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I Need Help Finding A Mechanical Engineering Internship Around West Chester, PA

2012.05.15 19:29 jpm374 I Need Help Finding A Mechanical Engineering Internship Around West Chester, PA


2017.03.28 04:33 td css

“I’m confident that Reddit could sway elections. We wouldn’t do it, of course. And I don’t know how many times we could get away with it. But, if we really wanted to, I’m sure Reddit could have swayed at least this election, this once.” - Reddit CEO

2023.03.27 02:56 Zenandchaos87 Dry needling issue.

35 Female 158lbs 5’2”, non-smoker, non-drinker, use D8 for sleep
I have chronic epicondylitis, going on 5 years. I have had steroid shots, prolotherapy, Tenex, now in physical therapy because I cannot seem to shake this. I had dry needling done two weeks ago in my forearm, this was the second time, the first time worked so well! This time I haven’t had much relief and my doctor hit a nerve in my arm while needling. I alerted him to the pain and he moved the needle but did not seem concerned. When I run my hand over the muscle he dry needled, I still feel the same sensation (slightly less intense) I felt when he hit the nerve, like a tiny jolt of electricity that goes down my arm and into my wrist. Should I be worried that this did long-term damage?
-As a side note; unfortunately, I’m a cake decorator (For 15 years) who is actively in search of another job and I’m about 20 applications in, no one ever calls me. Who knew you had to have 9000 years of experience to be a receptionist 🙄 Not to downplay anyone’s work, but I truly find that it is very difficult to teach someone to cake decorate (especially if they don’t want to learn) and it just doesn’t strike me as that difficult to be a receptionist. Maybe I’m wrong? I have years of customer service experience, including management, and I can’t even get a chance at an interview. It’s so frustrating working a job that is causing me physical pain and I can’t seem to break out of it. I’m 35, live with my SO and have a mortgage and car payment, etc, so taking a pay cut is impossible. What’s a person to do?
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2023.03.27 02:56 lunadamalia It seems to me like when I was looking for a job, everyone is looking for young but experienced people

Hiiiii recomend me some subreddits lowkarma friendly pleaseee.
I have been trying to post continuously for two days but without success. I'm getting demoralized
Sorry for my English.
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2023.03.27 02:55 lmdillo1 Who the hell is Angelos

I keep finding articles saying the exact same thing about Angelos. But here's the thing: Every single one of them is near identical, which makes me believe that the people who did articles on Angelos haven't studied her. That, and I can't find a reliable source mentioning her. So, could someone tell me who she is in mythology, or at least tell me a viable source.
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2023.03.27 02:55 IndecisiveTurtle- am i stupid to take my ex-boss’ behaviour personally?

I joined a job in December 2021. My boss at that time was the best manager I have ever had. We would talk about things like our hobbies, what we did over the weekend and she would be really open about it. She also invited me to vacations with another team ( I could not join as I had to take leaves a week after that and I could not afford the itinerary they were going for).
Anyways, the working environment wasn’t always ideal but we would still sit together weekly and try to navigate through stuff to make it better. She would also make plans to improve things in the future (tho her plans were delayed by the management).
Anyways, after a few months, she abruptly calls me one day to let me know she is moving to another team. I understand it was her decision and her career and no one owes anyone anything in the corporate world.
As she transitions to this new role, a lot of work gets dumped onto me. I communicate it to my new boss time to time that it is becoming unmanageable.
Now, she messages me over slack after every few weeks randomly, yet would abruptly stop replying altogether. She would ask me how am I doing yet won’t be as open as I am or would stop replying altogether.
Am I stupid to take this personally? I am thinking of switching up to her as well. It sucks because I really used to look up to her and turns out it was just her being a manager and could not give two shits. Lol.
Idk if this is relevant but I am a guy and she is a woman over 6-7 years older than me.
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2023.03.27 02:55 carverS54 Need of advice

Hey yall, so I have ben a lifeguard a pool for the past going on 4 years and was diagnosed arround My 3rd year working there.
I'm finally got to a point where my endo and I are switching me to the Tandem pump when I come back from college in may. With how excited I am because I always hated the shots and not eating stuff like deserts or multi course meals every once and a while, it is stressing me out about looking for a new job.
I really want some advice on what exactly I need to explain about diabetes to the employer as I know from the standpoint of "they would rather hire someone else who doesn't have ---- so they don't have to deal with it". I know jobs are supposed to accommodate but you know that is what they will think.
If you guys have follow up info, feel free to ask and I can respond
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2023.03.27 02:55 TheCrowWhispererX Remote jobs turning into On-site jobs

