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2023.06.01 17:32 pinkdevil569 I miss the old rell

I miss the old rell
I miss the old Rell, straight for the gold Rell. Chop up the soul Rell, set on his goals Rell I hate the new Rell, the bad mood Rell The always rude Rell, spaz in the news Rell I miss the sweet Rell, chop up the adcs Rell.
It has been a pleasure this season with the old rell I will come back when this shit is fixed.
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2023.05.30 21:54 Entire_Sun_6766 Veigar Support OTP: Looking for a friend. Solo Queued to Master.

Context: I am a noob to the League scene compared to some of these other maniacs. I played like 150 PC LOL games as Caitlyn, Ekko, Warwick, or Renata Glasc in Fall 2022. Downloaded Wild Rift in February 2023. Played like 50 games as Caitlyn, got super bored, then a hardcore PC LOL friend of mine suggested Veigar Support...... 3ish months blinked by and a couple days ago I made it to Master. Nothing extreme but it was a hype moment for me.
I literally played Veigar Support 9/10 games in Solo Queue with Veigar Mid sprinkled in there. 1/10 games I played Ekko Jungle or TF Mid. Got flamed 8/10 of those Supp games by my teammates in lobby, which now I understand since Veigar's kit is a more of a kill stealer than an actual support, but I always knew to never take my ADCs farm especially if dude went 0-3 3 minutes into the game. Over the months I realized a bad ADC is, unfortunately, beautiful bait. I even breezed through Emerald last season playing Tank Veigar hahaha. Still, I use the standard Luden's Echo, Rabadon's Deathcap, Stasis, Infinity Orb, and Awakened Soulstealer build. Runes are Electrocute, Gathering Storm, Perseverance (previously used Nullifying Orb, still viable) and Transcedence (previously Hunter Genius).
And here I am, by lowkey but highkey spamming this champion into every comp, reaching Top 200 on my server, occasionally Top 100, depending on how much sleep I've gotten the night before. I firmly believe I'm still a noob as this is the North American Server. However, I don't believe I was carried to Master because man did my cage save so many asses from ganks and flanks. Honorable mention is those enemy Yones or Kayns that deleted half my team and then disappeared back into the jungle, only to have my ult zoom after them like a damn meteor and delete them somewhere in the fog of war lol. I've blindly stolen so many barons and dragons just placing my second ability over the wall it's pretty shameful. Yesterday, I hyper carried as Veigar Mid in an insane PVP game against a fed Darius Jungle, Kai Sa Mid, Vayne ADC, Veigar Supp (<3), and Dr. Mundo Top. We had an AFK Draven. Probably took a couple years off my life with that silly stress but it was possible due to methodically and patiently, albeit luckily, tilting the enemy.
I guess the minor point of this post is that Veigar Support taught me micro and macro better than I expected, and I encourage new players to try her out. The main lesson is that you can get deleted by anything under the sun, but if you play your cards right, you can delete anything in the galaxy. I can't say you'll make a lot of friends though, which is the major point of this post: Play with me<3.
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2023.05.29 23:55 Willhelm_HISUMARU (The return of) The definitive list of Runaans Interactions!

Since leagueoflegends mods took down my post for seemingly no reason at all (they hate it when people talk about the game) and by popular demand, I decided to bring back the list I made because it helped people with theorycrafting which I really appreciate. Have fun!By the way, there's things you should watch out for when building Runaans, I marked them with text that looks like this.

Marksman champions:

Non-Marksman Champions


Anti-Synergies (do not buy)


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2023.05.21 20:32 GreninjaDeter Excuse me, but how does your champion deal damage ?

I am genuinely asking this, cause I sometimes, don't think, when you lock in Zeri, you lock in the same Zeri that others do.
As in, dealing damage with her, now I know this is mostly relying on builds, how well you can play, and how bad the enemy player can be, but riddle me this, how come when I play perfectly, every Q hit, every W poked, every shield stolen, every Ezreal Q dodged with E, I can't deal damage to a squishy Ezreal, yes, a squishy Ezreal.
But when I go into my ranked games and play a Rell, or no, cause Rell has a shield, excuse me, I play a Leona or Braum, a Zeri can come, and 2 shot me with Q, I am not exaggerating, I had times when I played Braum, had a Ornn in my team, and me, together with the Ornn, got SHREDDED by the enemy Zeri, and then, THEN my premade adc, would lock in Zeri in the next game, and get his ass handed to him, going the same build, playing perfectly, same runes, sometimes EVEN THE SAME MATCHUP, and he doesn't deal damage.....why is that ? Why does that happen ?
I can't understand this, and this isn't a one time thing either, from her release, from since Zeri got released, I have had 1 Zeri adc, who dealt damage in my team, that is not a exaggeration once again, think that throught the week so Monday to Friday I play around 2-3 matches of league per day, and in weekends I can crack 5 or more if I feel like it, so doing the math, and the possibility of encountering a Zeri in my party, why has there only been 1 Zeri that dealt damage, and the crazy part ? She didn't deal damage cause she played Zeri, she dealt damage cause I PLAYED RENATA, you know ? The support that is basically a STEROID BOOST TO EVERY ADC ? I can be the worst Kai'sa, or Yasuo, or Miss Fortune or any adc player, but i'll just have a Renata support that knows how to utilize her and I become a hyper carry.
I just can't understand it, this might seem as a salt post, but please, and please tell me, how does this work ? How can I play the same build that the enemy Zeri plays, and I deal 0 damage, when the enemy Zeri was a tank shredder, how ? Please explain to me, I am clueless
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2023.05.07 09:08 Shadowswarm_0 Renata Runes/Question

Hey all. Not “new” to Renata, but new to maining her. Been a thresh otp for a hot minute and wanted to try something new. Firstly, I’ve looked over a lot of rune pages for her and while they make sense, I wanted an opinion on one I made:
-Aery/Manaflow/Transcendence/Scorch -Zombie Ward/Relentless Hunter
Personally I found guardian weak in low-elo soloQ where allies are too stupid to stay near you and actually proc it, Aery gives me more agency on when it’s used, plus it helps with E poke substantially. Thoughts?
And the other question: are there any Renata mains/otp streamers or youtubers you know of who I can watch to learn a bit? Thanks!
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2023.04.15 15:57 PlacatedPlatypus What Low Elo Is Really Like: An In-Depth Analysis

0. Sections for Quick Reference

  1. This Sub's Perspective on Low Elo
  2. What Really Makes Low Elo Players "Bad"
  3. Mechanics and Fighting
  4. Wave Management and Laning
  5. Low Elo Has No Macro
  6. The Famed "Silver Skill Variance"
  7. Smurfs Ruining Low Elo
  8. Teammates Feeding Harder Than I Can Get Fed
  9. TLDR and Questions

1. This Sub's Perspective on Low Elo

Low Elo is a mysterious place, I’ve seen many posts on this sub about it and I’ve had my own ideas about it, but often people say strange things about it that I have trouble believing. A very common one is the opinion that “low elo can actually be hard(er than high elo) because the games are so random.” Another take that I see is “low elo players actually have good mechanics now, low elo OTPs can easily coinflip win lane against D+ players” or related takes like “a bronze 2 player would get high gold back in S4” (I can’t believe you guys downvoted the guy rightfully calling this out as complete cap, I was Plat in S4 and let me tell you it was nothing like Bronze today).
So, for the first time in my life I decided to actually play in low elo and see what it was like. I bought an Iron 4 account, and climbed to gold MMR. I spent about 10 games in each division's MMR, at this point the account is about to hit plat MMR. Account for reference. I did end up losing twice, both times to my teammates surrendering pre-20 (I believe I could’ve carried both games, but we will never know). Here are my observations on what low elo is actually like:

2. What Really Makes Low Elo Players "Bad?"

Low elo players struggle with everything to be honest, but there were two very obvious (and more easily fixable) things. These main issues I saw low elo players having were 1. fighting badly due to bad cooldown usage and 2. not being able to maintain leads or stop enemy snowball because they would fight all the time.
Low elo players seem to have no thought for what their cooldowns should actually be used for, and even if they can aim their spells, they will never be using them at the right time. This makes them seem mechanically much worse than a higher elo player even though many people think of “mechanics” as purely aim and comboing. Lucians would be dashing at me for DPS, Supports used CC aggressively instead of defensively, and Mages would use their self-peel for extra damage. Even players with >200 games on the champion they were playing would do this sort of thing.
Low elo players also take every fight whether it’s winning or losing. My lane opponents also rarely conceded the lane once I started to snowball, and would instead continue to trade with me despite it never working. By extension, players would stop farming part-way through the game to instead roam around the map looking for random bloodbaths.
I think that low elo players could improve their play a lot by thinking about when your champion really needs to use its large cooldowns, and holding them for when you need them. Also, stop fighting over everything. Seriously, stop fighting. If you have a lead you will naturally push it by threatening objectives when they’re up. You don’t need to fight. Stop fighting.

