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"You." Phil said staring into my eyes from across the bathroom.
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“Why the hell is that any of your business,” I counter and put him back a peg or two,” I fail to see as to what I choose to do, where and when is any of your business.”
"What you think Davy?" Laura asked presenting herself to him.
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"Yeah sure man I would love to come but I got to bring Tara with me or she will kill me..." I said and he laughed.
And so, as much as I hated to do it, I crossed the hall and knocked on my sister’s door.
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There was just one problem…
Fuck! I thought.
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She shook her head. Perhaps one day she'd be comfortable trying it on for her husband, but not this afternoon.
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"I don't know, want me to choose a different one?" she asked, shrugging.
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“Nothing. You now know the source of your problems, and with that, you will naturally and subconsciously work to fix it. You have discovered your identity, so you’ve solidified your core and know where you stand. All that’s left is to overcome your anger and resentment for your mother and come to terms with your fear of death and aging, which you will achieve when I teach you to unlock the Self. For now, you are done.” H
“Sure,” Kyle said, handing the bong off to Isabelle who held it with both hands, very carefully.
“I guess not.” Scott said and then paused.
"Yes." She nuzzles her face against his. "I've decided I don’t want to get a boyfriend. I'm fine with you."
“I did say I was speechless when I first saw your picture. I guess I, uh, just found the words for it,” I shrugged, no longer looking her in the eye, trying to play it cool.
“I don’t believe you.”
2007-09-24 12:35:03
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Miranda make her out to be.” He says and I roll my eyes and pull away.
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Dreams of buying an octavia would remain so I guess
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I bit the bullet and bought a Honda EU7000is. I'm looking for suggestions on a weatherproof cover. I've seen everything here from an inverted kiddie pool with a concrete block on the top, to a gen tent or a custom-built generator shed. I want to know what YOU do. What YOU did. What YOU liked, what YOU didn't like.
My use case is as follows: I live in central NC. We get some bad thunderstorms/occasional small hurricanes in the summer and we occasionally get a bad winter ice storm here and there. We don't travel due to personal limitations (aka we don't have a traileRV and probably never will), this is going to be a home backup generator for utility power loss 99% of the time.
I wanted a portable gen rather than fixed/whole home because we don't have natural gas, or in case I had to take it to my elderly mom's house for some reason, or if I wanted to weld/repaietc something out on the property. Aka the cover for the gen has to be portable, not a fixed structure.
I want a cover that is going to be VERY rain/wind resistant. I want something that ideally allows me to refuel the gen easily during inclement weather without having to awkwardly remove and replace the whole cover assembly. On the 7000, the fuel cap is right in the middle of the tank at the top. Storage space isn't a huge issue, but anything that is collapsible is going to score points.
What do you all think? Pretend money is not an issue (sometimes I go all-out and sometimes I'm an utter cheapskate, I just have to see the value in a certain solution to justify the cost, otherwise I go cheapskate on it).
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1996 Honda CBR900RR (4 carburetors, vacuum petcock, no fuel pump). I looked through the posts and hopefully this is okay even though it's not a car, but I need help understanding the carburetor and thought you guys might could help.
The bike was purchased non-running, sat in the previous owner's garage for 6 years, but after replacing battery, spark plugs, cam chain tensioner, fuel petcock/fuel filter, petcock vacuum tube, regulatorectifier, and cleaning and minor refurbing the carbs (replaced bad orings and gaskets, excluding diaphragm, did NOT replace any shiny bits), it runs pretty good now.
Except, no matter how fast or slow I get to highway speeds, at any rev/any gear once I hit around 70-80 mph, after a minute the bike starts behaving like it's run out of gas, stuttering and hesitating, until it finally just dies and I have to pull over. When this happens, I've opened the gas tank to check if it's due to the gas tank not venting (building vacuum) but this is not the case. Once I'm stopped, I try to start it, but it can take a while before it fires again. However, if I try to start it with choke, it'll usually start right up, though it'll die if I release the choke too soon.
It's not like it's wound out at 70mph, it's at a comfy 5k or less rpm (redline at 10.5k), and I can flog it like it's someone else's bike from 0-120, but if I stay at that speed for too long, it'll die.
Anyway, I only know enough about carbs to get into trouble (I've done babby's first carb rejet on my drz but that's it), so does what I said sound like a carb issue? The bike sat for 6 years before I got it running, but I have ran a few tanks of gas through it and cleaned the fuel filter a time or two. Are there any tests I could do to find a solution here? Taking it to a shop is really not economically brilliant in this bike's case, so any help would be awesome
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2023.03.25 19:54 Sick-Phoque Question about fuel capacity/mileage on '16 Corolla LE

