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Ant Logic is a subreddit dedicated to forming collaborative groups where people can come together to achieve interesting things with limited resources under their own power, like an army of ants.

2023.03.26 10:16 Bad_optics2024 These two newbies are trying to talk sense into daniel 💀

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2023.03.26 10:16 DaddyDubs09 Welcome to Jacks Flora Emporium.

I'm so glad you've decided to take me up on my offer. I know it was a difficult decision to just pick up and move into our small town, but I promise you it'll be worth it. Hell, you probably only came for the pay, but I'm sure you'll come to enjoy it around here in no time. Now before we just hop right into it, I have to go over the rules one more time.
You know why we pay our employees so much, the inherent risk of our profession is not something to underestimate. You'll be tending to the plants on the main floor only, you just stick to these rules and you'll be good as gold.
Jacks Special Rules for The Flora Emporium.
1: Before you open in the morning, check the doors and windows thoroughly. If any of them have sap leaking from the edges, take note of the color, that'll let you know what to do.
1-A: If the sap is light brown with a sickly sweet scent, spray down the cracks of the window or door it's leaking from with cold water from the hose outside. That'll get the little bugger behind it to back off so you can open it up. From there just coax the tendrils back into his cage, he's a big pushover and wouldn't hurt a fly unless it hurt him first. Be firm but not aggressive. Otherwise you'll find yourself ensnared til I come in at noon.
1-B: If the sap is dark brown with a bitter scent, do not enter the store. Call me immediately and I'll be there shortly to deal with it, in the meantime head over to the bakery across the street and get yourself some breakfast. It should be noted that if you attempt to enter the store before I arrive, you'll be devoured whole and let me tell you. I doubt being digested alive is a fun experience.
2: Once you've unlocked the shop, enter through the front door and ONLY the front door. Go into the staff room and get your equipment for the day. You'll need both the blue and green spray bottles, and the whole pork shoulder that I set out the night before to thaw. You'll see why later.
3: While you're in the staff room, you'll meet your coworkers. There's Jim and Frank, they tend to the plants in the basement. Don't be put off by their appearance, whilst they're not human, they're pretty cool guys. As long as you don't disrespect them, they'll be very helpful. Then there's Donna. I suggest you refrain from interacting with her, and for the love of God don't stare. She's touchy at the best of times. She tends to the most dangerous plants located upstairs, just ignore her and she'll ignore you.
3-A: In case for some reason you do manage to piss off Donna, do not let her get a hold of you. Run, Hide, do whatever you can to escape and call me immediately. I can usually calm her down and reason with her. If you get caught, there's nothing I can do. Just pray she gives you to something upstairs that'll kill you quick. Don't worry, your next of kin will be properly notified.
4: Before you mist the plantlife with the blue spray, you must always spray yourself down with the green spray bottle. This is to mask your scent from some of the more carnivorous species. As long as you mist yourself beforehand, you'll be perfectly safe, just please don't forget or God forbid spray yourself with the blue spray. I'll be cleaning bits of you out of the soil for months.
5: There's a large vivarium on the back wall of the main floor. This houses Matilda. She's a very large, very testy carnivorous species. That whole pork shoulder is her breakfast. Do not under any circumstances open the door without me present. There's a feeding slot on the bottom of the door, simply open it and throw the pork through. Remember to keep your distance, she sensed your presence the moment you entered the store. If for any reason the door is open, exit the store slowly and carefully and notify both myself and the staff. We will handle it. Needless to say the store will be closed for the remainder of the day.
6: Ignore any noises coming from upstairs be they shrieks, cries for help, children laughing or crying or even if it sounds like me. They're trying to lure you up. Only Donna and Myself are permitted upstairs. Neither of us will ever ask you to go up there for any reason.
7: If you do go upstairs, your fate is now in your own hands. We only keep these species because of their powerful properties when harvested correctly. They are amongst the most dangerous living beings on this planet. They are as cruel as they are cunning and almost none of them will kill you quickly.
8: Please wear earplugs when going through the garden area. The flowers like to whisper horrible things to you. They somehow always know every deep, dark secret you have and will attack your every flaw with brutal precision. My last employee threw himself into Matildas vivarium screaming about someone named Beth because of this.
9: You may go down into the basement with Jim and Frank however you must do exactly as they tell you at all times. If they say jump, don't even ask how high. Just pray you jump fast enough. The basement is home to our fungus collection, and given the right conditions these fungi can be every bit as dangerous as any carnivorous plant.
10: If a man in a dark coat and hat enters the store, do not make eye contact. Simply point him towards the upstairs staircase. Once he heads up, immediately vacate the store and lock the front door behind you. Donna will deal with him, and if you value your sanity you will be far away when she does.
That should be everything! I can't wait to have you on our team, if you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to reach out to me. Thank you so much for your time.
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2023.03.26 09:42 _Eduardo_16 Drug Monkeys

I'm not sure whether I should flair this post as Original Story or Crossposted Story since I have one posted in the HFY subreddit, please let me know if I've broken any rules or have spelling mistakes in the post, thank you!

By the way, this is a oneshot, if you want more, I will link a Prologue at the bottom of the post, this oneshot is essentially the building blocks of what made Drug Monkeys a universe, so I was satisfied with how I've come up with this one.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading this! If you have any thoughts, ideas, or comments to share please do post so!


Drug Monkeys


In this cruel galaxy, things like narcotics and drugs are only a temporary bliss that most species would want to pour millions of credits over, to ignore their sad reality, and to indulge in the moment of delicious fantasy and dreams, it was a glaring issue that the federation has ever faced since its foundation, depression, suicide, hatred, all sorts of negative emotions, save for only a few pacifist-minded species, existed in every species they've known.

It was a biological fact, that every single race had a negative emotion attached to their sentience, no matter who you are or where you are from, you're bonded to experience something negative at one point, constantly experiencing this phenomenon made people's mental health to degrade, such as the case of the galaxy's ongoing narcotics trade.

Thanks to ever-changing drugs and the recent wars and conflicts rampaging throughout between the Federation and other collective governments in the galaxy, drugs like Opilains or Gujrnaid were made, these drugs give users a blissful experience from time to time, to make it seem like the world isn't that bad, or that their exploited lives are enough as it is when there is much improvement left to be accomplished or to feel like they're an absolute god in their heads, to be the top of the world and rule over everyone, that was what these drugs are like, to combat the effects of mental degradation, according to everyone's experiences in the net.

These drugs became addictive for certain species, typically the ones that are easily emotionally distressed or have violent tendencies or traumatic experiences in the past, they were labeled as 'addicts' by the wider community, since their lives depended on the drug as if it were their only lifeline, to bring them to new heights in their world.

Sadly and unfortunately, these drugs weren't easy to make, they're made from many species' bodily fluids that bring everlasting pleasure to the mind, mainly the Kruglèrs, Epiiieeexxx, and the Organtæs, these three species were so heavily exploited by drug slavers that the federation classifies them as "narcotic-species", a species that has fluids strong enough to bring a person to a trance-like state as if drugged.

The three species remained in the top three places in the narcotics illegal trades board in the black market, or NIT for short, they were sold like slaves, sucked off of their bodily fluids, and forced to either do physical labor or be thrown away like a dry husk in the streets without a care for their well-being, this was also common for other narcotic-species below those top three places in the NIT, nobody even protested since the fluids are much more worth than their lives, plus their addiction to the substance didn't help their situation either.

The black market dealers were booming in this golden age of the narcotics trade, spreading their influence and products to outer regions of the galaxy and intentionally letting innocent species be addicted to their products, making their business more profitable, exploiting the innocence of other species before them and repeating the process like an endless loop, and the worst of it all is that the federation couldn't do anything about it if they've banned these drugs, the people will riot into the streets and cause a major uproar, losing credibility and trust from its citizens.

At this point, it was useless to try to block the flow of drugs made from other species which the federation considered taboo, the only thing they could do is to try to regulate the flow of drugs and bust those who tried to trade it discreetly, one by one.

So while the NIT was rampant between Federal Galactic unions, a new species introduced itself to the wider galaxy, Humanity, they called themselves, a furless mammalian bipedal race, everyone shared their greetings with the race and returned to whatever they were doing from before.

At first, the Humans were nothing of interest, with average strength, weight, and height, relatively good stamina and endurance, and great smarts and wisdom, and that's essentially it, the only glaring quality about them is that their stamina was above average than most species, not something common to see, but was certainly eye-catching.

But that's what made them unique.

Fast-forward a few months later after breaking through the great filter from their system's homeworld, the Humans were entirely seen in suits made to protect themselves whenever traveling through the galaxy, they were never seen without wearing those suits, although their physical form was already well-known, nobody faced them in person before.

So someday in a gardenworld's dormitory, when a Kerkithil, a race of feline descent, saw her human roommate counterpart, in nothing but a few fabrics of clothing covering his lower half, she smelt the intoxicating scent of his sweat, streaking down his well-toned abs after working out in his room, she was immediately affected by the human's sweat, making her body tense up and her eyes drowsy, feeling her mind clouded with pleasure, of course, the human called in the dormitory's security guard for help, they passed out, the same goes for local authorities, and it all went downhill from there.

From his scent alone, he made an entire district unable to function properly due to his intoxicating smell, people who experienced the accident recalled the feeling of being in pure bliss and pleasure before passing out on the spot, save for a few tough species at the time.

This incident made it into galactic-wide news, catching the eyes of the many Federations in the galaxy and drug traders, and soon came to the inevitable realization that Humanity was another narcotic-species, a unique and rare one at that, many narcotic traders jumped into action, with buyers breathing down their neck to kidnap a human for personal use after discovering the drug was their sweat, many federations from each branch of the galaxy started to hastily write up laws for the safety of the humans and prepped many drug-busting operations, as they know for a fact that the opposition has started making their move, it will be a harsh conflict with Humanity squeezed in the middle, their fate lies in the hands of these two sides.

And as for the human from earlier responsible for the accident not too long ago, who turned out to be a transfer student, was warned countless times about not wearing his suit near other species. He now knows the reason why, with a large target on his back and Earth's government attempting to evacuate him and other humans from the garden world to safety, it was too late, he was kidnapped and off to a fortified colony on a seemingly deserted planet hundreds of kilometers away from any known civilization nearby.

When he came to, he and others were contained in large tight-sealed glass coffins with a respirator connected to their face to keep them alive, they were also naked, with nothing but latex shorts for clothing, vertically lined up, he heard muffled voices coming from outside, and through the steamy and blurry glass he could make out a feline-like humanoid, 'a Kerkitril?' He thought, 'Did they kidnap me?' He was unsure of the others beside him, but he knows for a fact that he was being sold to someone else as a property they could use, in whatever way they want.

Thankfully, his translator installed in the entrance of his ears began to function, and the strange language he heard in the room warbled into something tangible he could understand, the speakers sparking to life.

"[Translating language]—ou sure this is the same human I saw on that incident a while ago? I don't want to waste another five mil creds on some skinny chump on the internet." A feminine voice said in the room, talking to someone big and bulky, as the translator picked up his words too, although under a rougher tone of voice.

"Yes, it's the guy. You can look at him yourself, see if he's the real deal to ya." The bulky figure said as the human began to panic once he sees the Kerkitril approach his coffin glass, squirming in his tight restraints as he saw her press something on the side, bringing up window wipers on the side of the coffin, which was unexpected.