3. Mechanics and Fighting

There’s a pervasive idea that players have gotten so much better over the years that even a low elo player has a mechanical mastery of their best champions. However, I think this doesn’t take into account some major aspects of mechanics that low elo players struggle with: spacing and spell timing. Just because you can aim a spell doesn’t mean you can hit the spell. Better players will time their spell usages when the enemy is in another animation or otherwise distracted, and also have a better idea of where they and their opponent need to be to threaten certain spells.
Even though I didn’t see many silver players completely whiffing their abilities, I still got hit by very few spells in lane because the enemy would just use them at a time when they were easy for me to dodge. They also spaced very badly in lane and teamfights, which exacerbated the problem and caused everyone to line up quite nicely to get hit by all of my abilities. As mentioned earlier, there additionally seemed to be no thought put into when players would use their spells and important cooldowns.
Speaking of cooldowns, low elo players don't cooldown track beyond summoner spells and (sometimes) ults. I never saw players get punished for dropping major cooldowns like Fio W or Syndra E. This also caused a lot of low elo players to have the bad habit of just dropping huge CDs in lane and then continuing to trade, letting me kill them for free. For instance, if Jax E is down in lane, he cannot approach wave without losing most of his HP. But low elo players would use Jax E in a trade, then immediately go back to trying to farm in front of me.
Overall, low elo fighting is still very bad (whether you consider this "mechanics" or not is semantic), but not really because "they can't aim their spells." Rather, the lack of positioning, fight awareness, and game knowledge is so lacking in low elo that players will fight extremely sub-optimally even if they land all of their abilities.

4. Wave Management and Laning

There’s another frequent comment on this sub that “Low elo players can freeze now! They know wave management exists!” What they aren’t telling you is that low elo players can only freeze. That’s the only wave management they know, and they never do it well. I would bounce, pull, stack waves and dive over and over and over, and the enemy players never once caught on to what I was doing. Players would pull 4 waves and then be surprised when I 1v2d them and their jungler on the gank. They backed when they were low, never looking for good back timings, and even when they did manage to pull a freeze would be easily baited into breaking it by me trading in wave. Nobody paid attention to wavestates when rotating or going for objectives either, farm was just sacrificed constantly to fuel the low elo need to fight all the time.
Low elo players are (still) very bad at laning due to making no attempt to get wave control, and previously mentioned mechanical issues. I took extremely greedy scaling runes and summoners (conditioning + demolish + overgrowth, triumph, flash + ghost) every game which provided minimal lane advantage (for reference, in high elo I always go biscuits and often go bone plating or second wind, as well as bringing TP). I also would often rush Tear + Cull to further hamper my early game. I failed to win one lane the entire time. This failure was due to very bad luck, where the enemy Aatrox accidentally interrupted my W mid-dash causing me to die in a pulled wave and get behind. I recovered with a solo kill but left the lane even overall.

5. Low Elo Has No Macro

Low elo indeed has no macro, and people just fight all the time. If I could give any advice to low elo players, it would be: stop fucking fighting. Holy shit, stop fighting. I would have lost so many games if the enemy team just stopped fighting me. But I think that this is actually a benefit to someone trying to climb. If you have good laning fundamentals and can consistently win lane (something many, many, many low elo players posting on this sub claim they do…they wouldn’t lie, would they?), you should be able to take advantage of the perma-fighting. Your gold advantage will be a constant boon, because people will try to fight you all the time.

6. The Famed "Silver Skill Variance"

Another frequently repeated thing on this sub is that lower elo have more “skill variance” between players. I really didn’t find this to be the case. My opponents and teammates got consistently better as I climbed, and I never saw someone who was playing particularly well or badly in the context of their elo. Even fed silver players would continue to play like silvers… Most of the lane stomps I saw came from players just losing coinflip fights early and getting snowballed on, or invades gone bad resulting in one lane starting out behind and getting further snowballed.
Winrates and games played remained relatively stable with most players having a couple hundred games and around a 50% winrate. Players would tilt or make really bad-looking plays but this happens at every single elo, it’s not that “some silver players belong in plat and others in iron.”

7. Smurfs Ruining Low Elo

This is the first time I’ve smurfed in low elo, and I found it a profoundly boring and depressing experience. I told myself I was going to get to gold visual rank but I really have no desire to do so...I can’t imagine why any high elo player would want to play down here. It was very unengaging, and even when my teammates were all behind it felt like I didn’t have to try very hard to win or vary my gameplan at all.
That said, across 40 games I didn’t play against anyone else as good as me. I played against three 70%ish winrate players (one on Yorick, one on Nunu, one on Samira) but rolled them over quite easily, I would estimate they were platinum at best. I got one 100% winrate Talon jungle player against me, but their duo abandoned the game to force a remake. I guess they were afraid I would ruin their winrate. Overall I saw another smurf about one in every ten games, more than I expected to be honest but less than this sub would say.

8. Teammates Feeding Harder Than I Can Get Fed

I had many games where the enemy team would get ahead of me in gold because my teammates fed faster than I could get fed. However, I would say that these games are still recoverable if you simply refuse to play as riskily as the enemy fed player (see also: stop fucking fighting). Low elo players will throw their lead, as long as you don’t throw yours and just wait for them to do so, you’ll be fine. I averaged slightly more than one death per game, and this really only rose above 1/game when I got to gold MMR and needed to sacrifice myself sometimes to avoid losing the game. This is because I would just run away from anything I would lose. Even if I was insanely fed, if four players came, I was out of there. I wouldn’t go for the 2v4 dragon contests and 1v5 baron steals. Fed enemy players were bound and determined to carry every single fight and would inevitably eventually take a bad one and lose their lead (and the game).
A few notable games where one in silver where enemy Lucian left lane 10/0 with a Milio support, one where enemy Jinx left lane 7/0 with a Thresh, one where a Vayne left lane 7/0 with a Renata, and one where my team was combined 2-20 (2 kills being my solo kills toplane) at 15 minutes. All of these games were actually quite easy, with the enemy players feeding me their shutdowns randomly taking meaningless fights until I snowballed past them. The hardest games were the rare games where the enemy team simply refused to interact with me and tried to fight me as little as possible, with the game closest to a legitimate loss being one where the enemy team 1-3-1’d the entire game (running away from me whenever I showed in a lane) while my entire team fed. I lost both sidelane inhibitors, but then they grouped mid as 5, I carried the 5v5, and we ended.

9. TL;DR For the love of god, stop fighting.

Open to any additional questions about low elo, though I'm not planning on returning to the account.
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2023.04.09 11:45 moon594 Hardest champs to 1v5 Intermediate bots

Honestly, 1v5 custom intermediate bots is so much fun, I've been testing champs all week.
Yuumi, Milio, Alistar, Renata, Rell, Pyke feels impossible to do.
Also super hard: Poppy, Belveth, Bard, Ivern, Taric, Thresh, Blitz, Nami.
Melee assassins/fighters are also pretty hard. If you don't go heartsteel you have to push lanes super fast to spread out the bots, since in 1v5 you will lose almost every time.
But very easy: every ADC, every mage, unkillable tanks with heartsteel. Just get some kills from mid, first turret and you will dominate them.
You can get lead from mid, but once the bots group at your inhib turret you can't do a single a thing if you are a squishy melee, they insta CC and oneshot you. (Even with mercury's and tenacity runes.) So assassins are pretty hard too, except Kat and Akali, they are broken with heartsteel - titanic - demonic.
You need TP if you want to try this. If you ace them, you have to TP and rush turrets under the timers.
Consider flash or cleanse as 2nd spell, since their CC-chain is insane.
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2023.03.28 17:32 Pandalian10 Milio Tips and Tricks: How this champ carried me to Masters

Milio Tips and Tricks: How this champ carried me to Masters
(Updated for patch 13.10)
Hello! Im Pandalian10 and i recently reached Masters with this champ!. I mostly played Karma, but when Milio went live, i forced him into every game he wasn´t picked or banned. Here are some tips and tricks that helped me!
I previously posted the screenshot of me getting to Masters, and commented some tips, but i decided to make a different post, so it may help more people!(English is not my first language, so excuse any typos)

Sorcery: Aery, Manaflow Band, Transcendence, Gathering Storm.
Resolve: Second Wind / Bone Plating, Revitalize
(IF GOING RADIANT VIRTUE): Domination: Zombie Ward / Ingenious Hunter
Never, NEVER take Scorch in your runes. Milio is not a poke champion, and the value of Gathering Storm is incredibly superior. This rune gives you 24 AP at 20 minutes, and 48 at 30. 48 AP is more AP than most Support Items, just for free. Scorch just gives 15ish damage after hitting an ability, which if you are against an enchanter, it is going to be healed/shielded. Pick Second Wind if you are against poke, and bone plating if you are against hard engage / burst
Also, i don't really like cookies/time-warp. It is just a safe fuse for people who aren't good at laning phase. And Milio doesn't need them, as he is a pretty safe champion, and just the numbers of Revitalize are more useful than surviving laning phase.

