How to parry in demon slayer


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A community dedicated to Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, a manga and anime series written by Koyoharu Gotōge and produced by Ufotable.

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A place to praise the best boy in Demon SlayeKimetsu no Yaiba aka Rengoku Kyojuro

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A subreddit dedicated to discussions, questions, and experiences about demons & demonology.

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2023.03.20 20:14 Kindly-Client-4402 Conflicted on what is relevant to include on my resume.

I’d like to share my resume for feedback as I’ve applied to many marketing related jobs online and nada, zero call-backs, or interviews!
From reading some feedback already posted on here, I realize that having spent time making my resume look ‘aesthetically pleasing’ hasn’t worked in my favour when applying to jobs online, due to the ATS software. - Now I am sure (hope) that at least one or two humans must have taken a look at it, but something just isn’t working, and I think I’ve figured it out BUT I need someone to confirm this or give me a better piece of advice before I alter my resume once again.
So I have an Associate Degree in Business and Marketing and my BComm majoring in Marketing. (2016 and I finished my degree finished in 2022)
On my resume I’ve included awards and recognitions from a marketing completion and projects with a lot of success. I include tabs listing skills and tools I’ve worked with in school or learned to used on my own time. I also include a link to my portfolio that includes previous school projects and also personal hobbies like photos I’ve taken travelling and a blog I recently started.
So far, it all sounds alright, right?? Shows my educational background, my creative side, and ability to put a portfolio together and reformat previous projects to show I am proficient in the skills I’ve listed… you’d think I’d get SOMETHING… that someone in this world would find me interesting enough to bring me on board or at least hear my ideas?
So here is what I think the problem is. Over the last 10 years I’ve worked in hospitality. Most recently had the social media manager role in one of the restaurants I worked at ( included on resume) BUT I have failed to include ALL of my other previous experience in hospitality as a server and bartender at all the other establishments. Something that on a resume, can create and gaps and red flags for the recruiter.
On my most recent attempt I have yet to include my restaurant experience but o included a cover letter on the application that talks a bit about it… and still no luck.
So I am now, I willing to take a step backward and reformat my resume to single column and leave the creative mumble jumble for one that I’ll have on my portfolio.
But I guess my biggest question is whether I should include more of my hospitality experience and HOW to go about it?!
My mentality before was that if it wasn’t a corporate role, hiring managers do not want to hear about it, but I am starting to think that until I have had the opportunity to land my first actual corporate job in the marketing, creative or management department, they probably want to hear about my other experience.
So is this information relevant to hiring managers? Thank you to anyone that takes the time to provide some feedback on this matter.
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2023.03.20 20:12 LittleAlphaSheWolf Dominating issues with other male dog and territorial issues with children

We adopted a puppy, they estimated he’s 3-4 months old. According to the shelter, he’s been great with their dogs. I even watched him play with them, he was great about being handled, no good aggression, was great with my kids (aside from the normal puppy over excitement).
We’ve had him a week now and I’m seeing behaviors I’m not 100% sure how to handle. He goes through spurts where he gets this bug up his butt and he attacks my German shepherd if he won’t submit to the puppy. I separate them when this happens, the puppy gets put in a different room or outside. Is there something else I can do, or something else I should do? This isn’t just frustration, or me exaggerating play, it’s an out for blood won’t let go of my dog attack. If it weren’t for the sheer size of my Loof, the puppy would be doing serious damage.
The other issue is he gets territorial with the kids. He puts his paws in your lap for ear scratches. If one of my kids comes over during this, he nips them in the face and growls at them. Can this behavior be changed? He shows no other aggression with them outside of refusal to share my or my husband’s attention with them.
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2023.03.20 19:54 LavishnessAncient1 ATA or my bf doesn’t like women