He was finally able to see who the feminine voice is, as he suspected, she was a Kerkitril, resembling a feline back on Earth if it weren't for the bipedal digitigrade legs she possesses, she had green-oranged stripes streaked across her red fur, she looked like your run-of-the-mill bandit leader, a black bandana lies on her furry neck with an emblem of a skull of her race, her clothes were nothing short of dirty and ragged yet covered in armor and pads designed for her light body, she had checked all the marks of being a space pirate, a rich one at that, seeing as how the room he's in is full of credits, the creds taking in the form of different shapes, from triangles, squares, pentagon, up until decagon.

"A-Ah, I didn't think he'd be this tall in person." The Kerkitril remarked, ghasted by his gigantic appearance, as well as the muscles and the sweat that he kept coalescing thanks to the constant warm heat in the coffin.

"Same goes for me, took me a while to carry this seven-foot bastard, is he a unique human or something?" He realized the voice belonged to a bull-like anthro, almost the same height as him.

"Hmmm... Do you mind me tasting the package?" The Kerkitril said, eyeing the bull as he nodded for confirmation, "Go ahead, but you'll have to buy the second whiff if you are to go yet again." She glared at him before turning her attention to the human who was wide awake during the whole conversation, his brown eyes staring into her yellow-slitted ones, he felt the heat in the coffin die down, and a small hole seemingly appeared in the transparent confines.

"Mmm..." She took a good long sniff of the human's sweat, then it struck her, her mind begins to wander, and the familiar feeling of bliss and ecstasy coursing through her head, her feline body shivering in pleasure, she felt herself be carried by the Kerkitril's guardians to the doorstep of the equivalent of heaven in her world, before she could get any deeper into this feeling however, the bull from earlier forcibly closed the hole in the glass via a press of a button, abruptly interrupting her blissful moment.

"Wuh... Oh." Her voice sounded disappointed and depressed now that she's snapped back to reality, the bull leaned on the fragile glass coffin, slightly nudging the human inside as he tries his best to not hyperventilate.

"Welp, five million creds, right? Here, take it, here, your damn money, now let me have this human in my roster." The Kerkatril stated, giving the bull five hexagonal-shaped coins as his eye scanner displayed a digital holographic number for him, "Hmm, five million creds... Seeing as how you're eager to get the guy yourself, I'm not gonna hold you off any longer." The bull pulls out a slim card, inserting it into the coffin's left control panel which had a slot for the card, three red dots lit green after the first few seconds, revealing a red button hidden in the coffin's compartment.

"You might wanna get your mask on, I ain't kidding you from earlier, this thing reeks of drugs." The bull said, wearing his ergonomically made gasmask designed for his species, the Kerkitril does the same, after seeing she was masked, he lightly presses the red button, and a beep could be heard, then the glass panel seemingly vanished into thin air, the metal restraints on the human's limbs unclamped by themselves one by one, dropping the weak yet still awake human on the hard floor of the room he's in, after further examining where he was, he finds himself in an office decorated in pirate stuff, like plasma guns hanging on the wall at the right, a fan above him turned out to be blades, the window on his left is broken yet covered in electrified iron railings to protect from intruders, beside the window is a gun locker full to the brim with plasma-driven weapons and improvised melees, at the middle of the room's walls was a large skull of a predator he didn't know, riddled with holes and rusty arrows, the cracked fangs protruding from its jaws scared him.

While surveying his surroundings, he failed to realize an opened choker was aiming for his neck, he felt goosebumps when the cold metallic choker clamped around his neck, hearing and feeling the swift movements of multiple locks being put into place filled him with dread, the finalizing touch was when a padlock was attached to a hole in his choker for extra measure, "That seems a little too overkill, doncha think?" The Kerkitril smirked at the bull with her question, referring to the padlock that he placed on the human to be humorous despite the choker itself having so many locks in place.

"Hush, our meeting ends here, you received the package, I got the payment. I'll look forward to your next purchase, Miss Suritka." The bull phrased his usual go-to leave as he grabbed a large chain connected to the coffins of the other humans, leaving through the reinforced double doors of her office, with a slide and a hiss sealed the human's fate, while the human slightly relieved that the big man in the room is gone, he had another person to worry about, the Kerkitril from earlier stared at him maliciously, still keeping that mask of hers on her face, inching closer and closer to his with a raging yearn for something in her eyes.

"Hello, Human." She said the last part with an awfully conspicuous tone near his whitish face as he diverted his gaze from her, "What's your name?" She said slowly and intimidatingly, lifting his chin to look into her eyes yet again, patiently waiting for an answer.

"U-Uhm... Jim."




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2023.03.26 09:39 sluggishbanana So, I beat Star Ocean 3/Till the end of time.

No amount of, or combination of words, could possibly get across even half of the insanity present in this game. Nothing could even remotely match the experience of bearing witness to the scale of events in this game, even more so beholding the utterly absurd gameplay balance or lack thereof. On all accounts, this is a video game that wants you to suffer before you get a moment of relief, and stumble around in the darkness for hours before you get some sort of light that makes things legible to you. It's a playable form of untangling hundreds of cables behind a TV stand, if all the cables were covered in barbed wire coated in lemon juice. If you've ever tried to untangle multiple sets of composite cables from one another, you've essentially played Star Ocean 3.
And you know what? I think I absolutely loved it for exactly those reasons.
I'm going to spoil it rotten in this post, so please, be cautious.
I need to address the elephant first. Yes, I thought the plot twist was... an interesting direction to go in. I'll be approaching this entirely from the lens of this game alone, and not the franchise as a whole. I can't make much of an argument in the way of defending how it affects the other games. Execution wise, it was quite poor. I believe there was missed potential in utilizing the concept of an entire universe being contained within a digital space, beyond having it be threatened to be deleted or having crazy ass creatures suddenly start roaming around. I thought the executioners and convictors were all really well designed, especially the former, but again, there was a lot of missed potential. I feel their introduction was WAY too close to their true origin being revealed. It was built up pretty interestingly, especially having people in the Sphere refer to them as gods. But, ultimately, they don't make proper use of this entire concept until the exact very end, where the characters seem to suddenly care about the fact they're all just digital programs. There seriously wasn't enough recognition from the main cast after being told they're all just artificial. It's like they care for one second, the entirety of disc 2 goes by, and then they care again at the end. There's hardly any emotional distraught, second guessing, or basically anything natural of what you'd expect from someone who just found out about something like that. I hate to say it, but it makes what could otherwise be a really interesting dilemma paired with good characters seem extremely paper-thin. But, in all honesty, it's not like I came to this game to be wowed by a super philosophical look into existence or get pulled into some real Xenogears tier shit. I just wanted a dumb game to enjoy at a surface level, and you know what? It did exactly that very well. The main plot outside of all this, despite being pretty generic up until the twist, was strung along well enough. I was compelled enough to make it through the gameplay, but ultimately, I'm not left wanting to sing it's praises beyond saying yeah, it's alright. Cliff is my man, though. Nothing will erase that.
How is that gameplay, though? Well, to put it bluntly, I have never played a game that so outwardly hates the player in my life, and yet, it seems to beg you to break it. Let's get it straight. I highly, highly doubt most people beat this game without spending significant time guiding themselves into making the best possible weapons they could've got. Personally? I broke it out of spite. The gameplay was really not clicking with me for the first few hours despite how much I enjoyed the atmosphere and pacing, so I said screw it. I got myself a million regeneration symbols in the aqueducts, farmed the black knights when I could, spammed the HELL out of blazing sword, and got the holy sword + gatling gauntlets ASAP. Before all this, though? Oh, it was a horror show. Imagine a game where sometimes, the AI is genuinely better off standing still and doing nothing. You think I'm joking, but no, I'm dead serious. Standing still is how you block light attacks in this game. The AI will not, and most likely can not, keep themselves alive. Even with gear from the depths of heaven, and levels out the wazoo, a normal encounter could see any of my AI party members dead or soon to be. There's two reasons for this. One, the lesser, is that running out of MP kills you. This is good for you if you want to kill some bosses in literally two hits, but terrible for you in every other possible way. Two, the greater, ENEMIES HURT. It does not matter how hard you try to break the game, it does not matter how hard you grind, enemies will absolutely hurt you. One on one, most can be dealt with easily. But in any more than one on one, you will find that this game loves to see you stagger in place. The AI does not compute with this. In a game where your best strategy is to be as aggressive as possible, your best bet is to stunlock the enemy before they stunlock you, and the AI simply does not understand this. At their worst, they prioritize spamming attacks until their fury is gone, and then just sit there right in front of the enemy until it regenerates. In the case of magic users, they have no situational awareness. They will cast magic that heals enemies due to elemental affinities and never learn from this. Your only shot is to manually disable their casting of that spell BEFORE the fight. Oh, and did I mention the micromanagement you have to do? Healing is not at all viable to be left in the hands of the AI, due to a bad combination of both their own poor actions and the often incredibly rough casting times (which is different per character and actually makes Albel the best healer, if I remember correctly). If you want to heal as actively as the AI can in other games, your best bet is to manually switch to the healer and do it yourself in a dire situation, assuming they aren't already in a lengthy cast animation. Which, again, sadly leads back into the strategy of literally just letting them sit there and do nothing as a safety precaution. This is all rendered a moot point if you're killing enemies fast enough to not even take any damage, but to get there, you kinda have to... Y'know, break the game first. Which requires playing the game. At a base level, the buttons are often unresponsive and chaining can sometimes be a pain, but you eventually get used to it. There are unintended combos of normal attacks that the game doesn't inform you about, like Fayt being able to do two long-range heavy attacks, which leaves the enemy airborne, only to follow up with a standard light attack, which will be rendered as an anti-air and naturally flow into a third hit. The AI literally cannot do this. The intricacies of each character and their attack style having player-only gimmicks makes each one worth controlling for yourself at least a little bit, so I'll give them that. Although, there's another big issue, and that's attacks simply missing enemies a lot of the time. Oh man, nothing caused me more strife in learning this game than handling the fact your attacks will often just, not hit. Not because of a fickle hit chance, but the hitboxes being weird and the attacks not properly adjusting their angle once they start, making the startup time once you get close enough often put you in a situation where you're guaranteed to miss. On low or flying enemies... Just imagine it. I'll save myself the pain of remembering. As for battle skills, it's a lot like what I expected out of Star Ocean as I know it from my limited experience. Some are bad, but some are good, and the ones that are good, ABUSE THEM. Fayt will learn a skill early on called side kick. Set this to your light and heavy close-range slots. Cancel it into itself repeatedly. The abundance of I-frames will render you a force even the stat-checking enemies in this game will shudder at the thought of. Even better, Cliff learns hammer of might. Spam this even harder than side kick. You will win. But, because of this, I often found myself using only the skills that were good, and not even bothering trying to make the lesser ones work. The only time I ever genuinely changed my strategy of side kick into side kick was when I got dimension door, upon which I set it to my long range attack and used it as a chance to... get close and spam side kick. You see the problem, right? Characters like Adray also simply have no good battle skills that deal damage without exposing them to an easy stagger. There's a clear line between good and unusable in this game, and that's just sad.
As for the raw balance itself, imagine this. I spent several hours gearing up to break this game from hour 10. As soon as I could, I got the proper inventors needed to create orichalcum, the item that breaks the game wide open. In short, proper usage of this item allows any weapon to receive 8 copies of an attribute that raises its attack by 500. For comparison, the best weapon you can buy from a shop in this game has no more than 900 flat damage. Cliff, by the end, was close to 5000 total damage in his status screen, and my team of Cliff, Fayt, and Adray went into the final boss all with similar enough stats. My defense values were closer to 400-500, as armor is much harder to break. Cliff was level 70, Fayt was 69, Adray somewhere in the 64-68 range. So, how did it go?
The final dungeon's enemies were draining Adray's MP significantly due to their health pools, Cliff died about 5 times total going up to the final boss, and Fayt was the only one who didn't die once on account of being who I was controlling. Each encounter was 30 seconds minimum, which you probably wouldn't expect from a party full of weapons with absurdly overblown damage. Oh, that must be a fluke, surely. How did the final boss go?
He party wiped me with one attack after a 10 minute attempt.
There it is. The epitome of this game's balance. No matter how high you get, no matter how stupid you become, if you don't DEDICATE yourself to the grind, you will be squashed. It was after getting wiped that I learned the final boss, in his second phase, is level 120. There is no level scaling in this game, but it should go without saying that a level 120 boss versus a level 70 character is a significant power difference. And this was with my, in total, 10-15 hours of grinding across my 35 hour play time. Most of that was spent turbo'ing encounters that dropped unusually high XP and the eventual grind to perfect my weapons. And still, it was just barely enough. It was a damn fun experience to break the game wide open from hour 10 to 30, but once I reached that cutoff point around the revisit to the shrine of kaddan, I realized just how genuinely screwed up this game's balance really is. I'm making an effort to avoid my issues with the late game dungeon design, as I had the power of savestates with me so my input would be lessened in value, but it only furthered my belief that this game was made as an experiment in frustration for players. Do you like one way doors? Tri-Ace hopes you like one way doors. After a certain while, you literally see the same four enemies copied and pasted repeatedly in the final few dungeons, and they're all boring as hell once you fight them for the 10th time. Even more so when you're sometimes forced into encountering them due to the tight corridor design or literally teleporting into them with no chance to get away. If you're looking for an exercise in your patience, by all means, try out this game's endgame.
So, I'm cutting out A LOT of this game and focusing only on what really sets it apart. So far, it may sound like this game is an offense to god and that I believe it should be burned and thrown into a landfill. But... No. I don't. I actually find myself really, really wanting to play it again in the future. Not for any feigned sense of enjoyment, but out of the genuine enjoyment I had in actually achieving what I did. The game spited me, and so, I bit back. In doing so, I was treated to a surprisingly interesting experience that truly tested me and forced me to git gud at the end, in spite of all my hard work. Like the final attempt of a master attempting to outdo his student, only for the student, despite all the hardship, to finally manage to outdo his master in the end. Yes, it's a painful experience not many would sign up for. But god damn does it feel liberating. You have to run off spite and motivation to see the game through, otherwise you probably won't make it. None of this makes the game good suddenly, oh, far from it. I'm not gonna be telling any of my friends to try out this "underrated masterpiece". But what it did do, is make me understand it a little bit more.
Let's say that something like Persona 5 is the base line of the scale of "casual to hardcore" JRPGs. Anyone can pick it up, even non-fans of the genre, and get through it just fine. A 1 out of 10 in terms of hardcore nature. Let's go on to say that something like SMT: Nocturne is where I'd place the middle of the post. Yes, this game is hard as nails, and it will test veterans and newbies alike, but ultimately anyone can still pick it up, understand it, and conquer it without giving up, be it a painful journey or a swift one. And, in the process, players will be made much more used to the high difficulty nature of the game, which will help out significantly if they were to try out similarly challenging or harder games. 5 out of 10 on the scale. Star Ocean 3, finally, is where I'd place the very end of the hardcore scale at. It is not placed there of raw difficulty, but rather, entirely in how the game is executed. This is not a game anyone can casually pick up without issues, newbie or veteran of the genre. You will understand some concepts, but fail to grasp others without dedicated research into this particular game. The game wants you to LEARN it, make a game plan on how to approach it, and THEN play it. Then, once you've finally gotten a proper handle on it, it'll yank you around from corner to corner without stopping for a second. Whether you fall off and get back on, or fall off and call it quits, depends entirely on if you're motivated to work with the game. You really do have to want to improve if you're going to actually improve. Is that even worth it? That depends on your opinions. Not everyone enjoys having to work entirely off of spite to finish a game. So, uh, to keep it short, 10 out of 10 on the scale.
To summarize my incredibly long and bloated spiel on this weird game: Did I enjoy my time with it? Very much. Would I play it again? Totally. Do I want to recommend it to other people? No. I respect this game, but I do not think it is misunderstood or overhated. People are well within their right to call it bad and not worth playing. But, in spite of it all, I can't help but be fascinated with how this game turned out. If my ramblings on that spurs someone else to try it out of curiosity and have a good time, I'd be happy, but I wouldn't use it as an excuse to try and paint it as misunderstood. I don't think we'll ever see a game like this again, where the end product is so perplexingly torn apart, that people like me end up making walls of text like this trying to say I enjoyed it despite how objectively bad it is. Hell, I won't make fun of people who praise every part of it for a second. Everyone likes different things, and anyone can love anything. But I never expected myself to love something I hate so much like this.
As a final note, this game contains easily some of the best works Motoi Sakuraba has ever produced for a soundtrack. I love this guy's work so much, and the fact I had never heard more of this game's soundtrack shocked me. It was the highlight of the whole thing for me, where everything else faltered at times, the soundtrack literally never let up. Even that weird disc 2 boss theme with the sampled rap lyrics? Yeah, I dig it hard. I cannot believe this was done months before his work on Tales of Symphonia, what I had previously held as my favorite of his work prior. It's like the guy switches his brain into different modes for different franchises. What a legend, honestly. That's finally all I have to say on this game, a few hours after beating it. I enjoyed spilling my thoughts about it on here, even if it'll cause me to be branded a heretic for one reason or another. I'd love to discuss it some more with others, be it positively or negatively.

