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Girl flaking on me out of nowhere for the 4th date

2023.03.26 10:31 Snoo36413 Girl flaking on me out of nowhere for the 4th date

Met a girl off bumble, first date her idea was to go on a walk, went well. We had a tonne to talk about and there was a vibe. Second date went for food during the week, couldn't do anything else anyway during the week as she has work placement (were in university) that goes well, third date arranged on the second as we were talking about something in the city near us so we go to the city and it goes really well, she says after she likes me and how well we get along. On the third we arrange to see a movie at mine, which was supposed to be the 4th date but here is what happened. It was initially arranged for friday but I was talking to her in the morning on friday and apparently she was stressed over work so I said just do saturday instead as she'll be less stressed, so we shoot for saturday, then yesterday 40 minutes before I was supposed to meet her so we could go to mine she says she has been ''in and out of sleep all day and feels awful'' apparently was ill. Is this bullshit? my friends I saw instead that night said that was bullshit and I should just move on. This has happened with 8 girls in a row now, idk what I'm doing wrong, every time I hit it off, it goes well then It just falls apart behind the scenes and I have literally no idea how Ive fucked this up this time but its really demoralising, I am convinced at this stage I'm literally cursed lmao.
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2023.03.26 10:30 khaldood how to cope being poor?

i can't seem to land a job related to my degree, and every office job near me only pays 5k-6k, and with how everything is getting expensive and me eventually helping my family then it's not much money.
so uh fellow poor bros, how do you cope?
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2023.03.26 10:29 MarvinLazer Came back to MYLR with trunk, windows, and frunk open

The oddest and scariest thing just happened to me and I wanted to ask folks if there was anything about this that's common or a known issue.
I was singing with a top 40 band at a bar in a city near mine and spent the entire evening no more than 100 feet from my MYLR. At the end of the night, I returned to it and all the windows were cracked open, as well as the frunk and trunk. I checked all my cargo and nothing is missing. The two options that occurred to me:
  1. The car didn't auto-lock, and someone decided to be a smartass and climb in to mess with things. This seems unlikely, though, because it auto-locked when I was only 15 feet away just now.
  2. I was hacked somehow. I've heard stories of people getting in each other's cars and other weird stuff with the bluetooth, so this doesn't seem too far fetched to me. I also live in a big tech hub, so there are lots of bored, smart, tech savvy people in my area.
Anyone heard of anything like this happening and have any ideas for an explanation? I hate the idea that my car may not be very secure, but I have to accept that there are a lot of dumb build issues with these things, as great as they are otherwise.
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2023.03.26 10:28 Karbine_901 Indian News...

Indian News...
Was reading news today... Looks like Tatmadaw gave a major blow to the Rebels... Tatmadaw needs to secure the border to India coz many unwanyed Refugees are crossing border to India... India is already having a refugee ceisis due to Bangladesh and Rohingyas...Also the many Myanmar ethinic groups are crossing border in India and extorting villages and highways for money and resources... and if the Indian authorities respond they cross borser back to Myanmar... It is benificial for both the countries to secure the border
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2023.03.26 10:27 throwmyasswaway17 asian cars vs BMW for under $6000

I am looking for a car to run errands and such while I am in college and when looking at the used market around me it seems the a lot of the asian cars for price of under $6000 seem to be in bad condition vs BMW.
Honda and Toyota mostly seem to have bad interiors that looked like the previous owners let their new born lab chew up among other damages, stains etc. I feel like if someone cant keep the interior of their car clean then they probably didn't do the necessary maintenance as well. The exteriors of these cars are also in bad shape it makes me feel like I would have more issues with these cars as opposed to something like a Bmw. When looking at BMW's for under $6000 they are mostly kept in good condition inside and out and the mileage doesnt seem to be as high as the asian cars I see which usually have around 150-200k+ in that price range. The Bmw's near me just seem like the owners took better care of them.
Are there any reasons why I should buy a beat up 2005 Toyota Camry with 180,000 miles on it over something like a 2007 BMW 3 series with 120,000 miles? Please tell me the pros and cons and why choosing the BMW would be a bad decision or why it would be a good one. The car won't be driven much so I wouldn't be putting tons of miles on it.

NOTE: I am only looking for answers from people that have actually owned BMW's and or other Euro vehicles :) thank you.
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2023.03.26 10:25 TheNumbahSeven The Angriest Comment Section on Reddit

Original Post:
TheSims4 Reddit is caught up in a storm when a redditor starts to vent about the games being broken, which causes our main character of this story nucleartornado to comment down.

EA is quality of quality. They don't fix anything because the sims community just buys it anyway because they have no standards. Most people who play sims 4 have never played any of the other games in the series and think this is the only one that matters so they assume they have to buy broken packs or play nothing. They have nothing to compare it too and just assume it's normal to play a buggy mess. EA will never fix it because the players will eat it up the same as if it actually functioned. People will never stop giving their money to EA so this will never change. If you complain people say "omg be greatful stop complaining that this game has more bugs and less features than the other game from 2004 just be greatful"
While our main character brings valid points another side character pitches in. Their name is Chymea1024.

The only set of games in the series where packs that added game play didn't need a patch was Sims 1. Sims 2 and Sims 3 all had patches for their packs. So let's not put on rose tinted glasses that the previous games were any better when it comes to releasing with bugs. EA's tendency for quality over quantity isn't something new that came along with Sims 4, it's been there since Sims 2 days.
Sims 3 base game released with the toggle for Story Progression not working. It was always on, even if you turned it off. Each expansion pack and stuff pack released for the game had a patch due to various broken stuff.
Sims 2 base game released with the ability for neighbors to "kidnap" infant and toddlers if they left the lot while holding an infant or toddler. If they left while holding, they would leave the lot and the toddleinfant would disappear from the list of Sims in the household. I got hit with this bug. To this day, I do not let visitors hold infants or toddlers in any game. Even though I know it was fixed. Every expansion pack and one stuff pack had a patch released for it. One of their patches had to have a patch because the patch broke the game.
Our main character neucleartornado returns however to counterpoint our dear friend Chymea...

No other sims game has thousands of dollars worth of DLC. Yeah there was patches but they weren't this broken and the DLC wasn't this much money. Also they had way more content and were affordable. Also no it didn't. Sims 2 isn't full of half baked DLC. There is no quantity. Sims 2 had very few packs all were extremely full of quality. Only one that had any issues was apartment life. And that's understandable because it was the last pack ever and the whole team moved to make sims 3 and didn't have time to update 2 anymore. Sims 2 has so much content that people are still discovering new features to this day. The thing is those bugs were fixed. I've been having bugs in sims 4 since 2017 and nobody has fixed them gardening is completely bugged. A bunch of items are bugged and nobody has touched them because they're too busy launching new packs. Stop lying about the quality of the old games.

Another character hits the fro, by the name of hightidesoldgods. This has became a two player game, Chymea had left the game.

That’s nowhere near correct. The Sims 3 had a whole store where a single item could cost you like $5, compared to kits which will at least give you multiple items.
If you were to buy ALL of the sims 3 content as of 2020 it would cost you about 2,595.19 USD. Of course, since it’s in 2020 the cost of the game as it came out was most likely higher as some items have been reduced in price.
All of Sims 4 as of today costs about 1064.45 USD as of today. Notably Sims 3 released content for about 4 years, while the Sims 4 has been releasing content for 9. That’s a solid 5 years longer of release while still being roughly 1,530.74 USD less expensive than the Sims 3.

