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2023.03.26 10:27 miaumiiaumiiiau Opinions on prebuilt PC

Opinions on prebuilt PC
A few days ago I had the overwhelming impulse to buy a gaming PC. I'm a very casual console gamer, still a noob basically. So I probably didn't need the PC but reasonable me didn't stand a chance against impulse me. Well, here I am now with a 1575 Euro gaming PC. I researched for a couple of days but really don't know much at all, so I would like to know your opinions and if the price was ok. Reviews of these Medion PCs criticise the poor cooling but I figured this is something I could change myself eventually. This was very much a case of not being able to wait for my second marshmallow.
Medion Erazer Engineer X20
Intel i7 12700KF Zotac RTX 3070 Ti 1TB SSD Gigabyte Z690M Aorus Elite AX 16 RAM DDR4 Kingston Fury Seasonic focus gx750 power supply Coolermaster masterliquid ml120l InWin 301
I could have gotten a different configuration with an i7 12700/F, 32/16GB and a rtx 3070 for 1350/1300 Euro. Without watercooling, a Gigabyte B660M Gaming X AX mainboard and unspecified power supply. A reviewer had criticised those things so I figured I pay a little extra to get these in better quality. Now I'm not quite sure if that was worth the additional ~250 Euro even with the slightly better cpu and gpu.
I want to play games like anno 1800, sims, hogwarts, rdr2, cyberpunk etc on a 1440p 27'' screen (i got the lg gp850b for 380 Euro atm, might be able to get the medion spectator x10 curved va for around 200 tho, any europeans here that have it?). Are my specs overkill or reasonable?
Also, do i need an antivirus software or is windows defender enough nowadays? It came with a 30 day McAfee trial.
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2023.03.26 10:27 H-bomb-doubt A9 vs V10

My YouTube people I been waiting for the comparison video?
I know your thinking they are not in the same class so don't need to be compared but with a price point of only about 1k difference at 6k and 6.8k respectfully I would think someone would want to show us the differences.
Sure I can see it's the same sound quality and processing but I want to know if the A9 is better then the V10 or are 2 extra channels worth it?
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2023.03.26 10:27 throwmyasswaway17 asian cars vs BMW for under $6000

I am looking for a car to run errands and such while I am in college and when looking at the used market around me it seems the a lot of the asian cars for price of under $6000 seem to be in bad condition vs BMW.
Honda and Toyota mostly seem to have bad interiors that looked like the previous owners let their new born lab chew up among other damages, stains etc. I feel like if someone cant keep the interior of their car clean then they probably didn't do the necessary maintenance as well. The exteriors of these cars are also in bad shape it makes me feel like I would have more issues with these cars as opposed to something like a Bmw. When looking at BMW's for under $6000 they are mostly kept in good condition inside and out and the mileage doesnt seem to be as high as the asian cars I see which usually have around 150-200k+ in that price range. The Bmw's near me just seem like the owners took better care of them.
Are there any reasons why I should buy a beat up 2005 Toyota Camry with 180,000 miles on it over something like a 2007 BMW 3 series with 120,000 miles? Please tell me the pros and cons and why choosing the BMW would be a bad decision or why it would be a good one. The car won't be driven much so I wouldn't be putting tons of miles on it.

NOTE: I am only looking for answers from people that have actually owned BMW's and or other Euro vehicles :) thank you.
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2023.03.26 10:27 Plex_Guy P4S JillMedia CA-US 60 Gbps UL/DL 🎬 M: 29K+ 📺 T: 7800+ 🎬 4K M:1900+ 📺 4K T: 1000+ (NEW) 100% Local Storage Auto Request Shares P4S

