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Early upload cuz work. Sorry for the cliff
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- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Pan looked between Joseph and Tel as the grey-furred female maintained her hold on him, The Human stilling his lungs with expectations for the worst in mind, Tel’s taste still lingering. The baited breath by most of the two couches stagnated the air as even Violet paused her scratching to pay attention.
“Our promise?” She asked him with a tip of her ear, though her tone remained inquisitive rather than scornful.
“Fulfilled.” Tel answered in his stead, her voice carrying a taunting cadence as she glanced between the two. “Or i would assume, based on the scent on both of you.”
Joseph’s cheeks flushed in time with Pan’s, him forgetting again just how sharp their noses were. “No hiding that one, huh?”
Tel released him a smug look on her face as she seemingly enjoyed the wide eyes watching the exchange. “From some? Perhaps. Me?” She leaned forward to nip as his ear, her claw lightly falling down from his chest. “I know the scent of my male to its finest.”
He swallowed back his unwanted reaction, his reason retained due to the company and Pan’s paw resting in his hand. Harrow raised her own, speaking when Joseph cautiously raised a brow in her direction.
“So... Did you bed Tel or Pan first?”
He blinked, inhaling to respond but finding words impossible to form due to the brazen and unexpected question. Jax chuckled as he smirked at his mate. “As i have said, I have won our bet.”
Harrow kicked back at him, though her shorter legs meant that she almost fell off the couch to achieve the retaliation. “You haven’t won until we know for sure.”
“There is little doubt.”
“You don’t know yet!”
Joseph shut is eyes forcefully, the interaction sapping his resolve for the moment. “What was the bet?”
“Jax bet that you would bed Tel first. I said that you would wait for Pan.”
He pinched the bridge of his nose, happy for the distraction, though wishing it departed more from the subject. “And you’re betting on my sex life... why?”
The two looked at each other before shrugging in sync. “We’ve been betting on most of what you do. Seems weird to stop at who warms your bed when.”
Joseph went to rest his head in his hands, the attempt stopped by Pan holding one and Tel supporting her weight on his free shoulder. He looked at the two and took a breath before addressing his mate.
Pan smiled at him with a squeeze of his hand, stopping him from speaking further as the reassuring action took the wind out of his sails. The guilt wrenched at him regardless, worry about what she might have to say digging deep. Saying that he was going to just turn around on his affection for Tel would be a lie, but he couldn’t help but expect some sort of fallout from this. Instead of chastising him or the like, Pan looked to Tel with a calm expression. “Do you care for him truly?”
Tel flashed annoyance until Sahari answered, the female having grown annoyed with the display. “She is a Blade. A Sheath is one chosen with their life on the line. She would face an army alone to assure his safety and likely leave only a graveyard in her wake should he request it.”
Jax snapped his head to look at her. “She is an assassin?”
“I am amazed at how long you remained ignorant to her nature, yet recognize the moniker.” Sahari replied with a sigh.
“Wait, how do you know that?” Harrow asked, excitement building in her voice.
Sahari waved it off. “I spent much of my time as a mercenary. One should not be surprised by those whom they end up working with. I knew she was of such line, though the specifics were new to me as well when i was exposed.”
“Tel!” The orange-furred ball of energy yelled suddenly. “Teach me assassin things!”
Joseph succeeded in resting his head in a palm as Tel stood up to raise a brow at her. “You wish to travel the path?”
“Don’t.” The Grand Hunter interjected tiredly. It was first thing in the morning and this had already made him more than willing to go back to bed. “Trill’s girls being here is enough ‘cloak and dagger’ for one settlement.”
“There are multiple assassins?” Jax asked in disbelief.
“You get used to it.” The Human commented dryly.
He cycled a breath. “Well, let’s just say that the trip was... a lot.” Jax grimaced at his answer, but his funk was broken when his mate narrowly missed his leg with her foot, prompting him to refocus on their little game.
Sahari, finding humour in the first event of note, decided to provide the initial context. “Joseph was discovered by a vassal pack of Grand Hunter Trill while bathing in a river.”
“Like i needed more people to see me in the buff.”
“I guess Tel had fun with that.” Harrow added with a wink, raising her brows when Tel gave her a dismissive frown. “Oh, no? Just the other pack?”
Sahari cleared her throat, an understanding gaze was given by the inquisitive Lilhun when she noticed the ex-Grand Huntress avert her eyes for a moment. “After we affirmed that they were not hostile and cleared any suspected misintentions, we were escorted to High Hunter Loptr’s settlement for the moon.”
“Where our dear Human scared at least one male to wetting his fur.” Tel added with a trilling lilt, her regard of him gaining a seductive edge. Joseph scowled, though if it was over the events of that night or the ones after, he wasn’t sure. His bond gave his fingers a squeeze in support regardless, easing the density of his brooding.
“What did he do?” Harrow asked, her rapt attention obvious.
Sahari smirked. “He held his crossbow to the male for not accepting Tel’s rebuff. He was quite enraged.”
Pan’s thumb pad rubbed over his hand as she listened to the story, her expression attentive with a slight smile now that he had passed the initial annoyance of remembering that night. Joseph eased and returned the affectionate gesture.
The black-furred female’s face fell to one of scorn, a glare directed at Tel. “It seems as if she forced her mark upon him without explanation after the events.”
The mention of a forced mark caused Nalah to instantly bare her fangs at the offending Lilhun, venom in spades coating her words. “You forced a mark?”
Tel took a seat on Joseph’s lap, surprising him as he adjusted Pan’s paw in his hand out of the way to accommodate it without thinking. “Were it not for the mark, he would be a corpse rather than mine.”
“Explain yourself. Now.”
Tel sighed, leaning back on her improvised seat and forcing Joseph to shift to allow it, his free arm absently resting around her side to her stomach to support her weight. He was too busy cautiously watching the interaction for if, or rather when, he would need to step in. “Trill does not much care for that which is not documented and signed. A new creature that claims power may be a novel discovery, but it is a disruption to that which he has constructed.” Tel rested an arm around his shoulders, a somewhat protective note to the action. “Disruptions are dealt with those like myself. He would have been cold before the moon, if not simply when he held a dagger to Trill’s throat.”
Even Pan seemed surprised by the announcement that he had threatened not only a touchy male, but also a Grand Hunter. She looked at him with worry until the brewing irritation in his expression, and likely through the bond as well, informed her of his absolute lack of regret regarding the matter.
Either way, Nalah seemed stunned by the assertion, glancing at him and Sahari to confirm, though Sahari seemed as irritated by the situation as he did. “You tested the life of a Grand Hunter?”
Joseph scoffed. “I made my point to a piece-of-shit father.”
Harrow was the one confused this time. “Who’s den-father?”
The Human, noticing only now that he was effectively cuddling the bored-looking assassin, used the opportunity to gesture to her with the hand on her stomach. “Hers. Direct parentage. ‘Blood-father’, if i remember correctly.”
The answer befuddled Harrow, her looking around the room for confirmation and only receiving a nod from Sahari to agree. Perplexed, and accepting that no one is going to address the matter of Trill being Tel’s dad not being brought up before now, she turned her attention back to Tel. “You’re okay with that?”
Tel rested her cheek on his head, either testing to see how much contact she could get away with before he complained or trying to see where Pan would take issue. Whichever one it was, neither of the two put up any objections, Pan instead leaning into him as well once he noticed how comfortable he found it to be. “Were it not for his involvement, i would not have returned, instead held to be bred for more in my image while being rested upon a pedestal in a gilded cage.”
Nalah eased back into her seat, Sahari putting an arm around her and patting her shoulder in comfort. Joseph raised a brow at how intensely she reacted to the subject, but he wasn’t really sure where ‘marking’ sat in their morals. He figured it was pretty important, but it was temporary and was closer to just making someone wear a wedding band more than anything, as far as he understood. He held two fingers up while not releasing Tel to interject.
“What’s the deal with ‘forcing’ a mark anyway? I’m getting that it’s bad, but i don’t have context.”
Nalah bared her teeth, the building tirade silenced by Sahari pulling her in and rubbing her shoulder soothingly. Satisfied that her blond-furred pack-member was pacified for now, Sahari answered.
“To force a mark is to say that it was imparted upon the unwilling.”
His eyes widened as he made the connection. “OH. Oh. Okay, I’m following now. Jesus Christ.” His face scrunched in disgust. “Holy shit. Okay.”
He noticed the slightly worried expression on Tel’s face, himself quickly adding to his response. “To be clear, it wasn’t ‘forced’ forced.” He averted his eyes away from Pan as embarrassment and more than a touch of shame crossed his face. “It was... It was a bit of a night.”
Pan gave him a sympathetic look, some concern present. Tel felt the need to address it. “He refused to part with your promise, worry not. Even in the height of his heat, his thoughts focused on you.”
Joseph couldn’t help but notice the mix of longing and annoyance in her voice. He allowed himself to gently squeeze her, the action instantly improving her mood, if her tail was anything to go by. Pan shook her head. “I am merely glad that his world is one where such does not exist.”
He pursed his lips, unsure how to counter that without ruining everything. Unfortunately for him, Pan caught the hesitation through their bond.
“Oh, Joseph...” Pan wrapped her other arm around his, encapsulating it carefully. “I suppose there are those of lesser qualities in every people.”
He wanted to disagree, but he quickly failed to think of an example. “Anyway. What does the mark do? Besides say that you’re involved with someone, because I’m getting the vibe that there is more to it.”
Tel subtly twitched as Jax offered the answer. “It discourages others from courting you.”
“Like a wedding ring or something, yeah. Harrow told me that a while ago.”
The mentioned female raised a claw. “Yes and no. I said it was close enough for the purposes of understanding. It detracts from others ability to perceive you as a possible mate.” She gestured loosely to Pan. “It’s why defectives have such a hard time finding one. It’s hard to want to bed someone who your body instinctively doesn’t find attractive.”
Pan tightened her hold on him, though the satisfied expression suggested that she was quite pleased with having him be hers rather than using him to distract from her previous struggles. Harrow smiled at the affectionate display.
“For example: Jax would be much less likely to cause interest because of my mark, and me because of his.”
“So how do you end up with multiple ‘den-parents’”
“Not all attraction is physical, Joseph.” Sahari chastised him playfully, amused with his lack of knowledge. “The effect is negated once they are marked by yourself as well.”
He opened his mouth to counter that, but it failed after the briefest of consideration. “Okay, fair.”
“It is also why bonds are a boon in such arrangements.” Jax added casually, him and Harrow having resumed their attempts to kick at each other.
Pan tilted her head at an indirect mention, Joseph blinking away his confusion. “And that would be because?”
The two bickering mates paused, sharing a look before both giving him a flat expression. “They are influenced by their bonded one.”
“So? What does that...” The Human stalled, glancing at his own bond with a raised brow. Pan noticed his expression and smiled in return, her grip on his hand gently increasing.
“I know the depths of your affections.”
Deciding that the half-answer was the best he was going to get, he shook his head to dispel his curiosity, disrupting Tel from enjoying her perch in the process and drawing a displeased glance before she reclaimed it.
“That... Well that brings up something I’ve been meaning to address.” He tried not to look at her as he attempted to figure out how he was going to broach the question. Tel seemingly got impatient with his tip-toeing and spoke for him.
“I wish him mine, if that wasn’t obvious. This one seems to be reticent in regards to his reciprocated desire.” She punctuated the announcement by patting his shoulder, though the touch was slightly more forceful than he would attribute to ‘affectionate’.
Pan blinked, a tilted head accentuated by a further displaced ear. “Yes, i am aware.”
Joseph faltered, expecting... Well, he wasn’t sure what, but something more than that. He tentatively pressed further, anxiety rearing as unease settled. “No comment?”
She paused to consider, eventually meeting his eyes with a fairly blank expression. “I have known you wished for her for quite some time, though i can tell this is beyond mere infatuations. I have no qualms with such as long as all feel the same.”
He felt Tel physically relax, as if some tension had been held since her vow with him in the forest. There likely was. She had been much closer after the fact, but it was always subdued, as if she was worried she would be rejected and he would discard her at Pan’s wishes. He didn’t want to actively think about the scenario. He would much rather not have to make choices like that.
“I’m surprised you would expect her to say anything else.” Harrow commented passively. “It’s not exactly weird.”
“Especially involving a bond.” Jax added, successfully landing a light tap with his foot to his mate, the latter protesting as she tried to remain seated while stretching out to return it.
“The issue is with her.” Sahari waved a loose paw to Tel as she remained oblivious to her continued cuddling with Nalah. That, or she didn’t want to mention it aloud. Nalah certainly seemed content with the arrangement.
Pan followed the pointed appendage, giving Tel a questioning look as she fixed her grip on his arm. “Am i insufficient?”
Tel looked at her, the expression somewhere between a scowl and regret before she closed her eyes to sigh, her tail joining Pan’s in an effort to constrict his torso. “There is but a single Blade to a Sheath. Were he in possession of a mark besides my own, i would not pursue him, assuming i did not remove the other first. You being unable to do such is...” She paused to think of how to explain her reasoning, a wayward glance was given to Sahari as she finished her thought much more quietly. “I am willing to overlook the discrepancy for him.”
Pan’s eyes gained a touch of fulfillment to mirror his own when he internalized how big of a concession it seemed to be for her to accommodate his desires. He absently played with the fur on Tel’s stomach, the attention earning him a slight squeeze from her tail.
“Then i am content.” Pan declared softly, snuggling back into his shoulder, the matter settled in her mind.
He furrowed his brow, unsure of whatever the hell just transpired between the two, but took a breath to depart from the topic. Well, until Harrow prodded his side.
“So, who first?” She reasserted, fending Jax off as she continued poking his side.
“I’m not answering that.”
She ignored him, addressing the two females who had turned him into a cushion at one point or another. “Come on, i have a lot riding on this.”
Tel smirked, the amusement from annoying the pack outweighing the slightly displeased expression she had on since she arrived back at the settlement. “Wouldn’t you like to know.”
Harrow threw her arms high in victory, Jax bemusedly exhaling as he surrendered their physical confrontation. “I win!”
“What makes you say that?”
An orange claw was pointed at the disappointed cook. “If it was you, you would have spent forever teasing details.”
Joseph couldn’t help but tip his head in concession. That sounded like what she would do.
Tel huffed, annoyance returning in her expression as Pan seemed somewhat sympathetic. “And what has our ‘serial-catastrophic-failure-causing’ Technology Head earned?”
Harrow paused, a slight blush overcoming her enthusiasm. “You knew about that, huh?” She tapped her claws until she was ready to announce her winnings. “Jax owes me ten moons of back rubs.”
Pan and the Human burst slightly, the laughter proving to be infectious as the rest joined in, much to Harrow’s embarrassment. Tel chuckled, but she looked to be enjoying the mild chaos she had caused for the moment rather than the actual subject. The orange-furred female waited until they calmed down enough to continue.
“So, what about the other things? We have carts full of stuff and new people.”