Our dear friend hightidesoldgods has been easily paying attention to math in school but our main character has something else to say...
The sims 4 store gave you free credits to buy items though. Whenever you bought a pack you'd get credits to spend on items. So technically the sims 3 store items were free. Also they weren't even an official part of the game so that's irrevant. The items aren't part of the game. Also almost none of it is bugged at all. Notice the difference.

Things get heated as hightides comes back in with another hot take.
Sims 3 store items were not free. While you could get free credits, it was nowhere near enough to buy the whole store. That’s why you also had to spend real world money to buy extra credits. And yes, they were part of the game. You can’t just arbitrarily decide they aren’t - they are sims 3 content. And a lot of it considering it included build/buy, cas, gameplay items, and entire worlds. And yea, the gameplay items especially could and did come bugged.
So yes, as previously stated the whole Sims 3 game is over 2500 USD.

As a last response to hightides our main character decided to reply to him.
Price is irrevant. Expensive prices are fine if the item is quality. Sims 4's problem isn't that it's expensive. Its that you're being charged expensive prices for subpar content. If every pack wasn't buggy and was functioning and had great features nobody would care about the price. Issue is quality not price.

While that thread ended there, Chymea our side character turned antagonist decided to start up a new thread starting the argument once more.
My comment was to the fact that you seemed to be trying to say that neither Sims 2 nor Sims 3 had a QA issue with the game. Because you said that because they hadn't played previous versions that they had to buy a broken game or not at all. But Sims 2 and Sims 3 were released with major bugs in many of the packs. And all of the packs for both games had to have a patch. Meaning they all had issues. I pointed out one pack from each that released with major bugs that should have gotten caught in QA testing. Or at least had a high chance to have been caught.
Granted Sims 4 is the only version where I have seriously questioned just how they did the QA of the pack - with My Wedding Stories. Granted it's been all hearsay as it's not a pack I own as I'm not big into parties at all so a pack designed around a party wasn't something I was interested in. And I'm not a completionist.
Just saying that to paint Sims 2 and Sims 3 like they didn't release with major bugs is just nostalgia talking. Most of the bugs got fixed for those games. Hopefully, by the time the team puts Sims 4 into "maintenance mode," they've fixed most of the bugs so that the game is left in a state that is comparable to how they left Sims 2 and Sims 3 with regards to the bugs for those games.
And that's not to say anything about overall quality of the packs, where I do think overall speaking Sims 2 wins if you look at all of the packs and features. Sims 3 and Sims 4 do have the areas where I feel that they win when you look at individual aspects.

Our Main Character doubles down...
I never said that they didn't have issues but they didn't have nearly this many issues that don't get resolved. They had major bugs but they were usually resolved. Sims 4 almost no bugs get resolved. I'm surprised they even responded to the new glitch with the teeth. No sims 3 or sims 2 pack was as buggy on launch as my wedding stories. That pack still doesn't even work for me. I can't even have weddings in my game anymore because it is so broken. They fixed most the bugs in 2 and 3. In sims 4 most of the bugs go unfixed forever so that they can focus on a new pack that will also have bugs and the cycle continues. All of dining out has been broken since launch and no resolution has ever happened. Nobody looks into the bugs they just ignore them and move on and add new ones.
It was clear to me that Chymea was never the antagonist this entire time it was neucleartornado, he had became an antogonist in this final act, eveningsoother decided to defeat nucleartornado by saying this lovely speech.
How's the view from that high horse or yours? Amazing, I bet. Well, you should thanks all the players you like to disparage so much, because one thing for sure, without their money there would be no game at all to play, and you couldn't afford your attitude.
Now, here on the ground things are a bit more nuanced than how you like to paint them: EA is infamous for being a cheapskate with beta testing, no doubt about that, and players should know better than buy a DLCs on release day (that's also true about pretty much any game I've ever played, though, and I've been gaming for decades), on the other hand what do you think would happen if no one buys a DLCs on release day? I'll tell you what, it would be the last DLC this game would ever see. EA would move to bigger and better things, lesson unlearned, like they did several times in the past with other titles.
I buy my DLCs on sale, at least a couple of patches after release day, but I don't have the cheek of spitting on who doesn't, and if you were half as smart as you think you are, you wouldn't either. Because boycotting won't solve a damn thing, whilst pressuring EA with complaints and bad "press" does: where do you think the past year's basegame improvements are coming from? Simmers' money, and simmers' moaning.

Which didn't sit well with Nuclear....
I've been having bugs since 2016 2017 that have never been fixed. Thats not my fault because I didn't wait for it to be fixed. I'm pretty sure those bugs will never be fixed. People need to stop paying for it until they fix it. Its that simple. I didn't buy everything on release day and expect it work. Dine out has been out for years and is still almost unusable. Gardening has been broken for almost a year now. Plants randomly disappear and that's in the base game. I have issues with events not ending. But according to you I shouldn't complain and should just keep spending money on packs that haven't been usable for years. Bust the dust has been out for like a few years now and is still so broken I have to keep the dust system off at all times.

However Soothing had more insults lodged his way...
Mate, touch grass. You are the one with My Wedding Stories, and Dine Out, and Bust the Dust, not me. And you're bitching about inexperienced players who waste money? Bruh. You bought that, I haven't. I purchased other DLCs (have about half the collection), and most things works for me. Other things don't for a while and then they get fixed, because players gets angry - including me, and RIGHTFULLY SO - in the appropriate forum, which is read by the devs, not on a fecking subreddit. Finally, some others things are broken and probably will stay broken because this game has been born out of a cursed code and now it has 9y of DLCs on the fecking top of it. Just stop for a second to think what you're saying: in the same post you're accusing EA of greediness AND suggest that stop feeding said greediness will magically make them do what you want. Mate, I sure hope your livelihood doesn't rely on strategy.
Although this argument seems pointless to continue, nuclear came back.
I'm the one with the packs because I downloaded them for free like someone with a functioning brain and didn't give my money to EA. EA is known as the most greedy video game company ever. Everyone knows it. Stop acting like it's not know as the Mr Krabs of gaming.
and finally, an end to the saga once and for all, soothing responded...
Again. Strategy. Not your forte.
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2023.03.26 10:24 stockmanozzy That nuclear plant accident wasn't by coincidentally

