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Citech (CSE: CTTT) (OTC: CTTTF) Promising New Tech Company

2023.06.08 14:36 GoStockGo Citech (CSE: CTTT) (OTC: CTTTF) Promising New Tech Company

Citech (CSE: CTTT) (OTC: CTTTF) Promising New Tech Company

CiTech (Critical Infrastructure Technologies) (CSE: CTTT) (OTC: CTTTF). The company’s lead product set is a range of rapidly deployable, high-capacity communications platforms called the NEXUS 16. The shares listed in late February 2023.
Upon completing the rollout of its technology, CTTT aims to become an established player in the high-capacity mobile and rapidly deployable markets, delivering long-range communications systems into those places where they are most critically needed.
Let’s use North American forest fires as the current major disaster and then outline the unparalleled relevance of CTTT’s amazing communications technology. CTTT anticipates expanding its business by combining quick-return sales with annuity-based easing to the blue-chip resource, defence, and government sectors. (CSE). Here is CiTech’s LinkedIn page.
One large new fire was reported in New Jersey. Nationally, seven large fires have burned 66,209 acres in six states. Since January 1, 18,403 wildfires have burned 518,698 acres across the United States. These numbers are slightly below the 10-year average of 21,908 wildfires and 1,016,684 acres burned.
As well, Canada is on track for its worst-ever year of wildfire destruction as warm and dry conditions are forecast to persist through to the end of the summer after an unprecedented start to the fire season.
For a map of North American dates upuntil midday June 6th, click here.
It is horrifying. The bravery of these fire fighters is virtually peerless.
CiTech has a direct and critical response to disasters with it’s NEXUS 16 comminications tower. Arguably, the first loss in a disaster is critical comunications systems and infrastructure. You’ll likey agree these amazing products have a place in just about evert town on earth and the quick ability to deploy.
Once communications are lost, the solar powered, self contained NEXUS can be deployed and restore communications in 30 minute. 30 minutes. Dwell on that for a moment. For all investors—and everyone else—the NEXUS 16 has a minimal environmental impact. The device, with a small equipment room is solar powered, does not need a level base and uses very little diesel. No specialised training or operators are required.
We can get an entire town back on the air again, in 30 minutes without anything other than a truck that can move it,” CiTech’s engineer Andrew Hill said, “We found a way to build a room which could house the technology that phone companies need or mining companies need, or emergency services need or more importantly defence needs as well.”
The enclosed article exemplifies the salient points in this article and the expanding awareness of the importance and compelling nature of the Company’s technology.
It would be ghoulish to identify CiTech as a proxy for disaster. Instead we should identify as a proxy for safety, help for those in the disaster zone and the lives saved.
Estimates (so far) USD1.79 billion merely to restore Ukraine’s communications infrastructure, the potential of quick deployment is obvious, whether Ukraine, raging bush fires or a weather disaster to name a very, very few.
Talks with supplying Ukraine are ongoing. The U.S., Latvian and Ukrainian governments have expressed an interest in the product, according to CiTech Chief Executive Brenton Scott.
Bottom Line
Unlike a lot of tech companies, CiTech is relatively simple to understand. Proprietary technology to restore communication in a remote area, disaster—natural and manmade—and in a conflict such as the Ukraine conflict. Need a clear definition?
“The Nexus 16 a 20ft container sized, technology-agnostic platform that supports a walk-in equipment room, batteries, solar arrays, and generators along with a 16m folding tower. Able to be transported to site on any truck that can take a standard 20ft container, the Nexis 16 can unload itself, adapt to sloping or uneven ground and then deploy 16m cyclone rated tower. – All within 30 minutes.” By all measure, patient investors can get in on the ground floor and be part of a technology that saves land, property, and more importantly, lives.
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2023.06.08 14:36 GoStockGo Citech (CSE: CTTT) (OTC: CTTTF) Promising New Tech Company

Citech (CSE: CTTT) (OTC: CTTTF) Promising New Tech Company

CiTech (Critical Infrastructure Technologies) (CSE: CTTT) (OTC: CTTTF). The company’s lead product set is a range of rapidly deployable, high-capacity communications platforms called the NEXUS 16. The shares listed in late February 2023.
Upon completing the rollout of its technology, CTTT aims to become an established player in the high-capacity mobile and rapidly deployable markets, delivering long-range communications systems into those places where they are most critically needed.
Let’s use North American forest fires as the current major disaster and then outline the unparalleled relevance of CTTT’s amazing communications technology. CTTT anticipates expanding its business by combining quick-return sales with annuity-based easing to the blue-chip resource, defence, and government sectors. (CSE). Here is CiTech’s LinkedIn page.
One large new fire was reported in New Jersey. Nationally, seven large fires have burned 66,209 acres in six states. Since January 1, 18,403 wildfires have burned 518,698 acres across the United States. These numbers are slightly below the 10-year average of 21,908 wildfires and 1,016,684 acres burned.
As well, Canada is on track for its worst-ever year of wildfire destruction as warm and dry conditions are forecast to persist through to the end of the summer after an unprecedented start to the fire season.
For a map of North American dates upuntil midday June 6th, click here.
It is horrifying. The bravery of these fire fighters is virtually peerless.
CiTech has a direct and critical response to disasters with it’s NEXUS 16 comminications tower. Arguably, the first loss in a disaster is critical comunications systems and infrastructure. You’ll likey agree these amazing products have a place in just about evert town on earth and the quick ability to deploy.
Once communications are lost, the solar powered, self contained NEXUS can be deployed and restore communications in 30 minute. 30 minutes. Dwell on that for a moment. For all investors—and everyone else—the NEXUS 16 has a minimal environmental impact. The device, with a small equipment room is solar powered, does not need a level base and uses very little diesel. No specialised training or operators are required.
We can get an entire town back on the air again, in 30 minutes without anything other than a truck that can move it,” CiTech’s engineer Andrew Hill said, “We found a way to build a room which could house the technology that phone companies need or mining companies need, or emergency services need or more importantly defence needs as well.”
The enclosed article exemplifies the salient points in this article and the expanding awareness of the importance and compelling nature of the Company’s technology.
It would be ghoulish to identify CiTech as a proxy for disaster. Instead we should identify as a proxy for safety, help for those in the disaster zone and the lives saved.
Estimates (so far) USD1.79 billion merely to restore Ukraine’s communications infrastructure, the potential of quick deployment is obvious, whether Ukraine, raging bush fires or a weather disaster to name a very, very few.
Talks with supplying Ukraine are ongoing. The U.S., Latvian and Ukrainian governments have expressed an interest in the product, according to CiTech Chief Executive Brenton Scott.
Bottom Line
Unlike a lot of tech companies, CiTech is relatively simple to understand. Proprietary technology to restore communication in a remote area, disaster—natural and manmade—and in a conflict such as the Ukraine conflict. Need a clear definition?
“The Nexus 16 a 20ft container sized, technology-agnostic platform that supports a walk-in equipment room, batteries, solar arrays, and generators along with a 16m folding tower. Able to be transported to site on any truck that can take a standard 20ft container, the Nexis 16 can unload itself, adapt to sloping or uneven ground and then deploy 16m cyclone rated tower. – All within 30 minutes.” By all measure, patient investors can get in on the ground floor and be part of a technology that saves land, property, and more importantly, lives.
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2023.06.08 14:29 theeverydaykitchen Top 11 Best Vacuums for Tile Floors 2023

Editor’s Choice: Shark APEX AZ1002
"The ability to deep-clean carpets and self-cleaning systems makes this vacuum our top pick. Duo-clean technology with 2 brush rolls not only cleans but also polishes the floor."
Runner-Up: INSE S610
"This stick vacuum cleaner has a flexible joint at the head, improving maneuverability and allowing you to feel relaxed when cleaning your house."
Best Wet/Dry Vacuum: BISSELL Crosswave Pet Pro All in One 2306A
"Wet and dry vacuum made with pet owners in mind features the two-tank technology for clean and dirt water and smart touch control making it easy to use."
Best Canister Vacuum: Miele Compact C1
"This bagged canister vacuum features a very powerful motor for great suction, which can also be manually controlled, and the exclusive AirClean Sealed System keeps all dust inside."
Best Cordless Stick Vacuum: Dyson V6
"2-in-1 cordless vacuum is extremely versatile and features a brush made of soft woven nylon and anti-static carbon fiber, which makes terrific work on tile floors."
Best Robotic Vacuum: Shark ION RV720
"Robotic vacuum with dual spinning side brushes and self-grooming feature performs well on tile floors, with no time spent on your end, and provides over an hour of cleaning."
Best for Cleaning Crumbs: BLACK+DECKER HSVJ520JMPA07
"This versatile vacuum cleaner offers stick or handheld options for cleaning not only tiles but your entire home, and the power boost increases suction for cleaning big messes."
Best for Flexible Reach: Shark Flex DuoClean HV391
"This vac can easily clean under furniture due to its Flexible Reach feature for 90-degree bend; as its big brother, it also comes with a bristle brush and a soft brushroll for any surface type."
Budget Pick: Eureka NEU192A
"Tis vac is very affordable, but comes with full functionality you’ll need to clean your tile and other flooring; its wide cleaning path and LED headlights make cleaning considerably easier."
Shark DuoClean NV803
"This upright and lift-away vac from one of the world leading manufacturers features everything we might want in a vacuum cleaner, including the unique dual brush head, and is excellent in vacuuming tile floors and any other surface."
Best Upright Vacuum: Dyson DC33
"Upright bagless vacuum that never loses suction features lifetime washable HEPA filter, versatile tools, a long Telescope Reach wand, and 30ft power cord."
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2023.06.08 14:22 YukiteruAmano92 Remembrance, Chapter 7 of 28

