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Should I sell my car to help pay off credit card debt?

2023.06.09 22:27 Austangj Should I sell my car to help pay off credit card debt?

Hello all, please help :s.
So, I was in the navy and purchased a new car back in 2018. Historically, I've made all my payments on time and have gotten the loan down significantly. However, I got out of the navy in 2019 and went to college. I was doing pretty well between going to school and working a job as a bank teller and didn't have any issues saving money and avoiding credit cards..
However, my last year of college I stopped working as a teller to work full time and do an internship over the summer. I was able to survive by using the GI Bill to pay most of my expenses and credit cards for the rest... Big mistake, I should've stayed employed looking back.. Don't know what I was thinking.
After college, I recently accepted a job january of this year where I'm finally making decent money, however, I need to figure out what to do with this massive credit card debt I have. I'm currently past due on essentially all of my credit cards and past due on my car loan .. All in all, I currently owe $2,655 to get up to date with all of my credit cards and car loan... I have no savings right now and about $362 to last me until next paycheck (this coming wednesday). My credit score has dropped significantly in the last year between late credit card payments and credit usage and I am now sitting at 534. Credit Card Debt (21,511 total) CC 1 (14.9%) - 984.42 CC 2 (18%) - 12,040.16 CC 3 (24.99%) - 2118.7 CC 4 (17.9%) - 5717.56 CC 5 (24.24%) - 651
Car Loan: 10,463.56 Remaining (Initially 30,000) I could sell my car for approx. 19,000 resulting in $8,537 in my pocket but w/o a car so I would need to purchase a cheap daily driver which would likely leave me with 6,537. $495 per month
Income: (4,817.86 per month) 2043 every other wedsnesday and 731.86 every 1st of the month.
Expenses: $1583 (Hard bills such as rent, storage, cell phone, car loan) * Not including CC debt or food
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2023.06.09 22:22 peliccancars12 Pre-book Cheap Cab from Gatwick Airport RH6 to Portsmouth International Port PO2 Transfer Taxi

Unmatched Quality and Affordability: Peliccan Cars Airport Transfer Service

The stress associated with travel is no stranger to anyone who's had to catch a flight or a boat. The anxiety of making it in time and the hassle of getting to and from airports and ports can be daunting. This is why a pre-booked taxi service is a blessing, and nobody does it better than Peliccan Cars. Our premier service allows you to pre-book a cheap cab from Gatwick Airport (RH6) to Portsmouth International Port (PO2). This convenient airport transfer taxi offers both affordability and a reliable solution to your travel woes.

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At Peliccan Cars, we believe that the cornerstone of any successful business is excellent customer service. This is why we are committed to providing outstanding support before, during, and after your journey. Our customer service team is readily available to assist you with any queries or issues you may have. Our professional drivers also go above and beyond to ensure your ride is as smooth and pleasant as possible.

In a Nutshell

Peliccan Cars is your ultimate travel partner for a reliable, comfortable, and cheap cab from Gatwick Airport (RH6) to Portsmouth International Port (PO2). With our easy booking process, punctual service, comfortable rides, affordable rates, and unrivalled customer service, we aim to make your journey hassle-free and enjoyable. So, the next time you're planning your travel, remember that Peliccan Cars is just a click away to cater to your transportation needs.
visit our website:
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2023.06.09 21:57 CircuitTheoryRacing If you have a car to trade in, pull the trigger now on a GR86/BRZ

If you have a car to trade in, pull the trigger now on a GR86/BRZ
I’m selling my 2015 Ford Focus ST I bought new for $25k/0% APR to Carmax this evening for $15k. Just two months ago, their offer was $16k, so the insane used car market may steadily be getting less insane. In any normal used car market the Focus would be worth $11k maybe.
I’ve read a lot of potential 86 buyers contemplating paying markups. If you have a trade-in, you might be able to offset that markup with inflated trade-in values. But it looks like those trade-in offers are softening. Take advantage now if you can.
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2023.06.09 21:53 Citrusface A Gaslands Refueled getting started budget guide.