Fyi guys I'm not evil by nature nor do I intend harm for humans but I got abilities most would not believe. It would be easy for people to think I am trolling but I am not. I got Respected for Jesus of Nazareth and other religions m I'm part Egyptian btw and got some powers from the Egyptian Pyramids. I wear a ring with an eye in the middle that happens to look like that illuminati ring but it's actually an ancient protection. It's designed to protect me from incoming harm.
As for offensive against my wrongdoers and manifestation I use Hamza and the Crystal. I was able to win a few big lottery jackpots a few years ago and I keep getting close to our states Pick5 game. I've been 1 ball away from it a few times recently and I keep winning the second prize. I also got close to LottoAmerica. I'm using the powers to help me win and soon I expect a big win of a Million dollars or more via law of attraction powers.
Anyways onto the Nuclear Plant leak. That horrible company Xcel energy fired me this past November and just recently (after many months) they released that a tritium leak has happened in their nuclear facility this past November. 400Million gallons of water leaked tritium and their working with state and cities for plan to deal with it.
Long before my firing I knew something was wrong with this company. I even checked online reviews on Indeed and other places and saw this energy company abused contractors. When I was there, they were always firing people and I was part of IT and saw daily tickets of constant firings.
My manager was a strange guy. I was hired by a lady and himself and the lady liked me but the guy was alway severely micromanaging me and picking on me and not others who were clearly messing up. I was even tasked to help clean up a mess an engineer caused and the engineer wasn't fired. He caused the entire employee directory of 12k people not to be able to login with some bad network update.
With all the distress the manager was causing me and the fact I noticed their injustices and constant firings of people at their corporate headquarters, I decided to bring in Hamza and the Crystal. You can see it in gallery below 👇. It's a crystal and a hand with an eye inside it. I use this as a booby trap in case I want it to activate and hit the people/organization involved. I used it on a previous corrupted employer and it did nasty things. The crystal starts glowing a faint glow when it activates to do it's work along with the help of Hamza.
And one day I discovered on my last November 2022 Friday that I have been locked out of all systems and fired. Following Monday that awful manager texts me asking me if I have any property I want mailed to me or if I have any of their own property to mail back and then I sent a text reply to him "Hehehehe". Because I was laughing that he didn't know I left the Hamza and the Crystal booby trap on him. My cubicle was nears his too. I left it hooked on the side of the cubicle.
I was wondering why it hasn't done anything all this time. I was saying to myself "Hamza why didn't you go after them?". Because I didn't hear anything bad happened to them and then last week I see on news their Nuclear Plant is getting shut down because of the big Tritium leak.
The EEOC is allowing me to do a charge on them for their various discrimination and harassment but no lawyer is taking my case so I won't do a charge. I'll just manifest a new big Lottery win.
Another thing that I heard from someone I know who still works there (I got 3 buddies who work there), is that the corrupted former manager of mine and his family have been suffering a mysterious illness that sent them to the hospital. He has kids so I did a prayer for his kids and wife to be protected and heal from the sickness. My buddy later reported his family and himself are fine now. I suspect it was Hamza and the Crystal that went after him and his family and I never intended for harm for them, just harm for that terrible disorganized and cruel company. That pulls in record billions of revenue and constantly increases electric bills on people ⚡. My goal is to see a Judge or lawmaker split up this company. I think they're a monopoly and they're big in the US and in various states.
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2023.03.26 10:22 GWSecureParking The Gorge Campground: Summarized

General Rules
  1. Quiet hours are strictly enforced from 2:00 am - 8:00 am.
  2. All campers are required to follow The Gorge Safety and Rules policies.
  3. Admission of up to 6 people per campsite is allowed.
  4. Camping sites are assigned based on arrival order.
  5. You must have a concert ticket in addition to your camping ticket to be at the campground.
  6. Check-in is open at any time once the campground is open.
  7. Check-out is typically at noon on the last day of the event.
  8. No re-entry is allowed on the campground opening day.
  9. No refunds are offered for camping tickets.
  10. Small propane grills are welcome.
  11. The campground provides limited access to WIFI at The Pivot and Stores(s).
  12. Ice can be purchased on-site.
  13. Campfires are allowed in designated fire rings only.
  14. Glass containers are not allowed in the campground.
  15. The campground has a strict noise policy, and excessive noise is not permitted after 10 PM.
  16. The Gorge Campground offers shuttle service to the Gorge Amphitheatre for certain events.
  17. The campground has a store that sells basic supplies, ice, and firewood.
  18. There are also restrooms and shower facilities available for campers to use.
  19. The campground has a strict no-pet policy, with the exception of service animals.
  20. All vehicles in the campground must display a valid parking pass.
Standard Camping:
Premier Camping:
Terrace Camping:
Gold Camping:
The Oasis:
According to the Gorge Campground website, generators are allowed in the campground, but they must comply with certain rules and regulations. These include:
It's important to note that while generators are allowed, the campground encourages visitors to use alternative power sources when possible, such as solar panels or battery packs. This helps to reduce noise and air pollution in the campground, and can create a more peaceful and enjoyable experience for all visitors.

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2023.03.26 10:22 lemonhyacinth Daily Song Discussion #3: Lean

This track by the National comes from the Catching Fire soundtrack, released in 2013. How would you rate it out of 10 (decimals allowed)? How do you feel about this song? Do you think it fit the movie well? What are some of your favorite lyrics? Do you have any memories/stories about this song?
YouTube Spotify
Extras Average Song Rating:
  1. Lean - Catching Soundtrack:
  2. Exile Vilify - Portal 2 Soundtrack:
  3. More will be added to this list, but I’m doing this before bed and posting this before I crash, oops.
By request, we’ll be going through songs randomly! When TFTPOF comes out, we’ll take a break and go track-by-track through that album. Let me know if you have any other feedback!
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2023.03.26 10:21 AnRaccoonCommunist Nearly four years and she left me for a tweeker... Old habits die hard I guess.

When I found her, she was living with her step-parents in a dingy ass garage smoking meth, PCP, fake weed, all cos they were trying to get her high so they could... yeah.
I didn't know how bad the meth thing was until much later. She told me it was just a few times and she didn't really like it then later told me she was actually really bad into it, a couple years later when we were smoking some weed and having some mixers one night, but I didn't care because she left it all behind for me because she didn't wanna lose me.
Nearly four years go by and she finds this wannabe motorcycle club and leaves me for this tweeker, well-known and well-hated in town as a dope fiend among other things. I just can't believe it. I think they're both using because they're always broke...
I got her out of that life and she was doing so well :( how could she betray me like this and go back to the dope? I thought she was better than this... I still don't wanna believe she's using again but it's the only thing that makes any of this shit make sense...
It breaks my heart... she used to be such a good woman. I adored, trusted and respected her because for those four years she was nothing but loyal. Always came home to me every night after work, excited to see me, never even gave me the chance to THINK she was cheating on me. Then one night she just stops coming home, three nights later she tells me it's over, and three more days later she pops back in to grab her bag and walks out for the last time.
Three months later, it's pretty obvious to everyone that they're both using... I don't wanna go on without her, I don't know how I'm ever gonna fall in love like that again. She was damaged, and she had a long, horrible past, but she put all that on a shelf to be the love of my life... Some days I wonder if there's anything I could have done or if this was just inevitable.
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2023.03.26 10:19 Gamer0607 Chanel has the most consistent, classy and best smelling fragrances.

