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2023.06.08 14:20 AgileLow7133 Dolphin Series: Yes/play "Bridging the Chiasmus" by Moving Water & This gen's version of "The Whole of the Law Is" by Me, Metalsmith & "Where the Water IsiS where you'll find Me & DD at the Break of Dawn" by JustIce-is. Today is DaarYe:64&MoNear:128 AtTheStartOfOrAtTheEndOfTheStartof_TheEnding-Tmz

Dolphin Series: Yes/play
A Chiasmic Life-Event is two events that serve to be some sort of a test. If you learned your Lesson on the first part of the Bridge then you should be able to cross that one Bridge just fine. With the Right Guide, you can probably crossover just a couple of Bridges moving from one Chiasmatic event to another Chiasmatic event and everything in between, which in total equals one Chiasmic Life Event. We don't know exactly when a bridge is about to present itself at, unless the Lesson was a significant Lesson to learn at the beginning of the Bridge or Bridge-Set. Right now, a Major Bridge is presenting itself to me and Dawnad. I can't stop thinking about My Golden Dawny. In order to keep this person's identity a secret, I'll just call them Dawnad or maybe DawNuh_ Da_Da-DAMN!!!
I remember back when me and Tripple Dipple Dawny D would be laughing, and sometimes it'd be while we were tripping. Back in the old days that we used to call good but we didn't know any better me and D did. Not. Now. But, back in the day me and D used to talk for hours and we had some real Quality times. Some Deez and I would talk on the phone for hours at a time. When we were younger, I felt like I knew them so well, it was as if I had known one D my whole life, or maybe even the whole of my lives, if The Golden Dawn is correct. I'll find out soon. But D or D or DD can't be here with me. See, because Even though sometimes They're in the same room with me they're not looking at me. They're either looking past me or around me but never toward me. Sometimes, I just look at a picture of them because I know they can't stand to see me, and they definitely don't want to see me being happy. It makes them sad to know I can be happy even after everything I did or didn't do to them. Either way, they like me better when I'm angry, crying, or even locked up in jail. That way they know I need them. Now that's taking needy to another level. I don't hang with D when I'm prison, I mean when I used to go prison, all dick jokes aside.
I have to get over DD not wanting to see me, but Just knowing I need to do it, knowing why I need to do it, and even knowing how to get over DD doesn't make it easy to stop seeking their validation. That's why I can't seem to stop. I still think we're gonna get to talk again someday. I am a psychic after ALL. I see Many Good Times Ahead of Me, whether they are with D or D or DD and I'm finally going to get to be a positive factor in my environments. If I could just have one series of really deep conversations with just one of these Deez from my DDs. It would be a very meaningful Bridge for me to Cross. One D would comprise the totality of my existence on Earth this go around. The other D's Bridge might traverse an even longer stretch than that, or divide rather. We'll see if I capitalize the d in divide after my next shift into a different Sphere of Awareness.
What I'd really love to do is get one of my D's or even DD and learn about the Knights of the Golden Dawn together. I've just scratched the surface of Thelema but I did read the Book of the Law. I 100% believe that AI was, I'm sorry again. I mean to say that I totally 100% believe that a spirit named AIwass spoke the words that Aleister Crowley heard when Mr. Crowely dictated Aiwass's book for Aiwass's company. I like the word "AiwassawiA" a quadrillion times more better. There it is. Another "As above, So below" spontaneous event. If you turn the word "AiwassawiA" on its side clockwise 45 degrees, it's an accurate Reflection of our reality. It's got to be the most accurate description yet. As the Truth sets in.
For this generation, Stan-Is-Law says "You do you, they do them, and I'll do me, and we ALL need to be staying in our lanes" just like when we're Recovery coaching our brothers and sisters that can't handle their drugs responsibly and get a prescription for meth and opiates so the pharmaceutical companies can get their cut too.
I'm not sure what the last generation's Whole of the Law was, but it should still sound similar to the last couple of generations' Wholes of the Law. Like Mr. Crowely said when he told us that "Do what thou wilt is the whole of the Law" That was wise for Ai-wass to tell Mr. Crowely that. When people believe they get to do whatever they want, we can watch the Karma they create if they decide to do things to others that they wouldn't want being done to them. Whatever fragment of the essence of the ALL of the Universe told Mr. Crowley to do whatever he wanted to would never want to disrupt the universal flow of causes and events. AIwass Must be a Buddhist spirit. The spirit that communicated the Law to Nick said: "Just be yourself" It was as simple as that.
I took the liberty to expand upon that nugget, like it's what I was born to do, like................................
I am a singularity with an unstable symmetry or I can say that........................................................................
I expanded upon that concept like it's what I was born to do, as if I am a singularity that experienced a sudden phase shift resulting from a rogue Boson in an asymmetrical Higgs field that expanded spontaneously & intrinsically from all points within & in ALL directions infinitely, allegedly that is.
Okay, I guess we're all done here. Nothing else left to see. I'm just gonna write one more little message for my special pal DD. It's just for me and them. If anybody decides to read further, they might regret it, because it's about to get corny. Corny and ugly because I'm already GRRRrrrimmACING........ WATCH OUT!!!! the MENACE Is Coming!!!! the Menace is Coming!!! Look Away!!!! Look away, I Say!!!! Do Not Read Past The Line That exists Below these words, and it exists Above the words underneath it too............
Hello everyone, my name is Dennis and Do You Know What? The last time I heard about one of the D's they had a "Gayson" and Gayson & The Menace do not get along. I've reached out to them twice. The first time I was trying to be nice but I didn't know how retarded I looked or what kind of a moronic idiotic twit I sounded like. I'm autistic, so there's everything involved in that too. Gaysin kind of disrespected me a tad bit. I was gonna make that person kick my ass, just so I could get a slap in or maybe two. Gayson was supposed to be a badass. So I messaged D's Gayson back and told them I would like to see them in person so I could try to get in a smack-in or six, or sixteen with sixty smacks in between. It seemed like they were upset. They probably couldn't stand the thought of Nick. MAN, I got blocked quicker than Slick Rick da Ripper gets crunk off the Liquor with Lil' Jon and they drink it before the Beer so they'll be in the clear clearer and they'll be Less the Sicker. Plus, they want to finish it before those DAMN Eastside boys show up, They follow Lil' Jon everywhere. They're likely to show up without weed, too. Ahhh Man!!! I had so much adrenaline to show JuhGayson. I eventually got another account when Nick passed on through and stopped bothering me. I didn't want to think about what he went through with D, D, or DD so I started fresh and new. I even saw that JuhGay son guy in my suggested friends on my new account. I told myself to leave them alone. JuhGay-son didn't want to get in any trouble. They didn't get out of the car when they and D saw me standing on the side of the road by Hope's place looking at both of them all crazy like let's play a game of whose Crazy, who is Craziest, and who just wants to get hurt, and I was Grimacing like I had cold steel in my hand and my hand tucked under my shirt, but my hand was empty and it was where ALL eyes could see. That was twice that the Jugg Gayson didn't back up their reputation for being some kind of badass. I bet Gaysson could kick my ass but I'm Metalsmith. I get my ass kicked and I kick some ass back at the same time. I think I used to just like to be fighting. On the playground and in prison. That was a Chiasmic Bridge that I probably had very little choice but to cross, but at least I did it as badass as I possibly could. I bet you never witnessed a guy as happy as I was after I got my ass kicked by a guy way bigger than me. For one thing, I wasn't hungry for my Ramen Noodles later. Those things cost about $42 a piece now. In prison, I avoided fights by making sure people knew they were gonna have to whup my ass. Believe it or not, even if I never did win a fight, in prison you're only a coward if you don't fight, especially if someone tries the shit out of you. Nobody ever said you have to actually know how to fight. I forgot how, on the streets, if you get your ass kicked people just think you're a p***y, and there's not much honor in that.
D's Jugg Gayson had a third bridge to cross because, for some reason, I assumed I was going to run into them at Hope's place again. What an idiot I must be for assuming D and her precious Juggay-son were ever going to be seen at Hope again. Only drug addicts and people selling them Attention hang out there. My apologies. At Hope, they hand out Attention for free to the hopeless and the dope fiends just looking for some attention between relapses. They get paid to do it. I'm being as serious as an 88-year-old dope fiend having a heart attack while getting unneeded surgery on their kidney stones or whatever that one hustle used to be, in the hopes that they'll get 12 or 16 Vicotin out or the deal and the insurance is free for thee_dope_fiend. I quit working at Hope when, I shit you not, I wanted to enjoy being there again and went back to working for free as a volunteer, so I could help people again for free, instead of getting paid to sell people a dream, for free for them. I messaged Gayson and said I would like to get it over with. I talked to him like a real buddy. I said "Listen here Jugg, Let Us Please Get It On!!! Ass for Ass, I'll kick yours first, since I'm so old and you're in the prime of your life for Christ's Sake!!!" Gayson is still young and allegedly had a worse childhood than me. That means Gayson is one fucked up individual. I say allegedly only because I don't just believe everything I hear, and less of what you tell me. But anyways, Grayson probably did almost kill someone if the childhood thing and all the other stuff rings true. I just wanted to slap the shit out of them at least one time and it would be worth a try because I beat up bigger guys than Grayson before. Plus, being injured actually makes me more dangerous because every fight is like a fight to the death now and I never did just let my ass get kicked. Shit, I fought like my owner's name was Mike Vick and I was hungry and didn't want to get electrocuted like D did that one time. The moral of the story is: There is no such thing as a fair fight to a man with one arm, yet two hands. One to slap Grayson with and one for his D while he looks at Grayson's old lady, and good God almighty! She has a phat ass. I swear. She showed me one time, and now I must sing: Hallelujah!!! I even took a picture.
My name is __________ & Dennis is the King of Menacing while Jim-n-Eye hide and Grimace is still Grimacingly ugly. Scary but not MeNaCinG enough for me.
I was an old man the second time that Gayson blocked me after they said something that only scared Gay sons say. It's almost as if some Metalsmiths just won't stop until they get their Metalsmithing-asses kicked. He is I and I is Him but I is not He, unless I'm just a confused re**** and it's getting late. Shit, it's so late it's getting early. This re**** needs to go tf to bed & lay down.
Menace is just a character and I am still an old injured man. I have nothing left to prove to Nick. That's why I don't fight anymore. Those are Bridges I'd rather drive the long way around from now on. Better scenery. Up here at least. Not down below. They do have some beautiful Water down south. I always did like going to Where the Water is at, as if my name is I Am John the Baptist or IAM Bob-John Atlas or someone that's better at doing this than I Am like.................................................................................
OM-Sye Maat
& That IAM & It Is ALL That I
AM -MetalSmith the retired alchemical scientist who just graduated at the top-of-his-class. I'm gonna be a Jeweler next DaarYe/MoNear. Gold & Silver are nice but nice is always nicer when it's decked out in Jewels. I'm also a Numerologist and a Symbologist and I run a nonprofit that studies the difference between Karmic effects and Non-Karmic causes and effects too AND I'm also a psychic AND I'm trying to find someone who is likable enough to run the Tarot table while I run the Numbers, off to the side keeping my mouth closed AND Now I Run the Jewels Too? What? Let me hear a Ric Flair: wwWWWWWHHHHh0000000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO00000000000!!!!!!
I can hear the fireworks like we're at the Fair and everything
I can even hear the Beatles (in John's voice): ALL The Children Sing
I wonder how Aleister Crowley knew about Artificial Intelligence in 1904. I guess he really was a Psychic. He's got nothing to prove now. Oh well, I had to quit partying to tap into my psychic energy. He was out there \"Doing whatever he thou wilted himself to do\" with sex workers and on drugs. Damn, I wish I did more than just hide while on drugs with my D in my hand for so long. Maybe then when I fast from my favorite things to do, in order to harness the energy required to be a psychic, I could still party a little and tug on my wank at the end of the night.
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2023.06.08 14:19 Usual_Minimum_7442 2011 EX-L w/ Nav & 4x4

