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/Marathon is a **VIDEO GAME SUBREDDIT** about Marathon, Bungie's first first person shooter trilogy.

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A place for links and discussion about politics in the Evergreen State. More politics than /Washington, and more Washington than /politics.

2023.03.26 10:27 Neozia_RL Salut tous le monde, petite question si je copie colle le lien ci dessous dans panda buy ça m’envoie sur le tee shirt en question mais sans le logo est ce normal ?

Salut tous le monde, petite question si je copie colle le lien ci dessous dans panda buy ça m’envoie sur le tee shirt en question mais sans le logo est ce normal ? submitted by Neozia_RL to FrenchReps [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 10:24 Hito_kun Are security keys with fingerprint readers always supposed to validate your fingerprints? I thought they would.

I'm asking because I just got a Kensington VeriMark Guard and I'm a bit confused about how it is supposed to work. I got my fingerprints registered and overall seems to be working fine, but sometimes it doesn't care if I use one of my registered fingers or not.
For example, this TOKEN2 - FIDO2 DEMO - WebAuthn Login test on User enrollment checks for the fingerprint, but not on login. Is that something specific to this specific key? Or is it just how all security keys with fingerprints work?
submitted by Hito_kun to cybersecurity_help [link] [comments]

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vacation, he doubted there was much chance of seeing Susan again,
“No, it’s fine.” I tell her.
"The car is yours now, son, take good care of it, and please, do not wreck it!" His dad exclaimed with a worried look on his face.
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There it was, Baden, named for the old Roman Baths, built there more than a millennium ago because of the warm springs that bubbled from the ground. Yes, he told himself, Baden is home—a good home, even if he has to work with his father. The rest of the journey was all downhill. Although he was tired, this was the easiest part of the journey. He saw his father’s shop ahead. His father would be hard at work like he always was. He was sure his father would put him to work immediately. He would not even be given a chance to greet his mother and sisters.
“But what about mom and dad?” I asked.
"How is my brother doing?" Amanda gave me a quick kiss on my lips and did the same for Jasmine since Nikki was right there.
She had always dreamed of her wedding day: The white dress, which would now be a total lie, and her wedding night with her husband. He would tenderly kiss and caress her, slowly undressing her like he was unwrapping a special present on Christmas morning before gently entering her, taking her virginity
“Jim, darling, this is Terry. Terry, this is Jim, he like yourself is one of our students. I am so happy that you two have had this opportunity to meet. I know it’s a shame that it is so brief but perhaps sometime in the future you may run into one another again.” Maggie made the introduction and by doing so also informed both myself and Terry that each understood that the other could be trusted with our knowledge of the other’s… Studies. I remember smiling meekly at Terry and nodding my head in greeting and she in return blinking slowly and nodding briefly as well. Penny took over from that point and led Terry to the stairs and down to the door. Maggie on the other hand held onto my hand and pulled me to the doorway in sight of the two. I didn’t realize that she had actually wanted me to witness Penny and Terry kissing. Wow! I knew exactly the kind of kiss they were sharing as I myself had shared the same with Penny and Maggie on multiple occasions. What I did not understand was why I was meant to witness the kissing. I looked sidelong at Maggie and noted that she was studying me intently, and then I saw that Terry had opened her eyes and saw me. Her eyes went wide and took on a worried expression before Penny realized what was happening and leaned in and whispered something in her ear. Terry pulled back a bit looking into Penny’s eyes then back up at me, and then she nodded and smiled nervously before she stepped out through the door Penny had opened.
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“It's not selfish, Mom. If you have been fighting your feelings for this long and fighting so hard, I have to say, I admire your stamina.”
Candy said. “Call Jayda in the morning. Good night.”
on him saying something. How dare she use my friend against me like that. Fine, I
"Hey, I'm serious."
“More than before, yeah.” I replied, looking down at the table and thinking. Not just of Nicole, but of Megan, Carson, Paul, Jenna… hell, even Phil and May. This year was one hell of a roller coaster, that was for sure.
about lack of supervision and the sexual escapades at your
It happened a few months ago, they were in the kitchen trying to keep cool; it was one of those hot spring days. Henry walked into the kitchen coming from the gym; in just a pair of sweats, he still had a clear layer of sweat on his body, he must have taken his shoes off at the door. Anna was wide eyed as she stared at her brother; she wanted to laugh but kept it in as she talked to her brother. They talked about the football game that was coming up soon. Henry was the star quarter back on the high school team, so he worked out all the time trying to keep in shape and getting in better shape before he left to boot camp. She remembered asking why he needed to do that and his reply was ‘I’m not going to be the one everybody hates because I can’t keep up, I won’t be the one lacking in my group.’ He told her about the people who couldn’t keep up, said if he was that person everybody would hate him because they would have to endure the consequences because he couldn’t deal.
"Mom what the hell, you can't put on a towel!" Sam said shocked that her mom would be in the den completely naked with Sams friends over, "Sam I am wearing a towel." she said smiling at Sam. "you know what I mean mom." Sam said walking toward the door. I got up said bye, and before I could take a step she grabbed me and pulled me into a hug and whispered "You owe me one." giving my cock a little squeeze through my pants, and slapped my ass when I turned to leave.
“A tornado shelter or like a basement. Hell my Daddy and I got one of those,” I don’t tell him about the weapons in ours.
‘Mh-hm?’ she mumbled. ‘I guess I haven’t been either.’ Her fingers found their way under his shirt, lazily grazing her fingers against his muscles.
Her eyes widened in surprise “What the hell? What did you ask me? Sex? No way! Get out, no, I’m not going to do that.”
2012-07-01 11:48:42
I kept trying to will my erection away, but it wasn’t working too well. I was going to have to live with it.
“Aren’t you going to watch the rest of the show?” Holly asked her son. Greg snorted with laughter, knowing what ‘show’ his wife was referring to. Theo simply hobbled out of room.
“Of course,” my brother deftly lied, and I tried not to let the surprise show in my face. Well, I thought, mentally steeling myself for what was to come. If that’s the way we’re going to play it…
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“It’s time my family pays for its actions” I tell the other three.
“I’m good, I’m good,” I replied, backing down. “I get it. I’ll shut up now, okay? I just wanted to say my piece. I’ll go back to my bag.”
"Right now if you want," I stated. Her hand on my cock had brought it back to life.
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“Oh my, am I getting careless in my excitement?” a distinctively accented voice breezed past me from behind. I slowly turned and sighed, seeing Natalia leaning up against the wall next to my door.
“Holy fuck!” Ron said out loud after seeing what Luna and his little sister were wearing. Luna was decked out in a white, skin-tight one-piece bodysuit that had a v-neck that ran all the way down to her navel. Ginny was wearing a tight polka dot bikini top and the tightest pair of spandex short shorts that Ron had ever seen his life. He started to drool slightly as he looked them up and down. After finally regaining his composure, Ron, Ginny and Luna made their way over to the party room and passed across the age-line to see a disco light flashing overhead and a large number of students knocking back glasses of beer and Fire Whiskey. A shrill whistle and a number of sparks coming from Remus Lupin’s wand made every single student stop what they were doing and look over at the sixth year Prefect.
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The next day, I decided to just do what he said.
Sergeant Dave Wilson was entirely unfazed by the toy the robber was holding, and immediately rushed down the alley toward him, but was soon stopped in his tracks as he was surrounded by a soft golden glow.
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She sat down and we went through class, learning about the principles and elements of design. I already knew most of the material, so I just doodled for the entire period.
I was getting close so I ordered her to sit upright and suck me off. She did this with even more skill as last time which soon drove me over the edge. I showered her with thick blasts of cum on her face and tits. We then kissed and hugged for a while eventually falling asleep.
