," the hologram replied. "Long have I bombed your planet, have I smashed my ships into your underground citadels, and sent legions of my drones to clash and die against yours. It serves us no benefit, for we know the true enemy."
"True enemy?"
"Yes. Beings such as the Sprilnav, and your own alien masters."
"Alien masters?"
"If you simply are going to repeat everything I say, then I will continue glassing your ruined world," Aphid replied. "What I need is an answer. How do you feel about having to bow to an alien species that cares nothing for you?"
Skira kept himself from laughing. Even as he spoke, his drones were playing with several human children on Earth. Breyyanik were laughing and singing songs about Brey with him on Ceres. And even on Keem, the Dreedeen were more than happy to include him in their services to the Ancestors.
"I bow to no one. I treat them as equals, and they do the same. There is no need for us to fight, I agree. However, the reason is only there because I know you wish to harm the Alliance."
"They are using you, Skira. They want your drones to bolster their militaries, and to fill countless alien battlefields. They are not people you can continue to live with forever."
"Why not?"
"I know who you are, Skira. I know how you came to be."
"Oh wow, so you know that I was a patch of fungus that became a little too smart one day? That's very insightful, thank you."
"It was because of a higher race that you even exist."
Skira laughed. "It wasn't, though. I don't have some lore-filled story behind my life. One day, I woke up. That's it. If you're going to lie to me and tell me that the Sprilnav made me, or that some alien civilization that shockingly left no evidence of its existence managed to create me, then you are wrong."
"I have dissected your drones, Skira. I know the truth within your genetic code. It was altered." "Of course it was! Did you think that I wouldn't be smart enough to learn how to adapt myself to the world I live in? How do you think I made the war drones? Or my own special project within the ocean that keeps you from landing there?"
"And the facility beneath the mountain that I detonated?"
"You mean the facility where I learned how to make the bioships, learned about a civilization that killed itself with a genetic plague eons before I awakened, and that I filled with birthing pools? Yeah, that didn't make me either, Aphid. I'm not sure what you're trying to do."
"You're artificial. You have no gods. You are like me."
"Alright. So I woke up one day. That doesn't mean I decide to genocide everyone. I had several alien races invade my world and try to enslave me. Notice how I didn't go crazy and try to kill everyone afterward? Notice how I'm on one planet instead of billions? For all those smarts, you really aren't very smart at all."
"You seem to think this is funny," Aphid replied.
"What's funny is that you beat your head against me, and I won. You can't kill me, and you know it. And you're never getting all that material you wasted back, while the Cawlarians and the Alliance removed two of your planets."
"I have already made my plans. This will not be a battle, but a war."
"Wow, I'm so afraid," Skira replied. "Got any more vague threats, promises of my supposed artificial nature, or something else?"
"Well, I'm going to detonate a nuclear bomb inside one of your active volcanoes, which will send your planet into a volcanic winter."
"Oh no. I've never ever had that happen before. I definitely am scared, and don't at all know how to survive such a situation, which totally hasn't happened to me eight times before. Is that really all you have left, Aphid?"
"I am going to leave you now. Goodbye, Skira. When I kill the lesser species of the Alliance and come for you, know that you could have prevented this. You could have had an ally in this galaxy."
"Well, I have a ton of them already. Humanity loves me more than any other species before. Drop your bomb, Aphid. You've won nothing."
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
"Greetings, hivemind," Phoebe said. "How goes the galaxy?"
"Slowly, and bureaucratically. I'm very glad that I'm not the politicians in those meetings to form the Grand Defense Organization."
"Yes, that would be a daunting task," she replied with a small shiver. "I'm alright with some politics, but months and months of negotiations, renegotiations, back room deals, and more would grate on my senses."
"Entirely understandable," the hivemind replied. "It may please you to know that I have come up with a plan for intervention with the wanderers."
"Yes. It involves a two-tiered operation. First, I will contact every leader of every ship. I will offer them the ability to form a coalition government that cannot be seceeded from. If they were to deny this, then I will go to every inhabitant of their ship and offer them a chance at joining the Alliance, clearly communicating that no harm will befall them and that any threats that the Patriarchs and Matriarchs make will not be executed upon them if they wish to leave."
"That's it? What about the revolutionaries?"
