How to make ice fang tm

Ice Shanty - The Fisherman's Winter Fishing Shelter.

2015.03.06 02:00 Ice Shanty - The Fisherman's Winter Fishing Shelter.

Welcome to Ice Shanty. Submit pics of your Ice Shanty, one that you made yourself or plans for how to make your own homemade Ice Shanty here to this subreddit.

2012.07.20 11:02 Chancholoraq Transcendental Meditation: Let's transcend together.

Welcome! Here is a place where *anybody* can: 1. Pose questions about TM: its motive, origin, etc [but **NOT** "how do I do?" questions nor discussions in detail about advanced techniques or details on other techniques taught by the TM organization]... 2. Present stories, experiences, and perspectives on the practice. 3. Suggest TM schedules, teachers, and other activities to accompany the practice. **Also to request AMA's of celebrities who practice the meditation!**

2015.03.31 23:21 sabtacular .gifs for things that are baking

A subreddit for all things baking-related... in .gif form! Whether it's actually making something or if you're just decorating a cookie, you can find it here.

2023.03.26 11:22 AmyHOH03 Anyone of Texas

Hi I am new here and looking for an advice.
I was living in Vermont (3 years) and became disabled and had to move back to Texas to be with family (I was in VT with my son until he moved out). I had Medicaid in VT waiting for SSDI.
Social security disability approved of January this year. It says Medicare starts in August. I applied for Texas Medicaid and was denied. I filled out form for “elderly and/or disability” as they kept asking me of having children (full grown living in another state) and no I am no longer a parent. I have multiple disabilities and struggling with daily activities. The Texas Dept of Health & Human services sent my into to Healthcare(.)gov to fill out. I took a screenshot where it says “it looks like you may qualify for Medicaid..”. Then another screen says I am not eligible for premium tax credit. I guess I am in a gap… poor by the govt but make too much for Tx Medicaid?
I don’t know what to do. No insurance. Unable to work including doctor’s notes of my situation.
I am 110-130% FTL by the US govt on poverty for my income.
How do I go about with this coverage gap? Get legal aid?
Private message is helpful.
Thanks, Amy
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2023.03.26 11:21 TractorScare How do I use leftover Mutton Roast and use it to make some spicy ramen?

SO made delicious, South Indian Mutton Roast. A few pieces are left over, along with all the brown bits on the pan. How can I efficiently transfer the flavour and make a ramen out of it? More veggies are welcome. But it's a sunday in a quiet Indian suburb, go easy on the fancy ingredients.
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2023.03.26 11:21 incyweb Finding Our Initial Customers

Hunters was a wonderful cafe in Bath that served craft beer, coffee and artisan food. It was a meeting place for tourists and locals. In Hunters I developed my mobile app game, Conxy, and found its first players. It was hugely exciting persuading people to download and play my little game. Without my mini sales hussle, over an IPA, to get things off the ground, I don’t think Conxy would have been downloaded 4,000 times.

Do things that don’t scale

For a startup to succeed, at least one founder will have to spend a lot of time on sales and marketing. - Paul Graham
Founders tend to believe that a good product is all that is required for success and that growth will take care of itself. This is not true. Products evolve into good ones through engagement with and feedback from customers. Startups take off because founders make them do so and a big element of this is the manual recruitment of customers. This is often a scary prospect for founders who prefer to work on the product instead. Paul Graham’s essay Do Things That Don’t Scale explains why founders should directly engage with customers. Based on Paul’s advice, Airbnb’s founders met early customers and improved their property listings with quality photos and text descriptions.
Founders should sell because they:
  1. Get to know their customers and what matters to them.
  2. Establish credibility with their customers.
  3. Can dynamically adjust the product based on feedback.
  4. Have control over their destiny.

