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Tryst with Tradition: An intense pilgrimage experience.

2023.03.27 03:23 MechanicalBot1234 Tryst with Tradition: An intense pilgrimage experience.

Tryst with Tradition: An intense pilgrimage experience.
About our Tirumala walk
Now that our kid's exams are over, we decided to go on a short pilgimage to Tirumala. (A temple town situated on seven hills)
This was planned a month ago, and for those who don't know, Darshan ticket (or a 5-10 second appointment with God almighty) must be made in advance through a biometric based advance reservation system, that requires fast fingers to get a booking done when they open the slots every month. Our Darshan slot was 5 PM yesterday.
We had reached Tirupathi (base of the hills) the previous night.
On the day of the Darshan, early in the morning we got ready, had breakfast and were planning to reach the temple on the hills. We were contemplating if we should take public transportation or taxi or just walk the way up the seven hills.
We hailed a cab and that guy advised about options we had, the two paths to walk, the short one or the long one. He suggested us to take the short walk. But on a whim, my spouse decided that we should take the long one. We decided that to be a divine decision, we took it.
The cab driver dropped us at the entrance, and pointed in the direction we need to walk.
As it is customary, traditional Hindus don't wear shoes on the seven hills. We got advice to leave our shoes in the hotel room and we did. We have never walked barefoot in the last 25 years.
We were excited about the adventure that was ahead of us! At that time, we did not know what an intense experience this was going to be.
The long route was about 9 kms, with about 3550 steps in between that traverses the seven hills.
Hindus believe, God's own mother walked this path several thousand years ago.
The entrance was filled with crowd of people, stalls, shop selling food to spiritual offerings. We navigated them all and came to the first step
There we saw a crowd of people seeking blessings and worshipping the first step with Sandal paste, turmeric and Saffron, lighting camphor, incense sticks and paying their respect through prostrations.
Orange, saffron, yellow and red, was everywhere. The first few steps were exciting but already we felt humbled by the spirituality around us.
Hinduism doesn't profess a book or a code of conduct. It is a library of ever changing ideas around a few basic beliefs, and all promote a 1:1 spiritual connection with God almighty.
People who looked economically poor, all around us, were clearly richer than us in spirituality and and passion, and their 1-1 connection with almighty humbled us.
We saw young kids teaching us the seriousness of their prayers, elderly people crying in emotion on the journey they were about to make.
We saw people decorating every step (yes all 3550 steps) with turmeric, sandal and kumkum. Yellow, gold, saffron was strewn everywhere. Our feet was yellow and red.
We saw people lighting lamps at every step because they believe God herself walked this path.
We saw many families where husband and wife were jointly decorating each step or mother and kids lighting each step.
We saw many parents carrying kids, even days old new born babies for their rendezvous with lord almighty up the hills.
All through the climb, people were chanting, "Govinda Govinda" loudly, inspiring us and electrifying the entire atmosphere.
The first hour of climb was exciting, we stopped once and replenished ourselves with some fluids and carried on.
Every step was a spiritually stimulating experience.
During the second hour we stopped more. We were about 1500 steps done and we thought we were doing great.
At 1750 steps, we were reasonably tired, we stopped and took break. I remember seeing a sign 1800 steps done and 1750 steps to go and told my family we are 50 percent done.
Then we saw a sign we have covered 2 kms and we have 6.4 kms to go.
It was daunting!
We continued on, we stopped at temples along the way, took more breaks and continued ahead.
After 4 hours of uphill walking, were getting tired and got our initial doubt if we had chosen the wrong route for our physical ability. The easier one would have been done by now.
But the spiritual experience was already overwhelming and was reassuring that we are doing the right thing.
After about 5 hours of climbing the hills, we were still seeing many new born babies being carried up, young toddlers walking up, one out of shape lady heaving and crying walking up, an elderly man (possibly in this seventies) carrying a bag walking up.
I even saw a 110 year old woman, partially blind in one eye and fully blind in another.
People were all visibly exhausted but we're carrying on.
We still saw people painting and decorating each step, each pillar, lamps, colors, lights everywhere.
We saw so many elderly people pulling themselves up, loudly chanting, spiritually energizing and uplifting those around themselves.
Then we saw the unbelievable! We saw several people walking up, on their knees!
Young men, one little girl and many middle aged people were walking on their knees climbing 7 hills.
They were crying in pain! I could see that their spiritual grit is far deeper than mine. Their faces told me stories.
It broke me! They broke my ego right there!! I am nobody in front of these people!
We decided to walk slower and give these pilgrims some support! A crowd was with us screaming the war cry, "Govinda, Govinda". After about 15-20 minutes, all of us lost more energy and the scream faded.
That's when, three kids thought it was time for their moment and decided to yell the movie war cry, "Jai Bahubali!" Loudly.
Their mother chided them not to do that, but it was a much needed comic relief for the crowd around us. We all burst into laughter and gained some energy and kept going.
Near the end, everyone of us was in deep physical pain, but it was a.deeply emotional and spiritual experience. We end the climb with more ceremonial prayers at many points.
We walked uphill 6 hours. The only time I had gone up in the last 10 years is when I pull gas lever on my work seat. This was an experience beyond comparison.
We ate lunch at 3:30 pm, checked in to the long 2.5 hour wait line for our Darshan and got a full 20 second darshan of God almighty.
And as almost everyone would say, those few seconds you forget everything and just watch silently! That's what we did for 20 seconds, until the usher said times up.
I could not capture everything in words, I am adding some pictures.
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2023.03.27 03:18 handmade-spinus How to do better Handmade DIY 9 major ways

