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2023.06.10 12:22 LeCordonB1eu So many questions about restaurants potentially using either fake addresses or names.

So many questions about restaurants potentially using either fake addresses or names.
I came across something bizarre today. A bunch of restaurants, approximately 9 out of 20ish available for this coupon, in my local area are advertising under the same address.
I googled the address and the only restaurant that comes up is MrBeast Burger. I googled names of the restaurants I was interested, such as Late Night Eats Diner, Grandma's Pasta Company, etc and none of those restaurants actually came up; neither on google or on yelp.
Can someone help me make sense of this?
Are those restaurants using a fake address for some shady reason?
Are those listings on PostMates actually from one single restaurant making it look like they are multiple restaurants?

A bunch of addresses advertising with the same address

Googling addresses shows only one of the restaurant listed on postmates with this address.
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2023.06.10 12:22 throwawayacct2111 how can i (25f) help my fiancé (25m) feel better about himself

we recently moved in together after being long distance and our wedding is coming up soon. Prior to now, it had been a little less than a year since i saw my partner besides video calls. He has gained a significant amount of weight and i can tell it bothers him, and i think he suffers from depression
i have suggested that he comes on walks with me and our dog, going to the gym, or signing up for active programs (like doggy agility) and he declines because he says he’s out of shape, or sometimes he will agree but doesn’t actually want to follow through. i’ve been able to cook for us and i’ve been making healthier food, which he does seem to really enjoy. he does have a bad habit of snacking in his office though
today our couch broke when he was sitting on it. in the last month, the couch leg was starting to bend on the end he would sit, but i fixed it by fixing the screw of it. but today, the wood underneath the couch gave in and broke completely. i had a fear this would happen and i don’t know if there’s anything i can do for my fiancé. he knows his weight is a problem. he’s always been a bit bigger but not like this
he does have a therapist but he usually wants to spend his money on other things instead of making appointments. i do want to suggest that he speaks with them again soon but i am afraid of overstepping. i’m worried about him
this change i think has also affected his libido. overall his attitude has changed drastically over the last year or so. he’s a lot more snappy and irritable. he did start adhd medicine though, and has been cycling through new meds every month about to find what works best for him. he also is suffering from daily jaw pain that his doctors think is TMJ disorder
he works from home and chooses his own hours. he usually works 3 ten to twelve hour days, and 2 days he works about seven to eight hours.
should i encourage other forms of activity? or more encouragement towards mental health? i am scared to approach the topic because I don’t want to make him defensive
any advice or ideas are welcome, thank you
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2023.06.10 12:21 blueViolet26 My foster kittens...

My foster kittens...
These are the kittens I rescued. I had to nurse the fluffy little guy back to health. He was underweight and had a very bad upper respiratory infection. They are finally at an age they can go to their forever homes and I am kinda sad. But I know it is for the best.
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2023.06.10 12:16 dicktwistr Mental health question about my grandma

Hi everyone, this text contains sensitive material that could be triggering to some people, which includes the topic of child abuse, domestic violence and near-death situations. I'm not sure where else to turn to as my grandma refuses to see a psychologist/psychiatrist of any sort and my dad and i are really confused. His mom, my grandma, has displayed signs of mental health issues for as long as my dad can remember, although back in those days mental health was practically a non-existent topic. As far as my dad knows, my grandma wasn't abused growing up, she didn't use substances except alcohol every now and then but not to the point of addiction. The next sentences are things my dad has told me himself. My grandma would abuse my grandpa and my dad, verbally and physically, and me only verbally, i remember she would tell me bizarre comments that were very much inappropriate for a child my age back then. She would literally choke my dad when he was a baby and throughout his childhood he was on the verge of death because of her many times. My grandma would get angry for the smallest reasons and "imagine" scenarios or reasons to get upset over. She would constantly think that everyone has the worst intentions in mind for her and refused to snap out of those beliefs. She would basically always display some sort of paranoia. She would have really strong mood swings, one moment everything is fine and the next one she's extremely upset or angry. My dad said she would be in a regular good mood for maximum of 3-4 days before another outburst. I'm aware of those mood swings, often whenever i'd message her she would be angry at me out of nowhere and accuse me of plotting against her, ignoring her, wanting to use her, generally a bunch of ramble that means holds no meaning and appeared out of nothing. Right now she exhibiting even more worrying symptoms, she's giving out money left and right, huge sums, she's giving away so many things to the point my dad is worrying she's gonna go completely broke. He's trying to get some sort of permit to get her hospitalised or have guardianship over her so he can make sure she doesn't completely ruin her life as she's now a woman in her 80's. My dad is in her home country Bulgaria right now and refuses to leave her side because of her behaviour. He says that now she's completely losing her sanity and has even started forgetting things. Does anyone know what these symptoms could mean? Any advice or suggestion is greatly appreciated
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2023.06.10 12:13 Ionatto My GF(F24) lied to ME(M22) and spoke with her ex

