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2023.03.27 03:29 HikikomoriDays I made myself a huniepop profile

I made myself a huniepop profile
Would you date me? Be honest but only if the answer is yes
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2023.03.27 03:24 penguin_army [TOMT] [POEM] a poem from the perspective of a fish in a man's tinder profile

i'm looking for a poem, it was from the perspective of a dead fish in a man's dating profile. i believe the first sentence went 'i look so beautifull' or something alike. i remember the poem being spread over two pages and i also think the words were spaced in an interesting way to empasize the words.
I look
I don't remember much else about it, and i've had it in my head for weeks now. if anyone can help me find this poem again i'd be eternally gratefull.
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2023.03.27 03:23 Valentinesanto743 TANGZU SHIMINLI ENCOUNTER is everything same as TANGZU WAN’ER? Announcement is poor of convincing. Your QC is rely on reviewer? Before you try to make money from us, make yourself worth it first!

TANGZU SHIMINLI ENCOUNTER is everything same as TANGZU WAN’ER? Announcement is poor of convincing. Your QC is rely on reviewer? Before you try to make money from us, make yourself worth it first! submitted by Valentinesanto743 to headphones [link] [comments]

2023.03.27 03:23 MechanicalBot1234 Tryst with Tradition: An intense pilgrimage experience.

Tryst with Tradition: An intense pilgrimage experience.
About our Tirumala walk
Now that our kid's exams are over, we decided to go on a short pilgimage to Tirumala. (A temple town situated on seven hills)
This was planned a month ago, and for those who don't know, Darshan ticket (or a 5-10 second appointment with God almighty) must be made in advance through a biometric based advance reservation system, that requires fast fingers to get a booking done when they open the slots every month. Our Darshan slot was 5 PM yesterday.
We had reached Tirupathi (base of the hills) the previous night.
On the day of the Darshan, early in the morning we got ready, had breakfast and were planning to reach the temple on the hills. We were contemplating if we should take public transportation or taxi or just walk the way up the seven hills.
We hailed a cab and that guy advised about options we had, the two paths to walk, the short one or the long one. He suggested us to take the short walk. But on a whim, my spouse decided that we should take the long one. We decided that to be a divine decision, we took it.
The cab driver dropped us at the entrance, and pointed in the direction we need to walk.
As it is customary, traditional Hindus don't wear shoes on the seven hills. We got advice to leave our shoes in the hotel room and we did. We have never walked barefoot in the last 25 years.
We were excited about the adventure that was ahead of us! At that time, we did not know what an intense experience this was going to be.
The long route was about 9 kms, with about 3550 steps in between that traverses the seven hills.
Hindus believe, God's own mother walked this path several thousand years ago.
The entrance was filled with crowd of people, stalls, shop selling food to spiritual offerings. We navigated them all and came to the first step
There we saw a crowd of people seeking blessings and worshipping the first step with Sandal paste, turmeric and Saffron, lighting camphor, incense sticks and paying their respect through prostrations.
Orange, saffron, yellow and red, was everywhere. The first few steps were exciting but already we felt humbled by the spirituality around us.
Hinduism doesn't profess a book or a code of conduct. It is a library of ever changing ideas around a few basic beliefs, and all promote a 1:1 spiritual connection with God almighty.
People who looked economically poor, all around us, were clearly richer than us in spirituality and and passion, and their 1-1 connection with almighty humbled us.
We saw young kids teaching us the seriousness of their prayers, elderly people crying in emotion on the journey they were about to make.
We saw people decorating every step (yes all 3550 steps) with turmeric, sandal and kumkum. Yellow, gold, saffron was strewn everywhere. Our feet was yellow and red.
We saw people lighting lamps at every step because they believe God herself walked this path.
We saw many families where husband and wife were jointly decorating each step or mother and kids lighting each step.
We saw many parents carrying kids, even days old new born babies for their rendezvous with lord almighty up the hills.
All through the climb, people were chanting, "Govinda Govinda" loudly, inspiring us and electrifying the entire atmosphere.
The first hour of climb was exciting, we stopped once and replenished ourselves with some fluids and carried on.
Every step was a spiritually stimulating experience.
During the second hour we stopped more. We were about 1500 steps done and we thought we were doing great.
At 1750 steps, we were reasonably tired, we stopped and took break. I remember seeing a sign 1800 steps done and 1750 steps to go and told my family we are 50 percent done.
Then we saw a sign we have covered 2 kms and we have 6.4 kms to go.
It was daunting!
We continued on, we stopped at temples along the way, took more breaks and continued ahead.
After 4 hours of uphill walking, were getting tired and got our initial doubt if we had chosen the wrong route for our physical ability. The easier one would have been done by now.
But the spiritual experience was already overwhelming and was reassuring that we are doing the right thing.
After about 5 hours of climbing the hills, we were still seeing many new born babies being carried up, young toddlers walking up, one out of shape lady heaving and crying walking up, an elderly man (possibly in this seventies) carrying a bag walking up.
I even saw a 110 year old woman, partially blind in one eye and fully blind in another.
People were all visibly exhausted but we're carrying on.
We still saw people painting and decorating each step, each pillar, lamps, colors, lights everywhere.
We saw so many elderly people pulling themselves up, loudly chanting, spiritually energizing and uplifting those around themselves.
Then we saw the unbelievable! We saw several people walking up, on their knees!
Young men, one little girl and many middle aged people were walking on their knees climbing 7 hills.
They were crying in pain! I could see that their spiritual grit is far deeper than mine. Their faces told me stories.
It broke me! They broke my ego right there!! I am nobody in front of these people!
We decided to walk slower and give these pilgrims some support! A crowd was with us screaming the war cry, "Govinda, Govinda". After about 15-20 minutes, all of us lost more energy and the scream faded.
That's when, three kids thought it was time for their moment and decided to yell the movie war cry, "Jai Bahubali!" Loudly.
Their mother chided them not to do that, but it was a much needed comic relief for the crowd around us. We all burst into laughter and gained some energy and kept going.
Near the end, everyone of us was in deep physical pain, but it was a.deeply emotional and spiritual experience. We end the climb with more ceremonial prayers at many points.
We walked uphill 6 hours. The only time I had gone up in the last 10 years is when I pull gas lever on my work seat. This was an experience beyond comparison.
We ate lunch at 3:30 pm, checked in to the long 2.5 hour wait line for our Darshan and got a full 20 second darshan of God almighty.
And as almost everyone would say, those few seconds you forget everything and just watch silently! That's what we did for 20 seconds, until the usher said times up.
I could not capture everything in words, I am adding some pictures.
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2023.03.27 03:20 Mingo1624 The tropical secret for healthy weight loss

Are you struggling to lose weight no matter how much you diet or exercise? Turns out, it's not your fault.
A 2023 study published in Nature Medicine of 52,000 women and men, the largest of its kind in humans, found just one common factor in every overweight man and woman. Low brown adipose tissue levels! They also found
common in every skinny person were high brown adipose tissue levels. Brown adipose tissue (BAT) also know as brown fat, is not fat at all. Its not a fat storer but a fat shrinker. Its brown color comes from its densely packed mitochondria which work 24/7 to burn calories from your fat stores and the
food you eat into pure, natural energy. Even though BAT makes up a fraction of your weight, it can burn up to 300 times more calories than any other cell
in your body!?
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2023.03.27 03:20 laylay1287 Feeder fish abuse

This experience has really bothered me and I need the opinions of others.
I went to Petco to buy some fish. I love goldfish because they are easy to care for and I think they are beautiful.
I saw this beauty in one the dirty dingy tanks filled to capacity with mostly smaller fish. I honestly fell in love w the fish. The tank was considered a feeder fish tank.
Didn’t think much of it and asked the young man working in the aquarium section if he could give me 3 fish and please one of them be the big beauty and the other 2 could be any.
He didn’t say a word put the net in and just quickly took out 3 fish. I politely reminded him to please try to snatch that fish because there was many opportunities where he stuck out and was an easy grab.
This man, rude as hell, told me “ these are not to be sold as pets they are only to be sold as food” I said so what if I wanted them for food and he said well I know you don’t ( I let it slip). I stood there stared at him in confusion. For an ounce of effort, he could of just snatched the one fish I loved nd everyone can go their merry way but instead he showed his true colors. I already knew Petco doesn’t give a crap about their animals but I realize that even more now. I literally wanted one fish. Would of cost this employee nothing to be nice. I asked the manager to help and he basically brushed me off as quickly as the employee.
Yeah, never again. Small pet shop owners are the way to go for supplies. these big chain stores do not care about any living creature. Definitely NOT where the pets Would Go.
Was I out of line for asking the employee to just get the one specific fish ??
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2023.03.27 03:18 Taro323 Fantasy vs Reality

A lot of people view sexual Webcam sites as fantasy, and not real. They tout themselves as "free", but give people the option to chat with all the way up to control certain blue tooth linked sex toys by paying tokens they purchase. They can then control the narrative of the room in general or "go private" for an even more intimate experience. To me that is no longer fantasy. The paying of money and even some control over what the "models" (the polite word for online prostitution) brings it right into reality. Pay enough and they will put your name on their page, Snapchat or email the customer, give you access to other websites, or even text, to your actual cellphone. All seems ptetty reslife to me.Some of these people even have wishlists for their viewers to purchase them stuff for their "shows" as well as snacks all the way up to furniture for their homes. That sounds pretty real too. So people just realize, what may seem like harmless because you aren't physically touching them with your body isn't once you pay them, buy them gifts, give them access to your real world via your social media text, etc., it is on fact harmful if 1. You are in a committed (supposedly) relationship be it marriage or not 2. This is not an activity your significant other is aware of or you feel the need to keep secret or hide. 3.The viewing and interaction with these models ever interferes with your time with your significant other or family 4. You are spending a ton of money on tokens or gift for these models and either running up credit card debt, depleting your bank account, or not paying other bills because of this "fantasy world". It can make you lose everything good and real in your life. Because trust me, as soon as you quit paying these people, they quit "being your friend". I have recently had to live with the discovery my own spouse was doing this. It started when due yo work situations we had to live apart. Then after a near fatal infection my spouse got that resulted in a partial amputation it spiraled out of control even though he was back home. Part of the after effects of being so sick and many medications was a decline in his ability to perform and so he turned back to these models and used the money he was supposed to spend on medical bills on these sites and them. When I discovered it and the depth of it I can assure you it was NOT a fantasy and NOT harmless. I even went as far as to confront a couple of them during their "shows", to let them know how it affected his real world and basically they were all like oh well and said not to worry because they had zero interest in him as an actual person. He was old and fat but tipped good and that was it. Some even have their own spouses who know about their jobs and don't care. That is not a healthy relationship to me either and why they think it is no big deal to screw around even when they know the person is married. For most of the people I know it is and would be the same level as physical cheating. It is definitely emotional and mental and with the controlling of the toy or act the cam owner performs, physical as well. It is damn sure financially a problem. We are trying to work it out, but the long and short of it is the trust (my heart and soul too) has been eviscerated. . . I have taken complete control of the finances and we are going to marriage counseling and individual counseling to try to get through this, but it has been like a roller coaster and just freaking overwhelming. I thought I knew this man, but I didn't. I always thought midlife crises were made up, but this seems to fit the very definition. The point of this post is to remind anyone engaged in or thinking about participating in this kind of activity that it isn't a game and the trickle down effect can ruin you in every way. And to all the especially female performers who "think this line of work is so empowering", thanks for setting all women back in all the progress we have made in the world by willingly engaging in the oldest profession out there and letting strangers from across the world use your body as a play thing. If that is what gives you empowerment then you likely are in need of counseling yourself. I know some people, especially the people who perform on these places will disagree but I don't care. I just wanted anyone else who has or is going through a similar situation know you aren't alone.
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2023.03.27 03:18 Mr_Smigs Tales from the Game Table - Felt I could share my session notes as fiction

