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For all your bro tips

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2023.06.08 14:50 premierabodes21 Affordable Interior Design Studio in Electronic City - Premier Abodes

Interior design can be daunting, especially if you're new to it. As one of the interior design studio in Electronic City, Premier Abodes has worked on countless projects and seen a few common mistakes that can derail the entire process. In this article, we will share ten things to avoid while doing your interior, along with some tips from our experts.
Don't Rush the Process
Interior design takes time, and it's essential to be patient. Rushing through the process can lead to poor decision-making, which can negatively impact the overall outcome. Take your time to research, plan and collaborate with your home decor in Electronic City to achieve the best results.
Don't Over-Accessorize
It's easy to get carried away with accessories, but over-accessorizing can make your space look cluttered and overwhelming. Opt for a few statement pieces that add character and interest to your room without overwhelming it.
Don't Ignore Lighting
Lighting can make or break your interior design. Poor lighting can make your space feel dim and uninviting, while good lighting can create a warm and welcoming ambience. Consider different types of lighting, including task lighting, ambient lighting, and accent lighting, to create a well-lit and inviting space.
Don't Ignore Functionality
While aesthetics are essential, it's also essential to consider functionality. Your space should be both beautiful and practical. When planning your interior design, consider the layout, flow, and purpose of each room to ensure that your space is functional and efficient.
Don't Ignore Your Personal Style
Your interior design should reflect your personal style and taste. Don't get caught up in trends or fads that don't align with your personal aesthetic. Work with the best interior designers for villas in Bangalore to incorporate your unique style into your design.
Don't Skimp on Quality
Cutting corners on quality can lead to a less-than-ideal outcome. Invest in high-quality materials and finishes to ensure that your space looks and feels its best.
Don't Overlook Storage
Storage is essential in any interior design. Be sure to incorporate ample storage solutions to keep your space organised and clutter-free.
Don't Forget About Color
Colour is an essential element of interior design, and it can have a significant impact on the overall look and feel of your space. Be mindful of colour choices and consider how they will complement each other in your design.
Don't Ignore Texture
Texture can add depth and interest to your space. Incorporate different textures through furniture, fabrics, and accessories to create a tactile and visually pleasing environment.
Don't Ignore Your Budget
Finally, it's essential to stick to your budget. It's easy to get carried away with interior design, but overspending can lead to financial stress and regret. Work with the best interior designers in Bangalore to create a strategy that aligns with your budget and goals.
At Premier Abodes, we are committed to creating beautiful and functional interior designs that align with our client's goals and personal styles. As one of the best interior design companies in Bangalore, we have the expertise and experience to deliver exceptional results. Whether you need home decor in Electronic City or interior design services in Hennur Road, we have the resources and talent to meet your needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you create the interior of your dreams.
For more information:
Address: 4th Floor, Laxmi Tower, 921, 5th Main Rd, near 3M Car Care, Sector 7, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102
Mail: [email protected]
Call Now: +91 8904888864, +91 7676751955
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2023.06.08 14:50 thehandsanitiser Why are drop bar hydraulic disc brakes so expensive?!

I'm looking for a new road bike, and anything with Hydraulic disc brakes starts at 1200 euros minimum, and that's for budget brands.
I have mechanical disc brakes now and I hate them. They work fine and they're reliable enough, but they just dont compare to hydraulic.
Meanwhile, hydraulic brakes on flat bar bikes are basically the norm. You can get a cheap bike with Shimano tourney that costs 500 bucks with hydraulic disc brakes.
What's the hold up with getting drop bar shifters that are affordable? Is it really that much more complicated to produce?
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2023.06.08 14:50 AutoModerator John Anthony Lifestyle - All Courses Bundle