DIY is an abbreviation for Do It Yourself

It is a popular lifestyle that refers to the activity of making, repairing or remodeling objects, homes, clothing, etc. with your own hands.

Activities of DIY

It is very broad and can include all kinds of crafts, woodworking, sewing, cooking, home improvement, etc.

Main features of DIY

It is do-it-yourself, self-design and realization, through DIY can better express their creativity and personalized needs, and also can save costs and enhance self-satisfaction. DIY is becoming more and more popular in modern life, and has a wide range of applications and development prospects.

There are many different types of handicrafts, and the following are some of the common handicraft projects:


Making clothes, fabric products, home accessories, etc.


Painting, illustration, calligraphy, handwritten letters, etc.

Paper Art

Paper cutting, origami, paper sculpture, handmade cards, etc.


Making furniture, wooden decorations, wood carvings, etc.


Making pottery, ceramic accessories, etc.


Produce sculptural works from various materials.

Jewelry Making

Making handmade jewelry, accessories, etc.


Make a variety of delicious cakes, cookies, breads, etc.

Soap Making

Handmade soap from natural materials.

Plant Production

Making wreaths, potted plants, vases, etc.

Each of these crafting projects has its own characteristics and skills that require some learning and practice. At the same time, crafting is a creative and fun activity that can bring satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment.

Of course our current crochet is also

I. Find inspiration and creativity

Successful DIY projects start with good ideas. You can get inspiration by referring to DIY blogs, social media and video sites on the internet. You can also look for inspiration in your surroundings, such as street art on the street, sculptures in the park and decorations in the garden.

II. Prepare the necessary tools and materials

Before you start your DIY, make sure you have all the necessary tools and materials. This includes a variety of hand tools, power tools, glue, needle and thread, fabric, wood, paint, metal and electronic components.

III. Learn relevant skills and knowledge

Before you start DIY, it’s a good idea to learn the skills and knowledge. This can be done by taking courses, studying online tutorials or reading DIY books. This will help you better understand the details and techniques to look for in the DIY process.

IV. Try new materials and processes

DIY is a constant process of exploration and experimentation. Trying new materials and processes, such as using recycled materials, graffiti, 3D printing, laser cutting, etc., can help you create more creative and unique pieces.

V. Share and cooperate with others

DIY doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. Sharing your ideas and creations with others, participating in your local DIY community or collaborating with other DIYers can help you get more feedback and inspiration to improve and refine your work.

Doing DIY well requires creativity and enthusiasm, as well as careful preparation and learning of relevant knowledge and skills. By constantly experimenting, exploring and sharing, you will produce more creative and unique works.

Attractive handiwork usually has the following characteristics:

VI. Uniqueness

A unique handmade work often draws attention to itself. Making a distinctive piece requires some innovative design ideas and skills, and this uniqueness can be expressed in the shape, color, texture, and material of the piece.

