A homogeneous equation is always consistent


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Videos, Gifs and Pictures of Car Crashes

2012.03.12 22:01 ElderCunningham News Of The Stupid

Did you hear about the man who butt-dialed 911 while drunk driving? How about the teenagers who carjacked a car, only to fail because neither of them could drive stick? Welcome to /NewsOfTheStupid, a subreddit created for news stories just like these, proving that humanity is on a downward spiral

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2023.03.26 10:31 eatmyc0rn Tommy PT2

just finished the climax in seattle. Tommy lost everything, no maria, very temperamental due to the wound he suffered and the way Dina and Ellie react towards him visiting.. he is now “that” relative.
I wish this wasn’t the case. Prior to this tommy was always like a beam of light- every scene with him in it was just upbeat. As soon as you meet up with him in seattle everything is on the up and up.
Seeing him so broken is just heartbreaking. I hope they don’t just leave him like this…
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2023.03.26 10:31 DrWho345 Need help to cool off my brain

Apologies if I have written this before, but I am still trying to sort out my thoughts. 37M Asperger’s High Support, level 1 (I think) live with parents,employed full time. Got diagnosed in 2011 (parents organised) Got job shortly after, lasted 8 years before being made redundant. Got another job two weeks later, been there ongoing last 5 years.
Mom comes to me with an (offer you can’t refuse) job opportunity, looks perfect, sounds amazing and more money (potentially) and apparently it’s in the public sector which somehow means you can never get fired. I got an interview without a cover letter, all I submitted was my CV/Resume, the interview is on Wednesday and I am panicking.
I cannot stress the following statement I am about to make anymore than this. I WAS NOT LOOKING FOR ANOTHER JOB!!!!!! They say you meet one person with Autism, you’ve only met one person with Autism, we are not all alike. Mine helps me to be consistent, I hate change, I don’t mind a “same shit, different day” Groundhog Day mentality, I am like a train, the route never changes, going around and around and around all day.
I have it made at my current job, but from what I have discussed with other boomers according to them it is all red flags, and all for the wrong reasons, which for me I can see that but… - [ ] I don’t have any helicopter monitoring - [ ] I am in a team, but I am virtually invisible, I hardly ever interact with anyone else - [ ] There are no check ins or spot checks - [ ] Any meetings about goals, my boss writes them up for me - [ ] I do my tasks efficiently/effectively/on time/well/properly/correctly - [ ] I make the main guy from Office Space puke, I have so much free time - [ ] Out of an 8 hour day, I get paid for all 8, I probably work 2, then have 6 hours to kill, pretty sure my job description doesn’t have anything in it, that says listen to audiobooks/podcasts watch tv, etc but if it wasn’t for that I would be so bored - [ ] I have asked repeatedly for more tasks and been told there is nothing more they can give me, I have stopped asking because then I come across as the asshole who keeps asking
I don’t want to tank the interview, I don’t want to leave my current job either. The only reasons I am considering it is more money, but to start all over again from the bottom, is stressing me out, as well as having to pretend I give a fuck about the new company when money is my only motivation
Any help would be greatly appreciated
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2023.03.26 10:31 Background_Froyo3653 I feel nothing 'down there'

This is kind of all over the place, so bear with me... I'm a 17F and I'm pretty sure I'm asexual- but I NEED to know if other people have this problem.
I can get aroused but my body doesn't really... 'feel' like anything. All those 'sensitive areas' I always hear people talking about just don't do anything for me. I haven't tried toys, I admit, but I don't understand why my body just... doesn't react. I know you're supposed to be more sensitive when you're aroused, but I feel literally nothing. I can feel the blood being pumped in my genitalia but the sensation simply does not exist.
Rubbing the areas feel no different than me rubbing my elbow or any other random part of my body, no matter what I do...
It's driving me absolutely crazy because I don't understand why this is happening. I have no trauma or bad history or anything that I think would affect this.
I can't find much information about this either. I went onto sex and found a few people who had the same question, but the replies didn't really say anything other than "that's not normal" or "that's weird".
I don't have a partner if that's important...
Sorry I know this is a weird post but this has been bothering me for so long...
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2023.03.26 10:30 AutoModerator [Get] Sam Ovens – Uplevel Consulting 2023

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Get Immediate Access !

