Best blow through carb for turbo

Shitty days, all those days were you just want to tell every one to fuck off.

2012.07.01 06:37 whiterungaurd Shitty days, all those days were you just want to tell every one to fuck off.

A place to tell about your shitty day with people who have been there done that and knows how it feels. Also a place were you can go if you want to help a person through a shitty day. Either way its here to vent so vent away.

2012.09.28 21:09 keto4life Ketogains

Ketogains is a protocol created by Luis Villasenor & Tyler Cartwright that helps you unleash the benefits of whole food, low carb dieting and strength training to achieve optimal body composition

2015.08.23 17:14 Iggy gotta get a bitch watch for my rapture

Iggy's ass

2023.03.27 03:13 Affectionate-Mine225 i applied to transfer for fall 2023 and right now am not doing the best in my math class and dont know if i will be able to bring my grade up. i was thinking to drop the class and take it over summer through community college. will this look bad to state?

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2023.03.27 03:12 Freeek323 Small pastry business, questions

There’s plenty of posts similar to this one on the subreddit, but I’d like to post my own with our current situation and what me and my girlfriend are planning to do, and whether it seems feasible or if it’s straight up idiotic.
We relocated to Prague from Australia approximately 2 years ago, for my own work purposes which I will still be continuing with. My GF though is a French pastry chef and has been for about 15 years and can confidently do just about any pastry or dessert, cakes, the lot.
She has worked at many high end restaurants and cafes, and especially has lots of experience at things like farmers markets running stalls selling pastries, etc.
Anyway, whilst living in Prague, she has been running her own at-home pastry business specialising in Australian pastries (both sweet and savoury) through an app system akin to say, Uber Eats.
Things have been going pretty well, and 1-2 times a week she has been attending farmers markets selling all the goods also.
Anyhow, we are now looking at potentially taking the next step for her which is to open up a location.
We are currently very interested in this brand new small shop space that exists within a food court at a shopping center that is opening near us. It’s 4 stories and the lower 2 stories are normal shops (non food), whilst the top 2 stories are still under construction. The spot we are looking at/in dicussions with us a corner space at 6x5m. It’s honestly perfect size and we’ve gone down and checked it out ourself. The food court is already well under construction and will have some big names such as Burger King and subway located within it.
The rent is 27K Czech Crowns a month (about 1200usd), which is inclusive of all common services other than power, and marketing (which would go up inside and outside the center). The spot, he’ll the entire food court is brand brand new.
We’re aware there would be high costs involved to purchase equipment, construct the benches, etc, but perhaps not exactly, does anyone have any recommendations to figure out approximations? I assume it’d just be smart to get multiple quotes or something.
Just looking for any advice that perhaps we’re blind too (trying to keep the post not incredibly long with stuff we’re already aware of). But I guess it’s more about whether the risk is genuinely not worth it, etc.
This wouldn’t be a cafe per-se. More an actual pastry shop inclusive of custom cake making and readily-available Australian hot pastries such as meat pies and sausage rolls. We’ve seen just from the at-home and market run business side for the year that the demand is there, but really just wanting to grow/give it a bigger shot.
Capital we’re not too bothered on, and actually also not too worried if it fails (though will give it our best shot to not have that happen obviously), just looking for any advice if it’s actually a moronic idea that we may be pursuing.
The location itself is not directly within the city (about 15 mins drive out), but the actual shopping centre is the biggest one in the area and is smack bang in the middle of countless new apartments/high rises. Like literally one side entrance to the shopping center is a walking path leading directly to the backyards of a couple thousand apartments.
We decided to sit around for an hour on a bench on one of the open floors where there is a grocery store and the foot traffic was fairly standard/as expected. My instinct/gut feel about the food court’s opening feels good, but it’s exactly that, a gut feel.
So yeah, would love any advice if anyone has anything, thanks :)
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2023.03.27 03:11 DuaSen Home Ownership Loan

I’m considering buying a house for my mom and I was wondering which bank offers the best rates and package. I have an account in both Baiduri Bank Berhad and Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam. The assignment of my salary is made to BIBD but arrangements can be made to move it to Baiduri if they do offer a better package and rate.
So my question is home owners who have acquired their property through bank loans or estate agents.
(1) How was your experience and why did you choose to go with your bank of choice?
(2) What should I be wary of and look out for when purchasing a home?
(3) How are the calculations done? I tried calculating the loans based on the same way for car loans but the monthly repayment seems to be different when compared to agent’s monthly repayment.
(4) Recommend estate agents.
Thank you all in advance.
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2023.03.27 03:11 Extra_Entertainer986 Sit down meeting, not yet but "soon"

To get caught up on the soap opera that is this situation please see other posts.
So I called FIL to tell him that I won't be attending upcoming events that JNSIL will be at unless she agrees to talk face to face before the one coming up. FIL said he's been trying but she's been very depressed lately after losing her job.
The blow up that's made this sit down needed happened WELL before she lost her job, so that's not working on me - but I know JNSIL is using it to get her parents to watch her kids all day, every day and not be held responsible for her actions.
Next, he said he's been nervous about it. I would be too if I hadn't held my child accountable for her actions in 20+ years but now if I don't I'll lose access to some of my grandchildren. FIL and I have talked a few times since he came up and I can see the struggle he is in within himself. MIL has become a JNSIL - ignoring me now and redirecting me to FIL if I needed help, not a big deal since she's super judgmental but still kinda sad because my oldest loves her grandma.
DH is still having a hard time too, but he's coming around.
I'm looking forward to either the meeting never happening, which I think is very likely given her history of deflection, or actually sitting down and addressing every lie she sent to me and DH and having her defend them. I'm guessing MIL will either refuse to be there or will just hover in the back, but I can see just as easily defending JNSIL.
I've gotten into therapy and it's helped me verbalize things in a non-aggressive way, which I've struggled with in the past. I'm not even mad at her, at least this week lol that could change. I'm more at peace realizing that she may never take responsibility but I have the tools and support I need to keep myself and my kids safe.
Really hope that anyone currently going through their own issues finds the right words to address their JNSIL and is able to find peace. Y'all have taught me a lot of new terms and coping skills as well.
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2023.03.27 03:10 zanalau Relationship read - need some opinions

