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Chuck Had A Daughter whose Mum Died At 43 Unexpectedly.

2020.08.18 01:21 normab8tes Chuck Had A Daughter whose Mum Died At 43 Unexpectedly.

This post from here
Reminded me of something I had on my old laptop.
In 1988 Chuck Avery filed a family issue against a lady in the Wisconsin courts. The presiding judge Hazelwood dismissed it in 1999.
In Dec 2002 this lady died unexpectedly at age 43. She had 3 daughters and 4 sons. In her obituary one of these daughters is listed as an Avery. I did find this young lady who is in her early thirties and married. But I have not been able to find anywhere that she is mentioned as a child of Chuck’s. She would have been about 16 at the time of Teresa’s disappearance.
I found this interesting because Chuck just seems to be surrounded by unusual things. The death of this lady at 43 is very young and I cannot find out how she died.
How much information about all the Avery’s did the Manitowoc judges know before their trials. It seems they all fronted up in front of Hazelwood or Fox.
Does anybody else know of this?
I’m not posting images of this information because it is sensitive, but the trail is easy from the Wisconsin Court Website from a case search of Chuck’s name.
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2020.02.29 23:31 LTCEMT Lost one of the greats

FF/Medic Kevin Hoffman of the Manitowoc Fire Department (Wisconsin) passed away at the age of 56, roughly 8 months after retirement. He served his community for 38 years. Kevin was not only a fantastic FF/Medic but an amazing man. He was one of my mentors and one of the reasons I became a medic. Truly one of the best men to ever wear the uniform. The world lost a great man.
Until we meet again
His obituary
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2020.01.21 22:40 Justice4Kris Dennis W. Jacobs Age 56 died yesterday.

Manitowoc, WI. There is no obituary yet.
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2019.12.20 18:11 magilla39 The Case of the Missing Ilium and its Greater Sciatic Notch: Was it hidden from the defense? Could it be Articulated with the other Pelvis Bones?

The Case of the Missing Ilium and its Greater Sciatic Notch: Was it hidden from the defense? Could it be Articulated with the other Pelvis Bones?
The bones that were collected from Steven Avery's burn pit on 11/08/2005 were sifted and placed in a white box (shown below) that was first given to Dr. Kenneth Bennet, who examined them and prepared a report, and were later sent to Dr. Leslie Eisenberg, who testified at trial.
The box of bones found in the Burn Pit on 11/08/2005
Dr. Bennett examined the bones, and identified them as being those of a human female, probably between the ages of 20 and 50 years old (see part 1 of his report, below).
Bennet Report, 11/10/2005, 1/3
A more complete description of events is included in his report notes. Bennett claimed that many of the bones were "immediately and incontrovertibly diagnosable as human" (see below).
Bennet Report 2/3
The final section of the notes made a key findings. There was a set of larger bone fragments, described as part of the "ilium/ischium/acetabulum" with a "greater sciatic notch" angle of approximately 90 degrees. This finding was key to the determination of the sex of the individual, and the claim that the bones were "incontrovertibly diagnosable as human".
Bennet Report 3/3
Bennett's report played a prominent role in the search warrants issued after November 8th, 2005, as illustrated by the Search Warrant excerpt below (Link to Search Warrant File). The Search Warrant also includes a false finding, attributed to Dr. Eisenberg, claiming that "almost every bone in the body ... is present and has been recovered from the scene."
Search Warrant Discussion of Bennet's report and False Eisenberg Finding
At first, I thought the "ilium" described in the search warrant was the "iliac crest and wing edge" found at the County Quarry Burn Pile, but this turned out "not" to be the case. For this deeper dive, let's start with the following diagram of anatomy of the "pelvic girdle".
Anatomy of the Pelvic Girdle and the Greater Sciatic Notch, Courtesy of the European Society of Radiology
The Greater Sciatic Notch referred to by Dr. Bennett is the interior portion of the ilium, not the exterior (see figure above). The photograph below shows how the angle is measured.
Measuring the Greater Sciatic Notch Angle (GSNA)
The Greater Sciatic Notch is very different in females (left, below) and males (right, below). The female notch is wider and the characteristic angle is useful for sex determination.
Female (Left) and Male (Right) Ilium Fragments illustrating the differences in the Greater Sciatic Notch
The following information was published by a study by the European Society of Radiology, showing that male GSNAs average 66.8 degrees, while females average 83.0 degrees.
GSNA Differences Between the Sexes
Dr. Bennet said the GSNA was 90 degrees in the bone fragment he examined, which was much more likely to be female.
The other pelvic bones found at the Quarry Burn Pile are shown in the figure below. They include a suspected "iliac crest" fragment and an "outer ilium wing" fragment. Notice that none of the fragments include the Greater Sciatic Notch identified by Dr. Bennett.
Pelvic Bones from Quarry Burn Pile
So where is this set of bone fragments that Dr. Bennett used to measure the GSNA and called "incontrovertibly diagnosable as human" and most likely "female"?
Bennet Report, 3/3
Do we have a picture of the ilium/ischium/acetabulum bone fragments that allowed Dr. Bennet to measure the greater sciatic notch angle that allowed him to positively identify the bones as human and female, and figured prominently in the search warrant applications?
Does this set of bone fragments articulate with the pelvic and sacrum bone fragments found at the County Quarry Burn Pile?
Why did this set of bone fragments figure so prominently in the search warrants, and then disappear totally from the state's case?
Could the disappearance of this evidence be the result of its exculpatory value and be regarded as another Brady violation?

Tick Tock Manitowoc wants to know!

ETA: Removed Zipper. It was actually found near the burn pit. I relied on a bad prior post.
ETA: Obituary of Dr. Kenneth Bennett.

