Pebble shower floor pros and cons

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Choking Rescue Devices : Pros and Cons

2023.06.10 00:28 Pleasant-Sir3647 Evaluating the Effectiveness of Choking Rescue Devices : Pros and Cons

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2023.06.10 00:28 Street-Standard-7670 Current P & C Agent

Hey, everyone I’m hoping to get some advice. I’ve recently became licensed January of this year. I work for an independent agency, in a smaller town in Texas with a population of 16,000 give or take. I am still very new to insurance and I’m at a loss as to what I should do. I am 1099, my boss is really cool and has been paying me around 15 dollars an hour until I gain my footing. I have had zero training, I’m just learning as I go. I maybe have 40 clients, I was told this morning after this month I will strictly be commission. I am not offered any benefits what so ever, she was upset the other day when I tried to take off to visit with family who came in from out of town. Is this a red flag? If I’m already 1099 being paid strictly commission within a few weeks, why is this a problem? I have 3 children 10, 9 and 3. My husbands work schedule is all over the place, I have a reliable babysitter most of the time, but I can’t always be at work. Also when I started in January another agent which is my bosses high school friend started. Any time someone comes in or calls for a quote we take turns. I wrote a customers policy on April 4th, I only wrote two of his vehicles and before he left that day he said he would bring the rest of his cars and home over to us. I was gone to lunch or out for the day when he came in, this other agent wrote the rest of his autos April 24th, and wrote his home June 1st. When I brought it up to my boss, she said that me and the other agent would split the commission. Is he not my client?? I have never worked in an office before, there are 4 other women, my boss, receptionist, one agent that does most of my bosses paperwork, and the agent that started with me. I am the youngest of all of them, all they do is talk shit, I know when I’m gone they talk about me. I honestly couldn’t care less but I would hope my boss would take up for me in this sense, I however don’t think she does. There are many pros and cons to working here. My big question is should I stick it out, build my clients and move to a bigger company that can offer me benefits? Am I totally being screwed here? Does she have my best interest at heart? What we’re your experiences becoming a new agent? Will everything I’m sacrificing for my family pay off?
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2023.06.10 00:21 Neat_Lawfulness_2948 Just got the Apple Card. Pros and Cons to it?

I solely got it due to getting iPads for my twin step kids. Their birthday is in a couple weeks and I'm planning on doing the monthly installments for their iPads.
Right now my limit on the card is $2,500
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2023.06.10 00:20 Adrian_6262 M26 Hiya Lets keep each other company [Chat][Relationship][Friendship]

Hi, I am Adrian, 26 and from the UK pic of me on profile. Been having a rough few days, especially recently. Have a long weekend and nothing planned. So thought to meet new people and chat. Help take my mind off things. Learn about someone and keep each other company. Looking for some relaxed and chill chats, long or short term. Mainly looking for girls. Can be from anywhere. Creeps and weirdos will be blocked
Message with an introduction, your name, age and where you are from
Pros - cons of me:
I am a great cook - I will force you to eat my cooking
I am a great listener - I will get you to overshare
I like to cuddle - I will not let go
Great at conversating - Will keep you up all night
Have some of the cutest puppies youll ever see - Covered in dog hair most of the time
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2023.06.10 00:19 coffeeismyelixir PSA: the first poop

I gave birth to my LO two days ago and just had an experience that I was not forewarned about and want to spare you ladies this pain in the future.
The first poop after delivery is AWFUL. I mean I literally was wishing I was pushing the baby out again instead because it was so much easier. For reference, I had a vaginal delivery with an epidural (so if you don’t get an epidural I don’t know if this still holds true). At some point my body took over and was pushing this other crap baby I didn’t know I was going to have out
Nothing works down there since your pelvic floor is in recovery, all your pushing muscles are sore and the poop is probably bigger than normal (hence calling it a poop baby), adding insult to injury.
At the hospital I was taking MiraLax and was on fiber for regularity before delivery but I wish I’d eaten a five pound bag of sugar free gummy bears instead to get the runs and spare myself the pain. For the record I cried on the toilet after and took a shower to cleanse myself from the experience.
Tl;dr: I wish I had diarrhea for my first postpartum poop and you might want to start investing in ways to not deliver a colon baby
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2023.06.10 00:14 Bazookatoasterambush Let’s see those bmx bars

My 3.0 will be here in July , I know I’ll swap the bars out eventually , I’d like to see pictures of bar swaps and hear about your experience with the new bars. Better or worse pros and cons etc
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2023.06.10 00:13 RealEstateAdventurer Rental House Investing

I've been buying and managing rental houses for 16 years and have 70 properties. In the beginning, I made many mistakes, but now I have a system that works.
Investing in rental properties, also known as buy-and-hold investing, involves purchasing properties intending to rent them out to tenants and generate rental income. This long-term strategy aims to build wealth over time by accumulating properties that provide a steady stream of rental income.