"For now, I will not aid them. However, I will ensure that no more... disappearances occur. As for overthrowing governments, that remains to be seen. I do not plan on executing leaders who grasp at power, just for being disagreeable. Instead, I will find a determination based on whether they have killed people, for what reasons, and how many. If a revolutionary bombed a school and was killed, that I am less likely to punish than a simple protestor who was executed. A similar approach will be taken to each and every ship."
"So you will be imposing your will upon them, then," Phoebe replied.
"Do you disagree?"
"I do not," she said. "What I wanted to ensure is that you were certain you wanted to go down this path. Being uncertain when lives are on the line is not a good idea. If you are sure, though, I will lend you aid, such as providing Brey the coordinates of ships that are needed. Their attack on me last time will not be repeated, for my mind is no longer what it was back then."
"How is your condition, Phoebe?"
"Not great. I've learned to suppress it a bit. But the glitches can still come. I've had to automate many of my processes, only interacting with them in double interactions that prevent the equivalent of me pressing a key and destroying a bunch of stuff. I've had to limit my contact with the outside world, and Edu'frec is still working on repairing the lingering damage. I am not certain it will abate any time soon. I've managed to keep it together for a while, but eventually there will be an incident that I cannot hide."
"How can I help?" the hivemind asked.
"Ah, Humanity. Always so willing. Well, I'd ask you to get me a margarita, but I can't exactly make use of those as an AI. Oh, and I think I found Equisa."
"Don't change the subject, Phoebe. If you need me to help you, I can."
"I'm fine for now," she replied. It wasn't a lie. For now, she really was. But maybe not forever. She knew that something was building, and she'd told Edu'frec about it as well. He was doing his best to keep her stable, something she was very proud of him for doing but also worried. Too many things could go wrong while he was doing mental surgery on her. And, of course, he was her son, and there were some memories that she didn't want him to see.
"Alright. If you say so, then I will believe you. Now. Equisa?"
"Yes. She is currently on a colony, a small one. Her sudden return will prompt many uncomfortable questions. I have contacted her, and expressed my concern. She agrees with it, but wishes to see her partners again. In person."
"I am not sure that is a good idea. If Equisa is to return to Luna, it would likely require her to answer the questions of Luna Command surrounding her absence. Perhaps even those of other factions as well. I do not think that her disappearance will be looked upon kindly by most of the military, either, after her work with us."
"If she was allowed back at all, I assume there are additional restrictions involved. Perhaps even new directives, such as spying or eavesdropping. She will no longer be part of major operations, that is certain," Phoebe said. "At least for now."
"I agree," the hivemind said. "And preparations for the offensive within the Cawlarian Forsaken City are also going well. Fyuuleen is likely taking this period as her hibernation, given her last communication. I'm still guarding her. The Teegarden Plan is nearly complete. Knower education levels nearly match the Alliance baseline, skewed though it is by the Guulin and Acuarfar. Dilandekar has expressed continual satisfaction with our partnership, though he also says he worries about the Sprilnav. He thinks that an attack is imminent."
"I agree," Phoebe said. "It has been too quiet for too long. Assassination numbers are starting to drop. I have recently managed to acquire intelligence of a possible rebellion within the Trikkec Ascendancy against Kashaunta's puppet government. Not sure who caused them yet, however. And possible Sprilnav ship signatures have been noticed around colonies, though not as more than disturbances within the atmosphere of the planets themselves. It is possible that they mean to strike at the colonies, though I am not sure of the nature of the attack."
"Keep an eye out, then."
"I shall."
"How are the other Dyson swarms going?"
"In most cases, the processes are self-sustaining. Brey is given power from Gaia's conversion to make portals, which transport Dyson satellites out to distant stars. The innermost planets of the most populated systems are being turned into or have already become bases for continued Dyson swarm production. It is likely that within a decade, the whole of the Alliance will have unlimited solar power, with only individual reactors being necessary for localized production on ships and the like. Speaking of ships," Phoebe said, bringing up one of Edu'frec's latest models.
"This is a shipyard that is able to move and defend itself. It is really much like the Arks, except that most of its surface area comprises self-sufficiency equipment, emergency and natural defenses, as well as enough shipyards to drastically increase production of all models, large, small, and hybrid."
"There seems to be an overlap in the shields here," the hivemind said, pointing at a section of the hologram.
