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2016.02.25 08:30 chictyler fuck cars

Discussion about the harmful effects of car dominance on communities, environment, safety, and public health. Aspiration towards more sustainable and effective alternatives like mass transit and improved pedestrian and cycling infrastructure.

2022.04.02 22:50 Dip_N_Trip fuckfuckcars_

fuckcars is the dumbest sub on reddit. We document the idiocy for laughs and posterity.

2021.12.24 20:49 DameiestBird Vandalism. You're Welcome.

Every upvote deletes one Tesla from the shroad. Our memes contain embedded steganographed exploits that cause infotainment systems to drive cars off of cliffs. You are welcome.

2023.06.09 22:54 djackson404 Sorry, not sorry, can't park your subway car in my driveway. r/fuckcars is full of insane people.

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2023.06.09 22:27 autotldr Finnish businessman handed €121,000 speeding ticket

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 64%. (I'm a bot)
LONDON - A wealthy man in Finland has been handed a whopping €121,000 fine for speeding.
Res Wiklöf - one of Finland's richest men - was driving on Finland's Åland Islands on the Järsövägen headed towards the Åland Island capital, Mariehamn, when police caught him driving approximately 50 mph in a 30 mph zone.
Under Finland's "Day-Fine" system, an individual's income is a key determinant in the size of the fine they are subsequently issued with by law enforcement.
Further, under the Finnish "Day-Fine" system, the more a driver is over a speed limit, the higher the number "Day fines" received.
It is not the first speeding fine Wiklöf has been issued.
Other massive fines from Finland are former Nokia Boss, Anssi Vanjokki, who was issued a €116,000 for speeding on his motorbike, and Remia Kuisla, a Finnish businessman who was fined €54,000 for driving 64 mph in a 50 mph zone.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: fine#1 Finland#2 Wiklöf#3 driver#4 speed#5
Post found in /worldnews, /europe and /fuckcars.
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2023.06.09 21:17 tessthismess New Development on College Campus - Where Parking???

On the sub for my former college (Purdue), someone posted a proposed change for this kinda strip mall on the edge of campus.
Here's the post I wasn't even looking for /fuckcars stuff but skimming the comments 1/3 to 1/2 are about parking. Here's what it currently looks like, for reference
For reference, the open area with trees and stuff currently is a flat parking lot (with very strict/aggressive towing practices, which I know from experience).
It's just telling people's reaction to a nice green area is "What about parking???"
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2023.06.09 20:13 AutismToTheLetter Why do I get obsessed about red traffic lights and traffic rules in general after a traffic fine? Warning: Schizophrenic talking.

"Traffic jams are necessary and safe." Is this opinion a delusion, a disorganized thought or it is real?
Speeding kills. So fatal accidents are less likely to happen in traffic jams where speeds are near 0. It is also safe for pedestrians to traverse freely through the temporary made carpark.
Traffic jams are a natural symptom of humanity's lifestyle inflation of having more speed, more space and more productivity. They act as a necessary control mechanism to stop our unsustainable economic growth.
Stop means Stop, Do you understand, mr intruder.
I must stop there until light changes to green, even if it means a long time or indefintely. You never know if a parked car or car from the blind spot suddenly lights up and accelerates fast on the green. Remember, safety is the top priority and we all must obey the traffic law.
Red light says: "I am the red light. I deserve respect. I command the safety of physical movement. Don't pass this boundary or else you might die... You must stop. You must slow down. you should idle. you should be delayed. you should waste time. This is so meaningful, a quest for testing patience and letting go of goals and disappointments."
It is also better to be late rather than be in a hurry to a destination.
... Change happened... after I got external validation for a manifesto like statement from an anti-car subreddit, I started to cross against the red with no traffic, believing I should not be sheep or coward to the system.
"Jaywalkers should not be fined when the drivers has seen them and can stop in time.
Edit on title: "Jaywalkers should not be fined when... it is clear to cross". "
Source (Highlights from original posts):
  1. My delusions on red traffic lights. https://www.reddit.com/schizophrenia/comments/137apmq/my_delusions_on_red_traffic_lights/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3
  2. My working ethic shows uselessness, stupidity and loserdom. https://www.reddit.com/venting/comments/12wm3le/my_working_ethic_shows_uselessness_stupidity_and/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3
  3. Jaywalkers should not be fined when the drivers has seen them and can stop in time Jaywalkers should not be fined when the drivers has seen them and can stop in time. : fuckcars (reddit.com)
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2023.06.09 19:32 FrontpageWatch2020 [#874+4453266] America is Too Big™! [r/fuckcars]

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2023.06.09 05:44 Bataguki Am I the only one who realized that the cause we're fighting for is probably the only cause that has joined forces with both r/fuckcars and r/cars, plus so many other enemy subs?

