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2023.06.08 14:04 Mind_Initial Looks like someone was inspired by the VFA van

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2023.06.08 14:04 KKshilling The Difference Between Self-Employment and "Normal" Jobs

The Difference Between Self-Employment and
Imagine a 10-story Manhattan residential apartment building, in which each floor is nicer and more opulent than the last.
The ground floor is home to the cheapest apartments: studios with iron bars over the windows, leaky faucets, and the occasional rat or three. Sure, it’s habitable, and the hot water (occasionally) works, but it’s far from desirable.
As you move up to the second and third floors, the rodents disappear, the iron bars are removed, the plumbing is secure, and your bedroom, which is separate from your living room and kitchen, now has enough room for a queen mattress and a full-sized desk. It might not be your dream home, but it gets the job done.
On floors 4-6, your checkerboard floor tiles are switched out for hardwood, an in-unit washer and dryer replaces your weekly commute to wash your clothes, and your kitchen and living room are finally separate entities. (In most of America, these things are “normal.” In New York, an in-unit washer and dryer is a status symbol.)
Floors 7-9 bring beautiful views of the city, access to a balcony or deck, a dining room that fits a table for eight, a small home office, a living room that can hold dozens of friends, and one of those showers where the water pours directly from holes in the ceiling, like a waterfall for folks who don’t live anywhere near nature.
And then we have floor 10, the penthouse. Your floor has its own elevator that other residents can’t access. Your living room, grand piano included, has an unobstructed view of the East River, and it’s plenty big enough to host a cocktail party for 100 of your closest friends. Your floors are made of marble, your bookshelves are full of novels that you’ll never read (but still look impressive), you have one of those televisions that retracts into the floor on command, and you don’t have to lift a finger in the kitchen, because your chef handles the cooking for you.
Can you tell I’ve been apartment hunting this week?
So where will you reside? Well, that’s up to fate. Now imagine that you have two choices:
Choice A: you have a 10% chance of living on floors 2 and 3, an 80% chance of floors 4-6, and a 10% chance of floors 7-9. You are guaranteed to avoid the dredges of the ground floor, but you’ll never reach the penthouse either.
Choice B: You have a 20% chance of living on the ground floor, a 20% chance of landing in the penthouse, a 55% chance of landing anywhere between floors 2 and 9, and a 5% chance of sleeping outside the building altogether. Maybe you become Jay Gatsby, maybe you ask Mr. Gatsby for money on the corner, or maybe you end up somewhere in the middle.
Which choice do you make?
In 2023 in the United States of America, you have two options for employment:
1) Working for someone else
2) Working for yourself
Critics of traditional employment exclaim, “You’ll never get rich unless you own equity in your work; you have to be your own boss. A salary is no way to reach the top 1% of wealth in the US.
Critics of self-employment cry, “It’s far too risky to strike out on your own. Sure, there are some success stories, but you will probably crash and fail.”
Both parties believe they are right, and both parties leverage countless data points to support their positions. But both parties are missing the point.
The key isn’t that one form of employment is objectively better than the other. The key is that the distribution of outcomes that accompany different employment types varies.
In the example above, the probabilities of living in different apartments weren’t simply an arbitrary test of your risk tolerance. They serve to highlight the range of outcomes you can expect from different career paths.
Allow me to explain with yet another analogy.
In finance, we use derivatives called options to place leveraged bets and/or hedge our portfolios against downside moves.
The two simplest options are “calls” and “puts.”
You can buy a call option to bet on a stock going up by a certain date. If the stock price increases enough before the option’s expiration date, you will make a lot of money. If the stock doesn’t increase enough by the expiration date, the option expires worthless. You can also get paid upfront to sell call options on stocks that you already own, but you will be obligated to sell those shares at the option’s strike price if the stock price increases past that point, capping your potential gains.
Buying a put option gives you the right to sell that stock at a certain price, no matter how far its price has fallen, allowing you to hedge against declines. Meanwhile, selling a put option obliges you to buy that stock if it falls below your option’s strike price, opening you up to risk if a stock performs poorly.
There is one particular options strategy known as a “collar,” where you sell call options on stocks that you own and use those proceeds to purchase matching put options. This strategy got its name because it “collars” your portfolio: you are protected from downside moves, but your upside is limited thanks to the calls you sold to pay for the insurance.
Mark Cuban famously used a collar to preserve his wealth after selling to Yahoo for billions right before the Dot Com bubble crashed.
A traditional, salaried job is a collar: the cost of protecting against downside risk is limited upside.
Think of your entry-level salary at your first job in corporate America as the second floor of the building, and your total comp as a high-level VP or director as an apartment on the eighth floor.
Your worst possible outcome, a career that fails to advance, still pays well enough to cover the basics. Meanwhile, a home run career pays handsomely, but it won’t propel you to the upper echelons of wealth. Like Mark Cuban’s Yahoo shares, your career is collared. The potential upside and downside outcomes are range defined.
Working for yourself, on the other hand, is like purchasing call options. If you succeed, the upside will outperform the “normal” career by a magnitude, but if you’re wrong, no one is there to save you. The cost of admission for unlimited upside is the potential for absolute failure. Maybe you become a millionaire, maybe you go bust. Who knows.
Of course, neither path is an all-or-nothing pursuit. There’s nothing wrong with allocating a small portion of a well-diversified portfolio to some more speculative call options, and you certainly don’t have to quit a well-paying job to go all-in on last weekend’s late-night Eureka! moment. In fact, the prudent move for someone looking to start their own thing is to launch it while they’re still working, that way they don’t need the money immediately.
If a stock does well enough, it can still generate insane returns for you despite initially being a small part of your portfolio. If your side hustle takes off, it can still generate life-changing money for you as well, without you having to give up your day job along the way.
That being said, I love a good casino trip, so we’ll stick with the call options. It is just betting on yourself, after all.
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2023.06.08 14:03 NightRavenFSZ Do I keep the years I had my license for?