Hi all. So the other day I got on the highway forgetting I needed to fuel up. I saw that I had enough mileage remaining to reach the gas station with a few km to spare (plus I have a 5L gas can in trunk for emergency) but the last ~15km of remaining mileage went down disproportionately fast, and by the time I reached the gas station , remaining mileage was either 0 or 1km.
Now my fuel tank capacity is 50L so I was expecting to put close to that in, but it would only take 43 Litres. And I've noticed it never takes as much fuel as I expect. Is this just some fuel reserve so people don't run out of gas?
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[#SmooSatProTips] Electric Scooter vs. Car: How Much Money Can You Save on Your Daily Commute?
An electric scooter is much less expensive to acquire and maintain than a car. Hence, switching to an e-scooter instead of your ordinary vehicle could be a sage decision to save money if you use your automobile for short journeys like the daily commute. We are all aware of the high cost of purchasing a car, particularly if we are considering a new model. On the other hand, electric scooters are much less expensive and capable of performing the tasks that most cars are relegated to. People using lightweight electric scooters to do their grocery shopping is getting more and more prevalent. As such, for daily commuters, this new wave of transportation is indeed changing the game by saving them hundreds of dollars a month – and even more if you factor in insurance, parking, time, etc. Research published by Georgia Tech, supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF)– one of the leading research universities in the US, reported that It saves time that accounts for approximately $536 per year. But that is only the tip of the iceberg. Let’s dive in.
Are Electric Scooters Cheaper than a Car in both Long and Daily Commutes?
- Upfront Cost Differences
- Gas vs. Charging
- Parking
- Insurance
- Maintenance Costs
- Which Electric Scooter is Right for you?
Concluding Remarks
Are Electric Scooters Cheaper than a Car in both Long-Term and Daily Commutes?
It is crucial to consider many situations in which owning a commuter electric scooter is more affordable than owning a car that includes daily commutes. Only a portion of what you pay at the point of purchase is the actual cost of the vehicle. When you own a car, you have additional overhead expenses that don't apply to electric scooters. Let’s take a look at the details, supported by facts and figures.
Image credit: WIRED​​
Upfront Cost Differences
If you don't already have one, you can pay between $20,000 and $40,000 to buy a decent car. That costs several magnitudes more than an adult scooter. To obtain an estimate of the budget, you can search on Amazon or check out our entry-level or flagship – the SmooSat MAX. For a deeper dive into how cheaper they are compared to cars with distinctive features, check out our blog covering every model in our lines. Electric scooters are more affordable than cars, costing roughly $200 and $3,000 – a whopping 1/10th of a regular car. They are even cheaper if you want a children’s electric scooter for your child or a loved one.
Gas vs. Charging
Unlike gas-powered cars, adult electric scooters can travel several miles on a fully charged battery. Your automobile can only travel for a certain number of hours on a full gas tank. An electric scooter battery, however, is not expensive; with a charging cord and a power source, you may quickly have a fully charged battery. Compare this to driving a car, where the cost of gas is $0.15/mile. According to one research from Electric Scooter Guide, an electric scooter with long-range costs around $0.45 to charge fully and comes out to roughly $7.30 annually, significantly less expensive than even filling up one gas tank. So, the cost plummets significantly for a daily and city commute. If you are concerned that a lightweight electric scooter may not have the range for city commuting, revered platform MicroMobility released a breakdown that almost half of the city commutes are under 3 miles making electric scooters an excellent option.
Source: MicroMobility​​
Moreover, one of the largest tech platforms – WIRED, wrote -
“Part of the reason for that is that the cost of fueling an e-scooter is a little more than 1 percent of the cost of fueling even a car that delivers a respectable 28 miles per gallon. Over weeks, months, and years of commuting, those savings add up.”
Access to free parking spots is one of the benefits of using an adult scooter. While parking a car, you must pay a specific charge, but with an electric scooter, all you need to do is find a spot on the sidewalk where you can lock it securely. Getting a ticket for improper parking is always possible when driving a car, but it never arises when using an electric scooter. To park your finest lightweight electric scooter safely on the sidewalk during eclectic scooter city communing so you may go to your destination on your way to work, school, or the store, check for parking places there. And just like that – it’s free and safe.
The typical monthly payment for a car is in the hundreds or thousands of dollars per year range. The cost of insurance for your electric scooter will be just a tenth of the price for your automobile if you choose to insure your electric scooter, which Amazon offers as an option. You could pay less monthly insurance premiums if you're a lucky automobile driver and never have to file a claim. Would it be much better not to spend even a small monthly insurance premium? Absolutely! Moreover, electric scooter insurance is optional, especially for children’s electric scooters, and most commuter scooters do not even need it. It is not even a consideration for that demographic resulting in zero cost in this domain.
Maintenance Costs
There will always be items to purchase, update, and fix, and these automotive additions are expensive for cars. Several regular examinations should be performed, some of which should be daily. Typically, you will need the services of a mechanic, which you must also pay for. You end up shelling out roughly $1,000 for these at the end of the month. For electric scooters, it differs. An electric scooter for city commutes boasts maintenance costs that can never equal the initial purchase price. You can even replace the adult electric commuter scooter from Amazon if you are inside the warranty window.
Which Electric Scooter is Right for you?
Now that you see that an electric scooter is a viable alternative for daily commutes with significantly less cost and much more savings. You should make an informed decision on which one to get. Not all commuter electric scooters are created equal, and your needs may not fit another person’s, let alone a children’s electric scooter. So, to make this incredible investment to save thousands of dollars in your daily city commutes, check out our buying guide for a comprehensive take on which would be the right choice for you. Moreover, if you want to get a family member or your children such a sustainable electric scooter, our gift guide is a beautiful resource. To see what the most prominent platforms and publications, including Tom’s Guide, The Miami Herald, and The Street, among others, are saying about SmooSat, feel free to check out our media coverage blog for a compelling read.
Concluding Remarks
According to one research team, a high-capacity battery electric scooter with a 93-mile range costs around $0.45 to charge fully. With typical usage, this comes to roughly $7.30 annually, significantly less expensive than even filling up one gas tank. All of this adds up to an estimate that one dollar of electricity can go between 350 and 900 miles, which is unfathomable to owners of cars. Most of the staff at our company use the SmooSat SA3 Prime adult scooter, purchased for one-twentieth the price of a vehicle. Hence, electric scooters make perfect sense in city commuting. Additionally, there are astronomical combined expenditures of parking, tax, and car insurance as opposed to electric scooters.
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I’m jack and this is a true story that involves the best parts of my sex life and a ton of fun. It’s a slow starter but it will get really fun I promise.
It all started when I finished High School. I was seventeen, had graduated early from high school and had about 8 monthes until I started college. I got a job working as a delivery driver for a pizza place called Rotinni’s. I spent my first two months working there getting up at about 3 pm going to work till 10, and then driving 15 miles down to my favorite pool hall that was open till 4 am. I would get home just in time to say good morning to my mom and go to sleep.
This lasted a while I also spent some time with my girlfriend of six months. She was nothing special about 5’6”, decent B cups with a little weight on her but still attractive. We had fooled around a lot but it was never amazing, but she was really fun to hang out with and did whatever I wanted whenever I wanted so I couldn’t just leave her.
