Dog bed replacement covers with zipper

Got a couple questions

2023.03.27 03:26 Timberwulff Got a couple questions

So I had to make some repairs on my Aquila because the feeder gears were worn down. During all of this I find the extruder has scorch marks on it and looks kind of burned out. So I am looking to replace it and keep looking for ones for Voxelab but I keep seeing other brands and things on Amazon, So my first question is can anyone recommend a good extruder for it. The info I have is it is a Voxelab Aquila I guess version 1 also need to replace the fan cover for it so a full extruder set / kit would be just as good. So suggestions for one that will work well is appreciated.
  1. I have been having levelling issues since this situation. I can not seem to get a proper level in the four corners and center, I get close but even with the paper thing to measure out the distance. Do you think I need a new hot bed or an automatic leveler or possibly both. And if I do, much like the extruder can anyone make any suggestions for good ones?
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2023.03.27 03:14 papatonepictures Adventurer 4 - Cannot get clean prints...driving me looney. Support will not respond.

Adventurer 4 - Cannot get clean prints...driving me looney. Support will not respond.
Parts either stick to the plate or under-extrude. The difference between these results is .05 during leveling.
I have replaced the nozzle three times. I have replaced the entire extruder module. All leveling seems to be fine according to the instructions...but no prints come out even. And anything functional or that should have any sort of tolerance to be able to be put together doesn't work.
Big chunky prints are fine:
The droid body parts seem fine; but they don't really require much precision.
Other parts, functional parts, come out uneven, with stringing in very strange places.
I printed two of these parts, one before and one after I replaced the extruder and nozzles. Both have basically the same result.
Filament is PLA+. Dry. Nothing weird. Printed at 220, 60 degree bed to keep things sticking. My garage is cold, so I need to up temps just a touch. This filament and these settings worked solidly for almost a year.
Do other folks have trouble with such uneven, rough parts?
This part looks under-extruded (to me, I could be wrong?) but I had to pry it off the print bed.
I tried switching the print orientation for this ring part by flipping it over, to try to print it a third time. I didn't even continue the print because everything was clearly not printing cohesively.
I'm sure I'm missing something. Any ideas what I can try? I have not been able to get any support from Flashforge, and I am really frustrated. I had been recommending this printer to other folks, but I'm finding that now, just a month or two outside of my warranty...there may be no help for me from the company.
Could this be a printer that's fine as long as it works...but once it doesn't, it's basically a brick if you want any sort of precision? I sure hope not.
Flashforge, if you're seeing this, please help!
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2023.03.27 03:11 bnosidda [USA-OH] [H] Complete setup: 7900X/6900XT build + G27Q Monitor + G513 Carbon/Basilisk V2 [W] PayPal, Local cash


Local is 43447 (Toledo, OH area)

$2000 + shipping & fees for everything
$1750 + shipping & fees for PC only
Not particularly interested in trades, but I may consider a Ryzen 5000 based SFF/mini PC or 16" laptop (without dGPU) + cash.
PCPartPicker Part List
Type Item Price
CPU AMD Ryzen 9 7900X 4.7 GHz 12-Core Processor $426.49 @ Amazon
CPU Cooler EK AIO Elite 360 D-RGB 66.04 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler $184.62 @ Newegg Sellers
Motherboard MSI MAG B650M MORTAR WIFI Micro ATX AM5 Motherboard $239.99 @ Amazon
Memory G.Skill Flare X5 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR5-6000 CL36 Memory $114.99 @ Newegg
Storage Inland Performance 1 TB M.2-2280 PCIe 4.0 X4 NVME Solid State Drive $74.98 @ Amazon
Video Card MSI GAMING X TRIO Radeon RX 6900 XT 16 GB Video Card $649.99 @ Amazon
Case JONSBO D31 MESH SC Black Micro ATX Computer Case with Screen $144.99 @ Amazon
Power Supply be quiet! Pure Power 11 FM 750 W 80+ Gold Fully Modular ATX PSU $123.59 @ Newegg Sellers
Operating System Microsoft Windows 11 Pro OEM 64-bit $20.00
Monitor Gigabyte G27Q 27.0" 2560 x 1440 144 Hz Monitor $249.99 @ Newegg
Keyboard Logitech G513 Carbon RGB Wired Gaming Keyboard $114.99 @ Amazon
Mouse Razer Basilisk V2 Wired Optical Mouse $52.98 @ Amazon
Case fan Thermalright TL-C12015B 120mm Slim Fan $12.99 @ Amazon
Sales Tax Estimated Tax (7%) $168.74
Total $2579.33
The secondary screen is an 8" 1280x800 panel. It can be removed and used outside the case, and a mesh cover panel replacement is included.
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2023.03.27 03:09 shesagoner666 waking violence

