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2023.06.08 13:40 RandomWeebuwu69_LoL I'm leaving fuck yall

You are either bigoted, a boring person without an original thought, oversharing rather than talking to friends or a licensed professional, publish information about others that is not in your place to share, have and share absolutely brain dead takes on topics that don't even matter or are barely "technically" a teenager still hanging on to this title because you can't cope with getting older and growing up
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2023.06.08 13:40 stone-d-fox42 Filter help: Which filters do I need? Puromax site didn’t list filters that I saw

Filter help: Which filters do I need? Puromax site didn’t list filters that I saw
Can’t seem to find the filters I need. Would rather order once than play a guessing game
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2023.06.08 13:39 Yttrov Is there a reason Necromancers are just... Chill?

I'm a bit of a noob with Diablo lore, but everyone seems a little too "holier than thou" in Sanctuary to just be perfectly okay with my spooky scary skeletons just running around town?
Surely it's not the handwave of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend"!
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2023.06.08 13:39 Puzzleheaded-Talk762 BeneKind Diagnostics: Best and reliable Pathology Lab in Noida

BeneKind Diagnostics: Best and reliable Pathology Lab in Noida
Pathology Lab in Noida, the term itself suggests a place where people can get their diseases and ailments diagnosed accurately. If you are looking for such a reliable Pathology lab in Noida , look no further than BeneKind Diagnostics. Their state-of-the-art laboratory is equipped with modern technologies and facilities that ensure accurate diagnoses and timely reports. The team of experienced pathologists at BeneKind Diagnostics is dedicated to providing comprehensive pathology services with precision and care.
From routine blood tests to advanced cancer screenings, they offer an extensive range of diagnostic services at affordable prices. They understand the value of time when it comes to detecting health conditions; hence they work expeditiously to provide results within the shortest possible time frame without sacrificing accuracy or quality standards. With their excellent customer service, attention-to-detail approach, reasonable pricing structure, and commitment towards delivering accurate results every time - BeneKind Diagnostics has established themselves as one of the best pathology labs in Noida today!
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2023.06.08 13:39 fetta_cheeese I don't know what to do anymore

I (early 20s f) need to move out, like have too, I have a family dog he's about 10 or 9 I love him more than my own life no joke, I recently started practising grooming on him and I wash him too clip his nails brush him Research medics and good pet food I'm the only one getting him fun treats or any, I am saving for a surgery because I feel he really needs a lump removed (it's on his armpit area and I is getting bigger and I feel is annoying him) I need to move out soon but don't want to leave him I offered paying the price they got for him as they paid for him as a FAMILY dog (1,500 around) what is the best move and am I being rude ?? I really want him I already do so much how do I win my sweet little boy any tips will be great appreciated 💙 please
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2023.06.08 13:39 JKKM2445 For trade: Items, Aprimons/6IV, Shinies, and ?? below

Currently do not have an apriball preference other than no Fast balls if possible! No master balls please. Looking for Rare Candies for certain things too.


FT: Ability Patches
  • 2x Ability Patch (10 left) = 1 Apriball
FT: PP Max/ Ups
  • 3x PP Max (21 left) = 1 Apriball
  • 50x PP Up (100 left) = 1 Apriball
FT: Gold/ Bottle Caps
  • 2x Gold Bottle Cap (6 left) = 1 Apriball
  • 25x Bottle Caps (25 left) = 1 Apriball
FT: Other items/ Services
  • 10x Malicious Armor (93 left) = 1 Apriball
  • 1x Malicious Armor (93 left) = 5 Rare Candies
  • 3x Auspicious Armor (21 left) = 1 Apriball
  • 5x Cracked + 5 Chipped Pots (16 left each) = 1 Apriball
  • 1x Cracked or Chipped Pot = 5 Rare Candies
  • 1x Lucky Egg (3 left) = 2 Apriballs
  • 1x Evolve your Gimmighoul = 1 Apriball

SWSH/SV Aprimons (not shiny)

  • FT: Up to 5 aprimons LF: 1 SV apriball

6IV aprimon (not shiny)

  • FT: 2x 6IV mons LF: 1 SV apriball

Other Mons (not Shiny)

