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2018.01.09 19:35 Curelli Post deals for manga, anime, anime figures and other related items.

Post deals for manga, anime, anime figures and other related items!

2010.12.17 14:39 FMF: Deals, Discussions, and Reviews

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2011.05.31 06:10 yanchovilla HotWheels: Speed in 1:64

Hot Wheels on reddit! Reddit's dedicated Hot Wheels section, welcoming all forms of die-cast, not just Hot Wheels.

2023.06.08 14:09 zel_bob Should I pull the trigger on buying a potentially over priced 10yr old bike.

Basically there’s 2 used bikes I looked at they both were 2013-2104. One was a ninja zx6r with 4,xxxx miles and the other was a cbr600rr with about 5,xxx miles. The honda has the stock fearings as well as a completely black and gold flaked set (wasn’t a huge fan of it). But anyway both bikes are listed at $7,500 (ninja) and $7,300 (Honda). The Honda came with all the stock parts as well as all the new parts. They both were never dropped both clean title with aftermarket exhausts (the ninja was tuned a little bit for the exhaust) both started right up. But I’m finding it a bit hard to drop that much money on a 10 yr old bike. Am I being too much of a tight a**? They both were in good condition, good maintenance. Need advice please!!
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2023.06.08 14:09 NASDQplayer97 CapitalGainsReport: Bounce Play Watchlist (EPAZ,

Epazz, Inc. (OTC:EPAZ). EPAZ is a mission-critical provider of drone technology, blockchain mobile apps, and cloud-based business software solutions.
Throughout this spring, EPAZ and their spinoff company, ZenaDrone, have been making significant strides with their flagship product, the ZenaDrone 1000. This advanced unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) has garnered substantial interest from various sectors, positioning Epazz as a rising stock in the industry.
In March 2023, ZenaDrone, Inc., received a letter of support from the U.S. Air Force, solidifying the drone's potential for drone cargo delivery, including critical blood transport. The U.S. Air Force invited ZenaDrone to conduct tests at an overseas base under battlefield conditions, showcasing the drone's capabilities in a military environment. This milestone not only attracted attention from the U.S. Air Force but also caught the interest of the U.S. Army.
The successful presentation of the ZenaDrone 1000 at the AERO General Aviation Convention in Friedrichshafen, Germany, in April further bolstered its reputation. This exposure resulted in multiple scheduled demonstrations with NATO partner countries, law enforcement departments, and a prominent German rail line. In addition, ZenaDrone's engagement with German UAV regulators for beyond-visual-line-of-sight operations also demonstrates the company's commitment to staying ahead of industry standards and expanding its market reach.
In another update, EPAZ announced a meeting with Ossian Smyth, minister of state at the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform of Ireland, at ZenaDrone's offices in Dublin. ZenaDrone is currently in negotiations with a financing institution for a deal to purchase up to 100 ZenaDrone 1000s, paving the way for drone-as-a-service operations in Ireland, which could prove to be a lucrative opportunity for the company.
Something that could help with a rebound is that EPAZ is not only focused on the drone technology itself but also on key supporting components. The company has been actively filing patents for its artificial intelligence (AI)-based drone technology, with two patents already granted and two others under review with the US Patent Office.
In line with their commitment to innovative technologies, EPAZ recently formed Galaxy Batteries Inc., a subsidiary dedicated to housing their battery technology intellectual property. The company's high-powered battery solutions are essential for running specialized devices and aircraft. EPAZ is evaluating opportunities to monetize these technologies and provide additional value to the company.
Epazz's strategic updates this spring, including securing military interest, expanding international partnerships, and advancing patent filings, could make them a compelling investment prospect.
As EPAZ continues to develop and commercialize cutting-edge drone technology and battery solutions, investors may want to keep an eye on Epazz, Inc. (OTC: EPAZ) for potential opportunities within the ever-growing drone industry.
GAXY is a leading provider of interactive learning technology solutions and school communication platforms. With over 22 resellers across the United States, the company serves the commercial and educational markets. The K-12 education segment accounts for nearly 90% of Galaxy's sales.
Latest Contract Win on June 6: Galaxy recently secured a significant contract worth a minimum of $200,000 from a prominent school district in Northeast Ohio. The contract involves supplying G2 Bell, Paging, Intercom, and Clock (BPIC) hardware, along with G2 Communicator software, to five schools within the district. Implementation is expected to take place over the next few weeks, marking a promising growth opportunity for Galaxy.
Q3 FY 2023 Earnings Highlights from June 1: In its recent earnings report for Q3 FY 2023, Galaxy showcased progress. Revenues climbed quarter over quarter, rising from approximately $430,000 in the three months ending December 2022 to around $657,000 in the three months ending March 2023. Notably, G&A expenses decreased from roughly $1.5 million to approximately $670,000, resulting in a significant improvement in net loss.
Strategic Partnerships Fuel Growth: Galaxy's recent partnerships with major audiovisual (AV) dealers have been instrumental in driving sales growth. With a pipeline exceeding $5 million and several upcoming opportunities, Galaxy is capitalizing on their expanded product portfolio. The company expects this shift towards higher-margin products to substantially improve profit margins and contribute to the company's performance.
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2023.06.08 14:05 samacora Official Thursday Free Chat Thread

Good Morning Patriots
Free place to chat and a good place to discuss whatever you like with other sub users

Key dates on the 2023 NFL / Patriots calendar.


Undrafted Free Agent Tracker.