JillMedia is the ultimate media streaming solution for all your entertainment needs. Utilizing the powerful Plex platform, we offer streaming of the latest movies and TV shows on virtually any device with 100% local storage of over 1.3PB for fast and seamless content loading. Our package includes:
To ensure the best streaming experience, we recommend a connection speed of at least 30 Mbps. However, if you're far from Canada and the USA, it would be best to have higher speeds to avoid buffering. We also prioritize customer satisfaction and appreciate politeness, and always willing to work with any issues you may have.
Join us! -
Website -
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2023.03.26 10:26 Plex_Guy P4S JillMedia CA-US 60 Gbps UL/DL 🎬 M: 29K+ 📺 T: 7800+ 🎬 4K M:1900+ 📺 4K T: 1000+ (NEW) 100% Local Storage Auto Request Shares P4S

JillMedia is the ultimate media streaming solution for all your entertainment needs. Utilizing the powerful Plex platform, we offer streaming of the latest movies and TV shows on virtually any device with 100% local storage of over 1.3PB for fast and seamless content loading. Our package includes:
To ensure the best streaming experience, we recommend a connection speed of at least 30 Mbps. However, if you're far from Canada and the USA, it would be best to have higher speeds to avoid buffering. We also prioritize customer satisfaction and appreciate politeness, and always willing to work with any issues you may have.
Join us! -
Website -
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2023.03.26 10:25 Mani220 I need help deciding between the two(some pro and cons would be appreciated)

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2023.03.26 10:25 TheNumbahSeven The Angriest Comment Section on Reddit

Original Post:
TheSims4 Reddit is caught up in a storm when a redditor starts to vent about the games being broken, which causes our main character of this story nucleartornado to comment down.

EA is quality of quality. They don't fix anything because the sims community just buys it anyway because they have no standards. Most people who play sims 4 have never played any of the other games in the series and think this is the only one that matters so they assume they have to buy broken packs or play nothing. They have nothing to compare it too and just assume it's normal to play a buggy mess. EA will never fix it because the players will eat it up the same as if it actually functioned. People will never stop giving their money to EA so this will never change. If you complain people say "omg be greatful stop complaining that this game has more bugs and less features than the other game from 2004 just be greatful"
While our main character brings valid points another side character pitches in. Their name is Chymea1024.

The only set of games in the series where packs that added game play didn't need a patch was Sims 1. Sims 2 and Sims 3 all had patches for their packs. So let's not put on rose tinted glasses that the previous games were any better when it comes to releasing with bugs. EA's tendency for quality over quantity isn't something new that came along with Sims 4, it's been there since Sims 2 days.
Sims 3 base game released with the toggle for Story Progression not working. It was always on, even if you turned it off. Each expansion pack and stuff pack released for the game had a patch due to various broken stuff.
Sims 2 base game released with the ability for neighbors to "kidnap" infant and toddlers if they left the lot while holding an infant or toddler. If they left while holding, they would leave the lot and the toddleinfant would disappear from the list of Sims in the household. I got hit with this bug. To this day, I do not let visitors hold infants or toddlers in any game. Even though I know it was fixed. Every expansion pack and one stuff pack had a patch released for it. One of their patches had to have a patch because the patch broke the game.
Our main character neucleartornado returns however to counterpoint our dear friend Chymea...

No other sims game has thousands of dollars worth of DLC. Yeah there was patches but they weren't this broken and the DLC wasn't this much money. Also they had way more content and were affordable. Also no it didn't. Sims 2 isn't full of half baked DLC. There is no quantity. Sims 2 had very few packs all were extremely full of quality. Only one that had any issues was apartment life. And that's understandable because it was the last pack ever and the whole team moved to make sims 3 and didn't have time to update 2 anymore. Sims 2 has so much content that people are still discovering new features to this day. The thing is those bugs were fixed. I've been having bugs in sims 4 since 2017 and nobody has fixed them gardening is completely bugged. A bunch of items are bugged and nobody has touched them because they're too busy launching new packs. Stop lying about the quality of the old games.

Another character hits the fro, by the name of hightidesoldgods. This has became a two player game, Chymea had left the game.