*for context, my parents and I have shit relationships. my mom picked 3 fist fights with me last year and my dad punched me in the face. my mom was on drugs for a while, and after a brief period in jail (not the first nor last) she wound up back under the same roof as me, me an adult with a job and her still on drugs. she'd do weird things like nail all the doors shut. when I woke up, it was so fresh it was like it really happened but after a few hours it's faded from memory a bit, unfortunately like dreams do. should have written it down when i woke up but it bothered me so much i just went back to sleep.
in my dream, I was back living with my mom and all the doors were nailed or locked shut except for the kitchen and the hallway, so basically I could leave my room and go to the kitchen but that was it. I was getting some food from a large deep pot on the stove, pouring something into a couple of glass bowls. my dream logic brain says it was chili but who knows. next thing I know the door to the living room (was nailed shut) flies open and there's my mom, yelling at me across the room about making too much noise or something. she throws something at me and I cringe away while it shatters next to me, when she gets up and it's like she's going to hit me or spank me like I'm a kid again. my mom used belts only, sometimes ones with studs or cut out designs and I got really, really mad because I'm an adult now and she can't do this anymore so when she got close enough, I turned back around, embracing the hit and also firm with my whole body of "this is it, I'm snapping and I'm going to strangle her," when I woke up, panting, shaking, covered in sweat and sitting up, haunched over my partner with my hands in hash slinging slasher strangle mode. I'm disgusted, embarrassed, guilty, ashamed, and down right terrified. I've slapped, flailed my arms, kicked, thrown things, talked myself and laughed myself awake, and once was standing in bed but never have I ever tried to choke someone. idk what exactly this means and I thought my weird sleep shit was over but ig not. when my bf woke up, I told him about it and said it sounds like built up resentment for my mom, which there's a lot of. idk what to make of it so posting here. thanks for reading.
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2023.03.27 03:07 chiefgelu A dog problem.

Hello everyone , i have a problem with my dog and i do not know how to solve it. (sorry if i misspelled some words but my english is not very fluid) My dog likes to pss in my bed all the time and i can’t figure it out why , i was away for 4 days and when i came back my bed was covered in pss. She wasn’t alone , she was with my dad and also with the other 2 cats that we have (they are very good friends) This is not the first time this happened, it’s been going around for almost a month i think .I don’t know if it is separation anxiety or a medical problem and i’m here to get some answers and probably solve my problem. Thanks in advance! 🫶🏼
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2023.03.27 03:06 331x Cat not using new litter box

My cat is 14 with a history of urinary tract problems, he’s on a special food and medication for it that he has to take for the rest of his life. In the past 5 months or so, he’s been occasionally peeing in my bed. It’s awful, and I feel it’s less because he’s sick and more because he just doesn’t feel like going to his box due to a canine obstacle. He has two boxes, and they’re both two stories below, in the basement. I think that he does not like the dogs, our frenchie tends to always chase him away. Despite his age, he has never shown any regression in his ability to move around. He still leaps, runs, cleans himself efficiently, etc.
I got him a new box that’s in my bathroom. It’s super close by since my bathroom is attached to my room. This alleviates any need for him to go in my bed. I used the same type of litter of his old boxes, and even used a good amount of his old litter (with a clump included for recognition I guess).
He just won’t use it. He sniffs around in it. Sits in it, but he won’t go. I really won’t want to feel like I wasted money on this box. I don’t like his favorite box, he tends to stand while peeing and it sometimes ends up outside of the box. So I intentionally got one with high walls. He hates lids, so I make sure to keep it off.
Is there anything I can do? I really want this to work for him.
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2023.03.27 03:06 LowBatteryStories Try to prove to me ghosts aren't real.

