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2023.06.09 23:31 dog_fart_taco Resistance list, any suggestions on how to fly this?

I just picked up quite a few new ships. The only ship on this list that I’ve flown before is the T-70. How should I fly this list? Any suggestions to improve it?
Alpha Squadron
(7) Rey [Scavenged YT-1300] (3) Heightened Perception (9) Finn (3) Contraband Cybernetics (8) Proton Rockets (2) Heroic (0) Rey's Millennium Falcon Points: 7
(3) Jarek Yeager [Fireball] (2) R4 Astromech (4) Coaxium Hyperfuel (3) Advanced SLAM (0) Kaz's Fireball Points: 3
(4) Zorii Bliss [BTA-NR2 Y-Wing] (2) Wartime Loadout (2) Heroic (5) Plasma Torpedoes (2) Dorsal Turret Points: 4
(4) Temmin Wexley [T-70 X-wing] (5) Heavy Laser Cannon (0) Integrated S-foils (4) Elusive Points: 4
(2) BB-8 [Resistance Transport Pod] (3) Han Solo (1) Automated Target Priority Points: 2
Total points: 20
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2023.06.09 23:12 koolaide5885 [US-OR][H] Minifigures & Misc. sets [W] PayPal

76902 mcclaren- Complete with instructions $13 plus shipping
75185 Tracker I- 99% complete with instruction. Rowan and droid minifigures only. $25 + shipping
All figures in in good condition with no cracks. Tan plate figs will have a missing piece or wear (see pics). Will double check before purchase. I can also provide up close photos of any figure upon request.
All prices pictured and below exclude shipping.
Prices (per fig) have been added in front. Feel free confirm if there’s any confusion.
Figures $25 and above are as follows:
Zuckkus sw1020 $51
Aayla secure sw0833 $30
Cull Obsidian and crew (figs on same plate) $29
Thanos plate $24
Dr strange sh509 $20
Iron spiderman sh510 $45
Mimban sw0927 $60
Han Solo Mudtrooper- missing cape $25
Tan plate- open for offers
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2023.06.09 22:57 Pinstripe07 ¿El amor se acaba?

Hace unas horas estabamos platicando mis compañeros y yo burradas y de la nada salio la plática que a varios de ellos sus padres les pedian que revisaran su celular periódicamente porque aveces estaban muy lentos y se trababan y que ya varias veces sin querer les han encontrado fotos sin nada de ropa (Padre o Madre) mientras buscan los archivos que van a borrar, pero que las personas a quien se las enviaban no son su Papá o su Mamá sino que es otra persona, dijeron que ya no se les hace raro aún sabiendo que sus matrimonios ya tienen mas de 30 o 40 años y más que ese tiempo desde que se conocen y están juntos y que ya con el tiempo se acaba el amor y el deseo por su pareja y por eso buscan algo más para volver a sentirse especial para alguien, por eso pregunto esto: ¿Creen que el amor de pareja si se acaba y ya solo están juntos por compromiso o para no terminar solos hasta el fin de sus dias? 🤔🤔
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2023.06.09 22:55 fitterniti TheRiseofSkywalker Rewrite

TL;DR: Should be titled rewriting the whole new trilogy. Basically felt I could do a better narrative job of the trilogy after watching a few in depth critiques on YouTube. Focus was on doing justice to new characters while giving. Epic send-offs to Legacy characters. With a healthy dose of action and wtf moments sprinkled in.
Huge Star Wars Fan as that's one of my fondest memories of my late Grandfather. That and Godzilla. We never missed a showing of any of the films. I wish he were here to watch the new trilogy with me but given how disjointed and incoherent the new films turned out to be, I'm glad he's happy in heaven. Anyhoo. Honestly, I don't think we need to even rewrite these movies too much because they had all the ingredients to begin with. However, here's my painstakingly thought out Re-Write. This took a good part of two hours to write folks. Off the top of my head on a Friday midnight with bare minimum effort. I cannot fathom how a billion dollar studio couldn't afford writers who did not even understand basic setup and payoff, consequences to actions and building suspense and grand setpieces. What an incredibly wasted opportunity. Let me know what you think of my re-write of the plot. Aight. I'm a go cool off my aching fingers in some ice now while you peruse my rambling poorly structured sentences. 😂
PART ONE: This remains largely the same. But Rey and Finn fall hard for each other eventually. Kylo is split between the dark and light and genuinely believes the Jedi were the ones in the wrong and wants to bring about balance by destroying both the Jedi and the Sith. Snoke is a major influence. Let him be present and not just a shadow. Good vs Evil yada yada. Kylo hesitates on the bridge scene with Han but something flashes in his mind and makes him grasp a Ruby bracelet on his wrist. Memories of a past he had suppressed. Han notices the turmoil in his son and says "Ben. . ". As he reaches out to embrace his son, the turbulent memories trigger the saber to ignite, killing Han Solo. Kylo accepts his journey to the darkness and gets shot by Chewie. Rey and Kylo stand-off near the end. Except Rey doesn't nearly win. Finn loses a leg or arm in his blinded rage for Kylo killing Han Solo. Kylo is freakishly strong. Rey and Finn are saved by the skin of their teeth as Poe saves their asses instead of some natural calamity. This cements their friendship further. Luke's history is detailed. How he retired. Blah blah. Rey then goes and finds Luke. The end. Oh and btw, Finn has a better relationship with Poe and deeper bond with Han Solo while Rey gravitates intensely towards Leia and is good friends with Poe (but only after Poe's skepticism that she can be a Jedi fades near the end of the plot) This will have a solid pay off later.
PART TWO: Luke begrudgingly allows Rey into his personal space. He also doesn't chuck the light saber but takes it back to his hut and begins to dismantle it. Rey fights him and in the tussle he breaks down and confesses about why he quit. The Jedi had to make a terrible choice in the past. To save younglings and mother's in a distant home base or protect the few hundred fighters they had remaining. The Jedi are left in this tough spot when facing the tyranny of the new order - something they presumed was a remnant of the Emperor's reign but in reality, was a slowly rising menace new to this time in the galaxy. Stuck in between a rock and a hard place, they chose wisely not emotionally. Which is what the Jedi are. They're pragmatic. Not the heroes. Kylo was a Jedi master at this time and not a trainee. He couldn't stand by the orders of the Jedi as his friends and padawans were being mercilessly slaughtered. They saved the future but at the cost of the present. Cue heart wrenching scenes of Kylo disobeying the Jedi, breaking off to save the kids etc., while the Jedi stand their ground defending the military locations. Luke chases after Kylo after feeling that the threat has been handled. He reaches the home base to find a Kylo kneeling in the ruins, ashen remains of younglings around and his padawan in his arms. Luke approaches Kylo as he's giving a monologue about how they had to make the tough choice and Kylo is seething in rage. He crushes the bones of the ashen body, his sadness turning to anger while the Ruby bracelet his padawan used to wear is left behind as the only memory of his closest friend in his hands. He blames the Jedi for this tragedy, calls them monsters and as Luke tries to stop him, a battle ensues between them with Luke almost killing him. This cements both of their positions. Luke, withdrawn and head held down, apologizes to Kylo and tells him that he hopes he understands someday. That great sacrifices are needed sometimes. And that you cannot always save Everyone. In fact. It's only the sith that think along those lines. Luke retires. Realising that this time, they've gone too far. The Jedi have paid a price that cannot be justified in the name of the greater good. He quits and exiles himself while Kylo, seeking answers from the dark side is eventually led to Snoke. Po and Finn (with his new arm/leg) go on more buddy adventures replacing the whole Rose animal saving arc. Snoke wants Rey really bad so we keep that arc and Kylo boards Leia's ship instead of flying around to capture Rey and bring her in. Po and Finn aren't on board so it's free game for Kylo. A standoff ensues with a big fight which ends with Kylo raging about and losing control of his force powers. Blowing everyone in the room out into space. . the shields come on but not fully and Rey is stuck near the edge holding on to Leia with her dear life stopping her from flying off into space. Kylo is climbing up towards Rey and about to put the restraints to capture her. That's when he notices Leia and she looks him in the eyes. She let's go to Rey's horror and as Kylo strikes down in anguish, Rey dodges but he's too fast and slaps on the restraints. Kylo immediately jumps through into space after his mom while calling in ships to rescue them and bring Rey in. Cue scene like the Guardians of the Galaxy Part Two where Quill fails to save Yondu at the end. Leia uses her hidden force powers: NOT to shield herself and Marry Poppins her way into the ship. But to save her beloved son, despite everything. Kylo sheds tears breaking down as he holds his mother, feeling her last breaths through the force. He mutters "Not you. . Not you too". . She whispers "There's still some good in you. . And I see it in her too. . Ben. . Save her, she's . ... .." . . Silence. . as Leia's hand freezes while caressing Kylo's face and she dies. Kylo gets saved by the troopers and they depart to Snoke's lair, letting Leia's body float away into the deep dark nothingness of space. Entombed forever. Rey is tortured by a Kylo who is slowly losing his cool but she resists and puts up a force fight against his mind. Both end up in Snoke's room and the SAME shenanigans ensue. Snoke senses the confusion in Kylo and goes about treating him like a child. Snoke CHIDING Kylo and punishing him now makes more sense. While Rey tries her best to be the good guy and take on Snoke to only be mocked and thrown about. Snoke starts killing the resistance ships in space one by one. His minions have also captured a few of the rebels and brings them to knee in front of them - shock and awe as part of the folks kneeling are Finn and Poe. Here comes a major change and I feel Oscar Isaac would personally love this one. Poe gets a brutal ass fucking death with limb dismemberment etc. while everyone else tries to stop it but gets fucked up by Snoke and his incredible powers. Similar to that Negan scene from The Walking Dead and also makes more sense here as Poe's death in Part One as per Disney's initial plans would've been pointless (insufficient character growth to justify a meaningful death) Even Kylo is not cool with this and tries to intervene because this is too violent and too much but gets ragdolled like a bitch. Snoke even claims that HE was the one who put that distractiom in Kylo's memory, making him pull the trigger on the saber that killed Han. He gave Kylo the perfect memory at the perfect time to give him that one push over the edge. He influenced Kylo's rage, blinding him and making him take his own father's life. Snoke jeers and Kylo and Rey, claiming they're far more pathetic than he thought and they're unworthy of his teachings and presence. Poe is almost done for but being the badass that he is, musters what little strength he has to wink to Rey as she force pushes the blaster into his hands. Born out of pure fucking desperation to save his friends, Poe focuses his last ounce of strength and shoots Snoke straight in the face, blinding him in one eye. Buying just enough time for both Kylo and Rey to reach for the sabers, however, Rey gets hers first and absolutely wrecks Snoke as Finn rushes to Poe Dameron, holding him as he breathes his last. Kylo fends off an entire room of the Red guys 1v6. Rey vs Snoke is going on. Rey taps into the dark side. Juices up. Chops up Snoke and blows him up and as he's dying she still keeps going apeshit on him while Kylo has to step in and restrain her. Even he has a difficult time but manages to reign her in. Snoke dies. So does Poe. Kylo apologizes, saying this isn't how he envisioned things. As he's about to walk off, a sinister voice rises from the darkness beyond Snoke's corpse. Laughter echoing in the chambers as Snoke's remains, a lifelesss mangled corpse floats into the air with electricity arcing from his fingers and eyes. . And the ICONIC DIALOGUE is whispered in a booming growl "Your feeble skills are no match for the power of the dark side". . It's fucking Palpatine as a floaty ghosty mother frocker, grinning from ear to ear while Snoke's corpse collapses to the floor and this OMINOUS DEATH looking bastard rises into full frame. . movie ends. . Cut to black 🙄 Palpatine was the one controlling Snoke all along and he somehow survived the atomization and explosions. However, at least here, he is in Ethereal form and not Corporeal so it's easier to digest the fact that a Sith so fricking hungry with immortality and power would manage to continue his existence. . somehow. It's palatable. It's also palpable. It's also. . Wait for it. . Palpa-TINE. . Badum Dish. . Drumroll please. . I got puns for days 🤣
PART THREE: Movie starts off like The Two Towers. Zooming shots throughout Snoke's Palace while the sound bytes of the Part Two's climax play through with camera panning into the Throne room as the final moments of Part two play out all over again. Sheer panic and dread has set in. Poe is gone. Snoke is but a puppet in the true sense. Emperor looms over Rey, Finn and a befuddled Kylo who's now questioning everything he ever fought for. Emperor plays with them like they're little ants, frying them, flinging them and ripping off Finn's fake (arm/leg). He's toying with them and torturing them. And just as he's about to do finish them, the massive ass heavy doors to the throne room are flung apart like paper. Standing in the corridor backlit by green is a cloaked figure that whispers "I thought I threw you into the abyss". . As the lightsaber ignites in Glorious Green and the green light cascades onto an incredibly PISSSED OFF Luke Skywalker. "It can't be. You were in exile!" mutters a grumpy Emperor. A ridiculously immense "feat of strength" battle ensues similar to that of Dumbledore vs Voldemort. Both parties pulling out force powers out of their ass in magnitudes that are ripping the ships internals to shreds and endangering everyone else. It becomes a stalemate and they escape with their lives. And now, the "Somehow Palpatine returned" dialogue makes sense, especially when it comes from LUKE's mouth and not frickin Meriadoc Brandybuck. Luke explains to everyone else how Palpatine was an ancient evil he once fought and destroyed with his father Anakin. Everyone's shitting bricks because the Emperor clearly never died in the true sense of the word and has remained busy in the shadows as Snoke, rebuilding his empire, pulling all the strings. That's also WHY EVERYTHING LOOKS AND FEELS THE SAME WITH THE VILLAINS. MOTIFS, VEHICLES, DEATH STARS. BECAUSE ITS THE SAME BAD GUY ALL ALONG. 😅 Cue a final desperate adventure where Kylo comes to terms with his failures and how he was being misled all along. Sombre scene between him and Luke. He tells Luke "I don't know what to do. I cannot seek forgiveness. I allowed all this to happen. So many lives. I thought I was doing this for the greater good. For the balance. I knew there would be no coming back from this for me. But others could thrive in a new world". . Luke replies.."The greater good. Some of the worst things in the world were started with the best intentions. The Jedi were noble but they were also human. .and flawed.".... ... "All those lives I've taken .. " says an absolutely shattered Kylo Ren.. ..Luke replies. . "Lives that can never be brought back. But you can pay for theirs with the life you own now..We can put an end to it. It's not too late to see it through to the end. .".. ..Luke locks eyes with Kylo "Your mother and father loved you more than anything Ben. As do I". . Luke also tells Ben about how his grandfather, Darth Vader chose to be a father in the end and helped destroy the Emperor, eventually dying as Anakin Skywalker instead. This can lead to the scene where Ben breaks the Darth Vader helmet memento to bits and sheds his own helmet too. Tearjerker scene can follow where Ben Solo has a Skype call with mom and dad force ghosts who also give a cryptic message that he should talk to Luke because Luke has something incredibly important to tell him) - instead of the dumb scene with Han where he's a "memory"?. . Self forgiveness FTW? 😅 Rey comes to terms with Luke's warning about giving in to the dark side and TRAINS HARDER while Finn baby takes over Poe's mantle and fills in the Ace Pilot spot, wearing Poe Dameron's jacket and colors. Macguffin adventure with Luke Skywalker ensues.
THE GRAND FINALE. Finn leads the way to fight in space and stop the death destroyers. Rey, Ben and Luke go to the ground game to finish the emperor, once and for all. While enroute, Luke sits the kids down and tells them why The Emperor wanted both of them and their powers. They're brother and sister, born as a dyad, a strong bond in the force that was so United, it posed a threat to the fabric of the force itself. This happens once every few generations and they had to separate them during childhood once they figured out that Snoke had sent assassins to capture them. This also makes INCREDIBLE SENSE as to why Han and Leia could not be seen together and why Rey had been hidden away on a desert planet somewhere. Rey's parent is a LITERAL SKYWALKER. Someone she's been talking to all this time and only now finds out that it's her actual mom. Fuck me in the heartstrings. They both break down, mend their differences and get ready for the final fight. The Emperor has grown way stronger. The battle does not go easy. Ben's own soldiers, the Knights of Ren are a menace and nearly bring both Rey and Kylo to their knees. Except. Kylo calms himself down and in a moment of PURE CHEER WORTHY AWESOMENESS, he focuses himself to the point where his SPUTTERING LIGHT SABER BECOMES SOLID STATE LIGHT. A true saber but in all of its red glory. The brother sister duo tap into the force and start fighting together, blending their styles instead of doing their own thing while Luke faces off against the Emperor again. The knights are finished eventually but Luke is not winning at all. The Emperor uses some cheap tricks and tries to one shot Kylo and Rey but Luke gets in front of them taking the full brunt of the hit. As Luke is unable to stop the massive force lighting and starts to disintegrate, he looks back at his niece and nephew, smiles and tells them to look into the force, "You will always find us there". . Luke disappears, the Emperor falters, and his force lightning fades for a brief second. And that's all the siblings needed to make full use of Luke Skywalker's noble sacrifice. They attack with everything they have, exchange banter in between and just as the Emperor launches another Salvo of Force Lightning saying "I am ALL the Sith", Ben and Rey cross their sabers together and block the lightning. While they struggle to keep the lightning at bay, all of the force ghosts appear together as a result of the Dyad fusion, supporting them from behind. The force ghosts light sabers materialise into reality and the duo join them to their own sabers and reflect the lightning back to the Emperor, while saying this quote in return "And we are ALL THE JEDI". Emperor destroyed for good now 😤 . . SOMEHOW. . NO. NO SOMEHOW. HE'S DEAD FOR GOOD.
No awkward, out of the blue cringe fucking kiss scene like between Ron & Hermione after killing the Basilisk. All those ReyLo fans can weep in a dustbin. And the Dyad now makes sense. Every legacy character's death makes sense and has meaning. Each death also is in sequence. Han goes first. Leia follows. And Luke is the last to kick the bucket. Emperor's comeback also makes sense. Somewhat. The ending makes even more sense. Kylo (Ben). Rey. Finn. Reunited. They re-build the Resistance. And also teach a new philosophy of Balanced approach. Neither giving in to the dark side. Nor being blinded only by the light side. A new way forward. Led by the Skywalker genes through the combination of an Organa and a Solo in a new temple. Finn and Rey profess love for one another. And the last scene is her burying the force ghost's sabers in the ground until they're needed.
Years pass. Dry af desert planet. Rey and Finn are building their home. Random ass desert camel lady passes by asking "I've not seen you around here". . Rey replies "We're new here", as she looks down at her pregnant tummy and Finn working on their home in the distance. "What's your name, my dear?" asks the dry as a stick camel lady. . "Rey. . " comes a quick reply . . "Rey who?" Asks the annoying dust bag old lady. . "Rey Organa" . . Says Rey in a contemplative low voice. . Taking a look back at Finn, she smiles and says with a slight tremble . . "and that's my husband, Finn Solo".. "Rey Organa and Finn Solo, from the Skywalker Clan" . . Says Rey with Utmost confidence now in her voice.. The screen fades to black on a sunkissed Rey's face as she is now looking into the future, sure of the legacy she wants to carry ahead.
FADE TO BLACK on the Two Suns of Tattooine.
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2023.06.09 22:52 Orlando_Circlejerk Quick questions regarding the orlando API blackout

