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2023.03.26 22:42 triceiskim Tamlin selfish lover

So I started reading Acotar about two weeks ago and I’m on the third novel of the series. And one thing I can’t really wrap my head around is how selfish Tamlin is. It’s like he wanted a weak and dependent version of Feyre that never existed. Especially when she became a faerie herself, he didn’t let her leave and mistreated her. How so? Instead of helping her, his main focus was to bed her every night even when she thinned and was sickly. Like at any moment he didn’t think, ‘wait she needs to recover?’ ‘Oh and while she becomes a literal corpse why not also make it so that never leaves.’ How could you “love” someone but not display love? He also saw how Ianthe was definitely targeting her by putting her in an ugly wedding dress and placing the one thing she hate, red color items. Everything was very deliberate. But I felt like he was terrible since the first book and it only got worse as I continued. He was so selfish. And for a while I thought Lucien is better but is he? When he allowed such mistreatment. Couldn’t nudge Tamlin and say bro she needs to eat and sleep? There were several signs that Tamlin was just as bad as the father he claimed to be different from. In the end he only looks for his own interests and uses who he has to go get it. He has no true friends. Lucien is no where near a friend but a subordinate that has a line so thin that he’s too afraid to even say anything. But like is it not telling to Lucien that he’s afraid of his own high lord? So many things that I wish Feyre could’ve see early on. All to say I hate Tamlin and these books are written so dang well. I will continue to read and maybe things would change so don’t roast me just yet I’m only on acowar!! Thank you for coming to my tedtalk
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2023.03.26 22:42 Rocketkt69 [USA-OR] [H] ThinkPad X40 W/ UltraBase [W] PayPal, Venmo.

Up for sale is a ThinkPad X40 in great overall condition. It is missing the battery but it is fully functional, and does come with the UltraBase which is also in great shape and fully functional. Please note the laptop has one slight repair on the upper left side of the screen, it is nearly unnoticeable, but should be disclosed in the sale. No charger comes with this computer, pictures provided of it fully functioning. Specs and photos below.
ThinkPad X40 - intel Pentium M 1.2 ghz - 1.5 gb Ram - 60GB HDD - Radeon graphics - UltraBase - NO CHARGENO BATTERY included.
Asking $80 shipped.
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2023.03.26 22:42 jabberoni12 Oral Hygiene Pro Tips

Just a couple tips for my fellow ADHD folk struggling to keep up with a regular oral hygiene routine like I do.
Tip #1: BUY AN ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSH. Takes half the work out of brushing your teeth because you let the brush do all the work and all you have to do is guide it along your teeth. I use a Phillips Sonicare which you can find on sale frequently on Amazon. Another good choice is an Oral B.
Tip #2 (my favourite tip): KEEP YOUR TOOTHBRUSH, A TUBE OF TOOTHPASTE, AN EMPTY CUP, A FACE RAG AND A BOTTLE OF WATER BESIDE YOUR BED. This is a game changer when its late at night and you can't get up to brush your teeth. Simply reach over to your night stand and brush your teeth from your bed using a big empty cup as a portable sink and a bottle of water as your portable faucet and use a little rag to clean yourself up. Might be a little gross for some but this is a game changer for me lol.
Share some of your tips if you got em'
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2023.03.26 22:41 Soul-sama [Offer] 10$ Architectural Drafts and Renders

I am offering professional drafting services to anyone interested. I can draft you a functional floor plan in CAD complete with dimensions and industry symbols.
I am proficient with both Metric and Imperial standards.
It could be house layouts. It could be shop layouts. It could be office layouts. Anything goes.
The fare is consistently 10USD. Unless the area of the plans exceeds 100Sq.M or 1000Sq.Ft - then we negotiate.
I also offer Rendering services in Vray sketchup. Producing near-photorealistic perspective images of your choice.
I will deliver you (2) 1920x1080p Renders for 10USD.
• Should you 'only' require renders without floor plans or design input from me, the renders will remain at 10$.
• Should you require 'Interior Design' services without floor plans, the renders will be upscaled to 15$.
I use Autocad and Sketchup+Vray for drafting. Photoshop and Lightroom for post editing.
Keep in mind that your sketches may be subject to slight changes in order to adhere to reasonable Industry and Ergonomic standards.
I can provide my previous works to anyone interested.
This post is valid until 'April 10, 2023' You can send your Reddit username here: [email protected] - if you're in a hurry.
The Email is only for alerting me. I will respond to your bid here in 12Hours.
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2023.03.26 22:41 DaNubie000 The thought of marriage scares me