Bigger context:
When I first met my GF, october last year (8 months ago), we were both in another country in Europe with the erasmus programme, we both were from the same country and university but we didn't know each other prior that experience. She was in a long-term "open" relationship for almost 5 years with an older guy, 30 years old. Before leaving in Erasmus, her boyfriend proposed to her and she said yes, so they were engaged, the wedding should've taken place at the end of 2023, something like that.
We started talking, flirting, she told me she "kinda likes me" 17 days after we met, then 21 days after we met (that means late october), we had sex, we were spending a lot of time together. So I became her lover. Her boyfriend was in another country, he were to come for new year's eve to see her, so I just went along with this, I was thinking that I'll just have sex with her a few weeks / months until that guy comes and then that's it, that was our agreement, that we'll just "have fun" for how long it works.
Then, her boyfriend came at the end of november, they went in another city only for a few days and I remember being sad and wanting her for myself. After she came, she told me that she was thinking about me while having sex with that guy but still she doesn't want to leave him because of the long-term relationship.
Shorter context:
Long story short, we continued the affair until we left in our home country, that means 1st of march. At this point, we were loving each other, first time we both said "i love you" was at the end of october, 2022. The guy she was with was a looser and pretty toxic and eventually she left him for me, on 20 march or something. But she left him after she spent 2 weeks in his flat "trying" to fix their relationship, she wanted to be 100% sure there is nothing left and she really doesn't like / love that guy anymore. But the thing is she was doing that, "trying" with that guy, while texting me that she loves me and she misses me. We actually met face to face in that period a few times and I was giving her advice and why it would be bad to countinue with that guy (I was trying to be as non-biased as I could for that situation, I wasn't trying to win her over or something, but now when I look back, I was biased as hell). And I was telling her that if she loved me, she wouldn't have "tried" anything, she had all reasons to leave him, she had sex with him a few times in that period of time, but I didn't know for sure until mid may, when she told me, after we already were together. So I sucked it up because I was in love, I think I should've left her then.
Then, after she left him, she moved in our university campus so our dorms were 400meters apart, then, until 24 april we were would behave like we are an actual couple, but we were just testing because she said she needs time and doesn't want to jump from a realtionship to another, no commitment, but we were sleeping together when one of our roomates was not in the room, having sex and spending all of our time together. From 24 april until now, we were together, in a committed relationship with the agreement that we both will be as transparent and sincere as we can and she won't speak with her ex anymore and if he texts her, she would tell me everything he says - she agreed to those terms. The reason her boyfriend would text her is because they have 2 cats together and she said she really loves her cats.
All this time she told me that she's feeling odd and has mixed feeling, that she is confused and doesn't have a place to call "home" anymore. One time, in mid - may, she told me that she still pairs the idea of "home" with that guy's flat and that when we both stay together and do couple things, like working on our laptops for our university classes, she expects to see her ex-boyfriend in the room. I wanted to broke up with her then, because I tought it won't work because she clearly didn't get over her last relationship but she told me that it's just normal, that after 5 years, it's normal that her brain has those things and she assured me that she wants to be with me 100% and that she loves me. Again, I closed my eyes on this matter as well.
Now I broke up with her 3 days ago because I found out she texted her boyfriend on 2nd may (9 days after our agreement, that she can't speak with her ex and if he texts her, she would be transparent and tell me about it), she also met with him on 10 april and she didn't tell me, obviously.
The way I found out was checking her conversation with the guy, without her permission. In the day I checked her conversation, the timing was right for me, she told me to open her whatsapp on her laptop to send some documents and right when I sent them, her ex texted her, the conversation was in archived chats, so it was just bad luck for her, because otherwise I wouldn't have checked. Her ex also said that someone she used to work with contacted him and asked if she (my gf) would want to go back to work in that place. When she got to my place, she told me that person contacted her, not her ex, so she lied again.
I told her I will break up with her because I saw the conversation on 2nd may and because she lied me in the face in the matter of where did she found out about the new job opportunity and I said I can't trust her. She started crying and beg me not to leave her and promise me that she won't do it again , she won't lie again and if I forgive her I would have full acces to her phone, laptop and everything else I want. Then, I asked her this question "in the last 2 months, (that means april and may), is there anything else that I need to know that would devastate me if I'd find out from your laptop/journal/phone?". It was a trap question, she didn't know that I knew she met with her ex on 10 april. So in that pivotal moment, she chose to tell me only half of the truth saying that she only met with her ex's best friend. I asked the question three times, she said the same thing.
I told her that I knew she met with him and that she just proved me I can't trust her. Everything I wanted was for her only to tell me the truth. After that, she cried, almost having a panic attack, then I told her that I won't leave her and she was happy. I asked again if there is anything more I need to know, and this time she better say the truth because she doesn't know what I know. And she told me she met with her ex last week to see her cats but assured me they didn't touch, kissed or had sex. After a few hours I broke up with her for good.
She didn't text him regularly, but she texted him then, on 2nd may, after that she would tell me when her ex would text, but she wouldn't tell me/ show me exactly what they spoke, she only said the he texted her to ask what's up and that she wouldn't get the conversation going.
Now, the thing is that she is my first love, the first woman I told "I love you", yesterday, after I texted her a hateful message while crying (i deleted it afterwards), she came to my room and I let her come. I can't be mad on her, I'm helpless when she stays in front of me... she started saying that I am the love of her life and we both are the loves of each other's lives and this time if I forgive her, she will be however I want and she told me that she never felt so desperate in her entire life after I broke up with her. Then we had sex... and after that I told her that it's time to say goodbye for good this time and even tough I love her so much, my consciousness and rationality can't leave me repeat the same mistakes over and over again.
I wrote everything because I am so hurt and desperate and before starting writing this text I was thinking that this time, if I forgive her, she will really change. But now I realize how stupid all this context is. All my friends told me not to get involved with her and now they praise me for leaving her, but it hurts so much... even if I want to go back, I already told everyone, my parents, brother, friends... because I know I would be weak.
Oh, I forgot to mention that she cheated on her ex as well with a woman, when she tought she is bisexual, now, after she met me, she says she is 100% heterosexual, last time when she had contact with a woman was 6-7 months ago and before that, 6-7 months as well.
TLDR: My girlfriend which first I was her lover then ended up being together, lied to me multiple times about talking and meeting with her ex and I caught her, now I broke up with her but she says she is so sorry that I'm thinking about forgiving her because I really love her and I'm hurt as hell, I didn't expected to be so hard.
Also sorry for this huge text and my english.
What do you think about the whole situation? Would you be with someone like her if you were me?
I know I'm stupid, it seems that I'm agreeable as hell when I love someone.
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2023.06.10 12:10 strawberrymilk444 Is it possible to access SIL after living independently 'successfully'?

