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2023.06.10 13:43 B-acccount My Experimental Phonetics to Binary Encoding System

This encoding system claim that it can state all IPA symbols and its pronounciation in a Binary format
PhonBinary Encoding System V6
Sound Analysis:
Consonants: - Produced by modifying airstream with articulators. - Factors: airstream mechanism (3 bits), manner of articulation (5 bits), place of articulation (6 bits), phonation (4 bits), coarticulation (5 bits).
Airstream mechanism (3 bits): - Pulmonic egressive: 000 - Pulmonic ingressive: 001 - Glottalic egressive: 010 - Glottalic ingressive: 011 - Lingual-glottalic: 100 - Velaric: 101
Manner of articulation (5 bits): - Plosive: 00000 - Nasal: 00001 - Trill: 00010 - Tap: 00011 - Fricative: 00100 - Approximant: 00101 - Lateral approximant: 00110 - Flap: 00111 - Affricate: 01000 - Clitic: 01001 - Implosive 01010 - Ejective: 01011 - Click: 01100
Place of articulation (6 bits): - Bilabial: 000000 - Labiodental: 000001 - Interdental: 000010 - Alveolar: 000011 - Postalveolar: 000100 - Retroflex: 000101 - Palatal: 000110 - Velar: 000111 - Uvular: 001000 - Pharyngeal: 001001 - Glottal: 001010 - Epiglottal: 001011 - Labial-palatal: 001100 - Labial-velar: 001101 - Labial-uvular: 001110 - Velar-pharyngeal: 001111 - Velar-uvular: 010000 - Velar-epilaryngeal: 010001 - Uvular-pharyngeal : 010010
Phonation (4 bits): - Voiceless: 0000 - Voiced: 0001 - Creaky: 0010 - Breathy: 0011 - Slack: 0100 - Stiff: 0101 - Creaky voiced: 0110 - Whispered: 0111 - Harsh: 1000 - Laryngealized : 1001 - Closed glottis: 1010 - Velaric aspiration: 1011
Vowels: - Produced by shaping airstream resonated through oral and nasal cavities. - Factors: height (4 bits), backness (4 bits), roundness (4 bits), nasalization (2 bits), length (3 bits).
Height (4 bits): - Close: 0000 - Near-close: 0001 - Close-mid: 0010 - Mid: 0011 - Open-mid: 0100 - Near-open: 0101 - Open: 0110
Backness(4 bits): - Front: 0000 - Near-front: 0001 - Central: 0010 - Near-back: 0011 - Back: 0100 - Near-central: 0101
Roundness (4 bits): - Unrounded: 0000 - Rounded: 0001 - Compressed: 0010 - Protruded: 0011 - More rounded: 0100 - Less rounded: 0101
Tenseness (3 bits): - Extra-short: 000 - Short: 001 - Long: 010 - Overlong: 011
Nasalization (2 bits): - Oral: 00 - Nasal: 01 - Nasalized: 10 - Denasalized: 11
Secondary articulations, prosodic features, diacritics and delimiters will also be included with variable bit encoding. Morphological information can be added as an additional layer of information.
Delimiters: Morpheme boundary (+) Word boundary (#) Syllable boundary (-) Stress boundary (*) Intonation boundary ( ^ ) Process boundary (%)
"Hello World"
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Why Hiring an Interior Designer is Worth the Investment

Why Hiring an Interior Designer is Worth the Investment

Do you ever walk into a beautifully designed room and wonder how they made it look so effortless? The truth is, creating a stunning interior takes more than just good taste and an eye for design. It requires careful planning, attention to detail, and expertise in the industry. This is where hiring an interior designer can make all the difference. In this blog post, we'll explore why investing in a professional interior designer is not only worth it but essential to achieving your dream home aesthetic. So sit back, relax, and let us convince you why hiring an interior designer should be at the top of your renovation checklist!

Introduction to Interior Design Services

Hiring an interior designer is a big decision. It's important to do your research to find the right designer for your needs and budget. Once you've found the perfect match, there are a few things to keep in mind when working with an interior designer.
First, be clear about what you want. The more specific you can be, the better. This will help the designer create a space that you love.
Next, trust the process. Interior designers have years of training and experience in creating beautiful spaces. They know what works and what doesn't. So if they make a suggestion that you're not sure about, trust them and see how it turns out.
Don't be afraid to speak up. If you have an idea or vision for your space, share it with your designer. They'll take your input and ideas and turn them into reality.
Working with an interior designer is a great way to get the home of your dreams. With their expertise and guidance, you can create a space that's both stylish and functional. So if you're considering hiring an interior designer, go for it! You won't regret it.

Benefits of Hiring an Interior Designer

When most people think of hiring an interior designer, they assume that it is a luxury reserved for the wealthy. However, the reality is that interior designers can provide a range of benefits for any home or business owner, no matter their budget. Here are just a few reasons why hiring an interior designer is worth the investment:
Interior designers have access to resources and products that the average person does not. This means that they can help you find the perfect furniture, fixtures, and accessories for your space.
Interior designers have extensive training and experience in creating functional and beautiful spaces. This means that they can help you maximize the potential of your space and make it look its best.
Interior designers can save you time and money by helping you avoid costly mistakes. They can also help you get discounts on products and services that you might not be able to get on your own.
Interior designers can help increase the value of your home or business. If you are looking to sell in the future, an interior designer can help you make strategic improvements that will boost your asking price.