“Hello everyone, I’m Dr. Garrett I’m the one who has been looking after Randy.”
I was thrashing around in seconds, but he was strong enough to hold me down – preventing himself from getting injured – and keep a steady jab at my ribs and stomach. “Riley... ah! No...Again with the tickling!” My laughter was uncontrollable. It bounced off the walls of the empty house and traveled through the open windows on either side of the front door. Shrieks of obvious amusement went with it. Desperately, I tried to push his hands away. “Riley! Stop...” more laughter, “this is not fair!” I tried to tickle him back, but it was useless. His body was far too solid for such things. “Okay, okay! I suck, I'm sorry. I'll never never never never never ever ever sneak up on you again.”
Maria’s legs were bouncing and flexing as we moved, her stomach was right there moving with my dick. My dick was lodged far up inside Maria’s hot, wet, squishy pussy. Her face was contorted with lust and pleasure that I was giving her. I grabbed her waist and rocked her back and forth on my dick, trying to make her cum. I felt her ass and squeezed it, feeling the muscle and flesh that was bouncing up and down my dick. I then reached up and fondled her boobs, twisting her nipples and making her scream with more pleasure. Then as Maria forced the pussy down on my dick, I couldn’t hold it in any more.
"Still don’t care." Her response is muffled as her face is buried in the couch.
Her body was crushed against his, his arms tight around her waist. Her cheeks surrounded his cock. He spoke next to her ear, “Dee?” His voice was pleading, but he didn't know what for. Did he want her to make him stop, or tell him it was okay?
I prepare a bowl of cereal and sit down at our kitchen island to eat. As I sit there, munching my Cheerios, I happen upon an interesting idea:
Timmy lay next to her putting his hand on her tit, this was the first time he had ever touched a tit, he leaned over and took her nipple in his mouth. And began sucking.
"See ya later." He says, a slightly solemn look appearing on his face. He resents the fact that his teenage daughter is so attractive. Ray watches from afar in his vehicle as Emmy approaches some of her friends in front of the school. He sees a lot of the boys turning their heads to look at her. He sees some obvious flirtatious behavior. After a heavy sigh, he finally drives off.
The second time was better than the first time and I lasted longer.
“They’ll get you too, not just me. Do I have to refer back to the cabin…”
"Fill her teen pussy," I said enviously.
The combination of both of her hands on her pussy and the smell of Eve filling her nostrils brings Claire so much pleasure that she can only just hold back a moan that would have alerted her parents to what she is doing. Claire can feel her pleasure reaching its peak as she speeds up the fingers that are plunging in and out of her dripping pussy and with her orgasm quickly approaching Claire lightly pinches her clit at the same time as taking a deep inhale through her nose.
Nick retreated a little bit, toward his gear, so he could sit down on the bench and look right to face her as she spoke. She was still about ten or fifteen feet away from her, and he didn’t want to come on strong and freak her out. Plus, she seemed younger, and a bit hyperactive—being in such a testosterone-filled place and all. She giggled. “No, no, I mean, no, I’m not. Once, a long time ago, but yeah, no, I’m not. I just wanted to give him something he left at my house.” She smiled and motioned to her pocketbook. “Oh, I’m Jessica.” She blushed at forgetting the obvious, and took a step closer toward Nick.
"That's it babe. See if you can swallow my cock!" he tells me.
When we got to my house I said "I'm telling you again there will be three topless women in this house." Sam just smiled and said "Right, let's just go inside. Oh and we're going to need to borrow towel, because we were kinda rushed out if our houses." I just said OK and pushed the door open. As we walked in we were greeted by my mom in the kitchen topless preparing the cooler I asked for, Jackie watching tv topless and Val running down the hall also topless. Sam and Lynn just stood there in shock as I went upstairs to change and grab a 3 towels and a big blanket. As I got to the bottom of the stairs Lynn came over grabbed the bag with three towels and I grabbed the cooler. With that we were finally on our way to the beach, at 3:00.
“Why were you guys naked?” Paul asked, a hint of childish curiosity in his voice.
“No Syd, we don’t,” I turn back around and continue my walk but she’s keeping pace.
Sherry untied his hands and instructed him to wait two minutes before removing the blindfold. He heard the door close and he was alone. He waited what he thought was the correct amount of time and removed the blindfold. He left the shed and there was no one around. He returned home and got a drink from the kitchen. He then remembered to call Sarah to tell her it was okay to come home. She said she would be home in a while and about a half hour later she arrived.
“Nice to see you’re still alive, son,” he says. “How do you feel?”
“I will but remember you need to get a ride from someone because I’m taking you home,” I tell her as she smiles knowingly.
shocked when my hand just up and grabbed her breast. It felt amazing. I
"Rhythm is important, sweetheart." I said, gripping her ass.
She let out a squeal of excitement and rushed passed me. As I turned I saw her jump on my bed and settle on her knees in the middle, bouncing gently. Laughing at her obvious joy, I leaned down to slip my pyjama bottoms off . When I looked at her again, she was staring at the obvious bulge against my black boxer shorts.
With one fast shove, I tried forcing my cock into Angela again. It was tough but I slid it in. Angela cried out in pain. I asked her if she wanted me to stop. She told me no because it felt so good having my cock inside her tight hole. I didn’t argue because my hormones knew what it wanted as I continued to thrust my cock inside Angela. She loosened up a little and became more relaxed. She started to enjoy the pleasure my dick was giving her. She wrapped her legs as tight as she could around me. I bent over and we kissed again. We were totally connected. We were one and we both enjoyed it.
The doorbell rang when I was downstairs. I knew my sister would answer the door. Sarah, my sisters friend was coming over for a sleepover. Our families were very close and she was constantly over at our house. I got off the couch and went upstairs to find my sister at the door letting Sarah inside. Man she was hot! She was very short and skinny, only 95 pounds. She had beautiful tan skin, small breasts, and perky little ass. Sarah had dark brown eyes and even darker hair. However she was off limits. I had known her since she was 3 and I felt like she was my little sister.
‘Suck it babe, suck it,’ commanded James as Anastasia eyed his waggling cock lustfully. Sandwiched in between the door and James’s goliath cock, she quickly spat on his smooth, long shaft and quickly began to toss him off with both of her hands.
My neutral expression slowly turned into a huge grin.
“Oh my God! That feels so fucking good!” she cried.
Note: There is a hint of gay near the end but it does not go into any detail and it should not deter you from reading the story. I apologize in advance. It is just the way the story took me.
“Just like that?” I asked her.
So, with me a few feet back, where the current wasn't quite as strong, we swam for 10-15 minutes before my sister decided she was a bit cold. We waded out onto dry ground and took up seats on opposite logs to dry off in the sun.
Annie was ready. She had decided from the moment she had saw the lust in his eyes. She wanted to have sex with Dan tonight. She was extremely nervous, as she was still a virgin and didn’t know much about sex. Also she knew if her mother found out then she would be dead. But she needed him now. Whether it killed her or not.
First things first, she thought, and put both of her hands on the slippery, growing log of flesh. She lifted it, amazed by how heavy it felt. She poked her finger-tip inside the foreskin and circled the dense bulb. She trembled at the thought of it snapping through her tight pussy opening and plunging inside her body. Would she be deep enough to take all of him?
immediately sucked it into my mouth. She started to groan and moan, her hips trying to grind against my
The rain pelted the city, as Will began to walk out of the school. He would have asked a friend to take him home, but Will had to stay late after his last class today with Mr. Cardona to take a test he had missed last week, leaving Will stranded at the school. Sighing as he saw how strong the rain was falling, he was about to walk out when he heard Louie call his name.
“Jack, is something wrong?”
"We can pretend that last night didn't happen, or we can acknowledge that it did and go on from here. I'm sorry about it, it was an accident but there is nothing I can do about it now, is there?" I said in hopes of breaking the silence.
"Sure." We found them both in Bobby's room.
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2023.03.26 10:08 koressssss Dear Jagex, as a 15 year customer, 5.6b, trim, ex pmod, this is TOTALLY unacceptable

