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2023.03.26 11:59 blc2727 Been seeing a guy and found out he has a young child and potentially a fiancé.. what do I do?

I need help. I’ve been seeing this guy for about a month now and I started to have suspicion and just a gut feeling that something was off. I found a bottle of pills at his house with another girls name on it. I do a little researching on social media and find out he has a very young child and potentially a fiancé. he is here working in the province I live in (Canada) for work and she lives in another province where he’s originally from. I don’t know what to do I’m so devastated by this.
We matched on a dating app so he has for sure talked to other women too and seen other women.
I found her on social media but I just get so nervous when I think about messaging her. I’ve obviously caught feelings for him so I just feel overwhelmed and upset.
I can’t confirm for sure If they are still together because the most recent pictures I saw of them online were from 2021-22. The pill bottle that was in his place was dated this year so i don’t know what to think.
He is going to be here working for at least 3-4 years so I just don’t understand why he would be in a committed relationship while he’s living out here? We talk every day so I can’t imagine she’s flying out here with the kid every week. Are they not engaged anymore? Just co parenting? I’m trying to think of what the situation could be.
I don’t want to message her and be like “hey I’m talking and sleeping with the father of your child” If they aren’t even together. Do I confront him first before making a move?
What do I do?!
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2023.03.26 11:59 Willy_B_Hardigan My mind is quiet for the first time ever.

Well, this is going to be a long one…
29M. The past year has been the worst year of my life by far. I got sick and lost my job of 7 years. I hit rock bottom. I went months barely leaving my bed and not leaving my apartment at all. The mere thought of going out for a walk seemed like an impossibility. My poor physical health contributed to poor mental health which put me in a downward spiral. I was an emotional wreck. I started having suicidal thoughts for the first time in my life. It was bad.
My Dad set up an appointment with a psychiatrist who prescribed me Zoloft for anxiety and depression. My Dad tried to get me to start taking it for months before I finally gave in. “Give it six weeks,” he said. “If you don’t think it’s going to help you, you can stop taking it”.
So I started taking it in December. My doctor wanted me to start on 25 mg a day and work my way up slowly. The side effects (which I had worried so much about) were pretty minor; A little nausea here and there and some insomnia but nothing I couldn’t handle. I had promised my Dad that I would give it a legit shot so there was no turning back now. I was committed.
Then, my Dad’s health took a turn for the worst. He had battled stage 4 colon cancer like hell for 9 long years. After a few weeks in the hospital, he was gone. It was devastating. He was my best friend.
Looking back, even though I was only on a low dosage at the time, I think Zoloft helped me get through it. I went from not being able to leave my bed to driving an hour to the hospital and back each day. I was able to keep my emotions in check and be there for my Mom. For that, I am grateful.
I think I’ve had anxiety and depression for most of my life. My mind would constantly be running 24/7 with worries and negative thoughts. I had no control over them. I was at their mercy. I tried meditation, for example. The problem is, “focusing on your breath” only works if your anxiety isn’t causing you to worry that you’ll spontaneously stop breathing. I had learned how to pretend to be okay but life hit me so hard that I wasn’t even able to do that anymore.
I’m now a few months in with Zoloft. I just increased my dosage to 100 mg a day. The biggest benefit, by far, is that my mind has been relatively quiet. I have been able to help my Mom and I’ve been looking for a new job. I have been going for walks and just spending more time outside in general. It’s still early and some days are still a battle but overall I’m continuing to see improvement. I don’t plan on stopping Zoloft anytime soon.
My hope is that someone who’s in the same kind of hole that I was in might see this and find it helpful. Zoloft isn’t a cure but it can help you to stand up and start slowly digging yourself out. I hit the point where I felt I had nothing to lose. If you’re there, please consider giving it a shot. I wish I had started sooner but, like with many other things, my anxiety got in the way. I was lucky that my Dad persisted that I try it, no matter how many times I refused. He saved my life.
If there are any questions about my experience with Zoloft, feel free to leave them in the comments. I’ll do my best to answer them.
TLDR: Zoloft helped me get out of the deepest hole I’ve ever been in. It helped me navigate personal tragedy and gave me the ability to make positive life changes to further improve my mental health.
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2023.03.26 11:59 Born-Turnover-1398 MLA FORMAT