ATA or my bf doesn’t like women so I F25 and my boyfriend M23 have been together for over six months. I love him and he loves me a lot we we did had a couple of big fights which which includes like him, saying, he respects this content, Creator podcast guy, but not the creative guy’s views on woman high on the other hand, have a very distinctive idea of respect I just can’t respect people who bring other people down in this case of particular gender, we did sort this fight out by him, saying that he has grown the single mom, and could never disrespect woman which brings me to my next point he’s moving out soon so I’ve been planning a few things we can do every day as does he but for some reason we end up not doing it so today I made him tea that he would like and I walked up to his place. Mind you we both are neighbours so we started drinking tea and he asked me if I have been bullied when I was a kid and and I said yes he asked was that one of those girls that steals peoples boyfriends and I said no girls just didn’t like me back then, so I just talk to the boys he then said yeah boys are simple and easy to talk to and girls are a lot of work and I said but I really appreciate my females friendships now cause I long for them he said I can’t be around girls for a long period of time. Can’t be around careful long period time but I am a girl. How would he be in a long time relationship with me if you can’t be around girls for a long period of time This made me think this is not the first time he had said some thing that sounds like he doesn’t like women as much or am I just retaliating because my boyfriend is leaving so a part of me feels abandoned, and wants to deflect the pain to a different issue. My BF have also said multiple times how good we look together is he only with me because I make him look good, but doesn’t actually like women Any advice would be helpful. Thanks.
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2023.03.20 19:26 Atrain_dagan Best friend needs help

So i have known my online best friend for 8 months. we talked everyday on discord without fail for 8 months. while i was at work two days ago i came back to 408 messages from everyone i know messaging me about how my best friend might be a “catfish”. i was so shocked, and i couldn’t believe it. and now i still dont. we would call frequently and i have heard his voice, he has facetimed with many people and if he was a catfish they would have said something. the person that reported him claims to know the real person irl and he is no help at all. every single one of our friends believes that my best friend is innocent, and i do too. but i can no longer get in touch with my friend. i dont know what to do, and i truly miss him. i just need some help on what is best to do.
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2023.03.20 19:00 ThrowRA1373 I ( 24M ) need advice for anxious gf (24F)

Hi I’m (24M) trying to figure out how to ease the jealousy of my girlfriend (24F). She’s been jealous/gets very anxious whenever I so much as mention a female name and I don’t know what to do to help the issue any more. I don’t talk to many of the female friends I had any more except those that I was closest with and would never cut off like such as friendships over 5+ years that have never once been anything but platonic, but it still makes her anxious. It’s gotten to the point where she does not like it even when I try to make friends with her friends and I don’t know what to do. Hanging out in a group and not being friends with anyone except your significant other is a little miserable and want help figuring out the best way to help her not worry
I’ve tried many things such as discussing this with her about how it makes me feel neglecting friends and give her constant reassurance that she is the love of my life but it still makes her anxious. I also don’t hang out with them without her which is maybe a once every other month type scenario. I have never cheated in any relationship and always try to make her feel special.
She knows and recognizes this as toxic behavior and is trying to stop. She has clinical severe anxiety and BPD. She has also hung out with some of the friends but always talks about how much she hated it afterward. She started getting medicated a little over a month ago hoping it would help with anxiety and it has to an extent but not with the anxiety that stems from jealousy.
I thought it would be something that faded with time and it seems to only be getting worse. As it’s been over a year now. I don’t want to break up but I want to know is there anything I can do to help relieve her fears.
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2023.03.20 18:36 athomelobotomy I can’t stop hiding things and it’s hurting people I love

