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Tasque Manager stuff in general (Anything related to Tasque Manager in any way)

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SFW posts about Tasque Manager from Deltarune.

2018.10.31 14:03 mangobus45 * The power of the hovertext shines within you.

The role-playing video game by American indie developer Toby Fox.

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2023.05.28 18:39 Skipper_the_cop I'm making an AU, and these are some small snipets (Spamton-Tasque Manager swap) of it

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2023.05.21 16:23 AffectionateForce979 Most attractive Deltarune characters.

Most attractive Deltarune characters.
Tasque Manager specially.
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2023.05.14 03:15 AlternateAccount66 Deltarune Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 have the exact same plot structure.

I was thinking about the upcoming chapters, and I realized that Chapter 2 literally just did all the stuff Chapter 1 did in its pacing and world-building, except it did it bigger, and added more content/complexity to the structure.
The beginning of the game starts in the Light World, where we're introduced to the main Lightners of interest during this chapter.
You enter the Dark World, and are thrown into an introduction area that has a few small, initial obstacles, as well as cliffs you can slide down. At this point, your party is incomplete.
Near the end of this beginning area, you meet the rest of your party (though not all of them join you still). The game gives you an easy, introductory battle to get used to the mechanics. You also meet the main villain of the part, who you will interact with throughout the upcoming areas.
You enter the first area, which is some sort of field with a chill music track. You meet a group of funny minor characters along the way, with a sort-of miniboss against them near the end (though it isn't very hard). You also interact with the antagonist constantly, who pits challenges against you.
You reach the halfway point. The game gives you a very small, unique area that works as a bridge between the two major areas. There's not much to do here other than maybe one small challenge, but you fight a much more concrete miniboss here, as well as have a substantial interaction with the antagonist.
You reach the second major area. Unlike the first which was a field, this one is a more densely-packed areas. You also lose part of your team for this section of the game, and only get them back near the end. The interactions with the antagonist still happen, but there's less challenges from them. You also fight 2 minibosses.
After the second major area, you get a second small area bridging it to the final area. This one isn't unique, it's just themed after the second area. It's the only time you have a totally full party, and is a bit of calm exploration and character interaction before the final section of the game.
The final area is the antagonists lair. As you approach it, the antagonist captures you, and you're thrown into their dungeon. In order to get out, you have to solve a couple puzzles. During this, one of the feature characters from the Light World segment at the beginning, changes their ways and permanently becomes a good guy. You temporarily lose control of the whole party until the end.
You explore the antagonists lair, making your way to the top floor. Along the way, you have 3 confrontations, with the last one being a proper miniboss. If you go out of your way and explore the hidden areas, you can also find the Secret Boss of the part.
Once you reach the roof of the antagonists lair, you have your final battle with them, saving someone in the process, and getting help from all of the characters you met along the way. The party, especially feature character from the Light World will learn some moral lesson. Finally, you go seal the Fountain, and are brought back to the Light World.
So, what do you think? Of course, Chapter 2 is a lot more robust, a lot of the concepts are expanded on and fleshed-out, a few extra things are added and some minor events are shuffled around so they don't line up perfectly 1-to-1. But still, the basic plot structure is impressively similar between them, like Chapter 2 was just doing what Chapter 1 wanted to be, but didn't have the time or development team for.
Do you think the upcoming chapters will follow this same structure too? Personally, at least for Chapters 3, 4, and 5, I absolutely believe all of the stuff I outlined here will be applicable to their plot structures.
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2023.05.01 02:16 Joel_Megyc4547 Secret pocket buddy for chapter 3? (Like starwalker) any other guesses?

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2023.04.30 18:35 Serchshenko6105 So I have made an AU called Frenzyroots. This is its role swap list!