This is a budget guide to getting started with Gaslands Refueled. I wanted to compile a comprehensive list of how to get started playing Gasland for as little money as possible. This guide assumes you have no experience with miniature gaming and model / terrain building.
Step 1: Buy the Book. Get some dice. Get some templates.
This is arguably the most expensive part, but, buying the book is non-negotiable. You need it. Buy it physical or digital - but buy it. I would also highly suggest buying Gasland dice and acrylic templates. It makes things go a lot smoother.
Step 2: Take a walk.
Grab a plastic container and a grocery bag and go outside and take a walk. On your walk you are going to look for a few things that will aid you in building Gasland's terrain and cars.
We will get in to how to build terrain later, for now, just collect some stuff.
Step 3: Take a trip to the Dollar Tree (Or Poundland, or Dollarama, or whatever)
The dollar store is the best way to get most everything you need to play. Gaslands is one of the most accessible miniature games out there since it is so approachable from a monetary standpoint. The items below are pretty much everything you need to build a board and cars.
Keep in mind, your store may not carry some of this stuff, or some of this stuff may just be out of production by the time you find and read this. But no worries, you'll find something similar to stand in its place. Get as much or as little as you can afford - If its your first time doing something like this, don't overwhelm yourself, just get a few cars and a weapon pack and some super glue. I would also pick up the cubes and buildings if they have it, just for some ready-made terrain. I would avoid paint from the dollar store unless you know it's a good brand.
4: Go to Walmart / Lowes / Home Depot / Micheals / Amazon / FLGS Walmart is probably the best bet to have all this in one shot, plus you can get some of the things here that you can get at the dollar store. These things are going to be a bit more expensive than a dollar, but they are going to make your gaming experience that much better.
This the stuff you will absolutely need to modify all the other stuff you purchased at the dollar tree.
5: Watch Youtube
There are so, so, so, many people out there making things for cheap. I don't really know how to write a tutorial on how to build and make everything you need for miniature games, but YouTube is you best play to find guide for quick and easy miniature stuff. Here are some channels I would recommend:
So, there is a good start point for things to buy and watch, here are some quick start tricks and tips for you to consider.
Okay! That is all I have - but I would ask for the community to weigh in on this as well - let me know what suggestions, tips, things you can buy cheap, YouTube channels, whatever you think is helpful - I will add them to the post and credit you. I wanted to make this before Reddit implodes so new players have an easy way to get started when they search on the Google.
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2023.06.09 21:30 I_love_g Toyota Corolla vs Subaru Impreza, how much of a reliability difference is there?

I’m looking for a new cheap reliable car I can hopefully use for the next 20 years. My research landed me on the Corolla LE but in practice there are only 2 in stock withing 50mi of me. On the flipside there are about a dozen Impreza’s, which are similarly priced.
I do live in the north so the AWD would be useful but I’ve always been fine with just winter tiers. My main concern is the reliability. I want a car that so long as I keep up with the maintenance, I don’t really have to worry about. Is there a big or small difference between the two. Like the Toyota will be fine for 200k miles and the Subaru 190k before things start to go off or is it a case of 200k vs 100k?
I know a lot of reliability is luck of the draw, I’m just trying to get a feel for the difference as everyone always hypes up the Corolla and I don’t hear to much about the Impreza.
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2023.06.09 21:29 GearsGrinding Uninsured Motorist almost 50% cost of auto policy? Still worth it if you have good medical/disability insurance?

In the past the recommendation given on this subreddit is to always get it because “it’s so cheap and provides huge bang for your buck when you need it.” I’ve been shopping around for my annual leap to a different auto insurer. Everywhere I’ve been quoted, the breakdown is lopsided in cost to the uninsured motorist (UM).
For example, without discounts, the policy I was offered from State Farm is $1,004/6 months. For the breakdown, the liability coverage is $100k/$300k and costs $246/ 6 month. The UM coverage is $441 (same values). Even if I drop it to the minimums of $10k/$20k, I am only saving $20/month. What gives? I’ve been using these values for years and years but UM cost seems to have really ramped up over the years.
Is this the norm now? An agent explained that many people opt out of UM now because due to the “basic no fault” package they provide, you would have to deplete your that policy no fault coverage, then your personal health insurance costs, and then you’d be able to dip into UM only if the other person was at fault and under insured/ran/etc.
I live in an area full of college kids, so I need good liability coverage but I get excellent health and disability coverage from work. I also rarely have people outside of my policy in my car. Would it still be worth it to get UM in my case?
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2023.06.09 21:23 Things_and_stuff_ Bought a 2007 Kia Sportage- Any way to know if the timing belt has been changed?

Just bought a used sportage. Bought it from a dealer who got it at an auction, so I don't have the previous owner's contact info. I ran a carfax garage report and don't see any mention of a timing belt change, but I know not everything gets reported there.
Is there any way to tell if the timing belt has been changed, or check it without having to take the car apart? Another mechanic told me the only way to check the belt would require disassembling to the point where you should just replace it anyways, but that this would be a good bit of labor. Any insight here? Bought the car for fairly cheap, so I'd love to not spend the money to replace the belt if I don't need to yet.
Car has ~147,000 miles for reference, it's the 4 cylinder engine.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.09 21:15 indecisive_ivan How much should my down payment on a used car be?

