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2023.03.16 21:58 Secure_Car_6374 Looking for Comic fanfics

Does anyone know where to find some Lois Lane XXX fanfics? I'm a big Superman fan and I have been to usual sites; Adult fanfiction, AO3, Hentaifoundry and Chyoa. Are there any other sites that I have missed?
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2022.11.06 22:31 HivemindEnrager Duellist's cap & Expression studies Patreon sketch - by @PinkTaco_nsfw

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2022.10.11 17:53 HivemindEnrager Sword & stone Patreon sketch - by @PinkTaco_nsfw

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2022.09.28 23:14 HivemindEnrager [Sketch] Separated PinkTaco Patreon sketch - by @PinkTaco_nsfw

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2021.07.20 16:22 Beneficial-Category Websites questions

I write fantasy/Sci-Fi smut and was wondering what websites allow you to link a ko-fi/patreon account or straight up hire you? I believe Literotica and Hentaifoundry allow it but I am not sure. Any help would be much appreciated.
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2018.07.25 15:59 Jevia I've come to realize my partner is a porn addict and has been hiding sexual relationships online from me. Help or advice? [Long post]

Hey guys. So to give some background info, I'm a 27 year old American woman and my partner is a 26 year old Australian man. We've been together for over 3 years, known each other for close to 4, and I moved away from everything I knew to be with him here in Oz over 2 years ago. We've had a healthy sex life and enjoy D/s (not a lifestyle though).
He's always been into porn and I enjoy it myself. I see (or saw, I guess) it as something normal and healthy to have so long as the relationship isn't neglected... We'd watch it together and engage with it in other ways. But I guess over time it started consuming a lot of his free time when not with me, to the point where he'd constantly think about it. He'd even be looking at hentai during his work break and would listen to audio stuff during the work (headphones in a factory). He had harddrives full of hentai/drawn porn, and a lot of his games had sex mods too. Whenever he was on the computer he'd have Hentaifoundry up.
I didn't realize how out of control it had become though until 2 weeks ago, when I found out he was sexually domming a woman online and that he'd been having secret phone calls to talk about sex things with her. I knew none of this. It had only gone on for a couple days but I caught him in the act and saw the messages. Since I have no friends or family here, I packed up my stuff and left for a hotel. I was, and still am, heartbroken. He begged for forgiveness and after spending many hours talking to him, I returned home a few days later. The following week we agreed to spend more time together, had fantastic sex, and stayed away from the computer.
It looked like he was keeping his promise to never hurt me like that again. I felt hopeful and was looking forward to a stronger relationship. Until I found out he was doing the exact same thing a week and a couple days after the first incident. This time with a trap/sissy boy. When I confronted him he sat me down and admitted everything and that he couldn't control himself, and I left the house in the middle of the night. I took him later that day to my psychologist appointment and she pointed out his obsession with pornography, and he admitted it was a problem. That he didn't feel like he was in control. That was last week.
He has since made two appointments with sex psychologists this weekend. But is the cybersex really stemming from the porn addiction? He's deleted all of his porn and sex mods as far as I can tell. I've refused to have sex since the second incident because I'm scared. I don't know what to do, although I know I do want to help in any way I can. He's such a good person and boyfriend aside from this. It feels like my life is crumbling around me while I keep trying to desperately put it back together. Any words of advice, help, or similar stories? :( I don't have anyone here to turn to, so it's been difficult to talk about this.
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2018.04.21 20:32 ineedmorealts 1.7.38: Added http and socks proxy support; Extended some unit tests to include getGid; Added HitomiRipper; hentaifoundry ripper now can rip all images from accounts

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2014.12.02 04:36 616840968429864 It seems that my last dream is dying, and I think I'll go with it.

See, in theory, I could be a competent artist.
Technically I am good enough. I know perspective, I know anatomy, I can do comics layouts and game UI, I can do character art and concept, landscapes and machinery, whatever. I'm good with expression and body language. It's the only thing at which I'm even halfway competent. I could create a webcomic and attract attention that way; I could reach for low-hanging fruit and draw porn on commission via hentaifoundry or something. I've done a lot of those things already, I've reached a point where I can do one solid page of comic per day, depending on complexity, on a level with the professionals.
Except I can't do it. I can't concentrate. I'm overwhelmed with such futility and despair that, for more than a year now, I haven't been able to finish anything but quick and shitty sketches.
The one thing that helps are stimulants, but I don't know anyone so I can't find a dealer, and trying to get them through a doctor will only get me labeled a recreational drug seeker and thrown out, because War on Drugs. I've already resigned to being a casualty of that.
Antidepressants don't help me. Therapy doesn't help me. I am diagnosed with major depressive disorder, bipolar-2 and something else but I don't think it really fits. My life isn't worth living. There are no positive reasons to continue. I'm alive because my mother, who hates my guts anyway, would be damaged by my passing, and two friends I know only via the internet would eventually guess and feel sad about it.
Plus, let's be honest here, I'm very afraid to die.
Plus, really, I'd like to get some things done. I have a G1 FAL. I will be using it on myself, eventually. I would like to accomplish a few things, before that comes to pass. But I used to dream of a lot of things. Having a family, having a place of my own, a nice bike, a workshop where I could branch out into sculpture... those dreams are dead, and day by day this one is also going away.
How do I keep it alive?
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2013.02.24 20:48 KravenErgeist Found on HentaiFoundry

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