New England Patriots News Link Catchup - Opportunity knocks for Mack Wilson, Sr.; Behind OTA penalty

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2023.06.08 14:04 KKshilling The Difference Between Self-Employment and "Normal" Jobs

The Difference Between Self-Employment and

Imagine a 10-story Manhattan residential apartment building, in which each floor is nicer and more opulent than the last.
The ground floor is home to the cheapest apartments: studios with iron bars over the windows, leaky faucets, and the occasional rat or three. Sure, it’s habitable, and the hot water (occasionally) works, but it’s far from desirable.
As you move up to the second and third floors, the rodents disappear, the iron bars are removed, the plumbing is secure, and your bedroom, which is separate from your living room and kitchen, now has enough room for a queen mattress and a full-sized desk. It might not be your dream home, but it gets the job done.
On floors 4-6, your checkerboard floor tiles are switched out for hardwood, an in-unit washer and dryer replaces your weekly commute to wash your clothes, and your kitchen and living room are finally separate entities. (In most of America, these things are “normal.” In New York, an in-unit washer and dryer is a status symbol.)
Floors 7-9 bring beautiful views of the city, access to a balcony or deck, a dining room that fits a table for eight, a small home office, a living room that can hold dozens of friends, and one of those showers where the water pours directly from holes in the ceiling, like a waterfall for folks who don’t live anywhere near nature.
And then we have floor 10, the penthouse. Your floor has its own elevator that other residents can’t access. Your living room, grand piano included, has an unobstructed view of the East River, and it’s plenty big enough to host a cocktail party for 100 of your closest friends. Your floors are made of marble, your bookshelves are full of novels that you’ll never read (but still look impressive), you have one of those televisions that retracts into the floor on command, and you don’t have to lift a finger in the kitchen, because your chef handles the cooking for you.
Can you tell I’ve been apartment hunting this week?
So where will you reside? Well, that’s up to fate. Now imagine that you have two choices:
Choice A: you have a 10% chance of living on floors 2 and 3, an 80% chance of floors 4-6, and a 10% chance of floors 7-9. You are guaranteed to avoid the dredges of the ground floor, but you’ll never reach the penthouse either.
Choice B: You have a 20% chance of living on the ground floor, a 20% chance of landing in the penthouse, a 55% chance of landing anywhere between floors 2 and 9, and a 5% chance of sleeping outside the building altogether. Maybe you become Jay Gatsby, maybe you ask Mr. Gatsby for money on the corner, or maybe you end up somewhere in the middle.
Which choice do you make?
In 2023 in the United States of America, you have two options for employment:
1) Working for someone else
2) Working for yourself
Critics of traditional employment exclaim, “You’ll never get rich unless you own equity in your work; you have to be your own boss. A salary is no way to reach the top 1% of wealth in the US.
Critics of self-employment cry, “It’s far too risky to strike out on your own. Sure, there are some success stories, but you will probably crash and fail.”
Both parties believe they are right, and both parties leverage countless data points to support their positions. But both parties are missing the point.
The key isn’t that one form of employment is objectively better than the other. The key is that the distribution of outcomes that accompany different employment types varies.
In the example above, the probabilities of living in different apartments weren’t simply an arbitrary test of your risk tolerance. They serve to highlight the range of outcomes you can expect from different career paths.
Allow me to explain with yet another analogy.
In finance, we use derivatives called options to place leveraged bets and/or hedge our portfolios against downside moves.
The two simplest options are “calls” and “puts.”
You can buy a call option to bet on a stock going up by a certain date. If the stock price increases enough before the option’s expiration date, you will make a lot of money. If the stock doesn’t increase enough by the expiration date, the option expires worthless. You can also get paid upfront to sell call options on stocks that you already own, but you will be obligated to sell those shares at the option’s strike price if the stock price increases past that point, capping your potential gains.
Buying a put option gives you the right to sell that stock at a certain price, no matter how far its price has fallen, allowing you to hedge against declines. Meanwhile, selling a put option obliges you to buy that stock if it falls below your option’s strike price, opening you up to risk if a stock performs poorly.
There is one particular options strategy known as a “collar,” where you sell call options on stocks that you own and use those proceeds to purchase matching put options. This strategy got its name because it “collars” your portfolio: you are protected from downside moves, but your upside is limited thanks to the calls you sold to pay for the insurance.
Mark Cuban famously used a collar to preserve his wealth after selling Broadcast.com to Yahoo for billions right before the Dot Com bubble crashed.
A traditional, salaried job is a collar: the cost of protecting against downside risk is limited upside.
Think of your entry-level salary at your first job in corporate America as the second floor of the building, and your total comp as a high-level VP or director as an apartment on the eighth floor.
Your worst possible outcome, a career that fails to advance, still pays well enough to cover the basics. Meanwhile, a home run career pays handsomely, but it won’t propel you to the upper echelons of wealth. Like Mark Cuban’s Yahoo shares, your career is collared. The potential upside and downside outcomes are range defined.
Working for yourself, on the other hand, is like purchasing call options. If you succeed, the upside will outperform the “normal” career by a magnitude, but if you’re wrong, no one is there to save you. The cost of admission for unlimited upside is the potential for absolute failure. Maybe you become a millionaire, maybe you go bust. Who knows.
Of course, neither path is an all-or-nothing pursuit. There’s nothing wrong with allocating a small portion of a well-diversified portfolio to some more speculative call options, and you certainly don’t have to quit a well-paying job to go all-in on last weekend’s late-night Eureka! moment. In fact, the prudent move for someone looking to start their own thing is to launch it while they’re still working, that way they don’t need the money immediately.
If a stock does well enough, it can still generate insane returns for you despite initially being a small part of your portfolio. If your side hustle takes off, it can still generate life-changing money for you as well, without you having to give up your day job along the way.
That being said, I love a good casino trip, so we’ll stick with the call options. It is just betting on yourself, after all.
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2023.06.08 14:01 Meursault87 To attend a 6 Nations 2024 game abroad

Hello everyone,
We are in the process of organizing, as a family, a trip of a few days to Scotland, during the France - Scotland match, on 02/10/2024.
Based on your experience, I would like your opinion on two points:

1) We are planning to attend the match at the stadium, Murrayfield. Do you know if it is difficult to get tickets ? Do you know when approximately tickets go on sale ? I am on the lookout on the site scottishrugby.org but little information available for the moment.
2) If we don't manage to get tickets, we will go and see the match in a pub. For those who have been to Edinburgh, do you have any pub addresses to recommend?