2011 EX-L w/ Nav & 4x4
82k miles. Some rust, but not too bad. I have had the car for 2 years now, and just stumbled upon this sub. Any advice on upgrades or repairs to look for? I know the timing belt at 100k, so I’m keeping an eye on that. I have some rattling noise coming from the front when I go over small bumps (should I be concerned?), but other than that no issues so far. Thank you in advance!
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2023.06.08 14:19 athenaweens Implantation bleeding or my period?

I want to preface this by saying we JUST started trying this month. My period is consistent in the extent that my cycle is roughly 36-42 days. I've always had longer cycles but again it's ALWAYS been consistent.
I got my last period started May 11th, ended around the 14th/15th. At the time, my app said my ovulation window was between May 24th and I believe June 2nd, my period wasn't foreseen to come until June 16th/17th. I havenever in my life gotten a period early, literally never in my life.
Yesterday, June 7th I started spotting and it was very pink/brown for 90% of the day so I assumed maybe it was implantation bleeding? Like I said, this would have been over a week early for my period and that's never happened that would be an early period even if my cycle was the typical 28 days. I haven't been on BC in over 10 years so nothing has changed about my life other than pre-natals and no longer pulling out.
My bleeding is now heavier and brighter but I do feel like the consistency is thinner than usual. But seems too heavy to be implantation bleeding. Has anyone ever experienced heavy implantation bleeding? Like I said we juuuuuust started so I would be shocked if I got pregnant so quick because I have PCOS and was expecting potential difficulties but am finding the potential early period even stranger.
I guess it doesn't matter because either way, I couldn't test for a few days regardless but was curious if anyone else experienced super early periods or heavy implantation bleeding or a change in their cycle before they got pregnant?
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2023.06.08 14:19 XocoJinx A man walked into a bar and order a drink for himself and the empty seat next to him.