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2023.03.26 10:30 SignalLawyer9576 capybaras will take over the world!

Absolutely, let's dive deeper into the amazing world of capybaras! These fascinating creatures are members of the family Caviidae, which includes guinea pigs and other rodents. They are the largest rodents in the world, and can weigh up to 66 kilograms and reach lengths of up to 1.3 meters.
Capybaras have several unique adaptations that allow them to thrive in their habitats. Their webbed feet make them excellent swimmers, allowing them to navigate through their semi-aquatic environments with ease. They also have special valves in their digestive system that allow them to efficiently digest tough, fibrous plant material.
Social behavior is another remarkable aspect of capybaras. They live in large groups of up to 20 individuals, which can consist of multiple family units. These groups have a complex social hierarchy, and individuals use a variety of vocalizations, scent markings, and body language to communicate with each other. They are also known for their altruistic behavior, as they have been observed caring for and protecting orphaned young.
Capybaras play an important ecological role in their habitats. As herbivores, they help to maintain the balance of plant populations, preventing overgrowth and promoting healthy ecosystems. They are also prey for many predators, including jaguars, anacondas, and crocodiles, and their presence supports a diverse food web.
In addition to their ecological importance, capybaras also have cultural significance. In some parts of South America, they are revered as symbols of abundance and fertility, and are used in traditional medicine and spiritual practices.
Overall, capybaras are an incredible example of the diversity and adaptability of life on Earth. Their unique physical and social adaptations, ecological importance, and cultural significance make them truly fascinating and deserving of our admiration.
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2023.03.26 10:30 angertitan [HELP] - HD560s or Hifiman Sundara + Maxwell Audiocontrol

Hey ho,
I want to buy a new gaming headset that I will also use for music and normal office use. I already have an Audeze Penrose and it sounds great, but I can't handle the control wheels. I always change the mix or mic gain instead of volume. Unfortunately, it looks like the Penrose is going to break because I'm having increased disconnects. Technically I don't have a budget, but I don't want to buy 1000€ headphones for now. I'm currently deciding between three headphones. The HD560s, the Hifiman Sundara and the Audeze Maxwell.
Now my question, are the extra cost of the Sundara worth, compared to the HD560s? And could I theoretically control the volume of the Maxwell via Windows if I connect throw Bluetooth? Because then I would get the Maxwell.
Thanks for the help.
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2023.03.26 10:30 Consistent-Pea8051 I hate my mom…

My mom is always yelling at me for my bad grades and my missing work she never asks if I’m ok a year ago I started SH and she never noticed and I told her I thought about killing my self and all she said is to not tell the school counselor or they will lock you up in a mental institution forever but I know she is lieing but I won’t tell them because I’m not going to a mental hospital I hate her she is so self centered and puts all her problems on me I can’t do this much longer any advice?
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2023.03.26 10:30 Polalady Hi, looking for sad heartbreaking manga

Hey, im looking for the most tragic, sad, heartbreaking yaoi manga out there. I feel like i need some pain and to cry a little. If it can also be within the theme of unrequired love and/or that one of them end up dying (which is not a kink or anything) that just makes me ball my eyes out always. Thanks so much and sorry for the weird request. Hurt me with all you've got.
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2023.03.26 10:30 AxFairy Absolutely mad day one hire, not sure what to do with him.

