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2018.07.17 21:42 JizzMartini Very Cavallari (TV Show)

This subreddit is a place to share and discuss Kristin Cavallari's E! TV show and news. New episodes premier every Sunday 10 P.M ET on the E! channel. Also a place where we can all agree that Jay Cutler is the best person on the show.

2023.03.27 03:19 someseeingeye Weird interactions with Discord/Craig and Rodecaster Pro

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2023.03.27 02:55 someseeingeye Weird interactions with Discord/Craig and Rodecaster Pro

We're recording a podcast remotely through Discord using the Craig webapp. I have the Rodecaster Pro connected to my computer by USB and we're running into a weird situation where everyone's channels are being recorded to my track. It's not happening on anyone else's channels so I'm assuming it's related to the Rodecaster.
For example User A's track is just capturing User A. User B's track is just capturing User B, but I'm capturing User A, User B, and myself on my track.
We tried one other arrangement, but it made it so I couldn't hear myself through the Rodecaster. I also don't have a problem when I record into Audacity, but it would be nice to use Discord to keep all of our audio synced automatically
Any ideas?
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2023.03.27 02:51 SinnySen Dual Timelines, Flashbacks & Time Jumps

\**Long-time lurker, first-time poster. Mods, feel free to remove or tell me to edit if needed. Not sure if this is the most appropriate flair****
Hi all! So, I’ve read 125+ romance novels now and have decided my favorite trope (outside of dark romance ugh) is second-chance; specifically childhood/teenage-friends/sweethearts-to-strangers-to-lovers. I LOVE pairing the intense feelings of young love with angsty & spicy second-chance now that they're adults. I need to SEE the MCs fall in love in the past so I can root for their reunion in the present. Bonus points if they are insta-love/intimate/friends the first time around just to intensify the ultimate break-up.
I’m posting my own lists below in hopes of helping others who like this trope/device and maybe to unearth some lesser-known recs! Loosely ordered from favorite to least under each section…
READ BUT CAN’T REALLY REMEMBER - Elements of Dual/Flashback/Jumps
HONORABLE MENTIONS - Not True Romance Genre
HAVE NOT YET READ (TBR) - No particular order
Note: in an effort to not over-work the bot, I only bracketed those I really like specifically for this trope/plot device.
Feel free to add to my list or ask me about any I have read. If you have recs, please call out whether its dual timeline/flashbacks or a major time jump.
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2023.03.27 02:24 MethylEthylandDeath My favorite Old Fashioned spec to help with the Sunday Scaries

My favorite Old Fashioned spec to help with the Sunday Scaries
2 oz Elijah Craig Barrel Proof
2 bar spoons dark maple syrup
2 dashes Angostura Bitters
2 dashes Black Walnut Bitters (Fee Bros)
Luxardo Cherry
Orange peel
Build in mixing glass and stir until well chilled
Garnish with cherry and expressed orange peel
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2023.03.27 01:37 glitchbitchxo DTNG - Couples Who Should Have Married

So I know some of the original TDNG couples that got married are:
Manny and Jay
Spinner and Emma
Toby and Liberty
Craig and Ashley
Ellie and Jesse
Jimmy and Trina

BUT I think it should have been more like:
Manny and Jay (they made sense)
Spinner and JANE (literally the only girl that made sense with him)
Toby and Liberty (again, made sense)
Craig and ELLIE (I mean come on!)
Emma and Sean (why the heck would she be with Spinner, they have nothing in common)
Jimmy and Trina (again, makes sense)
Ashley alone forever lol just kidding I can't think of someone to put her with
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2023.03.27 01:22 JamStan4 The new fairly oddparents reboot doesn't look bad.