I have lived in Utah my entire life, and it isn't filled with just God fearing Mormons, there's almost as many ghosts as there are deer, quite the bold statement I know, but I can prove it.
My first experience that I remember happened around the time I was four. My Mom and her ex pretty much owned the mobile home we lived on, and it was just us three. My bed was put in the hallway in between the bathroom and the back porch.
I was playing one day, I don't remember particularly what it was I was doing, I'm guessing four year old stuff. For whatever reason I wandered back to the area where my bed was and standing in the middle of the door way was a tall, African American man with red eyes, a suit, and red tie to match his eyes.
The most disturbing part was his smile. The whitest teeth that I have ever seen, and it was that carsalesman grin that we all know. I freaked out and ran to my mom. Her and her ex both checked, and there was nothing there. I know it wasn't my imagination because I have never seen him again, not that I want to.
My second experience me and my mom shared. We moved up north into the city so my sister could be born and we lived with my ex Grandparents. About half a year after my sister was born, and I was five, she got a rocking horse for Christmas. As soon as I saw it, I knew that I didn't like it. It's eyes followed you literally everywhere.
They decided to leave it in the living room, right next to my room. Every single night that thing would rock back and forth and make this distorted neighing sound. During the day, it would be completely normal, and this upset me and my mom quite a bit.
The third experience wasn't as bad but it was still creepy. We were still living in my Grandparents house and on top of the horse, we would hear something walking in the hallways. At first we thought it was the house settling. I proved that dead wrong. The footsteps were slow and deliberate. I would ask my grandparents if the dogs were with them and every single time they would say they were with them the entire night.
The last scary incident happened about a year or two ago when I was about 15-16. We moved back into the house I lived in when i was four for personal reasons I was crawling onto my bed and I felt something grab my leg, and as if on cue, I would be dragged off the bed, effortlessly. To make things worse, I was 250 ibs, not something easy to move. I'm not the only one to experience things like this. My grandma has told me some scarier things than me, if I can get her permission I will update this with her stories.
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2023.03.27 03:05 Unhappy_Performer538 Pros and Cons of Daycare?

My 23 w mini poodle boy (puppy tax <3)went to daycare the first time on Saturday for a few hours. I was overjoyed at how well he got along with all the dogs there and what a great time he had, especially since he’s been showing a little reactivity to (already reactive) dogs (who bark at him first) at my apartment complex.
He was wiped out when he got home! It was great. But, he would not sleep and settle in the car, even with a peanut butter lick mat and his dog bed. He would try to settle and then road noise or a pothole would have him shooting up again and he would whine about how tired he was lol. We are traveling with him in June and wonder how to get him to settle in the car and sleep?
Also, it’s like his ears fell off since I picked him up. Especially outside. He’s barely doing anything I ask outside as if he has run free and now decided that’s how he’d prefer it be lol and to hell with my input. How can I fix this?
He stole my cats wet chicken food and ate some when I had my back turned and I thought he was peacefully chewing earlier so maybe it was that my cooked chicken breast just wasn’t as good as the chicken cat food? But it seemed like his opinion was that me and my training could just eff off LOL. We had to leave the park pretty immediately bc he was listening to nothing.
Any thoughts here?
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2023.03.27 03:03 TevaHiker My Small Brush with Death

A couple of days ago, I almost had a bad fall. I’ve been solo hiking for over 8 years now, and never had any issues. I’m in Southern CA, and we just had a lot of rain for our region, and the rain just stopped a day prior to my hike. I was hiking near a trail with a creek with 10+ water crossings and then the incline shot up so I was hiking up a narrow trail, I noticed a lot of the trail was waterlogged and slippery, undeterred I kept going.
Suddenly part of the trail broke off and I began to slide off the edge of the trail. I was able to grip a tree trunk with my right arm, and able to find footing for my left foot on top of a mossy rock, my left hand was gripping dirt and my right leg was dangling. Below me was a drop of around 15-20 feet into the rocky creek with a heavy water flow. It took me a few seconds to realize that I was in actual danger. I tried for a while to find footing for my right leg but couldn’t. So my only option was to either pull myself up or try and cover my head with my arms or my backpack and attempt a controlled roll or fall. So I braced and pulled myself up by my right arm. flung my left leg as high as possible, and was able to grip the tree trunk with my left arm. And I’m a big dude 6’1 270 pounds, (kinda fit, kinda fat lol) so I used all my strength to pull myself up and I was able to do it. After I was on flat ground, I laid there for about 5 minutes just realizing what happened and hiked back to my car. It was surreal and I just sat in my car for a good 15 minutes just processing.
Anyways, I should have realized that it probably wasn’t the best idea to hike a creek right after a bunch of rain. And to always let someone know where you going, when you get there and when you leave. I mentioned to my dad, I was going hiking but no one knew exactly where I was. At the end of the day, there’s a lot of things I should’ve done better, and I’ve learned my lessons. Anyways, just wanted to share. Will I continue to solo hike? Yeah but I just might take a small break and stick to walking my dogs for a while.
TLDR: hiked a trail with a creek after weeks of rain, part of the trail broke off, I almost fell 15 feet into the creek, pulled myself up by a tree trunk and went home.
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2023.03.27 03:02 ClassicStruggle2717 Just did day 1!

