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tall: Stand up straight!

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A subreddit for tall-related topics. Come ask questions, post your pictures, whatever you want. /tall: reddit from a higher perspective.

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TallGirls Unite! Post shopping hauls, rant about that guy at Starbucks, rave about legroom in a car, ask the community where to find pants that actually fit. An inclusive space for tall women. **This space is not for curiosity seekers or transphobes. Read the rules.**

2020.04.06 16:45 yungmartino49 heightestimates

Ever wondered how tall you'll be? How tall your kids'll be? This sub is the place for public inquiry around height.

2023.06.10 13:29 Mission_Passion_7475 What is the most awkward situation you have found yourself in and how did you handle it?

What's the most spontaneous road trip you've ever taken?
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2023.06.10 13:29 ItsDangerZoneLana Got diagnosed yesterday and grateful that I’ll be getting treatment but also a bit confused.

My pains come with swelling 90% of the time. Like anywhere and everywhere in my body can and will swell at its worst. I also have urinary urgency/control issues and I have yet to figure out if that’s due to the swelling or it’s own thing.
My kidney labs came back “good, if anything almost low” according to my rheumatologist. All my other labs showed up clean except for atrociously low vitamin D and slightly high cholesterol. My blood pressure is always excellent, if anything sometimes on the lower side.
My rheumatologist insists that the swelling is just because I eat to much sodium and it’s causing fluid retention and that the pain is fibromyalgia and that they are two separate things and it’s not just one thing causing me pain and swelling.
I don’t disagree with her that I have fibromyalgia but I also question if it’s the only thing. She says I’m too young to have a heart condition (25) and my lab work is fine so it’s gotta just be the sodium.
I guess my question is: if you have both fibromyalgia and edema/swelling/fluid retention from something else, does the swelling trigger your fibromyalgia pain or is it just the nature of swelling that it hurts?
My other questions are, how much sodium is enough to cause this level of swelling? And does anyone have any suggestions for apps that just allow you to track just sodium and don’t focus on other things? I have a bad habit of severely under eating when I am tracking everything (calories and stuff) I would like to make better choices about what to eat without feeling like I’m not supposed to eat anything.
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2023.06.10 13:29 PaleEmotion256 How to deal with fomo after quitting?

While I'm not that addicted to porn, I'm 200% addicted to masturbating to my friends pictures on Instagram.
Some of them are very attractive, and they post normal pictures to their stories on Instagram. They are not arousing pictures per se, but I find them extremely attractive and masturbate to them.
I am sick of this behaviour and want to end it. However, silencing their stories gives me fomo. It's like a voice in my head is telling me "you're going to miss that pic where she looks amazing".
I would assume that the same is for those who are addicted to certain pornstars and miss fapping to them once they quit this terrible addiction.
Has anyone gone through something similar? How can I deal with this feeling?
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2023.06.10 13:29 doutfish 3D Product Rendering?

-As an artist who has transitioned from product photography to 3D product rendering, I have developed a keen interest in the field. While I have started learning basic Blender skills and experimenting with modeling and texturing, I'm in need of some advice as I navigate this new territory. One area that I believe is often overlooked but crucial for success is marketing skills. I'm particularly interested in finding courses that focus on mail marketing and LinkedIn strategies. These courses can provide valuable insights on how to effectively connect with brands as an artist. Despite having encountered marketing challenges in my previous role as a photographer, I understand that marketing is a vital aspect of any creative profession. Therefore, I'm seeking to enhance my marketing skills to promote my work and attract potential clients in the realm of 3D product rendering.
-What are your thoughts on the future of 3D product rendering as a career, particularly in relation to emerging technologies like the metaverse project? I'm intrigued by the potential opportunities and advancements that lie ahead in this field. How do you envision the integration of 3D product rendering into the metaverse
-How do you see brands and companies utilizing 3D product rendering in the future? As this technology continues to evolve, it offers exciting possibilities for businesses to showcase their products in a highly realistic and interactive manner. In your opinion, how might brands Perfumes Cosmetics Electronics 3D product rendering enhance their marketing strategies and engage with customers? Do you think it will become a crucial component of brand communication and product presentation? I'm curious to hear your thoughts on the potential impact and benefits of 3D product rendering for brands and companies in the coming years. And Thanks Guys I hope to take Your answers to answer my questions.
I am A big fan of the world of fashion products, particularly cosmetics and perfumes, fills me with great enthusiasm. The sight of captivating advertising projects and stunning still life renderings for renowned brands such as L'Oréal, Givenchy, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, and Gucci ignites my motivation and passion for this industry.
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2023.06.10 13:29 ArdnyX Planning to apply BS Applied Mathematics / Computer Engineering in DLSU-D, how is it there?