Chat us on +44 759 388 0762 on Telegram/Whatsaap if you are interested in John Anthony Lifestyle courses.
The John Anthony Lifestyle courses are ones of the most recognized products on how to improve your dating life.
Texting, Live Game and Infields - everything is included in a package that will truly transform your love life for good.
The courses in the John Anthony Lifestyle bundle include:
John Anthony Lifestyle - The Leads Machine
John Anthony Lifestyle - Occam's Razor
John Anthony Lifestyle - Platinum Dating System
To get the John Anthony Lifestyle courses contact me on:
Whatsapp/Telegram: + 44 759 388 0762
Reddit DM to u/RequestCourseAccess
Email: silverlakestore/@/ (remove the brackets)
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2023.06.08 14:50 RhinoFox0730 Ranting, sharing random thoughts, and asking for advice…

I’m from the good ol’ US of A and recently came back from a month long vacation in the Philippines and was fully expecting to have gained 20 lbs, but was surprised to see my weight actually GO DOWN a few pounds… WHAT!!! I literally ate everything I missed and craved (I lived there for 5 years before) and still lost a few pounds?? America, what in the world is in our food that makes us gain sooo much sooo fast sooo easily?
I’ve been fat for most of my life and I’ve also been trying to (unsuccessfully) lose weight for just as long. I’ve given up hope a while back, but want to get the ball rolling now especially because my boyfriend has recently proposed and we plan to get married next year…
I want to start working out (because that’s the part that’s always lacking and inconsistent in my life), but I HATE the thought of being in a gym and doing the same workouts over and over every day. Knowing myself, it’s just not a good way for me to keep consistent with working out. I’ve thought of hiring a personal trainer to motivate me to go to the gym and/or taking swimming lessons (it’s a sport I enjoy), but both are so costly :(
Please share your thoughts and advice for me!
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2023.06.08 14:49 LittleBitsBitch [Sell] [USA] mens L/XL shirts!

5 shirts total for sale! Prices are shipped cost, if using G&S I’d ask you pay the ~3% fee.
Prices are next to item, will also take best offers!
There are Good As New grade (based off lulu trade in). Less than 3 wears, tags removed.
Forgive me if I butcher some of these names as lulu is always throwing curveballs.
L Metal Vent Tech LongSleeve Jasper Green $25 shipped (this is an in between L/XL so it will be looser on L size people)
L Breathe Shortsleeve shirt (fits L true to size) $20 shipped
XL Metal Vent Breathe ShortSleeve Tokyo $20 Shipped
L Metal Vent Tech LongSleeve Spicy Red $25 shipped (this is an in between L/XL size so it will be looser on L size people, sleeves also long on it)
XL Breathe LongSleeve SeaFoam Green $25 shipped
If anyone has questions or if I missed anything please let me know.
Note: if you buy multiple items at once I can lower cost a bit since shipping will be cheaper. Thanks!
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2023.06.08 14:49 Squirrel_Trick Would an INFJ ever be able to do that ? A relationship related question

Hello everyone and thanks for clicking on this subject
I tried asking opinions before but by giving the full details I received some harsh answers by people because they decided I couldn’t be telling the truth
So I’m just going to be concise.
Imagine you’re a sub-30 INFJ woman. You’re quite unhealthy because you are torn between living a quiet life and wanting to roam across the world without much to think about.
Now let’s say you dumb your bf, entertain a psychological and physical link with him for 6 months. Then you leave for 6 months working abroad.
Does the sentence “I know you love me and I love you too but I won’t let anyone restrain me anymore, etc etc. I can’t think about the future because I want to live the present right now” sounds a bell ?
Would you be able to possibly see a future with someone and letting it to destiny wether you get back together ?
In more factual terms, living 6 months without caring about his existence, seeing guys as you want etc , then come back home and say “well it looks like he did good and he still is there for me so why not?”
Not asking for a friend this is the situation I’m in.
(I’ll say for people who’d like to assault me that I know if the relation failed I had my share in it too. That’s why when I realised what was going on, even though we were not together anymore l, I stayed, I helped and worked on myself on many levels. Things seemed good until she was 1 month in there
Felt like she decided she wanted to do “anything” she wants without feeling guilt. My male brain obviously knew on the spot what this was about.
But somehow, even tho that brings great pain and anger in me, on top of having fear of abandonment. My mind just won’t accept to stop loving her.
So I’m asking for … people who could or couldn’t relate ? Thanks !!
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2023.06.08 14:49 systemofstripes Delayed reaction time due to dissociation?