I've had a 10 year old fragrance journey and while I haven't built a huge collection, 1 designer house has never failed to impress me - Chanel.
I've only had 3 Chanel fragrances:
Bleu de Chanel EDT
Bleu de Chanel EDP
Chanel Allure Homme Sport
However, nothing else in my collection has been able to draw the same amount of compliments I get from these, nor the versatility and smoothness of the scents themselves.
I also can't pinpoint any other fragrances that pull so easily the term "swiss-knife" as in being perfect for nearly any season or occasion. By far my best dumb reach fragrances no matter where I am going.
Just a little Chanel appreciation thread.
What do you think?
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2023.03.26 10:18 YeBoiDeBoi Deepwoken: Volume 3

Chapter 7: Instructor Mattheus
My spine shivers at unimaginable volumes. Every fibre, every hair, every cell, every microorganism within me are shouting at the top of their non-existent lungs. The two words "Get ready" by the man I fear the most is enough to activate a surge of adrenaline. Without giving me time to collect my thoughts, he raises his spear into the air and thrusts it downwards unto me. My reaction time has improved over the past month and i barely close the hatch in time. What do i do? Where do i go? What can i do? I'm an unarmed hobo that can barely speak a word in the current state I'm in. Mattheus opens the hatch and starts scouting the lower deck of the schooner. Hiding behind one of the pillars, I can hear him try to speak to me. "You shouldn't be here, freshie. Erisia is too much for a small-fry like you. You can't even beat me, how do you expect to go against the bandits over there, let alone a couple of mudskippers."
My spirit doesn't let someone shit talk me and get away with it. Especially this man. He thinks he's all that cuz he beat me in a spar a few times. But if i wanna go to Erisia and not die within a minute, then he's right, i need to prove my strength and beat him. As soon as i hear his boots come ever so closer to my pillar I'm hiding behind, i run in the other direction, towards the hatch leading towards the outside. I dare not look back, i'm not running in fear. I'm running away as part of my plan. As i guessed, Mattheus follows in pursuit. Up on the deck, i find something to weigh down the hatch as i get ready. This barrel will do. I can hear him banging on the door. Maybe i should put another barrel just because he pisses me off. As he's trying to open the hatch, i climb onto one of the ropes meant to release the sails. I can do it rather quickly, which feels like muscle memory, just the same as when i first snuck onto the ship.
Not long after, Mattheus manages to break out of the lower deck, but it's too late. Holding tightly onto the rope, i kick off the post and swing my way down. He sees me swing at him from above and readies into a blocking stance but my force is too strong and I dropkicked Matt, unarming him in the process. I was hoping to push him into the water but it's better than nothing. I nab his spear off the floor and point at him. "Let me leave to Erisia, or...or you like big oily men feeling your body". Matt, looking unsatisfied, says to me "You haven't been to the driftlands, have you? That place came from the Voidsea, and is filled with beings and artefacts we, today, are still researching. Everyone has the same idea, to go and look for the forgotten treasure. Bandits, pathfinders, those who found their paths, and anyone in between. If you really think you can go to Erisia and stay alive, so be it. You're no longer under our care." I take that as a victory. Maybe because he doesn't have a weapon, but nevertheless, i think i get to leave for Erisia.
"Dyou let give him the approval?"
"Yeah, somewhat of a shame. I wanted to see what the person who survived the death of Beloved Zofia was like. Too bad he was no more than a recruit."
"Weren't you kinda close to his captain?"
"I wouldn't say that."
"Why not?"
"Because why?"
"Maestro, i get that you're good with the blade, but for the love of Navae, shut up"
"This guy isn't even a Gremor, what the hell is he praising Navae for?"
Chapter 8: The Sea and Me
As i set sail towards Erisia, i take one look back to the Isle of Vigils. Now that i think of it, it's not that bad. If what Mr Innkeeper said about that place being better than Etris, then maybe i shouldn't affiliate myself with the kingdom of Etrea. Though, what is a problem however is that i still don't know where the fuck Erisia is. I take it as it wouldn't be too far from here, so might as well sail straight forward till i come across a problem. I'll poke around the schooner since I'll be here for a while, and that's when I come across some newspaper and a map. Plot armour really helps in situations like these. The map shows a couple of islands, which I do not know of. Such as 'Minitrysa' and 'Geoduck Cove'. I find 'Isle of Vigils' and straight to the north is Erisia. I think i'm going the right way. Seeing in which direction the moon is rising or falling, I should be able to see where I'm going.
The moon is mesmerising. It mimics the shape of an Eye. The moon is strong, it moves the waves and shapes the seas. Some believe it's the reason for the Great Drowning. Others believe it's their saviour. I believe, that it will help me reach Erisia.
Chapter 9: Etrean Luminant Times
That newspaper i found along with the map looks like it's a slightly outdated one, only one or two weeks old.
Etrean Luminant Times
-Famous Influencer and Author, Supaa, has yet to release his "Mario goes ganking" novel. Today marks the third year anniversary since its announcement.
-More whirlpools seem to be forming in the Aratel Sea, specifically near Songseeker and a few meters offshore from Fort Merit.
-Researchers are testing a new product 'Megalodaunt Bait'. It is said that it will be released to the public around the winter of 1291, which is just two years from now.
-Famous pirate ship, Beloved Zofia, hasn't been spotted for a while since it was last seen by fishermen and sailors two weeks ago. It is speculated that it has been sunk and already lost in the Voidsea.
I remember the name, Beloved Zofia. It sparked a memory deep in the back of my head. I try to hold onto that memory but it just fades away. No use trying to remember the past, I've got to focus on getting to Erisia. The moon is descending over to the west, meaning i should be going in the right direction. According to my calculations 🤓 I should arrive in Erisia by dawn. Meanwhile, it's best i get some rest. Mattheus told me that Erisia is filled to the brim with wacky things. I hope theres Felinor bandits over there.
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2023.03.26 10:17 Briarwood_Taco_Man I've owned 79 cars and decided to write a unique piece about each one, recounting highlights of my experiences with them, before I get too old and forget. Each will be done in a different way/style that feels right for it. This is the first one of my first car and I'd love to get some feedback :-)

