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2023.03.27 02:09 Yourmomsfavbarista Lower left abdominal pain and nausea

I 29F, 215lb, 5’9” have been having a whole host of intestinal issue. The issues started back in October of last year, about 6 months ago, and it started as just having one or two days a month where my stomach would turn and I’d have diarrhea all day but that would be it and I’d feel better the next day.
It has progressed over the past months and especially the last month to lower left abdominal pain with nausea. It’s constant pressure and pain that ramps up after eating and has gotten worse to the point that it’s waking me up at night.
I went to the ER on the instructions of an advice nurse last week and they did a CT and said it was clear and that I was probably just dealing with constipation even though I was pooping 2-3 times daily. They gave me the gallon of laxatives and told me to try that and follow up with a GI. Took the laxatives and cleared out my system with no change in my symptoms.
I went to the GI a few days later and the doctor also dismissed my symptoms and said it may just be constipation, but I got her to order a colonoscopy for April 12th
I am in a lot of pain, bloated, scared to eat, weak, and I just don’t know what’s going on with me. I’ve eliminated things from my diet, tried to eat healthier and it doesn’t matter what I eat, I get the same result. My stools are not super hard, looser but they are pretty skinny in shape. Any advice would be so helpful. I’m tired of feeling like this
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2023.03.27 02:08 Mental_Example_268 lets play the game of 4 pixels (I am wondering what the 3 cars are though. Image from Donetsk Oblast)

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2023.03.27 02:08 Alenux12 Caster with different lores of magic

For some reason, in my recent campaigns of Warhammer 3 inmortal empires, I have played with casters that have learned different lores of magic, but I can only see the buttons for the spell's of their original lore of magic. I have tried looking at the controllers or any other configuration but I can't find why I can't see the other spells buttons. Anyone has any idea why?
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2023.03.27 02:08 calisthenics4love Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne Mod

Hello! Are there any available/active servers in CS:GO with Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne mod (which used to be popular back in the days in Counter Strike 1.6)?
PS: I just can't stop dreaming about playing this mod in CS1.6, that's how badly I miss it...
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2023.03.27 02:08 ricochetLN (Selling) Rocky, House of the Dragon, Training Day, Minions Rise of Gru, and other 4K & HD Movies

I prefer PayPal F&F but also accept Venmo, Cash App, Google Pay, Zelle and Amazon GC.
Where applicable, titles are split.
MA = Movies Anywhere, GP = Google Play


Bridge of Spies HD MA - $3
Dr. Seuss' How The Grinch Stole Christmas 4K MA (Jim Carey) - $6
First Man 4K MA - $6
House of the Dragon: The Complete First Season 4K Vudu - $10
Ice Age: Collision Course 4K iTunes - $4.50
Ice Age: The Great Egg-Scapade HD MA (Collection of shorts) - $3
Minions: The Rise of Gru 4K MA - $6
Morbius 4K MA - $6
Rambo 5-Movie Collection 4K (iTunes or Vudu) - $17
Rocky 4-Movie Collection 4K Vudu - $18
Sonic The Hedgehog 2-Movie Collection 4K (iTunes) - $8
The Smurfs 3-Movie Collection (MA) - $10 (First movie 4K, HD for other 2)
Star Wars Complete 11-Movie Collection (Skywalker Saga, Rogue One, Solo) HD GP - $30
Thor Complete 4-Movie Collection HD GP - $9
Top Gun 1986 4K (iTunes or Vudu) - $4 (Both Top Gun for $8)
Top Gun: Maverick 4K (iTunes or Vudu) - $5 (Both Top Gun for $8)
Training Day 4K MA - $6
Van Wilder 4K Vudu - $5
March Universal Reward Titles (MA) - $3 Each (2 Available)
Sony Movie Buff Pass titles (MA) - $4 Each (2 Available)

4K Movies:

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2023.03.27 02:08 WilsDaug MiG 23 ussr premium or su25

I am comfortable at top tier but I am wondering which one would get me to mig29 faste more enjoyable. I can comfortably drop 3+ kills per game I only play air rb.
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2023.03.27 02:07 Trash_Tia I've been talking to the boy next door through my bedroom window for a while. His latest messages are freaking me out.