More generally, in your opinion, what would be the best experience? wattch the game in the stadium or in a pub?

Thank you for your feedback if you have traveled for a 6 Nations match in the United Kingdom.
submitted by Meursault87 to rugbyunion [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 14:01 U1222807609 WIN A FREE STOCK OF UP TO 100 EUROS!!!!! (EUROPE )!!! ONLY 2 LEFT!!! DM FOR PROOF OF HOW I WON 75 EUROS!!!!

Minimum deposit of 10 euros to be able to claim the stock.
1-install trading 212 in the play store/app store
2-Complete the registration process(Needed-identification, a selfie-and phone number)
3-After registering wait for approval(for me it was 5 minutes)
4-Go to the more button on the bottom left corner, click use promo code and insert 11QRtZTgpA
5-Win a stock of up to 100 euros (I won a Starbucks share).
PM ME for more information about the terms and conditions and how to do it. I will guide you step by step
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2023.06.08 14:00 AutoModerator 🗑️Trash Day Thursday Megathread🗑️

Put on your tightest tank and head outside in time for the trash men to arrive! Just make sure your fridge is stocked in case one of them recognizes you from school and asks to come in for a snack!

Here's your daily megathread to discuss all the things about MS and MS-adjacent material that don't need their own post.
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2023.06.08 14:00 efitz11 6/7 Highlight Roundup: FastCast, top plays, recaps/condensed games and longest dongs of the day

6/7/23 Real Fast: De La Cruz's HR, Acuña makes catch - 00:59
Quick Pitch explores the Premier Plays from June 7 - 00:51
MLB Central looks at Odds and Trends for June 7 - 02:17
Jesús Sánchez: Home Run Statcast Analysis - 00:13
Brandon Belt: Home Run Statcast Analysis - 00:11
Elly De La Cruz's 458-foot homer - 00:56
De La Cruz's speedy triple - 00:38
Miguel Vargas: Home Run Statcast Analysis - 00:09
Will Smith: Home Run Statcast Analysis - 00:15
Nolan Jones' 483-foot homer - 00:42
DET, PHI - Postponed
CWS, NYY - Postponed

SPOILERS FOLLOW, to get the same table with scores hidden, go to the comments.

OAK 9, PIT 5 recap - 03:03 condensed - 08:17
SEA 3, SD 10 recap - 03:31 condensed - 08:59
KC 1, MIA 6 recap - 03:30 condensed - 07:23
MIN 1, TB 2 recap - 03:25 condensed - 07:00
AZ 6, WSH 2 recap - 03:40 condensed - 08:17
HOU 2, TOR 3 recap - 03:30 condensed - 07:28
BOS 2, CLE 5 recap - 03:44 condensed - 07:13
LAD 6, CIN 8 recap - 01:52 condensed - 08:25
NYM 5, ATL 7 recap - 03:43 condensed - 07:52
BAL 2, MIL 10 recap - 03:40 condensed - 09:01
STL 1, TEX 0 recap - 03:38 condensed - 07:10
SF 5, COL 4 recap - 03:44 condensed - 07:55
CHC 2, LAA 6 recap - 03:30 condensed - 07:10
Longest dongs of the day:
2 Nolan Jones Logan Webb 1 483 114.2 26 video
1 Elly De La Cruz Noah Syndergaard 2 458 114.8 35 video
6 Jesus Sanchez Jordan Lyles 3 445 109.8 23 video
3 Michael Harris II Adam Ottavino 2 443 107.7 27 video
6 Rodolfo Castro Hogan Harris 1 430 104.4 29 video
4 Luis Rengifo Jameson Taillon 1 427 107.0 28 video
14 Bo Bichette Ronel Blanco 1 426 106.5 30 video
6 Miguel Vargas Brandon Williamson 1 425 107.3 32 video
9 Francisco Alvarez Charlie Morton 1 421 110.9 22 video
1 Will Benson Evan Phillips 2 420 107.2 24 video
submitted by efitz11 to baseball [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 13:56 Human_Ad_5735 [Wts][on] we g 39c and k gbbrs

https://imgur.com/a/9TYMlmG https://imgur.com/a/wt9zG10 These things are tanks. And now you can have a dmr and cqb version.Selling as a set both are working great. The 39k is stock fires amazing and locks back. The 39c also fires hard and locks back has been upgraded with angel customs charging handle, full ra tech steel trigger group ,original will be included( full auto is a bit finicky I think it's still breaking in.). Both will come with 6 mags all working and no leaks. Supressor and Optics*sold separately Looking for $800 obo Located in Toronto/ Scarborough
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2023.06.08 13:52 SalemTheWitchsCat My haul for both Online and In-Store (As a 1st timer for SAS)

My haul for both Online and In-Store (As a 1st timer for SAS)

