Dog fleece coat with velcro

Golden Retrievers

2011.08.30 07:15 orangeblood Golden Retrievers


2012.04.10 23:56 beec23 r/Newfoundlander: All about Newfies

The Newfoundland is a draught and water dog, with webbed feet, a thick coat and a natural life-saving instinct. They are known to have an exceptionally gentle, docile nature.

2013.03.10 21:44 bulborb DoggyDNA

Interested in testing your dog but don't know what to expect? Want to show off Fido's heritage? Just curious about the whole deal? You've come to the right place!

2023.06.08 13:41 IndiaroyaleLeak Quick Question

On walks my puppy is good but when another dog is about to cross paths with us and they lunge my puppy follows suit and reacts back. She gets excited and thinks it’s play time. How do you go about having them ignore it? Thank you!
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2023.06.08 13:35 Rusyee [Shelfie] 1 month of using the Toner with Hyaluronic Acid, Mandelic Acid, and Niacinamide

[Shelfie] 1 month of using the Toner with Hyaluronic Acid, Mandelic Acid, and Niacinamide
Hey everyone,
So I've been struggling with sensitive skin and breakouts for years. I've tried almost every product out there, but nothing seemed to work. Recently, I stumbled upon Coats Gentle Hydrating Toning Milk on Amazon while looking for something new that might help. It contains Mandelic Acid, Niacinamide, and Hyaluronic Acid.
After using it for a month now, I can definitely see the difference in my skin! My skin is softer and brighter than before and the breakouts have reduced significantly. I'm honestly so happy with the results. The product is very affordable and worth every penny, so I highly recommend it if you have sensitive skin like me.
I hope this helps anyone else who's struggling with their skincare routine! Let me know if you have any questions or tips to share :)
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2023.06.08 13:35 redarugula Electrolux, Miele, Sebo? Stick or canister?

Space: 1000 sf apartment, 2 carpeted bedrooms, the rest hardwood floor bathroom tile. Will likely move into a 3-bedroom place in a few years.
Budget: $300-1000? Wiggle room depending of type of vac and tradeoffs
Main goal: something that makes it easy to keep hardwood areas free of dog hair, makes vacuuming less of a chore
Considerations: allergies and shedding dog
Context: I moved in with someone and we kept his newer Shark Navigator rather than my 90’s Electrolux, and I’ve regretted it ever since. I use it on the carpeted areas and bathrooms, but less often than I’d like to admit, and instead just run a dry dust mop twice a day on the hardwood areas to pick up dog hair and dust.
I wanted to replace the dust mop with a cordless stick vacuum, probably Electrolux and Miele. But now reading so much against corded and bagless, I wonder if I just want a new corded canister vac that I’ll like using more than the clunky Shark, hopefully enough to lug out for the hardwood twice a day (or maybe just once since it’ll be more effective?).
So the options are: Electrolux Ergopedio, Electrolux Well7, or Miele Triflex for cordless stick, or if canister: Miele C-something or Sebo E-something.
I’m having a hard time deciding whether a new canister vac will be convenient enough to replace a stick cordless in this situation? Plug and go, not feeling like weight and replugging is a blocker?
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2023.06.08 13:32 tdubthatsme Sorting kid pics, dog pics, work pics, and all other pics seperately?

I'm looking at switching to a pixel 7 or 7a here shortly, and one of the things I am looking for is betteautomatic photo searching/album making. I have 4 categories of photos about evenly split on my photo: my kid, my dog, photos I take at work (in one of 3 locations) and all other photos. With Google photo, will it be possible/easy to sort these out? I find myselt scrolling through all types for a work photo I took 6 months ago, etc.
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2023.06.08 13:32 MinorLeagueAllStar Buying a New C2 or C3 Miele in Canada

