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Beginner-Friendly Fitness Classes

2023.05.09 01:36 kellyscon Beginner-Friendly Fitness Classes

I'd like to try a fitness class but not sure where to start. I'm not out of shape but not athletic either - My goal is to build stamina while also lose a little weight. I'm also looking at this as an opportunity to develop a new hobby outside of work, so I'm open to trying anything from cycling to pure barre. So far I've looked into lunar cycle, pure barre, aerial fitness, and CKO kickboxing but I'm struggling to decide. Curious if anyone has recommendations on fitness classes in the Northeast GR area that were beginner-friendly (bonus points for places where you found it easy to meet friends too!) Thanks!
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2023.01.23 20:59 idontlikeolives91 Some gym suggestions for suburban peeps

Hello there!
I am currently living in Center City but will be moving in with my partner, who lives in Glenolden, in late April. I currently kickbox at CKO kickboxing and love it, but I just can't continue to make my way there for my early morning workout once I move. I did a cursory search, but couldn't find a kickboxing gym near Glenolden. Is there a place nearby that offers kickboxing classes? I also enjoyed ballroom dancing when I did that in college and would be willing to do those types of classes instead of kickboxing if they are unavailable. I know this is technically the 'burbs but I'm hoping someone can help out!
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2022.08.13 21:50 phoenicianguy Any good cardio kickboxing gyms?

Former CKO member. The gym offered frequent classes specialized mainly in cardio kickboxing. I see Title Boxing and some martial arts gyms that have kickboxing offered, but the classes don't appear to be frequent enough for my schedule. What I liked about CKO was that there was an emphasis on skill while most of the 1 hr classes had you moving consistently so it offered great cardio conditioning. Really efficient 1 hr workout. And the bags allowed for intermediate to advanced skillset usage, unlike Hoping there are some gyms similar to CKO? Title Boxing seems to be the closest so far but more boxing focused, which isn't bad at all. I haven't tried 9round yet.
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2022.03.05 19:32 curiousmind0609 Kickboxing classes?

What are some of the best kickboxing classes in San Diego? Have heard of ILKB, CKO, the bxng club.
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2021.11.16 16:28 MrFlecker Any good kickboxing options?

Want to try kickboxing and I’ve read a few not so great things about CKO. Anyone have any recent experience with them?
There also seems to be a class at JC Taekwando & Kickboxing.
Both have Groupons. Not sure if there are other options. Mostly interested for cardio but I’m also very interested in form.
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2021.09.10 17:52 Jaimegn Kickboxing in UES

Hi guys! Recently moved into the city (used to live in JC) and I’ve been looking for a kickboxing gym near upper east side, but I can’t seem to find any. I used to go to CKO in JC and I absolutely loved it. Is there anything like it near the area? Thank you!!
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2021.05.10 02:26 kt737454638 Kickboxing - some advice?

I want to try kickboxing (might wait a bit longer for safety but hoping soon) but could use a little direction. I’m not sure if I need a gym/cardio kickboxing or a martial arts studio setting. I’m primarily doing this to release some stress. I want a workout too but doesn’t necessarily need to be cardio kickboxing to accomplish that (and is secondary to the stress component). I’d also at some point like to learn a little self-defense - I initially had separated that objective from this one, but I’ve realized I can accomplish that simultaneously depending which route I go.
I would need to be able to start pretty slow; I’m intimidated by trying to keep up in a fast paced class but a bit self conscious about a lot of person to person interaction at a smaller studio too. I don’t think CKO or ILK have survived, and I don’t know anything about any of the martial arts places nearby.
Does anyone, especially a person with some knowledge/experience, have some advice for me? If you have a specific martial arts studio to recommend (closer to the Ditmars side is preferable), I’d love to know about price and what it would feel like for a beginner, along with how it might suit me based on what I’ve described above. Thank you!!
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2021.01.17 23:13 RaunchyRicer Not sure what kind of class/gym to join