MLA format is a commonly used style for writing academic papers, particularly in the fields of humanities and liberal arts. Here are some tips for writing in MLA format, including in-text citation:

  1. Works Cited page:
Book: Author's Last Name, First Name. Title of Book. Publisher, Year of Publication.
Example: Smith, John. The History of Art. Penguin Press, 2010.
Journal Article: Author's Last Name, First Name. "Title of Article." Title of Journal, volume number, issue number, year of publication, page numbers.
Example: Johnson, Mary. "The Impact of Climate Change on Biodiversity." Nature, vol. 465, no. 7298, 2010, pp. 297-302.
Website: Author's Last Name, First Name (if available). "Title of Webpage." Title of Website, publication date (if available), URL.
Example: Doe, Jane. "The Importance of Sleep for Mental Health." Healthline, 10 Dec. 2021, https://www.healthline.com/health/mental-health/importance-of-sleep.
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2023.03.26 11:57 portsmouthpreppies Bars

Alright, I ripped a piece of paper in half, torn gently down the middle, lengthwise, slightly off center to the left of center, and mindfully carried it from my bedroom to the trashcan in the kitchen. That was supposed to symbolize for me that Q12023 has ended and a completely new chapter has begun. The new chapter is going to require the same amount of planning, thought, and foresight as I had when I planned what life is for me right now, a few months ago.
I hope this post will come out as good as possible. I’m trying to articulate an advanced concept here. So bear with me. Also gonna pause and take a deep breath, in and out.
One thought that I’ve had, which I feel is really special, is the depth of my understanding of the multiverse. I feel like I am capable of explaining the concept in a way that will bring you to a very deep understanding of the multiverse, very quickly, so here goes. I guess the idea of the multiverse was introduced to me in fall 2020 during a Reiki session. I’ve since then expanded on it. Basically, every single moment is a world or a universe unto itself. Let’s not reduce it down to the level of seconds. Let’s say at, say, a one-hour time frame.
During any given hour of your life, you are focused on one particular thing. That hour, taken as a moment, is a world unto itself. Even though you’re for the most part one continuous person from day to day and hour by hour, you’re performing different selves for different situations. Perhaps especially clear if you planned a particular event or picked out a movie to watch or something like that. You had a specific set of values and priorities and goals and wishes on your mind at that moment.
There are all kinds of potential versions of ourselves that never come to fruition because we don’t live life mindfully enough and we don’t appreciate or realize that the version of ourself that is present during a particular moment, social event, or phase or chapter of our lives, is not necessarily guaranteed to endure unless we do something to keep ourselves mindfully focused on that environment. And partly why I was so confident that I was able to explain the idea of the multiverse to you is because I connect it to an idea I learned in library school about aboutness. The world is divided into different kinds of aboutness, and that’s what’s trying to be represented in something like the Dewey decimal system, where the 300s represent one aboutness, the 700s another aboutness. If you make a Pinterest board, each sub board is like a different aboutness of yourself. What if you took a moment and intentionally/mindfully decided to reflect on the meaning of one of your Pinterest boards and reorient your whole life around it?
Breakups can be hard for me because of the multiverse. There are points along the breakup processing journey where sometimes you just look out the window—and perhaps you imagine your ex just looking back at you through the window from the other direction, from a distance, maybe from another house. And it’s like, here we are, among all the multiverses possible, here we are looking at each other—will you always remember this moment, or will I be lost, trapped forever in a room of existence that no one even remembers exists. That reminds me a little of the idea of the homunculus (the little man inside your head). What if hell was being a homunculus trapped in a homunculus-sized prison in someone’s mind? You could scream as loud as you want and no one would even get to the point of thinking that you might even exist because we aren’t on the plane of thinking about stuff like that. You would feel so hopeless that you would ever be found or rescued.
I’m getting tired and may have to finish later. I think that I want the aboutness of my Q2 2023 to be the spirit of this one Pinterest board I made this week about a lacrosse game I went to. My best friend wasn’t there with me, but he said that if he had gone, he would have rooted for Providence College because he’s Catholic, and he imagines I would probably root for Brown. That is an aboutness and a place in the multiverse that I want to rearrange and reorient my whole life around. And I’ve never done that before—reached out of the normal, linear progression of chronological time and explicitly chosen to step out and away back into the multiverse. I’m going to do it now for the first time.
Something is so repugnant to me about this current experience of linear time that it strikes me as important enough to leave it and step out into the multiverse. Those people in that other group mocking me and insulting me and kicking me out and threatening me over the core idea behind this entire subreddit—posting that one gif over and over again. That one guy repeating the exact same tired, lazy criticism that Carl told me early in the 2010s—Carl’s words were, "Child. This is not Twitter." The thing is I don’t know anyone who uses Twitter the way I do, either, and this isn’t how I use Twitter.
I’m leaving linear time and going to another place in the multiverse to find my best friend. I love him and I’ve lost him. I’m going back to the lacrosse game. I know that among other things, public religiousness is one of the things that sets me apart from others. The idea of just casually talking about walking through the multiverse and leaving linear time is definitely an example of how sometimes I’m so casually religious (Reiki in this case). On the note of Reiki, I remember that the serpent, the animal my Reiki master said was my spirit guide, appeared to me in a dream a few weeks ago and appeared to lunge and me and try to bite me, so powerfully that I woke up screaming and trying to jump back. That was one of the last dreams I had in my old bed before I had to saw it down and the rest of my furniture and start moving. Maybe that was a sign.
Want, not—stay awake Currently doing—falling asleep Advice: -reiki’s cool -Pinterest’s cool -apparently there’s a Lilly Monopoly game
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2023.03.26 11:57 Old_North8419 How would you survive the Hadean eon?