TWBS Previous Next First
---Esme’s perspective---
---Sunday, 31st of December, 2682 Terran Calendar---
---Interior Sahul---
OK, Esme… Dont think about the muscular arm wrapped around your shoulders! Don’t think about the muscular chest pressed into your side! Dont think about the muscular, sweaty back that you have your arm around!
Even if this werent a serious, potentially life threatening, situation, now would still not be an appropriate time to be getting excited!
You just made up with this guy after nearly two months of being a petty bitch to him for what, in hindsight, was no reason at all!
“Stop… stop…” he says, weakly “…I’m gonna vomit…”
I release him and he goes to the ground, retching.
I look away as he gives me all the antiaphrodisiac I need for the moment, spewing out his guts onto the sand…
After a bit of dry heaving, he stands back up and looks to me… his sweaty, sharp featured face sunken and sallow.
“I think I might be OK to walk myself, now.”
“No, you’re not! This isn’t like alcohol poisoning! Vomiting won’t do anything! If you faint without someone to break the fall, you’re gonna get a head injury!” I say, firmly, getting under his arm to support him before he has the chance to argue.
“Reid… I think we need to call an evac… this is bad!” says Taylor, his deep voice reverberating against my side.
“Alright… so call it then.”
He freezes and looks down at me
“What do you mean, Reid…?”
Confused, I answer “You said we should call an evac… so, call an evac.”
You have the beacon, Reid… I left the beacon for you… Please tell me you have the beacon!”
“What?! I thought you had it! I didn’t see anything on the table besides a knife, a canteen, a compass and a keyring!”
“The keyring, Reid!… That was the beacon! Did you not read the manual at all!?… Please tell me you have it!”
My stomach sinking, I answer “I… don’t, Taylor… I’m sorry! I left it there ’cause I thought someone had dropped it by mistake!”
Looking more resigned than angry, he says “So… we’re going to have to survive five days with a man down and no medical treatment then…?”
“Looks like it, yes… I’m sorry, Taylor… Maybe we could try walking to the agricultural band?”
“We’d never make it… It’s hundreds of kilometres… even if we were both healthy, we wouldn’t get there before the capsule came to collect us!” he asserts.
“I’m so sorry, Taylor!”
He gives a feeble wave of his left arm and says “It’s done now… let’s just get to the cliff…”
I nod and keep walking, supporting the massive man.
We come up the rocky slope at the foot of the cliff.
Mercifully, we’re in the shade here, as the sun is fucking fierce!
We spot a cavemouth and head for it.
“Leave me here…*huff*… and check for snakes…*huff*… I don’t want to…*huff*… get bitten again…” he instructs, breathlessly.
I bend down to lie him on the ground and hurry into the shallow cave.
I check the ceiling, the floor and every crevice I can see for snakes, spiders, scorpions or anything else that a massively envenomed person might not want nearby.
I find nothing.
When I turn around, I see Taylor sat up on the ground, drinking from his flask.
“I thought you wanted to distil that first?”
Fuck that!” he says, swearing for the first time I’ve heard “I’m going to die…*huff*… of thirst before enough water…*huff*… goes through a…*huff*… solar still…*huff*… to be useful…*huff*… Needs…*huff*… must!” before taking another glug.
I look out across the landscape.
The little oasis where we collected the water is still visible, despite the amount of time it’s taken us to get here!
I suppose it makes sense… I originally pointed out this cliff from near there…
It just feels like we’ve gone miles and miles!
I suppose, progress is slow when you’ve got an envenomed person slung over your shoulders!
“Let’s get you inside, Taylor. The caves clean.”
---Oskar’s perspective---
I took off my sweat drenched clothes a while ago, laying them out on the rock, beside me.
Reid is off, gathering firewood and hunting for anything we might eat tonight now that the sun is lower in the sky.
I would definitely not recommend intentional envenoming as a means of avoiding work to any considering it!
I am weak, I am sweaty, I am dizzy and nauseated and, all in all, if someone gave me the choice between feeling like this and doing a bit of gathering, they wouldn’t be able to finish their sentence before I bit their hand off for the latter option!
“I’m baaack, Taylor… how’re you holding-ohgoodgodyourenaked!”
I look up at the flush faced girl and blearily say “And… youre sunburned, Reid… How did that happen…?” the sun should have been low enough by the time I said to go out that, even with her pale skin, she should have been fine.
Not answering my question she turns to face away from me.
“I… uhm… err… I got a tonne of deadwood for the fire… dry plantmatter for kindling too… and look…” she thrusts a sharpened stick with an enormous anuran creature skewered onto its end into the air “…eating frog’s not gonna be my finest moment but it’ll beat starving!… The daft bugger just sat there and let me spear him!”
“That’s a cane toad…” I say, drowsily.
“Alright, eating cane toad won’t be my finest moment but…”
“They’re an invasive species, introduced to Australia in the early 20th Century as a means of controlling pests. They’re rare on the continent, these days, because of centuries of consistent eradication efforts…”
Why have we worked so hard to get rid of them?” she asks, not turning to look at me.
“Because of how incredibly poisonous they are to the local fauna… Anything not specifically evolved to deal with their toxins is quite likely to die if it eats them.”
“Oh…” she says, dejectedly “…don’t suppose we’re a creature evolved to deal with them, are we?”
“We’re not, no… There is some part of them that’s not toxic but… I can’t remember if it’s the liver or the kidneys, I don’t trust either of us to identify their liver or kidneys… aaand there’s a nonzero chance that I’ve misremembered that and it’s only their liver and/or kidneys that are toxic… not worth risking for the amount of nutrition we’d get.”
“So, I might as well not have killed this thing, then?”
“Nooo… You’re contributing to removing them from the ecosystem…”
“Great comfort thatll be when we’ve not eaten for five days(!)” she observes, miserably.
“We’ll eat… you’ll find something tomorrow…”
Look at you…” she says, still not looking at me “…half dead and still able to give an ecology lecture and words of encouragement!”
“You arent looking at me, Reid… why aren’t you looking at me?”
Because…!” she flusters “…you’re… naked!”
I chuckle, weakly “You Christians and your prudishness! Here I am, ‘half dead’ in your words, and you’re worried about seeing my penis…?”
“I’m not a Christian anymore, thank you very much!… Been an atheist since I was 14!”
“You act like a Christian, Reid…” I smile.
Angrily, she turns around, her face beet red (in a way I now realise isnt from the sun) and her eyes wide, she makes a point of staring intently, up and down the length of my body.
“‘Look at me(!) Im a Pagan and totally comfortable with nudity!’” she says, doing an unflattering impression of me.
“I’m not a Pagan, as I’ve said before… I am totally comfortable with nudity.”
“So you’d be totes cool with me stripping off, then(!)” she asks in defiant accusation.
Totes(!)… Actually, it’s probably a good idea… It’ll get cold at night and you’ll freeze if you’re sweaty!”
She looks at me, calculating.
“I’m gonna get the fire going…” she says, truculently “…thatll keep us warm and dry!”
With that, she picks up a stick, pulls out her knife and begins carving a V-notch into it.
---Esme’s perspective---
Look at the fire! Look at the fire! Look at the fire!
Dont look at the penis! Dont look at the abs! Dont look at the pecs!
Normally, I’d say it was bad practice to focus on how hungry you are in a survival situation but, right now, that’s about the only thing that has a chance of keeping my mind off the nude man I’m sharing the cave with!
This is so embarrassing!
“Erm… err… how’re you feeling?” I ask, not looking at him.
“A bit better, thank you… Less nauseated than I was earlier… I might be well enough to go out to gather, tomorrow…”
“If you were advising another pair, in the same situation as us, on whether to let the snakebit one go out and work the day after he’d received a snakebite, what would you say?”
He hesitates for a moment before answering honestly “…I would tell them it’s probably a bad idea and that the compromised one should probably regain his strength first.”
“Then what are you gonna do tomorrow?”
He sighs “I’m… going to rest here… and let you take care of the work.”
Daaamn right!”
He reaches for where his clothes are, feeling them for dampness.
Having establish their dryness to his satisfaction, he begins clumsily trying to dress himself.
“…*sigh*…Here, give it to me.” I say, finally, holding out my hand for the t-shirt his venom addled fingers have been guddling about with for a full minute.
I meet his eyes and see the sallowness of his face.
Somehow, he manages to put a cocky expression on his pallid, clammy face and ask “Youre going to dress me, are you?”
Dont make it weird!… You’re wasting energy you don’t have struggling! Let me help!… That’s all there is to this!”
He gives a little shrug and hands me the garment.
I figure out how to orient it and then approach him from behind.
“Arms up, lad.”
He brings his arms above his head.
It seems like the venom has only affected his fine and not his gross motor skills. That’s… encouraging?
I pull the t-shirt over his thick arms, trying to view this as an entirely mechanical endeavour and not to pay attention to any of the contours of his irritatingly perfect body.
“Pants…” I say, holding out my hand.
He clumsily grabs his boxer briefs and presents them about 30cm away from where my hand actually is.
I take them and come round to his front, pulling his feet off the ledge he’s sitting on.
I arrange the undergarment on the floor and bring his feet to the leg holes.
I hold out my hand “Trousers…”
“Scalpel… forceps…(!)” he quips, clumsily handing me his trousers.
Ignoring him, I lay them out, the way I did with the pants, and bring his feet through the holes.
“Can you stand?” I ask, looking up at his face (taking a side detour around his crotch).
“I… think so…”
I stand up and hold out my hands for him.
He takes them and gets up, shakily.
I grab his thick arms to steady him.
“Alright… I’m gonna let go now… Just say ‘falling’ if you need me to catch you, OK?”
He nods.
I let go and quickly dive down to the floor, grab his pants and trousers and yank them up over his lower half, rendering him decent again, finally.
Good thing for my soaring pulse!
He chuckles “I really don’t remember the last time I needed someone to dress me…! That was sort of nice…”
“Oh… awakened something, have I?” I ask, flippantly, as I lower him back to the ledge “Too bad! That’s the last time I’m dressing you unless you get bitten by another snake!”
“Are you trying to encourage me to get myself bitten on purpose?!”
“You get yourself bitten on purpose, I’m leaving you for the crows(!)”
Fair enough!” he laughs.
We sit and watch the fire for a while.
“It’s been a long day… Feels like it’s about midnight… Happy New Year, Taylor…” I say.
In answer he starts gently singing.
pp♫ Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday to me
Happy Biiirthday dear Oskar
Happy Birthday to me♫pp
Moderately concerned that the venom may be having an effect on his cognition, I ask “You alright, Taylor? Who are you singing for?”
Myself… weren’t you listening?” he says in a way that does not reassure me of his presence of mind!
“That’s… erm… that’s not how birthdays work, buddy! It’s New Year today…”
“It is how birthdays work when your birthday is on the 1st of January!” he smirks, blearily.
“Your birthday’s on the 1st of January?”
“Yup…” he nods.
“So, you’re 18, now?”
Indeed… or I will be, whenever it actually turns midnight. Difficult to know without a clock.”
“Well shit, man! You should’ve just told me that! Idve sung it for you!”
“It wouldn’t have felt right, asking that… When you’ve been looking after me all day…*yawn*… I’d’ve been embarrassed having such a beautiful girl be the only one singing for me, too…” he says, closing his eyes and lying down.
Flabbergasted, I ask “You… you think I’m beautiful?!”
“You’re one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen…” he says, his tone of voice suggesting that he’s already halfway to slumberland.
I don’t think I’d’ve got that out of him if not for the venom and the sleep deprivation!
My heart is pounding in my chest, my pulse is racing and my breathing is rapid from the information I’ve just come by!
I can’t believe the difference this day has made!
Support me on Patreon for to access the entire series, now.
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2023.06.08 14:04 KKshilling The Difference Between Self-Employment and "Normal" Jobs

