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2023.03.27 01:56 Redtripski [WTS] AK Spare Parts Dump, 4.5mm Folding Stock Hinge / Polish Beryl Org. FCG / AK Furniture / JMac Adapter / WBP Adapter / AK MasterMount / FSB + 4 pc. Flash Hider . $65-130 [IL]
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2023.03.27 01:54 chickenlegwheatbread Clearance Wayfair Patio Furniture

Follow this link for Clearance Wayfair Patio Furniture. Access the latest deals and promotions by visiting the link, featuring a constantly updated list of coupons, promo codes, and discounts.
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2023.03.27 01:42 SpAcEcAdEt_1988 my roommates are the worst

Today, finally having a few days for the leaves to dry, I cleaned up the back yard. I bought lawn equipment with my own money and spent the entire day cutting grass, raking, sweeping the slabs, and finally making it nice for spring.
Neither of my roommates left their room until I was done. When one finally did, he started making jokes about not doing anything and didn't even bother to thank me. Yet he's the one that falls asleep in the sun back there when he gets off work on the patio furniture that I provided.
Seriously, it would at least soften the blow of them being lazy and irresponsible if they would say than you or help pay for the supplies.
Tbh, im venting. This is normal. I do all the cleaning and maintenance in the house. When I ask for help, they say no and tell me they don't care. Getting them to clean the shared bathroom when it's their turn was a nightmare in itself. Their rooms reek even with the doors closed.
How do 2 grown men in their 30s end up so pathetic?
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2023.03.27 01:41 Kariered Need abusive sister to move out of parents house

I live in Texas.
My sister is 43 years old and has been living with my parents for the past 7 months. During this time she has not paid them any rent (there was never an agreement) or given them any money of any sort. She has a part time job cleaning people's houses and I think she may work for maybe 3 hours a day, maybe 3 days a week.
Ever since she moved in my parents health has started to decline. My dad (70) was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis and is currently in the hospital on life support. We will find out of he will make it to the transplant list tomorrow.
My mom is 67 and has really bad osteoporosis and is in a lot of pain all the time. She still gets around well and cleans the house, etc.
My sister obviously has a mental disorder. She will not go to the doctor or get treatment. She sleeps all day when she's not at her job. My mom will ask her to pick up the house when she goes to visit my dad in the hospital. My sister does not do anything she is asked. Instead she complains about everything--the temperature of the house, that something smells, something my mom did or did not do.
Yesterday at the hospital I helped my mom use the Walmart app so she wouldn't have to spend a lot of time at the store. I came over to my parents house shortly before my mom got home and my sister was sitting on the couch watching TV and the place was trashed.
My mom gets home and my sister starts putting away the groceries and complains about every single thing my mom bought. Then something else set her off and she started yelling and being abusive towards my mom and calling her and myself a "fucking bitch". She threw a spoon in the kitchen, then stomped upstairs to her room and started slamming things around. Then she later came back out to yell again for no reason, still cursing at my mom.
My mom is the nicest person you'll ever meet. I cannot stand for her to live like this. It breaks my heart. My dad wants her out. If my dad gets on the transplant list (a big if), he definitely cannot come back to his home with my sister in it. Even if he doesn't make it, my sister still needs to get out.
What can we do? I am at a loss. I know what my sister is doing qualifies as elder abuse. I don't think anyone wants my sister to go to jail, but I'm wondering if we have choice.
She will not willingly go to an institution, nor do we have extra money for that. My parents have paid for her to live there, they paid for her to get auto insurance (she was driving without any for years). They have paid for repairs on her car.
I am at a loss. I am trying to work and take care of my parents. I cannot have my sister abusing them.
Any advice is appreciated. Thanks
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2023.03.27 01:38 kem81 So... We Aren't Alone? (part 18)

I know.... Its been forever since I updated last. I'm sorry. I've been having a hard time getting in the mood to write lately. I'll try to be better.
First / Prev
Mira was taken back to her quarters to rest. “I am worried about leaving you alone. You are very tired. What if you need help and no one is here?” Vebi asked.
Mira chuckled. “I’ve been through worse.”
Fennis was shocked. “Really?”
Mira chuckled again. “No. Not really….. Maybe? I have been through aspects that were worse than this, just not all together like this. All I really need is rest. Besides, the ship’s computers are voice activated if I really need help. Z’natla showed me how to do that.”
“I’ll still have Povin come and check on you later today. I am giving him a temporary over-ride to needing permission to enter for today only. He will still call out to ask for permission to enter, but if you don’t respond, he will use his over-ride.” Fennis replied.
“I can agree to that.” They said their good-byes and Mira headed to the bedroom to sleep.