I know this period in time dates around 4.5 billion years in the past, as the earth was just born. This is the era way before any forms of life like bacteria or other living species, organisms or humans existed in the first place. Let's say as a time traveler you rewinded 4.5 billion years into the time the Earth was just formed, at the time it was very hot and considered inhabitable as the planet is trying to cool down.
Other factors such as:
Does it mean you can literally do anything as there is no law since it's billions of years before any form of governance is even established? Even if we imported our current technology from the present, future or our past history would we still able to sustain the harsh climate?
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2023.03.26 11:57 Suspicious_Pea_9057 Advice please

Bought our first home a while back while with tiny kids. Our lease was up and we were getting booted out of our place. House hunting was a nightmare with the little kids so we definitely rushed the purchase and pretty much signed the contract on the first place we saw and inspected. We bought it hoping to be here a while. But we’re incredibly disappointed with the purchase now and the lustre is wearing off and we’re getting overwhelmed by just how much we need to do to keep this old place decent. Both bathrooms might have water damage and might need to be redone completely, the kitchen is quite dated, the retaining wall and carport need to be redone, and balustrades have to all be done up as they’re not to code, and we could use with a fresh coat of external paint. We purchased at 85% LVR and our expenses (outside of spending on the house!) have gone down since moving.
Should we sell (even at a loss) and rent again, refinance to renovate/ add a floor, or just commit to the cause and stick it out?
I’m pretty overwhelmed right now so apologise for any typos/errors.
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2023.03.26 11:57 Hour-Competition597 Does studying in an All Girl's college set you back?

