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San Diego "America's Finest City"

2008.12.18 01:21 San Diego "America's Finest City"

The official subreddit for San Diego California, "America's Finest City", we’re a rapidly growing (over 300,000 strong!) community serving the whole of the San Diego. We also serve the various counties, plus info concerning our sister city Tijuana MX in the sharing of information, opinion and events to bring us closer together in the richness & diversity that makes us “America’s finest city” *Please READ our rules before posting*

2012.12.05 18:02 Warlizard Push Models -- Promotional Staffing

This is just a place where I can post jobs. Since they staff all over North America, I may as well open it up to Redditors.

2012.02.17 22:39 UTNetwork Welcome to the Shadows

A Shadowrun Living Campaign and community.

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2023.06.10 12:22 Jhonjournalist Children Lost in a Plane Crash Found Alive After 40 Days

Children Lost in a Plane Crash Found Alive After 40 Days

Four Native youngsters who vanished 40 days prior in the wake of enduring a little plane accident in the Amazon wilderness were found alive Friday, Colombian specialists reported, finishing a serious pursuit that held the country.
The youngsters were separated from everyone else when searchers tracked down them and are currently getting clinical consideration, President Gustavo Petro told correspondents upon his re-visitation to Bogota from Cuba, where he consented to a truce arrangement with delegates of the Public Freedom Armed force rebel bunch.

4 Children Lost in a Plane Crash Found Alive

The president said the young people are an “illustration of endurance” and anticipated their adventure “will stay ever.”
No subtleties were quickly delivered on how the adolescents figured out how to get by all alone for such countless days.
The accident occurred in the early long stretches of May 1, when the Cessna single-motor propeller plane with six travelers and a pilot pronounced a crisis because of a motor disappointment.
The little airplane tumbled off the radar a brief time frame later and a mad quest for survivors started. Fourteen days after the accident, on May 16, a hunt group tracked down the plane in a thick fix of the rainforest and recuperated the collections of the three grown-ups ready, however, the little youngsters were mysteriously gone.
Detecting that they could be alive, Colombia’s military moved forward the chase after the youngsters and flew 150 fighters with canines into the area to follow the gathering of four kin, ages 13, 9, 4, and 11 months. Many workers from Native clans likewise helped search.
  • On Friday, the military tweeted pictures showing a gathering of warriors and volunteers presenting with the kids, who were enclosed by warm covers.
  • One of the troopers held a container to the littlest youngster’s lips.
  • The flying corps later shared a video on Twitter showing warriors utilizing a line to stack the kids onto a helicopter that then, at that point, took off in obscurity.
  • The tweet said the airplane was made a beeline for the town of San Jose del Guaviare, however, gave no further subtleties.
During the pursuit, in a space where permeability is enormously restricted by fog and thick foliage, troopers on helicopters dropped boxes of food into the wilderness, trusting that it would assist with supporting the kids.
Planes flying over the wilderness terminated flares to assist with looking through groups on the ground around evening time, and heroes utilized bull horns that impacted a message recorded by the kin’s grandma, advising them to remain in one spot.
On Friday, after affirming the youngsters had been saved, the president expressed that for some time he had accepted the kids were protected by one of the traveling clans that meander the distant area of the wilderness where the plane fell and have little contact with specialists.
Yet, Petro added that the youngsters were first found by one of the salvage canines that fighters took into the wilderness.
Authorities didn’t express the way that far the youngsters were from the accident site when they were found. In any case, the groups had been looking through inside a 4.5-kilometer (almost 3-mile) sweep from the site where the little plane plunged into the woodland floor.
As the hunt advanced, warriors tracked down little signs in the wilderness that persuaded them to think the youngsters were all the while living, including a couple of impressions, a child jug, diapers, and bits of natural product that seemed as though it had been nibbled by people.
Learn More: https://www.worldmagzine.com/americas/children-lost-in-a-plane-crash-found-alive-after-40-days/
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2023.06.10 12:22 Emergency-Opinion344 Come on, deal with your people