How to Find the Right Designer

Assuming you've decided that hiring an interior designer is the right move for you, the next step is finding the right one. How do you go about finding the best designer for your needs and style? Start by doing your research and making a list of potential candidates. Once you have a list of designers you're interested in, reach out to them and set up consultations. During these consultations, be sure to ask lots of questions and get a feel for their design process and style. After meeting with a few different designers, you should have a good idea of who will be the best fit for your project.
If you are located in Bangalore and seeking the expertise of an exceptional interior designer, look no further than The Studio by Nandita Manwani. Situated in the city, this esteemed design firm is renowned for transforming spaces into captivating and functional works of art.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring an Interior Designer

When hiring an interior designer, avoid making the following common mistakes:
  1. Not doing your research: Before hiring an interior designer, be sure to do your research. Read reviews online, ask for recommendations from friends or family, and meet with several designers to get a feel for their style and personality.
  2. Not being clear about your budget: Be upfront about your budget with your interior designer. This will help them understand what you can and cannot afford, and allow them to work within your budget constraints.
  3. Trying to do it all yourself: Many people try to take on the role of both homeowner and designer, but this is usually a recipe for disaster. Interior design is a complex process that requires expertise and experience. Leave the design to the professionals!
  4. Not communicating effectively: Good communication is essential when working with an interior designer. Be clear about what you like and don't like, what your goals are, and what you expect from the final result. If something isn't working for you, speak up!
  5. Being too rigid: It's important to have a vision for your space, but don't be afraid to let your designer take the lead. They may have ideas that you never would have thought of that end up being perfect for your home. Trust their expertise and be open to new possibilities!

Cost Considerations

Hiring an interior designer may seem like a luxury, but it is actually a wise investment. The cost of hiring a designer is often offset by the savings you'll achieve by avoiding costly mistakes. Designers have access to trade discounts and can save you money on furniture, appliances, and other home decor items. In addition, they can help you maximize the use of your space, which can save you money on storage fees or moving costs.

Examples of Successful Interior Design Projects

There are countless examples of successful interior design projects, but here are a few of our favorites:
  1. A Modern Mountain Home: This project features a beautiful mix of rustic and modern elements that come together to create a stunning and unique space. The use of natural materials like wood and stone helps to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, while the clean lines and contemporary furnishings add a touch of luxury.
  2. A Chic New York City Loft: This project was all about creating a stylish and functional space for a young family in the heart of the city. We worked with the existing layout to create an open and airy living area, complete with custom built-ins and plenty of storage. The end result is a chic and comfortable home that feels like an oasis in the bustling city.
  3. A Bright & Airy Beach House: This project was all about bringing the outdoors in and creating a light and airy space. We used neutral colours throughout, with pops of blue to reflect the ocean view. Natural materials like wicker, rattan, and jute help bring a sense of warmth, while still keeping the space feeling breezy and beachy.


Hiring an interior designer may seem like a daunting task, but it can be a worthwhile investment. An experienced professional is able to help bring your vision to life and create the perfect space for you that reflects your individual style and personality. With their expertise in design, materials, construction methods and more, they are equipped with the tools needed to make sure every detail of your home meets or exceeds expectations. Ultimately, hiring an interior designer will save you time and money while ensuring beautiful results that you'll love for years to come!
If you are located in Bangalore and seeking the expertise of an exceptional interior designer, look no further than The Studio by Nandita Manwani. Situated in the city, this esteemed design firm is renowned for transforming spaces into captivating and functional works of art.
Address: 364, 4th Cross Rd, 3rd Phase, J. P. Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560078 Phone: 9482594088
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2023.06.10 13:38 B-acccount My Experimental Binary Encoding System for IPA

This encoding system claim that it can state all IPA symbols and its pronounciation in a Binary format
PhonBinary Encoding System V6
Sound Analysis:
Consonants: - Produced by modifying airstream with articulators. - Factors: airstream mechanism (3 bits), manner of articulation (5 bits), place of articulation (6 bits), phonation (4 bits), coarticulation (5 bits).
Airstream mechanism (3 bits): - Pulmonic egressive: 000 - Pulmonic ingressive: 001 - Glottalic egressive: 010 - Glottalic ingressive: 011 - Lingual-glottalic: 100 - Velaric: 101
Manner of articulation (5 bits): - Plosive: 00000 - Nasal: 00001 - Trill: 00010 - Tap: 00011 - Fricative: 00100 - Approximant: 00101 - Lateral approximant: 00110 - Flap: 00111 - Affricate: 01000 - Clitic: 01001 - Implosive 01010 - Ejective: 01011 - Click: 01100
Place of articulation (6 bits): - Bilabial: 000000 - Labiodental: 000001 - Interdental: 000010 - Alveolar: 000011 - Postalveolar: 000100 - Retroflex: 000101 - Palatal: 000110 - Velar: 000111 - Uvular: 001000 - Pharyngeal: 001001 - Glottal: 001010 - Epiglottal: 001011 - Labial-palatal: 001100 - Labial-velar: 001101 - Labial-uvular: 001110 - Velar-pharyngeal: 001111 - Velar-uvular: 010000 - Velar-epilaryngeal: 010001 - Uvular-pharyngeal : 010010
Phonation (4 bits): - Voiceless: 0000 - Voiced: 0001 - Creaky: 0010 - Breathy: 0011 - Slack: 0100 - Stiff: 0101 - Creaky voiced: 0110 - Whispered: 0111 - Harsh: 1000 - Laryngealized : 1001 - Closed glottis: 1010 - Velaric aspiration: 1011
Vowels: - Produced by shaping airstream resonated through oral and nasal cavities. - Factors: height (4 bits), backness (4 bits), roundness (4 bits), nasalization (2 bits), length (3 bits).
Height (4 bits): - Close: 0000 - Near-close: 0001 - Close-mid: 0010 - Mid: 0011 - Open-mid: 0100 - Near-open: 0101 - Open: 0110
Backness(4 bits): - Front: 0000 - Near-front: 0001 - Central: 0010 - Near-back: 0011 - Back: 0100 - Near-central: 0101
Roundness (4 bits): - Unrounded: 0000 - Rounded: 0001 - Compressed: 0010 - Protruded: 0011 - More rounded: 0100 - Less rounded: 0101
Tenseness (3 bits): - Extra-short: 000 - Short: 001 - Long: 010 - Overlong: 011
Nasalization (2 bits): - Oral: 00 - Nasal: 01 - Nasalized: 10 - Denasalized: 11
Secondary articulations, prosodic features, diacritics and delimiters will also be included with variable bit encoding. Morphological information can be added as an additional layer of information.
Delimiters: Morpheme boundary (+) Word boundary (#) Syllable boundary (-) Stress boundary (*) Intonation boundary () Process boundary (%)
"Hello World"
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E91 LCI N47
Hello, this is my '11 E91, N47 184hp xDrive. I have some kind of an issue. In the morning when I start the car there are no faults in the iDrive. When I drive off it screams Washer fluid level low, even though it's fuller than it can be. What seems to be the problem? It's really annoying to see the issue triangle all the time. Pic without the triangle for attention (the one and only time I have captured it lmao). Cheers.
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2023.06.10 13:35 willmagnify Notes on “A Tale of Two Cities: the development of early Arhada city states (0-500 AD)”, Part 2