Ability Order:

For me it always have been E-W-Q.
Maxing Q first at any moment is inting, because even if the abilty gets somehow good, you are delaying W and E levels, which have vastly superior supporting abilities. Treat Milio Q as a Janna Q, Disengage/Poke, so if you are against a matchup like Tristana, you have to keep your Q up so you can cancel her jump, so you won't be spamming this ability in lane, so you won't need to max it. (I hope I made myself clear, lol)
Maxing W is tempting if you have 1- A great ADC which you know won't int. 2- A duo who you can clearly communicate to. 3- Two or more marksmen in your team.
As the healing in W is not really that great, even maxed out, you are only maxing it for the aditional range%, so it is game and team dependant.


The only items you will buy every game are Ionian Boots of Lucidity and Vigilant Wardstone

Relic Shield VS Spellthief's Edge

Spellthiefs has a interesting interaction with Milio. His passive allows him to gain 40g if he E+AA someone. This has led to many to think it is the best support item for him, but I disagree.
Spellthief's is risky, because you have to walk up to AA, putting yourself in danger. Milio just doesnt have poke options aside his Q, so this is the only reliable way to proc Spellthief's.
Relic Shield, on the other hand, is safer, and better. Sure, the missing mana regeneration may seem like a backfire, but this can be easily countered by buying two early faerie charms that would anyways be part of your build, or just not spamming abilities like crazy. Also, Relic Shield gives HP Regeneration, which is crucial against lanes vs hard engage or poke.
In conclusion, i would only buy Spellthief's if im against a melee engager like Alistar / Rell, but even then there is the risk of being engaged. Spellthief's only works in lower elos, where people dont punish mistakes as hard as they should, or if the enemy is clueless.

Mythic Items:

Patch 13.10 changed a couple items, this did not impact Milio that much, but did change how he is built.
As right now, Milio has 3 potential mythic items.
Shurelya's Battlesong: Safest mythic item to build. Nice synergy with his kit, but be careful to not use the active when W is on place, as the campfire will have a hard time following your ADC if they are kiting around with so much MS.
Moonstone Renewer: It is not the powerhouse that was before 13.10, but it is still a good option. Idk why people say is a troll item, it is free healing (see this teamfight, moonstone was constantly keeping everyone alive). In situations when you need that little extra healing (you are against divers/assasins) or when the extra MS from Shurelyas is not as useful (say, Zeri, J4, Irelia, champions with already tons of movement in their kit), Moonstone is really good.
Radiant Virtue: Healing overtime when using your ultimate, cheaper than before. In paper, it sounds great on Milio, but it is not that good honestly.
Lets think about champs that buy Radiant Virtue:
  1. They have a great ultimate to start fights (Sejuani, Maokai)
  2. They need RV to bait and win fights with their ultimate (Mundo, Zac)
  3. They have a spammable ultimate (Udyr, Karma)
Milio doesnt really have any of these characteristics. You cant use it in the start of a fight because you have save it for a CC. Milio cant bait the ult on himself, as he should not be taking damage, Milio is always the last to die on TFs, if you want to buy RV because you need the tankiness, you should learn to position better. And finally, Milio has a long cd R, so it is not very spammable.
Radiant Virtue also has no AP or mana regen, because it is made for tanks with little to no mana problems, the complete opposite to Milio.
But if you still want to go this build, (which, honestly, if you like building it and you are seeing success with it, do it!) you should ALWAYS take domination as secondary. Since Radiant Virtue does not have infinite uptime nor synergises with your basic abilities, you need to take Ingenious hunter to, at least, have it funcionating the most time posible.
Ingenious hunter makes so you will always have RV up when you ult, that way, you wont have to manage awkward cooldowns like having ult up but needing to wait 30 seconds for your Radiant.

Vigilant Wardstone is (still) actually OP:

Vigilant Wardstone received an odd change in patch 13.10. Now, it does not automatically evolves at level 13, but you have to buy it. This, at the cost of increasing bonus attack damage, bonus health, ability power and ability haste by 20%. Twenty percent. Twenty. To measure, Rabadon's Deathcap increases just 40% AP.
This item was considered really OP. And, imo, it is still a wonderful item, if not better than before. Milio has a really fixed build that makes him shine (Mythic + Buff item + CDR boots), so buying a 3rd item was always kinda awkward. This item is a jack of all trades, in games where you dont need to buy a specific 3rd item (like Mikaels or Chemtech) this is the best option.
Amazing stats, gold efficiency, plus extra wards. I still stand that this is, in most games, a MUST buy.

The rest of items are all situational, so im gonna list them.

Ardent Censer: For many, an insta buy, but it isn't that good honestly. It gives bonus on-hit damage and AS to you and the champions affected by your shielding/healing. It is such a specific stat that you will only buy it if you have on your team 2+ champs that deal damage purely on their basic attacks. If not, there are better options
Chemtech Putrifier: After nerfs, it is just the same as an Oblivion Orb with added Heal and Shield power. You have to damage enemies for this item to work, and, Milio's passive doesn't count like your own damage. I recommend ignoring this item, and just sitting on Oblivion Orb as long as you can.
Dark Seal: If you have 350g to spare, buy it. This item gives potentially 40 bonus AP for 350 gold, thats insane value.
Mikael's Blessing: A great item to rush if you are against an Ashe support. It may seem useless, as Milio already has a Cleanse in his ultimate, but having potentially two cleanses in your kit is huge. The only thing is that you need to be fast and prepared for the CC, it isn't that useful if you cleanse it at the last 0.2 seconds.
Redemption: My favourite support item. In comparison to the other two popular support items, Staff of Flowing Water and Ardent Censer, Redemption has a better build path. Making it very comfortable to buy. Redemption also gives +16% heal and shield power. Buy it when your team, or the enemy team has hard engage and you need to follow it with a redemption.
Staff of Flowing Water: Its like Ardent Censer, but better, as it benefits more champs. It gives AP which makes it great if you have a mage carry, and 20 ability haste, which makes it great for literally any champ who deals damage with their abilities. In cases when you can't buy Ardent Censer, buy this item

Laning Phase:

Milio is a really passive laner, he is one of the most, if not the most, passive enchanters in League. That is because Milio doesn't really have a strong poke in lane. He, like Janna or Renata, wants to play catch/disengage on lane. This is mostly dependant on enemy botlane.
If you are against a hard engage botlane, you DON'T wanna use your Q to poke, because the enemy will all in on you once you use your only disengage tool. Your Q is able to cancel most melee support engages: Alistar's W, Rakan's W, Leona's E, Pantheon's W, Rell's W, Amumu's Q, Taric's E. Against hook supports, you can kinda cancel them, but your adc (or you) will still be stunned: Thresh's Q2, Nautilus' Q (Pyke and Blitzcrank bring you to them, so it doesn't work).The game plan against these botlanes is playing safe, don't get hooked, and try to disengage your ADC. Wait for the enemy support to make mistakes, or to miss/waste their essential ability, and punish them.
If you are against another enchanter, it will probably be an even matchup. You can use your Q to poke, but it will probably be healed/shielded, and the same if they use their poke to your adc, you just shield them before. So we wanna take advantage of this.The game plan against these botlanes is using your Q to pop their shields/heals/buffs, and once they dissapear and the enemy enchanter has their abilites on cooldown, you just W + E to your ADC and look for a little trade. Then, rinse and repeat.
If you are against a poke/mage support, theoretically it would be a winning matchups, as poke loses againts shields, but it is more complicated than that. Consider rushing Mikael against these lanes, for the MR and the extra cleanse, and just all-in into them once the enemy support wastes its cooldowns.The game plan against these lanes is similar to before, punish them for missing their abilities.
Obviously, every game is different, and every player plays different. So be adaptive. In general, you always want to push LVL 2 (first wave and 3 melees minions from the second wave) before them and try to W or E your ADC so they can trade a couple basic attacks, unless the risk is too heavy and you might gift a double kill. But with Milio you just wait for action to happen.