How to sell

You don't learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing and by falling over. -Richard Branson
As explored in User Growth, for users to engage with our product, it needs to be visible, trustworthy and valuable. The best way to do this is face to face contact as Airbnb’s founders and I can attest. Another, somewhat more scalable, approach is via sales emails. Cold Emails to Hot Leads explores how to optimise the chance of attracting the attention of key people. Good sales emails:

Sales process

People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. – Theodore Roosevelt
Our initial customers are early adopters who love new things and do not expect a polished product. We can expect this group to represent less than 5% of the total user population of a successful product. Hence, to a fair degree, finding initial customers is a numbers game.
The sales process is:
  1. Prospecting: Establish a list of potential customers, including name, title/company, email and social media profiles. This can be drawn from our personal network and research.
  2. Prioritise the list: Based on desirability of the prospect, expected ease of engagement and sales success.
  3. Qualification: Send sales emails or otherwise approach prospects.
  4. Sales call, including a product demo. Proposal, including pricing, is made to the prospect. Attempt to close the sale.
  5. Customers start using and paying for the product.
Sales success metrics should be tracked, including: emails sent, open and reply rates, product demos and customer signups. Tools to help include:, and

Other resources

Paul Graham Startup Essays post by Phil Martin
The story of Airbnb talk by Nathan Blecharczyk
Founding Sales book by Peter Kazanjy

In 1910, it took much effort to crank the engine of the Ford Model T to get it going, but the journey was worth it.
Have fun.
A Bit Gamey
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2023.03.26 11:21 Angelharem dream girl

i have a very specific idea of what i want a girlfriend to be like, but i have nowhere to start even finding girls and its very frustrating 😭 i wish i could make one magically appear and then everything would be happy 🥲
can someone tell me where to start? or even tell me how they met their partner?
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2023.03.26 11:21 theirelandidiot I think I am emotionally impressionable from media either fictional or non fictional. Is that a thing people with autism sometimes have?

I noticed recently that I’ve always hated watching/reading/listening to new things because I always felt scared. And I recently realised I was scared of all the new feelings it would make me feel because I feel like I am very impressionable from how media portrays emotional context. Do any other autistic people experience this? Thank you!
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2023.03.26 11:21 fate_mutineer Just rewatching and I don't get the despise for Randy around here, considering the show's premise (longer read)

For me the whole point of the show is seeing how people have flaws and psychological struggles, and how it affects relationships. Mickey has to deal with addictions; Gus is patronizing, somewhat tempered, and tries to control things he can't; Bertie avoids conflicts and confrontation. Randy is just a much of an example as the others - he does not have his life together, struggles to find his way, and consequently is insecure and putting too many hopes into his relationship with Bertie.
All of them are trying to better themselves and find that it's not a one way road, i.e. sometimes fall back on their poor coping strategies. Yes, Randy has questionable aspects such as his passiveness about getting a job, his fear of ghosts and his clingyness. But it's not like he is terrible. He invites the crew to his cousins house, prepares a candlelight shower when he can't go out with Bertie on her birthday, cooks for Mickeys Dinner. And he even acknowledges to be "a Mess" and starts jobbing.
On the other hand, he's mostly right when he calls out being treated poorly. It's not nice to complain about his cousins house - yes it old and all, but they were just invited, and they are basically annoyed that they went when they didn't really want to - which is not Randy's fault. It's also not nice to get left out when all you friends gather in a fancy house. And Bertie - don't get me wrong, I like her character a lot, but not in how she acts towards Randy. She get's back with him out of convenience, we see her a lot low key judging him and talking him down, her first reaction when she finds him sleeping in the car is being mad, partly over what it would make HER look like, rather than concerned or supporting. And ultimately cheats on him. I think her behavior is intended to show how things turn when the fire is gone and one just can't bring themselves to act sympathetic to their partner anymore, so it fits well into the show. But don't blame it solely on Randy.
This post turned longer than I thought, but I just needed to put that Randy to me is not much more or less of a struggling person than the others. There's a lot worse people on the show, like Susan and the Writers, Dr. Greg, Shaun and her Husband, etc. etc.
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2023.03.26 11:21 AutoModerator [Get] Trade With Sid – Mentorship Program 3.0

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You will also learn how to apply the right skills and tools to increase the probabilities of making winning trades while reducing risk, and gain access to personal tricks and techniques that have fast-tracked our success.
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2023.03.26 11:21 wiiilems 26M - would u like a good friend? Come say hi.