As a man nearly 29 years, the thought of marrying a woman scares me. So much so that when I think of it, or my parents suggest it my expressions change and I literally get anxious. Likes literal anxious when you suddenly feel your phone missing from your pocket. (Of course not that high intensity, but same feelings).
Why? Because once when I was 22 year old (approx) I was trying to do anal and it just wouldn't go in. We were both new so didn't use any lube, even spit. I ejaculated twice mostly from blowjobs because if was not going in. Third time I tried harder, after relaxing for 5 mins from previous ejaculation but pressed too hard. I felt like my cock bent, and in the split second My dick suddenly went limp, I got scared and started sweating. I thought I broke my penis and I think it gave me trauma. My dick wouldn't go hard for months after that.
A lot of months perhaps a year or two later I got it checked by the doctor, he said it's not broken. You just worried. Don't think about it, it will get ok. Also gave low doses of xanax. After a week or two I got spontaneous erection. I was so happy I went and masturbated in the washroom of my workplace.
But I soon stopped taking the medicine without consulting the doc. And again the erections stopped. Not at night. Not in the morning. Not ever. I wouldn't feel sensual pleasure even if I was touching my penis.
This bothered me a lot. But I didn't do anything. Then one day when I was around 24 years, I just discovered extreme porn. Like anal porn where the person receiving anal sex was in too much pain. This excited me. And i started loving those and they even have me erections. Sadly, those were gay porns and I started actively searching for gay porns where big tools and pain was involved. They did give me the excitement and erections. I completely stopped watching any other types of porn. Slowly (and now) it's mostly gay pain involved porn that works on me. I wonder if that day I had watched extreme porn but straight one, would that have led me to watch straight porn only. Nevertheless, it is what is it.
The quality of erections again went down as I no longer could find new porns exciting. One more thing in my life that was bothering me since my college days was my neighbours and other guys teasing and bullying me. I tell my cousin about it, and he says I can tell him next time that happens and he will see. He also asks me not to worry. This 5-8 minute chat worked like a charm to me. I was literally depressed and panicking for years because of this but suddenly I gained such a high level of confidence my whole gait and posture improved intantly. Earlier in the road if strangers or people would look at my I would feel uncomfortable and not look at anyone. Suddenly I found myself looking into peoples eyes and instead of feeling uncomfortable automatic smile would stretch across my face. (I had noticed that if some people notice you're looking at them, a smile would come across their face although they'd try to hide it. I always wondered why they don't feel uneasy like I do. But for those few days I was feeling smile when I got attention). The first day of confidence I found myself relaxing with all four limbs spread across and ready to sleep like like a baby. No worries mind so happy and eager to do stuff. Even the sleep was so refreshing, I dreamt of things like I used to many years ago when I didn't have the bullying and the erection issue. In the morning I woke up to a solid morning wood. It was so stiff I ran to my washroom and it still didnt go away. It was like the one I had before these issues. Otherwise my feeble erections just fade away if I walk a few steps. My brain erections everything was working fine.
But a week later, I guy tries to again tease/bully me. I feel powerless but not too bad. But that middle of the night I suddenly wake up to the thought of not having an erection, and it suddenly makes me break into sweat and I'm back to the broken self.
So now after a few months I go to a local doctor, he gives me ashwagandha and an antidepressant and antianxiety for 3 months. They didn't help much except that one day I did get a natural hard erection during daytime. That day in the morning I was happy that i will be healed. I don't know why, maybe because of meds or something. He increases the power of meds, but that's all the meds did. No more erections or anything.
I move to a city for job and try to find people for sex on hookup apps. Initially the thought of anals made me nervous so I would hookup just for blowjob.. blowjobs would get me hard. Like usually just the sensation during the sucking would get it hard. If the physical sensation stops the erection quality goes down. But at least Im having erections, I thought. Then after a little bit of confidence, one day one guy suggests I do penetrative sex with him. I didn't want to buy prepared myself mentally and said well what can go wrong. If it doesn't go in, it's still a random guy. That's all. And thank God I was able to penetrate. Oh the joy and the self validation my cock got that day. It did made me more confident and I kinda lose the fear of anals that I had for years after a few more hookups.
Few months later I am able to please one guy anally and this gave me such a coincidence and libido boost that I had to wank that evening. I was feeling real horny and hard a raging boner which wanted to rip open my underwear and come out. The thought of sex and anticipation making me hard. Touching it giving full pleasure and hard on. The last time this happened was years ago when i didn't have these issues. Butt after wanking twice I am back to depressed self.
Now again I want to have sex but I don't have that internal sex drive. Even during sex I m just doing it but there's no passion or feelings.
Now this thing is giving me nightmares. My erections usually occur only when someone is sucking it. In the time I go for anal, the erection becomes weak. The thought of marriage is making me anxious. I think of marriage, my thought goes to the sex, and that what if it doesn't get hard the first time.. and then the subsequent times. As it is, I am not a macho dude, I have like 10% feminine attribute. I talk soft and in ways that would be considered babyish but certainly not manly. I am not even sure if I will ever get erections, because currently I can get erections most of the time with random one night stands but that's mostly because bj is involved. I don't want to appear like I can't get an erection without bj or that Im not excited about sex on my first time.
So why did I write all this? 1. Help me out please lol. 2. It might help as a case study. Like affects of confidence on libido and behaviour. I really learnt a lot about how confidence can make or break a man from that one week incident. There was nothing different just that my cousin gave me a good talk and within a few minutes I am all different guy I haven't been in years. Confident, happy, relaxed, willing to do daily tasks . 3. So if you think something from my story can help me, please help me 4. If you have some suggestions like don't get married it won't turn out good, let me know. Although I do want to have a normal life with my kids lol. I always loved kids and playing with them (told you not a typical macho dude) 5. If i get married is there any backup plan that can help me with erections? I don't want to have pills mostly because I read about side effects and stuff. And from my some incidents I feel i have some hope if my bottons are pressed right
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2023.03.26 22:40 Nolan-kun Baby Penguins