Hi all, here are all that I got during SAS. I live in SEA, so we only got our In-Store SAS today, (but early online SAS for a week now). I am so happy to scored all these apple-y Fall goodness candles. I am obsessed with Leaves and so ecstatic that Harvest Gathering, Pumpkin Apple and Spiced Apple Toddy have a similar or siblings scents to it. I think I might want to stock up more body wash later on when they bring out more options.
Pricing is different in my country, it is a bit high (tho we have 80% off but i think it is equivalent to 70-75% in the State)
What I got for Online SAS
Pocketbac - $1 each
  1. Pumpkin Apple
  2. Tis the Season
  3. Ghoul Friend
Pocketbac Holder - $3
  1. Shark
3 Wicks candles - $10 each
  1. Pumpkin Apple
  2. Leaves
  3. Harvest Gathering
  4. Spiced Apple Toddy
Gift Set - $14.29
  1. Eucalyptus Spearmint (Lotion, Body Wash and Essential Oil Mist)
Moisturizing Body Wash - $5
  1. Orange + Ginger Aromatheraphy

What I got for In Store SAS
1 Wick Candle - $5.52
  1. Lakeside Morning
3 Wicks Candle - $6.71 each (80% off table)
  1. Ghoul Friend
  2. Marshmallow Fireside
  3. Eucalyptus Rain
Wallflower Plug - $7.79
  1. Gold Lamp
Body Wash (Shower Gel & Moisturizing Body wash) - $3.46 each
  1. Twinkling Midnight
  2. Sunset Glow
  3. Fireside Flurries
  4. Vanilla Bean Noel
  5. Fairytale (MBM)
Aromatheraphy Shower Gel - $6.17
  1. Black Chamomile
Total damage: $122.18
submitted by SalemTheWitchsCat to bathandbodyworks [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 13:47 DiscombobulatedUse40 Rest At Last

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2023.06.08 13:47 BarnacleEconomy1329 Binary MLM Plan Working - Premium MLM Software in India

Binary MLM Plan Working - Premium MLM Software in India
For More Details Please Contact
Call / Whatsapp: +91 9043588904
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OG Software Solutions India Pvt Ltd (Multi Level Marketing) MLM Software Company in India
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Pros of the Binary MLM Plan
· Chance to increase sales productivity.
· Enables members to carefully manage spill over and choose new representatives.
· Potential for rapid growth.
· It's simple for new hires to grasp the commission system, get involved and begin making money.
· Inspires teamwork.
· As more delegates join the fray, they gain.
Working of Binary MLM Plan
Because income and commissions in binary MLM networks are based on the lower-earning leg, distributors have an incentive to develop both legs and work as a team across the two legs to maximize income. When sales are split more fairly between the two legs, members may get the most out of their whole downline. If commissions were determined based on the higher-earning leg, sponsors would have no incentive to concentrate on that leg, eventually leading to a decline in recruiting and sales.
The binary MLM plan enables MLM businesses to more accurately predict commissions and incentives while also better tracking their growth. Typically, MLM companies would define a predetermined commission percentage and use that to set a commission cap for each level of distributor earnings in the pay leg.
Why OG Software Solutions Binary MLM Software?
The Binary MLM Plan Software from OG Software Solutions offers a web-based workstation for business administrations engaged in multi-level marketing to track customer income and spending. We offer features like holding tanks, default binary position selectors, alternative and weak leg user positions, left/right referral links, left to right or left most/right most user filling, etc. that can also be tailored to your company's needs.
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2023.06.08 13:46 HighlightSuperb1542 Question about secondhand sales and GDP.

I'm curious how this works. This is not homework directly, but I am trying to get a better understanding of these concepts.
Okay so, I buy a new car for $30,000.00. That number would obviously be added to GDP because it's a final product. So, I know that second hand sales don't contribute to GDP. If I sell that car for 5k to my friend, no value is added. However, what if I sold my car to a used car dealership for $5,000.00. The dealership then takes the used car and sells it for $10,000.00 (making a 5k profit). Would that be a value added of $5,000.00 (from the dealership, not me)? Would the $5,000.00 the used car dealership makes be counted into gdp?
Does it being second hand completely remove any possibility of the product adding to gdp? I just want to know how this works for clarification. Thanks!
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2023.06.08 13:45 Superchief440 Jefferies Healthcare Conference - Jeff Elliott & Sarah Condella

Here are my notes on the Exact Sciences June 7th presentation at the Jefferies Healthcare Conference. The presentation was hosted by highly regarded healthcare analyst Brandon Coulliard. On the same day and prior to the company's presentation at Jefferies, Brandon reiterated Jefferies' buy rating on the stock and raised his price target on the stock from $82 to $100 dollars.
US Colon Cancer market (1st market the company entered) is $18 billion. Profitability has always been the goal, but has required large investments. Ten year plan to build infrastructure (labs, IT systems, etc.) that can scale and scale profitably is coming to fruition.
Big enhancements to lab automation coming in the next year, along with continued investments in IT infrastructure, which will improve gross margins. Think of guidance as the most likely outcome in terms of financial performance. Q2 & Q3 Cologuard revenue growth headwind due to less three year rescreens in this time frame as a result of pandemic (air pocket from drop in screenings three years ago at onset of pandemic - April - September, 2020). Lots of runway left in terms of Cologuard market penetration - currently 10% and targeting 40% of the market.
Lowering the guidelines for CRC screening from 50 to 45 added 20 million people to the eligible screening population. Rapid uptake in this age group due to factors relating to younger people's lifestyle. Only two years to hit 10% penetration in this age group versus nine years in 50+ age group. Cologuard may hit 50% penetration in this age group. Wouldn't be surprised if guidelines include even younger population (40-44) in the next five to ten years due to early onset of CRC.
Trend towards primary care physicians working with larger groups/health systems. Only 15% of PCPs no longer associated with larger groups/health systems. Top down management of large groups/health systems moving physicians to adopt Cologuard for front line screening to raise health quality scores in order to earn bonuses. Bigger chunkier orders for Cologuard coming in from larger groups/health systems. This is a trend which is anticipated to continue.
Sarah Condella - EXAS is now on the map as an employer more than just in Madison, WI. Able to attract people and talent from all over due to corporate culture comprised of mission, purpose, focus and dedication to eradicate cancer. Seeing more applications now for open positions in more locations now globally. Acquisitions and complexity can cause confusion, requiring management to keep employees focused on profitability. All employees are shareholders, management pulling in employees from all levels for ideas and suggestions as to how to improve efficiency and become profitable. Employees incentivized to make the company profitable.
To unlock big markets requires big investments. MCED probably the biggest diagnostics market right now - $25 billion. SOAR study 100,000 people. Need reimbursement pathway for this test. Currently no law which would provide for Medicare reimbursement. Working on this with both sides of the aisle.
Cologuard 2.0 date to be released in the June/July time frame. Primary goal is to reduce false positive rate of 13% on current label by two points or 20%. This goal alone improves net present value of test by $1 billion. Higher false positive rate results in lost revenue to colonoscopy. Secondary goal is to increase sensitivity to precancers/polyps. Cologuard 1 has 42% sensitivity to precancers. Even one point improvement there would be significant. Shooting for 5% improvement in cost of goods in terms of Cologuard Test. Improved Cologuard 2.0 test may justify 5-10% increase is ASP.
June 21st - really good day to visit Madison, WI. Possible release of long-term financial projections.
Exact Sciences is utilizing AI pretty broadly, used now within customer experience team - a lot of date generated to understand customer experience and refine customer engagement tools. Also apply AI to improve performance of tests. Looking for additional ways to adopt.
Cologuard pricing is very fair and no threat to reimbursement rates on the horizon. We shouldn't have to worry too much about waking up one day and finding out Cologuard reimbursement rates were slashed arbitrarily.
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2023.06.08 13:45 autotldr China launches nationwide car purchase campaign as May sales tick up