I want to talk to you about the boy next door.
I first noticed him when we arrived here. Mom was moving in all of our boxes and furniture, and I was sitting on one of mom’s boxes labelled “fragile” downing ice-cold lemonade.
It wasn’t exactly the weather for cold drinks, but I was pooped after spending my morning and half of my afternoon going back and forth with all of our stuff. It was just a glimpse.
One of the movers asked me to help him with a box of kitchen equipment. I was struggling to get a proper grip of it, twisting around to shout that I needed help—when I saw him.
Not much of a person, more of a shadow poking from behind the fence. What I could make out was a tallish figure and mousey hair.
I lifted my hand in a greeting, but the guy walked away. I didn’t think much of it.
Maybe he was shy.
Though I was curious about my neighbors. I was expecting them to join the parade of families on our doorstep harbouring every food you can imagine, but they stayed away. I did know a family existed next door, however. There was a large wooden fence separating us. So, if I really wanted to talk to them I’d either have to grow several feet taller or invest in stilts. I’m not sure why I was so obsessed with meeting them.
I knew they had kids my age. I could hear them.
Whether they were arguing over video games, or laughing at something trivial, I could always hear them when I was sitting on our wooden porch or helping mom clean our yard.
According to mom, who heard it from the nice lady across the street, our neighbors were called the Wilders.
There was a single mom, and her four teenage kids.
Huh, I thought. So the mystery shadow guy must have been a Wilder kid.
I was told to not get too excited, though. Apparently, Mrs Wilder was very protective over her children and home-schooled them.
So, there was no chance of me making friends or even getting to know them. On our second day in our new home, mom told me over breakfast that Mrs Wilder had sent out a polite notice to the neighbourhood that her children were not to be disturbed or talked to. Which was crazy. I thought that was weird. But mom understood it—and to my annoyance, accepted the woman’s notice. I was warned not to talk to the Wilder children.
And if I did, that was an automatic week grounding. Which meant no diner, no seeing friends after school, and my phone privileges taken away. According to her, she figured they were just a private family and wanted to accept that. She theorised the kids had been bullied at public school and had to be home-schooled. But I was sceptical. “All of them?” I’d asked her through a mouthful of cereal.
“Phoebe.” Mom sent me a warning look, sipping her coffee. “What we’re going to do is respect Mrs Wilder’s wishes.”
“It’s child abuse.” I muttered into my frosted flakes. Only for mom to reach across the table and poke me with the prongs of her fork.
“Don’t play with your food.”
“I’m not playing with my food.” I held up a spoonful of soggy cereal. “You just never get the chocolate brand. These taste like sandpaper.”
“We are going to be respectable neighbors,” mom said, ignoring me. “So, you are not going to speak to those kids. Do you understand?”
I knew mom only wanted to abide by the weird rules because she was obsessed with joining the mom’s club, or whatever they were called, but it didn’t make sense to me that his woman wasn’t letting her own kids have a social life.
At a younger age, maybe eleven or twelve, I could understand. But seventeen? That was almost college age. What, was she expecting to coddle them forever?
Did she really think these kids were going to stay with her? Seventeen was the age of finding first loves and making mistakes. Not staying at home with mommy dearest. “Okay, but would you do this to me?” I asked her. “Would you really lock me up and stop me from going outside and living my life?”
Mom had been spreading butter on bread. I didn’t realise her mood had drastically changed until she was almost slicing her finger with the knife. “You don’t know this yet because you are far too young,” she lifted her head, her lips curving into a smile. “But there is something called a mother’s instinct. When our children are born, we are overcome with an almost… feral need to protect them from danger. If you look it up, it is present is every creature. Every mother. Our children are worth more than ourselves. We give our own lives to keep them alive. You can roll your eyes and say it’s stupid, but I’m sure as soon as you have your own child, you will feel the exact same with them.”
She nodded at me. “I had that with you. I… I still have it with you, Phoebe. No matter how old you are. When you were a baby, I wanted to hold you in my arms every second of every day. I hated it when people wanted to hold you, and you were such a clingy baby. Always cradled to my chest. As you grew up, I started to understand that you were seeing the world for the first time and you needed your own time and space. I let you take your first steps on your own. I cried when you said your first word—and when I grabbed your hand and raced down the kindergarten steps for the first time. Letting you go was painful. And if I had a choice in the matter? Yes, I would keep you in here. I would stop you from going outside and seeing this world.” She dropped the knife with a startling, metallic clang, before picking it back up.
“Because this planet is a scary place, Phoebe. And as mother’s, it is our job to keep our kids safe. Even if that means going to the slightest of extremes.”
“Slightest of extremes?” I scoffed, despite knowing I was being pedantic. “They have to fly the nest! That’s called growing up!”
Ignoring her glare, I continued.
“Yes, I believe in mother’s instinct. But at what point do you have to look at yourself and realise you’re being ridiculous? Seventeen year olds aren’t infants. They won’t just blindly walk into traffic. They have self-awareness of what is wrong and right.”
I pointed at myself. “You let me drive, right? I got my license. Where was your ‘mother instinct’ when I got myself a big-girl vehicle I could easily have an accident in?”
Mom curled her lip. “Don’t push it.”
Leaning across the table, I fixed her with a smile. “See? You trust me, mom. You let me grow up. That’s the difference between you and Mrs Wilder. Kids have to grow up. No matter what the circumstances are. It’s just part of being human. We all grow up and leave our parents.”
I sent her a look, stirring the soggy soup of my cereal. “Well. Unless you’re Mrs Wilder.”
Mom finished her coffee and stood up. “You don’t even know these children. They could be in any stage of development which makes them very different to you. All kids mentally age at different points.”
She took her plate to the faucet and dumped it in the bowl. Mom washed the dishes when she was angry or stressed, and she was really going to town on our brand new pattern plates. I saw that as a mark of finality. “I’m done talking about this, okay? You’re not eighteen yet which means you abide by my rules, and really, Phoebe, I’m not exactly holding you prisoner. I’m just asking you to be polite and follow a simple rule which is not hard. We are a new family, and we need to make a good impression. Which means no talking to Mrs Wilder’s children.” She cleared her throat.
“Respect our neighbour’s wishes or lose your phone.”
Ducking my head, I continued to stir my cereal into a mushy soup which had quickly become unappetising. It looked like barf. I pushed it away. “You only want me to follow the rules so you can get into Mrs Becker’s book club and go on Pilate dates with middle aged Karen’s.”
Mom dropped a plate in the sink, and the sound of the splash made me flinch slightly.
“Is that understood?”
“Yes.” I said, rolling my eyes. “Obviously, I will abide by this street’s draconian rules so I can continue scrolling through Tik-Tok.”
It was sarcasm, but I wasn’t sure my mother could detect it. She was so blinded by becoming one with our neighbors.
Why was she so obsessed with meeting all the other mom’s anyway?
Was she planning on setting me up on a playdate with 3 year old Evie? I wouldn’t put it past her doing that for the brownie points.
“Good. End of conversation.” Mom said, hurrying to get her jacket and bag. “I’m late for work, and you have an induction to get to.”
I wanted to argue further because this sounded unfair. The kids were teenagers, right? How were they not arguing against this? It seemed insane that they were going along with what their mother said. But I was aware of significant punishment if I broke this rule. So, I begrudgingly agreed. After my induction, I asked around new friends and classmates if anybody knew of the Wilder kids, and they did.
But they didn’t want to elaborate on what they knew. I heard a lot of rumours with dead ends. Most of them involved a father who had walked out on them, and their mother going into ultra-protective mode in response. It sounded like these kids were bearing the brunt of a messy divorce. They were complete enigma’s.
I didn’t know anything about them except from their insanely overprotective mother’s wicked grip on them. I gave up being curious. Mom was serious about me not speaking not them. She gave me a lecture on respecting the woman’s privacy, and blah, blah, blah. I tuned out after five minutes, my attention flicking to an episode of Breaking Bad playing on the lounge TV.
The next few weeks were boring. Mom was invited to join Mrs Beck’s book club, so on Monday’s at 5PM, I made myself scarce. I did exactly what mom said. I ignored the kids next door. My bedroom happened to be facing the room of one of the kids, but their dark blue curtains were always shut. Sometimes it was hard. When I was sitting in the yard, reading a book, I could hear them on the other side of the fence.
The boys were the most vocal, laughing and teasing each other. There was a point when I risked it. I jumped to my feet and got halfway across the expanse of grass, standing on the tips of my toes and trying to catch a peek. But mom was calling me inside. I swore she had eyes in the back of my head. Mom always knew when I was outside. When I was near the fence.
It wasn’t until a month had gone by when I finally got a glimpse of a Wilder kid. I had just gotten back from school. I’d dumped my backpack on my bed and grabbed my phone, slumping onto my bed to text my friends and mindlessly scroll through social media. I noticed movement at the corner of my eye, and when I’d lifted my head, blinking rapidly—those same blue curtains which had shut me out for what felt so long—they were open. Not just that.
I could see a bedroom smothered in personality. I glimpsed a hardwood desk strewn with paper and an expensive laptop, a blue bedspread, a beaten up guitar leaning against light green walls covered in old-school movie posters.
There were screwed up pieces of paper everywhere. I had to guess he was some kind of artist. The room was illuminated in the evening dim, a soft warm light bringing the room to life. A knock startled me, and my gaze flicked to the window.
There he was. The Wilder boy next door.
He was my age, maybe even older. This guy looked almost college aged. Which made it increasingly weirder that his mother would insist on babying him at the age of seventeen.
He was cute. The dorky kind of cute. He wore bulky glasses but was the type to instantly suit pretty much anything. If I could compare him to anyone, it would be the mental image in my head that my younger self had imagined Percy Jackson when I reads the books.
The guy looked comfortable in a sweater and jeans, mousey brown hair hanging in warm eyes. There was an inquisitive smile on his lips. I jumped up to open my window to speak to him, but he shook his head—and I quickly remembered his mother’s stupid rule which forbid us from talking. So, I got creative.
Give me a moment! I mouthed.
I expected him to ignore me and go back to what he was doing, but the guy straightened up and nodded, arching a brow.
He was intrigued.
I grabbed an old notebook and a pen and sat on my bed, scribbling a message. I wrote: “Hello! So, you’re the kid under house arrest lmao.”
When I held it up, his smile pricked. He laughed. But I couldn’t hear it. I could tell he had a dorky kind of laugh, a nasally one. The guy held up a hand for me to wait and rummaged on his desk. He quickly wrote out a message and held it up with a grin. He looked almost proud of his own message, and I couldn’t resist my own smile. I expected him to curse his mother, maybe apologise for the lack of communication.
But instead, he simply wrote: “Hello! What’s your name?” Followed by a slightly smudged smiley.
After a moment of consideration, mom’s words echoing in my mind, I thought fuck it. “Phoebe.” I said. “Yours?”
“It’s nice to meet you, Phoebe.” He responded. Which spanned multiple conversations which took up several of my notepads.
We talked about everything from school to his life at home. He had three siblings. Matilda, Freddie, and Issac. He liked to play the guitar and draw, but also apparently sucked at both. When I asked what his favourite TV show was, he looked confused for a moment before answering “All of them”. Following that odd answer, I asked if he liked Marvel, and again, he had that look again. A look of confusion.
But I knew he was trying to make a good impression. “What is Marvel?” He wrote back, this time his handwriting in a bubbly font. I could almost call his writing calligraphy. It practically danced off of the page. The Wilder boy’s strange answers made wonder if this kid had been home-schooled his whole life. He seemed way too polite. Kids were polite, sure.
There was a certain amount of respect you had to pay to your elders and parents.
But looking at this kid, I wasn’t even sure he knew what a meme was—or even the concept of a joke. He had no idea about one of the biggest movie franchise in the world, and his favourite celebrity was apparently “All of them”. In fact, he had answered “All of them” to several of my questions. His messages reminded me of my grandma’s. Still though, he was good company. Though I made it my mission to convert him into a normal teenager.
I had to guess due to constantly being home and around the same people, this kid had zero social skills. I asked him what his favourite movie was, out of the posters on the wall. He had Kill Bill, Reservoir Dogs, and Fight Club.
Again, he looked confused. His head cocked to the side, and I had to physically point to them behind him.
“All of them.” He wrote back with a smiley face.
Damn, this kid needed to see a movie which wasn’t some educational shit. I bet his mother had turned him into perfect member of society.
“What have you seen?” I couldn’t help asking him. “Like, movies, TV shows. Do you play video games?”
He shook his head before scribbling back. “What is that?”
Holy shit, this kid was completely cut off from the outside world.
I was already mentally thinking up plans to get him out of the house and to a party, or something like that. From the look of this kids face—a slightly blank if not completely innocent smile—he needed time away from home. Away from his overprotective mother’s wicked grasp.
After a while, I realised he never told me his name. I didn’t notice time go by. Almost three hours, and I’d spent most of it lecturing him on movies and TV shows he really should have known. I guessed Mrs Wilder didn’t let him watch the TV. My gaze flicked to his laptop. And I wouldn’t have been surprised if she had blocked out all social media. My notepad was full of scribbles and doodles, an attempt at copying his handwriting style. The sky was blooming into twilight outside, thick orange and cotton candy pink streaking the horizon. I have always loved a pre-twilight sky.
“What’s your name?” I wrote in marker pen, before holding up my notepad. I was running out of paper. I could hear mom downstairs preparing dinner, and I could tell from his diminishing smile Mrs Wilder was probably shouting for him to go downstairs.
He didn’t reply for a while. I watched him put the pad down, before heading over to his desk and cleaning up the paper—every trace we had been talking and dumping each response he’d given in the trash. Before he slumped onto his bed, wrote something down in several strokes, before holding it up for me to see. “Casper.” He’d written. “My name is Casper Wilder.”
For a moment, his expression changed completely. He glanced at the door, before frowning at the pad of paper in his lap.
It looked like he wanted to write more, before twisting around, his eyes widening. Someone was coming. I could tell by the look on his face.
The knot between his brows.
Casper gathered everything he’d been using to write to me, pens and pencils, scraps of paper and the backs of movie posters, and shoving them under his bed. Then he grabbed the curtains and pulled them closed, blocking me out once again. I thought he’d come back, but after standing like an idiot with an odd feeling in my gut, frowning at his curtains, I realised he was finished talking to me for the night. What I expected was that to be it. I didn’t think he’d come back. The next morning, however, he was back at his window, smiling at me through a mouthful of toothpaste. He was still in his pyjamas, unbrushed curls falling in sleepy eyes.
He looked strange without his glasses. Like his face was too bare. The more I took him in, though. Something was… different. Though I couldn’t make it out. It hit me then.
Casper wasn’t moving, staying in the same position. The night before, he had gone to and from his bed, hurrying around to grab equipment to write with. But now he was stood, looking more shadow than human. I was quick to dive for my notepad, but Casper was already holding up his own greeting with a grin. “Good morning, Phoebe! How are you feeling today?”
“Tired.” I wrote back, my writing barely comprehensible. “Do you have school?”
“YES.” He responded with an excited smile. “I’m so excited to learn! Do you have a favourite class?”
I laughed at that. And after looking confused, he copied my laugh. Which made me laugh harder.
“None of them!” I scribbled back. “School is boring!”
Casper shrugged. “I like it. I have a great tutor.”
“Really?” This time, I drew an attempt at the rolling eyes emoji. “You shouldn’t be excited for school. Weirdo.”
He curled his lip. “You’re the weirdo.” He wrote back. Casper paused, chewing on the lid of the pen, before writing, “What’s a weirdo?”
“You’re kidding!” This time, with too much vigour, I pointed to him with a laugh. “You! You’re the weirdo!”
We talked as I got ready for school, gathering all my books and homework. I was stuffing my gym clothes in my bag, when I noticed something was on the ground behind Casper. Looking closer, it looked like a chord. Like a long cable sort of thing. I thought it was for a games console, but then I remembered he had no idea what a video game was. I didn’t question what it was for a while. We talked every night, about everything and nothing.
I told Casper about school and friends, filling up every piece of paper we had in the house, and he told me about his siblings. They were all the same age, and all enjoyed school. His brother was a piano prodigy, while his sister’s strongest subjects were math. Casper told me he felt like the odd one out being the artist of the family, and I quickly told him that creativity was the best part of a person.
He showed me his drawings. And to my confusion, and slight disgust, they were all of his mother. They were good—sure. His skills were Ivy League worthy. Perfect shading. Everything about the drawings were perfect.
But the fact that his muse was his mother—it put a weird taste in my mouth. He showed me each drawing, his smile widening with excitement. While I nodded and pretended to be impressed. Well, I was.