"The enemy of your enemy is your friend"
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2023.06.09 04:20 Strength-InThe-Loins Counting cars in the bike lane, day 88: On a clear day you can see forever

The morning count was 4, which I guess is pretty normal now. (It's going to take a LONG time to really get used to morning counts that are usually like 4, as opposed to the like 25 they were for the first few months I counted.) The lane was clear, too; there are still some barrels and barriers left over from the painting job, mostly out of the way; there are a few trouble spots that would only take a few minutes to clear up, so maybe I should do that one of these days.
The evening count was 8, which I guess is, etc. Visibility had improved since yesterday (it looked like a standard overcast day, rather than like something in a sandstorm scene from a sci-fi movie), and so I was treated to a magnificent vista of the vast space stretching out between cars number 1 and 2.
I took an alternate route after the usual 1.2mile stretch, during which I happened to pass through an area I very seldom visit, where there were so many cars parked in the bike lane that I felt instantly at home.
During my lunch break I had to run a few unexpected errands. I hadn't brought my bike lock with me, so I decided to go by CitiBike, because CitiBikes are pretty cool. And yet not a single one of the bikes at the two docking stations I tried would release, so I ended up walking instead.
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2023.06.09 02:30 ShadowFalcon1 Consider creating a Lemmy version of this subreddit.

With the recent price change of Reddits API, a lot of 3rd parties apps are not going to make it (including one I use, Infinity), as such I will likely stop using Reddit altogether. Moderation of subreddits may also become harder.
Lemmy is a free and open source alternative. (fuckcars is already there and has quite a few people in it). I'd love to see this community over there.
To be clear there is not currently a community that matches this one. I am hoping the moderators of this subreddit will see this and start one on there.
Edit: Added the link about the API changes. Edit 2: added link to lemmy and a clarification.
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2023.06.08 17:32 GroundbreakingAd4158 Fixed the "The useless parts of a pickup truck" post

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2023.06.08 02:46 DiceMaster Help understanding the funding of car infrastructure vs. rail infrastructure in the US

Several urbanist Youtube channels I enjoy have claimed that highways and other car infrastructure is subsidized, while rail and transit are funded by riders. I initially took this for granted as true, but now I am finding that it's difficult to verify. I did find this post from this sub, and I do find the Tax Foundation to generally be non-partisan and accurate. However, I also came across this annual report, directly from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, which claims that total highway revenues (federal, state, and local) exceed total highway expenditures, total water and rail revenues roughly match expenditures, and aviation and transit revenues fall short of expenditures.
Does anyone here know what accounts for the discrepancy? Is there some way that both are technically true?
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2023.06.07 21:05 maker-127 petition to add pride flag to icon for June

early in the history of fuckcars they had a pride flag in the icon.
and I think I convinced them to remove it.😅. (don't quote me but I'm too lazy to search thru my post history to verify)
but n e ways it would be cool to add the pride flag back to the subreddit for at least the month of June.
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2023.06.07 20:44 jesus_the_gamer69 Maybe not the right subreddit for your add

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2023.06.07 10:39 _goldholz Our brothers in arms

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2023.06.07 06:34 JangB Unable to Post an Image or Crosspost

When I hover over the Image & Video button, it shows a "prohibited sign" and when I try to cross post from another sub, fuckcars is grayed out.
It didn't used to be like that. Did I get banned or something?
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2023.06.05 21:31 SatAMBlockParty Reese of Malcolm in the Middle doing r/fuckcars activism

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2023.06.05 21:23 Southpaw_99 How do I get to Boston without a car?

Before anyone from fuckcars come in, yes, I know car infrastructure is bad and I shouldn't need a car to get anywhere. But I wanna see some friends NOW and I don't have a license to drive there. Going from Sanford btw.
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2023.06.05 16:35 LeskoLesko r/fuckcars will go dark between June 12-14 to protest Reddit's new API policy

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2023.06.05 14:18 HendricLamar Credits to r/fuckcars

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2023.06.05 09:15 GoldenLiar2 r/AutomobileRO

Salutări tuturor!
Observând creșterea spectaculoasă a fuckcarsRomania, ne-am hotărât să facem un subreddit dedicat pasionațiolor auto din România. Vom povesti acolo despre orice are legătură cu spațiul auto: sfaturi de achiziție auto, sfaturi legate de înmatriculare/impozit/RAITP/RCA/etc, discuții despre diferite modele/motorizări, posibil și meet-up-uri ale rodditorilor pasionați când creștem în număr.
Vă așteptăm!
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2023.06.04 22:42 FilmingMachine Gave it my all this week

Gave it my all this week
/fuckcars was right. Walkable cities are the shit
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2023.06.04 20:08 MSUconservative Unpopular Opinion: Public Transit Advocates and Car Drivers are Natural Allies, FIGHT ME!

