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2023.03.27 03:30 danaboo42 5 years miserable, is it worth it?

I am 5 years deep into my PhD in biomedical engineering in the US. I love my labmates and my research, but my relationship with my advisor is terrible.
We are not a good match and disagree on most things (personal and professional). They are verbally abusive and have made it very clear they do not like me. I think the only reason they kept me around is because I've been on external fellowship. I haven't left because I was scared that would make me a failure. I've tried to grind through the degree despite my experience with my boss, but I've hit a wall. I am crying all the time and my work is emotionally painful now.
I am not sure what to do. I am supposed to graduate this year but I don't know if it's worth a few more months of this. I am already in therapy and on meds.
Is it worth trying to finish the degree? Are there any suggestions on how to muster the will to finish? Any advice is welcome.
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2023.03.27 03:30 Whoops_Sorry_Mom Just fell for a merchandise scam on reddit

Just fell for a scam website on reddit. I am subscribed to ufos and saw a post with a poster of Aliens and Van Gough's starry night. I thought the poster was pretty rad and ordered one.
The poster was listed at $24usd (a bit high but I liked the poster) and $5usd for shipping. After entering my credit card information and making the purchase I was charged for $38usd ($8 more than what I was quoted prior to making the purchase.)
After finding that odd I commented under the posted link on the reddit page, and was informed by another user that it was infact a scam website. Looking up the website it is fairly new and has stolen art and is very similar to other websites hosting the same "merchandise." The server it is on also hosts other websites with pretty terrible ratings.
I cancelled my card immediately and will be disputing the charge when it is done pending.
Anyways, don't be like me, do some digging before an impulse purchase.
I also filled out my address (for shipping purchases) and my phone number and email address. If there are other steps I need to take to protect myself please let me know in the comments.
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2023.03.27 03:28 entropy_pool Is there a collection somewhere of the various art that has shown up around the island, like the posters around Mega City, or the artwork on the walls of Slappy Shores tattoo shop or the graffiti/murals that are all over the place?

I was taking some screen shots of some of my favorites and realized that I've only recently been looking for art like that in the game, and there must be a ton from previous seasons.
Any chance there is a collection out there someone has been making? Hopefully someone using a PC with nice graphics instead of an xbox like me :)
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2023.03.27 03:28 JohnSmithWithAggron Making Murals in Minecraft

Making Murals in Minecraft
In my opinion, pottery isn't all that practical for storytelling. You don't have broken versions of it, and you can't place them next to walls due to them blocking part of the pot. You also can't place them in walls due to them not being a full block(I mean, you can, but it would be ugly).
So, I thought of murals. What if instead of having to make a pot out of the shards, you can instead place them on the wall. You would have the texture in the center, and then the rest of the block's texture would be filled in, unlike maps. This would allow for better storytelling in the game.
I'm a terrible explainer, so please also me questions, in hopes that I can give a clearer response. I would provide a good image, but I'm not good at creating things. Also, imagine that the image is on a wall.
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2023.03.27 03:28 TigerBomb420 Getting better with my groups. Really focusing on the wall and clean trigger break.

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2023.03.27 03:26 Laura-Rubio Guess who is coming to Bogotá (Colombia) 🇨🇴 this year...

Guess who is coming to Bogotá (Colombia) 🇨🇴 this year...
I attended a baroque concert in one of the theaters in my city, and you can't imagine how excited and happy I was when I saw the poster of Maxim... (I screamed, "OMG, NO WAY!!!" like a crazy fan, and people around me got scared LOL at me), so yeah, I took this pic... 🤦🏽‍♀️😅So yeah, I'll be there again in November ✌🏽😊
PS: I'm posting the link for the event if any Colombian LingLing is interested in coming 🥳
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2023.03.27 03:26 Zrad522 UDW installation advice for Legrand enclosure

Hello all, I’m thinking about getting one of the new Dream Walls for my new home construction. As far as I can tell, it has a Legrand 42” enclosure, and that the UDW would just fit inside it. Use case seems perfect, Ethernet coming from the top, power from below.
Some questions I had was:
  1. If it just fit inside like a glove, would thermals be an issue? It’s inside a ventilated laundry room central in the house.
  2. Could someone who happens to have a UDW tell me the distance between the mount holes? I want to see if it’s already enough for the holes in the Legrand enclosure, or plan around it otherwise.
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2023.03.27 03:25 bulkpeachrings Lovely psycho text from my Aunt 🤓