We are replacing our C2 Cat and Dog that we've had for twelve years after a motor went on us. We've decided to replace instead of repair. Our home is all hardwood and tile. The most I'd want to pay is C$700, although anything less would be a bonus.
I'll either be replacing with another C2 (although our dog is gone so I don't need that option) or a C3. Both Canadian Tire and Costco are selling those options in my area, and Miele online has some options.
My first question is about attachments. I have a parquet hardwood floor attachment from our old vacuum. We also have a variety of other accessories that came with our old vacuum. Are they still interchangeable with new models?
I also would like to know how much physically larger or heavier the C3 is than the C2. I like the C2 for size, but I wouldn't mind a larger bag capacity with the C3. That said, if it is much larger, I'd prefer to compactness of the C2.
My options right now are as follows:
Any info you folks may be able to provide would be very welcome.
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2023.06.08 13:31 SourcerBot Ukrainians face homelessness, disease risk as floods crest from burst dam

Here is the most important information, and related articles, from this article.
Published on 2023-06-07 at 23:36, this article is written by viktoriia lakezina and max hunder and published by reuters. (4 minutes)
Save 4 minutes of reading with this summary:
KHERSON, Ukraine, June 7 (Reuters) - Ukrainians abandoned inundated homes on Wednesday as floods crested across the south after the destruction of a huge hydroelectric dam on front lines between Russian and Ukrainian forces, with their presidents trading blame for the disaster. Ukraine said the deluge would leave hundreds of thousands of people without access to drinking water, swamp tens of thousands of hectares of agricultural land and turn at least 500,000 hectares deprived of irrigation into "deserts". The Nova Kakhovka dam collapse on Tuesday happened as Ukraine prepares a major counteroffensive against Russia's invasion, likely the war's next major phase. Kyiv said on Wednesday its troops in the east had advanced more than a kilometre around the ruined city of Bakhmut in eastern Ukraine, its most explicit claim of progress since Russia reported the start of the Ukrainian counteroffensive earlier this week. Kyiv said several months ago the dam had been mined by Russian forces that captured it early in their 15-month-old invasion, and has suggested Moscow blew it up to try to prevent Ukrainian forces crossing the Dnipro in their counteroffensive.
Keep reading with 3 related articles: Major dam near Kherson blown up ‘by Russia’ sparking floods and putting nuclear power plant at risk The Independent (2023-06-07 at 07:51) Dog rescued from deep water in Kherson after destroyed dam floods region Reuters (2023-06-07 at 15:55) Ukraine wary of floating mines, disease spreading after Kakhovka dam collapse
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2023.06.08 13:31 chrisperry9 Introduce yourself!

Introduce yourself!
Hey everyone! I’m Chris from Buffalo. 33 years old. Mechanic at a municipal wastewater treatment plant. (Yes I play with shit water) I started listening to Eric in November during our first major winter storm of the year. I was stuck in a plow truck for a few days. Right at the time of the St Gasssssslight incident.
Anyways. I’m a former Ford mechanic, work on Thunderbirds in my spare time, and am a former race car driver. Have an awesome wife, cat and dog.
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2023.06.08 13:31 drehlersdc1 Dog? Here we go .... And you have always been under the bus by the hand of your own actions.

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2023.06.08 13:27 ForumJoe Fantasy Themepark ideas

I'm a new DM that's run one campaign in the past and I'm writing/planning my next one now. This one is trying to be very silly, with lots of dumb ideas and names and characters. I'm trying to go all-out comedy. I've got an idea that suits (but may also be appropriate in something a bit more serious, feel free to use it) and I need help fleshing it out.
I have a tourist town and there are a couple of fun parks around. It's the sort of town that families with children come to on holiday. One is a themepark that has wizards casting Mage Hand to push rollercoasters and ferris wheels around, and Floating Discs with chairs on them mounted to a central cog that spins them round very fast in a circle. Maybe prestidigitation to create a cool haunted house.
Another fun park is a magical zoo run by druids which has cages full of magical creatures. The usual type you'd find in the monstrous manual. Except that the PCs have a quest here, and upon investigation it turns out all the magical animals are just regular ones in disguise. Unicorns are just horses with a papier-mâché horn. Blinkdogs are just regular dogs that don't happen to be blinking right now. The "mimic" is just a regular chest. The Manticore is just a human walking around with a lion suit (or a lion that has a human mask taped on, I'm not sure which is sillier). The winged serpents etc etc etc.
My questions for you:
What silly rides/attractions would be an actual viable attraction in the wizard-run rollercoaster park?
What other animals would be particularly ridiculous in my fake zoo?
Do you have any other ideas for quirky theme parks in this town?
I'm trying to think of how a water-park might work, but can't think of a way to make it interesting or funny enough.
I live in a small town and don't go to theme parks ever, so I need ideas!
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2023.06.08 13:24 domebb I'm lost I'm NOT ok