(Image of Spread in comment)
Am going through some rough times in my relationship. We’re both turning 40. My boyfriend has a new job recently that seems to be draining him.. and feels that he might not have the time and energy for relationship. In any case, we do have a communication problem which I have mentioned we do need to work on, but it’s not something I could do on my own. I want the relationship to work, and I believe he’s trying (or he tried), and I’m hoping for the universe to guide me (us) on how.
So here’s my spread, and also how I’m reading it… if someone can share your opinions too:
Deck: Sun and Moon (my trusted deck that’s proven to be honest and comforting)
(Top left) Where/How is he now? - Ace of Cups (reverse?) - I don’t usually do reverse but I this case I do remember picking this reverse and I think it’s rather significant. My bf’s has always been one who rarely express his emotions, but you’d know he cares (and that he too also long for care deep inside) through his subtle actions and words. How I read this card is… he is probably now really in a position he’s incapable of handling all the emotions.
(Top right) Where/How am I now? - The Star XVII - It ain’t the best time for me, in the last year I’ve been struggling with the lost of my mom, taking the big shift in career, and now getting ready to own my first house, the purchase and moving.. Am too also having a lot on my own plate, but I’m still having faith. I still have hopes that we can be there to cheer each other on (even if we don’t meet often), and take faith that all will be well eventually. The better days will come.
What/How he feels towards me? - Ten of Cups (in this deck, it’s also referred to as “Satiety”) - My read: I’ve mentioned that I wish my new place can be a second safe haven to him as well. In the early days of our relationship he will joke that I’m like a distraction to him. Will it be right to suggest he associates me with a “committed union”, a deep connection (which he is afraid of - he has said “family” is a dirty word to him), which deep inside, he knows he can have with me but is still unsure? He knows he can have a happy and complete union with me but he’s afraid of such “ties”.
What/How I feel towards him? - The Empress III - 2 major arcana on my side in a row.. I know I’m in for some major happenings. No surprise for this, I’ve always been playing the “motherly” role in this relationship, being the more loving and compassionate one.
Where are we / what’s the situation now? - Ace of Swords - I can’t exactly remember I drew this upright or reverse, in any case I’ll take read it mainly as upright and take reverse as reference as well. I read this as a juncture we have come to, where we need to have some clarity before moving forward in stride. Point to note: second Ace drawn, is it suggesting some strong/raw elements at play here, somewhat “back to the start” moment?
What’s the obstacle we’re having now? - The Devil XV - Third major arcana!! I read this as we’re both someone trapped in our own locks and webs, feeling quite stuck where we are. Somewhat true considering what we both are dealing with now. And yes, mid-life crisis much for the both of us.
What could the possible eventual outcome be (if we sought the advice from the universe)? - The Lovers VI - Rejoice!!!! I know there’s definitely a way we can overcome this and have better communication, and be back in each other’s warm loving embrace eventually!!!!
What advice is the universe trying to send me / What can I do now? (Picked from the top of the shuffled deck) - Six of Wands (in this deck, it’s also referred to as “Victory”) - My read: A strong lady doing her victory dance - he’s said he wish that I can also be independent with my own stuff, so… be that strong, steadfast and independent gal and show him what I can be? Have faith, have warmth, be cheery, and be his source of joy and motivation? Someone he can be proud of?
What’s the “hidden/unseen” or underlying factor in our relationship situation? (Picked from the bottom of the shuffled deck) - King of Cups - 3rd cups (on his side of the spread)… my read is that emotional stability is an underlying factor that has and will have an impact on our relationship. As much as I sometimes can’t help but feel he’s “emotionally unavailable”, but is this a hint that as little as he expresses it, it too has always been on his mind?
Can someone share your thoughts on what your read from my cards? Appreciate much!!!
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2023.03.27 03:10 AndreyDidovskiy The 5 Biggest Opportunities Making Cryptocurrency Great Again & a few pointers on how to do it