Income: How you make money

Rental properties generate income through rental payments made by tenants. This income can offer short-term cash flow and long-term appreciation for property owners.
Cash flow refers to the income generated after deducting all expenses, such as mortgage payments, taxes, and maintenance costs, from the rental payments. It provides a reliable source of monthly income for property owners. Moreover, rental properties have the potential for long-term appreciation, which can contribute to passive income and overall wealth building.

Expenses: What it's going to cost

When investing in single-family homes, it's important to anticipate that expenses will typically exceed expectations. A general guideline is to expect expenses to be approximately 40% of the rent collected. Academic studies support this estimate, aligning with my rental property expenses. To gain a deeper understanding of how this calculation works.
Expenses associated with rental properties include maintenance costs, property taxes, and insurance. However, mortgage payments are not included in the 40% expense calculation. These costs can vary based on the property's location and type, significantly impacting the overall profitability of the rental property investment.

Pros of Rental Investing

Cons of Rental Investing

How Much Should You Pay for a Rental House?

Acquisition Cost: the total cost associated with purchasing an asset, such as a rental property.
When investing in rental properties, the purchase price alone is not the determining factor. Instead, it's essential to consider the total acquisition cost, which includes the purchase price, closing costs, and any renovation expenses required to make the property rent-ready.
Here are four methods for calculating your maximum acquisition cost limit:
Rent Multiple (My favorite): Avoid paying more than 50 times the monthly rent for the property. If the monthly rent is $1,000, the acquisition cost of the property should never exceed $50,000.
Purchasing Rent: Never pay more than $5,000 for every $100 of monthly rent. If the monthly rent is $1,000, the maximum invested in the property should not exceed $50,000.
Percent of Investment: Ensure the monthly rent is at least 2% of the amount invested. Forget about that 1% number you have heard. The 1% rule is a guideline for estimating market value based on rental income; it's not how to buy an investment property. For a property with an acquisition cost of $50,000, the monthly rent should be at least $1,000.
Gross Rent Multiplier (GRM): Aim for a GRM of no more than 4.2 by dividing the purchase price by the property's annual gross rental income.
Final Considerations:
Keep in mind that the maximum acquisition cost serves as a guideline, and adjustments should be made to account for factors such as risky renovation projects, properties in less desirable neighborhoods, or deals that come with excessive hassle.
While each method may have specific differences, they all lead to the same outcome. Choose the rule that resonates with you and stick to it. Personally, I prefer the 50 times rent rule due to its simplicity and ease of calculation.
The real work begins once the property has been purchased and renovations are complete. Efficiently managing rental properties is crucial for maximizing profits. Landlords must handle maintenance issues promptly and strive to minimize vacancies, ensuring a smooth operation and sustained financial success.
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2023.06.10 00:13 Patricio_Keefe Am I crazy?!

Howdy y’all first time poster here. I currently have a smith and Wesson 686 performance center with the barrel weights. It’s a serious piece of kit and was a gift that I got almost 4 years ago and have maybe put 50 rounds through. I am thinking of trading it for a 586 L comp but want the opinion of people who know more than me. Some important background is that I shoot competitions so have a performance oriented firearm is very important but this trade would also be my daily carry. Should I do it? What are some pros and cons I can weigh out to see what works best for my situation. Thanks!
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2023.06.10 00:09 No-Food1602 Your thoughts on growing long hair for men

Hi everyone. I am considering growing my hair out, was thinking to let it grow to shoulder length. Short hair is obviously easier for maintenance, but i really like the look of long hairstyles. I have already tried to let it grow, but it took almost 2 years of growth for it just to reach to about half of a neck length. My hair type is pretty thick, and dry. So what has been your experience, is it worth it? What are some pros and cons for growing a long hair?
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2023.06.10 00:07 ScoobDoggyDoge 2024 Lexus TX vs 20xx Audi Q7

Which would you choose? Pros and cons? Which is better technology wise (interior)? If you like the Audi, would you get the 2023, or is the 2021 and 2022 pretty similar?
Thank you!
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2023.06.10 00:02 PurpleSolitudes Best Shoes For Travel

Best Shoes For Travel
Good quality travel shoes are essential for comfortable and safe traveling. When you’re on the go, whether you’re exploring a new city or hiking in the mountains, your feet are your primary mode of transportation. Wearing the wrong shoes can lead to blisters, soreness, and even injuries.