Figured I'd get people's opinion on if they're good notes... basically I'm keeping record of the sessions from NPC members of the platoon who were there for the sessions... that way I'm not putting thoughts in my players heads in the flashbacks/reviews for each session...Let me know what ya'll think._______________________________________________
D-10 … Orbital Palace Sarai
“So… It’s a dunghole?.... Sir.” Leutenent Falkirk was still getting used to his new position on the command staff.
“Which is saying a lot, coming from a man whose home world is so toxic he grew up wearing a mask…” Commisar Karrik was a fairly stoic fellow, unphased by the young officers lack of decorum. Clearing his throat he continued the briefing…
“As I was explaining,” Karrik made a sweeping gesture across the strategium making the globe on the surface spin wildly. “Kroma III, is a former deathworld. Exterminatus of the mega-flora would risk damaging the raw promethum found on the planet. So the knight house Tardif, support the Unrelenting Duty, last of the warlord titans dropped planetside to burn the planet clear. Their burns make the habitable zone covered in ash storms most of the year.“ Palm to the surface, the globe stopped spinning. On the display the two major northern continents were each partially visible… a red trail tracing east-west along the tropic where they joined in a narrow land bridge. Karrik traced his finger along the line, emphasizing it to the other staff at the table.“This treeline is the hold out of the native plantlife. It takes a year for the Unrelenting Duty to march the length pushing it back with plasma burns while the knights clean up and scour the land. We can expect no support from the titans as they insure everything south of this line stays ash..”
With a harsh stab ,Karrik selected one of the red dots on the continent, zooming in to show an expanded view. The strategium screen split to show a dual top, and side cut-away view of the hive city turned mine. The deep bowl in the earth was shown, centered around a set of 8 Hellbore Pylons. Archaeo-tech of the lost age cutting kilometers into the crust, and serving as great geothermal pumps.
“The cities are capped with durasteel branching out from these core pylons. Winds on the ash plains are too strong to allow any building more than 8 meters to stand for long. Ash harvesters clear the cap on a regular basis. We will not be able to land directly in any city. “
Marking out zones northeast and southwest of the main bowl, he zoomed in to the gateways on the upper level.
“The six major cities cut 20 to 30 levels deep, accessible by 8 gateways around the city. The Lord Castellan has decided we will drop 2 battalions on either side of each city at the minor gateways to breach and make access. Once inside you will be supported by local PDF to then make contact. You will be restricted to planetside vox systems once you land and will have to assess the local comms network once you establish control.”
A cough to his left bright a tight lipped grimace to Karriks jaw as his gaze to Falkirk again. The boy was rapidly scrolling though his data slate and the words came out without thinking, “We’re always in contact with command, that’s standard operations.”
“No.” Karrik growled it more than spoke. “The ash storms will black out all vox for more than a few hundred kilometers. Orbital communications are blocked whenever there is a storm. On the opening drops, each city will fire a volley from their macro-lance batteries to clear the cloud cover before we come in, and to send data bursts to the orbital palace. Once the coverage wraps, you’ll be on your own until you can link up with command. The division astropath will similarly be hampered. We don’t know why, but warn them before the drop, Harris.” Karrik fixed his stare on Captain Harris. The grizzled sack of flesh tried to meet his look for a moment before making a quick nod and a big gesture of adding a note to his data slate. Why a man who openly hated anything to do with psykers was assigned the battalion’s wyrdvane detachment is anyone’s guess. They probably wouldn’t survive this deployment.
“What of the enemy? What kind of resistance will they present?” Again with Falkirk’s questioning. Karrik took a moment to remind himself, snapping at the Lord Castellan’s grandson is no way to start a deployment.
“Mono, Deux, Tretia, and Quard are all under the control of the local PDF. This will not be a hot landing. We are dealing with cultists, not a reinforced battalion with artillery support.”
That was it. That was the moment Karrik “volunteered” himself for this damnable position. Orgryn management on the spearhead battalion. “If it was a simple drop into allied territory, he wouldn’t mind taking the first drop ship down.” Since the forward breachers always had the ogryn, it gave a fine opportunity to show how those Alpha Dragoon command skills could be put to use.
The whimper to his side shook the commissar out of his thoughts. A valkyrie of scion troopers could drop at twice this speed from near orbit without a whisper of doubt, but the three bullgryn chained to the wall in the chimera couldn’t help but make noise. The division tech priest had suggested a electroprod, and now it seemed like a better idea than Karrik’s usual chainsword.
The second jolt threw him against the belts and set the brutes whimpering again. The airway was supposed to be clear. With a quick tap, Karrik brought up coms to hear the flight squad report.
It was silent.
Heavy landers aren’t known for their graceful touch downs, but bone rattling collisions with the ground are not the norm. In the main bay tanks were blessed by the techpriest and signaled to start. As the landing ramp began to lower, fog thick ash clouds forced their way in. Then the bombardment began. Shelling rocking the lander hard.
“FORWARD” The digitized voice of Theta-Gamma cracked over coms, spurring the front unit of battle tanks on. With the implacable grip of a servo claw, the tech priest pulled himself to ride atop the last of the hellhound scout tanks.
The landing ramp was jammed halfway down after the last barrage, but was no resistance to the heft of the Leman Russ trio at the lead of the column. Over the coms, a binaric prayer to the machine spirits for forgiveness mimicked the scream of the front ramp collapsing. Forward into the clouds pushed the parade of armoured transports.
“Artillery barrage, sir. They seem to have zeroed in on the LZ.” Bryce watched as the command bridge of the lander crumpled under the explosive punishment. “Air retraction is no longer possible.”
“Earthshakers!” It was rumored that Lieutenant Haddon’s support specialist could tell the forgeworld of a cannon just by the sound it made while firing. From the beating the lander was taking, it sounded like Faedra was right.
Karrik listened patiently, there was nothing else he could do. It would take time to extricate the whole column, and Haddon had mere seconds to make the decision. In his head, Karrik poured over the limited map they had been given by the governor. Shifting ash made the trench-mines south an option, but would leave them isolated. Pushing forward to the city meant the risk that the enemy artillery might continue pounding them. When did the enemy get artillery, that wasn’t in the reports.
“FORWARD! To the city!” Haddon’s command was unsurprising to say the least. Karrik could even hear his driver pushing his engine to keep up with the headlong rush. This Razak Mobile infantry took their title with zeal that would make imperial priests jealous. “First into the Fire” indeed.
The barrage continued as the column moved forward. Through the lasarray viewers, Karrik saw one of the rearguard sentinels take a direct hit. In the middle of its loping stride, the gangly walker’s cockpit detonated in a brilliant fireball. For a brief moment, Karrik could see the grim faces of his ogryn guards clear as daylight, then nothing but a wad of smoke and steel crashed to the ground.
Still, the Razak line pushed on. Earth and ash churning under the weight of steel treads. The column was planned to aim north to the road, then follow its ramp down into the city… with a clack of his jaw may have cracked a tooth, Karrik felt the chimera drop steeply. Ramp-be-damned as the battalion took the two meter drop at full clip to get entrenched out of fire.
The coms net picked up again, full of static, but Haddon’s commands coming over the vox. Pacing spread out to avoid mixed hits from shells, and the loss of two sentinel walkers reported. When the squad sergeant was hit, one of the others missed the turn off and had fled the column. He reported the barrage had stopped when the battalion made the road, but was still being reprimanded for his flight. Another pilot would be assigned who was more reliable.
Curious, Karrik released his restraints to open the top hatch and take the observer position. Greeted with a steel-grey sky that churned like the sea overhead, the weight of the situation locked in. Mono’s service highway was cut like a ramp into the earth leading down. Already it towered six meters or so on either side and barely wide enough for two tanks to ride side by side. Thick, rough, ash had settled on the walls and road. It dusted the tanks that left black pressed trails behind. Like a pencil on a sheet of vellum, they’ll know right where we went.
Not that there were any choices where to go now.
Ahead, the gates to the city, if they could be called that, began to loom. The great durasteel disk that was the roof of the city, came to a sharp end. Girders gapped with mesh stood bare to the elements. They spanned the width of the road channel in a criss-crossed web of construction making a rough arch two stories tall. White hard sodium style lamps ran the channel and either side of the arch making everything sharp, and gray. No doors stood to block the road as a hive-city would have, instead the dust and ash everywhere whipped back in long slow bursts. Karrik raised his arm to block the sudden wind as his ride got within the blast zone, feeling the warmth coming from the city push through his jacket. As the ash that had settled along the roof of the chimera blew away, he had to wonder if this was an intentional design of the city, or a happy accident of the thermals produced by the great steel beast.
With a jerk, the column came to a halt. Over the microbead in his helm, Haddon sent out the order to spread and disembark, there was trouble ahead the tanks couldn’t deal with.
In the dark of the gate, flashes of light started to repeat back and forth. Hearing the ogryn sigh as they pushed to get out the rear gate, Karrik fished for his monocular to get a better look.Theta-gamma, his red robes billowing in the breath of the city, had taken point with first squad. Faedra was rushing to the rear, setting the hellhounds on her flanks for rear watch. Even the Lieutenant and his squad were on watch at the front, giving Karrik excuse enough to dismount and bring his boys at a brisk trot to catch up.
The problem became clear as Karrik made it to the command squad. Some kind of improvised trip mines had been strung across the roadway just at the end of the entry ramp inside the city proper. From the top of the ramp, the ruins were visible, heavy damage crumbled and shattered every wall in sight. Rooftops burned still in the distance, and only the same awful, pale light of the city street lights gave any illumination under the durasteel cap. Again those flashes of light danced in the distance and Karrik brought up his monocular. Las-fire trace between buildings ahead toward the city center.
Raising his hand to grab the Lieutenant’s attention, Karrik was suddenly pushed aside…“And Lo, Do I Strike at the Heretic!” The quarter ton of muscle and bone that made Gregori the rightful bodyguard of company command, slammed forward into the rear of First Squad, knocking two men aside. There was a pause as everyone looked to where he was pointing, before thunder struck.
Fire and smoke poured from the ruins left of the road, the flash casting silhouettes thrown by ogryns frag grenade. With a whine, white hot pain lanced across Karrik’s vision before the goggles photo filters kicked in to protect him from the multilaser’s firing. Without warning, the command chimera opened a door in the ruins of the second floor revealing the remains of a surprised pair of snipers, leaving them to clatter down the wrecked wall to the floor below.
Then came the chaos. With a howl and a cry “For the Lord of Stars!” auto-gun fire pelted the First Squad, even disrupting Gama-Theta from his work dismantling the road mines.
“Maveriks! TO THE WINDOWS!” Again, Karrik was surprised by Haddon’s aggression. While brutes formed up around the commisar, locking shields, the surprised First Squad found their feet quickly pushing straight at the enemy. Wild las-fire suppressed the windows while mono-knives found flesh as soldiers chipped and bleeding from the hail of enemy fire called in response, “TO THE WALLS!”
Karrik watched as the warmachine of the imperium took their ambushers to task. Theta-Gamma followed the call and set the pace of the advance. Kackling in binary, the tech-priest’s servo claw punched through ferrocrete wall and cultists alike. Gore erupted from the warrior’s remains like a ration tube, trapped beneath a tank tread. Still the Maveriks fought on. Las fire ceased as they put men to the knife. Heavy fire from the leading battletanks shredded potential sniper positions to reveal naught but the dead. The viciousness of the attack set the enemy on their heel, many began to panic and try to flee while caught, and crushed by ogrun and man alike.
“Maveriks! Occupy and Defend!” Haddon’s call caught Karrik’s attention, the Lieutenant was watching the opposite side of the street now. With the cultists in route, Karrik saw a few last flashes of lasfire from the building while First Squad quickly reversed stances, taking cover behind the very walls they had just purified in heretic blood.
Following Hadron’s gaze to the other side of the street, Karrik finally pushed past the ogryn wall. There, half crouched, and slack jawed, stood men of the Kroma Light. “Whitecaps” the locals called them, according to reports. Now the Maveriks saw why. Where the Razak Mobile donned somber colors, black for the mourning of the 198th, green for the new beginning of the 199th, the Kroma Light was a parade of color. Polished gold pauldrons shining on sky blue jackets were accented with white webbing and almost luminescent kepi caps. The Kroma’s sergeant signaled his men to stand down with a wave of his sword, making them stand at attention, but not shoulder their weapons.
“Kroma Light?” Lieutenant Hadron had pulled his mask to be heard clearly, “We are the 199th Razak Mobile, your reinforcements. We need billeting, and a place to check our hardware.”
… D + 1.
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2023.03.27 03:13 Publius1687 Groupthink, The "New" Morningstar