“Ah.” Joseph vocally got himself back on topic. “Right. The carts are metals, clay for the forge, and alcohol. The new members are two servants that Loptr was fine with us having and four of Trill’s girls that are here to observe Tel.” He glanced at the Lilhun in question making use of him as a seat. “I think. It’s a weird arrangement right now.”
Tel gave him a bored roll of her eyes, her lack of desire to input conveyed concisely. He accepted it for what it was, not overly concerned since the girls seemed to listen to both of them anyway.
“Past that...” Joseph hummed in thought. “We have craftsmen moving in with the first trade caravan, though when they arrive is pretty fluid due to them needing to arrange things from various settlements. Servants and animals will be included, so we should start on a barn of sorts sooner rather than later.”
“Animals?” Pan questioned from her snuggling, though she seemed more than happy to just stay there instead of turning to address him.
“We’ll see what they send specifically, but even if it’s not overly promising, we could just treat it as a fresh meat delivery and make do.”
Sahari mused for a moment before entering her opinion on the matter. “I suppose Ferra would be of use.”
Joseph nodded. “Atrox’s mate, or one of, anyway. Yeah. That’s who i was thinking, too.”
Nalah sighed, making no attempt to separate from the arm around her shoulder. “So we shall build the Hall, a barn, and perhaps additional barracks.”
He squinted an eye a bit as he considered. “Yeah, give or take. Will that be too much?”
She waved him off lazily, tossing a piece of meat into her mouth. “I shouldn’t be, though it will delay the desire for a bath house.”
His eyebrows shot up. “Bath house?”
“They lack a bathing facility like we have.”
He lifted his hand off of Tel’s stomach to point at the planner, a slight embarrassment occurring as he noticed how comfortable it was to rest his fingers amongst her fur. “Do it. The barn can wait. Make it a decent size.”
“What else?” Harrow asked, likely requesting more gossip or interesting tales as Nalah stared off into the distance passively, probably thinking about where they should put a public bath.
“Nothing much to mention.” He admitted, deciding to omit the whole thing with Tel and his talks with Sahari.
“My turn?”
Joseph raised a brow.
“Come on!” She hopped from her seat, pausing when she noticed that removing him from his chair would involve detaching two females. He patted Tel on her stomach to request freedom, a momentary thought within her broken as she defaulted to teasing him with her claws before acquiescing to his wishes. Pan put up much less fight, instead assertively pulling him in for a kiss and a quick nuzzle, the combo leaving him dazed for a second before Harrow used the opportunity to drag him to his feet.
“I have something to get your advice on and something to show you. Which do you want to start with?”
The Grand Hunter shook off the surprise at his mate’s uncharacteristic forwardness, thinking about his answer before shrugging. “Whichever is cooler?”
Harrow patted his chest with the back of her paw before marching off towards the facilities wing. “Good choice!”
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Sahari remained behind with Tel as all else filtered out of the hub to start their respective duties, the Blade idly laying on the couch while chewing some of the cooked food she had brought out for Joseph that had been left behind once the male was carried off by the excitable Head of Technology.
The ex-Grand Huntress approached, blocking the sunlight from on high that fell on Tel’s closed eyes, eliciting one to open lazily in inspection the person interfering with her lounging, a long exhale preceding her disingenuous query.
“Need something, Sahari?”
She maintained the repressed smug expression, feigning ignorance to the obvious. “Feeling at ease now?”
Tel closed her eye again to disregard the notion. “Why would i be uneasy? I am back at our den, bathed, and i may rest from my tasks for a while.”
A light chuckle escaped Sahari. “You were accepted by his bond. I would think that had been on your mind these past moons. That much is quite plain to see, given that you made no attempts to join his rest.”
The female paused in the process of depositing the last portion of meat into her mouth, giving Sahari a frown before continuing. “They required the moon alone, and i care not for the opinions of others than my Sheath.”
“And he would have been forced to choose her over you should she dissent in regards to your addition.”
Tel fell silent for a moment, eyes wandering the ceiling before she sat herself up. “Then i suppose we are most fortuitous that such shall not come to pass, no?”
Sahari ignored the dismissive tone. “What are your plans for her?”
“What might you mean?”
She crossed her arms. “You have complaints, surely. What do you intend to do about them?”
The Blade stared at her. “Complaints? Such as how easy it is to catch her unawares? Her lack of weaponry maintained on her person? How little effort it took to engage with her mate, despite her proximity?”
Sahari nodded, suspecting that Tel’s mind would go there. “Do you plan to address them?”
The cook sighed. “Time will tell, but it is clear she carries his carelessness.”
“She carries much of him within her by now.”
Tel got to her feet, a look of resignation on her face. “Yes, that much is obvious.”
“Perhaps you should be thankful.”
Sahari received a raised brow. She returned a knowing nod.
“She would not be as willing if not for his influence. She has gained that which she would never. Were it not for his temperament, one could not blame her for wishing to monopolize. Instead, she seeks his happiness as her own. If it includes yourself, so be it.”
“Telling me to ignore her faults?”
Sahari shook her head. “I am merely advising you to embrace her as an extension of your influence rather than an obstacle to account for. She wishes for his safety as much as you, though she only holds the tools to repel that which is obvious.”
Tel tilted an ear, a slight smirk playing at the corner of her mouth. “You suggest i make a Blade of a defect?”
The black-furred female grinned, turning on her pads to head outside, a paw waved over her shoulder. “You are expected to raise the next, no? This may be a chance to test your proficiency, even if it may be the only you attempt.”
“It is a bloodied path, Sahari. I highly doubt my male would approve.”
“Then craft a clean edge. Form one from nothing. You are the heiress, no? Prove yourself worthy of your presumed station and allow your Sheath to perform without worries.” Sahari called out through the exit, allowing it to close behind her when Tel’s expression became contemplative.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
“You doing okay?” Harrow asked once they were in the gym. She dug through the various prototypes she had been working on to find the things she wanted Joseph’s input on.
The Human rubbed his neck. “Yeah, why?”
She paused her search to glance at him with a deadpanned expression. “You looked like you would have evaporated if you could.”
He pursed his lips. “Yeah, kind of. I don’t know. The whole ‘polyamory’ thing seems like a minefield to me.”
A nasal sigh was given as she returned, taking out the first piece and laying it to the side as she resumed her search. “Yet you come back and have no problems with Tel fawning all over you while you’re next to your bond.”
“That...” The male faltered, a defeated tone taking place. “I didn’t really think about it in the moment, it just felt like the natural thing to happen.”
“Isn’t that your answer?” She offered idly, placing another piece to the side.
“To what?”
“How she fits in to your relationship.”
“How so?” Joseph replied, confusion evident.
Harrow laid the second-to-last piece down and sorted through the box from the beginning. “Pan feels about... well, everything the way you do. If Tel feels natural to have around, then Pan won’t feel anything is wrong.”
The Grand Hunter groaned, the hollow tone suggesting he had cupped his face into his paws. “It just feels like jealousy and shit should be an issue.”
Harrow fetched the last piece, laying it with the rest and plopping herself onto the ground to observe the frustrated male. “I can’t speak for Tel, but i think she was more worried about it than you were.”
“She’s a ball of confidence. I can’t really picture her being worried about anything other than being told to not to fuck around.”
She waved him off. “You’ve had all this time to make sure everyone knew how much you care for Pan. It’s stressful to think that you would be compared to that if it came down to one or the other, especially a bond.”
Joseph raised a brow as Harrow put on the first piece of experimental armour on her arm. “I wouldn’t compare them like that. They’re different people.”
She fixed her gaze on him as she moved on to the second piece. “Pan knows you to your core by now. She has claimed a position of a den-mother of your adopted kit. Now, she has affirmed her placement as your mate.” The orange-furred female shook her head at his momentary flush. “Mix that with your societal standards, and she wouldn’t be able to worry but think that she might be seen as lesser and thrown aside if Pan took issue.”
Annoyance filtered into his voice. “Both are irreplaceable. Period. I’m not excited about it, but I’d rather do my best to make sure they’re happy. Even if it meant trying to convince her as best i can. I’m not ignoring what Tel has done for me and what she has ended up meaning to me.”
“Is my male proclaiming his affections out loud again?” Tel prodded playfully after having silently entered behind the male and wrapping her arms around his waist, her chin resting on his shoulder. Joseph jumped slightly at the unexpected presence, his face stricken by embarrassment after being caught in the act of vehemently defending his new-found relationship with the female.
Harrow smirked as she moved on to the last piece. “He seems to be rather taken with you Tel. Makes me wonder what happened that moon he defended your honour.”
The Grand Hunter furrowed his brow as he glanced back and forth between them with a warning eye. “Not talking about it.”
Tel ignored him, her tail lazily swaying behind her. “I fear not for his bond. It seems that she cares more for this one’s feelings than her own.”
“Not like there’s much of a difference.” Harrow commented, standing now that all four pieces were on. She adjusted the fitment as Tel hummed in agreement.
“I have no idea what’s going on.” Joseph lamented openly, the cook leaning on him more in response.
“You,” The Head started, pleased with the preliminary checks of her equipment. “are going to help me solve a few issues with these, and she,” A claw was waved at the mildly interested female. “is going to be happy with me.”
Tel adjusted her grip under his arms, wrapping one paw over the wrist of the other as she applied more weight and idly observed as Harrow started explaining whatever it was she had on her arms. Joseph cycled a breath as his plight remained ignored.
The orange-furred female wore two large bracers, their outward arm coverage a fair bit wider than what would be typical. The second section of each was a large piece that slotted over the more form-fitting attachment to her arm.
Curiosity seemed to have prevailed over his premature exhaustion. “Are those supposed to be a shield when you put them together?”
Harrow winked, a mischievous smirk suggesting that he was only half right. “They also do this!”
The female engaged a pair of spring-loaded protrusions placed on the inside of the outcroppings, two broad daggers extending forth in an instant with a visible recoil.
Both the Human and the female raised their brows, Harrow proudly explaining her invention. “I took inspiration from those Katars you told me about and the spring system you used for Tel’s roped daggers. Add in the need for a shield that wouldn’t hinder our claw-to-claw training...”
“And you end up with hidden blades inside of a wearable shield.” Joseph mused, an impressed tone clear. Tel viewed the items with interest from his shoulder.
“Why might these make me happy?”
Harrow pointed the worn knife, its edge blunted until the details were sorted. “Because you can add this to your armament as a backup, and because i figured that your little declaration back there meant you would rather Joe stay armed and protected.”
The assassin hummed in understanding, though didn’t comment further as she continued analyzing them.
“So what do you need my help with? It seems like you got all the important parts down for a prototype.” Joseph furrowed his brow in confusion, looking over her work from a distance to find an issue.
Harrow took a breath, wincing at the need for overview. “Well, this is it.”
“What’s it.”
She held the extended blades outward. “This. They don’t go back without taking them apart.”
The Grand Hunter’s expression fell neutrally. “Ah. Yeah, that would be an issue. I’d need to see it disassembled to weigh in.”
Harrow’s ears fell as she heard that he wouldn’t be able to know what to do about the problem at a moment’s notice, but quickly regained her enthusiasm as she removed the prototypes. “We can do that whenever. Next, i found out something neat about the den while i was doing the wiring!”
She nodded, her tail threatening to fly off with how active it was being. “Whatever species occupied this place before us must have been a massive mix of high and sub-harmonic vocalizations.” She paused when the male gave her a blank look. “They spoke in an an extremely wide frequency range. Or at least utilized such.”
Joseph blinked, a light tilt of his head showing that he was a little confused at the apparent non-sequitur. “And that has to do with wiring because...”
“Because,” Harrow tossed the braces back into the box. “I discovered a defunct circuit used to power a building-wide public address system!” She threw her arms wide as her main discovery was finally being announced to someone who would appreciate it. “I rigged it to the terminal! We can play music to the whole den and outside, if we want! I checked and there are tiny acoustic projectors everywhere, though they look to be far more capable than the size suggests.”
Tel perked up at the mention of widely accessible entertainment while Joseph looked to the side in thought, his face carrying a contemplative shade. “That’s cool and all, but do we want to inundate everyone with music all the time? I have a lot of variety there, I’m pretty sure someone would be drove nuts by the end of the week.”
“I need your help there, too.” The Head added in counter, approaching the pair with a bounce to her step. “I can’t read your language, but there should be a setting to split the zones and allow playlists by room.”
“Why would there be a setting like that?”
Harrow shrugged. “We’ll see what we can do, if not. Worst comes to worst, we can just open it up during celebrations.”
The Human paused, conceding the point after a moment. “That doesn’t sound like a terrible idea. I’m down.”
She separated the two, shoving Joseph out the door in her rush to get started on the idea. Tel allowed it to happen, a mild interest passing her eyes all the while until she tapped Harrow on the shoulder.
“Could i have a set of that prototype created for Pan once it is complete?”
Harrow waved Joseph to continue once he noticed he was the only one still going to the terminal, raising a brow at the female. “Odd for you to ask.”
The prospective mate shook her head. “It would benefit him to have more at his disposal. None have taken to his philosophy of using one’s fists like she has. This would merely allow her to expand her repertoire while still adhering.”
Harrow hummed, a skeptical eye scanning the female’s face for a hint at her true motive, a sigh escaping once she decided that Tel wasn’t going to clarify further. “I’ll get Mama to measure her once Joe straightens out the retraction mechanism.” A second glance was afforded. “You sure you’re okay with Joe threatening your blood-father and having a preexisting mate?”
Tel maintained a placid expression, boredom hinted by her quick break of eye contact. “I have stated my opinion on such. Why do you ask?”
“Because he’s my friend and part of my den.”
Tel returned her gaze. “Would it worry you so if i took issue?”
Harrow failed to answer immediately, a breath being required before she quietly responded. “I just don’t want anything to ruin it.”
The Blade chuckled. “I may find myself desiring to hold him to my own, but i must accept that she is as much a part of him as he is her. As for his threats to Trill?” Tel’s voice grew wanting as she slipped a teasing smirk towards the curious Human waiting at the end of the hall. “That is far from a problem for me.”
Joseph leaned against the wall, his arms crossed as he patiently waited for the two to finish their sidebar, Harrow noticing his idle expression now that Tel had been accepted was a stark contrast to before. She smiled with closed eyes, happy that the dynamics of the pack didn’t seem to be shifting in a bad direction.
“Okay.” She breathed out, changing gears mentally. “As long as everyone’s okay.”
She turned to face Tel, noticing that she had gone on ahead without waiting for a response to harass the Grand Hunter, the latter struggling not to laugh as the female poked at him.
At least it seemed that she could keep this den.
She hurried to catch up, wondering what music Joseph would be using to test her ideas.