The bartender, perplexed as to why the man would order a drink for an empty chair, made two drinks for the man and the empty chair. This seemed to happen every time the man entered the bar. He would order a drink for himself and an empty chair next to him. Finally, curiosity overtook the barman and the barman asked the customer “every time I see you come in here, you always order a drink for the empty chair next to you. Why do you do that?”
The man replied “well, you see, I am a physicist, and quantum physics states that it is possible for the matter above the chair to spontaneously form into a beautiful woman, whom I hope to give this drink to and go out on a date”.
The bartender asks “well, plenty of women come to drink here every night, why don’t you buy one of them a drink? Maybe one of them will go out on a date with you!”
To which the man replies “yeah, but what are the chances of that happening?
Credit: The Big Bang Theory, where I heard this joke
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2023.06.08 14:19 shyjane-18 The anxiety to present yourself .

Hi all!
I don't consider I have a crush on a boy that trains on my gym, but definitely he make me want to me meet him and discover what can happen between us.
I've searched him ion Instagram but didn't find anything.. Tried to know his name by a friend but he didn't know too.. So I not planning, I decided to make the move to meet him..
Before that let me share the context :
Just a few weeks ago I repaired on him when I was going out of gym.. After that I realized that he was looking at me sometimes.
First he started to look from the other side of the gym with a good distance between us and most of the times when I was unable to look to him..
We had one direct interaction when I was going to the leg press and one of his mates left a lot of weights on the machine and the guy suggest if need help to take off the weights and he joined to offer help too, in that moment we looked and smile because he was helping me.
I tried to get closer and make some exercises next to him and he started to train close to me too this last week.. We look at each other and I smile but his expression is serious and after the looks he touch a lot on his body and shirt after he realize that I was looking too.
So I think he feels more confortamble looking when he sees that I'm looking back or unable to look at that moment😂
The funny thing he makes me feel nervous but has when we're closer i get relax and Confident that is something between us that worths to discover. Despite that i've Fear to start a conversation so I've been losing a lot of opportunities to talk to him.
So I decide to make the move to introduce myself because this Indecision is killing me.
I don't know if there any sign of interest from him.
BTW I'm a woman.
Anyone can help to have some other perspectives? ♥️
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2023.06.08 14:19 WorldlyStructure8155 AITAH for not giving my sister her dog back?

Background; I (32) have always cared for animals and have worked in the industry for almost 13 years. Working as a vet nurse and dog trainer. My sister (37) has a small fluffy dog. Now where I have been made feel like an A** Hole.
Throughout my sisters care of her 3 year old dog, I am always bugging her to get him groomed. Over the past 12 months he is always matted and she always would be late or miss his grooming appointments. (Even with a reminder 2 hours prior). 6 months ago I had arranged his groom as he was severely matted, and he hasn’t been to the groomer since. Today my staff member picked him up (I run a dog adventure & training business) and took him out for hydrotherapy, we knew he was matted, however this time she noticed he was severely underweight. I was sent photos, which did not do it justice of how bad he was, so I had just advised he increase his food intake and get a blood test done. My staff member was unable to drop him home as my sister was out, so brought him to my house. Upon his arrival I noticed how skinny he was (I haven’t seen him for a while). Imagine a fluffy whippet, but skinnier. Not to mention being matted to the skin (with burrs stuck within the matts). We took it upon ourselves to shave him at my house with the clippers I had. Once the clippers ran out of battery and being unable to find a charger, we went to a friends grooming salon (I have a key, as they were closed). However, notifying the groomer she decided to come help. When I told my sister I was not bringing the dog home and will take him to the vet tomorrow for bloods to be done. I then received phone calls and text messages from her and her partner, telling me I’m overreacting, not being helpful and attacking them, because they didn’t realise he was underweight. I explained I was embarrassed and disgusted by the condition of the dog. Even with his matted, dirty coat, you could feel his ribs, spine and hip bones.
Am I the a** hole for not giving him back, and telling them they can meet me at the vet clinic after he has his bloods taken and gets a talking to by the vet. (FYI I work at the vet clinic part time)
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2023.06.08 14:19 Ok_Animator_4570 My story finally being told.