Dr. Kenneth Bennett, October 3, 1935 - February 6, 2014
Kenneth Alan Bennett, retired professor, Biological Anthropology, University of Wisconsin Madison, passed away on Feb. 6th, 2014 at Agrace Hospice after battling Multiple Myeloma.
Born Oct. 3, 1935 in Butler Oklahoma, he grew up at a time that wearing a holster and cowboy hat were the norm. He developed an interest in Archeology and artifacts at an early age, scouring the sand hills of West Texas. He attended Odessa Jr. College for two years and received his AS degree in 1956 As a young man, he worked the oil fields and loved being high up in the derricks. He was drafted in to the army and served 2 years of duty.
Upon returning home, he met Helen Maze and a romance ensued that would last for 54 years. They married on Sept. 6, 1959. After moving to Austin, Texas to attend the University of Texas, he began working towards his BA, receiving it in 1961. He furthered his education at UA, Tucson earning his MA degree, then achieved his dream of PHD in Biological Anthropology in 1967. One of his fondest memories was going out in the desert picnicking in the sand dunes with his family.
The next move was to Eugene, Oregon where he was employed as assistant professor at University of Oregon. In 1970, the UW Madison Anthropology dept. offered him the position of Associate prof. and then full professor in 1975. Among his many credits are producing nine PHD students, authoring "The Fundamentals of Biological Anthropology", "The Field Guide for Human Skeletal Identification", and a nomination for the Distinguished Teaching Award. Apart from academia, he specialized in Forensic Anthropology, working with the state crime lab from 1972-1997. He was instrumental in helping with some of Wisconsin's famous criminal investigations including The Chimney Man and Jeffrey Dahmer.
He enjoyed his retirement by feeding his intellect. A voracious reader on subjects ranging from Botany, Volcanoes, Astronomy, Economics and Politics, etc.. he was a wordsmith, mathematician, and a cross word puzzle aficionado, working them in ink and throwing away the answers. One of his greatest pleasures was their backyard garden. They challenged themselves to increase the yield out of a 10' x 20' plot and last summer grew over 4000 tomatoes from sixteen plants. He was proud of making the best dirt in Wisconsin. Their other source of garden pride was their V12 juice. Thousands of jars were canned, coveted and consumed by friends and family.
He is survived by his wife, Helen, of Madison; two daughters, Letitia (Doug) Erdman, Cheri Bennett; two grandchildren, Krista and Jack of Fort Atkinson; sister, Judy of Colorado Springs, Co.. He is further survived by other relatives and friends. He was preceded in death by his parents and a sister.
It was his choice to be cremated without services. The family would like to thank Agrace Hospice for the tender care they gave to him and to us.
Please share your memories at

Dr. Bennett's Book
Topics Regarding Sex Attribution, 1/2
Topics Regarding Sex Attribution, 2/2

The Case of the Missing Ilium and Its Greater Sciatic Notch
The Case of the Missing Ilium and Its Greater Sciatic Notch, Part II
The Case of the Missing Ilium and Its Greater Sciatic Notch, Part III
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2019.06.10 09:57 normab8tes This Person is the One I Think was Most Capable of Manipulating the Investigation into TH's Disappearance and SA's Arrest.

Many of you are very close to this case. Your work and attention to the information that is obtained from all your sources and shared is incredible and your passion for justice inspires us to contribute, even if we are half way round the world soaking up the sun, while you are soaking in the rain.
For some it is a puzzle, a mystery, a case that needs answers and that is where it stops. For others, the injustice is just not bearable. Me, I live too far away to help much with just my laptop and internet. But I also have your information, smarts, and theories to follow, sift through and add to and I appreciated that, because if my little girl was lost so tragically as this mum's little girl, I would hope people would be doing the same for me.
The way I also have looked at this case is why? I have always been one to analyse why something has happened or why someone did this, or why would this be like that. So if I can't accept the why as being reasonable even if it is irrational I don't go with.
So from the onset of all theories I read, I ask why or how that came to be.
  1. How could it come to be that MSCO found charred remains in a quarry earlier than they reported finding them. Did someone who worked at the quarry find them and report it. Why hasn't that person come forward. What made them go to investigate the area if it wasn't reported. What brought them to that site in the first place.
  2. So ok, they got there. Why would you suppress the finding of remains when you don't even know whose they are, to the start an investigation. Surely the thought was not we will put them in a box till we find a good time to frame up SA.
  3. TH was missed by everyone on the night she disappeared. She never showed up to any Halloween events, and by the morning, her mum would have been ringing her phone to ask why. Getting no response, she sends out alerts to family and friends. So they are already looking for her actively on the 1st Nov.
  4. We also have to remember that her car just disappeared from Monday 31st Oct till witnesses claim to have seen a car like hers on the 3rd Nov. Approx what 72 hours, gone. Hidden away until it could be disposed of. But where? What seems reasonable. The same place that TH was killed? A quiet isolated place with a garage big enough and empty enough to hold a car. Deer Camp? Burn Barrels and equipment to dispose of the remains, undisturbed. If you can answer yes, it is reasonable.
  5. That 72 hour window was crucial to person who harmed TH. Rumours are abounding that TH hasn't been seen, where is she. This guy knows he is fucked, unless he can get rid of that car. 72 hours to clean the inside, burn a body and think what he would do next.
  6. Which was to get the Rav4 and TH's remains far away from where her murder took place. So dump it on the highway where it could be found and an investigation may head towards she was abducted from the side of the road and taken away in another car. No longer in the area, taken out of town. That is why the car was dumped there.
  7. On the 3rd Nov when TH's mum called in the missing report it was in the mid afternoon. What time was Colborn told about the car from the witness, and what time was Colborn's call to dispatch with the licence plates. Times are not available, why is that. Colburn's call would have been after TH's mum called in the missing person's report otherwise the dispatch wouldn't have know she was missing. The dispatches voice was also very sort of like not very urgent or worried, neither was Colborn, so that made me feel that it was just another missing person to them at that time. If Colborn did take notice of Rahmlow and did see the car and read the plates of to dispatch and did so with out any real urgency or emotion in his voice, he may have seen damage to TH's car and thought that she had broken down or left the car to get help or something, and so Colborn left the area, and when he returned to make a report or enquires at the station about the location of the car, he may have been told that TH's was last seen at Avery's because by then LE had made enquires. Colborn had to tell them that he had seen the car and where he had seen it, and I feel in that time, that car was moved and taken away in such a way that it did not draw attention in anyway. No tow truck, no police cars nothing. Just someone pulling up dropping someone off and driving away. This time frame 3.30pm report taken TH missing, 6.30pm Colborn goes to Avery's.
  8. So what ever happened in the MCSO between all these players and why, that afternoon, is the direction that the case took. Whoever took the Rav4 did plant it at SA's. Was it a deliberate setup from the start, an opportunistic setup, or another incompetent investigation fuckup they needed to cover up because prior incompetence had already caused irreparable damage to reputations and lives and was going to cost them. And which man took the reins and said,
"She went to Avery's. Avery's involved, I know it."
and diverted everyone in that direction, to what, save his reputation and that of the MCSO, because "some fucking low life dirt bag thinks he is better than us and thinks he can get away with it again."
Every part of the investigation from here really did rely on time frames and timing, which they hid and controlled, and this was also the investigations undoing when SA was convicted. Nothing they said made sense, or fell into place neatly for them.
The day TH was reported missing, then all the days in between until SA's arrest were fast paced, gathering everything they could get their hands on. And getting results back quicker than seemed possible. They had to get a suspect out there quick and then an arrest. This would stop any other witnesses who thought they saw something or thought they knew something about someone else coming forward, because these people thought they were wrong because an arrest had been made.
Person who I think actually hated SA intensely and would not have allowed him to ruin the lives and careers of people he knew well or himself, and knew enough to set this whole investigation up from the sidelines without getting involved was
Eugene L. Kusche.
Scroll down or use Find on Page and type his Name to read the entire Obituary.
Gene Kusche's deposition was an actual incredible show of arrogance and overconfidence. After reading the above obituary I found for him, I realised this man had skills and knowledge that many others didn't possess at MCSO in the areas that became the main focus of their evidence.
I think it was this man's manipulation and ability to convince others he is right through his experience is what drove the investigation completely in the wrong direction allowing the wrong person to be convicted.
So can I take advantage of
it's a woman's prerogative to change her mind
later down the track?
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2016.11.11 21:41 tuckerm33 Besides Reasonable Doubt