Baby Penguins

This is an image from an old reddit post slandering about baby penguin farming, this is the source for reference:
Now on to the main topic, above you may have or may not have clicked on the link. It matters not if you did or didn't but today I am here to kinds sorta explain why these cute, adorable little Penguins became extinct in a very sensitive IO game.
First off we need to talk about their mechanics. Baby penguins like any other NPC animal were previously restricted to the Arctic biome and gave penguin players armor boosts when they were near them. Through some circumstances a penguin player could potentially kill a baby penguin for xp, as can other players who managed to get close enough to one. They would even hide in igloos when they sense danger but sadly enough they couldn't hide from the dev's wrath.

Old image of a penguin being huddled by a waddle of baby penguins. Source:
Okay so now you know what they are..... or maybe you knew this all along but that matters not! Everything was peaceful in the world of until the infamous u/Emilyberries posted about supposed exploitation of these innocent NPC's. People were making baby penguin farms to ease their way to Tier 10 without any real struggle of gameplay. You might think this is the dev's fault for letting such a thing to happen so easily when in reality it's the player's faults for taking advantage of these cute little programmed bots. Regardless of how you think it went down one thing remains clear. Baby penguins need to come back. 's
deeeepio's Play now promotional image still featuring baby penguins to this day despite their removal from the game.
Following the events after Emily's post the baby penguins were removed from shortly after some criticism about their "game breaking" existence. Yes it's true, like all extinct animals in real life, their time had come and it was time for them to go. In order to balance the game their removal was just and as such their influence on the past community wanes. But that's the thing, it was the past community, not the present. So many have left or moved on from the servers that are drastically different by today's standards. We are the community, and we have a chance to change our ways to make way for the baby penguins reintegration into the game. Not everyone will agree with this post and that's ok because all I'm saying is bring them back. That's it, bring them back. They left too soon to be appreciated by a dying community who believes bringing baby penguins back would mean the world to them, including me. There won't be another post begging on their behalf like this one. This is your last chance devs. If there is then that further proves how much everyone loves them. So for one one last time bring them back, thank you. 🐧
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2023.03.26 22:40 NexicTurbo Chat GPT 4 calculates the chances of me being born