i’ve never had these problems until the past few years. I went into a dark place and did some regrettable things, one of them being hooking up with a married person who has kids. I knew it was wrong, I didn’t care. I then fell head over heels for someone who I absolutely came to love. he was perfect. but then the previous person mentioned lost their spouse out of nowhere. they still don’t know how it happened. and I felt responsible for being there for him since he was now a single father and we had been previously involved. this person would constantly badger me for affection or intimacy, and because I cared, I tried to allow some of it without going too far because I was in love with this other person. the other person knew of my past with this guy and it was his biggest fear. and I still went through with it anyways without telling him. I didn’t sleep with anyone else, I just entertained the previously married guy because I felt in debt to him. but now, the person i’m actually in love with has ended things because I couldn’t tell him the truth about what was going on. I was cutting myself from the stress because I felt like I couldn’t tell anyone at all. it is by far my biggest regret. not sleeping with a married man, but hurting this person I loved so dearly. he still shows me kindness though I deserve none. I feel hopeless in a loop of fuck ups and would just rather start a new life than hurt anyone else because I don’t know how to navigate things the correct way.
someone please tell me i’m not a lost cause.
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2023.03.20 18:22 Mob--Psychic group fantasy roleplay

Introduction Thank you in advance for taking the time out of your busy schedules to read my post! While hope this can lead to a fun and fruitful writing partrnership, obviously there are some guidelines and rules would like to first go over before we advance to chatting! a PASSWORD is located somewhere in the post. All messages not mentioning the password will be ignored and rejected to ensure you've read through my rules, guidelines and preferences!
Roleplay Rules and Guidelines * First off, view my roleplay style to be semi lit to literate [meaning a strong grasp on the English language, grammar and sentence structure] I can easily match my partner.Third Person writing style is preferred.
The Basics; *. The roleplay will require detailed Original characters only, (the password is "quantumania") which means please have a character doc ready to be sent or sent along with the dm to be reviewed.
Now on to the plot, the plot will be set in an original world under a high fantasy setting. There has been a fungal plague that has spread to a medium sized kingdom and has since turned those citizens and people to monsters. Speculation has begun on what has caused this to happen and if there is a cure or way to prevent it from spreading to neighboring kingdoms. Now how this affects our group could be in one or two ways with our group with our group being innocent bystanders forced together or previously aquatinted now rallied against the plague. Or a special rag tag team formed to track down a clue about the plague that might help bring about a cure.
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2023.03.20 16:30 Icy_Start_8439 I (F 22) need help with how to communicate with my boyfriend (M 22)

I (f,21) have been together with my boyfriend (22) who I will refer to as Joshua. We have been together for nearly 4 months, and I still have issues with this. Right off the bat Joshua told me that he was huge on communication as our relationship is semi long distance. I grew up with my parents making me feel like an idiot for expressing my feelings and I have a hard time to do so. I have been honest with my feelings as I try really hard for him u til last night. I don’t know why but I closed off last night - I’m not sure it was because he was leaving and I was not sure when I was to see him next or what. Anyways, I was upset my entire shift at work and then when I got home, we talked but I physically couldn’t do it. I couldn’t tell him why I felt upset or why I was in that mood. I ended our talk earlier than we usually would’ve but he was okay with it as I had to get up at 5 for work.
This morning, the fight broke out. While I did tell him my side and how I feel when he leaves, he told me I can’t enjoy his presence and all I think about is him leaving which is not true I only started to think about that as we got closer to his leaving time. I also told him that after years of being ridiculed is not easy and a few months won’t undo all that. Joshua did understand that but he did state that it’s hard on him and he doesn’t know how long he will be able to deal with this.
If I won’t be able to fix my ways a break up will be inevitable. Yesterday just undid all the progress I made and I did apologize to him and I’m yet awaiting his response.
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1.Use PayPal and select “Goods and Services” to send payments
Use PayPal to pay your freelancer, and select the payment to be for “Goods and services” when sending. Sending it as a Good/Service guarantees a refund incase you get scammed! Sending it as a “Friends/family/gift” offers ZERO protection!
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If you need a 4 page research project done for $60. Instead of paying the $60 upfront, ask your writer if you can pay $20 for the first 33% of the project. Once they send you the first 33%, deposit them another $20 for part 2. Repeat until you get to the last stage! This method benefits both freelancers and clients.
  1. Never reveal ANY personal information
Never reveal your name, birthday, social security, home address, phone number, school or any piece of info that can leave you vulnerable.
  1. Interview and ask writers questions and request samples before hiring
Ask your writer questions about their knowledge, expertise in your project, experience. Request previous samples of their work and be as thorough when making your selection. As the client, you have the right to due diligence.
  1. Make sure the model projects you pay for are NOT plagiarized
Copy parts of your project and paste it into google to see if any matching text pops up on any websites. This is one way of checking your project has been originally written. Make sure citations are properly added.
  1. Use the projects you receive as research guides/models, instead of turning it in as your own work
By purchasing projects and utilizing them as research guides for your own assignments, you benefit in a myriad of ways. Such as having the information/subject manner organized for you to study. As well as having a rough idea on how to start your own project and formatting/building off of the content that's already presented.
It's up to you at the end of the day how you use your purchased projects. But utilizing them in this way is 100% more likely to improve your understanding of the discussion point!
- Writers messaging you with broken English, bad punctuation, typo’s, etc.
- Writers asking you to send payments as “Gifts” instead of services.
- Writers asking for more funds without providing the completed work. Or changing the price mid-way (except if you’ve asked for additional writing).
- Writers requesting payments through Western Union or Cryptocurrency. As these forms of payments are irreversible/virtually untraceable.
- Writers copy and pasting/plagiarizing work
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2023.03.20 15:29 Few_Avocado_7153 Need advice on older dog - started peeing near pee pad instead of on it.