Glory to Airyglehh, by the way.
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2023.03.26 08:59 throwaway0873626 [Grade 10 Science: Carbon Sequestration] I’ve already done my exam for this term, but I couldn’t answer the questions related to this section. This is my practice exam that I took home. Are there any resources to better understand? We didn’t actually get taught about this in class.

[Grade 10 Science: Carbon Sequestration] I’ve already done my exam for this term, but I couldn’t answer the questions related to this section. This is my practice exam that I took home. Are there any resources to better understand? We didn’t actually get taught about this in class. submitted by throwaway0873626 to HomeworkHelp [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 08:30 Ok_Bumblebee619 No orders for me (L.A.). :(

I am in L.A. temporarily for reasons. Currently in the valley, Ventura Blvd. I have only seen a couple of offers in about an hour on Sat night. One little no-tip order and one $12 for 9 miles. I drove up from San Diego 3-5 a.m. Around 5-7 a.m. Sat and Sundsy morning are usually among the worst times for me (Fri and Sat night may be okay up to around 5 a.m., that's the last of the late night). But I think I only saw 2 no-tip offers in the entire 2-hour period. That was around Sherman Oaks.
My map shows boost zones in San Diego (well just the 1.1x downtown). Those don't really matter...I'm just wondering is there a chance the app doesn't like me in L.A. because it knows I'm not from here?
Eh. It's probably my tendency towards conspiratorial thinking when things don't go my way. When I was new many drivers spoke of a kind of line where the app tries to distribute offers to drivers somewhat evenly based on who's been waiting the longest.
I believed that initially but haven't for quite some time. I've seen too many situations where it seemed like the closest driver got the offer first even if the distance was minimal. Also when it's really slow I get almost no offers when on the freeway and it seems like the only way I can get an offer from a restaurant is by being in the parking lot or drivin' by it.
That's what has made me think proximity reigns supreme.
Leaving aside any advantage that comes with getting to know the area...have any of you felt that when you went to a new market you got few offers until you sort of established yourself?
This is what my map looks like. I have turned my app on before when here around W. Hollywood and Santa Monica and I saw the same thing, a big gap with the busy restaurant icons mostly littered throughout south L.A. (I am using this broadly to mean south of downtown but still in L.A. city since I don't know the individual areas).
I was planning on saving that part of town until I get to know the city a little better. I would rather not have to use my AK, if I can help it (j/k).
I thought Koreatown sounds like it might be good. Purportedly on the safer side and people say it's a great area to eat but I guess the parking is really tight which brings me to another question...
Do you consistently make every effort to get orders to the customer's individual domicile unit or ask them to come outside sometimes? In San Diego I keep my wits about me getting in and out of the car but generally feel pretty safe runnin' 'round at night.
Never double park in divided lanes because I notice the police don't like that (even if there are 3 lanes going each way and zero traffic at 3 a.m.). So I go around the corner to a side street and double park next to a car that is up against a driveway so no one is blocked in. Driving around here this doesn't always seem possible though...
Also there are many green and white signs that say I can't park my car without a sticker (, or I can only park for 2 hours without a sticker, or I cannot park from 2-6 a.m.without a sticker.
I guess that's fair in a way, Angelenos first. But I still need to park my car. Do you have to prove you live in an area to get a sticker or can you just buy one? Is there like a grey market for stickers?
I will be here a couple of days, every couple of weeks, for a couple of months. Gotta work while here because these bills aren't gonna pay themselves...TY in advance for sny info you may be able to share. :)
[P.S. i've taken 3 decent offers since I began my post but most offers only around $1-$1.50 a mile. Many in the $4 to $6 range. Still feels more like a Wednesday night to me. Maybe the orders are elsewhere in the city?]
Thank you muchly! :)
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2023.03.26 07:24 Ok-Refrigerator-420 Am I being selfish in our relationship?

I know this is a subreddit for marriage, but I generally see great relationship advice on here. Plus! My partner(22M) and I(20F) are talking about engagement currently!
Anyway, my boyfriend works 60 hours a week. He had to move away for this job, he’s 2 hours away now. We hardly see each other.
In the past there have been times where he would let injuries get so bad that he was forced to go to urgent care, when going to the regular doctor a week or two before would have prevented such a hassle. This has led to a lot of frustration. It puts him through more pain, the wait in the office is longer, it costs more money, and sometimes it just feels like he doesn’t want to try the advice I have. I don’t ever want to make him feel like he has to do what I think is best. But in cases like these, I genuinely believe that I have the more rational intentions.
Recently, we finally had a weekend together. For weeks prior he had been complaining about tooth pain and i had been casually suggesting that he get an appointment with the dentist. He would just say “yeah I should probably do that” with no follow up.
This weekend he was in so much pain we had to go to the E.R., he has an abscess tooth. I got frustrated and said “it’s just really starting to make me mad. We hardly spend time together and when we do, you’re in pain so we don’t do anything. I just feel like you need to consider taking care of yourself properly, not just for you, but because you aren’t your best self when you’re around me. It’s starting to feel selfish that you think this only affects you. When you deliberately decide to avoid getting better, it hurts me too.” And I’ve been sitting on that for a couple days. Part of me thinks we dealt with it well, but I was raised in a shitty household built on a shitty marriage. So i’m overthinking, is this controlling? Am I being self centered by making it about me? He doesn’t think so but I’ve convinced myself that he’s just saying that to be nice. My parents hated each other so I never want to create a wall between my partner and I over something so silly. How could I have done this better?
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2023.03.26 06:39 CaerulusDramal 35 [M4F] AZ/Online: Seeking a genuine friend--not just a fuck buddy--that understands what it's like being horny damn near all the time. Do you enjoy video games and furries, and while not super kinky, would be embarrassed to admit how often you orgasm, and want something as wholesome as it is lewd?