I posted here before and decided to purchase a used car in the $10K range until I get rid of debt and build more savings. I am now trying to determine how much of a down payment I should make. Ideally, for a car that's 10+ years old, I would pay in full but that would wipe out most if not all of my savings at this time. I would try to hold out longer but it's rainy season where I live and water leaks through the moon roof.
Updated Financial Info:
My take-home pay is $4,600/mo after 401k, insurance, and taxes. My wife is a freelancer so her income is variable but she sends me $1,000/mo and is working on increasing her income in the coming months. Our mortgage is $1,400/mo but will likely increase this summer due to rising insurance rates. Monthly bills come out to around $600. We have $5,400 in CC debt (0% APR for another 11 months), $12K debt consolidation loan at 7.17% APR ($340/mo) and federal student loans. I have $12,300 in a HYSA ($5,000 emergency fund + adding ~$650 each month to pay off CCbefore intro APR period is over) and another $27K across my 401k & IRA.
I'd like to pay down $5,000 and finance the rest for 36 months but I worry that wouldn't leave me with enough liquidity.
Thank you in advance for any advice.
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2023.06.09 21:13 subarashisubarashi Need help

Need help
Toyota celica gen 7 2004 manual over 100,000 Mileage . So I had no issue with this car since yesterday I’m having the engine cranking but not starting I replaced the battery and still same. I have OBD scanner small cheap one and a code b2796 comes up saying lost communication with impoliser. I had this key fob broken issue. Only the key fob plastic was broken which separated the key and the brain so I just used some tool to turn the key to start I did this couple of times. Can this be key issue or something related to fuel I have no idea. Anyone has experience on this please help.
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2023.06.09 21:05 katyaslonenko The Hanged Man

Rowling announced The Running Grave through the anagram “Untangle the hanging venturer” - I take it as a sign that the book will be packed with literal and metaphorical hanged men.
(Why? She announced LW through the game of Hangman, and it was so full of the Hanged Man symbolism - about it later; but I mean - there were actual gallows in it!).

What is the Hanged Man, and why should we fear it?

The Hanged Man is a tarot card that illustrates the cross-cultural symbol of sacrifice found pretty much everywhere since mythological times.
Jesus Christ, St Peter, Odin, Aslan from the Narnia Chronicles, Pinocchio, Luke Skywalker in Empire Strikes Back, Komaram Bheem in RRR, Helly in Severance, and Cassie in Promising Young Woman are all examples of hanged men in the (pop-)culture I could brainstorm in five minutes. (Links will take you to characteristic images; I trust you are already familiar with the stories behind them or can google them if interested).
The Hanged Man means two things:
So when a hanged man appears on the page (screen), we can expect a sacrifice to happen and should be alert to the presence of a traitor.
Here’re some examples so you can see how these meanings can fit together. Three of my favorite hanged men in Rowling’s books are:
When appearing in a tarot reading, the Hanged Man signifies long waiting, setbacks and delays. Like the man on the card, everything will be suspended. But! The setback will be for the best as it will bring a much-needed perspective or knowledge. After the sacrifice, a hero will learn something that was hidden from them before:
Those three follow a neat “betrayal - change of perspective - sacrifice - change of perspective - redemption” formula. There are many other Hanged Men hung like guns everywhere in Rowling’s writing:
She non-too-subtly starts GoF in a pub called The Hanged Man in the village of Little Hangleton (the neighbour of the town Great Hangleton). It’s a neon sign pointing at an innocent sacrifice! (Could be Harry but was Cedrick).
Apart from that, there is Mad-Eye Moody in that book, the walking Hanged Man (no eye, no leg) - only he’s not Moody at all but stealing Moody’s identity Barty Crouch-Jr. He’s, of course, yet another hanged man: a convict, a traitor, and an innocent life-taker - his mother’s life was sacrificed to save him.
He reminds me of Raff, another Hanged Man in Rowling’s series. Another kid of an influential father, he’s a convict, too - he killed a young mother. (Admittedly, she wasn’t his mother, but mentioning that she was a mother underlines the innocence of the sacrifice).
Two brushstrokes to this hanged man’s portrait: as a child, he was almost suffocated by his older brother - as a grown-up, he chose suffocation as a MO to kill his father.
LW is quite heavy with the hanged man symbolism: it’s literally centred around a gallows (although we don’t know it at first). What is so special about number 4 that both GoF and LW are packed with hanged men? The figure of the hanged man on the tarot card looks like a vertically flipped 4 - hence the association!
But of course, there are plenty of 4-unrelated hanged men, too. The latest is Strike himself lying on the hospital bed at the end of TIBH. Imagine him, without his right leg, a stabbing wound in his right side (Jesus - Odin - Strike), fixed to the machines around his bed as if hanged in ropes. At this moment, all his usual business is on hold. The pause, although unwelcome, is necessary - for one thing, it finally opens his eyes to his feelings for Robin!
Alas - the hanged man comes with the usual delays and setbacks, and she’s away on the date with Ryan.
The Hanged Man embodies the element of Water, so drowned people or people diving (suspended in water) should remind us of him, too. I’m thinking about how Matthew got hurt while diving, which created a whole lot of setbacks and delays for Robin. (Like getting a sweet release of a divorce!)
Crowley gives another layer to this: "a drowned man", “a baptism, which is also a death”, and “a male child of perfect innocence and intelligence”. That’s a sinister thought, yet strangely fitting for the new book! I’m pretty sure we’ll see the baptism of Nick and Ilsa’s son - Strike and Robin have already been chosen as godparents. I don’t want that child to die, of course, nor do I believe it will actually happen - Strike’s and Robin’s godparenthood must have a bigger purpose! But what if there is another baptism that goes horribly wrong? I’m thinking about the Norfolk commune, the church in Aylmerton as a Twitter header, and the little wave emoji, and somehow “a baptism, which is also a death”, sounds a lot like a premise for the mystery book!..
Okay, I think I covered the Hanged Man symbolism! Two characters I want to mention before I wrap up:
I’m very interested to see if Rowling means for them to follow Snape’s - or Quine’s - “traitor - sacrifice - change of perspective - redemption” path. (Especially considering that half of them haven't even appeared on the page yet). What do you think?
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2023.06.09 21:03 AutoModerator The AMP Hour podcast - #634 – The CAN bus can! with Dr Ken Tindell - 1 hour
Welcome Dr Ken Tindell of Canis Labs
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2023.06.09 20:50 breaksnstabs 2013 Stock FRS 252k Miles, P0420 Code?