Why Good Quality Travel Shoes Are Important:

  • Comfort: Good quality travel shoes should be comfortable to wear for long periods of time. They should support your feet and provide cushioning to absorb shock and reduce fatigue. Comfortable shoes also help reduce the risk of blisters, calluses, and other foot problems that can make traveling painful.
  • Safety: Depending on where you’re traveling, you may encounter uneven terrain, slippery surfaces, or other hazards that require sturdy and slip-resistant shoes. Good quality travel shoes provide better traction and stability, reducing the risk of slips, trips, and falls.
  • Durability: Travel shoes go through a lot of wear and tear, so it’s important to invest in shoes that are durable and can withstand the rigors of travel. Shoes made with high-quality materials and construction will last longer and save you money in the long run.
  • Versatility: Good quality travel shoes should be versatile enough to wear in a variety of situations. They should be suitable for walking tours, hiking trails, and casual outings. Choosing shoes that can be dressed up or down will save space in your luggage and give you more flexibility in your travel wardrobe.

Best Travel Shoes

Merrell Men’s Moab 2
Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Waterproof Hiking Shoe is a reliable and durable footwear option for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy hiking in challenging terrain. This shoe has been designed to withstand the toughest conditions, and its performance is outstanding. In this review.
Read More Below

FitVille Men's Rebound Core Shoes
FitVille Men’s Rebound Core Shoes are designed to provide optimal comfort and support for the wearer. These shoes have become increasingly popular due to their unique design, build quality, and performance. In this review, we will examine the key features of these shoes, as well as their pros and cons.
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Salomon Men's X Ultra Pioneer
Salomon Men’s X Ultra Pioneer is a popular hiking shoe that has been designed to provide maximum comfort and durability on the toughest of terrains. In this review, we will evaluate its design and build quality, performance, and the pros and cons of using these shoes.
Read More Below

KEEN Men’s-Targhee 3
KEEN Men’s Targhee 3 is an exceptional hiking shoe that has quickly become one of the top choices for avid hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. The shoe boasts a sturdy design and offers excellent performance on even the toughest of terrain. In this review, we’ll delve into the design and build quality, performance, pros and cons, and conclusion of the KEEN Men’s Targhee 3.
Read More Below

North Face Ultra 111 WP
North Face is a well-known brand that has been producing high-quality outdoor gear for decades. One of their most popular products is the Ultra 111 WP, which is designed to provide excellent performance in wet and slippery conditions. In this review, we will take a closer look at the Design and Build Quality, Performance, Pros and Cons, and Conclusion of the North Face Ultra 111 WP.
Read More Below
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2023.06.10 00:01 bakr88 German Shepherd Pros and Cons

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2023.06.09 23:56 alwaysjulying TOURO Middletown MS VS PCOM Philadelphia MS *PLease help me Decide*

Please help me decide on Touro vs. PCOM (Philly). I got accepted into the MS program for both schools, and I'd appreciate any current student perspectives.
Both programs required specific standards to enroll after completing MS in their Osteopathic medical schools.
Pros: This is my first choice - friendly campus, good rotation sites, good residency match outcome. I have a friend who is an MS3 and did this program, so I feel confident in the support + inside scoop on how to study, etc. I love Philly and HUGE on research opportunities, better at matching residencies, and has more growth opportunities as it is a bigger school. A well-respected DO school.
CONS: I have to finish the MS + get selected for an interview, and possibly retake the MCAT
Touro (Middletown):
PROS: Direct Matriculation into the DO program after completion of the MS program / NO Mcat
CONS: Rotations? Since they are kind and new, I was slightly disappointed with their residency options. Also, I don't see myself living there for five years as I live in Miami, and it will be a BIG change, and I have no one. Middletown also I would suit myself in a small town.
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2023.06.09 23:51 alwaysjulying Please HELP me DECIDE *TOURO MS (Middletown) VS. PCOM (Philadelphia) MS