The Difference Between Self-Employment and

Imagine a 10-story Manhattan residential apartment building, in which each floor is nicer and more opulent than the last.
The ground floor is home to the cheapest apartments: studios with iron bars over the windows, leaky faucets, and the occasional rat or three. Sure, it’s habitable, and the hot water (occasionally) works, but it’s far from desirable.
As you move up to the second and third floors, the rodents disappear, the iron bars are removed, the plumbing is secure, and your bedroom, which is separate from your living room and kitchen, now has enough room for a queen mattress and a full-sized desk. It might not be your dream home, but it gets the job done.
On floors 4-6, your checkerboard floor tiles are switched out for hardwood, an in-unit washer and dryer replaces your weekly commute to wash your clothes, and your kitchen and living room are finally separate entities. (In most of America, these things are “normal.” In New York, an in-unit washer and dryer is a status symbol.)
Floors 7-9 bring beautiful views of the city, access to a balcony or deck, a dining room that fits a table for eight, a small home office, a living room that can hold dozens of friends, and one of those showers where the water pours directly from holes in the ceiling, like a waterfall for folks who don’t live anywhere near nature.
And then we have floor 10, the penthouse. Your floor has its own elevator that other residents can’t access. Your living room, grand piano included, has an unobstructed view of the East River, and it’s plenty big enough to host a cocktail party for 100 of your closest friends. Your floors are made of marble, your bookshelves are full of novels that you’ll never read (but still look impressive), you have one of those televisions that retracts into the floor on command, and you don’t have to lift a finger in the kitchen, because your chef handles the cooking for you.
Can you tell I’ve been apartment hunting this week?
So where will you reside? Well, that’s up to fate. Now imagine that you have two choices:
Choice A: you have a 10% chance of living on floors 2 and 3, an 80% chance of floors 4-6, and a 10% chance of floors 7-9. You are guaranteed to avoid the dredges of the ground floor, but you’ll never reach the penthouse either.
Choice B: You have a 20% chance of living on the ground floor, a 20% chance of landing in the penthouse, a 55% chance of landing anywhere between floors 2 and 9, and a 5% chance of sleeping outside the building altogether. Maybe you become Jay Gatsby, maybe you ask Mr. Gatsby for money on the corner, or maybe you end up somewhere in the middle.
Which choice do you make?
In 2023 in the United States of America, you have two options for employment:
1) Working for someone else
2) Working for yourself
Critics of traditional employment exclaim, “You’ll never get rich unless you own equity in your work; you have to be your own boss. A salary is no way to reach the top 1% of wealth in the US.
Critics of self-employment cry, “It’s far too risky to strike out on your own. Sure, there are some success stories, but you will probably crash and fail.”
Both parties believe they are right, and both parties leverage countless data points to support their positions. But both parties are missing the point.
The key isn’t that one form of employment is objectively better than the other. The key is that the distribution of outcomes that accompany different employment types varies.
In the example above, the probabilities of living in different apartments weren’t simply an arbitrary test of your risk tolerance. They serve to highlight the range of outcomes you can expect from different career paths.
Allow me to explain with yet another analogy.
In finance, we use derivatives called options to place leveraged bets and/or hedge our portfolios against downside moves.
The two simplest options are “calls” and “puts.”
You can buy a call option to bet on a stock going up by a certain date. If the stock price increases enough before the option’s expiration date, you will make a lot of money. If the stock doesn’t increase enough by the expiration date, the option expires worthless. You can also get paid upfront to sell call options on stocks that you already own, but you will be obligated to sell those shares at the option’s strike price if the stock price increases past that point, capping your potential gains.
Buying a put option gives you the right to sell that stock at a certain price, no matter how far its price has fallen, allowing you to hedge against declines. Meanwhile, selling a put option obliges you to buy that stock if it falls below your option’s strike price, opening you up to risk if a stock performs poorly.
There is one particular options strategy known as a “collar,” where you sell call options on stocks that you own and use those proceeds to purchase matching put options. This strategy got its name because it “collars” your portfolio: you are protected from downside moves, but your upside is limited thanks to the calls you sold to pay for the insurance.
Mark Cuban famously used a collar to preserve his wealth after selling Broadcast.com to Yahoo for billions right before the Dot Com bubble crashed.
A traditional, salaried job is a collar: the cost of protecting against downside risk is limited upside.
Think of your entry-level salary at your first job in corporate America as the second floor of the building, and your total comp as a high-level VP or director as an apartment on the eighth floor.
Your worst possible outcome, a career that fails to advance, still pays well enough to cover the basics. Meanwhile, a home run career pays handsomely, but it won’t propel you to the upper echelons of wealth. Like Mark Cuban’s Yahoo shares, your career is collared. The potential upside and downside outcomes are range defined.
Working for yourself, on the other hand, is like purchasing call options. If you succeed, the upside will outperform the “normal” career by a magnitude, but if you’re wrong, no one is there to save you. The cost of admission for unlimited upside is the potential for absolute failure. Maybe you become a millionaire, maybe you go bust. Who knows.
Of course, neither path is an all-or-nothing pursuit. There’s nothing wrong with allocating a small portion of a well-diversified portfolio to some more speculative call options, and you certainly don’t have to quit a well-paying job to go all-in on last weekend’s late-night Eureka! moment. In fact, the prudent move for someone looking to start their own thing is to launch it while they’re still working, that way they don’t need the money immediately.
If a stock does well enough, it can still generate insane returns for you despite initially being a small part of your portfolio. If your side hustle takes off, it can still generate life-changing money for you as well, without you having to give up your day job along the way.
That being said, I love a good casino trip, so we’ll stick with the call options. It is just betting on yourself, after all.
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2023.06.08 13:49 Tamzyn12 MRI on Lumber Spine

MRI on Lumber Spine
So, I (24,f) am 5.5 years post op on my lumber spine. I had 2 herniated disc which they shaved to half and removed some nerves. I had another mri in 2020 and was told I had wear & tear. Fast forward to this year I got unbearable pain in my right ankle which radiated from my right hip. The pain wasn’t constant in my hip or running down my leg, but it was constant in my ankle. No form of painkiller or anti-inflammatory could touch it, it didn’t help if my foot was on or off the floor, if I was sitting, lying down, walking or anything, it was constant brutal pain for the bones of 13/14 weeks. I eventually got my mri today, but the very bad pain is gone. I’m just wondering is there anyone that could read these and kind of prepare me for what I may be told in 3-5 days when my doctor rings. From googling (I know a totally bad idea, but I can’t help myself) pictures of normal spines, herniated discs, slipped discs & bulging discs I’ve built myself up for the worst. I’m in the mentality of preparing for the worst and hoping for the best, hoping it’s just another phonecall saying I have wear and tear. TIA
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2023.06.08 13:35 redarugula Electrolux, Miele, Sebo? Stick or canister?

Space: 1000 sf apartment, 2 carpeted bedrooms, the rest hardwood floor or bathroom tile. Will likely move into a 3-bedroom place in a few years.
Budget: $300-1000? Wiggle room depending of type of vac and tradeoffs
Main goal: something that makes it easy to keep hardwood areas free of dog hair, makes vacuuming less of a chore
Considerations: allergies and shedding dog, strong preference for a quiet machine
Context: I moved in with someone and we kept his newer Shark Navigator rather than my 90’s Electrolux, and I’ve regretted it ever since. I use it on the carpeted areas and bathrooms, but less often than I’d like to admit, and instead just run a dry dust mop twice a day on the hardwood areas to pick up dog hair and dust.
I wanted to replace the dust mop with a cordless stick vacuum, probably Electrolux and Miele. But now reading so much against corded and bagless, I wonder if I just want a new corded canister vac that I’ll like using more than the clunky Shark, hopefully enough to lug out for the hardwood twice a day (or maybe just once since it’ll be more effective?).
So the options are: Electrolux Ergopedio, Electrolux Well7, or Miele Triflex for cordless stick, or if canister: Miele C-something or Sebo E-something.
I’m having a hard time deciding whether a new canister vac will be convenient enough to replace a stick cordless in this situation? Plug and go, not feeling like weight and replugging is a blocker?
Edit: the dog doesn’t go on furniture and we have a handheld vac with pet attachment that we can use for the couch when needed.
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2023.06.08 13:23 inter002 7 Best Destination Wedding Places in India for This Wedding Season

7 Best Destination Wedding Places in India for This Wedding Season
1) The Leela Palace, Jaipur
Plan your dream wedding here! A quintessential venue that is purely the epitome of royalty and grandeur—that’s The Leela Palace, Jaipur, for you! A luxurious treat for you and your close kin, indeed. Have a look at the magnificence of the Leela Palace in Jaipur.
Located in the heart of Jaipur, this elegant hotel is situated on 3 hectares of beautifully landscaped gardens. The hotel is accommodated in a palatial building and is 10 km away from Amer Fort and 30 km away from Jaipur international airport, making it one of the best places to get married in a palace wedding in Rajasthan.