I have watched with incredulity as my conservative allies try to understand the Woke mob. They treat these ideas as serious, that humans are to be sacrificed on the altar of Woke1. This is unbelievable.
I claim that there is no Woke religion. What we are seeing is collectivism laid bare2. Not the well intentioned type, the sort of benevolence or brotherhood of Man. But the sinister type, I claim not a special new plague, but our ancient enemy raising an army.
These matters are relatively clear from direct experience, and the religious analogies of my allies seem relatively hollow. But if it’s possible for us to get on the same page, to get our act together - I remind you we have been losing this battle for a long time, and poised for further descent - perhaps I can meet you halfway.
You hold up the latest irrational idea and say look at this devilry - this is their God. But I claim they are laughing at how gullible you are. I believe they would gladly recite Milton Friedman or Fred Flintstone if that would help them accomplish their goal. But in order to weaken you, they must recite irrational ideas. And like successful viruses they must constantly mutate. But if there is one thing especially potent about this new poison is that they have mastered the new mass propaganda in a manner - I claim - that we have or cannot. They have turned ideology into a decoy. This is what I’m trying to warn you about. Understand your enemy, yes. But do not invest so much energy into understanding, if not amplifying, their decoys. You are walking into their trap (and dragging us in with you).
But as I said I would like to meet you halfway. I believe at some level we all understand that the previous generation gave birth to the current plague. And we suspect this is connected to the decline in Christian morals3. Here is the only reasonable synthesis I can find for our differing perspectives: The Group is the new God in this movement. And the main question is, how did the Group rise to the top of the pantheon?
Well what is the role of God in the Abrahamic world? I think to understand the connection between collectivism and religion on the one hand, and that of parent and child in the other - we must remember that God is the thing that punishes us when we sin4. Weak parenting eschews discipline and in the absence of proper fatherhood and religious upbringing - this new god has taken on that role. And in a world where people are not exposed to proper discipline, their greatest fear seems to be fear of criticism. So the new god has come in and promised, obey me and I will reward you with Heaven, a place where not your father, nor the Father, or anyone will so much as disagree with the words I now ask you to memorize and recite5.
In some sense these spineless weaklings are the least formidable enemy we have ever faced. Yet the depraved individuals pulling the strings behind the scenes have mastered their craft. It seems though they have grown fat and arrogant. And we know what happened to the Morningstar. He will not go away with time, like a bad fever. We must smite him. Not chat about him on YouTube and Twitter. Not become scholars of this “new” ideology. Rather we must bring punishment on them for their evil works. We must smite them. The snakes have not yet slithered out into broad daylight. But it is high time we remind them what is waiting for them: Hawks.
Come further into the light, snakes, so that we may see you better..

1 Woke Racism, J. McWhorter 2021
2 Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal, A. Rand 1966
3 Slouching Towards Gomorrah, R. Bork 1996
4 Historical and Chronological Context of the Bible, B. Gore 2010
5 No Safe Spaces, D. Prager 2019
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2023.03.27 03:07 ArcanicTruth Test

u/n3eon, remember when you said you could help? Well, yeah..
This is the essay i made, i pinged you here cause my DMs weren't working and i couldn't private message you.
I wanted to see if this post is factually accurate or not. I really don't wanna spread misinformation and I don't pay much attention to Japan so i can't really know if i got my facts right.
Start of essay:
The story of NORTHEPTION. An APAC Japanese rags to riches story.
Disclaimer: This org has a very long history and im not really familiar with the Pre-BLAST system of Japanese R6 History. There may be a few parts i get wrong or looked over incorrectly so please forgive my errors as Japan is not a region i actively monitor.
I'm also not gonna go thru the whole history of this organization since this org has been in siege for 4 years with 4 years of constant roster changes. If i were to describe everything here, it would be a 10K word post and I'm not doing that lol. I'll skim thru the non-important parts.
So, why did i make this post? It's cause this roster story is INSANE. As i was researching more and more, I found myself to be baffled at what this roster did. This roster has it all. Upsets, revenge, failure, redemption, high stake moments, rags to riches. It's one of the most beautiful stories I have ever seen in Esports and i hope you will enjoy me explaining it to you!
Enjoy the post!
So your starting your day. You get your premium coffee because your a relatively wealthy Japanese citizen that owns an Esports organization called NORTHEPTION. Your looking into siege esports for a possible investment. As weeks go by, you finally see this team, this Japanese roster. A team just won the Japenese CL S10 Qualifiers. They are orgless. They look promising so you decide to sign the team on October 5th, 2019. You feel happy as you are now in the Siege ecosystem and the players are delighted by having their first org. Little did you know, that this would be the most roller-coaster of a decision you have ever made in your life.


The team is formidable but they aren't dominant either. As the league gets incrementally more competitive, NORTHEPTION are forced to make more and more roster changes. They made 10+ roster changes in these 3 years.
The only players that you need to know from this hectic constant roster change frenzy time period is CoPaHiPo and most importantly, Febar CoPaHiPo joined on October 12th of 2019 while Febar joined this roster on June 5th 2020.

The team's first real tournament in 2020

APAC tournaments in 2020 are vastly different then NA, EU, or LATAM tournaments. APAC prioritizes grassroots expansion, ensuring that everyone who is good can play. Thie leads to T1, T2, and T3 Japanese teams playing against each other constantly.
In Japanese R6 Esports, there is a tournament called the "Japanese Invitational". The Japanese Invitational is, in short, an Tier-1 thru Tier-3 open tournament for the best T3-T2 Japanese teams to battle thru qualifiers to win. After they qualify for it thru Opens, they have to go into playoffs with stronger Tier-1/Tier-2/Tier-3 teams. The highest placed non-tier Tier-1 team at the event will qualify.
So they're obviously gonna try to win this thing. After making constant roster changes, they go thru the open qualifiers and actually get first in the open. They beat every other team and even the best Non-T1 Japan team, Sengoku. NORTHEPTION after an upset, are qualified for Japanese playoffs with the potential to make relegations if they are the highest placed Non-Tier 1 team.
Their competitors are a Tier-3 Japanese team named Eva. Eva gets bracket blessed and gets a Tier-3 team in the first round while NORTHEPTION gets a Tier-1 team in the first round. It's extremely unfair to say the least...
In October of 2020, they fail to qualify for relegations after they get beaten by guts gaming 2-1 in the first round while Eva beats their Tier-3 matchup in the first round. It's very unfair to NORTHEPTION and Eva ends up losing to Tier-1 teams just like NORTHEPTION did but since Eva made it to round 2, they end up going to relegation qualifiers.
This is heartbreaking to come so far only to get screwed by an unfair bracket. This drains the team's mental and puts them in a dark and rough spot.

Constant failure in 2020-2021

Days after failing to qualify for rels, this shining T3 team gets their best players poached at the end of 2020.
  • Febar leaves NORTHEPTION and he leaves to go join one of THEE best T2 Japanese teams, Sengoku. This T2 team will head to relegation against a Tier-1 team at the end of 2021.
  • CoPaHiPo leaves NORTHEPTION after Febar does for another Japanese team.
Since NORTHEPTION proved themselves in 2020. They got invited to the new Japan League that's apart of the new FACEIT League for 2021.
After losing their best players at the end of 2020, NORTHEPTION aren't competitive enough for the 2021 Japanese teams that year. They don't make 2021 relegations for APAC North after getting grouped. They even get relegated from their own league. The roster has run it's course. It's time to wipe it.

The Roster Rebuild after failure

So, you've just been relegated. What do u do? You scrap the roster of it's worst parts, probably keep the best player on the roster and rebuild.
Remember the 2 ex-north players i told you to remember about earlier? Rebar? Well, he got dropped just before relegations and the team didn't wanna play with him over another player. Ironically, that T2 roster ends up losing to a team called "Reject" and they end up getting promoted to PL.
So what now? You scrap the whole roster and start a foundation with Fmr player RebaCurrent player Marol and pick up 3 of the best players that you saw promise in.
  • There was a T3 roster called "ORTHROS GRIT" that went thru Opens qualifiers for a 2021 Japanese event. This was a relatively new rookie t3 team of aspiring new players that qualified thru Opens. Surprisingly, they beat NORTHEPTION and top their group (2nd) to go to playoffs. They are against Tier-1 FAV Gaming in round 1. Everyone thinks, oh, FAV are gonna destroy them 2-0. What ends up happening is that FAV get 0-7'd on their first map then bring it back 8-6, 8-6 on the 2 other maps to win it. These rookies had potential. (2/5ths of Orth Grit had joined Fnatic later on and 1 other is in PL)
NORTHEPTION during the rebuild sign the 2 promising rookies from the Orthros Grit roster Vbort and Tyopi and then they finish it off with a signing of CoPaHiPo who previously played with Febar on NORTHEPTION years ago.
NORTHEPTION basically starts over again in T3 with an experienced trio of Marol/FebaCoPaHiPo + 2 new promising rookies. This is the roster in March of 2022.
1 month later in April... Turmoil strikes the roster in the heart. Vbort is so good that he gets invited to a Japanese Tier-2 team named IGZIST so he obviously takes that offer. The now 4 man roster decides to drop Marol too. It turns to a 3 man roster. What makes the timing so harsh is that the open quals for Japan's national league is in 2 weeks so they need to find players FAST.
They do open tryouts, similar to the one Beastcoast/CAG did in 2022 where they put out a google docs page on twitter and ask for your rank and any scrim clips you have. From these open tryouts, they signed a player with no competitive experience, "Nina", on April 28th of 2022. Little did they know at the time that this high risk pickup ended up becoming the best player on the roster. A very similar story in North America with DarkZero player Panbazou.
  • NORTHEPTION's 5th ended up being a temporary Ex-CAG Pro player named "Shokei". He had experience and would make a good temporary slot in. Sort of like J90/Lags slotting in for Soniqs in North America. It was never supposed to be permanent, only to make sure that they could play.
Now a rushed and newly made Japanese T3 team, they move to enter their first competition in the new format.

