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Blockchain built and run by the EOS network DAO

2011.04.09 09:34 oneisnotprime Blockchain built and run by the EOS network DAO

The EOS Network is a 3rd generation blockchain platform powered by the EOS VM, a low-latency, highly performant, and extensible WebAssembly engine for deterministic execution of near feeless transactions; purpose-built for enabling optimal web3 user, developer experiences. EOS is the flagship blockchain and financial center of the EOSIO protocol, serving as the driving force behind multi-chain collaboration and public goods funding for tools and infrastructure through the EOS Network Foundation.

2008.08.26 21:22 Independent Baseball

Your center for Independent Baseball throughout the United States of America and Canada.

2015.03.06 20:40 Trevor_Skies General Info of AZ the Comedy Scene

Arizona has been a growing place to do stand-up with plenty of places to get stage time as well as many alternative comedy shows for those seeking a new writing perspective in general. This subreddit is for those willing to graciously share new sign-up-and-go open mics in the area or any show in general. If your brave enough post your set and ask for critiques. Personally I'm not a fan of taking it too seriously but maybe thats hubris.

2023.06.10 13:45 Magnefoe Constantly being watched.

I’ve always been a lover of all things macabre, so I recently moved into an apartment in Denton Texas. First 2-3 nights were fine but I noticed around the 4th night my cat was starting to act weird. He sits in the corner and cries at the open door to the kitchen. He’s constantly jumping up to an alert position and the hairs stand on his neck from time to time. That was enough to freak me out, but then I started waking up randomly at 4am every morning with no explanation as to what was waking me besides being extremely cold and sick feeling. The sick feeling normally subsides the longer I’m awake.
Today I woke up at 4am like usual to my cat being alert. I have curtains in my door way but they had been pulled aside from where they were 2 hours prior to when I went to sleep. I almost could have sworn I saw someone peeking from around them but it could be my eyes playing tricks.
Now I knew Denton loved Halloween and horror but I had no idea how old it was. Established around 1850 I think. Anyways, After doing a lot of googling I found out I’m living in the historic district which only adds to my nerves.
Perhaps moving to a new place just has me feeling uneasy or is there really something in my apartment?
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2023.06.10 13:44 CelebCrush11 Pixel 7 swipe up from home screen lands on google search bar

I am a new google pixel user, recently bought pixel 7 and I want to go to the page that shows me all apps, but when i swipe up from home screen it opens google search bar that is located at the top of the apps display, it needs another swipe up to collapse search bar and scroll through the apps . Is there any fix to this, I tried control setting and don't seem to find relevant setting.
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2023.06.10 13:44 DarthLancelot [M4F] LOOKING FOR A LONGTERM ROLEPLAY PARTNER!

Hi! I’m a 25 year old looking for a longterm roleplay partner (18+)! I’m open to a variety of ideas, but some of the ideas I have are as follows:
  1. It was a hot summer day and we were just arriving at a the festival. We had driven a ways from our home out to the desert for a huge show. We had everything all pack and were eager to have some fun, the night ahead would certainly be one to remember…
  2. It was a late evening and I was driving over to your place for a sleepover. I grumbled to myself as I thought it would be a lame party and there would be so many people that I’d have no time to talk to you. However, when I got there I rang the bell and when the door opened there you were wearing a sheer nightgown with no trace of anyone else in sight. I gulped and went inside as you coaxed me in…
  3. The sound of water dripping from the roof of the cave was quite loud, you and I made our way through several caverns as we soon came to a cool spring. We had been on a cave tour, but somehow got separated from our group. We now were wandering aimlessly through the cave system, desperate to find out way back…
Thanks for reading these! If any of these scenes are of interest to you or you’d like to discuss other ideas feel free to reach out! Hope to roleplay soon!
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2023.06.10 13:44 gregortheoverlander_ Now I can see why Europeans think Americans are ignorant.

I’ve been in Europe for the past two weeks with a tour group of 43 Americans. I’m American myself but I like to think I’m an open-minded person.
The amount of ignorance I have heard come of these people’s mouths just in the last two weeks is so embarrassing. I can see the judgement all over the locals’ faces.
The amount of people that don’t understand we have a foreign passport, or the ones that think we don’t need a visa because we’re “American” ??? Are you kidding me?
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2023.06.10 13:43 B-acccount My Experimental Phonetics to Binary Encoding System