A/N: Today’s shout-out is to you guys in the comments! Always brightens my day to see everyone tossing in their thoughts on whats happening. Also loving the upvotes you toss to each other whenever someone says something you agree with, really shows me which comments i should be looking closer at. Take a moment to pat yourselves and fellow regulars on the back. You deserve it.
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2023.03.26 09:12 the-void-calleth 13 Tips for Beginner Farmers

It seems like there are a whole lot of people on this sub that are pretty new to the game so here are some helpful tips to get you started!
  1. Beach farms are not for beginners. I know they're pretty and they have lots of cools quirks but not being able to use sprinklers during your first few runs of the game will make it VERY HARD. I believe it's mostly meant for people who aren't focusing on farming.
  2. Not all farm types are equal. If this is your first time playing, I'd recommend the basic farm, with the forest farm being the better general option but maybe not as easy to learn the game in. River and Mountain farms are not super worth it, and are better for more experienced players, whereas wilderness may be overwhelming for a first-time player. Four-Corners is also good, but better for multiplayer.
  3. Make chests and keep them organized. Trust me, it'll make your life so much easier. I like having a "construction" chest, a "farming" chest, a "miscellaneous" chest and a "tool and decoration" chest at the start. You can also place chests anywhere in the world, so I'd recommend having one at the entrance of the mines, in places where you do a lot of fishing and in Clint's shop. Do make sure you place them out of the way so NPCs don't walk through them, though.
  4. Upgrade your tools. Seriously. The better your tools, the easier collecting resources will be. You'll need to get your pickaxe all the way to iridium, your axe to at least gold, and your hoe and watering can to at least iron. Upgrading your pickaxe is the key to clearing the mines, and upgrading your hoe and watering can is best done when farming is done for the season, before farming starts in the new season or during winter.
  5. Save up seasonal crops/forage for the community center. If you choose to go the community center route, know that there are certain bundles that can only be completed with items specific to different seasons-- not just crops but fish and forage as well.
  6. Automation is key. Try to make things as automatic as possible to free up time and energy for things that must be done manually. Sprinklers are live-saving (though I'd only recommend using high-quality sprinklers and better.) Later on there are also machines to help you with your animals-- an auto-collector from marnie and an auto-petter from the skull-caverns or Joja (if you chose the joja route).
  7. You can find iridium in magma geodes. Iridium, being the most powerful metal in the game, will be very important later on. You can find iridium ore in the skull-caverns or the ginger island volcano (two areas unlocked after a while) but for both you need an iridium pick to actually get any work done. Thankfully, you can get pieces of iridium ore by cracking the red geodes found at the lowest level of the mines.
  8. Bombs are the best mining tools. If you're planning in gathering lots of resources or clearing a large section of mining levels, bombs are your best friends. Just make sure to collect ore/gems by hand if you have an ability that doubles them (via mining skill) and try not to stand in the blast radius.
  9. Cheese is the best food and you'll want a lot of it. A lot of foods in the game will give you useful buffs on top of healing you, but pay attention-- these buffs don't stack! What you want to do is have a smaller amount of foods that give you the buff you need and a large amount of food that has no additional effect. That food? Cheese. Specifically gold-star cheese made with "large milk" in the cheese press. It'll heal you for a large amount of energy/hp without canceling your buffs.
  10. Passing out at 2 am is not that bad. Sure, you'll lose some money and energy, but ultimately it's not such a harsh punishment. On the other hand, being knocked out by monsters in the mines will cost you a lot of the precious items you have in your inventory, so be very careful not to hit 0 hp.
  11. Check your tv. Checking the weather each morning will help you figure out your schedule, since you don't need to water your crops when it rains. Living Off the Land will give you great tips, Queen of Sauce will teach you recipes you can use once you upgrade your house and the fortune teller will help you figure out if it's a good day to fish or mine.
  12. The Traveling Merchant is your BEST FRIEND if you're trying to complete the community center. Every Friday and Sunday, at the top left corner of the forest, there will be a lady in a cart pulled by a purple hippo. She will offer a random assortment of items that may include rare, hard to get or out-of-season items that you need. She also sells "rare seeds" which you can plant at the beginning of fall for a nice payout at the end of the season. Do note that not all her deals are good, and that if there's something you're hoping to get from her, you'll need to set aside some money for it.
  13. Don't stress-- plan out your day. It's good to start every day with a plan: Will you farm? Fish? Forage? Mine? A bit of everything? Keep in mind what your current goals are (like if you're saving up money or resources to get something), the shopkeepers' schedules, and other factors like the luck or the weather. If you find yourself overwhelmed by the clock, remember that time doesn't move while you're looking at a chest or at your inventory (if you're in singleaplayer) so take a breather every now and again.
I hope you find this useful, and if there are any other questions you might have, comment them and I'll try to answer <3
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2023.03.26 09:06 marniesus My ex thinks his house is haunted, and wants me to investigate. The "Ghost Experiments" videos he sent me are... terrifying.

I hadn't thought about Jared for five, six years, until yesterday. The only memento I have of our entire relationship is a polaroid photo of the two of us, buried in a box in my closet, somewhere.
As I put my socks away, my mind flashed to Jared, who always stuffed his socks between the bed and the nightstand. One of those cute, weird little memories you have of someone you were in a relationship with. Moments later, my phone buzzed from the nearby dresser. It was an email from Jared.
Wow, that's serendipitous, I thought, before scanning the subject line:
The Ghost Experiments. [HELP!]
Spooky! Or at least, it would be, if I didn't get loads of emails with variations on the word 'ghost' in the subject line. Let me give you some background before I dive in to the content of the email:


Jared and I met back in college in our school's tiny Forensic Investigation program. He wanted to join the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police, which is like Canada's FBI), and I wanted to join a Forensic Image Analysis lab. I was passionate about two things: Photography, and True Crime. Forensic Imaging seemed like the perfect fit. When we met, I was in my early 20s, Jared in his late 20s. He had been volunteering as a firefighter and EMT for a few years before going back to school. He thought a Bachelor's degree would look better on his RCMP application. It took me a while to realize he had any interest in me: the quiet woman that kept to herself. Jared always said my sense of humour is what he first noticed, though I never tried to be funny. My friends suggest that my bluntness can be charming. Perhaps that was it.
To make a long story short, Jared asked me out for coffee one day after class, and we ended up dating for about a year. We were both quite logical people, and suited each other well. We both enjoyed our own spaces too much to ever live together, but we were happy for a while. Things ended when Jared had to report for RCMP training in Regina, Saskatchewan, whereas I remained in BC to finish up my studies. Jared wasn't sure where he would get posted after graduation, so it was reasonable to end things. In retrospect, Jared was the kindest, most level-headed man I've ever dated. Though I haven't exactly been pining for him all these years since. Relationships come and go, and I started my career shortly afterwards. Six months after college I got a job as a Forensic Imaging Technician in a small private lab. I toiled away as a technician for years before getting promoted to Image Analyst. Analysts are the ones that perform things like image authentication, and photogrammetry. They also get all the best software, and coolest toys.
Aside from seeing the absolute horrors of mankind on a regular basis, I enjoyed my job. The work was fulfilling, my hours weren't too bad, and my coworkers ranged from tolerable to excellent. In my findings that is above average for a workplace. One month after my promotion to Analyst, I woke up to an email telling me that I got laid off and no longer had a job. I felt gutted. YEARS of hard work down the drain. I'm still bitter about it, if I'm being honest. Even worse still, there were no comparable jobs anywhere in my area. I hated the idea of leaving the Vancouver area, expensive as it may be, so I got a full-time gig as a server in a restaurant. I found a smaller apartment with my new coworker Sara, and things were starting to look up. Despite that, depression was kicking my ass, and I was sad I wasn't doing lab work anymore. After wallowing in sadness, I did what any over-educated, broke millennial would do: I started a YouTube channel.
I made videos on forensic imaging techniques, and spotting common photography tricks. I'm proud of my videos, but nothing exactly paid my rent or broke the algorithm. That is until one October, Sara encouraged me to do something spooky for Halloween. I've always enjoyed ghost stories, but I'm an absolute skeptic, which I wanted to make very clear. I released a video debunking "paranormal" or "ghost" footage. Taking five different videos of "paranormal activity", I broke down their rational explanations. There were a lot of strings pulling doors, or drawers. Plenty of poor quality cameras make 'ghosts' for various reasons. Certain cameras have low shutter speeds, or poor quality codecs that cause all manner of aberrations. Spotting computer generated imagery (CGI) can be tricky, but there are plenty of tells if you know where to look. Sometimes, 'ghosts' were actually dust near the camera lens, and so on. Frankly, this was my least-technical, lowest effort video on the entire channel... so of course this was the video that blew up and got loads of views. Getting ad revenue and sponsorships was exciting, so I decided to make a few similar videos. I could have kept making those videos, but ghosts weren't something I was passionate about. I went back to making my regular content in November, and the well dried up quick. The whole ordeal left me feeling depressed once again. I had no lines on another lab job, my channel was dying, and I was going through the motions in my day-to-day life. Until the email.
(I've removed some identifying information, but otherwise will preserve as much content as possible.)

The Email

To: Marnie [REDACTED] From: Jared [REDACTED]
Subject line: The Ghost Experiments [HELP!]
Hey Marnie,
It's Jared, from our days at [College name], I hope you're keeping well. I heard what happened to your lab last year, sorry to hear about that.
The reason I'm writing is we've had some unusual things happening in our home. I've set up cameras and audio recorders to try to figure it what's going on, but I'm working such long hours these days. I don't have as much time to look into this as I would like.
I've attached an explanation video, and all the raw files in a Google Drive for you to review at your earliest convenience. If you're interested, we would pay you $2000 to come over to our place in [town] on Vancouver Island for a few days. You can run whatever experiments you see fit, and use the content for your channel as long as you don't show our faces. We have a guest room and plenty of space for you to work in. Our second baby is on the way, and I'm willing to do anything to reduce our stress.
We're really scared.
If I don't hear from you in the next two weeks, I'll assume you're not interested and I won't bother you again.
Warmly, Cpl. Jared [REDACTED]
P.S Apologies for the dramatic subject line, I thought it might get your attention.
I have to admit my initial thoughts focused on the wrong things: Wife? Second baby on the way?! Clearly I hadn't creeped him enough on social media over the last few years... Bad thoughts, Marnie. Put those away! I definitely didn't know what to make of the fact that they were scared. Was he pranking me? I had to admit the proposal was interesting, though. $2000 in Vancouver was... well, one month's rent. But getting one month of rent for a few days of work and some fodder for another video was tempting.
I opened up the attached Google Drive. I was surprised to see over 70 gigabytes of content in the drive. In the main folder was a video labeled "EDITED_EXPLANATION.mp4", followed by folders labeled "RAW FOOTAGE", "AUDIO RECORDINGS", "HOUSE", "RECORDS" and "FINDINGS". If this was a prank, it was an elaborate one. To determine if any of this was even worth my time, I clicked on the explanation video first.

The Video

I let out a small gasp when I saw Jared's face. He was talking at the camera from the middle of a kitchen island in a modern, fancy looking house. The years had been kind to Jared, his shoulders were more broad than I remembered, and his stubble had grown in. His facial hair used to be a lot more patchy, he kept it clean-shaven back in college. The video buffered for a second, and then started playing.
"Hey Marnie." Jared was smiling, but he sounds tired, "I'm recording this because there's some unusual stuff going on in my house. Jenny's really freaked out, and I... I don't know. If you had asked me 2 months ago if I thought ghosts were real, I would have said 'No'. No way. But now I'm so sleep deprived I'm not even sure anyway. I saw your ghost debunking videos and I'm hoping you can be a voice of reason here. I need help to figure out what exactly this is."
Jared cleared his throat. "Okay, I'll start from the beginning. We moved into this place here in [town] two months ago, super nice home, brand new development. The very first night, we woke up to a loud banging noise at exactly 3:24am. I shot out of bed, grabbed my sidearm, and cleared each room. Nobody was inside or outside our property, and there was no sign of an intruder. No forced entry or anything like that. I grabbed Simon -- that's my son, Simon, he's 11 months old now, so 9 months old at the time -- from the nursery and came back to bed. We weren't sure what it was, but we went back to bed after I was certain there was no immediate threat to my family."
"Then it happened again the next night. The exact same time, 3:24am. Bang bang bang!" Jared made a knocking gesture in the air, "Simon was co-sleeping with us that night. I cleared the house again, I checked the yard, I walked around the property. Nothing. Now it was a pattern, and after two shitty sleeps in a row, I decided to leave my phone recording all night. I'll play the clip now."
The screen cut to black, only the date and the timestamp was visible. 3:24am, like before, followed by a startling loud noise. BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG. BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG. Two sets of five knocks. I jumped in my chair at the volume of the noise, cursing under my breath. You can hear baby Simon start to cry and the commotion of his parents getting startled awake. The video cuts back to Jared in the kitchen.
"I'll spare you more of this, but if you check the audio recordings you can find 19 individual recordings. All loud bangs, two sets of five knocks at exactly 3:24 in the morning. There would be more, but, we got kind of... numb to it after a while, and, well, you'll see."
At this point I started wondering, why me? I'm an imaging specialist, not an audio expert. Much to my annoyance, video-Jared seemed to read my thoughts:
"Now I know you're more of a video expert, but if you do have any contacts in forensic audio feel free to send those along." You presumptuous bastard... I do have a friend like that. "I haven't told anyone at work about what's going on... Not sure how I'd even begin explaining this. After 3 days of these noises, I picked up a bunch of home security cameras that do night vision, and audio. I put them all over the house: Interior and exterior. Aside from the bathroom, the only room I didn't put a camera in was Jen's studio. She's a professional seamstress and didn't like the idea of a camera staring at her while she worked. She caved and you'll notice in the recordings that footage from her studio pops up around day 24. to catch anyone creeping around, I had large motion sensor lights installed outside. Oh, and I put some small motion sensors in the hallways."
The camera cuts to the kitchen, the master bedroom, nursery, two hallways, guest bedroom, garage, front yard, and back yard.. One thing was clear to me: This house was nice. Like, 'how on earth does a Corporal and a seamstress afford this' level nice. Does Jen come from money? Jared certainly doesn't, it would take me years to save up for a place like this with my old analyst salary.
"After installing the cameras, I managed to capture something the very first night." The video cuts to several exterior night shots, the motion lights are off, all is still. 'Day 3' displays on the screen, and the timestamp is visible in the corner. In the hallway closest to the bedroom, the clock now reads 3:23am. The motion light turns on, illuminating the hall, but no one is in frame. The hallway is silent. As the clock changes to 3:24am, the sensor light switches off. A pause, then two sets of five knocks. My ears ring at the sheer volume of the knocks. On the footage, Jared springs out of bed and comes out into the hallway in a t-shirt and boxers, his gun drawn. The hallway motion light turns on as Jared yells for anyone to make themselves known. The video follows him as he searches through the various rooms of the house. Jen stays in the bedroom, clutching their baby to her chest. The video cuts back to Jared narrating in the kitchen.
"As you can see, right before the knocking sounds, something set off our motion sensors in the hallway. I scanned every scrap of surveillance footage from that day, and I can tell you, no one's entered our house. All the footage is there on the drive if you want to review it for yourself. Now I know what you're thinking: It could be a faulty motion sensor. I thought the same, so I replaced [brand X] motion sensor light with [brand Y] the very next day to be sure."
The video cuts to Day 4, 3:23am. The new [brand Y] motion light is in view. Jared sits awake in an uncomfortable looking wooden chair in the hallway, phone and gun in hand. The light in the hallway is off as another set of loud pounding noises go off as the time changes to 3:24am. The noise sounds further away now, distant. Jared springs out of the chair and whirls around with his gun, trying to discern the source of the sound. The camera angle switches to Hallway 2, closer to the guest bedroom. At 3:23am, the new motion light turns on, and the guest door starts shaking with the knocks at 3:24am.
"So here's the thing..." Kitchen-Narrator Jared continues, "the knocking noise comes from a different spot every night. The noise happens at a consistent enough time that this could a hoax with a wireless speaker. But the fact it moves from room to room without anyone getting caught on camera is perplexing. You can confirm this with the attached raw surveillance footage. My phone's audio recordings have similar results if you check those out in the google drive. Some nights the knocking's loud, other times we can barely hear it. We're actually starting to sleep through it, now..." His voice was weary, almost resigned to this fact. In that moment I felt bad for Jared, though I wasn't sure how I could help.
"I wish I could say we were only dealing with loud noises in the middle of the night, but here's where you come in. On Day 14, I captured this." We cut away from Jared and are now watching Jen playing with baby Simon in the kitchen, the timestamp reads 10:35am. It's the middle of the day, light is pouring in from the beautiful framed windows. The house looks serene like this, much less spooky than the previous few nights worth of footage.
Behind Jen, the utensil drawer slides open on its own. I've seen plenty of shots like this in fake paranormal videos. I leaned in, hoping to spot an obvious sign of a hoax. Usually they put one string on the drawer, and one string on a utensil, then pull on it hard. This rips the object across the room and makes a little jump scare. What happened instead took me by surprise.
A silver spoon gently floats out of the drawer, twirling upwards into the air. It rotates, spinning in a few different directions - not impossible to fake with strings, but quite difficult. This could be CG, but it seems real at first glance. The levitating spoon spins higher into the air, and baby Simon starts grabbing towards it. You can hear him giggle on the tape, he's excited by the flying spoon. Jen turns her head over her shoulder to see what Simon's looking at. Exactly the moment she does that, the spoon drops back down into the drawer with a loud CRASH. Jen startles at the noise, and gets up to look at the utensil drawer. She seems confused. We're then brought back to Jared in the kitchen.
"If you check the footage, you'll see I had left for work hours before, and Jen was with Simon all morning." For a moment, video cuts to Jared walking out the door in full police gear at 4:45am. "The spoon's on the raw footage too, in case you think we did that with computers or whatever."
I found myself annoyed at how well Jared was predicting my reactions. Was this an elaborate prank? Why would a family man want to get one over on his ex from college? It's not like we had a falling out, in fact, he ended things with me! It didn't make any sense. Before my thoughts could catch up to my feelings, the video carried on:
"Loud noises and floating silverware are one thing, but this next clip is the real reason I--we wanted your expertise." Interesting Freudian slip there, Jared. The video takes us to night vision footage of the nursery, with "Day 35" and the timestamp of 2:13am. Little Simon stirs from his sleep, and wakes up in his crib. He makes a few cooing noises as he gets up and tries to prop himself up on the sides of his crib. His lets out a little giggle, looking in the direction of the closet.
Then, rising up from the ground, a shadowy figure emerges from the floor. The shape gets taller, and taller, until it looms over Simon's crib. It's in the rough shape of a man, has no distinguishable features, and is semi-transparent. My immediate reaction is this has to be CG, but the effect looks…good. The shadowy figure’s hand reaches out towards Simon, and holds its arm in position. Simon laughs and makes grasping motions towards the figure's "hand". The figure remains motionless for a moment, and Simon bobs up and down with excitement.
The other arm reaches out towards Simon. Both hands are now inching closer to the baby, who seems thrilled with his dark visitor. Long black figures grasp Simon’s sides, like how any parent would pick up their baby. The figure starts to slowly lift little Simon off the ground, his toes no longer touching the crib. Suddenly, Simon winces and lets out a sharp cry of pain. I recoil at the noise.
The figure stops lifting Simon, and holds him motionless, arms stretched in front. If the being had a face, I’d say it was staring at him.
Simon starts squirming in the figure’s hands. I fight the urge to look away from the screen…
Then the door opens.
Light bursts in from the hallway. The instant that happens, the shadowy figure drops into the floor, disappearing completely. Simon drops almost a foot down into the crib, stumbling. Jen rushes over to the crib and inspects Simon. She picks him up, and takes him out of the room.
Skeptic though I may be, it's hard to describe how unsettling that moment was. I found myself peering over my shoulder to make sure no one was behind me. Nothing but my empty apartment, still, had to check. The video comes back to Jared in the kitchen one last time.
“There’s something you should see.” Jared’s face looks strained, intense.
Two pictures appear on screen. Both photos are of baby Simon, his pyjama shirt pulled up. He’s bruised across his chest, sides and back. Dark bruises, in the shape of hand prints with long, slender fingers.
"I don't even have words." Same, Jared. Same. "Simon’s staying over at Jen’s sister’s place for now. We rushed him to the hospital right after this. Doctor says he’ll be fine, I’m hoping he doesn’t call CPS on us.”
Jared stares off into space, and there’s a pregnant pause. I catch myself impatiently moving my mouse to skip over the moment of silence, but it’s not needed. Jared speaks again.
“If you want to analyze this footage, and give me a rational explanation for this, PLEASE do… Please. If you go through the drive, you can see I've tried to track down every explanation I can think of. I even bought an EMF meter (No idea how this thing works, to be honest). I downloaded the original plans for the house, every permit relating to this property, the history of the land, everything! It's all there in the drive. There's nowhere in our house someone could be hiding. I've checked the attic, the crawlspace, and the ventilation system. I even checked to make sure our house wasn't on sacred [local Indigenous tribe] land. I confirmed no recorded murders have ever happened here, and we're the first people to ever live here. I've tried to summarize everything into the 'FINDINGS' folder but honestly... I don't have any concrete findings, at all. "
"You might laugh at this, but... We're really scared, Marn. Scared for Simon. Jen wants to cleanse our house with white sage and crystals, and I'm ready to call a priest. We've sunk all our savings into this house, and the market sucks right now. We won't be able to move for a few years, at least. You know me, I'm a rational person, but this has shaken me to my core. We'll pay you for your time, and get you any equipment you need." Jared pauses, searching for anything else to say. "I guess that's it. Thanks, Marn. Please get back to me once you get this. Please."
The video ends. I stare at the screen, reeling. I'm not sure how long I sat there for, exactly. All I know is I jumped out of my skin when my roommate Sara opened our front door. After she finished laughing at my expense, I told Sara about Jared and showed the video. When she got to the clip of the shadowy figure playing with baby Simon, she gasped and covered her mouth. we remained silent by the video's end.
"Are you going to help him?" Sara asked.
"Maybe." I said. That's the best answer I had.
"Do you think this is a hoax?"
"Maybe! No. I don't know. I'm going to look over the drive first."
Sara agreed that was a good idea, and left me to it.