Then I met Nikki. She was a couple years younger than I was about 5’ 7”, long golden blond hair, physically fit with a few extra pounds and a great ass. All of this was minimized by the fact that she had gorgeous F cup tits. I myself was only about 5’9” with a stockier build but I wasn’t getting chased by the ladies if you know what I mean. Nikki started working with me at Rotini’s behind the counter. We talked every day a lot and we soon realized that she lived right next to the pool hall. She was too young to drive but she had her parents pick her up or drop her off every night.
One night her dad got wasted, as he often did, and he showed up completely wasted. I had just gotten off work when heard yelling and I looked over and saw Nikki standing by her dad’s car arguing with him while he was still inside it. “God dad, how could you do this to me you know I hate it when you drive drunk. I don’t feel safe in the car when you’re like this.”
“Nikki get in the car you have to get home. Its 15 miles to the apartment, you don’t want to get in you can walk,” he yelled back at her. “I don’t care what you do just make up your fucking mind.” While he was yelling I started walking over calm and collect even though he was seriously starting to piss me off.
“Hey if you want I can drive her home I’m heading that way anyway,” I said cordially, it’s not like I was lying she was by the pool hall. “Thanks Jack, take her dumb ass home,” her dad replied, and then peeled off in his black Honda civic. Nikki and I headed to my 97 red camaro z28 and started going back to the pool hall. We didn’t say much but she asked if it wouldn’t be a problem if I drove her home from now on when we worked together, she offered to pay for gas and I accepted.
For the next few weeks I drove her home without incident, but about three weeks in on a Friday night she came into work crying. “What’s wrong Nikki?” I asked as I ran up to her. “I don’t want to talk about it right now, maybe later in the car.” I spent the rest of the night watching her and making sure she was alright. Ten o’clock rolled around and Nikki went into the bathroom to change as she had started doing since I started driving her home. We headed to my car joking around about how she always got dressed up just to go home, tonight she was wearing a short jean skirt with rips all over that clearly showed her soft skin and what looked like a low cut t-shirt that was so tight her huge tits were popping out the top in the middle of march (god I was stupid). “Hey Jack, would you mind dropping me off at a friends house tonight my dad and I got into an argument and I am going to sleep at my best friend patti’s place.”
“I guess but do you mind swinging by my place first I have to drop off some money for my mom before she heads to sleep and maybe shower really quick.”
“No problem she said not to come over for a while anyway.” So we headed back to my apartment. I pulled out four hundred dollars in cash I had made over the past week and dropped in an envelope on the table and wrote MOM RENT on the front. I didn’t have to pay rent but my sister was four years older than I was not working or going to college and mooched off of my mom so I offered to pitch in when I could.
We went into my room, and I went into the bathroom off my bedroom to take a quick shower. I came out of the bathroom and Nikki was laying on my bed just chilling looking at the tv even though nothing was on it. Igrabbed some clothes and walked back into the bathroom. “What, you aren’t going to put a show on for me?” She said playfully. “Not until you do gorgeous, besides you know I have a girlfriend.”
“How do you think she would feel knowing you had these tits in your bed?” She was always joking about her amazing breasts. They were quite obviously her best physical feature and she never minded when I starred at them as long as I didn’t ignore her, she did get mad at the other guys at work though. I kinda figured it was a thank you for the rides. I walked back into the bedroom and said, “I don’t know, but she trusts me and Robby is home.” Robby was an alcoholic stray my sister brought home one day and never left. He was also my girlfriend, shauna’s smoking buddy when I was at work.
“Well you’re no fun,” she giggled and patted the bed with her left hand beckoning me to sit on it. I sat on the opposite side of the mattress (my bed was just a mattress on the floor at the time). “shouldn’t we be heading to your friends house?” “Na not yet we still have time, let’s play a game.”
“What kind of game?” I asked wondering if this was going to be something childish. “Truth or dare.”
“Sounds like fun but remember I have a girlfriend.” She said she would keep it low key and we started off innocently enough. A bunch of stupid truths like who was your first kiss, where is the craziest place you have fooled around. Then came the interesting truths like, I ever fantasized about her naked, and if so what had I imagined. Before I could ask her one after that she said it was time to head out. On our way to the car I asked her if she ever flashed a random person. She said she used to flash the semis that drove past during gym class. After that she said she didn’t want to ask anymore but if I did I could. When we got in the car I said, “ok so flash me.” Without skipping a looked over and there were her amazing f tits with silver dollar fully erect nipples sticking out. My dick immediately came to full attention. She looked at it and said “someone enjoyed that,” and giggled again in a more seductive way.
“anything else you want to ask?” I dared her to take her top offcompletely. She did and I was annoyed to find that she had a tank top on. So I dared her to take that off. She had a sports bra under her tank top. She giggled taunting me. So I dared her to take off her sports bra. I was devasted to find out she still had another bra on. She said she didn’t want to take off her bra while we were in public so I told her to take off her skirt. She did slowly and seductively while in the passenger seat. She then pulled my right hand of the shifter and on to her smooth pale skin. First sliding it up her thigh, then in towards the middle and then on to her panty covered pussy. There she was this gorgeous blonde with huge tits in my car in a lacy black bra that barely held her tits and a sexy matching black pair of panties. She then slid my hand up her stomach and under her bra onto her huge tits. I had never felt a pair of tits so big before and I want crazy massaging them going from one to the other and pulling on her erect nipples.
She looked down at my pants and said “your turn.”
“For what?”
“You get to see all of this and feel it, I want to see what's popping up in those pants.” I unzipped my fly and pulled out my 8 inch cock. She looked at it in awe. “What?” I asked.
“It looks so hot.” She said with amazement and then grabbed it with her hand and started to jerk it. Most of the way to her friends house she was jerking me off, which I had never had before and it felt so amazing, plus I had her big tits in my hand whenever I wasn’t shifting. When we were five minutes out I asked, “can we stop somewhere and have you finish with your beautifully full lips.” “nope, and I have to get dressed so its time to put jr. away.”
I was horrified I was so hard and all I wanted was to blow my load in this girls mouth or on her face or tits, or at least on her hand. But true to her word she got dressed and we pulled into Patti’s apartment complex. She leaned over to me, hugged me, shoved her tits in my face “accidentally”and kissed me on the cheek and got out. Immediately after she left the car I felt guilty about what had happened and texted my girlfriend that I had to see her and to meet me at my apartment. I was going to spill my guts, and I still had a raging boner.
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Boilerplate disclaimer: This story is fictional in its entirety. The characters mentioned herein do not exist and have never existed, and the events transcribed have never, to the author's knowledge, occurred. This story is designed for adults, and only for adults. If you are in a location where this material is illegal, do not read this story. If you are too young to legally read this story, do not read this story. If you have difficulties discerning the difference between fiction and reality, do not read this story. Do not, under any circumstances whatsoever, at any time, attempt to emulate any illegal or immoral actions performed in this story. It is important that you understand and respect the line between fiction and reality. This story is harmless fantasy-fulfillment, but any attempt to act out any of these events would not be harmless. Don't do bad things.
Non-standard disclaimer: In many aspects, this work is heavily idealized. While I have taken care to not include any physical impossibilities, it is important to recognize that in fantasy, body proportions (among other things) trend toward the author's ideal. If this series becomes popular enough, I'll handwave it away with some miracle drug, or leave it alone if that's the will of the audience. If you want more realistic anatomy, I'll be working on a more realistic story later if my writing style is well-received.
