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2023.03.27 02:52 gamingxky My online "friend" (mutual friend, don't really talk much) just informed me that they are in the hospital after trying to eat their beans, I am going to actually throw up if I keep thinking about it. So now you all have to suffer as well

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2023.03.27 02:52 appalachiana Treatment from Evvy not available in my state? Could I use my parents address 10 minutes away?

I have my own address and my own place, but results from Evvy offer a treatment plan in 40 US states. However, my state that I live in is one of the 10 states that don't currently offer treatment through their providers. I'm in a border state -- 10 minutes from the border of a state that does provide this option. My mom live in that state. Could I submit my information from her house or is there something that is going to want to see my license etc? I mean, at this point, I'm willing to pack up and stay with my mom and step-dad if I have to be there to sign when everything is said and done to get treatment. I'm just planning ahead.
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2023.03.27 02:52 Jeonghanscheekbones ‘Coded’ anything has gone too far

This is more fandom general but has definitely bled into fanfic culture. People deciding that a random character is ‘coded’ as something and will cry and scream and shit their pants if anyone headcanons them as anything else. Like I’m sorry but a character that’s canonically 25 years old is not ‘minor coded’??? Yes, obviously queer-coding is a real thing, but aside from that I’m side eyeing some of this stuff. Like it’s pretty well established in the fanfic community that what’s canon is canon and what isn’t is up for interpretation, yes?
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2023.03.27 02:52 Maleficent_Code9003 30 [m4m] #glen burnie bottom seeking top to fill me

Bottom in glen burnie seeking top or tops for some hot fun into anything and love to please can host or travel and generally always looking, can be 1 time thing or regular or can be 1 on 1 or groups. Can usually be free whenever you are may just take a few days notice to make sure I am available can chill or just get straight into.hit. hit.me up and lets have some fun
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2023.03.27 02:52 FickleWrangler A close up pic of my hambsome moo floof toddler when he was one year old! (All the way back in 2013)

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2023.03.27 02:52 _TheWolfOfWalmart_ Chainweaver wallet balance does not exist

I just set up the chainweaver wallet on Linux and sent a small 5 KDA test transaction from kucoin. It just says my balance "does not exist" and if I go into network settings for mainnet, it's set to api.chainweb.com but the status is a red circle.
Received non 200 status 0
Any idea what's going on here? I didn't do anything weird, just installed the wallet and that's it.
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2023.03.27 02:52 ShinyLumeo Ways to reduce cleaning time?

I’ve been struggling with mental health recently so keeping my space clean is already a chore, much less the rat’s space. My usual cleaning routine is spot cleaning throughout the week (replacing the litter box twice a week, removing poops from where poops aren’t supposed to be every day) and every Sunday I do a full clean. This consists of wiping down all the bars (two story Critter Nation), scrubbing the trays and litter boxes and completely emptying out the substrate I use in a cement tray (Carefresh paper bedding) and replacing it. I also wash all their toys and bedding and vacuum around the cage. This process takes about 3-4 hours. It’s exhausting and I’ve cut down to doing it once every two weeks because I just can’t do it some weekends, but then the smell builds up real fast and obviously I don’t want to cause my rats (or myself) any respiratory distress.
Any tips on how to reduce cage cleaning time?
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2023.03.27 02:52 Own-Location8870 The original quality of the sales counters is 1:1 reproduced to produce the best bags, check the quality before delivery and take details of the picture to you, and provide you with the tracking number. Through fedex, UPS, DHL, Other brand styles Contact William WhatsApp+8618059949198

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2023.03.27 02:52 Gandalfthemad 3.5 week old only wants to feed every 3-4 hours, is this normal?

Baby has been gaining weight appropriately and pretty much since she was born she has on demand fed. She gets between 19-24 oz a day but really takes her food in long stretches. I don’t know what’s normal as she is my first. Sometimes she cluster feeds so we feed a lot sooner and sometimes she wants to eat every 2 hours. Everything I read shows people go at max 3 hours and it’s making me worried for her! She seems content and sleeps long during the night. Anyone have a baby similar? I plan to bring up at her one month.
She is exclusively bottle fed breast milk.
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2023.03.27 02:52 TJ214GM I got to ask this so I just notice after i got hyperpurple lvl3 the pity counter is gone it wont show up but the other robberys still work is this a glitch i robbed Pp for 10 time and it wont show is it just me?

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2023.03.27 02:52 boosiefaded1 Squarepusher Venus No. 17 Acid Mix Breaks

Does anyone know how I might go about replicating whatever Squarepusher is doing to the break about 22 seconds into the song? It kinda sounds like he's rapidly pitching the break down and then up again but I'm not sure how to go about doing this in Ableton. Any advice would be helpful.
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2023.03.27 02:52 bezman8 Up in the North - An Aussie's Arctic Adventure

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2023.03.27 02:51 SeanMisspelled Heavyweight Rider Recommendation?