I know this is pretty small. I'm only 20, I've had an on and off problem with drinking for the past 2 years. Recently, I have not had a single non-drunk day since at least Jan 1st (probably also a lot before then but that's the furthest I 100% am sure of). Even then, I'm sure I could count the sober days of each month on 1 hand for the past year. Nothing has gone *too* wrong yet, and on the outside my life seems pretty perfect honestly.

I'm studying what I love at university, I have an incredible girlfriend and caring friends and family and even received an offer for my dream internship for next year. But, bit by bit I can see cracks starting to form because of my drinking. I've become more shut off from others because I just want to stay in and drink and "relax", I used to workout and now I barely do and can see how much it is damaging my body - I feel ill and bloated almost everyday and only look forward to the evening so I can drink and not have to worry about anything. I kept saying "oh, I'll just stop tomorrow"/"I've worked hard today I can have a little treat"/"just one will be okay" and they always ended up the same. I've embarrassed myself too many times and I constantly feel shameful and lesser.

Last night, I decided that I wasn't going to push it off anymore. I wasn't going to throw away one more day feeling sorry for myself and making empty promises. I wasn't going to wait until I was forced to change - I was going to choose to.

And... I did. I went to the library and got some work done, came home and cleaned up the place and made dinner early (usually would've kept it late so I could drink on an empty stomach lol). Then, watched a movie with my girlfriend (currently apart so it was online) and had a really nice time, before saying goodnight.

It was the best day I've had in god knows how long. I appreciated the little things a lot more, instead of just focusing on when I could finally have another drink. From my flat I can see a park and there was a lady with an adorable golden retriever. I must've sat their for 15 minutes just watching that dog and it brought me more joy than all those nights of alcohol ever did.

Now I'm going to get into bed, and enjoy the first night in a long time that I can be proud of myself (and the early morning tomorrow!) : )
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2023.03.27 03:02 itachi_54 [WTS] Baccarat Rouge 540 (bottle)

Baccarat Rouge 540 70ml ~ 98% full.
Another one of my lesser used fragrances. Bought it during Christmas so got a neat giftbox with a small candle and some carded samples. I'll send all of it. Asking $220 obo. Will send picture and batch code if needed.
Accept PayPal F&F and G&S if you cover fees and Venmo.
Also ignore my dog.
Edit: correction in the bottle size
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2023.03.27 03:00 KarterKakes How to teach my dog to sleep just, like, two inches further away?

I have a pit/boxer mix and every time we settle down on the couch or bed together, he curls up against me and presses all sixty pounds of himself into my spine, butt, legs, etc. If I scoot him over, he just comes back. If I scold him, he obviously doesn't understand and thinks I'm mad and don't want to cuddle him. If I redirect him to the foot of the bed, he just slowly sneaks his way back up until my circulation is once again cut off. I've tried training "bed" (place command), and at night for bedtime it's great! But I want him to be able to hang with us and our other dog during the day without using my body as his mattress. He can't just lay down next to me, he HAS to be leaning on me. I've never had a dog do this!
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2023.03.27 02:52 ShinyLumeo Ways to reduce cleaning time?

I’ve been struggling with mental health recently so keeping my space clean is already a chore, much less the rat’s space. My usual cleaning routine is spot cleaning throughout the week (replacing the litter box twice a week, removing poops from where poops aren’t supposed to be every day) and every Sunday I do a full clean. This consists of wiping down all the bars (two story Critter Nation), scrubbing the trays and litter boxes and completely emptying out the substrate I use in a cement tray (Carefresh paper bedding) and replacing it. I also wash all their toys and bedding and vacuum around the cage. This process takes about 3-4 hours. It’s exhausting and I’ve cut down to doing it once every two weeks because I just can’t do it some weekends, but then the smell builds up real fast and obviously I don’t want to cause my rats (or myself) any respiratory distress.
Any tips on how to reduce cage cleaning time?
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2023.03.27 02:51 VegetableRoof354 Please Read

So basically I got a 1982 Silverado C-30 it has holes between the two gaskets one between 1st 5th and I believe 8th but 8th one has sparks coming out the hole but it’s timing was just set by me (I took off valve cover and waited to see compression stroke and timed it to 4 degree before tdc (top dead center) ) not sure if it’s something to stress or leave it be until I can fix the issue with the gaskets needing replaced will link a video in comments to watch and assess what I’m trying to say and if there is a issue I’m just blatantly unaware of
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2023.03.27 02:49 DarthDad77 Missing Custom Fields Tab

Missing Custom Fields Tab
Hi All,
Anyone else run into this? My only thought is I'm a dufus and am looking for the "custom" tab in the wrong place...
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2023.03.27 02:47 SkySpiritual6393 Sad to be leaving the SC Club :( & short story!