Dramatis Personae:
The Hollands
Christian Holland, 33. Mass tort attorney with Holland, Holland, and Tomlinson. 6'1", 170 lbs.
Sophia Holland, 32. Criminal defense attorney with Holland, Holland, and Tomlinson. 5'3", 115 lbs.
Sarah Holland, 15. Junior-to-be at Memphis High School. 5'4", 105 lbs.
James Holland, 15. Junior-to-be at Memphis High School. 5'7", 135 lbs.
Erin Holland, 13. Freshman-to-be at Memphis High School. 5'0", 90 lbs.
The Others
Jane Simons, 48. Governess and nanny to the Holland family.
Richard Hall, 41. Teacher of Civics and Economics at Memphis High School.
John Tomlinson, 33. Mass tort attorney with Holland, Holland, and Tomlinson.
Christine Turnbull, 27. Teacher of Chemistry at Memphis High School.
Annabeth Turnbull, 15. Junior-to-be at Memphis High School. 5'6", 115 lbs.
Robert Stevens, 14. Freshman-to-be at Memphis High School. 5'6", 150 lbs.
When Christian Holland, scion of the Holland family of shipping magnates, wed at the tender age of sixteen, the social strain was nearly too much for his name to bear. For a time the Hollands were quietly ridiculed, especially once they began having children. But that soon passed. In fact, Christian Holland soon faded from the eye of society entirely, preferring to make his own name as an attorney rather than live on a sinecure at Holland Shipping, LLc. While it must be said that perhaps no other couple could have made it through college and law school with young children, and perhaps no other couple could so easily have established a thriving law practice, it cannot be denied that Christian and Sophia had managed to establish their own affluence, independant of the Holland family business.
It is their children, who had grown with scant interference or guidance from their own parents, with whom we now concern ourselves. We go now to the city of Memphis, in Tennessee.
It was almost noon on the fourth or fifth day of summer, and a jackhammer was assaulting Sarah's eardrums. She rolled over blearily to press the snooze button for the fifth time that morning, thought better of it, and rolled gracelessly out of bed in a tangle of blankets. She liberated herself from the knot of sheets and stalked, nude, to the closet. Sarah was five feet four inches tall, with shoulder-length brown hair. She was quite slim, to the point that the pronounced curve of her breasts, which were pert and firm even without a bra, looked almost too big for her. They were not exceptionally large on an absolute scale, being either a generous C-cup or a small D-cup, but stood out from her lithe figure, both literally and figuratively, in an enticingly sensual manner. Her skin was already a uniform tan, with the lineless clarity of one who sunbathes in the nude.
Sarah was preparing to start the day when she caught sight of herself in her vanity mirror, and saw with a start that she looked... well, awful. Her hair was tangled and matted, and her face still bore traces of the previous day's makeup. She sighed in annoyance, and padded down the hall, still nude (her brother, being an early riser, would have already left the house). She reached the bathroom she shared with her siblings, and paused at the clatter of water on ceramic -- her sister, already showering.
Hoping to surprise her sister, she opened the door stealthily and tiptoed in. She could see a silhouette through the frosted glass of the shower. She darted forward, opened the door to the shower, leaped in, and yelled "gotcha!"
Her brother looked at her as if she were insane.
"Sarah, what the hell?" He yelled, attempting to cover herself with her hands. She blushed a bright crimson, likewise trying to cover herself. She should have left right then, but she couldn't open the door without exposing herself to her brother.
"I'm sorry, John! I thought it was Emily!"
"It's fine. Just -- get out!"
He at last averted his eyes from his twin's body, and realised with a jolt of horror that he was becoming erect. He readjusted his hand in a futile effort to cover himself. This had the unintended side-effect of drawing his sister's attention to his groin, and what she saw there held her attention like a magnet. Her brother's cock was enormous -- bigger, by far, than any she'd seen. Though still soft, it was easily seven inches long, and a good inch-and-a-half wide. All efforts to retreat or to cover herself were abandoned. Sarah was struck dumb by the almost grotesquely large penis dangling off of her twin brother's lanky frame. She absently reached out a hand towards it.
"SARAH, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?" John's bellow jolted Sarah out of her reverie. She flushed crimson again, this time from guilt, as she saw that her hand was almost touching that massive, incredible -- she shook herself again, opened the door, and fled the shower.
"Sorry, John!" she cried as she left. "Sorry!"
She ran all the way back to her room, breathing heavily -- not from exertion but from arousal. She collapsed nude onto the closest bed, not even bothering to close the door or cover herself. She wanted to cum. She needed to cum. She pressed a finger frantically into her clit, rubbing over and over, harder and harder, imagining what it would be like to be fucked by that massive cock. She moaned, muting the sound as much as she could. Her left hand squeezed her firm breasts, playing over her nipples. She was hornier than she'd ever been before. Her cunt was soaking wet. She was so close -- her pussy was tightening -- and she heard the bathroom door open.
Through a supreme effort of will, she managed to stop before John heard her, though her wet pussy cried out for relief. She kicked the door closed almost as an afterthought, and jumped up to put some clothes on -- just a tight white tank top and some shorts. She was hornier than ever, but she needed to apologize to her brother.
She crossed the hall and rapped sharply on her brother's door.
"Go away, Sarah."
"I need to apologize!"
"Do it from out there."
"Just let me in, dammit!"
"No. Now go away."
"Fine. Lemme get some shorts on."
The door unlocked with a click, and she let herself in as her brother wheeled his office chair back over to his desk. John was of average height, and very thin, with the abdominal defintion that comes not from weightlifting but rather from an almost complete absence of fat. His skin, like his sister's, was very tan. He wore red gym shorts that were partially concealed by a bath towel, which had the appearance of studied nonchalance, as if to disguise the fact that it was there to hide (ineffectually) a very impressive bulge. He had brown hair that he kept in a crew cut, and his eyes, like his sister's, were a bright green. He did not look at his sister.
Sarah sat on his bed, facing him. He carefully avoided looking at her.
"I'm really sorry for that, John. I thought it was Emily in there."
"I did! Really. I promise."
"You tried to grope me, Sarah! What the hell was that?" His voice had gone from merely sullen to overtly angry, and his eyes had a dangerous cast to them.
"I -- I didn't mean to!" John snorted in disbelief. "Honest, I didn't. I just... I -- I'd never seen one so big!" It was John's turn to blush, now. He steadfastly kept his eyes from his sister's firm breasts, whose nipples were not in the slightest concealed by the thin fabric of her tank top. Feeling the need to fill the silence, his sister continued "Your... penis... is enormous. Even soft, it's bigger than Tommy's was hard!"
At the mention of her ex-boyfriend, John looked up, but did not speak. "I mean --" Sarah floundered in her attempt to get him to speak, "how big is it, anyway?" John grimaced in embarassment, and looked away. "Come on, John! When was the last time we ever kept anything from each other?"
"Well, I didn't know you were fucking Tommy Clark!"
"You didn't ask!"
John swiveled his chair to face his desk and turned on his computer. He gave every impression of ignoring her still-unanswered question. Sarah said nothing, and waited.
"Nine inches."
"WHAT? FUCKING HELL! There's no way at all."
He swiveled back to face her. "If you're trying to get me to prove it, Sarah, you're barking up the wrong tree." His mouth quirked upwards as he awaited her response.
"I wouldn't say no to a free show, if you were offering one."
"I suppose I shouldn't have expected anything different from the girl who wanted to grope me."
"Wanted? I still do!" She stuck her tongue out at him. She was breathing more easily now that they were back to their normal light-hearted rapport.
"Be serious for a minute, kid. When did you and Tommy do it?"
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Lez Girls(abigail eva)使用済みの大人のおもちゃで罰するclip-04
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JAV スター セックス パーティー vol 8
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医師から治療を受けるバレリーナ / ミン・ガリレア - DaniClarkOfficial
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2023.03.25 15:07 ollee32 Seeking advice on a new vehicle

