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2023.06.08 13:23 WhichUsernameCanIUse I used my pinky for size, because a banana would be way too small to use for comparison with this gigantic strawberry

I used my pinky for size, because a banana would be way too small to use for comparison with this gigantic strawberry
I love growing stuff on my balcony, it never disappoints. Smoothies for everyone!
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2023.06.08 13:23 yeeeereeeeee Around 1400 ~ replacing ice cream with Bulla frozen yogurt to resist binging urges

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2023.06.08 13:22 tsmxth Cutting carbs for fat loss

So I’ve been on a cut for a while now. I’m upping the intensity of my training and trying to get my diet a bit more dialled in, as I go on holiday in 6 weeks.
Ideally I’d like to drop around 3kg, so not a huge amount of weight. I have been lowering my carbs for the past few days, I’m feeling less bloated around the mid section, which is great as I’m looking to lose the most size round here (especially the love handle / oblique area!) But I’d be interested to hear about anyone’s experience with low carb diets?
Obviously I know that ultimately a calorie deficit will make my weight drop, but with 6 weeks to improve my physique I gotta work hard and get all the advice possible!
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2023.06.08 13:18 afwariKing3 HMDS amount is huge 😳

HMDS amount is huge 😳
Just done my first HDMS 🥰 But the amount is huge! I have at least 4 cups (even more!) of smoothie. Isn’t this too much? Is it the goal? What are you guys doing?
Cheers 💫
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2023.06.08 13:18 theeverydaykitchen Top 7 Best Blenders for Protein Shakes 2023

Editor's Choice: Nutribullet Nutrient Extractor
"Bestselling blender, which is easy to use, quick, ergonomic, and also quiet, all of which is great for."
Upgrade Pick: Ninja Mega Kitchen System
"Mighty and handy blender and food processor that can deliver any shake or smoothie you could possibly imagine."
Budget Pick: Magic Bullet Blender
"Small and simple blender with multiple cups great for almost any need."
Longest Lasting Pick: Vitamix 5200
"Durable blender with a long warranty, featuring the versatility of ten different speeds."
Most Convenient Blender: Nutri Ninja Pro Personal Blender BL456R
"Small and agile blender, yet powerful enough for a smoothie."
Fastest Blender Around: Ninja BL480
"Easy to use and clean up and powerful blender, one of the fastest on the market."
Best Portable Blender: Oster BLSTPB-WTL MyBlend
"Perfect portable blender with a blending jar that can be used as a drinking bottle."
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2023.06.08 13:17 External-Geologist44 New day, new celery smoothie

New day, new celery smoothie
Spinach, celery, ginger, lots of coriandecilantro, lemon, raw honey and banana. Lemon water before drinking the smoothie for the best nutrient absorbation in my body :)
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2023.06.08 13:17 theeverydaykitchen Top 7 Best Blender Food Processor Combos 2023

Editor’s Choice: Oster Blender Smoothie Cup and Food Processor
"Featuring incredible pitcher capacity of 64 ounces, 1200W of power, and six speed settings this is a real blending pro on your kitchen countertop."
Biggest Servings: Ninja Mega Kitchen System
"This model boasts a powerful motor of 1500W, 72-ounce pitcher and a 64-ounce chopping bowl – best option for a big family."
All-In-One Appliance: Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender 58161
"This blender food processor that comes with a smart reversible shredding and slicing disc will easily fit even into a small kitchen."
Most User-Friendly: Ninja Foodi Cold & Hot Cook
"The 1400 W motor is powerful enough to handle traditional functions such as ice crushing, ice cream making, and frozen drinks blending. You can also use it to puree vegetables and fruits for smoothie making."
Apartment-Friendly: Ninja QB900B
"The most budget-friendly option which is still good at dicing, chopping, mincing, and pureeing vegetables and fruits."
Tech Savvy: Ninja BL700
"Witch a bunch of accessories included this model not only makes smoothies and sauces, but also will come in handy for making delicious cookie dough."
Bundget Pick: Cuisinart BFP-703BC
"Reliable option with a three-year limited backup and six speed settings to make your food taste perfect."
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2023.06.08 13:09 theeverydaykitchen Top 10 Best Ninja Blenders 2023

Editor's Choice: Ninja Professional BL610
"This impressive appliance comes with six blades that ensure consistent blends and effortless ice crushing. It is made of high-quality components, and it boasts a great user-friendly design."
Best Value: Ninja QB900B
"If you are looking for an affordable Ninja blender, it’s hard to look past this model. The splash guards prevent any mess in the kitchen, while its compact size saves a lot of room."
Upgrade Pick: Nutri Ninja Blender Duo with Auto-IQ (BL642)
"For those who need a powerful model for various ingredients, we recommend this model that comes with multiple cup sizes. Its intuitive controls will make your favorite smoothie with just one click."
Best with Pulse Technology: Ninja Fit QB3001SS
"With this fantastic Ninja blender, you will be able to create the best smoothies even with frozen fruits. It is very simple to activate, and its Sip & Seal lids are convenient to use."
Best Professional-Grade: Ninja Professional BL660
"As a heavy-duty option, we have this Ninja blender with dishwasher safe and BPA-free parts. The package includes two 16 oz. cups with lids and single-serve blade."
Extremely Powerful: Ninja Mega Kitchen System
"If you want to blend more ingredients that are frozen or hard to process, this amazing model can be ideal for your needs. With the 1500 W motor, it will finish its tasks quickly."
Best for Various Products: Nutri Ninja Pro (BL455)
"In terms of efficiency, this model shows great results because it can process various products easily. There are different cups with lids included in the package."
Best with Touchscreen: Ninja Smart Screen Blender DUO with FreshVac Technology (CT661V)
"The beautiful modern design of this Ninja blender will fit any décor. On top of that, this model boasts a convenient touchscreen display and comes with the FreshVac pump to keep your products fresh."
Best with FreshVac: Nutri Ninja with FreshVac Technology (BL580)
"Here, we have another model with FreshVac included to preserve the vitamins of the products. But this time, it is a more user-friendly Ninja blender with Auto-IQ technology and intuitive controls."
Best Design: Ninja Intelli-Sense Kitchen System (CT682SP)
"When it comes to the appearance of the unit, it’s hard to beat this model with a small footprint. It has 12 smart programs that allow you to make quick and consistent blends."
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2023.06.08 13:00 theeverydaykitchen Top 7 Best Personal Blenders 2023