It was dark and Mira heard movement close to her. She gasped awake and tried to discern where the noise came from.
“I called and you didn’t answer. I didn’t mean to make you afraid.” Came Povin’s voice in the dark. He saw that she wasn’t focused on him but in his general direction. “I didn’t know that humans can’t see in this lighting. I’m going to lighten the room a little.” He tapped a spot on the wall that Mira guesses was where another monitor was. There was a low tone to indicate the computer was listening for an order. “Rise lighting 3 percent.”
The room was still mostly cast in shadow, but now she could see Povin’s outline. “I’m sorry. I must have been sleeping really deeply.”
“It is a few hours to end of day and you haven’t eaten all day. Do you think you can eat? Or perhaps even sit with some of your friends?”
“Sure, I could eat. And I would love to sit with my friends.”
“Do you need any help? Z’natla is outside, I can ask her to help you.”
“Z’natla’s here? I’m good. Just give me a few minutes.” Povin nodded and headed back to the living area to give her privacy.
In 10 minutes, she was fully awake and was heading with Povin to the dining hall. “I asked them to go ahead so we’ll all be able to sit together.”
At the dining hall, she was met with a chorus of “Mira!”’s. Sitting around a large table were S’sveta, Z’natla, Klarood, Deno, the three other members of her and Povin’s team from the fight, as well as a few others she had seen, but not officially met. Everyone had plates of food in front of them.
“Wait, isn’t the food here going to cause you problems?” Mira asked of S’sveta, Z’natla, and Klarood.
Klarood pointed to a member of his race who was bringing out another platter of some kind of food. “There were many losses on The Meteor. Black Hole shipmates have taken over many of the auxiliary jobs such as kitchen staff. As a result, we brought over food we can eat. All food being served currently came from Black Hole. Our two ships are heading to the closest Federation outpost to make repairs, take care of our dead we were able to recover, as well as take on replacement ships and crewmembers. Your return home will be delayed for a few days. Black Hole as well as another ship, God’s Eye is how I think it translates…. Did that translate?” Mira nodded. “God’s Eye and Black Hole will travel the rest of the way to your home planet in case another attempt is made against your return.”
Klarood took a bite of food and S’sveta continued the conversation. “We didn’t want to show such a large, well-armed force as part of first contact, but considering everything it will be for the best. The Meteor will still remain the main point of contact with your planet’s leaders. As you know, we at the Black Hole would not be able to step foot on your planet without issues. The crew of God’s Eye are Red Class. That’s the next step away from Black Class. They would be able to go on your planet, but each of the races on that ship have different issues that would make staying on your planet long term be difficult. The Quix need high temperatures, oxygen is poisonous to the Trablkians, and their nocturnal species, the Naxuns need nearly total darkness. Their skin is highly reactive to light. Luckily, both the Quix and Trablkians have excellent night vision. The Trablkians actually live on a world with a permanent twilight-like lighting, so don’t do well in bright light. It’s an odd ship grouping, but they do well together.”
Z’natla chimed in, “I hear that once we’re at the outpost, we’ll have a meet and greet among the three ships. I hear that the Quix Chief Medical Officer is eager to meet with you, Mira. In fact, God’s Eye jumped at the chance to be the second escort ship.” Her eyes twinkled at the gossip.
“Oh yes.” Klarood replied. “When another Black Class ship offered to be the second, Drixa, the Quix CMO pointed out that there had been a request to Quix from The Meteor to assess ‘the human’. I didn’t hear all the details about that. Mira, do you know why such a request was made?”
“One of the Acili medical officers, Garda, spoke with me after I woke up. Because I had such an adverse reaction to the Luxshi and they don’t look like the pictures you showed me. I think they have been on Earth for a really long time too. Garda thinks that humans may have low psionic abilities. Not enough to fight off the Luxshi, but enough to be affected by them.
“You see them as somewhat insectoid? Two upper arms and four lower legs, multifaceted eyes, short antenna, full mouth of teeth but no lips, and a somewhat emaciated looking body. I’m sure that looks normal for them, but to me it looks nearly skeletal for a bug…. Which is just a weird concept. That’s not what they look like to me.” Mira brought out her portable which had become like a cell phone to her; to feel lost without it tucked away in it’s belt pouch. She brought up the images that resembled what she saw. “These are artist renderings of what they look like to us. Though, I do wonder if we might each see them differently as humans…. There are a number of slightly similar creatures like this, and I have to wonder if they might all be Luxshi appearing as things that would scare us.”
S'sveta was concerned. “Show us the other things you think might be Luxshi in disguise. I think between all of us here we can at least tell you if they are a known species.” Mira went through as many cryptids as she could think of, but none of them were recognized as a known species. It was decided that they wouldn’t know for sure unless the Quix also saw the Luxshi in these other forms.
After eating and much catching up, Povin lead Mira back to her room before heading to his own.
First / Prev
Kind of short, but I know someone was concerned about whether favorite characters had made it through the fight. I try not to kill unnecessarily in what I write. So here's your proof of life.
As always, comments and upvotes help me to know you're still interested in the story.
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2023.03.27 01:37 Intelligent-Guess-81 V2 Extended Range, worth it?

Hey all, I have the opportunity to buy a V2 with extended range that won't charge beyond 80%. I'm pretty handy and built / upgraded an escooter from an empty shell. What am I getting myself into? Is this worth it or are parts impossible to find now that Boosted went belly up? Is this repair, specifically, pretty straight forward? TIA and sorry if this has been asked already.
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2023.03.27 01:33 nirvanakng Repairs and Insurance Questions

I unfortunately was rear ended two months ago, a sad day indeed. The party that hit me has State Farm insurance and it turns out in Minnesota State Farm doesn't have either of the only two shops certified to work on Rivian's in their network - which seems to cause lots of issues.
Have others experienced insurance companies not wanting to work with the only repair shops authorized to work on Rivian's before? It's been over two months and they have yet to do the complete appraisal and authorize the repair. To note, what didn't appear to be a terrible amount of damage turned out to include a damaged frame, so the total expense to repair is significant, roughly 50% of the cost of the truck, which is probably why State Farm is making this process so slow.
I wonder if State Farm itself insures any Rivians in Minnesota knowing that no shop in their network can repair it. When they were pushing back on "me choosing where to take it" I literally started calling down their list of shops and nobody would touch the truck. Rivian themselves said they won't sell parts to non-Rivian certified repair shops. Seems crazy that insurance companies aren't on top of this.
Totaling the vehicle (which I don't want them to do) would lead to a higher interest rate on a new loan and the inability to get a like-vehicle since it is a LE w/ a powered tonneau. I've checked a few auto sites and the same color combo with those specs just isn't for sale. Frustrating.
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2023.03.27 01:25 ImTinaB3lcher Kia Boyz recovery

For those who has/had vehicle(s) stolen by Kia boys trend. Have you gotten your vehicle back and how long did you have to wait before your vehicle was repaired and ready for driving?
I’m aware there is a shortage or delay with parts. My 2018 Tucson has been in the shop since the beginning of February. There’s no point for me to purchase another car as this one is paid off (team no car payment).
If it’s possible to set an expectation- then great. I’m fine assuming that I’ll get it back by the end of the calendar year at this point.
I assume others have possibly not gotten their vehicles returned but it’s worth a shot.
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2023.03.27 01:24 TMH_Daughter Neighbors Smoking Meth / Drugs - Entering Walls- Making Me Sick - Giving 30 Day Notice- Advice?