Wandered up to the nearest town on day one, defied the conventional wisdom or hiring multiple fodder bros because I could instead afford one lad wearing chainmail armor, and have 40 gold left. Sure hope they have a follow the tracks quest.
Anyhow, I'm a bit torn on what to do with him. I could make an argument for a nimble tank (40+mdef, 110+ health, remaining rolls into fatigue and resolve). I could try one of these front-line banners everyone is always going on about (every roll into resolve should get to 100+ based on napkin math). I would also be confident he could reach 85matk and do the fatigue neutral thing, but I don't particularly like those in concept.
Theo <3
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2023.03.26 10:30 MissDuality9898 Getting money back from an old employer

I (24F) gave/paid expenses for an old boss when I was employed at their company and they aren't returning the money.
Note: I was extremely naive when this happened (in 2021) and have since then learnt my lesson. I need to know if there is any legal way to go about this.
The Situation: In 2021 I joined a startup (a one man show run by only the owner, a rich and reupted man in his field) and I worked under them directly. The owner was paying 2.5k as an intern stipend and said I will be converted to full-time (15k salary) after 2 months. I was very impressed with the vision of the company, and really enjoyed my work and worked non-stop. I wanted to impress my employer and I ended up taking a lot of tasks and main responsibilities under my belt. One of them included handling expenses for the office. Such as paying for snacks foods, any small supplies and giving travel reimbursements. They always communicated that I was most trustworthy, and hence was the only worthy to handle his money. He deposited some money in my account, I would pay for them, and show him bills/list of items on an Excel. After 2 months they wouldn't turn me into full-time stating I need to work harder, and bring in revenue/make 'real' progress in order to earn my place. I continued as an intern, and my work got even more hectic.
This continued for 5 months until I quit, where every month they wouldn't hire me fulltime because I wasn't impressive enough and they needed me to work harder. By month 3, I was working so hard I wouldn't eat lunch, would reach home at 11/12pm, and was not even asking for my monthly stipend since (so ffing stupidly) said I was smart enough to bring in business revenue and 'take' my salary from that money, since the business itself was not making any. And the most relevant to this matter: forgot to ask for budget money to be deposited into my account to pay for office expenses even though I was still paying them.
I wasn't too worried because I trusted they would return me the amount completely when I asked, but I didn't because I was so busy I never got around to it.
Finally in an extreme state of burnout, and high levels of stress and depression, I quit the company. Still an intern, who had not 'proved themselves' to be a full-time employee. Since I was a "trusted" member, the employer was extremely mad. Everything from name calling to fake compliments over my work to make me stay. Since it was a somewhat spontaneous decision, I was not paid the money I had spent out of my pocket and savings.
Since my departure (December 2021) I have been in constant touch to get money back (total 90k) with calls and texts. They returned me around 20k in early 2022 and 15k in December 2022, but around 55k still remains. I still keep at it with constant messages and calls to them but we are now almost in the second quarter of 2023 and I don't have the entire amount.
I was extremely naive and fell into a lot of manipulation by this employer. I hate messaging and calling them and having to speak to them and they remind me of the worst days of my life. I wanted to settle this matter without getting anything legal involved, since I have never taken services of a lawyer in my entire life.
He is known to not pay salaries and stipdends to interns and employees. Is there a legal way to ask for my money back? Is this even a valid ask in this situation? I just want the money I paid under office expenses (cash + UPI) back.
Is calling/texting the only way to retrieve the money?
Thank you all for reading and I look forward to your feedback.
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2023.03.26 10:29 oliverlovespink Urge to socially DEtransition.

Hi everyone! I'm 19 and have been out for around a year and a half. I've never been the stereotypical masculine "girl", and I've always like girly things, and I still do, maybe more so. None of that makes someone less trans, but I feel very disheartened. I don't bind often, I'm not partial to any kind of clothing, and I have an androgynous to feminine presentation, and it's led to a lot of people in my life either charitably or not so charitably questioning my trans-ness.In my personal life, I don't feel very respected as a trans person, let alone as a man. I'm wondering if would be easier to go back in the closet, at least temporarily? Would that be unfair to those around me? I've been considering this for 3 months. Is this a common thought?
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2023.03.26 10:29 YOLOTREND 26 March 2023: China and US? Do we really need a clear leader?