Editor’s Choice: Ninja Fit QB3001SS
"One of the most reliable brands creates an impressive powerful blender with cups you can take on the road."
Best Personal Blender Set: Tribest PB-250XL-A
"If every member of your family needs a personal sized cup – this blender set is perfect for you."
Best for Green Smoothies: Nutri Ninja Pro Personal Blender BL456R
"Healthy meals are easy to make with this powerful blender that has dishwasher safe cups and stainless blades."
Best for Smoothies: COSORI C011-PB
"Unlimited possibilities of this speedy blender will impress you and will let you take a cup to go."
Budget Pick: PopBabies Personal Blender
"Convenient personal blender that works on batteries and can be carried with you for blending smoothies anytime you want."
Best for Crushing Ice: Golds Gym Personal Power Blender
"A very powerful blender with great speed and exceptional blades with dishwasher safe cup."
Best Vacuum Personal Blender: Flexzion Vacuum Blender
"An exceptional vacuum blender with high-rate performance and easy-to-learn single button operation."
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2023.06.08 12:59 LengthinessActive208 What Are Your Favorite Smoothie Recipes?

Just created my first Reddit account - What should I do now?
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2023.06.08 12:57 ElloEmm Todays breakfast - Cottage cheese bowl with salad, spicy tomatoes, and fried eggs 🍳 (265 cal / 27g protein)

Todays breakfast - Cottage cheese bowl with salad, spicy tomatoes, and fried eggs 🍳 (265 cal / 27g protein)
100g low fat cottage cheese 200g diced tomatoes, lightly friend with paprika, garlic, herbs, salt and pepper Handful of rocket (arugula) 2 medium eggs, fried Topped with balsamic glaze and spring onions
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2023.06.08 12:54 quaillan1 Lush Lime in the Kitchen box being replaced!

Lush Lime in the Kitchen box being replaced!
Lushie since I was 15, but I’ve never tried the shower smoothies! I thought they were supposed to be liquidy af, but heard they’re not. Just got an email saying they’re replacing them and that they’re listening. I think this is great!
Wonder what platform they’re listening to?
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2023.06.08 12:49 5UnderConstruction7 Blood sugar drop

Has anyone felt like their blood sugar dropped? Over a month in, still on 2.5. I'm now doing very low carb, my only carbs a day come from Psyllium husk, 1 tbs of ground flax, and what ever veggie I have for dinner. I've been feeling shaky/off and all the sudden starving. But I'm not hungry, if that makes sense. Oh, and I'm keeping my calories around 1200 a day. I'm going to buy a meter to check it, but I was wondering if anyone else had this. I was wondering if any of us doing very low carb need to split our doses, maybe it's dropping our bs too much? Is this shot just not a good match with very low carb? I was fine for the first month, but I was definitely eating more carbs then.
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2023.06.08 12:44 wwwblonde low calories count on MB8?

hey, just got my MB8 yesterday. i had a MB5 up until now and when i used it to track my gym workouts (weightlifting) i averaged anywhere between 480-550 calories burned during the workout, using the "freestyle" workout. today i did my usual workout but with the new MB8, chose "strength" workout bc it seems the most fitting for me, and i ended up burning only 360 calories? it seems very low. i obviously entered all my details such as age gender height weight etc. is this normal? i dont think i burned that few calories lol. maybe i need to stick with "freestyle" as well on the MB8? or choose another workout plan from the list? any advices are welcome!!
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2023.06.08 12:42 Nine_x_tempest Sweet Commanders vs Calamities. How it's not even close.

Which side would win? The Sweet commanders. Why?
This is why:
Cracker would be a really big problem for Queen and Jack, Cracker showed can create multiple, multiple Biscuit soldiers that even G3 Luffy couldn't even put a single crack to it.
Jack and Queen would be very busy trying to deal with this many soldiers while Katakuri is stalling with King.
The game changer fighter here is not even Cracker or Kat, but Smoothie.
Smoothie Devil fruit possess a Hack ability exactly like that of Greenbull, sucking nutrients, but in her case it sucks any kind of liquid.
When Smoothie does that she gets stronger and bigger, the stat that gets bigger boost is her AP.
Just a few fodders gave Smoothie a enormous AP boost to point she could literally create a larger version of Ikoku Sovereignt that could go even much far away.
While Queen and Jack are occupied dealing with Crackers biscuits, Smoothie would take advantage too stab them both, any weapon can work with her, Cracker making a second sword made of biscuit would allow her to stab both thus sucking their liquids leaving them useless on the ground.
Imagine how much of a boost she would get if she absorbs Queen and Jack. It would be absolutely broken.
Then Kat would serve as tactician, thus him and his brothers with their absurd cooperation as a team, would gang on King and land hits on him both in flames on or flames off.
As said by Zoro king in flames off only gets a bit faster, not a lot, just a bit faster.
Katakuri can without a doubt land hits to fall King from the sky to the ground, and by how much Smoothie AP would be boosted she would easily hurt King even with flames on.
Thus making King need to go flames off to avoid getting hit the most times that he can, but then that leaves him open to get hurt by even Cracker.
Since even when GB managed to catch King with flames off, Katakuri would do the same with his Mochi coated with haki, Katakuri mochi was so strong and sticky that even G4 Boundman Luffy couldn't free itself from Kat Mochi.
Depending how they execute their plan, Katakuri, Smoothie and Cracker can beat the Calamities in low to mid diff in a tag team battle.
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2023.06.08 12:42 GreenMachine_exe Very lost a demotivated

I am 222lb right now I want to get back down to my college weight of 190. I’ve been eating very clean and very low sugar and low calorie. Im also doing intermittent fasting. I have a 4 month old baby and that is kind of how I put on the weight. I don’t have any time to work out right now but I figured If I did all the right things with food I could lose something but I haven’t lost anything. Im borderline about to go find some harambe blood off a sketchy website and hope something happens because it’s really starting to affect my mental. What do I do?
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2023.06.08 12:36 Certain_Suspect_8136 Mini cut advice for female

Looking to do a quick mini cut and go low carb. Strong but just not seeing muscles pop considering how much I’m working out and feel fluffy. 40/F -5’6 -122 - lift heavy 3-4x/week, 11k+ steps per day, Pilates 2-3x/week.
I know it’s about CICO obviously but just looking to optimize, thinking I need to cut carbs. Usually have toast, smoothies w/banana/berries, quinoa for my complex carbs daily. Eat extremely clean, no packaged foods or sugar (only from fruit) & occasional treat of chocolate granola cereal. Have celiac so already gluten free & also no dairy. I LOVE veggies - big ass salads everyday with carrots, peppers, tomatoes, vinegar. Dinner with cauli rice, peppers, broccoli, green beans, etc. Plus a lean protein - chicken, turkey, fish. Going to cut out the banana/berries smoothies, toast, quinoa but do I need to worry about the carb intake of all the veggies? It can really add up. I feel like when I cut calories, it’s hard to feel full if I don’t have more volume to eat without going way over protein. Currently try to keep protein at 115-125.
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2023.06.08 12:24 seoboostdnutrition The all-natural greens powder you need for a healthier you is called Boostd Nutrition.