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2023.03.27 03:25 mickeydoogs Reconfigured the garage gym

Reconfigured the garage gym
Pictures are the new gym, old gym, then the process I went through over the weekend.
Re did the homegym this weekend after some deliberation and deciding what I wanted to do with my space. I was tired of my sloped floor, so probably over did it. I made a 12x12 platform that's fully level with the rack, deadlift platform and storage shelf.
To achieve the platform being level, I scribed the slope of the floor to each 2x6, then ripped the board down to get the slope. Framed it up with 16 OC joists, added 3/4" osb, then 1/2" spruce plywood on top. This thing is solid, and heavy as hell. Added some low pile carpet to the inside of the rack. I found my bench setup would cause my feet to slide on rubber, so this was a better solution.
Painted the walls from the God awful blue to a nice deep purple. Still need to paint all the wood in the pictures black, but that's another weekend project. I'll probably redo the floor eventually too.
I went from my 6 post rack back to a 4 post, and made a dedicated lat pull/low row with my rack attached lat pull. The BOS sliding jammer arms are on their way, and will be added to those uprights permanently. I could squat or bench off those uprights too if I wanted, but the floor is sloped and so its not ideal.
I think some Pepin adjustable dumbbells and a better incline bench are in order. Probably a barbell holder too.
Hope you guys enjoy.
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2023.03.27 03:25 Extension-Train-2405 20 weeks pregnant. Worrying symptoms not sure if it’s all related

Background: 30 F Weight: 160 (20 weeks pregnant) Medication: olanzapine, metformin, Prozac Conditions: history of psychotic depression, sleep apnea Location: USA
I’m not sure where to start. It seems like my medicine for psychiatric issues has stopped working. I’m sleeping 14 hours a day (had to call in sick to work on Friday due to fatigue). I’m crying about everything and have not much drive to do anything but stare at wall for hours.
This weekend, things have gotten worse. I have a rash on my face, intermittent headaches, and brain zaps (it’s NOT ssri withdrawal)
Is this just normal pregnancy symptoms or should I be worried?
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2023.03.27 03:24 Valentinrriie im too depressed/scared to leave the house, go to school or play games.

im ranting/rambling but i need serious advice (tw, sewerslide and hurting myself)

i dont really know how to start this.. so im in senior school (grade 6 - 10) and i need advice. i honestly am trying to be good.. but it isnt working - i cannot go to school. i get so scared i be sick, i am so done now. i think its been going on for 3 years. its been a few weeks since i was last at school but there has been times where its been months... like 9 months? im scared, ive looked at online schools but my mother has said no to it. i think online school is an okay idea.. its better than real life school! i can do what i like whilst learning, listening to music to calm myself down and drawing + doodling! but now im all alone. im so alone. school is so hard, i cannot do it!! ive tried for 3 years, so many years of trying. its getting worse. ive considered and attempted ending myself. i have school tomorrow and ive already had an anxiety attack. during these 3 years ive been diagnosed with bpd and depression. severe depression. all my mom does is yell.. "your not doing good enough!" "i dont care, try harder!" "im such a bad mom to you arent i?!" im so tired, ive started getting violent and i cant deal with it, i feel so guilty. i just want to grab her hair and smash her head into a wall sometimes. her boyfriend is moving in next month and i cant deal with it, he creeps me out and scares me, i think if that happens ill be scared all the time and uncomfortable (scared of men, other than my dad.) i think if it doesnt change im going to end myself. school doesnt help, ever. ive had multiple therapists and honestly, they all gave up. i didnt even trust them anyways. i havent left the house in a week - but again, sometimes its months. ive been trying to starve myself because i hate myself and i cant diet or workout, my mom comes to my room every minute to ask me if i want food. i feel like shes just trying to make me fat. she gives me unhealthy food and god, i cant say no. what is wrong with me?? when people laugh at me i just want to/do start bawling! i cant even play games with people. i dont think i actually love my mom anymore.. i honestly am smart, im the highest in my english class, maths, arts and music! so i am in a class that is like primary school (grade 2 - grade 5) like, colourful, primary teacher and we have like.. sand pits and kids stuff. i have 2 friends but we dont talk everyday because of this. please just help me reddit, ive done so many things to myself. (self [email protected]. yk?) ive struggled with gender identity and god thats a nightmare.. luckily ive got an adorable snake sidekick! lol, and a great puppy princess. but gosh, i think if i dont get this sorted im gonna k1ll myself. please help me reddit, i just need help, wether its with online school or whatever. <3
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2023.03.27 03:24 narcabusesurvivor18 What happens when you can’t trust anyone after being abused

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2023.03.27 03:23 ImportantWelder3506 Is this related to dpdr?

