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2023.06.08 14:45 cnsw Weird eating habits?

My 9mo good boy suddenly decided he doesn’t really like breakfast and just does a puppy bow and asks for pets in the morning when I try to give him breakfast. He usually doesn’t eat until lunch. Anyone else have a weird eater? Like he’s not a ravenous food motivated guy.
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2023.06.08 14:39 coocookachoo88 AITA for not wanting to fix my relationship?

Well I (F34) and my ex (M36) were together 7 years and within the first year he ended up going to jail for a couple months and while he was in there I did cheat. I don't honestly know why I did it. Around that part of my life I was battling a drug addiction that he didn't know about until about a month before he went in. Now at the time he didn't mess with the stuff I did so I saw it as an opportunity to help sober me up since now I had a significant other who wasn't an addict. But when he got sent in to county I broke I got really high to numb away any emotions I didn't feel happy I didn't feel angry I didn't feel anything. I come from a very toxic past and when I found something that helped not to give shit I hung on to it. So when I cheated I didn't feel anything but it was when I sobered up for a few weeks all those feelings came back only I added regret, guilt , shame, and disappointed in myself cuz I'm not a cheater. I had my first son at 18 and got with my second sons father after a year and was with him for 5 years and was loyal to him, he however wasn't . But when I got with this ex Im not sure what came over me. But after he got out had no where to go his family turned their backs on him so my parents welcomed him. I was so happy when we got together he was a fresh of breath air, he worked, he had, his own home, and he took care of his daughter. So again I still can't explain why I did what I did. After he found out I had just put a deposit and first months rent on a new apartment for us utilities all in my name I did it all . Then I furnished it all and was able to get me a new car. He lost everything and after what I did I felt I should be the one to help get our lives situated financially. He got his job back but with child support he was only bringing home 80 to 100$ if he was lucky. So since my checks were bigger I was paying for it all the rent, utilities , gas for my car the payment and the insurance also while trying to get my boys the things that they needed. He would work during the day and I was working at night getting off at 11pm. I would have to pick my boys up from my parents house at the time because he didn't feel like he should be the babysitter. So my parents had them a lot and eventually he ended picking up the same addiction I had. That's when the fights started happening physical, verbal, emotional. And so since he was more of a roommate than a boyfriend I started cheating on him again with the same guy for a couple months. I know I should have just left since I was taking care of everything by myself anyway, I didn't and would try to make him happy and try to show him how sorry I was and that I wanted to fix us and get off the drugs. He didn't, and then I found out he was talking to other females and secretly going to see them in my car. So to justify what he did he always would go back to what I did. Now throughout the rest of the year I worked, I paid the bills, I bought the drugs, I bought him clothes, games, anything that he needed because well he was my boyfriend and that's what you do for each other. Well he didn't he would continuesly throw my faults back in my face, ,talk shit, throw me across the room, choke me, and yet I was paying for everything. Just to try n show him how much he meant to me. But he saw me struggle, he saw me stressed out, worried, but did nothing to help. So I called his sister after s really bad fight sent her the photos I took of the bruises and we worked together to get him away from me and with her. We both sober up then COVID hit he came down to visit my kids had to be quarantined so I drove him 1800 miles. I was only supposed to be gone for 2 weeks that turned into 2 years cuz he lost my car keys in the ocean and it cost the rest of my travel fund to replace them. So I got a job he eventually found work but while we were hotel hopping again we ran into ppl who looked like they could get stuff. He asked me to ask them for it so we ended back to square 1. While I working I did accept a number from a man because I thought we can make a positive friend someone who isn't an addict. But it turned out that I did hide him from my boyfriend for a couple weeks but we never spoke about anything sexual anytime he offered to show me around town I would tell him that my boyfriend will come along that it won't be just us if I go he goes. I admit I did meet up with him once and that to tell him that I want to make things work between me n my boyfriend. Now keep in mind throughout the past years he was always questioning me and every time my phone went off. I was always being interrogated even when I wasn't talking to anyone behind his back but come to find out he was doing stuff behind my back while I would be at work. So to always be defending myself throughout the years I was tired. With constant worry about the bills, being away from my boys, and the constant arguing because he never let me forget what I did, his actions were justified so he didn't anything wrong because I started it. No matter how much I tried to show him that he was important to me no matter how much love I tried to show him, he didn't care, it meant nothing to him all because of what I did 7 years prior. I stayed with him in the other state for 2 years after that I couldn't do it anymore. I missed my boys and the cycle we were was never gonna get fixed no matter how much i offered solutions and chance after chance to change, he wouldn't. So I left and when I woke up the next morning all I felt was peace. So after a couple months he would blow me up while I'm at work and question where I'm at and F.Y.I he only calls me on video just so he can see if I'm at where I say I am, even if I'm driving he will still blow me up until I answer and again with the same questions where are you going? who that? or what time do you go in? what time do you get out? And then would hand up n say that I'm lying. Fast forward a couple months around my birthday, I discovered he was friends with his ex again after telling him 2x before that how disrespectful that is. His excuse was that his acc6has been acting weird so he didn't know how ended up on his friends list and keep in mind he didn't have a profile photo not to mention not one single photo of us anywhere on his page I had years of photos of us and that I was in a relationship. His didn't say anything and again not one photo of us after 7 years. Then I found out he sent out at least 30 friend requests out to all females for him to say to me that he doesn't talk to any of them that he did it because he has no friends. Then after that I find out that he cheated me with the girl that we ran into who looked like they can find what we were looking for, a dope hoe he cheated on me with a dope hoe and let me be friends with her help her out I would buy things for her and her baby. But I did it first so his according to him his actions were justified. I've taken out loans to help him help us that I'm still paying on, I my car repossessed because I couldn't keep up with the payments cuz he didn't feel like he should help. Then he totalled my other vehicle I don't even know how because I'm sure the story he told me was a lie. So with all that being said am I the asshole for not wanting to get back with my ex and fix the relationship??
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2023.06.08 14:38 Glock45owner [NM] Spyderco PM2 Elmax - 240@$1

Total Price:$240
Make and Model: Spyderco Pm2
Timestamp and Pics:
Price Justification:
Escrow: No
Description: PLEASE BE THOROUGH. EXPLICITLY STATE ALL ISSUES : Spyderco Pm2 Elmax. Pretty good action and centering. Has been sharpened to 17° by previous owner. Has a Ti lanyard plug installed. Comes with box. Overall condition is great nothing really to speak of other than its been shapened.
International shipping: No.