Prompt: Explain the factors and probabilities involved in the unique combination of circumstances that led to my birth. Consider elements such as the likelihood of my parents meeting, genetic combinations, and historical events that influenced my existence. Provide a detailed analysis of the complex interplay of these factors in determining the chances of me being born
GPT 4- The probability of your existence is a product of an intricate and complex web of factors that stretch across time and space. To truly appreciate the unique combination of circumstances that led to your birth, it is essential to consider elements such as the likelihood of your parents meeting, genetic combinations, and historical events that influenced your existence. The following is a detailed analysis of the complex interplay of these factors in determining the chances of you being born.
1- Ancestral lineage: The first element to consider is the chain of successful reproduction in your ancestral lineage. Assuming an average of 25 years per generation and going back 10,000 years (about 400 generations), each of your ancestors had to meet, mate, and produce a child who would survive long enough to do the same. The odds of this happening for 400 generations are astronomical.
2- Your parents meeting: The probability of your parents meeting is contingent upon numerous factors, including their respective places of birth, upbringing, and the social, cultural, and economic contexts that shaped their lives. Your parents had to be in the same place at the same time and develop a connection strong enough to form a relationship that would lead to your conception. The odds of this occurring are exceedingly slim, considering the vast number of people in the world and the myriad potential interactions they can have.
3- Genetic combinations: Your genetic makeup is a unique combination of your parents' DNA. Humans have 46 chromosomes, with 23 inherited from each parent. The number of potential genetic combinations from two individuals is 223 (about 8.4 million) from each parent, resulting in approximately 70 trillion possible combinations for any given child. This means that the likelihood of your specific genetic combination arising is roughly 1 in 70 trillion.
4- Historical events: Your existence is also shaped by historical events that affected your ancestors and their decisions. Wars, migrations, economic shifts, and cultural revolutions have all influenced the choices your ancestors made and the people they met. The exact combination of historical events that led to your existence is a complex tapestry that is nearly impossible to unravel.
5- Environmental factors: Your ancestors had to survive various environmental factors such as diseases, natural disasters, and other hazards that could have significantly impacted their lives and reproductive success. The fact that your ancestors survived long enough to reproduce and pass on their genetic material adds another layer of improbability to your existence.
In summary, the unique combination of circumstances that led to your birth is an intricate web of factors that defy easy calculation. The convergence of your ancestral lineage, your parents meeting, your specific genetic combination, historical events, and environmental factors all contribute to the extremely low probability of your existence. The fact that you are here is nothing short of a miracle, and it highlights the incredible complexity and interconnectedness of life on Earth.
I followed up with: Ok but give me am estimate. Like is it 1 in 100 trillion? Or maybe 1 in 20 quintillion? Give me an estimation considering all of the factors you mentioned
Response- Given the numerous factors and variables involved in calculating the probability of your existence, providing a precise estimate is difficult. However, we can attempt to offer a rough estimation by combining some of the probabilities already mentioned.
Genetic combinations: As previously discussed, there are approximately 70 trillion (70,000,000,000,000) possible genetic combinations for any given child. Ancestral lineage: Considering 400 generations and assuming a conservative estimate of a 1 in 1,000 chance of each ancestor meeting their partner and producing a child who survives, the odds would be (1,000)400. This is an enormous number, approximately 101,200. Combining these two probabilities, we arrive at a rough estimation of 1 in 7 x 101,215 chance of your existence, considering only genetic combinations and ancestral lineage.
However, this estimation does not take into account historical events, environmental factors, and other variables that have influenced your existence. Including these additional factors would undoubtedly increase the improbability of your existence even further.
It is important to note that these calculations are highly speculative and based on assumptions that may not accurately represent the true complexity of the situation. Nonetheless, it is safe to say that the odds of your existence are incredibly small, emphasizing the uniqueness and preciousness of your life.
I then said- What is the name of the number you gave me?
The number provided in the previous estimation, 7 x 101,215, does not have a specific name. It is a number that is too large to be commonly used or referenced in everyday life. In scientific notation, the number is expressed as 7 followed by 1,215 zeros. It is important to note that this estimate was based on certain assumptions and serves only as a rough illustration of the incredible improbability of your existence
I then said- Put this number along with how low the chance's of me being born are into perspective
Response- To put the number 7 x 101,215 and the improbability of your existence into perspective, let's compare it to some other large numbers and probabilities.
1- Stars in the observable universe: There are an estimated 2 x 1023 stars in the observable universe. The odds of your existence are many orders of magnitude smaller than the number of stars out there.
2- Atoms in the human body: The human body contains roughly 7 x 1027 atoms. This means that the odds of your existence are far smaller than the total number of atoms that constitute your body.
3- Lottery odds: The odds of winning the Powerball jackpot, for example, are about 1 in 292 million (roughly 1 in 3 x 108). The chances of your existence are unimaginably smaller than winning the lottery.
4- Earth's age: Earth is about 4.5 billion years old, which is approximately 4.5 x 109 years. The odds of your existence are still many orders of magnitude smaller than the age of our planet.
These comparisons underscore the remarkable improbability of your existence. The fact that you were born, considering all the variables and factors at play, is an extraordinary event. It highlights the rarity and preciousness of each individual's life and serves as a reminder to appreciate and make the most of the time we have on this Earth.
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2023.03.26 22:40 thiqboi99 (WTS/WTT) Send It Sunday: Bling on a Budget, SF Warden, and more!

Citizen Corso Yellow Gold: SV/TV $300
Surefire Warden, painted, original color is black: SV/TV $190
Add ons/buy 2 or more:
Magpul MOE ODG stock, no salt: $30
Magpul MOE grip black with screw: $20
Apex Tactical FN 509 Jig: $30
Offset Iron sights: $20
If it’s not listed it’s not for sale. Prices are negotiable, let me know in the comments if my prices are off.
Prefer cash, but open to trades let me know what you have.
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2023.03.26 22:39 darkcloud1 1 year clean !!!

Today I celebrated going one whole year without opiates. It’s been a long road to get here. Countless attempts to quit. I struggled with opiates for nearly a decade. And today I can say I have not taken any pills in ONE WHOLE ASS YEAR!!!! That feels so amazing to say. So proud of myself. I never imagined I would be here. People. If you are struggling. Please just keep going. Stay clean. Life gets so much better. It is such a relief to not have the physical,mental and financial strain that comes with chasing pills anymore. I still have to stop and appreciate that fact every couple days it’s an amazing feeling. In the last year. I have started to fix my finances. I have lost 50 lbs. I workout. I’m working on my mental health with a professional. And overall I just feel so much better have so much more energy and a much more positive outlook on life. it is nite and day. I really don’t even come on this sub anymore. Once you get thru the first few months. And start to see and feel the difference It almost becomes easy when you are still able to remember how badly that life sucks. I remember being in the early days with all that dread and how much of a struggle it is when your counting minutes and hours. I would come to this sub and see people’s posts and it would give me hope. so please please stick with it. I promise you will not regret it.
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2023.03.26 22:39 sailorxsaturn best muted/neutral concealers?

