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A resource for the Near West Suburbs of Chicago.

2023.06.08 13:26 LolBatmanHuntsU How Managing My Linus Tech Tips Watch Time Improved My Well-Being

Have you ever wondered how watching YouTube videos affects your mood and productivity? I have, and I decided to find out with the help of a journal that I have been testing these past three months. In this post, I will share how I used my journal to track and optimize my watching habits for Linus Tech Tips and how it improved my well-being.
My journal is a tool that uses the history of each activity and measures its impact on my well-being every day. It learns how statistically each activity influences my lifestyle, i.e., mental, physical, and social well-being.
One of the activities that I enjoy the most is watching Linus Tech Tips. It has been a source of entertainment for me for nearly eight years. Over the last three to four months, I watched 59 of their videos on YouTube, not counting shorts. On average, I record watching an LTT video at 15:29. The longest streak of days where I have watched at least one of their videos is ten. On Tuesdays, I am twice as likely to watch an LTT video, while on Saturdays, I am three times less likely than on other days. On most days, I watch 1-2 videos, but on occasion, I have watched 4.
From my journal, I can conclude that:
What can be taken away from this is that watching exactly 3 videos a day won’t improve my mental and physical well-being. However, recent experiments of being more mindful when and how I watch their videos (e.g., while on the move or exercising) tell me that LTT videos have a role in making tiresome activities more enjoyable. And I should always be mindful that watching their videos on their own does not benefit me socially.
P.S MKBHD is next to be reviewed
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2023.06.08 13:26 gomez-the-unhinged Self revive after timer runs out

So i was soloing and the mission was almost over. I head to an extraction point and i get into a fight with a trio. They kill me and the timer runs out, i think just one of them made it out. The thing is I am able to self revive. There is a body near the extraction point (i think it was one of the trios) and I am able to extract even though the timer is 00:00(the 30 seconds countdown shows up and stuff). I don't know that was possible because I died on the extraction point or not but it looked like I could go explore the map and kill AI.
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2023.06.08 13:26 KevinsChili22 24M [chat]? Let’s be friends :)

Good morning! Work is gonna be super slow today so come keep me company :)
I’m down to talk about whatever tbh I’m a pretty open book. Also down to play iMessage games if anyone wants? Prepared to get whooped tho ;)
I like to play video games, workout, go hiking, hangout with friends and watch tv/movies. Harry Potter and Star Wars are my favorites. I’m kinda introverted so a lot of times I prefer to just chill at home lol.
I’m going on an international trip next year so give me recommendations!
Also, if anyone is from or near Ohio DM me it would be cool to make some friends nearby!
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2023.06.08 13:25 forestfairysparkle Pet died, I (21F) get badly injured- Buddies ignoring me during my grief & pain, do I drop my so called buddies?