The Drive

The drive contained everything Jared said it did, and more. There was 2 months worth of unedited security footage taking up the bulk of storage. I scrubbed through as much of it as I could, paying special attention to the days leading up to the Spoon Incident, and the Shadow Man. At no point did I see anyone rigging up wires or sophisticated lighting rigs, and both events were on the raw footage exactly as Jared presented them. I even found other moments of lights turning on, and objects moving around the house on their own! I watched those moments over and over, looking for any signs of digital or physical trickery. I didn't have all my sophisticated tools I would have back at the lab, but as far as I could tell: There was none. No evidence of file tampering, the files came directly from the security cameras. The lighting was also very consistent in both clips, not a pixel was out of place. Aside from the spoon not obeying the laws of physics, it all looked perfect. I decided to send the clips to my friends at the Forensic Imaging lab for further analysis. But my current educated guess is: If this is fake, it wasn't done with computer effects. Even the Shadow Man. Maybe.
I also reviewed the house documents, and the history of the place. This wasn't my area of expertise, but with some Google-Fu I was able to determine the documents were legitimate. Jared even made a map of cell tower coverage in his area, in an attempt to track electromagnetic interference. His home had cell coverage, but not an unusual amount of towers nor traffic. I also reviewed most of the audio files recorded from his phone. The knocks were audible in all of them. I bundled up those files, and sent them to my friend who specializes in Forensic Audio Analysis. If nothing else, he should be able to give me a rough idea of what could be making the sound. Hopefully he'll get back to me sooner or later.


It's the next day, and I'm sitting in my kitchen running on barely any sleep. Sara's already left for work. I've typed up an email telling Jared I'll take the job, but I'm having a hard time bringing myself to hit send. I've even bought myself a ferry ticket to take me to Vancouver island tomorrow. To shake myself out of my funk, I decided to take a shower.
A hot shower was exactly what I needed. It felt like all the fear and uncertainty washed right off me, and went down the drain. I decided I would take the job, and confidently marched out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel to hit send on the email. Then I stopped in my tracks.
Resting on my laptop's keyboard was a polaroid photograph. The photograph that had gotten buried in a box somewhere. The photograph that wasn't there when I left to take a shower.
The photograph of Jared and I from college.
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2023.03.26 08:56 MadDany94 How to make a "Gacha" machine?

Essentially what I want to do is put a tools and armor into a chest, and have them being dispensed randomly. But I do not want to have a hopper and chest on top of a dispenser since then the drop table will always just be the 9 items inside the dispenser. I want the drop table to be as big as I want.
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2023.03.26 08:08 sgallasch Check out Prime Cuts Bodybuilding DVDs latest eNewsletter 03/25/2023

Check out Prime Cuts Bodybuilding DVDs latest eNewsletter 03/25/2023


#biceps #bodybuilder #bodybuilding #flexing #posing #abs #npc #muscles #shredded #abs #ifbb #nabba
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2023.03.26 07:13 Jlfmb Generac 22kw install: Do I really need Smart Management Modules (SMM)?

I’m close to sealing the deal with a local Generac dealeservice provider on a Generac Guardian 22kw install. It’ll be natural gas, so it’s actually more like 19.5kw.
The dealer wants to sell me at least one SMM at substantial markup, but I’m not convinced I need any. The official rationale is that this will protect the generator in the event of excess load–but aren’t generators already protected against that via another mechanism?
Some background on my house:
~2000 sq ft
electric stove/oven (hard to imagine we’d make heavy use of this during a power outage, but I suppose it’s possible)
electric dryer (hard to imagine we’d make use of this during a power outage, but I suppose it’s possible)
central AC
gas water heater
gas furnace
hot tub (won’t use during power outage)
pool (Pentair pump) (won’t use during power outage)
2 refrigerators
1 chest freezer
When I’ve used the sizing tools on the internet (including the Generac and Kohler websites), the recommendations I get suggest that 19.5kw would cover what I need.
Any advice appreciated.
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2023.03.26 06:57 AESIRu Bad sound quality in VLC player in "headphone" mode on the Razer headset

Bad sound quality in VLC player in

Here I fail to set the \"original\" mode.
Hello. I have Razer Nari Ultimate headphones, and for these headphones Windows installs 2 audio drivers (Headset - Razer Game) and (Speakers - THX Spatial - Synapse). The problem is that if I have Headset - Razer Game as the default audio output in my Windows settings, when I play videos in VLC player, the sound is just disgustingly bad. I found out that it's all about the stereo mode that VLC selects by default, which is "headset" mode. When I try to change it to "original" the player won't let me do that and switches back to "headphones" mode. I tried to switch to "stereo" mode, but it is much worse in sound quality than "original". The interesting thing is that if I choose Speakers - THX Spatial - Synapse in the default audio driver, the sound becomes normal and I can switch to stereo mode "source" without problems and enjoy good sound. But the thing is, I don't want to change the default device to THX Spatial because of this bug, since this audio driver is for Razer surround sound, which I don't enable. How do I get the VLC player to work properly? I've tried all the settings, tried to force Dolby Sorround on, which improved the sound quality, but not much. In all other players sound plays fine on any of the audio drivers, this is a problem only in VLC.
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2023.03.26 06:54 AESIRu Poor sound quality in VLC player in headphone mode on the Razer headset

Poor sound quality in VLC player in headphone mode on the Razer headset

Here I fail to set the \"original\" mode.
Hello. I have Razer Nari Ultimate headphones, and for these headphones Windows installs 2 audio drivers (Headset - Razer Game) and (Speakers - THX Spatial - Synapse). The problem is that if I have Headset - Razer Game as the default audio output in my Windows settings, when I play videos in VLC player, the sound is just disgustingly bad. I found out that it's all about the stereo mode that VLC selects by default, which is "headset" mode. When I try to change it to "original" the player won't let me do that and switches back to "headphones" mode. I tried to switch to "stereo" mode, but it is much worse in sound quality than "original". The interesting thing is that if I choose Speakers - THX Spatial - Synapse in the default audio driver, the sound becomes normal and I can switch to stereo mode "source" without problems and enjoy good sound. But the thing is, I don't want to change the default device to THX Spatial because of this bug, since this audio driver is for Razer surround sound, which I don't enable. How do I get the VLC player to work properly? I've tried all the settings, tried to force Dolby Sorround on, which improved the sound quality, but not much. In all other players sound plays fine on any of the audio drivers, this is a problem only in VLC.
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2023.03.26 06:45 Reptani Pray the Conquistadores, Ch. 10: Consummation of Imperium