  • 1x HA Jolly Indeedee-F w/ Trick Room (4IV, Pretty Good HP + Decent Att) = 2 apriballs
  • 1x Sandstorm Vivillon + 1x Ocean Vivillon = 1 apriball
  • 0IV Speed Iron Hands/Treads = 1 apriball each
  • 0IV Speed Zapdos/Azelf/Thundurus/Yveltal = 3 apriballs each
  • 2x [JPNx3/GERx3/FREx1/CHTx1] 5 Best stat Ditto = 1 Apriball

Shinies (Rates are in the link)

Shiny Rule 3 details:
  • Kar-Kay 754470 All Self-Caught Wild Encounters or Mass Outbreaks
  • Kar-Kay 126426 All Self-Caught SWSH Max Lai Event Raid Den
  • JKKM 836694 All Self-Caught from GO
For the Combees, Hoppips, and Magikarps, I can also take 15 Rare Candies per shiny or 1 Apriballs for 2 shinies (mix and match).
  • Shiny Hoppip (still in GO, 4 left) (Custom OT or JKKM) 836694
  • LF: 1 Apriball or 20 Rare Candies
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2023.06.08 13:39 newtonsappple 24M Looking for friendships that are more than a friendship but less than love

I am from India but I love interacting with different cultures across the world. I study Astronomy. As you can guess I am a science guy but I really like all sorts of art from poems, paintings to movies. I love reading and have a personal small library at home.
I go daily for morning walks, it will seem odd to mention it but I can not have a good day without it. I love watching as darkness turns into light slowly. If anytime I am down and have not been in bed for a long time all I have to do is to gather the courage to go for a morning walk. That's it. I again rise from my ashes.
Stargazing has become a ritual for me. Though Life is chaos I think I have discovered something to walk in this chaos with flowers in hand and love in heart.
People say to me you have grown up maybe they are right but what they mean is that I should live anxious like everyone else. That I cannot do. I have my dreams. I am working on them. If that is the definition of growing up; I am a child who has not lost his smile yet.
I can not cure anyone's loneliness you have to do it on your own. That's how it goes. So do not message me with that intention.
My Most friendships are male and I really like to be friends with a genuine female. Please be around my age.
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2023.06.08 13:39 David-Oaken What EXACTLY can and cannot be a "pure" function

My understanding has always been that if it doesnt change anything outside of itself it can be pure. On asking people about this in the past they have responded with "basically, yes".
But what about none-basically? Is there more to it than that?
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2023.06.08 13:38 Ok_Highlight984 Banshees in Dry Meadows hideout???

Just started a new game recently. I'm spending nights at Dry Meadows now. I always stay at the bedroom with all windows barricaded and only doors unbarricaded. This night I also barricaded the doors to bedroom just to have a peace this time. I was checking through cracks in wall the oven room, if something is coming.
Then I suddenly heard slow steps walking around the house. Looking through the cracks I saw some figure walking to my bedroom doors. Saw just part of it which looked like an antler of savage. I said ok, no bid deal, although the slow steps were confusing me.
Than the shiny stone or what it is started lighting outside the house doing that loud sound. I heard no sounds in the oven room afterwards thinking they probably went away already while I was focusing at the light outside. The rest of the night was chill. A morning started coming when I heard slow steps again walking away of the berdoom doors, looking through the cracks I saw a bloody banshee!!
This totally creeped me out like wtf are they doing here?? I know there is a banshee in Dry Meadows who leave the fetus thing and disapper I have already met them. But this was regular hostile banshee , I even got that visual effect of their mask when I was looking at them. The most creepy thing is they were just menacingly stand behind my bedroom doors for the whole night.
Is it normal to have banshees already in the first hideout?? Or bug or something? I have never met them there before. I always thought the first hideout is chill with just savages, but this made me be scared of Dry Meadows again. And this wasn't the only banshee, next night another banshee came!! From now I barricade the doors every single night
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2023.06.08 13:38 Purple_Clowdboy Jíbaro, a "Love Death Robots" Chapter concept.

Jíbaro, a

Spoilers ahead...