@FACEIT_Darwin, Let's figure it out, you said to create a ticket, but what's the point? He didn’t get banned for a multi-account) You’re doing a great job) I did your job and found all his accounts, and you couldn’t even do everything right)
Here is my post where all his accounts, by the way I found a couple more:
  1. https://www.faceit.com/en/players/-MaTr1X-1
  2. https://www.faceit.com/en/players/MaTr1X23
  3. https://www.faceit.com/en/players/-MaaTr1X
    Here is the ticket number - #5004433
    Well, deal with it already, why does everyone have to do all the work for you?
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2023.06.10 12:19 yomamzi signs a guy won't text after the first date?

so I went on a date last night with this amazing guy - we went mini-golfing and then walked around getting drinks. He had to go home to take care of some work things but we met up again later for some more drinks and he ended up sleeping over. Before he left, he said he had a good time and said something along the lines of 'do something again soon?' Maybe I'm a pessimist, maybe I overly read into details but a couple things make me think that he's not actually going to text me another date. Before meeting up, we were talking on Bumble and did not end up exchanging numbers or contact info during/after. The other thing is that he left my house pretty early - we did the do, he asked me if I was planned on staying awake & we chatted about what we were doing for the rest of the day and then left. Before the date he was very good about being prompt with responses and letting me know what he was doing during the day + whatever else we were talking about. If he does text, I don't expect him to message me as soon as he gets to his cabefore he gets home, but at some point today. Am i wrong for not expecting anything after this?
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Content Development & marketing strategy
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2023.06.10 12:15 scogeetanjali The Top 5 Benefits of Owning an M3M 114 SCO Plot

The Top 5 Benefits of Owning an M3M 114 SCO Plot

M3M 114
M3M 114 is a new commercial development in Gurgaon, located in Sector 114. The project offers a variety of SCO plots for sale, ranging in size from 900 square feet to 1,574 square feet.
If you are considering buying an M3M 114 SCO plot, there are a few benefits that you should know about.
1. Prime Location
The location of M3M 114 is one of its biggest selling points. The project is located in Sector 114, which is a rapidly developing area of Gurgaon. The sector is well-connected to other parts of the city, and it is close to a number of schools, hospitals, and malls.
2. Excellent Amenities
M3M 114 offers a number of amenities, including a clubhouse, a swimming pool, a gym, and a security system. The project also has a number of green spaces, which will make it a pleasant place to live and work.
3. High Demand
The demand for commercial properties in Gurgaon is high. This is due to the city's growing economy and its increasing population. The demand for M3M 114 SCO plots is likely to be high, as the project is located in a prime location and offers a number of amenities.
4. Good ROI Potential
The ROI potential for M3M 114 SCO plots is good. The project is located in a prime location, and it offers a number of amenities. This makes it a good investment for both short-term and long-term investors.
5. Peace of Mind
Buying an M3M 114 SCO plot can give you peace of mind. The project is developed by a reputed developer, and it is backed by a good reputation. This means that you can be confident that your investment is in good hands.
Overall, M3M 114 is a good investment opportunity for those who are looking for a commercial property in Gurgaon. The project is located in a prime location, offers a number of amenities, and has good ROI potential. If you are considering buying an M3M 114 SCO plot, I encourage you to do your research and contact a qualified real estate agent to learn more.
Here are some additional tips for buying an M3M 114 SCO plot:
  • Get pre-approved for a loan before you start looking at properties. This will give you an idea of how much you can afford to spend.
  • Work with a qualified real estate agent who can help you find the right property for your needs.
  • Be prepared to negotiate on the price. The asking price is not always the final price.
  • Get everything in writing, including the price, the terms of the sale, and any warranties or guarantees.
By following these tips, you can increase your chances of making a wise investment when buying an M3M 114 SCO plot.
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2023.06.10 12:13 Ionatto My GF(F24) lied to ME(M22) and spoke with her ex