🔸/🔺Character and Enemy
~ Swap
> Replace
Dark ~ Void (Voidners instead of Darkners)
🔹The Darkness > The Void
🔸Goner Kid ~ Gaster
🔸Chara(cter) > Vessel
🔸Pie > pipis. > SOUL
Blue-Tones scale > Gray Scale
Full World
Fullness > Light (Fullners instead of Lightners)
🔹Safeville > Hometown
🔹School ~ College (University)
🔹Ciber Caféf > Librarby
🔹Undyne’s House > Toriel’s Home
🔹Suzy’s Burger Suzorium > Ice-E-s P-E-zza
🔸Temmie ~ Kris
🔸Ice-E ~ Susie
🔸Burgerpants ~ Noelle
🔸Jockington ~ Berdly
🔸Undyne ~ Toriel
🔸Alphys ~ Asgore
🔸Flowers ~ Pottery
🔸Sans ~ Sans’ Janitor
🔸Snowdrake ~ The Original Starwalker
🔸Rudy ~ Cat Maniac
🔸Nice Cream Guy ~ Dess
Void Space Episode I
🔹Void Space > Dark World
🔹Void Tree > Dark Fountain
🔹Cooler Cliffs > The Cliffs
🔹 Spamton’s Mansion > Ralsei’s Castle
🔸 Spamton ~ Ralsei
🔸/🔺Lancer ~ Onionsan
🔹TV Kingdom ~ Card Kingdom
🔹Field of Bigs and Shots > Field of Hopes and Dreams
🔸/🔺Sweet Cap’n Cakes ~ Clover
🔸Nubert ~ Sean
🔸Joe ~ Trashy
🔹Theatre Stage > That Chess Area idk how it’s called lmao
🔸Mr Society and Mr Elegance ~ Head Hathys (Ms. Stylish and Ms. Commuinty)
🔹Holy Emerald Plains > Scarlet Forest
🔸Chilldrakes ~ Starwalker Birds
🔹Glamour Castle > Card Castle
🔸/🔺Rouxls ~ Coat Rack (Kot Raak)
🔸/🔺King ~ Mettaton
🔸/🔺Jevil ~ Froggit
🔺 Rudinn ~ Rabbick
🔺Hathy ~ Ponmen
🔺Jigsawry ~ Bloxer
🔺Little Ball ~ C. Round (Great Ball instead of K. Round)
🔸Man behind the Tree ~ The ANGEL
Void Space Episode II
🔹Tunes Field > Cyber Field
Guitar Hero > PunchOut!
🔹Roller Coaster ~ Swan Ride
🔸/🔺Blooky ~ Queen
🔸Antivirguys > Plugboys
🔸Clam Girl ~ Hacker
🔹Corrupted Data Area > Trash Zone
🔹Floof Town > Cyber City
🔸Fluffassistans (basically Ralsei’s Dummies) > Addisons
🔸Fommt ~ Icon Man
🔹Blooky’s Concert Stadium > Queen’s Palace
🔹Acid Tunnel ~ Basement
🔸Asriel ~ Swatch
🔸/🔺Tasque Manager ~ Shyren
🔺Werewire ~ Ambyu-lance (and AmbyuAmbyu-lance)
🔺Poppup ~ Tasque
🔺Virovirokun ~ Maus (Virovirokun Sphere)
🔸/🔺 Swatchlings ~ Ice-Caps
Items/Objects From Episode I
🔸temMy sword. (Bitten Pen) > Wood Blade
🔸Ice-E Hamm-E-er > Mane Ax
🔸Puppet Scarf (now Green Scarf) ~ Red Scarf (now Puppet Scarf)
🔸Void Marshmallow > Dark Candy
🔸Void Popsicle > Dark Burger
🔸Mysterious Sticker > Amber Card
🔸scEri swrd. > Spooky Sword
🔸Comically Big Donut > Top Cake
🔸Comically Confusing Optical Illusion Donut > Spin Cake
🔸White Bowtie > White Ribbon
🔸Choco Bun > Choco Diamond
🔸Chess Muffin > Heart Donut
🔸Onion Salad > Lancer Cookie
🔸Egg ~ Banana
🔸Scnife > Ragger
🔸Props Wrist > Dice Brace
🔸Iron Shackle (No Swap, description changes)
🔸Be-E-tter Hamm-E-r > Brave Ax
🔸Groupsubway > Clubsandwich
🔸Cheer Scarf > Dainty Scarf
🔸Kot Kane > Rouxls Roux
🔸Frogmallet > Devilsknife
🔸Frogwings > Jevilstail
{Key items: Cellphone, Manual, Complete Shard, Unfixed Cake, Banana, Broken Keys, Frog Key, Blank Pearl}
Items/Objects From Episode II
🔸Powder Candy > Light Candy
🔸Double Popsicle > DD Burger
🔸Better Sticker > Silver Card
🔸CD Bagel (No Swap, description changes)
🔸Full Brace > Glow Wrist
🔸T. Piece > T. Bit
🔸Wool Scarf > Fiber Scarf
🔸lit sAber. > Mecha Saber
🔸Autom-E-tic Hamm-E-er > Auto Axe
🔸Scnife II > Ragger2
🔸White Hat > Silver Watch
🔸Employee Badge > Royal Pin
🔸Warm Spatula > Snow Ring
🔸rUbber swor. > Bounce Blade
🔸Yellow Bowtie > Pink Ribbon
🔸Soda > Tea
🔸Dummy ~ Mannequin
🔸DELTA WEAPON > THE BIG ONE (still will be a Broken Sword)
🔸GOAT REEBON > B.SHOT BOWTIE (Faded Ribbon instead of Frayed Bowtie)
🔸Ralsybudy.exe > Keygen
🔸Disk (No Swap, description changes)
🔸Official BlookY Drink > Butler Juice
🔸Spaghetti Code (No Swap, only change is description)
🔸Goat Ribbon > B.Shot Bowtie (Real)
🔸Playlist Coat > Chain Mail
🔸Assistant Glasses > DealMaker
🔸Bowtie x2 > Twin Ribbon
🔸Spike Necklace > Spike Band
🔸T.Ribbon > TensionBow
B U R G E R P R I S O N Items/Objects
🔸Warm Spatula > Snow Ring
🔸Burnt Spatula > Freeze Ring
🔸Lava Spatula > Thorn Ring
Musical Motifs (Episode I)
▫️School ~ Another Him
▫️Don’t Forget ~ Once Upon A Time/Enemy Approaching
▫️The Door ~ Weird Birds
▫️Hey Every (extended some way)~ FoHaD (beginning)
▫️man.ogg ~ The Holy
▫️Lancer ~ Waterfall
▫️Gallery ~ Its Showtime!
▫️Fountain (Unused) ~ Freedom Motif
▫️Ngahhh! ~ Home
Musical Motifs (Episode II)
▫️Queen ~ Ghost Motif
▫️April 2012 ~ Sweet Cap’n Cakes Motif
▫️Berdly ~ Snowdin (First Part)
▫️Welcome To The City / Spamton ~ The Legend
▫️Digital Roots (Dispair Motif) ~ The Dark Truth
END (til chapter 3, 4, 5 of original Deltarune)
I accept suggestions for other swaps.
[btw this AU was formerly called Twistedrune if you remember it which I totally doubt]
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2023.04.27 10:09 THEREALSPARTAN9001 A friend of mine joked about the Tasque Manager keychain "Transforming your keyblade", so I made a quick mockup.