I've been wanting to get back into martial arts, specifically a dutch kickboxing style. Reason why is because I still have good flexibility from 6ish years of tkd experience as a kid (Now 22) and I also love the subtleness of high-level boxing. Problem is, in my area you can generally only find boxing, Muay Thai, and franchise kickboxing locations like CKO and TITLE (Which I assume are 'cardio kickboxing' classes). There are some MMA gyms in my area that advertise "kickboxing" but don't go into much detail after that, so I guess I could contact them and ask about it.
I know Muay Thai is kickboxing, but I prefer the dutch style more because boxing is a much more prominent aspect of the style. Another reason is that I really don't know how I feel about potentially taking an elbow to the face knowing the kind of damage it can cause.
Should I keep searching for the specific style I want to learn or should I bite the bullet and just try out one of the other options and see how it goes? If anyone can point me in the right direction or shine some light where I may be wrong then please do, I'd really appreciate it.
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2020.06.27 01:51 chelsali2 9Round/Kickboxing??

Hello! Looking for advice from anyone who’s done 9Round/CKO/other non-contact kickboxing through pregnancy. I had been doing it for about a year before getting pregnant. I’m 11w5d now and stopped for the last couple of months because of COVID. My gym is back open and my trainer is letting me come in during the “lunch break” so at most there are only 2 other people and we are all 2-3 stations apart. I’ve worked out 3x this past week, they’ve been great about modifying any crunching and I’ve felt better overall than I have the last 3 months.
Today while doing front kicks though, I realized it could be a little jarring. I have an appointment on Wednesday so I’ll be asking my doctor but wanted to see if anyone had experience. I would love to continue to do these workouts throughout pregnancy especially because I can monitor heart rate and modify any exercises easily. Any advice/experience is welcome! Thanks
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2020.06.18 14:11 madsheb How CKO Kickboxing in Newark Strives to Survive with Virtual Classes

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2020.06.02 15:36 UrGettingMadOnline Trained Individual’s Honest Review of 9rounds

Age: 29 Sex: M Weight: 183 Bfat: 11-13%
10 years tracked lifting (14 years total), BJJ (1 year), Boxing (6 years), and Kickboxing (2 years).
Took a free class at two different locations to see what it was about it since my younger cousin is into these kind of things.
9rounds is a 30minute workout comprised of 9 rounds of 3min each (30s between sets where you stay warmed up).
Trainers are encouraging and keep people going. This is great if you struggle with self-motivation (though it should NEVER replace attempts to motivate yourself).
Equipment such as dumbbells, kettlebells, Mats, and heavy bags are all in good shape
Convenient (somewhat). The hours of operation are a bit short, but you can jump into a workout almost anytime you want when open since each round is only 3min
Form is not taught or is poorly taught. Can lead to a lot of injuries which derail long term and short term physical health. Poor form and 3min speed rounds? High risk.
Costs more than a gym and locks into long contract terms.
Felt like glorified cardio.
You will build VERY little mass unless you do weightlifting on your own. If you want to burn fat, DIET > WEIGHTLIFTING > CARDIO.
Overall, I think it’s just another fad to waste money on like CKO or CrossFit (although CrossFit will at least build mass at the cost of long term health).
*for ladies that are afraid of gaining mass... no, you won’t look like a body builder.. you’re going to get lean muscle and look better. If you need evidence, go to your local gym and you’ll see the people on the treadmill 24/7 look the same and the women that know to lift make massive improvements.
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2020.02.21 14:13 JMusz109 Looking for classroom style gyms

Henlo, me again looking for ALL the recommendations.
I've been living in Jersey City for a little over a month and it's time to get back to some level of fitness for my wedding in September, and to maybe to make a couple friends along the wayy. I tried CKO kickboxing and while it was fun, I'm not 100% sold yet. Has anyone/does anyone go to 150 Bay CrossFit? Do you recommend anywhere else to try in Jersey City? 😁
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2019.12.15 00:13 iamalive12345 Overextering yourself/exercise induced nausea