Though it became startlingly obvious that Casper didn’t have a choice who he drew. He didn’t draw fruit or landscapes, or even the sky. We live in a picturesque town, the perfect canvas for an artist. However, Mrs Wilder was at the centre of every single fucking drawing and painting, ink blot. Even with different styles and angles, she was always there. And Casper Wilder saw no wrong in it. He saw absolutely no fucking wrong in this woman taking control of every aspect of his life. His social life, his friends, education and hobbies.
I half expected him to grab his guitar and start singing about her through the glass. I couldn’t take it anymore. It was driving me crazy. We continued to talk through writing to each other, but soon enough the only subject was his mother. Casper asked me if I could rate a drawing he was working on. It was her. Of course it was. I ignored him, getting to my feet and holding up the sign I had written weeks before. But I was too scared to show him.
I didn’t want to ruin our friendship, but I had to know. I had to know several things which had been keeping me up all night
“Why are you okay with your mother controlling your life?” I asked in bold letters.
And below that: “Also… I’ve been wondering this for a while. But what is that thing behind you?”
The thing behind him was at the centre of my thoughts. I’d worked out it wasn’t a chord for a TV or a games console. Not even a laptop, or for his guitar. Not to mention it was always there. Morning and evening, even at night when I spied him getting ready for bed. This thing was always on the floor, snaked across his bed. Sometimes it was even wrapped up on his desk. I couldn’t understand the length of it. I asked friends at school, and even the internet. But my descriptions didn’t do it justice. A long, silver chord like thing which didn’t have an end.
Casper blinked at my message. Before he ducked his head and started writing before holding up his response.
“I love my mom.” He said, doodling a little heart. “She doesn’t control my life. I like that she’s in it.”
Below that, a follow up message which twisted my gut. “What do you mean? I don’t see anything, Phoebe.”
Tapping my pad with my pen, I struggled to think of a response. There was no way he couldn’t see this thing. It was pretty hard to miss. Instead of writing, I pointed behind him.
“That!” I mouthed, using my lips for the first time. It felt good to actually talk to him. Even if a window of glass separated us.
“What?” His handwriting was slipping slightly. And I noticed his hands were visibly shaking. “What can you see, Phoebe?”
This time, he stood up. I noticed something change in him, the notepad slipping off his knee. Casper turned around, scanning the room.
Before his eyes finally found the cord-thing. His smile seemed to dampen, eyes going wide, fists clenching.
“Casper?” I hurriedly wrote when he didn’t move for a while. His gaze was glued to the chord. I watched his eye follow it around the room, before his hand slowly raised, trembling fingers moving to his neck, and then the back of his head. Was there an insect? That’s what I thought. It must have been a spider, or some kind of bug which had startled him. I could only describe his expression as close to catatonic. He stood up, but then quickly slumped back down. But not like it was his choice. As if he was being dragged back down by an unseen force. Like one minute I was looking at Casper Wilder, and then I was seeing a stranger. A completely different person take over a rapidly paling face. Something snapped inside my gut when he moved forwards suddenly, his arms lunging out to close the curtains.
But that wasn’t the end of what I saw. The boy had unknowingly left a splinter, a tiny gap allowing me to glimpse. I expected him to react to whatever had freaked him out. But instead, he simply flopped back onto his bed. This time, I noticed the silver chord jolt with his movement. He was already asleep, his eyes closed. I watched him, my heart diving into my throat. There was no way he just fell asleep like that. It was too fast.
Mrs Wilder came into his room soon after. But I only got a glimpse of her because she was already striding over to the window. I ducked behind my bed, panic creeping up my spine. I expected the woman to start yelling at me through the window, but instead she simply pulled the curtains properly shut. Mrs Wilder definitely saw me. And even if she didn’t, Casper’s messages to me were still piled on his bedsheets. I was left completely in the dark, then. I stood and pressed my face against the window, fully aware that I was addicted to the mystery surrounding my neighbour.
My mind began to wonder to uncertain and scary places.
What exactly was Casper’s mother doing to him behind the curtain? I wanted to believe she was simply tucking him in and saying goodnight, but the strange chord-like thing on the ground, and how he’d reacted to noticing it—for what seemed like the first time. His change in expression, like a different person had taken over him, and that person was… scared.
Catatonic. I refused to believe Mrs Wilder was innocent. I waited for him to draw his curtains again—but he didn’t. Casper’s window stayed completely blocked for days. I stopped hearing his siblings in the yard, and after days of nothing, mom reiterated her warning to me over dinner. “No communication with the Wilder children,” she told me. “Which includes notes and letters.”
So, Mrs Wilder knew we were talking.
I wondered if she was punishing her son for breaking the rules—and that was why he had been MIA for the last few days.
“There’s something wrong with Casper.” I worked up the courage to tell mom “The boy next door. I think Mrs Wilder is hurting him.”
“Hurting him?”
“Yeah, like…” I frowned. “I think she can make him go to sleep when she wants.” I pulled a face. “Like, hypnotism—or maybe even drugs.”
“Mmm hmm.”
“Drugs, mom.” I said. “Mrs Wilder is drugging her seventeen year old son!”
“That’s nice, honey.”
“Are you even listening to me?” I leaned across the table, stabbing the page of her book. “Mom! Casper Wilder is a total blank slate!”
“I’ve told you a thousand times. She’s protecting them,” she hummed. “You have just seen far too many crime dramas—and your generation have been poisoned by the likes of crime entrainment. Finding what you think is your own mystery must be fun, but you are reaching, baby.”
“Reaching?” I prodded my own temple. “I’m sorry, were you not listening when I told you he doesn’t even know what video games are?”
Mom was acting weird. Usually, she talked about school with me, and at least tried to engage in conversation, but she was too busy reading the book Mrs Becker has recommended her. It was like talking to a brick.
“You’re being ridiculous, Phoebe,” she turned over a page with a sigh. “I’ve spoken to his mother. She’s a lovely woman. We’re having lunch next week. I met her in the grocery store."
“What a coincidence,” I shot her a look over my phone. I was looking up child abuse helplines. “You’re suddenly best friends with the neighborhood witch when I’m caught talking to her son.” Dropping my phone for emphasis, I stood up. “If you would just listen to me—"
“That’s enough.” Mom cut me off. She finished her coffee, grabbing her jacket from where it was slung over a chair. “Stay out of trouble, okay? I’m heading back to work. I’ve left cash if you want to order pizza. You have other interests, alright? Please. Leave Mrs Wilder alone. This obsession you have with her kids is unhealthy. Why don't you stick to fiction, hm?"
Yeah, no.
As soon as she was gone, I sprinted to my room to see if Casper’s curtains were open. To my dismay, though. They weren’t.
Frustrated, I yanked mine shut too.
Slumping onto my bed, I continued looking up helplines. I got bored soon after and started googling chords and wires which fit the description of what I’d seen.
There was a match, though it was on a weird medical website which looked like it had been made in 2005. The interface was outdated, and according to the description, it was some kind of clamping device. There were a lot of words I didn’t know, and after further googling, I was getting increasingly more confused. Until my gaze flicked to a section at the bottom of the page. According to whoever wrote it, the chord in question was experimental. There weren’t many in circulation, but it was mainly used in medical centres such as specialist surgeries and hospitals. When I scrolled down, there was a diagram which showed a long chord-like thing labelled as “The body” and a sharp looking needle. Something warm crept up my throat and I sat up, frowning at the screen. Was that it? Was that thing the end?
And what did this thing even connect to?
A sudden THUD made me almost jump out of my skin. I slid off my bed.
It was coming from my window. My curtains were still shut, blowing in the slight breeze. Slowly, I made my way over, my spine tingling.
The first thing I saw was red. Bright, intense scarlet spattering the Wilder boy's window. Then I glimpsed Casper. He was slamming his face into the glass, over and over again, his already bleeding nose exploding with more red. But it wasn't the boy I knew. The kid I had gotten to know over the last few months. No. This kid was a mess of torn up clothes, bruises yellowing his eyes and scratches sliced into his flesh. My first thought was his mom. She must have done this to him. But then my gaze was finding his bloodied nails, and claw marks on his arms and cheeks. There was something white wrapped around his head, a bandage.
I could glimpse red leaking through, smudging clinical white and pooling down his temples in sharp rivulets. Casper's eyes were an enigma in themselves, a mixture of fear and confusion, and almost feral look of anger and frustration. But the twitch in his lip and between his brow, was evident that something was fighting that.
Emotions and feelings he wasn't feeling himself.
It was like looking at two different guys. One was Casper, the artist who lived next door, who ended every message with a smiley. While this twisted other self, a self which was broken out and was feral in his expression, was a whole other person. I started to realise the more I looked at him, at the mess of flesh and blood caught between his nails, and his trembling hands every so often creeping to the back of his skull before jolting and coming back to curl into fists, battering the window--- he had clawed into his own head.
Immediately, I reached for my phone. But he already knew what I was going to do.
“No!” He mouthed, shaking his head—so I grabbed my notepad. I could barely write.
“What’s going on?” I held up my pad. “Are you okay? You’re fucking bleeding!”
Instead of using a pen and paper, Casper squinted, blinking rapidly. His handwriting was different, a manic scrawl, as he wrote in the explosion of blood on the window.
When he twisted around, his gaze going to the door, the breath caught in my throat. Someone was yelling his name. I could tell by his reaction. His bloodied fingers clawed at his face and hair, at bald patches and rugged stitches lining his scalp and the back of his skull. They kept going, a narrow line of stitches all the way down his neck, and presumably his spine.
My thoughts flashed back to the equipment I’d been looking up. This kind of thing was designed to bury into the brain and spinal cord. I looked for it, but the thing was nowhere to be seen on him. It was no longer on the floor. Casper struggled to write coherently. I notice he kept swearing, his finger smudging the words he was trying to write. This was more like it, I thought. This was the kind of boy I had expected to be the kid next door. “Fuck.” He shook his head, his movements erratic as one hand went to the back of his head and came back slick with glistening red.
He slammed his fists into the window in frustration, but I was already seeing his message start to blossom and make sense.
Casper was crying. I could see that he could barely breathe, struggling to inhale, swiping at his eyes with smudged fists.
I started to back away, but he continued. When he’d finished, he wrote it again and again, growing more and more fraught.
I jumped when he slammed his head into the glass of the window again. At first a part of me thought he was using his blood for paint.
So he was intentionally hurting himself to draw more.
But his words spelled it out for me in black and white.
Who am I? He wrote. WHO AM I? WHO AM I WHO AM I? WHO AM I?
This time I could barely even read my own handwriting. I held up a scrap of paper.
I gestured to the bandage on his head, and he stumbled back, wild eyes searching for something to write with.
“THAT WOMAN.” He scribbled in block capitals.
“THAT WOMAN IS NOT MY FUCKING MOM.” He wrote, before he dropped to his knees. He was still writing but failing to show me.
I don’t know who I am.
He wrote the same thing 12 times, before tearing up the paper and burying his head in his lap.
I gave up writing messages.
“Casper!” I shouted.
Then I threw a rock at his window, and he lifted his head, blinking rapidly.
Gesturing for him to open up his window, he struggled with the latch for a moment before pulling it open.
I stuck my head out of my own window, cold air hitting me in the face. “I’m going to help you.” I managed to choke out. “Hold on, okay?”
Casper clawed at his face. "Help me." His voice was a sharp hiss. "Please help me. I don't know who I..." His fingernails ripped into the flesh of his cheeks, but he barely seemed to feel it, to be fazed. They kept going, digging into layer after layer. "I don't know who I am." He jumped up suddenly trashing his desk and throwing his laptop against the wall. He reminded me of a child having a tantrum. In this case though, it was more than acting out. I was sure that Casper Wilder didn’t exist. "I don't know who I am. I don't know... fuck... I don't know who I am!”
His eyes found mine, and I could have sworn I saw something there, buried deep, deep inside his pupil.
He blinked, and it was gone.
“You need to tell me what she’s done to you.” I said stiffly. “Tell me what she’s done to your head.”
Casper was only growing progressively more frenzied. Animalistic. He came back to the window, slamming his fists into it. Then his head. Again and again. Like he was trying to knock himself out. "Help me. I can't remember... I can't remember who I am. I just know.. I know her.”
His lips suddenly twisted into a startling grin.
“Mom.” He whispered, his expression softening. “My mom.” His gaze flicked to the desk. “She won’t like that I’ve… I’ve made a mess.”
“Your mom did this.” I gritted out. “I’m calling the cops.”
His expression was scaring me. Whatever was in his eye was scaring me. But this boy needed help. He needed to be taken out of that house.
"No." Casper sobered up. "No, my mom... my mommy said... she said no police." His eyes widened suddenly, seemingly noticing the mess of the window for the first time. “Oh, no.” Casper stumbled back. “I should… I should clean this. Before my mom sees what a mess I made.”
His door opened, and another head poked through.
Another guy. I figured it was one of his brothers. Freddie, or Issac. He too had a bandage wrapped around his head.
His brother’s eyes found the blood spatters, and then me. Like his mother, he strode over to the window, shutting the curtains.
But I could still hear it.
A mechanical whirring noise, followed by Casper’s sharp breath and the sickly crunch of metal protruding through blood and bone.
That was it.
“Mom!” I yelled. I’d heard her come back earlier. She must have finished work early.
I stumbled downstairs to tell her to call the cops, but a shadow was already looming behind the corner. Before I knew what was happening, a wet rag stinking of pool cleaner was being pressed over my mouth and nose.
I don’t remember passing out. When I woke up, I was lying on my mom’s couch. It was dark outside, but the curtains were open. My foggy thoughts drunk in slithers of moon poking from between the clouds before registering I wasn’t alone. Sitting up, my stomach galloped. There was no sign of mom. But I recognised each of the faces surrounding me. Mrs Becker was sitting with her legs crossed, delicately sipping from a cup. And next to her, wearing a smug smile, was Mrs Wilder. She wasn’t looking at me. Instead, her eyes were lovingly glued to something which had been built over mom’s coffee table. It was made completely out of paper. The scraps of paper I had been using to talk to her son. Though there weren’t just my messages. I glimpsed Casper’s writing too. It was a house. I was staring at a perfect paper rendition of the Wilder house. And next to it stood four little paper dolls.
There were no faces. No expressions. Just four dolls. Two boys, and two girls.
Though in her lap were more. Mrs Wilder’s nimble fingers were working to make more of them. They filled her lap differing in sizes.
“Phoebe, is it?”
Her voice was smooth like chocolate. I could almost mistake it for kindness.
I nodded, my heart in my throat. I was watching her create another doll. She folded a piece of paper in half, cut it in two, and started to fold sections, bringing the doll-form to life. This one, unlike the other, did have attention put into it. She had even added the birth mark on my right temple, following that, colouring in my dark blonde hair, and finishing with my jean jacket. Mrs Wilder didn’t have to spell it out for me. When she got to the doll’s head, she shocked me, by tearing it off. Then she ripped off its arms and legs and tearing its torso in half.
Mrs Wilder straightened up. “Phoebe, are you aware of a mother’s instinct?”
I couldn’t reply. Instead, I was staring at the paper-doll she had set alight. I watched smouldering orange rip into it, before she put the fire out, dropping the blackened paper doll on the carpet. For just a brief second, I could have sworn the hem of my jacket had also caught alight. Just a single flash of orange. But maybe I was seeing things. “I was pregnant with four beautiful children,” she said softly. “As soon as I found out, I had already named them.” Her smile was dreamy. Melancholic. “Freddie. My little Freddie. He kicked quite a lot. Oh, and Matilda. She and her twin were quite the pair, I must say. Swiftly draining me of my energy so I had to take medication.” Mrs Wilder chuckled.
“And finally, Casper. Named after my favourite movie. I loved him with all of my heart. He was my little fighter.” She quickly lost her smile, her gaze flicking to me. “I hope you understand that if you talk to, or even the breathe the same air as my children again, I will rip you apart too.”
Mrs Wilder never raised her voice. She didn’t need to. I was terrified of her.
She held up my doll for emphasis, before throwing it in the paper dollhouse. “Or… perhaps you could become another daughter of mine, hmm?” I couldn’t move, my body paralysed when she leaned over me, cruel eyes drinking me in. “Maybe not.” She hummed. “I only take the dead or dying.” Straightening up, she sighed. “It’s not a hard task, Phoebe. Keep away from my children and I will keep away from you.”
The two of them left after that, leaving me unable to move. To breathe. They took the dollhouse. All of the paper. Even my own doll.
Casper has been unreachable since. Mom has hardly been at home—and I’m starting to lose my mind.
I don’t know what to do. I don’t know who or what Mrs Wilder is, but I’m afraid she’s going to keep adding to her collection.
Whoever those kids are, they’re not hers. I think she’s taken them. She’s using them as canvases. Dolls. For what she’s lost.
Am I next?
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2023.03.27 02:07 ImpossibleDungeonBot Rookie Tier Results: March 26 2023