Hello, got a quick question I need help solving. In July of last year I got caught speeding, and being a new driver I have found out I've had my license revoked. I'm not looking to discuss the event itself, however I did do it and I've paid the price. The only thing I can actually be annoyed about is that it's taken nearly a year for me to face said punishment.
I'm back onto a provisional now, and looking forward to being able to drive again, however when I do pass my test, do I get to keep the year of NCB, and do I put onto my insurance quotes that I've had my license for 1 year 2 months (which is how long I had my original license before it was revoked)? My license number has stayed the same, however the issue number has gone up by 1 (85 to 86, guessing thats just a year thing).
Thank you!
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2023.06.08 14:01 ThrowRA_xikiwag Am I (32m) looking too deeply into her (26f) running out and leaving?

My girlfriend, now ex, of more than 3 years and I had a tough time for a couple of years. Too many arguments, too much personal/family stuff happening in our lives. Combined with her diagnosed bipolar and my incessant "giving advice" attitude towards supporting and her left her feeling unloved.
A couple of months ago, she went on a trip to see family. This has happened before, but went normally. This time she did make it clear she was leaving for a while and it was to decompress. Life is fickle sometimes, so I accepted that and actually thought it would make sense. Our communication was thorough, but there was a wedge for sure. I suspect she wanted to leave to get some space about a month or two before she left. Although she did tell me she planned to come back during a post split conversation.
I was going to visit, leading up to it conversations were okay. Literally up to almost being near her, said we shouldn't continue. I was upset. To sum up the last week, we have had conversations. Most of which was me getting very logical explaining the reasons we should work on it. She stuck to her guns, even going so extreme as "We have nothing in common", "the last years have been the worst", etc. I stayed calm, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't say I didn't very persistently try to convince her that we have so much potential and we could make it work with good communication. She seems to also be struggling still deciding what she wants to do with her life (school and career) and is always too anxious to get serious about it.
Most recent conversation was more calm. Ended with me asking if she would be interested if things changed (me being more loving, basically). She responded with "Let me heal alone and ask me in a while." I said I respect that, wished her luck, and concisely expressed I want to make it work.
There's more context of course. We have have never had any instances of betrayal. A couple of months ago she became aware I was likely to propose soon. Had been living with eachother for about 3 years. I know she is very grateful I was able to afford us going to a home and place she absolutely adores. She says she doesn't trust me and has a hyperbolic perspective on how bad the bad moments were too. Although her bipolar attitude makes her view lots of things hyperbolically.
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2023.06.08 14:00 ThrowRA2023466 I (F35) have lost interest in having sex with my partner (M34). How do I know if it’s bad sex or just no sexual connection between us?