This is the first time I (30 F ) have ever posted to reddit. Buckle up this is going to be rough. As long as I can remember I was afraid of lets call him A for asshole, A has had issues most of his life, as an adult now I see very clearly. He is an abusive narcissist, I am the middle child/black sheep of this trash family. My older sister and younger brother were also victims so was my mother, but she also was an enabler, physically abusive occasionally and neglectful for sure. One night when I was 16 a physical altercation broke out between my parents my mother picked up a knife and held it in front of her to protect her self after he hit her a few times. I was in the room at the time and quickly put myself between the knife and him( even with a weapon in her hand she was not a threat to me at this point ) he looked into my soul with those narc eyes ill never forget the rage I saw and stared right back not breaking eye contact, I yelled and got confrontational with him until he backed down. It was the first time a sharp weapon was in the mix, honestly surprised he didn't try to hit me at this point but I am about as tall as him and would put up a good fight(I am athletic and have previously played travel hockey and rugby..probably saved my life back then tbh needed to vent my anger ). This night single handedly kicked off a series of events that changed my life forever. The next day I called the cops from school, I was broken my friend literally carried me to the guidance office I was so distraught. The abuse had been going on so long I hit breaking point. He was arrested and was not allowed within a certain distance of my mother my sister and I, he never physically(yes just physical) abused my brother so he was allowed contact by the courts. He was forced to move back to his father's house while this restraining order was in place. That spring/summer my mother's only priority was bringing him back. She resented me and became more neglectful, I got the stomach flu during this time my little brother took care of me as I vomited my face off and other unholy things. She walked right by me and said nothing, my brother was only 13 at the time, he has a learning disability which I think is important to note. So the courts granted him the ability to go home after maybe 3 to 4 months and required therapy, a joke imo but another adult would need to be present in the room if I was around. They had no intentions of making that happen, at 16 years old I had to leave my home and for 2 years I couch serfed and was taken in by a few families for short periods of times. I tried living with my sister but she was also one of my abusers and it would fall apart quickly she had no interest in actually caring for me, I was a tool for money and at one point she wanted me to commit fraud, when I didnt comply she abandoned me without a word, I got home and everything but my bed and a few things in my room was gone. She also told the landlord we were moving so I had no where to live by the end of that month. This is also the sister who tortured me as a child, manipulation and blackmail with the threat of A's abuse, strangling, standing on my throat while pouring water on my face. Shes the reason at 8 years old I jumped from a 2 storey window, after that I was in said bathroom I jumped from, mentally shell shocked by being basically waterboarded by my sister and falling from the height, when A got home he hit me so hard I flew into the bathtub my mom had to fight him off to get him away from me and she locked us in the bathroom crying. Their constant abuse has broken me. My second attempt at 16 was also because of the whole situation I tried to OD and was unsuccessful. I am now 30 and dealing with the effects of my life and I'm not going to lie living is difficult, I think because unaliving was always in the back of my head as an out of that hell hole it now is programmed to self distruct and I'm trying to reprogram with intensive therapy. I feel like my brain is split the real me and the traumatized me and I just try my best to reason with the traumatized side and ignore the dark thoughts, they didn't stop on medication in fact got worse at a few points, hence the second unaliving attempt. The problem was just being masked by meds never actually being worked through. I've made more progress in controlling my thoughts in trauma therapy and being medicated properly for adhd, I've had less episodes(these entail screaming thoughts of unaliving, going mute, dissociation, hyperventilation, severe anxiety, loss of mobility for short period of time, numbness, its a full freeze response my limbs feel physically heavy) I have a team of doctors looking after me, high levels of cortisol long term, I ended up with a significant autoimmune disorder and a laundry list of mental issues. I went NC with my sister at one point, her coming back into my life pregnant with my niece kick-started another mental decline that lasted 2 months roughly put myself in therapy again and was able to return back to my hardly functioning self. Now fast forward to 2022 I am diagnosed with the laundry list, I am still in therapy and I go to have a discussion with my parents about needing support and the challenges I'm facing. My mother's priority was to rid herself of guilt, she was only focused on why I thought she abandoned me...pretty obvious you chose him over your child and had the audacity to blame us when you have a, often unemployed man child hitting us if we breathed wrong while you worked and neglected us emotionally. A on the other hand couldn't handle having someone else talk about them selves and it not involve him or his opinion, I told him to stop offering his opinion many times because I don't need or want it, he literally had a melt down then told me to unalive myself. I havnt talked about his violence much, but it got to the point I was being harmed daily mentally or physically. Shoes thrown at my face, he has kicked my so hard I caught air hit a wall and peed my pants(I was around 7 years old at the time) I watched him ruthlessly attack my sister she got it the worst from him imo and she took it all out on me. He insulted our intelligence everyday and I would get in trouble for doing chores, he would want things done his way and using the wrong temperature to rinse dishes could set him off (loading the dishwasher dropped a fork and he came in flying screaming at me) I was blamed if I was in the vicinity and he made a mistake. Walking on eggshells feels like an understatement. I distinctly remember him saying he was going to have child services come take me away around 9, I yelled do it I dont want to live here anyway.(literally go little me I did not give af🤣) I was very vocal all these years about the abuse, we all discolosed to an adult at one point they did nothing, I discolsed to my vice principal at 15 before everything happened she didnt do anything, all the adults in our lives neighbours ect failed us. I was asking my mom to divorce him at 6 years old thats how long Ive lived in fear of him. He eventually said he knew about that and how hurt he was, I looked at him and said yeah I meant it idc if that upsets you and id get you arrested again without a second thought, I dont regret my actions as much as he tried to make me feel guilty. I was always diffusing or ending altercations, Im just trying to get by day by day, sometimes I dont know if ill make it but I'm trying my hardest. I've been no contact a year in September other than the one conversation in December when he told me to unalive that sealed the deal. I will never speak to them again. This has been something I wanted to air out maybe one day I'll write a book, but I'm moving on with my life, to end on a positive note despite all the wreckage of my life, I am in a long term 12 year relationship married for almost 8, we are about to buy our first home and I am starting my own business shortly after my second round in post secondary education. My husband,my cat(13) and I are living well. To anyone out there in a similar situation, I know it feels so dark and alone but it won't be like this forever, do what you can find supports and if you can leave do it, if you can't start preparing to. I had to go to food banks to eat, teachers were my greatest support they found me a bed after not having one for at least a year, one teacher also took me grocery shopping so I could eat. There are people in this world who can help, I pray they cross your path as they did mine, I wouldn't be here today without them.
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2023.06.08 14:18 Pinkroboticunicorn Introduction

Allow me to introduce the main characters to this very story, the Dynamite Punch Girls, a team of truly awesome, and badass superheroes! Who have defended their home Sparksville for many years!
First is the Leader Leo Plasma. Leo is a superhuman with the power of super strength, flight, laser eye vision, and electricity, their main weapon that she likes to use is a heavy, and very powerful hammer, that they can make appear out of nowhere! Age 23.
They were the creation of James Plasma, he created them using sugar, spice, and everything nice to make the perfect child, but he accidentally added 2 ingredients! Chemical XYZ, and his own blood! As he was betrayed by his own brother Albert and was murdered mid-creation. The villain did escape but Leo vowed to find him!
Next is the kind and soft heart of the team Blake XJ, Blake is a powerful robot, with many weapons and tools up their sleeve, she also has a powerful ice breath, and ice sword that had simply become a new addition to her otherwise huge arsenal. Age 23.
She was the very creation of Mod XJ, a brilliant roboticist, who also dabbled in powerful weaponry, especially after she formed the Protector Force, and even intended for Blake to become an officer apart of the Protector Force, but when it became corrupted, she decided to completely leave the Protector Force, and took Blake XJ with her, and of course Blake became her own hero.
Now lastly is the mysterious shadow of the group, the ghostly and very cool Teddy Casper the ghost girl. With ghostlike powers, she can walk through walls, disappear, and fly, and she has special ghostlike blasts, ghostly fire and flames, and of course a ghostly scythe. Age 23.
When she was young, she was incredibly adventurous, and took such curiosity to an old abandoned house, that was said to be haunted, she went in with no fear, and came across the basement which was filled with ghost hunting tools, and weaponry, and the grand prize was a ghost portal to the Phantom Place, however the minute she stepped onto the platform zap! It turned on and immediately transformed her! Next thing she knew she was waking up in the hospital, with ghost powers, and she of course got an earful from her parents.
Of course to mention is... the Accident! The 3 heroes one day got together at the opening of a prestigious science center, only to get splashed by a strange ooze called D-17, it was strong, really strong! And managed to knock them out for 3 days, when they came to they noticed something different, firstly their look was different, from the skin, face, eyes, nose, and hair was changed ever so slightly, and they felt different too, their powers were way more powerful than they were previously, and they had the power to regenerate, and heal quickly from any sort of harm. Which does indeed come in quite handy.
Together they form the Dynamite Punch Girls.
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2023.06.08 14:18 Virtual-Possible-233 It feels like I am an illiterate