Killer: The Siren

Difficulty: moderate/hard Stature: Average Terror radius: 32m Base speed: 3 m/s
Power: Damsel of the lake
Passive ability: Razor scales

The siren possesses 30 scales on her body, a number of scales will get stuck into a survivor's skin when performing a basic attack on them (2 - 4), the siren will then loose the equivalent number of scales. Surpassing 6 scales will inflict the mangled status effect on the survivor. If the scale counter reaches 12 scales, the survivor is inflicted with the broken status effect. Survivors can take off scales by healing themselves or being healed by others. For every great skillcheck success, a scale will be taken out. Completing any healing interaction will result in -1 scales, if a survivor is picked up, they will loose 2 scales. All survivors will loose 4 scales after being unhooked.
- Escaping the siren's grasp will add 1 scale to the survivors counter, the siren will loose 4 scales in turn.
- Scale counters are personal to each survivor.
Special effect: Siren's treasure
As a survivor, gain 50 bloodpoints for each scale in your counter once you escape the trial.
Main ability: Song of desire
Killer side**:**
Hold M2 to charge " of desire (it takes 2 seconds to fully charge). While charging, your speed is reduced by 45%. By releasing M2 you'll be able to walk backwards at 110% speed and your terror radius is replaced by the song of desire for 15 seconds. You can end the song by performing a or lunge attack.
- While charging "song of desire", all survivors inside the terror radius will hear the faint sound of a waterfall. This sound can still be heard even if the killer is undetectable.
- "Song of desire" can be heard all around the map, but will only affect the survivors that are inside the terror radius.
- Song of desire has a total of 90 sec cooldown, if it hasn't been cancelled before the 15 seconds are over. Song of desire will take an extra 5 seconds to charge when less than 20 meters from a hooked survivor.
Survivor side**:**
All survivors inside the siren's terror radius while song of desire is active, become enchanted and loose control of their movements and actions. Enchanted survivors will start running towards the the siren's location, avoiding any obstacle along their way. Their screen will become slightly distorted to signify this. The enchanted status effect is displayed in the survivor hud to survivors and killer alike.
When less than 20m from the killer while enchanted, a series of fast skill checks will appear. Succeed in 4 of these to resist the call of the siren and become free from her call.
You can avoid being enchanted by becoming deafened. You get the "deafend" status effect for 30 seconds by missing a skill check while song of desire is being charged. While defened, all sounds except for the heartbeat are omited (does not affect visual heart beat).
Special effect: The lake
Releasing M2 will cover the ground area of the killer's terror radius with water. The lake will not follow the siren's terror radius and will stay in place untill "song of desire" becomes active again.
Speciall ability: What lurks beneath
By pressing the action button, you dive into the water and surpress your terror radius. While diving, the siren's head remains partially submerged and can be spotted by survivors. In this state, the siren moves at 170% her speed and can pass through dropped palletes, but is unable to attack, use her ability or interact with objects. If stunned while diving, she is forced out of the water.
- For every 2 seconds spent diving, gain back 3 scales.
- Press the action button again to come out of the water by perfoming a 1 sec animation, you will automatically emerge when exiting the lake's perimetre. You are unable to exit the water while under a dropped pallete.
- The lake will dissappear after hooking a surivor inside the lake's perimeter.
- The lake can be relocated by charging and releasing song of desire outside the lake's perimeter.
Special interaction: Healing blood
The siren will leave small pools of siren blood every time she looses scales or when getting pallette-stunned while inside the lake. Any survivor can perform a 3 second interaction with the pool to fully heal, even if they are broken or affected by deep wounds. Survivors that heal this way will lose all scales from their counter, and their location will be revealed to the siren via killer instinct.
  • Hex: Visage of madness.
Your horrifying aspect is imprinted into the psyche of those who dare get too close.
You start the trial with 4 tokens (1 per survivor).
After a survivor stuns you, a random dull totem ignites, and you lose the token corresponding to that survivor.
While the hex totem is active, all non skill check interactions will now have a 20%/50%/70% chance for a fast skill check to appear. If the survivor misses said skillcheck, they will scream and their location will be reveald to the killer.
  • Swiftness and precission
You are no stranger to the art of killing, and your efficiency is spottless.
Injuring 4 different survivors within 60/90/100 seconds grants up to 4 tokens .For each token, your speed and vault speed increases by 2%. Loose a token after putting a survivor in the dying state.
  • Morbid curiosity
Your monstruos nature weaken's your prey's mind.
Ending a chase with the obsession without hurting them will cause them to become incapacitated and exhausted for 5/10/15 seconds, but they also get the haste status effect for 8 seconds.