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 49%. (I'm a bot)
Chongqing Chang'an Automobile Sales Co.,Ltd. BYD Co Ltd Chongqing Changan Automobile Co Ltd BEIJING/SHANGHAI, June 8 - China on Thursday announced a nationwide campaign to promote automobile purchases in a major push to shore up demand in the world's largest auto market.
The announcement from the Ministry of Commerce came shortly after data showed passenger vehicle sales in China rose 7.3% in May from April, higher on the month but far from the robust recovery policymakers are hoping for.
The campaign will target multiple car sales categories including both new and secondhand vehicles, it added, and push to replace gasoline cars with new energy vehicles such as battery-driven cars and plug-in petrol-electric hybrids.
The China Passenger Car Association said on Thursday said passenger vehicle sales in China totalled 1.76 million vehicles in May. For January-May, sales were up 4% year-on-year at 7.74 million cars.
More than 40 brands have cut prices in China since January after an initial move by Tesla in a fight for market share as car demand slumped, with the ripples spreading through the wider industry.
Sales of NEVs rose 10.5% in May from April and accounted for 32.9% of total May sales, CPCA data showed.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Sales#1 car#2 vehicle#3 China#4 measure#5
Post found in /worldnews.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2023.06.08 13:42 champ1338 Imperialism and it's necessary connection to Colonialism.

Sometimes people talk about imperialism as if it is essentially unrelated to colonialism and only incidentally connected, In this short writing I will be disproving this notion and prove that colonialism is a necessary step to develop a imperialist system.
In order for imperialism to develop domestically (this among other things) there first needs to be the fertile soil for it to grow out of, a territory wherein the domestic capitalist economy has exclusive control to thoroughly exploit and thereby accumulate a vast stock of money capital throughout many decades, in other words to have a colony. This is precisely why Japan, the historic example of a rising imperialist, had to embark on a path of colonial conquest in Asia. In order to become a imperialist power, colonial conquest is a necessity, for imperialism grows out of colonialism. To quote Lenin:
"monopoly has grown out of colonial policy" 1
Second, Lenin also noted the veracity with which during the imperialist epoch colonial control of the imperialist countries expanded, both out of social and economic necessity
The third essential connection between imperialism and colonialism is the struggle between imperialists for the conquest of colonies in the possession of others, this was the driving impetus for the great Inter-Imperialist War known as WW1. A ruthless bloody struggle for the conquest of each others colonies in a era wherein there were no more independent nations to conquer and reduce to a colonial subject to be exclusively exploited by the domestic capitalist monopolies.
Where does this leave us in the 21st century?
I argue that we are in a position wherein most formerly fully colonized countries have either become semi-colonial in nature, where client-regimes have been installed by means of coup detat and supported by various western imperialist powers, where imperialist monopoly reigns supreme.
Other former (semi)colonies have become independent and sovereign, notably Iran and China. Both of these have fought their way out of semi-colonial status. Yet other countries such as Russia have experienced relatively brief periods of semi-colonial control after the fall of the Soviet Union, when the country was politically controlled by foreign imperialist powers in collaboration with the domestic traitor oligarchs and their figurehead Yeltsin. The current international situation can be summed up as the following: The imperialist powers have been in retreat and in decline following the anti-imperialist era headed by the Soviet Union and China and various communist/nationalist movements striving for independence. The imperialist powers temporarily unite despite their mutual hatred and competition in panic to preserve their monopoly control of the world through their colonies, the goal to bring their monopoly territory back in control.
Within the Communist movement there is the specter of rising imperialist powers, some claim that independent countries like Russia, China, Iran, are already imperialist. Others claim that they will become. Yet for both of these to be true they would first need to become colonial masters for there to develop a monopoly imperialist economy, for imperialism grows out of colonialism. They would need to adopt a policy of aggression and colonial conquest.
Thank you for reading, I would appreciate feedback/critique.
1 Lenin - Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism ch 10
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2023.06.08 13:39 Financial_Telephone8 512 PCIe NVME m2 SSD I/O error code 10, not detecting at all in windows 11 and BIOS