I study in the best degree college in my city which is an all girls college. I actually wanted to move out of the city, join a co-ed college and lead a fun life. But my plans went into the drain because I made an entire shift in my stream( from BIPC in intermediate to management in bachelor's). By the time I made that decision, most of the colleges in Mumbai and Banglore ( these were the cities I wanted to go to) admissions were done. So my only options were above-average co-ed colleges and the best college that happens to be an all girls one. I happened to choose the latter because I thought I could be in a masters programme in a different city or a country even. My family was ok with anything but they were also slightly pushing the best college as I even got selected for the entrance exam.
Now, most of the people around have boyfriends or are at least meeting new people. I always thought that I would start dating when I am in college. I was an introverted shy kid in the school and the studious one to top it all. I was chubby as well so male attention is not something that I have experienced. Now I am having FOMO looking around. Wherever I see there are couples, kissing holding hands and I feel lonely sometimes. But when I hear about the experiences on this sub I feel I am well of without these worries. I am happy with my choice, I have never felt this comfortable in my skin, I am exploring my interests and have good exposure and good academics so it's great. But there is this heavy sinking feeling that I might not meet anyone and might have to go the AM route and I have bad thoughts sometimes.
I don't know why I made this post,now I think it's a Ranttt! It's the first time I am posting don't mind any mistakes :))
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2023.03.26 11:56 Galaxy3132 ChatGPT completes the Sky Club Crawl

As I arrive at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson airport, I take a deep breath and remind myself of the challenge ahead. Today, I will be completing the "Sky Club Crawl," a notorious challenge among Delta Air Lines passengers connecting through Atlanta. The goal is to order and consume an alcoholic beverage from all nine Delta Air Lines Sky Club travel lounges in the airport in the least amount of time possible.
I begin my journey at Concourse T, where the first Sky Club is located near Gate T6. I confidently walk up to the bar and order a margarita, making sure to tip the bartender generously. After finishing my drink, I quickly make my way to Concourse A, where two Sky Clubs are located. I head to the first one near Gate A17 and order a gin and tonic, making sure to follow the rules and not cut in any lines.
Next, I head up to the second level of the Sky Club in Concourse A, where I order a vodka martini. I can feel the buzz from the drinks starting to kick in as I make my way to Concourse B. At the Sky Club near Gate B18, I order a whiskey sour and continue on to Concourse C.
At the Sky Club near Gate C37, I order a beer and take a moment to catch my breath. The challenge is becoming more challenging as I progress, but I remain focused and determined to complete it. Next, I head to Concourse D, where two Sky Clubs are located. I start with the one near Gate D12, where I order a mojito.
Moving on to the second Sky Club in Concourse D, near Gate D27, I order a margarita once again. At this point, I am feeling a little lightheaded, but I remind myself to stay focused and not miss my onward flight. I have three more Sky Clubs to visit, and time is running out.
At Concourse E, I order a gin and tonic at the Sky Club near Gate E15. I can feel the finish line approaching as I head to the final Sky Club in Concourse F, near Gate F10. Here, I order a vodka tonic, making sure to tip the bartender generously as I have throughout the challenge.
As I finish my drink, I check the time and see that I have completed the Sky Club Crawl in four hours and twenty minutes. I am relieved and proud of myself for completing the challenge without breaking any rules or missing my onward flight. The challenge was tough, but it was a fun and exhilarating experience. I take one last look at the airport before boarding my next flight, feeling like a true Sky Club Crawl champion.
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2023.03.26 11:55 itsjenelles I know I should be happy to have a boyfriend who respects me but... I miss sending nudes

He's the first good guy I dated so hindi ko alam kung naninibago lang ako that he doesn't ask for nudes. Sanay kase ako na my exes and guys I flirt with before ask for my nudes. I love sending nudes because I feel very sexy when I see my pics and I feel powerful when men compliment me.
I've asked him before why he doesn't ask for nudes and he said hindi nya trip ang sexy photos and videos and it's for my safety din para walang pwedeng maleak na sensitive pics ko. I think we have a healthy sex life naman, we do it a few times a month because we only meet during weekends.
Namimiss ko lang yung feeling na I can share a pic of myself that makes me feel hot to someone who will like it and appreciate it. Hindi naman ako kulang sa compliments from bf and he always says I'm beautiful and hot whenever we're together, pero iba yung effect sakin ng compliments on my nudes.
Iniisip ko tuloy kung ito na ba yung girls like bad boys over good boys, or kung sanay akong sinesexualize and objectify ng mga dati ko kaya hinahanap ko like some form of internalized abuse or if valid naman ang nararamdaman ko.
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2023.03.26 11:55 iamreddiapp This is an Ad for men.