This encoding system claim that it can state all IPA symbols and its pronounciation in a Binary format
PhonBinary Encoding System V6
Sound Analysis:
Consonants: - Produced by modifying airstream with articulators. - Factors: airstream mechanism (3 bits), manner of articulation (5 bits), place of articulation (6 bits), phonation (4 bits), coarticulation (5 bits).
Airstream mechanism (3 bits): - Pulmonic egressive: 000 - Pulmonic ingressive: 001 - Glottalic egressive: 010 - Glottalic ingressive: 011 - Lingual-glottalic: 100 - Velaric: 101
Manner of articulation (5 bits): - Plosive: 00000 - Nasal: 00001 - Trill: 00010 - Tap: 00011 - Fricative: 00100 - Approximant: 00101 - Lateral approximant: 00110 - Flap: 00111 - Affricate: 01000 - Clitic: 01001 - Implosive 01010 - Ejective: 01011 - Click: 01100
Place of articulation (6 bits): - Bilabial: 000000 - Labiodental: 000001 - Interdental: 000010 - Alveolar: 000011 - Postalveolar: 000100 - Retroflex: 000101 - Palatal: 000110 - Velar: 000111 - Uvular: 001000 - Pharyngeal: 001001 - Glottal: 001010 - Epiglottal: 001011 - Labial-palatal: 001100 - Labial-velar: 001101 - Labial-uvular: 001110 - Velar-pharyngeal: 001111 - Velar-uvular: 010000 - Velar-epilaryngeal: 010001 - Uvular-pharyngeal : 010010
Phonation (4 bits): - Voiceless: 0000 - Voiced: 0001 - Creaky: 0010 - Breathy: 0011 - Slack: 0100 - Stiff: 0101 - Creaky voiced: 0110 - Whispered: 0111 - Harsh: 1000 - Laryngealized : 1001 - Closed glottis: 1010 - Velaric aspiration: 1011
Vowels: - Produced by shaping airstream resonated through oral and nasal cavities. - Factors: height (4 bits), backness (4 bits), roundness (4 bits), nasalization (2 bits), length (3 bits).
Height (4 bits): - Close: 0000 - Near-close: 0001 - Close-mid: 0010 - Mid: 0011 - Open-mid: 0100 - Near-open: 0101 - Open: 0110
Backness(4 bits): - Front: 0000 - Near-front: 0001 - Central: 0010 - Near-back: 0011 - Back: 0100 - Near-central: 0101
Roundness (4 bits): - Unrounded: 0000 - Rounded: 0001 - Compressed: 0010 - Protruded: 0011 - More rounded: 0100 - Less rounded: 0101
Tenseness (3 bits): - Extra-short: 000 - Short: 001 - Long: 010 - Overlong: 011
Nasalization (2 bits): - Oral: 00 - Nasal: 01 - Nasalized: 10 - Denasalized: 11
Secondary articulations, prosodic features, diacritics and delimiters will also be included with variable bit encoding. Morphological information can be added as an additional layer of information.
Delimiters: Morpheme boundary (+) Word boundary (#) Syllable boundary (-) Stress boundary (*) Intonation boundary ( ^ ) Process boundary (%)
"Hello World"
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2023.06.10 13:43 Alphaghetti71 Always In Hides

Always In Hides
I've had Gwen for 7 months. She was just under a year when I brought her home. As far as gecko care, I have done everything correctly, I think. I keep her temps within range on each side, have a UVB, feed her a varied diet, talk to her, put my hands in her enclosure during feedings and kind of let them linger when changing watecleaning etc. but she won't let me near her unless I'm tong feeding.
She hides almost all of the time. I've never seen her basking. The only time she comes out of her hides is when I feed her. When I slide her door open and/or talk to her, she pokes her head out, but only comes out fully when there's food. I can sometimes touch her gently, but she won't come anywhere near enough to my hand to get handling started. She doesn't run when I try to touch her. She just slowly meanders back into a hide, so I don't think she's startled.
My question is, are some geckos just like this? Is there anything I can to to get her to let me handle her? Is it a problem that she doesn't bask and remains hidden nearly all the time? I'm happy to hear any and all advice and criticism. Thanks!
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2023.06.10 13:43 DarthLancelot 25 [M4F] A NEW LIFE AT SEA!

I am 18+ and all participants and characters must also be 18+.
It was a warm July morning and I was just waking up. I opened my eyes slowly and peered put through the porthole on the side of the wall. Ah, it was looking like it was going to be a gorgeous day. I stretched and yawned as I rolled over the side of the bed and got up. I looked back at you and smiled softly as I didn’t want to disturb your slumber. I then slowly went to the closet and got out of my pajamas and into something casual. After that, I left the bedroom and went up to the main deck and basked in the glory of the sun. It felt so warm and wonderful on my skin. I walked to the front of the yacht, you and I were spending time together on our private boat. A cool breeze blew through my hair and I took a deep breath as I smelled the salty air. The sun was just rising over the horizon and I wondered to myself if I should grab my camera. I shook off the thought and just decided to enjoy the sunrise for what it was, unaware that the coming day would bring us both a plethora of surprises…
Thanks for reading this! If this is something that you’d be interested in feel free to chat me or comment on this post!
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2023.06.10 13:43 AutoModerator The System by Todd (Complete Course)

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2023.06.10 13:43 AutoModerator The System by Todd (Complete Edition)

You can chat +447593882116 (Telegram/WhatsApp) if you want The System By Todd.
I have The System By Todd.
Todd Valentine - The System is a revolutionary course, created by the famous pickup instructor - Todd Valentine.
The System by Todd covers everything you need to know to play the game. This program is applicable for beginners, as well as intermediate students.
In The System by Todd you will learn how to OPEN (Open, Premise, Establish, Narrative) as well as much more on how to lead proper interaction with girls, and how to close them (infields included)!
Todd Valentine's The System is one of the best and most effective courses ever created on dating, and one of the best choices you will make if you have decided to improve your game.
To get The System By Todd contact me on:
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Email: silverlakestore/@/ (remove the brackets)
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2023.06.10 13:43 Lexi_The_G I Can Prove I'm Telling The Truth