Dear Jagex, as a 15 year customer, 5.6b, trim, ex pmod, this is TOTALLY unacceptable submitted by koressssss to runescape [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 07:59 AutoModerator Who is the most steps on WeRun on WeChat? 03/26

Take a step, walk or run, how long can you step?
To view the step:
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2023.03.26 07:22 DomainRooster how can i stop someone from making another admin on my wordpress site?

To prevent someone from creating another admin account on your WordPress site, you can limit user registration or require administrator approval for new accounts. Here are a few steps you can take to secure your site and prevent unauthorized admin access:
  1. Disable user registration: In the WordPress dashboard, navigate to Settings > General, and uncheck the box for "Anyone can register" under the Membership section. This will prevent new users from registering on your site.
  2. Limit user roles: Use a plugin or code snippet to limit the user roles available on your site. For example, you can limit new users to the "Subscriber" role, which has the lowest level of permissions.
  3. Require administrator approval: Use a plugin or code snippet to require administrator approval for new user accounts. This can help you screen new users and prevent unauthorized access.
  4. Use two-factor authentication: Require users to enter a code sent to their phone or email in addition to their password to access their account. This can add an extra layer of security to your site.
  5. Monitor user activity: Use a plugin or service to monitor user activity on your site and detect any suspicious behavior, such as multiple failed login attempts or unusual IP addresses.
By taking these steps, you can help secure your WordPress site and prevent unauthorized admin access. It's important to regularly review and update your site's security measures to stay protected against potential threats.
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The largest psychedelic gathering in history submitted by Whole-Jaguar to shroomers [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 03:26 Whole-Jaguar The largest psychedelic gathering in history

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2023.03.26 00:20 code_hunter_cc How can I intercept ajax responses in jQuery before the event handler?

I'd like to register a global event handler for all AJAX requests, so that I can intercept and handle responses from the server before the specific event handler gets them.
For example, my code might have something like:
$("#placeholder").load("/fragments/userpics"); And I'd like to register a "before" event handler so that I could, for example, display a login box if a 401 response is returned, or maybe retry if there's a 503 response.
I thought that $.ajaxError() is where I would do something like this, but apparently it is only triggered after the event handler.
UPDATE: OK, here's what I got so far, with the help of @genesis:
$.ajaxPrefilter(function(options, originalOptions, jqXHR) { var success = options.success; options.success = function(data, textStatus, jqXHR) { // override success handling if(typeof(success) === "function") return success(data, textStatus, jqXHR); }; var error = options.error; options.error = function(jqXHR, textStatus, errorThrown) { // override error handling if(typeof(error) === "function") return error(jqXHR, textStatus, errorThrown); };}); After doing some testing, it looks like I would also need to override options.complete.
However, this still doesn't cover all the bases, since you can also attach events directly to the jqXHR object, and changing options won't help in this case.
Any tips?
Answer link : https://codehunter.cc/a/ajax/how-can-i-intercept-ajax-responses-in-jquery-before-the-event-handler
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2023.03.25 22:48 Fabulous_Variety_256 Going to study React and gotta be ready for a job ASAP.