(This is considering: HoB Ashe, Aery Jarvan IV, AP MF, AP Shaco, Support build Seraphine & Annie, Full AP Poke Mages)


Roaming is what makes the difference from one good support to a great support. It is a complicated topic, but the higher on rank you go, the more important it becomes. Not just for Milio, but for any support, even more on engage ones.
There are a couple different scenarios where it would be useful to roam.
1- You backed, and are getting back to lane. NEVER go straight to botlane, path towards the jungle and pay attention to your teammates. Is my mid fighting and needs helps? Is my jungle contesting crab? Is my mid about to get dove? Is my jungle doing an objective? Does my jungler wants to invade and may need my help? The amount of times i saved my mid from any scenario, or pathed towards herald and made the difference towards an objective is what made me climb.
2- You wiped out the enemy botlane and crashed the wave into their tower, but don't have enough gold to buy an item. Roam somewhere, even if it is just putting a deep ward into enemy jungle. Ask yourself the same questions as before.
3- The enemy is freezing the wave and your adc backed/died
Do not worry about your ADC in these situations, just ping them careful or type in chat "roaming pls don't die", if your ADC plays safely, you might also force the enemy support to roam as well.
You don't have to get an assist or do something really flashy when roaming. Just being there so your mid doesn't die is more than enough. Also, don't roam if it isn't necesary, or if your ADC will 100% die if you are not there.

ADC Pairings:

While theoretically ADC with tons of range like Kog'Maw or Cait seem to be the perfect pairing with Milio, just about any ADC that can make a threatening damage with their autos are really good. Ashe, Sivir, Jinx, Vayne, Draven, to say the least.
I do think that ADCS that HUGELY rely on hard engage to dominate laning phase (Xayah, Tristana, Nilah, Samira) or ADCS/APCS that don't rely on basic attacks (Ezreal, Veigar, Ziggs, Seraphine) are not the ideal pair with Milio, so if you have the chance, you might consider changing your pick.

(This is considering: Crit MF, Crit Sivir, On-hit Varus, AD Twitch, Fasting Senna)

Random Tips:

-Don't buy so many control wards. If you hypothetically buy 2 control wards every back for the first 15 minutes, and say you died once. Assuming you only backed 7 times, you spent 525g only on vision, which is obviously an exaggerated number, but it shows how much money you can spend without realising. Also, item spikes are essential to Milio, so just buy one every back, and two only if there is an objective coming up.
-You don't need to always babysit your ADC. I know that the range% in your W most games works only on your ADC, but if there is a teamfight, prioritize saving someone with your W rather than letting your 1/4 ADC gain 12% more range.
-Build flexible. Not only with Shurelyas/Moonstone, but read the room and analize your team champs, then, buy accordingly. It doesn't serve much purpose to auto pilot and buy chemtech putrifier when there is no healing on the enemy team.
-Try to avoid carrying ignite. Milio is always playing at the backline, and to ignite someone you have to put yourself in danger. If possible, bring exhaust or heal. (Don't do this if you are against a healer on lane, or if you are the only ignite on the team, read the room)
-Change to sweeper. Surely, you must change to sweeper once your support item evolves, but leaving a ward in the river and changing it before the match starts will help you in most cases. Having a sweeper helps you with roams, helps you control the bushes, and helps you eliminate enemy´s support wards. The only time i don't do this is if i am against a hard engage lane, where eliminating wards puts me in so much danger, or if i am against a heavy ganking jungler, like J4 or Nunu.
-Get used to ALT+E / ALT+W: Dragging your mouse to your champ to shield yourself is really time consuming. Also, if there are people around you, you may missclick and shield them. ALT + Ability automatically gives the shield to you, without needing to aim to your champ. It also works with your W.
-Let your ADC have the plates: If possible, when you are shoving the wave, W your adc, and let them have the plate while you back up to the bush. Their items are more expensive than yours, and 160g for themselves, compared to 80g each is always more worth. (Obviously, dont do this if your ADC will be on danger if taking the plates)
This was my first time doing any type of guide, so im really sorry for any mistakes :P
And thats it! Im happy to answer any questions, and thank you for reading!
EDIT 1 (4/13): Added spellthiefs vs relic, my opinion on radiant virtue, one more random tip and corrected typos.
EDIT 2 (4/14): Added matchup tierlist based on my games
EDIT 3 (5/20): Patch 13.10, new items.
EDIT 4 (22/5): Added one more random tip, a demonstrative clip on moonstone, and fixed the guide that was all broken idk why
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2023.03.27 01:40 sleepyxdude Counter Logic Gaming vs. Evil Geniuses / LCS 2023 Spring Playoffs - Losers' Bracket Round 1 / Post-Match Discussion


Official page Leaguepedia Liquipedia New to LoL

Counter Logic Gaming 0-3 Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses move on to face Golden Guardians. Counter Logic Gaming are eliminated.
CLG Leaguepedia Liquipedia Website Twitter Facebook YouTube Subreddit EG Leaguepedia Liquipedia Website Twitter Facebook YouTube


Winner: Evil Geniuses in 34m Game Breakdown Runes
Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
CLG Thresh Varus Maokai Blitzcrank Garen 56.9k 9 3 H4 C5
EG Sejuani Elise Annie Renata Glasc Gwen 67.4k 21 10 I1 H2 HT3 C6 C7 B8
CLG 9-21-23 vs 21-9-53 EG
Dhokla Sion 3 0-3-5 TOP 0-1-11 4 Malphite Ssumday
Contractz Vi 1 6-4-2 JNG 13-1-4 1 Wukong Inspired
Palafox Taliyah 2 1-4-6 MID 4-1-13 2 Ahri jojopyun
Luger Jinx 2 0-4-4 BOT 2-4-7 1 Zeri FBI
Poome Lulu 3 2-6-6 SUP 2-2-18 3 Rakan Vulcan


Winner: Evil Geniuses in 34m Game Breakdown Runes
Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
CLG Thresh Maokai Wukong Poppy Viego 52.8k 6 3 H4 CT5
EG Annie Sejuani Elise Sion Sylas 62.5k 14 9 I1 H2 M3 CT6 CT7 B8
CLG 6-14-12 vs 14-6-32 EG
Dhokla Renekton 3 1-3-0 TOP 2-1-7 4 Malphite Ssumday
Contractz Vi 1 1-3-4 JNG 0-1-7 3 Lee Sin Inspired
Palafox Vex 3 2-2-2 MID 2-1-6 1 Ahri jojopyun
Luger Zeri 2 0-4-3 BOT 9-3-2 1 Varus FBI
Poome Rakan 2 2-2-3 SUP 1-0-10 2 Ashe Vulcan


Winner: Evil Geniuses in 41m Game Breakdown Runes
Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
CLG Ahri Maokai Varus LeBlanc Syndra 76.2k 16 8 C3 H4 I5 B8 I9
EG Annie Sejuani Elise Vi Malphite 77.3k 21 10 M1 H2 B6 I7 I10 B11
CLG 16-21-30 vs 21-16-48 EG
Dhokla Sion 3 3-4-1 TOP 2-1-9 4 K'Sante Ssumday
Contractz Gragas 2 1-4-6 JNG 0-3-12 1 Wukong Inspired
Palafox Jayce 3 9-3-2 MID 5-2-7 3 Veigar jojopyun
Luger Xayah 2 2-5-10 BOT 12-5-7 1 Aphelios FBI
Poome Rakan 1 1-5-11 SUP 2-5-13 2 Thresh Vulcan
submitted by sleepyxdude to CLG [link] [comments]

2023.03.25 11:52 adz0r T1 vs. KT Rolster / LCK 2023 Spring Playoffs - Round 2 / Post-Match Discussion


Official page Leaguepedia Liquipedia New to LoL

T1 3-2 KT Rolster

- T1 advance to the upper bracket finals and will face the winner of Gen.G vs. Hanwha Life Esports!
- KT Rolster drop down to the lower bracket and will face the loser of said series.
T1 Leaguepedia Liquipedia Website Twitter Facebook YouTube KT Leaguepedia Liquipedia Website Twitter Facebook YouTube

MATCH 1: T1 vs. KT

Winner: T1 in 32m POG: Gumayusi Damage Graph Runes
Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
T1 sejuani vi zeri taliyah malphite 66.5k 10 11 O1 H2 M3 H4 CT5 CT6 E7 B8
KT annie varus caitlyn jayce tristana 48.8k 1 0 None
T1 9-1-19 vs 1-10-2 KT
Zeus gnar 3 1-0-1 TOP 0-2-0 3 renekton Kiin
Oner elise 1 3-1-3 JNG 0-3-1 1 wukong Cuzz
Faker ksante 3 1-0-4 MID 1-2-0 4 veigar Bdd
Gumayusi lucian 2 4-0-3 BOT 0-2-0 1 aphelios Aiming
Keria nami 2 0-0-8 SUP 0-1-1 2 lulu Lehends

