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2023.03.26 10:41 El_Profesor___ British Gas ruined my credit score - they are refusing to even reply to me!

About 2 months ago I logged in to see my credit score and it dropped from 980 to 800. I checked why and it said “You missed a payment on your British Gas account”. I pay by direct debit every month, and I checked all my statements and the payment went through fine.
I then contacted British Gas and they said they couldn’t find any missed payments. I said I wanted to find a complaint and the lady there said she filed a complaint for me and they would investigate further and contact me within 7 days.
I heard nothing from them within those 7 days and I phoned to complain again. They said they would chase it with the person who is handling the complaint and the person there emailed me to confirm that they contacted the handler and that if I didn’t hear anything back within 5 days then to let him know by email.
I heard nothing after those 5 days and emailed them to say I didn’t. They never responded. I then emailed another 4 times in the last 2 weeks and nobody is responding to me!
They ruined my credit score for no reason and I am about to get a mortgage and I am extremely worried! What steps do I need to take against them? Can I legally sue them? Not only they ruined my score, they are also not responding to me anymore.
I also appealed the credit score with Transunion but they rejected it, stating “Unfortunately, your dispute has been unsuccessful, and the disputed information will remain on your credit report.
The information that is displayed on your credit report is provided to TransUnion by various third-party data suppliers (such as finance providers, the courts and local authorities).”
Please help me, I will be forever grateful.
Thank you
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2023.03.26 10:40 Helpful-Dodger102 West Coast have kicked 10 goals in the 1st half. We kicked 7 and 10 goals in our first 2 games respectively. We face them next week. We seriously might start the season 0-3.

West Coast have kicked 10 goals in the 1st half. We kicked 7 and 10 goals in our first 2 games respectively. We face them next week. We seriously might start the season 0-3. submitted by Helpful-Dodger102 to FremantleFC [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 10:40 AutoModerator [Get] Tony Robbins – Become Unshakeable Challenge 2023

[Get] Tony Robbins – Become Unshakeable Challenge 2023
Get the course here: https://www.genkicourses.com/product/tony-robbins-become-unshakeable-challenge-2023/
[Get] Tony Robbins – Become Unshakeable Challenge 2023
What You Get: Day 1: Create A New Vision For 2023. What would this year look like if nothing was holding you back? We’re going to dig in and create a vision and unlock one of the most important resources that you already have within you for achieving it. Day 2: Become The Person You Were Made To Be How do we get new results? We take new action. We become the type of person that takes consistent action in the direction of the results we want. Today is about expanding your identity and becoming MORE! Day 3: Take Control & Create Your Own Economy What if none of the headlines about recession and inflation affected you? When you are able to step out of the chaos and create your own economy, you can support yourself and your family no matter what else is going on. And it’s simpler than you might think… Day 4: Create Extraordinary Relationships This is the area of life that can be the source of our greatest pain or our greatest pleasure – and in times of stress, it’s even more important to bring our conscious and intentional selves to our relationships. Today, Tony and Sage share the keys to creating extraordinary relationships. Day 5 : Create Your Blueprint For 2023 This is where everything comes together. You’ve spent 4 days gaining the tools you need to thrive in the coming year, and today, we will integrate what you’ve learned into WHO YOU ARE, so that when these 5 days are over, you don’t just go back to your old habits and identity. Today is where inspiration becomes TRANSFORMATION.
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2023.03.26 10:40 Archangex I was SA when I was younger

. Storytime this happened to me when I was 4 I'm 15 rn but I didn't realise how bad it was until I got older I remember most of the situation I was at a park in some place I think i was on holiday at the time with my family so on some parks, yk those tunnel things u can crawl in, this one had one had tic tac toe inside of it. I was jammin it. Then this woman well I couldnt really guess her age but her body was alrdy matured so she was def teenager or possibly above kissed my cheek and then my lips I just froze cuz I didn't really think much of it cuz I was so little but after I got older and realised what all of that stuff was I decided to never tell any1 but telling you (litterly) might make me feel better. Just getting it out. I wish I could forget that memory
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2023.03.26 10:40 BarberGang93 Me [M29] partner [F26] WHEN IT COMES TO 4 year old… I AM NOT THE FATHER!

So been dating this girl for 10 months and she has a 4 year old daughter. Girlfriend wants me to be more of a step father to her daughter but I feel weird about it. If it was my daughter I would raise her differently and do things differently. But I told her I don’t feel right because you might not like the way I would try to raise a child. For example her child still uses a pacifier allllll the time I told her hey you need to get her off of it because her teeth are getting messed up. She just says she will be fine she will grow out of it. I told her your not doing anything about it you give it to her all the time. I would literally throw them all out or cut them so they will be useless if it were my kids. When she cries in public stores my gf looks and yells like am I going to do something? What do you want me to do yell at her? I don’t know how to raise a child yet I can’t just yell and scream at somebody’s else’s kid its just weird to me. Yes the child is spoiled and a brat sometimes always gets her way with her mom. My future kids will NOT be spoiled and get their way idc! What should I tell her about being father figure?
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2023.03.26 10:39 thechazzoh Played and finished my PvP, no app closure or anything along those lines; but, I still got this message…

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2023.03.26 10:38 BenjaminDaaly21 [RESULTS] Crystal Palace (H) match predictions

Well done to u/Rotom94 and u/Ser_VimesGoT for being the winners of the best miscellaneous predictions vote for the Sporting (H) match with the following calls:
Xhaka goal - u/Rotom94
Red card given - u/Ser_VimesGoT


Users with a correct line-up prediction receive 10 points in the predictions league.
35% of users were able to correctly predict the line-up chosen by Arteta, including:
u/anticitizen-zero, u/Beefinwithvegans, u/blixt141, u/BosnianGooner, u/candiddinosaur, u/DaedricDan69, u/dtim96, u/falcon_medical, u/Hd_20, u/headleydaniels, u/ibirak, u/ibse, u/ismaithliomguinness, u/johnnyfashion, u/justkiddiing, u/Kaklasch, u/nexalacer, u/NiallMitch10, u/nobraincoupe, u/notthebestatanything, u/Prestigious_storm_10, u/sarcasticgooner, u/Sopitas, u/sungamdam and u/UncleRuckus37


Users with a correct score prediction receive 5 points in the predictions league.
91% of voters correctly predicted an Arsenal win. 4.2% predicted Arsenal to score 4 goals, 37% predicted Crystal Palace to score 1 goal, however no one was able to predict the exact score line.