Ever since I found near perfect base matches, the fact that my concealers (nyx bare with me in golden and dior in 2wo and 3wo) are too golden/warm and saturated enough that while theyre still "workable" i notice the difference enough that it bothers me. So basically I was wondering if anyone had recs for concealers/concealer lines with good neutral or muted tones in the light-medium to medium range? My best matches are loreal nude tinted hyaluronic serum in 4-5 and the lancome stick foundation in 320W if that helps.
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2023.03.26 22:39 barszczu122 Sell Apex Legends Account. Diamond // 13k Materials Craft // 2x Heirloom

For sale Apex Legends Account with 233 Legendary items, 2x heirloom for Lifeline and Bloodhound, around 13k Materials Craft, last Season Diamond. PC platform price 200 euro no less... :) Pm me.
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2023.03.26 22:38 szydelkowe In 1927, a lone European immigrant departed the US in an attempt to reach her homeland by foot. She has travelled for four years, then the trail went cold. What happened to Lillian Alling?

I have read about this story and thought it might suit the sub. The story is interesting, but I have never heard of it before finding an article about Lillian Alling on Wikipedia. I have jumped into the rabbit hole and did some research. So, let me tell you about a woman, who decided to go from the US to Siberia by foot and travelled successfully for years, before vanishing into thin air.
Some of the sources I have used:
Canada's History
Mental Floss
A Woman Who Walked to Russia by Cassandra Pybus
Pioneer Days in British Columbia Vol 2 by Art Downs, found on Google Books
UTNE Reader
The historical background:
Not much is known about Lillian Alling, and some reports made without the knowledge of European history make her background look even more confusing. According to what Alling herself claimed, she was born in 1896 in Poland - most sources, however, state that she was Russian. To clear up the confusion, I need to explain that from 1795 to 1918 the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth was partitioned, its parts claimed by Russia, Austria and Prussia. Therefore, we can assume Lillian was born in the area of Poland that was governed by Russia. However, when asked where was the homeland she was headed to, she answered "Siberia". This would not make sense, as Siberia is far from Poland - unless her family was among those who were exiled to Siberia as a "punishment" (often due to their opposition to Russian governance or even things like secretly teaching Polish language). Lillian Alling might have been born in Poland, and grew up somewhere in Siberia - but that is just my assumption based on political circumstances of the era and of what she herself claimed.
According to an unconfirmed 1949 article, Alling was sent to the United States in the 1920s by her family to see if they might find safe refuge there following the Russian Revolution.
The journey:
Lillian arrived to New York around 1925 and, like many Eastern European immigrants, worked low-level jobs. She did speak some English and often visited the local library.
Apparently, she did not like her life in the US and wanted to go back to her homeland - sadly, she was unable to save enough money for a steamer ship ticket back to Europe. It did not stop her, though. One day in the late 1926 or early 1927, she mapped out a route across North America, then took her modest belongings, her dog, and just started walking. The trek was supposed to be over 5000 miles (over 8000 kilometres).
The mysterious hiker
Over the next few years, she has been spotted in many different places - first, she walked to Buffalo and then continued her journey to Canada, most likely through Chicago and Minneapolis. Around early 1927, she crossed the border into British Columbia. By September 10, 1927, records show that she has arrived to the area of Hazelton, BC, having walked about 30 miles (48 kilometres) per day.
People that met her thought she might have been an eccentric artist, or a criminal. While at first she was reported to be dressed in a regular brown skirt and shirt, wearing stout walking boots, later on her trek she was apparently wearing two mismatched men's shoes and a small bag or a pocketbook. She also had a wrench, which she claimed was a "protection from men".
By mid-1927, she was spotted on the Yukon Telegraph Trail. She sometimes came across cabins occupied by the men responsible for maintaining the telegraph lines. One of them remembered her to be thin, likely malnourished, dressed in torn clothing. She collapsed, exhausted from her walk, and a telegraph worker called the authorities, concerned about her health. In effect, on September 21 1927 Lillian was arrested for vagrancy; she spent two months at the Oakhalla Prison Farm in Vancouver, with the local constables and judges apparently more concerned about her safety than the vagrancy charges. She was also offered shelter and food there - however, she was not interested in staying in the area. She stayed in Vancouver until spring of 1928 to work and save some money for her further hike. The judge that sentenced her earlier asked her to check in with the telegraph linesmen occasionally, so they would know she was safe. Lillian did so, reportedly staying in the linesmen's shelters at times, and was even presented a dog by one of the workers she met.
By the summer of 1928, she was well-known in the area, and local newspapers reported on her next steps as soon as she appeared in subsequent cities. In Dawson City she was offered a ride and help, but she declined. She acquired a work as a domestic servant at St. Paul's, a church-run hostel for orphaned and mixed-race youngsters, though. In 2002, a 95-year-old nun that worked there with her said that "she was always stealing sugar from the pantry" and that Lillian was a "troubled soul". Once the weather grew warmer, she left to paddle - or sail, as some sources say - to Nome), Alaska.
The plan was to pay the Alaskan Natives to take her through the Bering Strait and into Siberia, although no sources say whether she got their help or not. In 1929, a Yupik man claimed that he saw a white woman with a two-wheeled cart (supposedly, with a stuffed taxidermied dog on it) on a beach near Wales, an Alaskan village on the Bering Strait. This sighting could not be confirmed, though.
Then, the trail went cold. For decades, no one has heard from or about Lillian Alling.
In 1975, a retired Mountie wrote to a local newspaper that he remembered her arriving to Hazelton from North Dakota in pursue of her Polish boyfriend, who had promised to marry her but disappeared before the ceremony. This story could not be confirmed. The same year, an author by the name of Francis Dickie republished his article about Alling's journey - this time with a new postscript, apparently based on a letter he received from a reader. The letter claimed that in fall of 1930, a group of three Inuit men and a white woman in dirty, torn clothing have been interrogated by the local officials in the town of Provideniya in Russia, just on the shore of the Bering Strait. The woman apparently claimed to be an "outsider in America" that "walked a great distance". It is not known if the woman was Lillian Alling, nor if the interrogation really took place.
The end:
Not much else is known about her journey. Did she finally reach her destination, or did she die on her way there? Or maybe she finally resigned and settled down somewhere else? For obvious reasons, if she reached Russia, it would be difficult for her to contact anyone in the US - besides, she was not close to anyone there. No one has heard from her ever again, and her story slowly faded into oblivion.
The questions:
- Did Lillian Alling reach Siberia? If so, why are there no confirmed sightings of her after 1929 and no information about her ever being in Russia?
- Were the reports made by the Yupik man and the retired Mountie true? Why were there no other reported sightings of her in 1929 or 1930, when her hike was already a known, sensational story in the area?
- If the interrogation did take place, could Lillian have been arrested? The political situation in Russia was very unstable at the time, and those who have migrated to the US weren't necessarily perceived positively by the communist officials.
- Lillian had successfully trekked for 5000 miles, indicating that she was a good hiker who could survive in the wilderness. Could she have died somewhere in the Bering Strait in the end? Did she succumb to the weather, or did she meet with some foul play?
- Did she arrive in USSR safely, only to maybe disappear, like many did during the Stalinist regime? Or did she reach her homeland safely and settled down there?
- Did she succumb to the elements? No body matching her description was ever found, but it was the far northern wilderness, after all. She could have drowned while trying to cross the Bering Strait, but there were also no reports of any boat trying to cross it.
Please share your opinions and theories! It seems like the most probable is, of course, Lillian either drowning, freezing or starving, but what if what the Yupik man and the Mountie said was true?
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2023.03.26 22:37 fridaywiki Auto Accident Lawyer Near Me