Rank Level Player 1 10.61K WujaszekPac 2 10.20K Colman 3 7369 SumTingWong 4 7200 Chud 5 6600 Dutra 6 6303 Dango 7 5700 dust 8 5400 Polyblank 8 5400 Lemonlea 10 5381 red 11 5332 gig13th 12 5297 Odotheus 13 4950 Kirinmochi 14 4800 NukRaider 15 4666 るるゐゑ 16 4500 SeoGoD 16 4500 x 18 4400 awawa 19 4200 GhostKobe 20 4051 MessAbout 21 3900 carrots5555 22 3799 Batilda 23 3580 wdAce 24 3568 Shwiboo 25 3509 xlegna 26 3444 Nicky Bottoms 27 3442 OMGWTFBBQ 28 3096 Doctor MOM 29 3038 Devim 30 3017 Fhisker Wish 31 3000 Tobamf 32 2851 Blarg 33 2700 Einar 34 2400 tsuna2795 34 2400 Smoki 36 2288 Xavik 37 2265 treq 38 2167 potatosalad 39 1942 caplico 40 1941 ExNought 41 1860 SolowingUSMC 42 1758 iddqd 43 1669 Ryan 44 1539 Kiswan 45 1500 herb nice 45 1500 Zhuravli 45 1500 Meraru 45 1500 aecus 49 1464 Pappap 50 1431 Zellu 51 1378 Nikazinha 52 1200 ReverseNeutral 53 1082 yutz 54 1058 HairyCroc 55 1024 DizLizard 56 995 imsobaboy 57 985 JustKillMe 58 911 Pidge 59 900 CaptMrTTT 59 900 Darkoth 59 900 Chasmus 62 872 deathtard 63 868 Eeveego10 64 824 withevil 65 794 Timmy-T-BoNE 66 766 FriendlyStoner 67 700 loki90000 68 674 Oweeeen 69 600 NightDragon99 69 600 KagPAlex 69 600 Blooest 69 600 dsces 69 600 erd 69 600 Buglog 69 600 Copa 69 600 Hektik 77 556 CapricornFox 78 509 Weabo samurai chicken 79 492 CenterWindrow 80 489 Bobby McGee 81 483 Shatterstrike 82 454 Skizr420 83 436 Shinnpai 84 427 Eley197 85 414 muddy 86 400 Kaelyssa 87 324 Lightdud 88 323 idontknowwhatimdoingteehee 89 298 semi 90 287 GasMan 91 283 Shryver 92 275 Username 92 275 necromancer 92 275 Simon Plays 95 271 Endyph 96 270 Slick_Dungeoners 97 269 CalamityGhostly 98 240 Rem 99 222 Hocuk_u_pyka 100 214 BxHale 
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2023.03.27 02:06 ChocoTaco404 What am I missing with the combat?