My partner and I have been together for a year and a half. At the start I remember we had really good sex and was able orgasm vaginally. But I think once the honeymoon stage was over and we both went through some personal difficulties this year then sex didn’t become a priority. I noticed it became more rough and I started struggling to orgasm.
Now when we have sex I feel like it’s a chore. I eventually can orgasm, mostly orally, but it’s no where near as intense. I know this sounds horrible but I feel like he’s smaller than what I’ve been used to in the past and it’s not hitting the spot as intensely as I’d like. I miss that feeling of intense - shivers in the body - kind of orgasm.
I’d never say anything about size to him. I really don’t know if I’m just being completely in my head about our sex life and this is a ‘me’ problem. It’s almost like I’m dreading having sex now. I do find him attractive, so I don’t understand why sex feels like this with him. I barely get wet at all anymore. I’ve suggested toys and we’ve used them a couple of times but he didn’t really like it.
How do I know if it’s just bad sex or if we genuinely don’t have a connection in the bedroom? I don’t want to tell him what to do in bed and make him try, if it won’t help. Appreciate any responses here.
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2023.06.08 13:59 readytokno Badass - 1983

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2023.06.08 13:59 Ayabee1 This subreddit helped me figure out more of myself.

Even though i'm still nowhere near healthy, browsing this subreddit allowed me to review my past more than i usually can. For some reason the mental block that happens when i try to remember things was more delayed while browsing this subreddit.
So I want to say thank you. I understand myself a bit more now. I still have a lot of hurt in me, but I understand why I have it more than I did before.
I usually lurk on every social media I use, including reddit, but I felt like I needed to post at least once just to say thank you.
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2023.06.08 13:58 Aaacabblog1 Taxi Bristol CT

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Taxi Bristol CT
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2023.06.08 13:58 MyKidreports MyKidReprots - Launch a preschool listing feature

MyKidReports is a leading provider of child care software solutions for preschoolers. The company is dedicated to revolutionizing the way preschools manage their operations by offering a range of tools and features that simplify administrative tasks and improve communication between parents and educators.
Additionally, MyKidReports offers a free preschool listing feature for lifetime, so preschool owners can attract parents, and parents can find the best preschools near them whenever they search for best preschool near me or childcare near me.
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2023.06.08 13:57 IntelligentCABlonde I was on the SF BMR wait list for 12 years