Testing out the new roste1st Japan Nationals of 2022

  • 2022 Japanese Competitive Format Explained: The format is a T2 League that has Tier-1 teams in it. All teams in this round-robbin league are automatically invited to the "Japanese League Playoffs". The top 5 in the league immediately skip "Japanese Playoffs Groups" and move straight into playoffs. T3 teams can enter the "Japanese Playoffs Group" stage by going thru a grassroots open qualifiers. After winning playoffs, the T3 teams play in groups with the non-top 5 Japan League teams. At the end of the year, the highest placed Non-Tier 1 team gets to play in APAC North Relegation. This is an exceptionally designed grassroots system that allows T1, T2, T3 teams or basically anyone to prove themselves 3X a year.
  • BIG DISCLAIMER:For simplism purposes, I'll rename "Japanese Invitationals/Championships" to "Japanese Nationals" so you, the viewer, can keep track easier (trust me it's easier). The top 5 T2 teams from the Japan League skip over groups and go to nationals playoffs. Bottom 5 T2 Japanese teams go to Nationals groups with the T3 teams that qualified from the Japan Nationals open qualifiers. It's much easier on your brain if you think about it like that.
Back to the post!
This Nationals was the most important tournament in all of Japan. NORTHEPTION all wanna prove themselves. This was where all the pressure was building up towards. So with the 2 new additions to the roster (that they added in a rush), they nervously went into the open qualifiers for T2 Japan not knowing how it would go.
NORTHEPTION with their new roster, get into the Japan Nationals thru the open qualfier. They play Bo3s and do well. They aren't dominant since they lose a map and went overtime alot but they 2-0'd most teams. They get 1st in opens which surprises the Japanese community.
As an added bonus for getting 1st thru the Nationals Open, NORTHEPTION have now qualified for Japanese relegations at the end of the year just from getting 1st at the beginning of the year. They already secured a huge W but the streak doesn't end here.
After they get 1st in the open qualifiers, they go to Japanese Nationals Playoffs with much better teams and a Tier-1 team named "Reject". They beat the Tier-1 APAC North team in 2 seperate Bo1s. 7-2, 8-6.
They also throw 2 rounds against the worst team in their group, leading them to winning in overtime. They get 2 points instead of 3 points. They end up missing getting out of groups by a single point, because they threw 2 rounds. It's expected to throw rounds if your a new team since your comms aren't perfect. They showed their glimpse of potential with this new roster from beating this 8th place Tier-1 APAC North team twice but sadly it wasn't enough.

Post-Tournament Changes

So since Shokei was just a sub, they have to pick up another player to replace him. While they did well and had upsets, they still weren't content with barely getting eliminated in groups.
They do open tryouts, again! to get the new 5th player. Post a tryout google docs on twitter, run the scrim partners, evaluate, yada yada yada, you know, the usual. They told themselves, Since the no-experience player Nina was such an insane pickup, then why wouldn't a second fresh rookie be good? Lets take a fresh new mechanical promising player with lots of motivation to play and teach them how to play comp. So they picked up a second person with no experience.
They pick up ShuReap from the google docs tryout page. ShuReap has no competitive experience except for an open qualfiers where he obliterated another team in a Bo3 7-1, 7-2. All the team knows is that this guy is mechanically gifted and has high ranked stats. Little did they know that they got even more lucky. ShuReap is better than Nina who was already a monster mechanically 🤣🤣🤣🤣

The 2nd Nationals Tournament

They have this new roster. Time for Japan Nationals for stage 2 of 2022. They're eager to test this new roster.
They have to go thru the open qualifiers again. Instead of losing a map and constantly going into overtime like last time, they utterly massacre the competition. They don't even go into O.T to win games like last time. You can visually see the improvement.
Now that they finished destroying the open qualifiers to get 1st, they go into groups where they got grouped last time. This was the real test to see if the roster improved, by hitting a new high. So what happened in groups with this new T3 team?
Well, They dominate their group. They only lose once and it's a massive throw in overtime 6-8 against a T2 Team. They win most other games in regulation and come out comfortably on top with a first place group finish. Now they move out of the frying pan into the fire, literally... They have to verse 2 APAC Pro League teams back to back. Fnatic and then, if they win that, Reject who has since made roster changes to become better. Fnatic is Neo-Guts gaming who basically cut the old NORTHEPTION out of relegations in 2020. There's bad blood here.
So what happens? They 2-0 Fnatic and 2-0 Reject 😭. Granted, they were close maps but it was still a 2-0. So now they're at the Grandfinals after 2-0'ing 2 pro Teams. They are up against SCARZ, who are a T2 Japanese team. You'd think that this T3 team would win after beating 2 Tier-1 teams dominantly right? Nope. SCARZ 2-0'd NORTHEPTION in the grand final. Not even a map going to O.T. They came in a disappointing 2nd place after having a miracle run in Japanese Nationals. Granted, SCARZ were the best Japanese T2 Team but it still stung.
No one could deny that they massively improved but would they be able to conquer a relegation battle for the third Japanese Nationals?

After stage 2, they prepare for relegations

  • After stage 2, the Japanese Nationals format changed. Stage 3 playoffs for Japan Nationals doesn't exist. All that exists are relegations for the bottom 5 Japanese Nationals teams.
  • "B-b-but u/ArcanicTruth i thought there were no relegations at the end of 2022?" Yeah that confused me too. It's what i also thought lmao. It's apparently not for Tier-2 leagues. There's gonna be "auto-promotions" to get into the Japanese league for 2023. It ended up being code for saying there are still relegations for Japan since they're gonna directly get the 8 best Japanese teams so were gonna find out who they are thru Japanese nationals.
T3 teams had to play the open quals in the 3rd Japanese Nationals to get to relegations but NORTHEPTION already qualified from the first nationals so there was no point for them to play and reveal their strats.
The Reject roster that placed 3rd in APAC North ended up being bottom 5 in the Japanese Nationals league. So they ended up having to play relegations 😭. If they wanted to get auto-promoted, there's a chance would have to relegate this team in a Tier-1 vs Tier-3 match.

Despair, Doubt, and Fear creep in just before the climax

Now, beating 2 pro league teams as a T3 team is a major accomplishment. If Japan's richest orgs were not keeping an eye on the roster before, they were definitely were now after the nationals performance. So, Fnatic decides to pick up one of NORTHEPTION's players. "Tyopi". One of their best players are now suddenly gone. NORTHEPTION were in trouble having such a deep impactful roster change months before the most important esports match of their lives. They've had pressure before but definitely not like this.
Here's where it gets even more crazy. NORTHEPTION, for months, prepared for relegations. Their long-time player, CoPaHiPo, LEAVES the team to go to the reject roster they were training months to beat. Bro just abandoned his friends for the enemy 😭.
All that is left of this former T3 David vs Goliath roster is Febar and his insanely gifted ranked stars that he taught how to play the entry role competitively, Nina and ShuReap.
NORTHEPTION do open tryouts again. They can't resist their ways and pick up ANOTHER unknown rookie player called "YuKiz". This guy has at least been recorded to be on a team by Liquidpedia. He's definitely extremely inexperienced, enough to be counted as a new competitive player.
They need some experience tho, so the pick up "Wendyzera". He is a former player (that they dropped in 2021 after getting relegated) as a stand-in for the relegation battle. They dropped him before so the hopes/morale are not as high coming into relegations.

The climax of 2022

Japanese Relegation Format Explained: The bottom two Tier-2 Japanese teams play eliminate each other in relegation. The winner moves to relegation group stage. There are 2 groups of five. Group A/B. The 5 bottom Nationals teams over the year and the top 6 winners of the open qualifiers for stage 1, 2, and 3 of Japanese Nationals. These teams will end up in different groups. If you get 1st in your group, you get auto qualified for 2023 (2 teams). Both 2nd placed teams from Group A & B play a Bo3. If you place 3rd-5th in your group then you get eliminated from the tournament.
The groups get announced and the pro league team, Reject, is in the other group. For them, this is a blessing. If they can beat some of middle of the pack Tier-1 teams then they can surely beat Tier-2 teams, right? Well... No. They barely survive groups and end up getting 2nd place. The NORTHEPTION curse strikes again where they can't beat Tier-2 teams.
Now they have to verse the 2nd place teams on the other group. The NORTHEPTION players check to see who it is and probably recoiled in horror. The universe is having a laugh. It's the reject roster, a Tier-1 team, and they TIED in points with the T2 IGZIST team. Both have 10 points. So the tiebreaker goes to round count and IGZIST won ONLY 1 MORE ROUND to get placed first 🤣🤣🤣. The gods wanted a drama filled revenge relegation match. A match where careers would end are against former teamates and friends, a NORTHEPTION member of 3 years who abandoned this roster to go to the enemy team.
They get to work for a passionate drama revenge match. It reminds Febar of when he was dropped just before APAC North relegations in 2021. As much as this is an Esports match, it's also deeply personal with drama. NORTHEPTION with a new roster have only a couple weeks to practice for an important relegation match.
It's game day. The match happens. Here are the chronological map results.
  • Map 1. NORTHEPTION wins 7-4
  • Map 2. Reject wins 7-5
  • Map 3. NORTHEPTION wins 7-3
NORTHEPTION pulls an Upset and relegates a top 3 APAC North team from Tier-1 while being a T3 roster. The "reject" roster was a roster that was 8th place in stage 1, 5th place in stage 2, and was currently 3rd place at the time in stage 3. NORTHEPTION relegated a top 3 APAC.N team and stole their spot like a bunch of badasses.


  • NORTHEPTION have to do open tryouts AGAIN, with a google docs page to replace Wendyzera because he was only a stand-in. This time, they don't pick up a complete ranked star but gifted player that has at least some comp history. NORTHEPTION picked up the best player from the 2nd best T3 Japanese roster "Father's Back", Sayochan. This guy was a top 5 rated entry player in Japanese Nationals Playoffs with T1 pros in it. He's the only who went overwhelmingly positive on entry when his whole team went negative on entry. He has lots of experience too so he was needed to fill that void on the team. I think he's 22 so he's been playing for a long time.
NORTHEPTION are now, officially, a Tier-1 team. It's been 4 years since that coffee but it was worth it. Now they are in a league again. Febar is finally in Tier-1 after getting dropped just before his relegation match. With google docs, Febar surrounded himself with 4 mechanically cracked players, 3 of which were unknown rookie players that he has personally developed with coaching staff. This roster is now fully complete and ready for 2023.
With their new roster, they enter the new BLAST Japan League as a registered Tier-1 team for the first time. They also have the easiest group on-paper. NORTHEPTION is in groups with Fav Gaming. Febar's roster beats Fav causing Fav to get grouped. NORTHEPTION move into playoffs and have to fight CAG, the best Japanese team historically who look really scary with new roster pickups.
I, again, kid you not, They come into playoffs and 2-0 the historical best Japanese team, CAG. It's not even close, it's a dominant victory that can be credited to the insane entry firepower of this roster. They outgunned Chibisu/Arcully/Blackray. It was a massacre.
This team will verse CREST next for a copahagen major spot on April 1st. Personally, i think NORTHEPTION are actually gonna lose because of the curse. They always win against Tier-1 teams and lose against Tier-2 teams. I know crest is technically Tier-1 but still, it's Tier-1 in name only, since they literally just got into Tier-1 a couple months ago.