Issue: NVME SSD disappeared, does not appear in bios, NVME drive controller gives I/O error code 10 in windows 11. Drive doesn't connect in windows, does not appear at all in Disk Management.
It was a primary windows 10 drive taken out of an ASUS laptop and put in another ASUS laptop as a secondary drive. It ran fine for a few days. The only system changes before this happened were running a variety of antimalware apps (Malware Bites, CCleaner, and antirun etc..)
I swapped the position of the drive from the secondary slot to primary slot and it still did not detect in bios. Windows takes a long time to load from splash with the drive in the system, boots very quickly with that drive removed.
The drive is physically warm when left connected, making me think the drive is getting power.
The golden contact pads on the drive are not as many as another nvme m2 style ssd it has few golden contact pads thought maybe some of the pads are missing but not sure if this model has fewer contact pads, or not all nvme m2 ssd's have have the same number of golden contact pads.
I have no idea what would cause this drive to stop working as nothing physically changed, but I was backing up the data on the drive the day before this disappeared, was not finished the drive backup and still missing files I was trying to put on a new drive, and the primary drive.
There are the stock 512 gb shipped as 512GB PCIe SSD in an ROG Strix, I havn't removed the masking to see the chip or model information as of yet.
I have a feeling something is corrupted with the I/O storage controller, maybe firmware, but am not a hardware specialist so don't really understand why the drive isn't detecting at all in bios or windows, but the controller is detecting something is wrong i/o error code 10. It seems to be failing to read the drive at all but is recognizing there being something present in the slot. The primary drive on the new laptop is detecting and running fine - tying using that OS drive now, so I don't think it involves the laptop hardware. It seems this drive is somehow corrupted either physically or its firmware, likely I/O storage controller is detecting something but not able to load it as a drive, nothing appears in the device manager for disk drives or drive manager.
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2023.06.08 13:38 iwebdatascrape How to Use Scrape Taobao/Tmall Data Using Python?

How to Use Scrape Taobao/Tmall Data Using Python?
Taobao: Taobao is an online marketplace allowing individuals and other small businesses to sell their products online. This Chinese platform's headquarter is in Hangzhou, and Alibaba owns it. According to the Alexa rank, it is the eighth-most popular website worldwide. It primarily operates as a consumer-to-consumer (C2C) platform, enabling individuals to set up virtual stores and sell directly to customers. Taobao offers a wide range of products, including fashion, electronics, home goods, beauty products, and more. It is known for its extensive selection, competitive prices, and vibrant community of buyers and sellers. Taobao operates on a hybrid ecommerce model comprising auctions and retail product sales. The product listings on Taobao include clothes, technology, home decoration items, office supplies, shoes, furniture, etc.
Tmall: Tmall, or Tmall.com or Tmall Global, is an online marketing platform primarily focusing on business-to-consumer (B2C) businesses. It is the largest B2C platform in China, with more than 500 million registered customers. It provides well-established brands and retailers a platform to sell their products directly to consumers. Tmall offers many products from broad categories, including fashion, electronics, beauty, home goods, and luxury items. It is known for its product authenticity, quality, and premium shopping experience. The brand success of Tmall strongly drives by the integrity and approach of "Flagship Store."
Ecommerce product data scraping services scrape several valuable data. Taobao and Tmall are widely used in China and have a significant presence in the Chinese e-commerce market. They offer a range of features and services to facilitate online shopping, such as secure payment options, customer reviews, seller ratings, and buyer protection programs. If you are looking for web scraping e-commerce websites, iWeb Data Scraping is a perfect solution. The company has become a market leader and still holds that position. Comprising unlimited data, the best option to collect information from this website is to scrape products from Tmall.com.

List of Data Fields

Major data fields scraped from Taobao/Tmall website are:
  • Product Name
  • Each Variant - Name, Price & Stock
  • Domestic Logistic shipping fee
  • Product Description including Images
  • Comments
  • Ratings
  • Bar Code
  • Item Id
  • SKU
By store:
  • General Information about the store
  • Comments
  • List of products

Importance of Scraping Taobao/Tmall

There are several advantages of Taobao web data scraping. Some of them are listed below:
Competitive Analysis: By scraping Taobao/Tmall, you can collect data on competitors' product offerings, pricing strategies, promotions, and customer reviews. It allows you to gain detailed insights into the market, identify trends, and make informed decisions to stay competitive.
Perform Market Research: Taobao/Tmall is a vast marketplace with many products. Scraping product data from Taobao can provide valuable information on market demand, popular categories, and consumer preferences. This data can help you identify opportunities, analyze market trends, and tailor your product offerings to meet customer needs.
Price Monitoring and Optimization: Scraping Taobao/Tmall using Taobao/Tmall scraper allows you to track product prices and identify pricing patterns. You can monitor price fluctuations, compare prices across different sellers, and optimize your pricing strategy accordingly. It helps you remain competitive and maximize profitability.
Inventory Management: By scraping Taobao/Tmall, you can monitor product availability, stock levels, and frequency of restocking. This information is essential for effective inventory management, ensuring you have the right products in stock and minimizing stockouts or excess inventory.
Product Catalog Management: Scraping Taobao/Tmall can help you build or enhance your product catalog. You can extract detailed product information, including titles, descriptions, images, and specifications. It enables you to create product listings, improve searchability, and enhance customer experience.
Personalized Marketing: By analyzing scraped data, you can gain insights into customer preferences, buying patterns, and demographics. This information helps tailor your marketing and advertising efforts, target specific customer segments, and deliver personalized promotions or recommendations.
Research & Analysis: Taobao product data scraping services enable easy access to a vast amount of data valid for research. It is helpful for academic studies, market research reports, data analysis projects, and other research-oriented activities.