Last year, someone who has expressed a continued interest in my significant other assaulted me. They looked me right in my eye and shoulder blocked me.
When I attempted to bring it up (deciding against filing a complaint or police report) I was called a liar, told I was obsessed with being jealous of her, etc.
I spent a few months with people attacking me personally, trying to defame me and my character, and trying to bully me out of a sport I have spent a lot of time in.
Recently, a parent was cleaning out their dropbox, and asked me if I wanted to take some of the video for a project I was working on. I said sure, and when I saw that they had been filming when and where this occurred, I dove in, and I saw it. On video. Clear as day. The incident I was called a liar about.
I wanted to scream. I wanted to call everyone who called me a liar and say "fuck you". I wanted to post it for all of the people we mutually know to see. I wanted her to be called a liar, and for all the things that happened to me to happen to her.
Yet all I could do was cry. Just openly sob with my dog, while I played it again and again, watching the reality of what several people had told me was my malicious creation, a work of fiction in my mind, playing out on my computer screen. They had almost convinced me I was crazy. Almost convinced me that my emotions had made me fabricate this.
There's this sense of relief, and sense of release, but it also brought back an amazing sadness and hurt. There were people I trusted to not attack me, to listen to me (not necessarily believe me just because), and even people I thought would come to my aid who abandoned me or attacked me.
Going through the situation around this originally had me feeling so horribly alone, and now, I have no idea what emotion to feel. It's a mixture of sadness and relief. It's odd.
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2023.06.10 13:43 Angel466 [Bob the hobo] A Celestial Wars Spin-Off Part 0843