Survivor: Jíbaro

  • Self-willed
It is worth taking a risk and abandon all morals in order to survive.
You get up to 4 tokens for every 6/5/4 seconds you spend less than 16 meters from the killer without being chased while another survivor is hooked. For every token, the speed at which you're healed or heal yourself is increased by 2%. You lose all tokens after being fully healed.
  • Thick skin
In order to complete your objectives, you must endure pain. At least for a while.
You don't scream after being injured by a basic attack. Any status effect that would be applied on hit appear after 7/13/16 seconds.
  • Opportunist
You wait patiently till the time is right... You may get something out of the death that surrounds you.
Picking up an item dropped by a dead survivor will make it regain a 30/50/70% of its initial charge. The item will be fully charged if you are the only survivor left in the trial.
Thank you for your attention. This took me a while to make so I'm looking forward to hearing your opinions and criticism. Feel free to comment any changes you'd make to the killer or the perks.
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2023.06.08 13:38 charlestondock Experienced Boat Lift Experts in Charleston SC - Charleston Dock & Repair

Experienced Boat Lift Experts in Charleston SC - Charleston Dock & Repair
Looking for a reliable boat lift in Charleston SC? Look no further than Charleston Dock & Repair. They offer top-notch boat lifts that provide secure and convenient storage for your vessel. With their expertise in dock building and repair, they ensure high-quality craftsmanship and personalized solutions to meet your requirements. Choose Charleston Dock & Repair for all your boat lift needs.
Visit: https://charlestondockandrepair.com/
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2023.06.08 13:38 ToCoolForPublicPool First ultralight backpack. ULA OHM 2.0 or GG Mariposa 60.

So I'm looking for a new backpack and I'm currently into choosing either ULA OHM 2.0 or GG Mariposa (it don't need to be these backpacks but they seem good to me). Similar sizes, similar weight, similar main pack volume. The differences it seems to be in durability, comfort, price (ULA is about 90 euroes cheaper for me), and exterior pockets system.
I've been only able to have hands on experience with the mariposa although it was one size too large so not optimal obviously. Which one would you guys prefer? New to ultralight, but with a new backpack my base weight would be about 5.5 kilos. I might add that I'm switching from a backpack that is 2.3kg in weight.
The Mariposa seems to me to have pockets that are more to my taste, I'm not really into that long rear mesh pocket that the ULA got, also the larger and longer sidepocket seems like a nice thing compared to the more bucked size side pockets the ULA got. Other than that I don't have much of an opinion on them. I could obviously be wrong, maybe I love the pocket system on the ULA.
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2023.06.08 13:38 kim-fairy2 Crippling uncertainties that come with big changes

Big changes can really cripple me for a while. Sound familiar?
- New job, or losing a job
- Moving to another home
- Breakups
- Even the first 2 days on holiday (travel day + first full day)
- Even the changing seasons, sometimes!

Whenever familiarity is threatened by something big, my head just short circuits. I feel like I'm falling into a pit, grabbing onto loose stones that just fall in with me. Nothing makes sense anymore. I start doubting everything. Start to panic about the smallest things.

I've always needed stories to cope, as well. Always have to have a good TV show on hand, a good podcast, and preferably also a book. I can get really upset when I can't find anything good to watch/listen to, because I need to feel safe and at home in a fictional world a few hours a day (less when I'm visiting friends or family, but still).

Right now, I'm still grieving a breakup (2 months ago, together for 7). I'm living in a small studio, didn't leave it sooner because I was waiting to live with my ex. I accepted a house a few days ago - I had been dreaming about my own real home since the breakup, and this one is perfect. So I should be thrilled, right?

But my mind is just a mess. Partly because I just miss him and am grieving our future together, which it's now clearer than ever that it's over. But also because I'm just terrified of the change, and all that comes with it. Having to arrange everything. Anxiety that everyone I love will suddenly hate me and not want to help. Not having enough time. Not having enough money. Suddenly the house will turn out to suck: leaking roof, noisy, too hot, mold. What if the fridge comes too late. What if the mattress doesn't survive the move. What if, what if, what if.


My friend told me to turn off my cellphone for a day, read a book, and try and avoid any stimuli for at least a day. It sounds good. I think my mind is just in overdrive, fight or flight. I think I'll try it.