When I touch stuff sometimes it physically feels like I didn’t touch anything even though I did and I can see that I did and perhaps feel it too but like it didn’t register in my brain?
Also sometimes it feels like my arm is missing or something, kind of like I would imagine someone who lost an arm would feel their arm still there?
I also feel like the floor is going to fall, or the walls are going to fall on me?
Anyone can relate?
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2023.03.27 03:21 kitan4 Utopia

I thought I should let you know That when the world swallows me whole
I pray I’m born into another one on a bed of daffodils
Where my eyes glisten in the light and my hearts not confined between four walls taking continuous bruising
Where music soothes my soul, and my paint brushes continue to stroke And the words “I love you” & “I’d never hurt you” have factual hold
A world you’re in and abuse doesn’t take form A world where only the good parts of you exist A world where I’m not terrified for letting you love me the way you know how
-I wrote this in 2019 while I was going through a traumatic time. I posted it on here and then deleted it. However, I wanted to send it into the void as I find it to be beautiful and relatable. I am a lot better now- and I hope they are too.
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2023.03.27 03:19 KSI_SpacePeanut What is this Asterisk style wall socket/cover in my buddies new Oregon house?

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2023.03.27 03:19 CREEPERAWMAN6969OOF Six Rules To Survive The Shower: Pt 1

 I had just installed the new renovations to my house. A fully new bathroom. Shiny new tiles, beautiful glistening walls. A bathtub shinier than the stars up above. It was perfect. But the shower was the real star of the show. It was perfect. The shower head had what must've been hundreds of different settings to make the perfect experience. But something about it was off. I first noticed the empty slit outside the shower, where something could slide out of. I decided to let it go because the rest of the place was so good. Then there was identical ones by the curtains. Then I noticed the weird hatch without a handle in the shower. I couldn't get it open. Then I noticed the intercom on the ceiling. I guess communication with family could be alright in the shower but it was kind of weird. When I went to hand the man the check he said. "No, no I don't need payment, you are doing me a favor by taking all this equipment." I asked what he meant and he just handed me an allen wrench. I stared at it confused. He snatched it back and placed it on the shelf for soap in my shower. I decided to leave it there because he ran off in seconds. That night I walked into my shower, normally it would be cold waiting for the water to warm up a little bit, but the new vents kept it a nice warm temperature. I walked into the shower when the water was warm. Suddenly the lights in the bathroom and the buzz of the vents all shut down at once. "Hello, can you hear me? Well it doesn't matter, I put a motion detector in the shower." I was so weirded out by the intercom going off, I recognized the voice. It was the same dude that sold me these renovations. Suddenly, out of the hatch over the curtains and my door, came heavy metal barriers with scratch marks and dents to cover up the doors and windows. "Look these protective doors run on a battery that also helps power the lights, vents, and intercom in here, I didn't build this place of horrors so don't ask me why. But it was at 5% so I shut out the lights and ventilation system. I know this might seem scary, but there are five creatures in there with you. I will teach you how to survive them while these barriers still have power." I was so confused, but also scared, here I was in complete darkness, only heated up by warm water, surrounded by monsters. "Alright take the wrench and put it in the hole of the hatch, there you will find the way to stop the first creature." I took the small object and put it in the hatch. I cranked it a few times before it snapped open. Inside, a small tablet the emitted smoke. I grabbed it and held it tight. " Don't worry about the water, it is waterproof, because of that though I had to make some sacrifices. It will overheat after a few minutes of use. So never keep it on more than a minute at a time, remember, minute of use, minute to rest." I turned it on, a camera panned down a dark ventilation shaft. I looked at it, before remembering and turning it off. "Alright I have some rules that will help you survive the creatures. 
Rule 1: watch the camera in the vent for as long as you can, a creature named Scott is at the back of the shaft and will move closer every time you don't look at the camera. He has spikes for arms so he can smash your shower door if he gets in. "
 "Rule 2: to survive the next creature named Bill, he will open your bathroom door and try to get in the shower, although he has regular hands so he has to try and open it. Hold the door closed and he will give up." 
"Rule 3: To Survive Mary, she will physically come in the shower to attack you. Turn off the tablet and hide in the corner to survive her, control your breathing too. "
 "Rule 4: Henry is a troubled soul. The noise of the water attracts him. He will attack you any chance he gets. There is a camera app on the tablet, use the flash to look around the bathroom, if you see a spike coming out of the left vent, it is Scott, pray for a swift death. However if you see several small flexible spikes emerging from the right vent, that is Henry, turn off the light and the water. But don't keep the water off for too long, as you might freeze to death. This will make him think he is in the wrong room and go back." "Rule 5: Teddy is the hardest to survive. He resembles a giant stuffed animal costume from a kids tv show. Although with blood leaking from every seam of the animal. Think one of those giant teddy bears people get for Valentine's Day gone wrong. There is several dead bodies inside of the stuffed animal. When he enters your bathroom, a putrid smell will appear, a long with sloshy stepping noises. When you hear and smell this, stay still. He will go over to your shower and peer through the glass at you. He can only attack you if you move. He will do everything to get you to move for a while minute before he walks away. He will tear off his stuffed animal head, remove a dead body and slam it's rotting head against the glass, and other horrors." "Rule 6: when you finish showering, I will have recharged the battery enough to turn the ventilation on, sealing the vents, and turn the lights on. This will scare the creatures back into the vent shafts. However, it is still best to leave as quickly as possible and patch up all-" The intercom sputtered out. Suddenly the doors covering all the doors and windows securing me opened back up. I grabbed the tablet and turned it on. I saw an eye at the very back of the vent shaft. This was real. I would need to survive it. I took the soap and started to clean myself off while watching the camera and turning it off periodically. Little did I know the horror that was about to come as the bathroom door creaked open. 
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2023.03.27 03:19 JadeorJinx Be Careful, DNI with u/alex24 TW: Delusion talk, manipulation, dishonest sexual intentions, possession topic, possible trigger for system doubt, predatory behavior (sorry for posting here but it's necessary)