My love, Tommy James, fell into a coma. I received a call from University Medical Center in Tucson AZ by a doctor informing me Tommy had "NO QUALITY OF LIFE" and I was givin the option to end Tommy suffering. I chose to let him go be with God. It was the hardest decision i have ever made. Shortly thereafter i was evicted due to my name not being on the lease, lost everything i own, and on top of everything else our dog, Bruiser, died in his sleep a week after Tommy. I miss him so much please. I can provide proof of anything you like. I just need to get a hotel and some food for a night and think about my next plan. Even just $1 helps.
Cashapp $av1985bb
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2023.06.08 13:24 No-Yak-6768 Charging 20c for chicken salt is unaustralian

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2023.06.08 13:23 thehowsph Dog has lumps all over the body. Red swollen and closed eyes

Background: Jenjen is a street dog that I am friends with (not a stray, has useless owners). Last February, she had uterine prolapse, pyometra and possible TVT. She also got positive with anaplasma and babesia. Surgery was done to remove the tumors and was given antibiotics for the other diseases.
Weeks ago, I noticed some lumps growing on her body. Today, the lumps got worse and her eyes were partially closed (can be seen in the video below). Has anyone of you experienced this? What could this be?
19 days ago
Location: Philippines Dog is spayed, maybe 3-5 years old, no breed.
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2023.06.08 13:23 1braincellhuman i’m tired of having to take care of my brother constantly

my mum never spends time with my 8 year old brother, he’s is always asking me to do things for him even when my mum isn’t working he chooses to ask me. i had to constantly bug my mum to take my brother to the doctor a month ago as well. lately i’ve had to up my game and i don’t think my mum likes that because she will get mad, yell, tell me not to do something then go and do it later just because i was going to. my brother told me his back and neck is hurting a lot from his bed so i said i would get our spare memory foam thin mattress thing to put on top of his and give him my bamboo memory foam pillow and my mum went off at me, tell me not to do it then did what i said id do a few hours later. that is just the latest one. she works from home and right after she will go have a smoke and beers and watch tv with her partner until bed and not spend time with him. i don’t care if she has a smoke and beer after work but she could just have a smoke & beer then go spend time with my brother. it is so draining i am sick of this i don’t know what to do when i’m gonna move out. me and my sister are mentally ill and i’m afraid my brother will be too. sometimes i can’t stand to be around my mum which sounds horrible but i can’t help it. i travel for work waking up 3-5 am and arriving home late afternoon, 2 hour train ride (4hrs total) and i still will spend time with my brother. after a few cans of energy drinks i won’t be too tired to do it other wise i just feel like a zombie. i also have full responsibility over the ‘family dog’ (my dog now i guess..) i am fucking tired of being a second mum i didn’t sign up for this, it started when i was 10. had a dream last year where i failed to save my brother from death and i can’t get it out of my mind.
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2023.06.08 13:23 elisiyen Loss of Pets in Emotionally Neglectful Household