We’re planning to have to replace our 2005 Subaru in the next few months. Its got some electrical issues and the check engine light is a common occurrence now so it’s unlikely to pass emissions this Fall. It’s been a great car. I’m not interested in another Subaru though, I’d prefer something with a third row due to kids. Here’s our requirements/hopes and what we’re looking at. I’d love feedback. Our biggest “must” is reliability. I’d love feedback:
Other hopes: -third row (not 100% needed but I’m pretty committed to this) -4x4 or AWD (we travel to snowy areas in winter but don’t need it often, willing to let this go) -RELIABLE/not expensive to work on
My picks (in order) all would be used (couple years old/30-40k miles likely):
-Lexus gx460. Seems like a tank. Reliable. Interior is boring but I don’t care. However trunk is non existent when third row is in use. It’s the most expensive, requires premium fuel. There’s a lot of “cons” here but the pro is its a supposedly very reliable car that meets all criteria.
-4 runner (forego third row). also reliable but horrible on gas (my husband has this on the bottom of his list)
-Volvo xc90 and Acura MDX but I know nothing about these makers. I’ve only had Toyotas, Subaru, Honda. They’re both cheaper than a Lexus but I feel like there’s a reason for that.
-Subaru forester (no third row, not up high, they look to “cool” now with the…but way cheaper and I can attest to reliability)
I’d like feedback about which vehicle is a good bet reliability-wise. I know the market is insane and for that reason I’m hoping our forester can give us a few more months. But once it goes we will need something right then.
Also open to other suggestions! But I won’t get a Kia or Hyundai. I know I know, theyve come a long way. I’m just Not interested in a $50k Kia telluride…I also had an odyssey that was a total money pit and so I won’t get a pilot on principle (the dealership was a nightmare).
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2023.03.25 15:01 KhoaFraelich 10 Logical Reasons Why Motorcycles Are Better Than Cars