MATCH 2: KT vs. T1

Winner: KT Rolster in 37m POG: Kiin Damage Graph Runes
Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
KT jayce elise thresh ahri renekton 70.1k 23 7 I3 H4 O5 O7 O8 E10
T1 annie sejuani taliyah lissandra kennen 68.0k 14 4 HT1 H2 B6 B9
KT 23-14-60 vs 14-23-34 T1
Kiin jax 3 7-1-7 TOP 1-4-5 3 gnar Zeus
Cuzz wukong 2 6-3-13 JNG 0-7-3 1 vi Oner
Bdd twisted fate 3 3-2-14 MID 3-4-8 4 kassadin Faker
Aiming varus 1 7-3-12 BOT 9-4-5 2 zeri Gumayusi
Lehends leona 2 0-5-14 SUP 1-4-13 1 ashe Keria

MATCH 3: T1 vs. KT

Winner: T1 in 30m POG: Oner Damage Graph Runes
Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
T1 sejuani vi zeri malphite renata glasc 61.5k 15 10 M1 H2 CT3 H4 C5 B6 C7
KT annie elise ashe leblanc jayce 48.5k 5 1 None
T1 15-5-31 vs 5-15-8 KT
Zeus ksante 3 3-2-7 TOP 1-3-1 4 jax Kiin
Oner lee sin 1 6-0-7 JNG 0-3-3 1 wukong Cuzz
Faker kassadin 3 1-1-6 MID 3-5-0 2 veigar Bdd
Gumayusi xayah 2 5-0-2 BOT 1-2-3 1 varus Aiming
Keria rakan 2 0-2-9 SUP 0-2-1 3 leona Lehends

MATCH 4: KT vs. T1

Winner: KT Rolster in 35m POG: Bdd Damage Graph Runes
Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
KT jayce elise ashe leblanc ahri 76.1k 22 11 H2 O3 H4 CT5 CT6 B7 CT8 B9
T1 annie sejuani taliyah veigar lissandra 59.6k 8 2 HT1
KT 22-8-61 vs 8-22-21 T1
Kiin jax 3 3-2-8 TOP 2-4-2 3 gnar Zeus
Cuzz vi 1 3-4-14 JNG 4-4-3 1 lee sin Oner
Bdd twisted fate 3 4-1-17 MID 0-4-6 4 galio Faker
Aiming zeri 2 11-0-6 BOT 1-5-5 2 xayah Gumayusi
Lehends lulu 2 1-1-16 SUP 1-5-5 1 rakan Keria

MATCH 5: T1 vs. KT

Winner: T1 in 54m POG: Faker Damage Graph Runes
Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
T1 sejuani vi zeri renata glasc jax 104.6k 33 11 H1 C5 B6 C8 B9 B13
KT annie elise lee sin ahri leblanc 100.9k 27 10 M2 H3 O4 C7 C10 B11 E12
T1 33-27-74 vs 27-33-59 KT
Zeus gnar 3 5-5-14 TOP 6-4-16 4 jayce Kiin
Oner wukong 1 7-4-12 JNG 2-11-10 1 xin zhao Cuzz
Faker gragas 3 8-7-13 MID 5-5-13 2 taliyah Bdd
Gumayusi xayah 2 12-4-13 BOT 12-7-6 1 varus Aiming
Keria rakan 2 1-7-22 SUP 2-6-14 3 nautilus Lehends
Patch 13.5
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2023.03.25 01:33 sleepyxdude Counter Logic Gaming vs. Cloud9 / LCS 2023 Spring Playoffs - Upper Bracket Semi-Final / Post-Match Discussion


Official page Leaguepedia Liquipedia New to LoL

Cloud9 3-1 Counter Logic Gaming

Cloud9 move on to face FlyQuest in the upper bracket. Counter Logic Gaming will face Evil Geniuses in the lower bracket
C9 Leaguepedia Liquipedia Website Twitter Facebook YouTube Subreddit CLG Leaguepedia Liquipedia Website Twitter Facebook YouTube Subreddit

MATCH 1: C9 vs. CLG

Winner: Cloud9 in 38m Game Breakdown Runes
Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
C9 Sejuani Taliyah Vi Lucian Kalista 70.9k 13 10 HT1 H2 C3 CT7 CT8 B9
CLG Draven Elise Annie Gwen Cho'Gath 67.4k 16 3 H4 CT5 B6
C9 13-16-23 vs 16-13-29 CLG
Fudge Jayce 2 2-2-4 TOP 1-1-9 1 Sion Dhokla
Blaber Maokai 2 1-5-8 JNG 4-4-4 1 Wukong Contractz
EMENES Yone 3 4-2-4 MID 6-4-3 2 Sylas Palafox
Berserker Varus 1 5-3-1 BOT 3-0-5 3 Zeri Luger
Zven Heimerdinger 3 1-4-6 SUP 2-4-8 4 Rakan Poome

MATCH 2: CLG vs. C9

Winner: Counter Logic Gaming in 34m Game Breakdown Runes
Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
CLG Heimerdinger Draven Varus LeBlanc Syndra 60.7k 9 7 H4 M6 M7
C9 Sejuani Annie Taliyah Yone Sion 55.9k 6 3 H1 CT2 I3 M5
CLG 9-6-17 vs 6-9-12 C9
Dhokla Gwen 3 0-1-2 TOP 2-2-2 4 Kennen Fudge
Contractz Elise 1 0-3-5 JNG 1-1-4 1 Lee Sin Blaber
Palafox Jayce 3 4-1-1 MID 0-3-1 3 K'Sante EMENES
Luger Zeri 2 5-1-3 BOT 1-1-3 1 Lucian Berserker
Poome Lulu 2 0-0-6 SUP 2-2-2 2 Nami Zven

MATCH 3: C9 vs. CLG

Winner: Cloud9 in 28m Game Breakdown Runes
Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
C9 Sejuani Taliyah Vi Thresh Lissandra 52.3k 9 7 O1 H2 H4 HT5 HT6 B7
CLG Elise Annie Heimerdinger Cho'Gath Syndra 44.2k 5 3 C3
C9 9-5-24 vs 5-9-15 CLG
Fudge Gragas 3 2-0-2 TOP 0-3-2 1 Sion Dhokla
Blaber Maokai 1 1-2-6 JNG 2-1-3 1 Wukong Contractz
EMENES Jayce 2 2-1-4 MID 1-1-3 4 Veigar Palafox
Berserker Zeri 2 3-1-4 BOT 2-2-2 2 Jinx Luger
Zven Soraka 3 1-1-8 SUP 0-2-5 3 Lulu Poome

MATCH 4: CLG vs. C9

Winner: Cloud9 in 34m Game Breakdown Runes
Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
CLG Draven Varus Lee Sin Heimerdinger Lulu 58.5k 13 3 H2 M3 I5 I8
C9 Sejuani Vi Annie Jinx Aphelios 68.2k 19 8 C1 H4 I6 B7 B9
CLG 13-19-33 vs 19-14-53 C9
Dhokla Sion 2 1-4-9 TOP 1-5-11 2 K'Sante Fudge
Contractz Elise 1 4-5-6 JNG 3-6-11 1 Maokai Blaber
Palafox Jayce 2 3-4-5 MID 5-1-6 3 LeBlanc EMENES
Luger Xayah 3 5-4-3 BOT 7-2-10 1 Zeri Berserker
Poome Rakan 3 0-2-10 SUP 3-0-15 4 Renata Glasc Zven
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2023.03.23 14:59 PapaTahm Milio already has the highest winrate any champion ever got on day1, surpassing Vex and Renata the older record holders by a lot.

For people who are not aware, Milio on his first day, has the one of if not the highest winrate day 1 of the released champions.
Milio currently has as I'm writting this post:
Milio Build - LoLalytics Milio Support Build, Runes & Counters Guide
Just for comparision, Renata and Vex 2 champions that after 4 days had to be HOT FIXED because they were sitting at 54% winrate, were sitting at 47.6% and 48.3% winrate on day 1 on plat+.

Remember champions on Day 1, tend to have a very low winrate (Renata 4% winrate, the last champion who had anything close to this was Vex which had 48% winrate on Day 1, and was at 53% winrate on day 4. Bel'veth was sitting on 38% winrate on day 1 she finished the week with 52.6% at plat+.