Hello. I'm really nervous to ask this but just trying to assess options to work some stuff out. Thanks for any help.
I am 25 (non binary) and diagnosed with multiple severe and chronic mental health conditions. I'm waiting for a decision about my DSP application rn and might apply for NDIS if my DSP claim is accepted. I've done many different treatments including multiple inpatient psych stays but have honestly deteriorated the past few years rather than improving.
The only times I've really been well since reaching adulthood have been towards the end of long term hospital stays. I get to a place where I am really well and stable and don't feel as distressed. Unfortunately, that's the point at which I'm discharged and I immediately fall apart again on getting home.
Right now, a big issue that I'm struggling with is household management and emotion regulation. I need a lot of help and hand holding to cook even simple recipes, I need support and prompting to do housework, I need help staying safe and managing emotional breakdowns on the daily.
I've identified communal living, stable routines, accessible emotional support, and reduced household management (it's not that I can't do housework, it's more that I can't organise what needs to happen when and I need prompting and emotional support to complete lengthy tasks) as things that would help me enormously. SIL (a group home environment essentially) kinda seems perfect to me.
I know that there's a lot of downsides to SIL and maybe I'm crazy to think about opting in.
But basically my question is: if I've lived independently previously in a semi-functional way, is there any chance of being funded and accepted for SIL? Thank you for any advice.
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2023.06.10 12:09 the_reborn_cock69 Thailand is literally heaven for GABA lovers

In less than 6 hours of walking through a big city in Thailand, I managed to get Valium, Lyrica (In A FUCKING 7-11), a whole pack of Xanax, tramadol, codeine. ALL ARE OTC in Some pharmacies and it’s best if you actually show proof you had them. I showed an empty bottle of Gabapentin and got a bunch Lyrica for super cheap. Thailand is lowkey dangerous for this lmao, I’m in love. Off to the red light district while I’m zooted on Lyrica, tramadol, Xanax, & Valium (THIS IS NOT BRAGGING, but I did hear that benzos and Lyrica prevent seizures, so it balanced it out).
Overall, it’s insane compared to the states. I personally actually needed them, I was withdrawing for 2 days. Off to Cambodia soon, I heard they have even more “happy” pharmacies. No, I’m not going there just for cheap & legal drugs, but goddamn it’s tempting. I spaced my doses throughout the day. Total of 40mg Valium, 2mg Xanax (spread in .5 over HOURS, not all together, a little under 400mg of tramadol, which made me sick lol).
I just wanted to share this with my fellow gaba enthusiasts. DO NOT COME ONLY FOR DRUGS AND PROSTITUTION, Thailand is AMAZING. I quit a cozy WFH home job and quit because I was miserable.
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2023.06.10 12:09 ChocoBrumik Coast of Black Sea near Odesa covered with rubbish, home furniture and dead plants and animals from flooded cities

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2023.06.10 12:06 Original-Bird1571 Moving to Bangalore soon, what must I keep in mind when doing so.

As the title suggests, I'll be moving to Bangalore and am quite nervous as this will be the first time I'll be stay away from home. Any advice about the city and life would be amazing.
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2023.06.10 12:04 frAggrnAdier-fourtwo [PC][2010+] batmobile esque vehicle fighting robots and mad scientist esque villian

Platform: pc
Genre: car combat?
Estimated year of release: 2010+
Graphics/artstyle: dark and realistic enough for a low end pc game, although I have played this game in the 2010s, the artstyle does looks like something from the 2000s, plus I remember there being a green main menu similar to IGI's main menu with scifi cool looking font
Notable characters: Swat like looking solider who is standing outside of the car in the intro of the game, random flying robots and mechs?, Evil scientist who appeared in a boss fight, piloting a robot
Notable gameplay mechanics: The game itself was in third person, although it might have had levels, since I remember a boss fight, the game felt like an endless runner mobile game, the gameplay itself was our batmobile like car driving on an highway on a destroyed post apocalyptic city while you could manuever left or right, there weren't any turns, this is where the game felt like an endless runner, the gameplay consisted of using wsad to steer the car and shooting flying enemies with a target reticle(maybe you aimed with the mouse) with pressing spacebar(or maybe with the left click), I remember there being a cooldown mechanic so if I were to hold spacebar to consistently fire at the enemies, my gun would overheat leaving me vulnerable, I remember exploiting this by continuously tapping the spacebar so my gun wouldn't overheat😅, I remember a boss fight with an evil scientist? Maybe character who was flying in a robot above me, I remember I couldn't beat him and quit the game, that boss would drop so many mines at me that I remember rage quitting it, plus that boss fight had a huge health bar that appeared at the bottom of the screen
Other details: I remember there being a huge text crawl at the start of the game that said something like this:" in the future robots and machines decimated earth and left the surviving humans fighting for their lives " the text crawl was way longer but I have no idea what it said afterwards, the main menu was an IGI esque green text box with selectable options and the background being our batman car driving on the highway with the camera going on circles around it, I remember a few basic options like playing with the controls and an option to change the color of the car, which felt weird to me at the time because we were a surviving human and paint job was still a priority🤣, other than that I remember there might or might not be a made with unity logo at the start of the game, thus contributing to the mobile game atmosphere, the game's post apocalyptic aesthetic was more cyberpunk and robotic like terminator and a lot less like mad max if it helps
The final thing is the fact that the game's title might be a two word generic title, so I hope anyone recognizes this and thanks to anyone for reading and commenting
The car really reminds me of gta 5's vigilante minus the turbine like front
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2023.06.10 12:03 prestige_park_grove1 Prestige Park Grove Luxury home in East Bangalore