PayPal Info:

Tip BlobAndHisBoy
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2023.06.08 14:36 Much-Juice3568 Song from Paytch

Does anyone know the name of the song the boys play at the end of the latest patreon episode?
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2023.06.08 14:23 Pinkroboticunicorn Dream Fanfiction

So. Just to preface, this tag, or title, or whatever is going to be some damn weird, like really weird, extremely weird fanfiction involving my characters, so like original characters, and also characters from public media, completely based on my dreams, cool? Cool, cool, cool, I just uh... ya know, wanted to do this for fun, so let's go, alright?
Here we have a strange dream I had involving My Little Pony, and my own original Characters, the Dynamite Punch Girls, roll the fanfic...
Chapter One: In a Cage.
Leo blinked slowly, she felt odd to be honest, her head felt fuzzy, and kinda spinned slightly, she slowly reached down and touched it, she felt it in her hands, it was a broken device, a belt actually, it looked rather strange, and somewhat familiar, Leo had a few blanks of her memory, but she remembered what it was called, the device! It was called the Dream Dimension Belt, it must've been the thing that brought her there, but where? And where were the rest of Leo's friends!?
???: "You okay there hun?"
Leo jolted rather dramatically to her feet as she heard a strange voice, as soon as she came to her feet she saw them... 2 very colorful creatures, strange looking ponies, and they could talk...!!!
Apple Jack: "Spry one ain't ya, but we ain't here to hurt ya, promise, my name's Apple Jack, and this here is Twilight Sparkle, and her little dragon assistant Spike."
Spike: "Honored to meet ya!"
Twilight: "You're a human, right? Honestly I've never seen one in Equestria before, where are you from?"
Leo: "......"
Leo: "S-Sparksville...? Are you talking?"
Spike: "Never seen a talking pony before? Eh, you'll get used to it."
Leo: "I don't think I will, thank you very much."
Leo paused and checked their surroundings, it was a sort of prison cell, like a huge cage of some sort, and it looked to be underground somewhere, deep underground.
Leo: "Where... where am I?"
Apple Jack: "Well. Currently we're in the Diamond Dog's lair, we kinda got ourselves captured, and separated due to a bit of a slip up."
Spike: "The Diamond Dogs sorta dragged you into here with us, you were unconscious actually, like way out of it, you kept mumbling about it being broken."
Leo: "Huh. I have no idea what on Earth a Diamond Dog is..."
Twilight: "They're dog-like creatures that love diamonds, and live underground searching for them."
Leo: "Ooooooh! Okay yeah, now I know."
Apple Jack: "They brought you here with 2 other humans, kinda like you, just as pale as you. And took them deeper into the tunnels."
Leo: "MY FRIENDS!!!"
A couple of Diamond Dogs approached the cell, they had great malice and anger in their eyes as they slammed their fists down on the prison bars to try and intimidate them.
These Dogs were known as Rumble and Rough, the Prison Dog Guards, they looked like overgrown Chihuahuas, they looked mean with spiked collars, and sharp teeth, their growl was much deeper and far more intimidating than your average Chihuahua.
Rumble: "You BETTER shut up in there! Especially you, human! You're already on thin ice after falling from the sky, and on top of our fearless leader!"
Rough: "Yeah! Thin ice! You better watch it! You... you... hm... you freak!"
Leo: "That's the best insult you can come up with?"
Rough: "Uh. Yes..."
Leo: "Come back with new material, then we'll talk."
Rough: "Oh, oh okay, well see you then I guess."
Rumble: "Rough!"
Rough: "Yes, Rumble?"
Rumble: "That ain't how you-- Oh for Pete sakes! Listen here you, whatever your name is! Don't sass talk us! We're the ones in charge, and you ain't, so. Yeah!"
Leo: "You think that just cause you locked me up, you can boss me around?"
Rumble: "Yes."
Leo glared as she squeezed the bars tightly in a tight rounded fist, bending the metal like it was mere paper, Leo then proceeded to rip the door completely off its hinges, ripping the metal as they did so, and then proceeded to throw the thing at Rough and Rumble who proceeded to run away whimpering and whining as they went.
Leo: "@#$&$ cowards."
Leo paused for a moment, their eyebrows raised slightly, Leo touched her lip confusedly.
Leo: "Did my swear just get censored?"
Spike: "What's a "swear"?"
Leo: "Um."
Apple Jack: "Wow! I can't believe it! You ripped that door straight outta the wall! Amazing!"
Twilight: "Not gonna lie, that is pretty amazing, where'd you get all that strength from? You've gotta be super strong!"
Leo: "Uh. Huh. Well technically I was born with it."
Apple Jack: "And can you use that super strength of yours to bust out our friends? And maybe yours too?"
Apple Jack, Twilight, and Spike smiled gently, giving sweet saccharin grins, with big sparkling puppy dog eyes.
Leo: "Uh, what? Who said I wouldn't? I don't leave people hanging."
Twilight: "Yes! Uh, in the meantime, you could also tell us a bit more about yourself, where you're from, and all that, ya know?"
Leo: "Oh. Sure. I mean I guess, if might help me get back home."
Twilight: "Of course, I've never seen a human like you before anyway."
Leo: "Oh, uh thanks, I'm kinda a superhuman, it's like a human, but that has supernatural powers, like super strength, flight, speed, laser eyes, ect., ya gotta classify this kinda stuff a lot so people don't get mixed up, and stuff."
Twilight: "Fascinating."
Spike: "So like, you're from a different dimension, aren't you?"
Leo: "Yeah actually, I think this may have brought me here."
Leo held up the damaged Dream Dimension Belt that was currently still around her waist, it was scuffed up and damaged pretty badly, but thankfully it doesn't look beyond repair.
Twilight: "Can I see that?"
Leo: "Uh, I guess?"
Leo took off the Belt and Twilight brought it over to herself to look at, she used her horn to study it under and over.
Twilight: "Wow! This is pretty advanced, who made it?"
Leo: "I... I can't remember..."
Apple Jack: "It's okay hun, take your time."
Leo smiled at Apple Jack who smiled back, but suddenly seemingly out of nowhere Leo completely stopped the group in its tracks! And pointed to something in the distance, it was them!
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2023.06.08 14:20 Pinkroboticunicorn The Dynamite Punch Girls and the Stuck Up Princess