2) Lalitha Mahal, Mysore
On a low hillside, just a short distance from Mysore, the Lalitha Mahal is a stunning white-coloured hotel with a grand Italianate palace, double-coloured and domed, and surrounded by expansive terraced and landscaped gardens. One of the best destination wedding places in India, established in 1931 for the Maharajah’s special guests, this hotel is considered to be one of India’s finest wedding destinations, offering a true royal experience. Situated on a ridge, the hotel offers a breathtaking view of the gentle slopes and winding valley below.
The building is composed of two stories of twin ionic columns, an expansive porch on the first floor, circular domes adorned with lanterns, and a central dome that stands atop the hill. The hotel boasts an impressive banquet hall, which is designed in theatre style and can accommodate up to 230 guests. The poolside lawn can accommodate 250 guests, according to estimates. On the other hand, the royal terrace has the capacity to accommodate a small to medium-sized gathering of up to 25 people. With this option, you will be safe on the budget side, as it is a low-budget destination wedding in India. Additionally, the hotel offers theme weddings, adding an extra layer of exclusivity to one of India’s best wedding venues.

3) Taj Hari Palace, Jodhpur
Taj Mahal Palace is a luxurious oasis that sprawls across six acres of landscaped gardens. It’s known for its 21st-century luxury and is inspired by the Marwars and Moghuls. The domes, murals, columns, and interiors all add up to a dream-come-true experience.
The hotel has a high-end hall, the Amar Mahal, with chandeliers and arches and a jharokha that glows in the sun. Plus, the rooms are spacious and well-furnished. It’s the perfect spot for royal weddings, with grand processions and a band, as well as theme nights and gala dinners out on the sand dunes. Plus, there’s a special “mehfil” evening with Indian classic dances, fireworks, and lighting.

4) Oberoi Udaivilas- Udaipur
If you’re looking for an unforgettable wedding in India, Oberoi Udaivilas is one of the best wedding destinations in India. The hotel is located on the banks of Pichola Lake in Udaipur, and it’s a great way to experience the rich history of Mewar. It’s got courtyards and fountains that run all around, big pools, and lush gardens.
But it’s not just the grand exterior; the interiors are also stunning, with domes, paintings, mirrors, and artefacts that make you feel like royalty. The best part? A boat ride across the lake will take you to the ceremony. Plus, there are small lawns scattered all over the property, and you can get married anywhere from 2 to 50 people. And when it comes to menus and decor, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

5) Lalit Laxmi Vilas, Udaipur
This heritage retreat, constructed in 1911, offers a unique opportunity to experience the grandeur of the royal era in the Udaipur region. Surrounded by the stunning Fateh Sagar Lake and a panoramic view of the Aravalli Hills, the hotel is an ideal destination for couples seeking a D-Day escape in India.
With a combination of modern-day luxury and unique royal grandeur, the hotel offers a range of fine dining options and premium wedding arrangements to ensure that your special day remains unforgettable. The hotel’s Amrapali lawns and Zen Fountain make it an ideal venue for both weddings and pre-weddings.

6) Trident- Jaipur
Couples love to get married in Udaipur, as it is widely considered one of the best wedding destinations in India. It is considered as the most romantic city in the world. The number of forts, palaces, hotels, and locales in the city adds to the romantic atmosphere. Many couples choose to get married at the Trident Hotel, as it is located on the bank of Pichola Lake.
The hotel has easy access to the city centre and offers everything you need to make your wedding unforgettable. Trident Udaipur offers a perfect combination of modern yet traditional hospitality, and your guests will love the vibe throughout the festivities. It falls into the category of low-budget wedding destinations in India, so it won’t put much strain on your pockets.

7) Neemrana Fort- Jaipur
Neemrana is a picturesque hilltop fort-palace that has been built over 12 layers of a hill in a 2.5-hectare (6-acre) garden-palace. It is situated on the Delhi-Jaipur Highway and has been a dream destination for many to make their wedding vows amid its grandeur. The outdoor garden is a combination of mediaeval and rustic elements, while the sophisticated interiors are designed to be a royal wedding venue.
The fort has now been renovated and equipped with modern facilities, including a Roman amphitheatre that can accommodate 200 people, hanging gardens, and Uncha Bagh, which are ideal locations for day and night functions, as well as one of India’s oldest fort hotels. The hill fort, Kesroli, offers rooftop gardens with views of mustard fields as well as a wide pool deck, providing an enchanting backdrop for open-sky and starlit weddings.
Read More...https://weddingbanquets.in/blog/destination-wedding-places-in-india/
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2023.06.08 13:16 Hi_Im_New_Heree My dog has very weird behavior with the neighbor’s dog (maybe territorial/possessive?) and I need help.

My dog and neighbor’s dog bark at each other. But the pattern is what’s strange here.
We are on the 2nd floor balcony of an apartment and our neighbor has a home with a back patio. The neighbor’s dog barks at us and is territorial i think (or at least the neighbor thinks so). Their dog will bark at me, even if my dog isn’t present. But if they left their dog out unsupervised, she is less likely to start barking first.
Now, MY DOG: Mine is leash reactive, but I don’t think thats the problem here. Mine will bark at their dog if I am present. Otherwise, they’ll both sit there for a LONG PERIOD OF TIME just staring at each other. Neither will start the barking until I step out. The moment I got outside, mine looked at me and then turned around and started going beserk barking.
What’s happening here? What is my dog doing? Why does it depend on whether I’m there or not?
What do I do?
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2023.06.08 13:14 turnsapp What is a Laundry POS System & What Benefits Does It Offer?

A Laundry POS System is a powerful tool designed to help laundromats and other laundry businesses streamline their operations, increase efficiency, and maximize profits. The system is powered by Laundry Legend software, which provides a comprehensive suite of features that allow users to easily manage customer orders, track inventory, process payments, and more. With the Laundry POS System in place, laundromats are able to save time and money while providing customers with an enhanced experience. In addition to these benefits, the system also offers valuable insights into customer behavior that can be used to improve marketing strategies and inform future decisions.
How to Choose the Right Laundry POS for Your Business
Choosing the right laundry POS system for your business is essential for streamlining operations and ensuring maximum efficiency. With so many options available, it can be tricky to know which system is the best fit for you. By exploring the features and functions of the top laundry POS systems, you can make an informed decision about which one will best meet your needs.
The right laundry POS system should offer a comprehensive suite of features and functions that can help you manage and optimize your business operations. From tracking inventory to managing customer orders, a good POS system should provide all the tools you need to run your business smoothly. It should also have robust security measures in place to protect sensitive customer data from cyber threats.
By researching all the available options on the market, you can find a laundry POS system that meets all of your requirements while staying within budget. With the right solution in place, you’ll be able to maximize efficiency and ensure a positive customer experience.
The Benefits of Integrating a Loyalty Program into Your Laundry POS System
Integrating a loyalty program into your laundry POS system is a great way to reward your customers for their loyalty. This will encourage them to come back and do more business with you, while also giving you valuable data that can help you improve your services. With a loyalty program, laundromats can offer discounts, rewards, and special offers to loyal customers. This will not only help them increase customer retention but also attract new customers. In addition, the data from the loyalty program can be used to better understand customer behavior and preferences so that laundromats can tailor their services accordingly.
Using Advanced Analytics to Boost Efficiency & Enhance Operations with Your Laundry POS System
Are you looking to take your laundry business to the next level? With advanced analytics, you can use your laundry POS system to boost efficiency and enhance operations. By leveraging the best laundry POS systems, you can get real-time insights into customer behavior, optimize pricing strategies, and automate marketing campaigns. You can also access free laundry POS systems that allow you to manage inventory levels and track sales performance. With these tools in place, you'll be able to make data-driven decisions that will help your business grow.
Implementing an effective SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy can help attract new customers to a laundry or laundromat business. Here are some SEO strategies specifically tailored for this industry:
Keyword Research: Start by conducting keyword research to identify the terms and phrases potential customers are likely to use when searching for laundry or laundromat services in your area. Include keywords related to your location, such as city or neighborhood names, and specific services you offer, such as "self-service laundry" or "drop-off laundry service."
Local SEO: Focus on local SEO techniques to target customers in your vicinity. This includes optimizing your website and online listings with location-specific keywords,
To operate a successful laundromat, certain essential laundry equipment is necessary. Here are some key pieces of equipment that are typically found in a laundromat:
Washers: Laundromats require a variety of washers to accommodate different load sizes and customer preferences. This may include top-load washers, front-load washers, or high-efficiency washers. It's essential to have a range of capacities to cater to various laundry needs.
Dryers: Alongside washers, laundromats need efficient and durable dryers. The number of dryers should match or exceed the number of washers to avoid any backlog. Depending on the space available, stackable or side-by-side dryers can be used to maximize floor space.
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2023.06.08 13:10 AutoModerator Private Wealth Academy – Bulletproof Trust Secrets

Private Wealth Academy – Bulletproof Trust Secrets
Get the course here: https://bit.ly/Private_Wealth_Academy_Bulletproof_Trust_Secrets
Private Wealth Academy – Bulletproof Trust Secrets