I keep seeing a lot of people just immediately starting to hate on it strictly from the pitch bible and descriptions and just bc it's another reboot.
Yes the original ran for too long. Season 10 was just horrendous and fairly odder was just bad but that doesn't mean a new fairly oddparents can't work. The original didn't do all the story possibilities, they just got lazy. People just so against them trying to do a new show that's good just baffles me. I just feel like most people hating on it is just mad at all the changes? Like having new characters and a new story but that is what makes it refreshing. There's an entire universe to explore so this is the best choice. It's a new show with a few characters we know and love. (Cosmo, Wanda, Jorgan, pixies, poof/peri, dale dimmdome and maybe even more) it deserves a chance to be good.
They tried a reboot last year but it failed, this time it seems like they are actually putting much more care into the show and want it to do good.
They even have writers from infinity train and Craig of the creek show running the show.
They are making it serialized so there will be an ongoing plot. (It starts off episodic but then gets more serialized as it goes on)
They are expanding the lore and fairy world by introducing us to more fairies and getting to know them.
I see people comparing Hazel to Chloe and Hazel is nowhere near annoying.. The Chloe character concept isn't even bad, it's just how they executed it in the original that was God awful.
They are finally doing new things with the franchise instead of just doing a cash grab sequel like fairly odder. It's clear that this new team actually cares for the show.
The animation is absolutely gorgeous and somehow they made the 3d models look great and not cursed.
The pitch bible that leaked is also just a pitch bible, we are never supposed to see it. They write the most basic descriptions to get it picked up and doesn't have all that added nuance. It's also the beginning of the series so she still needs ways to grow bc this is serialized now.
The pilot script also leaked and I read it, it's pretty good and fun but people shouldn't be hating it when they are finally doing a good reboot after that terrible reboot. If they are going to keep doing reboots then they should at least be good. So supporting the good reboots just encourages them to put more work into it.
People just groaning bc it's another reboot should just give it a chance. I don't want this great franchise to end with fairly odder, that was a terrible way to end it. At least let's have a decent show end it.
They put a lot of thought and work into this new story and it really shows. They have it all planned out, an entire first season story and episode descriptions for every episode already mapped out and everything. That just makes it clear how clear their vision is and that the show is finally in good hands.
They have fixed many problems that people complained about from fairly odder and it's weird how you all were begging for anything else when fairly odder came out but the when they finally do something different you still complain.
Also a few inconsistencies from the original shouldnt really matter much if the show is genuineely good. Let's not act like the original wasn't inconsistent with their rules sometimes (even in the golden years).
This show is not made just for fans of the original. Its made for a new generation and I think that's beautiful. There's so much they can do in a magical world like this.
I only have seen hate from here and a few people on Twitter but the majority of people have been surprised with what they seen and want to give it a chance.
Oh, and if you are just hating on it bc it has POC or a non binary character then you are just a piece of shit and your opinion doesn't matter.
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2023.03.27 00:50 DonutBourbon Review #86: Elijah Craig Small Batch

It's been a while. But February and March were not kind to my health. Colds that never ended and whatever the heck else is going around the Midwest children these days made a few passes through our household. I've barely even touched the stuff in a while. And that second Midwestern winter really got me at the same time. It felt like I hadn't even left my house for a few weeks. Time to move to somewhere sunny. So I'm warming back up with a standard sipper of Elijah Craig Small Batch to keep from scorching my out of shape tastebuds. That Elijah Craig Private Barrel I picked up near the start of my misery still sits on my shelf unopened with those longing eyes, just waiting. Soon.
Price: $32
Proof: 94
Age: NAS, but allegedly 8-12 based on the internets. If true why not put an 8 on the bottle then because all those craft distilleries trip over themselves at 5-6. So, yes, I'm skeptical of these Internet sources when it's not on the bottle.
Nose: vanilla frosting, oak
Palate: oak, vanilla, and honey.
Finish: a short fizzy cola burn.
Overall: to be honest this was never high on my list of daily sippers. But this is better than I remember. Oak and vanilla dominate with classic bourbon flavors. The extra 4 proof points over the other common 90 proofers gives this a little something extra. I'd have to give this a solid 6.
Edit: I had trouble posting a picture but just do to you local liquor store and look at an EC Small Batch and imagine it in front of a Kitchen Aid stand mixer.
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2023.03.27 00:14 Valyrian40 Famous Actors Who Were Rejected by Acting Schools

Carey Mulligan - rejected by the top 3 acting schools in London
George Mackay - rejected by the top 3 acting schools in London
Liv Ullmann - rejected by the National Institute of Drama in Oslo
Rosamund Pike - rejected by all acting schools in the UK
Daniel Craig - rejected by Rada, Lamda and the Young Vic. Eventually landed a spot in the prestigious Barbican drama school that also lists Ewan McGregor, Joseph Fiennes and Rhys Ifans
Hugh Jackman - rejected by NIDA and went to the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA)
Tom Hardy - turned down by Rada and expelled by London’s Drama Centre. Readmitted the following year
Rachel Griffins - rejected by NIDA
Anthony La Plaglia - rejected by NIDA
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2023.03.26 23:52 c_qy_3tzzsat red racer south park craig x tweek damson idris and chloe bailey video twitter red racer south park video

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2023.03.26 23:51 c_qy_3tzzsat red racer south park craig x tweek damson idris and chloe bailey video twitter red racer south park video

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2023.03.26 22:05 Brando003 Phil is a fucking moron

He tried to be cool like Stuttering Craig and have Wings on but he’s too stupid and doesn’t understand how to get it to work
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2023.03.26 21:36 Black_Dragon007 War: What is it good for?