Hey ft86,
Recently got a check engine light driving home the other day. It happened very subtly, absolutely 0 abnormal noises, no differences in feel while driving, etc. Scanned the code with a cheap scan tool and it says I have P0420 code, catalytic convert below threshold in bank 1.
So I've read up online for this, obviously going to do every thing I can to avoid purchasing a whole new catalytic converter (I will be doing all work myself). I have a couple questions now that I've did a bit of research.
  1. Is it a good idea to use this "catalytic converter cleaner" additive in the fuel? My vehicle has an enormous amount of mileage on it and I'd much prefer not to put anything other than fuel in there. Unless this will not affect the engine's integrity?
  2. I see that an O2 sensor could be a problem as well. If I have to purchase one, can I just get one at my local autozone that is not the exact same brand as the one that comes stock in the car (can I mis-match O2 sensor brands)?
  3. I've also seen that literally removing the catalytic converter and cleaning it is an option. Is this worth looking into?
I'd like to do the classic of trying the easy solutions first, then moving on to hardemore expensive if what I do does not remove the check engine light.
Thank you!
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2023.06.09 20:44 EnderBuilders Please, VOTE FOR THE GIANT HERMIT CRAB... AGAIN! Once in 10th place. ( Creature Submission )

Please, VOTE FOR THE GIANT HERMIT CRAB... AGAIN! Once in 10th place. ( Creature Submission )
Giant Hermit Crab is a docile creature viable inside and outside water. It can be taught to create multiple shells that works for various occasions and can launch itself like a CANNONBALL to move around!
Vote here :
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2023.06.09 20:14 Ayesam3pal This is why you don’t skip icons

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2023.06.09 19:30 Panic-Panic-Panic (US) Spending more than what we are making – what's the best route to stop drowning?