If you don't have solutions but just recognize what I'm going through, please respond. I'd love to hear from you.
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2023.06.08 13:38 testingaurora [hiring] assistance needed to improve site speeds

Hello ! Freelancer myself here and my site is super slow. It doesn’t make sense to me why as I don’t have a lot of photos or files and it was just as slow when the site was bare bones. My webhost support says the server uptime speed (average of 11.89?) is good.
Considering this was a problem before the site was anything other than blank pages , I don’t believe it’s the content. When running through pingdom it says my home page has 80 http requests and that it needs to be fewer.
I have like $60-80 to throw at this which I know is nothing for devs but if you have the skills and need some extra funds for (what I hope is an easyish fix) please send me a message here on Reddit with the words “let’s optimize” so I know youve read the post. Site is here if you want to look first.
Thank you and hope you are well.
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2023.06.08 13:38 Leather-Thought-7651 Playing games while being let go :)

J1 (2.5 years) recently closed a few positions and laid off some people, me included. They sent an email informing me of the termination and invited me to a "debriefing" call. I was just in the middle of a card game, so I joined the call with a CEO and 2 other senior employees while still running a game on my other screen.
I think they were saying something about market downturn and company goals and how sorry they are they have to let people go.
Not sure, wasn't really paying attention. I thanked them for the opportunity, said goodbye/good luck and continued with my game like nothing happened. I had to finish the game and get ready for a 30 minute call with J2 and then do some work for J3.
I got 2 months worth of severance and found a new J that pays the same to replace this one in less than a month. Even without finding another J I would be able to live comfortably and stress free.
I've been doing this for a while now, but I am thankful every day of how liberating it is not to have your livelihood depending on a whim of 1 company.
OE for life. And remember, ABA (always be applying).
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2023.06.08 13:38 jonnyapple89 [32M] Looking for a consistent good friend with a creative side

Hey! Any creative types out there looking for friends? I’m a gay guy in the US and in a committed relationship. But, I work from home, which doesn’t give me much social interaction during the days. I’m also an introvert, but can be quite chatty and open with people I’m comfortable with and care about.
I’ve always been the one my friends come to for advice and to rant. And, I’m the one who always seems to solve a lot of other people’s problems. I enjoy it, but it can also be isolating at times.
I prefer having a few really good friends that I can rely on and who rely on me, than just having lot of aquaintances. So, I’d love to make a genuine connection with someone looking to chat consistently, willing to ask questions, and can relate to anything I’m saying.
Still reading? I’m an entrepreneur at heart, with too many ideas. My ideas and passions tend to be on the creative/experiential side - art, music, culture, theater, hospitality, and anything that inspires or serves a community need. But, I’m also a very analytical, detail-oriented, down-to-earth guy.
Other hobbies? Baking, cooking, gardening, anything outdoors, animals. Not really into gaming or too much pop culture.
Hit me up if you want to talk, make a friend, or maybe get creative and day dream together. Maybe we’ll click!
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2023.06.08 13:38 kattleya05 I found new friends ❤️❤️❤️

after cutting off my highschool and college friends, I thought I wouldn't be able to find new friends anymore lalo na at work from home ako tapos introvert pa. Pero nakahanap ako ng mga bagong kaibigan kahit online. Ang saya lang😍
It was sad na nabuwag ung clan na kinabibilangan ko for more than one year, pero nahigitan iyon nang mapasama ako sa all-Filipino clan (mobile game) na sabog ang mga members araw-gabi, pero pagdating sa game, sobrang serious which I like kasi competitive din ako haha
To my new clan mates, nakakatawa kayo pramis 🤣 pero pagdating sa game, mga mamaw, lodi, at senpai! I am so glad nahanap ko ung post nyo recruiting for a new member. Salamat kasi kahit one month palang ako sa clan, ung turing nyo sakin parang matagal na akong member. Ang daya lang na ang layo ko tas halos magkakalapit lang kayo kaya madalas may meet up pero maybe someday makasama din ako sa jamming.
Mabuhay sana kayo ng matagal, and more wins to us ❤️
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2023.06.08 13:38 iwebdatascrape How to Use Scrape Taobao/Tmall Data Using Python?