The Bulletproof Trust & All Documents [$4,997 Value]
The trust document (and contracts, security agreements, transfers of ownership, etc.) can’t be drawn up by lawyers, If they could, it’d cost ~$20,000 in legal fees! Crazy, isn’t it? But that’s how powerful these documents are! But today, you can get access to our private vault with all our paperwork. Watch our video guide and we’ll hold your hand as you create your own trust. Fill in the blanks with your information and you’ll have your paperwork filled out and ready to take to the bank in no time!
Trustee Training Secrets [$2,497 Value]
Get training to become a Trustee to a Bulletproof Trust. What good is the world’s greatest tool if you don’t know how to use it? Protect all your assets: home, estates, vehicles, businesses, and more using our proven formula. Learn the pitfalls that cause liability to the public (and how to avoid them and win). Isn’t it time you learned how to protect your assets like the elites do?
Trust Laws & Statutes Handbook [$2,997 Value]
Whether you realize it or not, everyone will want to see the source material at some point for their trust and what the Supreme Court has said about the absolute privacy and protection – that’s why we have an entire library of antiquarian law books which would typically cost $150 to $300 per book – with a collection of 25+ books and growing as each member requests a new book (we allow 1 new purchase per member).
500+ Trust Documents For Operating [$5,000 Value]
Get templates for every type of action a trust could ever need: Hiring Employees or Independent Contractors, Creating Sub-Trusts or Sub-Corporations, Registering with the SoS, Security Agreements, Obligation of Debts, Secured Party Transactions, Liquidation, Banking, Business, Intellectual Property, Transfers & Exchanges, Sale/Purchase of Real Property Minutes, Securities, Agreements and so much more!
How to Create A Trust Web Structure [$2,997 Value]
Learn how to create multiple trusts and link each together in a web to limit risk. Typically one will have a trust to own the home you live in, another trust to own the business you work at, yet another to own the car you drive. Each trust will hold a limited amount of assets (money, gold, stocks, bonds, etc.). With this training, you’ll know how to create unlimited trusts and diversify your risk to the point where any mistakes in “one part of your life” will NOT affect “the rest of your life.”
Social Security Secrets To Remove SS Taxes [$4,997 Value]
Did you know that the tax system is voluntary in regards to reporting? There is reason for that and it’s not what many “patriots” would have you believe. We’ll break down how to “redeem your money” so that it does not qualify as income (via the use of private credit) and even divulge how to remove your SSN (only for those who hold ANY sort of religious belief in anything) from your W-2s so there are no withholding or SSI taxes. Believe it or not – there are only 4 times you are required to have a SSN: to obtain a driver’s license, to register a vehicle, for tax matters, to obtain public assistance. Learn how to opt out forever!
Court Protection Secrets To Never Lose In Court [$4,997 Value]
This is a giant “next step” in your life… which means you are going to wonder – what if the “worst case scenario” happens to me? And the answer is simple – learn how you are already protected in court. Just because a lawsuit is entered against you personally or against the trust, does not mean there is a valid case! In fact, so long as there is no person or property that was injured (like a car accident or hurting a person), then our training shows you how to defeat every lawsuit that could occur.
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2023.06.08 13:03 ThrowawaySilverVance I cannot figure out if I’m gaslighting myself or not

I live in a sharehouse with 3 other people. It’s only one girl that’s recently started to have a problem with me because I can’t meet her standards. I’m not messy by any means, I just don’t dedicate my life to mopping the floors every week if work has me under the crunch, and she has traditional cleanliness OCD and quite literally needs everything done her way or it’s a hellshow.
I made the mistake the other day of thinking no one was home since I hadn’t heard any house traffic in over an hour (it was midday on a tuesday) so I spent a little extra time in the bathroom drying my hair and pampering myself since I’ve been getting absolutely ruined by uni exam season and work. That was my grave mistake, because apparently she’d been waiting for me to come out (she always waits around the bathroom 90% of the time I think it’s safe to shower) for a while without knocking. I get a bit of a talking to about how we’re gonna fix my bathroom time problem to which I reply “100% please do knock and I’ll come out, I had just thought no one was home today that’s why I decided to take my time”
This was the first I’d ever even heard of the issue, to which I was willing to fix it immediately. But today I went to dry my hair and found the metal prongs to the cord of my hair dryer were bent VERY out of shape. I had to push them back straight again and luckily repaired the shape enough to have it fit back in the plug socket again.
We keep our stuff under the sink, but this problem has literally never happened before. Am I going crazy or did she purposefully bend my hair dryer plug to be passive aggressive? That doesn’t just happen from carelessness does it? The prongs were fully bent away from each other at like a 130 degree angle. There had to have been force put behind it. It’s frustrating because I know she did but I can’t prove it.
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2023.06.08 12:59 Aeogeus The Heart of Zeforo: Chapter 24

First Chapter/Previous Chapter
Keoki felt something sting his right flank; it was a sensation he had become familiar with. He would be fine for a minute or so, the heat of the shot having destroyed his nerves, but sooner or later, the laser burn would damage the surrounding skin, and the real pain would begin.
There would be time to wince later as Ha took a shot to his leg, Keoki grabbed him, and they began to retreat. The vo’rul formed the rearguard, relying on their armour to protect them from the laser fire.
A shot struck Melia’s shoulder and nearly stripped all the armour from her suit. Melia realised the Gretsu company had a few plasma weapons in their armoury.
Realising they were horrendously outmatched, Melia threw down a smoke grenade to cover their retreat.
“Let’s just pretend we weren't that stupid,” Keoki said as he shut a bulkhead.
“Are you and Ha ok?” asked Polumnus, inspecting the obed’s injury, amazed the man was still standing and had a leg.
“Yeah, it’s not the first time we’ve been shot; luckily for us, you’re type likes to keep everything on low power,” Keoki replied, trying to ignore the growing pain near his ribs.
Polumnus was not sure how he was supposed to react to that. He, too, had been shot by a laser rifle out of armour, and Polumnus had been floored instantly and needed a new kidney.
“We can’t stand out ground; they’re too many of them; we need to resort to guerrilla tactics,” Melia said.
Then she had an idea. “Keoki can you make more of those bombs you used to blow me up?” she asked.
“Now they’re a sentence I never thought I’d ever say,” Melia thought.
Keoki paused to think as they heard banging on the other side and began to retreat.
“Maybe, it’s doing it soon enough to matter that’s the problem,” Keoki replied.
“What about that laughing gas you used on me? Do you have any more of that?” he asked, his eyes flitting about for anything they could use.
“We do have two bottles left, but I don’t know if they will get through the masks they’re wearing,” Qerik explained.
“We might be able to use it, Qerik; get back to medical and grab those!” Melia ordered, and Qerik did just that.
“We need to slow them down; if they find Tres, Mu or Ka, we’ll be forced into a direct confrontation,” Keoki said, “and that won’t end well for us.”
“Is there another chokepoint we can use?” asked Polumnus.
“No, they can just burn through the door, and we don’t have the time to manufacture one,” Keoki replied after a few seconds of hoping there was something he had overlooked.
“Then we will manage,” Melia said as she noticed a vent in a nearby room.
“Keoki, where does this lead?” she asked, pointing at it.
“Um, it connects to all the other vents on this floor and the ones above,” Keoki explained; he had gained a pretty good mental map of the ship during his time aboard.
“Good, then we use this room, fire some shots off, lock the door and then retreat into the air ducts. The Kireet are too large to use them,” Melia explained.
“It’s about as good as we can expect,” Keoki replied.
“I’ll inform Qerik; tell him to meet us on the floor above,” Polumnus said, contacting the Rating.
“Make it quick, Pompom, we’ve got company,” Keoki said as the locked door was kicked open.
Keoki instructed the obed into the vent while he, Polumnus and Melia fired shots from behind the cover of the door frame.
“What’s Pompom mean?” Polumnus asked as he struck a kireet right between the eyes.
“Do you people have fluffy balls you attach to clothing?” he asked before being grazed on the arm.
Polumnus thought about, as he saw Melia shoot a merc in the leg, “I think the Folriothis Priests wear something like that.”
“In my language, a pompom is one of those, Polumnus, pompom,” Keoki explained.
“Interesting,” Polumnus thought as he removed a frag grenade from his belt and threw it down the corridor.
“Frag out!” he cried as the kireet got as far away as possible, but in the confines of the ship, that was easier said than done.
Three mercenaries were struck, one killed outright, and two badly injured.
Melia, Polumnus and Keoki used the lull in the fighting to retreat into the vent. The Obed had been sent ahead to meet with Qerik.

“Level with me Melia. What are the odds we’ll all get out of this alive?” Keoki asked as he slid from the vent and into a hallway.
Melai considered lying, but it seemed kind of pointless at this point.
“Slim,” she answered.
“That’s good; I was worried I was being pessimistic,” Keoki said.
Qerik was waiting for them and was carrying two glass containers.
“You called this stuff laughing gas; why? What does laughing mean?” Qerik asked as he placed the jars on the ground and stopped the obed from inspecting them
Keoki then recreated that rhythmic noise he had made in the captain's cabin and said, “That’s laughing; humans do it when we’re happy.”
“Or when subjected to Nitrous oxide, I don’t know why; I do know it was used as an anaesthetic, and some people use it as a recreational drug,” he added.
“An anaesthetic, so when we threw the jars in that room with you, all it did was….” Melia said.
“Make it easier for me to tank the explosion, yes,” Keoki said, finishing her sentence.
“Are we sure this will work? They are wearing masks,” Keoki inquired, inspecting the bottle.
“It was your idea,” Qerik said.
“I know; I was relying on your superior knowledge of the local anatomy to fill in the blanks,” Keoki replied.
“It should do; using this stuff if a war crime for a reason,” Polumnus explained, “can be absorbed through the skin.”
“Are you lot sure you’re up for being war criminals?” inquired Keoki
“They’re slavers; you can drown a slaver in their own piss, and it's morally justifiable,” Qerik countered.
Keoki could not really argue with that. He looked down the corridor and asked them, “Do you three think you could hit these jars from two hundred metres away?”
“Yes,” Melia said without hesitation.
“I suggest we put them over there at that T-junction and shoot them with a low-powered shot, zero risk of the rest of us getting doused in the vapour cloud or stray shards of glass,” Keoki explained.
Keoki glanced at the mangled remains of Melia’s shoulder guard and asked, “Are you going to be alright? You took quite the blow there.”
“Yeah, my suit’s not compromised; I just have to make sure I don’t get shot there again,” Melia said.