Man of the Match

Users with a correct Man of the Match prediction receive 2 points in the predictions league.
Saka was voted as Arsenal's Man of the Match in the post-match ratings. 16% predicted Saka to win Man of the Match, including:
u/_GravyTrainRider, u/AquaPrizam, u/BosnianGooner, u/cockburntown, u/elryano, u/fivefootthreeinches1, u/gibbslad, u/ibirak, u/maidentaiwan, u/mk_85, u/obliples, u/Prestigious_storm_10, u/proudfatherofhaleend, u/seba_1492, u/sidukr, u/The_Frisian_Light, u/TheMissingThink and u/TonyAdamsForever

Wildcard Question

The wildcard question for this game asked users what they thought of the decision Crystal Palace made to sack Vieira as manager. The majority (77%) of users believed the decision was unfair and Vieira deserved more time. Just 7.3% believed it was a good decision, 3.1% believe Vieira should've been sacked earlier than he was, and the remaining 12.5% were undecided/not sure.

Miscellaneous Predictions

Saka goal - u/DumbWhoreFatArsenal, u/fivefootthreeinches1, u/nobraincoupe, u/UncleRuckus37, u/xxswiizzyxx, u/dimebagactual and 2 others
Saka brace - 1 user
Saka scores a brace. Trossard gets one assist. - u/mk_85
Martinelli goal - u/ibse, u/Syfkeo, u/sungamdam, u/johnnyfashion, u/UncleRuckus37, u/headleydaniels, u/proudfatherofhaleend, u/justkiddiing and 1 other
Saka assist - u/FishyGooner, u/72tnz, u/dimebagactual, u/Sopitas and 2 others
Trossard assist - u/m3rple, u/Hd_20, u/theblacksmith1123, u/RendingGale and 1 other
Tierney assist - u/Rotom94
Saka goal and assist - u/maidentaiwan, u/TonyAdamsForever, u/elryano and u/seba_1492
Saka scores. Arsenal have at least 1.5xG. - u/sam_293

Predictions League Leader-board Top 10

*Prior to miscellaneous prediction points for this match going through.
Here's a link to the full leader board
Position User Points
1 u/Rotom94 282
2 u/syfkeo 277
3 u/rk4dand 270
4 u/NiallMitch10 251
5 u/miamlillerz 245
6 u/anticitizen-zero 238
7 u/Mikey_Hashtags 234
8 u/WildeVallhund 229
9 u/Pikachu62999328 226
10 u/notthebestatanything 223
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2023.03.26 10:37 Friendly-Cricket-715 Anyone know about this(from zoro.to)

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2023.03.26 10:37 gigaslug [gen 3] Shiny Trapinch on the fourth phase! Came after 6,844 random encounters. Fourth member for my Ruby DTQ.

[gen 3] Shiny Trapinch on the fourth phase! Came after 6,844 random encounters. Fourth member for my Ruby DTQ.
Phase 1 - Sandshrew after 3,170
Phase 2 - Cacnea after 8,044
Phase 3 - Sandshrew no.2 after 23,205
Phase 4 - target Trapinch after 6,684
As the title says this is the fourth member of my Ruby DTQ.
Very happy to be moving on from my time in the desert on route 111. My reward for completing this hunt is to move onto my first ever fishing hunt for my fifth member, Feebas. It's going to be a tough one but I'm really excited to get started.
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2023.03.26 10:37 David11219 What are the key distinctions between the Tibetan and Devanagari scripts?

What are the key distinctions between the Tibetan and Devanagari scripts?

The Tibetan script and the Devanagari script are two distinct writing systems used in Asia for various languages and cultures. Tibetan script is used primarily to write Tibetan, whereas Devanagari script is used to write a variety of languages, including Hindi, Nepali, and Sanskrit. Both scripts have a rich history and distinguishing characteristics that make them interesting and distinct from one another. Understanding the differences between these two scripts is essential for those researching the cultures and languages that use them.

Tibetan script

The Tibetan script is a writing system based on abugida that is used to write the Tibetan language. It was invented in the seventh century AD and has been in use for over a thousand years. The script is also used to write Dzongkha, Ladakhi, and Balti, among other languages. The script is known for its distinct calligraphic style, which is regarded as one of the most beautiful in the world. The Tibetan script consists of 30 consonant letters and four vowel letters that are written above, below, or beside the consonant letter they follow. The script also includes a set of complex characters composed of multiple consonant letters stacked on top of one another. This is due to the Tibetan language's complex phonological system, which necessitates the representation of many consonant clusters in writing. The use of horizontal lines called 'tsheg' to separate syllables within a word is another distinguishing feature of Tibetan script. This makes it easier to read and correctly pronounce words. There are no capital letters in the script, which is written from left to right. In Tibetan-speaking regions, it is widely used in religious texts, literature, and everyday communication. See also Major differences between Hinduism and Buddhism

Origin and history

The Tibetan script dates back to the 7th century AD, during the reign of King Songtsen Gampo. According to legend, the king desired the development of a writing system for his people in order to facilitate communication with neighboring countries. He dispatched his ministers to India to study the scripts used in neighboring regions, and upon their return, they developed the Tibetan script based on what they had learned in India. The Tibetan script evolved and underwent several changes over the centuries, including the addition of new characters and modifications to existing ones. It has been used to write a variety of languages for over a thousand years, including Tibetan, Dzongkha, Ladakhi, and Balti.
The Tibetan script is strongly associated with Buddhism and is widely used in religious texts and rituals. The script was used to write the oldest surviving Tibetan texts, which date back to the 9th century AD. Sakya Pandita, a famous Tibetan teacher, and scholar, standardized the script in the 13th century, making it easier to read and write.
The Tibetan script has been influenced by Western writing systems in the modern era, and several modifications have been made to make it compatible with digital media. Despite these changes, the Tibetan script is still an important part of Tibetan culture and identity.

Devanagari script

The Devanagari script is an abugida writing system that is used to write a variety of languages such as Hindi, Nepali, Marathi, and Sanskrit. The name Devanagari means "the city of the gods," and it reflects the script's Hindu and Buddhist associations. The script is thought to have originated in ancient India, and it has been in use for over a thousand years. The Devanagari script contains 36 consonant letters and 13 vowel letters that are written above, below, or beside the consonant letter they are following. The script also includes symbols for nasalization, aspiration, and retroflex sounds that are specific to Indian languages.
The use of a horizontal line called'shirorekha' to separate the head and body of a consonant letter is one of the script's distinguishing features. This feature aids in identifying individual letters in a word. There are no capital letters in the script, which is written from left to right. In India and Nepal, the Devanagari script is widely used in literature, newspapers, and official documents. It has also grown in popularity among non-Indian communities interested in learning about Indian languages and culture. The script has been modified several times over the years to make it compatible with digital media, and several keyboard layouts have been created to make typing easier.