TLDR: my pet Sandy & Spider man died, i fell on rocks & now badly injured/in horrid pain. Buddies are aware I’m grieving and in pain, yet nobody cared to message me/check on my well-being. Got scammed by customers, unable to buy meds for my awful injury & needs for the funeral…Asked FB for some help, only got 1 care reaction from a buddy attending the funeral & that’s it. The buddy who reacted to it didn’t even send me a text. Nobody, and I mean no one has messaged me or called me during this very sad, painful time. I had people ask for rides to the funeral & back to their home, yet they don’t wish to contribute given this incredibly trying time for me….I feel so unappreciated, taken advantage of, and depressed. My heart is shattered in pieces.
Recently my pet Sandy (tarantula) & Spider Man (tarantula) died, it’s been such a heartbreaking loss for me…I have been so, so depressed over my little boy & little girl passing away. Right after sandy & spider man died, I fell on rocks in the dark and I’ve been badly injured ever since.
My right leg has been giving me horrid pain, to the point I can’t properly move, sleep or walk. I haven’t slept in days due to this pain, my injury has nearly been a week now & this awful pain hasn’t gone away. I have chronic IBS, so the hard fall has made my condition’s pain even worse. My buddies are aware of this.
Now, here’s the part where my buddies come along…They’re aware this is going on with me, yet nobody has cared to reach out. Nobody has sent me a simple text checking on my well-being during this very sad & painful time. Nobody has cared enough to ask me if I need help with Sandy & Spider mans funeral. They’ve asked for me to give them car rides to the funeral & then back to their place, yet they haven’t considered contributing one bit towards the funeral. My buddies are not struggling, they all hold very good jobs, so it’s not like they’re unable to contribute.
Considering this very sad, painful, trying time- I reached out for help on Facebook for the very first time. I told my buddies the honest truth, that after the hard fall I’ve been in unbearable pain & I’m unable to properly move or sleep. I am grieving heavily while in awful physical pain. I had customers scam me (I own a small business) & I relied on the money from those sales, for my medication & the funeral coming up….so now I’m unable to buy my medication for this horrid injury & needs for the funeral.
I said in a polite, professional way if different buddies buy at least 1 item, it’ll be able to buy my medication for my awful pain & the funeral needs… I had 1 person that’s attending the funeral give the post a care reaction, and that was it. Everyone else completely ignored it. The person attending the funeral who gave a care reaction, didn’t even reach out to me. I am being completely ignored during my pain & grief.
I’ve been incredibly kind to all of these people who I consider buddies, I’ve gladly fed them at bars many times when they asked me for food, I’ve been a great protector for all in unsafe environments in our town…Yet here I am, being completely unappreciated & constantly taken advantage of. My heart is shattered in pieces.
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2023.06.08 13:25 GracefulFridge Validated!

I just had to share this. So 8 months ago I went NC with my parents. I didn't say a word, I just blocked them on everything. I live in a different country so this was easy.
I suddenly got a call from someone from my home country. I got nervous and didn't pick up, googled the number and saw it was from my aunt/godmother. I texted her back saying I was free if she wanted to call again. Now important to note is that I know my parents haven't told anyone ANYTHING. My grandfather still asks me when I'm going to see them next and since I'm not fluent in my other mothertounge I vaguely reply that I need to sort my passport out first and that's on the other side of the country, costs, yada yada.
First thing she asks me is "so what's up with you and your parents?" Oh have they said anything? And apparently, she'd spoken to my mother and she said she was depressed and seeing a psychiatrist. So my aunt asks if her brother's been an ass again and said something stupid (he's known to do that) and mom said no. Well okay, then you HAVE to tell me. So my mom told her that I don't talk to them anymore and she just doesn't understand why.
So I told my aunt everything. How we grew up, how we were treated, the lot. "That's child abuse!!" she replies with. Yuuuup. And gosh, just the fact that she just completely understood, supported me, accepted what I said, didn't do the whole shenanigans of "they're your parents" deal. And even said before we said bye that she was going to go google narcissism. It was just so.. nice. I felt so heard and seen. And so relieved. She's always been my fav aunt. I was so glad I didn't have to block her too, that I've aquired a family member!
She said she wasn't going to share anything of what I've told her. In her translated words "if they're seeing psychiatrists then they can do some self reflecting and figure it the F out themselves."

I would like to ask you guys though what you all think of her suggestion. She made it clear that it was just a thought, and absolutely nothing we need to do; To have our daughter, lets call her May(5y), write them letters. Tell them how she feels, if she wants to share how school or life in general goes etc, but to sign off each letter saying that letters they've sent back will be stashed away and she wont open them until she's like 13 or something, and by that point she herself can decide whether she wants a relationship with her grandparents or not. We are a bit on the fence with it, because our plan was that once we move, they won't have our new address and they won't be able to find us and surprise us with an out of the blue visit (which I would not put past my mother). I get the thought behind it, but yeah, not sure. I know for a fact that May doesn't want to ever talk to them because they were mean to her and they were mean to her mom. She even told me the other day that she wished that she was my mother and that if she was she would have protected me (yes I bawled at this). Has anyone done anything like this or been in a similar situation with kids and grandparents?
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2023.06.08 13:24 DelvingIntoDepravity 38 [M4F] #State College #Pennsylvania - Devoted Dom Seeking Sweet Sub to Mold, Adore, and Call Mine