I would like to apologize in advance, I’m a newer redditor and brand new to this incoming blackout and super anxious about it.
Many subreddits will be going dark in petition of the API pricing policy changes, and some apps have stated they will shut down altogether on June 30th. While I am in agreement with this protest since our voices need to be heard amongst this world of greedy corporations, I do have my concerns. This is my first time doing anything like this. What is the general protocol when something like this happens? Is there anyone who is more experienced with these blackouts able to reach out and guide me on what to prepare when these subreddits that I frequent go down? I am extremely worried and can hardly sleep at night. I’m only getting one, maybe two hours of sleep if I’m lucky. My performance at work is taking a drastic hit and because of the deficiency of sleep, I have constant mood swings. I don’t qualify for insurance for healthcare so I can’t exactly visit my local primary physician for help. All of my income goes to my increased rent and inflated food prices. The start of this month has already been rough for me. I’ve lost my hat, had to replace my worn-down shoes and my apple smart watch broke. This API blackout is just another issue added to my stress. Can any locals show me the ropes and help calm my nerves? Everywhere I go, I use reddit. My livelihood depends on it. I am shaking, getting light headed, and sweating myself as I’m typing this.
I’ve been hearing more and more reports of people leaving reddit altogether. They will be deleting all of their comments and posts before closing their accounts. Should I screenshot my favorite posts and put together a printed photo album when I want to go back to revisit some things?
I am mainly looking for information if anyone has advice on what to prep ahead of this blackout. We will not have any access to news, issues and events happening in our city when reddit goes dark. I imagine that traffic will be even worse than it already is because people will no longer be at home, on reddit. Combining that with speeders, slow people on the left lane, vehicles without their lights on in the rain and tailgaters.
Before you all brigade me for being a moron by asking what to prep and to “google it”, it was the first thing I did and I have some notes on hand. Just looking for the veterans to provide their wisdom and insight. Please stop the hate and be respectful. Reddit IS the front page of the internet.
I already have a few essentials such as a yearlong subscription to my local newspaper, bottled water that is not Zephyrhills or nestle, toilet paper, canned goods, portable AM/FM radio, an OLED Nintendo Switch™ with BOTW/TOTK including a battery recharge pack, candles, lenovo legion gaming pc for Diablo IV, lighters, tarp, sandbags, generator and most importantly, some pubsubs but there is no telling what will really happen until you actually experience it. Should I withdraw some cash on hand? How much? What will my reddit coins be worth? I made a regretful mistake recently of purchasing a very expensive reddit avatar nft as well and can’t refund it. I have some memes already printed out (majesty building mostly) and some printouts to simulate new posts like inadequate driving, traffic, i-4, what internet provider, BEST pizza/burgers/wings, epass or sunpass, hidden gems in Orlando, going to the theme parks will it rain, police/helicopter activity anyone know what is going on?
Discord is not an option for me. I’ve tried using discord and their pro nitro version but it isn’t the same as reddit. There are no orange upvote arrows, or karma and you have to jump through many loopholes to unlock different channels that I don’t have the mental capacity to learn. I joined the local gaming one and some user named rat mother personally banished me afterwards since they had a vendetta against me because I don’t understand reaction face emotes. So now I can’t even find friends to game with and play solo. I have not experienced this much toxicity since the days of ranked league of legends.
This is all just too sudden to go cold turkey from this subreddit with no warning. Will emergency services be open? What are the early signs of withdraw? Will Disney be open? Universal Studios Islands of Adventure? Does anyone realistically know where to specially get discounted tickets?
I do not have reddit gold/platinum at this time but will services restore to those who have those VIP features earlier than those who don’t have it? Or is it amount of reddit karma based? People who want to be ignorant and rude by saying “touch grass” need not comment. I have a medical condition that makes me severely allergic to organic wildlife matter. When you selected your starter Pokémon did you pick Bulbasaur? No, you did not touch grass. You went with Charmander or Squirtle. A lot of you might laugh and not take this seriously but I am a reddit pro power user. 93% of my phone’s battery app usage is for reddit and I upgraded my gaming pc to the 4090 for reddit. We all have our passions and hobbies and there is no need to shame others for theirs.
I’ve survived the hurricanes, the recession, pandemic and inflation. The death of vine, decline of digg, and the change from micro-usb. I don’t think I have the strength, the faith, nor the willpower strong enough to push through this blackout. Orlando is my home, my city. I was born and raised here. Even if we all leave this subreddit Orlando will still be with me, forever and always just like those who moved here from New York. They too, are Local and FLGrown. But it also begs the question on where Orlando Weekly will steal content posts next?
In the aftermath of all of this, will we all be the same person going in to this blackout as we are coming out? I have concerns that I won’t be “me” anymore. Who will take responsibility and be accountable for this emotional yet spiritual awakening traumatic event? The moderators?
[Edit] Thanks for the gold kind stranger! This is the way. The narwhal bacons at midnight (for those of you who are true redditors).
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2023.06.09 22:40 BolonelSanders OG Prequels

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2023.06.09 22:40 DrjJackGriffin There was a time when Buckethead made one of the best solos of the century... ( But they put a Slash pic instead )

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2023.06.09 22:38 mega512 That was fast. BBTS already shipping orders for the new TVC wave.