[Previous Chapter] [The Beginning] [Patreon+2]
Something had changed overnight. I wasn’t sure what the something was, but there was a vibe or something in the air after Geraldine and I came out of our dressing room. I knew what change was coming this afternoon, but this was more than that. Even Gerry asked me, “What’s going on?” after we dressed for our last—exam—ever and rejoined everyone at the kitchen island for breakfast.
My first priority after Gerry was Mom, but she and Dad were sitting in their usual places already eating breakfast since it wasn’t the meal Robbie insisted we all come together for. It made sense, with everybody working different hours. Brock wasn’t even up yet, though surprisingly, Boyd was.
Maybe that was the difference. Boyd hadn’t been an early riser since he lost his job, though if Mrs Parkes and Robbie and my own eyes (because no matter how many times I said it, that piece on the coffee table in the living room was A-MAZ-ING!) were anything to go by, his enterprise of wood sculpting was taking off nicely.
And he didn’t look fatigued. If anything, he looked great. Relaxed and happy within his own skin, if those things could be quantified physically.
Lucas looked like he was ready to walk out the door. He didn’t have his gun on that I could tell, and even I noticed the extra height to his shirt collar and tie were hiding over half his throat. The only reason I noticed was because a few minutes ago, Gerry and I were figuring out the best way to hide my shower hickeys from everyone at the table until my skin healed them up. So, Lucas and I were in the same boat at opposite ends of the kitchen island, and the smirk he shot me said he recognised a fellow ‘attack-ee’.
Gerry sucked in a rushed breath and straightened at my side, but as I twisted towards her, she was already out of her seat and rushing the length of the kitchen island to Boyd and Lucas. “Congratulations!” she gushed as Lucas slid off his chair with a big cheesy grin and opened his arms for her.
“Thanks, sweetheart,” he laughed, hugging her close. She then broke away and looked at Boyd, who rolled his eyes to the ceiling with a sigh before following Lucas’ move (though his was more a case of flopping his arms open in a ‘get-it-over-with’ kind of way).
Gerry was more cautious with her hug of Boyd. But when Boyd’s arms closed around her, Mason let out a positively girlish squeal and launched from his seat to grab Lucas around the shoulders while Robbie and Charlie sent each other knowing grins.
Now they were all acting crazy, and I looked back at Mom and Dad to see if they knew what was going on.
Dad lifted a shoulder, saying he had no clue either, but Mom smiled the way she did when she was both happy for someone but at the same time marginally disappointed in them. As her son, I was a connoisseur of her expressions, and I looked back at my roommates to see what I’d missed.
“What was in the water yesterday?!” Mason shouted in delight, leaping at Lucas a second time and pounding him soundly on the back. “First my boss and Angus, and now you and Boyd!”
That had Dad’s head snapping up. “What about Angus?”
Mason twisted towards us with his chin lifted high in smug condescension. “I told you last night! He and my boss are off somewhere private together. They went to lunch yesterday after having a date the night before, and this time, they didn’t come back.” His good humour then evaporated, and his nose screwed up in disdain. “So now we got one of her douchebag older brothers filling in until further notice, which sucks.”
Since I was still playing catchup where my roommates were concerned (because from the way Mason had talked last night, they were already pretty much a couple), I kept quiet and hoped things would start making sense soon.
“Her brother’s a vet too?” Dad said with a sharp edge to his voice. At least I wasn’t the only one trying to wrap my head around true gryps mechanics.
Mason nodded. “Apparently, though I think he was watching too much House MD when it came to lessons on bedside manners. I mean, how does he not know that pets pick up on that sort of vibe and owners don’t need to be beaten over the head with how they messed up and got their pets hurt? They feel bad enough already, you know?”
It was then that I finally noticed Boyd’s and Lucas’ rings, and my smile was so huge that I genuinely had a hard time seeing either of them over bunching cheekbones. “Yes!” I shouted in delight, absolutely happy to join everyone on that end of the kitchen island in congratulating them both. My hugs were much tamer than either Gerry’s or Mason’s because I didn’t want to accidentally crush them in my excitement. “So … who proposed to who?”
When I was waiting up last night with Robbie and Charlie, I’d known they were on their first serious date, much like mine was the Wednesday night Gerry and I went to the movies, but I hadn’t realised it was a proposal date!
I looked from one to the other for an answer that could’ve gone both ways. Boyd had always been the strength of the household, and I couldn’t see him accepting a proposal from Lucas. But likewise, Lucas was the one most comfortable in his skin, and if he waited for Boyd, they’d both be hundred-year-old bachelors.
“Lucas proposed on the date, and I came home and carved him a ring…”
“The spots are a natural woodgrain,” Lucas added, holding his left hand out palm up in a ‘stop’ motion so we could see the pattern before he flipped his hand around, no doubt to avoid the stereotypical engagement gesture.
“That is beautiful,” Gerry gushed. Her eyes went to Boyd. “And you made this?”
Boyd nodded. “I had some sample pieces of different sizes in my store room, and Lucas liked the snakewood over the lignum vitae. Unfortunately, that meant I couldn’t do any other work this morning as I ruined some of my tools, but that just meant I got to stay in bed until Lucas got up…”
“Your tools broke?” Mom asked. “I thought they were brand new…”
Now wasn’t the time to mention that I’d given Boyd Grandpa’s old tool set. Or any other time, for that matter. I chose life.
“They were,” Boyd said, surprising me. He then looked at me and said, “The ones you gave me are still in the work cabinet in my room. I’d never do anything to break them.”
“Sam?” Mom asked cautiously.
Time to come clean. “Boyd didn’t have any tools last week, so I gave him Grandpa’s old set to get him started.” I turned to point at the family piece on the coffee table. “He made that with them.”
“You used Dad’s old tools to carve that?” The end of her sentence broke as all the muscles of her face stiffened in an effort to keep the tears at bay, and I was immediately concerned. Mom never cried over anything, and she certainly never got emotional. The Statue of Liberty cried more often than Mom did.
“Yes, ma’am, I did,” Boyd answered, not in his usual way either. “It wasn’t until I finished that piece that I was given the studio next door and all the toys that came with it.”
Dad’s arm curled around Mom’s shoulder, but he was staying relatively calm, and Mom wasn’t throwing his arm off. “Don’t protect Dad’s tools,” she said, brushing irritably at her eyes. “He’d roll over in his grave if you turned them into something more than they are.”
“Oh, I will use them, Miss W, but I’m not going to break them on a wood that has a history of destroying two-thousand-dollar diamond-tipped saw blades with each tree.”
“I didn’t think anything was harder than a diamond,” I said, now curious.
“It’s not the diamond tips that break, Sam.” He closed his hands into fists and pushed them into each other. “When two immovable forces meet and lock together, the metal disk behind the diamonds warps and eventually either cracks or shatters from the pressure.”
“Wood can do that?” Charlie asked, shocked.
“Some wood can, yeah. It depends on the amount of resin between the timber fibres. It’s the same resin that fossilises insects sometimes.”
I hadn’t realised wood could be that tough either, but I knew those amber fossils were like stone.
“I’ll reach out to my cousin Kala and see what she thinks the best option for tools is,” Dad said, polishing off a slice of French toast.
“You mean my Aunt Kala?” Robbie jeered with a broad smirk and a waggle of his eyebrows. “That Kala?”
Dad’s gaze turned dark, and I held my breath. Correcting Dad was definitely taking your life into your own hands ... unless you were Mom. “Yes, that Kala. The same Kala who happens to know precisely nothing about you, by your choice. Are you in a hurry to change that?” By the time he reached the end of his second sentence, Dad’s expression had morphed into the same smug look Mason had worn last night.
“What does she specialise in?” Lucas asked, over the top of Robbie. I stood with Gerry in my arms at the corner of the island between Boyd and Robbie, watching everything unfold.
“She’s the mistress of all things art. Many of her kids and grandkids lean towards painting and sculpture and the like.”
“So, basically, what I do only a thousand times better,” Boyd stated rather than asked, deflating a little.
I bristled, because it wasn’t fair that he compared himself to an established goddess.
“I’m not equating your work to hers,” Dad said, waving the idea aside as ludicrous. “What I’m saying is if anyone in the world knows the best equipment for this application, it’s going to be her. If I ask nicely enough, she and Columbine might even go into the celestial realm to craft you a set of divine tools that won’t be damaged by anything mortal.” He waved his toast regally in the air. “For obvious reasons, I can’t guarantee that outcome without speaking to them about it first.”
“Divine?” Gerry asked, and I immediately winced.
Thanks, Dad.
* * *
((Author's note: Everyone, I can't edit any posts I put up - both the latest and the old, which means at the moment, I can't add any 'previous' and 'next' links to anything. It keeps telling me I've maxed out the 10, 000 characters, which is not right given the small size of these posts. I'll try again each day until they start to work again.))
((All comments welcome. Good or bad, I'd love to hear your thoughts 🥰🤗))
I made a family tree/diagram of the Mystallian family that can be found here
For more of my work including WPs: Angel466 or an index of previous WPS here.
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2023.06.10 13:42 SillyConsul Plane Guy