The 5 Biggest Opportunities Making Cryptocurrency Great Again & a few pointers on how to do it
Originally Published:
Prices plummeting, inflation running rampant, regulators cracking down, protocols imploding, scams leveraging other scams, and institutions collapsing… the perfect mixture of pain to signal… a market bottom 👀?!
For many people around the world, 2022 will go down in history as one of the most difficult investment years.
As the dust settles & investors begin to regain confidence, it is extremely important to front-run everybody & capture as much of the upside as possible.
Regardless of the market cycle (bull or bear), new ideas are always popping up & brave investors are always willing to take a chance when they see the opportunity is right.
Well, opportunities are knocking & it is our job to understand which door(s) we must open.
Before we dive in, let's first define a few key points that constitute a “big” opportunity:
TAM (total addressable market) The actual size of the market. This includes both the number of users & the monetary value.
Growth potential Will the TAM grow moving forward or will the market stay roughly the same size?
Competition Competition is a good thing because it means there is demand, however, if there is too much competition a market becomes saturated & returns are distributed horizontally. (we want vertical returns baby)
Desirability Who wants what & why? What are the most painful, underserved, & necessary ideas?
Most hated by regulators If they hate it, there must be a good reason. Governments hate things that can put them out of business. Government is a BIG business…
Totally missed by regulators Government moves very slowly. What are they missing that entrepreneurs can capitalize on?
-Biggest medium-term potential. -Not facing any regulatory headwinds at the moment. -Strong steady growth anticipated. -Modestly competitive landscape, no games/projects on the level of Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, or Runescape.
Gaming is one of the most intuitive sectors to be exploring for benefits from the coming market cycle. Built on tightly knit communities & almost entirely digital in its nature, gaming appeals to a broad audience of individuals who are prime to become users of digital assets.
This nascent sector of the regular economy will bring in $365.60 Billion in revenue this year & is expected to grow roughly ~7.17% per year.
One of the most lucrative possibilities in terms of cash flow due to massive margins.
There isn’t much pain here to solve with blockchain tech, but the potential of being disregarded by regulators will bring tons of attention here.
How to address the opportunities in gaming with crypto? NFTs primarily. In their current form, I colloquially refer to NFTs as “non-financialized tokens” because of their strong retail appeal; pictures of monkes are more relatable to regular people than the cold numbers on a trading terminal or spreadsheets. Gamers are typically not caught up in anything else much outside of their games — it would be best to keep it that way. Trying to financialize their processes with cryptocurrency will likely dis-incentivize people from playing the games with it’s complexity. However, building out online gaming guilds (DAOs) with the use of NFTs will garner stronger communities. Rewarding players with exotic in-game assets that are owned by them & can be transferred between games holds a lot of promise. \ Personal note:* Don’t look for promises of fully on-chain games (that is resource intensive & not sustainable or scalable, yet) consider looking for infrastructure providers (ENJ), Guilds (YGG) or possibly in-game objects such as metaverse lands (Otherdeeds).
-Biggest long-term potential. -In a regulatory gray-space (not hated, nor loved) -Always going to grow over time (assuming for no cataclysmic events) -Currently VERY FEW competitors (Maple finance, Centrifuge, GoldFinch)
Nearly impossible to accurately pinpoint the true size of this market, but the sums are calculated in the Trillions. Real World Assets represent the vast majority of all the world's wealth. This includes everything from government bonds to real estate, to company debt & everything else in between.
This segment has been receiving some flack/pushback from notable people in the industry namely
Andre Cronje talking about the “death of RWA”. His point is valid that this category is NOT TRUE DECENTRALIZATION, however, I cannot help but see the incredible potential as it continues to flourish.
How to capitalize on the opportunities in RWA tokenization? This sector will obviously be built with a lot of overlap into tradfi. So capturing this opportunity might be most suited for companies/enterprises, more so than individuals. Nonetheless, there are a few interesting ways for people to benefit; - go to an existing RWA tokenization operator & leverage your business history to take out an on-chain loan - take advantage of early stage incentive programs for participating in lending through these operators - build out a DECENTRALIZED RWA tokenization engine/protocol run by a DAO \ Personal note:* I do not own & will not recommend buying the tokens of these platforms, however it might be worthwhile to not completely rule them out. ( CFG GFI MPL)
-Largest risk-adjusted opportunity. -HATED by regulators. -Strong steady growth is almost certain. -Difficult competitive landscape, due to extreme technical requirements in knowledge, skill, & funding.
The hottest segment for those looking to stick it to the government.
The key word in this is “decentralized”. Centralized stablecoin issuers will be faced with the same regulatory issues as banks & other traditional money service businesses. Those issues will trickle down to consumers & ultimately serve no real benefit to the end users.
The task is enormous & many brilliant people have attempted to solve this problem. Of those attempts, out came a graveyard filled with ≥ 23 failed ambitious projects. It would be softly said that nearly every one of the failures in this space has resulted in catastrophe for its participants.
There are a tiny handful of projects that can serve as a “successful” case study in the space that comes to mind: - MakerDAO - with their DAI stablecoin. - Frax Finance - with the FRAX stablecoin - Reserve Rights - with the RSV stablecoin - Decentralized USD - with the USDD stablecoin
How to capitalize on the opportunities in Stablecoins? Stablecoins are the most nuanced segment in terms of capturing value because there is no real direct growth here. Growth in Stablecoin’s represents an increase in supply/underlying collateral. Capturing the upside here depends on creativity & which side of the fence you want to be on; creator or consumer. - Leverage new expanded collateral models, - explore/test new algorithms - expand cashflow opportunities of stablecoin protocols to sustain market shocks & unprecedented failures. (i.e. have a protocol BUY its own stable-assets to serve as an emergency form of insurance pool ← still not financial advice) - lend/borrow, with cross-collateralization, to maximize yield (still NFA) - have exposure to the protocols overseeing the minting of decentralized stablecoins (MKR/RSR)
-Uncapped & untapped market. -Can’t be/won't be stopped by regulators. -Growth potential is directly tied to human population & development 😲 -Modest competitive landscape with no clear leader or solution available.
Decentralized Identity is still in its infancy & by the looks of it will require a multitude of separate solutions/issuers.
This is the wild west for innovators in the space.
As it stands there are ~103 different methods that are recognized by the Web3 alliance for building decentralized identity. One of the most counterintuitive, but potentially exciting ideas that was brought to surface by Vitalik Buterin is the concept of non-transferable tokens called (SBT) Soul-Bound Tokens.
How to capitalize on the opportunities in decentralized identity (D.ID)? There are actually a multitude of creative ways to take advantage & capture this opportunity; mostly through the use of NFT’s - Join early stage projects building some form of decentralized social media & capture the namespace. - Leverage your existing web2 reputation to become a thought leader on early stage platforms - leverage as many web3 platforms as possible & farm the incentive tokens - launch a project in this space & look for funding (if you have an actual solution) \Some projects to gain inspiration from:* Civic (CVC), Serto, Nametag, Fractal \* Great primers on D.ID. →* Consensys
-Largest Short-term opportunity. -HATED on by regulators. -Growth is always going to fluctuate as old projects die & new ones arrive -EXTREMELY competitive.
Decentralized finance is the future of all finance; it is simply a matter of time until we drop the first half of the term & just call it finance.
This segment of the crypto economy is always ripe with opportunity (even in bear markets). Primarily because it is the most competitive segment of all the others (in terms of total number of projects & the rate at which new projects pop up).
The interesting thing here is the reason for so much competition… It is super easy to spin up a “DEFI” project…
Innovation is/has been basically non-existent.
Most of the projects that you will find are going to be copy-pasta clones of one another with some minor adjustments.
Nevertheless, the space is flush with attention & incredible metrics: - Floating a market cap ~$100B (source) - Over ~$90B TVL (total value locked) - Exists across >130 different blockchain ecosystems
How to address the opportunities in DEFI? Simple. Dive into everything without doing any research & hope for the best… THIS IS A JOKE! DO NOT DO THIS! As in the case with any other trade/investment there is one golden rule to guarantee profits: GET IN EARLY while Marketcap is LOW & ride or die baby. Some other things that might be worth trying - participating in protocols before they have a token & hope for an airdrop - provide liqudity to promising crypto pairs on DEXs (before price skyrocket) - NFA: leverage yield & build compounding systems across chains (advanced) - research strong incentive programs & farm their token \ leading projects:* AAVE, dydx, Synthetix, 1inch, Balancer, SushiSwap
These are the 5 sectors of opportunity that I am currently watching; there certainly are a few other very promising segments with massive potential that I will be writing about in the near future:
- Privacy (ZKsnarks/rollups, etc..) - AI meets blockchain - Oracles & data verification - Multi-chain bridges
but as I have learned the hard way; It is better to stay focused & catch some gains rather than getting lost in the chaos & missing everything.
Thank you for reading; I hope this information serves you well on your crypto journey!
See you all on the other side! 🥂
Originally Published:
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2023.03.27 03:10 mushroomsmoothy NEED ADVICE!! i may have taken too much :(((

hi, okay. i think i may have taken too much in one line. i had my “pile” broken down. maybe like 2 or 3 good lines left. my dumb ass didn’t pull my line away from my pile when i took it, and i accidentally sucked up the whole fuckin pile. i tried to blow my nose and get it out but idk if worked. i’m a noob to coke. i feel high af. could i overdose? i’m freaking out. please help/give me advice!
for reference, i go through 1 gram in about two weeks. and i feel like i took too much.
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2023.03.27 03:10 LookingForTheGirl25 30 [M4F] Florida/USA - Looking to make a special connection with my person out there!