It might be difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle in the fast-paced world of today. It can be challenging to get all the necessary nutrients our bodies require to function due to busy schedules and limited access to fresh vegetables. But Boostd Nutrition has saved the day with their ground-breaking natural greens powder. Boostd Nutrition has the ideal option whether you're an athlete or just want to boost your general wellbeing. We'll examine the advantages of their greens powder in this post and talk about why it's the best sports greens substitute in the UK.
The Benefits of Natural Greens Powder: Boostd Nutrition recognises the value of giving your body the proper ratio of nutrients. Your regular intake of important vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants can be increased easily and effectively by supplementing it with their all-natural greens powder. This greens powder offers a wealth of organic components and a variety of health advantages. Boostd Nutrition's greens powder can significantly improve your routine, from better digestion to stronger immune response.
Boostd Nutrition's Greens Powder: Why Use It?
Boostd Nutrition is dedicated to employing only the best components in their greens powder, which are of the highest calibre. Each dish is brimming with organic superfoods like wheatgrass, kale, spinach, and spirulina. The abundance of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants present in these nutrient-dense foods supports optimum health and vigour.
All-Natural and Chemical-Free: Boostd Nutrition's product is entirely natural and devoid of artificial additives, sugars, and fillers, in contrast to many other greens powders on the market. They place a high value on the quality and integrity of their goods to guarantee that you get just the best for your body.
Convenient and Versatile: It's really simple to incorporate the greens powder from Boostd Nutrition into your regular routine. Just combine a scoop with some juice, water, or your preferred smoothie. It's ideal for people who are often on the go or who have a hard time getting enough greens in their diet. You can quickly provide your body with necessary nutrients with Boostd Nutrition, even if you don't have much time.
Alternative to Athletic Greens in the UK: It can be difficult for athletes and health-conscious people to locate a trustworthy athletic greens uk alternative. By offering an amazing greens powder that is especially suited for the UK market, Boostd Nutrition addresses this gap. By using Boostd Nutrition, you're supporting a regional company that is aware of the particular requirements of its clients.
Trusted and Transparent: Boostd Nutrition takes pride in its transparency and places a high value on fostering a relationship of trust with its clients. Each product is rigorously examined and verified, guaranteeing its efficacy and safety. You may buy with confidence from Boostd Nutrition knowing that you're getting a high-quality item that lives up to its promises.
The all-natural greens powder from Boostd Nutrition is a game-changer for people looking for a practical and efficient method to improve their general health and wellbeing. Boostd Nutrition is revolutionising the industry with to its high-quality components, dedication to all-natural formulas, and position as the best Athletic Greens UK substitute. Make the move to Boostd Nutrition's greens powder today and discover the revolutionary advantages for yourself. Don't compromise on your health. With the 100% natural greens powder from Boostd Nutrition, proudly created in England, embrace a healthier you.
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2023.06.08 12:19 TheGeekyZoologist Jurassic World: The Hegemony of Biosyn (JWD rewrite) - Act IV (2/2)

Here's the second part of Act IV. Sorry for the double post but I had no choice due to the website's limitations.

Act IV: The Clouds Burst (2/2)