Twice now I’ve gotten right up to the final stage of interviewing (multiple interviews, flying me out for in-person interviews, glowing feedback, recruiters telling me an offer is likely imminent) only to have employers suddenly change a remote position to an on-site position. One was pre-pandemic and the other just happened. I’ve been fully remote for nearly a decade, and remote roles are not uncommon in my field, so this isn’t limited to any Covid trends. I think this has just been terrible luck, but I wish there was a way to suss this kind of thing out before pouring so much of my limited time into a job opportunity.
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2023.03.27 02:55 Icy-Kick4085 The last couple years have been ROUGH

I've been through . A marriage breakup , not by choice. . Him getting with someone else less than a week later, despite living with me for a further 9 months after our split. . Him making me entirely to blame, in the eyes of our kids, whilst they see him as perfect. . Several suicide attempts last year, wrong meds. Being an idiot. Thinking everyone was better without me here. . An ill fated dating attempt with an alcoholic for six long months . Being raped last November, mostly due to my own innocence and stupidity . Health scares this year, still ongoing . Being thrilled I finally got into uni st my advance age, then having to withdraw a few months later due to again bring an idiot and thinking I could do it all . Being put in last chance at work due to burnout . Wondering if boss is suddenly going to sack us all as he's been in south africa this week training new staff . Having to sell nearly everything of any value due to cost of living crisis I have no parents, no friends that aren't just work friends due to not working through marriage. Feel utterly alone and like I just have stopped coping.
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2023.03.27 02:55 becauseforfuck Windy City Rehab Thoughts

After watching Rock the Block I decided to watch Alison Victoria's show as I wasn't familiar with her work. Can anyone fill me in on what the deal is with her and her partner? I googled and he sued them, but their dynamic was a mess from the get go. During one of the first few episodes she calls him and he answers with "What do you want?". He's also rarely on-site. He complains that she blows through the budget with no regard, and it certainly looks that way. Anyhow, I'm only a few episodes in and would love to hear thoughts from people who watched multiple seasons. My first thought is that it does seem like budget is an afterthought for her. Which, if I were thinking of hiring her for a job, would be a big red flag for me.
TIA for thoughts and insights!
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2023.03.27 02:54 xyzlx I want open a bank account for my freelance business

I have one main question. When the bank asks me for my occupation, I have a full time job, but the income earned from my freelance business is separate and the only income I will be putting into this account will be from that. So under occupation should I say "self-employed" and add my job title? That is what seems to make the most sense to me since I'll only be using this for my freelance business.
Thank you in advance!
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2023.03.27 02:54 melancholy_town How do I deal with being newly disabled and dealing with AP’s?

So I have long COVID (for the past ~8 months) and a lot has changed in the past month.
Before this, I lived in my own condo and had an arrangement with parents who live 45mins away where they’d bring me food and drive me to appointments.
Because of my disability, I can’t really drive far or do long tasks like cooking and grocery shopping anymore with chronic fatigue and post exertional malaise. Like I can over-exert myself and try to do these things for myself but I might incapacitate myself for 1-3 days afterwards where I’d be in bed with all my muscles feeling like jelly.
For context, my mom abused me sexually, verbally, and emotionally, but my sister LOVES our parents and has moved back in.
Onto the changes in the past month. My grandma was found to be terminally ill and I came back to my parents’ place to see her. Like my parents drove me back to live at their place while grandma was having her last days. I won’t lie I didn’t really know my grandma well but figured I’d see her one last time and stuff.
Now that this has all blown over, I’m being held captive here and they won’t drive me back or go back to the previous arrangement anymore and sister is endorsing this, telling them to stop driving and cooking for me if I go back to my condo. So now I’m paying the bills for an empty condo I can’t use and my mental health has not been good since being here with parents for the past month.
Relatives are saying I should just rent out my condo and stay with my parents forever. I don’t want to. I love my condo and the privacy, freedom, and relaxation it gives me. It was my safe space and now I’m constantly getting jump scared awake by people who don’t understand insomnia in the name of “saving face” to people who literally don’t exist because “it looks bad to sleep in so late” which isn’t helping my recovery along with all the stress of being around them and I think I’m going insane.
Should I just KMS lol? Like, I feel useless and because I don’t LOOK disabled, people don’t believe me. Like, what do I even do with this life? I can’t hold down a job anymore bc of the neurological damage and I’m just running down my life savings living an unhappy life with family (especially sister) calling me ungrateful. I have about a year before my mortgage renews and I run out of liquid savings.
I have no friends who could help with the disability stuff so I’m SOL. Is there anything I can say like an excuse I can make to go back to the old arrangement or do I just resign myself to being miserable for the rest of my life until I KMS?
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2023.03.27 02:54 BlueEyesBroken 46 [M4F] #Houston, Tx - all I ask is you own a pair of tight fitting jeans and cowboy boots.