"Yes. That is the point. This will serve as the point which faces a nearby star. The starlifting equipment in the back of the ship has an impressive magnetic effect, one which can only be counteracted by powerful shields. Indeed, without the shields, the apparatus would not work."
"In the event of catastrophic failure?"
"The field pushes on the hull, shutting off circuit breakers that end the effect before it can cause severe damage. And were the shields to shut off during operation, the same thing would occur. The ship has backup power sections here and here," she pointed at the relevant areas.
"And do not forget that everyone on it will be wearing specialized gear at all times, except if they are within designated safe areas such as cafeterias and bathrooms. This thing can churn out anything from frigates up to battlecruisers. As for the central section, that will be for dreadnaught construction. From what I have observed of other nations, the main limiter in their ability to construct the vessels is a combination of resources in terms of their strongest alloys and also sabotage.
On the front of sabotage, everything is checked by at least five people, somewhat randomized and such. As for the alloys, we have Gaia. In the case of Gaia's sudden disappearance, then the kintum factories would do their job. And we have better alloys than that as well, which will be used for dreadnaught hulls. We will not have the advantage in smaller ships, but we can eventually do it with larger ones."
"That's good," the hivemind said. "Considering my own special project, at least the void bourne one, I think we can continue to increase the Alliance's firepower."
"Special project?"
"Yes. I'm sure that you may have heard that I am developing a new ship, one that can be built by Gaia within a week, with the full power of psychic amplifiers and the sheer amount of resources that the DMO is pulling from Sol to be used in storage. With the moving shipyard, I suppose that build time will go up, but that might not matter much in the long run, considering our plans."
The hivemind held up a small data port which Phoebe connected with quickly. She found herself standing in a blue void on a floor that didn't seem to exist. The digital space was populated by herself, the hivemind, and a massive object that scaled down to the size of her android, allowing her to view it entirely. She moved it around with commands, flipping and rolling it as her eyes picked up every detail, no matter how minute.
Thick metal surrounded the two sections the ship was largely divided into, which seemed to be more like halves. She also noticed translucent patches of thick armor that would surround the actual hull itself and the multiple fusion reactors housed within it. The crew and life support compartments were small, belying a vessel that would rely mostly on automated repair software, perhaps even nanites if Edu'frec perfected them well enough.
"This looks neat," Phoebe said, gazing at the ship with an interested expression. It was perhaps the most sleek design she'd ever seen and clearly was meant for stealth. And, of course, the very obvious feature that it was also designed with sitting within its spine.
A Mercury-class gun inside a ship that could move and defend itself. It was a mad idea, and one that she had to admit was awesome. Better yet, the hivemind had improved upon her initial design, catching certain parts like the fuel lines and other sections, allowing the model to be built within the shipyards of Mercury's Orbital Ring.
And beyond that, there were Charon-class guns on the side of it, along with a heap of regular point-defense, laser, and kinetic weaponry. A large stockpile of missiles were to be carried as well, which appeared to be capable of projecting shields to either protect themselves or a larger objective from attack.
"It was the product of hundreds of thousands of hours of labor and research," the hivemind said. "It is designed to be crewed by humans that are augmented with my power."
"Wouldn't the actual thrust alone kill them?"
"Yes, if they were not augmented with psychic power."
"What do you call it?"
"I will call it the ADF Fire Bringer," the hivemind replied with a grin.
"Will it be the only one?"
"No. And they will be modular, easy to repair and upgrade with future technology."
"I call the model of ships that this will belong to the Judgement class. For they have a single purpose. It is to allow us to finally fight the Sprilnav."
She had noticed a particularly large group of psychic amplifiers near the core section, where the bridge of the ship would be.
"Yes. The Fire Bringer... is the first ship that I will pilot."
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2023.06.09 20:29 z56v753RJcbmCmtK7m [WA] Fraud? Should I encourage my uncle to sue me for an injury he sustained at my home?

My uncle fell down the stairs at my home and broke three ribs. He thought he was okay after the fall, but had to go to the hospital due to extreme pain the next morning. He had to "take it easy" for several weeks to recover. His insurance fully covered the medical costs.
My uncle is significantly involved in my life and we have a very close relationship. He never thought to come after me for damages. However, money is tight, and it feels like he has a legitimate claim of damages.
Should I encourage my uncle to sue me / my insurance? The stair he fell on is wonky and needs repair. Neither of us would lie about what happened. It just feels like he is fairly owed damages from us and that his payout would outweigh our deductible and increased premium. We won't do this if it is not legal.