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“The gorgeous pageant has passed — the roar of battle has ceased — the multitude has sunk in the dust — the empire is extinct."
– Thomas Cole
Catalogue Description: Diary of Princess Elita sif Panya of the Lamfu Protectorate, Log 4 - English Translation
Date: 0-Pacpuf-436 (Panyan Royal Calendar) November 20th, 2162 (Gregorian Calendar)
Held by: The UK National Archives, Kew
Legal status: Public Record(s)
Apparently, there were thousands of frozen primate embryos aboard Erebus 2.
The disease, famine, and conquest which the Senghavi had inflicted upon the Terran civilization—whether intentional or not—had been devastating. Their “United Nations” had worried that humanity might fall below a minimum viable population. In equipping Erebus 2 with frozen embryos and Senghavi habitat fabrication technology, they had hoped to restart their civilization away from the prying eyes of the Crown.
It was true that, like the carnivores, the Senghavi were a species for whom the Gods had modelled an exponentially-increasing evolution of resources and energy. But even they would have trouble spotting a single, cloaked spacecraft amid the infinitude of space. Erebus 2 was meant to deliver humanity out of the darkness by ferrying its frozen offspring into the vast black of the cosmos—hence the mission name, an ancient Terran deity which personified darkness itself.
“This ‘Wormhole Empire Theory’ is… consistent with the theories of the secularists and sapientists within our scientific community,” my father replied. “You would call us an ‘Isolate,’ and the carnivores, an ‘Empire.’ I assume you did not want to… offend our religious sensibilities, so publicly over the video feed.”
“Well, you people seem to really like ‘the order of nature,’" Doctor Usman said abashedly. "But the moment that a species becomes advanced enough to punch through the fabric of space-time, then seize resources and planets at an exponential rate, seems a lot more like an unstable ‘equilibrium’ than a natural, stable one. I’m not sure if it’s compatible with what you… think of your Gods.”
“Do you have an understanding of how these wormholes are created?” my father asked. “You went through one to get here. Did you create it with stolen technology, or did you use one that had already been made?”
“The latter, Your Majesty. We believe a species becomes an Empire when it is able to use quantum entanglement and negative energy to puncture vast distances of space with wormholes. That sort of thing is… far beyond the capabilities of mankind, even before we were colonised.
“The physical details behind it aren’t really my area of study. I can tell you it involves fields of negative energy density, and I think they somehow use threads of quantum information stretched between quarks and antiquarks. There’s something in there about an electric field and a fourth dimension… You’ll have to ask Doctor Kuznetsov when we all meet up at the Red Citadel. He’s one of the most brilliant physicists our species has to offer.”
The semi-arid plains seemed to flow like a river as our police-escorted motorcade sped along the expressway. Electric aircraft crawled lazily through the opaque atmosphere, while colossal harvesters extracted aluminium and gallium-rich minerals near the Denfalli surface. Apparently, relative to Denfall, Earth had a less-dense planetary crust and a more heterogeneous distribution of metals. In order to access their own resources, the native Terrans had needed to resort to bombs and drills, forcing deep pits and shafts into their planet.
That was, if one believed that they had once had a complex society at all, as I did.
“Half of our thirty-one year journey was spent verifying the existence of, and searching for, a wormhole we theorised was orbiting Neptune—the eighth planet from our sun. We’d detected its gravitational effects and its distortion of light, and we thought that an error in the Senghavi’s cloaking technology must have exposed the structure’s throat. We had no idea where it led, but… we went through anyway. Thought had to be life on the other side. Maybe someone that could help us.”
The realisation hit me like a sudden noise, making me jump in my seat, and my heart flared in my chest. “You found a real-life wormhole in your solar system, and you went through without any idea of what was on the other side? That must have been terrifying! You could have ended up… in another galaxy, or at the edge of the universe, or something!”
Through his visor, I could see Doctor Moore’s face become sorrowful. Doctor Usman had the best grasp of Circpi, being the crew’s linguistic expert, but the other primates’ clumsier, more thickly-accented hold on our language was more interesting to listen to.
“That was not the hardest part,” said the dark-skinned biologist. “We were desperate. What made us more afraid... it was the situation of our species; the extinction of our culture and our sovereignty. And the distance away from our families... of my daughter. I want her to live in a better world, but it's not... easy, to be so far from my daughter, on a planet thousands of light-years away from Earth. It's not easy, being far away in space, when my daughter lives without her father for thirty-one years.
“When... We hear your conversations for the first time... Your communication that you have by neutrinos ... It was a sensation, an emotion, like no other. Finally, we had found extraterrestrial life! If I have to, I would travel a hundred times, again, through mysterious tunnels in space, just for this discovery. You are the greatest scientific discovery in the entire history of mankind.”
“Thirty-one years!” I exclaimed. “How long is your lifespan in the first place?”
“Most humans live to about seventy-two years on average,” Doctor Usman replied, suddenly seeming just as sullen as Doctor Moore. “Most of us left Earth in our early thirties. We’re over sixty now. Before our comms system failed, I kept in touch with the love of my life. Watched him age, as I did. My last message from him… I hold it close to my heart.”
The sheer isolation and loneliness of the Erebus 2 mission was difficult to wrap my mind around. Doctor Moore’s small, binocular eyes were moist and red. It seemed that crying was an emotional response in the primates, just like us!
I huddled next to Doctor Moore, putting my plastic-bound paw on his glove. I didn’t know what else I should do to comfort an extraterrestrial, so I resorted to physical affection, as is the habit of us Lamfu. To my surprise, the primate rubbed me behind the ears. Despite the barrier of polypropylene against synthetic fibres, his firm touch sent a tingly sensation down my skull and spine, and I leaned into it.
Through natural selection, us Lamfu evolved tall, sensitive ears to detect predators lurking in the wilderness, so that we might be more likely to survive and pass on our genes. Thus, we had a lot of nerve endings in those regions. Perhaps human fingers could stimulate them in a way our paws could not? It was all the more reason to sway our desperate extraterrestrial friends away from the far more impressive Imperium!
“We’d never be able to take on such a task,” the King said solemnly. “I can’t imagine many would. The carnivores and mantids must not be entirely right about you. We thought that, due to being palaeolithic hunter-gatherers, your species would have been barbaric and violent. But your lack of technology and connection with your primal nature has clearly made you more humble and honourable than us supposedly ‘civilised’ folk! You are, in a sense, noble savages!”
I knew he meant it as a complement, but it only seemed to anger Doctor Usman.
“We’re not… nevermind!” she snapped, blinking tears from her eyes. “We’ll talk about that part later. Now, the Senghavi have been mentioning this ‘Imperium of Orion’ since their boots first touched Terran soil. We theorised that this civilisation was another instance of an Empire—one potentially competing with the Senghavi. They take tribute from your planet, an Isolate, without sharing any of their science or technology with you.
“When we heard about the Prey-for-Protection system, we thought it was cruel… but your species doesn’t seem to have a problem with it, and we figured we couldn’t assume that human morality applied to extraterrestrials. Do you think the carnivores could help us?”
My father froze. Even our driver looked uncomfortable.
“N-No, no. It’s best to avoid them. Well—they help us, yes. They are vessels of the Gods. But… Well, you do not fit nicely into the faith of Krucuv Mishan. You violate the order of nature merely by attempting to resist being civilised by the Senghavi. Orion is no more likely to aid you than Parimth.”
I almost wanted to say “you are much safer with us,” but I stopped myself. If the primates caught onto our selfishness, they might forsake us. We all feared they would, in the unlikely but nerve-wracking event that, come the day of tribute, the Imperium would want these newcomers to join their interstellar empire.
“The way that Empires brainwash Isolates,” Doctor Usman sighed, shaking her head. “It’s disgusting. You’re probably half-right, Your Majesty. I bet the Imperium wouldn’t want anything to do with a puny Isolate like humankind—and we are under the control of their rival, anyway. But you’re wrong if you think resisting an imperialist is against the ‘order of nature.’ You’re letting your own inferiority complex cloud your view of us. Don’t tell anyone I said this…. but the Imperium of Orion and the Parimthian Empire can go fuck themselves.”
Such vulgarity in the presence of the King! But I could feel the tension in the air relax. We’d swayed at least part of the crew of Erebus 2, at least for now.
Still, the other five primates were still aboard their spacecraft, zipping around in Denfall’s orbit at [27,000 kilometres per hour]. How we were to prevent them from falling into the fold of our carnivorous protectors, it was far less certain.
At last, we neared our destination. The Red Citadel is where my father crafts his royal decrees, consults with his justices and knights to enforce them, and holds royal courts to settle the disputes and pleas of nobles.
The lords of Parliament meet in Denfall Castle, which isn't far from the Red Citadel. Though they are vassals of the King, they've carefully manoeuvred over the years to force this “King’s Code” on my family. Nowadays, my father needs their consent to levy extraordinary taxes, and they can compel him to redress the grievances of other nobles.
The Red Citadel loomed in the distance as we approached in our luxury groundcar. Doctor Moore gave my paw a gentle squeeze in the glove of his environment suit. Through his visor, I could see his mouth falling open at the sight of the mighty Citadel. As of the time that I am writing this, I cannot think of a more memorable structure. It is protected on all sides with mighty walls of clay-red sandstone, ivy creeping along their sides, battlements lining their tops. And today, behind those battlements, snipers were posted to ensure the safety of our new diplomats.
Natural selection and evolution had pushed us herbivore Lamfu to run and hop away in fright from predatory threats, so that we might be more likely to survive and pass on our genes. That trait has forced us to become excellent at the art of the defensive fortification, from which we can snipe our enemies from afar! A rebellious noble attempting to lay siege to the Red Citadel wouldn't last a day.
Peeking above the walls are the spires and buttresses of the royal manor. Overlooking the manor is the abbey, its pinnacles reaching much further beyond the crenellated walls and towers. The abbey is decorated with stained glass windows and minarets, which overlook the glittering lakes and fruit orchards.
Like the surrounding walls, the abbey, manor, and other buildings are also built of red sandstone. In contrast, Denfall Castle, where the lords of Parliament invariably congress with one another, is beige like its namesake: this planet of ours itself, arid or semi-arid all over. Smaller than the Red Citadel, Denfall Castle is more of a singular fortification than a protected complex.
My tail and ears lifted with gentle happiness as I thought of the old Abbot Eli. He administers the affairs of the abbey—a monastery centred on the faith of Krucuv Mishan. One of the fondest memories from my childhood was Abbot Eli showing me the huge tapestry of Fenya the Brave, which hung in the great south hall of the abbey.
The legendary Lamfu woven into the tapestry was depicted with a sniper rifle slung over her shoulder, unfurling a scroll in her hands in order to reveal divine scripture. Before her was a horde of ignorant canids, serpents, and vulpines, not realising that a meagre herbivore was going to enlighten them as to the order of nature.
I could still feel Abbot Eli’s comforting paw on my shoulder as he described the legend, his aged voice echoing in my mind. In the face of certain death, Fenya the Brave wasn’t fearless—but in her passion to solve our overpopulation and the suffering it entailed, she had stood up against her fear.
The great iron portcullis of the Red Citadel was raised to permit entry of our luxury motorcade. My father was already talking excitedly about grand feasts and festivities. As my family and I disembarked, we escorted four Terrans through the courtyard: Doctor Usman, Doctor Moore, Doctor Kuznetsov, and Miss Malone.
“We’ve got plenty of plants and meats for you to enjoy!” my father declared. Sprinklers washed over the manicured grass, a subtle reminder of our semi-arid homeworld’s limited vegetation and water supply. “You are an omnivorous species, correct?”
For a moment, it didn’t look like anyone was going to reply, as every Terran was struggling to process my father’s offer. Finally, Doctor Moore broke the silence.
“That is correct. We can eat many things, but… I'm going to have to examine some food you bring to determine what we can eat.”
“You sure, Moore?” Doctor Usman asked, raising an eyebrow. It must have been a courtesy to us that she spoke in Circpi to her fellow Terran. “Shouldn’t we wait a lot longer? I mean, this is the first truly alien ecosystem known to mankind. We’ve only been here a day.”
“We were in orbit for many months. I am done having fear. And they are not kind towards us? I am confident with the science and examination I can do to determine what we can eat. At a minimum, one person has to… examine what happens when they eat the food, correct?”
I was certain Brother Mopsi—the old, plump chef of the Cavern Hallow below the great red abbey—had outdone himself. During the moon-periods since we’d learned it was likely that the primates could ingest our food, he and his Kitchen fellows had toiled relentlessly. In preparation for the feast my father had wanted, they had undoubtedly prepared enough wines, seafood, and pastries to feed the entire Red Citadel for [~1 week].
“Forgive me,” Princess Ilyafi chimed in as we approached the abbey’s sculpted bronze doors. “You all seem… dazed? Or is it just the grandeur of the Red Citadel? Are you in shock?”
“Yes, I think,” Miss Malone said, rubbing her comparatively dainty shoulders. (Apparently, she was a skilled pilot and aerospace engineer). “All this is very… fast.”
“You are omnivores, so I’m guessing you evolved as both prey and predator. We evolved as just prey, and we’re quite familiar with the cardiovascular effects of fright and anxiety. Sustained stress can lead to hypovolemic shock and heart failure. Are you sure you are okay?”
“We are very, of course okay,” Doctor Kuznetsov assured us. The pale-faced physicist chuckled faintly, brushing a bit of dust from his visor. “Us humans are stronger than that. But Erebus 2 went through space for thirty-one years. Half of that was a voyage to the entrance of a wormhole near the edge of our solar system. We searched for the life that the Senghavi do not reveal to us. I had a… mate, and a… litter of children. I leave and they are alone, without me.
“And then… we heard patterns in the neutrino detectors. Something that must be man-made. Alien-made. After, the months in orbit go fast. And now we are here. We did not yet remove our suits. Yet, we are walking into a big castle, and you already offer this big feast. It is just like a dream. I almost think I simply hallucinate in Erebus 2, in some far place in the Milky Way, light-years far from any alien life.”
Another pang of sympathy sank into my heart. To witness the fall of their species, and then to be separated from their kits and their mates by thousands of light-years, must have pained the primates beyond my imagination.
Right as we reached the abbey’s entrance, a distant rush of air and the tapering purr of anti-grav generators resonated through the atmosphere.
My heart dropped with the weight of an anvil. Us Lamfu rose to crouch on our hind legs with upright posture, our ears high in the air for alertness, while the Terrans just looked blankly at the sky. A dark and massive shape swept down through Denfall’s opaque cloud cover.
The Imperium of Orion is here.
As we watched dumbly from the courtyard, their ship dropped [100 kilometres] in a mere [60 seconds]. In contrast, the landing shuttle of Erebus 2 had taken [~25 minutes] to go from the boundary of the atmosphere all the way to its landing strip.
We soon could not see the ship beyond the battlements of the Red Citadel, but my father ordered the portcullis open in order to let our carnivorous protectors in. Doctor Moore’s eyebrows were pressed together, the Terran’s lipped mouth having gone somewhat limp.
The fright which this arrival inflicted upon me nearly put me into hypovolemic shock. I say such a thing for two reasons.
For one thing, it was unprecedented that the carnivores entered Denfall directly like this. They only took such an action on very special occasions. Usually, we sent the tribute to them by flying the victims of Prey-for-Protection out to their space stations ourselves.
And for the other, even when they did enter Denfall, I’d never actually seen one in person. Well, except for my glimpse of the Kursef diplomat, that frightful night as a child.
Yet here I was, watching a delegation of two more extraterrestrial species and one Denfalli species march into the courtyard. They had disregarded personal protection gear entirely. With such great exposure to the universe and such advanced technology, they were confident enough not to care about alien diseases.
Beyond the opened portcullis, the ship perched upon the sands outside the Red Citadel was a fortress of black stone, fringed with defensive bastions, its gun turrets peering through battlements. A dark bird of prey, into whose predatory talons I would soon be swept into.
“Jesus Christ,” Doctor Moore murmured, so quiet as to verge on inaudible. He absently dropped his bag of scientific instruments, seeming completely awestruck. “Usman, what are we looking at?”
“Empire,” Doctor Usman replied, her voice glassy.
“And three more confirmed extraterrestrial species,” Doctor Kuznetsov added. “And… our crew!”
Among the delegation of soldiers and dignitaries were two species I had previously not seen more than once: the serpentine Kursef and five more primate Terrans. There were also two species I’d never seen in person at all: the hulking, canid Warcs and the delicate, vulpine Pondwir.
“Hawthorne!” Doctor Usman yelled, her voice carrying across the courtyard. “What… What is this?”
One of the five primates within the delegation broke away from them, jogging towards our primates. He cut a curious figure in the grass, a slender biped in a moss-green EVA suit. He, too, was crying behind his visor. His eyes were red with tears. My gut felt a madness in those eyes.
The UN logo that was supposed to be on his shoulder looked like it had been painted over with the fang-on-star insignia of the Imperium of Orion.
“It is the culmination of these thirty-one years,” Hawthorne said to Doctor Usman, his voice breaking with emotion. He, too, spoke Circpi instead of English, but it was likely out of pressure from the carnivores, and not as a courtesy to us. “God has given it to us. We have braved the trials of space, and He has rewarded us. There really is another Empire, and it has taken our side!”
“What?” Doctor Usman asked. She glanced at my father, who shuffled uneasily. “What you’ve encountered is incredible, Hawthorne. What are these species?”
Hawthorne gestured at the delegation of soldier-protected dignitaries. “The Warcs are intelligent canid-like mammals. They evolved on this planet, adapting to hunt these Lamfu as their staple food source. It was by coevolution of predator and prey adaptations that both Warcs and Lamfu developed sapient intelligence.
“Then, there are the Kursef. They are serpent-like reptiles who swallow their prey whole—just like Earth snakes. It’s a remarkable example of convergent evolution! They are the ones who founded this Imperium.”
Imperium. The word seemed to stab Doctor Usman in the stomach. She looked at my father again, her eyes as hard as rock.
“I thought… you said they wouldn’t aid us?” she asked.
But my father, the King of us Lamfu, was silent in his shame.
“Then, the Pondwir,” Doctor Hawthorne went on. I assumed he should bear the title Doctor; the humans considered such a word to be a title, and he seemed to know as much about biology as Doctor Moore. “They are vulpine-like mammals who were nearly hunted to extinction by the colonisers. By the Senghavi. Their hides were coveted for the softness of their fur.”
“Hunting sapient beings?” Doctor Usman huffed. ”The Senghavi just keep getting better and better.”
As the rest of the delegation caught up, my ears perked up with that sort of stress and anxiety which is amplified through millions of years of coevolution at the near-bottom of the food web.
I did not mind the Pondwir, and might in fact have felt fascinated by them. They were far shorter and daintier than primates, despite their ecological role as carnivores.
The limbless, emotionless Kursef gave me chills, though that fright was more likely rooted in my childhood sighting of a Kursef than anything else. Indeed, they were animals who fed on prey, but they were too different from mammalian life to have imbued an innate fear within me. That my fear of them was somewhat of a learned, paranormal one, rather than a rational one, was comforting, in a way.
But the Warcs… Just as my anxiety was one swollen through millions of years’ worth of drawing adaptations from random mutations in a nightmarish evolutionary arms race, so, too, were their hunting adaptations. In muscle and body mass, the canid Warcs surpassed the primates threefold. The fright they caused me was neither learned nor fantastical. It was primal, an unshakeable decree by the state of nature; a feeling as natural as hunger, thirst, mating, or self-preservation.
The Warcs and us Lamfu are what we are because of each other.
The blind watchmaker selected for us our sensitive ears and wide eyesight to detect the Warcs. The Warcs evolved razor-sharp smell and keen vision to track us down. We passed on genes for powerful, digitigrade hind legs to flee them. They evolved an athletic, durable body to pursue us. Those of us with camouflage to hide for our lives were then the ones to survive and reproduce. Yet the Warcs, too, evolved camouflage to hunt so they would not starve. We rose above our animalism into a sense of reason in order to better protect ourselves. They evolved their own sense of reason, so that they might create tools to hunt and live.
In that sense, we and the Warcs owe our lives to one another. It is basic primary-school knowledge that both species attempted coexistence for millennia. Both sides did their best, truly. And both sides screwed up. The Red Citadel is built in the very metropolis that once shone as the crowning jewel of coexistence, partnership, and peace between predator and prey.
Yet, in the end, we proved we were all merely animals. The Warcs’ exodus from Denfall, into the dark infinity of space, is among the most significant and complex chapters in Denfalli history.
Perhaps the primates were lucky, in that they did not share a homeworld with the Senghavi. Their civilization had suffered a fatal devastation, indeed, but they had the privilege of a black-and-white world.
After all, I could only imagine the confused moral state in which the humans would find themselves, had they suddenly needed to grapple with the idea that the Senghavi had originated from Earth.
I huddled closer to Doctor Moore, instinctively reaching to grab his tail for support—only to remember the primates had lost their tails millions of years ago. In an action I construed as protectiveness, he positioned himself in front of me.
“A single Pondwir hide was worth the equivalent of trillions of euros,” Doctor Hawthorne said solemnly. “When the Pondwir tried to resist their slaughter at the hands of the colonisers, their homeworld was glassed by the Parimthian Crown. But the Kursef and Warcs lifted them from the ashes. Together, they are the Imperium of Orion—and we can join, too!”
Doctor Usman looked uneasily at the towering Warc ambassador, shaking in her environment suit. She lifted a hand to gesture to the opaque sky. “S-slow down! If you’re all here, then who the hell is operating Erebus 2?”
Erebus 2 is meaningless now. Don’t you see? We are talking about a civilisation that produces [400 trillion terawatt-hours] of energy in one hour. Their ships number in the hundreds of thousands, just like the Senghavi. Their reach spans thousands of light-years. We’re saved, Usman. All of us.”
Flanked by soldiers, the colossal Warc ambassador took a menacing step forward. My father might have perished of heart failure right then and there. The Warc’s dark fur accentuated his gleaming yellow eyes. “My Princess is as beautiful as always, Your… Majesty. Indeed, her devourment will so glorify the order of nature, she alone will earn Paradise for thousands of your people!”
“My” Princess? As always? I shouldn’t have been surprised that the Warcs knew so much more about us than we knew about them, but the focus on me by a creature I’d never seen made me squirm in my personal protection suit.
“Yes, yes; it seems as such,” the Kursef diplomat hissed, its side-facing eyes like orbs of cold-blooded glass. “What a glorious day it has been! We are not only treated to royal flesh and bone, but we have finally seen a proper introduction to these fascinating primates.”
My father struggled to find his voice. “Y-You were not… Supposed to arrive, until… W-Why are you here so soon?”
“The human tribes of Earth may be snivelling, pagan things so far,” the Warc announced heartily, “but the Senghavi missed out on something big. Something big indeed! This species is full of fire, Your Majesty. We didn’t realise how brightly they burned with potential.”
At this point, all members of the Royal Security Service had scampered away. In my tense nerves, I had forgotten that they were even here. My siblings remained, however, and Ilyafi spoke up. She had always been the bravest of us.
“We will remember my sister as more than a sacrifice,” she said defiantly. “We will celebrate her devourment as the holy will of Nisma and Unatl, but we will celebrate her life and her memory in kind.”
“Hawthorne,” Doctor Usman said steadily. “These creatures constitute an Empire. They don’t care for Isolates. We are Astronaut-Ambassadors who represent the UN. They practise expansionism, conquest, and murder on a galactic scale. The values of the Charter of the United Nations are incompatible with such a civilisation.”
Doctor Hawthorne’s gaze hardened. “We travelled for thirty-one years for the salvation of all mankind. I watched my children grow up from light-years away—and for what, if not this? This is a gift from God, Usman. The Senghavi were merely His wrath upon a godless, decadent humanity. This is His forgiveness. This is His Grace.”
“If you want to bring faith into this, Hawthorne… Doctor Moore considers himself ‘saved,’ just like you. But he will back me.”
The remaining crew members of Erebus 2 stood securely among the delegation of carnivores. As Doctor Usman and Doctor Hawthorne stared each other down, I found myself hugging the leg of Doctor Moore’s environment suit.
Now, I truly understood my species’ galacto-political selfishness. Doctor Moore wouldn’t leave me for the Imperium… Would he?
“And what of the embryos, Hawthorne? We can’t take any risks, and we know next to nothing about extraterrestrial society and psychology. I am the commander of Erebus 2, and I won’t allow their seizure at the hands of these… these imperialists!”
“We cannot make a… rash choice,” Doctor Moore added, his emotions only highlighting his poor proficiency in Circpi. “Seeing the… way, the character of the Imperium is easy, just through seeing their actions and their manners. We cannot… insult their evils, if we do those evils to… other Isolates. And Usman is right. We are still the UN.”
“Half, then,” Doctor Hawthorne breathed. “You might still fancy yourselves as UN employees, but we don’t. The number of embryos is intentionally redundant. You take 10,000. We’ll take the other half. Just—please—don’t try to stop us.”
Then, to everyone’s shock, Doctor Hawthorne drew steady, confident hands towards the neckline of his helmet. He manipulated its various clips and devices with those dexterous primate fingers the humans had. His grey-irised eyes were closed as he undid the final latches, and the helmet jerked upward slightly, jets of oxygen puffing out from the neckline.
At that moment, those grey-irised eyes snapped open, their gaze suddenly bleeding with fear. His legs and gloved fingers were trembling, devoid of the bravery that seemed to have once been coursing through his veins just seconds ago. He looked uneasily at his crewmates while lifting the helmet, its various lights and indicators blinking out as the wires were disconnected from the suit.
He took a deep, sighing breath, letting our planet’s warm, dry air pour into his respiratory system. His eyes never left his crewmates, who still seemed on-edge, despite the ease with which he breathed.
“Okay, Hawthorne,” Doctor Usman replied softly. “Half. Let’s start there. And let’s talk about this in the abbey.”
“If it is your wish to bless the unblessed sands of this simpering pit that is Denfall with 10,000 more of you,” the Kursef ambassador purred, “that is your call. But as our vulpine companions can attest, the galaxy is an undulating, unruly tide. It can be hard to predict the steady future into which the Gods have offered for you to settle.
“Your rightful place, humanity, is at the top. But don’t consider it a fate unto which you will tend regardless of where you start. Only our Imperium can provide you with the proper conditions such that you can endure your hardship with faith in your deliverance. Such is the order of nature.”
“Krucuv Mishan,” Doctor Kuznetsov murmured. As he was a physicist, I wasn’t surprised he could recognize the maths-infused patterns of our religious faith within the Kursef’s spiel. “You used it to have dominance over the Lamfu. Now, you want to have dominance over us, too.”
“Don’t shirk this opportunity, primates,” the Pondwir ambassador said softly. “My people understand your quiet rage.”
Everyone looked at the Pondwir, even my family and I. He seemed full of sympathy. Only a little taller than us, it was the first time the short little creature had spoken since the delegation entered the courtyard of the Red Citadel.
The Warc diplomat froze me in his gaze. Hunger—both as the physiological adaptation of an apex predator, and as the lust for dominance over others that exists in all sapient beings—burned with the heat of molten gold in his yellow eyes. “We have someone to take before you go through those doors… Doctor Moore. The beauteous and maidenly Princess Elita is mine, not yours!
Defiant, my primate companion stood between the Warc and I, while my father whimpered.
“Look towards this, Hawthorne,” Doctor Moore cried. “We are part of the UN. We promote rights of humans. This is not rights of humans! This is not life or liberty, or the idea that God creates all equal! This is a second-class citizen and murder that the law allows!”
‘Equality,’ ‘liberty,’ ‘sapient rights,’ and ‘sapientism’ are mere colonialist ideals imposed upon your species by the decadent Senghavi colonists,” the Kursef ambassador hissed. “You already know they manipulated and perverted your history. Don’t bend your knee to your oppressors.”
The manicured grass left my polyethylene boots as Doctor Moore lifted me from the ground, backing away from the massive Warc. The Warc snarled, hackles raising.
A hairless mammal with hardly any natural weapons at all was stealing the prey—me—of a carnivore that had evolved specifically to kill and feast upon organisms like us. The tears in my eyes blurred my surroundings.
Doctor Moore didn’t stand a chance—and given the chilling words of these diplomats from the Imperium of Orion, neither, I thought, did Doctor Usman’s side of Erebus 2.
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2023.03.26 05:48 Jlfmb Generac 22kw install: Do I really need Smart Management Modules (SMM)?