To the Panic room
Frightened by the new attack, Biosyn's board of directors leave the auditorium and, guided by their escort, they head for the panic room. Meanwhile, the employees finally manage to rush out of the burning cafetaria and while some surrender to the Italians and the Austrians, others rush to the metro station or the garages in order to flee to the Biosyn village, and a fraction try to make a run for the panic room but their way is blocked by a group of guards.
On their way to the panic room, the board of directors is partly caught in a stampeding crowd. Zoe Murdoch is pushed on the ground, trampled and left behind while Nathan Quinn abandons his fellow board members.
The wage of treachery
While she also started heading to the garages, knowing that Dodgson must be there, Bigelow is attacked by Massoud. They fight but despite her skills, Massoud is a stronger opponent and he overpower Bigelow. But just as he is strangling her, the grey guard is tased by Kayla and falls unconscious. The smuggler helps the CIA agent get up and they hurry to the garages.
The raiders
Meanwhile, the mysterious soldiers have reached the laboratories, killing everyone in their path, be they Biosyn guards and mercenaries, scientists who tried to save their work, or besiegers (including Luis Olivares).
They cross the different labs. In Dr Lesser's, Wu hides from them as he is still locked up. The raiders ends up reaching their objective: The locusts' lab. When they see the nine empty rooms, the raiders seem worried and frustrated, implying they came to do something with the locusts. They then has the remaining group gassed and we see the locusts taking flight and then starting to drop dead on the floor. While some of the raiders then raid and destroy the rest of the Locusts' lab, other squad members then free the animals contained in the cages of another lab.
In the lower levels
While crawling and climbing in the vents towards the top of the Citadel, Claire sees Owen running past her as he rushes to the kennels. But the alarms' blare prevent The Raptor Whisperer from hearing his fiancée.
In the lower levels, Mia Everett is trying to capture Victoria, intending to save her from the chaos and Biosyn's clutches, but the young Achillobator attack her, biting and clawing at her throat. Grievously injured, the scientist fall and Victoria lets her bleeds to death. When Owen finds Mia, she just has the time of uttering a few words before passing away. The Raptor Whisperer sees a number of animals running in the hallways, including Victoria. But just as he plans to catch her, Biosyn employees are being chased by some of the most dangerous escapees (like the dilophosaurs). Some of those animals prevent The Raptor Whisperer from going after Victoria and he is forced to hide in the first room he can find.
Tu quoque mi fili
On their way to the garages, Ramsay and Dodgson have an argument, during which the first say he no longer want to follow the second due to his recent fits of madness (filling Maisie's head with lies; the locusts' threats; literally declaring war with the Italians and the Austrians; behaving like a dictator...), even though he believed in his vision when he was recruited years ago (Ramsay genuinely believed that Biosyn's breakthroughs could improve the world etc...). When Ramsay admits having helped Wu with discovering the truth about Charlotte's videos and breaking Maisie out of the Citadel, Dodgson seems genuinely hurt by the betrayal of his son-like figure. One too many, after those of Wu, Drummond, and Pellegrino. Their argument worsens, up until they come to blows. At one point Dodgson pulls out a pistol and shoots Ramsay in the belly by accident. While the younger man bleeds out, the CEO is dazed and runs away while predators' growls can be heard nearby.
Near the garages' entrance, Dodgson is found by Bigelow and Kayla. The CIA agent asks about Ramsay and he answers that he didn't make it due to an attack on the way. The three take the last available vehicle and exits the Citadel, driving into the valley. Their objective is the same mountain path towards which Maisie and Drummond are heading.
On the way to the courtyard, one of the mysterious soldiers has a sword fight with a grey guard (Cesare oand Papadopoulos). During it, his opponent tear a part of his sleeve, revealing a tattoo which depicts a snake hieroglyph (actually a symbol of the god Apep). The soldier manage to climb aboard their helicopter, which take off and leave the valley with one of the attack helicopters. Confused, the grey guard wonder who those attackers were.
The dam busters
Meanwhile, the other has moved to the other end of the valley, where it's in the middle of a fight with one of the Special Forces' helicopters, just by the dam. During their battle, the dilapidated dam is destroyed and its unleashed frozen waters follow the valley's main river, flooding everything in their path, including the battlefield on the road and the area just in front of the Citadel. A number of animals, Carabinieri and Biosyn employees aboard a fleeing vehicle are carried away and many of them drown while Dodgson's vehicle is almost caught by the waters.
The flood reaches the south-eastern limits of Biosyn's lands, where it's momentarily stopped by the wall found there and which separates the Sanctuary from the nearest village. But under so much pressure, the wall breaks down and the flood continues, destroying parts of a riverside village after that, catching some of the inhabitants.
With its main power source gone, the electricity goes off within Biosyn's lands and the surrounding areas, deactivating the invisible fences and stopping the metro full of passengers in the middle of the tunnels.
Road accident
While in the part of the valley spared by the flood, Dodgson's vehicle nearly collide with a loose black billy goat (the same which ran away in the prologue) and in its attempt to bypass it, it tumble down a slope (with Bigelow being ejected in the bushes in the process) and ends up on its roof (like the vehicle carrying the original trio and Maisie in Trevorrow's version).
The attackers gone and most of Biosyn troops neutralized or routing, Vuillier, Dougal, Nyamu, Viscontini, and the surviving grey guards, the officers of the Carabinieri and the Special Forces, along with Pellegrino and Nathan Quinn starts organizing the evacuation of the remaining Biosyn employees and taking the wounded (as the grey guards' medic, Papadopoulos will tend to them) to a provisional secure location within the Citadel (the auditorium could be such a place). In the control room, all the technicians but a few were killed or badly injured by the helicopter's attack while the grey guard's team dispatched there is in a hardly better state as Isabella Perez was also injured. Al-Damiri orders their comrade to take her out of the tower, and give similar orders to the uninjured technicians, asking only one to stay just in case. The Egyptian grey guard and the remaining technician then assess the damage.
As power need to be put back on for various purposes (allowing the three grey guards continue their search in the archives; deactivating the valley "aerial defense" to let helicopters come in the Citadel and evacuate people; reactivating the metro; reactivating the invisible fences to prevent the animals from leaving the valley...), people are sent activating the emergency generators.
They want to send men after Dodgson's but while the valley's known exits are watched, they fear he knows a secret one.
Dodgson's demise
When Bigelow awakes amidst the bushes, she notices that the vehicle is surrounded by a group of Nasutoceratops (or some other buffalo-sized herbivores). Inside the crashed vehicle, Dodgson and Kayla regain consciousness and know they have to wait for the herbivores to leave before exiting the vehicle. Suddenly, the herbivores get agitated and leave. They caught the scent of a predator and the latter shows itself: It's the InGen-bred Acrocanthosaurus.
Ensue a scene where Dodgson, just like his novel version with Sarah Harding, tries to save his own skin by pushing Kayla from the vehicle so the Acro can eat her instead of him, deeming her expendable, but the opposite happens. When the CEO is shaken between the jaws, his precious hard-drive falls on the ground and Bigelow sees this and tries to reach it before it's crushed by the animal. Kayla tries to hold the CIA agent back, saying she'll get herself killed and that the hard-drive isn't worth it. Bigelow rushes towards her objective anyway. When it takes a still screaming Dodgson in the woods, the acro steps on the hard-drive, destroying it.
The black billy goat responsible for the road accident watches Dodgson being devoured by the dinosaur.
Meanwhile, a depressed Bigelow is looking at the destroyed hard-drive and Kayla is forced to shake her so they can move away and head for the mountains in order to leave the valley.
Drummond's confession
Walking above the surface and not in the tunnels in order to not reiterate the traumatizing experience with the pectinodons even if it's equally dangerous due to the other valley's predators, Drummond and Maisie are heading eastward, following the peripheral rim of mountains.
During their trek, Drummond tells Maisie about the Hunting activity in the Sanctuary and how its profits financed his research at Biosyn, explaining part of his self-loathing. He admits he's glad that Claire put an end to it, even if he wished less blood was spilled.
To add some light amidst those dark hours, the teenager and the palaeontologist have a peaceful encounter with some dinosaurs (probably herbivores).