Auto Accident Lawyer Near Me
Auto accidents can be incredibly stressful and overwhelming experiences, especially if you or a loved one has suffered injuries or damages. In these situations, it's crucial to have a trusted auto accident lawyer on your side to help you navigate the legal process and ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve.
If you're looking for an auto accident lawyer near you, this blog post will outline the qualities to look for in a lawyer, the steps to take after an accident, the benefits of hiring a lawyer, and the questions to ask when choosing the right legal representation.

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2023.03.26 22:37 Phantom_OM Beginner Bassist looking for bass guitar

So I've been playing for about 2 months now, and I'm looking to buy my own bass guitar instead of using the one my school lends me. The ones I've been interested in are: 1. Yamaha trbx 174 2. Ibanez tmb30 3. Ibanez tmb100
I've been leaning towards the tmb30, but I'm not sure. Which one would you guys recommend or use out of those three? Or any near 200-300 dollars?
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2023.03.26 22:37 mathamhatham [TOMT] [Book] 90s quiz books for children. Possibly just UK

Me and my fiancé were chatting and I half remembered a series of children's quiz's which were for sale in the UK in the late 90s (possibly before and beyond). They were book mark shaped (maybe a little bit thicker) and the idea was you could flip round the pages to get to the next set of questions. They had different themes/topics for sale. I remember specifically buying them in book shops in Edinburgh and had a few of them (so definitely sold in UK).
Hope anyone can help because I tried googling and couldn't come up with anything. Cheers!
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2023.03.26 22:37 prendersnacks Upgrade from GTX 1080…OR…

Hey y’all! I’m looking into upgrading my graphics card from my old warhorse 1080. I was looking into the RX 6800 XT because there’s a few sales on it. Seems like an obvious two generation upgrade to me. But as I’m looking around, I’m noticing that the 1080 is still going for upwards of 400 bucks, and not for the TI or founders, just the regular one! To be honest it still works really well, I get ~75 frames on 1440 high settings, but I am shocked to see that a lot of comparison sites say that it isn’t a great upgrade and especially that the average cost is so high. So, why are 1080s still worth so much? Is it even worth it to upgrade to the 6800 XT for just gaming, or am I better off waiting? The 1080 is only like 100 dollars less than the card I want to buy.
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2023.03.26 22:37 jackfaire What we do matters