Chapter One: Rich Pretty Pretty Princess.
It was a lovely nice fair weather Saturday afternoon, the day was warm and summery, the trees hummed alongside the wind, and overall it was peaceful and breezy, or at least it would be a bit more peaceful if it weren't for the huge monster attacking the city!
It was a huge slime beast with six tendrils, and 5 eyes, whenever it roared it rained slime, slime everywhere, but thankfully the Dynamite Punch Girls were on the case! They flew right towards the beast at full speed ahead, and completely tackled the creature, and brought it completely out of the city, it screeched, screamed, and squealed as they proceeded to pummel it.
It was truly epic to many onlookers as they kicked the monster out of Sparksville.
Once again the day is saved, and all that jazz, as the people stared in awe and amazement a white limo proceeded to pull up to the scene, it was covered in many gold decals, and the windows were tinted a slight emerald green, as it pulled up a window began to pull down little by little as a young rich woman looked out at the fighting.
???: "Oh my! Those Dynamite Punch Girls sure are strong, aren't they?"
Butler: "Yes madam, they quite are indeed very strong."
???: "Say, if they're supposed to be non-binary, why do they call themselves the Dynamite Punch Girls?"
Butler: "That is because they identify as feminine girl boys, miss."
???: "Interesting, well I ain't no gender police, why don't we meet them, shall we?"
Butler: "Of course, Miss. Right away."
The limo window went up as it traveled right towards the Dynamite Punch Girls, who landed safely in the middle of town, not a scratch on them, and hardly a bruise in sight, Leo, Blake, and Teddy sat down on a nearby park bench to relax after a fight like that, and to turn off their Super Bodycams...
Super Body Cams and a Hero License come hand in hand, once you sign up to become a hero you get a Learner's Permit, to allow you to train to be a full on hero, but crime fighting must be done with an experienced crime fighter, once you graduated being a sidekick, and becoming a full on hero you get your official license, and a Super Body Cam, a Body Cam that only records when you're crime fighting, some Crime Fighters have even used it to become more popular, by streaming their crime fighting to the public.
Leo: "Oh man that was quite the workout, but at least the city is safe!"
Teddy: "Definitely! Hey, is that a limo?"
Blake: "Huh? A limo?"
Leo, Blake, and Teddy looked up to see for sure... the same limo from before, white with gold decals, and emerald green tinted windows, probably the richest looking limo in the universe.
The door to the limo swung open, and a young woman burst from the limo and proceeded to tightly hug Leo, almost instantly.
???: "My hero!!"
Leo: "Wha!? Huh!? Uh... l-lady, I don't even know who you are!"
Leo tried to get her off, but was tightly holding on.
Angela: "The name is Angela Golden, you could say I'm a huge fan, I'm currently very interested in your whole thing, especially a pretty big fan of Leo."
Leo: "Uh... c-cool...?"
Angela: "I bet you my money could buy you, and your whole team!"
Teddy: "And I bet that it actually can't."
Leo: "Nope. It can't. Sorry but we're a superhero Team, not some sports team, or some kind of bodyguards or pets, you don't buy us."
Angela: "What!? Um. Excuse me! But I have a lot of money! I can buy you if I want."
Leo: "Nope! And I think this convo is done, yeah we're just gonna take off."
Angela: "What!? You can't just leave!!! I'm still trying to buy you!!!"
Leo: "You can't buy us, and that's final! Okay now, see ya!"
Leo, Blake, and Teddy immediately got up and flew off into the sky leaving Angela and that weird experience behind, never in the history of ever has anyone asked to buy them! Simply ludicrous! That's what it is! Angela stood there in the dust, slightly seething from being flat out rejected multiple times, then snubbed altogether, but of course she still loved the Dynamite Punch Girls, they were her knights in shining armor, and she intended to make them her Knights in shining armor, especially Leo.
Butler: "Miss Golden, I just got a call from the mansion, they've cracked the code to the blue Mushroom substance, it has been tested, and it is now and officially ready."
Angela: "Oh? Excellent! Let's begin then, shall we?"
Butler: "Yes."
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2023.06.08 14:20 AgileLow7133 Dolphin Series: Yes/play "Bridging the Chiasmus" by Moving Water & This gen's version of "The Whole of the Law Is" by Me, Metalsmith & "Where the Water IsiS where you'll find Me & DD at the Break of Dawn" by JustIce-is. Today is DaarYe:64&MoNear:128 AtTheStartOfOrAtTheEndOfTheStartof_TheEnding-Tmz