While watching them, Drummond tells Maisie about his late wife's wish of having children, implying to the teenager that she has a roof under which to sleep if she doesn't want to return to Orick and leave the Lockwood name behind her in order to finally have a normal life.
At the opposite end of the valley, they see fire and smoke rising from the Citadel and wonder what happened there.
Zobie la Mouche/Whac-a-Mole
Another danger is spotted near the Citadel. Coming from the now-flooded area at the base of the building, comes Brontes, one of the Argentinosaurus.
After the battle and the flood, he just seeks a place to have some rest and thinks the Citadel's courtyard would be a decent choice. The characters in the atrium hide as he crosses the now destroyed hall. It's seen during that scene that the sauropod has many scars on his skull, implying some human abuse (probably for medical experiments). The sauropod's suite of small carnivores take off from it and land in the atrium, investigating the hall as they caught the scent of dead or wounded humans.
On his way, Brontes sees something moving on the ground. It's Murdoch, who's trying to crawl away despite the injuries she got after being trampled by a crowd. Brontes looks at her with curiosity and then crushes her under his foot. Murdoch now squashed, Brontes loses interest in her and enters the courtyard while some members of his suite eat the remains of Biosyn's vice-president. The Argentinosaurus stands in the middle of the courtyard, just in front of the tower's entrance, and starts to sleep while standing (a bit like elephants). A part of his suite is on the lookout, hearing noise all around within the Citadel.
Distracting Brontes
Our protagonists are bothered as Brontes and his suite are preventing them from going after Dodgson by the shortest way and reaching the archives' entrance. They can either make a long detour through a series of hallways or confront the dinosaur. As time is running against them, they take the second option and while some of the grey guards (Cesare, Massoud, Kapakas) are attracting Brontes and his suite towards a ruined part of the Citadel (and from the control room, Al Damiri help them by shooting on the beast), Vuillier and Nyamu run to the tower and reach it in time. At the archives' entrance, they join Chapuy and his two comrades.
Burning the Hydra's heads
In the dark hallways, Claire stumbles upon Betty Chapman (or whatever her real name is), who's pushing a cart with hydrogen cyanide canisters. At that moment, the audience also notices for the first time that Chapman has the same snake hieroglyph tattoo on her arm as the soldier who had a sword fight with the grey guard.
Claire first intends to stop the guard and bring her to the invading force so she can be put with the other Biosyn employees, but Chapman tells her that they should be allies as she's also an enemy of Biosyn. Claire demands precisions and while pushing the cart, the guard reveal that she infiltrated the company and was the one who sabotaged the Sanctuary in the last few months, by temporarily deactivating the invisible fence and allowing one of the Quetzalcoatlus to escape in order to accelerate the destroying of Biosyn's reputation, and sending intel to the raiders, whose objective were to destroy the locusts before their shipping abroad. When Claire asks who she and the raider are, Chapman only gives an enigmatic answer (something like "Chaos in the service of a greater good"). When she tells Claire that Wu made those locusts, the former director of Jurassic World thinks about finding the geneticist and follow through with her threats from three years earlier.
On the way, Claire has to scare off some escaped predator which wanted to attack them. Chapman tells her she's heading to the panic room, where the board of directors so foolishly trapped itself. The felon guard explain Claire they can't take the risk of having the board members leaving the panic room and escaping the valley and that she could help her giving a deadly blow from which Biosyn will never recover while they still can. Claire agrees to help her and looking at the canisters, she remembers what Doctor Karim Depéret, one of InGen's geneticists, told her during the Lockwood Estate incident, that Hydrogen Cyanide is a poison.
The emergency generators
As having a full suspenseful scene dedicated to restoring power like in Trevorrow's version would be too much of a retread of JP's bunker scene, the scene where power is restored is either much shorter or happening off-screen.
However, the emergency generators alone are not enough to provide power for all the needed tasks (the invisible fences and the aerial defense system are quite energy-intensive) and another black-out occurs. Power is once again put back on but our protagonists are forced to make choices. In order to keep the invisible fences on and the archives' power running, they are forced to keep the "aerial defense" system on and stop the evacuation's helicopters from going and coming between the Citadel and the camp outside the valley in order to not trigger pterosaurs' attack.
Reaching the part of the Citadel where the panic room is located, Claire and Chapman bring the cart to a maintenance tunnel, prepare the canisters and neutralize the guards in front of the panic room, using darkness to their advantage. They block the door, preventing the board members from escaping. They return to the maintenance tunnel and Chapman lets Claire introduce hydrogen cyanide in the panic room's aeration, poisoning the board members. Finally, the Chapman gives Claire a box of matches. She takes it, lights a match, throws it in the right vent and while the gas catches fire, the two women run away. The panic room is destroyed in a violent explosion which finishes the board members off. It's heard and felt within most of the Citadel.
A wounded Biosyn guard sees Claire fleeing the panic room's area and notices the blood on her clothes. When he discovers what's left of the panic room and the board members (charred corpses at best), he utters with dread the following word: Dracul (Dragon in Romanian. The guard, a minor character, is established to be a Romanian immigrant in an earlier scene depicting the daily life of the facility's employees).
Claire tries to find Chapman after that but the other woman disappeared like a ghost and is not seen for the rest of the Dolomites Incident.
In the Archives
Vuillier, Nyamu and the three grey guards with them are still searching the archives for every incriminating document.
After discovering that Victoria and other animals escaped the citadel through a door and are now in the valley, Owen heads for the control room, aware that it must have some sort of tracking system. On the way, he reunites with Claire and soon, they are found by Dougal. As the Argentinosaurus is still posing a threat in the central courtyard, they pass under it in order to access the tower. They climb to the control room, meet Al-Damiri and the last technician there, get access to the tracking system and Victoria's current coordinates. They find a tracking tablet and Claire volunteers to stay in the control room and be their eyes.
While Owen and Dougal grab some capture equipment in a room near the kennels, Claire searches through the CCTV footage and finds Wu in Maisie's cell, within Dr Lesser's lab. She heads for the laboratories, telling the others she found the geneticist.
Following Victoria's signal thanks to their tracking tablet, Owen and Dougal leave the Citadel and head for the nearby forest, crossing the flooded area between the two.
Wu-ing for redemption
Claire reaches Dr Lesser's lab and opens its cell. Wu steps out but his old enemy brutally grabs him and interrogates him about the locusts. As he once again fucked up, she's about to strike him when pity hold her hand back. Wu tells her that they can still cancel Dodgson's apocalypse, by passing as the CEO himself and giving Biosyn's abroad agents the order to destroy the locusts, and just begs her to offer his help. After a moment of hesitation, Claire help the geneticist stand and give him his cane, the one Lockwood offered to him at the end of TRQ. Together, they then head immediately to the central tower and once in Dodgson's office, Wu turns the CEO's computer on but discovers it's empty. Claire's aggressiveness starts to return when Wu remembers that Dodgson kept some of his most precious information on paper and not necessarily on his computer as he feared being hacked. They start searching the office and the adjacent bedroom. Wu notices a framed picture of Dodgson as a child with his mother at some science fair (in an earlier scene, before he sent the containers, Dodgson could be seen closing the frame while Wu just stepped in his office). Wu opens the back of the frame and discover that Dodgson hid small pieces of papers between the picture and the frame itself. When he sees one paper with Hexapod Allies written on the top; a series of names, phone numbers and email addresses below; and a series of secret codes for the different orders on the back; he knows they put their hands on the jackpot. Wu and Claire hack Dodgson's email account (the password is Liddell, the maiden name of Dodgson's mother) and write the message to the agents involved in the Hexapod Allies operation, including the secret code for the Destroy order, but when they want to send it, the computer notify them that they can't due to internet connection issues. Wu realizes it's because the antenna on top of the control room might have moved following the helicopter's attack. Someone has to climb on the roof to properly realign it and since Wu can't because of his lame leg, the task goes to Claire.
Tracking Victoria
In the woods, Owen and Dougal hear Victoria's calls for help. The young Achillobator still thinks her mother might show up.