I notice playing video games (specifically first person shooters) that my reaction time is sometimes slowed, I can't even tell how bad (probably a good 2-5 second delay from seeing something and hitting the appropriate button). Not even like I'm dissocated at that time though. My bf explained it like it feels like my eyes to brain to motor functions have multiple doors to go through because of possibly "barriers" vs someone who doesn't have DID. Does this make sense or is this common? Or am I just slow at games😂
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2023.06.08 14:49 josephgeorge5701 Managing your mental health during summer breaks from university

Managing your mental health during summer breaks from university
It is important to take care of your mental health during summer breaks from university. After a busy semester and the stress that comes with it, you need time to relax and recuperate. The transition period between semesters can be especially challenging if there is no structure in place for leisure activities or goals. Therefore, taking steps towards creating a routine and establishing healthy habits will help manage your mental health over these long vacations.
First, prioritize self-care by engaging in activities that make you feel good such as exercising, reading books or articles related to personal development, meditating etc., Doing things you enjoy like painting/drawing, playing sports or starting new hobbies will also give you an outlet for relaxation while maintaining social distancing measures put in place due to COVID-19 pandemic conditions are followed at all times.
In addition to this try and get out into nature regularly as spending time outside has been known to reduce stress levels and improve overall moods; proofreading essays; volunteering opportunities through online websites are great ways of productively utilizing the vacation periods too! Sometimes feeling connected with others helps us ease our own anxiety so reach out virtually via email/phone calls or messages – talking about what’s bothering us can aid clarity & lighten up any stressful situation before it spirals further down its course leading only into despair .
Lastly, make sure ample rest (7-8) hours sleep each night & prepare nutritious meals throughout the day -nurturing one’s body should go hand in hand when designing a schedule specifically catering toward managing one’s mental health...
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2023.06.08 14:49 Remarkable-Class-21 New GEICO slogan.

GEICO'S new slogan should be profit over people. I understand that GEICO is in business to make money, but at this point they will do it at ANY expense. GEICO can make billions and won't hand out crumbs to their employees or customers if it cost them a dime. It's a sad reality.

GEICO: "Customers are our number one priority!"
CUSTOMER: "I had to spend 30 minutes trying to get through your horrible automated system!!! Tell who ever in charge it sucks and that I want to deal with a real person!"
GEICO: "GREAT NEWS!!! WE LISTENED!!! We are replacing more employees with automated systems to save the company money!!!"
GEICO: "We care about our employees and treat them like family!!!"
EMPLOYEES: "In the past 24 months you've eliminated profit sharing, layed off countless employees, given us shittier benefits that cost more money, and increased our workload exponentialy. You are also forcing us back into the office when we are begging to stay at home. This will cost us UNNECESSARY gas, wear and tear on our vehicles, day care, and after school care. It will also impact our mental health being around all of the toxic people. I like to work at home and be with my family. If I have a bad call, I can get in the right mindset by just walking away for 2 minutes!"
GEICO: "Stop complaining or we will replace you with a new employee that will cost us less money and has no clue how good GEICO used to be! Also, don't take 2 minutes to get in the right mindset or we will write you up. That's what your breaks are for!"
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2023.06.08 14:49 hmphel95 I was deciding between two programs MSBA or an MBA w a focus in business analytics

I decided on the MSBA. Its roughly 30k. I’m prepared to go back to school regardless. I took a year off to decide what I wanted to do. I kept bouncing between analytics and something in health care. At this point I just need a job. I’ve always been good with numbers and statistics so I thought this was a good fit.
My big question is- will getting a masters in this field help with job security when I’m done? My biggest fear is to spend the money and end up with no job and be right where I am. That’s literally the sole reason I have any thoughts of healthcare is the job security. I know they’re polar opposites but I’m 28 and kind of freaking out that I’ve still yet to find a career.
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2023.06.08 14:49 Dry_Act_101 Should I disconnect the primary disc when installing Linux on the secondary disc?