Dolphin Series: Yes/play
A Chiasmic Life-Event is two events that serve to be some sort of a test. If you learned your Lesson on the first part of the Bridge then you should be able to cross that one Bridge just fine. With the Right Guide, you can probably crossover just a couple of Bridges moving from one Chiasmatic event to another Chiasmatic event and everything in between, which in total equals one Chiasmic Life Event. We don't know exactly when a bridge is about to present itself at, unless the Lesson was a significant Lesson to learn at the beginning of the Bridge or Bridge-Set. Right now, a Major Bridge is presenting itself to me and Dawnad. I can't stop thinking about My Golden Dawny. In order to keep this person's identity a secret, I'll just call them Dawnad or maybe DawNuh_ Da_Da-DAMN!!!
I remember back when me and Tripple Dipple Dawny D would be laughing, and sometimes it'd be while we were tripping. Back in the old days that we used to call good but we didn't know any better me and D did. Not. Now. But, back in the day me and D used to talk for hours and we had some real Quality times. Some Deez and I would talk on the phone for hours at a time. When we were younger, I felt like I knew them so well, it was as if I had known one D my whole life, or maybe even the whole of my lives, if The Golden Dawn is correct. I'll find out soon. But D or D or DD can't be here with me. See, because Even though sometimes They're in the same room with me they're not looking at me. They're either looking past me or around me but never toward me. Sometimes, I just look at a picture of them because I know they can't stand to see me, and they definitely don't want to see me being happy. It makes them sad to know I can be happy even after everything I did or didn't do to them. Either way, they like me better when I'm angry, crying, or even locked up in jail. That way they know I need them. Now that's taking needy to another level. I don't hang with D when I'm prison, I mean when I used to go prison, all dick jokes aside.
I have to get over DD not wanting to see me, but Just knowing I need to do it, knowing why I need to do it, and even knowing how to get over DD doesn't make it easy to stop seeking their validation. That's why I can't seem to stop. I still think we're gonna get to talk again someday. I am a psychic after ALL. I see Many Good Times Ahead of Me, whether they are with D or D or DD and I'm finally going to get to be a positive factor in my environments. If I could just have one series of really deep conversations with just one of these Deez from my DDs. It would be a very meaningful Bridge for me to Cross. One D would comprise the totality of my existence on Earth this go around. The other D's Bridge might traverse an even longer stretch than that, or divide rather. We'll see if I capitalize the d in divide after my next shift into a different Sphere of Awareness.
What I'd really love to do is get one of my D's or even DD and learn about the Knights of the Golden Dawn together. I've just scratched the surface of Thelema but I did read the Book of the Law. I 100% believe that AI was, I'm sorry again. I mean to say that I totally 100% believe that a spirit named AIwass spoke the words that Aleister Crowley heard when Mr. Crowely dictated Aiwass's book for Aiwass's company. I like the word "AiwassawiA" a quadrillion times more better. There it is. Another "As above, So below" spontaneous event. If you turn the word "AiwassawiA" on its side clockwise 45 degrees, it's an accurate Reflection of our reality. It's got to be the most accurate description yet. As the Truth sets in.
For this generation, Stan-Is-Law says "You do you, they do them, and I'll do me, and we ALL need to be staying in our lanes" just like when we're Recovery coaching our brothers and sisters that can't handle their drugs responsibly and get a prescription for meth and opiates so the pharmaceutical companies can get their cut too.
I'm not sure what the last generation's Whole of the Law was, but it should still sound similar to the last couple of generations' Wholes of the Law. Like Mr. Crowely said when he told us that "Do what thou wilt is the whole of the Law" That was wise for Ai-wass to tell Mr. Crowely that. When people believe they get to do whatever they want, we can watch the Karma they create if they decide to do things to others that they wouldn't want being done to them. Whatever fragment of the essence of the ALL of the Universe told Mr. Crowley to do whatever he wanted to would never want to disrupt the universal flow of causes and events. AIwass Must be a Buddhist spirit. The spirit that communicated the Law to Nick said: "Just be yourself" It was as simple as that.
I took the liberty to expand upon that nugget, like it's what I was born to do, like................................
I am a singularity with an unstable symmetry or I can say that........................................................................
I expanded upon that concept like it's what I was born to do, as if I am a singularity that experienced a sudden phase shift resulting from a rogue Boson in an asymmetrical Higgs field that expanded spontaneously & intrinsically from all points within & in ALL directions infinitely, allegedly that is.
Okay, I guess we're all done here. Nothing else left to see. I'm just gonna write one more little message for my special pal DD. It's just for me and them. If anybody decides to read further, they might regret it, because it's about to get corny. Corny and ugly because I'm already GRRRrrrimmACING........ WATCH OUT!!!! the MENACE Is Coming!!!! the Menace is Coming!!! Look Away!!!! Look away, I Say!!!! Do Not Read Past The Line That exists Below these words, and it exists Above the words underneath it too............
Hello everyone, my name is Dennis and Do You Know What? The last time I heard about one of the D's they had a "Gayson" and Gayson & The Menace do not get along. I've reached out to them twice. The first time I was trying to be nice but I didn't know how retarded I looked or what kind of a moronic idiotic twit I sounded like. I'm autistic, so there's everything involved in that too. Gaysin kind of disrespected me a tad bit. I was gonna make that person kick my ass, just so I could get a slap in or maybe two. Gayson was supposed to be a badass. So I messaged D's Gayson back and told them I would like to see them in person so I could try to get in a smack-in or six, or sixteen with sixty smacks in between. It seemed like they were upset. They probably couldn't stand the thought of Nick. MAN, I got blocked quicker than Slick Rick da Ripper gets crunk off the Liquor with Lil' Jon and they drink it before the Beer so they'll be in the clear clearer and they'll be Less the Sicker. Plus, they want to finish it before those DAMN Eastside boys show up, They follow Lil' Jon everywhere. They're likely to show up without weed, too. Ahhh Man!!! I had so much adrenaline to show JuhGayson. I eventually got another account when Nick passed on through and stopped bothering me. I didn't want to think about what he went through with D, D, or DD so I started fresh and new. I even saw that JuhGay son guy in my suggested friends on my new account. I told myself to leave them alone. JuhGay-son didn't want to get in any trouble. They didn't get out of the car when they and D saw me standing on the side of the road by Hope's place looking at both of them all crazy like let's play a game of whose Crazy, who is Craziest, and who just wants to get hurt, and I was Grimacing like I had cold steel in my hand and my hand tucked under my shirt, but my hand was empty and it was where ALL eyes could see. That was twice that the Jugg Gayson didn't back up their reputation for being some kind of badass. I bet Gaysson could kick my ass but I'm Metalsmith. I get my ass kicked and I kick some ass back at the same time. I think I used to just like to be fighting. On the playground and in prison. That was a Chiasmic Bridge that I probably had very little choice but to cross, but at least I did it as badass as I possibly could. I bet you never witnessed a guy as happy as I was after I got my ass kicked by a guy way bigger than me. For one thing, I wasn't hungry for my Ramen Noodles later. Those things cost about $42 a piece now. In prison, I avoided fights by making sure people knew they were gonna have to whup my ass. Believe it or not, even if I never did win a fight, in prison you're only a coward if you don't fight, especially if someone tries the shit out of you. Nobody ever said you have to actually know how to fight. I forgot how, on the streets, if you get your ass kicked people just think you're a p***y, and there's not much honor in that.
D's Jugg Gayson had a third bridge to cross because, for some reason, I assumed I was going to run into them at Hope's place again. What an idiot I must be for assuming D and her precious Juggay-son were ever going to be seen at Hope again. Only drug addicts and people selling them Attention hang out there. My apologies. At Hope, they hand out Attention for free to the hopeless and the dope fiends just looking for some attention between relapses. They get paid to do it. I'm being as serious as an 88-year-old dope fiend having a heart attack while getting unneeded surgery on their kidney stones or whatever that one hustle used to be, in the hopes that they'll get 12 or 16 Vicotin out or the deal and the insurance is free for thee_dope_fiend. I quit working at Hope when, I shit you not, I wanted to enjoy being there again and went back to working for free as a volunteer, so I could help people again for free, instead of getting paid to sell people a dream, for free for them. I messaged Gayson and said I would like to get it over with. I talked to him like a real buddy. I said "Listen here Jugg, Let Us Please Get It On!!! Ass for Ass, I'll kick yours first, since I'm so old and you're in the prime of your life for Christ's Sake!!!" Gayson is still young and allegedly had a worse childhood than me. That means Gayson is one fucked up individual. I say allegedly only because I don't just believe everything I hear, and less of what you tell me. But anyways, Grayson probably did almost kill someone if the childhood thing and all the other stuff rings true. I just wanted to slap the shit out of them at least one time and it would be worth a try because I beat up bigger guys than Grayson before. Plus, being injured actually makes me more dangerous because every fight is like a fight to the death now and I never did just let my ass get kicked. Shit, I fought like my owner's name was Mike Vick and I was hungry and didn't want to get electrocuted like D did that one time. The moral of the story is: There is no such thing as a fair fight to a man with one arm, yet two hands. One to slap Grayson with and one for his D while he looks at Grayson's old lady, and good God almighty! She has a phat ass. I swear. She showed me one time, and now I must sing: Hallelujah!!! I even took a picture.
My name is __________ & Dennis is the King of Menacing while Jim-n-Eye hide and Grimace is still Grimacingly ugly. Scary but not MeNaCinG enough for me.
I was an old man the second time that Gayson blocked me after they said something that only scared Gay sons say. It's almost as if some Metalsmiths just won't stop until they get their Metalsmithing-asses kicked. He is I and I is Him but I is not He, unless I'm just a confused re**** and it's getting late. Shit, it's so late it's getting early. This re**** needs to go tf to bed & lay down.
Menace is just a character and I am still an old injured man. I have nothing left to prove to Nick. That's why I don't fight anymore. Those are Bridges I'd rather drive the long way around from now on. Better scenery. Up here at least. Not down below. They do have some beautiful Water down south. I always did like going to Where the Water is at, as if my name is I Am John the Baptist or IAM Bob-John Atlas or someone that's better at doing this than I Am like.................................................................................
OM-Sye Maat
& That IAM & It Is ALL That I
AM -MetalSmith the retired alchemical scientist who just graduated at the top-of-his-class. I'm gonna be a Jeweler next DaarYe/MoNear. Gold & Silver are nice but nice is always nicer when it's decked out in Jewels. I'm also a Numerologist and a Symbologist and I run a nonprofit that studies the difference between Karmic effects and Non-Karmic causes and effects too AND I'm also a psychic AND I'm trying to find someone who is likable enough to run the Tarot table while I run the Numbers, off to the side keeping my mouth closed AND Now I Run the Jewels Too? What? Let me hear a Ric Flair: wwWWWWWHHHHh0000000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO00000000000!!!!!!
I can hear the fireworks like we're at the Fair and everything
I can even hear the Beatles (in John's voice): ALL The Children Sing
I wonder how Aleister Crowley knew about Artificial Intelligence in 1904. I guess he really was a Psychic. He's got nothing to prove now. Oh well, I had to quit partying to tap into my psychic energy. He was out there \"Doing whatever he thou wilted himself to do\" with sex workers and on drugs. Damn, I wish I did more than just hide while on drugs with my D in my hand for so long. Maybe then when I fast from my favorite things to do, in order to harness the energy required to be a psychic, I could still party a little and tug on my wank at the end of the night.
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2023.06.08 14:19 Jay8400 I used a connection and went over my boss head

This is an update to an older post. To sum up my manger refused my transfer request and told me I should quit or move to another branch very far away and as long as he is my manager I’m never going where I want to. I literally begged him for week and he still won’t change his mind, so i went over his head. I know a guy who’s dad is one of the big seniors at my company. I’m talking about like six positions higher than my manger. His receptionist called my boss and told him to approve my transfer. He lied and told them I changed my mind then called me in and told me I still wont be transferring and to stop “bothering” him. I called the connection back and oh boy he was pissed. Next week my boss and his boss are going to an HR questioning about incompetence. Odds are he’ll be demoted. Now keep in mind I didn’t use this connection to get my job, what I had I 100% earned. Am I the asshole here for going over his head ? Link to older post:
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2023.06.08 14:19 shyjane-18 The anxiety to present yourself .