*if you would like i could make a pt. 2*
*all characters are over 18*
The flight starts at 2:00 PM. alarm is at 8:00. I hop out of my bed and put on some grey sweatpants a hoodie and some slides. Due to not having a car I have to take the crapy public transport here in my city. It takes around an hour to get to the airport. Once in there, I get through security and all that. Already tired I head to my gate and await boarding until something- I mean someone caught my eye. An extremely hot guy wearing tight but comfortable-looking shorts, an oddly tight shirt, and some slides. His arms and legs looked very nice I could tell he is packing just by looking at the bulge in his tight shorts. “Damn, so sad I’m never gonna see this guy after this flight... So sad” I think.
Boarding starts and I can’t see that guy my seat is located near the back of the plane. I find my seat and use the overhead bin to put my suitcase in. I push it In but before I closed the bin then the suitcase started to fall. Before it hit me that hot guy held it up. “That was a scare.” he said as he closed the bin. “Indeed it was,” I say trying not to blush. I sit down in my seat and the guy sits next to me “I guess we're sitting next to each other” he says kinda chill tone. “We are,” I say. “I'm Kyle,” the guy says. “Cool name. I’m Leo” I say. “Nice to meet you Leo” he holds out his hand for me to shake it.
An hour after the plane took off I noticed that Kyle looked cold. I tap on his shoulder “hey kyle you're looking kinda cold. Do you want to share my blanket?” “uh sure, dude”. He kicks off his slides and takes half of the blanket. After a few minutes, I feel a weight on my shoulder I look over and I see Kyle asleep laying on my shoulder. His leg is touching mine. “Am I imagining this?”. I blink my eyes a few times expecting to wake up but I don't. Kyle is still laying on my shoulder. I take my hand and move it on his thigh I was so tired and I passed out.
I woke up an hour later and Kyle was still asleep I look down near his waist and see his bulge “It looks so big” I think. I slowly move my hand to touch it “It's so hard. Like a rock” I say softly. I feel a hand touch mine. I look up and see Kyle staring at me. “Yeah... it’s a bit huge” he says. “You touched mine so can I feel yours?”. Without warning, Kyle folded the armrest up and got closer to me, and put his hand on my now-hard dick. The plane is quiet. Most people are asleep but we were not. We stand up and go to the back to the toilets. We go inside and Kyle pulls down his pants to show his thick hard cock. I get on my knees and take it in my mouth. It tasted so good. Kyle’s face turned red as I sucked his thick cock. I take off my shirt and roll down my pants and start jerking myself off. Kyle takes his shirt off due to it getting steamy. He starts to moan a bit. It was extremely hot. I sucked hard and he got to the point of no return and came in my mouth. His cum tasted so good I couldn't help but swallow it. Soon enough I got to the point of no return, I grabbed a few paper towels and put them under my cock, and jerked until I came. I folded the towel up and threw it away. I then stood up and washed my hands then left Kyle to wash up too.
I got back to my seat and sat down for a while. “How did this happen,” I thought. Soon later Kyle came back and we decided to exchange phone numbers. We slept on each other for the rest of the flight. Once the flight was over Kyle shook my hand and we parted ways. I was going to be in this location for a few weeks and so was Kyle, so maybe I’d hit him up.
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2023.06.10 13:42 mathiuscahilius m2 MacBook Pro Tools problem

Hi guys,
I have an issue that I struggle to put into words but has put a hard road block in the way of me getting work done.
Basically when I try and load Pro Tools on my MacBook, it loads but doesn't recognise the program is open If that makes sense? so then I can't interact with any of the prompts its asking me (e.g. Move un-used plugins: yes or no) and I can't get past that stage.
I try and select Pro Tools to be interacted with but the app selection display on the top left of my screen never changes to "Pro Tools", it just stays on "Safari" or whatever is open in the background?
Desperately hoping someone can help, cheers
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2023.06.10 13:42 Such_Individual_8382 Need to upgrade from my HP Envy 13

As the title says. My Laptop is on its last legs and looking for something new.
Thanks in advance. Happy to provide more information where needed.
- H
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2023.06.10 13:41 kp10795 Feeling frustrated after a year and half of treating SIBO for the second time and I’m still sick

I got SIBO for the first time after having food poisoning in 2015. Took 2 weeks of Xifaxan and also was eating barely anything for months on end. That helped but never fully got rid of the symptoms.
Fast forward to 2019 and I have what might’ve been a stomach virus (or maybe a SIBO flare up) and a stressful job. Over the course of 2 years, all my symptoms start to return and get worse. I go back to the GI doctor and they’re no help. I find an ND that’s willing to treat both holistically and with prescriptions. I do a SIBO test and my hydrogen gets up to 130. She said that’s severe.
I try herbals first - Biocidin drops which really seem to irritate my intestines. After a few months of no improvement, she has me try a month of Xifaxan. This actually helped but then I start Biocidin again and later that year I’m back to how I was before. I do another month of Xifaxan and no change…I try to attempt the elemental diet but can’t do it.
So here I am a year and half after starting treatment and I’m still sick. I’m currently on a trip with 8 girls and just feel awful but have to suck it up so I don’t ruin the mood. I can’t go places without taking precautionary Imodium. I’m beginning to think the only thing that’s helped was fasting but I can no longer do that because I have other issues that make that nearly impossible for me. I’m at a loss at this point with treatment options.
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2023.06.10 13:41 BYOT2021 my experience with ADHD