Bigger context:
When I first met my GF, october last year (8 months ago), we were both in another country in Europe with the erasmus programme, we both were from the same country and university but we didn't know each other prior that experience. She was in a long-term "open" relationship for almost 5 years with an older guy, 30 years old. Before leaving in Erasmus, her boyfriend proposed to her and she said yes, so they were engaged, the wedding should've taken place at the end of 2023, something like that.
We started talking, flirting, she told me she "kinda likes me" 17 days after we met, then 21 days after we met (that means late october), we had sex, we were spending a lot of time together. So I became her lover. Her boyfriend was in another country, he were to come for new year's eve to see her, so I just went along with this, I was thinking that I'll just have sex with her a few weeks / months until that guy comes and then that's it, that was our agreement, that we'll just "have fun" for how long it works.
Then, her boyfriend came at the end of november, they went in another city only for a few days and I remember being sad and wanting her for myself. After she came, she told me that she was thinking about me while having sex with that guy but still she doesn't want to leave him because of the long-term relationship.
Shorter context:
Long story short, we continued the affair until we left in our home country, that means 1st of march. At this point, we were loving each other, first time we both said "i love you" was at the end of october, 2022. The guy she was with was a looser and pretty toxic and eventually she left him for me, on 20 march or something. But she left him after she spent 2 weeks in his flat "trying" to fix their relationship, she wanted to be 100% sure there is nothing left and she really doesn't like / love that guy anymore. But the thing is she was doing that, "trying" with that guy, while texting me that she loves me and she misses me. We actually met face to face in that period a few times and I was giving her advice and why it would be bad to countinue with that guy (I was trying to be as non-biased as I could for that situation, I wasn't trying to win her over or something, but now when I look back, I was biased as hell). And I was telling her that if she loved me, she wouldn't have "tried" anything, she had all reasons to leave him, she had sex with him a few times in that period of time, but I didn't know for sure until mid may, when she told me, after we already were together. So I sucked it up because I was in love, I think I should've left her then.
Then, after she left him, she moved in our university campus so our dorms were 400meters apart, then, until 24 april we were would behave like we are an actual couple, but we were just testing because she said she needs time and doesn't want to jump from a realtionship to another, no commitment, but we were sleeping together when one of our roomates was not in the room, having sex and spending all of our time together. From 24 april until now, we were together, in a committed relationship with the agreement that we both will be as transparent and sincere as we can and she won't speak with her ex anymore and if he texts her, she would tell me everything he says - she agreed to those terms. The reason her boyfriend would text her is because they have 2 cats together and she said she really loves her cats.
All this time she told me that she's feeling odd and has mixed feeling, that she is confused and doesn't have a place to call "home" anymore. One time, in mid - may, she told me that she still pairs the idea of "home" with that guy's flat and that when we both stay together and do couple things, like working on our laptops for our university classes, she expects to see her ex-boyfriend in the room. I wanted to broke up with her then, because I tought it won't work because she clearly didn't get over her last relationship but she told me that it's just normal, that after 5 years, it's normal that her brain has those things and she assured me that she wants to be with me 100% and that she loves me. Again, I closed my eyes on this matter as well.
Now I broke up with her 3 days ago because I found out she texted her boyfriend on 2nd may (9 days after our agreement, that she can't speak with her ex and if he texts her, she would be transparent and tell me about it), she also met with him on 10 april and she didn't tell me, obviously.