Hi all!
I don't consider I have a crush on a boy that trains on my gym, but definitely he make me want to me meet him and discover what can happen between us.
I've searched him ion Instagram but didn't find anything.. Tried to know his name by a friend but he didn't know too.. So I not planning, I decided to make the move to meet him..
Before that let me share the context :
Just a few weeks ago I repaired on him when I was going out of gym.. After that I realized that he was looking at me sometimes.
First he started to look from the other side of the gym with a good distance between us and most of the times when I was unable to look to him..
We had one direct interaction when I was going to the leg press and one of his mates left a lot of weights on the machine and the guy suggest if need help to take off the weights and he joined to offer help too, in that moment we looked and smile because he was helping me.
I tried to get closer and make some exercises next to him and he started to train close to me too this last week.. We look at each other and I smile but his expression is serious and after the looks he touch a lot on his body and shirt after he realize that I was looking too.
So I think he feels more confortamble looking when he sees that I'm looking back or unable to look at that moment😂
The funny thing he makes me feel nervous but has when we're closer i get relax and Confident that is something between us that worths to discover. Despite that i've Fear to start a conversation so I've been losing a lot of opportunities to talk to him.
So I decide to make the move to introduce myself because this Indecision is killing me.
I don't know if there any sign of interest from him.
BTW I'm a woman.
Anyone can help to have some other perspectives? ♥️
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2023.06.08 14:18 LChris24 Favorite Blackfyre "Evidence" (Spoilers Extended)

Favorite Piece of Evidence that Young Griff is a Descendant of House Blackfyre

I have posted before on the True Identity of Young Griff (where I tried to be as impartial as possible in listing most of the major evidence for his possible identities). But in this post, I wanted to focus on the Blackfyre evidence and see what sticks out to other users.
If you are unaware of the theory, it is that Young Griff is not actually Aegon VI Targaryen and is actually an imposter from House Blackfyre (who rebelled 5+ times over the last century and were extinct in the male line).
House Blackfyre descends from Daemon I Blackfyre (aka the King who bore the Sword) who gave us 7 sons before perishing on the Redgrass Field.
Note: I am well aware that some of these can be taken as support for Young Griff being legit as well, but that is not what this post is about.
Illyrio's Quotes
"How did you convince the Golden Company to take up th-e cause of our sweet queen when they have spent so much of their history fighting against the Targaryens?"
Illyrio brushed away the objection as if it were a fly. "Black or red, a dragon is still a dragon. -ADWD, Tyrion II
"Some contracts are writ in ink, and some in blood. I say no more." -ADWD, Tyrion II
Meta Timing
When you look at the timing of when the Blackfyres were added to the story and the amount of foreshadowing GRRM immediately started throwing in:
If interested: A Feast for Crows: The Golden Company/Dance with Dragons II
The Specification of the "Male" Line Ending
We are told twice that the male line died, nothing about the female line:
When Maelys the Monstrous died upon the Stepstones, it was the end of the male line of House Blackfyre." -ADWD, Tyrion II
Daemon Blackfyre's surviving sons fled to Tyrosh, their mother's home, and with them went Bittersteel. The realm would continue to be troubled by the claims of the Blackfyre Pretenders for four more generations, until the last of the descendants of Daemon Blackfyre through the male line was sent to the grave. -TWOIAF, The Targaryen Kings: Daeron II
If interested: Tying up some loose ends in House Blackfyre
The Black Dragon Spotted with Rust
"Is the dragon sign still there?" asked Podrick.
"No, When the smith's son was an old man, a bastard son of the fourth Aegon rose up in rebellion against his trueborn brother and took for his sigil a black dragon. These lands belonged to Lord Darry then, and his lordship was fiercely loyal to the king. The sight of the black iron dragon made him wroth, so he cut down the post, hacked the sign into pieces, and cast them into the river. One of the dragon's heads washed up on the Quiet Isle many years later, though by that time it was red with rust. The innkeep never hung another sign, so men forgot the dragon and took to calling the place the River Inn. -AFFC, Brienne VII
The 6 Cherry Trees at Illyrio's Manse
A somewhat recent find by u/Baelbard is Underrated FAegon hint in which we see at Illyrio's manse:
Beneath his window six cherry trees stood sentinel around a marble pool, their slender branches bare and brown. A naked boy stood on the water, poised to duel with a bravo’s blade in hand. He was lithe and handsome, no older than sixteen, with straight blond hair that brushed his shoulders. So lifelike did he seem that it took the dwarf a long moment to realize he was made of painted marble, though his sword shimmered like true steel. -ADWD, Tyrion I
Which could symbolize the failure of each of the Blackfyre rebellions (5 previous and upcoming), especially when coupled with what u/Mithras_Stoneborn found:
Illyrio smiled as his serving men spooned out bowls of black cherries in sweet cream for them both. -ADWD, Tyrion II
and it may be nothing but it should note that Illyrio does use food grown in his own gardens:
The garlic is from my own gardens.” -ADWD, Tyrion II
Dany's Visions
Dany is shown a false/mummer's dragon in visions in the HotU and Quaithe's warning:
A cloth dragon swayed on poles amidst a cheering crowd. -ACOK, Daenerys IV
"A dead man in the prow of a ship, a blue rose, a banquet of blood . . . what does any of it mean, Khaleesi? A mummer's dragon, you said. What is a mummer's dragon, pray?"
"A cloth dragon on poles," Dany explained. "Mummers use them in their follies, to give the heroes something to fight." -ACOK, Daenerys V
"No. Hear me, Daenerys Targaryen. The glass candles are burning. Soon comes the pale mare, and after her the others. Kraken and dark flame, lion and griffin, the sun's son and the mummer's dragon. Trust none of them. Remember the Undying. Beware the perfumed seneschal."
"Dragons," Moqorro said in the Common Tongue of Westeros. He spoke it very well, with hardly a trace of accent. No doubt that was one reason the high priest Benerro had chosen him to bring the faith of R'hllor to Daenerys Targaryen. "Dragons old and young, true and false, bright and dark. -ADWD, Tyrion VIII
Maybe you are on the fence and are waiting to see if Illyrio does indeed hold Blackfyre (the ancestral sword of House Targaryen) and is planning to arm Young Griff with it.
While Dark Sister's last known location is with Bloodraven at the Wall, Blackfyre (the ancestral sword of House Targaryen that was held by every king from Aegon I to Aegon IV) was last seen with Bittersteel.
From a 2005 reading of Tyrion II:
"Illyrio says he wants to give Young Griff his blessings and has a gift for him in the chests. Haldon tells him there is no time for the litter. Illyrio gets angry and says there are things Griff must know. ... Haldon eyes Tyrion and then begins to speak in another language. Tyrion cannot tell what it is but think it might be Volantene. He catches a few words that come close to High Valyrian. The words he catches are, queen, dragon, and sword."
If interested: Potential "Targaryen" Items Acquired by Illyrio Mopatis
Again, I want to reiterate that while Young Griff = Blackfyre is something I am quite confident in, it is in no way even almost canon (like say R+L=J, etc.) as I can come up with a counterpoint to all of the above and as I linked in the first post, there is plenty of potential evidence to the contrary.
TLDR: A list of some of the potential evidence for Young Griff being a descendant of House Blackfyre. What piece of potential "evidence" above confirms it for you or was it something I missed? Just curious as to what stuck out to users as the moment or quote when you decided that he was likely a Blackfyre.
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2023.06.08 14:15 SiD_23_ Opened 2 400 nth metal packs, got one Metal Merciless and other this card, is he any good ?