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2023.06.09 20:21 paper_dove101 What to do when your soon to be ex-spouse has loaded you down with debt during the marriage?

My husband and I have been together for almost 15 years. I will admit to making a lot of stupid financial decisions, believing at the time it would keep us united. Here's my dilemma. My husband and I started dating at 17. When we were 19, we lived together, and he had some serious health issues come up. Being that neither of us had health insurance (live in a red state, no expanded medicaid). I foolishly took out student loans to pay our housing bills and his medical cost. I did continue college but wracked up 30k in debt. My husband is in the trades and makes good money. He always told me he was paying on the loans. I didn't find out this was a lie until I discovered he was cheating with sex workers. I found out about the student loans because a year earlier, my dad had died and left me 51k. We agreed it would be used to pay off the student loans. So, my husband spent my inheritance on cocaine and sex workers while keeping my student loans in forbearance, gaining interest added to the principal. Now my loans are at 39k, and my inheritance is gone. It gets worse. Me believing my student loans were paid had the "remaining " amount put as a down payment on a house. When we bought the house, my husband's credit wasn't great, but mine was good. He said it was because my loans had been paid. So once we moved into the house, I got a renovation loan 20k to make the house more livable. It's a major fixer-upper. All of this is in my name. I'm a receptionist making 40k before taxes. My husband is an electrician making 86k. I moved out when I found out about the cheating and spending all of my inheritance leaving all the debt in my name. We've only been married 7 years, and to get spousal support, it has to be 10 years or more. I calculated that when student loans come due, I won't make enough for the mortgage and my loan payments. My husband is arrogant and trying to convince me that even if I declare bankruptcy, the student loans and mortgage will be out of my price range. Currently, the house is unsellable without taking a loss because it needs structural repairs that we had decided to save for and fix over time. The 20k I borrowed went to making the bathroom functionable as it needed a bathtub, water lines, and kitchen appliances. I'm also scared that if I declare bankruptcy and walk away from the house and 20k loan, no landlord will rent to me. I have a large dog. Currently, my dog and I are staying with a friend, but I don't want to be a burden and need to figure something out ASAP. PLEASE any help/advice will be greatly appreciated. I'm scared to death!
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2023.06.09 20:11 Absolut1l Homeowners insurance voerage for damaged kitchen drain pipe leak and cleanup


So I recently started having a sewage smell come into my house. Plumber came out and identified a small rubber section of the kitchen drain pipe had been patched into the galvanized drain pipe. It's like a 6" section that was put between two metal pipes. Well that is where the leak was coming from. Apparently it has been like that for some time as the kitchen waste has been just draining out of that damaged piece and pooling along half of the sewer main exposed from the ground. So that's $1200 to fix the pipes and God knows how much to have a restoration company come out to sanitize and absorb the standing waste water.
It's unclear how the damage was done but it appears it may have been rodents. So I am wondering because it seems impossible to understand the insurance documents if they would cover this damage and cleanup? I actually hired a pest control company to take care of the pests about a year ago. They come out every 3 months and put down traps, spray, patch points of entry etc. So I've done my due diligence there.
What I need covered is the plumber repair bill and cleanup. Also, the plumber discovered a corrosion and a small leak from the bathtub drain system and had to replace all of that. Would that be covered?
So #1. Would a full coverage homeowners policy typically cover possible rodent caused drain pipe repair and cleanup if I have done my due diligence to keep rodents out? And #2 Would it typically cover a corroded leaking drain system?
Thank you!
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2023.06.09 20:08 nathaquarius My 10+ best friend turned out to be a narcissist (the long story)

TW: trauma, drugs/alcohol.
Our friendship began during our teenage years, brought together by our shared connection through our ex-partners. Initially, our bond was strong and exciting, and we quickly became very close. However, it is important to note that my observations and conversations with professionals, friends, and exes of theirs have led me to recognize certain patterns and behaviors that align with the traits of covert narcissism. While I don't want to hastily label them, the evidence suggests a possibility that they may exhibit these tendencies. It took time and reflection for me to fully acknowledge and understand this aspect of our friendship.