As the title says, public transit advocates have a natural ally in car drivers. This subreddit is doing more harm to the cause of promoting public transit than good.
This subreddit is creating a large opposition to public transit by attacking car drivers. Car drivers benefit greatly from public transit due to reduced traffic on the road, and that is the point that should be hammered home if we want to actually create a coalition for promoting public transit in the USA.
I get that hate sells, and there is no better subreddit at promoting hate than fuckcars, but this tactic isn't going to create enough support for public transit when most people in the USA are car drivers.
To this end, I have created another subreddit for promoting public transit without all the judgement or hate: PlanesTrainsandAutos
Join and contribute or don't, I honestly don't care, I've lost hope in making this country a better place to live a long time ago, but nothing makes me more angry than a bunch of ignorant fools turning allies into opposition solely because hate sells.
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2023.06.04 14:06 Pretty-Promotion3837 "Mets-toi à ma place" Montrer au automobiliste la dangerosité de leur comportement.

Je me pose souvent la question de comment améliorer les comportements sur la route et parfois j'ai des idée qui me semble intéressante.
J'aimerais avoir votre avis sur celle-ci:

Le concept

L'idée c'est d'avoir une dashcam à vélo. Elle filme les trajet et surtout les comportements dangereux qui serais ensuite transmis au conducteur afin qu'il se rende compte du dangeabsurdité de ce qu'il à fait.
Pouvoir tendre un flyer (ou le coller sur la vitre) avec des explications de pourquoi ce qu'elle a fait est dangereux et un lien vers un site où sera uploadé la vidéo.
Dans le cas où ce n'est pas possible de donner le flyer j'imagine un accord avec les forces de l'ordre. Grâce à la plaque d'immatriculation, la justice transmet un courrier officiel signalant qu'un comportement dangereux a été constaté (et lien de la vidéo) et expliquant les danger, les peine encourues et que surtout ce n'est que de la sensibilisation. Aucune peine ne sera prise à leur encontre (puisque ce n'est pas constaté par une personne assermenté).


En discutant ou roulant avec d'autre personne je me rend compte que c'est rarement une volonté de nuire, mais plutôt de l'impatience, une méconnaissance du danger et du danger ressenti par le cycliste. Ils s'en foutent, si la largeur est suffisante pour faufiler une voiture c'est validé pour un dépassement. Ils ne voient pas où est le problème par ce qu'ils ne se rendent pas compte de ce que ça fait d'être à la place du cycliste.
C'est valable aussi pour la distance de sécurité. Des gens vont te coller au cul sans volonté de t'ecraser mais ne se rende pas compte du stress que c'est que d'entendre le bruit une moteur qui s'approchent et/ou monte en régime derrière toi alors que tu vois clairement que il n'y y a pas la place de doubler en sécurité. Ou avoir 2 tonne d'acier (ou plus pour les camions) qui ronronne juste derrière toi tel l'Alien qui respire dans la nuque de Ripley. Non seulement c'est hyper dangereux en cas de freinage brusque ou de chute. Mais en plus ça cause du stresse qui détourne l''attention, fait accélérer et donc augmente le risque de chute.


[Vidéo]Un vélo qui subis une queue de poisson d'une voiture. Un habitacle de voiture a été rajouté au montage. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=iYeJZaUQw3E&list=PLmfHDn9s5rgMOaE7XO2nCfOWAT2vpVGrd&index=97&pp=gAQBiAQB
[Site] Upride, un site où on peut uploadé une vidéo d'un événement dangereux afin de fournir de la matière aux élus. https://upride.cc/
[Vidéo] Une compagnie de bus mexicaine forme les conducteur de bus en leur montrant ce que ça fait que de pédaler a proximité de bus qui roule vite et proche. https://www.reddit.com/fuckcars/comments/zbx30c/this_should_be_mandatory_for_getting_a_learners/


Il y a peu, jai subis un dépassement dangereux sur une petite ligne droite en ville juste avant un virage sans visibilité avec un feu rouge. Dans ce cas on ne voit pas si le feu et rouge ni si des voiture arrive en face. La façon dont la personne m'a doublé fait que si une voiture arrivait en face, sa seule option était de se rabattre sur moi et surtout je l'ai redoublé 30 mètres plus loin puisque le feu était rouge.
Je lui ai dit rapidement que c'était dangereux et inutile mais ça lui ait clairement passé au dessus.

Qu'en pensez vous? Avez vous des idées de modification ou amélioration ?

View Poll
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