Origin and history

The Devanagari script evolved from the Brahmi script, which was used in ancient India to write Sanskrit and Prakrit languages. The first Brahmi script inscriptions date from the third century BCE. Brahmi's script evolved into several regional scripts over time, including the Nagari script, which gave rise to the Devanagari script. The Devanagari script is thought to have evolved around the 11th century AD to write Sanskrit texts. During the medieval period, it became the standard script for Sanskrit texts and was also used to write other languages such as Hindi, Marathi, Nepali, and Rajasthani.
Several changes and modifications were made to the Devanagari script during the medieval period, including the addition of new characters and the simplification of existing ones. The script was standardized in the nineteenth century, and several reforms were implemented to make it easier to read and write. The Devanagari script has become an integral part of Indian culture and identity in modern times. It is widely used in literature, newspapers, and official documents, and it has grown in popularity among non-Indian communities interested in learning about Indian languages and cultures. With the advent of digital media, several changes to the script were made to make it compatible with computers and mobile devices. Today, several keyboard layouts have been developed to make the Devanagari script easier.

Comparison of Tibetan and Devanagari scripts

The Tibetan and Devanagari scripts are two distinct writing systems with their own characteristics and features. Here are a few key distinctions between the two: The Tibetan script uses an abugida writing system, whereas the Devanagari script uses a syllable alphabet. Each consonant letter in Tibetan script has an inherent vowel sound that can be modified using vowel symbols. Each consonant letter in the Devanagari script is accompanied by a vowel sound, which can be changed using vowel symbols. The Tibetan script contains 30 consonant letters and 4 vowel letters, whereas the Devanagari script contains 36 consonant letters and 13 vowel letters. The Tibetan script has a more complicated phonological system that necessitates the use of multiple consonant clusters to represent specific sounds. The Tibetan script is written from left to right, whereas the Devanagari script is written in horizontal lines from left to right. Syllable separation: In Tibetan script, horizontal lines known as 'tsheg' are used to separate syllables within a word. A horizontal line called'shirorekha' is used in the Devanagari script to separate the head and body of a consonant letter. Languages associated with the Tibetan script: The Tibetan script is primarily used to write Tibetan, Dzongkha, Ladakhi, and Balti. Several languages, including Hindi, Nepali, Marathi, and Sanskrit, use the Devanagari script.
The Tibetan script is closely associated with Buddhism and is extensively used in religious texts and rituals. Devanagari is associated with Hinduism and Buddhism, and it is used in religious texts and literature.
See also Major differences between Hinduism and Buddhism

Phonetic and grammatical differences

Phonetic distinctions: Tone: Because Tibetan is a tonal language, the tone of a word can change its meaning. Tone is represented in Tibetan script by diacritic marks, which are placed above or below the consonant letter. The tone is not represented by the Devanagari script. Consonants that are aspirated and unaspirated: Tibetan distinguishes between aspirated and unaspirated consonants, which are pronounced with and without a puff of air, respectively. The Tibetan script uses different consonant letters to represent these sounds. The Devanagari script has aspirated and unaspirated consonant symbols that are written above or below the consonant letter.
Tibetan has retroflex consonants, which are pronounced by curling the tongue back towards the roof of the mouth. The Tibetan script uses a unique set of consonant letters to represent these sounds. Retroflex consonants are also used in the Devanagari script and are represented by a combination of consonant letters and diacritic marks. Grammatical distinctions: Nominative, accusative, dative, genitive, ablative, and locative are the six cases used in Tibetan. Different postpositions or particles are used in the Tibetan script to represent these cases. Devanagari has a similar case system, but it is represented by inflectional suffixes.
Tibetan verbs are conjugated according to tense, aspect, and mood. These variations are represented in the Tibetan script by different verb stems or particles. Verbs in Devanagari are also conjugated according to tense, aspect, and mood, but they are represented by inflectional suffixes. Word order: The subject, object, and verb can appear in different orders depending on the context in Tibetan. The Tibetan script uses postpositions or particles to represent grammatical relationships between words. Devanagari has a more rigid word order, with the subject, object, and verb always appearing in the same order.

Differences in writing and pronunciation

Differences in writing: Each consonant letter in Tibetan script has an inherent vowel sound that can be modified using vowel symbols. The consonant letter is written with the vowel symbols above, below, or beside it. Each consonant letter in the Devanagari script is accompanied by a vowel sound known as the inherent vowel. The vowel sound can be changed by writing vowel symbols above, below, or beside the consonant letter. Distinctive sounds: The Tibetan script has a complex phonetic system that includes retroflex consonants, aspirated and unaspirated consonants, and tones. In addition to aspirated and unaspirated consonants, retroflex consonants, and nasalized vowels, the Devanagari script has a complex phonetic system.
Diacritic marks are used in both scripts to modify the sounds of consonant and vowel letters. To indicate vowel sounds, diacritic marks are placed above, below, or beside the consonant letter in Tibetan script. To indicate vowel sounds, aspirated or unaspirated consonants, and retroflex consonants, diacritic marks are placed above, below, or beside the consonant letter in the Devanagari script. Pronunciation of consonant clusters: Multiple consonant letters are frequently combined to represent a single sound in Tibetan script. The sound "khr," for example, is represented by the letters "kh" and "r." Consonant clusters in Devanagari are pronounced by combining the sounds of each consonant letter. For example, in the word "khara," the sounds "kh" and "r" are pronounced as a single sound.

Differences in usage and applications

Tibetan and Devanagari scripts are used in different parts of the world for different purposes. Tibetan script is used primarily in Tibet, Bhutan, and parts of northern India, Nepal, and Pakistan where Tibetan Buddhism is practiced. It is also used to write Tibetan, a language spoken by over six million people worldwide. The Devanagari script, on the other hand, is used to write several languages, including Hindi, Nepali, Marathi, Sanskrit, and others spoken in India, Nepal, and parts of Southeast Asia. Applications: The Tibetan script is used to write sacred texts, prayer flags, and inscriptions on religious objects such as prayer wheels, amulets, and prayer beads. It is also used in the publication of books on traditional medicine, astrology, and other topics. The Devanagari script, on the other hand, is used to write literature, poetry, and other forms of creative writing, as well as official documents, legal papers, and educational materials. The Tibetan and Devanagari scripts have varying degrees of technological support. While there are several font families available for the Devanagari script, the Tibetan script has a limited number of fonts. However, with the increased use of digital technology, efforts are being made to create more digital fonts for Tibetan script.
Learning and education: Because the Tibetan and Devanagari scripts have different structures and phonetic systems, learning to read and write in both scripts requires different skill sets. As a result, these scripts' teaching and learning are tailored to the specific needs of learners. Learning to read and write in the Tibetan script is typically associated with religious education, whereas learning to read and write in the Devanagari script is typically associated with formal education in schools and universities.