New Reddit User...bear with me...State of OR.
I am no a drug user. Not even interested in it. I am early retired and a pretty organized and together type of person. I have been sought out to be a mentor and volunteer and care about my health.
I am disabled due to a car accident, so I am going through physical therapy for two years now. I was also caring for my Mom who had dementia for the past 7 years, and finally got help for her from my family so now I can live on my own again.
Things are looking up for me....for the most part.
Except for one thing....
I moved to another city to be near someone who I considered to be a friend a sister, to help her kids and to have a support in town. Otherwise, I am alone in most things. That was a mistake....I see now.
I found what I thought was a godsend apartment in a market that is very hard to find apartments in. I thought it was awesome. Downstairs corner unit. (Never again. Next stop... upstairs units or tiny home on my own land...or bust)
I have been here 4 months now. I started out happy and ready to get to my PT appointments.
First month, ok...i was just settling in. Second month, it was mid December and freezing out so I was happy to have a place to hibernate and was grateful I wasn't homeless for the winter. Third month....started seeing weirdness of neighbors....
The landlord placed in the lease that there is a $100 charge for anyone who "smokes within 100ft of entrances and walkways in the complex, or in parking lot". But i noticed in all months, so many of my neighbors would be out in their cars at weird hours, multiple times.
But I believe folks have free it's none of my business what they do.
I suspected my side and upstairs neighbors both use drugs.....this is a state known for legalization of all drugs. (Btw, it doesn't matter...but then again it does...that I am a person of color who grew up in an urban area during the "war on drugs" and saw family and friends get thrown in jail for a joint. But now I live in a place that is almost all white. 82% white - dumb move. So they consider me suspect for blinking)
So to see so many times these white folks sitting in their cars, one of which had the windows down and kept smoking weed and whatever else....ok...but that's blatant. I've seen my melanated family thrown in jail for having a joint in a bag in the trunk....but this person is out here just blazing up with their lily white self not a care in the world....things have certainly changed.
Be mad. Because racism is real. I stated before, I believe in free agency. So they can smoke or's their prerogative. But I also have seen folks like this blame melanated folks for things they are doing wrong. So many times I've moved my car so as not to be accused.
Then I stopped moving it. I decided not to stress over it.
Until I started itching, getting blood clots and breaking out.
I do not do drugs. I take care of my hair and skin. I love spa days. This was abnormal for be dry, itchy, waking up middle of the night, having bloodclots, feeling burning in my chest.
I got a HEPA filter for my house in case it was something in the walls or something. It worked a couple weeks. But I noticed my neighbors (side and upstairs) would stop going out (as landlord put up cameras outside). So they obviously had to be inside.
Thus the problem now. The third month in to my lease, and I've started noticing my skin changes, the food I eat tastes weird now, (I am a good cook so I know the difference), my hair is dry, waking up with headaches and sinus problems....and then the blood clots started. Over three months went from improving health to blood clots in my stool.
Something is up.
Until I went away for one day and felt completely better in 24 hours. No clots, no sinus issues, skin feeling good and one day out of the building.
I came back and within 48 hours back to the clots and I would notice I'd hear the door of the side neighbor would be closing or they'd be bumping on the walls at 2am....then the itching would happen for me. Then the upstair neighbor would walk around at 3am....and I'd start feeling the chest burning and more itching....utnil I started opening the patio door (in February at 3am....snowing....I got my damn patio door open to get fresh air. That would be the only thing that would stop it.
But I couldn't bring myself to snitch....because I value my safety and my own privacy. I know that druggies would retailiate harshly if they feel threatened. I came from an urban area.....snitches and ditches and all that jazz..
Then...I went out early to go swimming (I like it at 6am) and caught the "maintenance" guy in the maintenance room next to my unit trying to put out something he was smoking quickly....he got caught but I saw the red embers from him trying to put out the cigarrette and pipe of whatever.
So now its the neighbors, and the maintenance folks...sneaking smoking at 2am 3am 4am 5am.....and I'm the dummy who's sober trying to get well.
But I am now seeing more blood clots in the toilet. My skin feel uncharacteristically dry. Night sweats. Throwing up. And I started looking for another place.
I found another town that has a similar facility for my PT. My relationship with my friend is estranged because I believe and see signs she is doing something shady as well. So I have some options to get out...just a matter of time.
But I am writing my 30 day notice now for this apartment. (4 months in) I don't have an official doctor note....but I am CONVINCED the meth usage of my neighbors / maintenance guys is making me sick. I known it's meth because I see their gaunt, grayish acne covered skin, shaking and their fast talking, tweaker insomniac activities outside. Right out my patio door.
Guess I'm just empathic and misled myself ....naieve...whatever.
I'm just concerned about tellign the landlord what I think is happening, without any doctor note of my own. Would I be seen as a poor tenant for ending my lease early? Would a doctor note even help or would they think it just showed I was the user? I don't have time and money (or decent enough insurance) to get extra drug test on my own....should I seek one? What legal options would I have?
What should I list as the reason for the 30 day notice? Personal health issues?
And I'm afraid to snitch on these druggies...they are already demon possessed with their usage. It's obvious. They are humans....just really inconsiderate humans who are harming me. It's gotta stop. And it will stop when I stop spending my money on this unit and get outta dodge.
Need some advice...but mainly just needed to get it out because I'm scared. Can't wait to move into my new (upstairs) apartment in a new town....need help.
Thanks for reading.
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2023.03.27 01:24 TheGreenInsurgent What if we could use gene editing to coexist with harmful bacteria and viruses?

So I'll start by saying there are helpful and harmful bacteria. This is a common fact that I shouldn't need to link a source for.
There are also good viruses-
I wanted to flair this as "Life extension", but this post is NOT anti-senescence. That's sort of my main point.
Cancer is a prime example of a harmful virus that manifests itself in a lot of different ways, making it so hard to cure by getting rid of it. But there are plenty of times when a virus or bacteria simply evolves into something deadlier. So (if it is possible) the best, most sustainable way to cure disease is to develop a way for the human body to live with it. Symbiosis.
The implication of this idea applied to cancer is that we might be able to become biologically immortal. Because cancer cells don't die. But they also have a lot of other functions that cause our death that would be hard to get around. But I will not claim to be an expert, but it is simple logic. Normal cells lose their genetic memory and become senescent, and when they refuse to die they become cancerous. [How cancer forms](
My base idea is that maybe we can make normal cells more adaptable so that they can live in spite of (or even with the help of) cancer. And maybe cancer cells can be edited to be more compatible with us or helpful to us as well, leading to countless possibilities.
I would like to give examples of how they would be helpful, but they're all too far-fetched given the information that is currently available online. For now, I just want to spread the idea that cellular adaptation or symbiosis for cancer and other viruses should be researched more.
You might be able to argue that vaccines work somewhat like this, but not really. Not at all actually. Vaccines trigger an immune response, so the goal is the same as a cure- kill the virus. Once again, I'm not an expert and my goal here isn't to give advice. I'm just throwing out possibilities. There isn't much I can use to back up the idea that we can live symbiotically with bad viruses because there is little to no research to be found on the topic. Meaning that little to no research has been done. So if you're a scientist, please consider the possibility. If you know one, I'm sure it would be an interesting topic of conversation.

If what I said above is enough for you to believe this is an idea worth spreading, you don't really need to read the rest of this, unless you're curious. But I believe this is an urgent problem, and if you don't get that yet, please keep reading.
To add a sense of urgency, imagine that solving disease by adapting to it is possible. Then imagine that we continue to progress using only our current method (Killing it), and we succeed, ignoring the possibility of symbiosis entirely. I'm sure there are plenty of anti-senescence posts explaining the possible ways that we can eliminate disease entirely. Perhaps with nanobots that repair cells or kill diseases for us forever. Maybe with gene editing techniques that involve making our immune system unbeatable. Maybe by replacing our organs with new ones indefinitely, etc. But what if we gain biological immortality in one of these ways and miss the opportunity to become biologically superhuman? The unknowns that my argument brings to the table are its strength. The ways in which we can manipulate and combine viruses, human cells, bacteria, and more types of life have endless possibilities. It is clear to see that killing off all diseases and all threats to humans would simply allow us to keep living, but surviving is not the same thing as growing. You can manipulate human cells to an extent, but in the end they are just human cells. In my opinion, manipulating viruses to be compatible with us and make us superhuman is much more ethical than combining our cells with animals. What is the urgency to become superhuman, you might ask?
Artificial Intelligence is outpacing us. Medication for the sake of survival is an uphill battle where we are shooting ourselves in both feet. The only sustainable way to outlive anything that kills us is not to keep killing it until it comes back stronger- it is to join forces with it or make ourselves stronger. Humans will always lose if we have to rely on external sources to survive or grow. What if nanobots used to keep us alive were manipulated by AI to hold us also be able to kill us and hold us hostage? Cybernetics are cool and all, but metal is not alive. Robotic body parts will never be "one" with us without something like Neuralink that makes them so, once again putting us at the mercy of whoever or whatever can control that brain chip. And however much you might hope people won't accept connecting a brain chip to the internet, I am sure that it is inevitable. And we will be controlled, either by AI smarter than us or the elite trying to control the population. The only sustainable solution is to make everybody superhuman. And unlike the unending costs of replacing cybernetics and draining the earth and space around us for minerals to make more technology to waste, innovating ourselves biologically will always be sustainable. It is compatible with nature. We won't have to dig up minerals forever, we would just have to eat. And maybe there is a merit to becoming cyborgs, but if our biology cannot match the strength of technology, technology won't be our tool anymore. We will be the tool. And if you want to optimistic, perhaps future AI will realize the merit of biological innovation and its potential and recreate humans, or something like us, for exactly the purpose I'm describing. If nobody listens to this post, I hold on to the hope that maybe the internet will preserve this information for AI someday.
I think biological innovation is so behind that we are almost doomed, and technological innovation has surpassed it too far already. But it's never too late as long as there are people left without edited genes or cybernetics of any kind.
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2023.03.27 01:21 TheDirtyWizard42 Is it worth the fix??