In Bangalore, Prestige Park Grove is one of the new residential developments that has taken the market by storm and is creating quite a buzz among potential homebuyers. There is no doubt that this project is located in a prime location, that is Bannerghatta Road, and as such, it offers a stylish and contemporary living experience. Throughout this article, we will take a closer look at Prestige Park Grove, the key features of which we will discuss in detail.
The Prestige Park Grove community is spread across acres of land and will offer a variety of residential options to meet the needs and preferences of the various types of homebuyers. Apartments and villas are beautifully designed and thoughtfully crafted in order to provide maximum comfort and functionality to each of the residents of the project. With a focus on modern architecture and design, Prestige Park Grove stands out as the epitome of luxury living in Bangalore with its emphasis on modern architecture and design.
There is no doubt that Prestige Park Grove's strategic location is one of its most outstanding features. With this project located on Bannerghatta Road, one of the most sought-after residential areas in Bangalore, the residents of this project will have the opportunity to enjoy excellent connectivity to key locations within the city. Located in a well-connected area that is close to major IT hubs, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and entertainment centers, this neighborhood is ideally suited for working professionals as well as families, as it offers a wide range of amenities for residents to take advantage of.
A wide range of facilities and amenities are available at Prestige Park Grove to cater to the needs of the residents and their families. The project is designed to provide ample opportunities for recreational activities and relaxation by incorporating landscaped gardens, jogging tracks, swimming pools, fitness centers, as well as play areas for children. There are also additional facilities at the development, including a clubhouse, a multi-purpose hall, an indoor games room, and a library, all of which ensure that residents get a well-rounded experience while living there.
Prestige Park Grove offers a variety of configurations for both apartments and villas that can be customized in order to meet the needs of any individual. There is plenty of space in the apartments, well-ventilated, and well-designed to maximize natural light, so as to create a bright and airy ambiance in the apartments. The villas, on the other hand, are designed specifically to provide a sense of exclusivity and privacy, with their own private gardens and designated parking spaces. In order to ensure durability and a luxurious living experience for our residents, the homes are constructed using only the finest materials and finishes.
There is no stone left unturned when it comes to Prestige Park Grove's security measures. There is an integrated round-the-clock security system installed in the project, which includes CCTV surveillance, an intercom system, and manned security personnel. In this way, residents are ensured the safety and peace of mind that they deserve, allowing them to live a peaceful and worry-free life.
Moreover, Prestige Park Grove places a great deal of emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendly living in the community. There are many energy-efficient features and practices that are incorporated into the project, such as rainwater harvesting, solar panels, and waste management systems. The result of this is both a reduction in the carbon footprint as well as a healthier and more environmentally friendly lifestyle for the residents of these areas.
As a conclusion, Prestige Park Grove is an exciting new residential project in Bangalore that offers luxurious and contemporary living spaces for those in search of a luxurious and contemporary lifestyle. With its ideal location, modern amenities, and thoughtfully designed homes, this community provides the ideal setting for a comfortable and convenient lifestyle with a wide range of amenities. There is no doubt that Prestige Park Grove is a place worth considering, whether you are a working professional or a family looking for a dream home.
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2023.06.10 12:03 Sassybay1803 Should I (F22) be worried about what I saw on Bf (M26) phone

Should I (F22) be worried about what I saw on Bf (M26) phone
Okay so to give context me (F22) and my Bf (M26) have been together for almost 3 years. I’ll try not to type too much but to give details this is the one person I’ve ever been with that even when we fight over major things or small thing cheating or infidelity has never been a subject or even an concern at all which is what keeps us so strong. When I met him he had a group of friends who actively to this day cheat on long term girlfriends as well as new gfs that I’ve met as time has gone one and it has still never been a question, issue , or influence for him to hang out with these friends alone or as a group. He is actually the only friend from there group who isn’t this way. So now to recently we have kind of hit our rough patch with a lot of outside influences my grandpa died, we Both are struggling with work, finances, trying to find careers, and make time for each other as well as mental health. We just got back from Utah on June 2nd with my family for mt brother’s graduation and so the upcoming week we both worked and I didn’t go to his house or sleep over or anything to kind of give us time because the trip was just a lot. On Wednesday he mentioned when he got off work he would be going out with his friend to a bar to watch nba finals I was fine with that said to let me know when he got there how it was going and when he left simply because he works 40 mins away from home so after drinking I worry about the drive. Well he told me he was planning to leave at 7 unfortunately his friend didn’t show up until 7 so I said we’ll have fun let me know when your leaving, at 8:30 he texted me that he was leaving I fell asleep and woke up at 10 pm to see his location was still at the bar and hadn’t texted me anything. So I call him very worried he explains he thought because I didn’t answer his call earlier that I was upset so he decided to stay a little longer I explain I’m not upset and that he should her home because now I’m worried about him driving and he hangs up. I call him back text him asking what happened and he doesn’t answer so I call his friend he’s with and no answer so I ft him and he answers but he’s outside the bar which is weird so I was like well I’ll just stay on ft until you leave so your safe and I ask who’s all there he gets very annoyed and says just me our mutual friend and a coworker and joking around I say no girls ? And he gets very defensive which give a me a bad gut feeling which I’ve never had. He leaves gets home and he’s being very dry in our conversation and I finally ask no one else was there no girls and he tells me why would there be girls and I leave it at that. Flash forward to today him and this same friend go golfing And after golfing he mentions they will be going to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the finals game I ask him if when I get off if i can meet them so I get off I meet them it’s fine we eat drink and after he invites me to sleep over. He falls asleep and as I’m trying to connect the peacock app to his hotspot he gets a text from this friend I opened the messages to show trll him and I notice there is no messages which is incredibly weird so I go to his recently deleted and recover the messages and find messages from Wednesday night of him saying “ Man tell her i want her number so i can let her know im home” and I’m another message “Man tell hot topic I want to meet her again 😂” … my stomach dropped I tried to wake him up and ask him and he’s too asleep to even have the convo so I ask his friend who he was with and he says it was a joke and nothing serious which I say then why did he delete it. Nothing else came or those messages he never sent her number insta snap twitter anything I checked it all. But now I feel very gaslighted and confused because this has never happened and he didn’t ask for his phone back or anything just said I work tomorrow let me sleep but even if he was drunk why would he delete them he obviously knew if wasn’t right so he deleted it. And I just don’t know how to approach it. I’m so shocked and sad and lost pls help I attached pics of the message I saw on his phone and then was his friend said
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2023.06.10 11:56 curlywitches My (ex) bf abandoned me at 3am in the middle of the street because I didn't want to get food with him