Hello, At this moment, I know the 3 basics - HTML/CSS/JS. My goal is to become a FS dev. I started VueJS, which I really liked, but decided now to switch to React, since the jobs amount is way higher. I know a bit of NodeJS (I built a login/register system with Node/Express/EJS). I work REALLY FAST with computers, I know all the shortcuts (I don't need the mouse for VScode), and I study fast and better when I do things by myself.
Starting this course now: https://www.udemy.com/course/react-the-complete-guide-incl-redux/learn/lecture/25595406#overview
Why I created a post:
You guys have experience, you know better than me, and I will be glad to receive some tips from you to study better, or maybe combine this course with your resources.

Thank you.
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2023.03.25 22:00 The_Cooler_Server [A3][Recruiting][US] The Cooler Server: A Relaxed Arma MilSim Community

The Cooler Server [TCS]
TCS Wants You!
TCS Website
TCS YouTube
About The Cooler Server
The Cooler Server is a laid-back military simulation community that aims to provide a more enjoyable alternative to traditional Arma milsim units. You won't find ranks, or power-hungry staff members. Instead, we'll show you that you can play tactically without sacrificing your pride with virtual pushups. Just laid back, structured gameplay in a fun and helpful environment.
Rather than locking you in to a role that you'll grow tired of in a few weeks, we give you the freedom to play whatever you'd like, whenever you'd like! While roles can be limited on an operation to operation basis, we'll try our best to offer a variety of options that keep you entertained and engaged.
We understand that time is a commodity that not everyone has, so our policy on attendance is flexible. New members are required to attend at least one op within the first 30 days of joining, however after that we don't have ANY attendance requirements. Can't make it this week? No big deal. Need to take a break from the game? That's fine too! While we might temporarily mark you as inactive on our website, we'll be here whenever you're ready to return.
While our community's sole purpose is to have fun, we like to implement real tactics and strategy during our operations. We also understand that shooting brainless AI can get tedious and boring, so our missions are hand-made every week by our seasoned mission makers. Our operations last around 2-3 hours and typically have 40-50 players on our Saturday Op Night.
New to the game? No problem! We've all been there, and we can understand how intimidating it is to play with a unit for the first time. Our staff is full of veteran Arma players who can explain the ins and outs of almost anything you'd want to learn. We also understand that your first operation might not go smoothly, so we'll be sure to pair you with a fire team full of helpful veterans to get you through the fight!
For your first operation with TCS, we ask that you show-up an hour early on either a Wednesday or Friday night, so we can walk you through some of our mods and recommended keybinds. If you can't make it, arrangements can be made with a TCS Staff Member. If this is your first time playing Arma, we are more than happy to teach you the basics of the game.
Submit an application and join our cult community!
Op times: [ Wednesday Friday Saturday ]
  • 06:00PM (1800) Pacific
  • 07:00PM (1900) Mountain
  • 08:00PM (2000) Central
  • 09:00PM (2100) Eastern
  • 01:00AM (0100) GMT
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2023.03.25 21:55 1811CrossPoster2 USPIS PI — e-QIP Error Status

Yesterday I received the e-QIP invite from USPIS and I keep receiving an error status when attempting to login to the opm website. I have an account as my current job required submission of the SF-86, but it’s not working. Also tried re-registering which results in the same error status.The prompt says to contact the sponsoring agency, which I have. Just wondering if anyone has ran into this and whether USPIS was able to resolve it within the 10-day provided window. If anyone has any shortcuts or tips, please advise.
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2023.03.25 21:41 lostdreamsawaken USPIS PI — e-QIP Error Status

Yesterday I received the e-QIP invite from USPIS and I keep receiving an error status when attempting to login to the opm website. I have an account as my current job required submission of the SF-86, but it’s not working. Also tried re-registering which results in the same error status.The prompt says to contact the sponsoring agency, which I have. Just wondering if anyone has ran into this and whether USPIS was able to resolve it within the 10-day provided window. If anyone has any shortcuts or tips, please advise.
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2023.03.25 21:41 ms-coder Avian: A Free and Open Source Chat App Template for Your Website 📷

Avian is a chat app made with Vue 3 and Tailwind css. Avian is a responsive and customizable template that offers dark and light themes, message attachments, voice calls, settings, archive conversations, notifications and more. Avian is easy to set up and use, and you can get it for free on GitHub. Avian is free and open source, so you can use it as you wish. Check out the demo and the Figma file to see how Avian can transform your chat experience:
Need a website expert? Contact me. I’m a freelancer who can build awesome websites. Email me at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) or connect with me on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/muhammad-salah-320a49193/. 📧👥

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2023.03.25 19:53 VenexCon Matching backend routes to front-end routes?

Hey guys,
I am building a full stack app and am running into some architecture? problems. I have been learning Node and React and feel semi-comfortable with both, but I have a question and cannot seem to find a clear answer.
I am using react-redux js toolkit to handle state and as such i have ran into the following problem.
I have two mongoose models, one for users and one for businesses. However my original plan was to have /user routes and /business routes ie.e users/login & business/login. I want to simplify this so up till now the register & login pages have a switch that can choose to load either the user registration/login component and a business registration/login component.
This works well and one component hits my node backend at the /user path and the other hits the /business path. However, the front-end path is simply /login.
Now i have ran into an issue where i am conditionally rendering a different log-out buttong depending if auth.state === null and vice versa.
This works fine, but i don';t know if it is best practice? I am also wondering how to handle a profile page, as currently the react path is /profile and then i have to deal with two backend paths depending if the account is a user or business. I was going to use more conditional rendering i.e.
have a profile page and two different components that would render if
const {user} = useSelector((state) => state.user)
const {business} = useSelector((state) => state.business)
if (user) {
} else {

Am I completely barking up the wrong tree and is there a better way to handle this type of application?
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2023.03.25 18:14 ThinVast Can't login in Participant Site.