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2023.06.09 22:21 blindsight List of completed LitRPGs (final version, possibly)

In protest of Reddit's API changes, I have just finished deleting as much of my post and comment history as possible. I have heard that this list has been useful for many readers over the years, so I am reposting the list as a new post here, instead of a comment.
I expect I will be using Reddit very little, if at all, going forward. I will not be updating this list any longer.
Thank you all! It's been fabulous being part of this community.
Each subsection has my favourites near the top, then aren't really in order.

Complete LitRPGs:

Threadbare series (including Small Medium and Dragon Hack) by Seiple (suggested order: trilogies TB1, SM, DH, TB2) Limitless Lands by Henegar Master Hunter K by From Hell World Tree Online by Hooper New Game Minus by Lin (and Street Cultivation, but it's not a LitRPG) Light Online by Larcombe Eternal Online by Reynolds Retired S-Rank Adventurer by Wolfe & Falcon Life Reset by Kuznits Blessed Time and Viceroy's Pride by Plamann Towers of Heaven by Milan CivCEO by Karevik Forever Fantasy Online by Aaron and Bach (great series, but very limited progression; max level from the beginning) This Trilogy is Broken (a.k.a. This Quest is Bullshit! from Royal Road) by Valentine (a.k.a. Nixia) War Aeternus by Dean PrimeVerse by Billiau Everybody Loves Large Chests by Iliev (NSFW gore, nudity, demons raping each other but asexual protagonist doesn't understand sexuality and is mostly uninvolved) Somnia Online by Hanna The Dungeon Alaria by Kern Rise to Omniscience by Oster The Idle System by Pegaz Last Born of Ki'darth by McGowen Accidental Traveler (two complete trilogies) by Davis Savage Dominion by Chmilenko & Penman The Last Warrior of Unigaea and The Feedback Loop by Cooper Factory of the Gods (a.k.a. Keldora) by Raizman (complete arc; once *Dinosaur Dungeon** concludes, this series will continue.)* Nova Online by Knight Axe Druid by Johns Tower Climber and Arcane Kingdom Online by Tanner Emerilia by Chatfield Euphoria Online by Tucker Aether Gate Online by Hultberg Chronicles of Ethan (and standalone sequel Overpowered Howard) by Monk System Apocalypse, Adventures on Brad, and Hidden Wishes by Wong Combat Codes by Darwin is great, but it's /ProgressionFantasy Below here I haven't read yet: Death's Mantle by Cooper Space Seasons by Chapman Heroic Villain, and Bathrobe Knight by Dean Metagamer Chronicles by Hunter Fall of the Black Seraph by O'Kelley (a.k.a. The Genesis Game by Locke) Afterlife Online by Finn The Iron Teeth by Straughan Dungeons of Perdition by Basu Pangea Online by Rowland The Weaponized by Deckard Never Die Twice and Kairos by Durand (a.k.a. Void Herald on RR) Headshot Online by Siege Trinity of the Kairos by Sinclair Chronicles of Wycon by Moore Abduction Cycles by Cressman They Called Me MAD and The Houndsman by Pal The Bright Lord by Knowles Nora Hazard by Corvin Beast Realms by Jones Arena Manager by Opo Frostworld by Peel Magnus by Prime Metamorphosis Online by Grey Alterlife by Moss Underverse by Cajiao The Orzare Chronicles by O Toole Alpha Physics by Kozlowski Legends of Ascension by Hultberg Badges of Dorkdom by Hodges Star Divers by Landry Legendary Farmer by Elizabeth Oswald Class Shift by Sean Oswald Ten Realms by Chatfield The Weight of it All by Thorn Phase Shift by Johnson Voidbringer Campaign by Hall Sky Realms by Osgood Cultivator vs. System by Valerios Uniworld Online and Glendara Awakens by Brooks Freedom Online by Lingard Enora Online by Adams Harbinger by Keene Bad Luck Charlie (a.k.a. Dragon Mage) by Baron Apocosmos by Gkirgkiris Real-Time Starcommander by Gregory Dungeon Realms by Yang Death's Favorite Warlock by Dean The Game of Gods by Kern Tower Apocalypse by Cassius & Tang Real-Time Starcommander by Gregory Hack, Slash & Burn by Herzman Cowboy Necromancer (some novellas to follow) & Tokens & Towers by Cooper Apocalypse Gates (and I think other series) by Schinhofen (I've heard there are lots of sex scenes and he's known for "secret harems")

Standalone LitRPGs:

How to Defeat a Demon King in Ten Easy Steps by Rowe Tales from the Upgrade by Henegar The Card Job by Falbo (I used to also include The Crafting of Chess, but it now has a sequel. Regardless, it's already a complete story in 1 volume.) Leveled Up Love by Wong and Marshall Battle Spire by Miller Kaiju: Battlefield Surgeon by Dinniman (trigger warning: gore, abuse of various types) Below here I haven't read yet: Zombie Slayer by Milan Axilon99 by Cox The Ridden by Kern Aether Frontier by McCoskey Royal Bodyguard and Just A Bronze by Richter Hazelhearth Hires Heroes by Willison Nigmus Online by Barnett An Old Man's Journey by Allanther Toothless by Thomas

Sci-Fi LitRPGs:

(this is my attempt to include science fiction stories with LitRPG elements, but that focus on the science-fiction implications of VAI/games, not on progression)
Continue Online by Morse Virtual Realities by Schott Puatera Online by Chapman (the first three books have very little /ProgressionFantasy elements; later books are a bit more typical of the genre)

Series that can be read as complete with a midway stopping point, but have been continued:

The Gam3 by Yap (a sequel series started in August on RR, but book 3 ends a complete story) Nova Terra by Ring (to be continued in Forgemaster )

Series that are on permanent (?) hiatus but at a stopping point that could be an ending:

Desire by Milan (not harem... Really poorly-named series! Milan calls it complete, but it's an open ending.) Monster Hunter NYC by Cooper (harem) Below here I haven't read yet: Greystone Chronicles, Shadow Sun, The Darkelf Chronicles and Mars System Reboot by Willmarth

Dungeon core series:

Elemental Dungeon (a.k.a. Bone Dungeon) by Smidt Dungeon Crafting, Dungeon Fairy, Dungeon World, Station Core, Dungeon of Chance and Holiday Dungeon Core by Brooks Derelict by Henegar (complete trilogy; more books to come) Divine Seed (a.k.a. Tree Dungeon) by Karevik Bio Dungeon by Logue and Brooks Divine Dungeon by Krout (imho stronger as a complete trilogy, but it's also a complete series at five books.) Guild Core by Reynolds Futuristic Dungeon Core by Grant Below here I haven't read yet: A Lonely Dungeon (RR) by cathfach Cat Core and War Core by Henegar Blue Core by InadvisablyCompelled (adult content chapters marked; I assume so they can be skipped)

Complete web serials:

Worth the Candle by Wales The Infinite Labyrinth by Vincent Archer The Humble Life of a Skill Trainer by altonsleet Mother of Learning by nobody103 is amazing, but it's /progressionfantasy not LitRPG. Below here I haven't read yet: Vainquer the Dragon by Void Herald Azarinth Healer by Rhaegar (book 1 on KU, epilogue to follow still) Everybody Loves Large Chests by Exterminatus (trigger warning: rapey demon sex, gratuitous gorey violence) (also Small Chests Are Fine Too) more NSFW than KU version? Epilogue by Etzoli Damage=MA: A Rolling Stone LitRPG by zechamp Death Singer by geminirand Or maybe just peruse COMPLETE-tagged stories on Royal Road.

Russian-translated complete LitRPG series:

Level Up by Sugralinov Dark Herbalist by Atamanov The Way of the Shaman by Mahanenko (ending on book 6) AlterWorld by Rus Below here I haven't read yet: Galactogon by Mahanenko Animus and Chronicles of KieraFreya by Anderle Mirror World by Osadchuk Realm of Arkon by Akella An NPC's Path by Kornev The Neuro by Livadny Clan Dominance by Mikhailov The Final Countdown by Ulengov

Asian translated LitRPGs:

Master Hunter K (on KU) by From Hell Solo Leveling/I Alone Level Up by Sung-Lak Infinite Competitive Dungeon Society and Everyone Else is a Returnee by Toika The Legendary Mechanic by Peija Seoul Station Necromancer by Jin Rebirth of the Thief Who Roamed the World by Mad Snail Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God by Lucky Old Cat Emperor of Solo Play by D-Dart borderline LitRPG: Throne of Magical Arcana by Cuttlefish That Loves Diving A Returner's Magic Should be Special by So-Nan Below here I haven't read yet: Demon King by Toika Advent of the Archmage by Mo Xiang Night Ranger by Dark Blue Coconut Milk Warlock of the Magus World by The Plagiarist Desolate Era by I Eat Tomatoes The Second Coming of Gluttony by Ro Yu-jin And there are a lot of complete translated cultivation web serials; search over at /ProgressionFantasy or /NovelTranslations for recs. I also expect this list is missing many complete series. Please recommend any you think are worth reading!

Harem series

World Seed by Miller Reborn by Jackson Reborn as a Baron Lord by Yang Wolf King's Lair by Drake
submitted by blindsight to litrpg [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 21:50 autobuzzfeedbot 19 Actors Who Accused Their Costars Of Behaving Like Monsters On-Set