I want to say up front that while I don't want to come off as too forward, I also want to make sure I'm open and honest with what I'm looking for. I realize that this post isn't going to be for everyone, and that it's bound to come off as extremely sexual. But if you really are the sort of girl that's been seen as "too horny" not because you're trying to be a slut, but because your natural libido is just that high, give it a chance, and you might find there's something wholesome mixed in with all that horny.
That said, while this bound to come off as incredibly blunt, I want to be honest, so please, hear me out:
Everyone's natural libido is different, and I know mine is rather high. I wake up feeling horny, I spend most of the day horny, and I often have to tend to my horniness before I head to sleep. It's rare I go a day where I don't get off multiple times, in part because of how quickly I'd feel uncomfortably pent up if I didn't.
And yet it's also probably fair to call myself demisexual. I don't tend to be interested in lewdness with strangers, and I generally don't really like one night stands. I want there to feel like there's some sort of emotional connection. I want to feel like we care about each other on at least some level beyond "hey, I'm horny, you're horny, let's fuck." If I'm going to be lewd with someone, I want us feeling like we're sharing that pleasure with each other, where we both want each other to feel good as much as we want to feel good ourselves.
And so if you're the sort of girl that's horny as fuck all day long damn near every single day without fail, and yet all you really want is a friend that isn't going to consider your sex drive "too much"? Someone who might actually stand a chance of keeping up with you--or at the very least still happily encourage you even if they couldn't--yet still very clearly care about you, and not just what you might offer in bed?
I get it. Fuck, I feel that.
That said, while I want to be open and honest, I don't want to run the risk of coming off as just too damn horny and focused entirely on sex. However, if the entire point is to find the sort of genuine friend that we can both just be our extremely horny selves with, it's probably worth diving at least a bit into lewd interests. After all, depending on what you're into, not doing so could run the risk of... let's say being as if finding a friend for watching movies, only to discover we enjoy none of the same genres... you get what I mean?
It's probably worth getting out of the way that I am 99% a dom, but generally the much more caring, gentle, teasing sort. I've never been the sort to be into degrading partners, so do not expect the "abuse, use, and discard you like the slut you are" type. As for kinks, well... hyper, excessive cum, multiple orgasms, extreme horniness, titfucking, receiving oral, mutual masturbation, cock worship. Most of the hard no's are the "obvious" ones, though the one I know can be pretty hit or miss: I'm not into anal. At all.
Likewise, it's worth mentioning right here and now that I'm a furry, as are most of my friends. You certainly don't have to be a furry yourself, though it would definitely help if you were at least interested and/or curious about the fandom. If you know that furries are a hard no for you, well... I hate to say it, but we probably wouldn't get along.
With that said however, on the more innocent side of things, it would definitely help if you enjoy video games! It would give us something to chat about, and potentially something to do when spending time together that isn't lewd. Most of the gaming I tend to do these days is on PC, though I do also have a Switch, and I have played quite a lot of older console games when I was younger. Hell, even my college degree was in Game and Simulation Programming, so there's definitely a strong interest there.
And I mean, hey, if you really want to impress me and make it clear that you've read every last word that I've had to say, you could always mention pineapples with your hello! It's not a requirement, and... to be honest, I don't even actually like pineapples myself. But given how unfortunately common it's been in the past to get responses from people that have only read the title--or at times, not even that--it would help put me at ease. I'd highly recommend it, silly as it might be.
But at this point... I have to imagine that you're still reading, something I said must have spoken to you. And so by all means, I'd be happy to chat and see if we get along. Even a simple "hello" is fine if you're a bit too shy to say more at first.
I would recommend Reddit's chat feature over messages. If we got to talking and you both felt comfortable and wanted to stay in touch, it would be far easier to eventually move to other chat platforms, but that can wait until if and when you're ready.
I look forward to hearing from you~
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2023.03.26 06:22 iswearimaplant 27 [F4M] Someone on the same page

SFW! Long post ahead.
We all just want to find the person who we can be free and secure to be ourselves with. Probability of that happening here — slim. But I’m still willing to see if it happens and something longterm can come out of it. Perhaps a wholesome coffee chat would be a good start :). Just to see if we like each other enough
What I look for ( don’t worry i wont ask for standards I cant keep):
28+ ( I really get a long with older and more experienced people) Single Trying to live their best life Easy on the eyes din Decent Respectful of boundaries Mature and self-sufficient Knows how to communicate NOT arrogant Vaxxed (believes that covid exists) Not DDS or Marcos apologist Not a flake Naka move on na sa previous relationship Preferably, someone in Taguig area, but we can arrange things. 
About me:
I’m 27 year old working professional based in Taguig. Well read and can articulate myself well. I enjoy leisurely walks and sitting in cafes. I’m fairly active I do some sports and outdoor activities. I’m pretty open to learning and gaining experience about anything, except advanced mathematics 😅. I used to be an avid reader, but I’ve shifted to podcasts recently. I’ve done some traveling here and there and would love to be able to do it again in the future.
Values that are important to me — honestly aren’t these the bare minimum?:
Healthy communication. This is something I myself am continuously working on. A lot of people can communicate, but not necessarily in a heathy way. May it be in a casual conversation, expressing needs, conveying emotions and navigating conflict. It comes down to identifying and respecting each other’s emotions and boundaries. It’s a two way street after all.
Drive for improvement. Whether professionally or in terms of character. It doesn’t have to be a grand goal as long as there is growth.
Respect. This could show in the form of being responsive to to people’s needs/concerns, including your own. Or in another form, recognizing that someone is their own person despite differences.
Honesty. Being honest with yourself, being genuine with your intentions, to being fair with your work... Lying makes it easy to achieve short term goals, but never what truly matters, like upholding one’s integrity. Besides dishonesty will only foster resentment when one is not open and clear.
What’s next? If you identify with the post send me a dm. Share some stuff about you please dami ko na sinabi ikaw naman :).
Let’s meet up later around B.G.C. for coffee, drinks or dinner.
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2023.03.26 06:21 iswearimaplant 27 [F4M] Someone on the same page

SFW! Long post ahead.
We all just want to find the person who we can be free and secure to be ourselves with. Probability of that happening here — slim. But I’m still willing to see if it happens and something longterm can come out of it. Perhaps a wholesome coffee chat would be a good start :). Just to see if we like each other enough
What I look for ( don’t worry i wont ask for standards I cant keep):
28+ ( I really get a long with older and more experienced people) Single Trying to live their best life Easy on the eyes din Decent Respectful of boundaries Mature and self-sufficient Knows how to communicate NOT arrogant Vaxxed (believes that covid exists) Not DDS or Marcos apologist Not a flake Naka move on na sa previous relationship Preferably, someone in Taguig area, but we can arrange things. 
About me:
I’m 27 year old working professional based in Taguig. Well read and can articulate myself well. I enjoy leisurely walks and sitting in cafes. I’m fairly active I do some sports and outdoor activities. I’m pretty open to learning and gaining experience about anything, except advanced mathematics 😅. I used to be an avid reader, but I’ve shifted to podcasts recently. I’ve done some traveling here and there and would love to be able to do it again in the future.
Values that are important to me — honestly aren’t these the bare minimum?:
Healthy communication. This is something I myself am continuously working on. A lot of people can communicate, but not necessarily in a heathy way. May it be in a casual conversation, expressing needs, conveying emotions and navigating conflict. It comes down to identifying and respecting each other’s emotions and boundaries. It’s a two way street after all.
Drive for improvement. Whether professionally or in terms of character. It doesn’t have to be a grand goal as long as there is growth.
Respect. This could show in the form of being responsive to to people’s needs/concerns, including your own. Or in another form, recognizing that someone is their own person despite differences.
Honesty. Being honest with yourself, being genuine with your intentions, to being fair with your work... Lying makes it easy to achieve short term goals, but never what truly matters, like upholding one’s integrity. Besides dishonesty will only foster resentment when one is not open and clear.
What’s next? If you identify with the post send me a dm. Share some stuff about you please dami ko na sinabi ikaw naman :).
Let’s meet up later around B.G.C. for coffee, drinks or dinner.
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2023.03.26 06:08 moneyy777 So fixated on one female who I connected to a while back but just doubt everything

Met this girl at her work. gave me her snap on my phone. She wasn’t my type but something about her gave me a feeling plus she was funny. Havnt met females that make me laugh. Saw her again at her work , 2 people I was with stated she liked me, they could tell with how she acted as they’re older. Saw her 2 years after;She’s glowed up. Lost weight, facial fillers, all the stuff females do now. I just walked past her. I couldn’t lock eye or say hey, I was just looking really out of shape. She was really staring at me like i felt nothing of it until I made an order and got a free gift from her place. Was strange but i feel like she must’ve seen my name and put 2 and 2 together. I then see her again, empty street. Calm vibe. She looked exactly like my type of girl. I never knew it was her at that moment, i realised once I got in a shop lol, I was all over the place, mentally and physically I looked horrible sadly, So I ignored her again. She was once again staring and I hope she never assumes it was me. since then I’ve had no encounters w her apart from her watching the story’s I upload once a year on snap lol. She hardly ever uploads either so it’s hard. But I just feel a somethings there but when you just feel horrible within yourself you begin to realise the realness and compare Yourself to her current partner and realise if you don’t feel confident or comfortable with a local girl who probably expect nothing but attention and love then how are you ever gonna turn up ever.
I really wanna make the first move and initiate contact but it would be so strange knowing she’s back w her ex i was told by a friend so seems she’s prob got her own insecurities too. I’ve been delaying contact for a long time because I feel like I don’t even know her like that to just say hi but now I feel like it’s getting to a stage that one day I’ma open the app and see the friendship status gone and that I feel would destroy my mindset of thinking I failed just never even turning up and that could just lead it down a worst road of thinking you’re alright on your own something will eventually come. I feel like it already had and I blew it twice within 3 months of the weird ignoring I done.
No idea for this post but thought I’d finally share something I’m stuck with.
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2023.03.26 06:08 hambone391 Found one guys

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2023.03.26 06:03 Weird-Draw-6318 The dumper's journey