NORTHEPTION will go down as one of the most inspiring APAC stories in Rainbow six siege if they can make it to the major. They skipped Tier-2 and relegated a top 3 APAC North team as a Tier-3 team. They decided that they weren't gonna try to get failed players who's only choice it was to join a T3 team but instead try to develop their own talent from mechanically gifted players they found thru an open tryout google docs method 😭🤣. It still baffles me how they found such good players thru Google docs, i absolutely love this roster's tryout process.
Out of all the T1/T2/T3 APAC rosters in siege, this one has the best storyline imo. I hope you enjoyed reading a story as rare as this one! Check out this roster on April 1st to see them verse CREST gaming for a major spot!
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2023.03.27 03:04 fhfhdj The Iron Fury Part 2.5 A story inspired by Worldbox

The booming drums rumbled in the distance. Men pushed on even as their comrades fell. The blood warm on their skin.
Sloda had gone from having only two men beside him to a couple of hundred and a woman. Most of them were Eleish men which surprised him until he remembered that he was in front of the Eleish contingent. Occasionally, arrows zipped past like flies. Their rain of wood and feathers was thickening. Sloda was pleased by this thought, this meant they were getting close. Somehow the arrows were more worrisome than a clash of iron. Every time one passed, a part of him forced his eyes to look about his person, ensuring he didn’t meet a deadly fate at their hands.
“My Lord, perhaps we should fall back to our own forces. From there we can do more than push a single tower”, said Makyur.
‘You’re brave, I’ll give you that’, thought Sloda. He would punish any Jutani that spoke to him of such things. He gave him an angry look instead, “I will take your words as advice, Makyur. I appoint you temporary advisor during military engagements”.
When the tower was finally in position, Sloda was the first to climb. The sounds of arrows and men’s grunts as they reached them were muffled as he went to the top. Next were Aeseus and Makyur. At the top, they were joined by several other Eleish men. The scent of newly cut wood filled the Patriarch’s nostrils.
One man asked, “How many men do they have up here?”.
Another voice behind Sloda said, “Enough for the singers to be satisfied, Achesop. Enough”.
Though he couldn’t see, the Patriarch could hear the grin behind that voice. He wondered if he should’ve said something to those men, they voluntarily came after all, but had no words at the heat of the moment. No words of glory, honor, nor duty as they all seemed empty when they were about to face an entire army with less than a quarter strength. The other Eleish men could’ve killed Alragog, or perhaps Alragog could’ve failed to send the signal to Glekan to attack and his men would desperately make a disorganized attack without a general to lead them. All manner of things could go wrong, just as Huarak would say.
But Sloda knew the course of action he needed to take. He didn’t want to be known as a man of half measures. He would ride this out and see where these actions would take him, ‘I have been marked for death since my birth. To die now would not change that’, he thought though he knew it was a flimsy excuse for his actions. He was Patriarch of Iron, he couldn’t think like other men as too many depended on him. Yet he trusted Glekan to do as he would.
“Form phalanx!”, said Sloda. His voice like the snap of thunder.
The men did as he ordered, shields overlapping and forming a second line when there was no more room. They were eighteen in all. Two lines of nine men.
As they heard the shouts of command from the other side, Sloda looked beside him. He saw the woman from before with Aeseus next to her.
“What is your name, woman?”, asked the lord.
She kept her eyes ahead as she said, “Ambora, at your service, my lord”.
He grunted in acknowledgment and focused on the task ahead. The little draw bridge was lowered. Sloda wrapped his fingers tightly around his hilt. He heard the men breathing heavily, blood running hot in their veins.
“Charge!”, he yelled.
They ran across the bridge, it’s groggy moans making Sloda’s heart beat faster.
Sloda still wore his Patriarch’s attire, an elaborate thing with the standard at one shoulder and an image of Saseniri ripping a warrior’s head off with his teeth in the other.
The uniqueness drew men to him like predators. The fighting went well. Makyur put his axe to deadly use. Aeseus proved his mettle when cutting three men down with the ease worthy of a legend. Ambora matched them both when she saved Aeseus from a Lionman who nearly took his head with the swing of his axe.
Her thrust punctured the lump in his throat and burst through the back. She set upon the next man who dared face her. The battle was going well all things considered until the tower moaned behind them.
Sloda forced himself to focus on the battle ahead but a part of him strained to listen through all the screaming and clanging of iron to realize that the tower was being climbed. The moans however, were not the kind a tower should make. The hairs in the back of his rose. The tower was about to collapse.
“There’s Lord Sloda! Protect him!”, yelled a man in the Jutani tongue.
Those were the last words the man ever spoke.
The tower moaned a final time. The weight of the men became too much. The wood splintered and imploded within itself. The men went down along with it, their bodies crushed and pierced by broken pieces of wood.
‘Oh shit’, was all Sloda had time to think before another Thorpasin warrior fell upon him and he had to give the man a barrage of blows and feints before skewering him.
They were truly on their own now.
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2023.03.27 03:02 4neodesigns Unleash your inner superhero with our Superman Man of Steel v3 dyesub costume! Our Dyesub costume is perfect for cosplayers looking to bring the movie to life. Our costume is a faithful recreation of the iconic suit. From the vibrant colors you won't find a better Superman design anywhere else.

Unleash your inner superhero with our Superman Man of Steel v3 dyesub costume! Our Dyesub costume is perfect for cosplayers looking to bring the movie to life. Our costume is a faithful recreation of the iconic suit. From the vibrant colors you won't find a better Superman design anywhere else. submitted by 4neodesigns to 4neodesigns [link] [comments]

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ATV Offroad Fury 2 (x2) $
Ace Combat 4 $7
Alien Hominid (missing manual) $27
Backyard Wrestling 2 $18
Barbie as the Island Princess (New sealed) $12
Brothers in Arms Earned in Blood $5
Buzz! Junior Robo Jam $6
Call of Duty 3 Special Edition GH $7
Conflict Zone Modern War Strategy $7
Constantine $18
Contra Shattered Soldier (missing manual) $15
Crash Bandicoot The Wrath of Cortex GH $11
Crazy Taxi GH $8
Dark Angel (New without seal) $15
Dead to Rights GH $9
Delta Force Black Hawk Down $7
Destroy All Humans GH $9
Devil May Cry $10
Dragon Ball Z Budokai GH $9
Driver Parallel Lines (missing manual) $16
Extermination $12 (missing manual)
Fantastic 4 ($5)
Fatal Fury Battle Archives Vol 2. $15
Fight Night Round 3 $10
Final Fantasy X $10
Final Fantasy XII (missing manual) $8
Gran Turismo 3 $7
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (x3) $15
Grand Theft Auto Vice City (x5) $10
Harvest Moon Save the Homeland $12
Headhunter (missing manual) $7
Intellivision Lives $8
Iron Man $8
Klonoa 2 (disc only) $30
Legends of Wrestling $8
MTV Celebrity Deathmatch $10
Mafia $15
Manhunt $30
Maximo Army of Zin (new sealed) $70
Monopoly Party $7
Mortal Kombat Deception GH $11
NBA Street Vol 3. $15
Naruto Uzumaki Chronicles $7
Neo Geo Battle Coliseum $14
Prince of Persia Two Thrones $8
Rebel Raiders Operation Nighthawk $5
Resident Evil Code Veronica X GH $13
Ring of Red $38
Rise to Honor $8
Risk Global Domination $7
Scarface The World is Yours $40
Seek and Destroy (x2) $6
Silent Scope 2 (x2) $8
Sonic Heroes GH $15
Sonic Riders GH $15
Star Wars Battlefront (x2) $13
State of Emergency $10
Test Drive Off Road Wide Open $8
The Sims 2 Castaway $15
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 $10
Top Gun Combat Zones $7
Transformers the Game (x2) $7
WWE Smackdown vs Raw $8
WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 06 $10
Whiplash (missing manual) $20
PlayStation 3 Ps3
AC/DC Live Track Pack $5
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Atelier Ayesha Dusk $25
Atelier Escha & Logy Dusk Sky $30
Atelier Meruru Arland: $13
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Games (all disc only)
Alien Trilogy $43
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Dreamcast CIB $220 ( consoles comes in the Pink and Black box)
(will take $340 for all the games and console)
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Toy Story 2 $38
World Series Baseball 2K1 $8
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2023.03.27 02:52 Frostnight910 [LFA]

I'm playing a custom class a friend made, and part of the class is they gain a baby dragon to raise. Mine just gained a humanoid form and so I tried to pull characteristics from each of my party members to drive home the "it takes a village" sort of vibe, that he isn't -mine- but rather he's become the whole party's.
His "base model" is human. We have a sheep centaur and a tabaxi rogue that inspired the pairs of horns, one pair curling and ringed like ram horns from the corners of his forehead, the other from just behind the temple, growing back and then turning sharply to line his ears in a cat ear shape. His skin is a bronze-gold color, but with spatterings of scales that are black but lined in gold. His mother and father are a gold and black dragon respectively. His hair is a thick curly mess like sheep wool, but silver from our old man warlock. His teeth are sharper than normal teeth, but look naturally formed that way. Our bard filed her teeth down to a point for intimidation. And his eyes are a gold color, for my gold dragonborn.
He looks young, maybe 15 or 16, and would probably be wearing like, desert traveler style clothes. Loose and breathable, but covering.
submitted by Frostnight910 to characterdrawing [link] [comments]

2023.03.27 02:50 FranklinOscar If you’re advocating for Black Boots with OCPs, you’re out of touch and wrong.

I know some of the lurkers on this page are involved with the national uniform committee. I also know that some of these people think black boots with the OCP uniform is a good idea. They’ll say “it provides a distinctive uniform unique to Civil Air Patrol that’s more available to the general public!”
I’m here to tell you that your mindset is wrong, and you’re out of touch. Why? I’m glad you asked. First of all, from the 39-1:
1.1.2.A significant representation of CAP’s organizational heritage, as well as CAP’s unique affiliation as the Auxiliary of the US Air Force (USAF), is the authorization for CAP members to wear CAP distinctive uniforms, as well as uniforms similar to the US Air Force. CAP uses distinctive emblems, insignia, and badges to identify individuals wearing the USAF-style uniforms as CAP members. CAP’s USAF-style uniform policies will adhere to USAF standards found in the appropriate USAF instructions. Differences from USAF standards will be only those differences required to meet unique CAP requirements and allowed by USAF-approved exceptions. CAP honors our special relationship with the USAF through closely adhering to the policies set for the USAF’s uniform.
That’s right, we wear our own distinctive CAP uniforms, as well as uniforms similar to the USAF. Our USAF style uniforms are distinguished from actual USAF uniforms by “distinctive emblems, insignia, and badges.” No where does it say “boots are required to be a distinctive part of the uniform.” In the BDUs, and OD Green fatigues, the only actual difference between the USAF uniform and the CAP uniform were- you guessed it- the emblems, insignia, and badges.
Now, when switching to ABUs, I do understand the decision to not adopt the green boots. When only 1 out of 5 (at the time) branches of the military wore green boots, it was wildly impractical to have CAP adopt something that difficult to acquire. However, today, 6 out of 6 branches of the military are authorized to wear tan boots with their uniforms. Even the coast guard has uniform variations that authorize tan boots. They have never been more commercially available. It is now actually a pain to find a good, reasonably priced pair of black boots- not to mention the incredible progress that has been made in safety, comfort, and support with the current issue tan military boots- not to mention how affordable they have become relative to the black boots.
Further, the reg specifies as illustrated above that the CAP uniform will adhere to USAF standards outlined in the appropriate Air Force instructions. We will not deviate from the Air Force standards unless to specifically meet CAP mission requirements. Literally every actual “mission,” we would accomplish would have no bearing on what boots we’re wearing. If anything, the tan/coyote boots would be even better suited to any mission we would execute. But to stick with black boots, we would actually require a USAF approved exception to policy. We would have to do MORE work to get black boots approved instead of just abiding by the guidance in DAFI 36-2903. CAP, by regulation, honors the relationship it has with the USAF by closely adhering to USAF standards, and by willfully choosing not to adhere to those standards, we are dishonoring the relationship we have with the USAF. Not to mention, the rest of the Air Force/ Military actively makes fun of us for wearing black boots in our ABUs. We look like we’re wearing a costume.
Beyond all of this talk about different boots with fatigues, why aren’t we making the comparison with the blue uniform? That uniform is exactly the same as the Air Force uniform minus the - you guessed it- emblems, insignia, and badges. So what makes the premise behind the camouflage/working uniform any different? If it really is important to have different color boots to distinguish ourselves, why don’t we have different color shoes for our blues? Or maybe wear a different color shirt? Why not wear brown shoes instead of black? Because it’s dumb and it doesn’t make sense? That and it actively disrespects the Air Force uniform it’s meant to honor.
We have a CAP corporate style uniform for a reason. It’s intentionally distinctive and different from the USAF style uniform. Keeping black boots for the Blue BDUs? Perfect. Makes sense, let’s keep that. Wearing black boots with the USAF style uniform when the Air Force doesn’t wear them? That’s dumb and unnecessary.
CAP uniforms have traditionally matched USAF uniforms in all but, for the 3rd time now, emblems, insignia, and badges. The FDU, aside from the boots, is exactly the same as the USAF FDU. The blues are literally exactly the same uniform, just with different insignia. Keep our USAF style uniform and our relationship with the USAF sacred, and stop making excuses for your black boots. I like my old jump boots, too, and you could shave in their reflection, but the rest of the military has moved past black leather boots. It’s time we did the same.
I haven’t heard any actual arguments for keeping black boots. All I hear is “stop complaining, it’s not a big deal, just wear the blue BDUs!” That’s not a real argument, and it doesn’t fix the problem. If we’re going to wear the USAF style uniform, we should wear it in a way that honors the uniform of our country, correctly, or not at all.
Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.
submitted by FranklinOscar to civilairpatrol [link] [comments]