Hey! Maybe we have a similar taste in music, movies, series? Perhaps there are similarities between us?
*What I’m looking for: * - You can be any gender, preferably in Europe since of time zones. Of course other than this I wouldn't expect much. Of course I'll try to suit what ever needs you have, cus I think that's how friends take care of each other.
If you have come this far in reading this post, and you'd feel intrigued, I do have Discord, so if you'd feel like we'd get a long and would like to get to know each other, message me and let's talk! :)
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2023.03.26 11:21 anniewalker0514 38F Caucasian - Chlorhexidine in eye

Long story short, got a tiny amount of chlorhexidine 4% in my eye. It stung and I rinsed it out quickly. Next morning had pink eye symptoms. Put in erythromycin which seemed to make it worse. Sclera is barely pink, upper and lower lids pink and slightly swollen. Have a mild headache on that side. When abx didn't help I googled and realized how bad it was to get this in your eyes. Poison control guy wasn't very good and seemed super unsure of what I should do and kept giving me conflicting answers. It's middle of the night on Sat. Should I go to urgent care? Can this wait til Monday for eye Dr? HELP
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2023.03.26 11:20 Ikanttakeitanymore I didn't need discipline or skills

This is mostly for anyone wondering if meds are going to help or if they're just "lazy" and need to straighten themselves out and get disciplined or whatever....
I never ever wanted to do anything else other than read and write (obviously not only talking about school) . Never could do it. I have started concerta some time now (I live in the EU) after reading the whole dsm 5 and assessing myself for many things (I have some other diagnoses) I realized I probably have ADHD . It is extremely hard to be assessed for ADHD in my country but it happened and after a few visits the doctor told me I definetely have ADHD (combined type but because I am a woman the hyperactivity was mostly found in me being extremely theatrical , talking a lot , interrupting and being very very impulsive) . I am on concerta now and I literally didn't need to change anything about the way I act . I always always tried constantly to be able to read or stay quiet and focus when a conversation was happening but it was impossible. The only difference now is that when I try I succeed.
Im putting this post out there because of course there are people that have had ADHD so long they have developed bad strategies and people that regardless of ADHD are lazy . They don't want to do the work . That's not ADHD , I tried every single day and I couldn't do it. I didn't go out with friends at all I kept trying to be able to just do what I want. Everything in my room was a mess. I was so impulsive my first pshychiatrist actually diagnosed me with bipolar and put me on antipshycotics .
If you're wondering if meds are gonna help I cant guarantee anything. But adhd meds are some of the meds with the highest rate of success out there and we know a lot about them when compared to antidepressants and even worse antipshycotics (worse in the sense that we know very little about how antipshycotics work and how much they actually help certain symptoms) . I just always thought I was lazy even though it didn't make sense because I literally didn't do anything else and was constantly thinking about what I wanted to do and couldn't. It's neurological and without help its extremely difficult and for me impossible.
I kind of wrote this for myself too because I am always telling myself its my fault and I just don't feel that way anymore . Making the bed was a struggle for me and I was so excited when I did it on medication that I realized I definetely have ADHD if I'm excited about this crap!
I know you didn't read the whole thing
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2023.03.26 11:20 New-Yam-616 I feel bad that my parents are not discipling my brother like how i was disciplined before.