(TW: Pet loss, grief, all the usual stuff that comes with that. I do not permit anyone reading this to share this outside of this post, as this is a deeply personal story.)
This is probably going to be a bit of a long post. Apologies in advance.
I just want to know if anyone else out there has had a similar experience, or can maybe explain why my parents did what they did whenever we had pets when I lived with them. There's three stories here, and I'm still trying to work out a lot of this stuff. I'm still trying to figure out if this was all part of the emotional neglect/abuse, or whether I had parents that just could not cope with any form of grief (theirs AND mine).
When I was about 7 or 8 (IIRC), my parents got me a pair of rabbits that I adored. I'd watch them for hours, feed them, the only thing my parents had to do was clean the hutch that we kept in the shed. After we had them for about a year, suddenly, they were just gone. I was distraught, and my parents said that they had to sell them to someone, because we had a problem with rats in the shed, and they were "biting the rabbits", and therefore we couldn't keep them. So that not only made me afraid to go in the shed, but naturally, I grieved. A lot. I couldn't handle that my rabbits were now someone else's and I didn't get a chance to say goodbye. Now, that last sentence is going to be a theme.
An important aside, I don't think my parents harmed the rabbits or unalived them, but I think the truth of the matter is they couldn't handle them and did give them away to someone else. But this sudden "vanishing" of things that I need to grieve has been a trend with them, and it only got worse.
We got my first dog, let's call him Fluffy. A beautiful shorkie who I basically lived and breathed for, I spent the majority of my waking moments with him by my side. Again I fed him, took him for walks, adored him with everything. We had him for a long time, until he started losing his sight and having seizures. Around this time I started my first job, which was a traumatic experience for me for reasons I won't get into. But one night when Fluffy had a seizure, my parents told me to come down and watch, saying that I needed to see it to understand that he wouldn't be with us much longer. I was distraught by this and received no comfort from them. Thankfully he did live a while longer, he had a nice little life even though he was on medications, he was managing fine. Then as I headed out to work one day, that morning he had a bad seizure, and had to get taken in to the vets. I didn't want to go in, but persuaded (pressured) by my parents, I went into work, thinking they'd maybe put him on fluids and keep him in, but he'd be home. I called home halfway through my day - and my mum said "Oh he's doing alright, the vets just have to keep him in for a bit.". Cue a big sigh of relief from me.
I get home that night, and the house is stripped bare of anything that showed that he ever existed. I knew something was wrong, and I look in the cupboard where I go to hang my coat, and they've piled all his things away. I start panicking, and my mum meets me in the corridor and tells me that they had to put him to sleep, but she didn't want to tell me when I was at work. I screamed, I broke down, my heart was in pieces, and I went to bed that night sobbing into one of his toys. Again, I wasn't given any chance to say goodbye.
Years down the line we got another dog, similar breed, let's call him Archie. Archie was even closer to me than Fluffy had been, and he legitimately saved my life so many times when I wanted to leave this world. He was my heart. It's been a couple of years, but I'm even emotional right now typing this because it still feels like without him there's something of my soul that's gone. I managed to move out with my partner, but because we both worked full time, I couldn't take Archie with me like I wanted to, he had bad separation anxiety and it would have been cruel to leave him in the house by himself. But my parents loved him a lot too, so I trusted them. They were both significantly declining in ill health, so they couldn't walk him - no problem, I'd walk him whenever I'd visit.
Then 2020 hit. Lockdown. I live a little bit away from my parents, and I don't drive, so I couldn't visit. My day would light up whenever I saw him on video calls, but I cried for so many nights hoping that Archie would know I hadn't abandoned him. Shortly after lockdowns were relieved, I got a call from my parents saying that Archie had jumped from the sofa and fell badly. That they'd had to take him in to emergency out of hours vets, and they weren't sure what the damage was, but his spine was damaged. The minute he was able to come home, I visited - he was out of it on pain meds, but he was managing to walk around a bit, but we arranged for a ramp, a little pen for him, everything he'd need to adjust to the reduced mobility. He seemed to be responding well, things were bad, for sure, but they seemed hopeful that he'd still be alright. I went home and said I'd come and see him next week, same time. I made them swear to me (though I didn't say why, now I know it was because of my previous experiences) that if anything needed to happen, they were to call me and I would drop everything I was doing to be with my boy, even if it was to hold him as he left. They promised me.
Two days later I get a call. My mum is crying in the background, my dad is emotional. I know immediately that something's up, that it's time that I call a cab and go over. My dad says that Archie took a bad turn. I say "Ok, I'm on my way, please just wait for me to get there, I won't be long." - and that's when he says the sentence that broke my entire world in two.
"He's already gone, we took him last night. We didn't want to wake you."
Immediately I feel my legs give out and I collapse against the couch, I have never felt such an immediate and paralysing wave of agony in my heart in my whole life. My partner had to hang up the call from my parents, because I had dropped the phone and was clinging to the couch as I scream, and howl. I hear my dad's voice on the speakerphone trying to get my partner to stop me from crying, to get me 'under control'. I felt like I was dying. I cried, sobbed, for hours. The next time I visit their house, which was a long time, once again, they've cleared away any trace of him, and put it in a cupboard. Just like they did with Fluffy. I can't work out why they did this three times to me in varying degrees, but after this, my relationship with them has been distant. I have no reason to want to visit them now that he's gone. I barely feel any love for them, and any time they try to say they love me, it feels like they're speaking in tongues.
I just can't work it out. Maybe it's their latent issues with grief and keeping up appearances, but those experiences specifically with pets have made me question whether my parents are capable of feeling, on a deep level. Has anyone else had a similar experience? Where there's just no chance to say goodbye, and everything gets pushed away as though the thing you need to grieve just never existed?
Sorry for the long post. I almost hope that I don't get any people saying they know how this feels, because I wouldn't wish it on anyone. Not even my worst enemy deserves this. Grief is already bad enough, but this is a whole other level of complex mess, that feels like a blockage, a void in my heart. If you have felt this and don't feel you can comment, I see you, and I'm sorry.
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2023.06.08 13:23 No-Figure5788 Petting dogs fills me with joy