I don't do long distance. I'm extremely physically affectionate and therefore need something IRL. Please don't message if you aren't local or if regular travel/relocation isn't an option.
Hi there!
I'm new to Pennsylvania and I've discovered the kink scene here is somewhat abysmal so here I am!
I've been active in the BDSM lifestyle since 2004 as a Master and Daddy Dom both. I got into it because I'm naturally protective and tend to take charge of anything I can. It's not about just kink to me. I crave the depth, the emotional intimacy and intensity. Not just the depravity.
I'm 5'10" an in good shape (V lines and all that jazz), have blue eyes, and a buzzed head. I've been described as endlessly kind, the right kinds of possessive, intense, and protective.
I work full time and live alone so you'll basically have free access to me.
My hobbies and interests include gaming, reading, writing short stories, binge listening to music or watching shows, cooking, the paranormal/spiritual, gardening, and being outdoors.
I'm seeking someone who's extremely clingy and possessive of her Sir who wants to be that perfect mixture of best friend, prized possession, and utterly adored good girl. I like to have as much control as possible so I'm a big fan of TPE. I prefer a thin to average build. Don't mean to offend, it's just my preference.
My kinks range from the tame to the intense but we can talk those later. I'm here for a connection.
I'm child free, 420 friendly, and strictly monogamous. This won't change. Period.
If you've made it this far with your interest still piqued, send me a message or chat request telling me about yourself!
I will not reply to any messages that don't.
Have a beautiful day!
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2023.06.08 13:23 Mysterious_Art3358 Am I safe from a dry socket?

It’s been two full days since I’ve gotten all 4 wisdom teeth out. Doc stitched me up pretty good. So much so that he stitched the gums so that they cover my sockets. Yesterday I had a lot of swelling and discomfort and I woke up today with barely any pain and my swelling went down. I don’t even feel the need to take Tylenol. Does this mean my blood clot formed and I’m safe from a dry socket? I read that pain is supposed to get worse if you develop one
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2023.06.08 13:23 MooseMouse12 New college grad with 60k in student loan debt. How to approach paying it off?

I just graduated from college last month with 60k in student loan debt. About 40k are private loans with 20k being intrest free federal loans. I got a job with an 85k salary that I'll start in August, so figuring how to pay off the loan isn't that big of an issue. My concern is how I should pay it off i.e. should I aggressively pay it off after each paycheck or set a certain amount say 2k each month. Obviously I should pay off the private loan first. I estimate that my salary after taxes is about 64k. Following the 30% rule on rent, this gives me a budget of $1600/month, unfortunately the rent is pretty high where I will be working with nicer apartments being in the $1800+ range for a single person (I tried looking for a roommate but no luck). There are more affordable apartments in the $1000-1400 range however it's more of a gamble dealing with bad management and poor maintenance. I also currently live 2hrs from the work site with my parents, so I have thought about this option as well as I will be working hybrid with me only coming in two days a week. With that said here are the options I'm considering.
  1. Bite down and gamble with cheaper housing 1k-1.4k/month, 2k+ monthy student loan payments, pay off private loans in about 2 years.
  2. Stretch budget and choose nicer housing 1.5k-1.9/month, 1k-1.5k monthly student loan payments, pay off private loans in about 3 years.
  3. Stay home with parents for one year and commute. 4 hour one way commute 2 days a week. 13k-20k estimated savings from not renting. Pay off all private loans within a year.
Any thoughts or insight on this? What would you do?
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2023.06.08 13:22 SzefitekINC Design and Newsletter Writing Services

Hello everyone!
I wanted to share that I provide professional design and newsletter writing services for businesses. If you're seeking an effective email communication strategy and aiming to enhance engagement with your customer base, I'm here to assist you.
Portfolio -
If you're interested in my services or have any inquiries, please feel free to contact me via email or PM.
Email: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2023.06.08 13:22 justeggshells Joss/Eden McCoy

As much as the character Joss drives me nuts I have to say that Eden McCoy really did a great job yesterday. She actually moved me to near tears. She nailed the expressions, desperation and angst of a young adult who was born into the life of a criminal and was sick & tired of it.
Was she thinking it through with the idea of submitting the evidence, nope, but who thinks things through at that age. Her mom never thought anything through. It is a different perspective looking at the kids point of view in growing up Mob.
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2023.06.08 13:21 ChongqingGreenOnion Anyone else's parents lack situational awareness?