Hey there everyone, I never know how to start these, so I am just going to jump right into it! My name is Austin, I am 30 years old and I live in Orlando, FL!
I am trying to find my person and best friend through life. I want to be able to create a safe emotional space for the two of us in the relationship and to be able to have so much fun together. From being vulnerable and open by talking about our feelings to silly and fun watching YouTube or sharing memes! I want to have a family and kids so if that isn’t for you no problem, it isn’t for everyone!
A quick breakdown of things I like:
Video Games
Going to the gym or Batting Cages (I used to play baseball)
Playing with my cat and dog (Licorice and Wade)
Playing my trumpet (recently started again from high school)
Music is a huge part of my life and always will be. If it could be considered a love language it would be my number one! I love sharing playlists or being excited to talk about artists we both love etc. My favorite genres would include (but are not limited to); Rock, Metal, EDM, Punk, Musicals. What are some of your favorites? Top 3 artists?
Please read my entire post, I cannot handle those that just respond and expect me to do the heavy lifting in conversation. I want someone to be as invested in me as I would be them!
Here is me!
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2023.03.27 03:09 The-gay-agenda-TM My best friend is bipolar. How can I help?

We’re both 17 years old and mentally ill as fuck. We’re both on the autism spectrum and last year a few months before we met he got diagnosed with bipolar 1, I believe. We’ve been best friends for just under a year now (it’s kind of more than that, both clearly have feelings for each other but are too scared to even begin to approach that and with his mental health I don’t think now is the time, whatever that’s not important) and he’s obviously gone through ups and downs in that time. Last week marked a year since what he calls his worst episode ever and his diagnosis. Now most of what I’ve seen is emotional volatility of all kinds, I’m not sure I’ve ever witnessed an actual manic episode maybe some hypomania here and there, I’ve seen the depression and it fucking kills me. He’s so up and down all the time, it can cause him to be incredibly distant at times and i miss him so much. He’s getting off the waiting list for a psychiatrist in a few weeks which is going to be huge. I just want to know what I can do to better understand him and help him. I love him so much and I know we need to be communicating better and there are thing I need to learn but I truly don’t know where to begin. We do talk about it but it can still be hard for me to understand, especially when he can be vague about certain thoughts and feelings and the fact he doesn’t like talking about last episodes and I would never make him. He recently opened up about his experience with minor psychosis but wouldn’t go at all in depth so I know he experienced it but have no idea what that means for him. He’s such a beautiful, bright, funny person and he’s one of the most kind and caring people I’ve ever met. Sometimes I feel like I’m losing him because he just isolates himself which we’ve started to talk about, he recognises it as the thing he hates most about his disorder. I know everyday he’s trying so impossibly hard. It feels so selfish to feel hurt or like it’s not enough sometimes. I’ll wait as long as it takes and stay through it all. I just want to know how to help. He’s my favourite person.
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2023.03.27 03:08 Elmackay AITA?

A little background:
This girl and I have been living together for the past 6 years. I moved in to attend university, however, the plan changed and I had to start working instead. She wasn't working at the time but was being financed by her partner at the time. They broke up and she was doing jobs but nothing permanent. The food and a few things that we may need for the house I took care of she paid her part of the rent and utilities. She had a child and I try my best to not let her or her child feel as if I was maintaining them. She joined a saving plan which she couldn't finish and I chipped in without asking her to repay me.
We were close for the most part and I even isolate some of my family members due to some very toxic behavior they were revealing toward her. Not that I regret it because, to be honest, they deserved it. Over the years we have had our differences but I have realized a pattern and I started to react accordingly. She would stop talking to me for a time, she would avoid me. Then guilt me saying it's my fault and it's because she corrected my "behavior".
Anyways she began to work last year, she went to nursing school and I support her through it all. Assisted her with assignments. Review her projects. Stayed up late doing research. I was taking care of most the household needs at this time because she was trying to get back on her feet. I was doing this until I had to leave my job due to medical reasons. She took over then. I was doing jobs online that didn't pay much but all everything fell on her then. I started school that July and she aided me with tuition and such. I began to work the August. So I was working fulltime and going to school full-time as well. It was a lot of pressure because it was a double major and I was overwhelmed I thought she would understand considering she went to school just a year ago. I helped her out when she did. We had some disagreements over house chores and she accused me of being lazy. I was the only person cleaning the kitchen at that time.
Here's where I am wondering if I may be the asshole.
We had a discussion about some chores that Saturday however, she had asked me to assist her with drafting some documents and send them to the relevant agencies. I did. Those took some time and I was behind on the discussed chores. I told her that I'll get it done the coming Wednesday after my exam since it was only 2 hours. She agreed. The Monday, I came home from work and was doing the final touches on my assignment due the Tuesday. She began arguing about the same chores we discussed earlier but I ignored her. I had exams coming up and assignments to complete. I didn't have the energy to engage her. She stopped talking to me. One week passed her friend said that she was stressed and wanted to act out but I didn't care. Reason being I came home and said good night to her Tuesday night, no response, I spoke with her Tuesday morning. I tried again Wednesday morning no response. I was tired. Anyways a month passed and she made some comments dropping shade and stuff. Then I heard her discussing me with her relative saying that she did a lot for me but what have I ever done for her. So I said this bitch is ungrateful after all the sacrifices I made. I packed my bags and I left. I didn't second think it because after all the shitty comments all month I had already have enough.
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2023.03.27 03:07 JacobiTrader St. Louis to Japan

St. Louis -> Japan Dates: September 2023
My wife and I are trying to plan our first trip to Japan. We've watched tons of videos and have looked at tons of forum posts but I still feel like we are missing something...
I have about 108k AMEX points and am trying to figure out the best way to travel. Either ANA or Japan Airlines. But when I booked through ANA the price didn't seem bad, around $1200 round trip for 1 person. However, it doesn't tell me how many points that will be and I feel like I've seen a lot of complaints about extra hidden fees from ANA.
It also looks like I can either transfer my points directly to ANA or book through Virgin Atlantic. I'm not sure if it really matters unless Virgin Atlantic just offers better rates.
Then for Japan airlines it seems like I would have to jump through some hoops to book my flight through American airlines with my AMEX points. I think I can transfer with British airways and then transfer to AA but not sure on time delay for that...
I guess I'm just trying to figure out what is the easiest option because the amount of points for economy seems to be around 35k points for either but not sure about any hidden fees.
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2023.03.27 03:07 XanaXand Rental property owner looking to try seller / creative financing in SC but...questions