Note to self 93,
Made it back to the library. "A Tale of two cities" was still there waiting for me, thankfully (the beauty of having niche interests!). I moved on to the chapters speaking directly about the two case studies and copied the most interesting passages.
These were the most noteworthy parts on Kamābarha:
1. Kamābarha – Establishment and growth
Though there is still a certain degree of debate, scholars speculate that Kamābarha is the earliest of Arhada cities. It would be expected, considering its proximity to a great number of Middle Pottery sites and its strategic location at the intersection of the Great lake and the southern basin, offering opportunities for a higher degree of cultural interaction – which inevitably leads to cultural maturity.
Indeed, the rise of Kamābarha has left tangible markings in the archaeological record: the construction of Kamābarha III, the layer that first gives us some indication of a level of state control over the region (in the form of contract tablets and other material remains, symbolism associated with governance and a mature elite power, as well as the sheer size of its palace and granary) has been unanimously placed in the 6th century BD. For the purposes of this text, we are interested in understanding what the city looked like before and immediately after that date, in order to understand its peculiar character, as well as the ingredients that brought its success.
Kamābarha's wealth was chiefly in its copper reserves. The stretch of land between the Great lake and the southern Tritonean lakes, traversed by what the Arhada referred to as Green River, contained plentiful mineral deposits, ranging from pure copper, silver, and zinc-contaminated copper, otherwise known as "natural brass". This naturally occurring alloy was perhaps Kamābarha greatest export, although the metallurgical culture of Formative Tritonea was rather scant, and most uses for these metals were either decorative or for the production of cold-worked arrowheads. These items are found as far west as early Hortens sites and as far south as the Aluwa. They were either transported as fully formed arrowheads or as plates which were then worked locally by the importers. Within the confines of Kamābarha and its environs, however, we can find a higher ratio of copper artisanal goods and artistic objects than weapons: an indication of a lack of pressure to militarise. Brass is found on the decorations of Kamābarha's palace, in the form of mirrors, bracelets, jewellery. The oldest example of a painted copper plate – a typical Arhadan decorative items consisting of a flat copper surface covered on both sides with oil paint, was found in Kamābarha III. Chemical analyses confirm that what appears today as a simple oxidised copper disk was in fact coloured with bright pecan oil based paints.
That is not to say that the production of military gear, or, indeed, warfare, was inexistent. The dispersal of arrowheads along the north shore of the Great Lake gives us a clear indication that Kamābarha's influence was not based only on agricultural wealth or cultural influence: some amount of force was indeed employed in the creation of its political network.
2. Kamābarha –Internal Politics
Kamābarha's political structure was the natural evolution of the typical characters of pre-formative Arhada centres, as discussed earlier. At the top of the hierarchy were the "famous", as the nobility was known, and below was everyone else. Tracing the rise to power of the "famous" clans is no easy feat, but its clear that, through generations of wealth accumulation, a set of dynamics which allowed the flourishing of a restricted group of landowners culminated in a clear class divide between this group of hereditary leaders and the manpower contributing to their wealth.
At the time of Kamābarha III it seems like four or five clans shared the spaces of the palatial district, with the number dropping to three, either through the merger of two clans or the extinguishing of the families, in the 7th century. This has been suggested by the symbolism prevalent on funerary urns found within the site, with each clan being associated with a specific symbol: in early Kamābarha III we find the tortoise, the heron, the parrot, and two variations of the burning house motif – one flanked by two pecan trees, the other standing on its own. It's unknown whether the last two represented a single clan or two separate ones. As the period progressed, however, we find that later urns are only marked with heron, parrot and burning house logograms. These three clans probably included a great deal of people, between the matriarchs, the leaders and a third class of non-inheriting clan members.
Power was seemingly based on seniority, passing from the son of the eldest matriarch, who would hold leadership within the village, to the next; his second in line – either a brother or the son of the second-senior matriarch – would act as a representative. Note how power passes from the matriarchs, and not from the men themselves: it's the eldest mother that produces the city's leader, but that does not mean that the leader is necessarily the senior nobleman.
One aspect of this system that is currently under debate is whether the wealth of the four (later three) clans was pooled together or if they maintained some additional independent wealth: it would seem like that was the case. It is now believed that the Ibosso hadân (marriage vessel) was treated as a person's independent wealth: each clan would put the wealth of their Ibosso hadân together with the other members of their clan, but separate from the common wealth of the city; non-inheriting clan members would keep theirs separate shares. All other goods – the herds, the harvest from the paddies, and items produced by the clan for the treasury – were handled communally by the Council of the matriarchs and the two male leaders: the internal leader, or "First Leader", handling issues pertaining to the administration of the city at large, and an external one, a "Second Leader", whose duties involved diplomatic journeys to client villages and the collection of payments.
A diagram of power relations in Kamābarha, for reference. I was impressed by how mobile social classes were, even within such a hierarchical society. There's an entire chapter dedicated to this:
2.b Kamābarha –Lower Classes and social mobility