So I just got an email to register at https://participant.yepsonline.org/
. But when I create my account and after my social security and date of birth, there is an error and I cannot login in. I keep getting this message:
Server Error in '/' Application.
Sequence contains more than one element
Description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code.
Exception Details: System.InvalidOperationException: Sequence contains more than one element
Source Error:
An unhandled exception was generated during the execution of the current web request. Information regarding the origin and location of the exception can be identified using the exception stack trace below.
Stack Trace:
[InvalidOperationException: Sequence contains more than one element] System.Data.Linq.SqlClient.SqlProvider.Execute(Expression query, QueryInfo queryInfo, IObjectReaderFactory factory, Object[] parentArgs, Object[] userArgs, ICompiledSubQuery[] subQueries, Object lastResult) +3266 System.Data.Linq.SqlClient.SqlProvider.ExecuteAll(Expression query, QueryInfo[] queryInfos, IObjectReaderFactory factory, Object[] userArguments, ICompiledSubQuery[] subQueries) +189 System.Data.Linq.SqlClient.SqlProvider.System.Data.Linq.Provider.IProvider.Execute(Expression query) +428 System.Data.Linq.DataQuery`1.System.Linq.IQueryProvider.Execute(Expression expression) +51 Timesheet.Pages.Home.CopyDocumentsforSYEP(TimeSheetsDataContext db) in C:\Projects\YEPS 2023\Participants\Participants\Timesheet\Pages\DocumentUpload\Home.aspx.cs:100 Timesheet.Pages.Home.Page_Load(Object sender, EventArgs e) in C:\Projects\YEPS 2023\Participants\Participants\Timesheet\Pages\DocumentUpload\Home.aspx.cs:61 System.Web.UI.Control.OnLoad(EventArgs e) +108 System.Web.UI.Control.LoadRecursive() +90 System.Web.UI.Page.ProcessRequestMain(Boolean includeStagesBeforeAsyncPoint, Boolean includeStagesAfterAsyncPoint) +1533
I tried creating an account with different emails, but nothing works. I don't know if anyone is facing the same issue
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2023.03.25 18:04 arpolo2000 2023 03 25 Himalayan Exchange

2023 03 25 Himalayan Exchange submitted by arpolo2000 to HcoinHpayhimalaya [link] [comments]

2023.03.25 17:42 raulGLD Looking for feedback

Hey everyone,
I've been working on an event registration system SaaS web app and would love to get your feedback on its features and viability for future use. The app includes:
  1. RegisteLogin pages
  2. Two types of users:
  1. Event promotion for event owners
  2. Attendee management
  3. Reports and analytics
  4. Support and Customer Service
Overall, the event registration system would be a platform for event organizers to create and manage events, and for attendees to register and pay for those events if they are not free.
I'm seeking feedback on the features and functionality of the app, as well as any suggestions or thoughts on its viability for future use. I'd really appreciate any feedback you can provide.
Reason of building: I have a client which paid for such application for their future events and have a written agreement saying I can build it under my company and make it a general purpose web app. Me and the client are both in Romania and he only will use it for the Romanian market since he only operates nationally and I was thinking I might make it for everyone to use.
So far I have set up the database schema and built the Register and Login pages and currently working on the event creation page.
Thanks in advance!
submitted by raulGLD to smallbusiness [link] [comments]

2023.03.25 17:07 knottheone The definitive guide on how to spot and avoid scammy URLs

This is a comprehensive guide on URL literacy and how to 100% avoid scams that require you to click a suspicious link. If you want the gist, you can read the Rules that are large and bolded and that will cover everything you need to watch out for.
I will not be using any actual scam links even as cautionary examples in this guide, but you should make an effort to be skeptical of all links you're intending to click and I'll show you how to tell a good link from a bad one. Be cautious of posting actual scam links even in discussion because people sometimes just click on stuff whether absentmindedly or otherwise.
Everyone has heard of .com. Reddit.com, Google.com etc. What does that actually mean though? What does it mean when a website ends in .com and is that different from other websites that end in .org or .co for example? Is it better? Worse?
.com, .org, .co etc. are called TLDs or top level domains. They are also sometimes called domain extensions kind of like a file extension (.jpg, .zip etc.) and that may be easier to remember. None are any more or less valid than any others and they are owned and released by different entities (these entities are called registrars but that's outside the scope of this guide).
For a couple of examples, .com is the most popular and was one of the first, .org is usually used for organizations (it doesn't have to be though and this does not mean it's a valid or legitimate organization and you can register a .org domain right now for $10 as just a random person), .co is technically intended for websites in the country of Colombia, but they sell access to anyone for additional revenue for the country. This is common for many TLDs and many countries don't limit access to their country specific TLD although some do. It's one of two parts of the "primary domain" for a website and you can ignore anything after the TLD for determining whether a link is impersonating another entity. The TLD does not prescribe the legitimacy of some website.

Rule #0

Periods are the most important delimiter for a URL. This is what defines a subdomain from a domain from a TLD.

There are several delimiters in URLs like periods, hyphens, question marks, hashtags, forward slashes and probably some others. The only delimiter that matters in the context of the actual domain is a period. Forward slashes are used to figure out what the actual domain is in some cases, but periods are the bread and butter and are the most important to pay attention to. You'll see examples of this later.

Rule #1

Ignore everything after the TLD.

Let's look at this link for an example of Rule 1:
This link has both "google" and "facebook" in it. Rule 1 says to ignore everything after the TLD, so that turns this link into
This is the actual domain in question and this is the website you'll actually be on if you click this link. Even though it says 'facebook' in the URL, it's in the wrong part for it to be legitimate or valid so we ignore it and it does not contribute to the actual destination in terms of legitimacy.
Let's look at another more deceptive example:
Rule 1 says ignore anything after the TLD (.com, .org, .co), but which one is the TLD? It's the first one from left to right before any slashes or question marks or any other delimiting characters.
Keeping that in mind, read from left to right and if you see a delimiter like a slash or a question mark or a hashtag, stop reading and everything before that is the domain.
That turns our link into this:
and again, that's the actual domain you're going to end up on. So if Google sent you a text message with the above 'stealth' link that was actually pointing to Facebook, you'd end up on Facebook even though it had 'google.com' somewhere in the URL. Hopefully that makes sense.