  1. Alexa Nikolas opened up in 2019 about Jamie Lynn Spears and other Zoey 101 cast members allegedly bullying her on the set of the teen show. Nikolas was notably written out of the show after Season 2.
  2. Another celeb accused of bullying on set is Lea Michele. After guest star Samantha Marie Ware accused Michele of racist bullying involving “traumatic microaggressions," Amber Riley seemed to support the claims after posting a GIF of her sipping tea, and Alex Newell also took to social media to support Ware's claims. Heather Morris later revealed there was a "hush hush" atmosphere about Lea's "scary" on-set behavior.
  3. John Leguizamo says costar Steven Seagal bullied him and others during Executive Decision, and claims he even physically assaulted Leguizamo during the first day of rehearsals.
  4. David Yost, who memorably played the blue power ranger in the '90s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series, says he was bullied so badly that he had to leave the show, shortly thereafter experiencing a nervous breakdown. Yost claimed the bullying — including being called anti-gay slurs like the f-slur — was incessant, and came from creators, producers, writers, and directors. "Basically, I just felt like I was continually being told I was not worthy of being where I am because I'm a gay person. And I'm not supposed to be an actor. And I'm not a superhero," he later said, revealing the bullying caused him to become suicidal.
  5. Decades after the '80s sitcom Charles in Charge, star Scott Baio was accused of sexual harassment by two of his then-teenaged costars: Alexander Polinsky and Nicole Eggert.
  6. Eggert accused Baio of molestation during her time on the show, which began when she was 14. The abuse allegedly continued until Eggert was 17, with Baio telling Eggert if she told anyone, the show would end and they would all be out of jobs. Baio has denied any inappropriate touching and says they had a onetime consensual encounter when Eggert was 18.
  7. Jerry Lewis was accused of sexual harassment after his death. Karen Sharpe, who appeared with Lewis in The Disorderly Orderly, said she was forced to model her wardrobe for Lewis. “He grabbed me. He began to fondle me. He unzipped his pants," Sharpe claimed. She says he then isolated her, asking that no one else speak to her on set.
  8. Hope Holiday also accused Lewis of assault, saying that he brought her into his office and locked the door during her first day on set of The Ladies Man. “He starts to talk dirty to me, and as he’s talking, the pants open, and the ugly thing came out and he starts to masturbate," Holiday revealed.
  9. In 2017, Trace Lysette accused Jeffrey Tambor of sexual harassment on the set of Transparent, describing one incident where he said, "I want to attack you sexually" before filming a scene, then "waddled over to me in his pajamas and put his feet on top of mine, and started these little, like, thrusts on my hip. They were discreet and insidious and creepy. I felt his genitals on me. And I pushed him off.”
  10. Rebel Wilson recently opened up about "awful and disgusting" sexual harassment from a male costar, though she did not name who. "He called me into a room and pulled down his pants," she revealed, saying the costar then asked her to perform a sexual act. Afraid of retaliation and wanting to be a "professional," Wilson stayed on the project, though she said, "Definitely amongst industry circles, I made sure people knew what happened."
  11. Lili Reinhart also says she was sexually harassed by an unnamed costar early in her career. "I was a teenager working on a project when I started to have a crush on a guy I was working with," she explained in a Tumblr post. "He was pretty significantly older than me, but I thought of myself as mature so it didn’t seem like a big deal." Reinhart says that he later tried to force himself on her. "I had to stop him and say, 'No, I don’t want that,' and 'I can’t do that.' I physically walked away from the situation before it could get any worse. I remember feeling like this was a scene right out of a horror movie."
  12. Bill Cosby has been accused of sexual assault and harassment by a number of women — including The Cosby Show costars Lili Bernard and Eden Tirl. Bernard alleged that Cosby had drugged and raped her on multiple occasions in the '90s, while Tirl alleged that in 1989, Cosby touched her without consent in his dressing room. Cosby was convicted in 2018 on multiple counts of sexual assault (after being accused by over 50 women), though this was overturned in 2021.
  13. Daniel Franzese (best known for playing Damian in Mean Girls) accused Bully costar Bijou Phillips of being an actual bully on the set of the film. “She body-shamed me and ridiculed me about my sexuality and physically assaulted me," he said, revealing he was scared to speak up and lose his job.
  14. Geena Davis accused Bill Murray of making her lie in a bed while he used a massage device on her while they were costarring in Quick Change together, despite her saying no multiple times. She also said he verbally berated many in the cast and crew, including Davis herself. She's also discussed inappropriate behavior during the press tour for the film.
  15. In fact, Murray has been accused of bad behavior by a number of costars, including Seth Green, who appeared with Murray on Saturday Night Live when Green was just 9. He was sitting on the arm of Murray's chair backstage when he says Murray picked him up, dangled him over the trash can, and said "the trash goes in the trash can." Green flailed until he hit Murray in the balls, causing Murray to drop him and Green to fall into the trash can, which fell over. Green then ran into his dressing room, hid under the table, and cried.
  16. Murray has also been accused of “inexcusable and unacceptable” comments toward Lucy Liu during rehearsals for their film Charlie's Angels.
  17. Eliza Dushku was fired from the series Bull after complaining about sexual harassment from her costar Michael Weatherly. Dushku detailed how she “found myself the brunt of crude, sexualized, and lewd verbal assaults" and "suffered near constant sexual harassment" from Weatherly. "This was beyond anything I had experienced in my 30-year career," she said.
  18. While star Judy Garland herself never publicly stated these allegations, her ex-husband Sid Luft wrote in his memoir that the actors playing the munchkins on the set of The Wizard of Oz would put their hands up her skirt. Garland was 16, and many of the men were in their 40s.
  19. And finally, according to the documentary Celluloid Crime of the Century and the book Wes Craven's The Last House on the Left, Sandra Peabody (who went by the name Sandra Cassel at the time) was horribly mistreated by her male costars on the set of The Last House on the Left. Marc Sheffler admitted to threatening to throw her off a cliff to try to rile her up for a scene (though in 2018 he stated she was not in real danger), and David Hess allegedly threatened to actually assault her in a rape scene they were about to film.
Link to article
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2023.06.09 21:43 scottystenz There, I fixed it! How the death of Chewbacca could have saved the Rise of Skywalker

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker had a lot of issues. One of the criticisms of the movie was that it didn't take enough risks with its story. Here is my take on how to make the movie more interesting by changing the plot in a way that creates more emotional depth for the characters.
In the movie, Rey tries to save chewbacca by using the force when he is captured in a ship, and in the most surprising moment of the movie, she accidentally unleashes force lightning, destroying the ship. This is a powerful moment, because she thinks she has killed Chewbacca. The audience is shocked, and Rey is horrified by her actions and terrified by her own power. The power of this scene is wasted when it is quickly revealed later that Chewy was on a different transport ship than the one she destroyed. This effectively cheapens the scene and its importance.
The plot and trajectory of the movie could be significantly improved by this one change: Chewbacca should have been on the transport that was destroyed by Rey- she would have been responsible for his death, and the weight of her actions would begin eating her up inside, causing her to question everything.
This would send Rey into a spiral of fear and anger. She would feel guilty for what she has done and be consumed by the fear of her own power. She would begin to believe that the only way to control her power and prevent any further harm is to embrace the dark side. This is the only way to save her friends. This would create an interesting dynamic between her and Kylo Ren, who is already on a journey to the light. It creates a reason for Rey to draw nearer to Kylo for guidance, making their connection make more sense to the viewer.
As the movie progresses, Rey would become more and more conflicted. She would desire the power that would come from the dark side, but at the same time, she would be afraid of what it would do to her. Meanwhile, Kylo Ren would continue to be drawn to the light, and his interactions with Rey would become more complex and nuanced, with them each moving in the opposite direction.
With this internal conflict now making so much more sense than it did in the actual film, the visions of dark Rey would fit much more into the narrative.
The climax of the movie would involve Rey at Exegol actually considering an embrace of the dark side to resolve the conflict by taking out Palpatine. Kylo Ren has felt her drift to the dark side, and will show up to draw them both to the light. When Rey arrives, she has already been influenced and seduced by the dark side and by Palpatine, and she would see Kylo/Ben as an obstacle, though now to her surprise on the other side. They would dual with lightsabers, with Rey propelled by her Fear and anger while Ben solo would finally be at peace about his path. Palpatine is pleased with their conflcit, and joins Rey in her attack.
As her friends are dying in the sky, and as Palpatine attacks Ben Solo, she realizes ,at a crucial moment, that she does not have to be a Palpatine, Rey would remember the words of Luke, leia, etc, and like Vader in the original trilogy would snap out of it, becoming the Skywalker she truly wants to be, and she remembers why they were fighting all along. Perhaps we Even get some Anakin force voice here, alongside all the Jedi
She would reject the dark side and join forces with Ben Solo to fight against Palpatine. They are a diad in the force, and they need each other.
This change to the plot would create a more emotionally complex movie. Rey's journey would be more interesting and compelling, as she struggles with the consequences of her power. The weight of the death if Chewy would make for a stronger story. Kylo Ren's journey would also be more nuanced, as he tries to resist the pull of the dark side while also grappling with his feelings for Rey. She will pull him to the light while she is tempted by the dark.
Let me know what you think!!!
Other hot takes to come another day: 1. C3po's sacrifice of his memory was made totally unimportant when R2D2 was simply able to reboot his memory. This is unrealistic and diminishes the sacrifice. Too simple. He should have stayed wiped. He would still be the same character, and the personality would remain. It was another moment that took me out of the film and made me think "Wow. Lame. No risk." 2. The sith blade that led to the death star ruins was dumb. Do better. Use a map or a ship that has a log to the location, or a droid... A knife with an outline of ruins of the death star? Doesnt make sense, huge waste of a chance to show a cool star wars like technology. 3. General Hux should have had a way stronger standoff with Kylo Ren before he was killed. Freeing the prisoners and getting shot was lame and wasted potential. If he were truly a solid leader, a confrontation is warranted. His death was lake, character wasted, and their imprisonment was an absolute joke. 4. The scene at the beginning of TLJ with Poe stalling was lame. The insult to Hux' mother took me out of the film entirely and did not fit for most star wars fans.... your mom jokes/insults have no place in star wars. Cheap writing. Also, in battles that type stall tactic would never work. Just not believable. Only die hard star wars fans that accept everything will defend this one and justify it. I've seen other posts that refer to puns and humor being ok elsewhere in the franchise, but to that I say jar jar was clearly designed to be goofy, but it fit his character and personality, and he was not a battle trained general dealing with the main villian. As for the c3po puns, his character is designed around awkward robotic quips and literal phrases, and he is a droid. I do not expect him to interact like a human.
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2023.06.09 21:16 AutoModerator Here's How To Watch Spider-Man: 20 años de películas Online For Free Reddit

hace 84 minutos — PelisPlus VerCulpa Mía Online Gratis en español, Latino, Castellano y Subtitulado sin registrarse. Ver estrenos de películas y también las mejores películas en HD VerCulpa Mía película Completa Gratis en español o con subtítulos en tu idioma, en HD y hasta en calidad 2023 HD con Audio español Latino y Subtitulado.