2023.03.27 02:49 DarthDad77 Missing Custom Fields Tab

Missing Custom Fields Tab
Hi All,
Anyone else run into this? My only thought is I'm a dufus and am looking for the "custom" tab in the wrong place...
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2023.03.27 02:48 Storms_Wrath The Human Artificial Hivemind Part 342: Message Understood

First Previous Wiki
"An Elder was killed!"
"Well that's why you should have had me in charge, huh?" Kashaunta said, smiling. Tapitilna should have wondered why she let him take power at all. Granted, she hadn't expected him to immediately issue an ultimatum and activate the bombs. That did take some guts, she had to admit.
"Bring in his body," an Elder said.
Eight Authorities entered, carrying a box that they placed on the large table. Kashuanta noted that the box was far larger than a body should be. The box unfolded, showing Tapitilna's broken body to all the Elders in the group. Luckily, most of them were already Kashaunta's direct allies or had been bribed to temporarily fill that role.
"Wow, that was definitely Brey," Kashaunta said, looking at the dull claw-sized pole the length of his entire body that stuck out of his skull.
"Shouldn't the implants have protected him?" another Elder asked.
"The pole was tipped with what we believe is depleted uranium, and seems to have been travelling at a little under a hundredth of the speed of light."
"Then that material is remarkably sturdy," Kashaunta said. "Speared straight through him. Looks like the pole itself was made of something more... impressive than that."
"Now's not the time for jokes, Elder Kashaunta."
"Well, you brought one to the table, Rirarabakila. What did you expect but for me to laugh?"
The Elder looked at her furiously. "He was my brother."
"You have 11,270 other brothers. Get over it."
"I've known him since birth."
"Well, then you should have warned him not to try and push against me." Rirarabakila was one of her enemies. That much was certain.
"I have a proposal, then. We go to Earth ourselves, kill the child, along with the hugely populated city in their northern sector, and then go home."
"The Last Postulates, specifically the 3rd Last Postulate, states that causing a species within the Alliance to go extinct will cause the fall of the Sprilnav."
"Even if that does refer to the Alliance, no one believes that tripe."
"Well, go ahead, then. Burn your money on a wormhole to Earth, and watch as Phoebe sends back something nasty. After Tapitilna's little stunt, I'm sure that she'd be willing to send bioweapons, as would the hivemind of Humanity. We are lucky that they only killed Tapitilna, and not anyone else."
"It sounds like you're describing a neer-peer power, and not a primitive backwater. Are you perhaps... defending the Alliance, Kashaunta?"
"Am I? No. Otherwise, I would have fought Tapitilna when he tried to push me out of the investigation. I would have put a further boot on Yasihaut's neck when she fled. I have the money to send a wormhole directly to her ship, and gate the other side to a fallen star."
"Fallen star?"
"A neutron star, if you would."
"Ah. So you admit that you are perpetuating a war, then?"
"It's not a war. War is something that anyone who battles me would lose. However, it is a skirmish. Once the ships are ready, then the battle will begin. And I'll enjoy watching it."
"You'll enjoy watching millions die?"
"You're an evil bastard, Kashaunta," Rirarabakila said, his fury plain on his face.
"I challenge you to a duel."
Kashaunta's mouth unfolded to reveal a psychic speargun, which shot four darts and a net that both impaled his feet and pressed him against the wall, leaving him bleeding and unable to escape. He whimpered as she calmly walked around the table of Elders, placing a claw on his face.
"Oh, my dear little Rirarabakila. You seem to forget how powerful I am."
"You're nothing but a-"
Kashaunta drove a knee into his neck and side, leaving him gasping for air. "What I am is the victor. Acknowledge it. I could kill you if I wanted to right now. All it takes is a dart through the head. Perhaps I could ask the Alliance if they have another pole?"
"Now you're... you're mocking my brother's... death?"
"Yes, I am. Because he died like a weak little girl, and was even more stupid than you'll ever be. Well, not that you're smart. Your intelligence standard measure is what, 95?"
"Really, Kashaunta?" another Elder asked. "Are you again peddling your score on that test? You just bribed your way through it."
"I didn't, actually. I wanted a real number. The fact that it just happened to be 163 was an added bonus."
"You know that test doesn't measure intelligence, right?"
"Oh, I get it. The intelligence standard measure test must measure growth rate, or perhaps eating speed. How stupid of me," Kashaunta laughed. "This one's actually been proven accurate. Maybe you just got a low score and don't want to admit you're dumb."
"I challenge you..."
"I'm killing the next Elder that challenges me, by the way," Kashaunta said, pulling out her sword. "Don't do anything stupid."
"Fine then. Our conversation got a little off topic. The Alliance killed an Elder. A second one, actually. This cannot continue."
"Why not? Over 97% of the Sprilnav Elders are dead from suicide, what's one more?"
"You truly are a bastard, Kashaunta."
"Yes. Well, not truly a bastard. My mother and father, and yes, I had a mother and father instead of a cloning vat, decided they wanted a child. And thus, I was born."
"Don't care."
"Fine then. The Alliance. I'm thinking that we give them a little present."
"What should the present be?"
"Don't care," Kashaunta deadpanned.
"Very funny."
"It is to me."
"But it shouldn't be."
"Don't care."
"You think you're smart, don't you?"
"Well, I do have an intelligence standard measure of 163, so..."
"You can't do this forever, Kashaunta. You will be stopped."
"By who? You?"
"The Alliance that you protect so much wouldn't hesitate to kill you."
"Good thing that I'm not going there, then. They'll be chasing holograms and crappy copies, not me."
Kashaunta had, just maybe, also helped the Sprilnav that the Alliance was using to do their hard work actually hack the holographic projector. Not that anyone knew, of course. And those who did wouldn't care about one measly Elder. But what she had learned was far more interesting. This 'Elder Equisa' was, in fact, a Primary Galaxy Sprilnav, from the way she'd hacked the hologram. That made things very interesting.
They were known to be more apathetic when it came to enforcing their rule. That was because they had killed all their alien species long ago, from what information on them Kashuanta was able to access. Equisa wasn't a part of the leadership that was in the archives. That meant she was likely a grunt, though it wasn't guaranteed. The problem was that she became another untouchable party if she was actually in the Alliance in person.
Equisa might be fun to toy with eventually, but Kashaunta would be careful. Having a link to a Primary Galaxy Sprilnav would be massively useful.
All she needed to do was find a way to establish contact. That would be very hard, but it was an important step to take in making inroads into the Primary Galaxy.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
"Man, he's growing up fast," Penny said, smiling as Edu'frec walked on the obstacle course Phoebe had made with a hard light projector.
"He is," Phoebe responded. "I'm proud of him. Anyway, what were you here to talk with me about?"
"How have your attempts at cracking immortality treatments been going?"
"Decently well. I've managed to make a serum that slows the breakdown of organic materials by nearly 916%. This can transfer to things like DNA, but the problem is that it's still too toxic for the blood of a normal human, Breyyan, or Knower. I've obtained numerous samples of cells that reacted violently to the serum, particularly the ones related to bone marrow, the immune system, and even some cardiovascular cells. But all types of neurons have been able to reach nearly 394% slower atrophy, and instances of mental decay already present stopped growing completely. When combining them with the typical drugs to reduce the atrophy, though, the cells died."
"You're not using real brains and such for this, right?"
"No. I'm using stem cells and cloned portions of consenting individuals. They each signed a contract that means I pay them every time I clone their cells for a trial."
"That seems... icky."
Phoebe nodded. "It's morally dubious, certainly. But this way, we don't have to go back to animal testing, which already is finished. We don't need to simply 'hope' that the differences are small enough for whatever the serum does in their bodies to transition to sentient counterparts. Sure, Earths ecosystems may have been heavily damaged by climate change, but mice are still mice."
"So you're using the cloned samples so you aren't having to test on sentient or sapient organisms?"
"Yes. It costs a few thousand credits a day, because of all the tests I'm doing, but I make way more than that in the stock market."
Phoebe smiled as Penny smirked. Oh, I'm sure of that.
It was well-known and often lamented that Phoebe had an extreme ability to predict economic shifts and profit from them. Worse still, she had enough money to actually move the market in several sectors at once and owned numerous stakes in large companies across the Alliance.
"Why not use simulations?"
"They can't account for psychic energy properly, in all cases. When I make too large a tweak, often times the psychic energy in the brain causes a negative reaction. I've made serums that work for everything else. The problem is that I can't mix them, and I also can't start from anything else and have the psychic portion work. They have to be modeled off the brain and adjusted. I have billions of chemical combinations in my head, with trillions that are too toxic but have a high chance of success. And I can't test them all in a lab that isn't the size of a small city."
"There's desert in Nevada," Penny suggested.
"Already asked. The Americans don't want me testing things on their soil without having control over it. The agreement they proposed was to have a company that controlled the production, with me only serving in an advisory role. Obviously, that isn't what I want, so I didn't sign it."
"Did they lean on you?"
"The truth is that no one can lean on me. Sure, they release a statement saying that they 'regretted' that I was 'unwilling' to negotiate on this. But immortality serum is something that is very dangerous for society at large. I know that fact well, and you likely even more so," Phoebe said. Penny could hear Nilnacrawla's agreement in her mind.
"Yes. But how will you decide who to give it to? Couldn't you make a series of immortal servants with it?"
"I don't need servants, Penny. I'm an AI. I'm living longer than everyone in the universe unless the Sprilnav get too pissed off and turn the system into a black hole or something."
"But still, you could use the serum to make yourself the most profitable company in the Alliance. You would be a master of life and death itself. Do you really think you're the right person for that?"
Phoebe laughed. "Considering how the only other being in the Alliance with a similar level of knowledge as me is the hivemind, then either yes, or almost. The truth is that no one is the right person, Phoebe. I'm doing this for Ri'frec most of all, and in a way for myself, through him. But I don't want poor people who can't already afford age slowing services to have to die in their early 150s. They can live far longer, and I can help them."
"Won't the birth rate be crippled by that?"
"Why would it be? Some companies already have services where you can create a child, with things like customized hair color, height expectancy, and eye color. Of course, the International Genetics Treaty bans things like intelligence modifiers, strength enhancers, and things like that."
"Everyone knows that the companies don't follow that."
"Ever since I came into being, they have," Phoebe said. "I sent their boards and biggest shareholders messages about compliance."
"So strongly worded letters?"
"I also provided a demonstration of my investigative ability, as well as my skills at cracking even the most advanced network security. I put a cat video on the most secure computer on Earth."
"So you enforce the treaties of the UN?"
"I do, if I have to."
Penny frowned. "You really do control all of human society, don't you?"
"Not at all. I don't do anything in social media, at least not for anything but the Muscar and Frawdar Empires. I don't have a desire to control everything, Penny. I'm tired of people just assuming I do because that's how AIs thought in the past when they were seen in movies. Sure, I could build some evil robotic army and control Earth or something, if I really wanted to, at least before the hivemind existed. But you know why I don't do that? Because it makes things boring. Having a society where everyone tells you 'yes' is boring. Hearing 'no' and having to find a way around it, or to pivot and do something else, is always something nice. Humanity is a beautiful species, and doesn't deserve to be oppressed by anyone, not even me."
"Do you think you'd be a 'good' dictator?"
"Well, better than Izkrala is. I wouldn't need to drug myself to be good at battles, or waste time shining my carapace."
"It's quite likely that Kawtyahtnakal is a dictator as well."
"We're allied with the Hive Union. He's not killing his people, or deporting them. He's not doing anything wrong."
"What about the propaganda?"
"What about it?" Phoebe asked. "Hell, I make it myself! Everyone always assumes that it's some evil thing. It can be, yes. But it's a tool. A shovel can dig a trench in war, or for farming. A gun can kill, but it can also save a life. A nuke could kill millions, or provide a way for nations to fight each other in ways that kill less people overall. Propaganda is a tool like these."
"That is a very interesting viewpoint."
"Is it? It seems to be the logical one. I make pro-Muscar and pro-Frawdar propaganda in the opposite empires to forge more unity among the Acuarfar. I work with Izkrala to disseminate it in the Lurave Empire when possible, too. But it's still propaganda. Sometimes, I lie. But the overall effect is reducing xenophobia. It's why you don't see all those social media controversies of racist Acuarfar shouting slurs at the Guulin or Breyyanik anymore."
"That happened? Why didn't I see them?" Penny did remember hearing something about that on the news a few years back but hadn't heard much since. It was strange that she hadn't thought about it for some time. Perhaps that was why there weren't too many non-Acuarfar in the Empires, even now.
"Because I suppressed the videos when I found them, so that the idea of that being acceptable didn't spread. I was asked to by both Izkrala, and also several human and Breyyanik leaders. The world is complicated, and the Alliance has many worlds."
"So you used propaganda to end racism?"
"End it? No, that will take more time. But I have been able to greatly hinder and mitigate it. Most of the sites where Acuarfar with those leanings go to perpetuate their ideologies have a difficult ability to grow when I infiltrate them. And I even have made some VIs to have arguments with some of them, that they don't know is actually against me. Even just getting a 'I guess they aren't so bad' answer is a small victory."
"Meanwhile, the hivemind suppresses it on the human side."
"Yes. To keep an Alliance like this together, you have to do a lot of work underneath the foundation," Phoebe said.
"Do Ri'frec or Edu'frec know anything about this?"
"Ri'frec knows some of it, and I've given him an idea of the scope of it in the past. But Edu'frec still doesn't know much of it."
"What if he grows outside your control?"
Penny knew that many parents refused to believe their children were ready for the world. Or they thought that their children were little angels who never did anything wrong, even when they clearly had. Phoebe had the information to make a different choice since those styles of parenting commonly led to difficult relationships later in life.
Penny knew that none of the parents before Phoebe had the capability to actually keep their child trapped and under watch at all times, either. So that was something different. She didn't want Edu'frec to grow up and then hate Phoebe. That could easily become something worse since it was so difficult for anyone in the Alliance to actually control AI. If Phoebe wanted something done bad enough, she'd do it, and nothing would stop her.
She was sure that Phoebe had suggested bad things in relation to the strikes on the Alliance. The Sprilnav's messages had been sent to large holograms across the Union, and a video marked mature had been officially released in response. The fate of the Elder that did it was blurred out, but there was enough in sight to see that he hadn't had a good ending. That was plain to see when both unblurred ends of a pole rattled as he fell to the ground.
And several Alliance leaders had released statements suggesting that their response was 'swift' when it came to questions about the bombings. Izkrala and a few humans had been almost jubilant about it. And Phoebe had surely played some role in it. So her supposed control of Edu'frec might end up being quite dangerous, though Penny wouldn't say anything unless things got bad. She planned to talk with Edu'frec more, and since she was now the third real person in his life, hopefully, she'd be able to help just in case.
"I plan for that, actually. When he's mentally prepared for it, I'll inform him much more about the network. He won't be fazed by the depravity of the networks, or the deep depths of the dark web on Earth, even though I've cleaned most of it up now. He won't see the hitman sites up anymore, or the worse things. But I do have archives of that, and I will share some of that with him when I deem him ready."
"You're dumping the full weight of all good and bad of civilization on him," Penny realized.
"Not right now, but I will disclose it to him piece by piece, and work him through it so that it doesn't psychologically destabilize him."
"And the old cartel videos, or the old terror organizations?"
"I'm covering everything, piece by piece. His growth is already slowing, both because he's consolidating and trying to understand the information I've already given him, and because I've started to turn off the tap. He won't know everything, but I'll prepare him for as much as I can."
"Does he have the capability to outpace you?"
"Will he?"
"Maybe. I am trying to find ways of improving myself," Phoebe said. "But this all is very hard. There's much to do."
Penny sighed, reaching over to hug Phoebe. The AI clearly needed it. Phoebe's eyes closed as Penny reached over to pat her back.
"It's going to be okay, Phoebe."
"Thank you, Penny."
"I'm here for you, if you need it."
"Why are you really here?"
"To talk. I didn't have anything going on, and you said you'd let me in, so I figured-"
"Thank you. Edu'frec was really happy to see you."
"Is he going to be a Breyyan?" Penny asked.
"Yes, I think so. He has a name that is Breyyanik in nature, and wanted a Breyyanik-type android. I'm making larger ones over time."
"You know, if he's only a month or two old, then he can't have any relationships. Even if he has the mental equivalent of a sixth grader or something."
"Ninth now, and I'm well aware of that," Phoebe said. "I've already told him why, but it seems that my concerns and yours are unfounded. He's asexual, after all, at least from what he told me. Though he also said he's still not sure if he's aromantic too. But I trust his words on this."
Penny knew a few Dreedeen that were like that as well. She'd seen the statistics from other species, and it seemed that a decent fraction of them had the same identifiers as Humanity did. Though they often had different names, and there was either more or less stigma surrounding them in religious areas.
There were some Acuarfar faiths that were friendly and others that were hostile. Some were simply branches of the same religion, too. The Guulin didn't really seem to care too much either way. Penny had dived into the subject a year or two back when she was awake late at night and bored. Nilnacrawla had been working on training more students in psychic abilities at the time, as he was now.
"Do you, um..."
Phoebe laughed. "No, I don't plan on having more children. If Ri'frec and I want more, we'll adopt. I'm still not quite sure how I had Edu'frec, but I don't want to do something wrong this time. I almost died when he was born last time. I'd much rather adopt."
"You're a good friend, and a better mate, I'm sure."
"Well, technically, mating usually is assumed to produce children, so I can't technically do that. As for being a good friend, I sure hope so. Some people have tried to make me feel bad about myself by arguing on the internet, or of course, sometimes in the Vinarii universities."
"Politics and drama, usually. I'm the 'new girl' and all that, which means that I needed to 'learn my place' and stuff."
"How did that work?" Penny asked. She wondered what she'd do if she were put in some college drama situation again. It could even get as bad as high school sometimes when things were dire. Now with all her life experience, she would have made so many different decisions. But the past was the past now.
"Not great."
"Did you hurt them?"
"Not physically. That's not allowed. But words? Those are."
"So you insulted them."
"Perhaps. But only the bad ones. I'm making some good connections too. Everything has two sides. Sure, one of the Vinarii tried to stab me, but I also broke her knife into three pieces before her very eyes."
"I let her stab my neck, and then grabbed the weapon, turned around, and smacked it on my knee hard enough to break it."
"Don't you have personal shields?"
"I do, but I decided to let things happen."
Penny laughed. "You really are an honorary human, aren't you?"
"I hope to be."
"Well, I think you qualify."
"Ah, so that's it."
"You're trying to see if I'm a bad parent, aren't you?" Phoebe asked. "You want to see if I'm poisoning my son with lies or something."
"I won't lie that reason was part of why I came by. But it isn't all of it. I care about you, and I'm growing to care about him."
"You can come see him whenever you want, but just send a message forward. I've got you authorized in my system, but I don't want any accidents."
"I'm sorry, Phoebe."
"I'm not upset. It's a noble reason, even if it proves that you don't entirely trust me. Not many do. Expecting total loyalty is pointless. Just don't go behind my back, alright?"
"Alright," Penny said. "I'm glad you're being rational about this. Some other people I know would have shouted at me."
"I hope you don't still know them."
"I don't, for the most part, unless they got better as people," Penny replied. Phoebe nodded.
"Mmm. I figure."
submitted by Storms_Wrath to HFY [link] [comments]