Hi! First time poster long time lurker.
Today I took a kickboxing class for the second time in my life. One of those CKO kickboxing classes.
In the past six months, I've improved my physical fitness quite a bit. I lost 30 pounds, I completed a c25k and now run 3 to 4 times a week for at least 30 minutes. I still have 40 more pounds I would like to lose and increase my fitness--prinarily stamina and strength. I also strength train as not to get injured once or twice a week.
I did so much better during this kickboxing class than the ones years ago. I was ready to do the two laps in between sets of punching and kicking and strength training. But around 40 minutes into the 50 minute class I got really over heated and had to escape to the bathroom. I threw up then returned to class and instantly felt better.
I didnt eat anything this morning and didnt have enough water. I truly believe I just over exerted myself as I'm not used to HIIT. I do IF so perhaps I shouldn't in the future for hiit.
Looking for any advice about pacing yourself, exercise induced nausea and also kickboxing. Despite getting sick, I enjoyed the workout and felt instantly better.
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2019.10.24 01:51 wehosh CKO kickboxing group, does anyone have reliable information on them?

So I live in the middle of nowhere where this is a whole lot of nothing, and what little there is here is also conveniently closed on weekends. Except the CKO Gym I found. I'm interested in attending to learn about kick boxing. However, in well aware that self defense gyms of all stripes are well deluded with black belt mills, and I'd imagine it would be the same for kick boxing. Can anyone vouch for this group?
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2019.03.08 02:03 codemythought cko kickboxing franchise cost

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2019.01.10 18:40 kaitgarrison103 Is kickboxing for me?

I’m looking to get into kickboxing (or any type of work out class other than the gym) but I’m not sure it’ll be good for me because I’m out of shape. Looking at CKO kickboxing in Lyndhurst, NJ. Anyone got any recommendations or have gone to that one and hated it?? Thank you!
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2018.12.19 17:39 JCTransplant Anyone regularly go to CKO?

Looking to start kickboxing in JC and have a friend who worked for CKO in Brooklyn and loved it. Has anyone here had good or bad experiences at the JC CKO? What's the monthly cost like? Are the gloves that come with the "3 classes and glove for $20" promotion usable or should I buy a good pair right away? Thanks in advance for any info!
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2018.12.04 21:30 Pritykin Kickboxing Gloves for bags

I am new to Kickboxing and started to go to my local gym (CKO) to get into shape and also start somewhere with kickboxing. I want to purchase gloves and not sure which oz to go with?

I am 5"6 165lbs, I know glove charts appear to go after weight, but I am also not a tall person :D (clearly overweight). Should I go with 12oz or 14oz gloves?
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2018.08.28 18:19 spreadthenews1 Eric LeGrand - CKO Kickboxing Event

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2018.07.28 22:14 maynoeed Kickboxing Instructor - CKO Kickboxing Emerson - Emerson, NJ

Kickboxing Instructor - CKO Kickboxing Emerson - Emerson, NJ CKO Kickboxing Emerson is looking for highly motivated, certified instructors to teach a one hour cardio-kickboxing class and possibly offer personal training.... From Indeed - Sat, 28 Jul 2018 19:23:51 GMT - View all Emerson, NJ jobs
[[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] *** To Apply To This Job: * Enter your details such as: *Personal Details *Education Details *Professional Details *Skills *Activate Your Account Via Both Email & PHone Number.
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2017.10.30 19:18 homesearcher112 Martial Arts for beginner adults?

Have been to a few heavy bag boxing classes at my gym. It's a fun workout, and I'm sweating, and I want to go beyond just punching a bag.
I've always wanted to start martial arts -- for fitness, fun, and life skills. I think its time to give it a try.
I'm in my late 30s, overweight, but been hitting the gym 3-5x/week for the past 8 months.
I'd rather the class focus on technique / drills than general conditioning -- as I already get fitness by running / lifting / classes at my gym (so no need to pay for a martial arts class if its mostly about conditioning).
I think it would be great if this could progress to sparring at some point (from youth to a few years ago I played ice hockey so used to padded contact at lesser level than fighting).
It's possible this becomes a new hobby or I get bored after a few sessions.
Any advice? Looks like most martial arts places have a free trial. Should I just spend 2 months taking a trial class at all the places around, and then seeing what I like?
Would definitely prefer to be surrounded by like minded adults (beginner / intermediate, easy going)
Should I give UFC gym a try (would suck to pay a second gym membership though as I don't see myself cancelling my existing membership).
Update: Wow, this is alot of responses! Thanks!!! I went to a kickboxing class (heavy bag) yesterday at CKO. It was a good, intense workout,. They offered a month for $30, so I just took it. I don't plan on staying there past the month as I want to advance beyond striking a bag, but I figured its a good starting point to get some more punching, kicking practice and high intensity workouts in. Next month, will switch to trying classes at the BJJ, Krav, real kickboxing places.
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2017.10.15 18:02 NJatc212 It's amazing what you can do with a little free time and a lot of effort.