Watch Here<>Spider-Man: 20 años de películas Online

Ver¡Culpa Mía 2023 Pelicula completa VerCulpa Mía en RePelis Gratis » Estás por VerCulpa Mía [Película Completa, Gratis]. La PelículaCulpa Mía Online en Español HD. PelículaCulpa Mía Estreno del 2023 Gratis. Películas en Audio (Idioma) Español, Latino o Inglés (Subtituladas). Podrás ver la película completa deCulpa Mía online sin registrarte. Con sólo aterrizar ya verás la nueva película agregadas recientemente gratis.
Cuevana Estrenos Pelispedia Pelisplus Gnula Repelisplus Repelis Pelis Pelisplus Netflix Cine Cinema Calidad Mejor Chile
Spider-Man: Cruzando el Multiverso Pelicula 𝐂ompleta 4K [Blu Ray] 460p - 720p - 1080p - Flv - Mp4
Spider-Man: Cruzando el Multiverso
2 de junio de 2023 en cines / 2h 20min / Animación, Acción, Fantasía, Aventura
Dirigida por Joaquim Dos Santos, Kemp Powers, Justin Thompson
Guion Phil Lord, Christopher Miller
Reparto Shameik Moore, Hailee Steinfeld, Issa Rae
Título original Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse
Segunda entrega de las aventuras de Miles Morales tras el filme de animación ganador del Oscar Spider-Man: Un nuevo universo (2018). Para demostrar lo que vale y transportase a través del Multiverso, el joven Spider-Man de Brooklyn se aliará con Gwen Stacy. Tras este reencuentro, los dos jóvenes arácnidos conocerán a todo un grupo de élite con los mejores Spider-Man de los diferentes Multiversos. Claro que ser un Hombre Araña también tiene sus sacrificios, y Miles Morales deberá tomar importantes decisiones. Cuando esté en juego salvar cada uno de los mundos, además de a las personas más queridas, Miles optará por hacerlo a su manera.
Spider-Man: Cruzando el Multiverso es la primera entrega de la nueva trilogía de la exitosa saga, donde los vehículos y los pleitos de Vin Diesel son una garantía. Durante casi tres décadas y a lo largo de muchas misiones y con todas las probabilidades en su contra, Dom Toretto y su elegida familia han sido más astutos y más rápidos que todos los enemigos que se han presentado en su camino. Ahora, se enfrentan al oponente más letal al que se han enfrentado jamás: una amenaza aterradora que surge de las sombras del pasado y que se alimenta con la idea de una venganza sangrienta y que está decidida a destrozar a la familia y destruir a todos, y a todo lo que Dom ama, para siempre. Retomando los conflictos de Rápidos Y Furiosos: 5in Control de 2011, Dom y su equipo derrotaron en un puente en Río de Janeiro al infame capo de la droga brasileño Hernán Reyes, dejando sin rey a su imperio. Lo que no sabían era que el hijo de Reyes, Dante, fue testigo de todo y pasó los últimos 12 años ideando un plan para hacer que Dom pague el precio que jamás imaginó. El plan de Dante dispersará a la familia de Dom de Los Ángeles a las catacumbas de Roma, de Brasil a Londres y de Portugal a la Antártida, pero todo cambiará cuando Dom descubra que su propio hijo de 8 años es el objetivo final de la venganza de su enemigo.
John Cena es novio de Dua Lipa en 'Barbie' gracias a 'Spider-Man: Cruzando el Multiverso'
'Spider-Man: Cruzando el Multiverso': Jordana Brewster revela el secreto para mantener viva la saga tras 22 años
'Spider-Man: Cruzando el Multiverso': La vez que Vin Diesel acompañó a la hija de Paul Walker al altar
Esto te costará la hamburguesa edición especial de 'Spider-Man: Cruzando el Multiverso'
'Spider-Man: Cruzando el Multiverso': Así puedes ver gratis el cortometraje de la boda de Toretto y Letty que dirigió Vin Diesel
'Spider-Man: Cruzando el Multiverso' y los estrenos en Cinemex y Cinépolis a partir del 18 de mayo
'Spider-Man: Cruzando el Multiverso': Final explicado de la nueva película con Vin Diesel y Michelle Rodriguez
Spider-Man: Cruzando el Multiverso: Esta es la comida mexicana favorita Michelle Rodriguez
Crítica: 'Spider-Man: Cruzando el Multiverso', la versión motorizada de 'Avengers: Endgame' que los fans amarán
¿Cuál fue la última escena de Paul Walker en 'Rápidos y Furiosos' antes de morir?
¿Cuántas escenas postcréditos tiene 'Spider-Man: Cruzando el Multiverso' con Vin Diesel?
12 actores que se han peleado en el set (Dwayne Johnson y Vin Diesel no son los únicos)
"Quiero ser ruda como ellas": Jordana Brewster y su admiración por 2 actrices de 'Spider-Man: Cruzando el Multiverso'
Santa Fe Klan será parte de la familia 'Spider-Man: Cruzando el Multiverso' de Vin Diesel
'Spider-Man: Cruzando el Multiverso': Así se vivió la premier en México con Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Daniela Melchior y Jordana Brewster
'Spider-Man: Cruzando el Multiverso': Michelle Rodriguez y Vin Diesel rompieron el récord más cursi del cine y lo anunciaron en México
5 datos que todo fan debe saber antes de ver 'Spider-Man: Cruzando el Multiverso' con Vin Diesel
'Spider-Man: Cruzando el Multiverso': La cinta olvidada en la que Sylvester Stallone casi peleó con Vin Diesel
'Un pequeño gran viaje': Daniela Luján quiere llevar a actor de 'Spider-Man: Cruzando el Multiverso' a Tepito
'Spider-Man: Cruzando el Multiverso': Así se vivió el fan event con Vin Diesel y Michelle Rodriguez en México
Conoce cómo y dónde ver la 𝐏elícula 𝐂ompleta deCulpa Mía(2023) online gratis en 𝐄spañol. No te preocupes, acá te dejo opciones para verCulpa Míaonline.
VerCulpa Mía online y sur Gratis en HD, es fácil en gracias a sus servidores, rapidos y sin ads. ¿Cómo VerCulpa Mía película Completa en
Spider-Man: Cruzando el Multiverso ; fecha de estreno, tráiler y dónde Ver en España y Latinoamérica
VerCulpa Mía la Película en español línea Online y Gratis
VerCulpa Mía ?ompletas Gratis en español es posible y de forma legal. Hay opciones alternativas a Netflix y Amazon que no requieren ningún tipo de pago ni suscripción y cuyo contenido es totalmente gratuito. Estas plataformas para Ver cineCulpa Mía Gratis en casa pueden ofrecer contenido sin costo gracias a cortes comerciales o bien porque tienen películas de dominio público.
VerCulpa Mía Película Completa en español Latino Subtitulado En nuestro sitio proporcionamos subtítulos y dabbing en latín, no tenga miedo por México, Chile, Perú, Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay, España, Argentina, Colombia y todas las regiones de habla latina, hemos proporcionado idiomas para sus Halloween Killsivas regiones. .Para disfrutar de todas estas funciones, puede registrarse y seguir en su cuenta premium.
Estreno en Europa el 15 de octubre de 2023. Esta semana llegará a la pantalla grande en Chilea. pero ¿También estará en plataformas?
Spider-Man: Cruzando el Multiverso es una secuela deCulpa Mía de 2018 que lleva a la gran pantalla las aventuras de uno de los archienemigos más peligrosos de Spider-man de Marvel. De momento se desconoce el argumento de la Pelicula pero continuará con los eventos de la primera entrega introduciendo a Cletus Kasady (Woody Harrelson) como Carnage aka Matanza.
¿Dónde puedes verCulpa Mía online desde casa? Se habla deCulpa Mía como disponible para transmitir desde casa o solo abierto en cines.
Nada puede prepararte para No Time to Die: protégete de los spoilers para disfrutar plenamente de esta película y cerrar así el arco de quince años y cinco películas en las que hemos disfrutado del gran Daniel Craig. en el papel de James Bond.
No Time to Die (.Culpa Mía) es la vigesimoquinta película de James Bond to an external site. producida por Eon Productions. Contará con Daniel Craig en su quinta y última actuación como James Bond. Cary Fukunaga dirigirá la cinta tras la renuncia del director Danny Boyle argumentando “diferencias creativas”. La película será escrita por Neal Purvis y Robert Wade, habituales guionistas de la franquicia.
El desarrollo comenzó en 2016. Será la primera película de Bond distribuida por Universal Pictures, que adquirió los derechos de distribución internacional tras la expiración del contrato de Sony Pictures tras el estreno de Spectre en 2015. La subsidiaria de Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, United Artists Releasing posee los derechos para América del Norte, incluidos los derechos digitales y de televisión en todo el mundo. Universal también tiene los derechos de los medios físicos domésticos en todo el mundo.
¿Cuándo se estrena Venom 2 en Chile?
Spider-Man: Cruzando el Multiverso tiene fecha de estreno para el 1 de octubre de 2022 en Chile y los Latinoamérica.
Detalles de la pelicula .Culpa Mía
Daniel Craig (James Bond), Rami Malek (Lyutsifer Safin), Ralph Fiennes (M), Naomie Harris (Eve Moneypenny), Ana de Armas (Paloma), Ben Whishaw (Q), Jeffrey Wright (Felix Leiter), Léa Seydoux (Madeleine Swann), Rory Kinnear (Tanner), Dali Benssalah (Primo), Billy Magnussen (Logan Ash), David Dencik (Valdo Obruchev), Lashana Lynch (Nomi)
Historia de Película .Culpa Mía
“.Culpa Mía”: Un 007 para la historia. Han sido seis largos años y varios meses de espera tras la pandemia, pero por fin ha llegado la ansiada despedida de Daniel Craig como James Bond. .Culpa Mía (No Time to Die) es la quinta y definitiva entrega de una saga que empezó en 2006, y que esta vez cuenta con Cary Joji Fukunaga (Beasts of No Nation, True Detective) detrás de cámaras. Estreno en salas de cine españolas el 1 de octubre de 2022.
¿Qué pasó con el estreno de .Culpa Mía?
Año y medio después de su fecha prevista de estreno, que ha sido aplazado en varias ocasiones por la pandemia, llega por fin a los cines .Culpa Mía (No time to die), lo último de James Bond, una cinta que supone la despedida de Daniel Craig del agente secreto más famoso del mundo.
¿Dónde Ver .Culpa Mía online, la Película Completa Español Latino?
Spider-Man: Cruzando el Multiverso película completa (2022) ya esta disponibles en plataforma de streaming como Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Repelis, y otros para ver películas.
VER AQUÍ PELÍCULAS .Culpa Mía ONLINE GRATIS sin pagar absolutamente nada Ver .Culpa Mía películas en español latino y castellano y en calidad HD.
Páginas para ver pelicula .Culpa Mía gratis? Ver película .Culpa Mía online gratis en HD sin cortes? Ver .Culpa Mía películas online gratis en español? ¡VER AQUI!
Si quieres ver películas gratis y series online en español y latino solo debes de páginas web como Repelis-play, ponerte al día. Y no necesitas una cuenta en de Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video, Blim, y otros para ver películas.
Ver .Culpa Mía películas online gratis en español y latino Gracias a Internet es posible ver pelis .Culpa Mía gratis online en español y también sub latino sin necesidad de pagar una cuenta de premium como Netflix, HBO Go, Amazon Prime Video o Repelis. Si eres de las personas que busca en Google términos como “páginas para ver pelis online”, “estrenos español online”, “películas online en español”, “películas gratis online”, “ver pelis online”, entre otros keywords, seguramente has sido llevado a páginas web de dudosa procedencia o que te obligan a registrarte con alguna cuenta en .Culpa Míaes sociales. Si te hartaste de eso, a continuación podrás ver las mejores películas gratis online para disfrutar sin problemas, sin interrupciones y sin publicidad para convertir tu casa en un cine.
Esta páginas para ver .Culpa Mía online sin publicidad y sin cortes, así que presta atención y apunta, que la buena experiencia cinéfila -o seriéfila- está plenamente garantizada en estos websites. Si no tienes los códigos de Netflix a la mano o tu conexión no te permite descargar películas gratis en Mega HD, conoce cómo ver películas de acción, terror, comedias, clásicos y hasta teen movies de la forma más fácil con solo unos clics. Hasta pelis de estreno puedes encontrar en español.
Páginas web para ver película .Culpa Mía gratis son de fácil acceso. eso sí, solo necesitas crear una cuenta para ver y descargar de películas, La mayoría de estas páginas web para ver películas gratis son de fácil acceso y no es necesario el registro. Eso sí, algunas incluyen publicidad antes de la reproducción del título elegido, aunque esta es casi imperceptible.
Repelis es una plataforma donde puedes ver películas de manera gratuita sin publicidad y legal con un amplio catálogo de películas, donde el usuario puede filtrar los filmes por el género, es decir, Romance, Acción, Comedia, Drama, Horror, Aventura, Animación, Animes, Superhéroes. Cómic. DC Comics, Marvel, Disney, entre otros. Todas las películas son de alta calidad, incluye una sólida colección de programas de televisión, Para acceder a ellas gratis solo necesitas crear una cuenta. Esta página es gratuita y libre de anuncios. Además, ofrece artículos sobre estrenos independientes y comerciales.flix
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2023.06.09 21:06 PopularGnat262 This is the next death battle cast…Hot

This is the next death battle cast…Hot
It’s probably a stomp but hey it’d still love to see it HOT
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2023.06.09 21:06 Blabbo37 YES BEST FOR BOTH

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2023.06.09 20:49 VVVFVVVTVHH SMITE Music Lovers – 10.6 Music Deep Dive with the Audio Lead