I finally won the lottery for brand new housing. I am both a senior and disabled. The paperwork alone took nearly a year for approval. Still I was apprehensive about moving smack into the middle of the Tenderloin's worst area. Finally my application was approved by the MOHC. I suffer from PTSD and Agoraphobia so moving versus just ending it all was a 6 month debate. Seriously. The new place is considered to be a new Micro Studio. Partial kitchen. Step in shower and shared common areas. Still luxury compared to older places or SROs. I reluctantly arranged to move in and decided to make the best of it. The very day I moved in I tripped on a tree stump, fractured my skull and broke my right arm in 3 places and dislocated my shoulder. No one to help me at all. Now that I'm in I've found out that my ONLY neighbor on my side of the building is a squatter, a drug addict and has people over all of the time 24/7 with bicycles in the hall, cigarette smoke and his homeless friends using our laundry room, stealing everything not nailed down and so much more. I am 69 years old and have repeatedly told the 'tenant' that I am allergic to cigarette smoke, etc. All to no avail. I have also told him he can't have guests over 24/7. One night my dog's barking woke me and I stepped out to see what was up and ran into the 'tenant' with a crowbar and copper wiring trying to gain entry. I had no idea he didn't legally have possession or a key fob. He started ranting about the manager and how he was illegally locked out and his stuff was inside. I told him that was between him and management but I wouldn't allow him to break in. He didn't leave until I called the police. I admit I am clueless to this day as to what an addict looks like under the influence but his eyes are always super bright like he's on some kind of stimulant, but I don't know. The manager says he is NOT the tenant who rented the apartment but that eviction is being pursued. I suspect the manager did lock him out at one point and the squatter got legal help to regain access. The manager swears he did not lock him out but the only way to get in is with a security fob. No keys. Now I've found out that allegedly the builder misclassified this building nearly 3 years ago as an SRO which is why we have mailboxes, keys but NO USPS delivery. Meanwhile the alcoholic on site manager goes through all of my mail and I have had numerous packages go missing. A brand new credit card was both delivered and stolen on the 31st of this month and there were 16 charges on it in one day to Uber, Uber Eats and ZipCar. I was finally made aware when the credit card company notified me via email that my charge at Safeway and another market were declined "because I hadn't activated my card yet!" WTAF? They let this thief use the card all day long until it was flagged at Safeway and THEN they email me? Bottom line I am terrified that living here with an alcoholic property manager and a junkie neighbor whose door directly faces mine, makes my life literally in danger. I can't move and every time I see the squatter I just want to stab him. So yes I am losing it. I feel so trapped and terrified and wonder if I will end up snapping. This activity is right in my face 24/7. My hallway has 6 units with 4 always having been unoccupied. Honestly I don't see how they can in good faith rent to anyone new knowing the danger of this hallway. I've never once seen them even attempt to show the empty units. I am beyond sad and hopeless. On the rare occasions I have to leave my place to access my car six blocks away I have become nearly intolerant of the homeless overnight. I used to volunteer at shelters and often fed homeless, but now I am just hardened. I see a passed out half clothed body on the sidewalk and I just step around it. I used to call 911 or 311. Now I don't know what to do. I don't want to die but see no future at all. I nearly died waiting for Below Market Housing and now it's literally killing me. I had no idea the entire time I was on the wait list what BMR really meant. I never qualified for low income or senior housing. None of that. I just assumed that BMR meant just that, that if you made below 100K or so you could apply for a discounted unit. They can blame London Breed all they want but the real reason for the current situation in SF is COVID, the lock downs and subsequent sky rocketing homeless population. I know for a fact that the majority of theft, as in major theft, are well organized thieves most of which don't even live in SF. I ran into a team of them before my beloved elderly dog died. I used to take him out to the tree out front at all hours to pee. I ran straight into thieves one night. They were well organized, well dressed and gone as soon as they saw me. They were nothing like the homeless plaguing our neighborhood right now. These people are self medicating, angry and often vicious. They are hardly the criminal element bringing SF to its knees. Criminals? Yes with shoplifting and all manner of self destructive and hateful crimes, but not the well organized criminal element that is literally robbing SF of its most valuable resources, tourism. I used to be a huge Pelosi fan until I saw her speaking at a charity event for the hospital where her husband was treated following his attack. When I was taken to UCSF per MY request and even with excellent insurance I wasn't given Pelosi type treatment. I was treated like a vagrant. I waited an entire day for my exam, head CT and arm cast. I was never hooked up to an IV, fed, given water or ice chips nor was blood even drawn. After the 2nd head CT when it showed I still had inter cranial bleeding, did they finally do an MRI. San Francisco is now two classes, the rich and the poor. I'm not street poor but might as well be. I don't know where to go from here. Caught up in an untenable housing situation and literally not being able to afford housing in Southern California which is where I grew up, went to college and law school. Sadly since my beloved dog died I can't imagine living anywhere without him.
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2023.06.08 13:57 Single-Mushroom-6326 List some ACTUAL unpopular opinions about s6 so far ( MAKE IT AS CONTROVERSIAL YET SO BOLD, HOWEVER NOT PROBLEMATIC, KEEP IT HARMONIOUS Yk)

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2023.06.08 13:56 2000yearsfromnow Can anyone recommend a route from Terminal 3 to ISI Delhi?