What am I missing with Diablo? I wanna get into it cause the story seems sick. But he combat just seems so boring to me.
I enjoyed 3 and I’ve played my share of mmos so I’m used to kinda slower animation based combat.
But I just feel like I’m sitting there holding down A until the fight is over. Do I need to spike the difficulty or something?
What am I doing wrong???? The internet says it’s the best Diablo combat yet. I don’t get it! Haha
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2023.03.27 02:06 BettySpaghettyStan 3.5 weeks on neocate - rant :(

My 6 month old is the world's most miserable baby...or so it seems. I'm going so crazy trying to figure her out. Her doctors are worthless and switching where we live takes 6+ months for new patients. I am so burnt out. My husband is going away this week for work and neither of our parents are available to help me. We have no friends where we live. I know we're going to be ok, but I'm just already stressed tf out.
We are at roughly 3.5 weeks on neocate and she's so miserable. She spits up so much. Literally - so. damn. much. Sometimes it's forceful vomits of a full feed. She hasn't lost weight so her doctors do not care. She still has the most sour smelling gas and poops. Her poop is still 99% mucus. We have been told we'd see a shift in consistency by now, but nope, nothing. We even switched from famotadine (acid reducer) to omeprazole (acid blocker). It worked for a week and we got hopeful.
Then it all came crashing down again for the past few days. She's been wanting to eat more frequently out of the blue. So I'm uncertain if she's having a growth spurt or if she's doing it to fight the feeling of her reflux? (My oldest fed constantly because of her reflux). She doesn't want to be held, put down, on her stomach or back, in her swing, in her chairs, bounced, rocked, etc. When she is happy she has to be constantly stimulated. Gas drops make her more angry. My 3 yo watches way too much TV because the baby needs literal constant attention. I'm experiencing the worst mom guilt not giving my toddler more than I can. I dedicate as much time as I can when the moments are available, but it'd usually only when my husband is off. I just meet needs at risk point. Fed, sleep, clean, teeth, etc. No time for play because of baby.
I feel like I am failing because I can't fix this. I'm okay 100% when she is, but it's rare. I'm walking on eggshells around the baby. Our allergist appt isn't until the end of May so we can't even start solids until after we confirm what else it could be. I'm so sorry for my negative rant. I just know someone in here can relate. Everyone tells me it's just colic, but she's having actual physical problems that are causing this. I just can not tell what it is?
Is it: - allergy to neocate ingredient? - constipation? - teething? - growth spurt/sleep regression? - reflux? - boredom? - frustration she can't move around on her own yet? - combination of the above?
Does anybody else have these challenges all of these months later? Did your allergist end up helping? It's our last hope. The GI was awful. Her pediatrician is too. I'm so desperate. sighs, gets up to try figuring it all out again. Dreads husband's work trip. Picks myself up and carries on.
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2023.03.27 02:06 Commentator389 The Undertale Ghosts were Dolphins (Spoiler tag in case)
With the exception of Temmie in Temmie Village being in the Waterfall Area as well as Gerson and the snails, the inhabitants that live in the waterfall area are mostly Sea-related or something that has vaguely to do with water, but sea-themed for the most part.
Although Napstablook cries harmful "tear bullets," this isn't quite enough to put him with the same theme of the general inhabitants of this area, as his design has nothing to do with the ocean nor bodies of water.
Furthermore, for quite a while, I wondered what Napstablook was supposed to be in terms of the surrounding logic of Undertale. If Napstablook is a human soul, for example, why didn't the other human souls turn into ghosts, likewise? Furthermore, if Napstablook is that of a monster soul, doesn't this contradict the general logic of what happens to monster souls, i.e., they are destroyed shortly after being separated from their bodies?
With the souls of monsters and humans out of the way as contenders, perhaps this would be solved in Deltarune, i.e., maybe Napstablook is the soul of a fallen "Darkner", but the problem with this as well is, Dark Fountains bring inanimate objects to life, and Napstablook's existence doesn't require him to be living inside a Dark-Fountain world to exist.
Candidates for what Napstablook can be, following all of this, seems to narrow the options down to Napstablook being the spirit of an animal, but what animal?