Ayun as the title says, pero sa mga redditors / students in DLSU-D in these courses or studying in College of Computer Studies, how are the teachings/system so far? Planning to apply there since taga bacoor lang din ako so makakalapit lang ^
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2023.06.10 13:29 Aqualung77 Re: What Adam failed to mention about N2O

I'm not sure why my last post on this topic was removed.
In Adams latest video he is shown displaying 8g whipped cream chargers. He assures you Nitrous Oxide is quite safe. When inhaled in high concentrations. However, their use has many associated risks, including hypoxic injury.
It needs to be addressed that you shouldn't breathe large amounts of pure N20 in a single breath or hold in the gas. these things are potentially very dangerous not to mention highly addicting.
These 8g chargers contain 100% Nitrous Oxide. This is done to avoid spoilage of the whipped cream when using it for it's intended use.
When you inhale 100% N2O you are essentially suffocating yourself in two different ways. Initially by inhaling a gas that contains no oxygen. and secondly by inhaling a gas that inhibits your lungs from absorbing oxygen from the air around you.
Medical N2O is a 50:50 oxygen/N2O mix. "Rule of thumb" is it should always be given with at least 21% oxygen (same as the air we breathe) to avoid hypoxia (insufficient oxygen delivery to cells)
Furthermore, In medical settings patients receive 100% oxygen for 5 minutes once the nitrous oxide flow diminishes. This is to counteract diffusion hypoxia caused by N2O.
'Diffusion hypoxia', can occur with the administration of inadequate amounts of oxygen during or immediately after a N2O anaesthetic. N2O will diffuse into air-containing cavities within the body faster than nitrogen diffuses out. Nitrous oxide enters the alveoli far more rapidly than nitrogen leaves, causing dilution of the gaseous contents of the alveolus.
This results in the dilution of oxygen within the alveoli of patients breathing air and may cause 'diffusion hypoxia'. especially if the patient hypoventilates. (which allows more time for evolving nitrous to dilute alveolar oxygen each breath.)
The magnitude of the effect is proportional to the blood supply of the cavity, the concentration of N2O inhaled and the length of time the patient is exposed to N2O.
Hypoxia can result from a failure at any stage in the delivery of oxygen to cells. This can include low partial pressures of oxygen in the breathing gas. And problems with diffusion of oxygen in the lungs through the interface between air and blood.
Cyanosis is one of the most common signs of hypoxia. The tips of the fingers, toes, ears and nose may become cold and bluish in color.
Hypoxia can cause: Numbness or Tingling in fingers and toes. partial loss of color vision.
If severe or prolonged it could lead to cell death.
Palpitations may occur in the initial phases. Later, the heart rate may reduce a significant degree. In severe cases, abnormal heart rhythms may develop.
Severe hypoxia can cause loss of consciousness, seizures or convulsions, coma and eventually death. Breathing rate may slow down and become shallow and the pupils may not respond to light.
The average human can hold their breath for about 2 minutes. The average whippit lasts about 2 minutes. You are depriving your body of oxygen more and more with each hit you take.
How many can you do in 10 minutes?
The longer you go without proper oxygen the greater the potential/severity of cell death.
Adam should have definitely mentioned some of these risks.
- - - - - -
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2023.06.10 13:28 super-jazz 1999+ Models

I have been waiting to buy a Kei truck until 2024, because the 1999 models include airbags and a larger crumple zone. I am interested to know how many folks in the US plan to sell their pre-'99 models once the 1999+ models become legal to import. Do people think there will be a big rush (can corresponding price-spike) at the start of 2024 to import the new generation trucks?
Additionally, is anyone aware of specific issues with 1999 Carrys or Sambars that would cause you to want to wait to import a 2000 or 2001 as opposed to a 1999? I know the 2002 Carry is considered much better because they ditch the timing belt, but I don't really want to wait until 2027 to get a Kei Truck.
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2023.06.10 13:28 isthisasobot A game which started as fun

You get passed on a position of yer past which claims you to play the game and you learn the rules , how to abide by them but also how to stretch them, to manipulate them. Money.. follow it.. ain't that disgusting? When a game gets too isn't a game anymore... That's a classical life situation, Perhaps deserving of some attention.. Like risk.. That's a game to recap.. certainly was very illustrative.. back at " home", which is an abstract concept indeed Then monopoly and of course chess.can we remember these games? It used to be hop scotch and other more " active" games, then, rhey turned to board games.. Then fiddling like a lunatic with one of those " controllers" But if you're a real " guru", you're totally fixed on the cell phone.
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2023.06.10 13:28 bustead How is life for an average joe like in your playthrough?