I am a Japanese secondary education school student and my English is not very good. I apologize if my phrasing is rude.
I am using a laptop and want to install ArchLabs on an external disk connected via USB. When I installed Pop!OS on this disk, I searched online and found a website that said “We should disconnect the primary (internal) disk because some installers, such as Ubuntu’s, write the boot loader to the primary disk through them.” So I used my old laptop which has no internal disk (I didn’t want to remove the disk from my main machine).
However, now I want to install ArchLabs in UEFI mode. My old computer only has BIOS, so I should install ArchLabs with my main machine. So I want to know if I should disconnect the disk or not.
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2023.06.08 14:48 Pastalove28 Someone I know has been lying to everyone for over +5 years.

I really want other people's opinion on this matter, because I find this very extreme.
Let's call the person in question Jordan.
Jordan has always been a gamer and hated to go to school, so by the time he turned 18, he started the biggest lie I have ever witnessed in my life.
He quit going to school right when he turned 18, which is the legal age to quit school. But instead of telling his parents he wanted to quit school, he continued to lie about still going to school, so that they would just leave him alone. He believes it's what he had to do to "pursue a career out of gaming".
This made him sometimes have to leave the house, to cover up the lie of having to go to school. He started duplicating reports and certificates from school, to make his parents believe him. Now when he "got out of high school" (lie), he continued to make up a story of going to a higher education in IT. Still making up all sorts of things, fake certificates of getting good grades etc...
In reality, Jordan has been taking LSD very often for the last 3 years, and I believe he has become psychologically addicted to altering his conciousness with chemicals. He barely even tried to practice gaming for real, which makes it even more fucked up.
Now Jordan is 24 years old, no high school degree, no money, nothing, while his "higher education in IT" is coming to an end. He has lived with his father this whole time, who has been providing him with basic human needs for years now, because he believes he "is busy with school". His father told him he is ready to leave the house because he will be able to "start working" from September.
Me and his sister are the only ones who know about this insane lie because we are too close with him to lie to us.
And I'm scared of what the future will bring for Jordan.
What do you guys think about this? Isn't this INSANE? What would you do in his and my situation? I'm even very stressed in his place.
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2023.06.08 14:48 Weary-Lifeguard1888 Exploring Gurgaon Property: Unveiling the Gateway to Modern Living

Buying property for the first time can be an overwhelming experience, especially in a bustling city like Gurgaon. However, armed with the right knowledge and guidance, first-time buyers can make informed decisions and find their dream property. This article aims to provide valuable tips for those embarking on their property buying journey in Gurgaon. We will explore key aspects to consider and highlight prominent projects like M3M SCO Plots 114 Gurgaon, 32nd Milestone Avenue, Wal Street 73 Gurgaon, Vatika One on One, ROF Insignia, and M3M 113 Capital, which offer promising opportunities for first-time buyers.
Before diving into the property buying process, it is crucial to conduct thorough research on the Gurgaon real estate market. Familiarize yourself with the current trends, property prices, and popular areas. Projects like M3M SCO Plots 114 Gurgaon, offering strategically located commercial plots, or 32nd Milestone Avenue, a residential development known for its modern amenities, deserve your attention. Similarly, Wal Street 73 Gurgaon, Vatika One on One, ROF Insignia, and M3M 113 Capital present lucrative options. Understand the market dynamics, future prospects, and potential return on investment to make an informed choice.
Set a realistic budget for your property purchase in Gurgaon. Consider your financial situation, loan eligibility, and down payment capacity. M3M 113 Capital, a commercial venture by M3M Developers, and projects like M3M SCO Plots 114 Gurgaon and Wal Street 73 Gurgaon offer a range of investment options. Seek expert advice and consult financial institutions to understand the loan process and assess your affordability accurately. Factor in additional expenses such as stamp duty, registration fees, and maintenance costs while budgeting.
Gurgaon is a vast city with diverse neighborhoods, each offering unique advantages. Identify locations that align with your lifestyle preferences, commute requirements, and future growth potential. M3M SCO Plots 114 Gurgaon, located in Sector 114, is well-connected to major highways and business hubs. Vatika One on One, situated in Sector 16, is a commercial project that enjoys proximity to prominent residential areas. Consider projects like Wal Street 73 Gurgaon or ROF Insignia, strategically positioned in prime sectors. Evaluate factors such as amenities, infrastructure, proximity to schools, hospitals, and entertainment options while selecting the right location.
Once you shortlist potential properties like M3M 113 Capital, M3M SCO Plots 114 Gurgaon, or others, conduct thorough inspections. Visit the site, examine the construction quality, and assess the developer's reputation. Engage professionals for a detailed structural evaluation and ensure compliance with building regulations. Consider factors such as water and electricity supply, parking facilities, and security arrangements. For residential projects like 32nd Milestone Avenue or Vatika One on One, evaluate amenities like clubhouse, gymnasium, swimming pool, and landscaped gardens to ensure they align with your lifestyle needs.
Before finalizing any property purchase, ensure that all legal documentation is in order. Engage legal experts to verify land titles, approvals, and clearances from relevant authorities. M3M 113 Capital, M3M SCO Plots 114 Gurgaon, and other projects of repute are likely to have transparent documentation processes. Assess the builder-buyer agreement, payment terms, possession date, and penalties for delays. Additionally, review the encumbrance certificate, no-objection certificates, and property tax receipts to avoid any legal hassles in the future.
Buying property for the first time in Gurgaon can be a rewarding experience with the right approach. By conducting comprehensive research, setting a budget, choosing the right location, inspecting the property, and verifying legal documentation, first-time buyers can navigate the market confidently. Projects like M3M SCO Plots 114 Gurgaon, 32nd Milestone Avenue, Wal Street 73 Gurgaon, Vatika One on One, ROF Insignia, and M3M 113 Capital offer promising opportunities for those stepping into the real estate arena.