That’s nowhere near correct. The Sims 3 had a whole store where a single item could cost you like $5, compared to kits which will at least give you multiple items.
If you were to buy ALL of the sims 3 content as of 2020 it would cost you about 2,595.19 USD. Of course, since it’s in 2020 the cost of the game as it came out was most likely higher as some items have been reduced in price.
All of Sims 4 as of today costs about 1064.45 USD as of today. Notably Sims 3 released content for about 4 years, while the Sims 4 has been releasing content for 9. That’s a solid 5 years longer of release while still being roughly 1,530.74 USD less expensive than the Sims 3.

Our dear friend hightidesoldgods has been easily paying attention to math in school but our main character has something else to say...
The sims 4 store gave you free credits to buy items though. Whenever you bought a pack you'd get credits to spend on items. So technically the sims 3 store items were free. Also they weren't even an official part of the game so that's irrevant. The items aren't part of the game. Also almost none of it is bugged at all. Notice the difference.

Things get heated as hightides comes back in with another hot take.
Sims 3 store items were not free. While you could get free credits, it was nowhere near enough to buy the whole store. That’s why you also had to spend real world money to buy extra credits. And yes, they were part of the game. You can’t just arbitrarily decide they aren’t - they are sims 3 content. And a lot of it considering it included build/buy, cas, gameplay items, and entire worlds. And yea, the gameplay items especially could and did come bugged.
So yes, as previously stated the whole Sims 3 game is over 2500 USD.

As a last response to hightides our main character decided to reply to him.
Price is irrevant. Expensive prices are fine if the item is quality. Sims 4's problem isn't that it's expensive. Its that you're being charged expensive prices for subpar content. If every pack wasn't buggy and was functioning and had great features nobody would care about the price. Issue is quality not price.

While that thread ended there, Chymea our side character turned antagonist decided to start up a new thread starting the argument once more.
My comment was to the fact that you seemed to be trying to say that neither Sims 2 nor Sims 3 had a QA issue with the game. Because you said that because they hadn't played previous versions that they had to buy a broken game or not at all. But Sims 2 and Sims 3 were released with major bugs in many of the packs. And all of the packs for both games had to have a patch. Meaning they all had issues. I pointed out one pack from each that released with major bugs that should have gotten caught in QA testing. Or at least had a high chance to have been caught.
Granted Sims 4 is the only version where I have seriously questioned just how they did the QA of the pack - with My Wedding Stories. Granted it's been all hearsay as it's not a pack I own as I'm not big into parties at all so a pack designed around a party wasn't something I was interested in. And I'm not a completionist.
Just saying that to paint Sims 2 and Sims 3 like they didn't release with major bugs is just nostalgia talking. Most of the bugs got fixed for those games. Hopefully, by the time the team puts Sims 4 into "maintenance mode," they've fixed most of the bugs so that the game is left in a state that is comparable to how they left Sims 2 and Sims 3 with regards to the bugs for those games.
And that's not to say anything about overall quality of the packs, where I do think overall speaking Sims 2 wins if you look at all of the packs and features. Sims 3 and Sims 4 do have the areas where I feel that they win when you look at individual aspects.