Hey all. Owner here looking to try a seller finance deal. It's a great property that rents well in one of the best markets in the country, and it was recently fully updated with nothing wrong with it. 100% turnkey rental income. I simply don't want to go through the time, effort, and costs associated with selling on the market. We are relocating and need to move quickly, and I don't want to remotely manage it. But I am not a "distressed" seller, and don't need to sell it unless it makes sense financially.
We have 61% equity and an existing mortgage for the other 39%, financed at a low rate. Due on sale clause is possible. Non assumable or transferrable. State does not allow deed in trust, only mortgages/liens that must be publicly filed to protect my interest. It also means I can't just easily get the house back if defaulted. I must formally foreclose/sue. The property is a large single family owned under a single use LLC.
We've had several cash and seller / creative financing offers. I work in finance, just not specific to real estate. I hate the thought of just getting rid of the regular income, so seller financing seems like a good option. All the offers have been above what we would take away after commissions and closing costs. Unfortunately, we have also had a couple of people that seem to be scammers based on their tactics and terms.
The question for you all is basically to try and help narrow down all the options. And if this makes sense in South Carolina, with an existing mortgage. Here are the models presented with my questions. What language and protections do I need to make sure my attorney includes? My appreciation and offer to help how I can on the finance side for those that can give real guidance and feedback. Thank you in advance.
Option 1 - 10% down. 5-year term then balloon payment. 5% interest with decent monthly payments to me. Monthly payment of existing mortgage and all expenses through payment servicer. Default after two weeks of no payments. I keep title. They seem very flexible on all terms.
Option 2 - 10% down. They get added to title while they pay existing mortgage and expenses. No monthly payments but large balloon payment after 5 years.
Option 3 - 10% down. They use private money lender loan to pay off my existing mortgage, but that then puts them in first position lien while my seller financing to them goes in 2nd position, which concerns me. Small monthly payments then balloon payment at end of 5 years.
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2023.03.27 03:06 Paesana I (21 F) think someone (25 M) I know is either being abused or lying abuse being abused. What do I do?