Cultural appreciation: Understanding different cultures' scripts allows us to appreciate the diversity of the world's cultural heritage. It also allows us to gain a better understanding of the people who use these scripts' customs, beliefs, and traditions. Effective communication: Understanding the differences in the phonetic and grammatical structures of the Tibetan and Devanagari scripts can help you communicate more effectively with people who use these scripts. This is especially important for businesses or organizations operating in areas where these scripts are used. Language learning: If you want to learn a language that uses either the Tibetan or Devanagari script, understanding the differences between the two can help you appreciate the script's and language's unique features.
Academic research: Knowledge of the scripts is essential for researchers studying the literature, history, or linguistics of regions where these scripts are used in order to interpret and analyze texts and inscriptions. Cultural heritage preservation: Understanding the differences between these scripts can aid in the preservation of the cultural heritage of the regions where they are used. This is especially important for preserving endangered languages and scripts that are on the verge of extinction due to a lack of use or documentation.
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2023.03.26 10:37 garlicsmoothies i honestly fall out love with my bf every single time before my period starts

Honest to God this is a serious post. Genuinely begging for insight.
Tldr: fight before my period starts, like clockwork I hate my boyfriend for 2-4 days to the point of paranoia, internal hostility, and emotional turmoil over the bizarre desire to leave him. Then my period starts and I feel ok and love him again??!?!?!?! Wtf is this I'm so tired of it
Long version:
My boyfriend is a great person! Hard working (in his life and with our relationship), driven, focused, gentle, empathetic, kind. I'm so grateful and happy!
And then...
For 2-4 days before my period starts my brain does a 180 and fully falls out of love with my boyfriend? At a rare best I feel overwhelmingly neutral. As if I were eating dinner or going to a cafe with a coworker.
At worst... I feel resentful and insane. I detest sharing a bed. I feel no warmth in my heart toward him. I feel no attraction. I contemplate leaving him. I try to think of any ways we're incompatible, rethinking any tiny comment or action that upset me and making lists (like him leaving his jacket on the floor level stuff, nothing serious lol).
At my true worst, sometimes I feel unhinged and paranoid. Like "what if he's planning to break up. What if he's cheating? This relationship is dead in the water." There has never been any basis for suspicion of cheating from him! It's genuinely unhinged paranoia and that makes the logical part of me feel so evil and sad.
I try so hard to not let these things show, but I think my BF picks up on the coldness and stilted I love yous. I suspect my bf picks up on something weird bc I can see his light dim a little too during this time.
Idfk, y'all. This is exhausting and this mental anguish every fucking month where I suddenly hate my boyfriend for 2-4 days and then bleed heavily for another 6 days after that is so much to handle. Am I supposed to just hate him for 3 days every month until menopause??!?!
I've heard of PMS things about fighting/being emotional but I've never heard of anyone having this level of internal hostility that I have. I would love to know if anyone has any insight bc it's killing me.
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2023.03.26 10:36 Trowaway4206 I just became homeless at 19

  1. I apologize for the scrambled story, but please bear with me.
  2. Skip down to the fourth text bullet for the story
  3. My father has many mental health issues and actively tried to convince me and my two brothers that my mother ruined his life for as long as I can remember. Both my brothers are older than me, with my older brother being 5 years older and the oldest being 10 years older. I would regularly get passive-aggressive texts from my dad for no reason. An example of this happening was when I went to go hang out with my friend and stayed the night. My dad set me a text before I came home the next day saying, "It would be great if we could have your friend over sometime. Feels like I'm the last person in the world anyone ever wants their friends around." He would continuously send me messages like this to make me feel bad and would do the same to my brother's as well as my mother. When my older brother (the middle child) was still at home my dad brought us into his room with my mom sitting in there as well and proceeded to give us a 30-45 minute lecture about how my mom is a horrible person and how she was conspiring against him to make my brothers and i hate him. He forced my mom to back his story up and admit to "manipulating us into hating him." Mind you, I was around the ages 9 to 13. He would wait for when I got home from work and just sit at the table. I would pet the dog walk in say hi to him and sometimes attempt ro have a conversation with him, to which I would receive ether a one word reply, no reply, or if it was a story about literally anything he would turn it into a lecture. One time he suggested the idea of a family game night I didn't want to but I knew he would get upset and start screaming at everyone if I didn't agree so i did, eventually out of nowhere he sends a text to my brother, my mom, and I. Saying, never mind that my brother had a long drive home, and he should get ready to leave. My mom started freaking out and said we could still play a game, but I just decided I wouldn't do it because he wanted to be passive-aggressive about it. My mom came to my room and begged me to play the game so he wouldn't scream at her. I told her, " If you can tell me when we are going to stop reinforcing his behavior and appeasing him," I would play. She could not give me an answer and went back down stairs quietly crying. My brother then came up and tried the same thing. He tried to make excuses for my dad saying, "There's stuff you don't know about," which is the same phrase I've been fed my whole life to excuse my dad's behavior. I know better than him or my oldest brother how he is, I've had to endure my dad alone for years after all. Then my dad came up "apologizing," but for some reason, also told me I wouldn't have gotten anywhere without him. Then I semi confronted him. I said I was sick of the passive aggressive texts and said I'd show a a couple of my friends and that they agreed that what he sends me is ridiculous and way over the lines for a parent to be speaking to there kid like that.
  4. About 3 or 4 weeks ago, we had to put down our dog. I was already devastated because I had her since I was about 6 or 7. My brothers came home to be with her during her last couple days, and everyone was heartbroken the day before we put Herr down. we all slept in the living room with my dog. Everyone except my dad, he slept Ithe basement as he usually does. He sent many aggressive texts to my mom about how he wasn't invited even though we literally told him we were going to do it and he should too. Anyway we woke up thee next morning and spent several hours outside with our dog except for Mt dad he slept in till 2pm as usual and came upstairs glaring at everyone. He didn't want to put a jacket on and go outside to spend time woth the dog so he went back downstairs and called my grandma saying we weren't letting him spend time alone with our dog even though he never even said anything (my grandmother has been receiving one sided story's from him for years ). She suggested he take her downstairs with him. So he grabbed her by the scruff and tried to drag her down the stairs. She didn't want to go because she had never been aloud in his downstairs area and she couldn't up and down stairs anymore. After that he let go and call my grandmother (his mom and started screaming and telling her that "not even the dog wants to spend time with him" my middle brother then went down to beg him to just spend time with the dog and my dad screamed at him and made him cry. ( I believe my brother may be on the spectrum, so I am more protective of him). (My middle brother has always been manipulated into believing my father, so naturally, he became my father's favorite) My brother came upstairs in a meltdown, saying my dad was pulling the victim card. I became more angry than I have in my entire life. I went downstairs and yelled at him and cursed him out, slammed the door, and walked out of the basement. He then came upstairs and started screaming at me. I don't personally remember everything he said, but my oldest brother did. My dad came upstairs got in my face I responded by standing up and not backing down and he screamed back at me that I am a spoiled brat and that I never got a job, which by the way isn't true, I got a job when I turned 16 and was the only one out of my brother's to do so. He called me a piece of shit. I'm sure he said more. it's just all fuzzy to me. After that, I pushed him because he was putting his hands mimy face. I then took the dog outside with me to go check on my brother who had went outside to my oldest brothers car to cool down and ass I walked out my dad screamed at me telling me to leave and not come back my mom told him to stop. And I closed the door. We all took my dog to be put down about 2 hours later, and as soon ass I got home, I packed all my stuff. My mom came into my room and asked if I could just stay another night. I agreed, but the next morning, I packed and left.
  5. I want to just say that I didn't leave because he told me to. I left because I couldn't take it anymore emotional manipulating. There is so much more to this story. I just can not put it all in a reddit post.
6.Thank you if you read this far.
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2023.03.26 10:35 TaniaYukanana Luxury resort wear