I’m looking for conversation and connection first and foremost to build something more upon. I’m a person that needs intellectual and emotional connection for the physical to really be next level.
My requirements are few. I like native Texas girls, I like a girl who owns and wears a pair of cowboy boots and I’m a sucker for a nice ass in a pair of tight fitting jeans.
Me: 46, divorced, two kids, single dad, house, car , job, etc.
I’m not looking to be a sugar daddy and I’m not looking to pay to play.
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2023.03.27 02:54 cstraw83 The Komainu Army is coming out of the ashes

Komainu token was launched back at the end of May and was off to a good start. That is until the community members who were running things showed their less than 100% dedication, and long story short, abandon the project for other interests. Luckily, a handful of members stuck around. And since the liquidity and contract control was sent to VB's wallet at launch, it didn't completely rug.
After much anticipation, we are launching a 100% community-owned project, KomainuX. This token will be a tax token that gives auto reflections of Ethereum on every buy, and do a true burn from the total supply on every sell. Also the remaining portion of the taxes will go to our community multi-cig wallet which will be used heavy for marketing. We've been here this whole time and we are not messing around. This is also the perfect time to be launching right when spring is starting. We know this is almost 10 months later now, but those of us who have stuck around are working stiffs, who were not able to make crypto our full-time job. However, as for me, back in january, sold the business I was running for 7 years. Since the end of the summer, I slowly made new socials and got a new website domain, etc. We finally partnered up with a technical team that can actually do the dev side of things for launch.
Our current token will still remain part of the community brand. We have special plans to get VB's attention so that he can renounce that contract to one of us. We will then update the profile on etherscan and do a full renounce of that token and keep it zero tax. For now though, we are moving forward with taking our brand to the next level with this 100% community-owned project that we are launching next week.
Our link tree has all the links you need for our telegram, twitter, etc. You can find it here:
Stop by our telegram sometime and you'll see the difference from 7-10 months ago. Condescending attitudes are not tolerated, positive vibes only!
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2023.03.27 02:54 Boogagloog27163 Job advice

This is a throwaway for personal reasons, but...
I have a pretty cool job, I like what I do and I am going to school to further my career however a few months ago I landed myself in some hot water with another coworker who has since found another place of employment.
This place is a really short commute and the pay is not bad and the schedule is pretty flexible with benefits. However, because of this past incident I feel incredibly anxious every day and it's causing me to be over stressed and ultimately give an IDGAF Attitude because I'm so worried that no matter what it will forever be an issue. It has me stressing and wondering if I should just leave (which I don't really want to) and cut my losses and try to find a higher paying job.
Reddit, tell me what you think?
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2023.03.27 02:54 throwRA-comm My bf (19M) and I (19F) want to work on our communication issues but dont know how

Obviously this is a throwaway, and also I know we’re young but please dont be rude, I just want advice.
My bf and I have been together for a bit over 6 months, but have been friends for nearly 4 years. This week I noticed he had been pretty distant, he would have this far away look all the time and wouldnt try very hard to have conversations. I asked him whenever i noticed but he always said he was just tired/stressed and would change the subject when i tried to talk about it. Last night we were having dinner with his family and some of his family friends. He barely talked and had that same barely there look, i kept asking him if he was ok but he said he was fine and didnt wanna talk about it. After dessert i asked if he wanted to go lay down for a bit and chill thinking he was just tired or overwhelmed from a long day.
After laying for a while watching TV, i noticed his heart was beating like crazy fast and i made a joke about it, but when i looked at him he looked like he was about to cry. I asked him what was going on and i could tell something was bothering him and he just broke down and said he didnt know if our relationship was working for him. we had a super long conversation that basically was him telling me stuff that he hadnt been able to ever tell me before and were the reason he had trust issues. in the end we agreed to slow down and try to work on our relationship and our communication, because both of us could admit we have issues with communication.
But i dont know how. can anyone give advice on how him and i can work on our communication issues and how i can help him trust me more? he says he knows i love him and would never hurt him, but because of stuff from past relationships he has a hard time working through his feelings. i genuinely think these are things we can work through. hes someone ive cared about for so long and i dont want to loose him over something fixable when we both want to try and fix it.
TLDR - my bf and i have communication issues and last night it came to a head when he told me about his trust issues and i wanna know how we can work on this to make our relationship better
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2023.03.27 02:54 nerdybyrdy Parents that don’t help

