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r/Drama has n(ew) rules.

2016.06.20 11:47 Joan_Wayne_Gacy r/Drama has n(ew) rules.

List of new rules:

Surplus PerpKerns

Current Surplus Popcorn: racism drama, gender wars, gamergate drama, rape drama, pedo drama, trans drama, fat drama, SJW drama, political drama (specifically the US election)
Certain kinds of drama are political, and therefore unduly popular, and therefore get upvoted at the expense of other posts. Even if only half the stuff in the new queue is stale popcorn, the front page will look like it's almost all stale. Posts in this category can be submitted as a self post only. Direct links will be removed. Posts in this category will face greater scrutiny, like a harsher version of the rules that apply to to posts normally. Some things we will look for
"Just right" amount of children: not too many, not too little. Most of what is linked does not consist of peripheral off topic replies. Normally we look for a minimum of 15-20 children, but for surplus popcorn it could be double that. 150+ children probably means you linked improperly
Participants are not trolls or possible trolls

This is the stupid shit we say when we want to remove your post for no reason

Discussion is not calm, reasoned, or anywhere near reaching a consensus
The title and the write-up do not contain a shred of bias or lead the reader to think a certain side is in the wrong
The drama comes from the harsh words being exchanged- not from SRDers trying to call out bad behavior
NOTE: if surplus drama has some sort of special X factor that makes it notable and special, it won't be considered surplus drama. for example, if Ellen Pao did an AMA and started slapfighting with redditors about gender imbalances. A good test of if drama might meet this exception is that the topic of argument is playing second fiddle to whatever the X factor is, and the surplus topic is barely worth mentioning. This will require a great deal of mod discretion, so modmail to ask. No, your post is probably not special.

Please see this guide to know how to appropriately post to our DRAMA subreddit (please no drama please)

Guys, here's a useful guide to knowing what you can and can't post. If it's not comprehensible, that's your fault, and go fuck yourself. Ready?
Extremely not okay:
Putting a chicken breast between buns does not make it a burger. I'm not sure if your mom took drugs while she was pregnant or you just like showing everyone how stupid you are, but your constant willful repetition of the same fucktarded argument has worn on me. If you're too stupid to see reason, then fuck off. Ass.
Still not okay:
Putting a chicken breast between buns does not make it a burger. You keep saying it, but it doesn't make it true. Repetition is only a substitute for an argument if you're too dumb to actually formulate thought. But really, what should I have expected of someone who came right out of the gate being so hilariously, willfully wrong? I'm begging you, keep going. Show me your brilliance. Say the same damn thing again
Putting a chicken breast between buns does not make it a burger. You think this as argument-ending evidence, but I'm not convinced. No one uses your definition of "burger". I don't think you've sufficiently proven your position, and you repeating the same point is wearing on me
And no, "chicken breasts", "buns" and "burgers" are totally not code for things related to transgender people. Fuck you for even thinking it.
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