I'm 42 years old. I have an adult daughter. I'm single. I have one really good best friend and while I'm not where I thought I would be at 42 my life has been mostly a happy one. It's not anywhere near over yet but I turn 43 in September. That's the age my dad was when he died and I'll be honest the last couple of years I've thought about that a lot.
Fanfiction in a way has helped me over the last 19 years. I was 24 when I rediscovered the show Dawson's Creek. I had watched it a bit in high school but then as always life got busy, I got married, I had a kid, I joined the Army. But I ended up leaving the Army and crashing at my mom's place while I figured out the next step of my life. Any day now I'll have a plan.
While I tried to figure out my going back to school I would work out every morning to music videos on MTV & VH1. Tired of that I started channel surfing finding 4 hour blocks of Dawson's Creek re-runs on either TBS or TNT. I saw season 3 for the first time and then season 4 I saw Pacey and Joey which I latched onto right away because that banter was so reminiscent of me and my ex-wife. Really kind of a tag of very relationship I've had.
Wanting more of them after they broke up I started looking online hoping there would EU books in the style of other IP like Star Wars & Star Trek. But I found something better than officially licensed books. I found fanfiction.
The first one I read was a fic that took place at the end of season 1 with Joey going to Paris and Pacey going too as his dad saw the program as a way to get rid of a troublesome son for a year. It wasn't the best written fic but it gave me a taste of what could be and I was hooked.
Since then fanfic of that and other fandoms has brought me comfort when I was stressed, gave me something to read on long commutes. Friends to keep me company when I was lonely.
I myself wrote some fanfiction but I thought of it as practice for when I would write "real work"
Today I looked back at one that I abandoned. One that had been going a direction I didn't want it to.
There were people asking for more. People wanting to read what came next even if I thought it was the worst dreck I'd ever written. And that's when I realized.
What we do matters. These stories we write and put out in the world matter just as much as every book on every shelf in every library and bookstore. Every story has inspired someone to propose, someone to try something new. Or kept someone happy even when they were suffering from great losses.
I guess this long diatribe is a love letter of sorts to all who write, all who read, and all who dream.
I love you all and I thank you for the wonderful life that reading our great works has given me. I hope to have many more years reading and writing stories that even if they aren't about love, are definitely works of love.
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2023.03.26 22:37 throwawaynvrdate I'm 27 and Never Dated

Throwaway because my friends know my real account and I am incredibly embarrassed about this.
So I'm 27, I've been to University, and made incredibe strides in my career (new job next month, massive increase in salary) but with all of the progress I have made in my professional life, I have completely neglected my personal life, I've never dated, kissed someone or even held someone's hand.
There is probably a reason why, I have a genetic physical disability which ruined my childhood, but as much as I have improved in the last few years, I have no confidence in dating. I sometimes think that this disability is an excuse, there are some people who are worse off than me, and treat their disability like a superpower and can rise above it, but I can't. I've always been concerned about it, as it has sadly been an integral part of my life. I have a lack of self-confidence that someone would find me attractive enough to look beyond and see a better me. Or they would like me, then I tell them about it, and the impact it will have on family planning, or my lack of experience and then ditch me for someone else.
As someone who lives with his parents, walk with a slight limp, and doesn't ever feel attractive, I dont know where to even start. I hate that I don't know how to kiss, and I know that if I ever do get into a relationship, I know I am going to make every mistake in the book, which is cute at 18, but not when you are close to 30.
I hate that I feel so far behind that I can never tell my closest friends that I have always been single, because they'll probably judge me (there either married or in long term relationships). How does someone go near 30 years of their life without someone finding you remotely attractive or asking you out?
I suppose I fear that I never will find someone, I will end up alone, yet all I want is intimacy and to hear someone say "I love you". I've had crushes over the years, but never acted on them, why would they be interested in me? I'm disabled and have no relationship experience.
The older I get, the more the lack of experience gets to me, when does it start to become weird and a hurdle that cannot be overcome? I've browsed Reddit looking for answers, and some responses say anything over 25 is a red flag or some people say they would never date someone who has never been in a relationship as they wouldn't want to teach someone the ropes. I fear I have wasted my life putting it off and not accepting the hand I was dealt with.
Somedays I regret that I never dated in high school or at University, sure those relationships never lasted, but I'll never have the secret kiss behind the bikeshed, or losing my virginity when we were both young and inexperienced.
A few years ago, I thought I would be in a better space by the time I hit 30, but with just over 2 years to go until that milestone, I very much doubt this will happen.
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2023.03.26 22:36 dance_kick One week in and I'm feeling marginally better but needing hope.