Overall, two other social classes were recognised aside from the members of the famous clans; the commoners and the clanless. The commoners formed the bulk of the population: there could have been anything between one and two hundred minor clans inhabiting Kamābarha, most of which were farmers and horticulturalists, but many of whom were moving towards specific arts and crafts as the quality of life increased due to the higher level food security provided by the state. The men of this social class would be called for military duty by the leadership in times of war – when the time came to exact payment by force from a client city, for example – but all evidence points to this being a rather rare occasion. Clans mostly contributed to the palace economy, in the form of corvée labour (wherein each clan had to provide a fixed number of workers for the paddy) or the production of specialised goods. Because of this, having a clan could prove to be expensive, and when those payments could not be met, clanhood would be revoked: this gave rise to the Clanless, a more generalistic group comprised of those without the means to provide work to the palace as an organised force as well as all prisoners of war, foreigners or recent immigrants that have not yet entered the social fabric of the city. These people worked the paddies in exchange for wages, paid in the form of zizania or tobacco, and would be the first group to which the most labour intensive jobs were assigned.
That is not to say that people statically belonged to one class or other; People of a famous clan could intermarry with commoners – this was somewhat rare, as the preference was to marry within one of the other famous families or with the upper class of the other cities, both client and independent. But in times of need, when there weren't suitable partners of the same generation, the Matriarchs who regulated upper class unions, could allow a commoner to enter their group. Another means of social betterment for commoners was being chosen as a favourite at the palace: when an artist or artisan – commonly a woman, but sometimes a man as well – was considered to be highly skilled by a member of the four inner clans, they could chose to sponsor them, sacrificing personal wealth to allow them to live at the palace, where they would continue their craft for the benefit of the palace's treasury. Within the palace, Favourites were then allowed to marry and reside until their death: their children, growing with the children of the famous clans, often grew up to be considered suitable marriage partners. The Clanless had ways to climb the social ladder as well: becoming a Kabaima, a helper, for the inhabitants palace was considered to be an honourable post, the highest honour for someone without a Clan. They were similarly allowed to live and marry within the palace, and where often given some payment for their descendants at the end of their service, when they reached old age or died.
In an intermediary position the commoners and the famous where the non-inheriting children of the latter. The sons and daughters of the men of the clan were not included in the matrilineal passage of power and had to find themselves a position in society: the men were often encouraged to join the "high guard", responsible for the private property of the clan within the city, and both men and women could become "Shrine keepers", organising religious functions and overseeing the community who took care of the shrine's upkeep. These positions were open to commoners too, but Famous commoners, due to their closeness to the clan (and thus, to leadership), were preferred for this kind of position.
I was fascinated about the "Shrine Keeper" figure, but I could find very little about it. I found this on shrines, though:
5. Kamābarha – Early Tritonean shrines, the rise of an architectural typology:
Within the context of northern Arhada cities, we can see the emergence of a new building type: specialised shrines, independent of the palace district. These prove to be an evolution of the domestic type: the courtyard framing a centred, central-plan building was a clear re-elaboration of palaces; the difference however is in the proportions between the single parts. The courtyard building surrounding the shrine proper, now a mere framing device, grew narrower and shorter, while the central building acquired prominence, both in size and in height. The central structure contained one large square room where votive statuettes, offerings and precious materials were gifted from people honouring the spirits to whom the shrine was dedicated. Because early shrines were made of wood, we have little direct information regarding their appearance, for which we need to employ pictorial and sculptural sources (clay models of shrines are a common pottery item, used for votive purposes). It has been proposed that early shrines were often rebuilt as the object of devotion changed according to the needs of the city – it's believed that this rebuilding of the shrine often corresponded with the promotion of a new Shrine Keeper. Eventually, shrines would be built in more durable materials, making rebuilding less practical, but in this early stage the reconstruction of the shrine was probably a ritual occurrence.
It must be noted that shrines had their way of accumulating wealth, through the management of the offerings given by the devout: some shrines in Kamābarha had enough to surpass a number of the wealthiest non-famous Clans. Because the appointment to shrines was handled by the council of Matriarchs, however, the Famous Clans always had a way to indirectly handle those resources, through the appointment of a family member.
I copied some more drawings: one is a fascinating scheme of how temple typologies became more and more complex through the ages (though the last example is some 1000 years outside the timeline of the essay) and the other is an axonometric view of temple "E".
I will be briefer on Amadahai, skipping all the things that are shared between the two cities. There are a couple of divergences that I think shed some light on how differently the political environment of the two cities evolved.
1. Amadahai – Establishment and Growth
One key difference between Amadahai and Kamābarha was in their location: while Kamābarha was built along the coast of the Great Lake, Amadahai was founded in a strategic location at the head of the land bridge that closes off most of the small lake Thidorovôdjo from the larger Odjohivôdjo. This thin strip of land was reinforced with rows of paddies on both sides, creating a lush environment for the agricultural production of the urban centre. The warmer climate of Amadahai also provided the locals with a longer growing season, ensuring a higher production of high quality fruits and fruit products – wines, preserves, oil – that would be traded all over Tritonea and beyond. It seems that Amadahai's initial wealth was derived especially from this production and a booming trade of cosmetics in the form of spiced and perfumed oils, the large scale production of pigments such as indigo dye, ochre, and oil paint. It is worth dedicating a few words to this last product: while oil paints, as mixtures of pecan oil and pigments, had been used throughout Arhadan territory for some time (especially within the Southern Pottery School), Amadahai is the first site where the chemical analyses of archeological findings detected the use of hempseed oil – which acts as a better drying oil. Indeed, the high quality of the paintwork in pottery is one of the key feature of the Southern Pottery school, and some examples of painted pots, pipes and oil vessels are still visible today, with several exemplars being held at Newtown's Royal Museum of Horean Archaology. Tobacco was another notable export of the city and its wider political network: its climate was well suited for the cultivation of the leaf which was then carried throughout the lake system.