is opinion and it's long - Fair Warning -
I think if we want to look at this case as a framing of Steven Avery, there are a few other things we can look at closer besides the obvious planting and bungling that CASO and MTSO did during the investigation which have given us all reasonable doubt to his guilt.
I recognize that these things cannot deliver the same hard proof that new DNA testing will offer. This also would not be grounds alone for an exoneration, but I definitely think it helps tell the real story about what was shaping up to be a frame up of Steven Avery. This wasn't just by accident or a crime of convenience. It was planned.
Around about October 29th, 2005.
It's around this time we can assume that Ken Peterson is out in Seattle based on his testimony. The exact date he leaves is not asked or given, but we know he claims to be gone when Teresa goes missing. After consulting with Corporation Counsel, Inspector Hermann makes the choice to transfer investigation from MTSO over to CASO under Sheriff Pagel, under the guise of avoiding the appearance of a "conflict of interest" do to the pending civil case against MTSO.
Peterson claims the first he heard of Teresa was on the morning of November 5th when a reporter called him. It's seems rather impossible and inept to not have any knowledge of a missing person in your jurisdiction when you are the Sheriff.
He seemed relaxed and matter of fact during his testimony and When he was answering questions in the deposition. We see in the video he doesn't act like a guy with a guilty conscience. By that I mean he's not fidgeting around or sitting in such a style that seems arrogant, dishonest, combative or childishly aloof such as JL and AC were respectively. This doesn't make him innocent of anything, but may just indicate his level of involvement in the frame up in my opinion.
In contrast, during JL's deposition, JL sits the entire time with his arms out in front of him on the table, palms face down and they essentially never move. It's a very deliberate posturing and pose in my opinion. I believe he's trying to avoid any movements or gesturing that a body linguist could use to decipher whether or not he seems nervous or dishonest. His expression never changes, his movements are minimal, he constantly stares ahead and when he's thinking about a question and thinking about the answer, there's very little to no pausing, eye movement or change of tone in his voice. He's very stoic and monotone.
I always thought that with his arms on the table as they were, it reminded me of someone hooked up to a polygraph. Now I believe that really is likely what he was doing in a way. He was acting as if he was taking a polygraph, and more so, trying to trick or cheat the polygraph. Consider this short article on the explanation of polygraphs.
A polygraph instrument is basically a combination of medical devices that are used to monitor changes occurring in the body. As a person is questioned about a certain event or incident, the examiner looks to see how the person's heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate and electro-dermal activity (sweatiness, in this case of the fingers) change in comparison to normal levels. Fluctuations may indicate that person is being deceptive, but exam results are open to interpretation by the examiner. Polygraph exams are most often associated with criminal investigations, but there are other instances in which they are used. You may one day be subject to a polygraph exam before being hired for a job: Many government entities, and some private-sector employers, will require or ask you to undergo a polygraph exam prior to employment. Polygraph examinations are designed to look for significant involuntary responses going on in a person's body when that person is subjected to stress, such as the stress associated with deception. The exams are not able to specifically detect if a person is lying, according to polygraph-er Dr. Bob Lee, former executive director of operations at Axciton Systems, a manufacturer of polygraph instruments. But there are certain physiological responses that most of us undergo when attempting to deceive another person. By asking questions about a particular issue under investigation and examining a subject's physiological reactions to those questions, a polygraph examiner can determine if deceptive behavior is being demonstrated.
So a polygraph cannot detect a lie, only whether or not deceptive behavior is being demonstrated. Basically, if you get overly nervous some questions more than others, those changes could indicate deception. Of course then in order to trick a polygraph or cheat it, you would simply try to maintain a sort of constant heart rate, respiratory rate and reduce sweatiness. To me, this seems like everything JL is doing in that deposition video.
AC on the other hand can't seem to sit still at all. He twists in his chair and fidgets around almost playfully like a child talking about a trip to some carnival or circus. To me this did not seem professional behavior I would expect from a LE person or any reasonable adult, given the subject matter. Again, this was a deposition regarding the attack on PB and the botched investigation that sent Steven to jail for 18 years when there was knowledge of a highly probable alternate suspect that was ignored. So if you compare Ken Peterson's composure to JL's and AC's, I think they really contrast. Why does this matter? Well, I think it goes to prove that there was absolutely a plan in place to frame Steven. We can say that AC being fidgety and JL being robotic are not proof of anything. That's true, but it sure does seem suspicious when you add in all the factors.
Just a quick Recap
It make me suspicious that Ken Peterson is out of town when all the shit goes down because it seems too convenient, but perhaps his matter of fact attitude when being questioned is because he really is telling the truth about being out of town. There is no real proof he actually was out of town. He supposedly had no contact with anyone the whole time he was gone. He states that the first time he heard anything about Teresa Halbach was on November 5th, the day he got back from Seattle. This is two calendar days after she was reported missing. Again, you are the Sheriff and no one called you? You didn't see anything on TV? That part is hard to believe, but is entirely possible.
How it went down
For me, I believe that the thinking heads all got together before Ken Peterson takes off for Seattle. They have a discussion about the civil suit, this includes the two yet to be deposed like DV. Someone in CASO was there too if not more than 1. "What are we going to do about this"? someone asks. It goes around the room, fingers are pointed, blame is shifted, "this never would have happened if you hadn't....etc etc". More fingers get pointed. Each of them are reminded of past digressions and unbecoming behaviors that should any one of them get outed, than everyone is going down. It would be like dominoes. Someone is controlling the meeting. Someone that ultimately calls the shots. Someone up the food chain.
They agree to hand the investigation off to CASO. They hope this will give the perception of an honest MTSO and an honest investigation. Perhaps though the one person that they couldn't convince to participate was Ken Peterson and so he took off to Seattle. Maybe he didn't even tell any of them where he was going. I'm not saying he is a good guy in this, but maybe choose to separate himself from this directly.
It's like he said, "Fuck this, I want nothing to do with it. I worked too hard to get where I am to lose everything just because you guys wanted to win a pissing match against Steven in 1985 and now it's biting us in the ass. You created this mess, you fix it. I'm going out of town. You guys do what you need to do, but leave me out of it. Don't call me or contact me. I don't want to know anything."
He is out of town. It's an alibi. Not lying if he wasn't there when they did everything so that's why he seems relaxed during testimony. I think the timing is suspicious as to when he leaves and he comes back two days after she is reported missing. This time frame is an obvious flag. So how did he know when to come back? Did he see it on the news or the internet, a police log? Most likely. It also seems very suspicious that right after all of this, we see sudden retirements, mysterious death with bizarre obituary, and JL moves away.
To me it definitely seems to point to a frame job, a cover up and then a disassociation. Even among them, this likely created some bad blood. Just imagine being pulled into something this bad by a fellow officer. Maybe you took some pills or weed from an evidence locker once. Nothing big, but certainly something that could ruin your career or reputation and embarrass you if it were found out. Now your fellow officer that is your friend and knows about it and looked the other way when it happened suddenly now threatens to tell people about it if you don't help out with this civil lawsuit situation.
That's how it rolls in Manitowoc
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2016.09.15 20:15 Nexious Details about several cold cases still unsolved in Manitowoc.