VII. Fineness

Making handmade works requires patience and care, and a fine handmade work will look very beautiful and high quality. Every detail of the production process needs to be carefully grasped, which can be shown in the detailed treatment of the work, the gracefulness and smoothness of the lines, etc.

VIII. Practicality

Although handmade works are sometimes seen as pure works of art, usefulness is also an attractive factor. A useful handmade work is not only beautiful, but can also bring convenience and practicality to people’s daily lives.

IX. Emotional expression

Some handmade works are based on emotions and sentimental expressions, such as gifts, souvenirs and decorations. A handmade work with emotional expression will make people feel the passion and sincerity of the maker, which is also an important factor to attract people.

Proper take better maintenance will extend the life of your cotton threads, keeping them soft, supple and beautiful.

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2023.03.27 03:16 ms-frizzle 🙏 Thank you so much to this sub! A list of our favorite ideas we used in the wedding, from/inspired by this group + photos

I graduated from this group in October, and am so, so happy about the day (and every day after!). I felt lucky that we got to have a wedding that felt so aligned to us. Our priorities were having a joyful day that centered our community (almost all of whom traveled to attend), gave us space to experience the day, and minimized waste without being draconian about it.
Overall spend for fifty guests in NYC was somewhere between $35k - $40k, including splurges on a few things like my dress & accessories. I loved all of my vendors, so if you're planning in Brooklyn/NYC and want a specific rec or even a template/file/specific thing, I would be delighted to share more. The structure of the day was:
So many of our favorite ideas were from or inspired by posts or comments from this group! I wanted to give back and highlight a list of less traditional ideas that helped us feel like our day was really ours and any tips for making them work as inspo for your day.
Photos of details and other moments here: 📷
  1. Pausing and stopping during the ceremony - Writing an explicit moment in the ceremony to look around and take in the moment
  2. Ceremony in the round and guests not rising during bride's processional - I dislike hierarchy and being on stage, and it felt so nice to be surrounded by rather than in front of people. We rented benches rather than chairs to make set-up easier, with the benches making a diamond. Our planner also positioned our families facing their "person" (my mom & dad looking at my face, for example), which was a clever detail.
  3. Vow book - Tip from this group that vow books seem extra but are worth it, and I totally agree! It was nice to hold something lovely rather than my phone or a scrap of paper. We are also hoping to revisit them annually and keep adding to the book. Mine are from Etsy.
  4. Wearing glasses during the ceremony - I (the bride) never wear contacts, so I knew I had to wear glasses during the wedding day. I never see brides do this, so wanted to normalize! I worked with my make-up artist to find falsies that worked well.
  5. Ring warming ceremony - Passed the ring in a small wooden bowl made by my partner's grandfather. Really loved this participatory aspect and worked well with the ceremony in the round. Instructions were given verbally by our officiant and described in the program. Went smoothly!
  6. Watercolorist of ceremony and guests - See photo in album! Katie ( is amazing, and I am obsessed with what she painted every day. We framed the original and used prints as thank you cards.
  7. Petal throw - Ordered dried flowers from Etsy, made cones from butcher paper, lined guests up after the ceremony and did a petal throw walking down the stairs. Joyful, participatory, and great photo opp
  8. Zine wedding invitation - We made a hand-bound zine as a wedding invitation, which allowed us to tell our story to guests, include a poem, a crossword puzzle, print details about the day and what to expect, and more
  9. Board game guest book - I read this in a comment in this sub for sure, and thought it was brilliant! We love games, and I kept disliking most guest book concepts for us. We used the game Photosynthesis.
  10. Snoopy toss (replacement for bouquet toss) - Throwing a thing is so fun, and I loved the idea of making a guest's day by having them catch something. I was inspired by this sub mentioning throwing a stuffed animal, with the lore of whoever catching it being the next person to get a new pet. My partner loves Snoopy, so we tied extra fabric from my wedding dress hem to make a bow and just said he was a lucky wedding souvenir.
  11. Photos of parental figures without the bride/groom - Great tip from the sub! Nice for them to have a photo all dressed up
  12. Kissing bell - Almost didn't do this, because I didn't think people would ring it! But we found the perfect autumn-colored bell in a thrift store, and figured why not. Boy, was I wrong. People got a huge kick out of ringing it, and our photographer was able to get more smooching photos. And now we have on the bookshelf as a memento!
  13. Small cultural details: Outfit change to red dress, my grandma's jade bracelet, double happiness symbol on the back of the programs & invite, reading/poem translated from Chinese - I didn't do a tea ceremony or have big cultural moments, but wanted to include small details here and there that felt more natural
Happy planning! 💗 You got this!
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2023.03.27 03:00 ddun What color should I paint my doors? We have a small red barn too.