(Pardon the full image being present. My screenshot tool isn't working right now.)
Thinking about the sea-theme of the Waterfall area, I also thought about the Mad Dummy in this situation. If you watch how the Dummy moves around, you'll notice that the Mad Dummy moves his body around in the resemblance of the movement pattern of the common sea mammal. When you watch fish swim, they tend to move their tailfins left and right, contrary to the underwater mammals who move their tailfins up and down for propulsion.
Regarding the bullets the Mad Dummy Summons, you will notice that the bullets will always face their target with the top of their heads first, as well, which might actually be unrelated over-examination on my part.
If the Ghosts were indeed dolphins when they were alive, I would hope to possibly give my take on what I feel was the history of these ghosts before they passed on.
#1 The Mad Dummy
If all the logic follows, the last emotion the Mad Dummy felt before he died was anger as well as emotional irritation. Judging by his bullets, such as the rockets, the Mad Dummy, if he was a dolphin, was likely a highly trained dolphin used to help in the military. His increasingly frantic movements, especially when angry, are an exaggeration of how the dolphin would have moved to try to escape danger, except in this form, he has no inherent muscles, so the dummy somewhat disconnects in his attempt to move. The knife and the frantic movements could indicate that, at the end of his life, he was captured. He tried to jump out of the boat, but he was finished off with a knife (which is all my speculation).
#2 Napstablook
Napstablook's last emotions when he was alive seem to have revolved around the notion that everybody hates him and/or nobody wants him around. Dolphins are quite social animals and live together in groups for hunting and playing. If these were his last feelings, then there is a possibility that Napstablook was born with some type of physical defficiency, was sick and/or weak. If Napstablook was weak or had physical deformations, there's a possibility that in his early life, he was bullied out of the colony, not necessairly because the other dolphins, "hated him," but rather, his physical shortcommings would make him a liability. During the end of the Mad Dummy fight (Neutral/Pacifist) Mad Dummy ends up getting hurt by Napstablook's tears. The Mad Dummy then proceeds to ask if it's acid rain (from what I remember) and then leaves.
One of Napstablook's favorite pass-times is to lay down on the ground and "Feel like garbage." If this is the last thing Napstablook did as a living dolphin, then the clues seem to suggest that in some point of Napstablook's life, he might have gotten sick due to some form of chemical spill and went up on the beach to pass away somewhat peacefully.
#3 Ruins Dummy
This Dummy in particular is the only Ghost who doesn't live in Waterfall, however, if it leaves its body for any reason, the Mad Dummy, who lives in the Waterfall, will hear about what happened. The ruins dummy. Considering that any interaction you do causes the spirit to flee to a likely older and more experienced ghost, this dummy in particular seems to have died really young. This ghost ends up inhabiting a dummy, but doesn't conjure up enough emotion to want to stay inside the dummy, let alone become corporeal with it. The dummy seems highly inexperienced with basic social interactions and containing emotions, but at least understands to flee to a trusted adult. If this ghost was a living dolphin, he was likely too young to separate from his mother and was likely at an age of dependance, therefore an infant dolphin.
#4 Mew Mew (Switch Exclusive Boss)
The last emotion this ghost likely felt was alive was a mixture of anger, as well as the overwhelming feeling of being useless, i.e., not contributing to anything of inherit value. This ghost in particular wants to be used as a training dummy, which could signify that during his/her lifetime, they might have hit their heads on the display glass or the walls. Due to this overwhelming feeling of uselessness, I'm lead to believe that this dolphin in particular was either born in captivity or captured and put into captivity. When we see this ghost, it's motionless with a smile on its face. "Stand there and look pretty," is what this dummy is doing in particular, which could be symbolic of dolphins being put up on display. When we see see the dummy for the first time, it's in a small, confined space. If this is all symbolic of the dolphin's life, the dolphin ended up succumbing to depression and the feeling of uselessness while being confined inside of its aquarium, and it would end up dying with this same feeling in mind. The dolphin, thus, had its life cut short due to major decay in mental health over the time it has been in captivity.
#5 Mettaton
(Early life, Mettaton was in the middle of a naval battle)
(Mettaton was punished with electricity during training)
(During Performances, Mettaton would jump through flaming hoops)
(Despite Over-exertion, Mettaton continues to perform)
Mettaton has various interesting details that would point to clues on how his life was. However, one in particular that stood out to me was the bomb puzzle in Hotlands. Mettaton seems to have this strange obsession with bombs, but quite notably, various, un-related objects disguised as bombs. Back when Mettaton was a living dolphin, the bomb puzzle could be a hint that Mettaton witnessed some type of large-scale naval battle. If dolphins don't know what torpedoes are, they could perhaps mistake them for whales. Mettaton, in his early life, might have had key loved ones in his life perish from not being careful around torpedoes, mistaking them to be something else.
Mettaton, I expect, would later be captured and brought into captivity. If you look at the second image on the list, it seems to suggest that Mettaton has some type of past trauma during his life regarding electricity. Given that Mettaton is primairly an entertainer, he was likely forced to be an entertainment dolphin who did tricks such as jumping through the flaming hoop, considering he makes the fire go uncomfortably close to Frisk during the colored maze puzzle.
During the pacifist/neutral playthrough, Mettaton will continue to perform for the audience until he ends up breaking down from over-exertion.
If all these points are correct, then Mettaton's life went as follows:
During his early life, someone from Mettaton's family or someone important to him would end up accidentally detonating an undersea bomb or an undersea mine or, possibly a torpedo that was mistaken to be a young whale. This would end up mentally scarring Mettaton to a degree. Mettaton would eventually be captured and sent to an aquarium, where they would train him to be a performance dolphin, but behind the scenes, his trainers would shock him with electricity if he did something they didn't like or got something wrong. He would later, at some point in his life, jump through flaming hoops as an act. At the end of his life, Mettaton would suffer from over-exertion, thus cutting his life short.