I'm looking at the Aventure.2 as a big guy, 6' 330lbs. Spec online says up to 400lbs but I've seen at least one online review calling out the front forks as bottoming out easily after 200lbs. Can any other big riders speak to firsthand experience with this?
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2023.03.27 02:51 Own-Location8870 The original quality of the sales counters is 1:1 reproduced to produce the best bags, check the quality before delivery and take details of the picture to you, and provide you with the tracking number. Through fedex, UPS, DHL, Other brand styles Contact William WhatsApp+8618059949198

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2023.03.27 02:51 avalanchent Wrangler and Fingle try to cheer up a sad Bench Guy

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2023.03.27 02:51 APRobertsVII Why?!?!?!

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2023.03.27 02:51 SinnySen Dual Timelines, Flashbacks & Time Jumps

\**Long-time lurker, first-time poster. Mods, feel free to remove or tell me to edit if needed. Not sure if this is the most appropriate flair****
Hi all! So, I’ve read 125+ romance novels now and have decided my favorite trope (outside of dark romance ugh) is second-chance; specifically childhood/teenage-friends/sweethearts-to-strangers-to-lovers. I LOVE pairing the intense feelings of young love with angsty & spicy second-chance now that they're adults. I need to SEE the MCs fall in love in the past so I can root for their reunion in the present. Bonus points if they are insta-love/intimate/friends the first time around just to intensify the ultimate break-up.
I’m posting my own lists below in hopes of helping others who like this trope/device and maybe to unearth some lesser-known recs! Loosely ordered from favorite to least under each section…
READ BUT CAN’T REALLY REMEMBER - Elements of Dual/Flashback/Jumps
HONORABLE MENTIONS - Not True Romance Genre
HAVE NOT YET READ (TBR) - No particular order
Note: in an effort to not over-work the bot, I only bracketed those I really like specifically for this trope/plot device.
Feel free to add to my list or ask me about any I have read. If you have recs, please call out whether its dual timeline/flashbacks or a major time jump.
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2023.03.27 02:51 juliussleazor I screwed up. Can i reload a previous save on my switch SP?

I read about setting the system time back to keep a particular TZ going. I farmed a bunch, found a cham, an SOJ and a bunch of other cool, got the the end of that hour qnd set the time back again. Reloaded, and poof, all gone
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2023.03.27 02:51 Aggressive-Wonder365 Question about Purple Haze Feedback

I was watching a YouTube video and it said that Massimo Volpe searched for a stone mask and became a vampire. I thought his stand could overcharge his body and gave him the strength comparable to a vampire. Can someone clear this up for me? Thank you.
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2023.03.27 02:51 LimplyGracious03 [WTS][USA] DS Size 9 N*KE, V*SV*M, F0G Please see imgur album inside

Paypal invoice only
Tagged photos with timestamp: https://imgur.com/a/cuyiAek
NOTE: F0G & VSVM shoes/boots are size 9 but fit like a 10. I'm going to repurchase them again but I will size down. If you are a true size 10, I think this will fit you well.
Hello, up for sale are shoes I never got around to wearing. Only the OF Muslin 5s are worn and everything else are DS.
I believe I've priced all of them reasonably. If you have any questions or want additional photos, I can provide them to you.
Thanks for looking!
Size 9 DS L&F AJ1s UABat batch w/ OG box - 100 Shipped
Size 9 DS Sacais Budget batch no box - 40 shipped
Size 9 DS (Fits like 10) FOG Combat Boots OWF batch no box - 75 shipped
Size 9 DS (Fits like 10) VSVM Grizzly Boots no box - 150 Shipped *These are goodyear welted. I can give you the W2C and these are 200 just to buy from the seller so I would consider these a steal if you are a size 10 and looking for this particular boots.
Size 9 8/10 OF Muslin 5 LJR w/ OG box - 55 Shipped
Size 9 DS Chicago 1s LJR w/ OG box - 80 Shipped
Size 9M/10.5W DS OW4 Sail PK w/ OG box - 90 Shipped
Size 9 DS Union Guava 4s PK w/ OG box - 80 Shipped
Size 9 DS (Fits like 10) FOG Chelsea Suede Boots OWF batch no box - 75 Shipped
Size 9 DS FOG1 Sail OWF batch no box w/ accessory - 40 shipped
Size 9 DS FOG1 Black OWF batch no box w/ accessory - 75 Shipped
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2023.03.27 02:51 Rads324 Any other mouth breathers up in Nyah?

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2023.03.27 02:51 BeginningContact8845 Anyone still up and chatting?

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