Well, you see, trying to explain my experience with ADHD can be a bit of a challenge, but I'll do my best! ADHD, which stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, is a neurodevelopmental condition that affects the brain and how it functions. It's important to note that ADHD can vary from person to person, so my experience might not be exactly the same as someone else's.
One of the main things I struggle with due to ADHD is difficulty with attention and focus. It's like my brain has a million tabs open all at once, and it's hard to prioritize and stay on track. I often find myself easily distracted by external stimuli, like sounds or movements around me. This can make it tough to concentrate on tasks, whether it's schoolwork, work projects, or even everyday activities.
Another aspect of ADHD is impulsivity. I sometimes act without thinking or blurt out things without considering the consequences. It's like my brain has a fast-forward button, and I find it challenging to pause and reflect before taking action. This impulsivity can lead to impulsive decisions or behaviors that I may regret later.
Hyperactivity is also a common symptom of ADHD, though it can manifest differently in different individuals. For me, it means feeling restless or fidgety, constantly needing to move or be in motion. I often find it difficult to sit still for long periods of time, which can be particularly challenging in situations that require sustained focus, like classrooms or meetings.
It's worth mentioning that ADHD can affect more than just attention, impulsivity, and hyperactivity. It can also impact executive functions, which are the cognitive processes that help with planning, organization, and memory. These challenges can make it harder to stay organized, meet deadlines, and remember important details.
Living with ADHD can be frustrating at times, but it's important to remember that it's not all negative. ADHD can also bring certain strengths and abilities. Some individuals with ADHD are highly creative, have a unique perspective on things, or possess a high level of energy that can be channeled into productive activities.
Understanding and managing ADHD often involves a combination of strategies. This can include behavioral interventions, such as setting clear goals, creating structured routines, and using tools like planners or reminders. Some individuals may also find medication helpful, as certain medications can help regulate attention and reduce impulsivity.
It's crucial to seek professional help if you suspect you have ADHD or if you're struggling with symptoms. A healthcare provider, such as a psychiatrist or psychologist, can provide a comprehensive evaluation and develop an appropriate treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.
Remember, everyone's experience with ADHD is unique, and it's essential to approach it with empathy and understanding. With proper support, coping strategies, and self-care, individuals with ADHD can thrive and lead fulfilling lives.
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2023.06.10 13:41 Horror-Student935 The Barbarian "Problem"

Just to clarify before I start: this is MY take/Opinion as a level 89 Barbarian. I have tried many different builds on him and many variations of specific builds so I think I do have some skin in the game at this point when specifically talking about Barb.
So it's fair to say that of the 5 classes Barbarian is the dedicated fighter. Which is good because every class based game no mater how vanilla should have at the very least one class that's dedicated to that roll: DPS with a bit of tankiness and survivability.
However, I have a major theory about Barb. I don't believe the Devs really thought out how he would fit into the game. Sure the arsenal system is really interesting but that doesn't really fit the theme of a Barbarian who's typically an hammer or axe wielding fighter not really a martial expert. There's a LOT of tank perks and passives but the issue THERE is none of his early skills or even later skills have any real tank support. And no Frenzy having damage reduction doesn't make him a tank; A tank is supposed to more of a frontliner who focuses on keeping control over the frontline not a maniac who W + M1s into the enemy team and "attempts" to pull aggro with a single taunt ability. However, the amount of tank based mid-tree perks and passives he gets feels out of place. His survivability should come from either high HP values, personal damage reduction, and sustain through attacking but the only sustain he has built in is using shouts with the healing passive and Iron Skin with the healing modifier: that's it. That's not very good for a fighter. And since those are the ONLY forms of sustain he has he can't go into the Frenzy lifesteal Olaf from LOL fantasy. The only GOOD builds for Barbarian late game are: Thorn builds using HOL or Thorn builds using Whirlwind and that's because those two skills heavily rely on his best three skills anyway those being Challenging, Rally, and Warcry (also berserk but that totally fits his theme so I wont complain about that... right now). Sure as a build crafter I have my Arsenal Builds, my fun duel wield Frenzy build, my flay/rupture tanky bleed build... etc. But those builds are SO ineffient compared to the prior two mentioned ones. And I don't mean like a 10 percent difference in effiency (if I had to ballpark a number) I mean it's night and DAY compared to those builds just how disproportionate they are and I think it circles back to my original theory: The devs didn't know how to make barbarian. They tried to fit 5 gimicks into this guy and most if not all just don't really stick the landing when you get into t4 content. He can't be a berserker because he has no good sustain without running shouts (which you have to run 2 so you can keep your healing going so you don't get dumpstered immediately), you HAVE to run Berserk ultimate or else your dps is just horrible, you prolly need to run some form of CC so stomp is your typical go to there meaning that you only have one slot open and it's prolly Double Swing which has OKAY damage IG but your auto's just have 0 support to make w + m1 any good. You can't use Kick, Leap, or Ram because they're competing with skills like HOL or Whirwind: skills that have no cooldown and have access to being spammed since, as we stated before, your shouts are TOP PRIORITY in any situation and most builds use Rallying Cry. (Just checked and every single meta build list for barb is running all 3 shouts and Berserk. The only exception is if they run Deathblow but they're replacing Rallying cry: build is almost the EXACT same every. single. time. So this isn't me just being dilluded this is genuinely supported take) There's NEVER a single damn reason to pick Arsenal builds which sucks because it's one of the coolest aspects about Barbarian (which doesn't fit him sadly) and it's ultimately not worth the time and effort to make it happen because it's clear Barbarian wasn't actually designed around that gimick but instead was probably scrapped from another Class entirely and they didn't want to let it go to waste but instead of just making a DLC Weapons Master character they just... forced it onto Barbarian for some reason? And now for a VERY personal complaint: The fact that Barbarian was basically our (us tank mains) only option for tanking is ABYSMAL. He is NOT a good tank class. He is just very beefy and it's the best we got. The only forms of CC we can use are Stomp and Challenging and that's basically it. Any other hard cc is a waste because it's in (as stated before) in competition with far bettemore useful skills. But speaking to other players who typically love fighteberserkers, he's also a slap in the face to the title of Fighter since he has very little fighter support. Half his skills are dedicated to the fortify mechanic (which just doesn't really fit him well if there was another tank class in the game) and all other skills can go right in the trash because unless it's geared towards fortify, shouts, and HOL/Whirlwind it is absolutely USELESS in late game. He has 0 auto-attack skill buffs going for him (like a Core skill that drains Fury to give him lifesteal + auto attack damage maybe) that are worth considering so that doubly screws aresnal AND pure fighter builds over. So you can't pick him as anything more than a Whirlwind/Hol spam class and expect to have good results compared to the other classes since they can out dps you easily and have more fun and interesting kits to boot.
And before the comments of "Druid and Necro can be tanky TOO!"
Those classes do not support tank playstyles in the late game to the same degree as, unfortunately, Barbarian in it's current state. I've never seen a Necromancer or Druid be able to go as balls deep as an HOL/Whirl Barb and live to tell the tale. They're usually mid-line fighting as opposed to diving or frontlining.
If someone came up to me RIGHT NOW and asked "do you think I should give Barbarian a try" and I knew they wanted to have a fun late game character I'd tell them "No" because he is just NOT it. He's not interesting since none if his mechanics combine well, w + M1 berserkefighters wont like him because he's going to get VERY outclassed at that stage and struggle to do any damage, build crafters wont like him because all his other builds just don't work, and tank players wont like him because he's not an honest to God tank class like the devs seemed to want to make him last second.
Your options of Barbarian are quite literally: Whirlwind/HOL + Basic Skill that supports that weapon type + Double Shout/Berserk or Triple Shout + Grabbing All Fortify + Thorn passives
And nothing else.
Honestly, they need to just rework this Class he in his current state is not fun to play and even at his most optimal he's just not good. 5 characters was too low of a roster and Barbarian is my number 1 proof of that reality.
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2023.06.10 13:41 MrTeachAbroad Safari Dilemma - new body or new lens