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2023.03.26 11:55 AutoModerator [Get] Smart Earners Academy – Special Bootcamp Course Download Only on Genkicourses.com

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2023.03.26 11:54 pandanitemare I don't *want to* want to kill myself

But I want to, more than anything in my life right now. I know I have a future but I can't imagine it. I haven't been able to for months, maybe even a year. I'm young and I have so much to live for, but really what am I living for now?
I can't get a job, not for a lack of trying. I've spent over a year putting in application after application for a job but I'm not even getting interviews. I'm not able to go to school right now, and I literally have no friends. My family was abusive in every way except sexual all my life and only my mom is realizing it NOW, but I'm 21 and I have siblings so she doesn't think she has to be a mom to me now. She only ever messages me now to complain about my dad since they're divorced and how he's abusing my siblings and how she can't do anything about it (she can, she chooses not to, I know because i was going to try to fight for custody when i turned 18 so i was looking into how to get primary custody), and my stepdad that shes married to, and my stepmom whos only 7 years older tham me. Occasionally she messages me out of the blue apologizing how she sacrificed me to save the other 2, and how she's sorry that she failed me and could have helped me with college.
I was forced into parentfication, I never got my childhood, I didn't get help from my parents and now I have an extensive mental illness history. I'm no contact with my dad and his family, and with one of my siblings (the sibling wasn't my choice, it was theirs)
I got married, I moved across the world. Way faster than we should have. Known each other for 2 years before we dated, got engaged 2 weeks afterwards, and got married 6 months later. He promised me the world and I fell for it, but I also used him as an escape from my life I had. In hindsight, it was a mistake going so fast.
He's made my birthday about him, he's made Christmas about him. I had to go to the ER to find out I have a disease we don't know the cause of is, I'll literally go blind, and he ignored me and neglected me. We talked about it over a dozen times and nothing changes. I basically have to be his caregiver too when I can barely take care of myself now.
I can't hold a conversation for the life of me. I've only ever experienced truama and nobody wants to hear that all of the time. I don't know who I am and I can't do things I want to make friends and meet people because he's an apprentice who makes minimum wage and we have bills for my visa and new medical bills. I had to get a fucking spinal tap.
He keeps spending all of our money on his things and lies to me about it because he feels "ashamed". He doesn't even see his therapist (which he gets to go for free because he's Aboriginal). He broke his phone out of anger and then didn't even fucking get it fixed. His SISTER had to take it herself.
He has AuADHD and has finally realized his ADHD is effecting our lives a lot more than he thought originally. He says he'll fix it and get medicated and get help for EVERYTHING including neglecting me AND HE STILL DOESN'T DO ANYTHING.
I have nothing to live for and I can no longer live out of spite. I have been alone my entire life and I can't keep going. I don't want to kill myself but I've started writing the letters. I just don't have the energy anymore. I can't afford a therapist anymore.
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2023.03.26 11:54 Sirwired Passed Terraform Associate Yesterday After Taking Bryans's Course; My Thoughts...