I mean simply having no sense of what's going on around them? It's not even a thing with them being old.
When I was a kid my dad would say stuff like "Stop dragging your feet! I can year your shoes all the way over here." No awareness that it was actually his own shoes.
Or when we went to Costco, they don't help to put any any groceries into the cart. They literally wait for me to do everything. Then I asked them to wait for me inside the building while I pull the car around. They decided to leave the cart there and stand in the middle of the parking lot.
Another example: During COVID when I got furloughed and had to move back in, barging in when I had conference calls and asking me to do something or run an errand for them.
There used to be a restaurant near their place that they would eat at twice a week. Thing is that the restaurant moved to a different location SIX YEARS AGO and became a shoe/clothing store. yet they still try to go in there (even with the staff dressed in different uniforms) and get a table. But they do it every week or so not having figured it out in all that time.
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2023.06.08 13:21 queenlagherta Husband being super lazy

My (30F) husband (32M) is currently really bugging me. We have a child together and have been together for 8 years now. I would like to say that we overall have a great marriage and get along well, but we are in a rough patch. Like yeah, I’m going to complain a lot next (sorry), but do keep that in mind.
I have noticed that my husband is having mental health issues lately. This is something that happens around every two to three years. The usual problem is the following: he quits his job, racks up a ton of debt, gets help from me or someone else, gets his stuff together and continues life. I can see round 3 or 4 of this coming again and I just can’t do it again. I am not looking for a divorce, but I just can’t deal with it again. I have my own stuff going on and I don’t go and have a mental breakdown every few years.
So I have three main complaints.
First, I literally feel like a maid, he came from a divorced family where when he lived with his mother she never had time to clean and when he lived with his father they had someone to cook and clean. No matter how many times I ask him to clean it doesn’t happen. And believe me, he has improved over the years. I literally just take his stuff and throw it in the extra room and ignore it. Or ask my child to help me throw the stuff in the room. I work a ton of hours a week and cannot clean up after someone who isn’t even basically working. I come from an extremely clean home, like crazy clean. I think I am a normal clean person. What bothers me is that even though I do nothing for his personal cleanliness there is still a full house that needs to be cleaned. And every time he cooks he leaves a ton of dishes everywhere. Like ok you want to wear dirty underwear that’s up to you, but why do I have to do all the dishes, sweeping, take the trash out, etc.
Second, and I had already posted about this, he takes my car without my permission. The car is paid in full by me, and he doesn’t help monetarily to keep it up or pay insurance. He literally uses up the gas and leaves the tank on empty. He does this when he doesn’t have money, like at this moment. I am getting a new car next week. Honestly, in some way I feel bad for getting it because I am not a selfish person, but on the other hand I work really really hard to get what I have. I do not want him to use my new car at all. He does take our child to school in the mornings because I cannot due to my job. I pay for the gas to take the child to school and pick him up. I know this is going to create a big argument, but since he is not contributing to the new car or many other things in the house I am thinking of a way to tell him that he is not allowed to use it. I have put my foot down, hid my keys, etc. I have left the car basically without gas and he will go use it without my permission and return it with only enough gas to get to the gas station. I was thinking about saying, the new car is totally off limits, take your car in the morning and you have to start paying for gas to take our child to school in the mornings. Non negotiable. The agreement is he can use my car to take our child to school because it is a more recent model and safer for my child. But since I work nights I am usually asleep in the morning and that’s when he goes off to the store, to have breakfast or with his mom and uses my car. So I think I need to totally ban him from using it completely. I would like my child to be in a safer car in the mornings but he does not respect the boundary. I also would not mind if he would put some of the money into the upkeep.
Third, he does not do anything around the house. For example, he has been doing some DIY projects around here and it has been six months of nothing. I won’t go into any more specifics so it’s not completely obvious if he comes across this post, but it’s just ridiculous. Like I literally end up hanging up light fixtures that have been laying around for six months and that’s not even the beginning of it.
Honestly if he did all that needed to be done around here and he were cleaner I would be happy. He only pays for electricity and internet. Everything else gets dumped on me, and believe me it is a very long list of bills. Plus I pay for everything for my child. Which should be a shared responsibility. He has only bought him two pairs of shoes, one t-shirt and one toy over the years. I can remember because it is so little. My child is not missing anything he needs because I will buy him anything. He has no motivation to have better things in life. He doesn’t have a stable job. He runs a small business from home but is flaky so the money just hardly covers what he has to pay. It’s not like I can say, hey I had this guy come and finish the job you left half done six months ago, cough up some cash to pay for it. same thing, he won’t drive his car because he doesn’t want to pay for gas. At this point I totally feel like he’s taking advantage of me and getting a free ride. He only takes our child to school in the morning and cooks. He’s doing the stuff he wants to do and having a nice relaxing time and I am honestly getting to the point where I am struggling to pay bills. I shouldn’t have to pay for a totally capable adult. And no, he won’t go to therapy and couldn’t afford it anyways. This is his excuse, he can’t afford anything.
Extra information: the house is mine (100%). I pay water, taxes, insurance, private school for my child which is necessary in the country we live in, gas, extra classes because my child has a learning disability, doctors appointments for my child, medication for my child, maybe 50% of the food, all cleaning supplies, school materials, shoes, you name it for my child.
I clean, wash my clothes and my child’s clothes, pick up my child from school, take him to extra classes, take him to doctors appointments, run a small business in the afternoons and then work the Night Shift at my job.
So basically Reddit, since I am not ready for a divorce because I am hopeful that this time he can get out of it himself without my help, how do I get him to stop leeching off of me and become more responsible? How would you make his life more difficult and open his eyes?
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2023.06.08 13:21 Choice-Paper980 Work haven't properly investigated grievance & disability discrimination claim