Between poor decisions, hours cut due to the pandemic, and just being down on our luck, my family and I have found ourselves absolutely drowning in debt and bills. On paper, we make a lot of money, but we are spending way more than we are bringing in. After taxes, health insurance, FSA, etc. we bring home a little over $7,100 monthly. Last month, we spent over $9,100. Holy shit.
Here is a breakdown of our May finances:
Daycare $2,235
Rent $2,056
Debt $1,800
Car $1,500
Groceries $560
Utilities $341
Food $290
Entertainment $160
Daycare – We just put a deposit down at a daycare that is $1,450/mo and will switch in August. The current tuition is about $450/wk, and it's over 35 minutes away one way (near my husband's old job). When we were planning for our kid, MIL committed to two days a week, my husband was off one day during the week, so we initially only needed care 2 days a week. This was discussed many times throughout the pregnancy. Since I've given birth, she's only visited maybe once a month, never to really help out – just to see the baby. We started off with a part-time nanny that didn't work out. I tried working remotely while caring for our baby, but I felt I was neglecting both him and my job equally. Daycares in our area have a 2+ year waitlist and usually require a deposit of at least $3,000. Also, daycare was on my credit card which as of now has been maxed out and over the limit.
Car – We used to be a one-car family ($560/mo in car payments), but right before I gave birth my husband was absolutely panicking about me not having a car for emergencies with the baby while he was at work. He worked in sales and was consistently in the top 2 salesmen, so at the time it was feasible to get a second car, albeit not the one he chose. He ended up leasing one (trust me, this was a very sore subject in our relationship for a while) and now trading it in would land us in so much negative equity. I got in an accident a couple weeks ago (not at fault), so now the value on the other financed vehicle dropped. This bucket also includes replenishment for tolls which I've now removed from autopay.
Debt – Yep. It's a big one. We lived in a state with a slightly lower cost of living, and my husband's employment was severely affected by the pandemic. We accumulated a lot of debt. Some of this is furniture that has no interest, but a large chunk is credit card / personal loan debt meant to keep us afloat. The personal loan initially was to consolidate student loans and a much smaller credit card debt.
Groceries – This includes baby and pet supplies. We only shop at cheaper grocery stores like Aldi.
Food – We absolutely need to get better at just cooking. We just feel like we're hardly surviving with the sleepless nights and long workdays.
Entertainment – Normally this is only $24 for streaming services, but we did celebrate my first Mother's Day.
Like I said, I do acknowledge that a lot of this is consequences of poor decision making. In January, we had a pretty solid snowball debt payoff plan, we deleted our food delivery apps, and we really tried to cut down on spending. We don't go out and try our best to keep our spending to a minimum. Unfortunately, the economy hit car sales pretty hard and while my husband was consistently a top performer across multiple dealerships it was still not enough. He finally got a job with much better hours and consistent pay. But in the last two weeks alone, we've had to pay for bed bug treatments, emergency vet bills, and the insurance deductible from the accident (not at fault and the other party has insurance, but they went through mine first then are pursuing his? Idk it's all been a headache). And yeah, as you can guess, the credit card became the emergency fund.
So – what's the next step here? Another personal loan? Credit card balance transfer (no idea how that works)? We're trying to sell as much as we can but that's just a temporary fix.
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2023.06.09 19:22 heartspains88 Best bang for your buck?

Best bang for my buck
So this will be a bit long. Hopefully the discussion and conclusions here help others in a similar situation. Or even better I would hope anyone else who also needs something to look forward to this is a help.
To preface I’ve always been a PC gamer. Up until recently I’ve always had a custom gaming PC. I’ve had consoles over my lifetime but rarely used them and was never my platform of choice.
About two years ago I went through a divorce that took me to the cleaners. I was and am starting all over in my mid 30’s. I had a PC post divorce but I was in a nasty car accident moving from east to west coast, unfortunately my PC didn’t survive the accident. Thankfully I did. I’m currently saving for another car so I don’t have to bum rides to and from work, insurance essentially just took care of what I owed on the vehicle.
I miss gaming so much and with Street Fighter 6 and Diablo IV out I’m extremely bummed I can’t game with friends.
My question, what is the absolute best bang for your buck to be able to play those? I ‘believe’ it would be an Xbox Series S, which you can find used pretty cheap. But I’ve also seen mini gaming PC’s for a few hundred on Amazon. I would love a PS5 as they have the best imo exclusives right now, but financially just not in the cards. My pipe dream is a steam deck but that’s ages away with where I’m at currently. As is I won’t even be able to get the Series S until I get the vehicle situated.
Anyhow I just thought it would be an interesting discussion and I’m sure others have been In similar circumstances.
Any men going through a nasty divorce and feel like you don’t have anyone. You’re not alone. I’m happy to talk to anyone, maybe I can brighten your day. I know we all can use it at times.
TL;DR - Nasty divorce has me broke broke. What’s the most inexpensive method to get back into current gen gaming?
EDIT - I’m working currently and will respond when able. But loads of good advice here and thank you everyone who took the time out of their day. At a quick glance with what I want to play specifically plus price point I think finding a used Series S is where it’ll be at.
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2023.06.09 19:20 McDicks69420 Give me 3 reasons why I shouldn’t go trade my 19 Accord for this

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2023.06.09 19:08 darkfrap Is this a good deal? Any red flags? Would be my first car.