How to Use Scrape Taobao/Tmall Data Using Python?
Taobao: Taobao is an online marketplace allowing individuals and other small businesses to sell their products online. This Chinese platform's headquarter is in Hangzhou, and Alibaba owns it. According to the Alexa rank, it is the eighth-most popular website worldwide. It primarily operates as a consumer-to-consumer (C2C) platform, enabling individuals to set up virtual stores and sell directly to customers. Taobao offers a wide range of products, including fashion, electronics, home goods, beauty products, and more. It is known for its extensive selection, competitive prices, and vibrant community of buyers and sellers. Taobao operates on a hybrid ecommerce model comprising auctions and retail product sales. The product listings on Taobao include clothes, technology, home decoration items, office supplies, shoes, furniture, etc.
Tmall: Tmall, or Tmall.com or Tmall Global, is an online marketing platform primarily focusing on business-to-consumer (B2C) businesses. It is the largest B2C platform in China, with more than 500 million registered customers. It provides well-established brands and retailers a platform to sell their products directly to consumers. Tmall offers many products from broad categories, including fashion, electronics, beauty, home goods, and luxury items. It is known for its product authenticity, quality, and premium shopping experience. The brand success of Tmall strongly drives by the integrity and approach of "Flagship Store."
Ecommerce product data scraping services scrape several valuable data. Taobao and Tmall are widely used in China and have a significant presence in the Chinese e-commerce market. They offer a range of features and services to facilitate online shopping, such as secure payment options, customer reviews, seller ratings, and buyer protection programs. If you are looking for web scraping e-commerce websites, iWeb Data Scraping is a perfect solution. The company has become a market leader and still holds that position. Comprising unlimited data, the best option to collect information from this website is to scrape products from Tmall.com.

List of Data Fields

Major data fields scraped from Taobao/Tmall website are:
  • Product Name
  • Each Variant - Name, Price & Stock
  • Domestic Logistic shipping fee
  • Product Description including Images
  • Comments
  • Ratings
  • Bar Code
  • Item Id
  • SKU
By store:
  • General Information about the store
  • Comments
  • List of products

Importance of Scraping Taobao/Tmall

There are several advantages of Taobao web data scraping. Some of them are listed below:
Competitive Analysis: By scraping Taobao/Tmall, you can collect data on competitors' product offerings, pricing strategies, promotions, and customer reviews. It allows you to gain detailed insights into the market, identify trends, and make informed decisions to stay competitive.
Perform Market Research: Taobao/Tmall is a vast marketplace with many products. Scraping product data from Taobao can provide valuable information on market demand, popular categories, and consumer preferences. This data can help you identify opportunities, analyze market trends, and tailor your product offerings to meet customer needs.
Price Monitoring and Optimization: Scraping Taobao/Tmall using Taobao/Tmall scraper allows you to track product prices and identify pricing patterns. You can monitor price fluctuations, compare prices across different sellers, and optimize your pricing strategy accordingly. It helps you remain competitive and maximize profitability.
Inventory Management: By scraping Taobao/Tmall, you can monitor product availability, stock levels, and frequency of restocking. This information is essential for effective inventory management, ensuring you have the right products in stock and minimizing stockouts or excess inventory.
Product Catalog Management: Scraping Taobao/Tmall can help you build or enhance your product catalog. You can extract detailed product information, including titles, descriptions, images, and specifications. It enables you to create product listings, improve searchability, and enhance customer experience.
Personalized Marketing: By analyzing scraped data, you can gain insights into customer preferences, buying patterns, and demographics. This information helps tailor your marketing and advertising efforts, target specific customer segments, and deliver personalized promotions or recommendations.
Research & Analysis: Taobao product data scraping services enable easy access to a vast amount of data valid for research. It is helpful for academic studies, market research reports, data analysis projects, and other research-oriented activities.

About Taobao Scraper

Taobao Tmall data scraper can automate the data extraction process from Taobao's website. This web scraper uses scraping techniques to navigate product pages, collect relevant information, and store it in the desired format for further analysis.
Listed below are the significant roles of Taobao API-web scraping data scraper
Data Collection: The scraper collects data from product pages, including product titles, prices, descriptions, reviews, images, etc. All this data is essential for performing competitive analysis, market research, and other business-related intelligence purposes.
Data integration and automation: The data extracted by a Taobao Tmall product data scraper combines with other systems, like e-commerce platforms or analytics tools. Taobao Tmall's real-time scraper API will allow automated data processing, analysis, and streamlining of business operations.