Apart from nuclear wars in the Middle East and Japan, planet Earth in my playthrough is still in one piece. Still, anyone living in the fallout zones or xenofauna-infested Africa will have a hard life.
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2023.06.10 13:28 20JR20 My dad found out that I'm a lesbian

My name is Stephanie, but I grew up mostly going by Stevie. I'm 17 years old, and I knew that I was a lesbian by the time I was 13, only telling two of my closest friends, one of whom happens to be my girlfriend as of two years now.
I want to start by saying that I had no intention of telling my dad that I was a lesbian-I hate to admit this-because I've always been intimidated by him, not that he had ever given me a reason to be, he's always tried his best with me, but mainly because I didn't know exactly how he felt about the lgbt community, never speaking his mind on the subject, and I didn't want to disappoint him.
I don't want to bring too much baggage into this, but my mom died right after giving birth to me, which has always made me feel guilty, making scary scenarios I thought up even worse, thinking that my dad would blame me for what happened and disown me altogether.
Each scenario that popped into my head over those four years had never come to pass, making all that did happen overwhelming-in a good way-for me and dad, and even my girlfriend Zoey, who I've known ever since we were kids, coming out as bisexual almost year before we started dating.
Zoey and I were on the couch while the tv was on, it was late, and the two of us were in the middle of kissing when dad caught us. I was shaking from head to tow, completely terrified, though he only seemed slightly shocked. I remember trying to fight back tears, only to fail miserably, which is when he walked over and pulled me into a hug while saying "It's okay. Take a deep breath. Relax. It's okay." We decided to talk sometime the next day and dad went to bed before we did.
Cut to the conversation we had the next day, I was holding Zoey's hand while my dad let us know that we had-and still has-his support. I teared up while telling him why I was too scared to tell him, he teared up while listening, and even Zoey teared up too.
I want to thank everyone for reading, I've honestly been tearing up while writing this, and I'm happy to say that my life's been easier with my dad knowing the truth.
Both my dad and I want to know if it's okay that he makes a post here with my account-he doesn't have one-I know that there's subreddits for lgbt allies to talk, and we'll be posting to those too, but he feels it's important that he says something, though I won't get into it because those are his words.
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2023.06.10 13:28 pillowofdark Dating an ESFJ

Hey guys!
Let me vent a little here.
So today it suddenly dawned on me that my bf of 7 months was not an ENFJ (welp, that’s what I get for trusting 16 personalities too much) but an ESFJ.
Now I read somewhere that us ENFPs are better than other intuitives about the whole sensor thing, but not me. If there was anything I was sure about, it was that I could never date a sensor: there was just something about connecting over ideas that feels crucial to me. Which actually really explains the issues that I’ve been having with my bf throughout. He’s extremely extroverted, like to the nth degree, which means that he has spent precious little time on introspection. We’ve had a lot of issues with communication, from him straight out talking over me and not caring to get my thoughts sometimes, to him just plain not understanding at all when I tell him about how I’ve been feeling or what I need (well, the misunderstanding part goes the other way as well, it’s like we live in two separate worlds).
Well, why are you dating him then?? You might think. The thing is, for some reason, I have never been this primally, deeply, insanely attracted to and in love with anyone before. He feels inhuman to me almost. It’s insane.
We’re doing a bit of a long distance now, and I’m feeling quite lonely. We had a big argument a couple weeks ago where I was just trying to clear something up, and again he completely did not understand me on many points, missed the point I was making and accused me of trying to give him ultimatums… we resolved it in the end but it left me reeling. He calls and contacts me regularly when he can and that’s fine, but I am still feeling quite lonely because there’s very little trying to delve deeper into me or us and I feel a lack of connection and intimacy in this way. So there’s a lot of communication I’d like to do but can’t because her just doesn’t work that way - he didn’t analyze things or think about them too much, and just has very little interest in it, he’s so very much in the here and the now.
Perhaps it’s just the distance plus his sensorness that’s at fault here, and because when we’re together he gives me a loooot of time and attention and we have insane chemistry, similar lifestyles and energy levels and interests, once we’re together it will all even out and I’ll be happy enough. I have to wait and see how I feel - I know that’s the inly answer.
I just wanted to vent here a bit. If you have experience with this sort of thing, or have advice, or just want to commiserate, please! Everything is welcome!
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2023.06.10 13:28 justmenotme Bought ‘one’ plant yesterday. How long before the children can move out.

Bought ‘one’ plant yesterday. How long before the children can move out.
Like title mentioned, but this one yesterday and there are already a lot of new plants growing in the small pot. The one on the left looks big already, the others smaller, but besides of course making sure there are roots, how big Should they get before getting there own place? I’m not sure, but I think this is Aloe perfoliata?
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2023.06.10 13:28 Beta_Nerdy Country Club Wedding Reception: Do you have a formal or informal dress code?