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2023.06.08 14:48 AlpineRagePotato Water heater stopped working, usually good host not responding.

At what point do I contact Airbnb instead? I’m on day 3 of a 5-day family vacation and the tankless water heater on the property stopped working. I went out to the garage and looked at it — no idea what’s wrong but it’s flashing an error code. Up until now the host has been wonderful — very responsive, place as described, etc. We messaged via the app and, when that didn’t get a response, also via text around 7pm. When texting we saw she had notifications turned off. It’s now 12 hours later (a lot of that overnight though) and still no response from the host.
We have a baby and older folks with us and are at a beach, so just going to a gym or the like to shower isn’t a great option. I’m trying to be patient, I don’t know what other commitments the host has, but the lack of response for a relatively serious situation (even just “I’ll call plumbers tomorrow!”) would really be appreciated. How long should I give it before reaching out to Airbnb? The host is otherwise good and it’s not like it’s her fault the water heater randomly fritzed (I would like her to fix it, though), so I don’t want to get her in trouble.
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2023.06.08 14:48 Freemind62 HP thermal printer

Managed to get a HP82240B IR thermal printer. It’s a neat portable printer that’s comparable with a range of HP calcs from the mid 80s onward.
What’s good is that because it’s infrared you don’t need to bother with cables or connectors.
I’m feeling lucky that I could get one for a good price that included the box, and manual. Though it really couldn’t be easier to use :)
Next in line is getting some more thermal rolls and an AC adapter.
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2023.06.08 14:48 _-BabaYaga-_ I wonder if it’s true /s

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2023.06.08 14:48 Kitty_in_a-Panzer Best soil?

I have a couple of plants growing in Miracle Grow potting mix right now, but I have read that Miracle Grow is not best for the flowering stages of the plant.
I have heard Fox Farms is great and I have picked up some of their liquid fertilizers, but the soil seems rather expensive. Is there an alternative that is still good for weed, but I’m not gonna break the bank on?
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2023.06.08 14:48 G0nz0uk Citrix image not using O365 token, but others are.