Okay, so that's the end part of a domain, the TLD or the domain extension, what about the main part like 'google' in google.com? That's the actual domain when we say "domain" colloquially, but technically it's a "second level domain". That's why calling the TLD a domain extension is easier to grasp sometimes because that's just confusing. So we're going to call the google part of google.com the domain.
This is the critical piece of info for when you're intending to click on a link. If you get a text message from Amazon and instead of amazon.com as the domain and domain extension, it's anazon.com or amazon.org or amazon.co, that's not correct. That's potentially an attempt to scam you and looking at the domain is the best way to avoid that kind of scam. In this specific case, Amazon does control amazon.co, but it redirects to amazon.com and is not used for sending correspondence. Many big companies buy all the TLDs for their domains to avoid this kind of confusion or scam potential.
Legitimate companies do use multiple domains for different purposes. Amazon for example has a link shortener domain where they serve their shortened links from and it's amzn.com. That's a legitimate domain owned by Amazon and those links are controlled by Amazon. Twitter has one too for example, it's t.co. Here's Twitter's documentation on it.


What about www and all that? Why do some websites have www and some don't? How does that work in the context of scams?
Now we're going to talk about subdomains. www is a subdomain.
A subdomain is the bit that comes before the domain and after https:// (this is called the protocol and HTTP is not the only protocol. There's FTP, UDP, POP3 etc. but in the context of scam websites, HTTP is the bread and butter). www is the most common subdomain and most websites can be accessed with or without the www part. It's not the only subdomain though and technically you can create whatever subdomain you want. You can have both letters and numbers (even all numbers) and I think 123.google.com is a legitimate subdomain. I say "I think" because this can be a bit contentious and browsers / services etc. might handle this differently. Subdomains are where a lot of scam confusion comes from and I'll show you some examples.

Rule #2

Ignore the subdomain.

The subdomain does not contribute to the resolved destination in terms of the URL being legitimate or not. It comes before the domain and has a period after it, but is not followed by a TLD.
An example:
The subdomain in this case is 'facebook'. It comes before the domain, after the protocol (https://), and is delimited from the domain by a period. No other delimiter can be used for a subdomain, a period will always define the subdomain from the domain if there is one. If there's a hyphen in the subdomain, it's still the subdomain. We ignore the subdomain because it does not determine who owns the website you're landing on, it's just a made up name that the website owner decided to use and can use it for any purpose. That means our URL after applying Rule 2 is:
Even if a URL has another service's or business's name in it, that doesn't mean it's going there. The rules must be applied to determine where you're actually going to end up.
Here's an example of other delimiters in a subdomain:
The facebook-login part is the same subdomain and it's still controlled by the domain controller.
This can get messy really quickly because you can have multiple subdomains, and they can be long. They can have numbers and letters in them and that complicates the issue further. In some browsers, chained subdomains will not resolve past 2. For most websites, default routing rules aren't even configured for handling chained subdomains. Here's an example:
This has 3 subdomains chained together, can you figure out what the actual domain and domain extension are?
If we apply our rules, rule 1 gets rid of the /login/reset bit and we end up with:
If we apply Rule 2, we get rid of the subdomains and since a subdomain doesn't have a TLD after it and is delimited by periods, we have to get rid of accounts, google, and user12 so our actual domain and domain suffix is going to be:
which is Twitter's link shortener domain. More on URL shorteners later.
The domain owner controls the subdomains and technically you can add as many subdomains as you want. With short domains, it can be pretty sketchy. If you follow the rules though, you'll be able to figure out the true destination every time.

Rule #3

Links that a company sends you will be for one of their controlled domains.

To reiterate, usually this is their primary domain like Amazon.com or a subdomain like orders.amazon.com, info.amazon.com etc. and if we remember, subdomains only exist in the context of the primary domain and if the primary domain is amazon.com we're safe in terms of the URL actually being controlled by amazon.
Sometimes the domain is different from the primary domain though, but when it is, for most businesses it will be consistently different when it's something user facing. By user facing I mean something a customer of that service or platform or business would see as an email or a text message or something like that. Businesses value trust from their customers and consistency because they lose customers when either of those two ideals start falling off. Businesses don't change domains constantly, they serve from the same ones for many reasons. You can easily look up the domain for a company using a WHOIS search. This looks up registration information for domains and includes names, addresses, business registration etc.
The domain can have letters or numbers, sometimes it's only numbers and in that case it's likely an IP address which is not a domain, but is a valid 'website'. More on this in a bit. A TLD cannot be only numbers because it conflicts with the potential of IP addresses being used instead of domains.

Rule #4

Lookup domains via ICANN or another WHOIS provider if you're unsure. https://lookup.icann.org/en/lookup


What is WHOIS?

WHOIS is how you look up website registration information. The process is managed by ICANN which is an international group that figures out all the website dos and don'ts for registering and routing and all that jazz. There are multiple websites you can use to look up registration information but they all piggyback off of the WHOIS protocol and various WHOIS databases. Sometimes companies offer this free service to collect data on which domains are being looked at, ICANN doesn't though and is the entity you should usually go to. Sometimes certain TLDs are only lookup-able through other registrars and in those cases you'll have to use their WHOIS lookup service. The .CO TLD is like this I believe and EuroDNS manages the .CO WHOIS database.
You can learn a lot about how domains are registered and what kind of information is involved by looking up a few and seeing what legitimate registration looks like. It shows you the duration of the registration (usually maximum renewal of 10 years at a time, although some companies will sell you 100 year registration as a service where they'll manage the renewal for you every 10 years), when it was first registered, who it's registered to, any businesses associated etc. If a website is newly registered in the past year, that's usually not a great sign. If it was registered in the past few months, that's an immediate red flag especially if that domain is included in random text messages or emails you're getting.
That being said, if a company uses what's called Private Registration, that does not mean it's a scam or illegitimate. There are all kinds of bots and cold calls and scammers who scan domain registrations for contact information in order to sell to, scam, or otherwise steal from website owners. An example is a bot that finds registration email addresses (listed on each WHOIS registration) to try and login to and subsequently steal the registration account and by extension steal the domain or hold it hostage for essentially ransom.
For example if you registered a domain with GODADDY and you used the same email address to register the domain as you use to login to GODADDY, that email address shows up on the registration search for your domain and it's public information. Enterprising scammers can try and login to your GODADDY account whether via brute force, or identifying your email address among other website breaches and trying that information on your GODADDY account. If they gain access to it, they now control your domain (and any other domains you own in that same account) and can do anything they want with it. This is one example for why pretty much everyone should use private registration when registering a domain. It's not worth the risk of your info being public, nothing good can really come from that and many registrars offer free private registration nowadays.