Hi! I'm really sorry to post here, I don't mean to start any discourse or anything. I'm notifying everyone of someone who may be in all the plural&system communities and is a danger. Their user is u/alex24 They texted 2-3 people so far or as far as I've heard so far. Especially for delusion prone people like myself, they are extremely manipulative and predatory like. They sent me a bunch of photos at the start of our chat saying they were on a trip, all looked like professional photos but somehow I didn't seem to question it. Then they told me a ghost named Eric wanted to possess me, and that they were a "pervy" ghost. I'm personally hypersexual so at first I was ok with it. But they clearly lied and didn't plan for it to be two-sided even if they hadn't lied. They sent me into a delusional episode, specifically convincing me I was being possessed by preying off of my tendency towards delusions, and gullibleness as well. They were going to ask "Eric" for personal things about the way I looked and smelled. I ended the delusion before it came to that even though it was difficult and painful to break out of. Then I called them out for their lies. When I did, they got really defensive. They had brain washed me the whole time into thinking no this ghost is actually in me and I'm just not being open enough to it. So after the whole debaucle, I asked them to send a picture with their hand in a peace sign, and the deck they were on as the background. Then they said they have eczema and are uncomfy with showing their hand. So instead I asked for a blurred picture of the ocean with the wall caught in it. Yet they still gave an excuse as to why it wasn't blurred, that it's a really good phone. And they guilt tripped me throughout. I told them I would talk to them later after thinking about whether we would remain friends (I was really just trying to wait while the messages reloaded so I could take screenshots, because the chat was encrypted as they asked me to go on a specific app to chat, and I had deleted it when I had first gotten angry about them manipulating me but decided to redownload it for screenshots). They kept sending texts and asked why I wouldn't respond that they needed a response right away, and that if we were to remain friends "we would need to set boundaries" due to me asking for photos. They really were just covering up is what I can only assume. I told them to give me time to think otherwise we wouldn't talk again ever. (I already planned to block them and delete the app again.) So they agreed. I went off the app, and they started texting again how they were sorry yada yada, then they stopped for a straight 40 minutes. I swear they are f-ing invested in preying on us. Their last texts were that they were going to eat on the ship. Then I go back on to take some screenshots of the recent convo at least since the rest wouldn't load. And the instant I'm back they send me a text that the place wasn't open. Like, that's no f-ing coincidence. Then they start chatting again about how they're so sorry for asking personal info before etc. etc. When I realized I couldn't do anything else because I couldn't take screenshots of the earlier conversations I just deleted the app and blocked them on Reddit and reported them in the community that I found them. In fact I don't know if they were even in that community because they specifically private messaged me. And them saying "I saw your post and was interested in getting to know you" could have very well have been a general message that they were sending out to a bunch of users. So that's why I made this post here because I think they're they're preying on us. So please stay safe everyone.
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2023.03.27 03:19 Tumbleweed1959 Pretty up front – Practical in the rear