Is this a good deal? Any red flags? Would be my first car.
It needs some work like breaks/rotors and AC but physically and mechanically looks like it's in good condition. This would be my first car.
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2023.06.09 18:05 UnDead_Ted The Psychology of Temptation: A Lesson in Pastoral Wisdom from James Ross Blackburn

The Psychology of Temptation: A Lesson in Pastoral Wisdom from James Ross Blackburn

One of the great blessings of the epistles is being able to watch the writers pastor their people. Yes, the epistles are full of theology, but they are written by and large to specific persons or people, with particular pastoral concerns in mind. What we have, then, are not just treatises on the character of the Gospel, but windows into the dealings of pastors with their people. We have much to learn on both counts.
The epistle of James is full of pastoral wisdom, both for ourselves and for those we serve. Of course, these go together. As Paul reminded Timothy, “Keep a close watch on yourself and on the teaching. Persist in this, for by so doing you will save both yourself and your hearers” (1 Tim 4:16). The following will look at what we might call a psychology of temptation, a teaching of extraordinary perception and precision from James to his people, given so that they might stand faithfully in the face of temptation.


The wages of sin is death. That is apparent, if we have eyes to see. Adultery destroys marriages. Gluttony degrades one’s health—mentally, spiritually, and physically. Covetousness constricts the heart, making one increasingly unable to love. Lying destroys trust, and therefore destroys relationships. This much is plain. It is easy to see sin for what it is when we see its effects down the road, when the marriage is irrecoverable, the heart attack has occurred, or the job has been lost.
What is not so apparent is how we get to this point. When advanced, it is apparent that sin brings forth death. When in its embryonic stages, it is not so apparent. Sin begins imperceptibly, growing until it can be seen for what it is. In other words, great sin doesn’t just happen in a moment, but over time.
James gives us an insightful account of how sin works in James 1:12-18:
Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him. Let no one say when he is tempted, “I am being tempted by God,” for God cannot be tempted with evil, and he himself tempts no one. But each person is tempted when he is lured and enticed by his own desire. Then desire when it has conceived gives birth to sin, and sin when it is fully grown brings forth death. Do not be deceived, my beloved brothers. Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change. Of his own will he brought us forth by the word of truth, that we should be a kind of firstfruits of his creatures.
James begins with a tremendous encouragement. Interestingly, the Greek word for trial in James 1:12 has the same root as the words for temptation in the rest of the passage. Why the ESV chose to translate the word differently (unlike, for example, the KJV, which translated the root consistently) I don’t know. However, we are on good grounds to read the verse as follows: “Blessed is the man who remains steadfast when faced with temptation, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him.” The encouragement is threefold. First, the Lord will reward those who stand when tempted. Even as it presents an opportunity for sin, temptation brings opportunities for faithfulness, growth, and reward, as James indicates at the beginning of his letter (James 1:2-4). Secondly, we are to expect temptation. Being tempted does not mean that we are sinful, weak, or that we have done something wrong. Rather, experiencing temptation is normal. Even Jesus was tempted, yet remained without sin. Finally, James implies that withstanding temptation and loving God are one. In other words, those who love God are those who withstand temptation. From the outset, James hints at the means of dealing with temptation—believing in the goodness of God. We’ll return to this later.
Shifting Blame
James then makes a stark and important claim: God does not tempt. On the surface, this may not seem necessary to say, for who when tempted blames God? Actually, it is more common than you might think. We see it as far back as Eden, when Adam, seeking to justify himself after eating the fruit, told God “The woman whom you gave to be with me, she gave me fruit of the tree, and I ate” (Gen 3:12). By reminding God that God gave him the woman who gave him the fruit, Adam blames both Eve and God. In other words, Adam justifies himself by citing the circumstances of his sin. And, implicitly, the God of his circumstances.
That begins to feel more familiar. Legion are the ways in which we blame others for our sin. “If she hadn’t said that….” “If he were less selfish and more considerate….” “If pornography wasn’t so available….” “If I only had more money….” In other words, rather than looking to ourselves, we are quick to blame the circumstances of our sin for our sin. In so doing, we blame God. Rather than giving thanks in all circumstances (1 Thess 5:17), we blame the author of our circumstances. Or, similarly, we blame who God made us to be. Excuses like “he’s only human,” or “boys will be boys” locate our sin not in our rebellion, but in our humanity, thereby implicitly blaming God. Blaming ensures we will never get to the root of the problem, for in blaming we fail to identify the source. Just like the doctor who misdiagnoses the cause of a disease cannot expect his patient to recover, so for the one who misdiagnoses the root of sin.
Yielding to Desire
What is that source? James is clear: “each person is tempted when he is lured and enticed by his own desire.” Here we get to the root. Temptation draws its strength from desire. This explains why not everyone is faced with the same temptations. The lure of internet pornography is a serious temptation for one man, while for another it is not. Both have the same access, only one is tempted. What is the difference? James would say that the difference is desire. The opportunity to gossip exists for all, yet some gossip and others do not. Why is this? Some want to, others do not.
Importantly, James does not say that desire is sin. Rather, he says that desire when it has conceived gives birth to sin. James here uses the analogy of sex and childbearing to illustrate how this works. First, there is conception, which occurs when a woman gives herself to a man. As in conception, desire must be received, even embraced. Said differently, consent must be given for desire to be conceived.
To return to the example of sexual sin, what happens when a married man sees another woman and is attracted to her? How does he respond to the temptation? Does he look a second time, or does he divert his eyes? Desire is conceived in the second look. What of a married woman who is tempted to harbor disrespectful thoughts of her husband, or romanticized thoughts of another man? Desire is conceived in the lingering.
Herein lie the beginnings of sin. Of course, sin in its early stages is undetectable, and it is certainly hidden, perhaps even from the sinner himself. Over time, however, sin grows—little by little, day by day, thought by thought, act by act—until it is birthed, and then seen for what it is. Yet even at this point, sin hasn’t reached the height of its destructiveness. A student can cheat and get away with it for a season, and in fact can benefit from it as he seeks to get ahead in his class. But as he makes peace with dishonesty, it seeps into other areas of his life—his friendships, his job, his marriage. Having begun with an act of dishonesty, he has become dishonest. And things begin to fall apart. While sin can be indulged for a time when its effects are not fully apparent, there will come a time when his friends don’t trust him, he is charged with embezzling, and his marriage ends. At this point, it becomes plain that sin really does bring forth death. That which we gave quarter to in its beginnings has grown to devour us in the end.
The Scriptures simply tell us to flee. Examples abound: “Flee from sexual immorality” (1 Cor 6:18), “flee from idolatry” (1 Cor 10:14), “flee youthful passions” (2 Tim 2:22). We don’t trifle with temptation, we don’t make allowances, and we don’t take refuge in the fact that others aren’t bothered. Like Joseph, who fled Potiphar’s wife even to the point of leaving his garment, we flee. We either flee temptation, or we receive it. Our refusal to flee means we have already decided.