As they waited for the kireet to arrive, Keoki went over the plan again; admittedly, it was not complicated or lengthy; shoot the jars and then run. He did not want to get caught out again, and after septuple checking his mental map, he was certain the only way the kireet could get through was down this corridor.
Keoki believed they would be doing a lot of waiting before this thing was concluded; he just hoped it ended in their favour.
Polumnus, Melia and Qerik had their rifles squarely aimed at the jars while Keoki and the obed kept watch for the Gretsu Company. Sure, the vo’rul could probably multi-task, but snipers had spotters for a reason, division of labour and all that.
Keoki noticed a face carefully peering around the corner, and he shouted, “Now!”
The vo’rul fired immediately, and within two seconds, both jars had been shattered, and Melia ordered a retreat.
The kireet fired at them, but Melia and company were out of sight before any damage could be done. They did not remain to check if it worked; time was of the essence, and they needed to plan their next move.
Though as he and Melia closed the next door and locked it tight, he did not know what more they could do; they were outnumbered, outgunned, and his tricks would only work when the kireet were scattered and terrified.
They were clearly cut from a different cloth than the uren.
That is how it went; for two floors, they picked out a spotted fire for as long as they could before retreating. It was costly Keoki took a couple more shots, one of them getting dangerously close to his neck.
Boh took a hit and, while not fatal, would require medical attention.
A plasma round had also struck Qerik; much like Melia, it had not harmed the boy, but unlike Melia, it had damaged his suit integrity, which meant the bacteria on the ship would soon be getting to work on his body.
The only small comfort Keoki could take was that none of the plasma rounds had been aimed at him or the obed. The Senator must have really wanted them alive.
They were running out of room; soon, they would be forced into the canteen, putting Mu and Ka at risk.
For their trouble, it seemed the nitrous had done some damage, and they had managed to bring down a couple more kireet with weapons fire, but not nearly enough to make a difference.
Polumnus slammed the canteen door shut and locked it as Qerik and Keoki closed the other entrances, preventing a repeat of their last cock up.
Mu poked his head out from the kitchen, the young man had had very little to do as of late, and while the rectangle was impressive, it could not distract forever.
“Mu, rest,” Keoki said in the obed language.
“I help,” Mu replied, stepping into the canteen.
“Others have guns, no help, I no help much,” Keoki explained.
Mu was having none of it though; despite how it may appear to outsiders, Keoki was not in charge of the obed. As a matter of fact, from what Keoki could tell, the obed did not even have a leader, period.
The obed listened to Keoki because he was the most knowledgeable about their current predicament, but they still made their own decision, which meant if Mu truly wanted to fight, then Keoki could do nothing to stop him.
Keoki supposed if he had crashlanded on their homeworld, he would be expected to defer to their judgment.
Slapping his legs, Keoki finally said, “Push tables to door. Others no get in.”
Mu did as he was asked, pleased to have something to do for a change; a break was nice and all, but he was not built to sit idle.
“I’m going to try and get Ka to move,” Keoki told Melia as he vanished into the kitchen.
Melia heard him but did not respond; she was too busy converting the tables into a makeshift fortification.
Qerik came by and picked up the rotten food.
“Hungry?” Melia asked, not deviating from her task.
“No, I thought we could put it on the floor, help make it slippery,” Qerik explained.
Melia did pause at that and said, “Good thinking.”
“Just keep the slime away from the hole in your suit. You’re going to get sick enough as it is,” Melia added.
“Don’t remind me,” Qerik replied.
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2023.06.08 12:56 ladepeceur Hygiene

Does anyone else agree that the biggest issue above all else is the hygiene? Why are dog owners lying to themselves? I truly think the love they have for their dogs overcomes the desire to have a clean home. I come from a culture where we don’t wear shoes in the house, and am absolutely baffled when people dont wipe their dogs paws and just let it walk all over the floor while US HUMANS are removing our shoes to now step on the shit, dirt, asphalt infested floors. If the owners don’t wipe their asses after a shit, WHY are they cool with them ever sitting on their furniture??? Or anything? When they have a backyard, the dog will roll in the grass they piss and shit on, then they let them in bed with them?? The constant sweat then letting them rub on beds and sofas? They’ll never brush their dogs teeth but share saliva??? Even if you brush its still not enough, all of them lick their unclean assholes. Don’t even get me started on the fur and how airborne it gets. I just don’t understand how dog owners aren’t bothered, it feels like everything is covered in shit, fur, dandruff and bacteria. Are they choosing to ignore?
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2023.06.08 12:51 xPRETTYBOY How To Get Infinite Gasoline (No Mods, No Cheats)

How To Get Infinite Gasoline (No Mods, No Cheats)
Most people just fill in the recesses in their base, or outright ignore them. This is WRONG! Subjectively wrong, of course. This is a video game, play however you want. But if you want INFINITE GASOLINE, then it is WRONG!
Start by identifying a recess near your base (Or wherever, honestly. You'll produce so much gasoline just sitting there for one day that it's really not necessary to stick around forever). Recesses can be easily found by the little puddles of water atop what looks to be a normal patch of dirt, and they're usually found in forests; though I've found a few on "Field" tiles with some trees that also spawn recesses. If you can find two recesses right next to each other, then fantastic, but I haven't found such yet, and it's not really necessary. But why do we want a recess? Well, you see, any liquid on a recess tile can be put into a container or drank — instead of only being moppable.
Next, we'll need to build a certain contraption around the recess. My favorite wall for this is metal bars, because the materials are cheap, the build time is reasonable, and most importantly, they're transparent.
Why two doors right next to each other, you ask? You'll see why two doors right next to each other.
Now for the star of the show, contained in this little animal locker on my bike. Yes, this fat bastard can really be shoved in an animal locker. They're slow and don't hit hard, so don't get discouraged if it takes a few tries.
The gasoline zombie! I call him Joe Bob. Feel free to call yours whatever you want, but I really feel like gasoline zombies are a "Joe Bob" type monster. We're gonna lure Joe Bob over into his new ungodly prison cell where he will languish for eternity, being granted immortality by his zombified condition one room apartment, with its floor that's literally just a small hole in the ground rustic appeal.
Great! Joe Bob loves his new house! Not that we really care. Now we're going to wait for an hour, while Joe Bob meanders about, trying to rip our flesh off.
Here you can see that Joe Bob has been hard at work, vomiting fossil fuels everywhere like BP Oil. Now we're gonna let him out, and check just how much gasoline ol' Joe Bob has made for us. Close the bottom door to nudge the gasoline onto the recess to double your profit. Be careful to do this in one hour increments, cause otherwise the gasoline pile on the door gets too big and can't be nudged — this is why a second, adjacent recess would be really nice. Or the ability to just dig a recess. Idk why the game lets you dig huge pits but not really tiny pits.
Hot dog! We've got 14.50L of gasoline in just an hour! Now all that's left to do is trap Joe Bob back in his cell house, and wait around while we read a skillbook.
Less than 5 hours, and we've got enough gas to last us weeks of driving. Infinite driving! Infinite jackhammers! Infinite flamethrower! The possibilities are endless*! Who woulda thought that the zombie apocalypse would be the perfect solution to fuel scarcity?
*Depending on your definition of endless.
I'll be back once I figure out how to use shocker zombies to charge batteries or something.
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2023.06.08 12:25 Big-Suggestion8321 My husband 37/M has Binge Eating Disorder. I 35/F am feeling lost

What should be my next steps? Is it time to prioritize my needs, or should stay to see if he can overcome this?
I met my husband 10 years ago. He kept his binge eating a secret until a month before our wedding, and he only came clean after I walked in on an apartment full of evidence. He had a breakdown that day and promised to never keep anything from me again. I didn’t want to leave him over an eating disorder because that felt ugly, but I’m reaching a point now where I’m at my limit and needing to think about my own well-being.
His binging has gotten really bad over the years. He’s incredibly obese, to the point where he breaks furniture, he can’t get off the couch without rolling to the floor first, his hygiene is suffering, he’s constantly out of breath, and he just can’t move like a healthy person. It’s embarrassing and very unattractive.
In addition, he has lied and manipulated me soooo horribly over the years to cover up his addiction to binging. He’s spent money, toyed with my emotions, and gone to great lengths to get away with his binges.
His emotions are also all over the place. He escalates rapidly, he’s very emotionally immature, constantly defensive, always looking to be the victim, and throwing fits over everything. Even when these things aren’t related to his binging. He’s just an emotionally unhealthy person.
There is no trust. I don’t feel emotionally safe. I don’t feel like my needs are being met. I’m depleted. I’m not in love with him. I wonder if I’ll ever be attracted to him or feel romantic feelings about him ever again. We live as roommates and right now I have no desire for anything more. I just want peaceful distance. I feel myself protecting myself by not letting myself be vulnerable with him anymore. But it’s also not leaving room for growth.
The catch is we have 2 children together. My husband can be a really good dad at times, when he’s not exploding, and my children love him dearly. I don’t want to break up our home. We’re in marriage counseling but my husband admits that his pride prevents him from exploring all treatment options that are available.
I don’t know what to do. I wish I could go back in time and not marry him, but here we are. For the sake of my children, I’m thinking I should keep trying to figure this out.
At what point do I say enough it’s time to think about what I want? At what point is it justifiable to break up my kids home? I feel stuck.
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2023.06.08 12:19 -d3xterity- Insight into the mind of someone going into mania