The issues with Milio are very clear: The Range increase in combination with the Cleanse Ult, the Poke Passive and the Disenage Q, make it impossible for both of the classes that are supposed to prey into the both variations enchanters to borderline play against it.
Vanguards which are supposed to play against hyper scaling enchanters that lack disengage tools, get harrased by the Passive and the Range increase, they also aren't able to engage because of the lack of range and even when able to engage they have to deal with the Q and the Cleanse, which usually results in death.
Hyper Scaling Enchanters which is the counter for More Passive lanes also aren't able to play against him, because it doesn't matter the ammount of stats you give your team, this champion provides a 10~20% BASE RANGE, which is also multiplied by runes and items, making it imposible for the ADC's to trade in the first place.

The issue all derive from the same problematic thing, RANGE INCREASE in combination with the Disengage Identity.
The Data itself is showing that the champion is completly busted.
But now I have to ask: What are your guys thought on Milio? Not as a person playing him, but against him.
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2023.03.22 12:31 adz0r LNG Esports vs. Ultra Prime / LPL 2023 Spring - Week 10 / Post-Match Discussion


Official page Leaguepedia Liquipedia New to LoL

LNG Esports 2-1 Ultra Prime

LNG Leaguepedia Liquipedia UP Leaguepedia) Liquipedia Website


Winner: LNG Esports in 31m MVP: Scout (16) Match History Game Breakdown Runes
Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
LNG zeri sejuani kennen lulu thresh 59.9k 18 9 C1 H2 O3 H4 CT5 CT6 B7
UP lucian elise veigar gnar gwen 45.8k 4 1 None
LNG 18-4-50 vs 4-18-8 UP
Zika ksante 3 5-0-8 TOP 0-0-2 1 gragas Hery
Tarzan lee sin 1 3-1-11 JNG 1-7-2 1 xin zhao Ning
Scout leblanc 3 6-1-9 MID 1-4-2 4 lissandra Forge
LP xayah 2 3-2-8 BOT 1-5-0 2 aphelios Doggo
Hang rakan 2 1-0-14 SUP 1-2-2 3 renata glasc Baolan


Winner: Ultra Prime in 33m MVP: Ning (4) Match History Game Breakdown Runes
Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
LNG zeri sejuani kennen galio gwen 57.5k 11 2 H2
UP lucian elise leblanc veigar renata glasc 67.7k 23 11 HT1 C3 H4 O5 B6 O7 B8 E9
LNG 11-23-32 vs 23-11-54 UP
Zika sion 3 0-7-8 TOP 6-4-6 3 renekton Hery
Tarzan lee sin 1 2-4-7 JNG 5-2-11 1 xin zhao Ning
Scout annie 2 1-5-7 MID 5-2-12 4 ahri Forge
LP aphelios 2 7-4-2 BOT 7-1-8 2 xayah Doggo
Hang thresh 3 1-3-8 SUP 0-2-17 1 rakan Baolan


Winner: LNG Esports in 25m Match History Game Breakdown Runes
Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
LNG zeri sejuani kennen akali sion 53.4k 14 11 H1 C2 H3 CT5 B6
UP lucian elise leblanc veigar syndra 39.1k 2 1 O4
LNG 14-2-34 vs 2-14-4 UP
Zika jax 3 3-0-6 TOP 0-3-0 3 renekton Hery
Tarzan wukong 2 6-0-6 JNG 1-3-0 1 xin zhao Ning
Scout ahri 3 2-0-11 MID 1-4-1 4 lissandra Forge
LP xayah 1 2-1-5 BOT 0-2-1 2 kaisa Doggo
Hang nautilus 2 1-1-6 SUP 0-2-2 1 rakan Baolan
Patch 13.5
This thread was created by the Post-Match Team.
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2023.03.21 14:50 adz0r Team WE vs. Weibo Gaming / LPL 2023 Spring - Week 10 / Post-Match Discussion


Official page Leaguepedia Liquipedia New to LoL

Team WE 1-2 Weibo Gaming

WE Leaguepedia Liquipedia Website Twitter Facebook WBG Leaguepedia Liquipedia


Winner: Weibo Gaming in 33m MVP: TheShy (5) Match History Game Breakdown Runes
Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
WE elise zeri sejuani lulu kennen 54.9k 5 2 M1 B7
WBG cassiopeia maokai ahri rakan sion 67.9k 15 10 H2 I3 H4 C5 C6 C8 B9
WE 5-15-13 vs 15-5-33 WBG
Biubiu ksante 3 0-2-0 TOP 3-0-3 4 gnar TheShy
Heng vi 1 2-4-2 JNG 5-0-7 1 lee sin Karsa
Shanks syndra 2 2-2-3 MID 4-3-7 2 annie Xiaohu
Hope xayah 2 1-3-4 BOT 3-1-6 1 aphelios Light
Iwandy karma 3 0-4-4 SUP 0-1-10 3 renata glasc Crisp


Winner: Team WE in 30m MVP: Biubiu (2) Match History Game Breakdown Runes
Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
WBG cassiopeia maokai varus sion leblanc 52.6k 11 3 O1 H2 H5
WE caitlyn zeri aphelios syndra gnar 59.3k 23 7 HT3 C4 C6 B7
WBG 11-23-19 vs 23-11-60 WE
TheShy kennen 3 2-6-2 TOP 4-1-9 3 ksante Biubiu
Karsa vi 1 4-6-5 JNG 7-2-11 1 lee sin Heng
Xiaohu ahri 3 4-4-3 MID 2-2-14 4 ryze Shanks
Light draven 2 1-3-1 BOT 7-4-8 1 lucian Hope
Crisp nami 2 0-4-8 SUP 3-2-18 2 sona Iwandy


Winner: Weibo Gaming in 38m MVP: Xiaohu (6) Match History Game Breakdown Runes
Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
WE caitlyn zeri syndra gnar ksante 66.6k 17 5 I3 H4 CT5 CT6 B7
WBG cassiopeia maokai rakan sion kennen 73.7k 23 8 O1 H2 CT8 B9 CT10
WE 17-23-41 vs 23-18-68 WBG
Biubiu ornn 3 3-4-5 TOP 5-6-10 3 renekton TheShy
Heng lee sin 2 3-5-8 JNG 3-5-14 1 vi Karsa
Shanks ryze 3 5-3-8 MID 8-3-13 4 taliyah Xiaohu
Hope aphelios 1 6-6-6 BOT 6-2-11 2 lucian Light
Iwandy lulu 2 0-5-14 SUP 1-2-20 1 nami Crisp
Patch 13.5
This thread was created by the Post-Match Team.
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2023.03.18 12:26 adz0r Gen.G vs. Dplus KIA / LCK 2023 Spring - Week 9 / Post-Match Discussion


Official page Leaguepedia Liquipedia New to LoL

Gen.G 2-0 Dplus KIA

- Gen.G secure 2nd place in the regular season, giving them a bye in playoffs!
GEN Leaguepedia Liquipedia Website Twitter Facebook YouTube DK Leaguepedia Liquipedia Website Twitter Facebook YouTube


Winner: Gen.G in 26m POG: Delight (400) Damage Graph Runes
Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
GEN caitlyn lucian ashe karma thresh 49.5k 10 7 H2 C3 H4 HT5 HT6
DK ksante varus annie lissandra veigar 41.6k 2 1 CT1
GEN 10-2-21 vs 2-10-2 DK
Doran jayce 1 1-1-3 TOP 0-2-1 1 kennen Canna
Peanut maokai 2 2-0-5 JNG 1-2-0 1 lee sin Canyon
Chovy yone 3 1-1-3 MID 1-0-0 2 leblanc ShowMaker
Peyz zeri 2 5-0-2 BOT 0-3-0 3 jinx Deft
Delight rakan 3 1-0-8 SUP 0-3-1 4 renata glasc Kellin


Winner: Gen.G in 37m POG: Chovy (800) Damage Graph Runes
Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
GEN caitlyn lucian varus vi heimerdinger 72.8k 17 9 B6 CT7 B8 E10
DK ksante annie zeri draven rakan 67.6k 18 5 O1 H2 HT3 H4 CT5 CT9
GEN 17-18-45 vs 18-17-47 DK
Doran jayce 1 3-5-12 TOP 8-6-5 1 kennen Canna
Peanut maokai 2 1-3-11 JNG 1-3-10 3 xin zhao Canyon
Chovy yone 2 9-1-5 MID 4-2-7 2 leblanc ShowMaker
Peyz ziggs 3 4-4-8 BOT 4-3-10 4 sivir Deft
Delight leona 3 0-5-9 SUP 1-3-15 1 ashe Kellin
Patch 13.5
This thread was created by the Post-Match Team.
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2023.03.16 13:38 adz0r Royal Never Give Up vs. Ultra Prime / LPL 2023 Spring - Week 9 / Post-Match Discussion