About Taobao Scraper

Taobao Tmall data scraper can automate the data extraction process from Taobao's website. This web scraper uses scraping techniques to navigate product pages, collect relevant information, and store it in the desired format for further analysis.
Listed below are the significant roles of Taobao API-web scraping data scraper
Data Collection: The scraper collects data from product pages, including product titles, prices, descriptions, reviews, images, etc. All this data is essential for performing competitive analysis, market research, and other business-related intelligence purposes.
Data integration and automation: The data extracted by a Taobao Tmall product data scraper combines with other systems, like e-commerce platforms or analytics tools. Taobao Tmall's real-time scraper API will allow automated data processing, analysis, and streamlining of business operations.

Working of Taobao API and Importance of Scraping Taobao/Tmall Data Using Python

Taobao and Tmall are both owned by Alibaba Group. It is a multinational conglomerate based in China specializing in technology, ecommerce, and several industries. The Taobao API facilitates B2B eCommerce across websites and mobile application. The API needs user verification of the appliocation and avoid the lengthy steps for sign up.
Follow these steps to scrape Taobao/Tmall data using Python.
  • Make sure you have Python installed on your system. You will need to install two libraries: requests and beautifulsoup4. You can install them using the pip command.
  • Use the requests library to send an HTTP GET request to the Taobao webpage you want to scrape.
  • Create a BeautifulSoup object by passing the HTML content from the response
  • Inspect the webpage to identify the HTML structure of the data you want to scrape. It will help you locate the relevant HTML elements and their attributes.
  • Use the BeautifulSoup method to extract the desired data from the HTML structure.
  • Depending on your requirements, you may need to navigate through multiple pages or handle pagination.
  • You can store the scraped data in a file, or a database per your needs.
For more information, get in touch with iWeb Data Scraping now! You can also reach us for all your web scraping service and mobile app data scraping requirements.
know more : https://www.iwebdatascraping.com/how-to-scrape-taobao-tmall-data-using-python.php
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2023.06.08 13:29 MERTENS_GOAT [OC] A Look at the Last 13 seasons: How many Changes did Teams that got promoted into the Top-5-Leagues make to their Squad after going up and how did it affect the success of their first season in the 1st Division?

I wanted to find out if there's a correlation between how many changes clubs make to their squad after they get promoted from the 2nd division and their success in their league season in the 1st division.
Do more changes lead to better results because you need to buy players of higher quality? Do less changes lead to better results because the players know each others already? Is there absolutely no correlation whatsoever?
This is how I have decided to measure the gravity of the changes made to the team: I picked the 16 players with the most minutes played in the season in 2nd tier and added together the minutes these players played in the following season in the 1st division. The result I would then divide through all minutes of all players played (38*90*11) and so I got a figure between 0 and 1. The closer the stat is to 0.0 the more changes were made to the team and vice-versa with the proximity to 1.0. To keep it simple I'll call this figure from now on the "minute-stat". The actual stats I got for the teams ranged from 0.16 to 0.84 Also to shorten things I will from now on call the 16 players also "key players".
I did it for all the 5 big european leagues separately and computed scatterplots with the x-axis the ranking in the 1st division and the y-axis the minute-stat. It includes all teams that were promoted from 2010/11 until 2022/23. The limits for the y-axis are the same for all graphs.

The line is basically perfectly even, so there's no correlation to derive. Let's look at the outliers: The dot on the right bottom is Córdoba 14/15, their approach to turn everything topsy-turvy didn't work out as they still came last in the table. They actually kept 10 of their 16 most fielded players of the prior season but only 1 of them was relevant enough for them to play more than 1400 minutes in LaLiga. They loaned lots of players with arguable LaLiga quality like Nabil Ghilas, Rene Krhin, Bebé, Fede Cartabia, Bruno Zuculini, Fausto Rossi, Héldon. 3 managers and 38 games later, they have won only 3 games, scored just 22 goals and were relegated with 15 points backlog to safety.
The other dot that stands out is the one on the very top. 83% of the minutes in the LaLiga season of Real Sociedad 2010/11 have gone to key players from 09/10. It's the 2nd highest percentage of all teams across the 5 leagues from 10/11 - 21/22.

Unlike LaLiga here is a clear tendency visible: Teams which make fewer changes to their team after getting promoted tend to do worse on average. But I should note we have an artifical outlier here who skews the regression line. Why "artificial"? Because the dot on the very left represents AS Monaco 14/15 and they spent 160 million euros (on Falcao, James Rodríguez, João Moutinho, Kondogbia,...) which no other promoted team in Ligue 1 could ever realistically afford. However, even if we take them out of the plot the line is still ascending, but a bit less steep, of course.
Edit: Here's the same graph but without the AS Monaco dot.
Btw: Randomly, for the first 11 seasons of the 13 looked at no promoted side ever finished as 17th or 18th - usually places often occupied by these teams. However this season Auxerre and Ajaccio finished on these 2 ranks and last season Clermont as 17th.

There are notably less dots on this graph because Bundesliga has a promotion play-off between 16th and 3rd which in the majority of the time is won by the 16th of the 1st division. The line is just slightly ascending but if we take Leipzig (the dot on the very left), who are just like Monaco somewhat of an artificial outlier, out of the equation the line would be ascending at a higher rate.
Edit: here's the same graph but without Leipzig's dot.
The highest dot represents Hasenhüttl's Ingolstadt 15/16 who gave 80% of their minutes to key players of the prior season they have comfortably stayed up that season.
There's one dot that is by far lower than the rest of the pack, meaning this team have changed the most around in their team after the promotion. It didn't work out for them because they immediately went down again as second-to-last. The dot is representative of Schalke in the season which just ended, so just like in the next league we will review the team which is responsible for the lowest dot of the graph is one that got promoted in the 2021/22 season...