I remember my mother’s 1977 BMW 320i was the only constant fixture in my periphery for the first seventeen years of my life. For a sizeable portion of my youth, I loved and obsessively ruminated on BMWs. They were a cherished gift to me from the world and best suited for my Aspergian sensibilities (clinically diagnosed). From memory, I could recite every model, feature and accessory for all of the 1980-1996 model lineup. Despite this, I specifically did not love our BMW. The entire time, it remained to me an unfortunate afterthought of a car. “Why don’t we ever have a good BMW?” was one of my usual, elementary school gripes. We got close at least one time with the near-purchase of that European-spec, e23 745i, but it just never happened.
I remember learning and committing to memory that our BMW’s original owner was a Palo Alto woman, a Stanford University professor. The woman seemed to enjoy driving the car too much, leaving it uncovered under the California sun and not maintaining it properly.
I remember the story of my father doing the pre-purchase inspection of the somewhat high-mileage, paint-damaged–albeit comparatively young–BMW in 1983. He summarily advised my mother not to buy it. Being the spark plug that she is, she took this recommendation under advisement and went ahead and bought it anyway.
I remember that this event–this BMW–is how my parents met and eventually decided to marry. He was her diligent, cautious, attentive mechanic, and she was his young, attractive, female customer. I assume that since it was the 1980s, my mother had legs–of the ZZ Top variety–and was well informed on how to use them.
I remember the story of my mother leaving a bag of peaches on the rear seat floor boards that eventually decomposed into a mound of organic glue and permanently fused to the sun-bleached, shit-stained beige carpet.
I remember hearing about how my mother would drive the BMW from El Sobrante to San Jose–fifty-plus miles–with the low fuel indicator light illuminated. My father would sit in the passenger’s seat, white-knuckled, a bead of terror sweat likely running down the side of his temple.
I remember the BMW sitting behind the laundry area of our Redmond home’s garage–an unassembled and deconstructed husk–unstarted for five-plus years.
I remember all of the BMW’s transformations from “anthrazitgrau” to “teal” to “lexus pearl white.”
I remember my mother deciding that the interior was going to be replaced and the color was going to be changed from beige to black. My mother purchased replacement Recaro seats for the BMW, but opted for the least expensive variants possible. I was deeply troubled, at the time, that the front bucket seats were charcoal cloth and the rear seat was black vinyl. My father’s contribution to the chaos was purchasing black door panels whose styles didn’t match one another because they were each sourced from separate BMWs of stylistically differing generations. To me, this all felt entirely criminal. I was present at the junkyard for at least one of these door panel purchases. The donor BMW was sad and pathetic, I recall. My father told me not to get too close to it because there was broken glass present. I complied.
I remember when our BMW was in a transitional state and didn’t have an interior, but was in drivable condition. My father amused us both by driving it up and down our Redmond street. He expertly operated the clutch and accelerator while sitting precariously atop a piece of scrap two-by-four that was balanced between the driver’s door sill and the center hump that ran the length of the interior. I sat in the passenger's side footwell and clapped like a seal while we both laughed hysterically. It was one of the few times my father didn’t seem so stoic and cautious. It was totally unsafe and a wonderful bonding experience that I absolutely cherish.
I remember seeing the aftermath of a semi truck that, after missing its intended turn, elected to come to a full stop on a highway near our home. The driver then attempted to correct this error by reversing, without looking, toward the front-end of our BMW that my dad was driving at the time. Without enough time to reverse, my dad was hit. The recently repainted grille and hood were smashed-in. My mother drove to pick my father up in our brand new Jeep Cherokee while I accompanied her, sitting in the back seat, nervous, but excited about observing the damage. I knew my father was alright, but I brought an open bag of candied pecans as an offering to comfort him. When we arrived, he was not interested in the candied pecans, which was odd to me. I was, however, awash with relief because I wasn’t actually that interested in sharing them, but simply wished to express my concern. I took advantage of the moment to eat the rest of the candies, which under any other circumstance, would have not been allowed.
I remember seeing the BMW at the body shop waiting to be repaired–how a working-class man expertly removed the BMW emblem that was on the smashed hood with a flat-blade screwdriver and gave it to me as a gift. The emblem was relatively new at the time, a replacement for the original one that had just previously been replaced. The otherwise pristine emblem had a small indentation from the damage. I was in possession of the emblem until 2001 at which point I threw it in the trash.
I remember my irresponsible sister–as a condition of her owning it–was required to maintain the BMW and this included washing it. Despite her protest, the one time I did actually see her wash it, she was sure to use a green scrub pad and managed to destroy the majority of the paint’s finish.
I remember my mother paying actual money to have the paint repaired.
I remember my sister absentmindedly losing one of the BMW’s original keys at the Costco in San Leandro. It was the only one of the three original keys that still had its black, plastic head. My mother had duplicates made, but they were not adequate. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forgive my sister for this offense.
I remember being present for the replacement of the BMW’s rod bearings in our San Antonio Avenue driveway. My sister previously flooded the engine in water and the BMW no longer ran correctly. She stated that it was misfiring and producing blue flames from the tailpipe. I started the engine when the job was completed–momentarily channeling my inner Frank Zappa–and told my father the BMW sounded like something that could only be described as “canned soup.” It sounded clunky and misfire-y and shitty: like canned soup.
I remember my father, dirty and grease-stained, being very confused by my aforementioned remark.
I remember standing on our hand-laid, herringbone, reclaimed brick driveway, staring at the dirty-white, thoroughly beaten-up BMW that was recently abandoned by my sister, asking myself how much I really cared about it. That day turned out to be instructive: it was the first time in my life that, retrospectively, everything could have been different. I would not even closely resemble the person I am today, save for choosing the direction that I didn’t choose. I had to decide to pursue the Jeep Cherokee that I loved, or rescue the BMW that I always knew. In my sixteen-year-old mind, acquiring the BMW would be an effortless slam dunk that the Jeep would not. The Jeep would require more effort to acquire, but it was also the one I really cared about. I was concerned that if I didn’t save the BMW right then and there it would go away. Both options were untenable for me. I could feel both of my recently divorced parents staring at me as I weighed the two options. Going with my gut and not my heart, I chose to capitulate to anxiety and doubt by choosing the way I did: the BMW. My rationalization was that there was still time to save the Jeep. I could figure out how later; I just needed more time. I drove the BMW from the San Antonio Avenue house to the Central Avenue house on or around the first day of October in 2001.
I remember that I bought the BMW from my mother for “$1,500.” I paid $500, my father paid $500 and my mother “paid” herself $500.
I remember immediately discovering the joys of the junkyard and making my first purchase of a stained, yellow, molded carpet from some tragic donor. I wanted a filthy carpet because my plan was to also be filthy. I sought to trash my interior and not care about maintaining it because I wished to lean into my “gross teenager” aesthetic. I wanted to be able to drop frenchfries and soda and lucky charms and not give a shit. At the time I was able to comfortably exist in one of two paradigms: abject filth or obsessive cleanliness. There was no middle ground. This is something that remains to be true to this day, except I can now only tolerate the latter. My yellow carpet lasted for less than one month before the anxiety of it being filthy overcame me and I removed it, throwing it away as quickly as possible. I reinstalled the previously removed carpet and was angry about it.
I remember installing makeshift rear headrests that didn’t fit correctly. I used a hacksaw, a pair of unmatching black, cloth headrests purchased from the junkyard, two pieces of reclaimed wood with unmeasured holes drilled into them using a Victorian hand-crank-operated drill and several rubber bands. Many European-spec BMW 320i models were available with optional rear headrests, but models for the American market were not. This was terribly aggravating for me at sixteen-years-old.
I remember Jolene asking me for a ride home after school. I was uninterested in performing this favor, but complied because doing so was considerably less taxing than thoroughly explaining why it made me uncomfortable and didn’t want to do it. That was a nice, fall day in the afternoon and I can still recall the look of tree-lined Central Avenue as I drove past High street. I came to regret doing this favor as someone from my high school saw us and relayed to others what I’d done. It was then rumored that Jolene and I were romantically involved and this turned my stomach in a way I cannot adequately describe.
I remember Chris and Jasmine asking me for a ride to their respective homes after school while they canoodled in my back seat like the two love-struck, teenage assholes they were. They were both overly attentive, flattering, and obsequious toward me during the drive which made my desire for total silence all the more blinding. The useful moron I typically was at the time, I received this all as clear confirmation that they had no respect for me. I was, however, less uninterested in driving them than I was Jolene, but still just as mortified by the prospect of explaining why I didn’t want to do it as opposed to just doing it. These were people I didn’t really know and had no interest in helping, but I did. They never spoke to me again. This is correct.
I remember Danny looking at the BMW, telling me it was a “hooptie” and asked me if I agreed. Being neither of his ilk, nor of his particular caliber, I wasn’t sure what that word meant, so I nodded and escaped the situation as quickly as possible so as not to be roped into further discourse. Danny is a twat of a man and now, aptly, a real estate agent.
I remember how the BMW never easily started. I assume it was an engine compression issue.
I remember a brisk, overcast fall morning, how the air was cold and wet. After pulling out of the Central Avenue driveway, a thin layer of mist condensed on the windshield. I had trouble seeing as I drove, but I didn’t want to smear the moisture on the glass because it would have left annoying smudge marks when it dried and smudge marks are extremely difficult to clean off of interior windshield glass. Seeing no other available option, I continued to drive down Central Avenue crouching, peering through the thin slit of cleared glass that was closest to the defrost vents blowing at high speed. The glass wasn’t clearing fast enough, so in an outburst, I punched the top of the glass near the rear-view mirror in a logical attempt to bully the glass into clearing more quickly. A thin, meandering line suddenly appeared, bisecting the sheets of glass, suspiciously close to the spot my knuckle just struck.
I remember telling my parents that a crack in the windshield glass had suddenly appeared and that I had no idea how it got there.
I remember my first job was at an ice-cream shop in my hometown and how the BMW was not considered a form of reliable transportation to and from it.
I remember being so aggravated by the BMW after two months of owning it, that I told my mother if she didn’t take it back, I’d have it crushed.
I remember being told that I would receive $700 in exchange for the BMW–$200 more than I’d personally paid–but never seeing this money and wondering what happened to it.
I remember expressing a renewed interest in the Jeep Cherokee now owned by my father, but being told I couldn’t acquire it because I wouldn’t be able to materialize the lump sum of cash required to purchase it, quickly enough.
I remember resigning myself to my fate and not making any real attempt to fight for the Jeep: the thing I loved most at the time–the thing I thought would solve all of my problems. I could have done a lot more, but I chose not to. The Jeep was then sold to some sexually attractive dad and his obnoxious, harpy wife soon thereafter.
I remember the BMW also going away, back to mother’s condo on Shoreline Drive to live out the remainder of its days with her much the way it did in the early 1990s: parked and languishing.
I remember my mother moving to the house on Macarthur Boulevard and the BMW being sequestered in the damp, crumbling cement garage that was carved out from the side of the hill under the house.
I remember bird feces and a layer of cement dust coating the top of the BMW the last few times I saw it.
I remember replacing the BMW’s starter–an abject nightmare of a repair–in an effort to correct the starting issues. This repair corrected nothing and was completely unrelated to the actual problem.
I remember my mother surprising me by stating in or around 2002 that she was going to sell the BMW after twenty years of clinging to it, dragging it along with us everywhere we moved.
I remember the first prospective buyer of the BMW was a buff, extremely handsome, 30-something black man in a skin-tight, white t-shirt and black jeans. I fantasized about the man possibly sweeping me off my feet and taking me far away from this place. I was still technically a minor at the time, but only in the ways that mattered.
I remember hoping and praying that the BMW would start-up quickly enough not to raise any eyebrows as to its viability and reliability. It did. It would seem that it wanted rid of us as surely as we wanted rid of it.
I remember the man being allowed to go on a solo test drive, unaccompanied, and me and my mom not really caring if the BMW never came back.
I remember the transaction being completed and the BMW being sold for $1500.
I remember, with absolute crystal clarity, observing the BMW drive away for the last time, north on Macarthur Boulevard, disappearing beyond the sunny horizon after cresting over a hill, never to be seen or heard of again.
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2023.03.26 10:16 Lonely-Hurry775 Beat up an innocent child then prepare for the consequence