I found this post on quora and since I found it very useful, I decided to post it here. The link to the original post is at the bottom.
Typically, evidence suggests the dumpee normally faces more pain and they certainly do suffer the most intensity of emotions. That being said the dumper rarely escapes pain free. I’ll explain the situation from both sides, hopefully to help people going through it. Approximately 9/10 relationships will fail and that is ok. This is the dynamic for the majority of breakups. With significantly abusive relationships, it can be more complex. The dumper normally feels extremely sad about ending the relationship but similarly as if they have no other choice.
This is the typical, “I’m no longer in love with you” breakup. The dumper has detached & the dumpee is shellshocked. The dumper has prepared, is ready & excited for their future being single, while the dumpee feels like they’ve been hit by a freight train.
To understand why you need to understand the dynamics of control and rejection.
Before the breakup the dumper isn’t happy for some reason (they usually do not know themselves), most dumpers do not actually break up with a dumpee for reasons relating to the actual relationship but internal (e.g. existential, fear of commitment) or external (e.g. new jobs, friends being single or married, long distance) pressures. It’s often not the dumpees fault the dumper is unhappy and they rarely effectively communicate how they feel or their needs from their partner.
Compatibility is a myth; whatever relationship you build you will need to accept some flaws. Mature individuals understand what they can accept and what they can’t and establish boundaries for their partners. It’s very rare for a long-term relationship to end because of compatibility issues because you have coped together sufficiently fine for a significant period. In shorter term relationships significant differences in opinion prevent them from developing further.
Nobody wants to consider themselves a bad person (we are always the hero in our own story, i.e. protagonist syndrome). We know that dumping someone will be hurtful. Hence the name. Breaking up doesn’t necessarily need to be so traumatic. Dumpers have a level of control, which they focus to minimise the pain on themselves. They are confused & consumed by fear “What if this is the wrong choice?”. They normally hide their feelings and wait until they are certain & reach the best possible moment for them. Many dumpers wait until just after receiving birthday gifts from their partner. I once watched someone get dumped the night of a wedding just after being used as a bridesmaid’s “plus one”. This may appear selfish and essentially it is, however from the dumpers perspective they are in pain and they project the blame for this onto the dumpee (“you caused me to feel like this”, “you forced me to do this”). The dumper often gets angry at the dumpee during the breakup. They project the blame away from themselves because they can’t face hurting someone. Any reaction by the dumpee is used as justification for the dumper actions. Dumpers need the situation to deteriorate to justify their action. A confirmation bias. “Look at how they cried, I need someone stronger”, “They got angry, they are unstable”, “They didn’t react, they never cared about me “. Any reaction confirms the Dumpers decision. This total lack of control is confusing for the dumpee, they can’t “fix” anything, it’s an internal struggle for the dumper.
The build up
For a significant period within the relationship dumper is in pain, they often project their insecurities onto their partner, for example if they feel self-conscious about being overweight “you need to go to the gym more” or unfulfilled in their job “you’re never going to be successful”. This criticism can be confusing for their partner because it often doesn’t reflect the realities of the situation and sometimes is completely hypocritical. This criticism leads to contempt, the dumper actively dislikes spending time with their partner, eye rolling when they speak or request things. This is because they feel that they’ve asked their partner to improve (the criticism) and they feel they have ignored it. The dumper may test the dumpee and overstep boundaries, cheat, party, actively abuse them. If the dumpee forgives the dumper they loose more and more respect, if the dumpee challenges the dumper, they remember this as a slight (as justification for a breakup). The dumper doesn’t understand why they feel contempt for their partner that they previously loved so much thus they start to pull away from them to see if some space will help. The dumper reduces emotional support and possibly sexual contact for the dumpee. The dumpee will feel this and may ask the dumper what is wrong? The dumper scared of consequences may lie, “I’m fine, I just need some time to myself etc”. The dumpee might get emotional and force the situation, the dumper will be extremely dismissive to shut the conversation (or as they see it the confrontation) down. This challenge is similarly remembered as a “conflict” for justification when the breakup comes.
The dumpee trusts their partner and expects them to honestly explain how they feel. They respect their partner when they deflect their concerns and explain them as their partner having a hard time. The dumpee believes they are handling any conflict maturely. Gaslighting can occur because of an unequal power dynamic. The dumpee can compromise when their partner oversteps boundaries & also accept the “blame”. The dumpee can sometimes try and help their partner feel better but this comes across as needy & too full on. Similarly if the dumpee pulls back and let their partner have space the dumper feels unappreciated or ignored. Unless the dumper communicates effectively the dumpee can do nothing to change the outcome. Every action is a confirmation bias for the dumper. The dumpee is very happy and lives in a fantasy believing they can trust their partner. They remain loyal as the dumper disconnects.
The dumper usually doesn’t know what is wrong, they play their cards close to their chest so not to spook the dumpee. They logically do not want to break up unless they are certain. Because they are unhappy they start to fantasise either watching their friends or on their past live, when they were happier. This is sometimes called the “Grass is always greener syndrome”, in the mundanity of life we tend to believe our friends are having more fun or that our younger self was much more exciting than our current self. Social media makes the fear of missing out a significant pressure on relationships. Why are we not as loved up as our friends on Instagram? Why am I not travelling and partying like my single friends? We don’t consider that our own choices prevent us from these activities and the necessary sacrifices these lifestyles may need. Remember it’s a fantasy. They might find someone new and attractive, this can build into an affair however this is a fantasy also, it’s fuelled from excitement of the situation and as a distraction to their negative feelings. Affairs rarely last the transition into long term relationships
The dumper now is feeling unhappy, their partner is not adapting rapidly enough to their constant criticism (they may have lost respect in them), they have pulled away but they are still unhappy and they are fantasying about life away from their partner. They are scared to talking to their partner so they seek “help” from their friends and family. They moan, emphasising the negative elements of the relationship because they don’t want their feelings of unhappiness to not be seen as justified. This positively reinforces their feelings. It can actively vilify their partner, portraying them as a monster. Their friends and family support them “You can do better”. They offer quick fixes to make their loved one feel happier, “Finish with them and have fun with us”. This adds a pressure onto the dumper because now they have voiced their concern and their friends and family will keep trying to push this outcome to positively reinforce them. Friends and family members can also push their own agenda and manipulate the situation in their favour (I think of these like the “Flying Monkeys” in the Wizard of Oz). I once learnt German at school rather than Spanish (my aunt is Spanish & I went to Spain every year on holiday) because my friend said they would help me with homework, they never once did help me, it’s funny how susceptible we are to the influence of others.
The dumper now is unhappy, nothing is improving, they are fantasying about the future and their support structure is promoting the breakup. Usually the situation is that they haven’t involved the dumpee in any of this. Ironically communicating often could help with these issues but the dumper has let the situation spiral and the feeling is now much worse. The dumper has usually been in pain for weeks if not months, in silent conflict with themselves about what do do. The dumpee isn’t making them feel better but they aren’t communicating their needs. Finally they decide they will break up the relationship. Normally they commit to it and decide to fade out over a period of a few weeks in an attempt to lessen the blow. I read a paper recently that suggested it takes 7 attempts to finally end the relationship on average.
The breakup
Eventually the dumper dumps the dumpee. The dumpee is shocked and blind sighted, they feel betrayed (instant pain like being hit with a sledgehammer). The dumper is not in pain, they are intensely relieved that they have been able to do what they felt needed to be done. They might feel proud and courageous, their family & friends congratulate them and are ready to support. The dumpee feels an enormous level of rejection, typically the rejection affects an individual in two separate ways so you might observe differences but the overall effect is the same:
  1. A higher ego individual, will be confused, they may feel “better” than the dumper and can’t understand why they would do this? This completely shatters their perception of themselves.
  2. A lower ego individual may feel worthless and spiral into depression.
Regardless of the strength of the dumpee’s ego everyone will be hurt by this rejection however someone who is highly successful will particularly struggle with this rejection. Imagine being top of your game, idolised professionally & socially, the centre of attention in any room and your partner says literally “I can do better”. Sometimes the dumpee will hit rock bottom and require much rebuilding and grow from this experience into a much better person. This should be the goal of any dumpee, personal growth, use this pain as a motivator. The dumper doesn’t experience this, which although traumatic is a disadvantage.
Because the dumpee is surprised by the decision they do the logical thing and try and communicate with their dumper to understand what happened and why the situation is unrecoverable. They provide solutions and try to fix the problem. Any reason provided by the dumper will not be sufficient enough for dumpee and no solution will work for the dumper. This is because both sides are acting from emotional positions and not logical ones. The dumpee will try and remind the dumper of all the positives of their relationship and the successes they have made. For the dumper this is too late, they have spent months thinking about these. They feel frustrated and uncomfortable with the dumpee wanting answers (to questions the dumper has answered internally months ago). “It doesn’t change anything”, “why do we need to go over this all again?”. The dumper honestly believes they have been open about how unhappy they have felt and have waited months for the dumpee to change. Often this isn’t the case, usually the dumper hides their feelings to protect themselves (because they want to be 100% certain before making a life altering choice). This is understandably the best strategy for them, putting themselves in the best position (climbing into a lifeboat before blowing the ship up). They need to escape the pain. They can’t bring themselves to admit they behaved this way because it portrays them negatively (they need to feel the hero, justified). They can’t empathise with the dumpee because they have struggled with this feeling for so long. Whilst the dumpee has trusted the dumper and expected them to share their feelings & be honest with them. In terms of control the dumper has 100% of the control, they are simply walking away. This is a shock to the dumpee who still consisers this a 50:50 relationship. They are still invested and want an opportunity to work on it. They attempt to compromise but the position is beyond that now.
In this unequal dynamic the dumper pushes all blame onto the dumpee. The dumpee commits to work on their flaws and the dumper has no responsibility. They might list all the activities that the dumpee has done to push them to this conclusion. “This is all your fault”. A list of minor conflicts spanning years may be presented to the dumpee as justification, these typically aren’t the actual reason for the breakup but an example of a conflict an excuse for the dumper to use to justify their decision. The dumper thinks of any motivation for the breakup just to escape how they feel (clutching at straws to justify leaving). This is why closure doesn’t really exist, the dumper doesn’t fully know why they are making this decision & no reason is ever good enough for the dumpee. The dumpee will usually accept each listed “reason” as flaws/mistakes but try and convince the dumper that they will change.
Nothing is going to change the dumpers mind in the moment, they have made the choice and want to experience life without the dumpee. Any attempt to manipulate the situation will be seen by the dumper as the dumpee trying to keep them trapped where they don’t want to be. The dumper wants to escape and the dumpee is clinging to them for dear life. Every period of separation feels like instant relief from the dumpee. The dumper needs this escape (and the relief) more and more. “GIVE ME SPACE!!”
The dumper often wants to keep the positives that they see of the relationship whilst removing the negative elements. Remember they just want to escape the pain. This is why they might suggest being “friends”. The dumper’s ego believes they can keep everything that they want and nothing that they don’t. An ideal fantasy situation for the dumper. Total control, maximum benefit at no cost (completely parasitic relationship). This is the power dynamic at play, some people falsely diagnose their exes as narcissists however they are usually simply acting selfishly. It’s unfortunate but normal to exploit the dynamic for their maximum benefit. Dumpees unwilfully feed the dumpers ego making this dynamic worse.
If the dumpee begs the dumper feels even more powerful and knows they can return to the relationship. The dumpee often acts super nice in an attempt to coerce the dumper back. The dumpee’s friends and family might suggest sending gifts or letters to their ex to convince them to return. Insert romantic comedy cliché here. This will make the dumper feel more powerful and guilty for hurting their ex. The dumper doesn’t want to feel like a bad person (they are the hero in their eyes). They will turn to their friends and family to mock the dumpee’s behaviour (positive reinforcement). They will see their ex as pathetic and very unattractive (confirmation bias). They might feel guilt and feel like a bad person so their friends and family will step in to vilify the dumpee as “manipulative” making the dumper feel justified and bolster their support. The dumper now, has ended the relationship but can return at any point and has support from everyone. This is an ideal situation for them, they have everything that they want (they might even be getting gifts from their ex) but at no cost. Their action and choices have had no negative consequences. The dumper feels happy.
The “Flying Monkeys” warn the dumper of being too close & spin their interactions with the dumpee (face to face or via social media) to encourage the dumper to move on and be happy (notice the quick fix promises). They may also try and push the dumpee away themselves.
The situation can spiral as the dumper isn’t as available to the dumpee anymore and nothing is returned. In this new “relationship” dynamic, the dumpee has 100% of the cost and 0% of the benifits. The dumper thinks it’s perfect and can’t empathise with the dumpee’s feelings. Guilt and a fear of manipulation might force them to keep a distance. The dumpee experiences this as their ex becoming “Cold”, i.e. non invested in their interactions. The dumpee is hurting and this lack of attention/affection causes them to push more and more. Eventually the dumpee losses all self respect and this usually results in the dumper cutting the dumpee fully off.
Completely disconnected
This is usually the rock bottom moment for the dumpee, they have completely lost someone they love. In time they will process this pain and reflect. Usually they accept that the dumper didn’t treat them as they should, they feel anger and healthy individuals accept the breakup as the best action and move on. Some individuals cling to this anger, never internally forgiving their ex, resenting them forever. This negativity may impact future relationships. Breakups are very traumatic for the dumpee and we can use this to change & grow or stagnate in our resentment.
Only when fully separated does the dumper fully face the consequences of their actions. Although they may not notice it for an extended period (until the relief fades).
The dumper is experiencing the world as they fantasied about but it never matches their expectations. Maybe their new partner isn’t as exciting as they expected or they can’t go on around the world trips because of work commitments. Our dreams rarely lives up to expectations. The dumper can double down in denial, “this should be more fun” lets go party. But eventually this will become stale. It’s rare that the dumper has fixed the original stresses that caused them to be unhappy. They are left confused, they left the relationship because it wasn’t making them happy but now they are still unhappy without the relationship. They have 0% cost, 0% benefit as there’s no relationship. The “Flying Monkeys” get bored without drama and cease their attention & support. No one is as available as before. If single, they will eventually want to date but it’s a shock when they aren’t seen as attractive by others as they expected, they also find most people fairly boring. Conversation is very dry and it feels like too much effort. Dates might use them for hookups or ghost them after weeks/months. They feel devalued.
If they enter a new relationship because the dumper doesn’t consider any of the mistakes they personally made similar patterns develop. The dumper may become critical of this new partner in a similar manner. They trap themselves in a cycle, unable to accept responsibility. Comparisons are made with a fantasy version of the dumpee and their new partner, often the dumpee is better at some metric and this causes doubt in the dumpers mind. “Why am I not with someone who is better at this?”. The dumper usually isn’t self aware enough to appreciate everyone has flaws, they have told themselves they “deserve better”, their friends & family told them “you will find better” but no-one is better by every single metric.
The “Fading Affect Bias” is a concept that over time our negative memories fade quicker than our positive memories. Relationship coaches misinterpret this as over time the dumper forgets the negative memories. What happens in reality is that the intensity of both memories is reduced, with the negative memories intensity reducing to a greater extent. However studies show within breakups the fading affect bias doesn’t have a significant impact, people hold onto the grudges. What I suspect happens is that the minor positives of the relationship are ignored while in the relationship however outside the relationship these can be much more apparent. The grass does appear greener on the other side. This is why I suspect many couples get back together, later breakup and then get back together. We keep fantasying about the other side and if we continually return the risk of breaking up is massively reduced. Eventually we appreciate what our ex provided for us.
They still feel in control so may stalk their ex on social media, unblock them, send them a friend request, birthday text etc. If they find their ex in a new relationship, they start to panic as they realise they have no control and all the emotion hits them at once this can cause a depression in them. If their dumpee chases again they feel validated, still feeling superior. If the dumpee is aggressive or confrontational, they might feel slightly rejected but they can twist this into feeling superior because their ex hasn’t “moved on yet”. When the dumpee is civil and acts normally, this flips the dynamic completely. The dumper becomes more inquisitive.
Overall impact & examples
Overtime the dumper feels a small level of pain continuously, they are responsible for their actions and the position they are in. The dumpee usually processes the pain and recovers. If the dumper feels in control they feel comfortable with this pain and can return at any moment. When the pain is too much they will simply approach the dumpee. They always feel in control. They have an easy escape if needed. The dumpee doesn’t feel this, they accept that they never had any control and have learnt to accept things as they are, thus reducing their pain.
Whilst true the dumpee faces the most intense pain in a breakup the dumpers journey is often overlooked. The dumper is in pain before the breakup & feels their only solution to stop this pain is to breakup. Often this is projection and once the relief fades and their fantasy becomes boring, they are left with their pain. Without someone to blame they eventually realise the consequences of their decision. They are normally left isolated still in the pain they originally felt. They have lost everything that they once had but the pain remains.
Every breakup I’ve been through and every breakup I have seen my friends/family go through has followed this dynamic. You can’t reason with anyone and explain what will happen before they experience it. The dumper projects their pain onto the dumpee and sees no other option. Because of the positive reinforcement from friends and family explaining the future dynamic will be seen as manipulative. My best friend, recently broke up with her ex, I sat with her and discussed how she felt & what she aimed to achieve. I listened and remained objective. She admitted not being over two other exes from 10 years & 7 years ago respectively. She knew she would feel the same about this partner. Despite knowing what would happen she knew she needed something to change. She broke up with him and they are remaining “friends” he has been spiralling for 6 months+. He’s an ER doctor, on some level I want to tell him to walk away so she can feel the consequences & he can recover (it can’t be good for his patients either). It’s too manipulative for me to tell him (I’ll also become a “Flying Monkey”) but I’ve told her she isn’t treating him fairly. She also asked me to invite her ex from 7 years ago (a mutal friend) to my birthday party however she wasn’t keen when I said I would invite his new girlfriend also… She moved back home for a few months and then into a flat-share with some professionals in their early 20s (she is 30), reliving a fantasy youth she felt she was missing in her relationship. Until she learns to deal with her internal issues they are going to keep resurfacing in future relationships.
My school friend is a clinical psychologist who has ended every relationship after two years. She is onto her sixth and that will come to a close soon. She explained this dynamic to me after my most recent break-up. After her last two breakups, she's been in therapy and on anti-depressants. Being the dumper hasn’t shielded her from the pain. Knowing what will happen hasn’t shielded her from the pain. Despite knowing she needs to solve her own issues she rushes into the next relationship to mask the pain.
My brother dumped his girlfriend of three years and she moved in with a new boyfriend within six months. He lives in London and had a successful hook-up life for a few years. Now his friends are all married or in long term relationships. He's got limited savings and is losing his hair. He can’t afford to live on his own but can’t face moving away from a major city. He regrets his decision a lot but knows he can’t take it back.
If you want to understand a typical breakup dynamic, watch the film “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” on the face of it it’s a silly romantic comedy but it’s absurdity is metaphor of a normal breakup dynamic. Peter has annoying bad habits, Sarah can’t communicate what she expects from him, she is in pain. She seeks therapy but doesn’t actually involve Peter (you only find out later in the film). She “can’t drown with him anymore” and ends it. Peter is completely shocked by this. Sarah is a celebrity, so she is omnipresent, while Peter is grieving (a great metaphor of the emotions the dumpee feels). Her ego is extremely strong. It transpires that Sarah had an affair with Aldous Snow (a cooler musician to Peter, an upgrade) and is now in a relationship with him. Aldous and Sarah get validation everywhere they go. Aldous sings about having sex with Sarah, while Peter is forced to watch, he spirals witnessing this. Peter develops a new relationship with Rachel. He starts to remember the negative times with Sarah (mostly regarding her ego & control). Sarah & Peter both loose their jobs, Sarah looses her identity, whilst Peter finds it liberating. The fantasy with Aldous starts to fall apart & Sarah is reminded of the positives Peter provided (ironically a different perspective on Peter’s negative memories). She expected Aldous to be an improvement on Peter by every metric. The breakup didn’t solve her internal pain, her identity has been smashed & her fantasy life isn’t going as planned. It was her choice, her decision and she thinks she can take it back. Peter however is now happier with Rachel, so he rejects Sarah, however he still is angry for her hurting him (he is projecting his pain & blame, while dumping her back). Peter tells Rachel, she gets angry, and they break up. Peter inspired by Rachel achieves his goals and Rachel after a significant time period comes back to him. Sarah is in a new television show (similar to her last), reliving her patterns of the past.
In summery
The dumpee gets a short burst of intense pain and can use this as motivation to grow. Comparisons are not an issue as the next relationship hasn’t already broken your heart.
The dumper, is unhappy at first, pushes all blame for this unhappiness onto the dumpee, feels brief relief and then is confused when they are still unhappy. They rarely grow & repeat the same mistakes. Every future relationship is compared with the past ones.
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2023.03.26 06:03 Medium-Boysenberry64 How to Save/Ruin Prom (a step by step guide)