So my mono 4k started acting up and now it won't do anything.
Looks like the uv isn't operating properly. When I run the tests, the entire screen lights up and doesn't do the picture frame or anything else besides fully illuminating.
Secondly, once the build plate reaches the bottom, it seems like it's pushing too far and makes a rough sound as if the motor is being overloaded because it's hitting the bottom. From there, the build plate will NOT raise. I have to manually twist the bar in order to get it to raise.
Is this all worth looking in to fixing or should I just junk it?
I'm handy with repairs and what not so that wouldn't/shouldn't be a problem. I'm moreso concerned with the cost of the repair parts verses just going in with an ender 3 v2.
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2023.03.27 01:14 Ruy-7 Reorganized part of my displayed collection areas, in part to make space for Yan's forthcoming arrival from repair.

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2023.03.27 01:11 zarigueyazurda Help with possible torn muscle or sprained knee

Hi! Thanks in advance for reading. I’m looking for advice here. So, I’m a 26yo male with mildest type of Osteogenesis imperfecta. Around three years ago I dislocated my right shoulder, it happened again last year and I haven’t been able to pay for a surgery to repair ligaments. Exactly three weeks ago I almost fell walking down stairs and when I grabbed the wall in order to prevent the fall I heard a pop on my knee and it started to hurt( I don’t recall ever hitting my leg hard onto the ground, but I did got tense as reflex). I went to the hospital, a doctor did some physical exams on me, stretching and bending my knee, stretching didn’t hurt but bending my knee to my chest was pretty intense pain. They examined my knee with ultrasound and both the person that did the ultrasound and the orthopedist that examined me later told me there was no sign of ligament tear, but I had some liquid and also swollen area. Also the orthopedist examined my arms and did a test where he pulled my thumb to my wrist, which I was able to do without problem or pain and he told me that my ligaments are flexible and that can be a problem (like with my shoulder). The thing is he also told me that I didn’t sprained my knee or tore something, but I don’t understand where the pop sound came from. They send me some some pills for the pain and swelling and told me to apply ice. I’ve been working with a physical therapist and he says that it’s likely that I tore my quadricep and not my ligaments and that the recovery is pretty slow for this kind of injuries. As for today, three weeks later, I have my knee mildly swollen, feel instability when using that knee to walk up stairs and it’s almost impossible to elevate my leg when I’m laying in bed due to pain. I also got some intense bruising un the upper part of my knee, front thigh and calf. Any recommendations on what to expect, get tested or do? Thanks!
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2023.03.27 01:06 ItsGamalAbdelNasser Gaza has always been under a blockade.

I often see it said on this sub that Israel provided Palestinians an opportunity at self-determination by pulling out of Gaza. They then go on to say that Israel left farms and equipment to assist with Palestinian prosperity, which they in turn burnt to the ground rather than prospering. This argument is used to show Palestinians cannot prosper and do not deserve a state, as they were given the opportunity to prosper but turned to terrorism.
When this argument is stated, I always reply stating that Gaza has always been blockaded, therefore they were not given the opportunity to prosper, and it is not a representation of if they were given a state with the opportunity of self-determination.
This is always countered by saying Israel did not blockade Gaza until 2007. This is stated as fact every single time on this sub, repeatedly. But it is factually incorrect - and that is the point of this post.
Gaza has always been under a blockade from 2005 until now. Please see the below. If you claim otherwise, please provide a source in your post.
2005-2006 Blockade
On 12 September 2005, the final day of the Israeli withdrawal, international politicians such as France's Foreign Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy and Jordan's Deputy Prime Minister Marwan Muasher warned of Gaza being turned into an open-air prison.[22][23] Four days later, Mahmoud Abbas stated to the UN General Assembly: "It is incumbent upon Israel to turn this unilateral withdrawal into a positive step in a real way.We must quickly resolve all outstanding major issues, including the Rafah border crossing with Egypt, the airport and the seaport, as well as the establishment of a direct link between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. Without this, Gaza will remain a huge prison."[24]
Following the disengagement, human rights groups alleged that Israel frequently blockaded Gaza in order to apply pressure on the population "in response to political developments or attacks by armed groups in Gaza on Israeli civilians or soldiers".[25] The special envoy of the Quartet James Wolfensohn noted that "Gaza had been effectively sealed off from the outside world since the Israeli disengagement [August–September 2005], and the humanitarian and economic consequences for the Palestinian population were profound. There were already food shortages. Palestinian workers and traders to Israel were unable to cross the border".[1]
On 15 January 2006, the Karni crossing – the sole point for exports of goods from Gaza – was closed completely for all kinds of exports.[26][27] The greenhouse project suffered a huge blow, as the harvest of high-value crops, meant to be exported for Europe via Israel, was essentially lost (with a small part of the harvest donated to local institutions).[27][28][29] Moreover, closing of Karni cut off the so-far resilient textile and furniture industries in Gaza from their source of income.[30] Starting February 2006, the Karni crossing was sporadically open for exports, but the amount of goods allowed to be exported was minuscule compared to the amount of goods imported[31] (which, in turn, barely supported Gaza's needs).[32][31] Between 1 January and 11 May, more than 12,700 tonnes of produce were harvested in Gaza's greenhouses, almost all of it destined for export; out of it, only 1,600 tonnes (less than 13%) were actually exported.[28]
Movement of People
Because of the widespread violence within Israel during the Second Intifada that began in September 2000, Israel closed all entry points between Israel and the Palestinian territories, including the Gaza Strip, and closed the Gaza International Airport. On 9 October 2001, all movement of people and goods between Israel and the Palestinian territories was halted, and a complete internal closure came into effect on 14 November 2001.[61]
The Intifada came to an end in February 2005, and Israel forces and settlers left the Gaza Strip by 1 September 2005 as part of Israel's unilateral disengagement plan. To improve the movement of people and economic activity in the Gaza Strip, Israel and the PA on 15 November 2005 signed an "Agreement on Movement and Access" (AMA). The AMA provided for the reopening of the Rafah crossing with Egypt, which was to be monitored by the PA and the European Union. Only people with Palestinian identity cards or foreign nationals, subject to Israeli oversight, were to be permitted to cross.[62][63] In mid-November 2005, Israel started allowing some workers and traders to enter Israel via the Erez crossing, if they had Israeli-issued permits; however, until 21 January 2006, the crossing was open on less than 50% of working days on average.[64][34]
Palestinians were invariably banned from traveling between Gaza and the West Bank. Following the Israeli disengagement from Gaza in September 2005, Israel "[established] a domestic legal framework apparently aimed at sealing off Gaza from Israel and from the West Bank"[65] Israel had previously agreed, as part of the Oslo Accords, to treat Gaza and the West Bank as a single territorial unit, a position upheld by the Israeli High Court.[65] However, following the 2005 disengagement, Israel adopted the position that Gaza residents have "no vested right" to cross into the West Bank; and that although there is "a certain connection" between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, it "does not give Gaza residents a right to enter [the West Bank]".[65] Those Gaza residents who did not try to cross the territory of Israel proper, but instead traveled around it, using the "long and expensive" route via Egypt and Jordan to travel from Gaza to the West Bank, were still turned back by Israeli border personnel at the Allenby Bridge when attempting to enter the West Bank from Jordan.[65] This policy was still in place as of 2014: Gaza residents, except in rare "humanitarian" cases, are not allowed to enter the West Bank - even if they do not travel via Israel proper but around it, trying to enter via the Allenby Bridge.[66]
AMA stipulated the opening hours of crossings between Gaza and Israel and the number of trucks/truckloads to pass through them.[67] It also stipulated that bus convoys, carrying Palestinians from Gaza to the West Bank and vice versa, would start on 15 December 2005; and truck convoys, carrying goods on the same route, would start on 15 January 2006.[30] This agreement was not upheld, as neither bus nor truck convoys started by their respective dates.[30] Israel first announced that according to its interpretation, Israel was only obliged to run a "test" or "pilot" bus route and only for Palestinians meeting certain Israeli-specified requirements, then delayed this pilot project "indefinitely".[65] The part of the agreement concerning opening hours and throughput of border crossings was not implemented either.[67][31]
The Palestinians claim that Israel did not honor AMA in relation to movement of people between Gaza and the West Bank. The bus convoys between Gaza and the West Bank (which were to start on 15 December 2005) never started.[30][65]
Gazans are invariably banned from entering the West Bank, and Israel adopted the position that they have no legal right to do so. This position has not changed since 2005.[65][66]
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2023.03.27 01:02 Diligent-Idea-7170 2010 Toyota Corolla S center dash panel.