Opened 2 400 nth metal packs, got one Metal Merciless and other this card, is he any good ? submitted by SiD_23_ to InjusticeMobile [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 14:12 smarzipan I recently got a puppy, and here are the names that got thrown around, what do you think?

We didn’t really want traditional dog names, and don’t typically like human names for dogs. (And very much enjoy food names)
Girl names:
Boy names: - Pippin - Cosmo - Milo - Bramble - Rocket - Wicket - Waffles - Ajax - Bourbon
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2023.06.08 14:12 Zentaurios ZentaMints and More News about Crypto and the SEC - ZentaNews 6–8–2023

ZentaMints and More News about Crypto and the SEC - ZentaNews 6–8–2023
ZentaMints by: Zentaurios
Zentaurios introduces Zenta Mints, the social minting platform for token gated content monetization. #ZentaMints is the latest addition to Zentaurios utilities that allows Zentaurios creators to create con…
FCA to require ‘risk warnings’ on crypto as UK tightens regulation by: Web3 GrandPappa
FCA to require ‘risk warnings’ on crypto as UK tightens regulation Crypto firms face advertising risk warnings, referral bans, and a 24-hour cooling off period under new FCA rules….
Cathie Wood says SEC scrutiny into Binance will reduce competition for Coinbase by: Web3 GrandPappa
Ark Invest’s Wood says that while Binance is in hot water with the SEC for fraud, Coinbase has not been accused of any criminal activity….
SEC filings reveal testimony of former Binance.US CEOs by: Web3 GrandPappa
SEC filings reveal testimony of former Binance.US CEOs The filings contain portions of the testimony given by Catherine Coley and Brian Brooks about their experience in leading Binance.US and the main hurd…
Binance US removes 100+ advanced trading pairs amid SEC scrutiny by: Web3 GrandPappa
Some of the affected trading pairs included assets the SEC had classified as securities in its lawsuit against Binance.US…
Nansen data shows nearly $600M in outflows at Binance, Coinbase by: Web3 GrandPappa
Nansen said funds leaving Binance and Coinbase were much lesser than it observed 24 hours after Binance was sued by the SEC…
SEC alleges Binance sent Paxos nearly $20B in commingled funds via Merit Peak in 2021 by: Web3 GrandPappa
SEC alleges Binance sent Paxos nearly $20B in commingled funds via Merit Peak in 2021 An SEC official alleged Binance commingled funds in bank accounts that was used to send Paxos nearly $20 billion in 20…
Sora Ventures leads $1.5M funding round for Bitcoin Startup Lab by: Web3 GrandPappa
Sora Ventures leads $1.5M funding round for Bitcoin Startup Lab Bitcoin Startup Lab is a pre-accelerator firm looking for innovators to develop the Bitcoin Web3 economy….
Virtual Real Estate Fever Spreads: Upland Expands to Berlin, Unveiling New Opportunities by: Web3 GrandPappa
In the ever-evolving landscape of blockchain-based gaming, Upland has emerged as a leader in virtual property trading games that continue to captivate audiences with continued innovation, growth, and featu…
Ron Paul Warns Fiscal Responsibility Act Will Erode US Dollar Value, Hasten Loss of Reserve Currency Statusby: Web3 GrandPappa
Former U.S. Representative Ron Paul has warned that the Fiscal Responsibility Act, recently signed into law by President Joe Biden, will escalate government spending, debt, and deficits. It will also… read…
JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon Urges Against Challenging US Dollar’s Reserve Currency Status by: Web3 GrandPappa
JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon has urged against challenging the U.S. dollar’s reserve currency status amid the ongoing de-dollarization trend globally. “The United States is the fundamental foundation of …
HeartThrob at the Battle Dome by: HeartThrobFAE
A fun story expressing my time with some of the most amazing friends I have. I am not much of a singer, or rapper. The moral I present is that it is ok to embarrass ones self for the quality time together …
The Bitcoin Rich List: An In-Depth Look at the Largest Bitcoin Wallets in Existence Since 2014 by: Web3 GrandPappa
Over the past decade, several bitcoin wallets have been named the largest in existence. However, since 2021, Binance has controlled the largest bitcoin address, which currently holds 248,597 BTC and is wor…
Janet Yellen Urges Congress to Enact Stricter Regulations for Crypto Industry Amid SEC Shakedown by: Web3 GrandPappa
In a recent statement, former U.S. Federal Reserve chair and current Treasury secretary, Janet Yellen, expressed her desire for Congress to enact more regulatory measures concerning the cryptocurrency indu…
Volcano Energy Secures $250 Million Investment For Renewable Energy Mining Project by: Web3 GrandPappa
Volcano Energy, an El Salvador renewable energy mining project, has attracted $250 million in funding. Volcano Energy, a groundbreaking renewable energy mining project in El…
OKX Partners With Komainu To Enable Customers To Conduct Secure 24/7 Trading by: Web3 GrandPappa
OKX, the world’s second-biggest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, has partnered with digital asset storage startup Komainu, enabling institutional customers to retain their crypto in the Nomura-ba…
Developers Will Build Apple’s Metaverse by: Web3 GrandPappa
Apple loves developers, and developers love it back. In fact, the company loves devs so much it created a conference for them, which has now become its biggest platform for it to launch its greatest new pr…
Blue chip collaterals help stabilize NFT lending: Paraspace by: Web3 GrandPappa
According to a recent report published by nonfungible token (NFT) money market protocol Paraspace and multichain wallet BitKeep, the current amount of NFT borrowing and lendi…
Algus Profundus: Protector of the Deep by: HeartThrobFAE
Algus Profundus is a seaweed monster and loyal friend of Poseidon, god of the sea. He senses a disturbance caused by a metal ship drilling into the ocean floor, and sees humans inside looking for something…
“Welcome to The Access Age” at Kingfisher’s Corner™ Ep 31
Shared By: Will T
Jun 8 9:00 AM — Jun 8 10:00 AM
Twitter Space
What is fair opportunity finance and why should I care?
View Full Page and Share
#Zentaurios Zenta News #Web3Media #ZentaPost #ZentaNews
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2023.06.08 14:12 UnihornWhale life over law

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2023.06.08 14:09 Adventurous-Piece260 Karen of the year

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2023.06.08 14:07 Retrospectrenet Top 20 names in Saskatchewan, Canada in 2023 so far

Why should you care what a bunch of gappers are naming their kids? Saskatchewan seems to be the only official name database that updates monthly. Here are the top 20 names for babies born in 2023 so far.
Rank Girl Boy
1 Emma Oliver
2 Ava Jack
3 Isla Liam
4 Sophia Leo
5 Aurora Noah
6 Ivy Ethan
7 Abigail Theodore
8 Ella Hudson
9 Scarlett Levi
10 Annie Bennett
11 Brielle Silas
12 Emily Benjamin
13 Evelyn Brooks
14 Harper Rhett
15 Hazel William
16 Lily Bowen
17 Wren Charles
18 Eleanor Jackson
19 Ellie John
20 Maryam Lincoln
Granted, the top name only represents 16 kids and the 20th only 6 kids, but interesting anyway. Saskatchewan's population is about 1.2 million.
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2023.06.08 14:06 Actually_Vyror 27 [M4F] What did the cat wearing an owl mask say?