Note before I tell the story: we live in an unsafe country, especially for women
Just felt like I need to know if I'm sane for still being mad about this. I was flying back from a conference, my then-bf (lets call him Sam) picked me up at the airport. It was 2am. The airport is 30 min from my parents place where I was staying. I told my parents not to wait up for me since I'll be with Sam. On the drive back, Sam asked me if I wanted to eat something. I said no since I was anxious to get home since it was late and very deserted and it's not safe that late at night in our city. Sam got really angry and said I never want to eat with him (an accusation with no context). I said it's 3am and to please take me home. He completely went silent and didn't say a word throughout the rest of the car ride. I tried to say something once or twice and he didn't respond so I stayed silent too. We got to my parents house and he took out my bag from the car, got back in the car and drove away. It was the middle of the street at 3am in a neighbourhood/city/country that's not safe for women. If anyone has been to south asia here, they'd know how houses are designed with gates at the driveway. The gate was locked and there's a trick to unlock it from the outside. I told my parents to keep the gate locked and I'll unlock it myself since I thought Sam will be with me. I was left all alone to unlock the gate all the while being scared that someone will come up behind me. Then I went inside and unlocked the front door in the driveway to let myself in. The whole time I was trembling since being attacked/robbed while entering your house is very common in my area.
I was really hurt and felt abandoned. I couldn't stop crying and shaking. I wouldn't even treat a stranger this way. Regardless of whether the area is safe or unsafe, I would wait in my car and make sure a stranger I had just met would get inside safely. I would wait for a friend, man or woman, but especially a woman. I can't fathom still why he didn't wait to ensure I got inside safely. He knew no one at home is waiting for me and everyone is asleep.
When we talked about it, he gaslighted me and told me he parked at the end of the street to check even though I clearly remember watching him drive away really fast to show his anger and turn at the corner. Even if he had waited at the corner of the street, what kind of bf would let his gf be scared and trembling with fear outside her house just because she didn't want to eat at 3am? Was it right to be angry at him? He thought I was overreacting and being a girl and that I'm an adult who can look after herself. He thought that it would be different if he abandoned me at a random street but he only abandoned me outside my parents house.
This was a few years ago but recently I can't stop thinking about it. I brought it up with my therapist and she was pretty dismissive about it. She thought it's my childhood abandonment issues and not the fact that my ex was a horrible person.
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2023.06.10 11:55 ad_atticum Is there any way I can be back in shape and healthy? I haven't worked out since I was a teen.

I'm 27F. Last time I worked out was during secondary school and part of high school when I was 18, so two hours twice a week. I never liked sports, I have always spent my free time reading or playing games, so at home.
I live a pretty much sedentary life and I'm underweight and very tall. I take walks almost everyday and go hiking twice a month. However when I go hiking I have to rest A LOT and I fall to the ground a lot as well, to the point of sometimes rolling down a hill when we're hiking in "higher altitudes". Thankfully I have never broken a bone or got more than a scratch.
Back when I was a teen, I could do push-ups, sit ups, you name it. Nothing that I did I did very well, but at least I didn't have to stop to catch my breath when going upstairs. Needless to say I can't do push ups or sit ups or pull ups or run for 15 minutes (I've tried).
In my current situation the only equipment I have is a yoga mat that I use sometimes to stretch (I can't stretch much) and two 1kg weights. There are no gyms or swimming pool nearby (I live in a small town). I am moving to a big city in some months so when I save money I will probably try to join a gym so I remain hopeful (I will just need the discipline to go there).
I don't have a regular working out routine because when I've tried having it, I became fatigued very quickly, my whole head burns, and my knees also hurt a lot. Just imagining going through all the pain makes me procrastinate it, but also I'd like to be healthy and be able to go to the store and bring back several bottles of water without having to pause several times on the way home. I'm not asking for a fit looking body, just for a fit body. Do you think that I can ever regain that health or no matter how much working out I get done my body is already that of an 80 years old?
Do you have recommended body weight workouts for a person like me? Sometimes I do workouts from this channel called Senior Shape Fitness. That's my level atm.
Thank you.
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2023.06.10 11:55 seedlessxwatermelon My BF's mom is so toxic

Not technically my MIL, but I figured this would be a great subreddit to get advice.
I (28F) have been dating my boyfriend (29M) for just under a year. His mom is extremely toxic. Luckily she lives across the country, but she's visited a few times and each encounter with her leaves me more concerned about having to deal with her if I do marry/have kids with my boyfriend.
I always tell this story to my friends to help portray how insane my boyfriend's mom is: when he was 5, his class had a handwriting booklet that a different student would take home each day and practice writing a letter of the alphabet. Apparently, she would flip through the booklet, find the neatest handwriting and tell him he had to "beat that handwriting." And would then photocopy his page and make him practice his letter over and over until it was perfect, before he could write it into the booklet.

A summary of some standout interactions I've had with her: -The first time I met her, she interrogated me about my ex, what he looked like, what his job was, what his mom looked like (wtf?). Also on this same first meeting, she perseverated over my ethnicity (Asian) throughout the ENTIRE dinner and then "jokingly" asked if I would be interested in "a half Asian nurse" (referring to her daughter's boyfriend (yes... my boyfriend's sister's bf)). Also kept telling me her dad looks Asian (they are not Asian).
-Recently her father and mother died within a month apart. Note: I've never met either of them. When her father died, I immediately reached out, sent condolences and flowers. Then, when her mother died (I was working that day and didn't have a chance to reach out immediately), she texted my boyfriend literally just hours later and asked "why hasn't 'seedlessxwatermelon' reached out yet? Your ex did."
-And the most recent interaction that spurred me to post this: she flew in for an impromptu visit this weekend and while I was in the other room, I overheard my boyfriend show her pottery mugs we recently made. She then proceeded to say "Is that hers? You can tell she's a psychiatrist, she's got issues. It's very abstract. She's a psychiatrist, they're all weird."

And here's the kicker: according to my boyfriend, she "loves" me and is constantly asking about me. "Is seedlessxwatermelon still going out with you? You need to treat her well."
This woman is quite frankly, exhausting, and has a severe personality disorder. As the "weird" psychiatrist in her words, I am certain her parenting has really negatively impacted her children, and my boyfriend acknowledges it as well. He has the insight that she was so hypercritical of him, that he has deep rooted insecurity and had to seek validation through casual hookups (an issue that has impacted our relationship, and we are still trying to work through). He has commented several times that he owes his brain/success to her, so he could never cut her out of his life.
Although my boyfriend and I have had our share of issues (that I truly believe stem from his upbringing by his mom), I really love him and am feeling good about the direction our relationship is heading. I, however, am feeling more and more concerned about his mom the more I interact with her. If she stays across the country, I'm willing to grit my teeth and endure occasional visits from her, but I am terrified she will want to move to my city if my boyfriend and I every get married/have kids. I absolutely do not want my kids near this toxicity.