The Finale

Let's bring it all together.
First example:
Where the hell is this going to go?
Let's use the rules.
Rule 1 says ignore anything after the TLD. Left to right, we hit the question mark, we get this after applying rule 1:
Rule 2 says ignore subdomains. Here's after rule 2:
If this came from Twitter, this is a 'legitimate' link. It doesn't go anywhere, but this is a domain that Twitter controls. I would be skeptical for different reasons like the fact it's including a bunch of other platforms in it so I wouldn't trust it, but it is a domain that Twitter controls.
That being said, shortened links are not guaranteed to be safe and it depends on what the shortened link is for. In Amazon's case, a shortened link routes to their own Amazon pages on Amazon.com and in those instances their short links would be safe. In Twitter's case, shortened links are used for outbound links which means they aren't safe by default, yet Twitter does scan shortened destinations for malware etc. so it requires domain specific knowledge for shortened links in particular to know whether one is safe or not.
Second example:
Here's an example using a made up TLD and a made up subdomain.
Alright, what the heck is happening here.
The TLD here I made up is .animals. This doesn't exist, you cannot register a .animals domain but that is still the TLD in this instance. You could in theory resolve made up TLDs via local routing, but that's not pertinent to this guide nor is it an actual attack vector I've seen in the wild for the average person.
Let's apply the rules.
Rule 1 converts this into
and rule 2 converts this into
which if this came from the dogs.animals website and it was correspondence you signed up for, this would be a legitimate link and would resolve to a website location that they control.


  • IP addresses also resolve to a website like a domain name does, but no legitimate companies use IP addresses when sending correspondence to users. If you see an IP address in a link instead of subdomains, domains, and TLDs, run. It's not legitimate. ( is controlled by Google and is a DNS gateway)
  • If all else fails, don't click the link and instead seek out that website's support on your own. Send them a chat message or an email (from their contact page on their official website that you've navigated to on your own) asking about a specific link you are expected to click. In some cases a company starts using a new domain (or stops using an old one) and they don't tell their users. Apple has domains like this for example where they send emails from different domains depending on the subject matter and it's confusing.
  • Multiple chained subdomains on one URL is an exceptionally uncommon pattern for legitimate uses and you should be wary by default when seeing URLs like that.
  • Subdomains are controlled by the domain and they only exist in the context of that domain. Millions of websites have the same subdomain names for example, info.website.com, and they are all controlled by the primary domain and by extension the entity who owns that domain.
  • Email headers are an entirely separate yet appropriate topic but can be used to great effect to determine where something is actually coming from. If there's enough interest I can write a mini guide on email headers or anything more specific from anything here.
  • Use private registration when registering your own domains. It's usually just an add-on sometimes paid at a couple bucks a year or free on many registrars. It saves you massive ongoing headaches with scammers spamming you and bots trying to break into your accounts. Domain registration information gets archived and stored by bots because it's public, so it's best to use private registration from the first registration.
Hopefully this has been more helpful than not and feel free to ask any further questions or clarifications. There are a lot of moving parts in regards to domains and websites and applying just a couple of basic rules will keep you safe.
Thanks for reading.
submitted by knottheone to Scams [link] [comments]