Our Main Character doubles down...
I never said that they didn't have issues but they didn't have nearly this many issues that don't get resolved. They had major bugs but they were usually resolved. Sims 4 almost no bugs get resolved. I'm surprised they even responded to the new glitch with the teeth. No sims 3 or sims 2 pack was as buggy on launch as my wedding stories. That pack still doesn't even work for me. I can't even have weddings in my game anymore because it is so broken. They fixed most the bugs in 2 and 3. In sims 4 most of the bugs go unfixed forever so that they can focus on a new pack that will also have bugs and the cycle continues. All of dining out has been broken since launch and no resolution has ever happened. Nobody looks into the bugs they just ignore them and move on and add new ones.
It was clear to me that Chymea was never the antagonist this entire time it was neucleartornado, he had became an antogonist in this final act, eveningsoother decided to defeat nucleartornado by saying this lovely speech.
How's the view from that high horse or yours? Amazing, I bet. Well, you should thanks all the players you like to disparage so much, because one thing for sure, without their money there would be no game at all to play, and you couldn't afford your attitude.
Now, here on the ground things are a bit more nuanced than how you like to paint them: EA is infamous for being a cheapskate with beta testing, no doubt about that, and players should know better than buy a DLCs on release day (that's also true about pretty much any game I've ever played, though, and I've been gaming for decades), on the other hand what do you think would happen if no one buys a DLCs on release day? I'll tell you what, it would be the last DLC this game would ever see. EA would move to bigger and better things, lesson unlearned, like they did several times in the past with other titles.
I buy my DLCs on sale, at least a couple of patches after release day, but I don't have the cheek of spitting on who doesn't, and if you were half as smart as you think you are, you wouldn't either. Because boycotting won't solve a damn thing, whilst pressuring EA with complaints and bad "press" does: where do you think the past year's basegame improvements are coming from? Simmers' money, and simmers' moaning.

Which didn't sit well with Nuclear....
I've been having bugs since 2016 2017 that have never been fixed. Thats not my fault because I didn't wait for it to be fixed. I'm pretty sure those bugs will never be fixed. People need to stop paying for it until they fix it. Its that simple. I didn't buy everything on release day and expect it work. Dine out has been out for years and is still almost unusable. Gardening has been broken for almost a year now. Plants randomly disappear and that's in the base game. I have issues with events not ending. But according to you I shouldn't complain and should just keep spending money on packs that haven't been usable for years. Bust the dust has been out for like a few years now and is still so broken I have to keep the dust system off at all times.

However Soothing had more insults lodged his way...
Mate, touch grass. You are the one with My Wedding Stories, and Dine Out, and Bust the Dust, not me. And you're bitching about inexperienced players who waste money? Bruh. You bought that, I haven't. I purchased other DLCs (have about half the collection), and most things works for me. Other things don't for a while and then they get fixed, because players gets angry - including me, and RIGHTFULLY SO - in the appropriate forum, which is read by the devs, not on a fecking subreddit. Finally, some others things are broken and probably will stay broken because this game has been born out of a cursed code and now it has 9y of DLCs on the fecking top of it. Just stop for a second to think what you're saying: in the same post you're accusing EA of greediness AND suggest that stop feeding said greediness will magically make them do what you want. Mate, I sure hope your livelihood doesn't rely on strategy.
Although this argument seems pointless to continue, nuclear came back.
I'm the one with the packs because I downloaded them for free like someone with a functioning brain and didn't give my money to EA. EA is known as the most greedy video game company ever. Everyone knows it. Stop acting like it's not know as the Mr Krabs of gaming.
and finally, an end to the saga once and for all, soothing responded...
Again. Strategy. Not your forte.
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2023.03.26 10:24 Mani220 I need help deciding between the two(some pro and cons would be appreciated)

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2023.03.26 10:24 hardrockclassic Salvation Army Smell

I just picked up a couple of pairs of blue jeans from the local Salvation Army store.
They are good jeans bought at a bargain price, but they have that Salvation Army Smell.
I washed them in the washing machine, and then damp - dried them with a dryer sheet in the clothes dryer before hanging them up to finish drying.
But they still have that Salvation Army Smell.
Any thoughts on how to remove the aroma?
Also I am curious about what the heck the Salvation Army does to used clothes to make them smelly like that.
Thanks in advance.
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2023.03.26 10:23 Amongus68419 A casual sighting of Superman

I saw Henry Cavill at the local Walmart, i approached him for some pictures and probably an autograph. When i reached out with one of my white superman t-shirts that I conveniently had on me for his autograph, he looked at me and there was a silence of about 34 seconds between us, precisely. He Went hay wire and tore of all his clothes to reveal red 20th century strong-man boxers/under wear and a superman logo drawn across his chest with a black marker. He went on to punch 5 employees in the face until unconscious. He screamed "It's Supermanin' time and Supermaned all over the Batman and Spiderman merch. I was shocked to later find out he had just recently lost the Superman role
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2023.03.26 10:22 ayaan_sev Which of these configurations would you recommend for someone on a ruthless budget