The way I found out was checking her conversation with the guy, without her permission. In the day I checked her conversation, the timing was right for me, she told me to open her whatsapp on her laptop to send some documents and right when I sent them, her ex texted her, the conversation was in archived chats, so it was just bad luck for her, because otherwise I wouldn't have checked. Her ex also said that someone she used to work with contacted him and asked if she (my gf) would want to go back to work in that place. When she got to my place, she told me that person contacted her, not her ex, so she lied again.
I told her I will break up with her because I saw the conversation on 2nd may and because she lied me in the face in the matter of where did she found out about the new job opportunity and I said I can't trust her. She started crying and beg me not to leave her and promise me that she won't do it again , she won't lie again and if I forgive her I would have full acces to her phone, laptop and everything else I want. Then, I asked her this question "in the last 2 months, (that means april and may), is there anything else that I need to know that would devastate me if I'd find out from your laptop/journal/phone?". It was a trap question, she didn't know that I knew she met with her ex on 10 april. So in that pivotal moment, she chose to tell me only half of the truth saying that she only met with her ex's best friend. I asked the question three times, she said the same thing.
I told her that I knew she met with him and that she just proved me I can't trust her. Everything I wanted was for her only to tell me the truth. After that, she cried, almost having a panic attack, then I told her that I won't leave her and she was happy. I asked again if there is anything more I need to know, and this time she better say the truth because she doesn't know what I know. And she told me she met with her ex last week to see her cats but assured me they didn't touch, kissed or had sex. After a few hours I broke up with her for good.
She didn't text him regularly, but she texted him then, on 2nd may, after that she would tell me when her ex would text, but she wouldn't tell me/ show me exactly what they spoke, she only said the he texted her to ask what's up and that she wouldn't get the conversation going.
Now, the thing is that she is my first love, the first woman I told "I love you", yesterday, after I texted her a hateful message while crying (i deleted it afterwards), she came to my room and I let her come. I can't be mad on her, I'm helpless when she stays in front of me... she started saying that I am the love of her life and we both are the loves of each other's lives and this time if I forgive her, she will be however I want and she told me that she never felt so desperate in her entire life after I broke up with her. Then we had sex... and after that I told her that it's time to say goodbye for good this time and even tough I love her so much, my consciousness and rationality can't leave me repeat the same mistakes over and over again.
I wrote everything because I am so hurt and desperate and before starting writing this text I was thinking that this time, if I forgive her, she will really change. But now I realize how stupid all this context is. All my friends told me not to get involved with her and now they praise me for leaving her, but it hurts so much... even if I want to go back, I already told everyone, my parents, brother, friends... because I know I would be weak.
Oh, I forgot to mention that she cheated on her ex as well with a woman, when she tought she is bisexual, now, after she met me, she says she is 100% heterosexual, last time when she had contact with a woman was 6-7 months ago and before that, 6-7 months as well.
TLDR: My girlfriend which first I was her lover then ended up being together, lied to me multiple times about talking and meeting with her ex and I caught her, now I broke up with her but she says she is so sorry that I'm thinking about forgiving her because I really love her and I'm hurt as hell, I didn't expected to be so hard.
Also sorry for this huge text and my english.
What do you think about the whole situation? Would you be with someone like her if you were me?
I know I'm stupid, it seems that I'm agreeable as hell when I love someone.
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2023.06.10 12:12 Throwaway548921 Should I quit job for commission only sales role?