2023.03.25 16:03 fxtzczxaax 😘👉👌 IF YOU TAP YOU WILL CUM 🍆💦





After Em and I cleaned up the bathroom from earlier, I took a shower to clean off then went down to the kitchen for a drink while she did the same. With Mom passed out my plan was to spend a few more hours with Em having some fun. As I closed the fridge though the house phone rang.
Since Mom was out cold I answered. “Hello?”
“Keith its your Father. Is mom awake?” My Dad sounded annoyed.
“No sir, she’s asleep. She had a glass of wine with dinner.”
“I just landed at base. I will catch a ride with someone, and I’ll be home in an hour.” I could tell he wasn’t thrilled about that but not much I could do. “I’ll see you then.” He hung up before I could respond.
“Who was that?” Em asked quietly from the bottom of the stairs?
“Dad” I said. “He will be home in an hour.” Em and I both knew that he would be angry that Mom was already passed out from the wine and it was barely 9pm. I moved closer to her and put my arms around her but she stiffened at my touch. “What’s wrong?”
“He will be here soon Keith. No chances.” She had a serious look on her face.
“Ok but it’s an hour.”
“NO CHANCES”, she exclaimed. “You are the older one, and YOU are supposed to be the responsible one.”
We separated, but she did kiss me quickly as she headed to the couch. She threw herself into a corner and turned on the TV. I followed her lead and went to the opposite side and flopped in that corner. She put on some dopey movie and we tried to act normal. In a way her caution was rewarded because Dad arrived not 20 minutes later. We saw the headlights swoop into the driveway, and then a door slam and the lights pull away just as fast. Seconds later our Father walked into the house.
“Hi Dad!” We both said at the same time. We exchanged looks and smiles.
“Good to be home.” He said. He was still in uniform and when he was we always walked a line with him. He was always on duty in that uniform. He dropped his bag by the door and came to sit on the couch with us.
“How was your trip, Daddy?” Em asked.
“Long. Boring. Unnecessary. Same as always.” He said monotone. “But,” and we heard some excitement in his voice, “But, I’m getting some time off. I want to talk to your mom and you kids and maybe we can take a vacation.”
Em jumped up and ran to him “Oh Daddy that would be great. Where can we go? Can we go now?” She was so excited.
“Yeah that’s awesome” I said. “Any ideas where we can go?”
“Ok ok ok” Dad started. “Let’s talk about this tomorrow, with you Mom, and see what works. For now, I am going to bed and you kids should do the same.” With that he hugged and kissed my sister on her forehead, grabbed his luggage, and headed up the stairs.
Em and I stayed on the couch for a while. We guessed at where we could go for vacation. With his rank, we could catch a free flight to a lot of places. Or maybe we would take a drive like we did when we were younger to the Grand Canyon. An hour later when my head hit my pillow, I thought about what a family vacation would be like. I found myself mostly NOT wanting to go away. It would mean my sister and I wouldn’t be alone much, if at all, and that our masturbation sessions could end.
“Psst..” The soft noise startled me. “Are you awake Keith?”
“Hey yeah everything ok?” I asked. “What’s up?”
Em was leaning into my room from the bathroom door. “Come to my room quick you need to hear this.”
Dressed only in an old pair of gym shorts I got up and walked through the bathroom to my sisters bedroom. “Shit its completely dark in here can you put on a light?”
“Shhhhh.” She responded. “Come over by the bed. Be quiet and listen.”
I felt for the bed in the darkness, and then followed its outline to where her open window was. Her bedroom shared a wall with the master bedroom. I could her faint moaning and grunting. It was our parents! They were having sex. “Is that what I think it is?” I asked knowing the answer.
“Come closer to the window. Their window must be opened too. I can hear them going at it. Keith, its been like a half hour.” I was jealous. Way to go Dad.
“Ok” I said. “Well close the window and you will be able to sleep.”
“The window isn’t the problem,” she snapped. “Here.” She found my hand in the dark and grabbed it. I didn’t know what was going on until she led it straight to her vagina. I could feel tremendous heat coming from her crotch. My finger brushed her, and her panties were soaked.
“Oh.” I was surprised. “So, mom and dad going at it turns you on?” My fingers danced on her pussy. “And you wanted to show me this why?”
“I need your help I want to cum.” She almost begged. I slid closer to her and realized she was topless. Standing, I removed my shorts. My cock started to rise. I knelt back down and put my face between her legs. I took a deep breath, and my cock went to 100% hard. Em’s pussy smelled like a honey pot. Sweet juice flowed from her. My tongue darted to her clit. I pushed her panties to the side and tried to bury a finger into her. She was so wet, but also still so tight. My mouth made a slurp noise, and she grabbed my hair and pulled my head away. “Silence!” she hissed. I understood. She was afraid of being heard the same way our parents could be just feet away.
“Ok” I whispered. I let my finger sink back into her and my tongue resumed its dance on her clit. Her wetness covered my chin. My other hand grabbed a boob and started making circles around her hard nipple. I felt her pussy contract and release around my finger several times. I knew Em was getting close already. “Do you want me to go slow and let it build or…” She shoved my head back between her leg giving me my answer. I picked up the pace and added a second finger to her drenched tunnel. One of the thrusts with my fingers pushed through her hymen. I felt it tear. I stopped for a second and she shifted around. “Are you ok?”
“Hurts” she whispered. “Go slower in there for a bit please?” I pulled my fingers back a bit and moved my thumb to het clit so my mouth could take a break. The constant pressure from my thumb, and the continued movement of my fingers brought her to climax. She stiffened and shook slightly. I could tell she was holding back, she wanted to yell, but noise wasn’t an option. Again her body rocked with the motion of my hand for a few seconds before she pulled away from me.
Without saying a word, she pulled me to my feet to kiss me. It was a rough kiss. Aggressive. Like I had just been to her pussy. Her hand wrapped around my shaft and without warning she dropped to her knees, and took the tip into her mouth. She jacked me quickly with her hand while her tongue swirled around my most sensitive spot. This was new and I knew I wasn’t going to last. With a loud groan from the other side of the wall my dad clearly finished. The thought of him blowing his load into Mom had me right there too.
“Em honey, I’m going to cum.” I said as quietly as I could. She didn’t stop. “Em, cum. Now,”
“Mmmhmmm” was her response.
“I’m going to cum in your mouth.” She responded by gripping tighter and jerking me faster. I tried not to make a sound. My ass cheeks clenched. My hands made fists. Then I felt the explosion from deep in my balls. My cum rushed through me and into Em’s warm mouth. Still stroking my I could feel her mouth collecting and trying to swallow my load. I could hear her struggling to get enough air through her nose as her mouth kept a tight seal on my prick. Finally, I could take no more and fell slightly to the bed. My member dislodged from her grasp and her mouth released me as she sucked in large amounts of air.
“Oh fuck, Em that was great.”
“Shhh.” She whispered. Sliding next to me on the bed I still couldn’t see her but I could hear her. She was smacking her lips like a child with candy. We lay there silent for a few. I could hear the shower from our parents room running so there was a good chance no one heard us.
“I’m sorry about your cherry.” I said. “I didn’t think it would give way so easy.”
“Yeah, its ok. Just really hurts at the moment. But I’m glad it was with you. Another round of first, with you.” She said lovingly. “You better go. Just in case.”
“Ok Em. Thank you. That was wonderful.”
“I love you Keith.” Em whispered.
“I love you, too sis.” I replied. I returned to my room and seconds later the bathroom light came on from under the door. I hear her start the shower. I laid there think about how much I’d like to join her in there. I wondered if I’d ever get the chance. As I slipped off to sleep, I wished the parents would go away on vacation and we could stay here.
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【淫語トランス絶頂】【精子懇願ドM人妻】【狂ったようにイクッ】【結婚歴2年 年上旦那】【類いまれなる超絶淫語】SNSでDMを送ってきた寂しがり屋の欲求不満人妻とパコパコ撮影
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角質 熟女 コンピレーション Vol 12
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仕事の前に彼女を起こしていくつかの猫を手に入れました - フルバージョンが利用可能です
Sapphic Erotica-03からの真のレズビアンの女の子無料ビデオ
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Project Myriam - ストーリー ゲームプレイ #6 - 3D ゲーム、ポルノ ゲーム、60 FPS 作成者: Zorlun
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邪悪な数学教師は、18 歳の大学の学級委員長がオフィスで盗みを働いているのを見つけ、学校の管理者に報告せずに彼女を懲戒することにしました。私のREDを購読してください
TUSHY ToriBlackはファッション撮影後に信じられないほどのアナルセックスをしています
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18 歳の小さな女の子クソ 3 D へんたい
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