I'm an experienced IT professional (about a quarter-century of experience), just recently making the transition from traditional IT architecture to cloud-based solutions. I've spent the last year getting professional architect certification on all three major cloud platforms, finishing up with AWS a week and a half ago. (Due to the nature of my job, this actually makes sense for me; I don't recommend this for everybody.) I figured that as someone angling for multi-cloud responsibilities, an introduction to Terraform might be a good idea.
I signed up for Bryan Krausen's course on Udemy; the promise of a hands-on based class appealed to me vs. just lectures with occasional exercises. I've listened to enough slide-based lectures over the last year (with hundreds of pages of notes to prove it) and I was getting tired of it.
While the concept has promise, the execution was less-than-stellar. Ironically for a class on a tool designed to reduce cruft in your cloud implementation, there sure was an awful lot of it in this course. The example implementation used throughout most of it includes resources that take several minutes for AWS to spin up and down (e.g. NAT Gateways), which doesn't sound too bad, but when the instructions have you casually destroying and re-creating your infrastructure repeatedly (totally understandable, given the nature of the material), those few minutes add up fast. (The videos of course skip over the time waiting on AWS, making a "20 minute" lesson often a *lot* longer.)
It's especially aggravating as none of the EC2 instances in it are actually in the Private Subnets, so the NAT Gateway never gets used for a single byte of traffic. (And at some point the example infrastructure includes an ASG and even more NAT gateways; none of that gets used for anything either; it's soon dropped from the example code files, but there's never any explicit instruction in the labs that they won't be used any more and can be taken out of the code.)
Overall, I think that class took 50% (or more) longer than it should have... the labs need to be re-worked with an eye towards how long it will take AWS to spin resources up and down; this can be done without sacrificing thoroughness in covering Terraform concepts. (Preferably illustrate as many concepts as possible with near-instant resources like subnets instead of instances.) And there needs to be careful quality control to ensure that the "Lab Pre-requisites" files for a lab actually line up with what the student will have after the previous lab; it's a pain to keep bringing those in to keep cruft down. (Also, while I was able to muddle through the parts where Windows was different than Mac/Linux, it'd be nice if there was at least consistent acknowledgement in the instructions where you'll have to do something different.)
His practice exams are fine. There's a bit of overlap between question banks, but it's a pretty straightforward and limited exam scope, so there's only so many possible practice questions to come up with.
The test itself was pretty easy. PSI isn't my favorite online testing platform (I really hate the 15-second test-space videos), but the proctor queue wasn't long, and the software worked acceptably well. (The only quirk was that it didn't run in full-screen mode; a couple times my Win11 taskbar popped up, and it would have been a disaster if I had accidentally clicked on the button to spin up a browser.)
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2023.03.26 11:53 _Eltanin_ Weekly VTuber Spotlight: Yueho - March 26, 2023



  • Name: Yueho
  • Vtuber: Moon Cat Goddess
  • Nickname: Yue
  • Affiliation: Independent, previously part of LumiLive
  • Debut Date: Twitch: 2021/10/16 Rebrand: 2022/10/29
  • Character Design: Yueho
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 153 cm
  • Birthday: December 12
  • Favorite Food: Sushi
  • Favorite Drink: Milk
  • Emoji: 🐈 🌙


Yueho is a Moon Cat Goddess Vtuber, a female Malaysian independent VTuber who primarily focuses on streaming on Twitch. She can speak English and Mandarin.


The stars and the sky meet in beautiful slumber as the world sleeps. High up above, a god rests, making the moon her home. Favored by the people, Yueho is the goddess of moon which vanquishes off nightmares.
Yueho is a shy and sleepy cat deity, spending most of her time napping as she curls up into a cozy little ball with her cat tail tucked in where her belly is. During the day she stays in, avoiding all manners of life. But as the sun drops behind the horizon, and the moon is in full force, she awakens to the prayers of those who seek her help. Yueho and her little spirit take the nights, seeking out bad dreams and protecting the people affected by phantoms. Scythe in hand she cuts down all Phantoms that threatens the humans. With a soft and gentle touch like a weaver of baskets, she mends their minds, healing their dreams.
Yueho, known as Tsukuyomi, the god of moon, is well worshipped by the humans. Tales of her holy crusades still fill the bedtime stories told to children. Hidden from human eyes, they infect their minds and corrupt their dreams. Nightmares take form, and from their fear, more Phantoms are born. Though many look to her ethereal protection, none have come in contact with her, as she wishes to stay hidden from the world and protect from the shadows, granting the wishes of those who pray to her.
Even in the modern day, countless prayers are made to the goddess of moon, Tsukuyomi. The title of Tsukuyomi, has withstood the tests of time and has been eternally remembered as the one who vanquishes phantoms that haunts the mind of humans.