They find her and try to capture her but fails. They wander deeper in the woods.
Realigning the antenna
Claire climbs on the control room's roof and communicates with Wu through the radio, she ends up finding the right antenna.
However, just as she begin fixing it, the Argentinosaurus' suite start harassing her as the sauropod is just below. From the auditorium's entrance, Viscontini notices that. Learning through Wu what Claire is doing, Viscontini orders the grey guards to attack the Argentinosaurus so his suite will turn away from Claire to instead defend him. Wu also urges the AISI head to send men after Theo, Maisie and Drummond, as they're carrying very important data about the locusts, enough to destroy Biosyn.
Defying a Titan
Round two between the grey guards and Brontes start, and most of Claire's harassers go help him. This time, the sauropod actively chases his human attackers across parts of the Citadel, destroying walls and roofs with his sheer weight, letting out deafening bellows, passing his neck and head into breaches to try get access to the characters while his suite can reach them where he can't. Massoud ends up grabbed by the herbivore mouth and then thrown against the tower or any other surface, killing him instantly. An additional idea could be the titanosaur provoking small "earthquakes" when he strikes the ground with his forefeet, destabilizing Claire on top of the tower (she even almost falls).
Depending on the pace, there could be at the same time a suspenseful scene in the archives involving some creatures from the labs or the kennels. If the archives are low enough, maybe they'll get inundated because of the flood and the threat could be a semi-aquatic creature contained in the Citadel or brought by the flood (like the temnospondyl; while Nothosaurus, which had a small appearance in my JW rewrite, could be an alternative choice, with individuals housed in the kennels).
Prometheus' fate
After giving a few kicks while repelling her last harassers, Claire manages to properly realign the antenna and Wu successfully transmit the Destroy order to the Hexapod Allies agents. We cut to them as they destroy the locusts in their containers. When he receives their confirmation, the geneticist is relieved. But just as Claire is about to return to Dodgson's office, she sees a *Variraptor (*if it's chosen as Brontes' suite. If not, it will be some relatively large feathered coelurosaurian from the labs in order to make the parallels with Prometheus work) getting to its entrance first. Wu just has the time to barricade himself in the bedroom adjacent to the office but he knows the door won't hold long. Something (Brontes passing his head through a window and trying to attack her?) prevents her from reaching the office. She tells Wu to hold while she tries to save him but he asks her to instead save herself, wishing her a long and happy life. He bids her farewell and wait for his death while Claire escapes the tower. The raptor ends up breaking through the door and it pounce on Wu. While the predator starts devouring him, his cane falls on the ground and its amber pommel shatters.
Owen's decision
Just as the Owen and Dougal are about to start a new attempt in capturing Victoria, a pack of Achillobators (the same one which allied with Claire in the previous night) shows up and our duo hide while the raptors spot Victoria. At first, Owen fears they'll hurt or even kill her. He thinks about intervening, even if he might risk his own life, but after sniffing the young and scared Achillobator, the pack leader gently guides her towards her pack. Owen and Dougal watch the raptors disappear in the darkness. Dougal ask Owen if he'll do something but the Raptor Whisperer says nothing, willing to let Victoria live with a pack and without unnecessary human interference in her life. They head back to the Citadel.
The tower and the tyrannosaur
Kayla and Bigelow arrive by one of the observation towers, the one closest from the mountain path they're heading to. Nearby, the Special Forces' helicopter shot down by that of the raiders and the surrounding vegetation still burns. Just as they are about to climb to its observation bay in order to raid the tower for anything useful before starting the mountains' ascent, they are surrounded by a pack of small carnivores (just like Claire with the dilophosaurs in Trevorrow's version). Before they attack, a horn blast is heard. It's Drummond and after the palaeontologist insists with his portable horn (similar to the one Nigel Marven use against the velociraptors in The Giant Claw), the small carnivores scatter. He asks the two women if they're friends or foes, if they count among Dodgson's friends. Kayla answers that since Dodgson tried to sacrifice her to an Acrocanthosaurus, the answer is no for her, before adding that it ate Dodgson instead. Drummond is glad to hear that and he tells Maisie she can come. The teenager, hidden until there amidst the vegetation, joins them. Having heard Dodgson complaining about Maisie's escape, Bigelow is aware she must be very important but still wary, Drummond whisper to Maisie to not say a single word about the flash drive she's carrying. The two duos talk about their objectives and discover that they're the same. For better chances of survival, they decide to head together for the mountain's path.
But a tyrannosaur, the same one which Claire released earlier, makes its appearance while they're walking away from the tower. It saw them and they know that they better seek refuge in the tower than attempt to run from the predator. At first, they try to stay still, in order to not trigger its attack, but when he notices that the predator wouldn't mind eat one or two of them, Drummond tells Maisie and the two women to run. While they rush to the tower, he distracts the rex by agitating a burning branch. Afraid of the fire, the rex seek to avoid the branch and see the three other humans climbing the tower's ladder. The predator bypass Drummond and in its dash towards the tower, it sends the palaeontologist flying away with its tail. As such thing would have easily killed someone, Maisie fears the worst for him and when his motionless body falls into a ravine, the audience think it's over for him. Maisie panics while the rex has its jaws locked around the ladder's protective cage. What follows is pretty much similar to the Giganotosaurus' attack on the tower scene from Trevorrow's version, except that the final outcome will be quite different. As the observation towers' power has been turned off from the control room in order to save power for more urgent systems, our three protagonists can't have the observation bay rise to the top of the tower, where they would be safe from the rex. To make matters worse, another threat arrive.
I haven't decided which yet but the idea I'm having now is a group of pterosaurs, probably pteranodons, which targets our trio and chase the rex away from the tower by pecking at his head. Another manages to grab Maisie and take her out of the tower. However, the pterosaur let her go before it can be above the canopy due to some incident (another harassing it probably) and Maisie falls into dense bushes at a certain distance from the tower, out of the two women's sight. In the meantime, a mist has started descending from the mountains. Bigelow and Kayla exit the tower and begin searching for Maisie in the area, fearing she got herself hurt in the fall. To cover a maximum of ground before the mist reaches them, they decide to split up.
The end of a line
We see Maisie managing to stand up and while she got bruises**,** she seems relatively fine and still in walking condition. Now lost and alone in the middle of the woods, she's very scared though and starts screaming to help. In the silent forest, Kayla hears her voice and follows it. Just as the mist is about to reach Maisie, the smuggler sees the teenager in the distance and calls for her. But when she hears heavy footsteps and a rumble coming from just behind Maisie, in the mist, her heart stops and she's aghast when she sees the tyrannosaur's silhouette closing to the girl's. Before Maisie can flee, the predator open its maws, grabs her and swallow her whole before disappearing in the forest's shadows (the scene is meant to be a mirror of one from my JW rewrite, where the death of a little girl during the pterosaurs' attack on the main hub is concealed by smoke while Claire watch helplessly). Thus ends Lockwood's line, indirectly destroyed by Claire Dearing.
Bigelow arrives in her turn and sees the smuggler kneeled on the ground, speechless, too shocked by the scene she just saw. Understanding what happened, the CIA agent has an "Oh. Shit..." face and tells Kayla they have to leave the valley while they still can, as she doesn't know what the Italians will do with it once it's taken, even fearing that it might be firebombed in order to destroy the perpetrators of the various incidents of the past months.
While the two women head for the mountain's path and the mist passes away, Drummond is seen climbing out of the ravine and starts to call for Maisie, in vain. Seeing the destroyed observation bay empty, he looks around for clues about Maisie's or the women's whereabouts. He ends up stumbling on the rex's tracks and follows them up to the spot where the teenager last stood. There he finds Wu's flash drive and seeing some blood stains around, he realizes she is no more. This deeply saddens him and this loss and failure just add another load on his self-loathing, as he would have gladly died between the jaws of the king of the dinosaurs if it could have saved Maisie's life. Instead of trying to follow Kayla and Bigelow, he goes in the opposite direction, towards the valley itself.
Leaving the Sanctuary