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2023.06.10 11:54 ampisands Very overwhelmed by needing to afford to live and save

I'm a 19 year old about to turn 20. I am also coming up on my 2nd year living away from my parents - not a coincidence. This might be a bit long, but I would really appreciate any advice as someone who doesn't have anyone to ask.
I'm in the process of transitioning from a $17.05/hr job with fairly set hours of 35 a week to a $20/hr job with the option to work and get overtime as much as I want. I'm also a full time student, so this is kind of perfect. For the past 6 months, I've been putting away $1,000 a month. In March, I opened a Goldman Sachs saving account and moved all of my savings over.
Here's the dilemma. My lease is ending in July, and I just lost my health insurance (Medicaid) that I was on under my mom. I've reapplied, but I make more money than my mom and don't have kids, so I'm not hopeful. I have severe chronic asthma and my medications alone, aside from doctor's apps and the therapy I was going to, are $300. Not necessarily a month, and I can probably stretch a 3 month inhaler to 6 if needed.
My lease is up in about a month now. I chose not to renew after one of my roommates was late on rent by over a week, forcing me to take money out of my savings. She still has not paid it in full.
I don't have any roommate prospects as neither of my roommates seem financially stable enough to sign a lease with, so I'm likely going to need to move into a studio which will be $1,000-$1,200. This is opposed to the ~$600 a month I was paying before. I can't move into a cheaper, old apartment - I have tried this, and if a place happens to have mold it could very possibly kill me. Most of them have mold. Well, all of them in my experience, but I'm sure one or two might not. My other roommates are facing homelessness, and I'm trying to help them as much as I can without being willing to contribute financially or live with them.
I still want to put at least a grand away a month, but I also want to grow my savings. The savings account is one thing but I feel like I may need more. I don't qualify for government assistance anymore so there is no help in that regard. I suppose I'm technically disabled, but I'm not willing to live under the conditions disability implies if it's avoidable.
Currently I have no student loans because I'm at a tech school. I will definitely be needing car repairs soon - nothing too expensive, under $300, but I'm scared I may need a new car entirely at some point soon. This one is 14 years old. My credit is very good for having started it less than a year ago.
I want to buy a house by the time I'm 25. I want to afford kids. I want to go to college.
How can I better achieve these goals? Is living in the studio a horrible decision, and should I very quickly find a roommate? Is there any way to expedite the home-ownership part of this? How can I grow my savings more?
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2023.06.10 11:52 springhomes Spring Homes Apartments as in the investment?

For someone who dreams of investing in a home property, this article brings the things you need to ensure in your investment properties as it could be what for your money. So there are many vital things you need to ensure on your investment property; well, this article brings the main vital thing that you have to ensure as your investment properties worth or not.

What are the vital things that you need to consider the investment in home?

First, you must ensure that you are offering authorized services. So many retailers in the industry are being worked in the real estate platform, so only the arthritis retailer can offer you exclusive services and the best property.

You must ensure you are an investment property like in a hot city. So living in the hot city plays in the area as it will offer many benefits than approaching the property out of the town.

Then you need to ensure that the Apartment will be comfortable leaving styles. So you need to ensure what are the features and highlighted as in the addressing male estate services have offered their clients.

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Once all the above things as your property are present, you can move for the booking process. Also, you can ensure that you are approaching services as offering you a comfortable booking process.

Bottom line
as of this information, you can get what the property investment needs to be familiar with how someone needs to invest in the property today. For details visit-

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2023.06.10 11:46 Pfostttt Rant about two of my best friends.

Good Morning everyone,
So i’m going to do my best to not make this post extremely long, but my apologies in advance if it is.
So two of my best friends since first grade live on the other side of the country from me. They still live in basically our hometown, whereas after graduating high school, I moved across the country for a multitude of reasons, but the main ones were to goto school and live with my mom.
It has been eight years since I moved, and prior to the pandemic, I would try to visit my family and friends back home at least once a year, which for a broke college student, was a huge stretch, but I made it happen. The last time I went was September of 2019, so it has been a while, but we also had a global pandemic for most of that time, then me and my fiance bought a house, so money has been tight.
In that eight year period, neither of them have once even attempted to come visit me. They always had some terrible excuse like “I don’t want to go there” or “I can’t smoke pot there” or “We’ll see, but idk.” They have both had an open invitation to come here any time they want, and I have even offered to help pay for the tickets, and still, nothing.
I recently got engaged, and one of those two friends reached out to congratulate me, the other one hasn’t replied to me since August of last year. (He is fine, just “really busy and a bad replier.”)
I had a phone call about a week ago now with one of the two, he let me know that next month he was going to be in the city about two hours from mine, to celebrate 4th of july, and we talked about my wedding. He was persistent in asking who my best man was going to be, and eventually I gave in and told him, that it is a friend I made in college. He then got mad at me, and said that “now I don’t want to go anymore” because I didn’t choose him. He then told me to “Eat Shit” and hung up on me. Haven’t heard from him since.
He and the other guy we’re invited to be groomsman, but now I don’t know anymore. I’m kinda fed up with it. I mean I knew he was going to be upset, but the person I picked not only is closer in proximity to me, he has also been there, whereas neither of them have even attempted to come see me, and the only reason I would see the one who hung up on me, is if I drove two hours to our state capital, and again, went out of my way to see him.
Maybe i’m reading to far into this, but I feel thats really selfish, and i’m pretty fed up with it. What would you do/say/feel in this situation?
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2023.06.10 11:44 EmptyLemon2546 I’ve been left alone and don’t know what to do