I know there’s a lot of talk of how boomers don’t babysit their grandkids the way we pretty much lived with our grandparents in summer or weekends etc etc. and it’s really been hitting home for me lately. My parents really love to see my kids when I bring them by to enjoy their cuteness. I have a four year old who my parents have babysit rarely and only if I really need them too. It FEELS like a huge inconvenience. Shouldn’t they want to see them. I have a newborn also. She’s super snuggly and good. I asked my mom way back at beginning of pregnancy if she would consider helping one day a week when I went back to work. She agreed and now she’s getting flaky and I just had to tell her to forget it because I can’t be flaky with my job. I had to put her in day care even though I wanted her to make it another couple months before we did that. I told my dad tonight I’m not just gonna bring them kids over for them to be cute for them while I do all the heavy lifting. I feel like there’s more responsibility of a grandparent than just that and if there’s not, then I don’t have to do all the heavy lifting of it so everyone else can enjoy them. I need a break too. I can hire a babysitter just fine but it would be nice if they had the interest. I want to stop feeling hurt that they don’t want to do that but I can’t stop feeling hurt over it. Just venting and wanted to see if anyone else feeling the same?
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2023.03.27 02:53 Tek466 21 [M4F] Illinois/ Anywhere - Hi! Feeling lonely and looking for a woman between the ages of 18-60 to form a close friendship with and perhaps something more flirty. [friendship] [relationship]

I’m Dylan, a 21 year old man from northeastern Illinois in the US.
Anyone around my age or older such as in their 30s or 40s or older is welcome to send me a chat if you are interested.
I’m seeking some kind of close connection with friendship being the main thing, however, I’m definitely open to things getting a bit spicier than that such as a friend with benefits, as I’ve been very affection starved lately and my sex drive has been pretty high.
Physically I'm 6ft tall, I'm average/slim build with hazel eyes and dark brown hair. I wear glasses too. There’s a picture or two on my profile.
I don’t have any preference on body type for whom I find attractive. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. I’m also attracted to people older than me as well, hence being so open to meeting people.
I’m currently living at home, trying to get a job at a warehouse but long term career goals so far is to do something in the electrical field/trades such as a fire alarm systems technician as I’m good with technical things like that. I’ve got older parents and I live on a main road in a small farm house so I’ve been feeling pretty lonely most of my life. I’ve listed some interests of mine below!
Now that we've established who I am and what I'm looking for, here are a few interests of mine to get to know me better!
• Fall/Autumn season
• Candles and Incense
• Music
I love genres such as classic rock, alternative rock, psychedelic rock, gothic rock, heavy metal, punk, post punk, hardcore, etc. My current favorite bands are The Cure and Joy Division/New Order. But I like tons of older and newer bands as well.
• Cooking and Baking
• Animals
• Art
• Houseplants
• Photography
That’s me! I hope you get a good taste of what I am like and if any of this catches your interest I’d love to hear from you and we can get to know each other further. Thanks for taking the time to read my post, hope to hear from you soon.
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2023.03.27 02:53 melvinmeeko [Need Advice] Study after long physical hour work