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2023.03.27 02:58 djbrefik First "real" multicolor print

25 hours and quite a bit of waste later. I'm curious if it's normal to spend hours painting something like this in Bambu Studio. It was the first time I spent a while detail coloring a print. Depending on how far you zoom in, it seems to be a lengthy process. Not completely happy with it( I think its rough where different colors meet) but im curious what others think. BYW, no supports in PLA on X1CC.
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2023.03.27 02:57 Wonderful-Ad-7303 New player and recently just discovered about the penalty system

I love mechs, I love gundam, and I have a crippling gacha addiction. Just recently discovered about this game and im absolutely having a blast.Im a sucker for big robots beating the scrap out of other big robots, and as a fan of the armored core series since 3rd gen I need this game to scratch that itch in me.
My life in GBO2 is going swimmingly. Just discovered that the Phenex gundam has already been added to the game 2 months ago, and as a fan of the Unicorn sisters and the Phenex being my favorite out of the three I was overjoyed when the Phenex just got a rerun. Didnt expect to get her since I only have a few dabloons then BAM!, first ten pull I got 2 Phenexes, the first one made me howl and the second one just left me speachless.
Painted her in the color of the Adeptus Custodes (Emperor bless those glorious golden banana bois) and took her to rank matches after rank matches and OH MY GOD SHE HANDLES LIKE A DREAM. I did not know she was a "please nerf" kind of unit so I was shock about my preformance because I keep getting constant Ws and landing on the 1st and 5th places on each and every match and I suck mega balls in this game.
She carried me in her golden bossom to rank B- ground and rank C space. All is swell in the world, But I should have known that this level of luck and prosperity has a price to pay and the good times will soon come to an end.
I live in the Philippines . . . I dont have to explain to you about the internet situation in this God abandoned country. Oceans will dry out, stars shall dim, and humanity ascends to the sixth dimensional plane before we would find a solution to fix this country's internet problems.
Thats why I sometimes disconnect in lobbys, matchmaking, and in the middle of games. This infuriates me because it takes atleast 10 to 30 min for me to wait for a full lobby just to get kicked out and getting disconnected in the middle of matches when Im commiting warcrimes againts the enemy team. But atleast when this happened the game outright tells me that this will not effect my standing or whatever in the game so I thought I was fine, oh how naive I was.
Then a few days ago my Phenex decided to aimlessly drift and phase through debris in space then finaly decided to merge and become one with a rock. Welp another disconect I thought Woopty Doo!, but I should be fine because the game will not treat this as . . . . what do you mean I got a warning? I thought this kind of stuff was fine? Okay im having one of those bad internet days just gotta wait until I get good speed and get back on grinding that rank match.
The following day I got like 3 to 4 blue bars right beside my username and checked the ps4 test your internet thingy and saw that it was fast and good so I went to rank matches again with my phenex. Won 4 ground matches in the row and im close to reaching B rank ground. I decided to give it one more push before the 700 hundred cost match game gets sortied out (and yes ever since I got Phenex I only play 700 rank matches because I love her).
So I got into the Lobby, the lobby is filled with players, the players have picked their suits, and the cutscene of me climbing into my baby and launching plays, the screen goes black, the it suddenly disconnects me and gave me another warning. WTF! what do you mean? I furiously check the internet speed and with God as my witness it has the same numbers as before, so I checked the game and i still havs 4 blue bars.
Okay thats wierd maybe its just a one time hickup, so I went into a match again, then I SHIT YOU NOT IT HAPPENED AGAIN, the exact same sequence plays out and got booted after the cutscene. But this time the text is different, my eyes widend with fury as I read the RED BOLD TEXT . . . . Penalty 1. I just sat there with a thumb up my arse. Okay okay deep breaths deeeeep breaths, everything is gonna be find, a penalty? how bad can that be? It says i can remove it if I play rank matches and thats what i plan to do all day anyways, so let me just sortie into my next fight and THIRTY HOUR BAN!? PUTANG INA!? and thats for the first offence and seeing that it has a number 1 I theorized that there is a second ban, and since this one is a 30 hour ban I dred to imagine what Penalty 2 is like.