Amadahai also served as a centre of agricultural development, with the innovation of at least two very important crops being connected to the site of Amadahai II (contemporary with Kamābarha III). The first is Taraxacum ceratophorum, the wild Tritonean Dandelion, which the Arhada domesticated around the 5th Century, and began to select over the course of the next Centuries to obtain a series of crops we commonly eat to this day. Taraxacum was used for a number of different functions: the roots could be used to create brews, the leaves could be eaten raw, the petals could be crushed into dyes or used as aromatics.
Even more economically important was the creation of the Cattail variant Typha domestica var. lanifera, also called "Southern Cattail" or "Wooly Cattail". The fluff of wild cattails was hard to spin because of the shortness of the strands. As such, hemp-cattail blends started off as a common alternative to either of the pure fibre, softening the roughness of hemp and supplementing the scarcity of workable Typha fibre. Over the years, as cattail-flower fibre goods became more prised for their soft texture, the plant was selected for longer and sturdier fibres, larger heads and shorter stalks. The gathering of the fibre was light enough work to allow for the material to spread even thogh the cattail itself, domesticated from Typha Domingensis, required warmer climates, impeding its spread to the northern half of the Arhada territories in lake Sibozjivôro. This ensured that its cultivation would remain a southern specialty for some time, further ensuring Amadahai's commercial success.
A picture of the Wooly Cattail from the book! I had no idea it was first domesticated there, though thinking about it, it makes sense. I suppose I have to thank the people of Amadahai for the sweater I'm wearing right now. Some notes on politics, then I'll have to leave the library – the old man at the desk is giving me looks.
2. Amadahai – Internal Politics
The key differences in the political structure of early Amadahai can be easily appreciated when ne observes the power structures within its leadership class. Where Kamābarha had four or three leading clans, Amadahai maintains a stable number of six clans.
Amadahai's political diagram for reference.
Because the members of the leading families represent a greater percentage of the city's demography, the leadership of early Amadahai is thought to be less top-heavy: all mothers of the six ruling clans participated in the council and, rather than having a single elder matriarch as the head of the council – as was the case in Kamābarha –, the duties of the council were split between three members, elected by the matriarchs amongst the matriarchs.
The "Speaker" had a similar functions to the senior matriarch of Kamābarha but her role was mostly that of a representative and prima inter pares, rather than a final authority. She was flanked by two peers, equally chosen by the entire council: a "Treasure mother", who acted as a steward for the shared wealth of the clans, and a "Lore mother". The responsibilities of this final figure were perhaps the widest: amongst them was a cereful knowledge of genealogy and the history of Amadahai and all its client cities, the recording of contracts of obeisance and clientele, the approval and arrangement of marriages between members of the Famous clans, as well as the mentorship of younger women who might succeed her. While the Speaker of the council evidently held the most outwardly active role, the Lore Mother, in lieu of her deep knowledge, wisdom and powerful responsibilities, was treated with the most respect amongst the three.
If we look at the political role of men, we can see that even their division of power was more egalitarian than in Kamābarha: while we can still notice a clear division between First Leader and Second Leader, in a similar fashion to what we see in the northern city, we find that the second leader does not act independently in matters of war, being assisted instead by a war council formed of all the adult men of the clan. This speaks to Amadahai's deeper martial culture, born of a more conflictual relationship with its southern neighbours. The war council culminated in the creation of a sort of military elite – hunting and engaging in sporting culture during times of peace and commanding forces of commoners and clansless people in times of war. This is visible in the developement of specialised weapons (in Amadahai II we see the first depictions of recurve self bows in pictographs, pottery and sculpture) as well as an increase in arrowhead production dated from this period. There is current debate over whether the "Famous commoner" class could join this group, but the consensus seems to be that while they could become commanders, they did not have the rights to speak or vote in the war council proper.
While both an elite military role and priesthood were acceptable paths for famous commoners, it seems that these options were barred to all other commoners (another difference from Kamābarha). Again, this is possibly explained by the higher numbers of nobles in the city. A "lower guard", overseeing the protection of everything within the city but outside the palace was manned by commoners, whereas the "higher guard", acting as personal protectors of the Famous men and right hand men in times of war, were chosen exclusively amongst the non-inheriting relatives of the clan. The same goes for the priesthood: men and women of the clan's blood but outside the line of inheritance were invited to oversee the running of a temple: to be appointed, a "famous commoner" would require the backing of a member of one of the clans – usually via their father – and unanimous consent from all the members of the high leadership: the three matriarchs and the two leaders. These postings were diplomatically and economically sensitive: they allowed one of the clans to give an affiliated party a role within the leadership of a shrine, tapping into additional resources for the benefit of their family.
Alright, I guess that's enough research for my thesis – I'm super tired. I might still borrow this book when I can. End of note.
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2023.06.10 13:27 huana205 华纳国际综合盘总代理(网址