The local paper in Manitowoc did a story about numerous cold cases not yet solved a few years back. Below are the excerpts:

Richard Hochstetler

The obituary photo is frozen in time. A smiling boy with big glasses and a short haircut gazes out, forever 17.
Lincoln High School junior Richard "Ricky" Hochstetler was walking home from a friend's house in the early morning hours of Jan. 10, 1999, when he was hit by a motorist. The teen was left to die of massive injuries along a cold, lonely stretch of Manitowoc County CR, not far from his home, according to newspaper accounts.
His mother, Debra Hochstetler, known to friends as Debi, had dropped her son off at a friend's house earlier in the evening to watch movies and he had apparently decided to walk home. Hochstetler was on the west shoulder of the road when he was hit from behind and dragged nearly 80 yards.
She was awakened to every mother's worst nightmare, a knock on the door at 4:30 a.m. Standing at her doorstep were officers and the coroner, waiting to tell her the news.
Her son was dead.
His body was found at about 2:30 a.m. by a passing motorist. It was later determined that Hochstetler died of a skull fracture, brain trauma, spinal cord injury, neck and back fractures and other internal and lower body injuries.
"The loss of child is one of the most devastating losses a person can go through and the not knowing ... I don't know how to deal with that," Debra Hochstetler of Manitowoc said recently. "I need to finish my own healing process."
She holds on to the hope the case will be solved and said she's not interested in punishment as much as she is finding an answer.
"My own opinion is someone else knows who killed him," Hochstetler said. "You can't have an accident like that -- and I truly think it was an accident -- you can't have someone go through that and not confide in someone. That person had to have done something with the vehicle. I just have a feeling that someone else knows. I just hope that one or two or three or more who know come forward."
She believes the person responsible didn't come forward out of fear, she said.
"Somebody's going to say something. It could be someday I get a knock on the door," Hochstetler said. "I do have hope. I can't lose that."The Associated Press considered the death of Richard Hochstetler one of the most high-profile cases in the history of the Manitowoc County Sheriff's Department at the time.
The department hasn't uncovered anything new in the case, Hermann said recently.
"The biggest thing is finding that vehicle, but as time goes on, you don't know what happened to the vehicle," he said.
According to newspaper accounts, law-enforcement officials gathered more than 200 shattered pieces from the front end of the vehicle that was believed to have hit and killed Hochstetler. Some were found at the scene and others were found at the intersection of Newton and Center roads.
Among those pieces was a radiator fin shroud. Apparently, the impact was so severe that it pushed the wall that holds the radiator in place backward into the fan shroud.
Tire tracks in the snow at the scene were 7 1/4 inches wide, and the tread marks indicated the tires were likely older mud-snow tires. Evidence indicated that the motorist did not stop after hitting the teen. Officials believed the driver may have been drunk or fell asleep at the wheel.
Investigators determined they were searching for a late 1980s model Chevrolet truck, Blazer, Suburban or van. The problem was, there were about 15,000 of those kinds of vehicles registered in Manitowoc and four surrounding counties.
The sheriff's department was reported to have spent thousands of man-hours at a cost of more than $100,000 to investigate, and the FBI was called in to assist. Despite the efforts and a $25,000 reward, the suspect was never found.