So I was like screw this im just gonna play custom matches since I plan to play this game all day anways and I reckon that you only get penalties on rank matches since its suppose to be competitive and custom matches are as casual as you can get even when compared to quick matches.
So i went into a 350 point match to get my mind off the ban, then in the middle of the game it disconnected me, a message pop out, and again in red text . . . . penalty 2. I checked how much time I need to serve this unjust sentence put opun me . . . . . 5 days. FIVE DAAAAAYYYYYSSSSsssssss. I put down the controler, turned off my ps4, went to the bathroom, and shit myself in anger. I cant even wrap my head around why penalties still happen in custom matches anyways since who gives a rat ass what happens in a custom match.
I went into the subreddits and read posts about this stupid penalty system, and from what I gather the devs implament this system due to people complaing aboit rage quiters in the past. Look okay I understand a punishment system like this to deter assholes from just quitting matches when shit goes slightly off their way needs to exist. But what about players like me who even with a good connection at that time get booted out because the game decided to not work at that time? They get penalized unjustly and have to suffer practice match hell in fear of getting worst punishments from disconnecting from even CUSTOM MATCHES.
And what if I got a slow internet speed and get disconnected from matches from time to time, the game needs an option for players like me who gets disconnected for a short time to get back into the same match. CUS MOMMA AINT RAISE NO QUITTER, enemy team got a 10,000 point lead, one teamate decides to bomb the enemy base at 50 seconds on the clock, the other goes on scuicidal charges, two are constantly team hitting, and im missing all my shots, do I quit? NO, CUS IM A WARRIOR BABY, I FIGHT TILL THE DYING OF THE LIGHT AND I LET IT RIDE, WHEN MY TEAM GOES DOWN I GO DOWN SWINGING, AWWOOO! AWWWWOOO!
But since this game runs on a peer to peer system (which by the way from what i researched, what kind of stupid decision is that to put an archaic system suck as PTP in a multiplayer game) instead of dedicated servers that cant happen, from my understanding atleast idk im not tech savy.
Since they dont want to put effort into fixing their network, why not instead of punishing disconnects by not letting them play (which is a imbasilic design, what kind of game that have a system that makes players unable to play the game) put players with low internet speeds and rage quiters into a seperate lobby and let them suffer hell together, and if they manage to finish a couple of games without disconnecting then they will be able to sortie back to normal lobbies. Sure it will suck but atleast players who disconnect unintentionaly will still be able to play and rage quiters will be stuck in this hell for a time till they fix their behaviour or just quit the game. Well atleast thats my half ass solution anyways im sure their are better opinions out their feel free to share.
So here I am waiting for my ban to drop so I can play again to play rank and clear my good name so I can be out of this penalty. This sucks because from what ive heard it will take atleast TWENTY matches to get out of penalty 2 to normal, and with my shoty internet connection if I disconnect just once I will be back in penalty hell. This thought alone makes me want to quit the game which is a bumber cause i was genuily having fun. Cant wait for Armored Core 6 to drop cause im thinking of dropping this game
First time posting and never in the life of me thought I would create a reddit post since I just like lurking around and watching the memes and discussions, I just really need to vent so bad, and Jesus christ this is a long as post so imma just put a
TLDR: Just started playing the game, got my favorite unit, having a blast, then got a penalty out of nowhere because the game decided to screw me over even with good connection. Got a second penalty again in custom matches, why on God's green earth does that exist? Rework the penalty system by having disconnecters in a different lobby and work their sentence till they get back to normal lobbies. Thinking about dropping the game.
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2023.03.27 02:55 ddun Not a room, but my house. What color should I paint my doors? We have a small red barn too.

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2023.03.27 02:51 BigWangCly Tattoo Recommendations?

Does Anyone know an artist or shop that's really good with doing color on darker skin? Also one who is ok with redrawing a little, I kinda had to make my tattoo in Paint on my laptop.
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2023.03.27 02:49 forgetmeknot8 5 Forget Me Knot Crafts to Make and Gift

Forget me knots are a beautiful and meaningful symbol of love and friendship. Whether yo want to show someone how much you care or simply brighten their day, these five heartfeltcrafts are sure to do the trick. From DIY jewelry to handmade cards, there's something foreveryone on this list.