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2023.06.08 13:23 saltytomatoes1906 Baby got a fright

Yesterday we were at my in-laws. Baby (23 weeks) was happy and chatty, then the doggo barked a real loud sharp bark. This, understandably, scared my baby, but she was essentially inconsolable. I couldn’t get her to calm down; she just eventually cried herself out and was alright again.
Today in our swimming lesson, the instructor had her on her belly, baby dunked her face under, and then got incredibly upset. Almost as bad as yesterday with the dog.
Anyone know any good tricks to help a baby that got a fright? I tried distracting her but it didn’t really help either time. Cuddles didn’t really help either as she kept throwing her head back to cry.
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2023.06.08 13:22 Poopslapp Dog walking down Pineview toward Swift

Hiiii on my way to work there was a hound dog walking down Pineview toward Swift. I tried calling it over to see their collar but the dog didn’t respond to me calling for it. I’m assuming the dog got out of a fence or something, since there was no one with it.
It was a tall mostly white hound with brown spots, likely a bird hound of some sort.
I’m not in any neighborhood groups for that area so I figured posting here was better than nothing?
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2023.06.08 13:22 Ok-JB VRBO Owner let themselves in without knocking 1st

First, let me just say that I will never stay in VRBO or Airbnb again! Check in time is 4 pm. We showed up at about 345 pm with a hyper dog in our vehicle after traveling for 8 hours on the highway that was pure stress due to congestion & road construction. Needless to say, we were really ready to get out of the car & get settled in. We received the key code 24 hrs in advance and informed the host around 1:30 pm that we were a little ahead of schedule & would arrive around 3pm & asked if we could please check in a little early. She said she would get back with us and she never did. So long story short, it was about 3:40 PM and we let ourselves in using the key code she gave us. Then she showed up at 3:50pm and just walked right in on us after we had been there 10 minutes. She proceeded to stay approximately 20 mins without much communication. She flinted from room to room fiddling with the blinds, etc. after we had already adjusted them the way we wanted them. I believe she was trying to prove a point that we showed up early when she hadn’t given us the go ahead. Who has legal recourse in this scenario - us with the key code, and letting ourselves in early or her barging in on us & violating our privacy (thank gawd the hubby wasn’t sitting there naked, she would have been excruciatingly mortified 😂)She absolutely knew we were in there because our car was visibly parked right in front of the door (she had to walk past our car to get in.) I’m not interested in giving her a bad review. I want to know from a legal perspective who has recourse. I.e., she charges/sues us for an extra day rental or we sue her for invasion of privacy. Thank-you!
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2023.06.08 13:22 YourGlacier Does anyone else struggle with not being their dog's favorite?