Me-owl! :D I got plenty more jokes where that came from! :D
The names Aaron, it's nice to meet you. I am 27M from Kentucky USA. 2023 is officialy at the half way point (wasnt it just starting?), and my loneliness meter keeps filling up. While I enjoy my alone time, and overall am quite content with my life, I still feel the urge for companionship. To have that special someone I can share things with, or spend time with. Maybe you're reading a book or playing a game, when I suddenly burst through the door cause I found a tiktok of a cute puppy to show you. I want moments like that. I'm not the best at speaking about myself, so I have compiled a small list. (Yay for lists!) Information provided below: -Video Games: this is my primary pass time. If I'm not at work, I'm usually playing video games on PC. I enjoy a wide variety from shooters, strategy, RPG, and MMOs. I an a coward though, so not much horror. Currently been playing lots of WoW and the new Steet Fighter 6. Will probably be checking out the new Diablo at some point too. Also play Apex on occasion even though I'm terrible at it. Reading: I love to read. Both novels and also manga. I'm always finding new stuff to add to my book shelves. I also quite enjoy finding new webtoons on my phone to read. Fantasy and Sci-Fi are my favorites. I also enjoy writing, always got new ideas in my head. Sleep: If left unattended, I can sleep like a sloth. Anime: although I don't watch as much anymore (it's easier to read manga) I'm still a huge anime fan. Some of my favorites are Code Geass, Monster, Steins Gate, FMAB, and Emmience of Shadow. Work: I do work a full time job, night shift. Thanks to that I own my own home and live a simple life. I make enough to pay my bills and buy stupid (but important) things. I swear I needed the treadmill, and those games, and those books on my shelf. Look if it helps I can read some of them to you :D Other: Obviously I enjoy listening to music, really any genre thats not country. I also enjoy memes and tiktoks. I could share tons of stuff that I think would make you smile or laugh! I'm not sure what else to put, but if you've read this far, thank you! If you're at all interested, feel free to message or chat me. And if not, I hope you have a wonderful day :D!
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2023.06.08 14:03 Musicjab Yeah, I really love Mukaku's backstory.

The entire thing feels like a ton of revelations that just make sense within the confounds of the story. Mukaku has understandable motivations while also being really good at playing the deceptive and scheming role. A lot of people are going to be disappointed over the fact that he is a charlatan, regardless of how strong he ends up being, but I like that a lot tbh.
Let's talk about the timeline;
Mukaku becomes part of a worm off-shoot that grew tired of being nothing but enforcers and decided to take over the entire operation.
The Connector ends them, although, one manages to survive/is spared.
Surviving member goes to the inside (knowing it started as a giant worm recruiting facility/Gu ritual) and enters hiding while also adopting a new name.
He proceeds to use a forgotten and niche martial art and calls it the Gaoh Style, while also creating a fake backstory for it. On top of that, he meets Kuroki master and exchanges a few techniques with the Kaiwan style of Karate as well as enters the kengan matches as a way to further the tales of the Gaoh style and possibly test new moves for it.
Tries to "unify" the Inside. His true goal being nothing but to mess with the Worm's influence on it as a fuck you to them. To that ends he adopts orphans from the Inside and trains them in the Niko style, an evolution of the Gaoh style.
He picks 7 kids to be Tokita Niko, a fake name he created, with rules based on his old organization. The kids who could not become Niko were forced into a Gu ritual, unfortunately for Gaoh, none of them survived.
Goes to the forest with the 7 Nikos and most of them die due to a conspiracy involving 2 Nikos. In the end, 2 survive and 1 goes missing. Gaoh abandons the surviving Niko after seeing that his creation, the Niko style, got leaked to the worm.
After an undisclosed amount of time, he raids worms cloning facilities, aware that they make clones for the Connector. He finds the latest one and destroys the lab, knowing that the worm is not going to stop, until they can capture Gaoh.
It all works pretty well and if you want to go back, it also makes the parallels in Ryuki vs Naidan better, as both were giving up their lives and their humanity for the sake of someone who could not care less about them.
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2023.06.08 14:02 Internal_Muscle_5426 Name for baby too similar to our dogs name?

My wife and I are expecting our firstborn son next month. The name that is a favorite of both of ours is Oliver or Ollie for short. The only thing holding us back is they our 7 year old dog’s name is Olive .. is this enough of a reason to not go with Oliver for our little boy?! Could get confusing but the dog won’t live forever… anyways what do you think?!
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2023.06.08 13:59 rotsihylop [WTS] Andromeda to Redeemer upgrade $60, Pack of 5 Constellation Taurus LTI $690, Glaive LTI $370, Endeavor Masterset 2018 LTI $1250 ◄ Many LTI ships and packs Inside ► Aurora LN SQ42+SC Game Package $65, Referral Code STAR-TGVR-RMW9, Subscribers

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Takuetsu Golden Herald 5 15
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2023.06.08 13:58 ape_hus The Only Living US Mass School Shooter Who Is Not Incarcerated