So throughout college, there was always this guy in my classes who everyone thought was a little weird. We’ll call him Oliver. Now, Oliver is clearly developmentally disabled but I am not sure what exactly his condition is. He always smells bad, he’s awkward, he asks invasive questions (especially about people’s romantic lives), he’s not great with personal space and this will make me sound like a jerk, but he looks like he has a chromosome missing (think very short, with claw-like hands and a very oddly shaped face). He also does not wear clothes that fit, and frequently walks around with half of his butt hanging out, and becomes very depressed, dejected, and offended when people point it out to him, even when they do so discreetly and gently. Because of how awkward he is, many girls think he’s creepy, and he has trouble making friends, beyond people who feel bad for him.
I got to know this guy a little better because we both hang out in the commuter space at our college (he is a commuter, and many of my friends are commuters) and we both TA for the same professor. Now, he considers me a friend, but to be quite honest, I find him very annoying. It’s a very awkward situation, but I don’t have the heart to tell him that I think our relationship is very one-sided. Basically, he treats me and other people as a therapist. He started confiding in us about his personal struggles. These include:
· Health issues. He told us that he has a brain injury from accidently taking too much medication to help his sleeping disorder. I do believe that he has health issues since he took a year off of college, but I am unsure as to the extent of them, since he has always been very vague.
· Girl issues. These vary but I’ll try to sum it up here.
o He alleges that another guy spread a rumor that he was creep his freshman year, because they were both interested in the same girl.
o A girl reported him to student life for being creepy. He says that he just asked he a question and sat next to her in a class, but I’m not entirely sure about that after talking to people who know him.
o He is absolutely obsessed with getting a girlfriend, and thinks that he is worthless (his words, not mine), if he does not get one.
o He claims that many women have rejected him because of his height (he is under 5’) and frequently rants about how this is a petty and unreasonable criteria.
· School issues. He is very smart and does well in all of his classes except for math. This is because he claims that the brain injury affected the part of his brain that help with understanding calculations. But he also has terrible test anxiety and tells us that he thinks he is going to flunk out of college before every test.
· Family issues. Here is where things really get messed up. He alleges a variety of stories about his family, each one stranger than the last.
o His mom allegedly told him that she thought he was a demon when he was born.
o His mom would get into fights with him as a small child over innocuous things like if he missed a question on a quiz, and then call him the spawn of Satan.
o His dad and he would get into physical fights as a small child.
o His mom told him that he will be the next Hitler.
o His mom told him that he has megalomaniac tendencies (this guy is one of the most timid people I know).
o His mom told him that God is punishing him for not reading the Bible enough through his health issues.
o His mom told his grandparents that she considered having him castrated as a young boy.
o His mom forced him to give his car to the church when he couldn’t afford insurance.
o His mom said she would not let him date until he was forty.
o When he considered asking out a girl, his mom told him that she would contact said girl and tell her he was an abuser. She also gave him books on purity at this time.
o He claims that his dad left his mom around the time he had the brain injury for a much younger woman in another state. His stepmom apparently does not let him live with them, because she thinks he is a downer.
o His mom once called the police on him during an argument. When the police arrived, he says that he talked back to them, which resulted in a disorderly conduct charge, which he says will make it hard for him to get a job later.
o He claims that his mom has a mental disorder (I can’t remember what it’s called) but she never takes her medication.
o He claims that his mom told him that God will not heal him from his health issues until he trusts in him.
o His grandparents think he is a disappointment for not making the dean’s list one semester.
o His mom is in the process of finishing an online masters’ degree and says that he will need to move away with her for her new job.
Naturally, this is a lot of information to take in, and he revealed this to me and my friends all over the course of a year. I’m sure that I’m missing plenty of information that he has told me at some point, but I think this gives a general idea as to his personal struggles.
Now, even though he gets on my nerves, when he told me about his problems, I wanted to do the right thing. This might make me sound sanctimonious, but I am religious, and I have been thinking a lot about what it means to treat “the least of these” as we treat Christ. If Oliver counts as the least of these, then I should be trying to help him. Here is what I have already done:
· I tutored him in a stats class because he was struggling.
· I tried to politely point out the pants issue as well as some other awkward things he does but have since given up because he always responds so negatively.
· I (and many other people) suggested that he take advantage of the counseling services here on campus. He refused because he tried going to a therapist ~2 years ago because it “didn’t work.”
· I routinely reassure him that his mom is crazy for the things she says and does, and his dad is a piece of shit for abandoning him with an unstable person. Moreover, I stress to him that his mother is abusive and what she says and does is wrong and harmful.
· I encouraged Oliver to 1) block a bullying student 2) seek advice from a trusted professor during an incident where a student harassed him and tried to manipulate him into recording another professor without his consent. Oliver refused to go to student life during this incident, because he was fearful that they would not believe him, from that incident where the girl reported him.
· Finally, I researched safe house and found one about 5 hours away from our college that admits men and disabled adults. I sent this to him, and offered to drive him there either right now, or after he graduates, whichever he thought was best.
Many other people, especially my friends, have offered to help him, and gave him similar advice over the years. But, we have noticed a couple of things which make us doubt his integrity somewhat.
· Firstly, we do not think that he is completely innocent in his girl problems. We spoke to a couple of people who know Oliver, and it sounds like many girls told him instructions like “don’t stand so close to me,” which he then did not follow. Also, he apparently became angry at some girls for finding girlfriends. From here, we have concluded that he is not a reliable narrator, especially when it comes to girls.
· He REALLY likes attention, and always finds a way to bring any conversation with him back to him and his problems, to the point where he will interrupt other people’s conversations to talk about his problems. For example, my friend Matt was joking with me about a bad date from years ago, and the conversation went something like this:
Matt: So I was an idiot when I was 16. I asked a girl out, and then took her to split a fry at McDonald’s.
Me: Jeez, if you wanted to be cheap, why didn’t you just take her to coffee?
Matt: Ha! I have no idea. And then I got seriously offended when she didn’t want a second date!
Me: Dude, splitting a fry is something you do AFTER a date as an excuse to hang out more!
Oliver (jumping in): My mom said that I’m going to hell on the way to school!
Over time, his interruptions have gotten progressively more and more invasive and awkward and shocking, and he always seems to revel in our shock by smiling and jumping up and down.
· His stories about his family have gotten progressively more and more insane (for example, telling us about his stepmom first, waiting until we believe him, and then telling us about the castration story), and likewise, he seems to enjoy our shock and condemnation of his family members.
· Occasionally, Oliver will go off on unhinged rants about how he wants to ban dating or get revenge on the girls who have rejected him. He never says that he wants to do anything violent to them, just “get revenge.” He also responds negatively when people try to deescalate him during these vents by ranting about how they do not understand.
· If anyone says anything positive about a person that Oliver thinks has wronged him (i.e. girls who have rejected him), even if it’s something as innocuous as “Ella was really good at running the environmental club, too bad she graduated early,” he will immediately rant about how horrible she is because she rejected him.
· He admitted that he does not actually think he is going to flunk out of college, but tells us he thinks he will fail, because he wants us to pay attention to him.
· When I sent him the information about the safehouse, he refused to take me up on it. Moreover, he made excuses about his health problems, his disorderly conduct charge and the fact that he wants to go to grad school someday (he has not even applied to grad school). I had done a thorough job researching, even contacting the safe house to ask a couple of questions. It turns out that the safe house would still take him, as long as he was transparent about his health issues and criminal record. He still refused and shut down the conversation.
· Oliver is originally from a state in the American South, but our college is in the north-east. When he came to college, his mother moved along with him, which is why he is a commuter and lives off campus. He tried living in the dorms for one semester but gave up on that since it was bad for his sleeping disorder. However, it doesn’t make sense to me that an abusive mother would uproot her life and career to accommodate her disabled son.
· I have never seen bruises, cuts, or any other physical injuries on Oliver. Nor does he appear to be suffering from malnutrition – if anything, he’s rather overweight. The only physical evidence of abuse I can see is 1) the constant smell and 2) his clothes are constantly covered in food. However, he comes to
· I have never met his mom, nor has anyone I know. She could be absolutely insane or completely normal for all I know. As for the religious fanaticism, Oliver has told us the name of the church he goes to. From looking on their website, they seem normal, and not the religious fundamentalist types.
Now, I have no background training in abuse, mental illness or anything of that sort. Thus, my concerns that Oliver is lying could be absolutely false – I literally don’t know. Does anyone have any advice for me to either 1) find out the truth or 2) help him (beyond what I have done) if there is actually abuse going on in his life? I really want to do the right thing, but I’m mainly concerned that I may be being lied to.
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2023.03.27 03:05 enollaeraew Beyond Wonderland 2023

Takeaway thought!
Every day there is a new raver discovering the lifestyle and it is a beautiful thing but it’s up too us to uphold and protect the community, standards & morals. Show love and be a good leader remember we are all different but Weareallone. 🤟🏼🤟🏼🤟🏼
Beyond Wonderland is one of the best themed events I’ve been to and i really had an amazing time it didn’t seem so crowded besides mainstage, didn’t feel paranoid or anxious the vibes seemed lovely EVERYONE seemed to be vibing and embracing one another trading and treating was truly a beautiful scene too see. There were those moments of people barreling through the crowd but for the most part we enjoyed our space. It was cold but I feel insomniac did an amazing job of utilizing and opening up new and old spaces within NOS too keep us warm, it was obviously the same venue but it definitely had a different vibe from the last couple of years that seemed to be templated. There was a game board/adventure experience as always from the bold art installations too the hidden gems within the land rides and world class production truly a new world filled with adventure. It’s more than a rave or a music festival it’s a tangible magical moment in reality. INSOMNIAC EVENTS really knocked it out the park this year. It was certainly a breathe of fresh air reminiscent of the early 2000 nostalgic rave culture with big up too FACTORY 93!!! As well as other stage host. Every stage seemed hone and embrace the theme but too and almost captivating point from the lily pads fire in the lake being synched too the music to bubble machines lining caterpillars garden to the 1,000,000 mini screens main stage had upon the roof too the bass at the looking glass & the mad hatters castle it was a wonderful feeling to feel the distinction between stages kinda like being in different parts of Wonderland. I truly and genuinely appreciate anyone that had a hand in making these magical moments a reality.
*I did go sober, so my experience may differ
*my car did get towed and I had to pay $600 too get it out but that’s besides the point.
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2023.03.27 03:05 IndicationOk6905 SignalApproval: The Complete Summary