I work for one of the bigger UK charities, and I recently submitted a grievance against my manager and her manager for bullying and disability discrimination.
I also alleged that my manager improperly extended my probation, despite there being no demonstrable issues with my performance. In my evidence for the grievance, I proved that the managers had retroactively created fake deadlines to later claim that I had missed them, and used evidence to show that I had not met a specific objective - even though the evidence they used occurred before that probation objective was even set.
The investigation didn't uphold any part of my grievance.
What's really riled me up is that they've declined to tell me why. The grievance outcome report simply says "No evidence", but doesn't even reference all of my claims. Their report contains no reference to my disability discrimination claim, for example. This contradicts their own Grievance Policy (which is not contractually binding).
I've specifically asked for them to confirm whether they investigated all of my claims - they've refused to answer.
I am free to appeal, but I've just received a very horribly worded email from the Head of HR and so I feel that the writing is on the wall, and that the organisation has taken a very clear stance against me.
Even though I've been with the charity less than a year and am still in my probation period, do I have any legal recourse here? I am happy to threaten to whistleblow as I think they could be influenced by the reputational harm that this situation could cause, but before I take that step I'd like to know what laws they've potentially broken.
Would it be worth hiring an employment law specialist to take a look at this situation?
I live in England.
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2023.06.08 13:21 averageperson4321 Should I go on my mom’s birthday weekend trip?