This is all I have thought of for this particular theory. Discussion on the topic would be appreciated, also thank you for reading the post.
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2023.03.27 02:06 jklaz I've made a breakdown of each multi-bid conference showing how many teams they theoretically could have put into the S16/E8/F4, and how many they actually did. Has your opinion of any conference changed in the past two weeks?

Although a lot of teams from one conference can make the tournament, they'll eventually have to play each other. Usually the matchups are not until deep in the tournament. I did a breakdown of each conference of how many teams they could have in the Sweet 16, Elite 8, and Final 4 if they were to win 100% of their games. Also show how many actually got there. B1G and SEC really fumbled the bag tbh
Conference Teams in Tournament Theoretical S16 Max Actual S16 Theoretical E8 Max Actual E8 Theoretical F4 Max Actual F4
Big 10 8 8 1 7 0 4 0
SEC 8 8 3 7 0 4 0
Big 12 7 7 2 6 2 4 0
ACC 5 5 1 5 1 3 1
Big East 5 5 3 4 2 4 1
Pac12 4 4 1 3 0 3 0
MW 4 4 1 3 1 2 1
WCC 2 2 1 2 1 1 0
American 2 2 1 2 0 2 0
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2023.03.27 02:05 me_funny__ Can someone use two controllers on their end with remote play?

For example, I am using my mouse and keyboard on my end. I'm the host.
Can my sister and her partner connect on their end and use 2 controllers, making it 3 players total?
I know that with playstation share play, this isn't possible. Idk if it's the same for steam.
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2023.03.27 02:05 ThrowRA_Mozzstick Should I (23 F) leave my LDR boyfriend (24 M)?