I will arrive at 11:00 am. From what I see, the metro line from terminal 3 (orange) won't take me to my location without a big u turn.
What should I use to get to ISI? Since it's going to be my first time travelling alone in Delhi and any city outside my hometown for that matter, I am not very well versed with the scams here. What scams should I watch out for, and what landmark near ISI Delhi would public transport guys know about?
Also, what would be a recommended way to return to terminal 3?
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2023.06.08 13:55 VineViridian The next step in healing after dropping trauma defenses? I understand why some addicts don't quit their substances.

I just figured out why my mental health has gotten so much worse instead of better.
I've written extensively in reddit trauma subs about having a lifelong freeze/fawn trauma response, utilizing maladaptive daydreaming, being disassociated since childhood, and having disordered eating that I've mostly put into remission.
I even used to think for a time that there was another "entity" following me, as I'd perceive a disassociated part of myself hovering in space or across a room. When I realized that I'd spontaneously disassociate like that whenever I felt anxious, I focused on integrating myself.
That's only an extreme example of disassociation. I legit was in my 40s before I stopped oozing out of my body like that, but the learning disabilities and memory lapses have been life long. I'm only now tackling those in my late 50s!
My brain works better than it ever has, but holy fuck, I'm tired. I've had so much trauma, abandonment, cruelty, failure to launch, etc. built up over a lifetime, I've woke from a waking coma at nearly 60, and have to figure out how to "life" like a functioning adult.
....and I really understand why addicted people do not stop their drug and alcohol use. I work with an addict population, and I don't think its possible to understand why better than I do.
Alcohol killing your liver, but you keep drinking? Yup.
Lost a finger to skin popping, still doing coke and meth? Yup, yup, I fucking get it, damn.
The thing is, I can't go back to my addictions of behavior, other than my final ones that are still in my way: procrastination & executive function challenges. ADHD, or lifelong maladaptive defenses? I don't fucking know.
I do know that I have to change what I do, and how I think of myself.
Get out of low pay manual laboretail: Check.
Get competant & keep learning at current low pay professional position: Done.
Research career move job training for better pay: Procrastinating.
Think of self as competent in learning new skills: Yeah, got that.
Meet new people, don't show trauma history: sigh Learned the hard way, finally.
.....anyway, I am ripped clean of all of my lifetime of defenses. I am alone, I've tried support groups, I don't find them safe or supportive, I don't want to talk about this deeply vulnerable shit in them.
I've been treated pretty horribly by a past therapist, and I've realized that happens with therapists when they become annoyed with our trauma symptoms or lack of obvious improvement.
I feel reasonably safe showing my traumatized self exclusively on select reddit trauma subs.
I've learned the hard way that I can't talk to "friends." It's the fastest way to lose them. I'm not going to fuck up again with new acquaintances.
I'm learning that I don't want to talk about this to therapists. They cannot relate, and become judgmental eventually.
I've used mushrooms for medicine, but have not been able to integrate the experiences.
I'm thinking that if I continue to improve my life externally, while feeling this anguished and barren internally, I'm eventually going to do something epic level self destructive.
I wish I had something secure in my life to find comfort in, other than my replacement addiction of dumping time into reddit. You're my lifeline, guys.
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2023.06.08 13:54 BojackPferd Performance issues : stuttering boats and airships despite low hardware load and high fps