I want to learn french and a little bit of coding or 3D on my own, but there's something that I can't even managed to find a way out. I work 10 hours a day, wake up at 4.30 AM because I need to commute one and a half hour going to my workplace and going home, and when I get home, no matter how quick I am, I always arrive at my apartement at around 7.20 PM. I also need to take a bath, make a dinner, which I tried my best to finish it as quickly as possible, including washing dishes and doing some extra errands. I always finish all of that at around 9 PM and at this point, I am so tired and my brain feels like screaming to relax and take a rest. I also sleep at around 10.30 PM, otherwise I would have less than 6 hours sleep every weekdays and I always feel tired every weekdays eventhough I already drink coffee.
In my workplace, I can't use my phone at all, we're not allowed to sit, and we only have 2 15 minutes rest and one 30 minutes lunch, which I feel like time pass really quick all the time, even in lunch. Luckly I have 3 days off, meaning I can do anything in my free time and I'm using it to study french, learn new things, and just relaxing and taking care of myself. At this moment, unfortunately I can't change my job or I can't move my apartement near my workplace. I feel like wasting my weekdays everyday everytime. What can I do to manage my weekdays so I feel more productive and not wasting my time. Is there any way that I can be productive in the weekdays despite all of my conditions?
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2023.03.27 02:53 Disposedtendies I’m being threatened with “embezzlement charges”

This is going to be a fairly long read to give enough context for someone to give an educated decision. Please read and Help. The actual question is down at the bottom, the rest is just context and full of terrible grammar. Also written at 2am in Spain 😂
So let’s begin ! First things first, I’m on vacation currently and will be for 25 more days (this vacation has been planned for over a year to the EU).
So I was hired into an office position which then migrated into a do everything kind of position (COO). We are a small print shop doing 1-2 million a year. My day to day tasks were are follows:
Phone calls Scheduling Invoicing Online Estimating In person estimating Graphic design Installation Payroll Inventory ordering HR
Basically I’m managing an entire company and trying to do too many tasks and not really doing anything exceptionally well but well enough for us to exist and people to be happy.
I have a base hourly wage of $15.80/hr and a sales commission as follows:
6%(online bids/phone leads) 10%(any graphics work) 12% (anything I visit in person) 15%(self created lead not initiated by a client)
To give you an idea of how we normally bill a client: ie Material cost (pass through) $2 Labor (including markup)$6 Total install price $8 (taxes are not charged) Commission is taken on the entire amount.
So now let’s touch on the owner backstory!
The owner is a friends dad that I have known since I was a child. Around 2 years ago he stepped away from the day to day business operations and decided he was comfortable with me running the show and ok with the performance.
Fast forward to 2022 He works physically less than 2 weeks out of the year and answers phone calls when need needed from myself. His total comp package iaround $200k(Im unsure of all the benefits but I’ll list what I know below)
-Personal Car insurance -Gas -Random food -Workers doing work on home -Workers doing work on boat -Workers doing work on personal car -W2 50k -Girlfriend who doesn’t work w2 25k -401k match max contribution -owner draw 80k
Every single year around tax time the owner gets stressed and this year was the same, he stated that he should have made more and complained a little staying i was over compensated in his opinion. Then proceeded to tell me how the accountant wasn’t happy with how he was running his business and stated that things didn’t line up with past years etc (accountant has been doing his taxes for 20 years). 2021-2024 all leads were managed by me and because of this I sold a very very high percentage of total sales which would have normally gone to the owner if he was still working.