Help! I'm hoping you guys who are more stylish than me will be able to help!
I have a once in a life-time opportunity to go with my husband to stay in a 5* luxury resort in Bora Bora. We'll be staying at an exclusive resort for a few days and most of the activities will also be there. I have the requisite swimwear and cover ups, and some outfits I'm thinking will be cute and fit in with the other guests. - I want to fit in, not stand out i.e they're all in floaty maxi dresses and I'm in jeans or demin shorts.
Please PLEASE let me know your recommendations what someone my age (late 30s) 5'4" and around 160Lbs should wear. I'd love any advice and recommendations anyone can give.
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2023.03.26 10:35 Rik_Saha_225 BWL Match 1: AGGRESSORS VS NOBLES (#14)

MATCH UPDATES: Yukari pathetically lost to Yor Forger, Nobles level again
Azusa Nakano (K-On!) from Aggressors is going to face Maria Akizuki (Shinsekai Yori) from Nobles.
About Azusa: The second guitarist of Houkago Tea Time, and is the only kouhai in the club. She doesn't enjoy being called Azu-nyan by Yui at all! 😉
About Maria: The "girl-friend" of Watanabe, they had to separate when she had to stay with Mamoru who fled beyond the barrier when he was targeted by a tainted cat. Later they gave birth to a child, which turned to a fiend after being raised by the Queerats.
PS: My heartiest apologies to everyone since the poll which I was supposed to post in the morning (IST) is being posted now. Please expect the next poll around 6-7 PM (IST).
View Poll
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2023.03.26 10:35 Extension_Ad4876 Commercial Cleaning Services: Unlocking the Full Potential of Your Business Space

A clean and well-maintained commercial space is vital for the success of any business. It not only creates a positive impression on clients and customers but also promotes a healthier and more productive work environment for employees. With the increasing demands of today's fast-paced world, outsourcing to commercial cleaning services is an efficient and cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes. In this blog post, we'll delve into the numerous advantages of hiring commercial cleaning services and how they can contribute to the growth and success of your business.
  1. A Professional Image that Inspires Confidence
First impressions matter, and a clean, organized commercial space speaks volumes about your business's professionalism and attention to detail. By enlisting commercial cleaning services, you ensure that your premises always appear immaculate, leaving a lasting impression on clients, customers, and potential partners.
  1. Healthier Work Environment for Increased Productivity
A clean workspace promotes better health, reducing the risk of illness and absenteeism among employees. Commercial cleaning services focus on maintaining a sanitary environment by eliminating dust, allergens, and bacteria that can compromise the well-being of your workforce. This results in improved productivity and employee satisfaction, directly impacting your business's bottom line.
  1. Customized Cleaning Solutions for Your Needs
Every business has unique cleaning requirements based on its size, industry, and specific needs. Commercial cleaning services offer tailored solutions that address these requirements, ensuring a cleaning plan that aligns with your business's priorities and budget. This flexibility allows you to focus on your core business activities while your cleaning needs are expertly managed.
  1. Access to Trained Professionals and Advanced Equipment
Commercial cleaning services employ trained professionals who are skilled in the latest cleaning techniques and use state-of-the-art equipment. This ensures that your commercial space is cleaned to the highest standards and that even the most challenging cleaning tasks are handled efficiently and effectively.
  1. Time and Cost Savings
Outsourcing your cleaning needs to commercial cleaning services saves both time and money. By eliminating the need to hire, train, and manage an in-house cleaning staff, you can allocate your resources more effectively. Additionally, commercial cleaning services typically offer competitive pricing, ensuring you receive value for your investment.
  1. Ensuring Compliance with Industry Regulations
Many industries have specific cleanliness and hygiene standards that must be met to maintain compliance. Commercial cleaning services are well-versed in these requirements and can ensure that your facility adheres to all necessary regulations. This not only protects your business from potential fines and penalties but also reinforces your commitment to maintaining a clean and safe environment.

Investing in commercial cleaning services is a strategic decision that can yield significant benefits for your business. By entrusting your cleaning needs to professionals, you can maintain a clean and healthy work environment, enhance your professional image, and enjoy customized solutions that suit your specific needs. Ultimately, commercial cleaning services allow you to focus on what truly matters – growing and nurturing your business – while they take care of creating a spotless space that reflects your commitment to excellence.
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2023.03.26 10:34 Prashant_4200 Make Comment section look like her comment section.