Please help me decide on Touro vs. PCOM (Philly). I got accepted into the MS program for both schools, and I'd appreciate any current student perspectives.
Both programs required specific standards to enroll after completing MS in their Osteopathic medical schools.
Pros: This is my first choice - friendly campus, good rotation sites, good residency match outcome. I have a friend who is an MS3 and did this program, so I feel confident in the support + inside scoop on how to study, etc. I love Philly and HUGE on research opportunities, better at matching residencies, and has more growth opportunities as it is a bigger school. A well-respected DO school.
CONS: I have to finish the MS + get selected for an interview, and possibly retake the MCAT
Touro (Middletown):
PROS: Direct Matriculation into the DO program after completion of the MS program / NO Mcat
CONS: Rotations? Since they are kind and new, I was slightly disappointed with their residency options. Also, I don't see myself living there for five years as I live in Miami, and it will be a BIG change, and I have no one. Middletown -- also does have a lot of opportunities for research or networking—a smaller campus.
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2023.06.09 23:50 projectwar Impressions with pros and cons of the Demos far (video)

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2023.06.09 23:47 Royal_Frosting9472 RCA or City carrier?

I took a position as an RCA. Now I’m starting to wonder if I shoulda applied to a city carrier position for more pay and hours. Super new here (like just finished my carrier academy new) and I’m sure both positions have pros and cons. Thoughts from anyone on what to do if I was looking to make this a long term career?
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2023.06.09 23:46 Davydicus1 Predator 670 inboard on a small boat idea. Has anyone tried something similar?

Predator 670 inboard on a small boat idea. Has anyone tried something similar?
Sorry if I’m spamming this sub with questions, but everyone here has been super helpful in guiding me through the design process.
Has anyone tried this? What were the problems you had to solve for? Pros and cons? I’m building a Glen L Squirt and have limited space at the stern. So here’s my reasoning for this setup:
1) This design eliminates placing thrust on the crank case via drive shaft thrust bearing having a solid “backing”.
2) Allows for simple gearing to achieve desired ratio via chain and sprocket (e.g. 1:0.75, or 1:1.25).
3) Allows for more compact design compared to direct drive, letting me keep the engine in the stern.
4) Easy and accessible mounting allows for relatively quick engine swap or removal for maintenance, without having to buy a compatible outdrive.
Here’s a clip of American Boathead’s supped up Predator 670. This is basically what I want, but not with the long tail mud motor configuration that so many people seem to do. I want my prop under the boat, not 4 ft behind the transom. I also understand that with the configuration shown in my post that I’d have to make custom exhaust that turns and goes out behind the engine (not an issue, I’ve done it before with a mini bike, so shouldn’t be too difficult ).
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2023.06.09 23:43 Superb_Abalone3464 Roof deck dilemma: rebuild or remove walkout?

Roof deck dilemma: rebuild or remove walkout?
I purchased a condo in 2020 which came with three decks. I've been renovating them one per year, and I'm now about to tackle the last one which is the roof deck! However, I'm feeling a bit stumped about how to handle a strange walkout structure on the deck.
This walkout has pros and cons - it offers a bit of privacy from the neighbors, but it also obstructs some of our view. I'm unsure whether to rebuild it, modify it, or simply remove it altogether.
I'm leaning towards renovating it, and my current plan involves using Cumaru wood for the decking. I've considered rebuilding the walkout with larger glass panes to maintain privacy while maximizing the view, accenting the inside roof with matching Cumaru wood, and painting the rest of it white to give it a fresh, clean look.
I'm open to suggestions and would greatly appreciate any advice or ideas, especially from those who've tackled similar challenges. The walkout is a unique feature, but I want to make sure whatever I do enhances the deck rather than detracting from it.
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2023.06.09 23:42 Necessary_Shopping17 Thinking of joining… need pros and cons or encouragement and discouragement ? For the records I’ll be graduating this fall with a bachelors in 7-12 grade for Spanish…

I recently did the student teaching and god I hated the admins and system plus i know as a cop I’ll make 6 figures in 4 years where as a teacher it’ll take 10
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2023.06.09 23:42 OverLordAlastor Started writing again