Cheryl Spaeth-Duvall

Investigators obtained search orders, brought out cadaver-sniffing dogs and put their shovels to use, yet never turned up any trace of 38-year-old Cheryl Spaeth-Duvall, who went missing Oct. 1, 1988.
The investigation came to a halt when leads dried up, but was reopened five years ago when a family member asked the Manitowoc County Sheriff's Department to revisit the woman's disappearance, according to newspaper accounts.
Investigators in January 2007 scoured two properties owned by John M. Neuser, a town of Manitowoc Rapids dairy farm on South Parkview Road, where Spaeth-Duvall was living with Neuser before she went missing, and another property in the town of Cato.
Neuser, who in 2006 moved to a home on U.S. 10 in the town of Cato, was not a suspect and wasn't charged with any crime, Hermann said at the time.
Some of the evidence found at the South Parkview Road was sent to the state crime laboratory, but analysis was inconclusive, Hermann told reporters.
Her ex-husband, Mike Duvall, described Spaeth-Duvall as mild-mannered and a good mother who loves her children when he talked to reporters at the time.
Duvall said he became suspicious when his ex-wife failed to call to talk to her children for about two months. The couple had been divorced for about four years and had a "very civil relationship," he told reporters
Duvall had custody of their two boys, but allowed Spaeth-Duvall to take them to Neuser's dairy farm on weekends.
Duvall said his ex-wife would sometimes wait a month before calling to take the boys for the weekend, but two months was not typical.

Irene Roedig

Was the 43-year-old Manitowoc woman killed by a former lover? A railroad transient?
Officials considered every angle. The 1980 Manitowoc case was never resolved, but the facts remain chilling.
After firefighters extinguished a suspicious blaze at Irene Roedig's residence in the 1200 block of South 26th Street on Jan. 22, 1980, they discovered her naked, rope-bound body inside.
At 7 p.m. that evening, just two hours before the fire, she had talked to her mother on the telephone. A knock on the door interrupted the conversation. When her mother asked if she should hang on, Roedig replied that it was OK, that she knew who was at the door.
Robbery was ruled out after authorities found stacks of silver coins on the kitchen table and piles of cash tucked away in the freezer. Suicide also was ruled out, but sexual rumors abounded. Forensic tests confirmed that she had had sexual intercourse within 48 hours of her death.
She had expressed concern to friends that the man she had been seeing, who was married, was bothering her and she was not sure how to handle it.
Roedig lived near a railroad gathering house, where people frequently came and went. In those days, transients slept near the railroad tracks.
Complicating the case was the fact that she was considered mentally delayed and had only a second-grade education. She worked at Holiday House, a workshop for the mentally challenged, and at a local supper club washing dishes. She often used taxicabs to get around town.
"We looked at the case in 1990 and 2007, with changing technology to see if there was anything we could do," said Luchterhand.
Detectives were able to identify male DNA that was entered into a national FBI database but, so far, no matches, he said.

Emma Fick

The gruesome 1970 case of a 76-year-old widow, who died after her head was bashed in on a tombstone in a Manitowoc cemetery, has never been solved.
"At the time, we had a very good suspect," Luchterhand said. "We don't have anything newer today than we did in 1970 to be able to charge him out."
Emma Fick, who lived alone in a three-room apartment in the 1600 block of Marshall Street, was found dead at the rear of St. Mary Catholic Cemetery at South 18th and Division streets by two young boys riding their bicycles through the area on their way home from Pulaski Park.
An autopsy showed she was killed by repeated blows to the back of the head. She died of a cerebral hemorrhage resulting from a compound skull fracture.
It appeared that she was dragged by her feet through the grass and over a driveway to a tool shed.
Officials said she was known for taking long walks and wandering around the neighborhood, frequently becoming lost.
That's what apparently occurred on the night of her death, Luchterhand said.
A man at a bar at 20th and Hamilton streets saw her outside and she told him she was lost, the man told police.
The man said he walked with her to the area of the cemetery and left her there as they weren't able to find her home.
She lived a few blocks from the bar, but they ended up walking in the opposite direction, Luchterhand said.
"Her purse was left at the scene, so robbery was not a motive for the crime and she was not sexually assaulted," he said.
Male DNA was found on Fick's stocking, but may have been from someone assisting at the scene since it was not custom to wear gloves in those days, Luchterhand said.
The DNA has been entered into the national FBI database in case a match would come up, he said.
"We may never know," Luchterhand said.

Louise Frank

If Lake Michigan snared Louise Frank in its icy clutches in 1984, it has yet to release her.
Louis Frank reported his 64-year-old wife missing on Nov. 30, 1984, according to an investigation summary from the Two Rivers Police Department cold case files.
Frank was believed to have been walking to a downtown Two Rivers restaurant at about 3 p.m. An hour later, a witness spotted her walking alone in Lakeshore Park at Memorial Drive and 12th Street. A second witness saw a woman matching her description walking toward the lake at 4:30 p.m.
Investigations showed that Louise Frank did not appear to have gone to the restaurant. Friends and family indicated that she talked of killing herself by throwing herself into the river.
In early December, a citizen found a purse on the beach at Point Beach State Forest. The purse bore Louise Frank's identification and showed signs of washing ashore with the ice along the shoreline.
Over the course of 20 days, searches were conducted by foot, with K-9 units, on ATVs and from the air. Authorities also dragged the East Twin River, which leads out to Lake Michigan.
Two Rivers police received assistance from the Manitowoc County Sheriff's Department and Point Beach State Forest rangers but came up empty.
A memorial service for Louise Frank was held on Nov. 30, 1986, but her information remains in a national law enforcement database as a missing person to this day.

