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2023.03.08 05:16 Significant_Link2302 Fire Fighter I Training Guide

I've created this guide for individuals who are interested in working for CAL FIRE. Below you'll see the hiring standards for Fire Fighter I and available training links for each qualification. This is primarily geared toward those who have not completed an accredited State Fire Fighter I Academy. Training is available through fire departments, community colleges with fire programs, and private entities.
If there are any errors or recommendations please let me know. If you have any training opportunities you have come across, please share them to this thread as well. I will add a link to future trainings available as applicable.
Regarding EMS Qualifications - While CAL FIRE does give you the option to either get Public Safety First Aid OR EMT/Paramedic, everyone should be striving to become EMTs at a minimum.
Training Websites:
California State Fire Marshal State Fire Training You'll see this linked below, to find available training for the credential you require on the top right of the website select "filters" and search by keyword or program. This is your best resource for finding available training in California.
Truckee Meadows Community College (Reno, NV) Many of the NWCG Wildland courses are available through this college, some online.
Red Helmet Training Training provider located in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. They have many of the courses listed below offered throughout the year. Also listed on the CSFM website.
EMS Training Providers:
California EMSA - EMS Personnel Training Directory
Public Safety First Aid

CAL FIRE Training Guide Firefighter I

This is based off of the 2023 Hiring Standards for Fire Fighter I (Engine & Handcrew)
I. EMS Qualifications
II. CAL FIRE Orientation
III. State Firefighter I Certificate (2019) or SFT Accredited FF I Academy Completion Certificate
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2022.11.16 21:48 andrew1020118 Try Shore Duty They Said...

Within one month of me arriving to my command in 2020 (Needs of the Navy orders got me here, big greenie weenie SWCC'd me. My previous billet was defunded so my orders didn't exist to a local transfer, so we had to scramble to get me a spot to go wayyyy OCONUS. Outstanding performance on a job well done), your friendly neighborhood PS was issued a notification. "Hey y'all. Our PSD is closing. Standby for further instructions." Little did I know what a rollercoaster of a ride this would be - to the TSC, RSC, to the F-E-R-G-I-E. (Hit it Fergie!) It's as organized as a car accident in a landfill. Honestly. We are about to once again start working Saturdays. The fleet wants PSD's to be manned back up. CPPA's can't contact anyone about their cases. People are experiencing pay problems fleet wide and this has been a really difficult two year period. I have less than ten months until EAOS and every day I look forward to separating.....
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2020.01.30 03:35 raymond1006 Scripts that create free google team drive/share drives!

Update: There will be no google drive unlimited storage after July 22. Better buy your own hard drive for storage.
-In case you really want free unlimited storage, you could consider using telegram and/or youtube as a backup for your files, but there are disadvantages by using these methods.
-If you want to use telegram as cloud storage, you can check out Kotatogram, a 3rd party telegram client that allows you to maintain a higher upload speed.
(You have to set it in "Kotatogram setting" first. But you have to set it by going to “Kotatogram settings”, then under “Network”, click “Upload speed boost” and select the highest setting “Big”.
Kotatogram (Github): https://kotatogram.github.io/
-But remember there is no free lunch in data storage nowadays.)
Original post:
I've discovered this sites in a Chinese forum. Tried it and it all works perfectly:
These websites allows you to get team drives/ shared drives from different domains for free.
Multiple schools: https://td.fastio.me/ (You can get the drives repetitively.)
(Suggestions: Choose the team drives that are from edu domains.) (Recommend not to choose team drives from other random domains, since they may not last forever. However, if you want to release your stuff publicly but afraid of takedowns you can use them.)
Ccsf: https://teamdrive.mfoxx.workers.dev
University of Sheffield: https://gdrive.zppcw.cn/
Washington University: https://gdrive.oso.ac.cn/
Taiwan Primary School: https://gd.404edu.workers.dev/
swccd: https://teamdrive.xcpx.workers.dev/

Edit: You may have concerns about the safety of the data in the team drive. You may fear that it might get deleted in anytime.
Well first, school admins won't take down your team drive if you keep the drive private(i.e.: If you don't share your illegal contents in your team drives publicly, you team drive will be fine. Even if you host illegal contents that will be fine.) Also, the team drive in edu domains should last very very long, unless the school decides to cancel its Gsuit Educations subscription, which is almost impossible to happen since Gsuit Education is totally free.
Second, there are scripts that can backup your team drive to another team drive. Those scripts do server to server copying, which copy your drive content from 1 team drive to another. That's why I recommend you to use one of these tools and make 1-2 copy of your team drive. (Remember to host them in team drives that are in different domains.)
The three tools are Folderclone, Autorclone and Gclone, here are the usage guides of them:
Hope it addresses your concerns, I am not saying that team drives are 100% safe, that's why I would recommend you to make backups for your team drives with the above tools. If you have any further concerns, feel free to leave them in the comments.
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2018.09.06 18:26 fluffysanchez All Southwestern Colleges are Being Evacuated

Southwestern College will evacuate the Chula Vista campus and all its centers Thursday morning, September 6, while Campus Police investigate a credible threat. All classes are cancelled for the remainder of the day and all campuses and departments will close. Please proceed orderly and safely off campus. Please look at www.swccd.edu for updated information
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2012.12.12 20:47 blendenflecke pdf darcys law

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