So I've scrapped together a sum of 400$ through working jobs and after mixing and matching the best possible combinations and second hand deals these are the systems that I can afford to build. I am at a cross and can't decide which one would benifit me more. I'm gifting this to a friend who only wants to compete in eSports titles with only some AAA games.
System 1: This is on a dead platform but offers more performance than the other system at 1080p low
i3 10105f
Asus H510M-E
1060 6gigs (or a 580 if I can find a deal for the same price)
Gskill 8x2 3000mhz C16
Adata 256gb m.2
Corsair CV450 80+ Bronze
System 2: This build is centred around almost all new parts and an IGPU, it's a relatively unded platform with a clear upgrade path for the future but fails to perform fully.
R5 5600g
A520M-HDV (or a second hand b450 if I get a good deal)
Adata 8x2 3200mhz C16
Adata Falcon 256gb m.2
Corsair CV450 80+ Bronze
I'm at a genuine cross if I should invest in a strong but old platform or a recently dead platform which still have some upgrade paths ahead of it. I'm leaning towards system 1 as my friend is only invested in eSports titles and may need the extra frames (the new CS2 announcement has him riled up). Let me know what reddit thinks
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2023.03.26 10:21 adiga-cheezo if anybody could help even by spreading the word

I'm looking for a place to live near Dallah hospital Al-Nakheel in Riyadh, everything i see is expensive.
currently renting at a hotel apartment for 4500 SAR and honestly it's quality is shabby and the price is still almost half what i make a month. i'm looking for somewhere close to the new bus route or in the area near the hospital.
just looking for decent amenities, a clean house, bed, clean bathroom, studio apartment is fine but the budget is honestly the biggest hurdle especially without iqama
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2023.03.26 10:21 AndreyDidovskiy 10 Biggest Events in Crypto 2022 Everything You Heard & Somethings you Havent

10 Biggest Events in Crypto 2022 Everything You Heard & Somethings you Havent
Originally posted on Medium:
Whenever thinking about 2022, only one quote comes to mind:
“Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times.”

2022 was one hell of a year.

Wars, Market meltdowns, Political Scandals, inflation, scams as far as the Nigerian prince could send his emails… If it tried to intrude on your life or impacted you negatively in some way, shape, or form, it happened in 2022.
Crypto was not excluded from the chaos. The nascent economic sector saw drawdowns of over >80%. Centralized service providers imploded, wreaking havoc on the deposits of their customers. Decentralized service providers got decimated through a series of hacks, losing the trust/faith of their backers.
NFTs. The promise child of Lambos for all. The burgeoning industry that set off a mainstream mania, sending people into frenzies trading cartoon pictures of apes for millions of dollars, went through an absolute sh*t show. Under the guise of “WEB3.0” & In its mission to “empower creators,” NFT technology singlehandedly gave rise to some of the most sophisticated scams of all times. The Psyops happening on Twitter & Discord brought a whole new meaning to Social Engineering. Honest Hardworking People were tricked out of their money & the fraudsters lavished. This last year for NFTs has just been atrocious. While I’m sure there have been a few outliers, insider traders & trading savants that made great money, it’s safe to say the vast majority of participants lost.
Ok, ok. I’m being a bit too critical. There were some fantastic technological developments in the NFT space, such as…… lower fees?…. Or maybe that was a byproduct of the collapse in demand network usage across the board…
NFTs have really helped starving artists! For example, the artist Beeple sold his artwork for over $69,000,000… Oh wait, that was 2021… Maybe I’m not being too critical.
I digress.
So much has happened in 2022 that it be would nearly impossible to capture it all through a single publication. Below I have attempted to boil down all of the noise, HOPIUM, FUD & mental fog into a succinct list of 10 of the most important events within the digital asset (Crypto & NFT) space. Note that these are in no specific order.
Without further ado, let’s dive in:

1. Stablecoins becoming the leading indicator of liquidity.

Many of the largest applications have begun implementing stablecoin-denominated income models. This pivot to a preferential settlement in stablecoin, rather than in underlying network assets, diverts demand from assets that appreciate (ETH/SOL) to assets that expand their monetary basis (USDC/DAI). This will dampen the demand side of things for speculative assets. Considering the ravaging declines in cryptocurrency dominance, market-cap, and pricing the past 18 months, it was inevitable.
Source 1 → Here Source 2 → Here Source 3 → Messari 2023 Report

2. Collapse of TERRA/LUNA

The shitstain across the dashboard of decentralized stablecoins. The single most catastrophic on-chain failure of any protocol. May 7th marked the first wobble off peg for the UST stablecoin & by May 9th the LUNA token spiraled from $80 → >$0.90… The consumer pain created has triggered the SEC. Now this will be haunting the industry through obscene regulation.
🔗 More on Terra/LUNAhere

3. FTX Fraud & SBF

One of the largest consumer trading platforms in the world, FTX downright violated all of its users by commingling customer funds with other businesses that failed. Which then sparked a chain reaction of defaults throughout other players in the industry. Its founder, SBF, Sam Bankman Freid is insane. Brilliant. But an absolute piece of sh\t.*
🔗 More on the FTX Fraudhere

4. BlockFI, Genesis Capital, 3AC, Voyager, & the rest…

Some of the most promising startups, hedge funds & cefi service providers in the space were involved in shady trading, impractical lending, & lousy accounting that resulted in a sweep of defaults & bankruptcies across the board. Most, if not every single failure & default was in some way tied to FTX (no surprise)… This has created a stranglehold of systemic risks throughout the industry that regulators will use as ammo against decentralization.
🔗 More on the State of Cryptos post failureshere

5. Ethereum Merger

Pushed off for years but delivered at last in 2022, this was perhaps the technological highlight of the year. Akin to “changing a plane engine mid-flight,” the Ethereum merger was considered to be the most anticipated software upgrade in history, a technical feat!
- transformed its base layer consensus model from (POW) Proof-of-Work to (POS) Proof-of-Stake. - ETH token supply emission reduced by -88.7% - Reduction in Block processing time (was 13 sec/block → now 12 sec/block)
🔗 More on the → Ethereum Merger here🔗 Specifics around → Post-Merge ETH Supply Impact Here

6. TornadoCash Sanctioned by OFAC

Claimed by the US Department of Treasury to have laundered more than >$7 Billion between 2019–2022, The Privacy mixer protocol on Ethereum Tornado Cash has been sanctioned by (OFAC) Office of Foreign Assets Control. - The Sanctioning put’s the TornadoCash Protocol on the same level of regard by the US Government as a terrorist organization. - The Sanctioning has a negative externality via a retroactive component, whereby all addresses that have interacted with the protocol in the past are by default sanctioned as well. This is Ludacris given that a single sanctioned account can just spam send out dust transactions throughout all major on-chain addresses…
🔗 More on the → TornadoCash vs OFAC here

7. LBRY Credits (Loses) vs SEC (wins)

LBRY is an open-source project launched with the purpose of providing a decentralized, content-sharing blockchain-based platform. Back in 2016, LBRY launched its network’s native digital currency, LBC (LBRY Credits), which was to be deployed on the LBRY blockchain for denominating network transactions & operational expenses. On-chain, the token’s purpose was to publish content, tip creators, buy paywall content, and compensate the network’s miners.
Contrary to ICOs (where users buy tokens from a factory contract), The LBC tokens were sold to a wide range of participants directly through the official LBRY application interface, which in turn (in the eyes of the SEC) is the same as buying tokens from the company.
The court has ruled in favor of the SEC.
LBRY’s token LBC has been recognized as a security.
While it is not catastrophic to the livelihood of the industry, this event has begun to set a precedent for future cases of the SEC vs Crypto (Ripple’s XRP coming up soon!)
🔗 More on the → LBRYCredits vs SEC here