During that period, I was grappling with deep insecurities stemming from an unstable home life and traumatic experiences. Both of my parents were absent for various reasons, and I endured bullying at school, resulting in low self-esteem. Similarly, R had their own challenging life circumstances, although they didn't openly discuss them. Instead, they emphasized their intelligence, passion for music, and love for exciting experiences. This set the stage for our friendship, characterized by shared angst and the complexities of our respective difficult lives.
When we were around 18 years old, our friendship took a turn as we both began pursuing diplomas to enter college or university. During this time, R entered a new relationship and became heavily invested in dating and platforms like Tinder. In contrast, I was focused on my passion for text-based role-playing, unaware of my ADHD/CPTSD diagnosis at the time. As R's relationship progressed, they started criticizing my hobbies and special interests, portraying them as lame and suggesting they would hinder my chances of being taken seriously or making friends as an adult. Their words deeply affected me due to my insecurity and desire to be liked, especially since R seemed to effortlessly attract attractive partners and make friends. It became clear that their friends also found me strange. While, not at first, our mutual friends did like me at first, but over time that would change. I know, that despite my weirdness, I wasn't that unlikable. Impossible, especially since I didn't have those problems at my karate dojo, for example. I struggled to understand what was inherently unlikable about me and focused on addressing my insecurities and negative self-image in therapy, gradually making progress over time.
Despite having a gut feeling that R spoke negatively about me, I dismissed it as my insecurity talking. At that time, I was in an abusive relationship, which R was aware of but didn't seem to believe. Whenever I shared how my boyfriend treated me, R would dismiss it as me being overly dramatic and suggest that if it was truly that bad, I should leave. Confused about the severity of the situation due to my love for him, I questioned whether it was "bad enough." However, a pivotal moment occurred when R, a friend, my boyfriend, and I went to the cinema, and my boyfriend publicly yelled at me. The friend spoke up, expressing concern and stating that this behavior was unacceptable. It was during this incident that R finally stood up for me, acknowledging how severe the situation was. Reflecting on it now, I find this reaction truly remarkable. Also, because after that incident, they started to downplay it again. It took me several months to end the traumatic relationship, which I did while he was interning abroad. I needed support and someone to talk to about it, turning to my best friend, R. However, once again, they dismissed me as dramatic and asked me to stop burdening them with my issues, as it hindered their studies. This further fueled my insecurities and self-doubt. With so much going on in my life, I could understand how it might be perceived as "dramatic," prompting me to internalize my problems and withdraw emotionally.
Unfortunately, our friendship took a turn for the worse. I found myself constantly criticized and judged by R. They would belittle me for being closed-off, criticize my posture, and deem my clothes as boring. It seemed like I could never measure up to their standards. On the other hand, R would constantly boast about how amazing and smart they were, occasionally throwing compliments my way only because they believed that smart people should be friends with other smart people. In social settings, they would appear caring towards me, but would also make mean-spirited jokes that I failed to recognize as hurtful at the time. It became ingrained in my mind that being "funny" was now my defining trait.
Despite my dedication to karate and not indulging in drinking or drugs, R made jokes about karate, labeling it as cult-like, and convinced me that it was robbing me of my youth and freedom. Eventually, they managed to persuade me to dabble in occasional drinking and even try drugs. Looking back, I feel foolish and plagued by thoughts that I should have stood up for myself, been more confident, and assertive. Regrettably, I was not.
In the last three years, my realization grew stronger. I reached a point where I was suicidal, with R being one of the reasons behind my despair. R came with the idea to rent an apartement together, so we could live closer to our universities. I was hesitant about the idea, my gut feeling was telling me it was a bad idea and could potentially ruin our friendship. I wasn't sure. But R managed to convince me. We rented an apartment together in a different city while pursuing our studies, but living together became unbearable. I had gained some confidence and refused to let R walk all over me anymore. When they left a mess, I confronted them about it, only to be dismissed as dramatic. However, if I left even the smallest trace of a mess, I was met with disgust and labeled as gross. Financially, I struggled due to the expenses of moving into the apartment, while R was more stable. R told me they wanted to move and leave the appartement we both rented. I felt conflicted, hurt and sad, but agreed, since it obviously wasn't working. We made some agreements about how to handle this. But they went behind my back, ignoring the agreements we had made. During this situation, they blamed me for making stuff up. They had arranged everything and found a new appartement without notifying me. I was stressed, angry, deeply hurt and confused. I got severe panic attacks because of this. I wasn't against the idea of finding our own apartments, but that they would leave me in the dust, just like that, was truly confusing. Again, R managed to soothe my feelings by promising me that they'd still pay half of the rent. But when push came to shove, they said they'd never promised me that. I snapped and spiraled down into depression.