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2023.03.26 10:33 LFPkmnTrades [Discussion] Some ideas for an Irish civ

Hey guys, I had some ideas for an Irish civilization and I was wondering what you thought.
Starting Bias: Grassland, Grassland Hills (Tier 2)
Leader: Saint Patrick
Leader Ability
Drive Out the Snakes
Inquisitors can Remove Heresy one extra time and remove 100% of the presence of other religions. +5 Combat Strength for military and religious units against civilizations following other religions.
Similar to Ghandi, Saint Patrick was never a political leader of Ireland, but he is an iconic figure in Irish history and was a religious leader. He wasn't born in Ireland but there's a precedent with Eleanor leading England. His ability is a reference to him "driving out the snakes," i.e., pagans, and bringing Christianity to Ireland. The ability is a copy-and-paste of Philip II's ability since I think it works well thematically with Saint Patrick. It also synergizes well with their unique unit and Defender of the Faith.
Civilization Ability
Emerald Isles
Farms provide an extra +1 food and +1 faith. Farms provide an additional +1 food and +1 faith with Feudalism. Farms provide +2 loyalty per turn, but pillaged farms give -2 loyalty per turn. Tile improvements provide tourism equal to their faith output after researching flight. +100% tourism from improvements in grassland and grassland hills.
This ability is a reference to Irish potato farms, the Irish Potato Famine, and the natural beauty of Ireland. The first part of this ability allows Ireland to grow large cities as well as generate a lot of faith. A farm diamond in 10 cities would provide 80 faith before modifiers after Feudalism, which synergizes with Saint Patrick's ability. It also allows Ireland to go the domination route because you can just buy a builder in a conquered city and slap down a few farms to counter the loyalty penalty. It's not overpowered though because all the enemy has to do is pillage the farms to counter. It also synergizes well with the Grand Master's Chapel, allowing Ireland to use its increased faith yield to win a domination victory.
The second part of this ability allows Ireland to win a cultural victory by generating tourism from faith and doubling tourism from tile improvements in grassland and grassland hills. It also synergizes well with Ireland's starting bias toward grassland and grassland hills. With this ability, a farm diamond in grassland terrain provides as much tourism as a national park while providing faith instead of costing it. I don't think that it's overpowered though because, unlike national parks, farm diamonds can't be boosted by appeal increasing features or improvements and don't benefit from the Eiffel Tower or Golden Gate Bridge. It also buffs Ireland's seaside resorts as well as city-state's unique improvements in grassland and grassland hills. This can be situational given the city-states in the game but it has good synergy with Cristo Redentor.
I had idea for another ability called "Luck o' the Irish," but I couldn't think of any luck based abilities other than Montezuma's Eagle Warrior's ability, and I don't think that fits thematically with Ireland.
Unique Unit
A modern era melee unit unlocked with mobilization that replaces infantry. +3 combat strength in Irish territory. +2 combat strength when defending on hills. +5 loyalty when garrisoned in a city. +5 combat strength against English and Scottish units.
This unit is a reference to the Irish War of Independence. It's a mix between Bà Triệu's and the Zulu's abilities, as well as Georgia's unique unit. An insurgent fortified in woods hills for two turns gains a total of +17 combat strength in Irish territory, +22 against a civilization of another religion with Saint Patrick's ability, putting it two eras ahead. Throw in Defender of the Faith and it gains a whopping +27 combat strength. It does sound overpowered but it's only an extra +10 over what other civs can do and it's mostly defensive and situational. The extra loyalty makes it even easier for Ireland to hold conquered cities in the modern era and thematically makes sense given Ireland's history. The extra combat strength against English and Scottish units is kind of a meme but I thought it made sense historically lol.
Unique Infrastructure
A building unique to Ireland that replaces the factory. Provides +4 food and tourism equal to the adjacency bonus of the industrial zone.
This building is similar to Japan's electronics factory and is a reference to the fact that Ireland is famous for its whiskey. It provides +4 food, similar to the +4 culture Japan gets from the electronics factory, but since food is weaker than culture it provides tourism equal to the industrial zone's adjacency bonus. The industrial zone generally doesn't synergize well with a cultural victory because it reduces appeal but that's easy enough to play around, especially with Ireland generating tourism from faith. It also synergizes well with the Craftsmen card and the coal power plant, allowing you to generate 20 tourism from an industrial zone next to an aqueduct and dam. I think it synergizes well with Ireland's civilization ability but it makes the player think about city planning and district placement.
So, what do you guys think? Overall, I think Ireland would be a strong civ focused on a cultural victory, but it could also do religion well and even go for a domination victory. I am a little worried that it's too overpowered though, especially the civilization ability and unique building, so any nerfs are welcome. Also, if anyone at Firaxis is reading this, feel free to use any of my ideas here because I think they'd be a fun civ to play lol
submitted by LFPkmnTrades to civ [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 10:33 TheTrueGamer66 I'm Lost in My Standing