In the past I have made 40-50k in commissions pretty consistently using the pay structure listed above. Well last year I negotiated a warranty job for a new client that appeared to have an in-warranty product that was denied by the manufacturer. I negotiated directly with the manufacturer using relationships I developed and leveraged that to get the project covered. The pay structure the company and the manufacturer developed was hugely profitable. The job was ran as a normal job however we only billed the warranty/manufacturer labor as they provided materials.
My commissions i figured would be drawn from the total job cost inclusive of labor and material as it has been for the last 4 years of my employment (I do not have a employment contract nor do I have a commission contract). So I took it upon myself to write my weekly payroll based on the total amount of work completed plus material cost if we had to buy it..(which remember was provided free of charge by the manufacturer). Fast forward end of January we go over my entire pay structure and the owner says I’m “being unfair” I say “fine, I’ll remove the materials cost from my excel sheet”. This equates to like $34,521.
He then proceeds to tell me I’ve overpaid myself on the job entirely too much and that 3-6% on the labor only is a fair pay rate, and tells me he’ll get back to me and is suspending all commissions until further notice. Mean while I audit myself and find multiple mistakes on my commission report, some in the company’s favor, some in mine. Overall somehow after removing the 34k from the excel commission report and correcting the clerical errors I only over paid myself $275 in 2022. This assumes I get paid 12% as history shows I should on the warranty job and not a lower amount that wasn’t pre-disclosed. I ask to sit down with him go over what I’ve found and he says he needs time, then stating that he’s over the entire business and is wanting to sell. He’s going to have a buy sell agreement drafted for me and then we’ll reconvene on the whole matter soon. 5 WEEKS TICK BY AND IT IS 3 days before my 30 day vacation and he calls for a meeting. In this meeting he states “I’ve met with multiple attorneys and how you’ve compensated yourself is EMBEZZLEMENT, I want you to sign this NDA/Non compete and we will work it out”. I tell him highly unlikely until we have hashed out the financials and everyone is on the same page. He then proceeds to tell me how he’s gone through my commission report and found multiple errors (which I found and corrected 5weeks ago on my end).
He states the manipulation of numbers on my commission report to pay myself more money by adding materials back to the total job cost is fraud and prosecutable. Mind you on the updated sheet he refused to look at I’d removed the figures several weeks prior after his initial reaction. Also I had that sheet readily available and produced it at the meeting, it was not fabricated after the fact after being hit with the threat of prosecution.
Total comp nonetheless is as follows: -$143,136 from commissions. -$34,251.6 from hourly wages -misc vehicle toll allowance
This indicates a over payment of -275 because I thought I have another 34k to pay myself from.
Start comp 2023 I pay myself close to 18k in commissions and 40 hours a week In the first 4 weeks of the year. This runs me in a further deficit unbeknownst to me. The entire time I’m thinking everything is fine and I still have plenty of commission monies to pay myself from.
5/6th week my 2023 pay is suspended and I continue to work 50-60 hour weeks.(I’m paid for 40 regardless. Note I’m a hourly employees and not a salaried employees. I continue to operate as normal, selling jobs, scheduling etc As well as facilitating existing jobs. I work until the day I leave on vacation and even some on vacation. At this point I’m in a positive standing to the best of my knowledge with the company and monies dispersed/owed.
Note** 2022-2023 there was also misc reimbursements for expenditures that were bought that the company card didn’t cover totaling like: -15k And -3-5k worth of pay advances to employees.
There is a lot of information here perhaps too much but I wanted to give as much as possible to give the full scope of the situation. Please ask any questions you need.
My main question DO I NEED REPRESENTATION or should I walk away and deal with what ever the consequences are?*
What is my Exposure
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2023.03.27 02:52 rilamia My toddler cries a lot and my mom implied it means I’m a bad mom.