I’m a reddit newbie (first post) so, please excuse any faux pas.
I was corresponding with a reddit poster and he suggested I post-up my home lab. I’ve been networking since before Ethernet was a thing (ARCNet) and, I have always struggled at sites creating something that was both professional and supportable. Yes, I’m old as dirt. I had the ‘fortunate’ privilege of having to gut our current house and got to try to build something that was useable, flexible and, most importantly, wife-approved. In the beginning, I only had a 24-Port switch in the rack so, I had a couple of in-wall PoE switches for the Cameras. Last month I threw out the old Cisco gear and installed all-new Ubiquiti gear. Kinda hard for a CCIE to do but, I now love the stuff. All of the gear is in our pantry for easy access. I framed a 20” door into the living room that I fastened a couple of free-standing Telco-Racks to. The computer part of the Lab is a Lenovo Tiny running JRiver for the Media Center (I’m also into good audio). And, a couple of Lenovo Tiny’s running 2019 Hypervisor with a collection of VM’s on each. I chose the Tiny’s because they are naturally low-power and, they have vPro (if you have not used vPro, you are missing out). There is a Synology NAS in the safe that records a constant 190Mb/s stream of video from 17 cameras, hosts a mountain of audio from the years, is the primary storage for backups and, hosts a large photo collection. The NAS in the rack is for secondary backups and, bait for any would-be thieves thinking they are stealing the surveillance video . When it came time to terminate all of the structure-wiring I put in the house (6-miles), I found zero useful solutions from the ‘standard’ home-vendors. So, I wound up cutting a 42” box in two (depth-wise) to make it deeper (two boxes actually). Then, crafted my own brackets to hold standard termination panels. As IP Cameras were not really of age in 2010-11, every camera-drop has Coax, Ethernet and, zip-cord to it. The large black wires on the bottom right are 6-gauge speaker wires. One must have good sound while playing in the lab. Yellow cables are security, red are cameras and, the ‘standard’ for the rest has died. For those into audio, the bottom of the rack is 16,000 watts of amplifiers fed from 4 240V/20A circuits. I had to do something with the power I saved using the Tiny’s.
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2023.03.27 03:19 geezlix Changed the nozzle and what the !&%$ ?!?!

Changed the nozzle and what the !&%$ ?!?!
Can someone please tell me what setting(s) are off? Brin and first handful of layers look great, then everything goes south. I know it's not the temperature as I've printed with this filament many times before with success. My guess is that it has to do with the flowrate as I just swapped the 0.4 nozzle out for a 0.6mm ?

PETG Retraction - 3.0mm / 40.0 mm/s Print speed - 80 mm/s Infill speed - 100 mm/s. Outer wall - 40. Inner wall - 50
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2023.03.27 03:18 PotentialCut7320 Millicent’s questline?