BAD TITLE. Should be "I'm lost on my Gender Identity"
This first part is the background story:
Part 1 Early Stages: Hey there guys. I'm AMAB and I am beginning to feel lost in my position. From about 3rd grade I had small feelings of wanting to be a girl, but I shoved those away. . At one point I found a dress in a tub and had temptations to put it on, but I was scared of getting caught and that cause me to shove those feelings away, but they were still there. At around 5th grade they came back. I always found myself looking up fictional stories of becoming a girl on fictional story sites (cringy, I know). Things began to get complicated by middle school. In 6th grade, I began looking at girls skirts and finding myself wanting to dress up in them.
Part 2 Manifestation: It manifested until I went into the bathroom/laundry-room and put on my sister's skirts. I was caught after only 2 times by my mom. My mom is mildly homophobic and probably more transphobic. She didn't ground me or anything, but she definitely gave no approval. She had me have a talk with my dad. I don't remember what exactly was said, but I don't remember Dad having anywhere close the disapproval mom did. I ended up stopping for a certain amount of time out of guilt. But I found out about what trans people were and I found myself putting on my sister's clothes many more times and even began trying on her bras. The word trans would stick to me and never left my mind. This time I would make sure mom and my sister weren't home when dressed up. I had kept telling myself one more time each time I did it. I had even wanted to put on my mom's make up, but didn't dare risk it, but I tried lipstick once. This would go on until I graduated high-school and am now in college.
Part 3 College I live in a dorm. My roommate's girlfriend regularly in the room and practically lives in the dorm. I have had many temptations to put on her clothes, but didn't for fear of being caught and it was weird to me and seemed disrespectful to wear a stranger's clothes. This temptation built to where I finally said fuck it and went to a clothes store and began putting on girl's clothing. I felt liberated, and I took photos with that girl filter on snapchat, and I began to wish it was me. I then after that went to a Wall-greens to buy makeup because I thought it was cheap and looked up tutorials for how to do makeup to look like a girl. It was $100 and the most I ever spent on myself as a "luxury" at one time ever. I could not fathom spending that much prior. I began to put on makeup and nail polish and showing up in class (unfortunately don't look like a girl, but the makeup is obvious). No one cares and it feels good going out with makeup. Not only that, but I have also gotten really close to buying hormones (spironolactone and estradiol) off the internet, but stopped out of fear of University mail think it is contraband plus that stuff requires a perscription so I'd still get in trouble. I eventually told my sister (didn't give her an affinitive on my identity, but told her about what I had been doing after she realized I bought make up and she's also part of LGBT so I knew she would be a safe one to talk to). She said she was ok with it and she would be supportive of whatever I did and told me about sites where I could get clothes cheaply. I spree and got my self quite a bit of girl's clothes. I want to get more, but the other clothes are too expensive. I have begun wearing my clothes privately and secretly publicly and even picked out a name for myself, but the more I wear those the harder it is to change out of them. I have even risked getting caught returning to my dorm (they're partially separated by gender with a boy hall and girl hall) just to wear them longer and have even bought a wig and with makeup I look like a girl which is an absolute win.
Part 4 (Final part for background) (Dysphoria? Euphoric Moment?): I have found myself when I go out, I go out as a girl more and more and have been noticing some issues regarding how I feel about myself. While I look like a girl in the face, my arms are, while not muscular, look beefy, and it really shakes my confidence. I have been looking for cardigans to cover my arms, but no luck and have been using a hot(temperature-wise jacket) because it honestly looks better than my beefy arms. I also have a squarish build and worry it looks boyish. Lastly are my legs. I am afraid that my calves look too muscular and it also shakes my confidence. I'm really worried how people will perceive or if they see through my veil of makeup and wig and recognize me. Then I also have small Euphoric moments when I look at a face mirror. Not only that I noticed I am piling up selfie after selfie of myself because of how much I enjoy looking at my face when I looks like that of a girl's. Then came a big moment. I was out in a dress and presented as a girl. I went to Mcdonalds as all the other places around were closed and it was late. I was heading to the bathrooms and a woman stopped me and asked for my name. I gave her my chosen name and she said she was sorry for bothering her and she then said I looked like her daughter. That sent so much happiness to me that I can't describe. I wasn't at all tearful, but it was probably the best I've felt in a while and has still stuck in my head.
Now this is where things get complex:
ISSUE 1 (Early-early Signs not so apparent): Growing up as I said, I had temptations and thoughts of being a girl, but doing research on dysphoria I am doubting myself. I looked at early signs and early signs often show a rejection or less adherence to things of masculine construct in favor of feminine. However, I notice I don't necessarily fit feminine as a child, but I never outright rejects things of feminine or masculine nature. I liked Spiderman and Sonic and Mario etc, but I also liked Winx Club and the Barbie Movies and etc and while they were my sister's movies, I never felt like I was just tolerating them, but actually enjoyed them. I know these aren't decisive, but they are known indicators, and most trans people I have seen as activists very much were all in on these signs whether they were MTF or FTM. I know that those things shouldn't be gendered and are not decisive factors, but even people like Jammidodger (FTM) admit that he liked footballs as a kid and hated wearing clothing specifically designed for women in our modern day world (also not exclusive to men, but that is considered a potential, but not at all deciding,sign for FTM individuals like himself as well as having mostly opposite-sex (not gender as he is a man) friends and trying to fit in with boys. I found myself with mostly guy friends growing up, but I was always more of an outsider, but the fact I never really tried to fit in with girls also makes me question myself.
ISSUE 2(Name): Outside of that nitty-gritty is where I am afraid. I've been watching and reading many trans people's stuff and the biggest is their assigned name. The thing is, I don't outright hate my name and I mostly enjoy my name my family calls me(Buddy). My birthname I have a complex relationship with. I don't like it being a boy's name, but I only sometimes feel dysphoric about it as the name also reminds me of my dad and I love my dad and he is the strongest and hardest-working man I know and I hope to be a lot like him someday in terms of heart and spirit. I sometimes do feel dysphoric about it like when I sometimes write my name or when people call me by my birth name. When my mind isn't thinking about fearing everything else going wrong, I feel dysphoric, and I'm worried if I'm trans if changing my name will hurt his feelings and about losing the name. Not only that, but I fear losing the name as I feel it connects me to my dad. I have chosen to make it a feminized variant as a middle name, but I still fear hurting my dad as it won't be my first name anymore as I still prefer my chosen name. I also don't wanna lose being called Buddy by my family (However, I much rather would prefer being called Buddy-girl over Buddy-boy by my dad). Even though it is a "masculine" name (I have great uncles who are named Buddy), it has been one that has been one used to distinct me and my dad and I always thought of it as a name of endearment and I don't consider it a strongly masculine word.
ISSUE 3(Boobs): Boobs. I gained quite a bit of weight in middle school (junk food) and developed small boobs (I don't know if it's actual breast tissue or just chest fat). My mom said she was concerned I would be made fun of, and I felt dissatisfied with them as I associated them with being fat. I told myself that as a boy I couldn't have boobs. However, as I have been actively trying to lose weight, I have been afraid of losing them and hoping by some miracle that they are from a hormone issue and thus won't go away as I lose weight, and I have also been wishing they were bigger as I have been exploring my identity.
(Final) ISSUE 4 (Puberty): Another issue trans people talk about is puberty and how it affects them. For me it wasn't the worst thing, but still not good. I went through puberty and things are weird here. I don't like it, but unlike what others say, I don't say it was the most excruciating thing. It is quite painful, but not by any means almost suicidal level or severely depressed level like most seem to mention. It sucks though. I'm not a fan of my voice at all. It is while higher pitched, very heavy and quite buzzy and it makes it difficult to sound feminine where I'm scared to order food or speak to anyone. I already mentioned my dissatisfaction with my arms and legs. I also think my height sucks, 5'9 is a little too tall, but I don't mind my height at all (mostly cause I can make fun of my sister lol). I'm also not satisfied with my body build as I am almost squarish. Outside of serious dissatisfaction and quite a bit of dysphoria, I haven't felt this utmost severe dysphoria that everyone mentions. I don't have any facial hair (thank god), but I worry about getting it in the future as my dad's facial hair was late, so I worry on that future, and I don't have an adam's apple, and I don't think my build looks terrible when I wear outfits that make my boobs appear.
As seen by the issues and background it has me questioning things. I really think I am a girl, but due to not having as strong dissatisfaction that most seem to talk about I am doubting myself. I know everyone's experiences are different, but mine seems so far outside the status quo that I am getting nervous. I thought I might be Non-Binary, but I don't feel that way at all. I feel more like a girl than non-Binary. Yet I also wonder if I'm just a feminine man as I don't adhere what most trans people I've listened to. However, that doesn't satisfy me as I don't feel like man either. If I am a girl, then I'm afraid of the consequences. It gets worse as time goes on because I have been wanting more and more to go to class as a girl and spend most, if not all my time as a girl, but my voice isn't good enough yet, and I'm worried of what my peers will think of me.
Consequences and fears (You can & probably should just read TLDR here)
***TLDR: TwinSisterWouldbeCoolMomNotsoMuch:***I know my sister will be supportive (she's a twin btw) as she is LGBT herself, and she already knows about my questioning on identity. My mom however, is, as I said, mildly homophobic, but she denies that. She thinks trans(especially non-binary) people are loony. She thinks most people are gay because it is taught. She acknowledges gay people exist, and claims she doesn't care if anyone's gay (she told my and my sister we shouldn't have any issue with an LGBT roommate as that was a question for helping match a roommate(neither of us did surprise surprise), but you have the issue of literally everything homophobic she says, it's so paradoxical), but she seems to say that someone who is gay has obvious signs they are gay from an early age. While true, gay people can have signs from an early age, obviousness varies, and some people don't find out until much later. Unfortunately to make matters worse, my mom is damn good at reading people just from a photo due to years of working fast food (accurately guessed the character of my classmates with about 95% accuracy without crunching numbers), so trying to convince her I'm the 5% will be fucking impossible especially with me being her kid and being trans rather than just gay.
TLDRDadUnknownReactionIsScary: Then there's my dad. The scary part is I don't know how he'd react. My dad seems very lax on gay people and seems to genuinely not mind on people's sexuality and has shown to snigger or say sarcastically "Yes honey." when mom says something homophobic, not in an agreeing way either, my dad has only ever said "Yes honey" when he's sarcastic. However, I have no idea what his opinions are on trans people as that is likely something he's not too familiar with. The only thing I can think of worst than my dad being angry, as I don't think he'll be too angry, is him being heartbroken. If my dad is heartbroken, it would hurt more than any yelling from my mom. Because I think deep down he would feel like he lost his son and there is some more serious background around dad that I'm not going to get into out of respect for him. It was a sad time for my dad.
TLDRConservativeFamily My family is very conservative as far as I'm aware and much of them are individually. My grandma is very religious and my mom is mildly. I think one of my cousins and an aunt wouldn't be too bothered, but the rest of the family is a no-go.
TLDRPeersatCollegeRisky The college I go to is particularly odd. There's quite a bit of religious influence, but in the city people (especially younger women) have been increasing
Final Thoughts and Questions
As a result of these feelings I have had I have considered coming out as trans at least to my sister, but as I had these conflicted feelings I thought I would ask you guys what you thought as I don't wanna come out for it to be more awkward explaining I wasn't x but actually y as it takes a lot from me to have the courage to do so. I'm wondering if you guys could help me out, I'm pretty sure I'm a trans girl, but due to the issues above, I wanna make sure I get it right. Also I would like to know if I should tell my sister whom will be cool about it. I know she will want to tell her friends, but I don't want her to. I know she'll respect my wishes, but I think she'd be a little heartbroken by me telling her she can't tell her friends as she already told them about my previous tendencies of putting on women's clothing. Thank you so much for reading. I apologize if this was long. It is a complicated story.
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2023.03.26 10:33 Gxesio Back to my old Temur Ascendancy deck