Leo Rocque

In what is one of the county's oldest cold cases, officer Leo Rocque of the Two Rivers Police Department was shot and killed in an ambush attack on Oct. 5, 1926, according to accounts of the crime.
Sometime after midnight, the 48-year-old officer, who was on his first tour of duty on the night shift, transported a prisoner to the Manitowoc County Jail.
The five-year veteran of the department was back on duty at the combined police and fire department at 17th and Washington streets at about 2:30 a.m. when he heard the doorbell. He put his cigar in the ashtray, took off his glasses and placed them on the newspaper he had been reading, and took the stairs from his second-floor office to the first-floor entrance. He turned on the light.
When he looked through the glass upper part of the door to see who it was, a .30-caliber bullet shattered the glass and slammed into his throat. The bullet struck the knot in Rocque's tie and bullet fragments lodged inside his upper torso.
His last act before he died was to use his police billy club to pound on the floor to awaken the firemen sleeping in the same building. Firefighters found his body minutes later.
Rocque's grandson, John Krey of Manitowoc, never met his grandfather, but keeps an extensive file on his murder.
"I think there might be someone that knows, but never came forward," he said. "Somebody out there could possibly have information."
The case took some interesting twists.
"The entire investigative file went missing back in the 1930s, so there was a whole cloud of suspicion surrounding that investigation," Two Rivers Police Chief Joe Collins said recently. "That was back in the day of Prohibition and it was suspected that he may have been working on an alcohol case of some sort."
Another interesting fact about the Rocque case is that the department requested assistance from the FBI in 1941, Collins said.
The department wanted help with a handwriting analysis of a threatening letter that had been received by the city manager as well as help with an analysis of bullet fragments and a cartridge found at the scene. The department received letters from FBI director J. Edgar Hoover regarding the investigation, he said.
Hoover said the bureau didn't have the resources to help with the handwriting analysis, but did an analysis of the bullet fragments.
Despite Hoover's help, Rocque's murder remains unsolved.
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2016.09.07 05:13 dontazm It happened 11 years ago

I was reading the on-line Teresa Halbach obituary. Numerous people who had watched MaM were leaving well-wishes, probably not realizing that they were looking at an 11-year-old obituary. MaM has created a time warp.
I get a kick out of some of the women on various Facebook pages who think Brendan Dassey is so cute. Hey, from pictures I have seen, he is a 26-year-old 300-pound hulk.
If you visited Manitowoc before the release of MaM and asked people about the Steven Avery case, few would remember the details. If you asked for the name of the young woman he allegedly had murdered, few, if any, would remember. I have difficulty remembering the names of the 3 guys I played golf with every week 10 years ago. When Avery supporters picketed the court house with signs reading, “Free Steven Avery!” some of the residents, unfamiliar with MaM, undoubtedly asked, “Who in the world is Steven Avery?” In November of last year, ten years after the events, if a 36-year-old woman by the name of Teresa Halbach was living in Green Bay would anyone say, “Aren’t you the woman Steven Avery murdered?” Few, if any, would even remember the case. It’s old news.
Before MaM, were any of you familiar with the names Steven Avery and Teresa Halbach? I certainly wasn’t.
When it is suggested that Teresa Halbach might still be alive the responses are comical. Where would she go? How would she hide? She would have to flee to Canada or Europe. They would have to put her in witness protection. Wait a minute! Before MaM, Teresa Halbach, a young woman who is a photographer, whose mom and brother visit her from Wisconsin, could have been living next door to me for the past ten years and I wouldn’t have had a clue. Would you?
Right now there is a woman by the name of Teresa Halbach living in another state. Is this THE Teresa Halbach of MaM fame? Could be. So, she swaps vehicles. Pricks her finger and draws some blood. Has a DNA swab taken. Relinquishes some of her possessions for the burn barrel and takes off - texting her brother and former boyfriend. She probably prepared by previously renting an apartment in that area. Would anyone in a small town in another state be familiar with a murder trial taking place in Manitowoc, Wisconsin? At present, murder cases are being tried all across the country, each with local significance, do we know the details - the names of the perps and victims?
I wonder, did her parents even file her convoluted death certificate with Social Security? Is she still paying income tax? Has anybody checked?
I wonder, did Strang and Buting even entertain the notion that she might still be alive? They assumed she was dead, which is what they were supposed to assume – all the evidence indicated it. Of course, MaM led all of us to the conclusion that she was dead.
Is Zellner considering this possibility as she reviews 11-year-old evidence?
Of course, the 64-dollar question is: why would she do it? For me, the only logical conclusion is that LE convinced Teresa, her brother and their cadre of friends that Steven Avery was a very bad man who had gotten away with rape and assault, was now suing the county and about to become wealthy. He should be in prison where he belonged. The plot was hatched and, of course, there had to be some financial incentive. They were heroes. The cause was just. The intent was righteous and, of course, God led Pam to the Rav4.
No one had to kill Teresa. She just had to disappear for a while and after Avery was convicted and back in prison, she could live a normal life in another part of the country. Nobody anticipated “Making a Murderer.”
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2016.07.24 20:12 MsMinxster Lengthy obituary of “The Pencil” reveals he was trained in intelligence, did undercover work while employed at WI DOJ and enjoyed acting. But it doesn’t say he died.