Today, we're diving into a chilling chapter of American history that shook a small town to its core. Grab a seat and buckle up because we're about to explore the haunting events surrounding the 1998 Westside Middle School shooting and how one of the perpetrators remains the only living American mass school shooter who is not incarcerated.
Before I get into this, I have a small favour to ask. This write up took a lot of time to research and is actually a script for my latest video. I was told by a someone to post it on reddit, and I would hugely appreciate it if you watched the video version instead. If you do not want to, or prefer reading, if you would you just like the video instead, so I know that people are enjoying my content. (Channel link is in bio) Okay, that is enough talk for now. Time to get right into it.
March 24, 1998, Jonesboro, Arkansas. A sleepy town nestled in the heart of the Bible Belt, known for its close-knit community and traditional values. But on that fateful day, darkness pierced the tranquillity, leaving an indelible mark on the town's history. Two young individuals, 13-year-old Mitchell Johnson and 11-year-old Andrew Golden, armed themselves and set in motion a plan that would unleash unimaginable horror. Their actions would forever alter the lives of those in their path. As the sun set on that grim night, a plan fuelled by darkness and malice was set into motion. Andrew Golden and Mitchell Johnson, armed with a disturbing arsenal of stolen weapons, loaded their mother's Dodge Caravan with camping supplies, snacks, and a chilling stash of firepower.
On the morning of March 24, 1998, the stage was set for the unimaginable. Deliberately missing their bus, the boys arrived late at Westside Middle School, concealed within the van. Moments later, chaos was unleashed. Pulling the fire alarm during fifth period, Andrew Golden ignited panic throughout the school. While his accomplice, Mitchell Johnson, seized the opportunity and disappeared into the nearby woods with the stolen weapons. As students and teachers streamed out of the school, confusion reigned. The initial moments were fraught with disbelief and uncertainty. The sound of gunfire pierced the air, shattering the innocence of that ordinary day. The horror unfolded as the boys opened fire on their unsuspecting classmates and educators. Reports emerged of desperate cries for help, mingling with the echoes of gunshots.
Amidst the chaos, acts of courage and selflessness emerged. Teacher Shannon Wright fearlessly shielded a wounded student with her own body, embodying the spirit of protection and sacrifice. Other students bravely guided their injured peers back inside the school's gymnasium, even as bullets ricocheted off the walls and bricks around them. Tragically, the lives of four students and one heroic teacher were senselessly cut short. Shannon Wright, Stephanie Johnson (no relation to Mitchell Johnson), Natalie Brooks, Paige Ann Herring, and Brittney Varner—each name a stark reminder of the human toll exacted by this heinous act. In the wake of the carnage, as the wounded fought for survival, the authorities moved swiftly.
Within a mere ten minutes, the police apprehended Golden and Johnson, preventing their escape and securing the van loaded with chilling evidence. The scale of the devastation became apparent—nine students and one teacher wounded, their lives forever marked by physical and emotional scars. Among them was Tristan McGowan, Andrew Golden's own cousin, a stark reminder of the tangled webs woven by tragedy. As the dust settled on the harrowing events of the Westside Middle School shooting, the legal system sought justice for the lives lost and shattered. Mitchell Johnson and Andrew Golden, among the youngest individuals ever charged with murder in the United States, faced a trial that would determine their fate.
During the trial, Johnson, with a heavy heart, expressed remorse and read a letter of apology to the families of the victims. He claimed that he had not intended to target anyone specifically, offering a glimpse into the complexities of his troubled mind. While awaiting trial, Johnson also penned a letter that revealed his deep sadness and offered prayers for the victims and their families. It conveyed a desire for people to someday know the "real" Mitchell, hinting at the layers of a troubled young soul hidden beneath the surface. Due to their age, Johnson and Golden were tried as juveniles. Found guilty of five counts of murder, they were sentenced to confinement until they reached the age of 21, the maximum sentence allowed by Arkansas law at the time. The severity of their actions prompted public outcry, with many calling for harsher penalties for juvenile offenders. Prosecutors acknowledged that, if not for their age, they would have sought the death penalty. However, the limitations of the law meant that the punishment did not align with the gravity of the crime.
Johnson and Golden were transferred to the Arkansas Juvenile Assessment & Treatment Center (AJATC), the state's most secure juvenile facility. There, they would serve their sentences, awaiting the day when they would be released back into society. August 11, 2005, marked Mitchell Johnson's 21st birthday—the day he was released from the Federal Correctional Institution in Memphis, after spending seven years behind bars. Andrew Golden, too, celebrated his 21st birthday on May 25, 2007, regaining his freedom after serving nine years in prison. Their release stirred debate, reigniting discussions about the appropriate sentencing and rehabilitation of juvenile offenders. The haunting question of whether their confinement truly served justice continues to linger.
Andrew Golden, the perpetrator of a tragic school shooting, lived a secretive life after his release from prison. He applied for a concealed weapon permit under a false name but was denied due to his criminal history. He resided in Missouri and attended college, but his exact whereabouts remain unknown. On July 27, 2019, Andrew Douglas Golden met an untimely demise. As he traveled along U.S. Route 167 in Independence County, Arkansas, a devastating collision occurred. A 2013 Chevrolet Tahoe veered out of its lane, crashing head-on into Golden's 2017 Honda CRV. The collision claimed the lives of both Golden and the driver of the Chevrolet, Daniel Petty of Essex, Missouri. Meanwhile, Golden's wife, another adult, and his son sustained injuries and were transported to hospitals in Little Rock and Batesville. At the time of his tragic death, Golden was residing in Jackson, Missouri, leaving behind a legacy entwined with pain and the profound consequences of his past actions.
Mitchell Johnson, once entangled in the devastating Westside Middle School shooting, found himself mired in legal troubles in the years that followed. A series of incidents painted a troubling picture of a life marred by criminal behavior and addiction. It all began on January 1, 2007, when Johnson was arrested during a routine traffic stop in Fayetteville, Arkansas. The authorities discovered a loaded pistol and 21.2 grams of marijuana in his possession. Johnson, accompanied by the driver Justin Trammell, who himself had a dark past, was taken into custody. Johnson's subsequent legal journey unfolded with twists and turns. He was indicted by a federal grand jury in October 2007 for possessing a firearm while using or addicted to a controlled substance. Despite maintaining his innocence, Johnson was found guilty after a trial in January 2008. However, legal troubles continued to plague him. In a disheartening turn of events, just days after his conviction, Johnson was arrested again, this time for possession of marijuana and suspicion of using a stolen credit card. The pattern of illegal behavior persisted, casting a shadow over any hope of redemption. In September 2008, Johnson faced sentencing for the weapon and drug charges. US District Judge Jimm Larry Hendren expressed disappointment, remarking that Johnson had squandered the opportunity to reform. Johnson received a four-year prison sentence.
However, Johnson's legal woes were far from over. On October 7, 2008, he pleaded guilty to a felony theft charge and misdemeanor possession of marijuana, admitting to stealing a debit card and using it to purchase a meal at a local Burger King. As a result, he received an additional sentence of 12 years. The legal system continued to render judgment upon Johnson. In January 2009, he was sentenced to six more years in prison for charges of theft by receiving and financial identity fraud, stemming from his use of the stolen card. Circuit Judge William Storey expressed hope that this would mark the end of Johnson's criminal path. The combined state sentences amounted to a total of 18 years for Johnson. However, his journey through the justice system was not yet complete. In February 2010, the Arkansas Supreme Court granted Johnson leave to appeal his sentence, asserting that evidence of his juvenile convictions should not have been admitted during the trial.
Ultimately, Johnson served his federal sentence of four years after completing his 18-year state sentence. In July 2015, he was released into the custody of the United States Probation Office for the Southern District of Texas, where he entered a drug rehabilitation program, according to reports. Mitchell Johnson's troubled journey after the Westside Middle School shooting has left an indelible mark on his life and the lives of others. Today, he stands as the only living American mass school shooter who is not incarcerated, a fact that raises profound questions about justice and the complexities of our legal system. After serving his time for the tragic events of 1998, Johnson's life took a dark and troubling turn. His subsequent encounters with the law, including weapon possession, drug charges, theft, and identity fraud, painted a picture of ongoing struggles and repeated run-ins with the justice system.
The fact that Mitchell Johnson remains free, while other perpetrators of similar acts are incarcerated, raises challenging ethical and legal debates. It shines a spotlight on the complexities of rehabilitation, punishment, and society's expectations for justice. The case of Mitchell Johnson serves as a sombre reminder of the lasting impact of mass school shootings. It prompts us to reflect on the profound responsibility we bear as a society to prevent such tragedies and to support those affected by them. The legacy of the Westside Middle School shooting will forever haunt the community and the families affected by it. It serves as a constant reminder that we must remain vigilant in our efforts to foster a safer, more compassionate world.
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