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2023.04.26 05:09 AnimatorPositive3310 Tasque Manager's cat.

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2023.04.22 03:20 R0mdon Recruits on the Weird Route

Recruits on the Weird Route
So, I was replaying the game and I did a Weird Route, I froze all of the Cyber City enemies and recruited the enemies from Queen's Mansion (Werewerewire, Tasque Manager and Mauswheel), but, when I checked my recruits in Castle Town, I noticed that there was lots of darkners I've frozen. Is this something that always happens but I forgot or is it a glitch?
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2023.04.21 23:02 Yookee-Mookee Ralsei and the Tasque Manager

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2023.04.19 03:54 __Labrys Question about a part of the dark worlds

I had a bit of a question about the dark worlds. We know that darkners from different dark worlds have had past connections with each other (King and Queen knowing each other, Tasque manager and Spamton knowing Jevil, Jevil knowing Queen, etc), but has there been an established reason of how they know each other? How can the darkners somehow know of each other and have history when their dark fountain wasn't created until the events of Deltarune? At first I assumed that maybe the dark worlds are always there, but the fountains just give them a stronger connection to the light world, but when Queen talks about the Knight, she specifically says that "it deigned to create this world," implying that the world's are created when the fountains are made, not strengthened. So how can they know each other? Has there been any explanation as to how the dark worlds actually work and how this is possible?
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2023.04.19 02:31 Flimsy-Ad-2907 Catti and Noelle…

I was kinda wondering about Catti. I feel like there’s a lot more relevance to her character. The one thing I am certain of is that she’s close to, and has a crush on Noelle.
In ch-1 if Kris asks about Noelles key, she says she’ll wait for her mom to get back, or go over to Catti’s house across the street. I guess that makes sense though she’s her neighbor and sits next to her in class. I initially didn’t think much of this at first but In ch-2 while Noelle is in your party you can tell her to pet Tasque Managers tasque cats. During the move she says “Th-there, there… (it’s not too different from Catti…)” 😳 In fact this was referenced in the Spamton sweepstakes when Noelle said her favorite game was “Cat Petterz 2”. In fact now that I think of it Cat Petterz is referenced several times in game as well.🤔
Also in ch-2 Noelle is a conversation topic with Catti at QC’s where she says “Golden hair. Starry eyes. She is the light. Laughing in the night.” She asks Kris to protect Noelle from the “dark” (Susie).
I’m starting to think that her haltered for Susie isn’t over Jockingtons hat.
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2023.04.18 18:01 SweatyPosition6582 tasque manager porn

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2023.04.13 17:28 Dr0pmic So, I thought that it was weird that Deltarune chapter 2 was in a COMPUTER but there was no firewall character. so I decided to put it upon myself to make one. It's a security robot, made by the combined efforts of Swatch, Tasque Manager and Queen in order to kill any threats, especially Ice ones.

So, I thought that it was weird that Deltarune chapter 2 was in a COMPUTER but there was no firewall character. so I decided to put it upon myself to make one. It's a security robot, made by the combined efforts of Swatch, Tasque Manager and Queen in order to kill any threats, especially Ice ones. submitted by Dr0pmic to Undertale [link] [comments]

2023.04.13 06:18 Bulky-Debate-871 Le Curseur (My Au Tasque Manager)

Le Curseur (My Au Tasque Manager)
If Tasque Manager was based on the Cursor icon
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2023.04.09 16:37 SesameEater69 Quick doodle of Tasque Manager, I'm loving this new brush

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2023.04.09 09:35 ProfessorNoodless Tasque Manager flirts at the subway cashier

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2023.04.08 03:41 Bulky-Debate-871 "Le curseur" Sprite

She's taller than Tasque Manager so that's cool
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2023.04.05 05:56 Bulky-Debate-871 Le Curseur

Le Curseur
She would likely be a shop keeper (I originally intended her on being a Spamton Au Tasque Manager, however it didn't turn out that way)
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