I am reposting this with a lot more information. My original post was too short. Apologies reddit. Here's my redo:
Love this sub and always looked to it for inspiration. Finally decided to post.
I've always struggled with my weight. It got its worst during a stressful 2 years of grad school (pictured left, approx 265). Once I got out into the real world and actually had a little bit of free time and a schedule that worked for me, I really focused. I joined a kickboxing gym and ate healthy for 6 months. The right is the result (225).
Edit : Some more content
I was encouraged to share more details in hopes it helps someone else in this sub. My bad on the short original post (blame it on it being my first time [insert joke about doing the sex]).
I was always the overweight kid growing up. Not enough where it didn't keep me from participating in sports or having an active social life, but enough to always feel self conscious about myself in groups. I was the kid who didn't want to go in the pool at pool parties because I hated taking my shirt off.
College hit and the freshman 15 was more like the freshman 30. Then I moved into a house with some friends and drinking was an all too common occurrence often times followed by slices of buffalo chicken pizza slices at 2 am.
It seemed like every summer I would attempt a diet and try and do some cardio, whether it was just going to the park and playing basketball or hitting the treadmill. I would always have small improvements but never enough to really notice much. By the time the first month of the fall semester was over, I'd be back to where I started.
Enter grad school. I commuted every day to class followed by a clinical assignment at another location and by the time I would get home it would be time for homework and sleep. Add on the fact that I was living off of student loans, it was a recipe (pun intended) for horrible eating habits. I think i would order Papa Johns weekly because it was the most bang for my buck. The first picture is me during the fall of my second year of grad school. Stress was at an all time high. Bad meals were an all the time occurance. Self-esteem at an all time low.
Fast forward 2 years or so. Working at a ridiculous pace in a high stress environment didn't really help my cause. I probably hovered around the same weight for those years.
Last year, everything started to come together. I moved into a role at work that was much closer to a normal routine. I had a lot more free time. I made the decision that I wanted to work on my body. I was tired of being the overweight guy. Now, I've never been able to stick to being a member of a gym before. I would go regularly for 2 weeks then just stop. It was really easy for me to just get home from work, eat some chipotle and binge some thrones.
I needed to try a different kind of workout. A friend recommended a cko kickboxing gym near me and I gave it a shot. I was hooked. I found what I needed was somebody who was pushing me and giving me instruction throughout my whole workout. It was great, but I still wasn't seeing results.
I talked with a few other patrons at the gym and decided I needed to really focus on my diet. I entered a program with one of the trainers where I kept a daily food log and she evaluated it every week. She taught me what carbs to avoid, what proteins are best, how to cook them on your own, etc. Best decision of my life. Once I began a clean eating program the pounds flew off. The result of 6 months of clean eating is the picture on the right.
My advice to those out there struggling to lose the lbs. is to keep a food log and don't give up. You'll come to find that eating 3 slices of pizza becomes a lot harder to do when you have to write it down, look at it, then show it to someone else. While the exercise is important, it really is the diet that drives weight loss. I have had a few bad weeks here and there since then where I fell off the wagon. I stopped writing my food and got lazy with my choices (also would drink too much beer). The important thing is to realize it and get back in a routine.
I know not everyone has the luxury of going to a kickboxing gym or the time to prep meals but everyone can make baby steps. Eventually it gets easier. Cheers!
[For reference: I'm 28 and 6'2"]
Tl;Dr: Always overweight. Got it's worst in grad school. Eventually got a job with a normal schedule. Started going to kickboxing gym and writing a food log to keep track of clean eating.
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