I loved (still love) my Santa Cruz but we needed more space. We have 3 large dogs and decided to buy a Bronco to have the covered cargo space to tote them with. Honestly, I considered keeping both. I've wanted a compact truck (trucklet) since the Sport Trac came out in 2000. I'm still sad to let it go but it had to be done.
There were a few issues that I never could get resolved. I went into limp mode more than once and the dealership told me to bring it in when it's happening next time like I was going to drive 14mph to the dealership while it's in limp mode. I recorded it but apparently that wasn't sufficient. I don't have a recall on my trim. It hasn't happened in about 5-6 months but made me nervous to take on an extended trip.
I never figured out why my radio stopped working for 3 weeks straight, reading "unavailable during call" even when my phone wasn't on or with me. It did eventually self correct.
I had the same moisture in the tail lights that I think a lot of others did. That was really just annoying because you want your new truck to act/look new lol.
Other than that I have no complaints and would buy again once the kinks are worked out.
*Random Story*
I've traded it in but it's still on my bank dashboard like it's still my responsibility (following up on this tomorrow). I traded it in a week ago.
Well last night at 2:45AM I get a speed alert (that I setup a while back on my Bluelink) on my phone. So of course, I tracked it. It's in the WORST NEIGHBORHOOD IN NEW ORLEANS. I can only hope it's enjoying it's new life running the streets at nearly 100MPH that early in the morning. It's out way past it's bed time I can tell you that. lol!
Someone tell me to delete the app please. lol
In the meantime, I'm still going to stay subbed because I'm a glutton for punishment and love to see all your mods. :)
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2023.03.27 02:43 papatonepictures Adventurer 4 - Uneven Prints, Massive Frustration. Ack. Assistance requested.

Adventurer 4 - Uneven Prints, Massive Frustration. Ack. Assistance requested.
Extremely frustrating few weeks here. I am trying to print Mr. Baddeley's microdroid, as a way to get familiar with the process for the full-size droid project.
I am printing PLA+ at 220 as directed, platform at 60 degrees Fahrenheit because my garage is cold, and if I don't use a warm plate, prints pop off as soon as they get a few layers on them.
I changed a nozzle a few weeks ago, and that seems to be where the problem started...but I have since replaced that nozzle with a second and third brand new nozzle. I have also replaced the extruder. These parts of the process seem to have gone fine; the extruder I replaced because there was a broken clip on the bottom of it, that holds the nozzle in. I figured that was what was causing unstable prints. I was incorrect. I'm having the same problems now as when I first replaced both the nozzle and the extruder.
This is the droid I am looking for. With working parts.
Trouble is, whenever I try to print any sort of functional part (the ones that make it move or hold it together, anything that requires a decent tolerance that should be coming from the file) I get uneven prints that don't fit the way they're supposed to. Any of the moving parts just aren't up to spec. As you can see above, the body and larger parts are okay...but even those, which are supposed to be able to be printed without supports, have issues with screw holes being off kilter and such. I did split the body to avoid too much in the way of supports in the center void and joined them with 2P10. Worked fine.
I have tried leveling several times. .05 up, I get under-extrusion. .05 lower, and I have to heat the bed to 110 and pry any rafts off or risk parts printed without rafts not making it.
To me, this looks like under extrusion. No idea why the stringing would be happening there on the right...why would a part like this be bridging in such a way.

A closer look; you can see the errors in the center, the uneven raft, especially the lack of cohesion in the inner ring.

Two of the same parts; the one printed on the left was printed with a raft, before the extruder change. The one printed on the right was printed without raft.

Detail of the un even nature of these rings.

Second ring printed, same problem, even more pronounced.

This looks like major under extrusion to me...but if I drop the print head any lower, the nozzle will grind into the print surface.

Benchy looks okay...some bumps due to humidity. some bridging issues. But certainly nothing as rough as the other parts.

Tried to print the ring part a third time, flipping orientation and using supports instead of a raft. Stopped it right way. The three main posts that join to the center are clearly not getting filled in correctly. No reason to continue with this one.

Not close enough to the printing surface, you say? I know. But like I said, any lower, and I get grinding, or at the very least, a raft or supports that can't be removed without heat, or they stick to the part.
I'm pretty burned out here. I have tried leveling many, many times. Adjusting Z-axis settings. The piece of paper slides through with a little bit of friction. If I push it anymore, I get rafts or parts mashed into the build plate.
This printer worked pretty well for about a year. Anything that's a big hunk of plastic that needs a bit of post production? Fine. Anything with a tolerance? Nope.
Any ideas on how to proceed? Things to try?
Thanks much, PapatonePictures.
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2023.03.27 02:42 fatfatfats What should I do so my 2 budgies can re-bond with each other?