TLDR; My mom will be mad at me if I don’t see her on her birthday, but my boyfriend will be mad if I go. What should I do?
First off, here’s the background. My boyfriend and I have been together for nearly 2 years. He has been feeling a little neglected because I went on a two weekend trips without him last month. One was for Mother’s Day and one for my best friend’s birthday (pretty much all of my family and friends live in another state). I do feel bad leaving my boyfriend home alone with our dog, but it was important for me to celebrate with my loved ones.
Anyway, my mom’s birthday is this weekend, and her and my sister are going on a trip to celebrate. I initially said I wouldn’t be going because I just didn’t want to be so busy traveling every other weekend. However, now she is saying she really wants to see me for her birthday weekend and I feel guilty. On the other hand, my boyfriend would be very upset with me if I went.
I would just fly out late Friday and return on Sunday, so I wouldn’t miss any work or anything.
What would you do in this situation? Is there any way I can win and not be viewed as an AH by either party? Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.08 13:21 Money_Engineering_59 Help with tooth extraction gone wrong!

Last Friday I had my back molar removed. It had a few breaks and was hollow in the middle. It took 3 hours to get the darn thing out and I’ve already got severe neck and nerve issues through head and neck. It started to get really sore and I was urged to go back to the dentist for potential dry socket. That was yesterday. They flushed, got the debris out and sent me home with the gauze in my mouth. At the half hour mark of biting on gauze to stop the bleeding, I removed the gauze and the blood clot was attached. Today I went in again. Agony. Absolute agony. Dry socket. More freezing, a bit of a flush (I haven’t eaten anything solid in a few days) and sent me on my way. It has come out again. Pain killers aren’t doing a damn thing. I have a pretty insane pain tolerance but this is next level. Today the dentist had said he may put a stitch in it but decided against it. I need some advice please! Why is this clot not staying in? I’m following all the instructions to a T. I’m soooo over it! Can I request stitches tomorrow so I don’t have to keep doing this? Thank you for any advice you can offer.
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2023.06.08 13:21 ariannecatz Stuck in the panganay trap, will I ever get out?

Okay, that was a rhetorical question. Really doubting I will ever get out of it but I hope so one day.
For context, I live with my lola and titos aside from my mom and sister. It always annoys me how they are still able to work but just do nothing all day. May edad na oo, pero hindi pa ganoon katatanda at wala namang mga iniindang sakit. Yung isa, engineer pa. So yes, I am the only one working in the household. We don't pay rent because my lola owns the house. We don't pay water bill din kasi we have our own water pumping system. The electricity is paid for by my lola's pension. I pay for the internet. Sa groceries, sige na ako na rin. Kung hindi kasi wala naman talagang kumikilos para may makain sa bahay.
My mom immediately stopped working after I graduated, hindi man lang nga hinintay na magkawork ako, auto-resign agad. Tapos sinabihan akong ako na bahala sa kapatid ko ngayon. Sayang, kasi ang ganda na ng work setup nya for one of the big oil refineries, eh wala... My dilemma is I feel like there's no progress in my life because of our setup. I like my work now because it's near, people are nice, not that stressful, and it pays well for a single person like me.
Pero imagine living with 3 other adults who can provide for the household but they just end up dragging me down. Yung budget allocation at pagtatrack ko ng expenses nauuwi sa wala kasi panay hingi. Sila pang adults ang mas mahilig manghingi kesa sa kapatid ko. Ultimo yung babaunin kong pagkain for lunch hinihingi eh kahit yun nga tinitipid ko para umabot ng isang linggo. Parang may binubuhay akong mga anak eh ayaw ko nga ng anak???
I budget really hard and save up for my post-grad because I want to be a college professor. Now, nawawalan ako ng pag-asang I will ever reach my goals and dreams because I am stuck with adults na umaasa na lang sa bigay ng iba. Gusto nilang yumaman pero ayaw nilang kumilos nang kanila. Moving out for my own peace is not an option because as much as I am happy with my job, it still can't afford rent and my goal is really towards my post-grad.
Hingang malalim na lang lagi, lalo na kung nakaabang na sila sa biyayang bunga ng pagod, tiis-gutom, puyat, at paglalakad ko makaipon lang.
Yakap sa lahat ng panganay, mangarap pa rin tayo at magsikap para sa sarili natin...
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2023.06.08 13:21 Beneficial_Rough_625 It didn't work, epic fail