Hey all,
I have a 11 year old male maltese shih tzu that has been having some issues lately. We walk him 3-4 times a day, but use pee pads that he's been trained on his whole life while we're out at work. He has had no issues using the pee pads his entire life and was trained on them very early on. We place the pee pads in the bathroom on ceramic floor, about a foot away from the bathroom door. The problem is that he has started to pee on the door instead of the pad and has made this a habbit now for the past 2 weeks. I have been taking him to the spot and scolding him after I get home from work and not giving him attention until a bit after, but it still continues. We took him to the vet for a check-up and they told us he was fine. Oh and he is not neutered if that matters.
To be honest, it's not a big deal to clean it up but it does get quite annoying some times. Any advice on how we can handle this? Thanks!
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2023.03.20 15:01 Accomplished-Video71 Where to start if you're totally alien?

Title. I'm buying a house in a rural town next week which has half the back yard sectioned off as garden, along with a 10'X16' greenhouse. So I sort of HAVE to give gardening a shot. I've always loved the idea of gardening (vegetables mostly, dont see a whole lot of point to flowers) I've just lived most of my life without a yard.
I can start as soon as April but, if possible, I'd like to wait until May when I'm out of school. This is north central Illinois, for reference.
So give me all your absolute first timer tips below. Explain it like I'm a 5 year old alien from Conrete Planet. What is easy for noobs to grow? When do I plant? How much do I water? Do I need any tools other than maybe gloves and a trowel? Chemicals? Should I start by trying to fill the whole garden or do I just do a little to get my feet wet? I'm ready and willing to kill everything this year just for the education, I just need a place to start.
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2023.03.20 14:56 kaworu876 11/22/63 crossover with James Elroy’s Underworld Trilogy?

Kinda funny - I picked up on something at the very end of the audiobook for 11/22/63 that amused the hell out of me - spoilers for the end of that book.
When Epping/Amberson is talking to the alternate version of Harry Dunning at the end, and getting the rundown of all the alternate history that happened after he saved Kennedy, there’s a very amusing Easter egg for those of us familiar with James Ellroy and his Underworld Trilogy (which consists of American Tabloid, The Cold Six Thousand, and Blood’s a Rover) when we’re told about the eventual assassination of Martin Luther King in that timeline. Turns out it was committed by a renegade FBI agent named Dwight Holly - hah!
Interestingly this isn’t the only connection - both 11/22/63 and the latter two books in the Underworld Trilogy are narrated by Craig Wasson - and I don’t think it’s a coincidence either, I remember King talking about how extremely impressed he was with Wasson’s narration - so it stands to reason he would get him to narrate his own JFK-themed novel.
Edit: oh god I misspelled Ellroy’s name in the title - it’s not my fault though, it’s the damn iPhone spellcheck that corrected it to “Elroy” by itself, and I didn’t catch it sigh
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2023.03.20 14:48 tripeiro10 How to engineer a prompt so that there is no "Could you please provide more context or clarify your question?" in the response?