This is the only league in which the line is clearly descending. It's also well visible that all 7 teams with a minute-stat well below 0.50 ranked among the last 5 in the league. Only teams with a figure of 0.50 or more managed to rank in the safe midtable-zone.
As just suggested the team with the lowest dot also played in the current PL season and to the surprise of absolutely nobody it's Nottingham Forest who brought in around 30 new players after they have been promoted. While they did rank low in the table, like all other Championship promoters in the 12 seasons prior to them who changed a lot to their teams, they managed to finish outside of the bottom-three and stay up, unlike Schalke.
But that keeping your team together as well as possible doesn't necessarily have to be a successful formula either display the two highest dots in the graph which are both at the right end and consequently got relegated. The teams we are talking about are Norwich City 19/20 (0.84) and Burnley 14/15 (0.80). Daniel Farke actually fielded all 16 key-players in the Premier League, the only such occasion in the 13 PL seasons. Every single one of them played at least 585 minutes as well so realistically you really can't get much higher than that in that stat and it's also a record-high across the 13 seasons and all 5 leagues.

At last, the hardest league for promoted teams, the Serie A. The line's perfectly even but what is still noticable is that all the dots are further to the left than in the other leagues.
We have a few huge outliers we want to look at. The team at the top worlds apart from the rest with 0.76 is Sarri's Empoli of 14/15, he kept 15 of the 16 key-players more than any other Serie A team in consideration.
On the right-bottom with a record-low of 0.16 Benevento 17/18, just like Córdoba they went down as 20th and with 21 points collected they were very far from safety too. 14 Matchdays into the season they even on their course to a season with zero points until they drew 2-2 against AC Milan tanks to a last minute header of their goalkeeper.
The only team to finish in the one-digit zone after promotion is Ivan Juric's Hellas Verona in 19/20.

These are the averages for ranking and the minute-stat of promoted teams for the different leagues:
LaLiga: 14.8 - 0.51
Ligue 1: 14.7 - 0.52
Bundesliga: 13.0 - 0.60
Premier League: 15.3 - 0.58
Serie A: 16.4 - 0.45
Serie A is both the hardest league for promoted teams as well as the league in which these teams make the most changes to their squad after their promotions. It was said a few times that in the PL season which just ended all 3 promoted club stayed up, well in the Serie A this is yet to happen since 2010/11 (Serie A is the only league where that's the case). Teams who go up from 2. Bundesliga and Championship keep their squad together the most.
I already mentioned that Daniel Farke kept all his key-players at Norwich after winning the Championship 18/19, I also want to reveal the other 3 such cases: Sporting Gijón 15/16 (stayed up as 17th), Espanyol 21/22 (went down the first time in ages if not ever, so I guess it makes sense, they kept their squad together, they became 14th that season), Sankt Pauli 10/11 (like Norwich, they went down without a chance, ranking last).
No promoted team in Ligue 1 even kept 15 key players, the most was 14 by 6 teams.
On the other hand, this is the team that kept the fewest key players:
Deportivo Alavés in 2016/17, they only granted 6 out of the 16 players minutes in the 1st division. They still got a relatively high minute-stat of 0.33 because all of the 6 players got lots of minutes to play. Alavés strengthened their team in Summer 2016 with the likes of Marcos Llorente, Theo Hernández and Deyverson and surprisingly ended the season as 9th which is the 4th best league finish for a promoted team in Spain in the space of time I looked at.
Alavés is tied with Nottingham Forest 22/23 who also kept only 6 key players.
All PL teams (except Nottingham) kept at least 9 of their 16 key players, all Bundesliga teams even kept at least 10 of the 16 key players except Stuttgart 17/18 who still kept 9.
Bologna 15/16 and Metz 16/17 (both stayed up as 14th) kept just 7 of them.
I eventually threw all the teams from the 5 leagues together in one plot and this is the result.
The upwards and downwards trends of the leagues balance each other out and make for an even (slightly descending) line.
The graphs were made with Microsoft Excel, the minutes played taken from transfermarkt.de, let me know your feedback.
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2023.06.08 13:29 Pinoy-Brock Discounted Pokémon Go Pokecoins [June 2023]

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Are you a Legit Seller?

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Who is Pinoy Brock?

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2023.06.08 13:23 gemilitant Accelerator cable snapped. How long can I drive on just inner cable? And how much am I looking at paying?

Accelerator cable snapped. How long can I drive on just inner cable? And how much am I looking at paying?
7am...I had planned on being a good student today. Had just hit 70 mph on the dual carriageway, lorries to my left and a car up my bumhole.
Suddenly, there was a snap and foot went all the way to the floor, no resistance. Accelerator cable had given up the gun and snapped a couple of inches up the pedal end.
I survived, and alas my car is also running again, as the AA mechanic had a cable repair kit. However, I have just an inner cable as replacement for now. I need to get a new cable ordered in somewhere. I am just very, very busy this week and next...and I'm living in my overdraft.
My questions are:
How long can I drive with just the inner cable? I know the whole sheath is needed to protect it or I'll end up in the same situation again...am I safe for another week and a half? Writing this, I'm thinking I'll probably check with the AA anyway because the mechanic left me his card.
How much would you normally expect this to cost? Online, I had seen £10-20 for a new cable and maybe £20 for under an hour of labour. My boyfriend works for a dealership and they've quoted £85 for the cable, labour on top of that...
Lastly, if my accelerator cable has snapped, I should probably consider replacing my brake and clutch cables soon, right? My car's undergone a fair amount of wear and tear...175,000 miles and used to belong to a driving school (did get new clutch several years ago)
Thank you!
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