华纳国际- 网络博彩网投平台,招募官方代理,全球招商,正规实体,实力平台、全面对接各路代理,顶级待遇双边洗码返佣高达,占成返点负盈利高达-上限可谈。
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2023.06.10 13:27 Gunner4990 Remember all these pc games??

Remember all these pc games??
Yo game haru yad chaki chaina sathi haru? Computer ma ekdum khelinthyo. Those were the simple days. Nostalgia hits hard. Please mention the games I might have missed.
submitted by Gunner4990 to Nepal [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 13:24 Effective_Editor1500 [PREVIEW] Scratch++ v2.0 Update Update Log

[PREVIEW] Scratch++ v2.0 Update Update Log
reused this piece of code about a million times now

Just want to post a quick update here of the update I've been working on since another project has been abandoned. Overall, it's a positive update, there are some 'features' that was taken away from the previous version in this version. The project is only about 80-90 percent complete, so it won't be shared yet. Anyway, here's a list of things I've updated and what I'm still working on.
  • increased performance. (1.7x faster than the latest version)
  • recursive functions: functions are now recursive.
  • repeat until loop.
  • 3D arraylist and better implementation of arrays.
  • delete variable: removes a variable from memory.
  • multi-layered loops: loops in loops are now supported.
  • color display: keywords are now highlighted.
  • import: most inbuilt functions are now required to be imported, allowing more function names to be used.
  • bug patched and changes:
    • texts such as “2b” are now no longer displayed as number values.
    • function parameters no longer have unexpected behaviors.
    • print function now removes quotation marks from string.
    • error messages now display accurate line numbers and clearer messages.
  • removed uppercase support, enter-key now insert a new column.
  • merged int and doubles into num type.
  • increased maximum columns to 989 columns.
  • pen tools.
  • output console display.
  • file settings.
submitted by Effective_Editor1500 to technicalscratch [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 13:23 Ambitious_Second_267 Sorry but is this China size or EU?

Sorry but is this China size or EU? submitted by Ambitious_Second_267 to Pandabuy [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 13:23 Barrowml87 Texas couldn’t deny a brotha forever! Passed ME TFS on third attempt. (Thanks SlaythePE!)

It has been a long long journey for me to get here but it is finally over. Thank you for everyone that shared experiences or gave encouragement.
Used Slay The PE for my third attempt. Anyone looking for a prep course for TFS, I would only recommend Slay. First attempt used school of PE(2019) & second PPI2PASS (2021/2022).
My experience / prep with SlaythePE:
Slay offers an 18 week course that follows their study guide book and recorded videos. During the course you will work over 300 problems all while using the Mechanical Reference Manual.
I started course in April 2022, with a scheduled exam date in DEC. 2022, I only finished about 75% of the course got super busy with work / life discouraged with studying all together to the point where I just stopped. At this point my access to the slay course had passed and my exam date was coming up. I reached out to slay and explained my situation and was even willing to pay in order to extend my course access. SlaythePE responded back with, hey, we have got your back, you will have access to our material until you pass your test no need to pay anything extra. I told them I rescheduled my exam for May, 31st and we decided it was best for me to restart the course and practice problems from the beginning with the latest start date of my preparation to begin at the end on Jan. 2023.
So I got to work again… from mid Jan to may 31st.
SlaythePE taught me so much more than I ever learned from school of PE or ppi2pass. The problems presented during the slay course are pretty tough, but not to the point where you are so discouraged that you want to give up.
They really helped me understand subjects instead of me trying to search for an equation in the mechanical reference handbook. They were able to break down subjects that seemed so complex to me such as energy balances through turbines or pumps or combined cycles and make them seem so damn simple.
My preparation looked something like this:
  1. Watched all slay videos twice (some more than twice)
  2. Worked all slay practice problems and practice exams twice (including their diagnostic ones )
  3. Worked NCEES practice exam 3 times (once timed / mock exam)
  4. Worked Engineer Pro Guide Exams (1, 2, & 4)
  5. Worked Practice Problems from Engineer pro guides study guide
Prep Advice:
  1. Commit to the process and accept the fact you will be engaged in your preparation for 3-4months. For me, any longer than 4months I would start to lose focus and burn out. Stick to small study sessions, even if it’s only 30mins to an hour a day. Just keep the momentum going and know you are going to have to sacrifice some of your weekends. If applicable to you, make sure your partner understands how much you need to study and post your study schedule up in house.
  2. Buy SlaythePE course. Read their study guide and take notes from each chapter if you need to. Their practice exam is much harder than ncees, but if you go through their course and learn the material their practice exam begins to seem more manageable.
  3. Ask all the questions you can think of and post to the slay forum for discussion or search to see if someone has already asked your question.
  4. Purchase engineer pro guide exams. ( use their forums to ask questions, they have great material as well and are super responsive. They also have a lot of general engineering questions in their study guides / practice exams, also their study guide has great information on pumps / hvac equipment). Thank you 🙏🏽 EPG
  5. Purchase ncees practice exam.
  6. Try to only solve problems using the ME reference manual provided during your preparation.
  7. Work as many practice problems as possible, I worked over 1000 problem.
  8. Keep track of units always.
Exam Day Advice:
  1. Don’t be afraid to skip or flag a problem.( you have to keep moving, if you are spending more than a couple mins on a problem trying to figure out how to even get started, flag and move on)
  2. Top right of your screen during the exam shows the problem number, try your best to number your work on the laminate scratch book and keep it organized. Make sure they give you two booklets and three dry erase markers, make sure they test the dry erase markers in front of you before the exam starts and try to remember to put the cap back on the dry erase marker when you are done using it (super annoying).
  3. Be positive and resilient, first half of my exam had 38 questions. I struggled and felt like I skipped at least 10 problems. Started to feel super frustrated and discouraged. Morning session was harder for me and felt like I got really unlucky on the questions based on my strengths. Second half felt a lot better for me. Maybe guessed on less than 3-4 problems.
I’ll be honest, leaving the exam I didn’t think I had passed. I struggle on the morning session and really had to give myself a “pep” talk during my 50 min break.
Results came exactly a week later that I passed. I was ready to reset a clock for 3 months and go back through all of Slays material.
SlayThePE thank you 🙏🏽 so much! I wish I would have started my journey with you. I’m glad to finally have this exam passed me it’s been a goal for damn near 15yrs. Don’t give up y’all! If I can do it, you can too! Believe in yourself, stay positive, and SLAY the PE!
submitted by Barrowml87 to PE_Exam [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 13:20 Ev3NN Looking for a Gyuto in Europe around 150-250€