Back in March, I posted this comment regarding the only obituary for Gene Kusche I had found. Interestingly, that link no longer works but here is what the very brief obit said:
Eugene L. Kusche, 61, died February 4 in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. He served in the U.S. Army with a tour of duty in Vietnam from 1965-66 assigned to the Third Radio Research Unit of the A.S.A. in Saigon. Kusche was a Life Member of Vietnam Veterans of America Manitowoc Chapter 731.
A few days ago, a couple of my twitter friends alerted me to a more lengthy obituary for GK which has recently surfaced (thanks so much to DDiSeriesbackup‪ ‬and PatriciaJOppeg1 for the heads up about this “new” obituary!):
Eugene L. Kusche, age 61, of 2001 S. 10th St., Manitowoc, left his home on Sunday, Feb. 4, 2007, to visit the Blarney Stone in his ancestral home of Ireland.
He was born Jan. 26, 1946, in Kenosha, son of the late (see obit) Kusche. Gene was a graduate of St. Joseph High School in Kenosha, class of 1964. He served in the U.S. Army, stationed in Vietnam, was trained in intelligence with the Third Radio Research Unit of the A.S.A. in Saigon 1965 - 66. After Vietnam he was transferred to Okinawa for 1 year. After honorable discharge Gene enlisted in the Army Reserves.
He attended officers training and was commissioned in Sept. of 1970. He received an Associated degree in Police Science from Gateway Technical College, Kenosha and a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice, Mount Senario College, Ladysmith. After graduation he became a police officer in Kenosha. He then worked for the Wisconsin State Department of Justice, was undercover in the late 60s and 70s primarily in the narcotics and fraud division.
He received fire fighters training and served with the Portage, fire department.
Gene moved to Manitowoc and became the Chief Deputy for the County Sheriff's Department. He received training in and became very proficient at police artistry, facial reconstruction and fraud among other things.
He was a graduate of the FBI Academy, Quantico, Va., June 1982. Gene was one of only a handful of Arson Investigators in the state, "Inspector Clouseau" as he was known fondly by friends, was the chief investigator for the Manitowoc County Sheriff's Department and also the fire investigator for Manitowoc County.
Gene believed you should never stop learning and continued to teach as well as attend schooling. "Optimists learn Russian, Pessimists learn Chinese": being the eternal optimist that he was, he learned Russian. One of Gene's hobbies that he greatly enjoyed was performing in plays for Masquers and Little Sandwich Theater and participating in war re-enactments.
He was a member of Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 731, VFW Otto Oas Post 659, the National Rifle Association and the Manitowoc Humane Society. Gene enjoyed tutoring with his special friend: (see obit); as a part of the Retired and Senior Volunteer program through HFMMC.
After a courtship of 14 years, on April 6, 2002, he married the former (see obit). Survivors include his wife; his stepchildren: (see obit); sisters and brothers-in-law: (see obit); nieces, and nephews: (see obit); longtime close friend: (see obit); faithful companions: Casey and Bailey; feathered family: Houdini, Blarney, Erin, Merlin, Morgan and Tweety. Other relatives and friends also survive.
A memorial Service will be held at 7 p.m. Friday Feb. 9th, 2007, at the Pfeffer Funeral Home & Cremation Care Center, Manitowoc. Officiating at the "Irish Wake" will be, Gene's friend: Pastor Steve Rose. Bruce Danielson from clan Donald will be performing on the bagpipes. Cremation will have taken place.
The family will greet relatives and friends at the Pfeffer Funeral Home & Cremation Care Center, 928 S. 14th St., Manitowoc, from 4 p.m. Friday, Feb. 9, 2007, until the time of service at 7 p.m.
All flower tributes will be handled by The Wild Iris Floral & Gift Shop.
This is 202 10-42 signing off, end of watch.
Posted February 8, 2007
Interestingly, this obituary isn’t linked to any local newspaper or listed on the Pfeffer Funeral Home website (yes, the same one owned the by the family of Mike Bushman’s spouse). It also doesn’t actually state that he died, only that he,
”left his home on Sunday, Feb. 4, 2007, to visit the Blarney Stone in his ancestral home of Ireland.”
What exactly does that mean? He supposedly died in Manitowoc (according to the VA obit, which until recently, was the only information available on GK’s death) not Ireland. Was that someone’s poetic version of GK’s passing or did he travel to Ireland prior to his death? The only record of a funeral was the memorial service 5 days after his “visit to the Blarney Stone” and “cremation had already taken place”.
Either way, I found the details about Kusche’s extensive LE training very enlightening. The Pencil was far more experienced than any of his colleagues at the time.
Also, it has been widely rumored (even published) that GK had a massive coronary the night before SA's trial began, which isn't true. SA's trial began on Feb 12, 2005. GK passed away (or left for Ireland) 2 days after the final pre-trial hearing (Feb 2, 2007) when the court ruled:
The vial of blood currently under seal in the Manitowoc County Clerk of Court's Office be unsealed and made available to representatives of the Calumet County Sheriff's Department to conduct scientific and forensic testing, including fingerprinting.
Thanks again to DDiSeriesbackup‪ ‬and PatriciaJOppeg1. If you’re on twitter, definitely follow them!
EDIT formatting.
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2016.05.30 00:43 Ctthrt Order of the Eagles 706?

After this CB thread:
I decided to do some googling about this Kr. guy, turns out he had a father named E.J.K. According to his father's obituary (DOD 1999), he belonged to a "Fraternal Order of Eagles No. 706" club.
So I decided to google ""Fraternal Order of Eagles No. 706" followed by "obituary".
I found a JZ, who I believe is related to GZ, was also apart of this Fraternal 706 Eagles thing:
I also found a V.B.P that belonged to the club, it lists a Ken Peterson of Manitowoc as one of his survivors:
I'm pretty sure I have the 1st 3 right.
I also found an E.K belonged to the club, I believe she is related to Sheriff Kocourek, not entirely sure, she belonged to the Manitowoc Eagles Aerie #706, pretty sure it's the same thing.
Also found a Janda, I see the last name Tadych in there, any relation?
EDIT: Found a Rad. that belonged to an Eagles club, yep the same Rad. family from MaM.
I haven't done much more googling as I'm very tired, I'm just gonna leave this here, does this mean anything to ya'll?
EDIT: Found a Vogel, 706 club, related to our Vogel? I don't think it lists him, but maybe they're related somehow?
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2016.05.25 03:53 loveofnature Documents in the Avery and Dassey Cases Submitted 4 months ago * by PonchoTheCat