While looking to reach the auditorium, Claire is forced to hide in one of the labs from dilophosaurs roaming in the area.
In the archives, Vuillier and Nyamu finally put their hands on the documents they were looking for and take them. They and the grey guards' archives team then leave the room and head to the auditorium, in order to reunite with Viscontini and co. On the way, they have to pass between the legs of Brontes while he's distracted by the grey guards. When they reach the auditorium, Viscontini tells them that helicopters are waiting for them. One of the aircrafts is on its way to pick up the Owen and Dougal.
Escorted by the Carabinieri and the Special Forces, the surviving Biosyn employees are evacuated from the Citadel and when the grey guards retreat from their confrontation against Brontes, Vuillier asks them if they've seen Claire coming back but they answer that no. He contacts her and she tells him that she's being delayed.
We see her evading the dilophosaurs which were about to discover her and leaving the labs. Now, start for her an Uncharted-esque race through the Citadel where she has to cross various obstacles and avoid/outrun the loose creatures within it (including the dilophosaurs mentioned above). Still pissed, Brontes targets her and chases her up to her extraction point. Before the Argentinosaurus can close his mouth on her, she jumps into one of the helicopters where Owen and Dougal are waiting for her. The two men help her get inside and their helicopter fly away from the Citadel while the sauropod lets out a mighty bellow.
The protagonists leave the valley and the helicopters which drop them off at Biosyn employees' village, which has been taken over by the Italians and the Austrians in the meantime.
A bitter dawn
While the first sun rays reach the valley, Drummond stumble upon the monstrous Acrocanthosaurus Quasimodo in the area devastated by the flood, in sight of the now destroyed south-eastern wall. Surprised by the waters near the road battlefield, the predator was carried on a certain distance before ending up blocked by rocks and then impaled by a tree. When the palaeontologist finds him, he's dead. Disgusted by the animal, Drummond first tries to ignore him and continue towards the wall, intending to reach the village beyond it, but he turns back and carefully approach him. Tired from his night-long trek, Drummond sit on a rock just next to Quasimodo's head and still quite shaken by Maisie's death and the disaster, Drummond start to ramble about various topics (about the evolution of palaeontology since the San Diego incident, his wife, working at Biosyn, Theo's and Maisie's death...) before breaking down in tears and he can't hold himself from calling Quasimodo a Manmade abomination which deserved to be destroyed by Nature. While looking towards the destroyed wall, the palaeontologist start to regret those harsh words and pulls out a flask of whisky from his bag. After drinking a sip, he puts it back in the bag and just sit silently by the dead animal for a few minutes, up until some Quetzalcoatlus land nearby. The gigantic pterosaurs walk up to the dead Acrocanthosaurus and ignoring Drummond as a way bigger meal is just in front of them, they start feasting. While they do so, Drummond follows the flood's desolation towards the Citadel and he is soon spotted by the men tasked with finding him.
Of rivalries and world-saving
In the morning, Claire steps out of the accommodation assigned to her and Owen within Biosyn's Village. She sees Drummond giving Wu's flash drive to Vuillier before taking his leave. After joining her boss, Claire ponders about her relationship with Wu, on how both destroyed Jurassic World five years ago and how they pretty much saved the world that night. She and Vuillier have a respectful moment of silence for their deceased enemy.
In the abandoned citadel, it's revealed that one of the locusts survived. It's seen crawling on the ground, towards one of the vents. But just before it could reach it, a Mononykus (freed from one of the cages during the raid) swoops on it and devours it.
League of Dragons
As she is crossing the village, Claire passes by one of the remaining Biosyn guards. It's actually the Romanian one, the one who saw her by the panic room. Frightened as hell, he moves away from her while yelling "Dracul! Dracul!", still traumatized by the past night's events. Claire briefly wonders why he is yelling and running away before she gets surrounded by other Biosyn guards and Lucrezia Pellegrino. The Citadel's head of security explains that he called her a dragon because of what he saw and some of the guards start throwing insults at Claire, calling her a monster and a butcher, and she realize that they and their superior want to avenge those she killed. Pellegrino adds that by sending dinosaurs on people who oppose her, Claire is no better than Dodgson on that matter.
Nearby, Owen sees his fiancée surrounded and when one of the Biosyn guards throws a stone at Claire, he gets furious, tackles him on the ground and starts to beat him up. As another guard pulls out a knife (which he hid when they had to give their weapons to the authorities) and is about to stab Owen, the surviving grey guards suddenly intervene, getting the couple out of the Biosyn ambush and then confronting the attackers, standing by Claire's and Owen's side. The grey guards retort to their opponents that their comrades could have denounced the Sanctuary's illegal activities, surrendered, deserted or arrested Dodgson while they could but did nothing, before adding that without Claire, they would have all eaten nothing but locusts in a near future. The Biosyn guards feel insulted however and as an ugly fight is about to break out between both groups, the Carabinieri are forced to intervene and assign them to opposite parts of the village.
The press, who just entered the Biosyn's lands, has witnessed the confrontation and so did Vuillier and Nyamu. The latter tells the Frenchman that since Claire pretty much saved the world, Odegaard could give her a well-deserved break, literally and figuratively.
In the village's equivalent of a community centre, a meeting about the incident's consequences and what to do with the Sanctuary and its animals is held. Among the attendees, are:
- The WDMC and the people directly affiliated to it: Claire, Owen, Dougal, Vuillier, and Nyamu.
- Representatives of the Italian government: Viscontini, Giovanni Pazzi, and a few local politicians.
- The surviving Biosyn executives and top researchers: Drummond, Pellegrino, Quinn.
During the meeting, we learn that:
- Dodgson was found, or at least five or six pieces of him.
- Some of the Sanctuary's denizens managed to flee the valley and are now somewhere in the Italian countryside. Among the escapees are Victoria and her new pack of Achillobators.
- Exterminators led by the surviving grey guards are about to be sent in the amber mines to slaughter the pectinodons down to the last individual and the species will be soon classified as a pest in Italy, Austria and probably other countries.
Several solutions for the valley, its denizens and the Citadel are discussed:
- Cull the animals, cleanse the valley of Biosyn's traces, and give it back to the inhabitants expropriated by the corporation when it decided to have the entire valley and some of the surrounding lands for itself and no one else.
- Abandoning the valley, let the animals fend for themselves and hope that "life will find a way", even if it poses huge risks for the local populations and ecosystems.
- Dispatch the surviving animals to zoos and other entities which can legally house dangerous captive animals. Proceeding like this will allow de-extinct creatures to no longer be in the ownership of a single entity like Biosyn or InGen.
- Round up the loose animals, cleanse the battle's and the flood's damages, and turn the place into a real Sanctuary for de-extinct animals. Not a "Kruger with dinosaurs" like the Five Deaths but more like a non-profit place with enclosures (akin to many sanctuaries for wild animals across the globe). It will be a public-private joint-venture, with the sanctuary co-managed by the UN's WDMC and the Italian government while private partners will help finance it (Nathan Quinn propose to be one of those but Vuillier, Dougal and a few others distrust him and prefer to not have some of Dodgson's former collaborators on the project). And in order to ensure good relations with the local communities, jobs will be offered to the area's inhabitants and some lands given back to them. Shall this solution be adopted, Vuillier proposes to have Claire Dearing as its manager, Owen Grady its head warden, Rod Drummond its chief researcher, and Laurenzo Cesare as head of security, if they accept. Pellegrino storms off at this moment, disgusted that they're about to leave her without a job and rewarding Claire, an unrepentant psychopath in her eyes. In a moment of consultation amidst the meeting, Claire tells Vuillier she'll probably refuse becoming the sanctuary's manager if this solution is adopted, telling him that she has the feeling that her future lies elsewhere and that she'll continue work as a field agent if he don't mind. Vuillier, who clearly saw how Claire evolved since she started playing spies back in 2019 and decided to close his eyes on her exactions, suggest her to settle for a quieter less-violent life and declares that managing the Sanctuary could be the ultimate redemption for her. Still shaken by the amount of violence she had to commit in order to stop Biosyn and desiring to spend more time with her son, she ends up being persuaded and accept the idea.
The different solutions are being debated for weeks if not months within the Italian government and the UN.