I think I need a second pair of eyes on this. So I have copied an image from another Windows domain we use to our main domain. It's Windows 10 (build 22H2) with O365 and Office worked fine there and the tokens were created in the UPM folder and kept every time the logged in.
Now it's moved to our main domain where we have other Windows 10 images with all work with O365 fine apart from this one. I deleted my profile and logged into the desktop and then Excel and it asked me for my credentials when is fine (and MFA), I then signed out and I can see the 2 tokens are created and saved remotely in the UPM profile. Now if I log back in and try Excel again I have to sign in again!
Now the strange thing is if I then sign out and log into another desktop and then Excel it works and then I sign out and into this troublesome desktop and it now works for good!
The other desktops are in the same OUs/GPOs and WEM policies from what I see too.
Seems logging into another image will fix it.
Any ideas?
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2023.06.08 14:48 JustSomeDrunkGuy Would an Airfryer help ?

Hi guys !
First of all, since it's my first post here after lurking for a while, I feel like introducting myself is the polite thing to do : 31M, honestly not THAT overweight but with a huge self esteem issues, having grown in a very naturally fit family, I've been fat shamed even when I was at a very normal weight, right now I feel like I need to lose 5-6 kilos, (I'm 175cm, ~80 kgs), and I started working out 3times/week, something like : 20 minutes of training bike, and weightlift at home. (I created a workout schedule using ChatGPT hahaha)
My weakness is mostly food (and... alcohol but I'm working hard on that, I've cut back a lot) and I read about airfryers, being preached like it was a magic solution to have food taste like it's deliciously deep fried while have 99% less oil; it seems way too good to be true, so... What do you guys think about this ? Have you tried this as a new way to cook with less fat ?
Thanks <3
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2023.06.08 14:47 Homwardbound To people that get caught up and those that do not get caught up under Law