My life is kind of strange as an alcoholic. I work on a yacht, was sober 3 weeks. But had owners on, super chill but working 14 hour days as a yacht chef sober. We took the afternoon off and took out our smaller boat marlin fishing. Everybody was drinking laughing, dancing on the boat. I was stone cold bitter, why can't I be drinking, Everybody drinking and am sober, it sucked. Got back to the big boat and snuck a long pull of rum. Normally a care free guy, but trying to be sober on a boat fishinhg in the Bahamas with a group of drunk people laughing, dancing, singing songs, as soon as I got back caved and chugged 4 oz of rum. No one knows but me, drinking will kill me at this point. Back to day one
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2023.06.08 13:21 Neoseo1300 [Up to $1500] [US] Best lightweight laptop with matte screen?

Total budget (in local currency) and country of purchase. Please do not use USD unless purchasing in the US: Up to $1500 max in US
Are you open to refurbs/used? No
How would you prioritize form factor (ultrabook, 2-in-1, etc.), build quality, performance, and battery life? Priorities: 1) NOT a Dell XPS, 2) with matte screen (mandatory), 3) lightweight, 4) good battery life
I don't use the computer for crazy stuff so performance is less of an issue.
How important is weight and thinness to you? Very important. I currently have a 15' dell XPS laptop and it's too bulky / heavy for my usage
Do you have a preferred screen size? If indifferent, put N/A.
13 / 14 I think.
Background: I currently have a 15' Dell XPS laptop that I initially purchased based on the multiple positive reviews available online. Ultimately, this computer has been hell to me. The mother board fried twice (replaced by Dell for free) and the computer is very unstable (will heat extremely), will reboot randomly (even when not hot) and has multiple other hardware & software issues. The battery is also shot for some reason and only last a couple of hours now (so I can't watch a full movie before the battery dies on me). I've been in extensive discussions with Dell's customer support but it went nowhere (except for the board changes). Not something you would expect for a $1500+ laptop bought a couple of years ago.
Anyway, looking for a new laptop that is not a dell XPS, that has a matte screen (very important, matte screen protectors don't work as well) and is lighter and has more battery life than my dell (which is too bulky as a 15').
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2023.06.08 13:20 Lost-Caterpillar698 Is this a good deal?

Is this a good deal?
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2023.06.08 13:19 urahara1234 Not sure if breakup was truly due to depression or disinterest

Hey all, I recently went through a breakup with my partner of 1 year who said she was struggling with depression near the end, and after my therapist mentioned breakups are rarely out of the blue, I find myself wondering if the breakup was due to her depression, or disinterest.
We started going out a year ago, it was both of ours first relationship, and things were pretty slow moving. We were never really physical with each other, would would spend hours talking on our dates, usually we’d find a place to sit and talk.
5 months in: I asked where this was going, she said she wanted a relationship but was scared of having one, that she had insecurities to work on. (She was bullied when younger, and seemed to struggle with body image issues too) She said she thought I just saw her as a friend, I told her I didn’t. She said she had 0 interest in multiple people. She made a joke that if we were taking our relationship to the next level, I’d have to think her friend was amazing too, but we never used the bf/gf labels.
10 months in: she mentioned she gets depressed sometimes, that she cries on her way to work bc being out and about feels so wrong. She doesn’t go to therapy and says she struggles to take care of herself, but I didn’t push the issue.
12 months in: After about a month she says she was feeling better, but a little later she mentioned she was spiraling. I thought it was short term and work related, didn’t think it was depression since she says it usually happened once a year. But I wasn’t seeing her or hearing from her nearly as much.
I asked her about it and she says that she genuinely just doesn’t have things to say, and that applies to everyone. I also was seeing her once every 3 weeks/month at this point, and when I bought it up she says sometimes she has to work (she works 6 days as a babysitter) to pay the bills. I used to see her every sunday, and hear from her via text much more frequently, but now I guess she occasionally works on sundays too? She said if she needs the work she takes it.
A little later on, she says that a year ago, she was in a good place, but now is drained. She said she feels tired and sad all of the time, and is just living day to day. She can’t see further than 6 months out, and just wants her laundry done. She then said maybe I need someone more on the same page as me.
When she broke up with me, she said she didn’t want to let me go bc she thought I was a good person and enjoyed seeing me, but didn’t want to feel like such a bad person every time she couldn’t come out. To me, this felt like out of the blue, bc I still wanted to see if we could work things out.
Given all of this, does it seem like it was the depression that came between us, or was she just disinterested in me and was trying to let me down easy?