Official page Leaguepedia Liquipedia New to LoL

Royal Never Give Up 2-0 Ultra Prime

RNG Leaguepedia Liquipedia Website Twitter Facebook YouTube UP Leaguepedia) Liquipedia Website


Winner: Royal Never Give Up in 28m MVP: Breathe (3) Match History Game Breakdown Runes
Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
RNG sejuani leblanc zeri jax gwen 58.0k 20 10 C1 I3 M5 B6 M7
UP elise gragas annie rakan renata glasc 45.1k 9 0 H2 H4
RNG 20-9-50 vs 9-20-20 UP
Breathe sion 3 5-0-8 TOP 2-3-4 3 ksante Hery
Wei maokai 2 2-2-13 JNG 0-6-3 1 vi Ning
Angel jayce 1 2-1-10 MID 1-3-6 2 akali Forge
GALA xayah 2 10-3-6 BOT 5-2-3 1 aphelios Doggo
Ming leona 3 1-3-13 SUP 1-6-4 4 nautilus Baolan


Winner: Royal Never Give Up in 22m MVP: Angel (1) Match History Game Breakdown Runes
Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
UP elise gragas jax kaisa xayah 36.0k 3 2 H4
RNG sejuani leblanc aphelios gwen akali 47.9k 18 9 I1 H2 HT3 M5 B6
UP 3-18-10 vs 18-3-34 RNG
Hery aatrox 3 1-5-1 TOP 0-2-6 2 sion Breathe
Ning xin zhao 2 0-3-3 JNG 5-0-10 1 lee sin Wei
Forge ryze 3 0-4-3 MID 5-0-7 1 annie Angel
Doggo zeri 1 1-4-1 BOT 8-0-4 3 jinx GALA
Baolan lulu 2 1-2-2 SUP 0-1-7 4 blitzcrank Ming
Patch 13.5
This thread was created by the Post-Match Team.
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2023.03.15 14:25 adz0r Anyone's Legend vs. LNG Esports / LPL 2023 Spring - Week 9 / Post-Match Discussion


Official page Leaguepedia Liquipedia New to LoL

Anyone's Legend 1-2 LNG Esports

AL Leaguepedia Liquipedia LNG Leaguepedia Liquipedia


Winner: Anyone's Legend in 32m MVP: pinz (3) Match History Game Breakdown Runes
Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
AL lulu jax elise fiora taliyah 62.6k 22 9 M1 H2 C3 I4 I5 B6
LNG lee sin annie lucian leblanc galio 50.7k 10 1 None
AL 22-10-56 vs 10-22-23 LNG
Zdz rumble 3 5-3-11 TOP 1-5-4 4 ksante Zika
Xiaohao wukong 2 6-0-8 JNG 2-6-7 1 vi Tarzan
pinz ahri 3 6-1-10 MID 5-2-4 3 veigar Scout
Betty zeri 1 5-4-8 BOT 2-4-1 1 aphelios LP
SwordArt rakan 2 0-2-19 SUP 0-5-7 2 thresh Hang


Winner: LNG Esports in 25m MVP: Scout (12) Match History Game Breakdown
Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
AL jax lulu elise fiora taliyah 37.0k 1 1 H2
LNG lee sin annie zeri rumble veigar 49.0k 14 9 CT1 I3 H4 HT5 HT6
AL 1-14-1 vs 14-1-37 LNG
Zdz renekton 3 1-5-0 TOP 4-0-7 4 ksante Zika
Xiaohao wukong 1 0-3-1 JNG 3-0-5 2 vi Tarzan
pinz leblanc 3 0-1-0 MID 4-1-10 3 syndra Scout
Betty aphelios 2 0-2-0 BOT 3-0-5 1 xayah LP
SwordArt renata glasc 2 0-3-0 SUP 0-0-10 1 rakan Hang


Winner: LNG Esports in 27m MVP: Scout (13) Match History Game Breakdown Runes
Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
LNG zeri rakan annie nautilus draven 57.0k 24 10 C1 HT3 O4 B7
AL syndra jax lee sin lissandra taliyah 43.4k 7 1 H2 H5 O6
LNG 24-7-59 vs 7-24-15 AL
Zika camille 3 6-2-5 TOP 1-6-1 1 rumble Zdz
Tarzan vi 1 2-2-13 JNG 1-6-2 1 wukong Xiaohao
Scout galio 3 6-0-12 MID 3-5-3 2 ahri pinz
LP lucian 2 9-1-9 BOT 2-3-5 4 kaisa Betty
Hang nami 2 1-2-20 SUP 0-4-4 3 ashe SwordArt
Patch 13.5
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2023.03.15 12:28 adz0r ThunderTalk Gaming vs. Top Esports / LPL 2023 Spring - Week 9 / Post-Match Discussion


Official page Leaguepedia Liquipedia New to LoL

ThunderTalk Gaming 2-1 Top Esports

TT Leaguepedia Liquipedia TES Leaguepedia Liquipedia Website Twitter


Winner: ThunderTalk Gaming in 33m MVP: HOYA (4) Match History Game Breakdown Runes
Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
TT leblanc lee sin vi akali renata glasc 63.7k 8 9 HT1 H2 O3 B6
TES gragas sejuani jayce kennen renekton 53.4k 5 1 H4 C5 C7 C8
TT 8-5-24 vs 5-8-12 TES
HOYA gwen 3 1-3-3 TOP 1-2-1 3 ksante Qingtian
Beichuan elise 2 0-0-7 JNG 1-1-3 1 wukong Tian
ucal tristana 2 3-2-5 MID 1-2-3 1 annie Rookie
huangfeng aphelios 1 4-0-2 BOT 2-2-2 2 zeri JackeyLove
yaoyao nautilus 3 0-0-7 SUP 0-1-3 4 braum Mark


Winner: Top Esports in 24m MVP: Rookie (8) Match History Game Breakdown Runes
Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
TT leblanc lee sin vi akali renekton 38.9k 3 2 I4
TES gragas jayce sejuani kennen heimerdinger 50.3k 16 9 H1 C2 H3 B5
TT 3-16-6 vs 15-3-38 TES
HOYA ksante 3 1-1-0 TOP 3-1-4 4 olaf Qingtian
Beichuan elise 2 0-3-3 JNG 2-2-9 1 wukong Tian
ucal tristana 2 2-5-1 MID 3-0-12 1 annie Rookie
huangfeng aphelios 1 0-2-0 BOT 5-0-4 2 zeri JackeyLove
yaoyao alistar 3 0-5-2 SUP 2-0-9 3 nautilus Mark


Winner: ThunderTalk Gaming in 37m MVP: huangfeng (3) Match History Game Breakdown Runes
Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
TT leblanc lee sin annie lulu renata glasc 72.5k 21 10 H2 M3 H4 I5 I6 B7 I8 B9
TES gragas jayce sejuani taliyah ahri 59.0k 5 2 O1
TT 21-5-56 vs 5-21-18 TES
HOYA kennen 2 2-1-11 TOP 1-4-3 2 ksante Qingtian
Beichuan vi 1 2-1-10 JNG 1-5-3 1 wukong Tian
ucal akali 3 4-1-12 MID 2-1-3 4 aurelion sol Rookie
huangfeng aphelios 2 13-0-6 BOT 1-5-4 1 zeri JackeyLove
yaoyao leona 3 0-2-17 SUP 0-6-5 3 nautilus Mark
Patch 13.5
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2023.03.15 11:34 adz0r Kwangdong Freecs vs. DRX / LCK 2023 Spring - Week 9 / Post-Match Discussion


Official page Leaguepedia Liquipedia New to LoL

Kwangdong Freecs 2-1 DRX

KDF Leaguepedia Liquipedia Website Twitter Facebook YouTube DRX Leaguepedia Liquipedia Website Twitter Facebook YouTube Subreddit


Winner: Kwangdong Freecs in 40m POG: DuDu (400) Damage Graph Runes
Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
KDF elise karma varus leblanc akali 77.7k 18 11 C1 O6 O7 B8
DRX annie gragas ashe aurelion sol viktor 65.7k 5 4 H2 CT3 H4 O5
KDF 18-5-40 vs 5-18-9 DRX
DuDu ksante 3 6-0-5 TOP 0-5-0 4 fiora Rascal
YoungJae wukong 2 5-0-6 JNG 3-3-2 1 lee sin Juhan
BuLLDoG taliyah 3 3-1-8 MID 2-2-0 3 veigar FATE
Taeyoon caitlyn 1 3-1-8 BOT 0-2-3 1 jinx deokdam
Moham lux 2 1-3-13 SUP 0-6-4 2 leona BeryL