I thought this would be insightful for you guys as much as it was for me when I found it. I wish I had taken it more seriously when she sent it but I didn't realize how much she was struggling. My wife and I got married in April 2021 and she sent this in early May 2021. In early April 2021 she had went off her medication because we wanted to have another baby and she was concerned about the effects on a potential pregnancy. So she was off her meds about a month at this point. Her text message below. I have formatted it to make it easier to read. When she sent it, she sent it as a huge run on blob of text. She also sent this pretty much out of nowhere, so there's no context to include. Here is the message she sent:
I feel like a dog who’s been starved of human touch and gets rescued by good people yet lashes out and bites and growls when I see a friendly hand coming to show me love. Not for any reason other than stopping my meds but that’s what it feels like, my body has entered fight or flight, my body feels like it’s in danger because it knows it’s been suddenly robbed of the crutches that it leans on and it’s trying not topple over and get hurt falling to the floor.
Anyone who reaches out their hand to me right now is going to get bit no matter what soothing and comforting words my mind has to tell my body, no matter how much I try to tell my body that it’s ok and safe, it remembers what it’s like to constantly fight to stay alive and I don’t think it wants to fight that fight anymore, or at least it’s worried that it’s going to have to. I keep trying to say it’s okay, you’re not going to die, believe me, you don’t even want to. Let’s not go there. Let’s not reason with the grim reaper again, he has nothing for you. Just turn around and walk the other way.
It’s like there’s two of me and I’m holding myself back by the arms. So far I’m stronger than me but it’s a god damn brawl and I’m getting bruised up as well as everyone around me having to take the occasional punch and I’m embarrassed and want to apologize for it but if I turn around for one second to do so I’ll get the shit kicked out of me by this monster. I’m trying to hold it down on the floor until it calms the fuck down. This cunt is feisty, nasty, and full of energy, and she feels like she just got her legs kicked out from under her so I can’t say I don’t get it but god I cant talk any rational sense into her. She’s a snapping Rottweiler. An absolute hurricane. She’s trying to claw her way out of my very skin.
If you want to get really specific, she’s wearing lingerie and smoking a cigarette looking at me like she can do this all day. And it’s not only my job to suffocate her with a pillow, but also to protect her and show some understanding, grace and sympathy because she’s here to guard me. I just can’t get the message through that I don’t need or want it right now. So instead we’re rolling around on the floor throwing punches, both trying to take our place on top, and constantly taking turns wearing the crown for a few minutes. She wants to go backwards and I’m trying to shove us both forward. We never need to go back to where we came from. We’ve healed from it but this bitch is trying to rip open the wounds I spent so god damn long stitching up. And all I can do is try to understand, because she’s only scared and acting in desperate self defense because she doesn’t have the capacity to see that I can take care of us both on my own if she’d just take a deep breath and let me.
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2023.06.08 12:13 2Lazy2BeAwesome [Version 3.7] Spiral Abyss Breakdown - New Floors 11 and 12

[Version 3.7] Spiral Abyss Breakdown - New Floors 11 and 12
Hello, fellow Travelers! This time we’ll look at Floors 11 and 12 of Spiral Abyss that were changed with 3.7 update.
In this post I will mostly just repeat everything I show in my video Breakdown. There are certain limitations with local editor (including 20 pics limit), but I'll try to leave some notes to make up for it. I'd suggest to watch the video, but feel free to stick to the format you prefer.

General Abyss tips

  • Fight as many enemies at once as possible. Most of attacks in Genshin have AoE (Area of Effect) - it’s free damage.
  • Protect yourself! Have reliable ways for each team to survive.
  • You don’t have to always make teams around Blessing or Floor buffs.
  • If you struggle to clear the entire floor, focus on one chamber at a time.
  • Benedictions (cards) change with daily reset. Just try your luck next day if you need better buffs.
Floor 11 now increases your Normal Attack Damage. It's, obviously, there to make you pull for Yoimiya, but there are quite a lot of characters who can benefit from it too (even if not so much like Keqing or Yanfei, for example, who often use Charged attacks too)

Floor 11 - Chamber 1

Here Pyro is your best option to break Lawachurl’s shield and it’s the only element that we don’t have among Specters in the first half.
Floor 11 Chamber 1 First half - Enemies details
Note: RES (Resistance) values' colors match corresponding elements (white for Physical, red for ALL). For reference, the most common value is 10% ALL RES. Shields are represented with the corresponding element symbol.
It’s also the best one for the second half to deal with Pyro Eremite, plus I’d suggest to bring an archer to easily stun Anemo Hilichurl Rogue.
Floor 11 Chamber 1 Second Half - Enemies details
Note: Eremites have -20% Physical RES, but it's not something I would recommend to rely on
In this chamber we have to protect the Monolith, so don’t rush, take your time and just try to force enemies to fight you. Keep dealing damage to them and draw them away from the Monolith to avoid unnecessary damage. Ranged characters, taunts and any form of crowd-control can help you with that. Note that some of the enemies are more willing to fight you, so prioritize those who focus on the Monolith and you’ll be fine.
Note: e.g. Geo Specters in the first wave prioritize attacking the Monolith while other Specters focus on you right from the start
Floor 11 Chamber 1 Summary
First Half – Better: Pyro, CC, Taunts, Ranged chars / Worse: Cryo, Physical Second Half – Better: Pyro, CC, Taunts, Archer / Worse: Anemo, Hydro

Floor 11 - Chamber 2

Second Chamber starts with just an Abyss Lector and you simply have to be ready to deal with his Electro shield. Pyro, Cryo and Dendro are the best options for this, so any team built around those will work great.

For the second half remember that Anemo and Pyro are the best options against respective Eremites and Fungi have increased RES to Dendro and their respective elements.
Floor 11 Chamber 2 Second Half - Enemies details
Fungi start very far from each other, but if you run towards the Dendro one, the others should come close enough for you to fight them all at once. Having a way to bring flying fungi down could be helpful to speed up the process.
As for Eremites, rush towards the Galehunter when they appear, because Pyro one can teleport to you. Try to deal with their pets first and you won’t have any problems.
Floor 11 Chamber 2 Summary
First Half – Better: Pyro, Cryo, Dendro Second Half – Better: Anemo, Pyro, AoEs / Worse: Dendro, Cryo, Hydro, Geo

Floor 11 - Chamber 3

In the first half of Chamber 3 you’ll have just two enemies that come out one by one. They have increased Hydro and Physical RES respectively, so don’t rely primarily on those.
Floor 11 Chamber 3 First Half - Enemies details
The best option here is Pyro again, because of the Cryo shielder inside.
Floor 11 Chamber 3 First Half - Cryo Shielder
If you make your teams around Pyro, you won’t even notice it. Including any Archer in your team can be helpful to stun Ruin Drake, but it’s not necessary.
Note: Archers help a lot if your overall DPS is low. Otherwise you might struggle with stunning the Ruin Drake and will have to deal with its increased RES towards your main damage type.

For the second half shields will be the main problem.
Floor 11 Chamber 3 Second Half - Enemies details
With Abyss Mages it’s much easier to just Swirl them into each other rather than bringing counter elements, because they appear all together.
Floor 11 Chamber 3 Second Half - Swirling shields into each other
And against Hydro shields Dendro or Cryo will be your best bet, so make your teams around those to quickly deal with Heralds.
Remember that two of their attacks increase your cooldowns if you take damage from them, so aside from dodging, you can also rely on shields to prevent that.
Attacks of Hydro Heralds that increase your cooldowns
Floor 11 Chamber 3 Summary
First Half – Better: Pyro, Archer / Worse: Physical, Hydro, Cryo Second Half – Better: Anemo, Dendro, Cryo, Shields
Here’s what we get in the end and these teams were just enough to clear it all earning 9 stars, but, of course, they could be easily improved if you have better characters.
Floor 11 - Summary and Teams

With current Floor 12 HoYo gave up and made a straight up pay-to-win Abyss.

Floor 12 - Chamber 1

Chamber 1 starts with Whopperflowers that have increased RES, especially to their respective elements, and Primal Constructs against which Freeze or Quicken can be quite helpful to knock them out of invisibility.
Note: I suggest to stick to the latter because of Cryo Whopperflowers, so Spread, Aggravate or even Hyperbloom teams will work great here.
Floor 12 Chamber 1 First Half - Enemies details
For both Whopperflowers and Constructs there will be six enemies in total. Three of them will appear at once and new enemy will appear every time you kill one, so it’s better to kill all three together to split each fight into two proper waves.
Against Whopperflowers you can easily make them stack together if you just run far enough. But unfortunately, you can’t reliably do the same with Constructs, so if you want to pull them closer, you’ll need Venti or Kazuha. Other characters just can’t move them.
Note: Jean can pull them if you hold her Skill, but it's extremely slow
If you don’t have either, your best option is to rush to the northern wall and wait there: this should stack the Constructs together for a moment, but you have to kill the entire first wave together to use the same trick for the next three.
In the second half we have to deal with Hydro and Cryo shields and, as always, using Dendro and Pyro is the best way to do so.
Floor 12 Chamber 1 Second Half - Enemies details
Abyss Mages shouldn’t be a problem, but Heralds are quite annoying, so here are some tips for them:
  • Focus on Hydro Herald first. Without him you won’t have to worry about freezing and cooldown increases
  • Bennett’s Burst can prevent you from freezing with its constant Pyro application, but it might increase damage you take as well
  • Nahida makes this fight much easier. Her Skill alone does a lot of damage to Hydro shield even while you focus on Cryo Heralds.
  • If you don’t have her, Tighnari is the second-best option. He has great solo target Dendro application, but it’s very hard to use him properly here. If you rely on him, bring some shields to at least be able to aim during the fight.
  • Also, shields are helpful against Hydro Herald, because your cooldowns won’t get increased if you don’t take damage. Because of that Zhongli is, obviously, amazing, but you might also consider Layla. Her shield is great against Cryo attacks and additional Cryo application can deal extra damage to Hydro shield.
  • If you have neither Nahida nor Tighnari, using Dendro will become much harder because Heralds move a lot, however, Cryo also works including Swirling Cryo shields into Hydro one.
  • If you have Venti AND Kazuha, you can use Kazuha here. With Bennett it’s easy to make his Burst absorb Pyro and with that it will deal extra damage to Cryo shields and sometimes it also Swirls them into Hydro one, dealing more damage to it too which significantly speeds up the process.
  • If not, Sucrose with another Anemo character work just fine too.
Bottom line – great options for this chamber are quite limited by the characters you have, but here are the teams that I managed to clear this chamber with earning 3 stars.
Floor 12 Chamber 1 Summary and Teams
First Half – Better: AoEs, Freeze, Quicken, Kazuha, Venti / Worse: Cryo, Pyro Second Half – Better: Dendro, Pyro, Cryo, Anemo, Shields

Floor 12 - Chamber 2

Second Chamber is much more straight-forward. Just use Quicken against Terrorshroom to stun it and simply restart the Chamber if it decides to go for a run and waste your time. Aggravate team is the best pick here because of boss’ extra Dendro RES. For MUCH more info about the boss, you can check the full guide I made.