I'm not my dog's favorite, and while I thought I could be mature about it, it's really making me sad over time.
I just wanted to share and see if anyone had any ideas of how I could deal with this better, or if I'm just not emotionally mature enough to own a dog?
I got my puppy 7 months ago. When I got her, I got her 50% for me and 50% for my mom. My mom had to give up her last dog because she doesn't have the mental health to own a dog; routines aren't her thing, she's prone to extreme depression, and her apartment isn't taken care of enough. Her prior poodle got matted because she couldn't even take care of herself, basically, and she was smart enough to see that and rehome the pup to a great family.
But she's a dog person though. They light up her life and she walks her neighbors dogs when she can. I'd never had a dog, and I definitely wanted to try something more--I love animals, I have two cats. I also really wanted to give her something her life took from her.
I also own a house with a yard, and I'm home all day because I work from home. I work A LOT though and have an extremely high stress job.
Anyway: we get the puppy and it goes badly. My life is completely up-heaved, but she's the one who is most worn down by it because of her mental health. For example, if the dog has to pee past midnight, she's angry at me for asking her to take her even though I take her all day and she's up watching a movie. So I have to set alarms, get out of bed, etc despite working 12 hour days and her being retired. It quickly becomes apparent this is gonna be 100% me and my mom will actually make her development bad if I don't intervene.
Her mental health gets worse from the puppy's growing quirks and biting. She starts to hate her. Even little things like how small she is begins to bother her. She starts to yell at the dog and do more aggressive training methods that counter mine, confusing the puppy--I tried to train her like the subreddit does.
Eventually I tell my mom that she has to stop visiting until she can treat the dog well. To be fair, she never physically hurts her until 3 months: she smacked her in the last week of her being here, which is part of why I revoked her visiting privileges. I'm not OK with reprimanding, let alone physical reprimanding.
From that point on, it's super hard, but I do solo dog mom energy while still working 24/7. I spend a lot of time training her. I spend every waking moment on her and I get so physically broken from it and my job, but I keep telling myself I can do this. And it turns out I can.
After a few months though, she gets on depression meds due to missing the dog and asks if she can come back to walk her on Saturdays. She promises to respect my rules. I say OK. And...folks...the dog worships her. It goes from one day to five or so days a week pretty quickly because this dog and her are like two peas in a pod.
She has extreme separation anxiety whenever she shows up and leaves even though she has NONE with me (I can literally leave and she just snoozes). She shadows her every move. When my mother is here, she won't even come to me. If she can't be in the same room with my mom, she waits at the door for her after a quick cry even if I'm just a foot away and I try to distract her.
For example, let's say my mom comes over to walk her but the walk is cut short because my mom is not well enough. I might be like well let me run out some energy with the dog and entertain her after work. But it's so bad that if I throw the ball in the backyard, and my mom is here sleeping because she's depressed, the dog will go bring her the ball from the backyard and then lie down with her.
Or like if I give my dog a bone, she'll do her routine for it (I make her do about 5-10 min of training for a high value reward), and then immediately take it to my mom to have her hold it and sit with her in a recliner. If my mom sleeps over (rarely), she'll snuggle with her and sleep at her head, and won't even leave her side unless she gets up.
I thought I could handle it. But it hurts so much?
I've spent a long time giving the dog security. I groom her daily, I brush her teeth, and I set up little indoor puzzles for her with routines to give her outlets besides her daily walks. Whenever I can't provide what she needs due to work or anything, I get it for her. I have two dog walkers for her since I work 12 hours a day while at home, and didn't want some days to be hours late with a walk (or be flaky because I get tired). I hate very rigid routines, but I stick to one for her even if my work interferes with it--I literally prioritize her over work, a first in my life. I built her a fence in my yard and take her out whenever she rings the bells which I taught her too. I got her all types of toys, rewards, and more. When she had a digestive issue that was super bad, I worked through various foods and did all the panicked research (she's fine now, thankfully)...I also destroyed my beautiful yard to get rid of any potentially sickness causing plant when the vet and I couldn't find the source. I feed her good food and give her dehydrated human grade organ meat. I took her to the ER when her heatworm pill made her sick.
I spent dozens of hours a week training this dog even though I never had a dog before. She knows dozens of commands.
All in all, she's such a good pup. She's a goober and I love her so much. She just took a lot of work to get there and it feels like she hates me whenever my mom is around because I don't exist.
I guess I feel like all the effort I get, all that "reward" people say they get from a bond with their dog: my mom gets it all and I don't know WHY this is so hard. I've tried to re-frame it like my dog is happy, my dog is secure, and I should just be happy for her.
And I am. And I LOVE this dog. Like when we play fetch, I get a joy like no other.
But when we play fetch and my mom's here and she runs to my mom and then literally stops a happy activity to sit with her, my heart breaks for some reason.
When she won't eat her super healthy food with her raw topper because my mom's here, I get bitter when my mom hand feeds it to her and coaxes her when I know my dog can and does eat every day without this babying.
When she rings the bells to potty, but won't go outside until my mom walks out with her when she's alone with me she walks out to the backyard with confidence (we spent a lot of time working on no backyard barking sessions, with positive reinforcement), I feel frustrated too.
I also still function in a caretaker role this whole time: if she needs brushing, my mom hands her off to me. She doesn't like doing that. If she needs a bath, I have to give her one (and deal with her running to my mom, shaking from the cold, and giving me a glare for hours). If she gets something stuck in her fur, I have to get it out. I'm the one who remembers to feed her, to change her water, to make sure my mom doesn't leave around fertilizer or bad things she could get into.
The thing is too she's clearly HAPPY around my mom. She lights up around her. And my mom, to her credit, is less angry with her by far. It's so clear this dog is the light of her life.
It's just hard not to be jealous of how much the dog loves her compared to me. My mom will come over and garden for fun and the dog will just happily sit there, digging besides her for hours. She struggled at first to go on her dog walker walks when my mom was here, even though before they were the highlight of her day--that's how much she loves my mom.
I guess what I'm asking is how do I deal with it? Or am I just not cut out for being a dog owner?
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2023.06.08 13:21 Scholar_Royal Can this be painted over?