Forget Me Knot Bracelet.

A forget me knot bracelet is a beautiful and meaningful gift that can be worn every day. Tomake one, you'll need some cord or string in your desired color, as well as a clasp and somejewelry findings. Simply knot the cord in a forget me knot pattern, and attach the clasp andfindings to complete the bracelet. You can also add beads or charms for extrapersonalization.

Forget Me Knot Wall Art.

Create a beautiful piece of wall art with forget me knots using a canvas and some paint.First, paint the canvas in your desired color and let it dry completely. Then, use a pencil tolightly sketch out the forget me knot design. Once you're happy with the design, use a smallpaintbrush to paint the knots in white or another contrasting color. You can also add apersonal touch by painting a name or message alongside the knots. Hang the finished pieceon a wall or give it as a heartfelt gift.

Forget Me Knot Keychain.

Create a personalized keychain with a forget me knot charm to give as a gift to a loved one.You can purchase a forget me knot charm online or at a craft store. Then, attach it to akeychain ring using pliers. You can also add other charms or beads to make it even morespecial. This is a simple and thoughtful gift that will remind the recipient of your love andfriendship every time they use their keys.

Forget Me Knot Flower Bouquet.

Create a beautiful bouquet of forget me knot flowers to give as a gift. You can eitherpurchase fresh forget me knots from a florist or use silk flowers for a longer-lasting gift.Arrange the flowers in a vase or tie them together with a ribbon for a rustic look. This is aperfect gift for a friend or loved one who loves flowers and appreciates the symbolism of theforget me knot.Forget Me Knot Friendship Bracelet Set.Create a set of friendship bracelets using forget me knot charms or beads. You can usedifferent colored strings or cords to make each bracelet unique. Give one to your best friendor make a set for your entire friend group. This is a great way to show your appreciation foryour friends and the everlasting bond you share.
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2023.03.27 02:41 NoUDidntGurl Done! Now to move on to the next one!

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2023.03.27 02:35 schoolsuck0 OC

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2023.03.27 02:31 Expensive-Panic-5365 Visited Glossier gondola @ Sephora

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2023.03.27 02:26 victorialucyt What color should I paint my room?

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2023.03.27 02:20 toaster-spoon Where can I get a gold P* fusion or F2?

I've seen them on amped airsoft for a while but they've always been out of stock, will they ever be restocked or is there any way to get them? I have a skeletonized build and want to match my internals with my exterior color
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2023.03.27 02:19 Albablog A little Albs F&B update: donuts, empanadas, coffee, and maybe downtown pizza?

A little Albs F&B update: donuts, empanadas, coffee, and maybe downtown pizza?
Crawling out of my wintry den to provide a small Albany F&B update! A few new food and bev options have opened lately, and development on some other stuff seems to be chugging along.
Open now:
-- Bitchin' Donuts, serving vegan donuts and a small menu of other vegan food, is open at 193 Lark. Hours are 7am to 3pm Wednesday-Sunday.
Le Menu
-- Across the street at LoFi, Viva Empanadas of the Galleria 7 food hall in Latham has opened up a new outpost operating out of the bar's kitchen. Hours 5-10 Sun-Thursday, 5-12:30 Fri-Sat.
-- Motor Oil Coffee is now open at 136 State Street, Mon-Fri 7:00-4:00.
-- That new takeout Buffalo Wild Wings is now open on New Scotland, next to the also newly-opened YMCA, in case you really want to keep your cardiovascular system on its toes.
In Development:
-- There's a lot going on in the Warehouse District right now. Signs for Real McCoy Beer Co. and Motor Oil Coffee have gone up at the former Huck Finn building, with construction ongoing on both. Down the street, renovations are full steam ahead on the future home of Fiden's Brewing: they're asking for opinions about paint colors on their Instagram. Lionheart on the Green (the new building next to Lost and Found) has been pretty quiet, but they've applied for a liquor license, and the owner has previously said that he wants to be open for this summer.
-- In my last update I spotted a stop work notice at 55 Pearl. It's been replaced by a building permit for a restaurant fitup. The permit was issued to a company that also owns a place called WV pizza in Watervliet, but I couldn't find out what exactly they're putting in on Pearl.
-- Heard from someone who should know that the big corner space on Lark previously housing Lark Street Mercantile is going to have a bar in it. No info on the type of bar, etc.
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2023.03.27 02:19 Ron_Perlman_DDS Painting a keyblade