End of Act IV.
See you tomorrow for the final Act and the Epilogue.
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2023.06.08 12:18 Working-Situation-79 Just joined Reddit - What are the most interesting subreddits for learning about ancient cultures and civilizations?

What Are Your Favorite Smoothie Recipes?
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2023.06.08 12:17 Fishwhocantswim How to be a better human?

I'm struggling, I'm finding that the age that I am, I should be better. Yet here I am, 38 years old, married, 2 kids, work as a cook and still get spoken to and treated the same as I did when I was just joining the work force.
I am the problem, it's me. I am obese, have zero confidence and I'm getting treated like crap at work. You know the feeling you get, when you've walked into the room and you know people have been talking about you? That's me, at work currently. Let's recap, I left my last job in January after working there for a year because I made a mistake, admitted to my mistake, took full accountability and kept getting told that my story was changing, and that I am intimidating and inappropriate. (In a nutshell, they pretty much did what they could to get rid of me and they successfully did)
I joined the new place and my manager hates me. She speaks to everyone pleasantly and in the last two days she had become so icy cold towards me that today she made a show of telling me off in front of others for a mistake I made. The common thread here is me. I am incompetent, pathetic and must somehow be deserving of all this.
I wake up, I go to work, I do not sit down, I do not gossip, I am quiet, I do what I am told, I clean, I work my damn hardest, I do not complain and that's never enough. I left a streak of blueberries in a big tub of yoghurt when making smoothies and the manager brought that big tub out and slapped it on the bench and said 'this is unacceptable, show that you care, simply unacceptable'. I didn't argue, I cleaned it up and accepted my mistake. I didn't make excuses. I know I need to be better.
But to be called out in front of my peers and to be chided for not caring. That cuts deep. I just got home from visiting my family last week. That brought me a lot of perspective. I went home after 4 years and listened and saw many of my family and friends struggling with their lives and it honestly made me appreciate my life. I came home with a clearer mind, to want to do better, to be better. But a week later, I am being reminded of what an incompetent slob I am.
Me, I am the problem it's me. I don't know how to be more disciplined to lose weight to be better. I don't know how to be a better worker so I don't get spoken to like I'm a child who is stupid. I don't know how to be treated with more respect. I must give everyone around me the impression that I am lazy, stupid, ignorant and uncaring. In my head, I do not think like this at all. This morning, I was in the mental state of working hard, smart and quickly. In my haste, I hadn't notice the mess in the yogurt and the harsh reminder of my ways was quickly brought to my attention in an unforgiving way.
There are many things and ways I can begin to explain why or who started making me feel this way, but let's call a spade a spade. It's me. It's all me. I am the common factor. I see how others get treated and wish I could be treated the same. I try to be better. I try to drown out the noise and put my best foot forward. Go to work, clean slate. Just do your best. But I'm getting chipped and broken, constantly being reminded that I will never amount to anything and that I can keep switching jobs but you will never get anything right. You will keep messing up. I am lost. I need to function as a better human but I am losing ways on how.
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