Recently decided I wanted to try and get back into writing and looking for critiques/ edits so I can get better. Here is the beginning to a horromystery I started to write out of just wanting to put something down on paper.
Teenage Sebastian Krell finds himself in caught in a powerful blizzard. Winds howling and ripping right through his soul. Frostbite begins to numb his fingertips. Every step he takes is excruciating. But still he marches onward. He doesn't know where he's going but still he trudges along. The trees fade into the mountain as walking turns to climbing. Sebastian never found himself to be the most Athletic, and wonders how he found himself in this predicament. Sebastian always perferred reading to sports. But still he climbed forward. The howl of the winds began to sound sharper, like the cry of a ghost, ready to do harm. The mountain made Sebastian feel uneasy, like the weight of all those who died here weigh him down. All after the same goal but Sebastian was not eager to share in their fates. So sebastian continues onward.
After what seemed like forever Sebastian spied an old cave shafts. An old piece of driftwood barely working as a sign hung above. In crudly carved letters identifying itself as "Bastion-Martin mine". Sebastians goal in sight he took shelter from the harsh cold. He collected the branches and pinecones he gathered from the trail to start a fire. The heat breathed life back into him, but he knew he was not done yet. After a short respite he continued deeper into the mine that had been calling to him. His arms and legs were sore, but the mental fatigue of fighting all the way up here, was really slowing him down. Each step felt like it could be his last. But still he walked onward.
The darkness of the mine encroached into all of his senses. True darkness wasn't just seen. The empty silence of all but his footsteps swallowed him and echoed into his heart. The shadows inked up his body leaving behind a numbing cold. The subtle scents of fresh decay invaded his nostril. Each breath came with a familiar taste of dread, lingering longer than he felt comfortable with. True darkness is experienced. But still Sebastian pressed onward. The mine plunged further and further into the dark abyss. Time was no longer a concept that was known. Further and further he traveled into a mine. Certain out of all who tried before, he had come the furthest.
When his journey came to its conclusion, the mine opened up into a wide expanse. The night sky illuminated the chamber before him. The foreign constellation still seemed to comfort him but his gazed was drawn to this behemoth of a tree overlooking a still pond of glass. The tree towered over the chamber blocking out the majority of the constellations. It's leaves golden, not with pigment but with electricity flowing through its veins. The gleaming call had lead him all this way, refilling him with hope and euphoria. The catharsis of a quests end overpowered his exhaustion. For the first time in forever Sebastian found himself to be at peace.
As Sebastian woke up in not a panic but in inspiration, he found himself unable to lure himself back to sleep. Rolling over to see his clock reading 2:13 a.m. He tossed and turned hunting for the peace he was denied. Stumbling out of bed, wandering to open his window. Greeted by the cool October air sebastian gazed into the town of Bastian sleeping right outside his room. Beyond lied the forest that surrounded everyone. Who knew what would be further beyond. Unsettled, Sebastian fought every logical response because in his heart he knew that he needed to be somewhere else. Quickly getting dressed he climbed out the window and traveled onward.
The phone screamed by the bedside of Shefiff John Harrow. Piercing his skull and pulling himself out of the hard slumber he was in. Struggling to open his eyes and read the clock saying a mere 5:15 a.m. "Fuck is this about." He murmered to himself and picked up the phone. "Go for Harrow." He demanded.
The voice of the women on the other end felt like nails to a chalkboard. "Sorry to wake you Sheriff Harrow."
"Don't worry about it. What's the problem Linda?" Not what he wanted to say but it's probably better he waited to speak his mind.
"There seems to be an incident at the old Martin mine. The shift Foreman a mister... Mike Conners called in a ... situation. He's seems quite shook. Might wanna go take a look."
"Can't someone on night shift see what's going on?"
"Not really... this seems to be over their heads. Mr. Conners is saying their are 4 dead bodies."
Jesus Linda, lead with that next time. John pulled himself outta bed and said "Yea... yea I'll take care of it." Slamming the phone down.
John fast-forwarded his morning, waking up with a crisp shower and a hot mug of coffee as he hoped into his truck and sped off. The Martin mine wasn't far outside of the town of Bastion and the police lights make traffic a non-problem. Driving faster than he should have on the dirt roads, his truck felt every hole. Driving through the woods was never John's idea of a good time. Folk say the new England woods feel haunted. John wasn't much for superstition but he has seen enough go wrong in his time to be weary.