Hi all, I have an issue I've been struggling with. At my current job I'm definitely not paid enough. They also want me to complete a cert to continue working there. I am not doing well in it and personally I need more time to go over the material and study to pass. Since they have the cert requirement I might be let go for the reason that it's not going well. The last guy that worked there ended up leaving for a different job because it was too hard. Yet the silver lining is I found a company in my old field that seems to tick all the boxes I was looking for. I'd have to get my license in this state to get the job but that's doable. It seems like it'd be a great fit. Yet I know companies can vary and you sort of have to test it to see how it really is to work there. I will say though I love selling the product and my numbers were good so I think it'll go well. It's commission only though but they do provide free leads which is a plus. I think it's a step in the right direction especially since I'm flunking out of my current job anyways. I just don't know how to approach my situation. Bare minimum they'd probably need a month or month and a half to replace me because we have a small team. I don't want to put myself in a bad position part of me wants to test this new company before I jump into it without any safety net. Yet I might get fired from current job anyways because of the cert issue. What should I do? Do you think I should give my notice now or else wait until I test the new company? I want to make sure I leave in a good position but might get fired before that anyways so it might not matter. Thanks.
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2023.06.10 12:10 Moist_Poetry_7873 How to Post Free Classified Ads in India with Benella?

How to Post Free Classified Ads in India with Benella?

In today’s digital age, classified advertisements have evolved from traditional newspaper listings to online platforms that offer greater reach and convenience. With the rise of online classified websites, businesses and individuals can now promote their products and services to a wider audience. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of using a free classified ad website, specifically focusing on Benella, a popular classified website in India topost free classified ads. We’ll delve into the advantages of using Benella and how it can enhance your classified ad experience.

The Power of Classified Ads

Classified advertisements have always been a popular means of buying and selling products or services. However, with the advent of the internet, the process has become even more accessible and efficient. Online classified ad websites provide a platform where users canpost free classified adsand browse ads with ease, opening up opportunities for businesses to expand their reach and individuals to find desired products or services. One such platform that stands out in India is Benella.

Benella: Your Go-To Classified Website in India

When it comes to posting free classified ads, Benella is a top choice for many users in India. With its user-friendly interface and extensive reach, Benella offers a seamless experience for both advertisers and seekers. It allows you topost free classified adsacross various categories, including real estate, jobs, vehicles, services, and more. Benella’s intuitive search function and well-organized categories ensure that your ads are easily discoverable by potential customers.

Advantages of Using Benella to Post Free Classified Ads

  1. Extensive Reach: Benella provides a wide-reaching platform that connects you with a vast audience across India. With thousands of daily visitors, your classified ads receive maximum exposure, increasing the likelihood of finding the right buyers or customers.
  2. Cost-effective Advertising: One of the standout advantages of using Benella is that it offers everyone to post free classified ads. This enables businesses and individuals to market their offerings without incurring additional costs. It’s a cost-effective way to promote your products or services and maximize your return on investment.(Free Online Classifieds Ads in India)
  3. Targeted Audience: Benella’s well-categorized listings ensure that your ads reach the right audience. Whether you’re targeting a specific location, industry, or interest group, Benella’s targeted approach helps you connect with potential customers who are genuinely interested in your offerings.
  4. Easy Ad Creation: Benella simplifies the ad creation process with its user-friendly interface. You can easily create and post free classified ads in just a few steps. Benella’s platform also allows you to add images, descriptions, contact details, and other relevant information to make your ads more engaging and informative.

Tips to Post Free Classified Ads

To make the most of your classified ads on Benella or any other platform, consider the following tips:
  1. Captivating Title: Craft a compelling title that grabs attention and entices users to click on your ad.
  2. Detailed Description: Provide clear and concise information about your product or service, highlighting its unique selling points.
  3. High-quality Images: Include high-resolution images that showcase your offering and attract potential customers.
  4. Accurate Contact Information: Double-check your contact details to ensure interested buyers can easily reach you.


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2023.06.10 12:08 ThrowRAGirlwithcats Reference check from disgraced employer

Hi there, need some career advice. I am up for a job and on the cusp of getting an offer. The company is asking to do a reference check and I have given them the contact of 2 ex-superiors who I worked really well with. However, they are asking for a referee from my latest role (of which I resigned) and I'm not too comfortable about providing them with this as my latest company can't be trusted not to badmouth their ex employees due to company politics. I found out about this when I was applying for a whole bunch of jobs and realized that after having really great interviews, I was being rejected because companies were reaching out to my supervisor at my latest company post- interviews.
How should I go about explaining why I'm uncomfortable to provide this info to my new potential employer in a professional way?
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2023.06.10 12:07 throwRADazer Recover word document