Howdy all. Like the title says, I'm working on a keyblade. Kairi's, specifically. I have a decent wood dowel I'm using for the core, and pvc pipe for the "blade" end. I have a nice color gold paint to use, problem is it's basically acrylic craft paint, so I have no idea if it'll take well to pvc (or if it'll flake and chip too easy after a little time.) Has anyone had luck with this approach, or should I just bite the bullet and find a similar color in spray paint?
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2023.03.27 02:18 Rinhell2501 Question about primers.

Hey everyone,
About to paint up my first couple lances of mechs and I wanted to know what color primer I should be using for each.
One is going to be the 2nd Donegal Guard, I was thinking of going with white so I can get a lighter blue gray out of it.
The other is going to be Warrior House Dai Da Chi. Camospecs calls for a “gold - tinged green” for their colors. I thought of using Army Painter’s gold primer then going over it with green.
I just wanted to know if this is what I should be doing or should I go with like black or gray?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.03.27 02:18 NOTXTBACK What do I do? Erica said PandaBuy lost my package…

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2023.03.27 02:12 honeybadgerelite Finally able to paint agai. C&c the color scheme and weathering on my votann proof of concept please!

Finally able to paint agai. C&c the color scheme and weathering on my votann proof of concept please! submitted by honeybadgerelite to Warhammer40k [link] [comments]

2023.03.27 02:09 honeybadgerelite Finally able to paint again. Here’s a proof of concept for my Votann. C&c on the color scheme and weathering please.

Finally able to paint again. Here’s a proof of concept for my Votann. C&c on the color scheme and weathering please. submitted by honeybadgerelite to LeaguesofVotann [link] [comments]

2023.03.27 02:09 honeybadgerelite Finally able to paint again. Here’s a proof of concept for my Votann. C&c on the color scheme and weathering please.

Finally able to paint again. Here’s a proof of concept for my Votann. C&c on the color scheme and weathering please. submitted by honeybadgerelite to Warhammer [link] [comments]

2023.03.27 02:09 Asante_- Building my first PC! ~ $850 budget

**What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.*\*
Mostly playing AAA games like destiny, apex, mc (hopefully w/light rt), etc. I'd also like to be able to do my homework on one screen and not experience crazy frame drops when doing both at once. My laptop has not much room for multitasking and I avg like 17fps in D2 medium when I have any apps on in bg.
**What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?*\*
My absolute max would be $900, in college and I don't want to go into debt buying it haha.
>**When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.*\*
I'd like to have all my parts purchased by mid april - early may, the cheaper the build the sooner I will build it.
**What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc\)*\*
Just the tower (If you know of a great XL desk mat I wouldn't be opposed)
**Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?*\*
Washington State, US. No microcenters within 900 miles of me.
**If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.*\*
Monitor: MSI G241 , 144 Hz, 1080p, IPS (Upgrading in future)
Keyboard: Glorious, GMMK Pro
Mouse: Glorious, Model O
**Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?*\*
TBH, I don't understand it, so probably not.
**Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)*\*
SSD storage, at least 1 TB, 16 GB ram (I'd like a small amount of RGB)
**Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?*\*
ATX cases, black/darker colours, windows yes, pref. light or no lighting, going for a black/ambewood color theme, black components are nice, but I know how to paint if that is cheaper.
**Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?*\*
I think so, I saw somewhere there are free sources, but a usb version might be safer
**Extra info or particulars:*\*
I'm entirely open to buying used off of ebay marketplace etc.
I've been waiting for a fractal north case, if it doesn't become available by the time I order the rest I will buy a diff case.
I'd like to use an AIO for the build, but I've heard it is wise to use the built in fans that come with pc cases instead for lower mid builds like I want so that's fine.

Here is a build that I kind of slapped together in pcpartpicker, but I have a feeling it's not great
submitted by Asante_- to buildapcforme [link] [comments]