Hey friends! My name is Kellen, I’m the Audio Lead on SMITE and a massive music nerd. I’m really proud of the music that we create for SMITE and I’d love to start giving you insights into our process, why we choose the themes and genres, and give shoutouts to the composers. I’m also happy to answer as many questions as I have time for! At the end, I will list some music I’ve been listening to this month, and I’d love it if you did the same. Music sharing is important to me because the best stuff can be hard to find!
I’ll start with the Season of Souls music pack! Tina is one of the main driving forces behind our music theme decisions. We were looking at the Season of Souls battlepass which has some really rad looking underworld-esque characters and Tina said, “maybe something metal?” I consider metal listening, collecting, and composing to be one of my two hobbies next to gaming, so I asked no questions and said, “you got it.” The characters look dark and badass but also have a touch of tongue-in-cheek fun to them, so I really wanted to accentuate that in the music. The direction we went with was 85% badass, 15% spooky fun with theremin-esque synths. Focus on fun groovy massive riffs to accentuate the various music events. You can check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LtI5kH7B5nU
So the way this typically works is we reach out to one of the composers that we work with, provide direction and references, and then go through several rounds of feedback and revisions to land a music pack. This is one of my favorite parts of being an audio lead because I get to work with incredibly talented composers and musicians to tailor their music to SMITE. But, video game composers don’t typically specialize in metal and as a metal nerd, I wanted something really authentic.
So how did we land on a composer? Last October, we worked with the blackened death metal band Hath to bring their music into SMITE. This was really exciting for me because they’re my favorite band and I really wanted to use SMITE to highlight smaller artists after you all turned out to support the Slipknot crossover. I have the sincerest gratitude for that because it allowed me to convince the team that the community wants to hear more metal!
I reached out to AJ Viana for the Season of Souls music pack. AJ is the drummer for Hath, Cognitive, and The American Standard. He also owns a recording studio, a multi-instrumentalist, and he is a master riff composer and incredibly talented drummer. As a starting point, I referenced a funny video/song AJ made based off of an improv song that LobosJR made during a stream called 7days2riff. I thought it overall sounded a little too heroic for our theme, but I loved the fun, bouncy, massive riffs. You can hear the bones of it throughout the music pack. You can check out that video here: https://youtu.be/wrLGLP4fo_I
This music pack is extra special for me because I got to work with one of my favorite artists to help craft it. My direction was minimal and mostly limited to making it work with our music system because AJ absolutely nailed the theme we were going for.
The music pack will be in the Season of Souls battlepass and as always, it’s on the free track! Make sure to pick it up and if you like what you hear, make sure to check out AJ’s other excellent work. He did an excellent cover of Slugdge’s Spore Ensemble, which is another band that is near and dear to me.
This month’s music:
Cattle Decapitation – Terrasite – The death metal titans have returned with an incredible offering. Travis Ryan is a master vocalist and lyricist; I love his performance and story on this record. Every member of this band is at the top of their game in both talent and composition.
Favorite track – A Photic Doom - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HfeZniCvaXs – NSFW (blood)
Inferi – Eyes of Boundless Black (Single) – I swear, these dudes are the supporting act for almost every show I go to. They’ve been grinding it out and refining their sound for almost 2 decades and their new single blew me away. The video is really awesome and funny, too.
Link - https://youtu.be/WMB0h-SzHbo
An Abstract Illusion – Woe – This album came out last year and really took me by surprise. There is so much going on here. Black metal, death metal, synth, piano, I’m pretty sure there’s a bassoon in there? It’s an incredibly dense, creative, and moving record. Each song flows seamlessly from beginning to end, so it’s quite the journey to listen to in one sitting.
Favorite track – Tear Down This Holy Mountain - https://youtu.be/PT1CmnjKTW4?t=646
The Midnight – Horror Show – It’s not all metal (surprise)! I love this album because I’m always looking for synthwave with an 80’s horror vibe. I love the massive compositions and the incredible guitar solos on this album. I wish they made more like this, but it seems like it was a one-off. Still, they have an impressive catalogue of music to explore if you’re looking for more synthwave. Plus, singesongwriter Tyler Lyle is a native Atlantian (go sports team)!
Favorite track – Good in Red - https://youtu.be/NWt58mwQMD8?t=953
That’s all for today, thank you so much for reading! I’d like to start doing this every patch if the community is interested, so let me know in the comments what you think, what your favorite SMITE music is, and if you’d like me to do a deep dive on anything we’ve done in the past! Don’t forget to share what you’ve been listening to lately so other people can discover their new favorite music!
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2023.06.09 20:35 Flying_Sailboat [Waybound] Some disappointment with Yerin and Lindon's acts

I enjoy Cradle not because of Lindon but because of the whole cast. In fact, as I like Lindon least among everyone, I usually prefer books where Lindon is not the sole focal point like Underlord, Uncrowned, Wintersteel, or Reaper. Waybound is an overall decent book and has many excellent moments but there are also missed opportunities and wrong choices and overall ruined it for me. I love the conclusive act for Ziel, Mercy, and Eithan but there are so many missed opportunities and wrong directions with Yerin and Lindon. Those turned the story into seemingly just another self-satisfied power fantasy instead of something deeper and more meaningful.
Continuing the trend from Dreadgod, Lindon has to become a more and more disproportionally powerful and all-knowing fighter, maker, and leader. He won against Monarchs, solos Dreadgods, made Penance and had solutions for all the problems of other characters i.e. carried everyone. I have hoped that this trend will not continue in Waybound but it was indeed futile as it was a conventional choice in progression fantasy and not many mind it. At least, I have to admit it is handled well enough by being stated by other characters, turning some frustrating moments into funny ones for me. It is also hard to understand how Lindon could solo the other two Dreadgods by himself, as his power should just be equal to each of the final two, right?
Yerin's treatments, though, made me so sad. Her death icon development is done quite well initially as I hoped for before the book. Lindon got soulsmithing and hollow domain from Eithan, so Yerin as another disciple should gain something also. I have hoped Yerin would, in addition to the fighting ability, also somehow gain the Arelius bloodline because she was trained by Eithan for sensing ability, though this did not come true. The death icon, though, ultimately become inconsequential in the big picture, as well as her ability to consume. She went into the Way and got lost, even Mercy traveled to the right place. It still takes her pages to just deal with a Herald and a Sage. Malice was defeated by the penance made by Lindon. She did not get her sword also. And most irritatingly, with all her history with the Bloody Phoenix, her fight with it just had to conclude with a double Dreadgods kill by Lindon. Her whole act of not having enough power NEVER actually conclude satisfactorily.
In my ideal ending, Yerin would have absorbed the power of the Bloody Phoenix and fought alongside Lindon. Then the couple, both Dreadgod, then stay in Cradle for a while, just to take a breather and heal. Because the hunger madra is divided between two, the adverse effect would be also relieved. They would have united the world together, create more portals or something, more convenient for common people. The message should be that "we're stronger when we support each other", not "you must be really greedy to be strong". The couple should have made some disciples, pass down the Soulsmith skills, turn the labyrinth into something that could benefit the world. The techniques of Blood Shadow should be added to their legacy, it is again a Yerin's plot point totally ignored. Unfortunately, the final section seemed more focused on showing off Lindon's OPness i.e greediness, which kinda undermined the deeper themes that could have been explored. I mean, why bring all the treasures from Cradle up to heaven? Like heaven doesn't have enough already! And I cringed so much reading the final chapter.
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2023.06.09 20:28 The_Corvus_ Teoría de grafos para visualizar a la sociedad

La teoría de grafos estudia todas las estructuras geométricas que se pueden hacer al conectar vértices con artistas (conectar puntos con líneas); incluso esto se presta para que surjan ciertos interesantes desafíos como: «dibuja esta casa sin despegar el lápiz del papel ni repetir líneas».
Esto tiene varios usos y aplicaciones, y una de ellas es representar visualmente una red de personas y sus relaciones con otras en campos de sociología, donde cada punto es una persona y las líneas son las interacciones entre ellas, formando un campo o red compleja de difusión de ideas y repercusiones, o incluso manifestaciones del efecto mariposa (que una pequeña acción puede desencadenar fuertes y grandes reacciones a largo plazo, como dos pelotas que tiras al mismo tiempo pero con los segundos comienzan a tomar rumbos completamente distintos debido a esa pequeña diferencia).
Gracias a esto, podemos imaginar los efectos sociales de, por ejemplo, la globalización. Anteriormente, en tiempos más antiguos, las noticias y comunicaciones de las personas no se extendían más allá de ciertos kilómetros de distancia o ciudades. Tu mundo era tu pueblo, y lo que pasara en otros pueblos alrededor del mundo era un misterio. Una carta al otro lado del mundo podía tardar años en llegar. La gente solo opinaba y pensaba con relación a las demás opiniones e información de su pueblo.
Pero todo cambia cuando surge el internet después de la segunda guerra mundial, donde todo el mundo se comunica al instante con otros y todos están conectados en una red global. Ahora, todos ven la opinión de una sola persona, que más tarde se convierte en la opinión de muchos. Con el tiempo, los nuevos internautas ven esas grandes opiniones conformadas por millones de personas, que anteriormente habrían sido solo de un pueblo. Ahora, la gente no formula opiniones: las escoge.
Hay varios bandos y grupos, y sus miembros aceptan la opinión completa junto con la pequeña premisa inicial que los incentivó a unirse desde un principio, sin cuestionar lo demás, de tal modo que escuchamos y leemos a cientos de personas que opinan lo mismo porque se han unido a la opinión en lugar de desmenuzarla y formar una opinión propia.
Incluso antes de que existiera internet, ya había cierta globalización gracias a los medios noticieros y la tecnología de comunicaciones desarrollada durante las guerras mundiales. Precisamente por eso se le llama «Primera Guerra Mundial». Fue la primera guerra entre bandos globales y no solo pueblerinos o de naciones: el occidente contra el oriente.
Esta es mi hipótesis sobre por qué ya escasea la falta de originalidad y pensamiento y razonamiento crítico propio en las opiniones de las redes sociales, y el porqué abunda la ansiedad en un mundo que nos bombardea con todos sus problemas; quizá hasta yo o nosotros mismos seamos un poco víctimas de todo esto. Es triste ver que los adolescentes hoy les parece «leve» un video censurado y bordando lo ilegal, de una persona siendo torturada, pues ahora todo está globalizado...
Lo mejor que podemos hacer es estar consientes de esto, nunca perder la capacidad de sorpendernos y siempre cuestionar las cosas, sin necesariamente aceptar o rechazar completamente algo sin antes analizar cada premisa y elegir qué creer. Ya sea en cuestión de ciencia, religión, filosofía o cosmovisión en general, podemos propiciar una sociedad más conciente y analítica si difundimos la herramienta más poderosa que hay: las ideas. Una buena idea original bien plantada en otra persona a través del discurso.
submitted by The_Corvus_ to u/The_Corvus_ [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 20:21 penmaster3000 Real Bout Special - Story Info

This is the story info for Real Bout Fatal Fury Special.

Terry Bogard

Beloved Eternal Hungry Wolf
Fighting-style: Martial Arts
Nationality: American
Profession: Freeter
Birthday: 1971.3.15
Age: 25
Height: 182cm
Weight: 82kg
Blood-type: O
Hobbies: Video Games
Favorite Food: Fast Food
Dislikes: Slugs
Most Important Things: Jeff's Keepsake Gloves
Favorite Sport: Basketball
Favorite Music: Rock
Special Skill: Accurately guessing a woman's measurements
The reason he started fighting was because the hatred that burned within. He wanted to become stronger in order to avenge his adoptive father. He doesn't really remember his parents. "My dad is Jeff Bogard... I'm going to be strong like Jeff."
Today, he has grown into one of the world's top-class martial artists. What did he find by crossing fists with so many opponents? He's not looking for answers with hatred. Perhaps he was just starving for affection.
"I've come to believe that fighting is the best way to understand each other. Everyone who fights has a reason and if they fight, they will understand."
He said this with a smile prepared for the real bout. He not only fights for strength but also with his opponent's heart in mind. That's how he fights.

Andy Bogard

Trains to surpass his brother
Fighting-style: Koppō
Nationality: American
Profession: Shiranui Style Taijutsu Instructor
Birthday: 1972.8.16
Age: 24
Height: 171cm
Weight: 67kg
Blood-type: A
Hobbies: Training
Favorite Food: Natto spaghetti
Dislikes: Dogs
Most Important Things: Photos from his training (with his master Hanzo Shiranui)
Favorite Sport: Short Track
Favorite Music: Silence
Special Skill: Fasting
His posture is perfect no matter what he does. He has a rather small build but makes up for it with finely-honed senses.
He never hides his attitude even in battle. He specializes in sharp and speedy ariel attacks as a means of exhausting his opponent.
“By sharpening my nerves, I can imagine how the opponent will move next. If I can read his movements, I have the confidence to strike from any distance. Even if it's at a nose-to-nose distance. ”
He has made it his goal to surpass his older brother Terry Bogard. For that reason, he has studied all kinds of martial arts. But he has never been able to win against Terry's wild skills.