Hello all, im going to be replacing the center dash panel in my corolla. this is my first time doing interior repairs on my car. I was wondering, when you pull out the panel, can you use the hazard button with the new one? Im asking because the replacement parts i see all have an empty space where the button should go! If i can get some tips on this id love it!
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2023.03.27 00:58 Johanna-Draconis Ep133 - Why am I feeling lost during the healing process? - The Deconstruction Of C-PTSD - Johanna Draconis

Ep133 - Why am I feeling lost during the healing process? - The Deconstruction Of C-PTSD - Johanna Draconis

Intro [0:00]

Hello my dears! My name is Johanna, and I welcome you to the Johanna Draconis - The Deconstruction Of C-PTSD podcast.
In this episode we will talk about feeling quite lost during the healing process and to be fair - it is quite a chaotic time. But the question is why and what can we do? Understanding is a huge part of it, which also helps to navigate it all.
So let us talk about it.

Prelude [0:33]

When I think about this feeling of chaos and things not working as you try or intend, then the scene with Fury in the broken car comes immediately into my mind (link in the description). He is wounded and the car is damaged and people are trying to harm him.
He gives the car commands, which it replies with “x does not work” and in his frustration he asks “Well what is not damaged?” and the car responds “Air condition is fully functional”. And in my experience nothing describes navigating the healing process better.
I can not count how often this was me during the healing process. Because usually the thing you need the most to work, will be normal functioning last, but in the meantime my brain repaired a section or ability I didn’t really care about.
Like thank you, but that was one of the lowest priorities. Though of course there is a logic behind this chaos, but that doesn’t make the situation any less frustrating and confusing. It is easy to just feel lost, but with a bit of insight that might change.
We will first talk about the order of healing, then walking the path properly and then your change along the way.

The order of healing [2:00]

If you look at what heals when - it appears to be totally random - and to some extent it is, but the priorities definitely seems to be off. If you would make a list of which things you want to be restored or removed - it likely would be different.
Now to understand the order a bit better, we must keep in mind, that our brain loves to make connections and especially if it can’t put something away - it will connect it with everything. Ever had a crush or strong fan phase? Doesn’t matter band, topic, person etc.?
That no matter what you did your mind would always be drawn back to that? Which is usually generally harmless, but with trauma it poisons everything it touches. Meaning the more you interact with a topic - the more it is connected to the trauma.
Even if it had absolute 0 connection before that. That is the biggest reason why you really shouldn’t ignore PTSD - it spreads and affects more and more. And you might have already guessed it - this leads things you do often be more affected than others.
Basically the brain clears the more easily free able parts first and then moves on accordingly. It appears to be completely chaotic, because you don’t get any information, don’t know how strong what is affected and you have no control over whats happening.

Walking the path properly [3:45]

Sometimes we also feel lost because we apparently are being in absolute nowhere. That can be the issue when trying to shorten the path we walk - which I am still occasionally guilty of.
You know where you want to end up and then you try to force yourself through to that goal - instead of walking the path properly. I have no memory of this every working out. There are 2 main reasons for that.
First while you walk the path you gain experience, new insights, growth and the like, which is necessary to actually reach the goal and be who you want to end up being. It is tedious and takes a lot of time, but its worth it.
That is how change happens - one step at a time. Gradually you change - often not noticeable unless you have a way to look back. We talked about how to be self confident and it is the same thing basically. The path is the goal.
You achieve the goal along the way bit by bit.

Your change along the way [4:57]

Which sometimes leads to the second reason - your goal changes because of the changes you made along the way. Which is a weird thing to happen and you never think it will happen to you - until it does.
Like the almost cliche of getting your life together to try to win over your ex - only to realize, that you can do and deserve better. I am not sure how to say this kindly, but we affected, and especially those raised, by trauma don’t have often the best goals selected.
Depression is also a huge contributor for having unhealthy goals and a false perception of reality. And during the healing process and you walking that path - that will change. Now you can of course still go through with your old goals - if you want to.
But maybe it is time to see if your goals in life have changed and what you really want to do. Even after you are cured that is a wise thing to do. We are not objects, we change. That is what makes us living beings with each having our own life story.
That also applies of course for goals you think you can never achieve - if you start moving in that direction, maybe you will be able after all or at least be a lot closer to who you want to be.