Actually to me, I don't think it really bothers most people on which country is the leading and number one superpower. However, to the US, I think it truly and certainly care to be number one of the world.
From how I see it, the more one is suppressed, the more will one strive to fight back. Chinese people are well known for their hard work and will strive to create the wealth they want. Certainly not every single one will succeed but there will be a spirit of not wanting to be suppressed.
With the political scene stabilised at least from how I see it, the focus from 2023 to 2028 will certainly be economy and getting more resources be it talent, r&d, hardware and software upgrade. AI development and chip development will see huge capital being poured into it. Us will try to block it.
It is certainly a very interesting world though not such an easy environment for small countries to maneuver..
I continue to remain optimistic of my bets in Chinese tech stocks over the long run as long as they do not do anything restrictive that erodes of global investors' trust.
As always, this should not be construed as any investment or trading advice.
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2023.03.26 10:29 Rose5453 Is it weird to have a crush on your ex’s best friend?

Hello everyone. I just got out of a 10 year relationship. I known him since I was 13 (I’m 23F right now) and we always been off and on. He kept cheating on me and the relationship was very toxic but I stayed because he was all I ever known. His ex best friend dm me hearing the news that we broke up. They haven’t been friends for 2 years now. He said I can call or text him anytime since he always saw similarities between us and always liked me around. He said if he can be a distraction for me he is happy to do so. We have a lot in common and we have been talking everyday. He is nothing like my ex. He is very respectful and has been really helping me through this breakout. He doesn’t live in the same area as I do now but says if I’m ever in town we will definitely hang out. I’m starting to develop a crush on him and want to know what to do. I don’t know if he is being nice to me or actually wants to be with me. Is it wrong for me to like him?
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2023.03.26 10:29 HyperrParadise Feral ghouls still manage to jump scare me

Ya know after several years of playing the fallout series feral ghouls still manage to scare the poop outta me when I’m in first person and they pop outta no where and jump on me. I always turn on my radio when I gotta kill them, idk what it is but it makes me a little less tense.
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2023.03.26 10:28 Low-Purple6747 My unpopular opinions

  1. Joint family system is rotten and needs to be discarded it's not only bad for women ( we have discussed this so many times) but also men if you are a man of character who loves his family because these so called family members will take your kindness as weakness and will manipulate you, scam you, dominate you and eventually ditch you when you need them the most.
  2. Mental health is becoming a free pass to do whatever the f*ck you want. Like people will literally be a legit monster to you but when you confront them suddenly they had mental health issues and i should be considerate like where was this mental health advocacy when you were giving me these life long traumas ? Why should I be the one to understand " why you did it" and not be mad over " what you did " like. People have legit bullied me for being from a particular state and looking a certain way for years and yet when i say something they will bring this things were not good at home or i was going through so and so issue. I understand things can be bad but that doesn't justify what you did can't you freaking apologies instead of justifying it.
  3. If a girl and guy mutually decide to become friends with benefits and one person catches feelings it's not the other person's fault. The other person doesn't have to reciprocate and it doesn't make them a monster.
  4. Stop with this feminine and masculine shit. And please don't use the Andrew tate and his minions logic in the real world. These alpha male podcast guys aren't smart they just argue with silly people.
  5. Please don't expect me to know your pronouns or what your gender identity is. I called you a woman/ man because you looked like one.
  6. Being a mumma's boy or dad's princess is not a flex and it's definitely different than respecting your parents.
  7. If you are an adult then learn to have boundaries with your parents.
  8. Parents are not god and they aren't always right.
  9. Your parents might be god to you but don't expect your spouse to treat them like one. You worship them good for you but your partner doesn't have to.
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2023.03.26 10:28 Candies3 Less sessions still worth it?