Joe Higashi

Hot-blooded Japanese Muay Thai boy
Fighting-style: Muay Thai
Nationality: Japanese
Profession: Muay Thai Fighter
Birthday: 1972.3.29
Age: 24
Height: 180cm
Weight: 71kg
Blood-type: AB
Hobbies: Storage
Favorite Food: Fried crocodile
Dislikes: Dressing up
Most Important Things: His Headband
Favorite Sport: General martial arts
Favorite Music: De Enka
Special Skill: Numbers (99% success rate and personal conversation)
Joe Higashi, a man who can move anyone with his unconventional fighting style. He does not know the meaning of the word "retreat". He is arguably the greatest Muay Thai champion in history and is a spectacle of natural talent.
He says, "I'm thinking about the look on my face when I get punched. Now I feel like I'm going to get punched with a cool face." He may look like a jerk, but he is a real hero to the poor children of Thailand.
"I'm holding a muay thai class with the neighborhood kids, but they're dark. Everyone is desperately trying to get stronger because they can't eat, but they have a strong sense of duty and don't enjoy it. I'm not having fun That's why I won't lose in order to teach them how to fight a real bout."
He spoke really happily, his expression was impressive.

Mai Shiranui

Freedom is the way I live.
Fighting-style: Shiranui Ninjutsu
Nationality: Japanese
Profession: Successor of Shiranui Ninjutsu
Birthday: 1974.1.1
Age: 23
Height: 165cm
Weight: 46kg
Blood-type: B
Measurements: 87-54-90
Hobbies: Dieting
Favorite Food: Osechi
Dislikes: Spiders
Most Important Things: Grandmother's Memento Hairpin
Favorite Sport: Japanese badminton
Favorite Music: Heavy Metal
Special Skill: Japanese dressmaking
Despite being a woman, she has become the rightful successor to the Shiranui Ninjutsu. Though, she has conflicting feelings about it.
"Because I don't know anything about her. I didn't know about Mochizuki at all..."
After the death of Shiranui Hanzo, her education has been under the supervision of senior citizens known as the Five Elders. They are Hanzo's beloved disciples, and they seem to have considerable skill, but due to their age, they have retired from teaching practical skills. Mai and Andy are learning from these old people. And although Andy enjoys their lessons, Mai doesn't seem to like them at all. For the old people, she was teaching them everything about their relationship with Mochizuki...
"Because I'm studying surrounded by grandpas..."
It seems her selfishness hasn't changed at all.

Sokaku Mochizuki

A man who fights with inner Shura
Fighting-style: Shoden Mudo-ryu Bujutsu
Nationality: Japanese
Profession: chief priest
Birthday: 1946.7.3
Age: 50
Height: 176cm
Weight: 86kg
Blood-type: A
Hobbies: Shogi
Favorite Food: Sweets (Shiruko Anmitsu)
Dislikes: Shiranui Ninjutsu
Most Important Things: Japanese sword (Memento of his teacher)
Favorite Sport: Light swimming
Favorite Music: Rokyoku
Special Skill: Calming the spirit
He is the master of Shoden Mudo-ryu, and continues to use the Book of Secrets to cut off the root of Shura. As a result, he is attacked by Shura's delusions, losing control of his mind, and slowly becoming Shura itself. Could this also be due to the magical power of the Book of Secrets?
"I was prepared for this to happen. It's not like I'm completely shredded yet. The real bout is now."
After being defeated in the battle against the Shiranui-ryu, the Shoden Mudō-ryū established Shura-gari as the way of life for the school. And his psychokinesis was said to be the most powerful in history. Now, the battle will be with oneself. Because if he turns into a Shura, no one will be able to stop his power. His struggle for who he is may end Mudo-ryu's history, but that may be Mudo-ryu's long-awaited fate. How will he end up...

Bob Wilson

Cheerful Capoeirista
Fighting-style: Capoeira
Nationality: Brazilian
Profession: Pao Pao Cafe 2 Manager
Birthday: 1974.5.15
Age: 22
Height: 184cm
Weight: 84kg
Blood-type: O
Hobbies: Dance (samba and reggae dance)
Favorite Food: Fruits (apples, pineapples)
Dislikes: Insects
Most Important Things: His Family
Favorite Sport: Basketball
Favorite Music: Acid Jazz
Special Skill: Ribbing
Bob Wilson, a proud Capoeirista. Together with his teacher, Richard Meyer, he continues to challenge all styles of martial arts.
From dance-like footwork to a variety of kicking techniques, he unleashes endlessly. If a stranger jumps in, he will surely make them dance their dance of death.
“There are many great martial artists like Terry in the world. But this time I won't lose to anyone. My capoeira has no blind spots."
His capoeira, which he claims to be the best, certainly has the beauty of perfection. The Pao Pao Cafe is bustling with customers every day to watch the beautiful martial arts. Their tireless challenge continues.


Kyushu boy from Hong Kong
Fighting-style: Kung Fu
Nationality: Hong Kong
Profession: Detective
Birthday: 1966.8.21
Age: 30
Height: 176cm
Weight: 78kg
Blood-type: O
Hobbies: Sting operations (Currently on Confinement)
Favorite Food: Jiaozi
Dislikes: Rules
Most Important Things: His Lover
Favorite Sport: Cycling
Favorite Music: Any female idol song
Special Skill: Make things awkward
He still has a seat in the Hong Kong police force, and his reckless investigations continue to make the police's upper echelons nervous. On the other hand, he seems to be very much loved by the locals, and his whereabouts can usually be traced out by asking the townsfolk. Detectives who are this open to him are rare, but his ability to take action during investigations is extraordinary, and criminals who are targeted almost never escape.
He has never fired a gun in any of his investigations. He owns a pistol, but his prowess is questionable, and when he uses it, it is exclusively as a throwing weapon.
His favorite weapon is the nunchaku. Having mastered kung fu, he started using nunchaku under the influence of Bruce Reichi, a skill difficult for an average martial artist. However, he put on a sly face and said, "This is easier to use than a pistol. I'll just use this instead." He plays dumb but is a lot stronger than he looks.

Blue Mary

An agent who fulfills the request perfectly
Fighting-style: Command Sambo
Nationality: American
Profession: Private Detective
Birthday: 1973.2.4
Age: 23
Height: 168cm
Weight: 49kg
Blood-type: AB
Measurements: 86-54-85
Hobbies: Motorcycle touring
Favorite Food: Beef and Broth
Dislikes: Cats
Most Important Things: Leather Jacket
Favorite Sport: Baseball
Favorite Music: Ballads
Special Skill: Forgetting about painful events
Born into a family that has produced excellent martial artists for generations, she is active as a free agent. Her good blood blossomed especially in her mastery of Commando Sambo. At first glance, she appears to be an ordinary woman with an intimidating physique. However, her mastery over Command Sambo has enough destructive power to easily destroy the human body.
"There are many fragile parts of the human body. All I have to do is to accurately capture them. Besides, I can't choose where my job is, so I search for the most effective way to fight on the spot."
She constantly researches and practices how to fight without waste. And as an agent, she can get the best results in any situation and any request.
"I'm the only true fighting professional in the world, and I won't lose to a weak martial artist. ”

Franco Bash

Burning! Father
Fighting-style: Kickboxing
Nationality: American
Profession: Kickboxer (Recently returned to active duty)
Birthday: 1963.9.16
Age: 33
Height: 195cm
Weight: 115kg
Blood-type: A
Hobbies: Bodybuilding
Favorite Food: Curry Rice
Dislikes: People who bully his son
Most Important Things: His son (Junior)
Favorite Sport: Ice Hockey
Favorite Music: Jazz
Special Skill: Beer Chugging
Franco once retired from the kickboxing world for the sake of his family, who preferred stability over wealth and fame. But, his instincts did not allow him to forget the fight. With the understanding of his family, he made a comeback and returned to the championship as if his body was too blessed.
His super-heavyweight punches terrified his opponents and gradually isolated him.
"It's no fun if you don't have an opponent. From now on, I won't choose a ring. Any martial artist will be my opponent."
With no opponents in the kickboxing world, he ignited his passion for mixed martial arts fights. Since he is naturally good at punching, he is eager to fight against a super-heavyweight boxer. If Axel Hawk accepts the challenge, we'll see the biggest fistfight of the century...

Ryuji Yamazaki

Believe in his own strength
Fighting-style: Self-taught Homicide Karate
Nationality: Japanese
Profession: Dark Broker
Birthday: 1963.8.8
Age: 33
Height: 192cm
Weight: 96kg
Blood-type: A
Hobbies: Knife Collecting
Favorite Food: Horsemeat sashimi
Dislikes: Labor
Most Important Things: Anything related to his interests
Favorite Sport: None
Favorite Music: None
Special Skill: Has no trouble going three days without sleep
Karate is the basis of his fighting style, but it can be said that his style has been established in another world of martial arts. His living environment consisted of levels of "live" or "die", "kill" or "be killed". He believes that martial arts with rules are a playful gathering of the most untrustworthy people.
"Why do you fight? Hehe... I like it. I just love the sound of bones cracking and flesh being cut."
He thinks there is no point in fighting other than carnage. He lives and breathes carnage. Trusting only his strength, he is insensitive and has nothing to bear. A wild and real bout feeds him, and that's what makes him terrifying.

Jin Chonshu

The strongest fist unleashed by the soul dwelling in the body.
Fighting-style: Diwangquan
Nationality: Chinese
Profession: Unemployed
Birthday: 1980.6.6
Age: 16
Height: 170cm
Weight: Unclear
Blood-type: Unclear
Hobbies: Trip
Favorite Food: Spicy Foods
Dislikes: Deep sea fishes (he's scared of their faces)
Most Important Things: His brother
Favorite Sport: All non-ball games
Favorite Music: Anime music themes
Special Skill: Sarcasm (no offense)
Jin's Book of Secrets is said to have been sought after by all fighters aiming to become the strongest in its long history. These brothers are ordinary boys who remain innocent and seem to live in a world completely unrelated to them. However, fate formed them as multiple personalities.
"We sometimes have unconscious moments. Neither I nor my brother can remember what we were doing during that time."
In this unconscious time, he suddenly transforms into a fighting machine like a demon god. His personality is controlled by the soul of his ancestors who are wrapped in the Book of Secrets, and his body begins to make full use of Diwangquan. Teioken, the origin of all fighting styles, has now been revived in this world through their bodies.

Jin Chonrei

Emperor's fist that never weakens
Fighting-style: Diwangquan
Nationality: Chinese
Profession: Unemployed
Birthday: 1980.6.6
Age: 16
Height: 170cm
Weight: Unclear
Blood-type: Unclear
Hobbies: Snowboarding
Favorite Food: Almond Tofu
Dislikes: Effort
Most Important Things: His younger brother
Favorite Sport: Any individual sports
Favorite Music: None
Special Skill: Fashionability
Jin's Book of Secrets is said to have been sought after by all fighters aiming to become the strongest in its long history. These brothers are ordinary boys who remain innocent and seem to live in a world completely unrelated to them. However, fate formed them as multiple personalities.
"We sometimes have unconscious moments. Neither I nor my brother can remember what we were doing during that time."
During this unconscious time, the Jin brothers suddenly transform into fighting machines like demon gods. Their personalities are controlled by the souls of their ancestors wrapped in the Book of Secrets, and their bodies begin to make full use of the Diwangquan. Teioken, the origin of all fighting styles, has now been revived in this world through their bodies. And the Jin brothers are led to the unconscious battlefield. They fight with a fate that is too sad...

Duck King

Splendid Dancing Fighter
Fighting-style: Martial Arts
Nationality: American
Profession: Professional Dancer
Birthday: 1967.2.2
Age: 29
Height: 179cm
Weight: 62kg
Blood-type: B
Hobbies: Dance, dance, dance!
Favorite Food: Buttercorn
Dislikes: The Rising Tackle
Most Important Things: P-chan the chick
Favorite Sport: Street basketball
Favorite Music: Rap Music
Special Skill: American jokes (too cliché to laugh)
There may be martial artists who hate losing, but it's rare for their competitive attitude to drive their actions. When he was a boy, he dreamed of becoming a dancer, but he was a delinquent in his neighborhood. His dancing talent was certainly the best in the street, and there was no one who could surpass him. Why did the boy choose the path of a martial artist?
"At that time, I was so frustrated that I couldn't sleep at night. That kid, Terry, made a fool out of me."
After that, he followed Terry to every fighting tournament. "My life has gone crazy because of him. By this time, I was changing the world's club scene. Terry is a big star who can't be called out. ”
He believes that they'll be even after he beats Terry.