I'm close to sealing the deal with a local Generac dealeservice provider on a Generac Guardian 22kw install. It'll be natural gas, so it's actually more like 19.5kw.
The dealer wants to sell me at least one SMM at substantial markup, but I'm not convinced I need any. The official rationale is that this will protect the generator in the event of excess load--but aren't generators already protected against that via another mechanism?
Some background on my house:
~2000 sq ft
electric stove/oven (hard to imagine we'd make heavy use of this during a power outage, but I suppose it's possible)
electric dryer (hard to imagine we'd make use of this during a power outage, but I suppose it's possible)
central AC
gas water heater
gas furnace
hot tub (won't use during power outage)
pool (Pentair pump) (won't use during power outage)
2 refrigerators
1 chest freezer
When I've used the sizing tools on the internet (including the Generac and Kohler websites), the recommendations I get suggest that 19.5kw would cover what I need.
Any advice appreciated.
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2023.03.26 05:43 Socdem_Supreme NoP March Mammal Madness: “Large” Grazers, Round 1

#1 Mazic vs #8 Venlil

The Magic are large Proboscids originating from the world of Khoa. According to the Wiki, “These sand-colored mammals evolved in the hot, arid desert, but proved their adaptability to many climates.” As the higher seed, this means that the match will place in the arid deserts of Khoa. Furthermore, from the wiki, “A fluke genetic mutation separated the toes of their front paws, compared to the flatness of their hindlegs.” This means that they have the ability to grasp things. It can be not unreasonably assumed from Cupo’s aggressive questioning of Noah that Mazic have at least somewhat of an aggressive nature and response to threat. Also, with their opposable thumb and pinky, for lack of better terms, they evolved early for tool use. This Mazic will have a small bushtree sharpened into a sword/knife-like weapon for this battle.
The Venlil are bipedal caprines originating on Venlil Prime. According to Space Paladin, the Venlil reach human shoulders, meaning that they would generally reach 5’ tall. Due to their lack of strong natural weapons or size, as well as their adaptation for easy fright and bipedalism, it is assumed that their natural response to danger is to run. With Slanek and Marcel on the battlefield of the Cradle, it can be assumed that an athletic Venlil and an athletic human can run at similar speeds, though pre-civilization Venlil would probably have been faster, needing to run from predators, and with a bit more stamina than seen in Slanek.
A Venlil bends down, and inspects the grass for signs of burrowing. Seeing some, they begin munching down, until the yummy grass turns into the rough texture of sand! They spit it out, and look up and around. It is only when they turn around that they see an angry Mazic, surprised by the sudden presence of the caprine. The Mazic grabs their weapon, and begins to charge at the unarmed Venlil. The Venlil springs off their feet and tries to run, but the Mazic runs faster, at a top speed 8 feet per second faster than the Venlil, 30 feet per second, at the Venlil, trampling them before they can run out of the zone of fight. To end it, the Mazic takes their weapon, and stabs the downed Venlil for a quick death.

#2 Cusyd vs #7 Yotul

The Cusyd are massive suids from the planet Kasuyd. They roamed the dense forests of the planet’s vast landmasses. They rival the Mazic in size, slightly longer but slightly shorter. As they developed tools sophisticated enough aiding them in this fight as part of the development of civilization, they will not be using one. They have six legs, and are known for their aggressiveness and territoriality. They have large tusks, and three eyes to see above them, as well as for stronger sight in front.
The Yotul are medium sized marsupials. By account of their body plan, and their similarity to Australian marsupials superficially, it can be assumed that they find themselves more comfortable in more wide-open scenarios. If Onso is to be taken as an example, they seem to have a more of a fight response to threats like the Mazic and Cusyd than the Venlil’s flight response. I would wager that they used bipedalism for intimidation, and blunt force to defend themselves if need be.
The Yotul is far from home. They walk through the trees, looking behind every bush with a small melee spear-like weapon in hand. They do not notice the stepped-on grasses and trails of a large hectaped in their attempt to find a way out, or to other Yotul. The Cusyd, however, spots the marsupial in the distance, it dare step into its territory? The Yotul begins to feel pains in their chest, the extreme oxygen levels and stronger gravity doing its work on the poor being. They are too focused on the pain and their escape to notice the charging beast until its too late, and its head would be impaled with a massive tusk before it even noticed.

#3 Takkan vs #6 Sovren

Takkans are large bipedal ceratomorphs. They are purely terrestrial, and their skin is very rough and thick. It can be assumed that they have large, strong legs, in order to allow for sustained bipedalism. They had very simplistic weapons at this time, only extending blunt force attacks and adding a horn to their head, mimicking some of their close evolutionary relatives.
The Sovren are small bovines from Venrov. They have massive horns and thick, muscular bodies meant for fast escapes, or strong charges, at their planet's sneaky predators. They do not yet have weapons, but they do have shields they attach to their backs when need be. They're jumpy and aggressive, used to sneak attacks from invisible predators.
The Sovren carefully walks across the desert, looking for any vegetation that might have arisen near the watering hole, but alas, no dice. They strut around when the Takkan approaches the same watering hole. The Sovren and Takkan circle the hole for a while when the Takkan is distracted by a pack of smaller predators approaching. Seeing the opportunity, the Sovren charges at the Takkan and pierces their thick skin. While the Takkan hide is a thick one, a Sovren horn is durable and strong enough to pierce through the skin of almost all animals, especially at their top speed of 28mph. And so as the Sovren flees to greener pastures, the Takkan is eaten by the predators, the quick interaction over as quick as its started.

#4 Sulean vs #5 Iftali

Believe me or not, this was an accident.
Both the Suleans and Iftali originated on the same world, and have relatively equal showings in strength and size. The Suleans are plains cervids, with black and white stripes, large antlers, and three grasping toes. They had sophisticated weapons early, like the Mazics and Humans, advanced by their opposable toes. They favored bows and arrows. They were, toe to head, slightly shorter than their omnivorous counterparts. Their best advantage will be their antlers and their home-field advantage.
The Iftali are the omnivorous desert walker counterparts to the Suleans. Somewhat large pink tylopods, they are easily noticeable by their pink fur. They have their own tools, favoring sword-like weapons for their hunting and combat, giving them some benefits in melee, though the antlers could help present a problem.
The Iftali walks onto the grassy plains. They are out of their territory, and not knowing what is going on. In front of them was the Sulean. The Sulean shows their antlers, and steadies their bow. The Iftali, frightened, turns heel and runs away, out of the battle-field
The Hub:
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2023.03.26 05:29 PrinceOfPuddles The Interesting and Unique Crocodons Franchise Rebuild.