Unfortunately regardless of my graphics setting, at high population/advancement levels my gameplay becomes stuttery, ships and airships do not move faster when the game is sped up but instead stutter a lot. This is independent of the FPS (which can be at 60-70 during the stutter). On the lowest or the highest possible graphics settings the issue is identical. The issue gets worse as the population level increases, over time even at normal speeds the fps on boats and airships become very low and their movement speed is reduced.
Neither CPU (Ryzen 5 3600X), GPU (RX 5700 XT), RAM (40GB 3600mhz), VRAM (8GB), SSD etc. are bottlenecked, all of the mentioned have plenty of room to run specially on the lowest settings where the issue also exists. All PC cores are at most at 72% on the lowest settings. Ram is 16/40GB on the lowest settings. The game is installed on the same SSD as the OS and everything else. Ram runs at 3600mhz. Dx11 or Dx12 both have the same issue. Dx12 also creates random crashes from time to time though. Offline/Online = no difference. One monitor active or two= no difference. I can not imagine it being hardware related when my hardware is not reaching its limits at all yet the issue still persists at low hardware loads at low settings and low resolution. Everything else in the game is extremely fluid after all.
My game is at around 190000 population, money cap reached and income nearing 1 billion. I play with 3 AIs and Ive kept them alive however I suspect they do not affect performance in relation to ship and airship movement.
Its very uncomfortable to play like this, I get headaches after a while due to the stuttery motions. Help!
(I checked other similar posts with other people having the same issues, however I found no recent one and none of the advice they were given helped me or them)
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2023.06.08 13:54 Rykzi pomeranian behavior issues

hello! i recently got a new pomeranian, he is currently 4 months old. everything was going so well but once he warmed up, he's been biting and nipping at me - legs, hands, etc very hard; he's also peeing everywhere rather than using his training mat, and he's terrified of going outside and constantly runs back to me/tries to run back home. when i got him, the previous ownebreeder told me he was potty trained but he is clearly not, and when he was sold to me he was whining a lot - he told me it was his first time outside! i messaged asking what training methods worked out for him but was given an uninterested response - i'm starting to suspect he wasn't even trained. i got him at 3 nearing 4 months - completely untrained. aside from the biting, he is the sweetest little boy. but i am at a loss, please help!!
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2023.06.08 13:53 RuthAzimuth Apprehensions about top surgery