Yueho joined agency Lumilive on 15 August 2021 as "Yui Tsukigami." First stream on 16 August 2021, debuted as Yui Tsukigami on 16 October 2021.
2022 On 15 July, due to Lumilive closing down, she started to be Independent VTuber.
On 29 October, she decided to rebrand herself as Yueho and debuted.
2023 On 28 January, she released her first song cover "Learn to meow 学猫叫"
On 11 March, she achieved the milestone of being a Twitch Partner
Fan name:
Yue's Fans name are called "Worshipper", in reference to being people who worshipping Yue the Moon Cat Goddess

Clips & Highlights:


Twitch: yueho
Twitter: @yueho_
TikTok: @yueho_
Patreon: yueho
Discord: yue's Shrine🌙⛩
YouTube: yueho Ch
ThroneGift: yueho
Reddit: u/yueho
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2023.03.26 11:53 iamusingmyrealname Cement waste

Putting a path in down the side of my house, 20m of 2xwide patio slabs with sleepers for edging. Laid on a full bed of sharp sand & cement. Bought a cement mixer and doing in stages on weekends. Each time I finish for the day I rinse out the mixer but then i don’t know what to do with this watery cementy waste. Someone told me to pour into a wheelbarrow, to use the next week. But this has gradually leaked out and is killing the plants and tree next to where I’ve setup! Obvs can’t just chuck it in a drain. How do people reuse or dispose? My mixer area now looks like a building site.
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2023.03.26 11:53 Tucoalvares I (20M) can’t date the girl (22 F) I like because of her overprotective parents, any advice?

Well I (20 M) just started going out with this girl (22 ) and while she is a great person I can’t get out of my mind how much of a crazy family she has. When we went to our first date her bother(27) , who still lives with their parents, went together. I thought with myself that he was only going to leave her on the date’s place but he stayed all the time with us, on the second one her mother did the same thing . Her parents also said that i can’t come to their house and I can’t bring her to my house yet. To resume what kind of people her parents are they are anti-vaxxers that believe in any conspiracy theories they hear. I really like her that’s why I committed to going out but I don’t know how much time our relationship will last with her overprotective parents getting involved in everything, I feel like they treat her like a kid without any significant reasons except for being her first relationship.
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2023.03.26 11:52 Otherwise_Status6565 Never going to be alone again

I feel absolutely terrible posting this, but even worse saying it out loud and I need an outlet. I’m on day 3 with a new 1yo rescue dog and I can’t stop thinking “I can’t do this!” I see people post about puppy blues, and I can’t tell if that’s what I’m experiencing or if I just shouldn’t have a dog.
For context, she is basically a dream. No accidents in the house, calm, already understands gentle biting, etc. I feel like I’m in the best case scenario with her.
And yet I keep thinking about how I just wish I could still: be alone, sit on my phone, not have to keep a schedule, could literally waste time however I want, etc. Honestly, it feels like the same feeling I always get at a certain point in relationships, which I then stress about and break up with them. Am I terrible? Or am I just running into the standard feelings/my own issues?
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2023.03.26 11:51 Dmenace89 Cyberpunk DLC Phantom Liberty

Hi all, first time posting on this sub. I have to say I've never been hooked on a game since playing Zelda OOT on N64 many moons ago. I completed CP and now re completed again doing as many sides gigs as possible.
Just seen online that a DLC for this game is due to come out eventually and to be honest I feel as excited as a teen waiting to go prom! My question is how do DLC's work? I've got an xbox series x and when it does come out do I just purchase and install it and it automatically starts where it needs to or is there something I need to do after I install it like complete the last level of meeting hanako at the Embers again and then the new missions start?
Call me a newbie I don't mind haha. I'm a father of two who doesn't get much time to game but when I do I emerse myself in the life of Night City and its pretty cool!
Thanks all 👍
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2023.03.26 11:51 Avarent V50 often needs a long time to wake up from standby

Hey, I was just curious because I have not read about this anywhere else, but I have two V phones. The V30 as well as the V50.
Both of them often need around 5-10 seconds or even more to wake up from standby and I just cannot figure out what the problem is. This also happens completely random, so many times they will be there instantly and others they will not.
Is this an issue that is actually known here? Or should is there a way to find out if an app can cause this problem?
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2023.03.26 11:51 AffectionateCrab128 Should I drop out of community college?