I’ve been struggling with some mental health issues for the past year. I don’t really want to get into the deep crazy details of my whole past but I’ll give the gist of it. I experienced a lot of continuous trauma when I was younger for the majority of my life. I spent a lot of time pushing my problems away and doing my best to help others deal with their own issues but ultimately that just made things worse because I just took on the struggles of everyone else whilst still dealing with the weight of my own stuff. When I left high school my circumstances changed and for a while things were really good. I had space, I was doing things I enjoyed and had made some new really good friends. Two of those friends I became very close with over the last year or so. I’ll keep their identities anonymous for the sake of this post so I will refer to them as Ben and Sarah. We were a really fun trio and I loved spending time with them at work and outside of work.
Unfortunately the universe decided to bring me back down to reality one day. I got a phone call around 5:30 one morning from my dad telling me that my Aunty was going to pass away within the day due to her lifelong heart condition. As normal I put on a brave face and said my goodbyes over the phone to my unresponsive aunty because I was out of state and due to the nature of my job wouldn’t be able to get to her in time before she passed. She was one of the only people throughout my life who supported me through all my struggles even when I didn’t ask for it, so losing her did crush me quite a lot. I didn’t tell anyone of her passing, I just flew home for the funeral and came back to work while pretending nothing happened.
I have many trust issues opening up to people and never had anyone who I was 100% comfortable talking to. Whenever I had tried to get the words out they just wouldn’t come out. I rapidly developed mental health issues which have now been defined by my current psychologist as PTSD and depression. I’ve been told these developed due to being finally taken out of the hostile environment I was previously in and put into a place I felt safer which gave these issues room to flourish and finally escape after holding them in for so long. At the time this happened I kept everything to myself as much as possible and closed myself off from many people. Ben one day confronted me asking what was going on one night and for the first time I opened up ever so slightly to someone. I felt understood and cared for, for the first time in my life I felt I had support of some kind. Over time though my mental health continued to deteriorate, however I did slowly continue opening up and trusting more. However circumstances at work changed and me and ben were going in different paths both looking to be moving to the other side of the country from each other. This made my mental health plummet even more. However me and Sarah were now closer than ever. We were moving to the same place and we’re really growing close as friends. In the meantime it turns out ben had a thing for Sarah. He was incredibly angry that we were growing closer as he was moving further away from us. He turned this on me and betrayed my trust. He pushed me away and really hurt me as he was one of the only people I’d ever really trusted. My mental health continued to drop. The day we left to move away I took one last leap of faith, I opened up to sarah as to how I was going. At this point I’d known her for around 10 months and has wanted to tell her for a long time but as I stated before I have a lot of trust issues and didn’t cope with opening up to people. She was very understanding and caring of my situation, once again making me feel really understood and cared for. Though my trust was damaged from the way ben had thrown me away I felt I had some hope of getting better knowing I had at least one person by my side.
Over time we became very close and developed best friend kind of status. I eventually got to the point where I told her my life story. Something I’d never done with anyone before. She even helped me to see a psychologist, she listened to me rant about things and check up to see how I was doing. I felt I was in a position where I was finally winning back control of my life.
Recently however she became very distant and my mental health began to plummet again. My best friend was ignoring me and brushing me off and overall just leaving me feeling really hurt. I eventually found out she was dating someone. I became really angry, not because she was dating someone but because of how little it appeared she valued our friendship due to how I was replaced and so quickly. She never spent any more time with me outside of work was never there to support me at all and just left me in the dust. I had a big argument about this with her and told her that I felt like everything over almost the last year now felt like it meant nothing to her. We did somewhat resolve the situation and I was beginning to feel like we could resolve our issues. However recently she told me she isn’t open to supporting me anymore at all. Her reasoning was that she thought I was to reliant on her. I completely debunked her reasoning and exclaimed how I just really valued her support but wasn’t reliant on her. She persisted with her decision and it fully crushed me. My mental health turned the worst it had ever been leaving me completely alone. I eventually discovered her reasoning was partly because she was feeling very pressured and overwhelmed by trying to help me. This was upsetting because I always made it known to her that I was open to giving her space if she ever felt overwhelmed by anything because I didn’t want to hurt her. However I was more empathetic with this and decided to give her the space she wanted. But the damage she’s done to my trust can’t be undone and the pain she caused me isn’t going away.
For context I’ve only ever experienced rejection when seeking help in the past. I don’t think I’ve ever had a friend who cares enough to check in on me and value me. I don’t know what I did to be so undeserving of support and care from anyone but I can’t keep trying to do this anymore. The only current support I have is my therapist who has also told me to avoid reaching out for support because i cant afford to receive anymore rejection. My focus i my therapy has now gone from trying to get better to trying not to get worse or the time being.
I don’t know if any of this makes sense or if people can see it from my perspective or not but I feel totally crushed and hurt by everything and all the rejection I keep facing.
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2023.06.10 11:43 e0nblue My son is the only thing that keeps me going, but for how long?

I’m looking for other parents that can relate to what I’m feeling.
I’m a 37 year old dad to a 10 year old boy. I’ve struggled with bipolar disorder, depression and suicidal ideation for most of my life.
I’m medicated, I’m in therapy. I have a loving mom and good friends that I can rely on.
Yet I feel death walking alongside me every day and lately it’s been pulling me more and more.
Today I woke up in a strange city, thousands of kilometres away from the people I love, and it hit me like a truck. I fuxking hate my life, I’m tired of living life on hard mode, I’m tired of suffering, I want to die. I broke down crying in a restaurant while having breakfast.
When I’m back home, I’m passively looking for a local dealer who can source some benzos and opiates, preparing for the day I say « fuck it » and check out once and for all. I feel it’s inevitable. At the very least I know I won’t reach retirement age.
But every time I break down crying and think of the sweet relief that a painless death would bring me, my son invades my thoughts.
How could I do this to him? How could I scar him for life? How could I leave him without the love of his dad, without a male role model and a paternal figure? How badly would I fuck him up?
He doesn’t deserve to go through this. Especially if he inherits my disorder. He will need me.
And yet… I don’t know if I can hold on for long enough to see him fly off on his own, long enough that my death wouldn’t mess up his entire life.
Can anyone else relate to this as a parent? How do you deal with it
Has anyone here gone through the loss of a parent to suicide? How did it affect you?
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2023.06.10 11:42 preyzlak gf of 1 1/2 years cheated on me