Signal is practically the manager of the Indiverse, making sure every Indicate in every universe is doing the right thing, which is mainly why she has beef with Denial. Once she figured out that Indicate was isakai'd from his universe, she and Ret (another Indicate) took over for him. Also the only Indicate that takes the form of a female while also being a female.
Personality: She's pretty similar to Indicate in terms of personality, but not as goofy and more so on the smart side.
Abilities/Special Techniques:
+Pretty damn good at analyzing her opponents
+Extremely resourceful
+Can turn nearly anything into a weapon
-Can sometimes be incompetent
-Not really good at physical combat
-Can crack under pressure
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2023.03.27 03:04 fhfhdj The Iron Fury Part 2.5 A story inspired by Worldbox

The booming drums rumbled in the distance. Men pushed on even as their comrades fell. The blood warm on their skin.
Sloda had gone from having only two men beside him to a couple of hundred and a woman. Most of them were Eleish men which surprised him until he remembered that he was in front of the Eleish contingent. Occasionally, arrows zipped past like flies. Their rain of wood and feathers was thickening. Sloda was pleased by this thought, this meant they were getting close. Somehow the arrows were more worrisome than a clash of iron. Every time one passed, a part of him forced his eyes to look about his person, ensuring he didn’t meet a deadly fate at their hands.
“My Lord, perhaps we should fall back to our own forces. From there we can do more than push a single tower”, said Makyur.
‘You’re brave, I’ll give you that’, thought Sloda. He would punish any Jutani that spoke to him of such things. He gave him an angry look instead, “I will take your words as advice, Makyur. I appoint you temporary advisor during military engagements”.
When the tower was finally in position, Sloda was the first to climb. The sounds of arrows and men’s grunts as they reached them were muffled as he went to the top. Next were Aeseus and Makyur. At the top, they were joined by several other Eleish men. The scent of newly cut wood filled the Patriarch’s nostrils.
One man asked, “How many men do they have up here?”.
Another voice behind Sloda said, “Enough for the singers to be satisfied, Achesop. Enough”.
Though he couldn’t see, the Patriarch could hear the grin behind that voice. He wondered if he should’ve said something to those men, they voluntarily came after all, but had no words at the heat of the moment. No words of glory, honor, nor duty as they all seemed empty when they were about to face an entire army with less than a quarter strength. The other Eleish men could’ve killed Alragog, or perhaps Alragog could’ve failed to send the signal to Glekan to attack and his men would desperately make a disorganized attack without a general to lead them. All manner of things could go wrong, just as Huarak would say.
But Sloda knew the course of action he needed to take. He didn’t want to be known as a man of half measures. He would ride this out and see where these actions would take him, ‘I have been marked for death since my birth. To die now would not change that’, he thought though he knew it was a flimsy excuse for his actions. He was Patriarch of Iron, he couldn’t think like other men as too many depended on him. Yet he trusted Glekan to do as he would.
“Form phalanx!”, said Sloda. His voice like the snap of thunder.
The men did as he ordered, shields overlapping and forming a second line when there was no more room. They were eighteen in all. Two lines of nine men.
As they heard the shouts of command from the other side, Sloda looked beside him. He saw the woman from before with Aeseus next to her.
“What is your name, woman?”, asked the lord.
She kept her eyes ahead as she said, “Ambora, at your service, my lord”.
He grunted in acknowledgment and focused on the task ahead. The little draw bridge was lowered. Sloda wrapped his fingers tightly around his hilt. He heard the men breathing heavily, blood running hot in their veins.
“Charge!”, he yelled.
They ran across the bridge, it’s groggy moans making Sloda’s heart beat faster.
Sloda still wore his Patriarch’s attire, an elaborate thing with the standard at one shoulder and an image of Saseniri ripping a warrior’s head off with his teeth in the other.
The uniqueness drew men to him like predators. The fighting went well. Makyur put his axe to deadly use. Aeseus proved his mettle when cutting three men down with the ease worthy of a legend. Ambora matched them both when she saved Aeseus from a Lionman who nearly took his head with the swing of his axe.
Her thrust punctured the lump in his throat and burst through the back. She set upon the next man who dared face her. The battle was going well all things considered until the tower moaned behind them.
Sloda forced himself to focus on the battle ahead but a part of him strained to listen through all the screaming and clanging of iron to realize that the tower was being climbed. The moans however, were not the kind a tower should make. The hairs in the back of his rose. The tower was about to collapse.
“There’s Lord Sloda! Protect him!”, yelled a man in the Jutani tongue.
Those were the last words the man ever spoke.
The tower moaned a final time. The weight of the men became too much. The wood splintered and imploded within itself. The men went down along with it, their bodies crushed and pierced by broken pieces of wood.
‘Oh shit’, was all Sloda had time to think before another Thorpasin warrior fell upon him and he had to give the man a barrage of blows and feints before skewering him.
They were truly on their own now.
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2023.03.27 03:04 beefphoforthewin Au Pair in the U.S.?

I am a Vietnamese born living in the U.S., wishing to bring a caregiver (she cares for my family in Vietnam for years) over the the U.S. under the au pair program
Has anyone done this (sponsoring a Vietnamese Au Pair or going through an Au Pair program themselves). What does the task entail? We have recently had a newborn and just started researching
  1. Are there au pair agencies in Vietnam or do we have to go through U.S. one
  2. I've seen some marketing themselves as a cultural exchange programs. Are they scams
  3. I've heard Au Pair from SEA countries get a really high chance of getting J-1 rejected for being a first-time Au Pair. Is that true?
  4. What's the best way? Who is the best to contact for this kind of program navigation?
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2023.03.27 03:04 enollaeraew For what it’s worth