Hello magic constructors,
Long time ago i was trying to make a deck from my idea using T. Asendancy and cheap creatures with 4 power.
Deck was fun and not so powerful, but in my circle of friend was shinening bright.
I want to back to this idea. Could you lean above this one and make a single scoop?
This is the core: 4x Temur Ascendancy 4x Frost Walker 4x Imaginery Pet 4x Rattleclaw Mystic 4x Vaultbraker 2x Hooting Mandrils 2x Shaman of the Great Hunt
4x Lightning Bolt 2x Temur Battle Rage
Rest was some fillers these times.
Some Heir of the Wilds cards. Temur Sabertooth cards for returning cheap creatures. Bloodmad Vampire cards due to madness effect. And some others.
I dont have Vexing Devils as a powerful cards in this deck plan.
Any ideas warmly welcome.
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2023.03.26 10:32 AggravatingExtent324 Im sorry

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2023.03.26 10:32 ExtremeBox4963 GET YOUR HANDS ON THE NEW TEMPLATE!

NEW HIRE DASHBOARD a template for Notion.

FINALLY! I released my first template for Notion.
The New - Hire Dashboard.
This template is jam packed with a bunch of amazing, tools to make your hiring process a breeze!
This includes:
I am excited to see what everyone thinks, and I would love any feedback anyone has! ❤️
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2023.03.26 10:32 kpo987 AITA for not cleaning up after my bf?

This is very small but I couldn't figure it out. My bf and I switch off days cooking equally, so one day one of us cooks (or buys the takeout) and the other cleans up the dinner, and the next day we switch roles. Last night he went out with friends and I was expecting him to eat dinner out so I was prepared to be lazy and eat a pb&j by myself. They decided to eat and pregame at our apartment instead, and my bf got delivery pizzas and bacon cheese bread knots. Since he was getting food at our place he let me have some for my dinner. Our apartment isn't very big and so there were 4 men taking over my space drinking beer and listening to music until 10:30 pm. I had to work early in the morning so I grabbed some food while they were eating and hung out with the cat in the bedroom, emerging to put my plate in the dishwasher. I was more than ready to go to bed by the time they left and with the time change happening that night and work in the morning so I just got ready for bed. My bf and his friend who was sleeping over stumbled into the apartment at 6:30 in the morning. I hadn't cleaned up because I figured it was too late by the time they left to clean, and it's just pizza boxes anyway. But when I got up for work I found they didn't eat a full pizza and a full box of the bacon knots and they were left out and now not safe to eat. So was it my responsibility to clean up after them and put the leftover food in the fridge? AITA
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