The Interesting and Unique Crocodons Franchise Rebuild.
The Crocs initially have an unique play style revolving around pitching complete games and have an interesting rebuild approach of using said complete games to play low scoring games with cheap players to stockpile money for several seasons before rebuilding and replacing all their core super old players with young players with lots of potential that can take advantage of all the money you have saved up during the first several seasons. Some people like to play franchise by just skipping that first step and just fast-forwarding or forfeiting seasons until they have a huge war chest built up. That is a fun way to play, but by making time an obsolete resource, it fundamentally changes how the game is approached and renders the starting teams irrelevant. An alternative is to just suffer and play out seasons with a terrible team to hoard money to eventually build the real team. That is cool and all, but I don't like to suffer. With that in mind, the Crocs provide the opportunity to have that post rebuild war chest experience, but also have a competitive team during the hoarding phase. To understand how and why, let's first look at their strengths and weaknesses.
3rd/4th best rotation in the game
The best home uniform in the game
Really cool home stadium (good synergy with previous strengths)
Really bad power
Average unimpressive contact
Average unimpressive speed
Really unimpressive bad pen
Super old team + all the best players are really old.
As you can see, the weaknesses generally outweigh the strengths. This is particularly painful as their best trait, their rotation, is beaten out by the Moonstars, Sirloins, and arguably the Moose. Each of those teams also has other things they are good at without being burdened by an aging roster. In my opinion, for standard 9-inning exhibitions, season, and pennant race games, the Crocs are a bottom three team, arguably the worst. Now, I think they are quite good in franchise due to a collection of interesting interactions, but there is another way to play the game that they are competitive in, and I would go so far as to argue that in this alternate mode they are top tier. The mode I am talking about is a standard game, but with only three innings.
Even though this is primarily a post about franchise, looking at how freaking strong the Crocs are in 3 inning exhibitions/seasons does a good job at highlighting what the Crocs do well. Starting pitchers almost always pitch complete games. Three inning games are short and low scoring. The top half of the lineup gets about twice as many at bats as the back end. These three facets play heavily into the type of game the Crocs want to play, regardless of the number of innings. The Crocs don't have any good relievers because why need them if the starter never gets pulled? The Crocs don't need to score many runs because the line to beat is a short one. The bottom half of the line up would be better served by good defenders than batters.
The Crocs, at least at the start of a franchise, are built around pitching complete games. Every little thing synergies with a full outing from Pulo. That's okay and all, but the franchise is where it really comes together. See, the Crocs are about cutting corners that don't matter in a shutout. Franchises reward you for saving money on cut corners. Even having a team of old people could be twisted from a negative to a positive for the Crocs as old people get paid less money. On the surface level, one could say the Crocs are a good rebuilding team because they are bad and need to be rebuilt. Looking at them from a deeper level like I have in learning about the Crocs I would say the Crocs are a good rebuilt team because they provide tools to win games with cheap players so that you can get a lot of surplus saved up in the bank that is saved between seasons to be used after the rebuild fills the team with young talent.
Calling them the 3rd/4th best rotation also completely misses the nuance at play. Although it is true that arguably the Moose have a better staff overall, the Crocs have the best pitching staff when only looking at the first three pitchers. Most teams have a linear decline in staff from one to four. The Crocs, on the other hand, have top three pitcher Jovita Pulo. Two insane allstars, Maurice Brick and Jerry Kapps Lastly, the absolute jobber Bae Paul. Paul's 9 velo batting pracitve makes it miraculous if she can get close to half a dozen innings before getting hammered. Her realistic outing lengths is half a half dozen. Not to say Paul is an objectively bad player, but a young, cheap C-rank junk baller would be perfect for a team like the Jacks or Sand Cats. If you are in season mode, I would just run a 3 man rotation and never pitch her; in franchise we can give her the boot as fast as possible and replace her with some old A- or B+ player.
With the Crocs rocking a star starter ever outing, I mean, come on, their 3 Kapps is better than most teams 1, the rest of the game plan falls into place. Spend as little as possible on run scoring and run prevention. Hoard the savings like some dragon or evil businessman for 2-3 seasons, picking up C+/B- 20 year olds for 3m-4m along the way, until you fully commit and turn your team into a growing development team good at... I don't know? I depends on what you go after for signing and what is generated to be available. All the core talent of the Crocs is 30+ so once you pull the trigger and turn them into a growth/development team, the players who initially shaped its complete game heavy play style will be gone. Such is the nature of rebuild focused teams. Hey, at least after all the OG's are gone you will still have the dope uniforms and sick home stadium. There is a reason I put those in strengths!
Enough of the theoretical and philological generalizations about the Crocs and the mind sets that collaborate the teams stylings. Let's talk about the actual players.
So the stars here are on the mound as discussed they define everything about the Crocs. Pulo Brick and Kapps are all top tier arms well worth the money you pay them. Equally important to the Croc play style, however, are the relief pitchers Ano, Mayfair and Babaziz. Mayfair and Babaziz suck. They are generally unfit to play baseball. However, the rules of the game state you need 8 people in the pen so these two knuckleheads are given a tiny paycheck to sit on the bench. Thus, you save money for the war chest. In my opinion, replacing either of these is a mistake. Ano gets his own paragraph, so lastly you have McFarland. Ancidoctally, he has always preformed great for me, but his stats make him look really poor. A two pitch closer with unimpressive velo for 5m is not worth it in my book. If you want to pay up another okay reliever to pair with Ano, replace McFarland.
Something relatively underutilized in SMB3 is putting starters in as relievers. It's not worth doing so on most teams, but most teams don't have the likes of Pulo or Brick. A tense and tired Pulo a top ten reliever. That kind of star power should be taken advantage of, and that flexibility helps explain that 17.3m price tag. But what if I told you that you could use Pulo as a reliever without suffering the debilitating effects of tense and tired? It's not that starters by default start tense if they enter the game late. It's that they start with one less mojo if they enter the game late. That means if they are locked in, or even better, on fire when you bring them in they will enter the game with mojo on par with normal relievers. Pitchers usually have good mojo if they finish a complete game. As for stamina, so long as they have had at least one game of rest they will have a substantial bar. Not only that, but it takes several pitches for a pitcher's fatigue to catch up with them. It only takes a few pitches to get out of a bad inning, and an S rank pitcher can clean up the bottom of the ninth in less than 10. One might have the concern that using starters like this will use up stamina and hinder them in their actual starts. What if I told you that using a starter like this can actually extend their pitch numbers during their actual stats? This is because of three factors. 1) An off inning here or there is a drop in the bucket number of pitches for pitchers that can go over 100 every game. 2) Locked in and above mojo reduces stamina loss. 3) Not playing resets a player's mojo to normal, but having even a short outing with good mojo keeps it high. Thus, by bringing in Pulo or Brick to get you out of a bad inning, you not only get to leverage your most valuable players more often, but you also set them up to start their next game locked in. You better believe Pulo brings the pain if she starts a game locked in.
As for actual relievers who are expected to face more than one batteinning Ano is an interesting case, as he just might be the most min/maxed player in the game. Amazing Velo and Junk at 85/89. In these two numbers, he is better than Rallie Overro, Shay Dee, Max Texis as well as having a higher combined total in those stats than Steamboat Wisselle, Mack Gunn, Gasser Morris, Joseph Broseph, Sip Sauder, Alisha Woodrow, all for 4.8m. Highway robbery. The price is negotiated that low because of his aging body, negative trait, and 15 accuracy (second lowest in the game). I know some people can't stand low accuracy pitchers, I personally avoid them whenever I can. However, Ano is just too cheap for the juice he brings to the table for me to give him anything other than a gold star. Besides, the Crocs have a secret weapon on their bench.
I really like what Evan Chukov brings to the Crocs. 78 fielding and 89 arm for 5m means means no wild pitches and no stolen bases on a great budget. Sure, his bat sucks, but the Crocs already have kind of a black hole at the end of their lineup, so he does not really change the offense plan, but oh boy does he bring things together on defense and run prevention. Who cares if the average accuracy of a Croc reliever is 28 if the guy behind the plate has a glove the size of the motherland. The biggest concern with Chukov is your other catcher, Terra Lionerre is one of your top 3 bats.
Terra Lionerre hits ball good for 5.5m. 74/60/39 is not a stat line of excellence, and it is concerning that that stat line is on one of your top three bats, but the Crocs want low scoring games, and Lionerre can get you over the finish line. The concern of Lionerre's bat or Chukov's glove is also a non-issue due to Lionerre's secondary position of first. The starting first baseman, Liane Drive is super cost inefficient so putting Lionerre on first is a no brainier in franchise. Lionerre's defenses, while not airtight, are good enough for a backup catcher. If you are clever you also never have to rest her as if you play a someone in DH the regain stamina, so slotting Lionerre in DH in the occasional DH games will keep her healthy and able to bat every game.
Speaking of bats, we have to talk about the man who scores over half the Crocs runs. Descending with a courus of angles is Bubba Blastman. For the low low price of 4.4m he gives you a spread of 74/42/25. That looks unimpressive, I know, but Blastman rocks both the RBI Man and the Outside Pitch traits. With both active he skyrockets over 100 power with more than enough contact to swing comfortably. Interestingly enough, the Crocs also have tools to maximize the double trait Blastman. Vinnie Vortex, Runda Thrud and Gordon Fruitwell all have large contact and enough speed to steal on most catchers as well as slotting into an easy money ball 1 2 3 positions. Nothing in baseball is guaranteed; a 4 out of 10 success rate is legendary after all, but the crocs don't have to score many runs with their star starters and the three speedsters and Blastman are a consistent enough run engine.
On the topic of speedsters, we must talk about Runda Thrud. She is the best position player on the team, hell, she is one of the best position players in the game. Her 61/61 fielding and arm are enough to hold down 3B with ease, and her batting line of 78/53/95 is god tier. Tied for the 8th fastest player in the game, she excels at generating extra bases and stolen bases, but her 78 power and 50+ contact mean she is also amazing at driving in runs. When looking at players with above 90 speed and above 50 contact, the only players better than Thurd are Sakta Song and Bloop Michels. By the way, Thrud only asks for 8.1m so not only does she play a more useful position than Song, but she asks for half the money. Just saying. The Judge batting line up philosophy would put her as leadoff, but the Crocs are short on bats that can drive in runs and the end of their line up is a black hole so Thurd slots in nicely in the 2 spot. Lastly, she is the second youngest position player on the Crocs at 27 so she probably will be good for a while.
The other two faster players are Vortex and Fruitwell. Vortex is an archypical leadoff batter with 35/80/93. His high contact and speed go a long way toward enabling Thurd and Blastman. I don't like his 7.8m price tag for a right fielder, but I can't argue with results. Fruitwell is a picture of mediocrity. His full stat line of 42/63/88/49/59 makes him adequate at playing center and batting 3rd but I feel he is quite lucky to have avoided a B- ratting. Well, adequate is cheep and I don't mind his 6.3 price tag much. No all star, but he does his job. At least the Crocs love someone who can steal for Blastman.
I've putting this off, Andre Candela. He has the largest paycheck of any position player, and his big smiles definitely draws lots of fans to the park. The problem is, he plays like a 2015 Ichiro. He does good, but nothing remarkable, and is only loved because of what they used to be. In his youth Candela was certainly one of the sports best, but that is no longer the case. At age 35 his distribution of 67/72/71/76/22 is just unfortunate. He is lacking in power but has too much contact. His speed is above average, but not enough to allow him to do anything crazy. His 76 defence is nice but his 22 hurts when trying to turn double plays from his position at 2B. Not to mention he has never fully recovered from his leg injury and has the Bad Jumps trait. An absolutely tragic affliction he received in SMB3. Considering the Crocs offenses are divided between people who can move around the base path or people that can drive those runners home (Or both <3 Thrud) this leaves Candela without a good job in the line up. Remember, he is asking for 8.6m, way more than everyone else. I'm sure the Crocs make that money back from ticket sales of people coming to see their favorite old star play, and he must do wonders for team morale with his positive attitude and mentor-like experience. Unfortunately, none of those things are tracked in SMB3 and unless you want to role play his unquantifiable contributions, you can almost certainly find someone on the market just as useful for half the price.
The last starter to talk about is Norton Pickle. Pickle looks a lot like Fruitwell, but with more contact and less speed. He is a solid defensive shortstop, although his 69 speed leaves him too slow to consistently steal, and his power is the lowest on the team. For 6.2m he is fine. In franchise we don't have to settle for fine, and you could always find someone with much better defense for much less and just accept a batting downgrade as going from bad to bad. Since he is inevitable I unironically recommend singing Digg Efforto as your starting short stop. Even if Efforto is not a Croc, the way the Overdogs AI is programmed, they will always let him go, and you can pick Efforto up for like 2.2m. Better defense for a third of the cost. Yes, Efforto's 7/27/31/87/69 stat line makes him pretty useless at the plate but Pickel is also pretty useless. I'm not memeing here, think of the Crocs playstyle. Pitcher focused on low-scoring, cheap run defense game play. Efforto does Pickles job better for less money.
Getting back to the people who actually play for the Crocs I would set up the lineup something like this:
1 Vortex RF
2 Thurd 3B
3 Fruitwell CF
4 Blastman LF
5 Candela 2B
6 Lionerre 1B
7 Pickle SS
8 Chukov C
9 Pitcher
Then, if I replace Candela and Pickle, it would look something like this:
1 Vortex RF
2 Thurd 3B
3 Fruitwell CF
4 Blastman LF
5 Lionerre 1B
6 Free Agent 2B
7 Chukov C
8 Efforto SS
9 Pitcher
Not the most impressive run scoring lineup. But it is cheap with fantastic defense and avenues to score a few runs, and with pitchers like Pulo you only need a few runs.
Before we talk about just how cheap it is, let's talk about the Crocs which I don't think make the cut. Juanita Hernandez has an amazing arm and fielding stats in right field with piddling speed and a pathetic bat for 7.2m. No thank you. Liane Drive is a 6.1m first baseman with poor 57 power 96 contact and 39 speed. I don't think paying a premium for contact is worth it, especially considering Lionerre is a better batter for less. On the bench, you have Kane as a backup outfielder and Lee as a backup corner infielder. They are serviceable, but the 5m the each as for is a bit much.
Well then, on to the budget. How much money can be banked for the war chest while having a competitive team. First off is the big expenditure, replacing Bae Paul with someone that fits better with the team's needs. You could just run a three man rotation with the other starters but then you miss out on the juicy reliever potential of Pulo and Brick. For the sake of argument, let's say you splurge on some 8m B+ Hotshot. That puts the budget to 2 million. Replacing Drive and Hernandez with cheap bench players gives us an additional 6 million to work with. Replacing Pickle with Efforto and Candela with a B- replacement would add 8m to the pool as well. This leaves us with a conservative 16m surplus. Even if this is a low ball, there is still plenty of money to be squeezed out of other places, such as getting 5m from getting rid of Kane and Lee or 4m from letting Vortex go.
Really, there are many corners to cut when it comes to acquiring surplus. Two to three seasons of banking 20+m will give quite the war chest, especially if you spend responsibly rebuilding with predominately 4m B-/C+ B- or C+ players. The final gift Pulo and the boys can give you is once you finish the rebuild and have a brand new team that does not depend on complete games anymore, you can let them go and liquidate almost 40m worth of cash. Doing so at the start would be a huge mistake, but once everything has come together, having a huge war chest, + huge surplus, + several offseasons of picking the best prospects, you have the formula for a winning franchise.
Doing a saving phase into a large rebuild to hoarding money is not a tactic exclusive to the Crocs, but the Croc are exclusively situated to be going for world series rings during the hoarding and initial rebuilding phase.
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2023.03.26 04:39 Future_Ad_3485 Valley of the Unknown Part Nineteen: A Wedding From Hell