Sorry for the long post.
I'm autistic and I've always been extremely sensitive to how things feel. As a kid, when I had to get new school shoes every year (I'm from the UK, where we wear a uniform), I'd be there for hours and hours trying on every pair they had, because I couldn't wear them if they didn't fit in a precise way. When my chest developed, I couldn't cope with wearing a bra. I used to buy cheap sports bras and cut them up to make them extremely tight, basically a primitive form of binding before I even knew what binding was. I didn't even own a proper bra until I was almost 16, even though I'm a 30F. I was adamant from the age of 13-14 that as soon as I was old enough I'd get a breast reduction of as much as possible, and (to quote myself at the time) "more than they'd normally do. I basically want to be flat-chested". This was before I knew that non-binary people and even cis women can get top surgery; I thought that was reserved for trans men and that my only option was just a reduction. I desperately wished (and still do) that I could have naturally developed an AA to an A cup, but large chests run in my family. For years I've been wearing deliberately baggy clothing every day to hide the fact that I'm not wearing a bra. I basically can't wear the clothes I want and I'm constantly both socially insecure ("will people look at me weird?") and physically uncomfortable. I find the skin-to-skin sensation of my chest physically uncomfortable, not just the sensation of wearing a bra, so it's a lose-lose; I'm nearly always experiencing some form of sensory distress caused by my own body. And before anyone asks, yes I definitely have the right bra size, that's not the issue here. I've checked myself countless times, including using, and it's still intolerably uncomfortable. Some autistic people are just much more sensitive to physical touch/texture than neurotypicals. Please spare me your ableism, I'm sick of hearing "you must just be wearing the wrong size". Plus, even if I can find a bra I'm comfortable with, I'd rather not have to; I'd rather be done with it altogether. Occasionally I wear a binder and it's by far the best feeling I've had, but I don't do it often because of safety concerns.
In addition to my sensory issues, I also experience euphoria from seeing myself flat-chested (i.e. wearing a binder) and presenting androgynous, like I look at myself and think "that's the real me", and it feels amazing. I came out as non-binary at the start of this year.
Anyway, so at the start of this year I finally started seriously thinking about surgery, and I started researching it every day. I've had a consult with Dr Lago in Madrid and his secretary has emailed me about possible dates (I said I want to wait until October because I want to avoid the Spanish summer and also there's a concert I really want to attend in late September).
But I have a dilemma which is that I don't want my chest to be flat like a cis man's is, but instead what people describe as (for lack of a better word) "a feminine flat chest" with a tiny bit of shape left, and I'm worried about not being able to achieve the results I want.
I'm put off even trying a reduction (and I wouldn't be able to afford to try a 2nd time if I wasn't happy with the 1st reduction) because I doubt they can go as small as I want. My issue isn't simply "I hate how big my chest is and it causes me back pain, and I'd be happy if they were smaller but still a reasonable size", it's that having them at all causes me discomfort. Basically, any size where they could touch each other or my ribcage even slightly, any size where I can feel them move when I exercise, any size where I functionally should be wearing a bra for support (even if it's only when I exercise), I would still be very unhappy with. What I want is a little shape, like remnants of very small breasts, but not enough that you'd really consider them breasts. I've heard that reduction can only bring you down a few sizes, and that's not enough for me. I understand that a radical reduction with FNG can achieve a lot more, but I'm worried that the surgeon still won't go as small as I want, plus it's much harder to find surgeons who will do a radical reduction.
What really sucks is, I'm pretty sure that if I had naturally developed an AA/A chest, I wouldn't be seeking top surgery. I'm basically seeking top surgery because I'd rather be totally flat-chested than be left with any significant amount of breast tissue, and my biggest fear is going through all the pain and money of surgery only for it to feel like "not enough", but neither surgical option is 100% what I want. I've heard that the size/shape a reduction (even a radical reduction) can achieve is limited by your breast root (breast width), and that there's only so small they can go, because beyond a certain point they'll just look like flat pancakes. Therefore, I don't know if the size/shape I want is even possible for me, which is why I've been looking into top surgery.
I know I shouldn't be having these kind of questions this late into the process, and it is my fault because I rushed into it slightly. Some days I feel certain that I want top surgery (or at least that it's the best option I have) and I feel extremely excited, other days I have apprehensions like this.
Dr Lago told me he does liposuction and shapes the chest according to what the patient wants - he said that the masculine shaping is like the shape of the pecs (I forget what exact word he used) and the neutral shaping is more "cylindrical", which is much closer to what I want, but I'm worried that it will still be slightly too flat.
I'm also terrfied that with a flat chest I'll look disproportionate because I have quite wide hips; that it'll make me even more insecure about the rest of my body (which might subconsciously be the entire reason why I want my chest to still have a tiny bit of shape). But there's nothing I can do about this other than getting a standard reduction where they try to keep you "proportional", but as stated, I would be very unhappy with this (in terms of my chest itself).
tl;dr - I feel like a reduction couldn't get me as small as I want to go, but I'm anxious that top surgery will feel like slightly too much.
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2023.06.08 13:51 East-Employee-9885 +91-7357935089 love problem solution in pune

love problem solution in pune This blog article discusses the second marriage calculator, which is a tool that can be used to predict when someone will get married for the second time. The article includes instructions on how to use the calculator, as well as some information on the accuracy of the predictions.
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2023.06.08 13:50 zirge New Player & Landscape Difficulty