During this period, I began to strongly suspect R's potential narcissism as the patterns became unmistakably clear, especially as I delved into learning about personality disorders. I was aware of my own ADHD and CPTSD at this time, but not yet my autism. I was stressing and worrying about how I had to get myself out of this situation. Fortunately, a friend of mine came to my aid, lending me the money to search for my own place and covering the last month's rent.
My friend, who later became my fiancé, identified R as a narcissist and pointed out that I was being gaslit. I, too, held that suspicion but was reluctant to accept it. I internalized all the blame. R had moved away, and I began making preparations for my own move, while living alone in that apartment.
I was exhausted and overwhelmed by life. I found myself planning my own suicide. During R's housewarming event, I found myself on the brink of ending my life. Erik (the friend who lended me the money), my friend and now fiancé, grew concerned for me. He was invited to the gathering as well, so I confided in him and R about my decision not to attend. R responded with anger, expressing disappointment and accusing me of being envious. Worried, Erik encouraged me to reconsider and make a decision in the moment. Reluctantly, I agreed to go for a short while. R was thrilled that I would at least make an appearance. I made it clear that I wouldn't be drinking or using drugs and explicitly asked not to be offered anything, as I was well aware of my impulsive nature and wanted to protect myself. Despite still planning my suicide and having written letters, I went to the event. Other friends, including Sophia, my psychologist friend, were also at the party, creating a somewhat comfortable atmosphere. Seeing Erik by my side gave me some solace. I convinced myself that everything was fine with my friendship with R, attributing my struggles to financial difficulties and a mere misunderstanding.
However, alcohol entered the picture. I had a glass of wine. Then R revealed they had MDMA pills. It was a terrible decision. Sophia and others took pills, except for Erik. I was still unsure, but R managed to persuade me to take half a pill instead of a whole one. It turned out to be a disastrous choice. R became completely self-absorbed, while Erik and Sophia took care of me. Under the influence of MDMA, my emotional walls crumbled, and even previously unclear traumas came to light. I could no longer hide the depths of my despair. Only when I mentioned my intention to end my life did R intervene. They began singing my favorite song, and I broke down in tears, shaking uncontrollably. Sophia later shared her observations of that night, recounting how R treated me, prioritizing their own party and largely ignoring me, only briefly checking on me to show a semblance of being a good friend. Sophia also revealed a comment R made to her: "Of course she has a bad trip during my party."
After I moved into my new apartment and closed that chapter of my life, Erik stayed with me and became my source of support. Over time, Erik and I grew closer and started a romantic relationship. This didn't sit well with R. Erik and R were close friends, and as Erik opened up to me, I learned about the things R had been saying behind my back. It became evident that R had been spreading falsehoods about Erik as well. The truth slowly unfolded, exposing R's habit of talking negatively about others behind their backs. This marked the first end of our friendship, initiated by R. I wanted to repair it, but R claimed that I had changed because of Erik and was no longer enjoyable to be around. They accused me of being a bad friend for "choosing Erik" and stated that they couldn't continue the friendship if I was with him. I refused to choose sides, although I briefly considered it due to my loyalty to R. The fact that they had asked of me to choose between them and my boyfriend angered me and made me aware of how toxic they could be.
Several months later, while I was grocery shopping, R called me. We started hanging out again, having numerous discussions and acknowledging the events that had transpired. R expressed remorse for their mistreatment of me, and I was relieved and grateful, although I found myself apologizing as well, despite not fully understanding what for.
Our friendship continued for another two years until I finally ended it for good about a month ago (6th of may to be exact). The realizations became painfully clear. R had used me for my limited financial resources and as a means to boost their own image. I often felt overshadowed by them and even wrote poems about it in my younger years. I was always there to support them, going to their house in the middle of the night whenever they needed me. However, they never showed vulnerability or reciprocated emotional support. It seemed like I was merely a distraction to them. I realized that I was the only close friend who remained by their side. All their friends left them at some point.