Working of Taobao API and Importance of Scraping Taobao/Tmall Data Using Python

Taobao and Tmall are both owned by Alibaba Group. It is a multinational conglomerate based in China specializing in technology, ecommerce, and several industries. The Taobao API facilitates B2B eCommerce across websites and mobile application. The API needs user verification of the appliocation and avoid the lengthy steps for sign up.
Follow these steps to scrape Taobao/Tmall data using Python.
  • Make sure you have Python installed on your system. You will need to install two libraries: requests and beautifulsoup4. You can install them using the pip command.
  • Use the requests library to send an HTTP GET request to the Taobao webpage you want to scrape.
  • Create a BeautifulSoup object by passing the HTML content from the response
  • Inspect the webpage to identify the HTML structure of the data you want to scrape. It will help you locate the relevant HTML elements and their attributes.
  • Use the BeautifulSoup method to extract the desired data from the HTML structure.
  • Depending on your requirements, you may need to navigate through multiple pages or handle pagination.
  • You can store the scraped data in a file, or a database per your needs.
For more information, get in touch with iWeb Data Scraping now! You can also reach us for all your web scraping service and mobile app data scraping requirements.
know more : https://www.iwebdatascraping.com/how-to-scrape-taobao-tmall-data-using-python.php
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2023.06.08 13:38 DemarcusDeRozan1 Summon on Anniversary?

I just saw MrBabys Video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aF8QyxERtcI) and i wanted to know if you guys will wait for WWC or summon on the anni? Because most of the time the Units that come out on WWC are better than the anni chars since the anni chars are alrdy 6 mths out on JP and Global only got them a few weeks ago.
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2023.06.08 13:38 babzillan It's just a game...

I've seen numerous posts about rage quitting, the game not being good for mental health, EA scripting, flung controllers, Pack weight rage, etc. I just want to share my principles around the game that make me enjoy it so much as a hobby with very little stress:
• Buying Packs: Spend zero money on packs, eventually you will get coins from playing Champs and Rivals which you can use to stock fodder every week and double your coins. Trust me it works with little effort, very little know-how and patience. Spending money on packs raises expectations and increases frustration.
• Pack weight: Open packs with zero expectations, eventually you will get good players and as the game grows, it resets every year anyway so why get angry and frustrated
• Player quality (meta): To an extent, the card quality adds a marginal advantage if you play someone with a similar skill level. When there is a massive skill gap it counts less. So don't worry too much about "meta players"
• Division Rivals: Try to discover which Div you are most comfortable in and try to stay there or just above that. If levelling up is a struggle it’s a sign that you will end up in a Div that you can barely get a win in and you will get super frustrated.
• Champs/WL: I strongly believe that the first 5ish games you play are loosely based on your Div level so don't level up beyond your capability
• Scripting: The game is built to emulate IRL football, so some events are most likely to occur to inject excitement and unpredictability. I've read posts about green-timed shots not going in and red-timed shots going in etc. It's just like the real game it shouldn’t be always predictable and the best players shouldn't always win.
Overall, I always get a buzz when a game is about to kick off and win or lose I try to enjoy the game. If I ever catch myself getting frustrated, I just take a break and do something else. I love the game and love to play random people who are mostly toxic with a sprinkle of occasional pleasant ones. Have fun guys and enjoy the game
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2023.06.08 13:38 Pumpkinmeet 🌟 Welcome to the new era of dating with Pumpkin Meet! 🎃

🌟 Welcome to the new era of dating with Pumpkin Meet! 🎃
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But fear not! Pumpkin Meet is here to resolve these limitations and privacy gaps.
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1️⃣ Privacy as First Priority: Your account, identity, and private data are secure on PumpkinMeet.
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3️⃣ Free Flow of Finance: Enhance your dating experience with secret and meaningful gifts using our wide range of financial tools.
Join the Pumpkin Meet community and embark on an exciting journey of trusted connections and privacy-focused dating!
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2023.06.08 13:38 ChrisprXD_26 Beginner to Diablo

Hey there travelers i never played a diablo game and this one seems really interesting to me but im scared that i will not like it and putting down 70$ to a game is serious at this time i looked at the reviews the "before you buy" and look up some builds . I love the esthetic the vibe but beacuse i never played a diablo before im indecisive any new comers or veteran who can give me thoughts and opinions of the game than you for the time reading this .
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