Can this be painted over?
I cant stand this bright yellow aluminium (seems to be powder coated) frame. Could I paint over this with no risk of it flaking? Im not sure if French Chic paint will work.
Any advice people?
Thanks in advance
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2023.06.08 13:21 averageperson4321 Should I go on my mom’s birthday weekend trip?

TLDR; My mom will be mad at me if I don’t see her on her birthday, but my boyfriend will be mad if I go. What should I do?
First off, here’s the background. My boyfriend and I have been together for nearly 2 years. He has been feeling a little neglected because I went on a two weekend trips without him last month. One was for Mother’s Day and one for my best friend’s birthday (pretty much all of my family and friends live in another state). I do feel bad leaving my boyfriend home alone with our dog, but it was important for me to celebrate with my loved ones.
Anyway, my mom’s birthday is this weekend, and her and my sister are going on a trip to celebrate. I initially said I wouldn’t be going because I just didn’t want to be so busy traveling every other weekend. However, now she is saying she really wants to see me for her birthday weekend and I feel guilty. On the other hand, my boyfriend would be very upset with me if I went.
I would just fly out late Friday and return on Sunday, so I wouldn’t miss any work or anything.
What would you do in this situation? Is there any way I can win and not be viewed as an AH by either party? Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.08 13:21 Vast_Preference5216 Why can I stay mad at kids, but it’s very difficult with my dog?

Does this happen to anyone else? I can get mad at kids very easily, & stay mad. When it comes to my dog, it’s very hard even though he isn’t the nicest dog.
I think it’s because kids are humans, & they know right from wrong. Dogs on the other hand are just animals with basic, & primitive thinking.
Idk. 😂
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