I recently started my internship at a consulting firm. It was going well until me and the other interns were spilt into group to work on a case study. I found myself barely speaking. I’m pretty sure the only things i said we’re “that’s true” or “that’s a good point” I honestly felt so out of place especially when the only time where i was speaking was when my mind went blank (this happens to me almost every time) and i couldn’t continue what i was trying to convey and the person next to me said in a way that (I’m honestly not trying to bring myself down here) i wouldn’t have been able to in terms of vocabulary, confidence, right choice of words and so on.
This is only my first week and i believe there’s more of this to come so i really don’t know what to do.
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2023.06.08 14:18 athenaweens Implantation Bleeding or my period?

I want to preface this by saying we JUST started trying this month. My period is consistent in the extent that my cycle is roughly 36-42 days. I've always had longer cycles but again it's ALWAYS been consistent.
I got my last period started May 11th, ended around the 14th/15th. At the time, my app said my ovulation window was between May 24th and I believe June 2nd, my period wasn't foreseen to come until June 16th/17th. I havenever in my life gotten a period early, literally never in my life.
Yesterday, June 7th I started spotting and it was very pink/brown for 90% of the day so I assumed maybe it was implantation bleeding? Like I said, this would have been over a week early for my period and that's never happened that would be an early period even if my cycle was the typical 28 days. I haven't been on BC in over 10 years so nothing has changed about my life other than pre-natals and no longer pulling out.
My bleeding is now heavier and brighter but I do feel like the consistency is thinner than usual. But seems too heavy to be implantation bleeding. Has anyone ever experienced heavy implantation bleeding? Like I said we juuuuuust started so I would be shocked if I got pregnant so quick because I have PCOS and was expecting potential difficulties but am finding the potential early period even stranger.
I guess it doesn't matter because either way, I couldn't test for a few days regardless but was curious if anyone else experienced super early periods or heavy implantation bleeding or a change in their cycle before they got pregnant?
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2023.06.08 14:18 taylalatbh pre op checks

Long story short, I have djs in two weeks and since i have complained about high heart rate and breathlessness (which i’m nearly 100% sure is b12 related as opposed to actual heart problem related) but the pre-op and anaesthetic team appear to be waiting for these results (even though they were requested by a different doctor in a different hospital for my b12 concerns). I had a transthoracic echocardiogram today and i am due a 48 hour ambulatory heart monitor ecg next week which are the results I believe they are waiting for. Do you think this should be any cause for concern and if they might cancel the operation? I’ve been waiting 6 years for this I really can’t afford a delay.
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2023.06.08 14:18 Happy-Fox-9292 Girlfriend cheated.

My girlfriend went out Sunday night and cheated on me.She came to me and told me everything Tuesday morning.She said that it was a dumb mistake and doesn’t know why she did it and told me she would do anything to make it right and she was bawling her eyes out ….kinda the typical stuff..but this honestly felt genuine. I could see she knew she messed up big time.But I still told her we were done and made her leave. We’ve been dating for 2 years and I genuinely do love her and wanted to marry her.I just don’t know what to do.there’s the saying “once a cheater,always a cheater.But I really think she knows what she did.I guess I wanna know if anyone else has gotten back with a significant other after cheating and it worked out.Or some steps I should take to make up my mind if I wanna get back together with her.
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2023.06.08 14:18 LChris24 Favorite Blackfyre "Evidence" (Spoilers Extended)