Hi, I have been asked to fill out a file for a job interview and seems the work document won’t load, not sure what’s happened and need help please. Tried everything on my end and it just ends up with codes, can’t get in contact with them soon enough as I need to have this in by Monday 9am but they won’t be back in office until then
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2023.06.10 12:04 Duke_of_Waterford Who is my landlord and can I get my deposit back? UPDATE

So an update to a post from several months ago. I rented a room in an unlicenced HMO in Newham (4 rooms 5 people, separate contracts) for 6 months during my MA. In short, just about everything is wrong and it got worse the more I investigated:
No EPC/How to Rent or any paperwork given whatsoever beyond the AST.
Deposit not protected (have this confirmed with all three schemes).
As far as we could tell there hasn't been a gas or electricity safety inspection for at least 2 years.
Smoke alarms don't work, carbon monoxide detector is fake (empty plastic shell high on one wall that's difficult to reach). As far as I can tell the doors and locks also are not fire code compliant but not sure on that.
There's also a clause in my AST against letting more than 4 people live in the flat, which is obviously stupid as they've chosen to rent to 5 people and makes me wonder if they thought it was some kinda of get out clause.
Things get even more messy with the landlord. Listing was on Spareroom and my contact has for rent and maintenance been "K" (I only know first name, email, and phone number, no address or surname). The my AST states my landlord as a "Miss A" (supposedly K's sister) with a London address. A title search of the rental property shows its actually owned by a completely different "Mr R". Another title search on Miss A's given address shows she doesn't own that either. Having looked up Miss A, her full name matches a PLC whose address listed on Companies House is in the same area as the address on the landlord address on the AST. It shows a move for a compulsory strike off (not filing accounts?) which has been suspended. Web information on the company suggests Miss A from an EU country. Not sure what this means but I suspect it isn't good for me.
I've moved out, taken photos of everything (it's in better condition than when I found it even though there was no inventory) and I know they have a new tenant. I've waited a few weeks to ask for my £800 deposit back because they usually sent us an itemised breakdown for the bills and I would be willing to pay pro rata for the few days of May I was there but they haven't sent anything. I plan to ask on Monday but want to be prepared.
I've reported the unlicenced HMO on Newham council website, along with my contact information and heard nothing. The council private rental team apparently no longer have a phone line and my emails have been ignored. I've tried to get help form my student union but they've basically just told me what already know from this sub. My questions would be I'd they refuse to return my deposit or ask for unjustified deductions, who do I take to court? Could Miss A turn around and say she has no idea someone put her on the contract and as she doesn't own the property I'm screwed?
submitted by Duke_of_Waterford to LegalAdviceUK [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 12:03 semaj420 i got a grade back, way later than expected, with absolutely no feedback

i submitted one of my final assignments on the 12th of may.
i was told to expect results after 15 working days.
on thursday, my uni finally posted a grade for this assignment (my second result, still waiting on the other grades despite their due dates all being prior to this one) and i got a mark that is pretty far out from what i normally get - usually my marks are within the 65 - 75 range. this one is 58.
however, there is absolutely no feedback posted. just that number and nothing else.
i have contacted my uni's exams team, plus my personal tutor, and the examiner themselves.
the only reply i have had is from my personal tutor, who said they aren't sure but will follow it up on monday for me.
has anyone else experienced anything similar?
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2023.06.10 11:59 chinupheaddown [Repost] Genius side hustle