10 Logical Reasons Why Motorcycles Are Better Than Cars
These undeniable facts illustrate why two wheels are better than four

We all know that even though cars and trucks make up a large portion of vehicles on the road, motorcycles are the mode of transportation that immediately commands attention with their "cool" factor.

There is nothing particularly unique or interesting about your typical sedan, SUV, or pickup truck, but any motorcycle causes people to briefly pause and stare at this unique marvel of engineering. Even if it happens to be a little Honda Grom. While most would suggest that there are more practical uses for cars, SUVs, and pickup trucks, there are just as many valid reasons why motorcycles are the unsung rulers of the road.

Motorcycles Have Better Gas Mileage
The price of gas can be a real pain in the butt depending on where you live, and it can cost you a big chunk of change out of your bank account every month. However, motorcycles don't really suffer that much at the pump. Because motorcycles are smaller than cars, they don't require huge engines to get them from A to B. This also means that despite having smaller fuel tanks (most range from 2-6 gallons), riders get more bang for their buck at the pump. A decent, fuel efficient car might get 30 MPG at best, most motorcycles average between 40 and 60 miles-per-gallon.

Motorcycles Don't Require As Much Maintenance
With cars, you have a lot of moving parts to take care of. You need regular oil changes, transmission service, tire rotation, replace cracked windshields, refill windshield wiper fluid, cleaning the interior, and dealing with that annoying "check engine" light. With motorcycles, you don't need to have that many worries hanging over your head. Other than bringing your bike in for routine service every few thousand miles, there isn't much you need stress over. Just keep it clean, don't beat the hell out of the engine, and not ride like an idiot. Outside of that, you are good to go!

Not Everyone Rides Motorcycles And That's A Good Thing
According to the Motorcycle Industry Council, approximately 8% of Americans ride motorcycles. It is that small percentage of people that take pride in being the black sheep. The fact is nearly everyone drives a car, and there is nothing special or unique about that. Unless your car can fly, double as a submarine, or travel through time, they are not that impressive.