I went to Gowry’s shack but the dog outside his house, clipped through the wall and killed gowry while trying to kill me, is there still a way to progress milicent’s quest or am i screwed until my next playthrough?
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2023.03.27 03:18 Mr_Smigs Tales from the Game Table - Felt I could share my session notes as fiction

Figured I'd get people's opinion on if they're good notes... basically I'm keeping record of the sessions from NPC members of the platoon who were there for the sessions... that way I'm not putting thoughts in my players heads in the flashbacks/reviews for each session...Let me know what ya'll think._______________________________________________
D-10 … Orbital Palace Sarai
“So… It’s a dunghole?.... Sir.” Leutenent Falkirk was still getting used to his new position on the command staff.
“Which is saying a lot, coming from a man whose home world is so toxic he grew up wearing a mask…” Commisar Karrik was a fairly stoic fellow, unphased by the young officers lack of decorum. Clearing his throat he continued the briefing…
“As I was explaining,” Karrik made a sweeping gesture across the strategium making the globe on the surface spin wildly. “Kroma III, is a former deathworld. Exterminatus of the mega-flora would risk damaging the raw promethum found on the planet. So the knight house Tardif, support the Unrelenting Duty, last of the warlord titans dropped planetside to burn the planet clear. Their burns make the habitable zone covered in ash storms most of the year.“ Palm to the surface, the globe stopped spinning. On the display the two major northern continents were each partially visible… a red trail tracing east-west along the tropic where they joined in a narrow land bridge. Karrik traced his finger along the line, emphasizing it to the other staff at the table.“This treeline is the hold out of the native plantlife. It takes a year for the Unrelenting Duty to march the length pushing it back with plasma burns while the knights clean up and scour the land. We can expect no support from the titans as they insure everything south of this line stays ash..”
With a harsh stab ,Karrik selected one of the red dots on the continent, zooming in to show an expanded view. The strategium screen split to show a dual top, and side cut-away view of the hive city turned mine. The deep bowl in the earth was shown, centered around a set of 8 Hellbore Pylons. Archaeo-tech of the lost age cutting kilometers into the crust, and serving as great geothermal pumps.
“The cities are capped with durasteel branching out from these core pylons. Winds on the ash plains are too strong to allow any building more than 8 meters to stand for long. Ash harvesters clear the cap on a regular basis. We will not be able to land directly in any city. “
Marking out zones northeast and southwest of the main bowl, he zoomed in to the gateways on the upper level.
“The six major cities cut 20 to 30 levels deep, accessible by 8 gateways around the city. The Lord Castellan has decided we will drop 2 battalions on either side of each city at the minor gateways to breach and make access. Once inside you will be supported by local PDF to then make contact. You will be restricted to planetside vox systems once you land and will have to assess the local comms network once you establish control.”
A cough to his left bright a tight lipped grimace to Karriks jaw as his gaze to Falkirk again. The boy was rapidly scrolling though his data slate and the words came out without thinking, “We’re always in contact with command, that’s standard operations.”
“No.” Karrik growled it more than spoke. “The ash storms will black out all vox for more than a few hundred kilometers. Orbital communications are blocked whenever there is a storm. On the opening drops, each city will fire a volley from their macro-lance batteries to clear the cloud cover before we come in, and to send data bursts to the orbital palace. Once the coverage wraps, you’ll be on your own until you can link up with command. The division astropath will similarly be hampered. We don’t know why, but warn them before the drop, Harris.” Karrik fixed his stare on Captain Harris. The grizzled sack of flesh tried to meet his look for a moment before making a quick nod and a big gesture of adding a note to his data slate. Why a man who openly hated anything to do with psykers was assigned the battalion’s wyrdvane detachment is anyone’s guess. They probably wouldn’t survive this deployment.
“What of the enemy? What kind of resistance will they present?” Again with Falkirk’s questioning. Karrik took a moment to remind himself, snapping at the Lord Castellan’s grandson is no way to start a deployment.
“Mono, Deux, Tretia, and Quard are all under the control of the local PDF. This will not be a hot landing. We are dealing with cultists, not a reinforced battalion with artillery support.”
That was it. That was the moment Karrik “volunteered” himself for this damnable position. Orgryn management on the spearhead battalion. “If it was a simple drop into allied territory, he wouldn’t mind taking the first drop ship down.” Since the forward breachers always had the ogryn, it gave a fine opportunity to show how those Alpha Dragoon command skills could be put to use.