Favorite Piece of Evidence that Young Griff is a Descendant of House Blackfyre

I have posted before on the True Identity of Young Griff (where I tried to be as impartial as possible in listing most of the major evidence for his possible identities). But in this post, I wanted to focus on the Blackfyre evidence and see what sticks out to other users.
If you are unaware of the theory, it is that Young Griff is not actually Aegon VI Targaryen and is actually an imposter from House Blackfyre (who rebelled 5+ times over the last century and were extinct in the male line).
House Blackfyre descends from Daemon I Blackfyre (aka the King who bore the Sword) who gave us 7 sons before perishing on the Redgrass Field.
Note: I am well aware that some of these can be taken as support for Young Griff being legit as well, but that is not what this post is about.
Illyrio's Quotes
"How did you convince the Golden Company to take up th-e cause of our sweet queen when they have spent so much of their history fighting against the Targaryens?"
Illyrio brushed away the objection as if it were a fly. "Black or red, a dragon is still a dragon. -ADWD, Tyrion II
"Some contracts are writ in ink, and some in blood. I say no more." -ADWD, Tyrion II
Meta Timing
When you look at the timing of when the Blackfyres were added to the story and the amount of foreshadowing GRRM immediately started throwing in:
If interested: A Feast for Crows: The Golden Company/Dance with Dragons II
The Specification of the "Male" Line Ending
We are told twice that the male line died, nothing about the female line:
When Maelys the Monstrous died upon the Stepstones, it was the end of the male line of House Blackfyre." -ADWD, Tyrion II
Daemon Blackfyre's surviving sons fled to Tyrosh, their mother's home, and with them went Bittersteel. The realm would continue to be troubled by the claims of the Blackfyre Pretenders for four more generations, until the last of the descendants of Daemon Blackfyre through the male line was sent to the grave. -TWOIAF, The Targaryen Kings: Daeron II
If interested: Tying up some loose ends in House Blackfyre
The Black Dragon Spotted with Rust
"Is the dragon sign still there?" asked Podrick.
"No, When the smith's son was an old man, a bastard son of the fourth Aegon rose up in rebellion against his trueborn brother and took for his sigil a black dragon. These lands belonged to Lord Darry then, and his lordship was fiercely loyal to the king. The sight of the black iron dragon made him wroth, so he cut down the post, hacked the sign into pieces, and cast them into the river. One of the dragon's heads washed up on the Quiet Isle many years later, though by that time it was red with rust. The innkeep never hung another sign, so men forgot the dragon and took to calling the place the River Inn. -AFFC, Brienne VII
The 6 Cherry Trees at Illyrio's Manse
A somewhat recent find by u/Baelbard is Underrated FAegon hint in which we see at Illyrio's manse:
Beneath his window six cherry trees stood sentinel around a marble pool, their slender branches bare and brown. A naked boy stood on the water, poised to duel with a bravo’s blade in hand. He was lithe and handsome, no older than sixteen, with straight blond hair that brushed his shoulders. So lifelike did he seem that it took the dwarf a long moment to realize he was made of painted marble, though his sword shimmered like true steel. -ADWD, Tyrion I
Which could symbolize the failure of each of the Blackfyre rebellions (5 previous and upcoming), especially when coupled with what u/Mithras_Stoneborn found:
Illyrio smiled as his serving men spooned out bowls of black cherries in sweet cream for them both. -ADWD, Tyrion II
and it may be nothing but it should note that Illyrio does use food grown in his own gardens:
The garlic is from my own gardens.” -ADWD, Tyrion II
Dany's Visions
Dany is shown a false/mummer's dragon in visions in the HotU and Quaithe's warning:
A cloth dragon swayed on poles amidst a cheering crowd. -ACOK, Daenerys IV
"A dead man in the prow of a ship, a blue rose, a banquet of blood . . . what does any of it mean, Khaleesi? A mummer's dragon, you said. What is a mummer's dragon, pray?"
"A cloth dragon on poles," Dany explained. "Mummers use them in their follies, to give the heroes something to fight." -ACOK, Daenerys V
"No. Hear me, Daenerys Targaryen. The glass candles are burning. Soon comes the pale mare, and after her the others. Kraken and dark flame, lion and griffin, the sun's son and the mummer's dragon. Trust none of them. Remember the Undying. Beware the perfumed seneschal."
"Dragons," Moqorro said in the Common Tongue of Westeros. He spoke it very well, with hardly a trace of accent. No doubt that was one reason the high priest Benerro had chosen him to bring the faith of R'hllor to Daenerys Targaryen. "Dragons old and young, true and false, bright and dark. -ADWD, Tyrion VIII
Maybe you are on the fence and are waiting to see if Illyrio does indeed hold Blackfyre (the ancestral sword of House Targaryen) and is planning to arm Young Griff with it.
While Dark Sister's last known location is with Bloodraven at the Wall, Blackfyre (the ancestral sword of House Targaryen that was held by every king from Aegon I to Aegon IV) was last seen with Bittersteel.
From a 2005 reading of Tyrion II:
"Illyrio says he wants to give Young Griff his blessings and has a gift for him in the chests. Haldon tells him there is no time for the litter. Illyrio gets angry and says there are things Griff must know. ... Haldon eyes Tyrion and then begins to speak in another language. Tyrion cannot tell what it is but think it might be Volantene. He catches a few words that come close to High Valyrian. The words he catches are, queen, dragon, and sword."
If interested: Potential "Targaryen" Items Acquired by Illyrio Mopatis
Again, I want to reiterate that while Young Griff = Blackfyre is something I am quite confident in, it is in no way even almost canon (like say R+L=J, etc.) as I can come up with a counterpoint to all of the above and as I linked in the first post, there is plenty of potential evidence to the contrary.
TLDR: A list of some of the potential evidence for Young Griff being a descendant of House Blackfyre. What piece of potential "evidence" above confirms it for you or was it something I missed? Just curious as to what stuck out to users as the moment or quote when you decided that he was likely a Blackfyre.
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2023.06.08 14:18 lockyourtripupdates Enjoy the Snowy Season with Exciting Winter Tour Packages

Kerala Winter Tour Packages give you the chance to make a trip during a busy time. With Kerala winter vacation packages, you can travel to God's own country and explore its breathtaking beauty. After the monsoon, the weather begins to cool and stays at an average temperature of 10 to 25 degrees Celsius, with hills experiencing slightly lower temperatures than usual. By the end of October, the winter season begins, and it lasts until early March. The weather is still pleasant and cool during this time of year, making any of its destinations ideal for vacations. It's a great time to take in the state's breathtaking beauty, go sightseeing, try something new, take a houseboat cruise, go on a wildlife safari, etc. Visit the hill station viewpoints, stroll along the beaches, or simply relax on the backwaters. Many of Kerala's tourist hotspots, including Munnar, Alleppey, Kovalam, Varkala, Kozhikode, and Thekkady, are ideal to visit in the winter.
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2023.06.08 14:18 lafras-h Understanding how to make ‘Cuts’ in a fractional continuous still.

Understanding how to make ‘Cuts’ in a fractional continuous still.
In a pot still, distillation can be characterized as a chaotic and stochastic process. Each individual vapor bubble is formed in the pot amid the bulk of the wash and it exhibits considerable variations in terms of ABV and temperature. When condensed back to a liquid at any given point in the distillation run, there is a diverse array of compounds, where the concentration of each of these compounds changes as a function of time, resulting in the phenomenon of smearing.
So, with a pot still, over time when fractions are collected in small jars there will be a subtle change between jars.
In a reflux still, the chaotic process is somewhat tamed. In the column, each individual vapor bubble is formed from a small pool of pre-distilled wash with less variation(than the pot) which further constrains the variation of the vapor for the next bubble, and with each re-distillation step the fraction is further constrained, resulting in sharper ‘cuts’, resulting in the phenomenon of “compression”.
Heads compression can even further be accentuated by keeping the still in full reflux at startup until it reaches equilibrium, then you can take a very narrow heads cut.
So, with a reflux still, over time when fractions are collected in small jars there will be a much more sudden transition between the heads and hearts, and hearts and tails.
In both instances, it is time that separates out the fractions.
In a continuous still, we cannot rely on time to separate out the fractions. As the wash is fed in continuously so the column remains in equilibrium throughout the run so there is no change over time.
Fortunately, there is an alternative method, when the column is in stable equilibrium, the ABV at every specific height in the column will be constant, and we can drain the liquid distillate from a specific point to get a specific ABV, allowing the higher volatile vapors to rise further.
In a large continuous still, there are valves at every plate that can be opened to take off a wide range of distillate by ABV.
On a small continuous still it is not viable to have multiple valves, so we have only two fixed takeoff points, but we can change the ABV at the takeoffs by controlling the amount of reflux before and after the takeoff points, and slowly over the time process control will track and trim the amount of reflux to reach the target ABV.