Reposting because original post got deleted anf this needs to reach more people.
Recently i came across someone who earns nearly ~ 3 crores in a year through his side hustle of teaching big data over the weekend. He has a regular job on weekdays
Details of his course:
How does he get 500 people to join for every batch?
Referral model is how he gets all his students
Speaking of the course, I am sure there are positives, but I don't even find it of even udemy level ( I accessed his session recordings on website using a friend's login and went through them over two weeks )
Most important aspect is that
I know I might have sounded like a salty jealous guy. I don't have any problem with him becoming rich. But my main problem is that how gullible people are wasting money and time over his course. People are shown the carrot of 2k referral bonus and they are just referring anyone
Company name: Zeyobron
You can google the company and contact him directly. He will provide you a link to a youtube video explaining the hours. This video even mentions about fake experience
If any of your friends wish to join it, please ask them to take a wise call before blindly joining the course
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2023.06.10 11:59 Long-Distribution995 The original quality of the sales counters is 1:1 reproduced to produce the best bags, check the quality before delivery and take details of the picture to you, and provide you with the tracking number. Through fedex, UPS, DHL, Other brand styles Contact Jason WhatsApp+8615306061206

The original quality of the sales counters is 1:1 reproduced to produce the best bags, check the quality before delivery and take details of the picture to you, and provide you with the tracking number. Through fedex, UPS, DHL, Other brand styles Contact Jason WhatsApp+8615306061206 submitted by Long-Distribution995 to replicasneakers [link] [comments]

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“If the work doesn’t require creativity, delegate it, automate it, or leave it.” — Naval
But before I waste anymore of your time with my doomsday speculations, let’s see if you should continue reading.If you do not relate with one of the bullets below, you’re free to leave the page:
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2023.06.10 11:56 Parking_Ad7452 QUICK RANT/ QUESTIONS

So i’m a fairly new RXOM (about 2 months in). Yesterday was Control Inventory which i’ve done 2 years in a row to know how the ropes go. I received a verbal from my RXM because i “did not tell her i was switching her plans until the day of”. Which is a LIE but i will not call her a liar because she’s my boss but that’s basically what she’s doing because she had made a chart (Wednesday EVENING and Inventory is FRIDAY) where EACH technician trainee (inexperienced) counted a section but i let her know before there were no extra hours techs were 100% in workflow so how did she expect that when they can’t even multitask enough with regular duties… her words were “the Inventory Specialist will cover in workflow while the techs will use 15 minutes to count their sections “ AGAIN INEXPERIENCED TECHS COUNT CONTROLS IN 15 minutes???? So Thursday I said in front of everyone (including her) i got approval from SM to cut my hours 2 hours elsewhere to give to a SR tech to come in and JUST count for control inventory in which everyone else understood they would not be counting some even felt uncomfortable counting controls for inventory especially for 15 minutes… My pharmacy manager says i did not let her know that i was switching her plans 🤔 so after letting everyone know in person and every other person in pharmacy understood i’m guessing she did not catch on 🤔 in which i stated again in the group chat THURSDAY EVENING AT 5 PM that my SR tech would be ONLY counting for control inventory and “whatever else is left is to be completed by Me ( i was in workflow 100% as a closer), the Inventory Specialist, and Her (the pharmacist manager).” and My question is besides not telling her on a 1:1 so ultimately she felt like i was “ stepping on her toes “ by going to my SM or above her head to get approval which i apologized i could have told her separately (again i said in front of her Thursday 2:38 PM she even joked and said “ can i give away my hours too?”) did i do anything wrong to receive a verbal warning?
I even asked why was she so bent on giving it to inexperienced techs which she gave them a 15 minute time frame to count instead of allowing the INVENTORY SPECIALIST TO COUNT (which inventory is her JOB it’s in her title itself). She states it was a training moment and it gives them accountability 🤔 but training moment on controls ??🤔 Even my staff agreed as well as my only SR tech that within them being there (20 years) they have NEVER done inventory like that. I even stated that if her plan was to work “ we both failed as managers for a lack on planning on our behalf” as the technicians were filling/in the fill station during rotation they could have counted their sections and put a label with the correct quantity and as they filled them the number would have been subtracted but that would have worked if we started Wednesday or Thursday (because they are inexperienced) NOT FRIDAY (the day of) 3 techs left at 2 and were completing calls/deletions and handing front and drive thru so idk how that was expected to have been done🤔
submitted by Parking_Ad7452 to WalgreensRx [link] [comments]