Motorcycles are always noticed. They stick out like a two-wheeled thumb, and they come with a strong sense of pride in daring to be different. Motorcycle riders tend to have more adventurous, outgoing personalities that demand more out of life instead of coasting through by living some boring, cookie-cutter existence. Motorcyclists live to tell stories and connect with new people, because not everyone else is willing to take that extra leap of faith.

Motorcycles Don't Cost As Much As Cars
Unless you've got some serious coin to throw at a new Harley-Davidson CVO Road Glide Limited, purchasing a motorcycle does not require you to have deep pockets. The prices of new and used cars have been increasing over the last few years thanks to high demand and constantly-disappearing inventory. With a motorcycle, you won't have to shell nearly as much cash for a dealer to hand you the keys. With many sporty motorcycles costing less than $10k, owning the title to one isn't as stressful as trying to pay off your car. Not to mention that motorcycles don't cost as much at the fuel pump. With many cars and trucks demanding at least $50 to fill up, you will be lucky if the cost to fill your motorcycle costs more than $20.

Finding A Parking Spot Is Much Easier
We've all had those moments where you're driving into the city, and you are scanning the streets for an open parking spot that isn't next to a fire hydrant. Depending on where you are, this can become a real pain. Worst case scenario you find a parking garage that requires you to pay through the nose for a spot. With motorcycles, you barely have that problem.

Thanks to their smaller size, motorcycles can easily maneuver and position themselves in open spaces that a regular car cannot. You can park parallel to the curb, or you can back it in with a more perpendicular parking position. Regardless of how you park, you can take comfort knowing you won't have to deal with as many headaches as some trying to find a good parking spot while driving a Chevy Silverado or GMC Hummer.

Motorcycles Are Much Better For Your Mental Health
Unless you are John Wick or a member of a 1-percenter club, there is no such thing as a frowning face on a motorcycle. Riding a motorcycle is the same kind of sensory overload your dog feels when it sticks it head out of the window of a moving car. You feel the wind on your face, the humming of the engine, and your exposure to the natural world. They give you a brief hiatus from smartphones and other modern-day creature comforts to unplug and take a moment to relax. It's already enough to know just how crazy the world can be whenever you turn on the news. So hopping on a motorcycle and taking a vacation from the rest of the world will do your mental health a huge favor.

There is also the opportunity to increase your cognitive strength by teaching your body to operate a manual-shift vehicle without even thinking about it. The more practice you get, the more it feels like your body is simply acting and performing these functions on its own. Plus, because motorcycle riders are more aware of their surroundings, your reaction time to hazards improves. Being more aware of danger means more time for you to prepare, and properly react to every kind of obstacle.

You Can Actually Burn Calories While Riding
Not only do motorcycles improve your mental well-being, your body also gets its own workout. By using your body to physically maneuver, balance, and grasp your bike, you are also burning calories in the process. In a car, you are stuck in a prone position that isn't very physically demanding. But on a bike, you are using your back, arms, and legs to get you from point A to point B. Depending on the amount of activity, you can burn anywhere from 170 to 600 calories an hour on a motorcycle. A pretty fun way to get closer to that beach bod.

Community Of Like-Minded Individuals
If you are the only one in your friend group that rides a motorcycle, it can be kind of hard to connect when you are the only one that lives this kind of lifestyle. But the second you meet up with other bikers on your journeys, a connection is immediately forged. While there are certain clubs for car enthusiasts to connect with, most average drivers are not drawn to that sort of thing. But with motorcyclists, we want to know more about you, your bike, your story, adventures you've been on, where you're going, etc. In other words, motorcycles are a loud and fun social lubricant.

Adrenaline Junkies Love Motorcycles
Watch the X Games, or any sort of extreme-sport competition, and you will most certainly see some motorcycles involved. Being able to pack so much power into a small package is what many thrill-seekers find so attractive about riding a motorcycle. While there are some high-performance sports cars and muscle cars that can also get the job done, they usually require thousands of dollars in upgrades, as well as lots of skill behind the wheel.

On a motorcycle, all you need is a Class M license, some road, and you are ready to twist the throttle! You've got the wind in your face, the loud rumbling of the engine beneath you, and your heart beating in your chest reminding you that you are alive and in the moment. When was the last time you felt that way in a Honda Odyssey?

Motorcyclists Can Use The HOV Lane
Picture in your mind that you are on the highway while on your way to work. Traffic is backed up and the only lane that is moving is the HOV lane. Unfortunately, because you're driving by yourself, it would be illegal for you to take that lane. That is unless you're riding a motorcycle. In which case, the highway is your oyster and the HOV lane is that bright, shiny pearl you get to benefit from. Not only that, but you get to shave time off of your commute every morning. Pretty good perk for showing up to work both on-time and in the coolest way possible.