Takeaway thought!
Every day there is a new raver discovering the lifestyle and it is a beautiful thing but it’s up too us to uphold and protect the community, standards & morals. Show love and be a good leader remember we are all different but Weareallone. 🤟🏼🤟🏼🤟🏼
Beyond Wonderland is one of the best themed events I’ve been to and i really had an amazing time it didn’t seem so crowded besides mainstage, didn’t feel paranoid or anxious the vibes seemed lovely EVERYONE seemed to be vibing and embracing one another trading and treating was truly a beautiful scene too see. There were those moments of people barreling through the crowd but for the most part we enjoyed our space. It was cold but I feel insomniac did an amazing job of utilizing and opening up new and old spaces within NOS too keep us warm, it was obviously the same venue but it definitely had a different vibe from the last couple of years that seemed to be templated. There was a game board/adventure experience as always from the bold art installations too the hidden gems within the land rides and world class production truly a new world filled with adventure. It’s more than a rave or a music festival it’s a tangible magical moment in reality. INSOMNIAC EVENTS really knocked it out the park this year. It was certainly a breathe of fresh air reminiscent of the early 2000 nostalgic rave culture with big up too FACTORY 93!!! As well as other stage host. Every stage seemed hone and embrace the theme but too and almost captivating point from the lily pads fire in the lake being synched too the music to bubble machines lining caterpillars garden to the 1,000,000 mini screens main stage had upon the roof too the bass at the looking glass & the mad hatters castle it was a wonderful feeling to feel the distinction between stages kinda like being in different parts of Wonderland. I truly and genuinely appreciate anyone that had a hand in making these magical moments a reality.
*I did go sober, so my experience may differ
*my car did get towed and I had to pay $600 too get it out but that’s besides the point.
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2023.03.27 03:01 AmazingAnimeGirl one and done guilt

How did y'all know you wanted to be one and done I am 20F no where close to having kids if I did have children I would want them in my thirties. Right now I'm child free I'm not sure I would be a good mother as I've went through a lot of abuse. I always resented my own mother for bringing me into the world without thinking of any consequences or what's the best way to raise a child. So for me it's best to think about the implications to raising a child way before I'm having one. I used to really want kids, multiple however I think that was because I wanted to create the family and love that I've never had. Then I completely said I wouldn't have a child because I would love them so much and not want them to suffer having someone like me as their parent. Now I've been reconsidering I know children are alot of work and not something to be taken lightly. However I fantasize about having a daughter (because when I have dreams of me having a kid it's always a girl although I obviously wouldn't hate a boy or treat him differently I honestly might want my children as gender neutral as possible so they feel safe to express how they want) what she would be like and providing someone the best life possible. The same way when your friend is happy you feel the happiness as well. I don't know if that makes sense but I wanted to put it out there. I feel a bit guilty because if I do choose to have a child I know for a fact they will be one and done (possibly excluding the fostering of teens but that's a bit different) all the time I see comments from people saying how their life was miserable without a sibling even if their parents loved them but I could only give the best life through their entire life for one child. For example I want to travel the world and would love to bring a child along when they aren't in school. It would be hard to do that with more than one. I also prefer living in the city. When I finish grad school I will be able to afford a two bedroom condo in the middle of a city this would be even easier with a partner but 3 or 4 beds is harder in that region. My mental health is eh I know I could do everything for one child but probably not more, also I would want to do Montessori and gentle parenting which is obviously harder the more you have. Also the cost of college and housing I want my child to be able to ask for my help when it comes to big purchases like that. I don't want to bring someone into this world that I can provide for. Long story short if you've gone from childfree to one and done how did you get over thoughts of being a bad parent and what made you change your mind. Also if you've always wanted kids and knew you were one and done please share your experience anything helps. Sorry for the long post.
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2023.03.27 03:01 AutoModerator [Get] Biaheza – Dropshipping Course (COMPLETE)

[Get] Biaheza – Dropshipping Course (COMPLETE)
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Biaheza – Dropshipping Course (COMPLETE)

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I have my personal brand which is another six figure business…
Then I have a few other smaller income streams here and there. I love the internet! Haha
Damn… I worked hard for this life. I worked hard to create the sort of income where I can take care of my family and not even check the price…
I guess that’s why I’m so passionate about what I teach. It’s because it changed my life in unexplainable ways. I don’t think I could ever go back to my old life after living like this.
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2023.03.27 03:01 Superb-Canary9441 Problem Gambler of 8 years

First bet was when I was probably like 14 years old. Got my Dad to put £5 on Wigan beating Man City in the cup final. It won, I remember feeling such excitement.
When I was at Uni at the age of 18, my friend told me all about free bets. Signed up for every single site with free bets knowing that you could make a bit of money. I was hooked instantly. Betting all day and all evening. No lectures, no social life, just in my room betting 24/7.
I lost friends due to gambling. I was no longer who they thought I was, just a degenerate gambler who just stared at his phone betting all day. I never once got into debt, I would just lose all my money.
I had periods where I would stop, I had help from my family. The break through was when I signed myself up to gamstop with the help of my parents. Although I would still walk 30 mins to the betting shops and bet in store. I would get friends to open accounts for me to use.
About 12 months ago I found away around my gamstop. I started betting again, but only small sums, £5, £10, £20. But the last few months I progressed back to my old ways. Betting £100, £200 bets. Added it all up, realised I lost about 1.5k the last year. I was faced with a choice, chase this money or realise I was going down a bad path. Fortunately, I did the latter. Last Friday I told my mum, sent her all my remaining money and admitted I need help.
My mum is looking after 10k I have in savings + another 20k my grandparents left me when they died. I feel happy that I have those savings. I have accepted that I should never, under any circumstance be responsible to hold big sums of money. I so nearly chased my 1.5k loss which would have ended in disaster. I had a lucky escape once again.
Not sure if I'll ever be able to stop gambling, the thrill of it is just so unique and has such a strong grip on me. I have no idea how I will ever overcome this issue. I feel I'm lying to myself saying I want to quit? I feel it's not true. I feel confused, I want to stop but deep down I don't. Does anyone else feel this way. How do I get out of something that I have not been able to get out of for 8 years? It seems a task almost to big to tackle. Maybe I'm just confused.
To everyone reading this who is like me, the best thing I can tell you is put barriers in place. Send your Money to a loved one, put restrictions on your accounts, just do all you can to stop this. It's the best bit of advice I could give you. Gambling robes you of your time, your life, your happiness, your freedom. The only way to help yourself is to put those measures in place.
I wish you all the best of luck and one day hope I can confidently say I will never bet again.
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2023.03.27 03:01 salmoapp Ditch the Carbs: Best Low-Carb Substitutes for Pasta

Pasta is a beloved staple for many, but it's not always the healthiest option. Luckily, there are plenty of low-carb substitutes that can satisfy your pasta cravings without derailing your healthy eating goals. In this post, we'll explore some of the best low-carb pasta substitutes and their benefits, such as zucchini noodles, spaghetti squash, and shirataki noodles. We'll also discuss how to cook and use these substitutes in your favorite pasta dishes. Finally, we want to hear from you - what are your favorite low-carb pasta substitutes and recipes? Share your recommendations and ideas in the comments below!
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