I won’t go into too many details as it’s not the main point of my post but my 3 year olds sleep has been an absolute mess. Partly because she’s always had sleep issues, a lot because of 2 month old sibling she still hasn’t adjusted to, and also a lack of strict routine and stability due to us having to move around for my husbands job.
We’ve been trying our best but there’s been a lot of tears. A lot. At times hysterical crying especially when I need to feed the baby and can’t cuddle her properly or dad tries to put her to sleep. Or a variety of other reasons.
But the main point of my post was what my mom has said about it all.
We’re living with my parents at the moment in between houses and my mom is just making me feel like a really bad mom. She keeps telling me how none of her kids cried that much, how no child should ever cry like that, she’s going to have long term problems, we should just buy any old house and let my husband live elsewhere so at least we have stability, we should have sleep trained, we’re doing wrong by her etc.
I’m just heartbroken because I’m trying my best in what I find a difficult situation. I feel awful like I shouldn’t have had children before we were fully settled. Or why does my child cry so much. I always support her and show her love but she does cry a lot and my mom made me feel like it was my fault. Maybe it is. I don’t know. I’m sorry. I’m just exhausted and upset and want to do right by my kids.
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2023.03.27 02:52 Buddha_Of_Sububia Should I give my new job a month before I quit?

Quick context: I left my old teaching job (I worked there for many years didn’t burn any bridges) for a Director of Curriculum job at a non-profit it is more money and I thought I understood what the job would look like.
The Problem (so far): I’ve only been there for a week so far, but everyday I am hearing significant new information that was not revealed to me in the interviews. A few examples listed below:
  1. Their summer programming for students (which is their huge company highlight) still has not found a host school for the site I would be working at. The unknown gives me anxiety because I am not sure where I’ll have to travel to (they said last year they finally found a host site the month before summer programming started). There is also an overnight camping trip that we will have to do which I am not fond of.
  2. After school programming was mentioned in the interview but it was not mentioned that we had to also plan out lessons for these sessions, I had thought these things were already planned out.
  3. My boss who hired me is very scatter brained and continues to reveal information last minute (that is crucial to know) and it is triggering my anxiety. She is all over the place. Nothing is truly planned out and everything seems like it was thought about last minute, and it’s really triggering my anxiety.
The solution: It may sound like I’m not giving it a fair shot, but I just don’t want to waste their time or my time. Should I give this job at least a month? If I continue to feel this way should I leave and actually take my time to look for a new job?
Please help!
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2023.03.27 02:52 ThrowRA17349295 Should I leave an incredible relationship? 23M 23F

Me and my gf of a year are long distance, but travel together and visit each other. Our relationship is amazing, we get along so well with very few issues, very sexually compatible, some of the best moment's of my life have been with her and I feel strongly about her.
She often hints at the future, not trying to rush things, but suggesting about her intentions to marry and get old together. I have conflicting feelings. Having not spent very much of my adulthood single, I aspire to spend time single, learn more about myself, quit my job to solo travel for a year etc and I feel like I'm too young to meet the person I'll spend my life with and not experienced enough to choose a life partner. At the same time I feel like this relationship is special, leaving her would be emotionally very difficult for me and I'm not sure if I could find someone like her again. The best time for me to take a year abroad is approaching and I feel pressured to resolve this. I've not told her about my internal conflict.
Wise redditors with more experience than me, what are your thoughts? Should I prioritize my own personal growth? Should I get therapy for commitment issues? Should I tell her about my internal conflict?
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2023.03.27 02:52 lennymeowmeow One day the whole world will know about the rapist Ken Kratz

If anyone thinks this is NOT rape, please explain why
VICTIM first met Kratz five years ago when she got in trouble for shoplifting. Kratz was the DA on her case, and he charged it out. VICTIM said Kratz never did anything inappropriate to her at that time.
VICTIM said the next contact she had with Kratz was between Thanksgiving and Christmas in 2009 when Kratz called her on her cell phone. VICTIM said this contact was ''out of the blue, 11 and has no idea how Kratz had her phone number.
When Kratz was at VICTIMs apartment he told her that he knew everything about her and if she did not listen to him, he could "get her jammed up. Kratz talked about how he was into bondage, He said he ties women up, they listen to him, and he is in control. stated that Kratz wanted her to engage in bondage with him. She said he instructed her to give him a "blow job, and she did.
VICTIM stated that she was afraid Kratz would "jam her up" with something. He had said that he knew everything about her, and did not know what that meant. said that Kratz had such seniority" over her and it was "really scary." VICTIM was asked if she had done anything illegal, and she said she had not done anything in Calumet County other than the shoplifting five years prior. said she did not know what Kratz meant but she did not want to take the chance.
VICTIM stated that the blow job happened on her couch, and she was bent over Kratz. She said Kratz held her hands behind her back. said Kratz also clamped her mouth shut to swallow" with his hands. VICTIM stated that Kratz was very strong.
Kratz told VICTIM to close the blinds, and she did. said it was probably 6:30 or 7:00 p.m. VICTIM was not sure what day of the week it was
VICTIM said Kratz gave her an order to give him a blow job. She said he told her to ask his permission to give him a blow job, and she did. Kratz then put his hands behind VICTIM's head. said that she had to unzip Kratz's pants. She said he gave her instructions and told her what to do the whole time. VICTIM stated that she felt disgusted with herself at the time. She said she had never known what the term "crack whore meant until then, but that is what she felt like. VICTIM stated that she was emotional and very upset at the time,· but she "tried to put on a face so she didn't get into trouble
VICTIM stated that, during the sex act Kratz called her a bitch. He said, ''That's how you do it bitch."
After this night Kratz kept calling and leaving her voice and text messages. In the messages he asked why she was not answering and told her to call him back right away. VICTIM said Kratz sent text messages such as, "I'll be at your house in 15 minutes. VICTIM said that Kratz did come to her apartment a few times, but she hid in her closet and pretended she was not horne. VICTIM said Kratz left her 50-60 texts and voice messages. She said "he scared the hell out of me." VICTIM said Kratz left messages telling her that, if she did not contact him back, she would hear from him. He told her he knew everything about her, and there would be repercussions
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