under Law the people are, more and more so. learning so. It takes personal experience, each person starts out under Law, to want to do it right for God. When a person is in duress over things not going well enough in thier personal life. Or even have gotten brought up legalistically. We each get punishment from early age on or not at all, either one is not good unless Love of God is involved.
The, I want desire is there, to be loved, that is what each person is born for, to be Loved by God, yet the experiences here on earth do not go that way, usually. Therefore, one runs from being punished over stuff, they have no clue, understanding of what they did wrong, just got punished and better not do that again or else.. Children grow up and run away from family, seeing family as not good for them. it is family that has tried to mold them and have these kids be them, so they can be happy, not you, yet claim it is for you, and it is not! Not really. It is for thier own mistakes made. therefore under Law, people go. Then there are those that run wild and never get punished over anything. To be under Law and punished without understanding right and wrong is not good nor is not being taught about what is right or wrong good either.
Do not spare the Rod, when the child does wrong, Yet remember to keep God's love flowing through you to these children, if no love and just punishment, how can the child learn otherwise, but to get angry.
It is good to want to do the Law, yet literally doing it, trying to do it, ends up leading and so there one goes and gets into adversities, here on earth. Now havig troubles here on earth, does not mean one has sinned and has to get troubles from them either. Troubles come to all. Remember the blind person, that Jesus healed and the disciples asked who sinned, him or his parents? Jesus said neither. So, troubles happen and not always becausae one or another has sinned. Read Job
Me, I seem to remember this: just because I am in adversities, does not mean it is becasue I have sinned or am sinning again. I am not getting beat up by God as the Old (First) Testament relates, you better or else attitudes, of the original flesh one is born in, God Is going to get you and punish you attitudes, which is in all the Churches, I have been to, most of them anyway. Then there is the places of: okay, you are forgiven and remain as forgiven from God, you can now do whatever you want, you remain forgiven, go ahead and sin, was the attitudes of the Corinthians that Paul wrote to: to straighten that out, which is widely misinterpretted to this day also. Galatia was another writng about the mistake of Law, being under it, to being given it as done for you by Belief to God, Yah!
That, above is true, we are forgiven and remain from God as forgiven even if one sins again, yet it is not understood correctly in Paul's writing. If One is under Law, one can and cannot do, therefore one is in strife to get, and when one thinks they got it, the strife to keep it continues in them, no freedom. to see clearly and are blind still, when under Law
Titus 3:8
This is a faithful saying, and these things I will that thou affirm constantly, that they which have believed in God might be careful to maintain good works. These things are good and profitable unto men.
unless one gets put under the curse of the Law, which is not the Law itself, it is the human flesh that is imperfect, the new born again person is perfect in Spirit and truth of God. Yah!, yet that flesh we each are first born in is not perfect, it is raised here in corruption, then when one dies willingly to that first birth, one gets born new and gets raised new in incorruption under Spirit and Trtuh, the Holy Spirit to lead us as that old us, tries to not be dead and wants to take back over again. The perplexity of the Old and New.
Yet we are free to do as we please, since we are forgiven by God through Son Yeshua.! Therefore, since I can do whatever I want now being forgiven by God through Son at that cross.
"I", "You", all people get to decide what is beneficial or not to them each one gets to decide, decisively. as these people begin to see what is not good for them, even if it started out as seemingly good for them. This is why Paul said being under Law is a curse, not the Law itself, being under it to do it is, the flesh self in the way.
IOW's if one drinks and does not harm others in it, not even self, then great. If not, then it might be time to decisively leave it alone and not drink at all. that does not mean one can stop yet anyway, yet will eventually as they grow up into God's maturity, getting off the milk spoken of in Hebrews 5:12- Chapter 6. I am an Ex- Alcoholic for over 39 years now, thanks to God getting me through it. God gets that credit not me. If I take any credit in that, then I would go back being of unredeemed flesh, is why!
2 Timothy 3:16
All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:
the interpretting of scripture is the problem, we the people are doing that, instead of listening quietly to Yah, in the Spirit of wisdom given us to hear and discern truth over error in this world we are in
Is Law good? Yes it is, Law is from God to us, yet we the people are not able to do Law perfect are we? therefore if Law is leading me to do it or else attitude, I then am lost in it am I not? The Law was put in place to reveal, our inability to do it. If I can or anyone else can do it, then Jesus came to earth for us in vain and his shed blood then would not flow through our veins, there is no life until the risen Christ is shed abroad in us through us from Father, Yah to us through Yashua for us first.
1 Corinthians 6:12
Authorized (King James) Version
12 All things are lawful unto me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power of any.
1 Corinthians 6:12
Living Bible
12 I can do anything I want to if Christ has not said no,[a] but some of these things aren’t good for me. Even if I am allowed to do them, I’ll refuse to if I think they might get such a grip on me that I can’t easily stop when I want to.
the above is learned and being learned in those that believe God, and see to not do it anymore, as it is not good for them to do it. This is agreeing with God, not being under Law and controlled by Law. Yet Law is good and perfect of itself, just flesh cannot do Law perfect ever.
So, ask God for the born again new life for you in the risen Son to lead you in Spirit and Truth Wisdom, tie her around your neck, that is in Proverbs Wisdom the Holy Spirit for you to be givne and depend on
Thank you, get out from underneath Law and see new in truth of love from God Father to you by Son for you, and be given wisdom. Believe, recieve and see
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2023.06.08 14:47 Jacale1 DFLI Target One Hit! Target Two in Range - Looking for Increased Volume

DFLI Target One Hit! Target Two in Range - Looking for Increased Volume
Good morning all - today I bring you good news! Our target was hit, for just about 6% gains. Great gains for such a short period of time. I want to briefly cover the TA (again) since I somehow failed to actually post the TA yesterday, plus I have a “zoomed in” perspective as well. communicated disclaimer - nfa
So, as you can see, our target was hit. We then retraced back down to the sticks opening price of the day.
I want to reiterate some of the key points and takeaways (& targets) from yesterday’s post, too:
Key Takeaways:
  • Bullish RSI Divergence on the 1D chart demonstrates this is an opportunity for a breakout to the upside
  • Moving averages are far apart but tightly married to price action indicates bullish strength into the reversal
  • Unresolved price action between the current market price of $3.00 per share and the future analyst targets and intrinsic valuation levels leaves us with plenty of room
Targets: 1. $2.95 2. $3.12 3. $3.30 4. $3.50 5. $3.94
In conclusion, I believe we still have some bullish upside to prove. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!
Sources -,,,
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2023.06.08 14:47 sewicidalwoman I can't live with what happened

How do you live with what happened? I can't even confront the person or get justice. I will never get over this and he gets to run around thinking he is a good person.
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