How to engineer a prompt so that there is no "Could you please provide more context or clarify your question?" in the response?
I have tried to explicitly say so in the System prompt. (I am using Chat with gpt-3.5-turbo), but I cannot seem to be able to suppress it.
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2023.03.20 14:41 ConfidentCatharsis 27 [M4F] #NYC - Looking for a lady who wants to play games, watch anime, and more.

Hello! Thanks for clicking into my post. I am mostly hoping to find someone who really gets along with me and vibes a lot with what's in my post. A little bit about me: I'm a New York City native, and have lived here my whole life (and love it). I'm 27 and 6' tall. I currently work as a teacher. I'm a pretty open person and have a wide sense of humor. I don't smoke at all or do drugs, but don't mind drinking rarely. I'm currently living in Manhattan, but have gone to school/traveled around Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn. Never have been out to Staten Island, but I am familiar with North Jersey a bit, so if you're from there that's fine too. I like different places around the city, the mix of urban and parks, playgrounds, and other places.
My top interest is playing video games; I'm a big gamer. I'm a am also a collector of video games and I like to play as much as I like to find something new. I'm into a lot of different games; RPGs, shooters, platformers, action, really anything I find interesting. RPGs and MMOs are my favorite genres, if you play FFXIV (or maybe WoW/Wow Classic) then we'll get along really well, I would be totally down to have someone to raid with. Besides that most of my top games are from the Gamecube or PS2, but currently most of what I play is on the Switch, PS4, or PC. I spent a lot of time in my teen years playing on the 360 and some PS3. If you have any of those, it would be awesome to play something together some time. I'd be very happy to share this interest or at the minimum talk about it.
Anime is another big thing that I like, I'm a fan of mostly shounen/seinen but will mostly watch anything. Also like western cartoons as well. I like to build with Legos, it's time consuming and takes up space but I enjoy it, either sets or things I throw together myself. I also like to read fairly regularly. I like Fantasy, Science Fiction, and non-fiction a lot. Some of my favorite books are from what I read in school, but a lot are from my own time and experiences. Other than books I like to watch the occasional movie, usually something action or science fiction, but I like comedy too. I'm also a fan of cooking and learning how to do it better and better each time I try, which is pretty fun. One thing that I'm trying to get into more is drawing and creating art. I'm down to talk about anything you'd want to, Philosophy, history, what you like and your interests, etc.
As for what I'm looking for, pretty much anyone that this vibes with. Ideally friends would be nice to get from this post, I'm open to more but nothing required. Would be great if you're also into video games and play often, or just like science fiction, reading, watching things, etc. I'm only asking that you're 23-34, female, and in NYC/NJ. Any height/body type is fine. Everyone is welcome! Don't mind if we don't share interests as long as we get along. I hope that I've painted a good picture of who I am, if there's anything else you'd like to know, or if you're interested, by all means please message. Thank you for reading this long post, and would love to hear from you!
Just as a note, if you're going to respond, please have more than just a recently made and/or blank profile. Please say more than just "hi" or "hey." It doesn't really give any information about you, or even that you've read my post at all. Thank You!
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2023.03.20 13:54 JV_27 Anniversary edition/upgrade ps5 question