This is probably the best and most insane thing thing you can do at prom.
  1. First, you’ll need this stuff from Amazon. It’s only like $10. It’s called “Liquid Ass.” Incredibly potent foul smelling spray. You can probably see where this is going.
  2. When you show up, you’ll want to wait a bit until everyone is in the dance area. Make sure to remain discreet.
Then you strike.
  1. Spray the stuff everywhere. But BE CAREFUL! Do NOT get it on you or your clothes. You’ll possibly be caught red handed. Ass handed. Your ass will be handed to you.
You most likely will not have to worry about cameras due to the low visibility. Depending on your preference, you may want to get a far smaller bottle to put the liquid into for easy transport in a suit coat or trousers pocket, or even a shoe or purse.
  1. Profit. Make sure to stay out of the blast radius. The goal is to stink up other people, not yourself. It’s basically biochemical warfare. Have fun.
There’s the super handy tutorial. I hope you enjoyed.
TL;DR: Buy “Liquid Ass” on Amazon. Spray it around.
Remember to use this responsibly. Actually, if you’re being responsible, don’t do this at all. Some people have been looking forward to this night for years. This is just meant to be a funny little goofy silly idea.
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2023.03.26 05:52 Thebobuxmanatthedoor September 10th, 2021

On September 10th, 2021, the world was forever changed by an unexpected event. The 9 + 10 kid, famous for his viral video asking "What's 9 + 10?" had somehow gained superhuman abilities and decided to take over the world. It started with a simple tweet from the 9 + 10 kid's Twitter account: "I am taking over the world. #910 #9plus10." No one took it seriously at first, thinking it was just a joke or a publicity stunt. But then strange things began to happen. The 9 + 10 kid's face was plastered on billboards and TV screens all over the world, and his voice echoed through the streets. People reported seeing him everywhere, and rumors began to spread that he had some kind of mind control powers. Governments around the world were in a state of panic. They tried to suppress any news about the 9 + 10 kid, but it was too late. The world was already in chaos. Riots broke out in the streets, and people began to turn on each other. Meanwhile, the 9 + 10 kid continued to gain power. He appeared on every news channel and radio show, spreading his message of "9 plus 10 equals 21" and demanding that the world submit to him. At first, some people resisted. They formed groups to fight against the 9 + 10 kid's army of followers. But it was no use. The 9 + 10 kid's powers were too strong, and his army too large. Eventually, the world submitted to the 9 + 10 kid's rule. He became the supreme leader, with absolute power over every country on Earth. His followers worshipped him like a god, and he ruled with an iron fist. Years went by, and the 9 + 10 kid's power only grew stronger. He built massive monuments in his honor and ordered his followers to worship him every day. Anyone who dared to question him was immediately executed. And so, the world became a dark and twisted place, ruled by a man who was once just a silly meme. The 9 + 10 kid had taken over the world, and there was no turning back. As the years went by, the 9 + 10 kid's rule became more and more oppressive. The world was divided into two classes: the ruling class, which consisted of the 9 + 10 kid and his inner circle, and the rest of the population, which was forced to live in poverty and servitude. Despite the harsh conditions, there were still some who resisted the 9 + 10 kid's rule. They formed underground rebellions, plotting to overthrow the ruling class and restore freedom to the people. The 9 + 10 kid's response to these rebellions was brutal. He ordered his soldiers to hunt down and capture any dissidents, and to execute them publicly as a warning to others. But the resistance persisted. They were driven by a fierce determination to reclaim their world from the tyrant who had taken it from them. And slowly but surely, they began to make progress. One day, a group of rebels managed to infiltrate the 9 + 10 kid's inner circle. They discovered a weakness in his power, a secret that he had kept hidden from the world. With this information, they were able to launch a coordinated attack on the 9 + 10 kid's stronghold. The battle was long and bloody, but in the end, the rebels emerged victorious. They captured the 9 + 10 kid and put him on trial for his crimes against humanity. The trial was a symbol of the world's newfound freedom. For the first time in years, justice was being served. The 9 + 10 kid was found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment, and his regime was dismantled. The world slowly began to heal from the scars of the 9 + 10 kid's rule. It was a long and difficult process, but the people were determined to rebuild their society and create a world where freedom and justice were upheld. And as they worked, they knew that they would never forget the lessons they had learned. They would never forget the danger of blindly following a charismatic leader, and the importance of always fighting for what is right.
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2023.03.26 05:07 carlos3rcr 25M scientist that likes trashy reality tv, running, and imessage games [chat] [activities]

here’s what I look like
I’m in chicago, in the middle of my phd, using the sacred few hours of sleep I got to scroll reddit while binging on the trashiest reality TV and early 00s MTV music videos… I’m known for taking wise choices :P
a few sentences about myself
I’m a very proud mexican doing his phd in theoretical biophysics in the US (somewhere in the midwest). sometimes I like to think I’m super smart… then I remember how much trashy reality tv trivia I know. tbh, since moving here I’ve been aching to meet people that aren’t related to my professional or academic sphere, and rarely got the time to do much outside the lab, so, here I am, it seems meeting people online could be good bet :O
some random trivia
here are two truths and a lie
If you're interested in talking, send me a line about yourself!
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2023.03.26 04:57 cynfranks When Dog meets Dog