Hey everyone,
I'm looking to upgrade my kit for travel and wildlife photography. I am about to go on a safari in Tanzania and want to upgrade my set up but have found myself at a cross roads. To start off I only have a budget of around $2,000 USD but could be stretched a little.
-Some Background-
I currently live in Morocco with an old Sony a6000 but have found that my photos, especially in low light situations, are grainy and noisy and I've been looking to upgrade. I've been tempted by the idea of moving to full frame for a while now have been deterred by the larger size of the camera as I mostly do travel and street photography. However, every winter when the stalks migrate to Morocco, and whenever I visit my girlfriend in Poland I like to go birding and take photos. I am also planning a year long backpacking a hitchhiking trip across Asia starting next year.

-Current Equipment-
- Sony a6000
- Sony E 3.5-5.6 / 16-50mm (a6000 Kit Lens)
- Sony FE 1,8 / 55mm
- Sony FE 1,8 / 85mm
- Sony E 4.5-6.3 70-350mm G Series

- My Dilemma -
I've intentionally purchased FE lenses as I'd ideally like to own a full frame camera one day and I love their bokeh. However the size of full frame cameras is somewhat of a deterrent for me given how much I travel and enjoy street photography. But I do also want a larger sensor size for more options in post. This is why I am drawn to the a7c which, while in budget, means I can't get myself a new Safari lens for my upcoming trip to Tanzania. For size and budget reasons I have settled on the Tamron 150-500. However this lens will probably be too big to carry with me during my trip across Asia. That said I do sometimes wish my 350mm G series could get a little closer when I'm photographing birds and I am aware it's an APS-C lens so if I do eventually move over to full frame it won't be the best use of my new sensor size.

- Options -
With my budget in my I have considered the following options but am open to other suggestions.
- Purchase the a7c for a small, full frame, camera I can use on all my adventures. Do not buy a new lens and simply use the g series 70-350mm lens on my Tanzania safari. If I do go down this route, does anyone recommend the a7c kit lens? I hardly use my a6000 kit lens these days but hear good things about this lens and wouldn't mind an all round full frame lens, but don't know if I NEED one.
- Purchase the Tamron 150-500mm and upgrade to either the a7ii for full frame or a6400/a6600 and continue with APS-C sensors
- Save my money and buy nothing; use what I have.
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2023.06.10 13:41 Prixster I found Transformers: Rise of the Beasts to be very disappointing.

So, I just came out of watching ROTB and man I am so disappointed. I don't understand why the early reviewers hyped it up.
I wanted ROTB to be good especially after knowing it was a direct sequel to Bumblebee. But I thought it wasn't. Yes, the opening scene of Bumblebee was IT. Nothing beats that. THAT was the Transformers movie I wanted. Consider this as my rant but I expected too much from this film. Maybe it was my nostalgia/love for Bay's films or appreciation for Bumblebee but for whatever reason, I was disappointed.
It's fine if you loved it but this was just my personal opinion.
Cheers! :)
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2023.06.10 13:41 BatoutofHell821 Network