Thanks all, I've never dealt with depression myself so I'm trying to see things from another point of view, but after my therapist suggested she might be disinterested I find myself questioning things.
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2023.06.08 13:19 YupThatsHowItIs My uncle passed away, and my alienator mother wants to pretend nothing ever happened.

My uncle passed away last week. He was my dad's brother. My parents divorced when I was about 3-ish, and in my mother did everything she could to completely destroy my relationship with my dad and his entire side of the family. Growing up, I thought my dad was evil incarnate. She told me horrific story after horrific story. She would throw huge tantrums whenever he would call/send gifts and make every birthday/holiday a nightmare. This behavior extended to all of my paternal family. She told me they were all evil, abusive and that none of them cared about me at all. I "woke up" when I moved out for college, and eventually realized that everything I had been told about my family was not true and restored my relationship with my Dad and all of my paternal relatives. They are wonderful people. I feel so happy and at ease with them, its totally unlike being with most of my maternal relatives. Unfortunately, my dad passed away three very short years later. Colon cancer. The pain I still feel many years after his death is unspeakable. I don't think the pain of it will ever be healed in this lifetime, and now that my uncle has passed it's so much worse.
Aside from my dad, of all my paternal relatives, I was closest with this uncle. He was always so funny and empathetic. I always enjoyed going over to his house and hanging out with him, my aunt and cousins. When my mom found out that I had restored contact with them, she magically got it in her head that she and this uncle had always been super best friends and that he had stood up for her when my dad was beating her lie lie lie lie lie lie. For nearly 10 years she had tried to reiterate this lie to me, and I never played along like she wanted me to. She knew I was regularly in contact with him. How could she think I never discussed everything she did? My uncle HATED her. He hated everything she did to me, to him, and to his entire family. He was hurt by everything I went through and by the loss of the many years we could have had a relationship.
Two days before he passed away, he made it a point to tell me that despite all that had happened, even after he was gone, that I would always have a family. After he had passed on, he was still my family. My aunt was still my family and my cousins were still my family. I would always have a family. These words meant so much. After having my family stolen from me, the reassurance that I will always have one ... I just can't put into words the emotions I have. I am forever grateful that he said them.
I had no intention of telling her that he passed away, but she stalks his facebook and found out. She then sent me this message: "Dad (meaning my step-dad she tried to replace my *actual* dad with) and I just heard that (uncle) passed. I'm so sorry for your loss. He was such a good guy. If there's anything I can do to support you or his family please let us know. Hugs!"
To someone who doesn't know all the background, this appears so kind and polite. But it's clear as day what she wants. Insteading of leaving me alone and allowing me space to grieve, she wants me to play along with her lies, to reaffirm that she has me totally blind to reality and within her control. After everything she put me and my family through, how does she have the AUDACITY to say this to me? My fellow survivors of alienation, do you see what I see?
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2023.06.08 13:18 CaterpillarReal6440 25m Looking for someone to play games and hangout with

Hey there I have a lot of free time nowadays with no one to play games with so I'm hoping to fix that.
Some stuff about me Half asian half white aka a mutt. I play a couple instruments mediocrely. I have a degree in something I know nothing about.
Games that I play League Terraria Valheim Minecraft Pokemon Civ 6 Fire emblem Tft MapleStory
Down to try other games
can add me on disc: golo#1600
must be 18+
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