Simple Process Control
Having process control to do this means you don’t have to sit and trim the values manually over time, you simply run the recipe for a while, sample and taste the product, and adjust the sliders accordingly. You can run a whole barrel with a consistent output with very little effort.
Heads: If you have a good clean sugar wash you can take a smaller heads cut than you would with whiskey or a much smaller heads cut than you would with brandies. As a hobbyist looking for the best quality, it is best to take off more heads than a commercial operation normally would. A good ballpark is about 10% heads. You should smell a distinct floral smell in your heads.
If you think you have collected too much heads you can let the heads vent in an open jar for a few days to get rid of high volatile(fores) compounds and then add it to your faints jar or back into your wash for re-distillation.
When you collect an appropriate amount of heads you should discard it or use it for some other purpose.
Tails: MyVodkaMaker is very good at compressing tails, and preventing or removing the typical tails flavors, to this extent the amount of tails you want to keep is almost more about the speed vs the cost of electricity and sugar. But if you go very far into tails you will eventually get that tails flavour.
The tails slider center point is similar to typical pot distillation runs that are stopped at 20% ABV take off or about 2% ABV in the pot and gives a good compromise between distillation rate, running cost, and lost alcohol on the built-in recipes.
To remove the least tails (or keep the most alcohol) with the slider all the way left, it is important to do a water calibration step. If you try and remove very little and the calibration is out then the feed may slow to a crawl as the process will try and reach an unattainable temperature, to correct this either just increase the slider by a step(or two) or correct the calibration.
Fusels: The volatility of some fusel oils is highly dependent on the ABV of the solution they are in. In a pot still, they would mostly come out in the heads, and in a reflux still, they will mostly come out in the waste. In a continuous still, they will accumulate in the still at various ABV points depending on the specific fusel oil, over time so much will accumulate that it will bleed out of the hearts spout. MyVodkaMaker periodically flushes the fusel oils down the waste. The fusel slider sets how often this is done. The center point is once every two hours. Pulling the slider all the way left will disable the flushing. If you have a particularly ‘nasty’ wash you may want to slide it over to the right a notch or two.


At the end of the day, it is all about the taste and reproducing the tastes you like, by having process control over the distillation, you can create repeatable custom recipes. If you have found a nice slider combination for running your favorite wash or mash recipe you can use the “Save as” feature to save and name the current running settings so you can keep them for later so you can run it again to produce that same result.
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2023.06.08 14:17 ZealousidealMirror55 Imagine this team next year

Dlo CP3 AR Christie, Hawkins Lebron Vanderbilt, Rui Torrey Craig AD Naz Reid,
Sheeeeeeeeesh Easily wins a chip next year imo


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2023.06.08 14:17 theeverydaykitchen Top 6 Best Twin Mattresses 2023

Editor's Choice: LINENSPA Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress
"Combining memory foam and steel coils this model provides you with adequate support and soft feel at the same time."
Most Versatile: Signature Sleep Hybrid Reversible Twin Mattress
"This model is built to last: even if it sags after years of use, just flip it over and continue to enjoy your restful nights."
Budget Pick: Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress
"While being affordable, this mattress is also hypoallergenic thanks to its green tea extract infused layers."
Best Twin Mattress for Kids: Modway Aveline Gel Infused Memory Foam Twin Mattress
"This six-inch pick made of CertiPUR-US certified gel-infused foam, and polyurethane foam is perfect for practically any toddler regardless of his favorite sleep position."
Best Twin Mattress with Cool Gel Foam: Inofia High Resilience Foam Twin Mattress
"Focused support ensures consistent pressure relief while cool gel foam provides exceptional breathability for this mattress."
Best Twin Mattress for Adults: Best Price Memory Foam Twin Mattress
"Being ten-inch thick this three-layered mattress is suitable for both teenagers and adults."
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2023.06.08 14:17 CRIMSON-RXSES Early 20s, Disabled, Hardly Any Qualifications, Need to start earning a wage or I get the boot from home

Hi, I'm kind of coming here as a last resort because I don't know where else to go with it
I recently went to a careers advisor about my dilemma and was just given a personality test and given the broad answer of 'Maybe look to a career in these areas' (they are areas which you need Uni qualifications for... I cannot even go to Uni even if I wanted to because I only have 2 GCSEs)
I'm disabled with Autism, Fibromyalgia and hEDS meaning full time work no matter the circumstance is out of the question for me... I did also try College when I was 18 for a Level 3, but had to drop out due to how bad my disabilities make it to function (severely distracted and fatigued in class, even with a personal assistant with my EHCP trying to help me). My doctor even advised me to apply for PIP but I was declined and am currently trying to appeal.
I currently only have about £1000 in savings inherited from my grandparents, and am terrified of spending a single penny of it, so it sits in my bank account to rot and not exist because of it. But with the threat of being kicked out of home for not doing anything career-wise, I will have to start spending these I guess. I'm terrified how quickly I will run out of savings before being unable to afford food.

I previously worked in a full-time Cafe last year before having to quit because of my health declining rapidly, and since recovering in the winter I've been looking for any part time job in my area... I live very rurally, can't drive, and there really isn't much for part time jobs around here that I haven't already applied to and have been denied more than twice...
My question is... where do I even go man. How do I make an income and obtain my own money at this point. There's no WFH jobs that basically are not cold calling from what I have seen (or again, for some reason require a bachelors degree, I even talked about this with my GP and she acknowledge how hard it is to find a remote job right now for someone like me). Am I a bit doomed?
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2023.06.08 14:17 CranberryCarney Off to university in little over a year incredible exited but scared

Hi people a bit of context here,
I am 24 and ex army I had to leave back in 2021 due to fracturing my spine and destroying my vertebrae:) once I came out I was pretty lost in the world and got in to civilian engineering (I was a “electronics engineer” in the army) and have been going to collage once a week while working full time to get my qualifications to go to university, I am not the greatest academic person in the world due to my dyslexia but I am extremely good with number and enjoy math, I love everything to do with electrical engineering and I am an electrical maintenance engineer at a theme park currently, this year my military lawsuit will come to a close and I will be able to go to university full time and not worry about money or working, but I am extremely scared I am underestimating how hard this might be, I know I can understand everything but I am worried that like usual I will just struggle to put things in to words, I am a year away please can people recommend somethings I can do in my spare time now to get a head start on my degree anything at all thank you people
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2023.06.08 14:17 Y2k_rishi Having kids as a female and working in the tech industry