Kim Kaphwan

The road to becoming the strongest continues
Fighting-style: Taekwondo
Nationality: Korea
Profession: Taekwondo master
Birthday: 1964.12.21
Age: 32
Height: 176cm
Weight: 78kg
Blood-type: A
Hobbies: Karaoke
Favorite Food: Grilled meat
Dislikes: Evil
Most Important Things: His 2 sons
Favorite Sport: Gymnastics
Favorite Music: Mood song
Special Skill: Enduring hot baths
Kim Kaphwan, a man who is said to be undefeated for 10 years in the taekwondo world. One of the primary reasons why he has risen to this level is his passion for taekwondo. He believes that it is the strongest martial art in the world. What does taekwondo mean to him?
"I fight to prove the strength of taekwondo. I hope it will give confidence to the people and country I love."
He spoke eloquently to convey his feelings for his loved ones. Taekwondo is said to be more popular than karate. However, due to the small number of onstage practitioners, it gives the reverse impression. It's not strange that his fight is the dream of his native people.

Billy Kane

Who are you fighting for?
Fighting-style: Bojutsu
Nationality: English
Profession: Geese's Entourage
Birthday: 1966.12.25
Age: 30
Height: 179cm
Weight: 77kg
Blood-type: B
Hobbies: Washing
Favorite Food: Egg dish
Dislikes: Order
Most Important Things: His younger sister
Favorite Sport: Pole Vaulting
Favorite Music: Punk Rock
Special Skill: Playing long guitar solos
He has the mark of the world's No. 2 and the world's best right hand, but it always been that way. Especially in terms of fighting habits, he is in a position to reign over the world against Joe Higashi and Ryuji Yamazaki. The reason why he devoted himself to No.2 was his encounter with Geese Howard.
Until then, the people around him had only seen him as hypocrites who wanted to see his complexion. However, the man named Geese confronts him with his strength. After being shown a huge difference in ability, he devotes himself to the role of Geese's assistant. For Geese, he was the most trusted subordinate and played a key role in Geese's strides forward.
"My boss will always be Geese, forever."
For him, Geese is the best person he can trust from the bottom of his heart.

Cheng Senzan

The Fighting Merchants Will Rise Again
Fighting-style: Taichi
Nationality: Taiwanese
Profession: Businessman
Birthday: 1952.8.10
Age: 44
Height: 160cm
Weight: 130kg
Blood-type: O
Hobbies: Savings
Favorite Food: Ramen
Dislikes: Bimbos
Most Important Things: Money
Favorite Sport: Tennis
Favorite Music: Pop Music
Special Skill: Playing mahjong all night (his record is four days straight)
Based in Hong Kong, he is active as a promoter who fights by himself. He is based on Taijiquan, but has studied with Tung Fu Rue long ago and is also familiar with bajiquan. His talent flourished during his time as a Hakkyokuseiken, but his innate money-making philosophy drove him to be expelled.
"I did a street fight that was forbidden by Master Tung. Moreover, I played match-fixing and lost on purpose. At that time, Tung was furious." At the time, he used Hakkyokuseiken, so his betting odds were biased against him. So he got a second party to bet on him, and he played the match beautifully.
After that, he could no longer claim to be a user of Hakkyokuseiken. But his skills, as well as his innate commercial spirit, were all genuine.

Tung Fu Rue

The essence of Hakkyokuseiken is now here...
Fighting-style: Hakkyokuseiken
Nationality: Chinese
Profession: Hakkyokuseiken Master
Birthday: 1924.4.14
Age: 72
Height: 163cm
Weight: 46kg
Blood-type: A
Hobbies: Meditation
Favorite Food: Cha-tamago
Dislikes: Extravagance
Most Important Things: Disciples
Favorite Sport: Taichi
Favorite Music: Folk music
Special Skill: Assimilating with nature
He is the founder of Hakkyokuseiken and a great master who trained many martial artists. He has fought an extraordinary number of times and is a living encyclopedia who has personally studied all martial arts. The essence of Hakkyokuseiken lies in the control of "Ki". Among his disciples, Geese Howard was the one who was able to harness his Ki. The man with the highest potential for it was Terry Bogard. Whose father, Jeff, was also one of Tung's beloved disciples.
“Jeff Bogard was the role model for a martial artist. That's why I chose him as my successor. I didn't expect that to happen... ”
A long time ago, Jeff and Geese fought for the throne of succession. Geese, who lost, killed Jeff.
He decided to remain active for the rest of his life and stopped taking his students, the only exception being Terry Bogard.

Laurence Blood

A crazy matador that invites silence
Fighting-style: Self-taught matador assassination techniques
Nationality: Spanish
Profession: Stroheim Castle Guard Captain
Birthday: 1960.9.4
Age: 36
Height: 195cm
Weight: 95kg
Blood-type: B
Hobbies: Playing Flamenco guitar
Favorite Food: Beef stew
Dislikes: Women and children
Most Important Things: Honor
Favorite Sport: Fencing
Favorite Music: Flamenco
Special Skill: Sidelong glances (he's overconfident about it)
He was a hero in his native Spain as a matador who fought bullfights with his bare hands, but people gradually hated him for his brutal fighting style. It was Krauser who took an interest in him, and the insane matador later became Krauser's right hand and played an active role. Since he became part of Krauser, he has been fighting exclusively against humans, but his style hasn't changed at all. The maddening battle will have no choice but to silence the viewer.
"Fufu... Maybe I went too far again. But that's how fighting is supposed to be. Beasts instinctively attack you until you can't move."
Ironically, as he changed his battlefield, his madness only grew more radiant.
Is there no one in this world who has the power to stop him other than Krauser?

Wolfgang Krauser

Proud Supreme Warrior
Fighting-style: Mixed Martial Arts
Nationality: German
Profession: Lord of the Stroheim Castle
Birthday: Unclear
Age: Unclear
Height: 200cm
Weight: 145kg
Blood-type: A
Hobbies: Medieval antique collecting
Favorite Food: Rare Steaks
Dislikes: Vanity, falsehood
Most Important Things: Chivalry
Favorite Sport: Not interested in sports (but able to do anything)
Favorite Music: Classical
Special Skill: All forms of gambling (he's surprisingly stingy)
The head of the prestigious Stroheim family behind the history of Europe. He possesses the most excellent body and fighting senses among the successive family heads. In other words, he got everything at a young age.
“Art is the ultimate, and my struggle exists in that realm. Like Mozart and Gotti, I am a fighting genius.”
He treats fighting as an art, and tries to satisfy his desires by perfectly he beats his opponents. As if creating a work, the energy of the battle is full of madness. The boredom of his fame has shaped him into a top-notch predilection, and he continues to search today for prey to serve as the subject matter for his future masterpieces.
Krauser pursues an endless search even in the underworld. All for myself...
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2023.06.09 20:12 beneath_the_bottom Okay so hear me out....my own ideas for what a cool Sequels trilogy could've been...

So coming off ROTJ, The galaxy is in relative peace. The rebels took down the Empire, the 2nd death star, obliterated them. Vader's redeemed, the Emperor dead. Yes there are stragglers and remnants of the Empire, but they are hunted down and assumibly eliminated. And all our characters are resolved.
I'm thinking like 30-40 years later, I feel like an eventual civil war in some capacity would make for a really interesting sequel trilogy that would then potentially make it easier for an 10,11,12 to flow into. Do the whole 'Luke makes a new Jedi order,.and Leia and Han have a baby. Etc.' But if we think about where the Galaxy is, really the only thing that could rock them reasonably would be from within.
So this could make for really cool ideas of divisiveness and crumbling and thus Luke and the new Jedi order would have to battle with their need for control to maintain order as this entire new Galactic system collapses from within, and how to learn to trust the Force during this process. In this way, enemies wouldn't just pop out of the blue for the sake of having a bad guy, the "bad guy" could be familiar faces as sides are plotted against each other. Similar to the American Civil War how a nation of new birth and relative freedom and peace almost now crumbled from within.
I'd love for people to expand on this if they're up for it or have other ideas on what could happen
TL;DR : I basically think there could be really cool Sequels plot lines and stories to be told out of a Galactic Civil War.
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2023.06.09 20:09 TylerNT2020 Who's going to win?

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2023.06.09 19:59 wazoheat /r/weather's protest against Reddit's decision to kill 3rd party apps (and its implications on the future of reddit as a website)

Skip to the last paragraph for the relevant announcement. Keep reading for slightly self-important rambling.
You've all been on reddit, you've seen the thing, you know the thing. This affects me personally as I solely use RIF on mobile, and browse old reddit on desktop (while they have not announced any changes to old reddit at this time, everyone sees the writing on the wall). But I also think this represents a death knell for some unique positives that reddit brings to the internet as a whole.
I'm a big believer in reddit as an educational tool. Reddit was and remains unique among social media as a place for in-depth discussion, allowing for learning, context, and conversation at a pace that can (even if it usually doesn't) transcend hot-takes, clichéd responses, and obvious memes. I've been a panelist at /askscience for more than a decade (jesus christ), and in that time have answered literally thousands of questions from people curious about the world. But new reddit, including the official app, is not designed for that. New reddit is designed to be social media first and foremost: churning through content to get the most eyeballs on the not-so-subtlely interspersed ads. Conversation through text slows down that process. And I'm not naïve: I know the inevitable capitalistic reasons behind all this. Reddit wouldn't exist without venture capital, yet this push towards profit for investors made the end of the parts of reddit I value unavoidable. But even if it feels futile, there's no reason not to at least voice a protest.
We've been holding off on announcing anything because of the potential for severe weather during the protest blackout, scheduled for June 12 - 14. No one should use reddit for emergency information, but it would be irresponsible to think that people don't, and there's plenty of value to the simple awareness that comes from seeing a severe weather megathread. There are also people in this sub who quell their anxiety during severe weather. And I'm not trying to over-state this sub's importance; I'm aware there are at most a few hundred people who participate in the average discussion thread. But taking that resource away would go against the ideals that I stated above.
This sub will participate in the protest, but we will not be going completely dark. Starting at 20230612_0000z and continuing through through 20230614_2359z, /weather will be in megathread-only mode. Users will be able to ask questions, discuss and share information about current weather, but no individual posts will be allowed. This is the part of reddit that I find most valuable, and I hope you all do too. Please discuss here or message the moderators if you have any feedback.
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2023.06.09 19:36 elcigala20 Adelanto de efectivo

Gente todo bien,
una consulta de la nada un banco por 2 tarjetas me están depositando como 19 millones como Adelanto de Efectivo que si quiero lo uso o si quiero no lo uso y no hay costos de administración ni castigos por pagos anticipados obvio si pago luego de la fecha me hacen el amor, yo solo voy a tomar 6 millones por una emergencia de mi hermana porque mi dinero lo tengo en CDPs, pero lo otro lo voy a meter el CPDs del mismo banco,
les ha pasado? ya me había pasado con Scotiabank pero no les hacía caso, pero por el tema de mi hermana para prestarle 6 millones acepté yo lo que voy hacer ese meter esos 13 millones restantes a un CPD con ellos mismo que me va a generar como 150 mil pesos al suave en 3 meses, de hecho uno de los asesores esos me dijo "si no lo usa haga un CDP"
les han ofrencido antes así esos adelantos hay algún gato encerrado aquí o simplemente aprovecho esos creo más de 150 mil por 3 meses sin hacer nada

pongo las condiciones se me fue ponerlo

Utilícelo como capital de trabajo, para remodelar su casa, pagar viajes, estudios o refinanciar otras deudas con tasas más altas
- Podrá escoger la moneda de su preferencia (colones o dólares)
- Plazo hasta setiembre en el pago de contado (13 al 28)
- El dinero lo tendrá es su cuenta en un plazo de 24 a 48 horas después de aceptar la oferta.
- Tasas del 0% mensual en colones y 0% mensual en dólares.
- 0%comisión de desembolso, penalización por cancelación anticipada o abono extraordinario de un 0% sobre el saldo.
- Sin fiador
Utiliza el disponible del límite de crédito de su tarjeta.

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