I've been seeing my therapist since January and she's been absolutely wonderful, she helped me a lot, I like her and as we're dealing with quite heavy things my goal was to keep seeing her for a while.
Yesterday she told me she was going to stop practicing by the end of 2024, and she's reducing her hours and the number of clients she's seeing. She said she was going to keep me so I didn't have to worry.
The thing is, she will only be available on Wednesdays, and maybe online for clients who can't come on Wednesdays. My job is very flexible so I'm okay with that. But when we booked our future appointments, we only booked 2 on May 3, weeks apart.
Our appointments have always been inconsistent, it's been weekly/bi-weekly/every three weeks depending on her availability. I finally told her I wanted weekly sessions, and we had managed to do that for the next three weeks so it was a huge relief.
I'm planning on talking about it with her next time, but I don't have much hope that she'll be able to see me weekly any more, or else she would have proposed more appointments.
So my question is, would less sessions still be worth it? It feels like she helps me every time I see her, we've improved a lot, I would never have sought a psychiatrist to have a treatment without her for example. But once or twice a month... I didn't mind not seeing her a lot at the beginning because we needed to establish trust and all, but I can't really see the point of a monthly session, especially if her goal is to stop therapy at some point. I have so much to talk about, also I have a lot of SI that she knows about and I'm scared that fewer sessions are not going to do great on my mental health. But as I said, I like her, and honestly if we stop I would be terribly sad and I'm not sure I'd have the strength to seek another therapist.
So I guess I need advice ahah, what would you do?
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2023.03.26 10:28 NGVAH Can't wait to weave in the ends on this Cozy Classic Light!

Can't wait to weave in the ends on this Cozy Classic Light!
I know it's just a raglan which I could have done without pattern easily, but wow I loved the Jessie Maed pattern ([link to ravelry: https://ravel.me/cozy-classic-light)). Such attention to detail! It breathes patience, it is encouraging of taking the pattern to your style and fit, it reads like she's there with you enjoying the process. Would absolutely recommend to both beginners and more experienced knitters!
The yarn is malabrigo sock in jasmine. Love the colour and the feel (very soft). But why do my FO's always grow so much more proportionally than my swatches?! I was going for a little positive ease for a change but ended with a lot... Should have blocked early on and adjusted the stitch count... i will cherish it anyway!
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2023.03.26 10:27 Hannahsmith356 Why does everyone stand up for Abby?

I’ll agree they are both insufferable but everyone here stands up for abby when i think she’s a good chunck of their problem. I think abby is spoiled, bratty and always has something to say. Abby makes so many unfiltered comments such as making her child grow up in a man hating generation, she’s never had a touch of reality, cried her way out of hawaii, i think she and matt argue more then we know and her attitude is half the problem. I don’t think she’s the perfect abby she fantasies to be
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2023.03.26 10:27 Plex_Guy P4S JillMedia CA-US 60 Gbps UL/DL 🎬 M: 29K+ 📺 T: 7800+ 🎬 4K M:1900+ 📺 4K T: 1000+ (NEW) 100% Local Storage Auto Request Shares P4S

JillMedia is the ultimate media streaming solution for all your entertainment needs. Utilizing the powerful Plex platform, we offer streaming of the latest movies and TV shows on virtually any device with 100% local storage of over 1.3PB for fast and seamless content loading. Our package includes:
To ensure the best streaming experience, we recommend a connection speed of at least 30 Mbps. However, if you're far from Canada and the USA, it would be best to have higher speeds to avoid buffering. We also prioritize customer satisfaction and appreciate politeness, and always willing to work with any issues you may have.
Join us! - https://discord.gg/jillmedia
Website -
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2023.03.26 10:27 abusive_neighbour Seeking advice on indirect neighbour harassment

My next-door neighbour in a HDB estate is constantly verbally abusive - though not directly. Every time my family members walk by his door, or if he is in the common area tending to his plants, he will be staring at us and muttering hokkien expletives under his breath but loud enough for us to hear. It is clearly directed at us because of how consistently it happens - we once confronted him before, and he said "I didn't call you, but if you think you're the fuckers then that's your problem"
We try to ignore him and not make eye contact, but I'm worried because I have three young children and elderly parents, both of whom he also antagonises. There is no way to avoid walking in front of his door unfortunately, due to the layout of the floor landing.
Is there any way I can deal with this through legal means? I also don't want to escalate to police and then they say "sort it out yourselves", which might make it even worse. I plan to start phone recording to get evidence every time this happens, but not sure if it will have any use.
Appreciate any advice!
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2023.03.26 10:26 Plex_Guy P4S JillMedia CA-US 60 Gbps UL/DL 🎬 M: 29K+ 📺 T: 7800+ 🎬 4K M:1900+ 📺 4K T: 1000+ (NEW) 100% Local Storage Auto Request Shares P4S