Before i start i want you all guys to know that english is not my first language so correct if I'm wrong and the story is not about me or people i know it's my father story before i was even born i find it an interesting story i want to share it and it's a little long story
This happen when my father is still an active police officer it was before i was born so my guess it's about 2-3 decades ago. One day my father is in he's office doing work when a grown man with He's daughter crying to my father asking for help he told my father that he's daughter about 5yrs old was badly beaten up by 3 grown people so bad that the child skin became so black clearly showing what happen to the child it happen while the father is away from home for work the father is a fisherman and he's a single father who's wife die early so he works so hard to raise he's child. When he got home he saw her child that could barely walk and full of bruises he started crying and i don't know the full details how the father know what happen to the child and who beat the child so bad from what the child father tell to my father is he's daughter was playing near a local store when some dude who told the married couple that the one who steal from their store is the child without even asking they just started beating the child even the dude who point the child joined to beat up the little girl who's just 5 yrs old after the beating they just left like nothing happen. After telling my father the whole story my father and other police officer who's listening became extremely enraged for what they did my father and the other officers could see how bad they beat up the child because of her bruises so my father already talk to the father that he well help them on one condition that is not to turned down the charges even of they pay a large sum of money of which he accepted after some asking and talking my father immediately worked for those child beaters to taste a karma he filed for an arrest warrant and some investigation. After doing all that all 3 get arrested but the 3 couple bail themselves out but the court hearing is still going. Two couple ask some low ranking politician friend of them for help to ask my father to press down the charges because my father is the officer in charge of the case which only pissed off my father even more my father simply told them my father simply told the politician "don't ask me I'm simply just doing my work ask the child father not me". Then they proceed to meet the child father they even offer a large sum of money but both my father and the girls father already anticipated this so he just bluntly tell them to f*** off. After some investigation some witnesses came up and told my father and here come the most shocking part while investigating the officers find out that the one who stole from the store of those married couple is the dude who accused the kid of stealing after getting all the necessary evidence my father pass all it to the court to make it worst for those 3 is that the judge is extremely pissed at them especially when he came to know the whole situation especially the part when they ask a low ranking politician and about the dude who stole the from the store who accused the child of he's misdeed after then the judges sentenced with guilty my father don't remember how many years the prison time they get but my father remember that they pay a large amount of money for the damages which is $10,000. Now they not just gonna lose some huge money the will also fell what jail smells like
Hope u enjoy the story
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2023.03.26 10:14 UltraFormula1 A statement regarding my recent departure from the Rio Discord.