Winner: DRX in 31m POG: Juhan (200) Damage Graph Runes
Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
KDF elise karma varus xayah tristana 55.5k 5 4 C1
DRX annie caitlyn ashe lucian renata glasc 65.7k 15 8 H2 I3 H4 O5 B6 O7 B8 O9
KDF 5-15-10 vs 15-5-29 DRX
DuDu jayce 1 1-7-1 TOP 2-1-9 3 renekton Rascal
YoungJae wukong 2 2-1-2 JNG 5-1-6 1 lee sin Juhan
BuLLDoG taliyah 2 1-2-1 MID 2-0-3 2 leblanc FATE
Taeyoon zeri 3 1-2-2 BOT 5-0-5 4 kaisa deokdam
Moham lulu 3 0-3-4 SUP 1-3-6 1 rakan BeryL


Winner: Kwangdong Freecs in 31m POG: DuDu (500) Damage Graph Runes
Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
KDF elise karma lee sin xayah tristana 63.5k 17 9 CT1 H2 O3 H4 HT5 B6
DRX annie caitlyn varus heimerdinger lissandra 52.2k 5 3 HT7
KDF 17-5-49 vs 5-17-13 DRX
DuDu ksante 3 8-1-6 TOP 0-6-2 4 gnar Rascal
YoungJae viego 2 3-1-11 JNG 0-3-3 1 wukong Juhan
BuLLDoG veigar 2 1-2-10 MID 1-1-3 2 ahri FATE
Taeyoon ashe 1 3-0-10 BOT 4-3-0 3 zeri deokdam
Moham seraphine 3 2-1-12 SUP 0-4-5 1 rakan BeryL
Patch 13.5
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2023.03.14 14:24 adz0r Ninjas in Pyjamas.CN vs. Invictus Gaming / LPL 2023 Spring - Week 9 / Post-Match Discussion


Official page Leaguepedia Liquipedia New to LoL

Ninjas In Pyjamas 2-1 Invictus Gaming

NIP Leaguepedia Liquipedia Website IG Leaguepedia Liquipedia Website Twitter Facebook Subreddit


Winner: Invictus Gaming in 34m MVP: Ahn (5) Match History Game Breakdown Runes
Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
NIP jax fiora lucian poppy camille 56.4k 11 2 H2 B7
IG zeri lulu sejuani sion gwen 63.2k 14 7 M1 O3 H4 CT5 CT6 E8 B9
NIP 11-14-28 vs 14-11-29 IG
Invincible renekton 3 3-0-4 TOP 1-2-5 3 ksante YSKM
shad0w jarvan iv 2 0-4-10 JNG 1-1-8 4 lee sin gideon
Dream akali 3 5-3-2 MID 2-2-5 1 syndra Dove
Photic aphelios 1 3-4-4 BOT 8-2-5 1 xayah Ahn
Zhuo thresh 2 0-3-8 SUP 2-4-6 2 blitzcrank Wink


Winner: Ninjas In Pyjamas in 29m MVP: shad0w (1) Match History Game Breakdown Runes
Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
IG zeri aphelios sejuani sion renekton 48.3k 5 3 H1 O3 CT5
NIP jax lucian xayah nautilus blitzcrank 59.7k 20 11 I2 H4 CT6 B7
IG 5-20-7 vs 20-5-42 NIP
YSKM fiora 3 0-3-0 TOP 4-2-6 4 kennen Invincible
gideon gragas 1 3-3-0 JNG 8-2-10 1 viego shad0w
Dove jayce 2 1-3-2 MID 3-0-9 3 ahri Dream
Ahn ziggs 2 1-5-2 BOT 2-0-7 1 varus Photic
Wink leona 3 0-6-3 SUP 3-1-10 2 annie Zhuo


Winner: Ninjas In Pyjamas in 27m MVP: shad0w (2) Match History Game Breakdown Runes
Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
NIP jax lucian rakan nautilus blitzcrank 55.6k 21 9 C2 HT3 H4 CT5 B6 CT7
IG zeri sejuani jarvan iv lulu annie 45.0k 7 2 H1
NIP 21-7-42 vs 7-21-16 IG
Invincible renekton 2 4-0-5 TOP 1-5-1 2 ksante YSKM
shad0w maokai 2 4-2-11 JNG 0-5-5 3 vi gideon
Dream akali 3 4-2-5 MID 1-6-2 1 syndra Dove
Photic aphelios 1 8-2-7 BOT 3-2-3 1 xayah Ahn
Zhuo thresh 3 1-1-14 SUP 2-3-5 4 renata glasc Wink
Patch 13.4
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2023.03.13 20:28 G2Minion KOI vs. MAD Lions / LEC 2023 Spring - Week 1 / Post-Match Discussion


Official page Leaguepedia Patch 13.4 Notes Spoiler-Free Schedule

MAD Lions 1-0 KOI

MAD Leaguepedia Liquipedia Website Twitter Facebook YouTube KOI Leaguepedia) Liquipedia Website Twitter YouTube


Winner: MAD Lions in 30m Player of the Game: Elyoya
Game Breakdown Runes
Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
MAD caitlyn ashe renata glasc rakan nautilus 57.2k 9 9 HT1 O3 H4 CT5 CT6 B7
KOI gragas irelia xayah sion cassiopeia 49.4k 6 1 H2
MAD 9-6-22 vs 6-9-14 KOI
Chasy ksante 3 2-1-3 TOP 2-3-1 1 jayce Szygenda
Elyoya lee sin 2 3-1-5 JNG 0-1-3 1 sejuani Malrang
Nisqy taliyah 3 2-1-3 MID 1-2-3 2 sylas Larssen
Carzzy zeri 2 2-0-5 BOT 2-0-3 3 draven Comp
Hylissang annie 1 0-3-6 SUP 1-3-4 4 soraka Trymbi
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2023.03.12 15:08 Soul_Sleepwhale LNG Esports vs. JD Gaming / LPL 2023 Spring - Week 8 / Post-Match Discussion


Official page Leaguepedia Liquipedia New to LoL

LNG Esports 1-2 JD Gaming

LNG Leaguepedia Liquipedia JDG Leaguepedia Liquipedia Website Twitter


Winner: LNG Esports in 35m MVP: Scout (11) Match History Game Breakdown Player Stats
Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
LNG caitlyn gragas renekton taliyah sion 67.4k 22 8 CT1 H2 O3 H4 M5 M7
JDG ryze annie sejuani fiora azir 54.4k 8 3 M6
LNG 22-8-46 vs 8-22-20 JDG
Zika jax 3 7-1-4 TOP 2-5-2 4 ksante 369
Tarzan lee sin 1 5-3-10 JNG 3-5-3 2 vi Kanavi
Scout lissandra 3 2-2-10 MID 0-4-7 3 ahri knight
LP draven 2 8-0-7 BOT 3-2-2 1 lucian Ruler
Hang nautilus 2 0-2-15 SUP 0-6-6 1 nami MISSING


Winner: JD Gaming in 34m MVP: Ruler (7) Match History Game Breakdown Player Stats
Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
JDG jax jayce annie nautilus fiora 64.2k 18 8 H4 I6 I8
LNG caitlyn lucian sion leblanc ahri 59.7k 14 4 CT1 H2 HT3 I5 B7
JDG 18-15-52 vs 15-18-38 LNG
369 ornn 3 2-5-10 TOP 5-4-4 3 renekton Zika
Kanavi lee sin 1 2-2-13 JNG 2-4-10 2 wukong Tarzan
knight syndra 3 4-5-9 MID 0-4-9 1 gragas Scout
Ruler zeri 2 8-2-6 BOT 6-3-3 1 aphelios LP
MISSING lulu 2 2-1-14 SUP 2-3-12 4 thresh Hang


Winner: JD Gaming in 33m MVP: Ruler (8) Match History Game Breakdown Runes
Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
LNG caitlyn gragas zeri sion ornn 53.0k 8 3 C3 I7
JDG jax annie lee sin maokai elise 63.6k 16 10 CT1 H2 H4 I5 I6 B8
LNG 8-16-24 vs 16-8-39 JDG
Zika jayce 1 1-3-3 TOP 1-1-7 4 ksante 369
Tarzan sejuani 3 0-3-7 JNG 6-3-7 1 vi Kanavi
Scout azir 3 0-5-5 MID 3-2-7 2 ahri knight
LP xayah 2 5-3-3 BOT 6-0-6 1 aphelios Ruler
Hang rakan 2 2-2-6 SUP 0-2-12 3 renata glasc MISSING
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