JillMedia is the ultimate media streaming solution for all your entertainment needs. Utilizing the powerful Plex platform, we offer streaming of the latest movies and TV shows on virtually any device with 100% local storage of over 1.3PB for fast and seamless content loading. Our package includes:
To ensure the best streaming experience, we recommend a connection speed of at least 30 Mbps. However, if you're far from Canada and the USA, it would be best to have higher speeds to avoid buffering. We also prioritize customer satisfaction and appreciate politeness, and always willing to work with any issues you may have.
Join us! - https://discord.gg/jillmedia
Website -
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2023.03.26 10:26 elperroverde_94 I found the cause and solved my scalp SebDerm

Fellow Redditors,
I've been hesitant to write here before because none of the previous things I tried solved utterly the problem, and I didn't want to flood the subreddit with partial solutions. However, after 2 weeks of absolutely zero SebDerm, which hasn't happened in 4 years, I feel comfortable enough to share my findings.
I developed SebDerm after 1 year or so of NoPoo. Since then it has been following me every day. I'm a very sporty and healthy person, and that helped to keep it under control. I state that because SebDerm is an immune reaction, so everything that helps with the immune system reduces the flares and everything that hampers it will likely worsen the flares.
That means, keeping your diet under control (no sugar, no gluten, low-carb & unprocessed foods for me), exercising regularly, taking the sun or VitD supplements, sleeping properly every night, etc. All of that helps and the following advice is not meant to replace the basics.
Things that would worsen it were washing it too little, washing it too often, shampoos with irritants, heat and humidity, sweat when not removing it immediately after exercising, and lack of sleep would wreak havoc.
I've tried before:
What was a very important point for me when looking for a solution for SebDerm was trying to find the root of the problem that caused the dysbiosis on the scalp. Therefore I tried to avoid medicated shampoos that only provided temporary relief and terribly dried the hair. Moreover, I was trying to find something that was "easy to apply" and that would solve the problem. Not only masking it. With the idea of restoring the balance of the scalp so I don't need to depend on a brand producing a very particular product and applying it rigorously for fear of another flare.
MCT Oil.
A couple of weeks ago I decided to try MCT oil for the scalp and I haven't had a single flake since.
I use C8 99.9% MCT oil and use a bottle with a pipette to apply it to the scalp. I massage it all over and let it rest for 1-3h. Afterwards, I wash it with shampoo (applying it to the scalp!) and let it dry.
I have ended up not only without SebDerm, but with the most luscious hair I have had in 5 years.
That's it, no flares, no flakes, no itching. Even though I have been lacking sleep for a couple of nights.
I do it 1-2/week depending on my schedule and so far it has been working amazingly.
I think the NoPoo disrupted the sebum production of my scalp and made it very dry. This dryness favoured the growth of Malassezia and impeded the immune system to deal with it properly. Moreover, infrequent washing led to build-up, which irritated the scalp, while washing would stripe the oils that needed to recover. Leading to a circle of dryness and sensitivity.
MCT Oil nourished the scalp while not feeding Malassezia. This allowed the scalp to heal and recover. It also removed some of the build-up that is only oil-soluble without making the hair and scalp dryer that the fu***ng Sahara.
I'm aware that SebDerm is a complex affection with multiple possible sources. I think I found what works for me, but different people might have different root causes. Therefore I'll list here other things that consistently helped me.
I applied MCT oil to my scalp and my SebDerm disappeared.
That's all! I hope this guide helps you too because it is a long and frustrating journey.
Best, Pablo.
submitted by elperroverde_94 to SebDerm [link] [comments]