hello everyone, i came across this subreddit looking for resources and i am encouraged that there is such a great community. i think venting here could help me cope with the emotions i have been experiencing as i want to process this in a healthy and direct way. my ex gf and i are college students in nyc. we met at her apartment at a kickback december 4th of 2021 after i was invited by a mutual friend. after we hit it off (we study similar subjects) we hooked up for a few weeks before she asked me to be her boyfriend. she has very intense anxiety and has panic attacks regularly in addition to many other mental health challenges, feelings of inadequacy, insecurity etc. she was always worried that this would make me resent her or want to leave her however i enjoyed her company and came to love her very much so being supportive of her - while at times exhausting - was something i was happy to do. our relationship was very communicative and our conflict was resolved very healthily. i incorrectly assumed that she valued this aspect of our relationship and all of the work we put into it together to build trust and respect and never though she would cheat on me. a few weeks ago her mother was in town and we met, her mother was complementary of me and at the time i saw our meeting as another milestone and plus for our relationship. her mother does not speak english very well and i have been learning a second language to communicate with her family. for some background my ex got a job at a bar and was working very late hours (7pm-4am) typically and would often begin to slip into substance abuse habits as a result of this difficult work schedule. even though she was in an environment conducive to cheating, i sincerely trusted her and was totally blindsided when i went home for a week (2 days after meeting her mom) and she immediately was showing obvious signs of cheating (one or two line texts and not being reachable for hours in on end which was very unusual) i was suspicious and confronted her but she lied and said she was not. however i knew something was up because every time i mentioned something like a trip or any plans she said we should talk in person. three days ago i confronted her basically saying i knows you aren’t telling me something and i deserve to know this. i accused her of meeting someone after work and she confirmed that she had cheated with a security guard who worked at a bar near hers. i asked if she cared about him more than me and she said “that’s what i’m trying to figure out” - as if there was any possibility of salvaging our relationship lol, when i asked if there was anything wrong with our relationship that drove this, she said that it had nothing to do with our relationship and that it “just happened” which was very hurtful to me because of her unwillingness to take responsibility for the fact that she chose not only to do it but to keep doing it and lie saying it would have been worse had she not told me in person. she said that when she cheated she realized she did not love me and that it showed that she was not in a place to be in a relationship - as if this was all inevitable and not her fault. she even went as far as to try to garder my sympathy saying “i feel like i ruined everything etc” i had so many opportunities to cheat on her and i never did because i was loyal to her and appreciative of our relationship and if i had grievances then i would have broken up with her instead of traumatizing her out of my own selfishness and disregard for her, but hey that’s just me ig. we called and had closure, and then the last thing i texted her was that i forgive her - which was very freeing for me - and at the end of the day this is her problem not mine, and then blocked her on everything. however i have had struggles not with the fact that she cheated on me as much as the feeling that the person i loved was a lie and an illusion, i was very much in love with the person who i thought she was, and it is extremely difficult for me to accept that this person who was such a source of joy and happiness for me is now gone and never really existed. i haven’t been able to sleep at all since this happened and feel like i may be very traumatized by this betrayal. i also can’t cry even though i have been trying. i feel so empty and cold towards everything and have turned to hooking up with as many people as possible including group sex etc etc. i have been able to stay away from substances and intend to let most of this frustration out in the gym and other positive outlets. while this is mostly a vent, i would appreciate any tips - especially for how to cry about this and let my emotions out - and to just calm down my body. ever since this happened i have the alertness level of a person being hunted for sport - this is why sleeping has been so hard - and any tips for fostering this letting go process would be much appreciated.
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2023.06.10 11:42 Itsgivingbitch Trauma rooted in being around constant suffering.

I’m hoping someone could relate. I still haven’t come to terms with any of this.
I’ve witnessed sickness and suffering my ENTIRE life. Me, my mom and brother lived with my grandparents and uncle, and my grams was wheelchair bound. I never knew her when she could walk. She had a stroke shortly after my uncle died and she ended up completely bedridden. I cared for her for many years before we had to put her in a home. Our cramped apartment became a revolving door of poorly trained, inept government home health aids. They “cared” for her when I was in school. Until I dropped out of the 10th grade.
My uncle was over 600lbs. He took a nap one day and died in his sleep. I was nine years old and I’m the one who found him. He was only 45. He ate himself to death because he was tormented about his sexuality. I didn’t realize how much his death affected me until I was an adult. Sleep is a constant source of anxiety for me and I check on my mother several times a night.
I spent a lot of time visiting my grams in the Nursing home. She was bedridden for the last 6 years of her life. She was a avid reader and her vision eventually declined and she lost the ability to read. Reading was her passion and she couldn’t do it anymore. Why didn’t I read to her?! Why didn’t I think to fucking read to her?! We would listen to music and I would do her nails, but why didn’t I think to read to her?! I wasn’t thinking! She never fucking complained either. She was such a good person. I think she held on so long because she was worried about me. We were very close. I was extremely depressed and a severe agoraphobic in my late teens and early 20’s. She was afraid for me.
The isolation killed her. I should’ve just held her hand and told her “Nana it’s okay. You don’t have to keep fighting anymore. You can let go. I will be okay”. I wasn’t there when she passed. We should have brought her home. She died alone in that godforsaken room. I had seen her 2 days prior before her passing and she didn’t even know who I was and her skin was grey. The GUILT I felt every time I had to leave that room during those years. I still have flashbacks and nightmares of her being in that room.
8 months after my grams passed my mom had 4 botched spinal surgeries and was bedridden for close to a year. She was in and out of different nursing rehabs to learn how to walk again. While this was happening my grandfather’s dementia was worsening. I was beyond overwhelmed. I was spending every day at the hospital and rehab facilities. Cleaning her, turning her over, changing her linens. It was a nightmare. I became a full blown alcoholic by the time I turned 25. (I no longer drink. I abuse pills)
My mom never regained much feeling back in her legs and feet and she’s now in a wheelchair. She can only walk a couple of feet with a walker. She’s incontinent, a chain smoker and morbidly obese with a million different ailments. I’ve been caring for her for the past 13 years. I couldn’t care for both my grandfather and my mom, and they hated each other, so we had to put him in a home. He died of a major stroke 3 years later in 2014.
So now im watching my mom slowly withering away. Me and my brother are estranged. He doesn’t help me at all with my mom. He’s also a drug addict.
When does it STOP?! Im so broken. I’ve been on EVERY psych med in existence. I’ve seen countless therapists. I’ve tried exercising, meditating, having outlets. I am DRAGGING every day damn day. My health has gone to shit. Im afraid of doctors. I can’t sleep, I have severe tactile hallucinations, I’m constantly overstimulated. I can’t sit still, I’m always itchy from being anxious. I’m the heaviest I ever been. I cry nonstop. Me and my mom argue almost every day. I’m so angry. Im not a functioning adult.
Im gonna be 38 in 3 weeks and I have never experienced and real joy in my life. I don’t know what I’m doing. Why can’t I pull myself out of this? I can’t even see past the depression anymore. What am I gonna do when my mom eventually gets worse? There’s literally no end in sight. There’s no help, there’s nobody to confide in. I have no support system. I don’t even bother talking to my best friend anymore. I detach from everyone. I resent my parents so much for even bringing me into the world. I wasn’t built for any of this shit. Im ready to go.
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