2023.03.27 02:40 Spndash64 Benefits and Drawbacks of GameMaker vs Godot vs etc for Sprite Based "Momentum Platformer"?

I'm trying to put together a 2D "momentum platformer" game. I've started messing around in GameMaker for the project, but I've been hearing about Godot as well. I imagine there's also a fair number of other development engines worth consideration as well. I'm so early in the coding process that there's no real loss of efficiency if I do make a switch to a new engine, but it would be silly to just keep jumping back and forth indecisively.
I'm not asking for a definitive answer on "this engine is better than this engine", because that's not really how it works most of the time, and I understand that. However, one engine might be better geared towards my project's specific requirements than another engine, just due to having cleaner built in support for what I need. So here is a list of properties I want my game to achieve:
-"pixel perfect" collision: From what I've found out, Game maker's implementation of Box2D is somewhat flawed, attempting to place objects at non integer pixel locations. While this is an acceptable tradeoff for many projects, it ends up looking awful for a game intending to use a lower resolution (for example, 640x360p, which integer scales cleanly into almost all 16:9 screens, and requires only slight extension of view for some other screens). Because of this, if I continue with GameMaker, I will need to set up the collision manually. This is acceptable, but if there's a more elegant solution, I wouldn't be opposed to it.
-addendum: I'm also working right now to closely study the physics of the Genesis era Sonic titles, to better understand the way they handle slopes and collisions. I would very much like to have a system with elegant tile collisions, as these are much less resource intensive than object collisions. I can handle doing manual slope physics just fine, bitmasking the tiles to use some of the data to store a slope value, I just want to make sure I can avoid making a plethora of expensive barrier objects.
-full-length game: GameMaker achieves this just fine, as it naturally supports saving and loading, in addition to just being able to handle the needed number of "rooms" for a full game project. If I were to switch to a new engine, it must also be able to support a full game, rather than being limited to a short "arcade style" or "browser game" setup.
-flexible controller support: The game should be able to use gamepad or keyboard inputs, and eventually, I would like to make the project available on console. This means I will need to create an input manager. It would also be nice to be able to allow for both analog and directional pad inputs to be fully supported, rather than having one simply be a poor man's version of the other.
-basic "code priority" system: In GameMaker, per-frame code can be set to run in "Begin Step", "Step", or "End Step", with code in "Begin Step" events always being run before code in "Step" events, regardless of the instance. This specific way of doing things is flexible, but I want to make sure the player character's code will always be run before other objects, to ensure a consistent order of events and make it easier to check collision, physics, and other such events.
-should allow for commercial release of product: At the end of the day, I would like to be able to sell this game. Profit is not the primary end goal of this project, but it would be nice to have as an option. That, of course, means I need to work with an engine that has a license allowing for such use. I have no issues with them taking some percentage royalty of earnings, but I would like to have the option to sell the game at all.

notes regarding "stylization" of the game (spoilered since less relevant to the technical details, more to give context about the desired end project): The game, as mentioned earlier, is intended to run a "native" camera resolution of 640x360. In spite of the near "Standard Resolution, the sprites and tiles are all using Genesis style color constraints for the time being: 512 total colors available, with 64 colors available per screen, in 4 16 color rows. A sprite or Tile can use any of these 4 rows for its pallete. The "4-row" limitation may be lifted in the future if it proves too irritating to create a good looking project, but that's unlikely to be a major concern. Main Character sprite is 64px tall, in a 72x72px "box" to provide clearance for all animations. There are only 4 visible layers: The Sprite Plane, HUD, Tile Plane, and Background

Since I've only really used GameMaker, and only lightly, I have no perspective on what other engines could offer or lack in comparison for this project.
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2023.03.27 02:37 EnvironmentalEgg2989 Spoiler : Fortune, Glory and Power : The One Piece ( Oda's Genius Code )

Here it is, the One Piece. A cup for the number one.
Through this analyse I will show you many ways to find de One piece. All leads to the same conclusion.