Basically the title. My 2 budgies used to be best buddies together when they were little, but ever since my female budgie has gotten hormonal, their relationship deteriorated. They don’t even preen each other anymore.
I have removed all closed spaces that could possibly be a nesting area in their cage, same with mirrors. She does not spend time with a particular toy, and I get new toys almost every month and replace them. I cover their cages so they can sleep at 7:00 PM, and they usually wake up at around 7:00 or 9:00 AM depending on when I wake up. (They chirp when they hear me go downstairs). She usually eats this Despite all these efforts, she is still hormonal.
The male budgie likes to play with a plastic ball almost everyday, and usually plays with those plastic balls for almost 3/4 of the day. He barely answers my female’s mating calls, and usually ignores it. Sometimes he will fly to her when she calls for him, but that is rare.
What are some things I can do to try help her be less hormonal or make their relationship better?
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2023.03.27 02:32 captaincraboo Update: Boss won't allow my preferred name

This happened about two weeks ago. No I do not require assistance, this is just a vent like update.
I decided to say screw it and altered my name tag to display my preferred name. My name has always been the first three letters of my "deadname". It's what I've always been called, and it's what I've always preferred.
The same exact day, maybe about an hour or two later, the same manager who told me "no" and that the name I asked for them to use was "ugly" saw it. She immediately asked me "what happened to your name tag?!", I froze, I didn't know what to say so I said it ripped. Se clearly did not believe me and forced me to wear a new one immediately. She came back with a stick that said my "deadname", which I told her I don't use (without elaborating), except here she included a big smiley face next to it that resembles this ":D".
Note: I'm only partially out at work due to several of my managers being grossly homophobic and transphobic. One of my managers has stated some uncomfortable things about if gun were legal where I live and how queer and trans people are just gross messed up products of society among other statements such as conspiracy theories and racism.
I am out to all queer people who I work with. Only a few people who are not queer know and they actively deadname me and use the wrong pronouns. I had one coworker ask me my pronouns one day to which I paused, thought about it and she said "oh, well, you don't have to tell me", I did tell her and then from them on she only used she/her, even when it's just me. I also told another coworker I'm trans and that I don't use my deadname and told her what she should call me. She actively chooses not to and even makes up nicknames for my deadname.
No, I cannot quit. I'm a full time college student who pays their own tuition, rent, bills, food, pet care, transportation, etc. I'm also currently paying for a surgery I had done as well as a surgery my dog must undergo. I've about 8k in debt. Also their scheduling just works for me, I have a very busy schedule and only small spaces to fit work in. I'm constantly overwhelmed and on the very of burnout but this place makes it so that I can go to school and be able to live without dropping out. I've tried loans and they don't even cover rent alone. I'm in my mid twenties, so no I do not have parents to rely on for financial stability, nor have I ever actually had that to begin with.
Essentially, I will not be able to use my name for the foreseeable future at my work place. I have also begun to hate it, hate the sound, the feeling, the way people think of it. At this point I have no name. I've been "shopping around" and currently have landed on "Ezra" and "Ez" for short. I'm just barely testing it. I don't have many people to use it with unfortunately. The few friends I have, I don't want to use it with because I've tried a name before and one refused to try it and stayed with the other name I went by. And eventually I stopped using the name and I don't want to have to change my name every few weeks to get a feel for it and bother them with having to constantly adjust.
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2023.03.27 02:31 love-is-best Yikes! How did this happen so quickly?

Well, its been a crazy last few days. Davinci partial hyster on March 7. Recovey progressing nicely. Walking 15-20 minutes per day and feeling the energy come back.

Wed, March 22 I go on a slow 40 minute walk with hubby , covering 1.5 miles. That evening, I fell achy all over, kind of like how one feels before getting sick..just really achy. Wake up in the middle of the night with a small 99 degree fever. It comes and goes all day so I call my surgeons office. Nurse says, if it goes over 100.4 call them back.

That evening, Thursday, I am shaking like a leaf and cannot get warm. 3 lays of bedclothes, plus a heating pad. Still, shaking like a leaf. Take temp, 101. Finally fall asleep and wake up in a deep sweat. And, I need to use the potty.

Here's the weirdest thing, no strength to even just push my body out of bed...use the side table to slowly pull myself up. Put my feet into my slippers, stand, and just pee into my slippers!!!! I slosh my way to the bathroom and finish peeing there and change my now sweaty clothes. I am exhausted and confused about what is happening.