I'm thinking about dropping out of community college because of how hard it is. These classes are fucking ridiculous. I'm taking a few gen ed classes right now that I expected to all be all easy A's and B's, and I'm going to fail all of them with F's. I'm sitting here on my laptop at 2:30 AM right now as I have a test Monday morning that is 100 questions long, has a 70 minute time limit, and will be consist of random questions from any of the absolute boatloads of videos, notes, articles, and movies that we've had to watch over the past four weeks. And not a single person in the entire class has any general idea of what exactly might be on the exam, as the professor gives out ZERO homework assignments, quizzes, study guides, nothing. He just throws a shit ton of information at you, tells you to "write down what you think is important," and then bases your entire grade off of the four exams that you take. The other classes that I'm taking aren't as hard as this one, but they're also pretty tough.
But seriously, I'm done with this and highly considering just giving up on my college dreams at this point. If this is what the GENERAL EDUCATION CLASSES at my local community college are like, then WTF is it going to be like in my major-related classes at a university? I'm not expecting college to be easy, and I never have, but I just feel like the difficulty level of these classes is ridiculous.
Did I just get a mixture of all the absolute worst professors at my college, or am I just a complainer who isn't meant for college?
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2023.03.26 11:50 AffectionateCrab128 I'm going to community college right now, and I already feel ready to give up.

These classes are fucking ridiculous. I'm taking a few gen ed classes right now that I expected to all be all easy A's and B's, and I'm going to fail all of them with F's. I'm sitting here on my laptop at 2:30 AM right now as I have a test Monday morning that is 100 questions long, has a 70 minute time limit, and will be consist of random questions from any of the absolute boatloads of videos, notes, articles, and movies that we've had to watch over the past four weeks. And not a single person in the entire class has any general idea of what exactly might be on the exam, as the professor gives out ZERO homework assignments, quizzes, study guides, nothing. He just throws a shit ton of information at you, tells you to "write down what you think is important," and then bases your entire grade off of the four exams that you take. The other classes that I'm taking aren't as hard as this one, but they're also pretty tough.
But seriously, I'm done with this and highly considering just giving up on my college dreams at this point. If this is what the GENERAL EDUCATION CLASSES at my local community college are like, then WTF is it going to be like in my major-related classes at a university? I'm not expecting college to be easy, and I never have, but I just feel like the difficulty level of these classes is ridiculous.
Did I just get a mixture of all the absolute worst professors at my college, or am I just a complainer who isn't meant for college?
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2023.03.26 11:50 millionthmile94 Struggling. M28 Partner F27

Hi Everyone, I (M28) posted not too long ago about my partner (F27) being pregnant and behaving like a totally different person towards me over the last few weeks. The general advice I was given was to be patient, to be there for her and hold on because its the hormones. Needless to say I am really struggling.
I am completely shut out. I talk about my feelings and she says I'm "playing the victim" and then dismisses anything I say. I watch her treat the whole world with smiles, laughter and happiness. As soon as it comes to being with me, misery. She said "Why can't my partner be the one to make me feel like I don't have to put on a front?" Which I understand to a degree. You want to be totally comfortable around your spouse and that's fine but I want her to understand that I am also a human being and her behaviour will impact the way I feel. She has no idea how it feels to be completely pushed out by your partner. To have them think you despise them. To have your love completely ripped away from them. But the moment I even try to explain how I feel I'm "playing the victim".
She also said "why can't my partner realise I'm having a shit time and spoil me, try to cheer me up, take over things so I don't have to" I do take over things around the house, I do try to spoil hecheer her up but I get zero appreciation for it.
It feels like I just have to sit here and be disrespected the entire time and then when it comes to it being over not get an apology for it. Just be told "it was my hormones, I can't help that" I'm sorry, but I'm not buying it. You're perfectly capable to be nice to the rest of the world, adding one more person isn't hard. Especially someone you "love" so much (apparently). My therapist told me "Sometimes we hurt the ones we love the most" how does that make sense? I can't even bare the thought of putting my loved ones through any measure of pain. If this is her way of showing she loves me I'd rather not be loved at all. I'm sorry to blow out like this. I have so many emotions right now and my head is a mess. I'm trying to focus purely on my family and push our relationship to the side entirely.
Any advice/insight is always appreciated.
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