My son is getting married at a local Golf Country Club and people are asking about a dress code.
Should we have a formal or informal dress code for the people who are not in the wedding party but will attend the evening event at the Country Club?
How were the people who attended a higher end wedding reception dressed at the recent weddings you attended? Suits, Sports Jackets or jeans and tennis shoes?
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2023.06.10 13:28 AmphibianIcy7681 Turning 22 Later [M4M] Who’s from Sta. Ana, Pampanga? Tara Pool Party tomorrow night!

I'm a graduating student from Manila who also works as a Freelance Virtual Assistant. I'm 178cm tall and have a medium to athletic body type.
I'm looking for a wholesome romantic experience such as dinner dates, coffee dates, and similar activities with someone who is (ideally but not necessarily) taller and older than me.
I'm an outgoing person who enjoys laughter, good conversation, and, of course, coffee.
If you think we are in the same frequency, then don't hesitate to hit me up.😎🍀
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2023.06.10 13:28 zappafrank2112 ELI5: Why do we have remakes of tv shows, movies, music... but not books/written/printed stories?

TV has been the biggest offender these days, rife with reboots and remakes. The recent past has seen lots of movies from the past remade, both past original scripts (horror movies from the 80s, anyone?) and movies that were based on classic stories (A Christmas Carol). Cover songs are oftentimes some artists' biggest or most recognizable hits.
But how come we don't have someone tackling the rewriting and printing of a certain popular wizarding franchise, or War and Peace, or [insert literally any book here]?
I'm not saying it hasn't happened - someone might be able to shoot off some examples right away when answering this question - but why don't we tend to see people rewriting and re-presenting past works of written fiction? And I don't mean something that might be a classic tale passed down through generations presented in new form (say, for example, a printed story pretty much being The Odyssey in disguise, not unlike how O Brother Where Art Thou? was for film), but taking something that's literally an established print IP not unlike is done with movies, with TV shows, with songs, and reworking it with a modern or different slant?
What makes books/printed stories so special?
(And as I finish the post, I know it happens with comics books all the time, but I'm not counting that.)
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2023.06.10 13:28 Hejfede Need advice for fast storage

Hello everyone, I am stock in a google loop here, and don't know how to proceed. I need to upgrade my computer with a good amount of fast storage. My motherboard is asrock b450m pro4 with a Ryzen 5 3600 processor. I need the fast storage because I am editing videos.
I have populated the PCIE 3 x 4 M2 slot with an NVME SSD and wanted to get a PCIE card for adding some more NVME ssd's, but apparently my motherboard only has PCIe 2.0 which isn't very fast - or what?
There's a second M2 slot on my motherboard, but this is labeled SATA m2, which isnt very fast either - or am I mistaken?
There's also two USB 3.1 gen 2 ports on the motherboard, but that would not give me very good speed - or what?
As you may understand already, I am not very knowledgable with this hardware lingo, so please advise me what to do.
My GPU is a RTX4070Ti is my cpu and motherboard limiting me? I could consider doing a mobo + cpu upgrade if necessary, but I have no idea what to look for.
Thanks for any help
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2023.06.10 13:28 KokoTheeFabulous How does stabbing Grandpa actually work?

In the sense of: Does he actually loose blood when stabbed? Can he be leveled down if stabbed? Limit to how much he can loose overall?
If someone has an actual count of how long he stays down when stabbedthat would be appreciated to
I know this is probably very early to ask but I'm very eager to learn this games mechanics as well as I can especially with release around the corner!
I actually considered stabbing grandpa fairly worthless initially but upon seeing a post suggesting he lost blood which was new to me I was wondering if anyone could clear it up or even add to that.
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2023.06.10 13:27 Stellavigil1a Lag spike every time I turn around/change direction sharply. Is this common and if so how do resolve?

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2023.06.10 13:27 tombstonemyers Layla? Thoma? Zhongli?

I have decent crit ratio. 58/226. I currently use Layla as my shielder but i was wondering if i should switch her out.
My current team is Scara, Layla, Bennett, and Faruzan. Would it be better if i switched layla out with thoma or zhongli? I’ve been using layla because i like how her shield applies cryo and i can swirl it. Any suggestions would be great :)
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2023.06.10 13:27 shupa2 Rule question: who can make choise

Hello, can somebody clarify following situation:
- There are 2 Acolytes in the same location as player. One of them has Handcuffs (2) attached to him and player in that location drawing Mysterious Chanting.
There is no "must" in that encounter card so according to RRG Must (pg. 16) player can choise both of them as "target" for Mysterious Chanting. Can lead investigator "override" players choise according to Lead Investigator (pg. 14). Also how Grim Rule affects this situation?
Main thing that i want to learn from this example is interaction between Grim Rule, Lead Investigator and Must rules in RRG. Another out of the head example: Discard a card from the hand or take 1 damage (plaer has no cards in hand). Can player choise to discard? Does lead choise instead? Grim Rule?
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