I found this post from December 31st very helpful and thought you all might be interested in it. :)
Edit to add: list of links that will be found on that post.
Who's Who (Source)
Timeline - 1983 to 2015 (Source)
Timeline - 10/2005 to 08/2006 (Source)
Transcripts of Episodes
Transcript of Brendan's Call to Mother (05/13/2006)
Transcript of Meeting Between Brendan and O'Kelly (05/12/2006)
Photo - Blood Near Ignition
Photo - Key in Avery's Room - 1, 2
Halbach Phone Records
Dassey Interviews
02/27/2006 (High School): Transcript
02/27/2006 (Police Station): Transcript / Video
03/01/2006: Transcript / Video - 1, 2, 3
05/13/2006: Transcript / Video - 1, 2
Trial Court (Avery)
Criminal Complaint
Criminal Complaint and Warrant - Possession of Firearm (Partial)
Motion to Deny Bail
Jury Questionnaire
Suppression Ruling
Post-Conviction Motion - 1, 2
Post-Conviction Motion Decision
Trial Court (Dassey)
Criminal Complaint
Motion to Suppress Statements
Withdrawal of Counsel / Affidavit
Complete Trial Transcript - 9 Days
2010 Avery Appeal
Brief - Avery
Brief - State Exhibits (Redacted)
Reply Brief - Avery
Avery v. Kratz
Cover Sheet
Complaint Amended
Avery's Request for Admissions
12/09/2005 - Search Warrant
12/09/2005 - Search Warrant Affidavit
11/15/05 - Search Warrant and Return
11/15/05 - Return of Officer
10/11/05 - Return of Warrant
Avery Declaration
Avery's Response to Motion to Dismiss
District Court Decision
7th Circuit Decision
Avery v. Manitowoc (2004)
Avery v. Manitowoc (2012)
Cover Sheet
Exhibit 1 - Trial Court Suppression Ruling
Exhibit 2 - Criminal Complaint
Exhibit 3 - Search Warrant Affidavit on 03-01-06
Exhibit 4 - Search Warrant on 03-01-06
Exhibit 5 - Return on Officer on 03-03-06
Exhibit 6 - Court and Oath Seals
Brief on Response to Motion to Dismiss
Halbach v. Avery
2010 Dassey Appeal
Brief - Dassey
Brief - State
Reply Brief - Dassey
2014 Writ of Habeas Corpus
Documents Related to First Avery Case
1997 Court of Appeals Decision
Timeline of Events
2003 DOJ Review Memo of Avery Investigation
Speech by Penny Beernsten in September 2004
Responses to Issues Raised in Documentary
Halbach Password Guessing
Kratz Ethics Issues
Kratz Self-Report to OLR
DOJ Emails with Kratz
Supreme Court Ruling
Other Documents
Kratz Email to Redditor - 1, 2
Documents Avery Sent to WTMJ4 in 2013
7th Circuit Ruling on Lawsuit by Avery Property Owner
Buting Letter to DOJ Requesting Investigation and Response
2015 Dassey Letter to Supporters
Summary of Avery Civil Lawsuits
Halbach Obituary
Edit 2 formating
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2016.05.20 21:39 Powerdan74 [Discussion] Carmen Boutwell case appears not to be related to this case

According to Carmen Boutwell's obituary, on November 8th her family greeted relatives and friends from 10 AM to 1 PM. The funeral service was immediately following at 1 PM. She was cremated following the service. This seems to indicate that there would have been an open casket so her remains could not have been used to plant at Avery's.
There was also a claim that LEO's assisted in paying for her funeral, however according to the obituary the Pfeffer Funeral Home & Cremation Care Center, Manitowoc, assisted the family with funeral arrangements. This doesn't mean that LEO's didn't have any involvement, however I think it's pretty clear they didn't.
Carmen Boutwell's Obituary
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2016.01.31 19:53 Escvelocity (Theory with links to back up.) Gene Kusche may have started the scheme to frame Steven and may have still been alive until 2013.

**Edit to add: COMFIRMED Gene Kusche had a close personal relationship with the Zipperers through his wife Sue. **DEBUNKED Gene faked his death and is Edwin Bruns.
I meant to say, He may have still been alive in 2015. Sorry for mix-up.
I have a very strong theory that should be followed up on with someone with more tools to investigate.
It follows the Zipperer theory; that the Zipperers were Teresa Halbachs last stop and that George Zipperer may have shot her. Motive for framing Steven for the murder would be strong enough, just based on the civil law suit Steven had against the county and Sherriff’s department. However, there may be an additional reason why they would want to frame Steven for the murder, and why they would have no problem covering for the Zipperers, if George did shoot her, and pinning it on Steven Avery & Brenden Dassey.
After Diana Shimek publicly stated that she was Jason Zipperers aunt and she knew Jason didn't have anything to do with the murder, but she felt the Grandfather George Zipperer did, I started to do a little digging. I started digging because, while searching for information about Gene Kusche's son for an unrelated matter, the last name Shimek came up frequently with my searches as in the following webpage.
So, I then looked into Susan/Sue Kusche-Shimek-Bruns and found this record and it shows Gene Kusche and Sue S Shimek in the same household in 2002. Here it list the members of that household.
I then researched Bruns. I found Scholastica (Sally) Bruns' Obituary. Nice information in there. A couple of Vogels are her brother in Laws, it list Edwin Bruns as her son and Edwins wife Sue Bruns. Pretty positive Darrick Bruns is Darrick Kusche and is Gene's Son and he now goes by Bruns. Why? I have a hunch that the Richard Vogel listed in her obituary might be Denis R. Vogel. Pretty sure Denis' middle name is Richard. I could be wrong though. However, what struck me was that Edwin G Bruns is listed as Sue's husband and Darrick is a grandchild.
So, I looked up Edwin G (Jerry) Bruns. Found out he lived in Manitowoc then moved to Florida. I also found an Obituary for him.
The picture displayed for his obituary looks like a young Gene Kusche. See comparisons here. You would only need to acquire a yearbook or some other picture of Gene as a young man to verify. There are some strong similarities between the pictures however. Such as the bottom lip crease, chin, eyes and eyebrows.
My theory is that Gene Kusche got the ball rolling framing Steven and Dassey, because George Zipperer shot her thinking she was trespassing. The Zipperers called Gene, because they knew him personally. Gene then contacted Lenk and Colburn, then it was all downhill from there. However, Steven retained excellent attorneys and threw a wrench into things by pushing the framing defense. Eugene Kusche panicked and went into hiding assuming the name of Edwin Bruns and moved to Florida, while everyone assumed he died of a heart attack February 4th 2007, Shortly before Steven's trial. *edit fixed formatting **edit corrected date to state Gene may have still been alive in 2015 instead of 2013.
****Edit to add: I think the latter part of my theory (about Gene going into hiding) has been debunked with this picture of a Eugene Kusche who is most likely the same Eugene.
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2016.01.10 07:01 milowda Calumet County DA Kratz was appointed to prosecute & the trial held there because ...

Not because it meant to be impartial, as the Manitowoc Sheriff made a big show of saying to journalists at the first press conference. But because Calumet Country is where Teresa Halbach was from, where her funeral was held, in St.John, and where she was born - in Kaukauna, which is also part of Calumet County.
Ps, check out the some of the names in these cases: Calumet County, case numbers: 2003CF000119 and 2004CF000127 Searchable at:;jsessionid=E56A4FBF36E150AD3727A40E699CA1C3.render6
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