As a wise and caring pastor, having shown both the subtle beginnings and the tragic consequences of sin, James turns to the solution. Let me mention two things.
The Character of Deception
First, he warns against deception: “Do not be deceived, my beloved brothers. Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.” This warning also takes us back to Eden. What enticed Eve to eat the fruit but deception, in this case the serpent’s insinuation that every good and perfect gift did not come from God? The serpent’s great lie was that the good life could be found apart from God and his ways. In effect, the serpent attacked God’s character by saying that He was not good, and therefore sought to deny good gifts to Adam and Eve.
This same lie is at the root of sin today. Years ago, upon leaving a church I had served for a summer, the minister (who had become a dear friend and mentor) gave me a hug, looked me in the eyes, and sent me off with words I have never forgotten: “Always remember that Satan wraps his temptations in pretty packages.” I have found that to be true. Satan wants to be seen as the giver of good gifts. Satan’s gifts, of course, are not what they appear, for what is attractively offered brings about death when received. This is true of all manner of sin—sexual sin, gossip, the satisfaction of speaking unkindly, holding onto a grudge, or hoarding money. James, therefore, makes it clear that the God whose goodness we are tempted to doubt is One who gives good and perfect gifts. And He does not change. In the end, James calls us to trust God, and therefore to trust His ways are good. It is no coincidence that James goes on to speak of God’s law as “the law of liberty.” James understands that, despite what Satan might lead us to believe, the law of God is meant for freedom, not bondage.
Being convinced of God’s goodness helps us deal with our wayward desires that make temptation so powerful. Thanks be to God, we are not victims of our own desires. In this “follow your heart” world, we can learn to lead our hearts. For instance, the Proverbs call us to “Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flow the springs of life” (Prov 4:23). How do we do this? The Scriptures give much guidance here, but let me mention several of Jesus’ sayings. When Jesus says “where your treasure is, there will your heart be also” (Luke 12:34), he suggests we can lead our hearts through how we spend or invest money. When he says “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks” (Luke 6:45), he implies that we can guide our heart by speaking in a way that is gracious and edifying. When he says “Your eye is the lamp of your body” (Luke 11:34), he suggests that we can shape our desires by what we allow ourselves to behold. A man who gazes upon his wife alone, never allowing himself to gaze upon another woman, will find that his desires for pornography or fantasy begin to fade. A selfish man can become generous by practicing generosity, whether he feels like it or not. Perhaps this is not all we can do, but it is something we must do. In the end, shaping our desires is about the transformation of the heart: “Delight yourself in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart” (Psalm 37:4), the implication being that, as we delight in the Lord, he transforms our desires into ones that he can fulfill. It is possible to get out in front of temptation by seeking to form, or re-form, our desires. But this will only happen to the extent that we believe God is for us, and that His ways are life and peace.
Loving the Beloved
Secondly, as he warns them against deception, James reminds his people of who they are, and of God’s disposition toward them. He addresses them tenderly—“my beloved brothers.” Exactly who loves them? God? James himself? I suspect the answer (which may be intentionally ambiguous) is both. As a pastor, James is genuine in his love for his people. It is precisely the failure to love their people that disqualified the shepherds in the Old Testament and the Pharisees in the New (Ezek 34; John 10). But James is certainly speaking of God as well, because in the very next sentence he speaks of God as the Father who gives good gifts. For that’s what fathers who love their children do. This is crucial, for James knows, as Paul did, that God’s kindness leads us to repentance. For the people to receive James’ admonition as from God, they must know that James loves them and, even more, that God himself loves them.
This leads to the final point. James reminds us that the crown of life, given to those who resist temptation, is given to those who love God. As mentioned above, James draws a parallel—those who resist temptation are those who love God. Here we get to the root of the issue, our love for God. The Scriptures are clear that a choice must be made, for one cannot love God and sin at the same time: “If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him” (1 John 2:15), “you cannot serve God and money” (Luke 16:13), “friendship with the world is enmity with God” (James 4:4).
How do we love God? By knowing who He is, and in particular who He is for us. As noted above, James speaks to his people as those whom God loves. James makes this explicit later in his letter when he writes in James 5:8-11:
Establish your hearts, for the coming of the Lord is at hand. Do not grumble against one another, brothers, so that you may not be judged; behold, the Judge is standing at the door. As an example of suffering and patience, brothers, take the prophets who spoke in the name of the Lord. Behold, we consider those blessed who remained steadfast. You have heard of the steadfastness of Job, and you have seen the purpose of the Lord, how the Lord is compassionate and merciful.
In the end, it is a call to establish their hearts by remembering the character of God, who was the strength of the prophets before them. James picks up on this by assuring the people that the Lord is compassionate and merciful, alluding to the most complete description of the Lord’s character to be found anywhere in the Bible: “The LORD, the LORD, a God merciful and gracious, slow to anger, and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness…” (Exod 34:6; cf. Num 14:18; Psalms 86:15; 103:8; 145:8), the same description used of Jesus, the one “full of grace and truth” (John 1:14).
It is well known that James does not speak overmuch of the love of God, or speak explicitly of the death and resurrection of Jesus for our sins. Why he does not isn’t exactly clear to me, save that James wrote what he felt he needed to write to his people. After all, a pastor can’t say everything at once, nor is it usually wise or appropriate to try. Nevertheless, we see implied in James what John says explicitly: “We love because he first loved us” (1 John 4:19). And we know that because He is the giver of every good and perfect gift, even the gift of His Son.