Against Thunder Manifestation in the second half Dendro, Pyro or Cryo will be your best options because of its constant Electro aura. The boss often teleports and sometimes even flies up, so ranged characters will have easier time here. Also note that if you apply Dendro or Hydro, they will stay on the boss due to Quicken and Electro-Charged specifics, so Bloom, Hyperbloom or Burgeon will work just fine despite boss’ Electro aura.
Here are teams that I used to clear this chamber, for example.
Floor 12 Chamber 2 Summary and Teams
First Half – Better: Dendro + Electro / Worse: Dendro Second Half – Better: Dendro, Pyro, Cryo, Ranged chars / Worse: Electro

Floor 12 - Chamber 3

Last Chamber this time is all about suffering. In the first half you’ll have to fight 4 Consecrated Beasts split in two waves. They are very resistant to their own elements, move too much, hit like a truck and ignore pretty much everything you do.
Note: Beasts have 40% ALL RES and 70% RES to their own element all the time until they create a shard; then RES drops down to default 10% until they consume it back or wake up after you stun them using it
Do your best to stay close enough to them both to prevent them from using their annoying ranged attacks, but if you have to pick, stick to the Hydro one unless it’s having fun running all over the place or you managed to stun the Dendro beast.
Since they ignore you, the best strategy against them is to ignore them back.
Beasts are extremely difficult to stagger, but can easily stagger you. Increasing your Poise allows you to deal damage no matter what they do. The most common source of Poise is shields. Alongside with them you can get party-wide bonuses with Beidou’s Burst, Xingqiu’s Rain Swords, Dehya’s Skill and Gorou’s Skill. Plus, abilities that trigger special stances such as Bursts of Raiden and Cyno or Skills of Ayato and Hu Tao, for example, also increase your Poise, so I highly recommend relying on those to make your rotations more consistent.
Most common Poise Sources
Luckily, in the second half we have only Iniquitous Baptist. Against him you just have to bring the counter elements to deal with his shields. He will always cycle through Cryo, Hydro and Pyro shields in this order, so you’ll have to rely on Pyro, Dendro and Hydro respectively to quickly break them.
Shield types and counters for Iniquitous Baptist
This elemental combo basically screams Burgeon, but don’t be fooled by it. Abyss version is different from the normal one. Here boss doesn’t create Elemental Rings in the very beginning and shields' durability won't be reduced even if you break all three of them, so you’ll have to deal with stronger shields and normal Burgeon teams don’t have enough Pyro application to quickly deal with them.
Note: The whole idea of Burgeon is in having some form of Pyro to explode the Cores, but not too much so it wouldn't mess up your Core generation
If you want to use Burgeon here, you’ll have to add some source of Pyro on demand - in form of Bennett, for example - so you could deal with the shield, but wouldn't mess up your core generation with extra Pyro applications.
Note: Alternatively, you can try to add Electro in your team for extra application. It’s worse than aforementioned elements, but it works against all three shields.
Also, by applying counter element before boss activates the shield, you can immediately damage it as it activates, which you can use to your advantage, especially if you use Sacrificial weapons that won’t proc if you hit the shield without dealing damage anyway.
This boss isn’t difficult, but might require you to adjust your rotations and come up with some extra Energy generation because of that, although as long as you have ways to break his shields quick enough, he shouldn’t be a problem.
For more info check my full guide.
Moment from the full guide - the best characters to apply counter-elements so far
Here are the teams I used to clear the entire Floor 12 including this Chamber, however I would rather replace Yaoyao with Kirara to have easier time against the Beasts if I had her built.
Floor 12 Chamber 3 Summary and Teams
First Half – Better: Poise, Shields, Healing / Worse: Hydro, Dendro Second Half – Better: Pyro, Dendro, Hydro
Anyway, that’s all I have for you this time, fellow Travelers. Feel free to leave your questions or other suggestions in the comments. Good luck with your runs and have a great rest of your day ^^
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2023.06.08 12:08 Anon8714 Is there a chance I can regrow some thickness with fin and min? Or to far gone?

Hey guys, I new I was thinning at the front, but had no idea how bad it had gotten at the back until the barber mentioned it today. I started Fin about a week ago and picked up some liquid minoxidil today which I’ll use twice a day, I’ll also start derma rolling once or twice a week. Has anyone been in a similar position and had their hair regrow? I don’t need it super thick, but would like it a bit thicker again as I’m only 25. I used foam minox and a derma roll a few years ago to grow facial hair and had great results, but don’t know if this will be the same.
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2023.06.08 12:05 Huge_Ideal_6900 Isu-152

In light of the new is-2 being revealed I’m thinking of dismantling my is-2 to make an isu-152, it shouldn’t be to complex to put together and I reckon it’ll look pretty damn good when I get it done. What do you guys think? On a side Note Ik I haven’t posted any of the custom tanks I said I would but I’m gonna do that tonight because I have my last a level today so I’ve been bogged down over the past few weeks with work, sort of like every big cats transmission once it reached the end of the factory floor
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2023.06.08 11:59 accumaxlabs Choose the Best Lab Storage for Your Applications

Are you using a variety of lab bottles? It’s effortless to grab the bottle from the shelf without giving it a second thought. But, a lab bottle is not just a bottle.
Are you certain that you have selected the most suitable type of container for your intended purpose? Bottles provide versatile options that can be utilized for the handling, transformation, and storage of both liquids and solids. Available in a variety of sizes and shapes, they can be constructed from either plastic or glass materials.

Selection goes beyond deciding glass versus plastic lab bottles

You’ve decided on using plastic lab bottles over glass but that’s not the end of your decision.
Selecting the appropriate bottle involves more than just choosing its size, shape, and color. It’s also crucial to consider the type of plastic material that will be used, as the performance of the bottle can be impacted by factors such as temperature and chemical exposure.

Variables to consider when choosing lab bottles

In the interest of saving time, it can be tempting to simply grab the nearest bottle on the shelf. However, before making a selection, it’s crucial to ask yourself several important questions regarding your lab bottles.
  1. What chemicals will the bottles come in contact with?
  2. What shape of bottle suits your application?
  3. Do you need bottles to withstand extreme temperatures and resistance or do you need bottles for low temperature long term storage?
  4. What kind of Transparency and Translucency should your bottle have?
  5. Do you need bottles that take care of your light sensitive samples?

Temperature considerations

Will you be exposing your bottles to a hot or cold environment? Temperatures can also affect your bottles. Bottles may need to withstand extreme temperatures such as autoclaving for sterilization as well as freezing temperatures for long-term storage. Take a look to how different bottle materials withstand a wide temperature range:

Chemical compatibility for plastic lab bottles

Selecting an appropriate bottle could potentially create a safety hazard. Place the wrong chemical in the wrong type of bottle material, and the chemical could eat right through the material. Preventing chemicals from spilling onto the floor, or even worse, onto your lap, is essential.
Utilize this convenient chart to assist you in identifying the suitable material for the bottle required for your application.

Plastic Materials Overview:

Amber versus Transparent
In certain procedures, it is crucial to determine whether to utilize a transparent or amber media bottle. Amber bottles are necessary to safeguard light-sensitive substances from natural, infrared, or ultraviolet light, which can cause their degradation. Solutions like organic solvents should be stored in amber glass. Transparent media bottles are a popular choice for storing non-volatile chemical compounds that are not sensitive to light.
Square versus Round Bottles
When it comes to autoclaving processes, square media bottles are frequently utilized due to their ability to be densely packed into autoclaves for maximum space utilization and efficiency. Micro labs, which must process samples quickly as various steps in the process are time-sensitive, often need to produce substantial quantities of media and agar on a regular basis; they find that racks of square bottles are much more manageable and practical for this purpose.
Square media bottles are also commonly used to store solid chemicals in their granular form. In analytical laboratories, round media bottles are more commonly used. The reason behind using a rounded container instead of a square one is that it facilitates the mixing and stirring of solutions. In these laboratories it is important to ensure solutions are effectively mixed to form homogeneous solutions.
Wide Mouth versus Narrow Mouth
Certain laboratory procedures can be simplified by utilizing a wide-mouth bottle as opposed to a narrow-mouth one. If it is a medium bottle that contains granular solids, it is easier to scoop the chemical out for weighing when the mouth is wide. A narrow mouth bottle can be useful when pipetting solutions into a media bottle. The bottle’s shoulders are designed with a steeper slope to facilitate the effective mixing of any added chemicals with the solution inside the container.


Accumax Media bottles and Reagent bottles are manufactured in 100K clean room facility from premium grade material with low leachable and extractable materials.
Original Source: https://accumaximum.com/blogs/choose-the-best-lab-storage-bottles-for-your-applications/
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2023.06.08 11:53 shoxboy It's much and it's mine.

It's much and it's mine.
NZXT H7 Flow MSI MAG X670E Tomahawk WiFi R7 7800X3D RTX 4080 Gaming X Trio 32GB Trident Z5 6000mt/s CL30 2TB 980 Pro / 1TB Adata S70 Blade / 1 TB 860 Evo Arctic Liquid Freezer ll 360 ARGB 3x Silent Wings 4 140mm Be Quiet Straight Power 11 850W
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