Well, we're one week into our (33m/27f) trial separation; our agreement was to give it two months then evaluate what to do next. The agreement is needed by her so she can have space to figure who she is. I, in a way, also need it because the last couple of months have been stressful.
We've been together for 5 years, married for one and a half years. Right before we got together, she had ended a 5 year relationship that was abusive (to her).
I'm fortunate that I have a very good friend willing to put me up for at least a few months with a good deal on rent. I'm still struggling. I'm not eating nearly as well as I used to, nor am I drinking a ton of water or exercising. I hope to get back into that this week. Better than Monday, but still not where I used to be.
We're meeting with a potential new couple's counselor this week, but I had to cancel a trip home next month so that we can effectively engage in counseling for the next two months. We're also going to do weekly check-ins, with Tuesday being the first.
Other details of the agreement are that this first month, we'll build up to regular communication and limited dates (if any); we'll start going on dates during the second month. She is staying at our home and can maintain it as she wants to.
For those of you who went through a similar situation and came out on the other side together, what worked? What didn't? What do you wish you had done better? I can update with more information but want to keep it to a minimum.
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2023.03.26 22:36 SweetHopper Books?

So I've finally gotten into the Souls games; my friend always tried to get me into it in high school but inevitably he'd always end up with the controller, "to get me some good equipment" and then it would just turn into me watching him play, but now I've got my own PS5 and I'm loving Elden Ring! I'll work my way to the others for sure; I've already bought Sekiro, Bloodborne, and Dark Souls I as they come on sale. But I know I'm gonna love those artbooks!
However, I need some help. Looking on eBay, I'm seeing a lot that say JAPAN on the listing or they may have a sleeve on the cover that's almost entirely in Japanese, but the cover itself is in English. Is the text within in English, Japanese, or both? What specific books are recommended - for instance, I see Design Works for each Dark Souls game, but then I see there's one for the whole trilogy as well. Is there a difference?
Additionally, I'm curious about some books from Tune & Fairweather. I know it's not directly related to Fromsoft's oeuvre, but I'm definitely grabbing Soul Arts. Can anybody recommend You Died, though?
I appreciate any help or other recommendations you all may have!!
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2023.03.26 22:36 G3CEDC Canal street cutlery, Moon Pie stag trapper for sale or trade

Good afternoon all,
Timestamp and photos:
Looking to sell this Canal Street Cutlery trapper is some amazing stag.
This knife is 4 and 1/8 inches closed, has two blades in 440c stainless steel, with an all steel construction. Each blade has been sharpened on a worksharp precision guided system and lightly carried and cut some apples. Blades are razor sharp, perfectly center with no blade rap. The stag is outstanding, has some of the best in my collection. Walk and talk is great a strong 6-7 but not a nail breaker at all.
Only looking to move this bc I like carbon steel. I’m a fan of patina so it’s time to find a place where someone will appreciate this more! It’s an amazing knife and if it doesn’t sell or trade I’ll be fine with that too.
It is one of 200 knives that CSC did for this run in 2007. These are quite rare these days since CSC is no longer around. On the forums they generally sell for between 175-200 when nib.
Trade value: $200 Sale value: $160 includes shipping and PP GS
Trades: anything gec even the users, cool Casio watches too, if you’ve got a bodega Casio gshock let me know please lol
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2023.03.26 22:36 ArbiterFX 3 Year old BMW 3 Series was auctioned from BMW. Should I buy it from an independent dealership?

Hi /WhatCarShouldIBuy
I am hoping to do a sanity check before I pull the trigger on a used BMW.
I have found a 2020 BMW 3 Series with 20,000 miles and every option I want for it. It’s being listed for sale at $38,000 from a no-name independent dealership that mostly focuses on exotics. The dealership has good reviews with 4.9 on Google w/ 200+ reviews. It has been around for ~10 years.
This price is around 3K below what it would cost CPO from BMW and is roughly what I feel comfortable paying for it. I’ve been checking every day for 8+ weeks to find this equipment combo within driving distance and this price is reasonable for this car from a reputable dealer. It’s a bit high for a no-name dealership but they appear legitimate enough.
The carfax is clean and shows 1 owner and 8 service records. Oil changes were done on time and in the correct intervals. Tires were replaced after 12K miles. Pictures also show the car to be in excellent conditions for interior and exterior.
The carfax shows it was a lease and was returned to BMW late last year. BMW then sold the car at auction and it was listed for sale by dealership A for 4 days and then it was listed for sale by dealership B for 3 months. Dealership B still has it for sale.
That is the big question mark for me. Why didn’t BMW CPO this car when it was returned? The dealership it was returned to was not the one it was purchased from, and I am not sure if it has the original tires, but it’s a low mileage 3 series with every option equipped — it would have been sold easily.
I also find it odd that it passed through another dealership for just 4 days before it ended up at the final destination but thats not really bothering me.
The car should still have 1 year and 10k miles of BMW warranty left.
Does anyone have any experience in this situation? Even with an independent PPI I am concerned something could be missed.
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