8. RWA Market Growth — MakerDAO investing in US Treasuries

RWA (Real World Assets) have started to transfer into the blockchain space. The largest decentralized stablecoin issuer MakerDAO has expanded its operations through projects: Centrifuge & TinLAke to provide the infrastructure to support RWA collateralization. From structured credit to Gig economy payment advances, everything is slowly becoming superfluid with a well-designed combination of (claims on future collectibles + Stablecoin Issuance). Over the course of 2022 alone, MakerDAO has purchased more than $500,000,000 worth of US government treasuries. 👀
🔗 More on the → Real World Assets here🔗 More on the → Centrifuge + Tinlake Protocols here

9. DCCPA was averted

Last year, a bill called the “DCCPA Digital Currency Consumer Protection Act” was attempted to be pushed through congress. The focus of this bill was around the regulatory implications regarding DEFI; namely banning the AMM model & allowing for an Orderbook model (cheeky shit). Filled with controversial language around DEFI, it comes as no shock that this rat poison was created & promoted through WashingtonDC by none other than our dearly beloved SBF from FTX; fortunately, pushback from leaders in the space (credit to Erik Voorhies) did not let the bill make it through; the bill died on its last mile, alongside its Fraudulent overlords at FTX…
🔗 More on the → DCCPA here🔗 Chapter 4, section 1, page → Messari 2023 Report

10. BlackRock enters the Chat

Sometime in mid-late August, of the largest & most famous financial firms in the world, BlackRock officially began offering a private Bitcoin Trust exposure to its Institutional Clients. This is not bullish for the short term, as the nature of such players entering the crypto markets. If Blackrock gets in, Blackrock gets in at a discount. But, this is ultimately one of the highest forms of recognition from the legacy financial world for the Digital Asset space. 🔗 More on → BlackRock here

11. Bitcoin is still Bitcoin*

In spite of all the regulatory headwinds & scammy tailwinds, Bitcoin continues to print blocks. Network security(hashrate) continues to expand, seeing higher highs & higher lows. Steadily & with great certainty, every 10 minutes of 2022 produced a new BTC blockchain block. 🔗 More on → Bitcoin (BTC) here
Last year was all about the MACRO.
The crypto industry was at the whim of the global market forces (inflation, war, etc.) Fundamentals are not reflected in the price during times of crises.
Any individual project has been omitted from this list (Such as Openseas progress with SEAPORT NFT← →NFT swap engine, UNISWAPS v3 AMM development or AAVE’s absolute domination of the inter-chain lending markets).
As we wipe the dirt from our shoulders & tip-toe our way out of the Bear Market, it is important to remember where we began.
Out of this chaos, we will rise stronger, smarter & more efficient.
As the dust settles, we see all that remains.
I see you.
Never give up. & May the Blockchain be with you.
Originally posted on Medium:
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2023.03.26 10:21 PrettyFly4a2023Bride Michael's Sales Cycle?

When I went to Michael's yesterday, I saw these mini-bouquets that were $9.99 regularly and on sale for $4.99 (50% off). I need about 32 of them for centerpieces. I bought about 12 just to start. The advertisement said it was "lowest price of the season!"
Someone on reddit (forget if it was this sub or the main one) said Michael's sometimes has 80% off after the seasons is over, which would make the bouquets around $2 each. Should I wait until the end of the season to buy the rest, or go back and grab everything now? I'm partially but not too worried that they might run out of these bouquets. I'm more worried they'll never go on sale again and definitely won't get down to 70% or 80% off.
In your experience, is there likely to be another sale at the end/after the season is over? What do you think is the end of the season? It's spring now, so June?
Any insight into Michael's sales cycle would be extremely helpful if you go there a lot and know! TIA!
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2023.03.26 10:18 Material_March_8552 How is the old patient whose funeral is shown, connected to the overall story?