Greetings to all of you from the Rio Discord Server,
I would like to discuss something which has been consuming my mind over the past few weeks. The decision on whether or not I should discuss what happened to me on Discord. Well, it took a lot of thinking, but here I finally am with my statement. Maybe it’s too late for you all to care, but at least I've made it at all.
A few weeks ago, I made the difficult decision to depart from the Rio Movie Discord Server without providing ample notice to the community, except a simple message, “Beatle on, Reaganists”. Since this was shortly after me reaching level 30, and it seeming like I was going to be a main member of the community, I would like to offer my sincerest apologies.
I understand that my sudden departure may have caused confusion and inconvenience for those who interacted with me on the server, and I regret any disruption this may have caused in the community. However, I would like to assure you all that my decision to leave the server was in no way a reflection of my feelings towards the Rio films. I still hold them in high regard and will continue to enjoy them for years to come. I still rank Rio 1 among my top 10 favourite films, by the way!
It also had nothing to do with my troubling Conservative political statements in the face of the Nilloc/Nilly jokes, where I got a strike from the admins. This barely had a factor in my initial decision for leaving the server, but maybe it was for the best. May I suggest to leave that joke so that no one else gets in trouble like I did?
As Ronald Reagan once said, "there are no constraints on the human mind, no walls around the human spirit, no barriers to our progress except those we ourselves erect." And so, I urge you all to continue to explore and engage with the world of Rio, to connect with fellow fans, and to share your love for these films. Don’t let my departure stop you.
I have to admit that for the longest time I barely cared for these movies. I had no memories of going to the cinemas to watch the films, and any memories I did have of the films were either from the film playing in tv stores or Angry Birds Rio. But in the aftermath of Blue Sky’s closure, and a nostalgic look back to films of the early 2010’s, I realised that I had missed out on quite a bit on Rio. The animation was amazing, and I find that the animation on the birds was a lot better than anything we’d seen prior. The music was not nearly as cringey as I thought it was going to be (and this is coming from a fan of 70’s rock), with songs like Hot Wings constantly playing over and over again in my mind. The setting of Brazil was unique, and this alongside their F1 drivers like Ayrton Senna made my respect for the country somewhat increase despite all the crime and the poor handling of the 2016 Olympics reverting this. And the characters were all so interesting!
Then around January, while looking for Rio scenes on YT, I came across Nilloc’s channel, where he said that there was a Discord server for fans of the movie. Fans? For a duology from a dead Disney owned studio? No way that’s even real (in Rio)! But there you all were, real (in Rio) as day!
I would like to thank the Rio Movie Discord Server community for the wonderful experiences and conversations we shared during my time on the server from January until earlier this month. I am grateful for the memories and acquaintanceships that were forged during that time. The memes that were shared. The Reaganposting, the Nico bowling, the Jewel simping, etc.
“The Jewel Simping?” You say. “Were you actually a Jewel Simp?” Well it was a joke gone too far, a joke gone so far in fact that as I delved deeper into this rabbit hole of the fandom, my behaviour started becoming closer to an actual Jewel simp (like for example, Jimis). I don’t think the Jewel Simp chatbot helped with this either. I eventually came to my senses and realised that if I were to simp for a damn bird, I could do a lot better than flipping Jewel.
As for if I will still make the multi-part Rio retrospective on my channel u/UltraFormula1? Well I don’t know yet. My channel has been lying dormant since the 1st part of my Magical Mystery Tour video, and the 2nd part I have no desire to make. This is what I was fearing, me losing the motivation to make videos. But when the day finally comes for me to talk about Rio, I will do it in an honourable way, but I will probably not make it into the extensive miniseries like I originally planned.
So how else could I be involved in the fandom? Well really, there aren’t that many ways. I am not that good or patient at art, and I have distanced myself from, the site which I perhaps contributed the most to the fandom. Still, I will do what I must.
In closing, I wish you all luck throughout the rest of 2023, even though I won’t be there to see it through, and I hope that someway, somehow, this film will return into the consciousness of the general public. Maybe I’ll be back when that time comes, ready to contribute to the community in a more worthwhile way, but if that doesn’t happen I hope I’ll be remembered somehow. The Reaganist, the original Blu and Jewel chatbot creator. The one that tried to make the chat active during quiet hours. But most importantly, a fan of the 2011 animated movie that united us all together in the first place.
But before I go I have one last request to make. I wish that Hot Wings was available for me and many others on Spotify. We’ve already had a recent victory with the song ‘Fly Love’ becoming streamable again, but why stop there when we could relist the other 2 songs? I propose you all start some sort of petition to re-add the songs to Spotify for all to hear.
Thank you. Maybe I'll be back in the community again soon, but for now, Beatle on Reaganists, and party/samba hard!
From UltraFormula1
submitted by UltraFormula1 to RioMovie [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 10:13 AlamosX Blue bike found.

I'm definitely gonna sound like a bad guy here but I took a bike home.
Really nice bike. Near Chinook area. Considering time found and the area, I feel it's been stolen and abandoned. Unlocked and left by garbage bins. Area is closed and it's 2am.
Please message me details of the bike and I'll return it immediately. It's blue. Need something more specific than the color though.
Thank you.
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2023.03.26 10:13 startech416 Anomaly [Chapter 1]

Physically transcribed memory: Michael Perst, Civilian
Date [central daylight time]: April 14, 2024
Lounging on the couch and, ideally, scrolling through social media isn’t really what I had in mind when I decided to take this vacation. After a few more minutes of procrastination, I decided to make the final checks on my gear and camping equipment for the trip. Standing up and stretching, I make my way towards the kitchen in my humble abode. Crouching near the pile, I make sure everything I need is not only included but also packed away neatly and tightly.
Nearby, the TV is broadcasting the local news. Nothing of interest other than clear skies for the week and some interviews with a dietitian regarding some new health craze that's been blowing up on the internet. However, as I’m tightening straps and zipping bags up, my attention is grabbed as I hear the mention of answers regarding NASA and over a certain subject.
A middle-aged brunette for the local news station seems to be asking some rather important questions to what seems to be some scientists representing the company. I decided that my checking of the bags has been fulfilled as I stand up and turn my attention to the television.
"And what can you tell us regarding the rumors about the supposed delays regarding the Artemis 2 launch?" The news anchor almost had a sort of hunger in her eyes as she asked the question, and the representative cleared his throat.
"With such a large gap between the last crewed missions conducted by NASA, and as unfortunate as it is, the delays are confirmed, but we want to make sure everything is in 100 percent working order. And-"
The television is drowned out as my phone begins to ring, and quickly I grab it off of the table to see my friend that will be accompanying me on the trip. I quickly picked up to answer.
"What's up shitbag?" A giggle nearly escapes my lips.
"Oh, go fuck yourself dude. Do you have everything packed for the trip? It's been forever since we’ve gotten a chance to actually hang out. Plus, I thought you could use a bit of a getaway from the city since you’re always cooped up in that warehouse."
I glance over at the pile of assorted packs, gear, and a case or two. Mulling it over, there's a chance I might have overpacked. However, if what I was told about the trip is true, it’ll truly be in the middle of nowhere, so being overprepared isn’t a bad idea, plus we can get some good rucking in.
"Yeah, I should be good; if we’re still cool with it, I’m going to bring my kit. I’d like to get some drills in. Then we can fuck around with our NODs, yeah?" Immediately, my friend launches into a tirade of all the things we’ll be doing since we’ll be there for a week, then the conversation halts.
I can already tell where this is going just based on how his tone is. I let out a sigh as he starts to ask. "Hey Mike, you're going to be good. Ya know, with the insulin pump and all that? Or if your blood sugar goes low, should I get a bunch of sugar in case you need it?"
I chuckled, "Jake!" I’ll be fine. I’ve had this since I was a kid and made sure extra of everything was packed. Just make sure you bring your fancy cooler, and it should be okay." I absentmindedly grab my insulin pump to check my stats, and my CGM advises me that I’m perfectly in range and everything else is in normal operation.
That seems to have done the trick. He has a tendency to worry about my diabetes. I should be glad though since he seems to understand it for the most part. As the conversation gets back on topic, we eventually agree to make our way to the property in separate vehicles since we’re both bringing a decent set of supplies with us. Eventually exchanging pleasantries and ending the phone call, my attention is again drawn to the television, the portion regarding the Artimus launch still poking at the back of my mind; a small sense of disappointment with a flavor of understanding stagnates with it.
It's understandable that they’d need to delay it; something as important as sending people back to the moon takes a lot of calculations. But man, to live through a new era of space exploration Memories of myself in my younger years begin playback in my own theater, which is my mind. I was always amazed and interested in the study of space, planets, and how the universe worked. The utter excitement I experienced when I got a telescope for my tenth birthday was so intense that I was almost vibrating. I couldn’t wait to look at the moon, and when I did, I knew I couldn’t stop the track that I was on.
I quickly snap back to the present, looking at my watch and cursing to myself as I begin the long track to load all the equipment up. Jake was right. I need some sort of distraction from my life. As well as things were going for me, I needed to disconnect and open up to the outdoors. Maybe we’ll spot some meteors while we’re out. But for now, I need to load the car up.