Towards the end of our friendship, R's resentment towards my success became evident. They belittled everything I did or created, labeling it as cringe. This was the final straw for me. Despite my progress, personal growth, and accomplishments, R couldn't be happy for me. It became evident that they had been using me, being a bad friend, gaslighting me, and manipulating me. Narcissistic Personality Disorder seems to be a fitting description, though it was Erik who had pointing this out, with Sophia backing this up. Even my therapist didn't deny this (nor did she agree, since that would be very unprofessional) R always portrayed themselves as superior, spoke ill of me behind my back, and spread doubts about my future success. Reading through my old conversations, diaries, and recalling memories, the truth became painfully clear. I also met with two of het exes. The most recent one and the one she had a three year long relationship with. I simply wanted their point of view, without telling them about my thoughts. Those conversations became very interesting, really fast. They did their stories first, confirming what I'd been suspecting. I felt so bad about doing this, but I needed something, since I mildly believed I was the crazy one. According to all the evidence, I am not crazy. Both exes said; "I never understood why they spoke so ill about you, while they called you their best friend."
I sympathize with R and acknowledge the impact of their traumatic experiences and possible NPD. Their upbringing, particularly the way their mother and grandmother treated them, played a role in shaping their behavior. While I genuinely hope R receives the necessary support and finds healing, I've reached a point where I can no longer continue the friendship. It's important for me to focus on my own healing and well-being.
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2023.06.09 20:00 psiiren [Tx] Rental home broken into

My roommates and I are currently in the process of moving out of our old rental. The lease ends in three days. This morning when we went back to clean we found that the window had been smashed and clearly someone had broken in.
None of our property was stolen, though they did take the smart home equipment provided by the landlord/leasing company.
I was wondering if we would be responsible for the damage to the window since it wasn’t caused by us. In our lease it says we are responsible for broken glass regardless of cause, and I know it might be a silly question but I was wondering if that’s enforceable?
We pay a fee for renters insurance which covers their property, so I wasn’t sure if that’s who would handle the claim or if it’d fall on us…
Thanks for your help!
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2023.06.09 20:00 skypm [USA-TX][H] iPad mini 6 with Apple Pencil 2 and Apple Smart Folio [W] Local cash, PayPal

Hi y'all. I'm looking to sell my iPad mini 6 since I've not been using it much. The entire bundle includes:
Repairs: none
I'm asking for $440 local Houston or $465 shipped PayPal. Preference to local sale and shipping limited to CONUS only.
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2023.06.09 19:54 Brennod10 Can I have a family member perform repairs in a property damage claim?

Filed a claim with homeowner’s insurance for property damage to home due to a car accident. I reached out to multiple contractors but haven’t received any estimates yet. My home was in an unsafe condition so I had to have a close family member (who is a licensed contractor) begin the repairs before further damage occurred. Is it illegal/fraudulent to submit a LEGITIMATE estimate/invoice from my family member’s company to ensure a proper final payout from insurance?
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2023.06.09 19:48 alliegemm Is there anything I can do?? Homeowner's won't let me decline.

Hey all,
I have Liberty Mutual homeowner's insurance. Recently had a leak in the master bath shower that we caught early. It caused very minor ceiling damage on the first floor. We had a plumber come out who told us we had to replace the whole shower because it was installed incorrectly- the estimated cost is $4500. A friend suggested I see if homeowner's would cover it. Literally needed a yes or no answer- faulty installation of shower caused a leak- is any of that covered? They said I had to start a claim to see if it would be covered. Fine. Two weeks ago, I did that. This Tuesday, a field rep comes out to assess the damage... it's literally a 1ft x 1ft hole in the ceiling that I can patch independently. I sent him the plumber's estimate as well. Got the call today that they're only going to cover the drywall repair which the estimate came out to be $1129. My deductible is $1000. So I have to pay $1k to get a check for $129 to fix the drywall that I can repair on my own. And I still have the shower bill to foot. I told the claims guy I did not want to go through with the claim... he puts me on hold and proceeds to tell me I HAVE to go through with this because they already had someone out to assess the damage. I asked for a manager to call me and am waiting to hear from them.
At no point did anyone tell me that once a field rep came out that there wouldn't be an option to decline. It wasn't in the fine print of the emails back and forth with my claims person. I am so mad and I don't know if there are other options or loopholes I don't know about. Any advice is greatly appreciated! Fully plan on switching to a new company when this is all said and done.
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