The whimper to his side shook the commissar out of his thoughts. A valkyrie of scion troopers could drop at twice this speed from near orbit without a whisper of doubt, but the three bullgryn chained to the wall in the chimera couldn’t help but make noise. The division tech priest had suggested a electroprod, and now it seemed like a better idea than Karrik’s usual chainsword.
The second jolt threw him against the belts and set the brutes whimpering again. The airway was supposed to be clear. With a quick tap, Karrik brought up coms to hear the flight squad report.
It was silent.
Heavy landers aren’t known for their graceful touch downs, but bone rattling collisions with the ground are not the norm. In the main bay tanks were blessed by the techpriest and signaled to start. As the landing ramp began to lower, fog thick ash clouds forced their way in. Then the bombardment began. Shelling rocking the lander hard.
“FORWARD” The digitized voice of Theta-Gamma cracked over coms, spurring the front unit of battle tanks on. With the implacable grip of a servo claw, the tech priest pulled himself to ride atop the last of the hellhound scout tanks.
The landing ramp was jammed halfway down after the last barrage, but was no resistance to the heft of the Leman Russ trio at the lead of the column. Over the coms, a binaric prayer to the machine spirits for forgiveness mimicked the scream of the front ramp collapsing. Forward into the clouds pushed the parade of armoured transports.
“Artillery barrage, sir. They seem to have zeroed in on the LZ.” Bryce watched as the command bridge of the lander crumpled under the explosive punishment. “Air retraction is no longer possible.”
“Earthshakers!” It was rumored that Lieutenant Haddon’s support specialist could tell the forgeworld of a cannon just by the sound it made while firing. From the beating the lander was taking, it sounded like Faedra was right.
Karrik listened patiently, there was nothing else he could do. It would take time to extricate the whole column, and Haddon had mere seconds to make the decision. In his head, Karrik poured over the limited map they had been given by the governor. Shifting ash made the trench-mines south an option, but would leave them isolated. Pushing forward to the city meant the risk that the enemy artillery might continue pounding them. When did the enemy get artillery, that wasn’t in the reports.
“FORWARD! To the city!” Haddon’s command was unsurprising to say the least. Karrik could even hear his driver pushing his engine to keep up with the headlong rush. This Razak Mobile infantry took their title with zeal that would make imperial priests jealous. “First into the Fire” indeed.
The barrage continued as the column moved forward. Through the lasarray viewers, Karrik saw one of the rearguard sentinels take a direct hit. In the middle of its loping stride, the gangly walker’s cockpit detonated in a brilliant fireball. For a brief moment, Karrik could see the grim faces of his ogryn guards clear as daylight, then nothing but a wad of smoke and steel crashed to the ground.
Still, the Razak line pushed on. Earth and ash churning under the weight of steel treads. The column was planned to aim north to the road, then follow its ramp down into the city… with a clack of his jaw may have cracked a tooth, Karrik felt the chimera drop steeply. Ramp-be-damned as the battalion took the two meter drop at full clip to get entrenched out of fire.
The coms net picked up again, full of static, but Haddon’s commands coming over the vox. Pacing spread out to avoid mixed hits from shells, and the loss of two sentinel walkers reported. When the squad sergeant was hit, one of the others missed the turn off and had fled the column. He reported the barrage had stopped when the battalion made the road, but was still being reprimanded for his flight. Another pilot would be assigned who was more reliable.
Curious, Karrik released his restraints to open the top hatch and take the observer position. Greeted with a steel-grey sky that churned like the sea overhead, the weight of the situation locked in. Mono’s service highway was cut like a ramp into the earth leading down. Already it towered six meters or so on either side and barely wide enough for two tanks to ride side by side. Thick, rough, ash had settled on the walls and road. It dusted the tanks that left black pressed trails behind. Like a pencil on a sheet of vellum, they’ll know right where we went.
Not that there were any choices where to go now.
Ahead, the gates to the city, if they could be called that, began to loom. The great durasteel disk that was the roof of the city, came to a sharp end. Girders gapped with mesh stood bare to the elements. They spanned the width of the road channel in a criss-crossed web of construction making a rough arch two stories tall. White hard sodium style lamps ran the channel and either side of the arch making everything sharp, and gray. No doors stood to block the road as a hive-city would have, instead the dust and ash everywhere whipped back in long slow bursts. Karrik raised his arm to block the sudden wind as his ride got within the blast zone, feeling the warmth coming from the city push through his jacket. As the ash that had settled along the roof of the chimera blew away, he had to wonder if this was an intentional design of the city, or a happy accident of the thermals produced by the great steel beast.