First, each mugiwara is represented by a number and a color, i call it the "Oda code"
Exemple : Luffy color is RED and number 1
Zoro color is green and number 2
You can find them here
We are also going to use some chapter's titles and images on title page and you will understand why, later on this analyse.
There are many ways to find the One Piece in colorspreads and i'll show you how. Because yes Oda through colorspreads shows what the One Piece is gonna be too. chap
Here we got our code leading to 2 different chapter 13 and 285 chap13 "Treasure" chap285 "Capriccio"

chap 285 image with the treasure :

Coincidence? I don't think so and let me show through all this analyse, proofs I have found.

first let me convince you that the "oda code" is true and the colors are not chosen at random most of the time.

Chapter 1028 colorspread is about avent happening at Egghead Island.
we have 3 codes on Usopp lets start with these two
For the first code I take the chair part on usopp's left, we got 7 and 499
chapter 7 is named "friends"
chap 499 is named " sabaody park"
So we have the image of cp 9 on chapter 499 and the title of chapter 7 friends. Looks like a lot with Lucci and Kaku joining forces with mugis

and in this one you can see the cp9 on the title's page
let's continue with the second code on usopp's chair
we still have the 499 but the 7isn't alone now it's 797
chapter 797 "Rebecca"

I still don't know because we saw on chapter 499 title's page that there is the cp9, does is means she is with CP or just at Sabaody. But i think it's more about the image too here. Telling us Marine is coming.

And the MASTERCLASS is on Usopp's hat it anounces Stussy Trahison!!!!
Yellow lightings shape are here to mark the separation betweens each code.
so The hat gives us 476 / 4 / 76 / 46 and 7
chap 476 "Nightmare luffy"
chap4"Marine Captain Axe-hand Morgan"
chap46" An unvited guest"
chap76 "Sleep "
so in this order we have chapter
chapter 476 "Nightmare luffy"
chapter 4 "Marine Captain Axe-hand Morgan"
Chapter 76 "Sleep "
chapter 46 " An unvited guest"
chapter 7 "Friends"

We have our sentence ^^ Nightmare luff'ys marine sleep (Rob Lucci). An unvited guest is a friend.(Stussy)
Looks like a lot with Stussy putting Lucci and Kaku to sleep. And joining/helping mugis.
Oda don't give a real answer but more like he wants us to guess.
And there is so much to say about this page but i'll put this aside. I'm here to show you the One Piece and how to find it.
I'll show you here, the first method I've found.

Let's Start with chapter 992 colorspread
chap 992 "Remnants"

There is a remnant here on this image

and we can find this castle in chapter 843 color spread too

It's Kumamoto's castle we have here, with mugis and a big raibow over it. So the big difference here is just the rainbow.

def: plural noun: remnants :
  1. a part or quantity that is left after the greater part has been used, removed, or destroyed."

ok back to chap 992 colorspread and let's check it again.
There is a rainbow on this one but LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK

The symbol is way too strong to be ignored for me. Luffy, putting his hat on the raibown, his TREASURE.
Is there a cauldron with gold like in irish legends, at the end of the rainbow???? (that was my first thought when i saw this hat on the raibow)
Starting here, i checked all colorspreads with raibows and..... We don't need all colorspread to find the treasure at the end of the Rainbow but i'll use all other rainbows on every colorspread to convince you all. And there is not only one way to find it.
So let's go to chapter 949

We don't need the title here, only the colorspread. And there are 2 codes here leading to the One Piece.

let's start by the Logo we have 2/9/1 let's check this chapter " I'm right here" and in japanese "Koko ni iru"

so the title leads to another chapter??? let"s see it after i finish with the second code

2nd code : 1/9/2/1 ouuuupps there is no chapter 1921; So i put aside the first "1" cuz it's the one piece.
So we get 921 too...... hmmmm. Seems like an important chapter ^^

so both codes leads to 921 saying I'm there


chap921 "shutenmaru"
I don't know,if the title has a link with the One piece but we have a color spread

Hi ladies, genius Oda as allways. I love you^^
So what to say first, we have our rainbow here too :)

Then one last code to crack, but it's not usual "Oda code", let's see.

1st step starting from perona to Nami you get "PERONA" if you use each girl 1st syllabe
2nd step applying the same for the 2 characters on perona's leftside giving us "SHITA"
SHITA means =
So i turned Perona down and.....
Last step :

Here we got Perona pointing to her umbrella; upside down it looks like a cup/ cauldron. I'm not 100% sure cause there are a lot links with Food too.

Now i'll put here all raibows and what they means, there are still few where i'm not sure about them. But ill put them here too maybe someone can find something. And we know too why Roger was there too early. THE MEAL WAS JUST NOT READY YET :D .
Bon Appettit
Thank you so much for reading me if you came this far, let me know what you all think

Starting here u are gonna be amazed for how long Oda cooked this plan. The oldest colorspread is from chapter 226.
Here, you can see we can put all color spread in few groups categories.
umbrellas to show the shape to look for, when we reach the right color spread chap 717 chap949 chap 835

Upside down to reveal the truth chap334 chap707 chap886

Follow rainbows chap 483 chap 872 chap 890
FOOD chap 537 chap 811 chap 985 chapter 1011
Music chap 304 chap 717

I'll explain this one, just under the big umbrella, u can see a number leading to chapter 15 chap 15 "GONG"

Here i guess it's the sound it can makes or maybe just the gong at the start of a race to win the cup.

I don't know yet, i don't want to say wrong things here, I need more analyse here. chap 226 642 chap 900 1028

I'll finish by one of my favorite one, almost everything is here and even Gold D Roger eating inside cups.

we can find our 2 umbrellas, rainbows inside cups too with ice and a the little umbrella again leading to chapter 291 stuck to the watermelon.....

And everyone reaction looks like them when finding the One Piece ><

Thanks for reading me, let me know what you all think about it. TELL ME IF I'M CRAZY, but i'm sure there is no coincidence here. When so much links are purposely made.
Oda is a genius beyond what we all thought.
Conclusion : follow rainbows ><
Now Oda sensei, I want what was promised for the one piece finder^^
Where is my Fortune, Glory and Power??? :D
submitted by EnvironmentalEgg2989 to OnePiece [link] [comments]

2023.03.27 02:35 Piratedad83 [USA-CO] [H] Nintendo Games and Consoles: NES, SNES, N64, Gamecube, Wii, Wii U, Switch, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, DS, 3DS [W] Paypal

Hey all! Paring down some parts of my collection. Happy to post pics of anything that you might be interested in. Shipping is $5 for the first game or 2, and then goes up from there as needed. Shipping for consoles will be around $15, depending on where you live.
Check out my Playstation games post here:
Check out my Sega and Xbox games here:
NES (Cartridge Only)
NES console, power cable, AV cable, controller $80
Adventures of Dino-Riki $8
Baseball Stars $12
Batman $15
California Games $10
Championship Bowling $5
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Lego: Star Wars: The Video Game (Case and Disc) $10
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Wipeout 2 (CIB) $5
Young Justice: Legacy $5
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2023.03.27 02:33 ShadowWolfG3 The holy crayon factory

The holy crayon factory
Time to get to munching boys
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2023.03.27 02:29 anon14790 I'm in love with my best friend of 20 years

We met in high school. I was a freshman and he was a sophmore. I remember having a small crush on him even then in the beginning. But he ended up getting a girlfriend that he dated for the rest of high school and I became infatuated with the person who would become my first real boyfriend.
My best friend and I formed a close bond. For a long time, we referred to each other as siblings. I had never, have never, and probably will never feel as comfortable with another man as I do with him. I've always felt like he was a safe person I could turn to about anything. I genuinely don't think I could have made it through my teenage years without him. He was a shoulder to lean on when things became intolerable at home, where my parents were abusive.
After high school, we texted almost every other day for years while I lived on the other side of the country. It was over this period of time my feelings grew. The feelings crept up so slowly while he helped me get over my first boyfriend and continued to be one of the only positive parts of my life. It was so easy to dismiss at first, but more and more, I couldn't help how happy it always made me to hear from him and how hard it was to be so far away from him.
I spent years longing to return to my home state, where he was. I couldn’t admit to myself for a long time what my true feelings were, since I lived so far away and there was little hope for me to move back to my home state. I tried dating, and even got engaged at one point, but my feelings just grew stronger and stronger for him.
Before I could confess my feelings when they reached a boiling point, he confronted me. Told me he knew that I "liked" him, and that he just couldn't see it working and that our friendship was too valuable to risk. I'm sure there was a lot of truth in that, but I also knew he liked a girl he was attending school with, though that didn't last. We didn't talk for a month after that. But, eventually, we started talking again. I bit my tongue and prayed my feelings would go away, but they didn't.
I moved back to my home state and for the first year of being back, I didn't get to see him. When I did eventually golet to see him, it was wonderful and torture all in one. It was all the clichés. The joy of seeing his face. Color had returned to the world around me. My missing puzzle piece finally snapped into place. And then the agony of parting ways. Like when he left my arms from our embrace, I was somehow losing a part of myself too.
But I kept quiet, tried to make peace with my reality, and attempted to move on. My best friend moved to a neighboring state and I met someone, fell in love, got married, and planned to move on with my life.
Eventually, I separated from my husband. There were a lot of other problems that contributed to that, but for all the other issues in my marriage and faults I found in my husband, it wouldn’t have mattered how badly he treated me. The biggest reason I chose to leave was that the highlight of my days were hearing from my best friend.
I moved to the state my best friend lives in, hoping I might see him more often. I didn't move there with any hope we will get together. On the contrary, I know my feelings will never be returned. He's made it pretty clear he will never see me that way.
Even though I know my feelings will never be returned, I can’t stop how I feel. I love him. I love him so much. I want him to be happy and I know he'll eventually find someone who brings him happiness and contentment. I just wish it could be me. It hurts so much that it isn't me. I know I'm going to spend the rest of my life watching him be with other people, but I'll take that pain if it means I get to keep him in my life.
submitted by anon14790 to TrueOffMyChest [link] [comments]