  1. What budget, currency, and region are you based in/can purchase from? - 150-250€ ideally. I'm very influenceable so I guess I could go a bit higher. Located in Paris, France.
  2. What length, handle type, and profile are you looking for? - 240mm Wa Gyuto
  3. Intended use case of the knife? Be as specific as possible - general home kitchen use, no bones. Will use beater for harsher tasks. Cooking asian dishes with a wok most of the time. I often cut aromatics, vegetables, and boneless meat. I intend to use another knife to debone chicken thighs. Fish occasionally. I also like to rock chop fresh herbs like parsley with my hand on the top of the spine.
  4. Do you prefer a high performance knife with a thin, fragile edge or a knife that trades off cutting performance for a more durable and forgiving edge? - high performance, willing to do some babying. However, as a beginner I'm probably not gonna notice any difference in performance anyway.
  5. Do you require a stainless knife? - I actually like to baby stuff. I'm looking for a carbon steel knife
  6. What knives have you owned? What do you like/dislike about them? - Cheap Ikea knives. Dull, hard to sharpen.
  7. What knives are you considering? What knives from the flowcharts interest you? Provide links where possible. - I'm a bit overwhelmed by the number of choice available. The suggestion from the flowcharts do not have the finish I'm looking for unfortunately.
  8. Any other additional context that you would like to give? (finishes, special requests, specific materials, height requirements, etc.) - I really like these finishes: tsuchime/kurouchi combo, tsuchime, nashiji, nashiji/kurouchi combo. If kurouchi, I would prefer one that doesn't wear out too quickly. No K-tip (even if they are really cool), because I like to rock when chopping small vegetables like spring onions. I have the Shapton Pro Stone grit 1000 and will probably add more whetstones to the collection in the future.
submitted by Ev3NN to chefknives [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 13:20 c0minthru Low voltage (not due to rectifier)

What could it be?
I'm seeing 12.8-13 while riding around.
Used to be 14.0-14.5
Difficulty starting bike (rapid clicks, low battery voltage sign - reads 11 something volts when engine is off).
Rectifieregulator is brand new (genuine). Changed the one before due to this. That problem (described in my post in the link) went away and it started consistently showing 14-14.5v. But 3 weeks in, this problem now.
Could it be due to battery? It's only 3 months old though. But does a bad battery show low voltage "while" engine in on?
I have only one accessory, which is the voltmeteUSB charger.
Bike's Rouser 200.
submitted by c0minthru to motorcycle [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 13:16 Nikolas573 Advice on electric bike

I found a relatively cheap electric bike for around 1000€ and I was wondering if you could help see if it's any good.
It's 250W, 21 gears, disc breaks, 27,5" wheels, 10 Ah battery and a front suspension.
Does this sound reasonable or is it bad? I'm no expert at all so I thought I'd ask here as well. Thank you in advance!!
submitted by Nikolas573 to ebikes [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 13:16 Mjolnir2109 Getting the vanilla start to work without disabling mods.