“Your fingerprints and DNA are all over the murder weapons!”
“You think I KILLED people!?! Are you serious??”
“Then how do you explain this” shouted Detective DiSante as he slapped down photo after photo of the grisly murder scenes.
“Victim #1- Giacomo Sorrelli was beheaded with this chainsaw.
Victim #2- Jonathan SanChristian was beaten to death with this shovel.
Victim #3- Dante Cross was beaten to death with this hammer
And Victim #4- has yet to be identified as his hands were cut off with this miter saw. His face obliterated by acid and lime.”
Wesley is shocked into silence, made nauseous by the scenes cruelly laid down before him.
“I…I…I…” he stammers struggling to make sense of the carnage. “I’ve never killed anyone. Never. I’m not a killer! I don’t know these people” he shouts.
“Then WHY are your fingerprints and DNA all over the weapons? Explain THAT!”
“I work in a hardware store! Don’t you know that? Do you know how many tools I touch in a day? How many times I demonstrate to customers EVERY DAY? My fingerprints are all OVER the store! On EVERYTHING I sell!”
Detective DiSante sat back, the realization of what Wesley said suddenly igniting that bulb in his brain. “Oh my God” he thinks to himself. “What if we have a serial killer on our hands?”
DiSante pauses, then speaks. “Do you recognize these tools? Are these items you sell in your store?”
Wesley studies the images, trying to see past the brain tissue, blood and skin left on the weapons.
“Well, yeah, they’re all common brands- any store could sell these. DeWalt chainsaw, Craftsman hammer. Go to any hardware store, you’ll find them.”
“But your store is the only one in town. And it was you store’s receipt for the chainsaw we found crumbled in the grass outside Victim #1s house.”
“Why would I have a receipt for a tool if I work I at the hardware store? I could just take it and write it off as a loss.”
DiSante mulls this over for a minute. “Do you have video surveillance at the store?”
“Why not?”
“Because it’s a small town! Everyone knows everyone! What do I need it for?”
“Ok, so if you know everyone, do you know who bought each of these weapons?”
“Are you kidding me? How do you suppose I remember every purchase?”
“Does anything stand out to you? Any of these weapons spark a memory of an odd request or purchase?”
“Do you keep sales records? Credit card receipts?”
“Credit card receipts yes, but not if the person pays with cash.”
DiSante sighs heavily and tells Wesley he can go. His only lead obliterated.
——————— Wesley is shaking as he slides behind the wheel of his pickup truck. Drops the keys while trying to find the ignition. Pulls himself together after a moment, enough so he can drive home.
He jumps when the phone rings. He answers without a greeting, knowing full well who it is.
“You did good, Wesley.” The caller hangs up.
What Wesley DIDN’T tell Detective DiSante is that the mystery caller is behind the murders.
Wesley’s job is the perfect cover. The man slips a note into the cash used for a small, forgettable item from the store. Instructions on which tool is needed and a description of the person coming to pick up the item are in the note. The buyer, a different person every time, never touches the tool after Wesley demonstrates how to use it. The buyer leaves, and Wesley is left clueless- until now- of the purpose behind these purchases.
He stops the truck in time to push open the door and vomit on the side of the road. What the hell is he supposed to do?
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2023.06.10 13:40 Just_KF Rough Landing

So, after "seeing things" in the form of enhanced AI response, I went back to Rough Landing.
I took the first few long-distance shots from the viewpoint as usual. To my surprise, when I slid down to the main theatre, I had to kill three NPCs - never seen before. Later in the game I went toward the railyard and was shot by the sniper, probably from about 150m away, because I melee-killed a soldier near a house - never seen before. The developers are going in the right direction, but we are still far from the desired level of challenge.
For example, when I took out the tank with a rifle that can be heard 180 metres away (well before the sniper in the railyard shot me), nobody was alerted apart from the two sleepy troops nearby. Those two folks went down pretty easily. Clearing the area near the sniper tower took no effort and the people guarding the church and tower felt more like admin work than special operations.
Come on guys. Taking a tank out is a major loss. The tank elimination, especially when it's the only large asset in the map, should trigger a massive response. There is a border gate just nearby, in such event I would expect a dozen survival-style task force coming to hunt down the player. At the same time, another similar group should come from another direction, both groups armed at a minimum with Panzerfaust and MG42, possibly escorted by one or two armoured vehicles. Atlantic Wall feels more challenging in the battery area and near the church - and that is the very first mission, whereas Rough Landing is extra DLC at an extra cost.
Please, guys, do something about that map at your next release.
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2023.06.10 13:40 Roxanne-Annabelle642 IGS Solar? Are they legit?

Hi everyone, we live near the Baltimore area and our energy provider is BGE. BGE allows you to choose a supplier, which is run by different 3rd party companies. For awhile we just did the basic one, but after a year I received an offer to have my house use solar instead of coal. Apparently, they can beam unused solar from other homes to your home. I went to solar for about 3 months before I was approached by someone from a place called NRG who claimed to be the “cheapest” and gave me 3 $50 gift cards for signing up. NRG is partnered with BGE and everything was legit. I got my gift cards, everything switched, the bill was cheaper. Neat. After a few more months, I started receiving emails from Clean Choice (the solar people with BGE) begging me to come back and I’ll receive a $100 VISA gift card. So, I switched back. Gift card is in the mail, new bill is comparable to what we paid last year. Neat.
All this context to say that my boyfriend was approached by a door to door salesman from IGS Solar, who claimed we could get 10% off our energy bill for the rest of our lives. They are NOT affiliated with BGE. They took my boyfriends credit card info and told him they would call BGE to automatically cancel and then we would start paying our energy bill to IGS Solar. I feel really sketched out about that.
  1. Will they actually cancel with BGE, or are we going to start getting 2 bills? (I will call BGE and follow up don’t worry)
  2. Is this a scam? Is IGS Solar a real company and do they actually provide solar energy at 10% off the average rate? Or did they take my boyfriends card and now we need to cancel his card?
I googled “IGS Solar Legit?” And got a lot of bad reviews that said they charge a $300 fee if you try to leave as well. It all just seems sketchy to me.
Anyway, thank you in advance lovely people of Reddit! ❤️
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