I know I'm not supposed to let my dogs off the leash anywhere in the City of Riverview and I'm not supposed to have them on school grounds. The school grounds across the street from my house are a special place. I played there as a kid with my dogs. I think of it as mine; after all, me and my sister discovered it. It's about 2 square miles total with a marsh and woods adjacent to it adding 2 more square miles and a golf course behind it. I know I'm making the wrong choice when I let my dogs off the leash, but it's too darn fun not to.
The grounds are a flood plane for the Frank & Poet Drain now called Creek. Originally, it was an arboretum planted by the farmer who owned the land as insurance against the lean years. There are a variety of hardwoods including some massive English and White Oaks. The purpose was to grow burl wood to sell. Burl wood is highly prized by carvers and goes for a good price.
On the school grounds they cut all the scrub trees, so it's hardwoods and grass. A beautiful piece of property. Excellent habitat for all kinds of critters, hawks, owls, night hawks, bitterns, the occasional eagle, ducks, geese, herons, raccoon, deer, coyotes, skunks, groundhogs, minks, weasels, frogs, toads, salamanders... I could go on. It's as wonderful at night as it is during the day.
I have walked and trained my dogs back there for decades encountering very few people. They put in a disc golf course about ten years ago and more and more people show up with their dogs. I stopped going in the daylight hours. I usually go at 5 am, but occasionally after 9 pm.
The night of this incident I was not feeling that great and took my dogs back there around 8:30 pm. I seldom run into people after sundown. It was very dark, with no moon. I saw a white thing move fast toward my dogs. My first thought was it's a coyote. I've encountered them before. I immediately took a deep, calming breath and clapped my hands. It was not a coyote. They don't move like that and they usually hang back, watch the dogs and take off when I clap my hands. It must be a stray dog. I was about to turn and head the other way quietly calling my dogs when a woman said,
"I'm sorry."
She was walking her dog(s) off-leash. I thought it was the Doodles again. A group of 2 Doodles and another dog I've encountered before.
I said in a normal voice, "I think they're okay."
The woman calls the dog with a note of panic, "Hunter!" It wasn't the Doodles.
I was thankful she didn't yell because that would ensure a big dogfight. It was enough to start a scuffle, though, or my hand clapping did. I heard a bunch of yelping and did not know if it was my dogs or the other dogs. Henry was by me and I put him on a leash. Not wanting to make it worse, I quietly called my other two and leashed them. The woman was gone. Never saw her or the dog. It was too dark.
Dogs are sensitive to changes in their human's emotions. If you are anxious about another dog, it puts your dog on guard. They read energy. Yelling, flailing your arms, or calling your dog can put them into fight mode. That's why when you have an encounter with another dog the best thing to do is turn around and calmly walk the other way. Another tactic is to stand them down by making yourself big and making a loud noise. I usually say, "Sit!" in a commanding bark because it's the one command most people teach their dogs.
The hardest part for me was learning to be calm as opposed to acting calm. You can't fake it around your dog. I have stopped many dog altercations by forcing myself to accept the sudden appearance of another dog as normal.
When off-leash, my dogs were great with other dogs. What has changed is there are more dogs around since the pandemic. New 2020 dog owners tend to treat their dogs like humans and not dogs. I don't mean that in a bad way. Dogs are not human. To treat them as such puts an expectation on them that is unfair. They are canines, they do not understand sentences. They understand energy. Many dog owners don't get this. Many dogs aren't properly socialized because of it. There is an alarming trend in my area of socializing a dog by tethering it in the front yard. That's how you teach them to be aggressive.
When the woman called to the dog the note of panic in her voice signaled danger and put the dog on guard. My dogs were attacked by loose dogs 5 times in my subdivision since 2020 while they were leashed. That's not counting the number of charging dogs I was able to stop before they made contact with mine. One attack resulted in a $1600 vet bill and GG losing a canine tooth, the guy never paid. My girl GG, a 12-year-old Ridgeback mix, is quick to defend because of it. It wasn't an issue at the school until this incident.
After the woman was gone I let my dogs loose again and continued my walk. I went home, finished some work, and went to bed around 11 pm.
At about midnight, I woke to my phone lit up. I should have ignored it. I didn't. This was the message from Matt Dominski.,
"Are all your dogs up in their shots? Mine is the one yours went after at Seitz and bit. He has a large bite on his leg."
The person with the dog was a woman. Who is Matthew Dominski and how did he get my number? My first instinct was to ignore it and go back to sleep, but I didn't. I regret it. I replied,
"What? When?"
The message was through Facebook Messenger and it dawned on me it was the guy who ran for the school board. Why would he be messaging me about my dogs?
It was his wife with the dog. The messages were aggressive and continuous. I denied it was me. He's a bully and right away issued threats. He asked me if I was calling his wife a liar. I said nothing. Then this,
"Ok, that must have been someone else with two poodles and a brown dog. The school has new cameras up. I'll contact principal hill (Gill) in the morning and get some pictures maybe you can help identify the dogs for me since you walk all the time."
I could not see the woman or dog at all. How could she see my dogs and that one was brown? I don't believe for a second he can get pictures. The school told me the footage can only be viewed by law enforcement or for incidents pertaining to school security. Not for private use.
He sent me more threatening texts the next day, while I'm at work, about his dog's injuries and threatened to post photos of me on social media. I sent a text about the lady that has two Doodles and another dog that runs on the school grounds. It irks me that I get blamed for a lot of stuff because me and my dogs are easy to recognize.
When I get home from work, I make a report to the Police about the incident. I admit to them my dogs were loose, but so was the other dog. I told them exactly what happened and about the threatening messages. Only then did I admit to Matthew D. that it was me and I told him the entire story as it happened. Of course, he had to belittle me because I lied about it, and he started running me down as all bullies do when you don't bow to their will. I had no obligation to tell him anything. He was not there, it was his wife with the dog. I don't have an obligation to tell her anything either. I wished I said nothing.
Here's the deal, when you let your dog off-leash and there is an incident like this, it is your fault. It doesn't matter whose dog did what. Dogs will be dogs. It is your fault. You made the choice to release your dog. End of story. If your dog is on a leash and attacked by a dog, not on a leash, the owner of the unleashed dog is at fault almost without exception. Leashes longer than 6 feet are the same as the dog being off-leash in most jurisdictions. In this case, it did not matter if the dogs were leashed or not--they were not supposed to be on the school grounds.
I blocked Mr. D. and hope he does post those photos, I think the Superintended of the school district and parents would like to know how easily the Principal of Seitz Middle School provided pictures from the school security system for the personal use of a board member.
At the end of the day, it is the dog owner who is responsible, but you can't accuse others if you don't have clean hands. Mrs. D. and I were both wrong, but what Mr. D did was worse.
My 12-year-old dog was injured. That is my fault. I sorely regret replying to that message. I cannot explain why I did it other than I don't like to be bullied; especially by men. I've put up with enough of that in my life.
As I trained myself not to react to strange dogs, I need to train myself not to react to bullies.
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2023.03.26 04:56 gcz1214 Pickled Elmo Anyone?

Pickled Elmo Anyone? submitted by gcz1214 to CrackheadCraigslist [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 04:50 nekotantei_19 WN Chapter 147