With a jerk, the column came to a halt. Over the microbead in his helm, Haddon sent out the order to spread and disembark, there was trouble ahead the tanks couldn’t deal with.
In the dark of the gate, flashes of light started to repeat back and forth. Hearing the ogryn sigh as they pushed to get out the rear gate, Karrik fished for his monocular to get a better look.Theta-gamma, his red robes billowing in the breath of the city, had taken point with first squad. Faedra was rushing to the rear, setting the hellhounds on her flanks for rear watch. Even the Lieutenant and his squad were on watch at the front, giving Karrik excuse enough to dismount and bring his boys at a brisk trot to catch up.
The problem became clear as Karrik made it to the command squad. Some kind of improvised trip mines had been strung across the roadway just at the end of the entry ramp inside the city proper. From the top of the ramp, the ruins were visible, heavy damage crumbled and shattered every wall in sight. Rooftops burned still in the distance, and only the same awful, pale light of the city street lights gave any illumination under the durasteel cap. Again those flashes of light danced in the distance and Karrik brought up his monocular. Las-fire trace between buildings ahead toward the city center.
Raising his hand to grab the Lieutenant’s attention, Karrik was suddenly pushed aside…“And Lo, Do I Strike at the Heretic!” The quarter ton of muscle and bone that made Gregori the rightful bodyguard of company command, slammed forward into the rear of First Squad, knocking two men aside. There was a pause as everyone looked to where he was pointing, before thunder struck.
Fire and smoke poured from the ruins left of the road, the flash casting silhouettes thrown by ogryns frag grenade. With a whine, white hot pain lanced across Karrik’s vision before the goggles photo filters kicked in to protect him from the multilaser’s firing. Without warning, the command chimera opened a door in the ruins of the second floor revealing the remains of a surprised pair of snipers, leaving them to clatter down the wrecked wall to the floor below.
Then came the chaos. With a howl and a cry “For the Lord of Stars!” auto-gun fire pelted the First Squad, even disrupting Gama-Theta from his work dismantling the road mines.
“Maveriks! TO THE WINDOWS!” Again, Karrik was surprised by Haddon’s aggression. While brutes formed up around the commisar, locking shields, the surprised First Squad found their feet quickly pushing straight at the enemy. Wild las-fire suppressed the windows while mono-knives found flesh as soldiers chipped and bleeding from the hail of enemy fire called in response, “TO THE WALLS!”
Karrik watched as the warmachine of the imperium took their ambushers to task. Theta-Gamma followed the call and set the pace of the advance. Kackling in binary, the tech-priest’s servo claw punched through ferrocrete wall and cultists alike. Gore erupted from the warrior’s remains like a ration tube, trapped beneath a tank tread. Still the Maveriks fought on. Las fire ceased as they put men to the knife. Heavy fire from the leading battletanks shredded potential sniper positions to reveal naught but the dead. The viciousness of the attack set the enemy on their heel, many began to panic and try to flee while caught, and crushed by ogrun and man alike.
“Maveriks! Occupy and Defend!” Haddon’s call caught Karrik’s attention, the Lieutenant was watching the opposite side of the street now. With the cultists in route, Karrik saw a few last flashes of lasfire from the building while First Squad quickly reversed stances, taking cover behind the very walls they had just purified in heretic blood.
Following Hadron’s gaze to the other side of the street, Karrik finally pushed past the ogryn wall. There, half crouched, and slack jawed, stood men of the Kroma Light. “Whitecaps” the locals called them, according to reports. Now the Maveriks saw why. Where the Razak Mobile donned somber colors, black for the mourning of the 198th, green for the new beginning of the 199th, the Kroma Light was a parade of color. Polished gold pauldrons shining on sky blue jackets were accented with white webbing and almost luminescent kepi caps. The Kroma’s sergeant signaled his men to stand down with a wave of his sword, making them stand at attention, but not shoulder their weapons.
“Kroma Light?” Lieutenant Hadron had pulled his mask to be heard clearly, “We are the 199th Razak Mobile, your reinforcements. We need billeting, and a place to check our hardware.”
… D + 1.
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2023.03.27 03:17 Archaeopteryx- AMAZING abortion poster my 10 year old sister drew

AMAZING abortion poster my 10 year old sister drew
"Abortion is cool because sonic says so "
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