Hi reddit, I need advice. My best friend has been urging me to bring my story to Reddit as he has seen this all happen to me the past few months. I decided to finally submit something here because I think things may be taking a turn for the worse in my relationship soon.
I, 23/F, am in a long distance relationship with a semi popular artist/content creator I met off Tiktok. I came across them, 24/M, on a livestream on my fyp about 7 months ago. We mutual followed immediately and I will admit I pursued him HARD. I didn’t anticipate a relationship, but I certainly had a crush and wanted to perhaps meet up sometime if you know what I mean… I live in the northeast, and he lives smack dab in the middle of the country. Placing us roughly 1000 miles apart. We have met in person once when he came to visit me for a week a few months after we started “dating”, but otherwise we have been entirely digital. We never officially spoke about being in a relationship, they just called me their gf one day and all the sudden we were dating. At first they were great, almost too perfect to be true, we had so much in common and they were so complimentary and romantic. However in the past few months since meeting up irl, things have begun to unfold and I’m beginning to feel trapped in my relationship. I do genuinely have so much love for him, but I also feel like some red flags are too much to ignore. Can someone please tell me if I’m overthinking this?
For example, [Flag 1] for context, he had only been single a few months before we met. Previously he was in an almost 10 year relationship, and planning to get married this upcoming year. His ex cheated, and broke up with him in a brutal manner. (which is something I WAS aware of before we got together.) He, in the first few months, hardly mentioned her, and showed little to no interest in talking about his past relationship. Now, he tells me almost too much about their relationship. He mentions her every chance he can, and say’s horrendous things about her (not just about her cheating but various other things in their relationship). He also has admitted to still checking her socials on a semi regular basis. [Flag 2] Because of his very recent trauma, he is incredibly insecure about my whereabouts, and gets terribly depressed when I’m at work/gym/with friends/driving and I’m unable to respond or sit on the phone with him. He doesn’t have any hobbies he is actively doing/interested in, and doesn’t hangout with anyone which makes this even harder (I guess that should be [Flag #3]…). When he’s not working he’s home and waiting for me to respond, or be able to talk. I work 12 hour night shifts 5 days a week and sleep from 7am-4pm every day I work. My schedule is grueling and makes me unavailable a huge chunk of time. Something he also knew when we got together. *[Flag 4] He notices everything I do online. Every liked post, every snap point, my location, etc. He wont mention it until he can make a “joke” about it. Like, “you said you were at _____ , but you know I see your location 👀”; which always feels like a subtle power play. [Flag 5] He spends insane amounts of money on me. He will literally send giant boxes filled with gifts for every holiday. At first it was sweet, now it’s become overbearing and he jokes that he “has to spoil me so he doesn’t lose me”. Even though I’ve mentioned many times I would rather he save his money and just make me art (he’s an artist). Every time he tells me he spent even more money on me I feel even more in debt to him. [Flag 6] He has a porn addiction. He told me he had credit card debt from buying OF subscriptions when he was in his previous relationship. Although I have no problem with porn, as I’m a part time adult industry worker (I make OF content and have a few videos on the hub, but I’m nobody recognizable.); I asked him to please be honest about his intake of content at the very least. Last month I found out he was not honest and rather than having a conversation about it, he deleted his OF account and his Twitter IMMEDIATELY and treated it as if it was problem solved. I never wanted him to delete his accounts, I only wanted honesty on how much be was spending to watch others content. I get that it’s his money, but as his apparent girlfriend I feel I deserve that honesty. *[Flag 7] He “jokes” about how he would kill himself/me if we broke up or if he found out I ever lied to him. He’s made comments about coming to mine or my parents home to find me. He’s made comments about just “killing himself on sight if I dumped him”. [Flag 8] He wants me to move to his state and live with his parents with him until we find a house. He wants me to move 1000 miles away to a place I know only one singular person, so I can live in his bedroom with him. He made it clear he absolutely will not be moving out of his state and it’s me that has to go there. He has a brand that is based on his location, and uses that as his reasoning. (Which I absolutely can sympathize with, but at times feels like a cop out because he is not actively running his business currently. [Flag 9] He constantly reminds me that I am his only reason for doing anything. Going to work, staying alive, eating, etc. Which, although could sound romantic to some, is incredibly overwhelming for me. It is a huge amount of pressure to be someones only and entire happiness. *[Flag 10] He said he stole hair from my brush while I was at work one of the days he was here visiting. He didn’t tell me until weeks after, and mentioned it as a “cute” thing he did secretly… but it just gave me Joe from ‘You’ vibes. He has also said countless times “I’m so obsessed with you, you have no idea”. Which I always thought was a joke or just words, but when looking at some of his behavior I think that may be more true than I realized. *[Flag 11] He has talked about killing small animals and torturing mice when he was a child. He is a vegan now, and said he feels horrible for what he did, but knowing what I know about serial killers and the pattern of their behavior beginning with animals when they’re children… It concerns me.
I’m sure I could think of more flags and continue on, but this is so long as it is… I guess my real question is, should I be worried/scared for my life? Please help. Thanks in advance, X
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2023.03.27 02:05 calisthenics4love Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne Mod

Hello! Are there any available informations or possibilities that there will be Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne Mod (which used to be popular back in the days in Counter Strike 1.6) be viable in the Counter Strike 2?
PS: I just can't stop dreaming about playing this mod in CS1.6, that's how badly I miss it.
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2023.03.27 02:05 Affectionate-Bit3911 Bruh

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2023.03.27 02:05 AutoModerator [Get] Dan Koe – Digital Economics Masters Degree Full Course Download

[Get] Dan Koe – Digital Economics Masters Degree Full Course Download
Get the course here:
Dan Koe – Digital Economics Masters Degree

What You Get

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The Digital Economics 101 module will open 1 week prior to the cohort start date.This is an onboarding module that will get you up to speed so we can get straight into the material.This will be required to finish before the start date.
  • Gain a deep understanding of all of the pieces in the digital economy.
  • Learn about the future of media and code — the front-end and backend of the internet — so you can focus your efforts.
  • Understand digital leverage, distribution, no-code tools, and digital assets so you can take part in the mental & financial wealth transfer.

Phase 1) Creating A Meaningful Niche

Every day I hear people going on and on about trying to find their niche.I also hear people talking about how they don’t know how to combine what they love talking about with what will sell.You already have the answer. You just don’t have the clarity.
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Phase 2) Content Strategy

There is one thing that separates those who make it in the digital economy and those who don’t.It’s the quality, articulation, and perceived originality of their content.The content you post has to make sense to the people you attract.Everyone has a different voice and tone that they resonate with. That they are congruent with and trust.It has to change their thought patterns or behavior — that’s what makes you memorable.That’s what separates you from the sea of people posting surface-level copy-cat style posts.Example and putting my money where my mouth is:
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  • Never run out of content ideas for your posts or promotions (without using content templates — that’s how you stay a commodity).
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Bonus) The Creator Command Center

The Creator Command Center is a Notion template that houses all of the systems.This is how you will manage your brand, content, offer creation, marketing strategy, and systemized promotions for consistent sales.

Bonus) Live Product Build & Launch

In the first Digital Economics Cohort, I built out my course The 2 Hour Writer.I have videos showing how I build it with the strategies in phase 3 and 4.There is a bonus module that shows how I had an $85,000 launch that resulted in my first $100K month.I did this to prove the strategies inside Digital Economics work if you stick to the plan.And, this past Black Friday, I blew my that monthly high out of the water in 4 days.That’s the power of these strategies if you stay consistent with your life’s work.
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2023.03.27 02:05 coolacuradude9 New CPU Upgrade

Looking to upgrade from a 9700k to either 13700k or switching to AMD for the 7900x. I know that either way I'd have to get a new MOBO and potentially new RAM anyway; but this is primarily a question for the CPU's.
I am mostly looking for overall better performance in all aspects, but primarily multiple tasking things like playing Valorant, afking OSRS or watching something on youtube, and Discord streaming in good quality (always lagging and choppy- even with 1gb internet speeds) My 9700k is doing horrible with all of that lately- probably due to me doing all this in 1440p. Which route should I go? 13700k or 7900x(or others) and why?
*I don't really play or care for the latest games with demanding graphics... thus why I have a 3070... I'm just seeking the better CPU for versatility or multi-tasking\*
Current Specs:
Case: Lian Li Dynamic O11 XL
Case Fans: 7 Corsair fans(4 intake, 3 exhaust)
MOBO: Asus ROG z390
CPU: Intel 9700k running at 4.5ghz
CPU Cooler: Lian Li Galahad 360mm
GPU: Gigabyte Aorus 3070 Master
RAM: 4x8gb 3200 mhz DDR4 Corsair Vengeance
Storage: 256gb Inland M.2, 2TB M.2 Inland, 2TB HDD
PSU: 750W Gold rated... Corsair I believe?
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2023.03.27 02:04 PsychologicalAd2037 How to mine PDN on android devices

How to mine Pandanite (PDN) on any Android device with UserLand:
Download UserLand:
00- Choose Debian or Ubuntu terminal
01- su
02- apt update && apt dist-upgrade
03- apt install git build-essential proot make cmake automake autoconf libssl-dev libcurl4-openssl-dev libtool zlib1g-dev libgmp-dev nano wget phyton3
04- wget
05- tar -xzf dcrptd-miner-linux-arm64-2.3.0.tar.gz
06- nano config.json
07- // Now edit your pool address and as user input your wallet address as so: WALLETADDRESS.Workername Save the file by using CRTL + O and use CRTL + X to close him\
08- Now you can start mine:
// Boom you are in business \
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2023.03.27 02:04 ReaSoc My last purchase for the 3DS...

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2023.03.27 02:04 billistenderchicken Anyone else still playing on the classic version of The Witcher 3?

To me, the classic version on PC always looked perfectly fine to me, and ran really nicely. I tried the Next Gen patch and while it looked nicer, IMO the trade off wasn't worth it. In fact the only thing I miss is the baked in QoL improvements.
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2023.03.27 02:04 Any_Put8287 I Finally Reached 50, Thank You To Everyone That Helped Out, Next Goal Is 3 Average Viewer's! Going Live Tonight @ 8pm Playing MTG Arena

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