I feel bad that my parents are not disciplining my youngest brother the same way as I was disciplinrd
25 years old and Eldest child here. Growing up I always feared talking back to my parents let alone say bad and disrespectful words kasi I know the consequences, either sinturon or papakainin ng sili. Strict din sila sa mga bagay bagay, like no piercings (lalaki kami lahat magkakapatid), no phone while eating, no late night gala with friends, etc. I was always the good son kasi nga they told me i have to be an example to my younger brothers.
Fast forward to today, i cant stand how my parents let loose of that way of disciplining. Yung tipong nasa hapag kainan but my brother curses because of an argument. Pero parang wala lang sa parents ko. There was also a time na todo sagot yung bunso kong kapatid pag pinapagalitan. Napaiyak nalang ako kasi hearing how he talks back, parang walang katiting na takot.
Idk, if I feel bad because I was treated differently before or i feel bad because I want to discipline my brothers the way I was disciplined before but dont have the guts kasi nga kapatid lang ako. Makes me think i should just keep quiet kasi if okay lang sa parents ko, why should i bother
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2023.03.26 11:20 Shaloamus Octopath Traveler II (and HD2D) dev costs vs. sales

I was talking to a friend today about the future of the HD2D initiative now that Square Enix has a new incoming president, and was curious if anyone had any sources for a ballpark estimation of how much an HD2D game costs to make. Square Enix, like most Japanese developers, don't publish development costs for their games, however I was curious whether the four HD2D games (Octopath, Triangle Strategy, LIVE A LIVE, and Octopath II) had continued to turn a profit for the company. With a new president coming in and their recent disclosure of the disappointing Q4 they had last year (which admittedly was entirely their own fault), I am nervous that HD2D may get canned so they could focus on blockchain or something.
From what I can gather the former president was a huge supporter of the initiative and specifically asked for more HD2D games in 2019. However, the LIVE A LIVE remake has yet to reach one million copies sold, and Octopath II had "lackluster" physical sales in Japan when it released (however there have been no sales numbers for overseas physical sales or digital sales of any kind given yet). While I am sure Octopath II is doing fine, I want to know whether it is doing well enough for the higher-ups at Square Enix to leave the studio alone and allow them to continue doing what they've been doing the last few years.
If anyone has heard anything or has any information or thoughts on this feel free to share!
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2023.03.26 11:20 gagirlinpc Roommates or Married

I am new to this subreddit and I am sure that my situation is very similar to others. I will give my synopsis below and the advice I am looking for is how to have a calm but FINAL conversation about our non existent intimacy and non existent life together.
I am 45. Hubby 49. Been together for 15 years and married for 12. The 1st 5 years were AMAZING on the intimacy and sex front. We did and still do have no life outside our home as he claims that he has anxiety going out anywhere I suggest. I mention because this does tie into our situation.
In the beginning my husband was always in the mood. Would ask me to send him “pics” while at work. Would take me to adult shops to buy and try new things and wanted to have sex at least 3 times per week.
Because we do not have any social life outside the house together (including him refusing to EVER go on even a 3 day trip to a private beach are where no people would be around to give him anxiety), the resentment on my end began taking a toll on me.
In addition to that, about 5 years ago I started to notice a serious decline in him hugging, kissing, walking up and smacking my booty, etc. Around the same time I noticed that sex had pretty much just ended. About a year into this (on our anniversary), we watched a movie on opposite ends of the couch and he began saying he was ready to go to sleep. Mind you, we PLANNED to have sex that night. I simply went into a spare room and he followed soon after. I was crying and explained that I was so confused on why he basically had nothing to do with me (now both inside and outside the house).
He then broke down and said he had been suffering from ED and that he felt ashamed, etc. I hugged him and told him I was so sorry he had been carrying that around alone. We agreed that he would go to the doctor and be seen, and was given meds to help.
I at that time asked him if it was only the ED or if he had also lost the desire. He assured me the desire was there. In the next 6-7 months, we had sex about once every other week. He was NEVER able to (finish for him), but we did have sex at least.
Well, month 7 comes around and it’s like pulling teeth again for anything. I bring it up and he then says “look, I’m early 40’s and this is what happens and I don’t even have a desire for sex. I was shocked because I had clearly asked him this before and got a different answer. He told me to just accept it.
I was obviously livid. I told him a simple testosterone test could reveal lowT and it would help bring the libido back. He STILL hasn’t gone in.
If I had on a matching bra or panty set in our room he would insist I was laying there “wanting you know what” and he would go sleep in another room.
I know for a fact he is not cheating. I also know that these days I ask when we can do it, he promises next week and it NEVER happens.
Mixing all of the disconnect makes us the equivalent of amicable roommates. He even permanently sleeps in other room. He claims it is FOR me because he snores. I have repeatedly asked him to get back in our room. He says sure and it never happens.
I have for about a year now quit saying anything at all. But I have decided that this is an active choice he is making. It is in no way respectful or the mindset of a husband. And I refuse to live the rest of my life like this.
I am prepared to have a calm, but firm convo for the LAST time to explain that I WILL have a fulfilling life and he needs to step all the way up. I’ve even considered saying that I wasn’t running off to divorce him but I will have my basic nee met somewhere….
And I also get consistent feedback on how I am the only woman he wants to be with and we will grow old together, etc. I mention to say he isn’t looking for an out.
I need some feedback in general and maybe tips on a matter of fact convo.
Ugh… thanks in advance!
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2023.03.26 11:20 bigassdumpy Their upbringing