"Todoashikan! What a terrible thing to do, to turn all the crepes from the crepe shop that the kids look forward to into squid pancakes! Well, I love grilled squid, too, but my patience is running out here!"
Pure Honey, a yellow-costumed feline beastman, said while pointing at the monster Todoashikan. Then Pure Bunny, a human race in white costume, also takes the lead position.
"Sweet things make one's heart grow merrier. Heaven may forgive you for trampling on it, but we will not! We will fight as long as our children's dreams exist. Until this blood runs dry"
"What are you getting so cocky about! Let's do this, demon beast, Gesogesong!"
Todoashikan gave the order in a baritone voice full of dandyism to the monster, and a bipedal giant squid monster (costumed) appeared from behind him, walked briskly to attack the two honeybunnies.
While making such an easily recognizable cry, the Gesogeson attacked them by swinging two of its tentacles like a whip (the remaining six tentacles, excluding the two tentacles it was swinging and the two it was using for its legs, were just swaying with the movement of its body). Honey and Bunny dodged the attack and both simultaneously slammed their palms into Gesogeson's body.
Gesogeson, who was hit squarely in the body, staggered a few steps from the impact and fell flat on his back, with Todoashikan behind him.
"What? Move, move out of the way, Gesogesong!"
"Gee ...... geso geso geso"
Gesogesong tries to get up, but it seems that it can't get up because its tentacles are entangled in Todoashikan. The impatience is very real... It's unclear whether itself or production, but anyway, now is the chance for honeybunny.
"Let's's our chance, honey!"
"Understood, Bunny! Let's go! Let's go!"
""Pure Heart Stick!!""
Then the they took out from somewhere a pretty short stick decorated with ribbons and heart marks and pointed it at Todoashikan and Gesogesong, who were lying on the ground.
"'Honeybunny, Pure Heart Finale!""
When the two said this in unison, a storm of heart marks, like flower confetti, burst from the tip of their sticks and tried to envelop the two bad guys. And then,
"Ugh, we are retreating here!"
Only Todoashikan quickly leaves the scene and avoids the attack. But Gesogeson was swallowed by the storm of hearts and disappeared with a cry of "Gesogeson!" and disappeared. When the storm of hearts subsided, all that was left in its place was a plate of grilled squid. It seems that the squid pancake was made to be a monster or something. The production team enjoyed the squid pancakes after filming.
And when Honey and Bunny high-fived on a street corner where peace had returned, a voice called out "Cut!" came from the side. It appeared that filming had ended, and the production staff approached the two Honeybunny actresses who had finished their performances and were working with them. In the circle was Todoashikan, who should have fled earlier, smiling with a calm face.
Lombard and Yomi watched such a scene with stunned looks on their faces. Their minds seemed to have given up thinking about the strange and lovely skit that suddenly started in front of them, and they found themselves watching it for a long time. Lombard came to himself and looked at Ivan, who was standing next to him.
"Sir Ivan, what on earth was that?"
"As you can see, we are filming a broadcast program. It is a girls' heroine program called 'We are Honeybunny☆Pure MAX!' a heroine program for girls that just recently started airing"
"When you say 'for girls,' do you mean something that is intended to be shown to girls?"
"Yes. The show I starred in, 'Overman Silvan' was well received by the public! But it was seen as a show for boys because of its many cool stunt performances, and there were many requests for a cute transforming heroine show for girls. That's why I planned this program"
In this world of magic, it is not always the case that physical prowess equals fighting ability, and there are a certain number of female military personnel. This can be seen in Liscia, Aisha and others. As a result, women have long participated in military service and have become bearers of the nation, and the gender gap and differences in attitudes are less pronounced than in the world where Souma once lived (It is also the underlying cause that there are many high-ranking families in the Kingdom of Friedonia).
Therefore, it was inevitable that if transformable heroes for boys became popular, there would be a desire to see transformable heroines for girls, and if Queen Roroa's desire to sell related goods and toys was involved, there was nothing to prevent the production of such a work. Thus produced, the world's first transforming heroine program that was 'We are Honeybunny☆Pure MAX!'.
After hearing the explanation, Lombard nodded in amazement.
"I see. My wife Yomi is the same, but there are many women who have the strength to fight. I guess boys aren't the only ones who yearn to be heroes"
"Yeah. If it comes to a fight, I will protect you Lord Lom"
Yomi, who is also an excellent mage, held up a real unadorned magic wand. Lombard also has more than average martial prowess, but if Yomi continues to unilaterally shoot magic from a distance, it will be difficult for him to win. Knowing this, Lombard nodded with a wry smile. Margarita, who was watching them, laughed "Ahahaha".
"That's the spirit, and it's good. Even in the Amidonian army, which was full of manly warriors, Madam Yomi would be able to stand on top amongst the men"
"Being masculine is a bit......I want to be invigorating like Lord Lom"
"Hee hee, your is very much loved, huh"
"Yes. She's too good a wife for me"
Lombard nodded honestly at Margarita's words. It is a wonder how time flies, since the four of them, who are having such a friendly conversation, were divided into two sides a few years ago, fighting a great war for the fate of the world. Then Ivan spoke up.
"How is it? Now that filming seems to be over, would you like to have a little chat with the performers?"
"Oh! That's what I'm hoping for. I would very much appreciate it"
"Understood. Now ...... Sienna, Nanna, do you have a minute?"
When Ivan called out to them, the two Honeybunny turned around.
"Oh, brother"
"Oh, it's Ivan. What's going on?"
They came up to him. Ivan introduced them to Lombard and the others.
"Let me introduce you. This is my sister Sienna and the singer Nanna"
"I'm Sienna Juniro"
"Nanna Kamizuki ...... that's not it, Nanna Juniro. Nice to meet you!"
In contrast to Sienna, who bowed gracefully, Nanna greeted the guests as if they were old friends. Nanna still seems to have not lost her rough tone of voice, as she comes from an imigrant family that washed up in a fishing town. It was Sienna who had just played the role of pure bunny and Nanna who had played the role of pure honey.
Then Yomi looked at Nanna and her eyes widened.
"I understand your sister Sienna, but is this person also from the Juniro family?"
"Oh ...... yes. She's my wife"
"Ivan is my husband!"
Ivan said a little shyly, while Nanna replied with a smile. The two met when Nanna sang the theme song for 'Overman Silvan' in which Ivan plays the lead role. Nanna's singing voice was so powerful that she sang it to boost morale (and increase the power of magic) when exterminating monster in the Nine-Headed Dragon Archipelago Union, and it was perfect for the theme song of a hero story.
When they produced 'Honeybunny' a heroine program for girls, Sienna, who could use the same illusion magic as Ivan and others without the need for special effects and had appeared in children's programs for many years, and Nanna, a cheerful girl who had sung the theme song for a heroic program, were selected to play the two leading roles. Because Ivan was also involved in the production of Honoybunny, he inevitably spent a lot of time with Nanna.
In the midst of this, the voices around him grew louder that he should settle down as the heir to the Juniro family, and while Ivan was at a loss, it was Nanna who put forward her name. She seems to have heard from Sienna that Ivan is in trouble, and she has become good friends with them. And so…….
"I love Ivan, Sienna and Mr. Moltov. I can be Ivan's wife if you feed me a belly full of chicken!"
……That's what she said. She likes fish, but she seems to have grown tired of eating it all the time, and now prefers chicken. Ivan seemed to see Nanna as more of a younger sister, but he still took this to heart and later gave her a large poultry farm as a gift. It is an engagement poultry farm, not an engagement ring.
Later, Nanna married Ivan and became a diva-turned-singer and also acted as a transforming heroine. Then the monster Todoashikan walked up behind them, wiping the sweat from his temples.
"Hah......Hah...... Oh, Sir Ivan. Didn't you say you would be showing our guest around today?"
Asked in that enchanting baritone voice, Ivan nodded.
"Yeah, Morse. These are our guests"
"Oh, I see. Nice to meet you, I am Morse Butchy"
"Eh, oh......Ah, hello. I'm Lombard Remus"
Lombard was momentarily taken aback......when Morse Butchy of the Walrus race, not the monster Todoashikan, held out his hand to him, but he quickly regained his composure and took his hand for a handshake.
"Um......Sir Morse, you were playing the role of a monster earlier, right?"
"Yes. My day job is as a singer, but people say I have a lustrous and majestic voice, so I was chosen to play the role of a top enemy in a new transforming heroine show. This look has also been well received, as it gives off a funny rather than a scary feeling. If you're going to fight a girl, you might as well have a slightly dumber enemy"
"I, is that so......"
Morse, with his walrus face, stroked his beard and laughed merrily. It is true that ...... when he smiles like this, he seems to be charming.
(I wonder if this country is a Jack-in-the-Box or something......)
Lombard and Yomi were astonished by the kingdom's seemingly unfathomable and unintelligible nature.
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2023.03.26 04:44 musiclaire Inevitability

If I had to pinpoint
The moment I knew
That I was finally losing you
It was probably the rainy day
Singing songs
In your grandparents’ garden
Or maybe it was filming you
Driving, dancing
Or maybe crying over pizza,
As the pit in my stomach grew
Dreading the coming months
Pain, so much pain
Betrayal, anger,
“I told you so” from all my friends
You slowly detached yourself
From me, from God, from family
Because I got too good to be true
And yet, love wasn’t enough
Maybe you missed your old days,
Your old ways, rushing back
Like they never left -
But I did.
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2023.03.26 04:30 TheLance2008 I fixed the Crossover web theory

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2023.03.26 04:29 Jsined My experiences and thoughts on life as of late. If nobody reads that's okay I just couldn't let it sit in my phone.

How many times can a person be failed before it isn't their fault anymore when they lose their life . When is it seen as a natural conclusion and a tragedy rather than a personal choice. When am I no longer seen as weak, but stronger than anyone else could've been. Is the only way to survive by never reaching a point so low in life that you need a break? Something to rely and lean on besides yourself?
I do not care about how people see me. I only have a fire inside of me that feels like it needs to be known. A burning hatred and resentment towards everything that ever was and everything I loved all at the same time, all of the time. A revenge. How many times can I be let down. How many times can such inhuman and disgusting things happen to me. I cannot even express the flame I have inside of me. I cannot even act upon it because everything I've ever learned in life has taught me that it only makes things worse to allow it to burn. It only leads to worse outcomes for me and anyone else who feels similarly. I do not say this out of resentment for not being able to let it burn, but out of remorseful experience. But at the same time I also know it is the only reason I am breathing now in this moment.
I am not even scared of being failed again by that which is supposed to help me, save me from itself and maybe even myself. I already know it will let me down. It has been proven time and time again, but it did not even need to be proven once. There is no miracle waiting for me to try again and get help. There is no tiny sliver of a chance. There is absolutely nothing. Only a reliably vomit induclingly inhuman system, built specifically that way, operating as intended in tandem with distorted images of those who were supposed to love me. I am scared that others with power over me will decide I need to do another round in this system. Because although I have seen it with my own eyes and ears how barren it is of hope they have not. They do not bother to check. They trust the system over me because they have not seen or heard it firsthand and my eyes and ears have been deemed medically fallible, untrustworthy. This is how I know nobody has ever truly understood or loved me. Because I am sound enough to know I am right about this, because it is all I know.
I cannot express my distrust back, I cannot even express how badly I have been scarred, for I have also been taught that doing so will make it so I no longer have a choice. There Is no horror movie that can express the terror of having to smile so people don't think you need help, how quickly the guise of help became malicious survailence. Going against every grain of your own humanity and intentionally avoiding nearly automatic survival mechanisms, because the old and natural mechanisms that tell me to scream for help only do so because they were constructed in a time where it may have actually existed, an evolutionary trait that is being weeded out.
I will be thrust into the system which has traumatized me again and again. And I will be seen as a failure when it fails me. No, I do not care about what those around me think of me, I only know that they pull the strings of my life in horrible ways. And the more I struggle, the more strength these strings retain, the more they wrap.
I have reached depths of the human experience that cannot be properly expressed, by myself at least, because when I do so I find myself viewing my own words as overly dramatic, although I cannot find better ones to express my situation. Even reading this back I know I am a horrible writer. My writing does not bring up the emotions I want it to, my speaking doesn't either. Is this because I am broken? Yes. Absolutely. But what kind of broken I do not know. Can I not read my words back to myself because of what others have expressed about them? Or because I find it pointless and silly now?
I hear them in my head telling me I am dramatic, telling me that words like this can only be used for poetry and poetry cannot have real meaning, only meaning to overly emotional idiots. I know that other people are demons as a result of my experiences and pieces of knowledge like that one. But now I find their words in my head. It has ruined me.I have lost the most important thing in my life, the ability to express the pain I am in. I cannot even scream from the pain I am in every second of my human experience.
Wanting this to be over is an understatement. I have starved myself for weeks in the past only to be revived at the last moment. I am now so broken I can no longer act on my own desires. I can no longer even end myself. I am being kept alive artificially, unable to die like a man hooked up to hospital bed wires. I can't even die. All I can do is wait in bed and slowly starve to death knowing this will be what my entire week looks like. And then do it again, and again and again. Just barely being kept alive out of nessesity.
I stopped enjoying things a long, long time ago. I am not sure if I ever truly have in the way that most people do every day. No, I have seen the limit of my happiness and it is not worth fighting for. But my despair. I cannot call it sadness. My agony. Has no end. No barriers or upper ceilings it cannot crash through as long as I am alive. I am confident hell does not exist beyond this. There is no way to measure agony, there are no words I can use for this stage of grief that I hadn't used before, however it is so much worse than before. This I how I know I have reached the end of healing, or at least I am so far from it I cannot fathom. When you do not have the words to express your sorrow. You know this is the case. You do not need a frame of refrence like I have just described. Your soul does it for you, whether you like it or not. This in in of itself is worse than any other suffering because I know I cannot get better if I can't identify what is wrong.
I cannot even describe what I am going through, either from personal restrictions or restrictions in language, maybe even the human condition. Maybe if I did find the words, they would be so far away and alien from what the average person experiences that it would still fall on deaf ears. I cannot even scream from the pain I am in. I do not even have thoughts anymore unless I try to think them, only wordless animalistic waves of distress and emotion to cut the monotony of the constant background aching. Pain overlapping pain, over and over. Like waves on a beach. The only way I know time has passed is this difference between pain. Not less or more, just a kaleidoscope of unique and individual torture. But I make it sound far more interesting than it is. There is no entertainment here. There is no desire. There is no healing. I feel dead already.
Even those who understand me best would see this as the scribblings of someone with mental health issues that needs to be medicated over a normal person just like themselves who has gone through real experience, true unwarped reality. A traumatizing series of events that would give anyone "depression". Of course, we all react differently to traumatizing circumstances, I would say this is the least destructive. Maybe this is not an illness but just one of the normal ways in which humans respond to being absolutely destroyed. Why won't people ever analyze what I am talking about rather than how I sound when I say it. To them, my mouth is sewn shut. They only read my expressions and think they know. And as a result this fire will destroy me from the inside because the smoke has nowhere to go. But this doesn't matter, because we creamate those who have died. So my life is just like any other. I already died. This fire is just the thing to destroy my body.
submitted by Jsined to SuicideWatch [link] [comments]