Hello! I am a brand new player to LOTRO. Long-time MMO player though. I created a Beorning and am loving it so far.
I saw the update about the Landscape Difficulty being added and how you can earn a title for leveling under +3 or higher. So first chance I got, I set my difficulty to +3.
I was just wondering if I am shooting myself in the foot here and taking away from the "new player experience" or if the rewards from the difficulty slider are even worth it. When I first saw the news about how it would increase PVE difficulty, I got really excited. Reading more into it and experiencing the eye of sauron effect and the AoE Healing for mobs, it seemed to just turn into a game of "Move mob out of circle". I played for about an hour with +3 on killing spiders in Sprigley's Cellar in Archet Dale and could handle several mobs at once.
I know this is pretty open ended, I was looking to gather the community's input here though. On one hand, I like a bit more challenge and just face-rolling through the entire leveling process might be boring, but on the other hand, playing the "move away from AoE" with every mob will get old really quick. The +20% bonus XP doesn't impact me really, I plan to level slowly anyways and do nearly every quest I can (which I read would out-pace zones anyways). and I don't see any information about bonus drops/loot as a reward, only a title.
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2023.06.08 13:50 eel__69 ACE Proctoring

Hey guys I’m about to take my ACE COT exam and am wondering what type of online proctoring they use? Is there a camera? Just a lockdown browser? I may have issues as my camera is broken but there is a testing center right near me.
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2023.06.08 13:50 unixwizzard Internet service going down daily.

For the past two, maybe three weeks, my Internet has been going down every morning like clockwork at around 7:25AM Eastern time.
The duration of the first outage varies, could be a couple minutes, could be longer, lasting until around 8:00AM.
During the "short" outages it will come back up and my modem shows horrible signal levels, some channels dropping below -10dBmV with the SNR down to nearly 30dB - and it shows thousands, no tens of thousands of uncorrecteds.
Then the service drops out again, lasting a few minutes or more, and again poor signal levels & tons of uncorrecteds when it comes back up.
It will flap down and up like that until 8:00am, then the connection stays up.. Some channels have are down below -5dBmV, however the SNR for all channels are +40-42db which is excellent, so the levels don't concern me. Oh and no uncorrecteds and very few correcteds, which is a good thing.
The issue is the constant disconnecting that happens between 7:25AM to 8:00AM.. It just seems too specific of a time period. If there is an issue with the signal, I would expect to experience dropouts throughout the day, but I don't. The rest of the day the connection is rock solid.
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2023.06.08 13:49 Panic-atthepanic Bad luck with the gacha? (vent post)

Is it just me or does the 'gacha luck' just suddenly shut down on you sometimes? (I know it's not really a thing, but right now I'm low)
I was a day 1 player, and I quit when Ultimecia EX came out, around Lufenia era - my luck with pulls was atrocious and I had to pity near everything I touched. Came back briefly for Cloud's BT, left again for the same reason.
Drifted back to the game for 5th Anniversary and I got a flurry of luck I was so grateful for - so many BTs with tickets! I was able to grind and restock my gems, catch up to content, and now I'm a regular Shinryu clearer. Just did D3D and it was great to finally clear one!
... But the month of May has kind of dried up all my luck again. 9 BTs, and 6 of them full out pities. To make matters worse, a friend of mine started playing recently and has lucked into 3 BTs in under 30k gems.
So. Anyone else? Have bad luck streaks with the game? I'm a little bit salty and self pitying right now, would love to hear similar stories.
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2023.06.08 13:47 JaeFinley Advice re: potatoes in compost

Okay, so here’s the deal: I had a bin of nearly finished compost that sprouted volunteer potatoes. A lot of them. Initially, the plan was to let them and harvest them. Now, though, it seems like some animals have been going at them as the plants are trampled and we have seen other signs. If it was just me, I would still wait for them to be ready and harvest them, but my family is not interested. So now my goal has changed I no longer want to harvest. I want to get this bin finished. What’s the best way to do this without more volunteers popping out? Should I pull them, dig around for all of the potatoes, and put them in my fresh bin? I was leaning this way, but I know some potatoes will hide and I’ll have volunteers again down the road. Maybe the best plan is to top the bin off with a bunch of wood chips to cook everything underneath—would that prevent seed potatoes from forming? It will soon be in the 80s regularly. This plan, though, sets that bin of compost back several months.
Anyone encounter this issue? What would you do?
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