Call the nurse back Friday, temp has again dropped to 100. A few hours later, back up to 102. She says go to emergency, not the urgent care right now! (side note- one of my incisions was looking a bit crusty and red, and I thought it was infected so i sent them a pic. Dr. said looked okay)

Well, I was so weak and light headed, I could not walk into the hospital, a wheelchair was brought out. I answered a few questions, but just couldn't really seem to think or talk right. My hubby took over.
I had cat scan over abdomen and X-ray for pneumonia. All looked good. I was asked to pee in a hat, and just couldn't walk, very light headed. How did this all happen so fast? And what was happening? My urine looked shockingly amber...the nurse said I was very dehydrated . My oxygen was low, they added some thru a nose tube? and my heart rate was erratic.
Turns out I had a UTI. First time ever. Dr asked about my surgery, and if I had a catheter. I said yes, for 4 days. He said that was most likely the introduction of bacteria. He said the long walk could have caused a bit of swelling, not allowing the bacteria to continue to exit my body. Or, it may have made me too tired to fight this..which I didn't know I was. 40 min after a dose of
antibiotics, I felt like I was coming alive, out of the deep, deep stupor and weakness I felt. After drinking and eating, I was offered a night stay or go home. I went home. Got home at midnight,
Took a hot shower, and woke in the morning feeling a little better. Fever only 99.
My bed was drenched with cold sweat as was my nightgown.

Hubby picked up my antibiotics, and after 2 doses, I started to
feel better. I am taking 4 doses @ 500 mg of Keflex.

All I can say is things sure progressed quickly. No more long walks, and really paying attention to how I'm feeling. I was so relieved that my surgical stuff was all good, and am now just napping and doing a little walking. Still kind of wonky.

Has this happened to anyone out there?
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2023.03.27 02:27 nomorelandfills It takes a village to support a child-killer's pit bull rescue hobby - the continuing rescue/foster career of Joseph Warner White and Amanda "Mandi" White (Jayden Henderson killing in 2021) - Furever Bully Love Rescue and other rescuers

It takes a village to support a child-killer's pit bull rescue hobby - the continuing rescue/foster career of Joseph Warner White and Amanda

Jayden Henderson, 7
First the incomplete list of groups involved with supplying the Whites with pit bulls.
Charley's K-9 Rescue (NC) - sold 2 rescue pit bulls to the Whites Mutts & Mayhem Emergency Search and Rescue - trapped Chloe as a stray in Texas Collin County Animal Services ( McKinney, TX) - housed Chloe and released her to Furever Bully Love Rescue Furever Bully Love Rescue - pulled Chloe from the shelter, sent her to trainer and ultimately to foster Mandi White, fostered other pit bulls with her. Paws Transport - drove Chloe from Texas to Florida for Furever Bully Love Rescue Natural Instinct Dog Training (FL) - trained Chloe for Furever Bully Love Rescue No Paw Left Behind rescue (Ohio) Against All Oddz rescue and sanctuary (NY)
Is it unreasonable to hold everyone who touched one of these dogs responsible for one rescue's decisions where to place these dogs? No. Every one of these actors knows the recklessness and carelessness raging through the rescue industry, knows the high risk that any other 'rescue partner' is making bad decisions. The trapping company alone might be said to be genuinely innocent - they trapped two very large, muscular loose pit bulls and transported them to the local shelter, exactly what should have happened. The problem is what happened after that.
Two pit bulls maul a child to death in a pleasant suburban yard
In April 2021, 7yo Jayden Henderson was helping her mom dogsit 2 rescue pit bulls belonging to their neighbors, Joseph and Amanda White. The dogs attacked and killed Jayden, and mauled her mother when she tried to save her. The Whites blamed the child and her mother for the killing, requested that the town allow them to keep the dogs and, when that failed, forced the issue to court. The judge ruled against them, and the 2 dogs, Blitz and Athena, were euthanized by the town. At every stage of the tragedy, the Whites expressed no regret over what their dogs had done, no remorse or guilt over their role in a child's brutal death, and repeatedly expressed anger and impatience at being denied ownership of their dangerous dogs. They continue to publicly express, via social media, the same anger and self-centered pain at being deprived of their pets.
For example Mandi on instagram in 2022
September 2022
Notice the sympathetic comment by mikeruizone - he's extremely active in pit bull rescue in the NY area.
and Joseph on instagram in 2022, posing with his 2 new pit bulls and reflecting on Father's Day.
After the fatal attack in 2021, the Whites relocated in hopes of being permitted to keep the dogs if they'd left the neighborhood; once the dogs were dead, they acquired 2 more rescue pit bulls, Luna and Harley. What sort of shelter or rescue would adopt out to these people?
Charley's K-9 Rescue in Butner, NC. 43 miles from Garner, NC.