Everyone was acting shady, Vy even agreeing with me. The girls whisked her away, Saphiro and the twins were all staring at me. Folding my arms across my chest, the fact they were all in midnight black tuxedos with matching black dress shirts told me that they were planning a wedding. Such fools for even attempting this, my heart skipping a beat at being her husband. Still, their heads might as well be impaled on a stake.
“I can’t help but wonder if you are throwing a surprise wedding.” I suggested bitterly, my eyebrow twitching. “I am sure Vy is going to love it. She hates surprises and you know that.” Saphiro backed up, shrugging his shoulders. Fixing his hair, a nervous grin twitched on his lips. Scratching the top of his hands, a stream of nervous laughter flooded from his lips.
“Don’t blame me. It was Stormana’s idea. Once my sister comes up with something, it simply won’t leave her brain. It is a gift from the town for everything she went through for us. Hopefully she sees it that way, now get dressed.” He stuttered anxiously, my expression softening. Accepting the black bag, he shoved me into the back room of the library. Peeling off my white dress shirt, and black jeans, my shaking fingers tugged the zipper down. Feeling the velvet scarlet tuxedo, it was of high quality. Throwing it on, a distraught Vy poked her head out from behind a shelf. A tender blush rose to my cheeks, her worn expression telling it all.
“Jack, I am scared of what the girls are trying to do to me.” She whimpered adorably, stepping out in a long scarlet Elvira style dress. “They kidnapped me, so I ran away. Hide me.” My heart fluttered, the last of her dress disappearing behind the nearest shelf. She looked stunning, a deeper red flushing my cheeks. Stormana burst in, her long navy waves grazed the floor. A sparkling onyx floor length gown hugged her body, the fuming expression darkened her face.
“Have you seen, Miss Violet? We were getting her ready for the wedding and she bolted.” She ranted bitterly, rolling her eyes. “We just want to thank her.” Shaking her head from behind the shelf, she pressed her palms together. Shaking my head no, a low growl rumbled in her throat. Pressing her lips into a thin line, Vy sank down the shelf. Holding her bump, a small bag was clutched in her palms. Soon enough it wouldn't be just the two of us, the thought of twins throwing my concentration away.
“Tell her to be in the library in twenty!” She shouted behind me, Vy crawling out with a flawless smokey eye. “There you are. Just put this on and don’t ruin your hair. Could you pretend to act surprised for everyone else, kay?” Laying the veil down on the desk. If it means anything, I think you will make the married couple of the year. Keep up the good work.” Exiting with a bow, Vy clutched her knees to her bump. Leaning her head back, tears threatened her perfect makeup.
“I don’t think I am good enough for you. I don’t think I will ever be.” She admitted sheepishly, refusing to look at me. “You have been alive longer than me. Hell, you probably had several girlfriends. I must be the most pathetic person you have met.” Taking the veil off the table, she watched as I tucked it into her intricate bun.
“Trust me! I wouldn’t marry anyone else.” I assured her lovingly, the self doubt that had accumulated from her recent trauma and loss of her mother wearing thin on her face. “I can’t seem to find any doubt on my side of the arrangement.” Holding out her hand, my fingers intertwined with hers. Pulling her to her feet, my palms rubbed the baby bump. A tender blush rose to her cheeks, her real smile brightening her dainty features.
“Let’s get hitched!”She chirped cheerfully, hiding fright behind a big smile. Hoping it was simply nerves, she guided me to the library where they all gasped with happy smiles. Shoving a bouquet of black lilies into her hands, Saphiro pulled her aside. Fussing over her, he adjusted his suit. The sullied expression on her face told me that she just had a vision and couldn’t figure out what to do with it. Stormana ushered me out to the fountain of the town, the whole community waited with bated breath. Music began to play, the groomsmen and bridesmaid marched down the aisle in matching dresses and tuxedos. Everyone rose to their feet, my breath hitching at the sun bathing my Vy. Walking down the aisle, her train spanned the whole aisle. Stepping up, her loving gaze couldn’t leave mine. Alex and the other kids watched in the front row, his adorable velvet suit matched his sister while Elise’s dress matched my tuxedo. Hazel hummed in between them, long white robes flowed over her tiny body. Chainsy popped up on the other side of the podium, his crooked grin making my jaw tense up. Pulling out the vampire book of vows, he traced the golden veins covering the onyx leather. Opening it up to the center section, an energy shook the ground. Her scythe slid into her eager palms, Raven and Ruby leaping into action. The pair of women guided the crowd to safety, the twins taking up the rear. Cutting slits up her dress, her eyes fell on the crack destroying the center of town. Taking my hand, she leapt in. Dr. Death and Elvira narrowly made it, all four of us landing in a sea of dead trees. So much for a flawless wedding day! The ground rumbled underneath our feet, a four legged creature charged at us. Neon green venom dripped off of its gray gelatinous body. My face paled, the mouth opening up into a blossom lined with rows of sharp fangs. A wet roar soaked us, a scream of frustration bursting from her lips. Wiping the drool off of her face, the surface of skin smoked. My skin seemed fine, the venom not affecting me at all. The burning ceased, deliberate footsteps echoed around us. The world began to spin, the chaos disorienting her. Focusing on a black dot, my gun shook in my clammy palms. Aiming it at the dot, Dr. Death lowered my hand. His robes fluttered in the wild breeze, the other medical tools clanged against each other. Pure energy built at her feet, her leg swinging into the air. The black dot grew larger, the impact of her foot meeting the ball caused a ball of orange flames to bloom over our head. Capturing control of the ball, she directed it towards the creature. Another explosion shook the ground, the only thing remaining was a pile of ash. The chaos slowed down, her hands spinning her scythe over her head. Standing back to back with her, the four elements spun over our heads. A cloaked woman sauntered up to us, more of those creatures roared behind them. The ash gray robes flowed around her petite body, a pair of inky black eyes glittered with malice. Raising her hands over her head, storm clouds rumbled. Knowing what was going to happen next, the chains flooded from the rubies. The chains knocked her back, the metal links weaving into a thick dome. Small drops of venomous rain seeped through, pieces of her dress melted away. Covering her body, the rain grew steadier. The venom didn’t affect me, the panic of her passing out shook me to the core. She needed to get out of here before she died from the poison in the air. Whistling sharply, Elvira pounded to my feet. Crouching down to her level, her tail wagged.
“Take her to the surface. She can’t stay here much longer.” I ordered firmly, tossing her onto her back. “Dr. Death, can you take down those revolting creatures?” Nodding solemnly, he scooped up Elvira. The chains whipped back into her scythe, a loud howl erupted from Elvira’s snout as he threw her through the dwindling crack. A wave of relief crashed over me, the venomous raindrops soaking us both with no effect. Tucking my gun into my pocket, pure terror widened my eyes. Icy hands grabbed my head, a third one ripped my head back. Flames built around my fist, a fourth one pushed it against my legs. My vision blurred, Dr. Death’s blur of black faded in and out.
“Hitting me with flames would make you a very bad boy.” A sickly voice taunted cruelly, her inky black eyes bore into mine. “Let’s rip you apart, piece by piece.” Her gnarly fingers dug into the corner of my mouth, my jaw groaning with protest. My free hand gripped my blade made of black iron and silver, a shrill scream shattered the musty air the moment I stabbed her in the leg. The hands faded away, another scream of agony burst from her lips as I punched her repeatedly with my flames. Daemon’s hand guided my hand to her heart, the smell of burning flesh sickened me. Pushing my hand into her chest, my clawed fingers wrapped around her black heart. Ripping it out, the hot organ pumped in my palms.
“Don’t kill me.” She pleaded desperately, bloody tears stained her cracking skin. “Don’t do it! I promise to behave.” Hesitation showed on my face, her face twisted with malice. Wicked laughter rumbled in her throat, blood painted her face the moment she jammed her hand through my throat. Onyx stained my suit, my chest tightening with each second without air. A ball of white flames whizzed by my head, the flames licking the dark surface of the heart. A worn Vy hung over the edge, her hair hung over the edge. A wicked grin dawned on her lips, her laughter twinkling in the air. Cracks lined her skin, her porcelain skin decaying to ash. The flames traveled up my arm to my throat, the flames sealed my wound.
“It seems our roles have shifted.” She joked tenderly, her head resting on her hands. “I was your angel from above today.” Dropping a rope to me, the twine creaked as I climbed up. Dr. Death shot up next to me, my eyes rolling. Her hand cupped mine, her real smile brightened her face. Yanking me up, the crack rumbled shut with a bright white light. Strands swayed in front of her face, my heart skipping a beat. How could I ever be so lucky to have her in my life? Did she still want to marry me?
“Are you ready to get married?” She queried excitedly, resting on top of me. The afternoon sun bathed her features, the townsfolk wandered out with anxious grins on their faces. Jumping to her feet, her hand hovered in front of my face. Accepting it cautiously, a quick yank had me back on my feet. Time stopped, her lips pressing against mine passionately. Getting lost in the moment, bitter thoughts snapped me right back.
“We are a mess..” I protested weakly, her shoulders shrugging. Dragging me to the destroyed altar, Chainsy stepped out in my family’s navy robes. Our friends lined up behind us, a serene feeling washed over us. Opening the book, Alex waited by the side with black boxes in his hands. Chainsy adjusted the black iron chain around his waist. His pleased face told me that he definitely wanted to be here, his presence was something to be thankful for.
“Are both parties ready?” He chirped cheerfully, smoothing the page. “Are you sure you guys don’t want to get cleaned up?” A soft chuckle tumbled from her lips, the warmth of her hands holding mine melted my heart. White flames intertwined with my red flames, everyone gasped in wonder. Had they never seen such a sight?
“I call upon the vampire lord to bless this marriage.” He began, a lump forming in my throat. “Shall we begin? As the head of the Shermon clan, I bless this union. Believe me, it’s been a long time coming. Let us begin. The first part has happened on its own. Say your vows. We really have nothing other than the magic flowing from my family’s book. Black iron chains snaked up our legs, Vy going first. Clearing her throat, the words rested on the tip of her tongue.
“Jack Shermon, you crashed into my life. You woke me up and exposed me to a world more magical than I ever have imagined. You have had my back more times than I can count. We may look a mess right now, but there is no other way that I would ever have. Everywhere we go, we make a mess and we clean it up together. Let’s keep cleaning them up together. I vow to make you my husband.” She proclaimed proudly, clammy sweat drenched her skin. Smiling through the pain, concern flashed in my eyes. What the hell was going on with her? Were the twins coming?
“Violet Sunders, you moved into my life. From the moment I saw you my heart was yours. Your smile could light up the whole world.” I stuttered nervously, her breathing growing quicker. “Most importantly, you put up with me no matter what I do. Waking up next you everyday makes me thankful for everything we have together. You will always be my queen, and I your king. I vow to make my wife.” Chainsy pressed his palms together, he bowed in our direction. Could he speed this up before Vy collapsed on the stage!
“The rings, young lad.” He pointed to Alex, her brother opening up the boxes. “Please place your rings on your mates.” Selecting the thick scarlet band, her trembling fingers slid it onto my finger. Tears flooded from her eyes, her bright smile grew wider. Swallowing the lump in my throat, my fingers picked up the onyx band of twisted branches. Sliding it onto her finger, Chainsy slammed the book shut. Raising his hands in the air, a wink greeted us both.
“You may now kiss the bride.” He announced jovially, cheers erupted the moment my lips kissed her passionately. The flames danced into the sky, white and red rose petals fluttered around us. A rush of air lashed our cheeks the moment the chains whipped back into the book. Cheers erupted, her head resting on my chest. Her fingers gripped my torn jacket, a rush of warm water soaked her legs. A panic expression passed between the two of us, her legs trembling.
“What was that?” I stuttered nervously, her body quivering in my arms. Wrapping her arms around my neck, her next words broke me. My face paled, her tiny yelp escaping her lips. The words I expected left her lips, the effect proving to slap me in the face.
“I think the venom sped it up a bit, and my water broke.” She laughed nervously, fighting the urge to scream. “I need to lay down or something.” Saphiro told everyone to enjoy the reception and that we wouldn’t be attending. Scooping up my wife, Saphiro wasn’t far behind me. Rushing into the hospital, a nurse sat her down in the wheelchair. Passing Saphiro a delivery gown, he tucked his hair into a cap.
“I am going to assume your children sped up the pregnancy to protect themselves. Let’s have babies on your wedding day.” He chimed gleefully, Vy grabbing his tie. Yanking him close to her face, her mood darkened. A low growl rumbled in her throat, his pointed ears pinned back. Feeling for him, a quick shrug did little to ease his nerves.
“You better get them out before I burn your whole world down.” She threatened seriously, letting out a blood curdling scream. “This is the worst pain I have had in my whole life and I have almost died more times than I have wished for. Get them out!” Seeing her like this scared me, her hair sticking to the side of her face. Getting her into a room, the nurse laid her down. The next couple of hours passed with me passing back and forth while she suffered audibly. Only the sound of two tiny cries made her sigh with sweet relief and pride. Soaked with sweat, the sight of two white haired boys melted my heart. Kissing her on the forehead, two pale babies squirmed in her arms. Pride swelled in her eyes, the corner of her lips twitching. Tears of joy streamed down her cheek, the sheer accomplishment of what she had done hitting me in the face. Father, I was a father. What if I fuck up?
“I am so proud of you, Vy.” I sobbed softly, playing with their fluffy hair. “I love you so much, my dear wife.” It felt so nice to say that, her ears perking up. Lifting up the one in her left arm, her genuine smile illuminated her worn face. Kissing their foreheads, the serenity on her face said it all. Happy, she looked happy.
“How about we name him Orion Puck Sherman and his brother Arden Saphiro Sherman?” She suggested sweetly, my eyes falling on Orion’s face. An inky black colored his left eye while a rich ruby colored his right eye. His brother’s eyes were the opposite of his, both of their black lips curling into tiny smiles. Moving over, she slapped the bed. Plopping down next to her, my arm wrapped around her shoulders. Resting her head on my shoulder, her wet eyes met mine. We did it! We really did it!
“I love it.” I wept joyfully, not knowing this emotion. Sobs wracked her body, knowing full well what she was upset about. Alex bounced in with a family photo in his hands, his shaking hands placing the photo on the nightstand. The three of them hung over their shoulders, her eyes falling on their father. Tears flooded from both of their eyes, the fact that their father wouldn’t be there tearing them apart. Nothing needed to be said, all of us living in the moment.
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Hello, I’m very new to all this and only just recently got into tool related stuff, and I need to figure out how to carry it all. I’m a rockhound, so I’ve got a sledgehammer, a pry bar, a smaller hammer, a rock pick hammer, a shovel, and two chisels. The longest is the pry bar, being…I think its 30 or lower 40 something inches? Anyway, I was wondering if I should just get smaller tools or if anyone knows of REALLY big carts/backpacks/anything tbh, but a cart would be preferred. I tried the Milwaukee Packout Chest (38in long) and it couldn’t really fit the bigger things, which sucks cause that thing was so cool to me lol but anyway, any ideas/recommendations/advice? I think the smartest option would be smaller tools but I love big heavy things so I’ll see if I can make that work first.
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2023.03.26 04:31 Smelvin_Humphrey Need advice

Hello, I’m very new to all this and only just recently got into tool related stuff, and I need to figure out how to carry it all. I’m a rockhound, so I’ve got a sledgehammer, a pry bar, a smaller hammer, a rock pick hammer, a shovel, and two chisels. The longest is the pry bar, being…I think its 30 or lower 40 something inches? Anyway, I was wondering if I should just get smaller tools or if anyone knows of REALLY big carts/backpacks/anything tbh, but a cart would be preferred. I tried the Milwaukee Packout Chest (38in long) and it couldn’t really fit the bigger things, which sucks cause that thing was so cool to me lol but anyway, any ideas/recommendations/advice? I think the smartest option would be smaller tools but I love big heavy things so I’ll see if I can make that work first.
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