This tiny idea came from a dream after spending a couple nights reading the main story and other fanfics on the sub. I also don't use reddit at all so formatting might be a bit off, it's also been literal years since I last sat down to write something out. I'm still trying to figure out pacing and such for the entire story, please do enjoy and thanks for letting me be part of the community!
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2023.03.26 10:11 jigglypuffeatsfood What episode got you into Sunny?

Whether it's the first episode you watched or the first one you watched that made you think, Yes, I want to watch this.
For me, I think the first episodes I watched were The Gang Goes to Hell on those airplane entertainment screens. Then, later, the Always Sunny banana poster intrigued me. And now I watch the show nearly every day.
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2023.03.26 10:10 throwmyasswaway17 used asian cars vs bmw for under $6000

I am looking for a car to run errands and such while I am in college and when looking at the used market around me it seems the a lot of the asian cars for price of under $6000 seem to be in bad condition vs BMW.
Honda and Toyota mostly seem to have bad interiors that looked like the previous owners let their new born lab chew up among other damages, stains etc. I feel like if someone cant keep the interior of their car clean then they probably didn't do the necessary maintenance as well. The exteriors of these cars are also in bad shape it makes me feel like I would have more issues with these cars as opposed to something like a Bmw. When looking at BMW's for under $6000 they are mostly kept in good condition inside and out and the mileage doesnt seem to be as high as the asian cars I see which usually have around 150-200k+ in that price range. The Bmw's near me just seem like the owners took better care of them.
Are there any reasons why I should buy a beat up 2005 Toyota Camry with 180,000 miles on it over something like a 2007 BMW 3 series with 120,000 miles? Please tell me the pros and cons and why choosing the BMW would be a bad decision or why it would be a good one. The car won't be driven much so I wouldn't be putting tons of miles on it.

NOTE: I am only looking for answers from people that have actually owned BMW's :) thank you.
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2023.03.26 10:09 ChiHa9 NEAR Ecosystem Showcase - Realis Network - Near Telegram Voice Chat

Continuing with the Ecosystem Showcase, we will have a voice chat on Telegram with our friends from Realis Network! A project that combines the ideas of traditional gaming with blockchain technology.
Save the date:
See you there!
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2023.03.26 10:08 Cb6cl26wbgeIC62FlJr Hi. Please let me know what kind of dog suits me.

1) Will this be your first dog? If not, what experience do you have owning/training dogs?
2) Do you have a preference for rescuing a dog vs. going through a reputable breeder?
3) Describe your ideal dog.
I have two young kids (less than 8). Safety is paramount. (In fact, maybe not getting a dog or waiting is the correct decision here.) I don’t want a dog that scares them or bites them. I’ve read a few posts about resource guarding and dogs needing a muzzle or biting an owner that brought blood. If there’s a chance of that, tell me don’t get a dog.
I want a dog to love, to care for, to make me happy.
I prefer a dog that needs light exercise. I do not have a giant house or a giant backyard.
4) What breeds or types of dogs are you interested in and why?
This is a concession for me. I’ve never wanted a small dog. Perhaps a Saint Bernard or a Newfoundland dog, because I’ve read they’re gentle. Again, the kids.
I think a standard poodle or a golden retriever may need more than what we can offer. I don’t want a small dog though. I wanted doodles for a while, but, then read some more and decided against them.
Maybe an Old English sheepdog, reason being they’re really docile and good with kids. Right?
I was thinking of a Great Dane or Saint Bernard but i think they’re fairly slobbery which i don’t prefer.
5) What sorts of things would you like to train your dog to do?
(What i mean by limited is that i work every day and with the kids and all their activities, i don’t have a whole lot of time. Do you recommend to take time off to settle the dog in?)
6) Do you want to compete with your dog in a sport (e.g. agility, obedience, rally) or use your dog for a form of work (e.g. hunting, herding, livestock guarding)? If so, how much experience do you have with this work/sport?
Care Commitments
7) How long do you want to devote to training, playing with, or otherwise interacting with your dog each day?
8) How long can you exercise your dog each day, on average? What sorts of exercise are you planning to give your dog regularly and does that include using a dog park?
9) How much regular brushing are you willing to do? Are you open to trimming hair, cleaning ears, or doing other grooming at home? If not, would you be willing to pay a professional to do it regularly?
Personal Preferences
10) What size dog are you looking for?
11) How much shedding, barking, and slobber can you handle?
12) How important is being able to let your dog off-leash in an unfenced area?
Dog Personality and Behavior
13) Do you want a snuggly dog or one that prefers some personal space?
14) Would you prefer a dog that wants to do its own thing or one that’s more eager-to-please?
15) How would you prefer your dog to respond to someone knocking on the door or entering your yard? How would you prefer your dog to greet strangers or visitors?
16) Are you willing to manage a dog that is aggressive to other dogs?
17) Are there any other behaviors you can’t deal with or want to avoid?
18) How often and how long will the dog be left alone?
Dog will be left alone two days a week from 8 to 5 or so.
19) What are the dog-related preferences of other people in the house and what will be their involvement in caring for the dog?
20) Do you have other pets or are you planning on having other pets? What breed or type of animal are they?
21) Will the dog be interacting with children regularly?
22) Do you rent or plan to rent in the future? If applicable, what breed or weight restrictions are on your current lease?
23) What city or country do you live in and are you aware of any laws banning certain breeds?
24) What is the average temperature of a typical summer and winter day where you live?
Additional Information and Questions
25) Please provide any additional information you feel may be relevant.
26) Feel free to ask any questions below.
I’m interested to hear from first time dog owners about what they thought they could handle. Did the breed end up being more than they bargained for?
Is having a dog from them being a puppy an important factor to bond or not really?
I really want to make sure I’m making the right decision here. I don’t want to get a dog and not giving him/her what they need.
I’ve been thinking about getting a dog for about a year. I want a non human buddy I guess. I want to love something and care for.
Can you please recommend a breeder?
This is such a big topic that i know I’m probably missing something. Really looking towards a standard poodle. I think they look aesthetically pleasing.
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2023.03.26 10:08 TopRoses22 Been growing my hair out and I am hoping it’ll look near to this, can anyone tell me roughly. How long they think this hair is? I know hair grows roughly half an inch per month so I just wanna work out how long it could take. Thanks!

Been growing my hair out and I am hoping it’ll look near to this, can anyone tell me roughly. How long they think this hair is? I know hair grows roughly half an inch per month so I just wanna work out how long it could take. Thanks! submitted by TopRoses22 to malehairadvice [link] [comments]