So me (29M) and my gf (24F), who happens to be in IT, were discussing our future prospects of settling down, marrying off, having kids and so, saving for all of that a few years down the line. Having kids was her greatest fear as that'd make her leave her job which she loves. The context for that is I have a business so me changing my location is unlikely. But unfortunately, the city my business is in, has nothing to do with IT, at all. So obviously, in such a case, one has to move. But me being a business person, I'm pretty chilled out while she was panicking just thinking about taking a break from her job. We came up with a few ideas:
  1. One idea was that after her maternity leave ends, I can keep the kid and raise him/her as it's my workplace, who possibly can restrict me?! Also, my business is non hazardous. She can visit us on weekends via flight. But then, she started mulling "society will call me as the mom who doesn't care for her own kids and husband" which is not wrong tbh.
  2. Many moms in the industry work but have nannies. So I was like, "should've started with that". But then again, she was like, "society who loves her work too much to keep her husband away from his kid(s)". Yeah, this one sounded a bit unnecessary coz kisi ke paas itna tags lagane ka time nahi but that's just me. We know how society can be at times, so who knows.
  3. She can join me in my business but she fears if she is capable enough of doing that and she's hesitant to agree when I say she can coz I'm in the garments business which can get technical but it ain't rocket science or coding, thank god!
  4. To explain my monkey brain, she said SAP is an ERP (I hope I'm correct) and I realized that I use Tally as an ERP and I have a few shops that use MARG as an ERP. A restaurant that got ERP starting with Z..... Can't recall. So I asked her she could relocate and build a start up ERP company like these companies but she's afraid of not being knowledgeable enough to do so.
So, as someone who has no clue about the industry you guys work in, can you guys explain what exactly is going on? She's a developer in SAP (all I knew until recently is that it's a software company). Can't disclose any more details. She wants to work as she loves it and has her sights set at settling down at the age of 28 to 29 given her recent promotions and other prospects. But that'll put me at around 35 years of age. I will readily compromise on my life goals but I'd love the prospects of not having to if that's possible. But as someone who loves his own work, of course her job comes first for me :)
PS- My first post here so not sure what to expect from you guys, but please keep it civil. Cuss all you want about me, but try to remain civil about her. Nobody would want their loved ones being called out in an uncivilized manner. I used to panic unnecessarily too till I turned 25 so can't blame her at all. Also, this is not an emergency discussion. We have a lot of time until her 5 years mark
Thank you all :)
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2023.06.08 14:17 Main_View_1264 Why I stay in Montana. Someone's gotta teach you. Also I don't have a million dollars cash. Duh.

This is what I feel like as a Montanan these days.
After work, 5 o'clock traffic. Get to the intersection at Oak and 7th. Light turns green, but there is a car in the intersection, so my turning lane can't go. I realize the driver is trying to start their car, I'm 4th back in line. I figure, like a naive, native Montanan, someone will help him in a second.
I wait. Narrow my eyes. Sigh. Cuss. Turn my car off, hit my hazards. Start running up, yell at the guy to come push who has his window down as I pass him. Get to the car, say 'hey man I'll push, put her in neutral' wave to other cars to get your ass over here and push go to the back and put my head and hands down in the universal pushing cars gesture.
The man I hollered at came quick, as did another woman. We pushed the poor man through the intersection and got him parked to the side. It was a damn hot metal car, and I was breathing like a marathoner driving home. Had a rough, sick winter full of ear infections and finally pneumonia not that long ago.
I'm too old for this shit. 4 cars back? Shit there should have been barely a blip by the time I realized what was going on. Peeps should have already been back in their cars after piling out real fast.
THAT is why out of staters rub me wrong some days. I realize people are new, or don't know. I grew up doing these types of things, pushing someone real quick when they're stuck in snow, stopping if someone has a hood up on a back road. But I'm not 20 anymore. Y'all gotta step up before I break something. I'm a whopping 5'2 chubby 39 yr old mama. Get your butts moving out there. If I can do it, surely someone else can. Otherwise.... What... Y'all wait for a tow truck ffs? That seems fun.....
No, I'm not hoping for pats on the head or trophies or thumbs up. It's obviously anonymous, I've done this type of thing many times, hell I've needed help before myself and thank goodness for other Montanans. Also, the 2 people who helped me deserve a lot of praise, if anyone does. I do this stuff. Who knows if they do, or if they were new and just stepped up? Give them the pats, they did a good job.
I was completely insulted when I pushed a CA plated car this winter. It took a long time, because I had to keep stopping and saying things like, stop turning your tires until you're on the road. Put it in 2nd gear with your gearshift. Did you try to reverse? How did you get completely sideways? I wasn't insulted because CA plates, obviously new to snow driving, passenger tires, etc. I was insulted because he kept trying to give me money. Um, no. Literally go help someone else in a jam real quick. Why did you move here, because nice Montanans if you don't actually want to do those things?
This is the way.
Obviously I grumble. Yet obviously I still help. Yes I'm still jaded from the past 3 years of absolute stress level 10 around here. I haven't mastered the Midwestern style of just talking your ear off and inviting you to church instead of posting on Reddit. Gonna have to deal with it, ain't ya? I'll be sure to wear camo, be strapped, cuss like a sailer with my chaw in my mouth, talk absolutely fucking redneck, (usually about the weather, fishing, hunting, if we are fast friends, maybe I'll tell you about a local gem to add to your treasure box of Montana secrets) and hopefully I pass by you if you have trouble instead of some schmuck who will leave you in the middle of nowhere. Yeah, you came from somewhere you don't do that. Well, you're here now. You outnumber me at this point. You want to keep Montana alive for the reasons you are here? Better step up.
Obviously be smart and safe. Cuz peeps have moved here and started ruining it. 🤨
TL;DR actively help your neighbors where you can, if you visit, live, moved here, because the nice little Montana folk
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2023.06.08 14:16 Gw3n__ Have you Ever Been Called Naive When you Told Someone About What you and your TF have?

I've just told a friend that I seemed to connect with and understand in alot of things but still she didn't understand my tf situation. I didn't tell her it's a tf connection, I just told her what I feel and what I did. What he did. And she was like, how old are you? How are you naive enough to think in such way?
I told her how after he rejected me by six months, I went to him and told him you can count on me whenever you need to, that I'm always here even if ten years pass by. People don't understand this, they think l it's bull****, they don't know how deep the connection is because they can never relate and its irritating, her looking at me telling me how she's so sad for me because I'm in love with someone that doesn't love me enough. She doesn't KNOW, that I can feel it. Why can I feel it? I hate this feeling, the feeling of knowing that he loves me too, even when he doesn't say it. Life would've been easier if I didn't have it. I could relate more to people. Be more like them BUT NOOO I HAD to meet a dude that I think is 90% my tf😭.
I just wanted to share this with you because I was so annoyed by her.
And what's up with people mentioning him in conversations whil I'm talking to them even tho there was no need for it. It's like people remember him when they talk to me😭. It happened three times with me up until now, people start including him in conversations I have with them even tho I never mention him or talk about him. I go to function and I'm glad that YES IM HAVUNG FUN AND I DONT REMEMBER HIM, then someone brings him up eventho he's totally irrelevant to the function or to anything around us and yesterday a girl sent me a video of him our of nowhere and I was crushed😕
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