I mentioned before that it’s quite clear that their mom was kinda neglectful to them growing up, I totally understand how common it is for the older kids in a huge family to feel ignored esp when parents have to dedicate more time to taking care of the younger siblings, but hearing the same from Dani who’s one of the younger ones rly makes you wonder if Christina or Katherine had to be second mothers since it’s been established that Michael was allowed to go out most of the time
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2023.03.26 11:19 Logicalmartyr Decided it was time after growing my hair out for the past 7 years

Decided it was time after growing my hair out for the past 7 years
Im 24 and i've grown my hair out for the past 7 years and started to notice my hairline was getting bad. So I buzzed it today and saw how thin my hair was and how bad the hairline was so decided to shave it all off I started regretting it half way through but after finishing it I feel a lot better! The photo of no hairs a little bad since I cut my self a lot tryna shave the rest of my hair h off lmao but I ordered some clippers so that'll make it easier! If anyone has any advice for what I should do with shaving or moisturizer I'd love to hear it! I am trying to grow a beard but it doesn't get super long just yet! Glad to join the bald club
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2023.03.26 11:19 Ok_Anywhere2333 Hourglass figure and climbing

Hi everyone, I started climbing one year ago and really love it.
However, I have a very feminine / hourglass figure. I tried to lose weight but of course the shape stays and my cup size still never be below C unless I'd starve. I feel like it affects my climbing a lot, I'm always the person with the most curves in the gym which reduces my confidence and it makes me very self-concious.
Additionally, often the moves just don't work (especially boulders), as my body center is just very different or I can't go as close to the wall as others.
Does one of you have similar figure and how do you deal with it?
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2023.03.26 11:19 Just1person_ Moving out at 18 is not as common as people think

I'm from the middle east, and I've never heard about someone moving out exactly at 18. People here usually wait until their late 20s or even 30s before they move out, now, normal families, do that to ensure that their kids are completely capable of living independently and are able to afford living by themselves, which is great, but when you have a narcissistic, abusive, people who are sick in the head as a family, things are completely different, they use that to make sure that you're completely dependent on them so they can control you even more
For me, I started college as soon as I graduated high school (at 17) I didn't have any previous savings, no prior job experience because that's what everyone around me was doing, and I didn't know how evil my “parents” are. Three years later, I realized that major wasn't for me, so I dropped out, and THANK GOD I had a scholarship and they didn't pay for anything but my food, now, I'm kinda stuck, because again, I don't have any savings to move out, and they're refusing (I didn't ask) to give me any money so I can go out and search for jobs and to know what I want to do next
I have a plan to where I want to go next, but many people here don't, and god knows how long will it take them to escape their abusive parents. Finding jobs, even finding part time jobs isn't easy, and in most places, you can't work until you're 18
So yeah... Just keep that in mind that moving at 18 isn't as common around the world
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