W Ross Blackburn

Is the Rector at Christ the King Anglican Fellowship in Boone, NC. He holds a PhD in Biblical Studies from the University of St. Andrews and has over 20 years of ministry experience. He is a member of the St. Anselm Fellowship of the Center for Pastor Theologians.
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I got my ID.4 in 2021 when my wife and I learned we were expecting our first child. At the time I had a Nissan Leaf, and we could barely fit the car seat we got in the back, so I wanted to get a bigger vehicle. By shear luck there was a 1st edition sitting on the dealer lot near my house, and they didn't charge a markup. It is a great car, the car seat fit perfectly, even better than my wife's 2020 Tiguan. However at the time I was primarily working from home, and didn't need to go into the office when it snows. Job change later and now I need to go into the office more frequently and with New England weather the ID.4 proved less capable in the snow than I liked (yes I had snow tires). The electronics have gotten buggier since getting the SW updates from the dealer, and the window controls for the rear window have become a bigger issue now that I actually use the rear windows. All of these issues aside, I decided I wanted an AWD EV SUV for better winter performance. I looked at a couple options, (I hate the interior of the Ionic 5, and the Kia EV6 is (in my opinion) overpriced. I test drove the AWD ID.4 and it is great still have some issues with the interior, but if the price was right I would have gladly gotten it. The local dealer had an AWD Pro S ID.4 on the lot, but when it came to the price my head nearly spun off my shoulder when they were quoting $150/mo more than my current lease. That same day I tested a fully loaded Volvo C40 Recharge which has less range, is smaller but still fits the car seat with a passenger not shoved up against the dash, and after working it out with the Volvo dealer, despite the sticker being for $20k more, the payment would end up being only $20/mo more than my current ID.4 1st edition. The C40 was not only blisteringly quick compared to my RWD ID.4, but it actually has dedicated buttons for the rear windows. I am very sad to lost some luggage space and rear seat leg space, but VW priced itself out of contention. I am sad to see the ID.4 go, it is still a car I would recommend to people, but it just seems like the price that VW is asking is tough to swallow at the moment.
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