Dr. Joo the plastic surgeon runs to find him & spills coffee & cries on his death, but how is that character related at all to the story?
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2023.03.26 10:18 PotntlSewerslide To Love

A quick note before my poem is that i understand my poetry is rather dark and is a product of my upbringing. This is directed at my parents so please attempt to read it from that POV and let me know what you think.
To Love
To be a parent To be a child To be a friend To be a brother To be a sister To love
To love unconditional To love without bounds To love forever To love yourself To love someone else To be loved
To be loved
To crave love To need love To require love To pay for love
To Pay not with money To pay Not with Acts To pay Not with words To pay Not with Body To pay still
To sell yourself To sell your soul To sell your smile To sell your mind To sell your childhood To sell the sunshine To sell that which is love
In Exchange for what? In Exchange for love
Love that hurts Love that Steals Love that is cruel Love that is selfish Love that is vile Love that is black Love that is rotten Love that kills Love that is not Love
And all for what? Why sacrifice which makes one oneself Why destroy that which is good Why plague the feeling of love To always expect to be used To always be in the wrong To always have to compromise To always compromise yourself
And all for what? To receive love To receive praise To smile To live
But what is living If life has no love
The love of a true friend The love of a companion The love of yourself The love of others Makes it all worth loving
Love is a journey Love is a Winding Road Love has many beginnings Love has many endings Love can hurt Love can sting Love can bring joy
The price for Love should be to love Love me not for what I can do Love me not for what I can give Love me not for what I say Love me not for what I think Love me for my love For I give my love unconditionally
Love in my life came with a price So I make my love free Don’t steal my love For that well will soon go dry Because beyond my love is hell
A hell you taught me
A hell of words A hell of pain A hell of hate A hell of doubt.
To You, My parent, Do you not know love? I am tired of giving For you only to take. Your love is not free, And I am tired of paying.
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2023.03.26 10:17 Significant_Rip_9542 On the do not hire list for walmart

You know it really makes me angry that I'm on the do not hire list for Walmart. Never stole, trespassed, or even worked at a Walmart. They put me on there for applying. The person who interviewed didn't even give me a real interview. Now when I go into that Walmart I applied to I hear the employees blurting out my social security number. I'm pretty sure the manager gave it to them. I have this on video but I haven't released it yet. How can I get back at Walmart for screwing me over.
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2023.03.26 10:15 thenetworkking How to get a personal online Azure tutor for zoom?

Hi Guys
I can only study so much from videos and reading, and feel it would help me immensely if I had someone with me on zoom who would walk me through real deployments and setups and projects and I would just keep asking questions like a toddler peeping at a animals coloring book..
Like we deploy VMs, vnets, create sentinel workspaces, send logs to it from my onprem lab servers, create sentinel rules, etc.
How do I go about looking to hire someone like that? Is this the right place to ask? I hope the mods let this one be and im not breaking rules.
of course I would pay for this, just not sure how much is a good price.
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2023.03.26 10:14 silent-poet97 Anyone use this? The sand at the pet store and Amazon are kind’s expensive. This isn’t a bad price.

Anyone use this? The sand at the pet store and Amazon are kind’s expensive. This isn’t a bad price. submitted by silent-poet97 to gerbil [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 10:14 hollyberrygurl f28 went shopping with a friend at walmart

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2023.03.26 10:11 Fantastic_Fee616 Wellness Forever - Pharmacy App Online in India

Wellness Forever - Pharmacy App Online in India
Wellness Forever is India's largest medical pharmacy online app, offering dependable medical supplies at affordable prices. Wellness Forever is to provide everyone with access to high-quality medicines and healthcare.
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