I know alt starts are pretty much the standard, but I had a backstory for a new character and the vanilla start was by far the best role-playing choice. After much trial and error, and looking up everything I could about the bugs in the vanilla start, I managed to come up with a list of super small and easy changes to make that have made my game get all the way through the entire start scene bug free. I figured I'd share my findings in case anyone else was interested. This is assuming you are using ASLAL and choose the vanilla start option. These first two steps fix the cart flipping and physics issues. 1. Make sure fps is capped, I just set mine to 59 2. After using the bed and loading into the scene, try to pull up the console as fast as possible when the load screen ends. Type 'tscr' and then close the console. Everyone will spawn in on foot, and not in the cart yet. Wait until the black screen fades fully, then open the console and repeat the command to turn scripts back on. Everyone will then be moved into the cart at once. The screen will still be all black right after the load screen. However sometimes it seemed like I pulled up the console faster than whatever triggered the black screen, and the fade in from black just didn't happen, but it didn't seem to effect anything. These next steps fix your character turning and walking in the wrong direction after you get off the cart. If this does happen, I never found a way to unfuck it, and had to start over. 3. If you are using True Directional Movement, before you load into the scene, set the two Directional Movement options in the Directional Movement tab to Vanilla style, and the third option, Dialog Mode, to Disable. In that same column, toggle off the Face Crosshair During Auto-Move. I also realized I had done all this testing with head tracking disabled, so I'm unsure if that would cause any issues or not. 4. Avoid moving the camera at all costs during the entire scene until Alduin attacks and you have control of your character. At this point your pretty much in the clear and can revert all changes. 5. This isn't needed to prevent bugs, but during several of my tests, wolves would attack and it would totally mess up the scene everytime. To prevent this, when you pull up the console for the tscr command, also type 'tcai' this will turn off combat ai but leaving other ai like pathfinding and dialog in tact. Just make sure to turn it back on once you have control of your character again.
I have over 1000 plug-ins, including the ones that are infamous for messing up the vanilla scene like Immersive Armors and Helgen Reborn. I obviously can't promise this will work for everyone, but I hope it'll at least help a few people!
submitted by Mjolnir2109 to skyrimmods [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 13:14 Lazydb4lyf Pioneer credit final notice

Roughly 9 years ago I had financial issues and was unable to make payments on a latitude mastercard (got sucked in by Hardly Normal) I entered a payment plan with them and was paying $25 f/n out of dole, I paid approximately $1000 on the plan, there were no time limits, interest was not added etc. Latitude sold the debt without my knowledge and Lion finance became the owner, they immediately started pestering me for the full amount, not the amount left owing, I told them about the plan with latitude and they couldn’t care less, the amount of harassment and intimidation from them for years while I was already dealing with a lot mentally was draining Lion have since sold the debt again without my knowledge to Pioneer credit who have again harassed and threatened and I now have received a notice threatening court proceedings saying they will take property etc Looking for any advice on how to proceed, I am on a dsp for severe depression and have already been sectioned for mental health reasons and am worried this latest issue may push me over the edge I have no funds other than the dsp, so hiring a lawyer etc is not an option Thanks❤️
submitted by Lazydb4lyf to AusLegal [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 13:09 Money-War Looking to get a little louder!

Hello! This is for a 2000 Honda s2k so no tweeters and can't bring myself to cutting my doors for them lol. I was wondering if someone could help point me in the right direction for louder speakers. I'm currently running a skar 75.4ab amp. It's currently powering a lil 10 inch sub and my 2 door speakers, I had some older polks in it but wasn't loud enough for driving with the top down. So I upgraded to the CT Sounds Meso 6.5 coaxials they don't fit the best and I'm thinking I broke the built in tweeter on the one lol. They sounded amazing but didn't fit well could anyone please give me some recommendations for speakers? I'm thinking about buying the skar 6.5 coaxials for time being because my amp goes into protection mode whenever I touch my door panel (think tweeter is shorting out when it gets bumped) thank you!!
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2023.06.10 13:02 AutoModerator Easy Grow Cheap

Easy Grow Cheap
The Course includes:

• 1. Acquisition Genesis
• 2. Self Transcendence
• 3. Sales Systems
• 4. Outbound Systems
• 5. Inbound Systems
• 6. Paid Systems
• Agency Content (Bonus)

You can find all of them on - Our Discord Server
Discord: PLIATSIK#0227
Telegram: t. me/PliatsikG (Remove the space between "t." and "me" for the link to work properly or search directly for my telegram name: PliatsikG).

100+ Vouches from clients
1000+ Members on our Discord Server
20+ TB of rare and known courses
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2023.06.10 13:01 Nazta JP - Information Stream - 06/10/23

JP Version Only
Stream Status: Online


  • Duration: 06/10 20:00~ JST
  • Stream: Youtube
  • Discord Channel: Link
  • Album: Link

Schedule / Information

  • New Unit(s)
  • New Event(s)
  • Campaign(s)

Unit(s) Information

  • FF4/FF5/FF6 (06/12)
  • Locke CG LB: Link
  • New Units: NV Locke, NV Galuf, NVA Palom & Porom

NV Locke

  • TMR: [Materia] +50% P/M Bird & Dragon Killer w/ DaggeSword/T.Weapon
  • STMR: [Dagger] +241 ATK, 20% Phys Evade, +250% ATK buff when <21% HP (2T), Locke Only: +750 Static ATK
  • LS: +750% ATK/MAG, +200% DEF/SPR (集められし者たち) +500% ATK/MAG, +200% DEF/SPR (Fire)
  • Note: Premium Unit, Has SLB
  • More Info/Ex: Ex

Vision Card

  • Lv1: +170 ATK/MAG
  • +80% ATK/MAG (Req: 集められし者たち)
  • +100% LB Damage (Req: 集められし者たち)
  • +650 Static ATK/MAG (Req: 集められし者たち)
Note: 集められし者たち translated to "Gathered Ones"

NV Galuf

  • TMR: [Materia] +50% ATK/DEF, 100% LB Fill Rate, Guts: >30% HP
  • STMR: [2H Katana] +232 ATK, +100% P/M Plant Killer, Galuf Only: +1000 Static ATK
  • LS:
  • Note: Has Braveshift
  • More Info/Ex: Ex

Vision Card

  • Lv10: +110 ATK/MAG
  • +50% ATK/MAG
  • +50% LB Damage (Req: FFV)
  • +500 Static ATK/MAG (Req: FFV)

NVA Palom & Porom

  • More Info/Ex: Ex

Event(s) Information

Campaign Information

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