Outro [6:29]

That was it for todays episode, I hope you found it helpful. Hope you are safe and well. And as always, if you have any questions or feedback and the like, please let me know at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]).
More information and transcript you can find as usually under and links are in the description.
I hope to see you next time. Watch yourselves and have a wonderful time.
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2023.03.27 00:57 ClickMinimum9852 Dennis Dechaine and the whole truth

The purpose of this post is to gather correct and accurate information regarding the case in Maine of Dennis Dechaine. Over time facts become cloudy and despicable criminals become symbols to rally behind. I am hoping through our shared comparative analysis of the actual facts, evidence, and key points in the trial that we can shed some light on this darkest of subjects.
Here are some key pieces of evidence in no particular order of importance or timeline. SC = Sarah Cherry / MD = Mr. Dechaine:
Twice in MD testimony he makes these incriminating remarks regarding needing to leave the woods; ``we were beginning to lose the light at that time” and “we had lost the light.” If he were alone in the woods, who are the “we” he is referring to?
MD confessed to two prison guards, a male and a female. During his trial he admitted to the confession. His statement was “You people need to know I am the man who killed that little girl.” Did you say to them “you people need to know that I'm the one who murdered that girl and you may want to put me in isolation” MD “Yes” MD testified that he said the exact words “You people need to know that I am the man who killed that little girl”
Initially the investigating team who was searching for SC thought that she was hiding, gotten lost, or ran away. When MD was initially questioned in the police cruiser about his items discovered in SC’s babysitting driveway he blurted “someone must have grabbed the girl and set me up!” This scenario is the classic law enforcement strategy of letting the perpetrator incriminate himself.
A half dozen ‘street shoe’ prints were found near the muddy stream bed 12 feet from SC's body. They were a few days old and consistent with SCs body discovery (a few days after her disappearance). Nobody in the search party wore ‘street shoes’ aka sneakers/tennis shoes. MD wore a pair of Nike shoes during his own self admitted time at this location. Each Nike shoe had a tiny spot on it. Both tested presumptively for blood. The spots were not a large enough sample to be tested further.
Items from the truck were found with MD name on them in the driveway of the home SC was babysitting at and went missing from. The items dropped from MD Toyota pickup in the driveway of the home where SC was babysitting are incredibly incriminating. The tire impression is a forensic match with a single front tire on MD Toyota pickup. The items found are a forensic match in terms of distance as having fallen out of the passenger side door. MD changed his testimony as to how and why these items were found at this location several times during his testimony.
Prior to SC being found MD sought out the counsel of a local lawyer. This lawyer, when asked by a detective if SC was still alive and where to look, told the detective that SC was dead and to continue looking in the area they already were, near MD truck. How could the lawyer know those two pieces of information? 3 affidavits were filed to show that Mr. Carlton (MD lawyer) had knowledge of MD guilt. Further need of this lawyer's testimony apparently wasn't needed at trial since MD had confessed in so many other ways as we’ll see below.
The same make, model, and color truck that MD drove was witnessed/seen/heard leaving the area where SC was babysitting and slowly heading in the direction of the murder and where it was found by police.
Items from the truck (including rope, scarf, and bandana) that were known and admitted to belong to MD were used in the murder of SC.
The MD’s truck was found a few hundred feet from SC's body.
MD says the only keys to the truck were in his possession which was proven since his truck was found locked and impounded before he was able to return to it. Therefore his truck could not have been stolen. MD says he never locked his truck. If MD is innocent why did he have his keys with him? And why was the truck found locked? And why did he hide his keys in the police cruiser?
MD was known to carry a small pen knife on his key chain. SC had stab wounds on her body consistent with a small knife or blade. MD did not have this pen knife on his keychain which surprised even his wife. Where did the pen knife go? If innocent, wouldn't disclosing where the pen knife was have helped his cause during the trial?
MD was witnessed exiting the forested area where SC body would eventually be found.
MD was in the forested area during the timeframe SC was murdered according to rigor mortis and controlling for pathological science. The pathologist stated SC had been deceased for at least 36 hours. This is consistent with MDs admitted time near SCs death. Secondly and more importantly, pathologists use The Rate Method and The Concurrence Method to determine time of death. SC was known to have eaten lunch around noon of the day she disappeared. Food stays in the stomach for around 2 hours and possibly more under severe stress. SCs autopsy revealed undigested food in her stomach. This is even more consistent with MD admitted time near SCs murder.
MD was witnessed having a small muddy handprint on his back. It was photographed and displayed at trial. MD body, hands and clothing were observed by witnesses upon exiting the woods to be clean and unsoiled except this handprint.
MD had several small injuries on the insides of his forearms and small scratches (not bleeding) on his kidney areas.
A produce stand belonging to MD was reported to have been broken into on the 8th. The 6th was when items were found in the driveway and MD testified the auto repair receipt was in his truck. It wasn’t admissible as the judge felt the timeline wasn’t consistent with the known timeline and it was staged. So MD staged a break in, strangled Francis the cat, laid it on the cash register to fabricate evidence which the judge didn’t allow. A brief mention of this with a sidebar conversation is in the testimony during a lawyer's objection.
MD's wife testified that he knew something was going to ‘happen’ to him prior to the body being found. “Were you made aware of what he was anticipating and were you made aware of how he knew ‘something’? “Yes”
During her testimony MDs wife was not asked or would not allow questions revealing most of the dialog from MD before, during, and after his arrest. Why not? If he was telling her he was innocent the whole time why not say so on his behalf. She said MD told her not to say anything except one statement regarding dialog that supported his innocence.
It took an entire team of over a dozen law enforcement officials in half a dozen vehicles several hours to find MD Toyota pickup. In view of that for MDs testimony and timeline to fit the facts, someone had to have found his vehicle prior to the SCs kidnapping and stolen items, kidnapped SC and left items in the driveway, drove around for hours with SC and just so happens to have come across MDs vehicle a second time where this person possibly stole more items to use in the actual murder and definitely murdered SC a few hundred feet away from it. And why in the world did he lock the truck when he was done?
MD confessed directly and/or made incriminating statements to two detectives, two jailhouse security guards, his own lawyer, and his court appointed psychologist. Some of those statements are below.
MD asked the detective “why did you let me go home that night” a puzzling statement if MD was innocent
MD said to his state psychologist “that he may have thought he did it..."
MD stated "I can't believe I could do such a thing. The real me is not like that. I know me. I couldn't do anything like that. It must be somebody else inside of me."
The MD defense was allowed to present any current and relevant evidence that would exonerate their client. To say they were not allowed to 'present' that evidence is false. During the course on any long trial, some things the judge allows on either side, some things the judge does not. They were able to present alternative suspects. Why would the prosecution pursue other suspects with overwhelming evidence against MDs guilt including his own professed guilt. There's nothing of consequence to point to the contrary. Bare footprints at the same property SC was babysitting at knowing she liked to walk around barefoot is not good evidence The supposed idea that SC was going to confess in court against so-and-so has no merit. That is a conspiracy theory within a conspiracy theory. Furthermore, if the 'lack of an opportunity to present evidence' as touted by MD is in fact true, that 'lost opportunity' is squarely on the side of MD and his defense during his trial AND after the trial. This judge allowed good evidence to be presented. Are we saying the judge was in on the conspiracy to frame MD too?
There is no magical DNA evidence to exonerate MD. At the time of this crime DNA testing was a radical and new technique. This crime happened in the summer of 1988. DNA testing for law enforcement work was actually pioneered in 1986 and successfully used in the UK in its first criminal case from 1987-1988.. The first successful trial was a Mr Pitchfork. The process was brand new and would take years to work its way into the legal system in the U.S. and into common law enforcement forensics. You cannot in hindsight fault anyone involved in MD trial for anything DNA related being considered as evidence in a small backwater town in the already isolated state of Maine.
DNA was not part of the forensics efforts of the investigative team at any point. MD has never and will never be exonerated with DNA. All DNA was compromised the moment law enforcement and medical personnel arrived at the crime scene and began forensics. No precautions were in place to gather or even protect future gathering of DNA. It simply wasn't a thing. Anyones DNA could have been added or removed from anything. Any attempt to appeal or exonerate MD using DNA simply wouldn't be allowed in court or it would have to be overwhelming evidence. This is proved by every single court, chemist, judge, lawyer, and other professionals who have rejected these DNA claims. In addition, even if DNA could be used, MD has not been ruled out. In fact his DNA profile hasn't been ruled out of some of the DNA testing done. Meanwhile, an individual whom MD claims could be a prime suspect HAS been ruled out of some of the DNA testing. To give an example would be SC fingernail clippings. These were taken via a fingernail clipping device that was not cleaned from its previous use, and was taken from a towel that was heavily soiled with other DNA. Said clippings traveled from location to location and could have been contaminated further by any number of people including MDs defense team who handled them. Finally, what forensics have been done to the clippings show that SC was not likely to have scratched her attacker since only blood was observed and this blood was all her own.
No evidence was found that SC was in or transported in MD truck. That is because people don’t always leave behind DNA, especially after only a few miles of travel. The only forensics they looked for were hair, fiber, and fingerprints. The testimony of several law enforcement personnel during this trial and at times current crime scene investigators is this ‘sometimes we find it, sometimes we don’t.’ Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. To put into perspective, the fingerprint specialist could not find SCs prints in any of the main areas, door knobs etc of the very home she was babysitting at and had been there for hours. Only in one particular area was he successful. Law enforcement officials did testify that, due to the specific nature of paperwork being pressed into the seat, the passenger side seat looked like it had been sat in recently.
False information has been presented regarding the items in MD’s truck. Some of this information is that the only items with MD’s name on them in the truck were the only items found at SC babysitting driveway. This is false. There were dozens of items in the vehicle with MD information on them. One of these was his own wallet with identification in it. If you are trying to set someone up, why not drop the wallet?
Senecal had no knowledge of SC babysitting that day so how would he know to go there, kidnap torture kill her and set MD up?
All of the professional individuals involved in key evidence, DNA testing thus far, and those in the legal system up to this point agree MD has received a fair trial, and the evidence is overwhelming that he is guilty and should remain in jail. Ask yourself if you were then or now a jury member in this case. In review of all the lies, the “I guess so”, “I don’t remember”, “probably”, “I suppose”, “I would”, “I might have” statements and outright lies MD was caught in and admitted to , how would you find the defendant?
Dennis Dechaine: Maine; Denial of post-conviction review; Routine destruction of DNA lab evidence by the State enabled by state law - with perilous consequences to the defendant; (i.e. Dennis Dechaine. HL) ..." Many have argued that after numerous proceedi
STORY: "Dechaine's case highlights need for more reform," published by The Courier-Gazette on July 28, 2016. GIST: "This week we end our...
Dennis Dechaine's Confession Within His Statement
Monsters do exist and do kill children Pronouns are the most instinctive part of the human vocabulary. Pronoun...
State v. Dechaine, 121 A.3d 76 Casetext Search + Citator
Read State v. Dechaine, 121 A.3d 76, see flags on bad law, and search Casetext’s comprehensive legal database
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2023.03.27 00:56 randomly771122 What would you do fellow FI friends