The Whites used their larger, more rural property to begin fostering more pit bulls.
Despite having been responsible for the violent mauling death of a child with their own dogs, in a case which was widely covered by media outlets, multiple shelters and rescues in the same state are only too happy to welcome the Whites as donors and fosters. What sort of rescuers would do business with a couple who'd gotten a child mauled to death?
Well, Charley's K-9 Rescue in NC, of course.

And also Lenoir County SPCA
- 8 months after the killing of Jayden, this shelter in the same state, about 75 miles away, happily posts to FB their appreciation for Mandi, donor and pit bull foster.
and Furever Bully Love Rescue in Florida - multiple dogs, including Dutchess and Blue (January 2022) and
Joseph White with 2 foster pit bulls from FLBR in January, 2022 - less than 1 year after his own pet pit bulls mauled a child to death
Really? She didn't assess her own pit bulls as potentially deadly.
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2023.03.27 02:27 endlord79 My owl house lost episode (My friend let me use his account)

I wish I could just shove this moment down, but I can't forget about it, and that's why I have come to talk about my trauma on the internet to get it off my chest. I woke up from bed and turned on the TV to rewatch "any sport in a storm", but when I turned on the TV everything was weird, Luz and the gang were in their season 3 appearances and they were suddenly in the human realm somehow, Masha walked up to Luz and asked where Amity and the others were, Luz told Masha that they were driving around town while Luz was at school, then it cut to Amity, Willow, Hunter and Gus in the car, but then a car slams into the vehicle as an explosion is heard, for a second I heard Boscha's voice in the background, before I could process what just happened, it cuts to Luz coming home from school and turning on the TV, on the TV it shows the news talking about the car crash and the 4 victims, as the TV shuts off Luz is heard crying in the background while her mother comforts her. The scene almost made me want to turn it off but I was unable to shut it down. Camila and Luz drove to the therapist to have a talk, the session was the least shocking until Luz spotted Boscha in the waiting room, it cuts back to Luz With her face covered in shadow like the trollege image I saw with only a white pupil and grin peaking out. Then Luz grabbed a fire axe and lunged at Boscha, she pinned Boscha to the ground and started slashing the axe into her face, every time the blood flew I flinched in fear, when the scene was done Luz's eyes were nothing but black voids with small white pupils, she ran out of the building and took the axe with her. In the next moment she stalked the blonde girl from her school and sliced her arms off, it was the most gruesome thing I have ever seen on a show, but when I saw Luz find a portal to the demon realm my heart sank, she started killing Boscha's friends and other students at Hexside with each kill being more gruesome than the next, with skara's being the worst one, I don't have the courage to describe the scene right now but the radio that plays in the town hall later will give you a perfect image of the scene. Suddenly Luz started preforming a ritual and managed to summon the demon, for some reason the sound was cut but I don't think I want to know what they were discussing. Then Luz was shown chasing Viney through the town hall until Viney hid in one of the house, as she was hiding in the closet, the radio was playing "victim 1 eyeballs and skin were unable to be found, unknown fingerprints were found on the neck of the corpse". I half expected a jumps-scare to happen but nobody came, then smoke started to appear around the house, Viney tried to get out but the door was jammed, and as I was resisting to faint, Luz stood right next to the body and lit it with a match, then Luz walked to a gravesite for Eda and King, and placed a rose on both the graves. After a few more murder scene that left me traumatized the episode cut to a bloodied Bria shooting a Glock at Luz as she slowly comes towards Bria until she gets bashed on the head by Matt, then Matt and Bria ran out of the house and locked the door as they burnt the place to the ground. At first my heart finally eased as the smoke cleared, but when guards were checking the crime scene, Luz sprung up this time with taller limbs made of obsidian and jagged teeth and sliced the guards head off with an axe, but as she was going to bite the head off another guard the title card popped up reading "killing and smiling" as "its just a burning memory" played in the background. In was finally able to shut off the TV and rushed to the bathroom to throw up, one thing I forgot to mention is that I had a video recording of the episode on my phone so I rushed to the computer and uploaded it the theowlhouse. I later deleted the video in fear of Disney taking it down, but then I got a letter that read
"Dear Tom: it has come to my knowledge that a person I used to know has subjected you to very violent footage, I am very sorry and if you need protection or are feeling threatened please call ###-###-#### and put in your address, I wish you a wonderful day
Waverley P."
Ever since that incident I threw away my old TV and replaced it with a better one, and shockingly I never had any problems since
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