If I buy the anniversary upgrade will all the Creation Club Content I get from it ALWAYS be on all the time no matter what I do, or can I turn the CC stuff off and play skyrim as if I only has special edition? Just wanted to know because back when the anniversary edition released I heard people had some problems with their mods, and especially on ps5 with getting the shittier end of the stick with mods albeit better than nothing, I don't know if after all this time mod creators would go back to the ps5 version and update them for the anniversary edition, considering how limited we have mods. So just in case I do upgrade I know I'm not shit out of luck if my game is broken and unplayable with mods
submitted by JV_27 to skyrim [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 13:45 alihaideruwu day 5

hi guys i am on day 5 streak ,i was fapping a lot specifically during my exams (which ended on 16th of march) and watching porn a lot ,fr porn is trigger for fapping rn b4 writing this post i was just going to search nudes pics girl but then suddenly stopped. idk how long will i be able to stop myself ,but theres a good thing for me ,as a muslim ramdaam are starting from 22 or 23th march and in ramdaam my schedule is pretty busy(keep urself busy as much as u can fr it helps a lot) i go to sleep on around 11pm wake up at 3am eat food and then sleep for some hours wake up again go to school(and yes i go to school empty stomach without even water because of fasting)get back from school rest and then go to pray and i usually sleep after that(sleeping cuz literally i havent ate anything from hours so at that moment i am very tired) wake up from the little nap go to salah after some time like 1.5-2 hours i do iftaar(break the fast) go to salah again and then some small walk or anything after sometime i go to mosque and stay there for like 2 hours come back home eat food and sleep :) and guys do not forget in that schedule i have to find some time for studying exept school thats why i love ramdaan and this cycle will go for 30 days ! (if nothing goes wrong) ty for reading any tips for me ?
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2023.03.20 08:15 spicypeenie Airline alliances

Hi all, I asked in a previous post about marketing campaign (for alliances) and got told I was posting about the wrong game.
I have a question about how alliances function in this game ?
In regards to donating money for the marketing campaign can someone explain to me why the tier resets to 1 every week despite spending money to get it to tier 2?
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2023.03.20 05:15 delloskill Welcome

The original Amazigh people subreddit is filled with Assabiyat and Identity politics, and people who use their Amazigh identity to hate on Islam as well as Arabs and other Islamic groups.
The Oppression of the Amazigh in modern history is not because of Islam, but because of Nationalism. Since the collapse of the Umayyads till the Beginning of Colonialism, North Africa was ruled by powerful Arab and Amazigh states, who never saw each others ethnic group, but were unified in a faith.
If the Islam truly oppressed the Imazighen then why did Tariq bin Ziyad burn his ships and faced the Visigoths? If the Amazigh hated Arabs, how did the Djazairi Arab and the Kabylie overthrow the French together. Why did the Amazigh create the first University of Islam in Qarawiyyin? Why did the Rif Berbers under Abdel Karim fight alongside their Arab and Sahrawi bretherin?
The idea that Islam oppressed the Amazigh is the same idea that the English peddled to the Secular Arab states, and the Russians peddled/forced on the Central Asian Turkic states. An effort to remove and undermine their identity so that they seek validation from them rather than from within.
No doubt Amazigh today are oppressed. Libya, Algeria, Egypt, and Morocco have at some point all banned Amazigh Languages and literature under Ben Ali, Nasser, Sadat, Gaddafi and Hassan. These people do not represent İslam. They are all pan-Arabist Nationalists who will rewrite history to suit their jingoistic agenda. They do not represent İslam or Arabs as a whole.
If you are a non-muslim Amazigh, no one hates you, if you are a Murtad, may Allah guide you, but spewing hate against Islam, Arabs, and Muslim Berbers to justify you victim complex/life choices is not okay.
I made this subreddit to create a space for Muslim Amazigh without being harassed by "Reddit's Religion" of "hurdur sky daddy stupid, izlame and mozlems terrorist."
Non-muslims and non Amazigh are welcome too, as long as everyone can be civil.
I wish you all well. Salam
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