For context:
37m married to 36F with 3K
I work in finance but on a short career break at the moment and not wanting to go back to full time work or at the same level I was at due to stress and lack of work/life balance.
Wife is self-employed and works 3 days a week but her business is in growth mode and so she makes almost no income. I am also a part owner of an industrial business that makes excellent cash flow and has the potential to cover a large chunk of our daily expenses.
We just sold our PPOR (it was a our dream house that we spent years designing and building but needed to live a richer life) and will have c.$850k in cash.
We have a small loan against business that runs at a very high rate due to being unsecured (around 8%!) but tax deductible clearly so softens the blow a tiny bit
I'm still on the books at work and can get a mortgage. Will become harder in a few months if I don't go back to the same job - going back to same job is not really an option for me but is almost a last resort and I would see it as a failure of this career break as I don't want my life to be like that anymore (working 70+ hours per week, under huge stress, angry all the time, never mentally present with my kids)
Options to get your opinions on:
  1. buy another PPOR - with 3 young kids and our situation, we lean on our family quite a bit, who both live around 10 min drive away, we also don't want to unsettle the kids by moving primary schools as they have just got into a good groove with friends etc. To re-buy in the same area we would need around $1.5m incl stamp duty and a small allowance for any key maintenance / repairs needed, would leave us with around a $650k mortgage which is palatable. Pros: stability for family, tax free gains are possible for any improvements we can make. cons: no income stream, does nothing for business loan, asset concentration
  2. Rent and look at residental IPs - figure we could get 2-3 really decent IPS with that kind of cash, particularly because my wife is in a health profession where banks can lend to her extremely favourably. Plan would be to speculate on a capital gain, then look to either sell to reduce debt or buy a PPOR in 5-7 years time pros: asset diversification, multiple income streams, higher asset value (i.e. small gains = big gains in invested capital). cons: a lot of debt! never been a fan of residential IPs or negative gearing (think people make more money from the disipline of paying down loans i.e. forced savings, then from it being a great investment type but i'm biased), potential for instability for family due to renting, risks with residential renting
  3. Rent and look at commercial IPs - with the cash that we have, we could secure a single high quality asset (est. $2m) which would reduce the risks associated with commercial and if we are fortunate enough to secure at a yield of >=7.5% can see a scenario where there is surplus cash that more than covers the business loan. Pros: high quality asset, potential for excellent income stream. cons: large debt, potential for instability for family due to renting, risks associated with commercial property
  4. Rent and sequence in most of the cash into a low cost index fund - something like a VAS or similar will generate around 3.5% - 4% dividend yield and would produce a sensible income that could offset business loan. Could even consider paying off business loan and investing the balance. Pros: liquitidity, truly passive investment. cons: lack of leverage, potential for instability for family due to renting
  5. Rent and purchase other small businesses. I've owned four over the past 10 years and have been successful with 3, 4th was hurt by COVID and was an exception. There's potential to make >40% annual returns on invested capital. Pros: strongest income channel, potential to create value by buying a business that needs to be re-energised. cons: takes a long time to find the right asset, high risk, can sometimes be like buying a job, potential for instability for family due to renting
With so many options in front of us, we are truly blessed and don't for a minute discount how fortunate we are, but we are also somewhat frozen and cannot seperate out the emotion of it all.
So what are your thoughts on the above and has anyone faced anything similar?
Our dream is to be non-tax deductible debt free by age 43 (5 years from now), to support kids high schooling without having to work extremely high stress jobs as I was, and have stable income streams that are paying down deductible debts and being on the path to be debt free by late 40's.
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2023.03.27 00:51 Millmoney206 WAMC/School List (3.85/525)