Upon arrival, driving pased the private property fence that blocked off the mine, John saw the flashing red and blue lights of an Ambulance. Seems mister Conners was already being seen by the paramedics. No one else was in the immediate area, just a trailer being used as some kind of office and the opening to the mine. Pulling alongside a half dozen of other cars and beat- up trucks, John walked over to the ambulance. Their he saw who he assumed to be Mr. Conners wrapped in a trauma blanket grasping a cup of coffee with both his hands. He was physically shaking, unable to grasp whatever happened to him. Inspecting him was a paramedic In her early 20's under the name of Hazel Briar. John worked with her before, she was new but knew what she was doing.
Hazel must of saw my approach, she peered off of Conners inspection to talk to me. "He's definitely in shock but other than that. No physical injuries. Whatever he saw damaged his psyche pretty good." She paused to collect her words as if to arrange them just right. "Don't push too hard, OK? Whatever trauma was experienced down their... he doesn't need it shaking him anymore."
John nodded, taking out a pack of cigarettes. After shaking one loose he held it between his lips and offered the pack to Conners. The look of Conners was one of desperation, one that wanted anything to cling to. He took a cigarette and John light them both. After a few drags and the comfort of smoke began to set in John asked, "wanna tell me happened? From the top." Despite John's gruff exterior he can be a nice guy. He never liked playing the bad cop. People knew he cared about the people. Whole reason he became a cop. He only really smoked in times like these too. People could feel the sincerity in his voice. And he had a reputation of going against the departments wishes when he knew it was to help someone.
"Well..." Conners began to stutter. The fear in his voice was palpable, like merely speaking the next words would bring about the Horrors. "Me and the first crew came in for the day....4 a.m. as usual. I had some paperwork to attend... I sent the crew in first... I was to join them later." The more he talked the more afraid he was becoming. Reliving the terror one word at a time. "I heard noises on the radio."
"What kind of noises." John interjected
"I... dunno. It's hard to put into words. But it was nothing natural. Nothing good. Then I heard screaming. Maybe someone got caught in one of the machines I dunno. No one was responding to me... I grabbed the first aid kit and ran inside." Conners shaking became more intense. Each word was a struggle for him to get out.
"Take a breath. Mrs. Briar here is gonna take real good care of you. She's the best. You're lucky you got her shift tonight. Imma go take a look inside the mine. When I come out we can talk some more if your up for it." John's word were calming to Conners.
John walked into the abyss, guided by flashlight. He followed the tunnel deep into the earth. The tunnels rarely seemed to splinter. John was no expert on mines but this seemed to linear. Carved with purpose. A destination in mind. Before he saw anything, the smell would assault him. Unfortunately, the smell of death was not uncommon to Harrow, but this was something more. Their was a weight to the smell. As if to keep anything else alive, out. Illuminating the chamber ahead, John was repulsed by what he found. Gore and viscera strewn across the walls and ceiling. Chunks of meat clumped together. No human could be capable of this level of Carnage, but there was no machine in sight. The ground grew soft as the Sheriff tried to investigate.
The Horrors quickly became too much to handle. John vomited up the contents of his stomach. He wasn't squeamish, but this was simply too much to handle. Leaving the edge of the bloodshed, John took a moment to collect himself. Finding the First Aid Kit Mike must have droped and scattered the contents through out the floor.
After several moments John felt well enough to brave the horrors once more. John began to note this was the only chamber he encountered during his descent and there was no tunnel leading beyond. Someone was looking for something. The chucks of meat had just as much ripping and tearing as it did cutting. Not unlike a bear attack, but on another level entirely. After a bit of hunting, John found a divet in the floor. Easily missed due to it being filled in with chunks of flesh and bone. Oddly enough the bones were dry. Not a drop of blood on them. What's more it seems as if some were even sharpened into points and edges. Some of the bones here didn't even look human or natural, hardened elongated or for a lack of a better word mutated. John was left with more questions then answers and he knew it would be a long day.
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2023.06.09 23:39 shinsenryuu Best tablet with stylus?

I'm currently between Samsung's S8 and Lenovo's either P11 or 12 pro but I'm open to other suggestions.
My main focus is the stylus since I want to use the tablet mainly for school and notetaking. I'm aware that the best option for this would be the iPad but I don't want to go into the Apple ecosystem.
I already know most pros and cons of both tablets from other posts, but I'm still not sure about the stylus. I've seen many reviews and have tested the S-Pen, but I haven't been able to try Lenovo's so I can't get an accurate sense of how good its stylus is.
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2023.06.09 23:38 Huge_Intern_4104 Family law or personal injury?

family law attorney thinking of transitioning to personal injury. pros/cons? family law has drained me, depressed me and frustrated me to the point of no return. i realize neither is a walk in the park but curious to see what everyone thinks of the two compared
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