Source: Topspeed
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2023.03.25 10:43 Glum_Prior_2872 Tata Yodha Crew Cab In India price 2023

Tata Yodha Crew Cab In India price 2023
Price for a Yodha Crew Cab in India ranges from Rs 9.20 to Rs 10.47 Lakh. Varied configurations, variations, and optional fitments all have a somewhat different price for this Tata small commercial vehicle. The pricing of the Tata Yodha Crew Cab on the road varies as well depending on where you are. The Tata Yodha Crew Cab has a payload capacity of 1020 kg and a gross weight of 2990 kg, This Tata compact commercial vehicle is powered by a 2200 cc Tata 2.2L DI engine with a maximum output of 100 HP and a maximum torque of 250 Nm. The diesel-powered Tata Yodha Crew Cab conforms with BS6 emission standards.
Tata Yodha Crew Cab Specification, Mileage
The 5 speed (5F+1R) gearbox in the Tata Yodha Crew Cab is responsible for power transmission. The owner of a Tata pickup or tiny truck is able to transport a variety of cargo thanks to its 5.8 x 5.7 ft load body dimensions. The Tata Yodha Crew Cab's front suspension is a double wishbone type suspension with an independent coil spring, and the rear suspension is handled by a separate system. The 2200 cc Tata 2.2L DI engine is standard on the Tata Yodha Crew Cab. With a 45-liter fuel tank, excellent Tata Yodha Crew Cab mileage, and a 5-speed (5F+1R) transmission, one can go far without refuelling. In terms of design and construction, the Tata Yodha Crew Cab has a GVW of 2990 kg and a payload of 1020 kg. Tata Yodha Crew Cab has a superb body size of 5.8 x 5.7 ft with a wheelbase of 3150 mm and ideal 5350 mm overall vehicle length. The 215/75 r16 radial, tubeless tyres on this compact commercial vehicle from tata have a better 210 mm ground clearance.
You are also looking Tata Yodha Crew Cab and want to check price offer discount then visit and get all the information. And also you can compare and see.
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2023.03.25 09:31 Vegetable_Ad_9203 Bajaj Pulsar NS160 vs TVS Apache RTR 160 4V

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2023.03.25 06:18 dipi124 Bajaj Dominar 250 vs Bajaj Pulsar RS 200

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2023.03.25 06:03 MuffinOk1059 TVS Apache RTR 180 vs Yamaha FZ FI

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2023.03.25 03:57 MikeTheBee Temp Gauge stuck on H

My 2007 Honda Element has been acting up, code was p0117 so I switched out the ect tonight only for the code to change to p0118. Temperature gauge previously would immediately go to the top after starting(just as the gas gauge would on a full tank) while now it still goes to the top just slowly rising to it. It has been having a rougher start in the morning, then would start quickly/normally after car has been warmed by driving. Not sure if that is relevant or just a coincidental second issue. What should I try next? Is it possible I somehow installed it wrong or something along those lines?
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2023.03.24 21:35 shipitoautomarine 5 of the Best Boat Motors for 2022

The world of boat motors is constantly evolving. Even with the 2020 pandemic and supply chain struggles of 2021, many manufacturers produced exciting new outboards. The 4-stroke technology that companies such as Tohatsu, Mercury, Honda, and Suzuki are using is resulting in some of the most powerful, eco-friendly boat motors on the market yet.
Now, the only decision you need to make is which is best for your water adventures:

2023 Tohatsu 8 HP MFS8BEFL

Lightest 8 HP Motor in Its Class
The Tohatsu 8 HP Outboard Motor model #MFS8BEFL is a two-cylinder, 4-stroke outboard motor that comes equipped with a 20-inch-long shaft and tiller steering. Weighing in at a surprisingly low 90 pounds, this is the lightest 8 HP motor in its class.

2023 Mercury 5 HP 5MLHA-LPG Sail Power Propane Outboard Motor

More Convenience, Less Hassle with Sail Power
Mercury’s all-new 4-Stroke Propane boat motor is designed for sailboats and features an alternator and more thrust. While it’s ideal for sailboats, it’s also a great fit for aluminum tillers and inflatable jon/utility boats.

2023 Mercury 2.5 HP 2.5MH Outboard Motor

Affordable, Portable Power
This 2.5 HP outboard is perfect for small inflatable boats, canoes, and other small boats. The Mercury boat motors are known for their large displacement powerhead which gives this outboard substantially more power than other similar class-rated engines.
2023 HONDA 5 HP BF5DHSHNA Outboard Motor
BEST SELLER: The Dependability You Want in a Lightweight Outboard motors
This incredibly compact and lightweight boat motor is ideal for small tenders, canoes, and jon boats. It gives you a quiet, smooth ride and will keep your water adventures powered for years to come.

2023 HONDA 8 HP BF8DK3LHA Outboard Motor

More of What You Want on the Water
The BF8 gives you more battery charging power, user-friendly features, and even quieter performance. This reliable motor is backed by the best warranty in the business, giving you the peace of mind that you’re investing in something truly worthwhile.
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2023.03.24 21:07 No1PDPStanAccount What are your thoughts on this obscure, unreleased tank? - Object 752

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2023.03.24 20:51 gnomenombre What can I do to help stop this? The paint was fine when I bought it 2 months ago but the Colorado sun is roasting it. 2007 Honda civic EX

What can I do to help stop this? The paint was fine when I bought it 2 months ago but the Colorado sun is roasting it. 2007 Honda civic EX submitted by gnomenombre to civic [link] [comments]