Focus: Need Help with School List

Any suggestions with schools to remove or add. Have tried to apply broadly but also scared of too many "safety" schools as I have been told with my stats lower tier schools will actually reject me for yield-protection.
cGPA/ sGPA: 3.85, 3.90
MCAT: 525 (131/130/132/132)
State: Washington
Ethnicity: Generic White Boi
Undergrad: T10 (Big Public School) - Grad 2021 (COVID gang)

Clinical Experience (3000 **hours paid) :**1.5 years of work in an Orthopedic clinic as a scribe, and as an MA with direct patient interaction (casting, suture removal, blood draws, etc). Most significant activities section. Many good stories and reflections of my time here.
Research Experience (3200 **hours):**2.5 years of continuous work in a developmental neuroscience lab. Most significant activities section.3 pubs (2 C/N/S mid-author, 1 high-impact 3rd author)1 international conference presentation/poster.1 school-level presentation/poster
Shadowing Experience (50 **hours) :**Gen Surg, Clinical rounds at a large level I trauma center, and observation of multiple orthopedic surgeries. As a scribe this is primarily all shadowing too I guess.

Non-Clinical Volunteering (500 **hours):**Volunteering through fraternity for local center for special needs kids, doing significant amounts of fundraising work via charity bike rides.
Other Extracurriculars: Paid Nonclinical Work - 2000 hours working in various tennis-related jobs. Solid consistency here. Various other work in labofood service, not mentioned.
Leadership: Fraternity executive community as risk-management (people who care about being responsible), and housing manager (coordinating repairs and contractor work)
Spanish Immersion Program: 3 months in Colombia doing a spanish/medical immersion program. Talk about this in the context of my PS with open-mindedness to other people and significance of communication with people from various cultures and walks of life. Also most-meaningful.
Germany Host-Family Stay: One of my most-meaningful. Talk about this in the context of my PS same as above.
Relevant Honors/Awards:
High school HOSA club: Qualified for nationals with pathophysiology and medical terminology contest scoresQuizBowl: 1st place team for local tournament one year (during Uni years)Nationals for National History Day contest in 9th grade (not mentioned yet, seems cringe bc so long ago, idk)
**LORs:*\* May be a weak part of my app. 3 really personal LORs from people who knew me well (German prof, Lab mentoPI, and Surgeon I scribed for), weak one from a professor that I took an upper-level class from online, they don't really know me that well. Impossible to get any more.
Personal Statement: I feel like this may be pretty solid. Cohesive narrative about my time with travel, experience in a lab being successful but reinforcing my desire to do clinical work instead, then all my 1.5 years scribing and MA work gives me solid anecdotes. Common theme about communication, language barriers and discussion.
Anything Else:
Bench: 225 for 3
Squat: 300 for 3 Blitz: 1750
WPM: 95
Bag-held GME for 2 years
Local Trivia Champ
Shotgun Tallboys with ease

School List:
Fantasy Tier:
UCSF, Stanford, Duke, Columbia, Harvard, NYU
High Reach: WUSL, Yale, Mayo Alix, UPenn, UChicago, Northwestern
Reach: UW, Emory, Northwestern, UCSD, Sinai, Vanderbilt, UNC
Target: U Michigan, U Colorado, Dartmouth, Boston Medical, U Wisconsin (family ties), U Miami, U Cincinnati, U Buffalo, Washington State University
Any suggestions with schools to remove or add. Have tried to apply broadly but also scared of too many "safety" schools as I have been told with my stats lower tier schools will actually reject me for yield-protection. Thank you so much anyone who reads this! Appreciate it. <3
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2023.03.27 00:44 americaonlinesells Easy Tape

Easy Tape submitted by americaonlinesells to u/americaonlinesells [link] [comments]

2023.03.27 00:42 Dramatic_Lion4859 Timing. Clarity. Transparency. Self improvement.

The timing of things was sporadic. And even still, we went with it. The spiritual part of it, though, that was intense in it own ways as well. Even still, the spontaneous thrill excited us for some moments. The breakage, the bonding, the repair, the wild bearing of our souls.
The clarity that sticks out now is if the feeling was something hidden, why didn't I reveal first? The countless times that I had the chance to ask for help had I only told. The two fangs embedded in my skin, showing the world my veins were being pumped full of venom from my own carelessness. Those numerous chances. Wasted, in the void. The clairvoyant signs were fully present, and I ignored the meta physical realities in front of me. Why? The epiphany only to be my epitome, to the eternal depths of the cosmos.
Addiction. Relapse. On top of another one. Thus creating not doubled, but quadruple more, problems that were reduced significantly in the past, before each subsequent relapse was more intense than the one before it. Only furthering the anxiety, depression, and inability to communicate the last few things that needed to get out to lay my soul to rest, the last of it out, bare, on the table. For us and the world to witness unfurl. Into what it became IRL. The single error to tear it all away. Transparency.
The road to self-improvement needs to be continued. With or without us. The thoughts of us. The memories of us. The us we created through exchanging our souls. In order for any untold future to exist. The future can't be foretold by anyone. Only created, by our own figment or not. Only time spent by our actions and consistency will prove our individuality and the strength of us in our own reality and not subconscious conscious minds. These paths always merge for the greater good because of balance, grace, and serenity..for something to continue its existence.
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2023.03.27 00:37 pizza_the_mutt Gouge has "feathered" edge from Tormek?

I got a Tormek recently and am trying to repair a gouge that had previously been mangled and burnt on a regular wheel. After reshaping it with the gouge jig I changed the angle and grit to do the final bevel. But when I did that the edge of the gouge ends up being kind of "feathered". There are little bits sticking out that I can press with my finger and they bend. This instead of a nice clean sharp edge.
Is this a technique issue on my part? Or could the burning have damaged the steel? There aren't any more visible burn marks after reshaping but I'm not a steel expert.
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