War: What is it good for?
Full Index of my notes on the war crime investigation where free people like Craig Wright and myself were victimized: (see change logs for updates in index)
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2023.03.26 21:33 GwentMaster69420 Sai, Kristin and Ohn being bros

It was really cool to see such great comraderie between these 3 throughout the final round.
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2023.03.26 21:28 An_Actual_Stalinist Are DA Carson and Craig Blomberg credible scholars?

I was thinking of getting DA Carson's commentary on the gospel of John, and Craig Blomberg's book on NT reliability.
Both are conservative evangelicals so I wanted to ask how is their credibility and the quality of their work seen?
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2023.03.26 21:13 DungPornAlt 12 Angry Men (but good) modern remake when?

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2023.03.26 20:58 Peacock-03 which movies should i NOT miss?

im on a bond marathon, im very much looking forward to daniel craig’s bond as it is newer and more realistic.
I watched everything from dr. No to Octopussy. I initially wanted to skip Moonraker straight to casino Royale, as i heard it is a stupid movie haha. but i went on to watch it, which i dont regret cause we saw what happened to Jaws, which i loved.
Now i just finished Octopussy, I really can’t wait for Craig’s, it’s still a long way.
should i just skip it? or go on with the marathon. is there any movies that have continuity and correlations to craig’s (Jaws’ story type)?
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2023.03.26 20:50 tonnie_taller Search for missing Texas boy takes strange turn as family flees country without him: police

An Amber Alert for a missing 6-year-old boy from Texas has been canceled after investigators learned the child has not been seen since November, and his family has left the country. Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez is now considered an endangered missing person, according to Everman Police Chief Craig Spencer. “This change does not affect the course of … Continue reading Search for missing Texas boy takes strange turn as family flees country without him: police
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2023.03.26 20:44 StrivingJarl SGR - White Space, Presentation, & Story Introduction

SGR - White Space, Presentation, & Story Introduction
AO3 Link
The original version of White Space, I feel was pretty alright. Really, the only complaint I have is just navigating certain parts of the zone areas to find the missions and what-not. Other than that, it was just fine. However, I feel like changing this up a bit.
Now, instead of a 2D hub, it’d be a 3D hub, similar to the Sonic Unleashed hubs, but it wouldn’t be too big. Here’s what I’m imagining here:

I made this in Photopea with a mouse. And yeah, it's not very good. But it gets the idea across
The Information Pod, Museum Room, and Skill Shop would be at the front, with the levels on the left and right. That way, it’s easy to find what you want to go to, without any extra fluff. Also, for those wondering what’s with some of these symbols here and such, consider it a bit of a hint for what I'm gonna be featuring in this rewrite.
Now, the Information Pod, I’m gonna change in a much different manner, but overall, it’ll function about the same as it did in the original game. However, when it comes to the skill shop, I wanna make ONE new addition!
See, there’s this Sonic Generations mod where you can customize Modern Sonic’s look by changing his gloves, shoes, body, etc. You can give him his soap shoes from SA2, Chip’s Bracelet from Unleashed, and plenty more! It’s such a cool mod, and I think it’d be cool to have some cosmetics like that in this rewrite! Plus, Sonic Frontiers had some cosmetics too, so it’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility!
And who knows? Maybe we can also add some alternate colors for the fur of Sonic’s body? Like changing him from blue to green and what-not? Sure, it’d be silly, but it’s still cool to have!
As for what else to change here, I’m mainly gonna focus on the museum room, and say what’s worth mentioning:
  • For one, when it comes to the jukebox, I want to be able to listen to not just the unlockable extra music from previous games, but also all the music created for Generations, like the level and boss remixes, cutscene tracks, etc. Plus, it’d be nice to have a short description for each of them, like who made the track, where does it play in it’s original game, etc. But that may be a little much.
  • Also, I want the jukebox to have the option to play sound effects and voice lines, too. Just for the fun and convenience of it.
  • Next, I think it’d be nice to have more information listed for the character bios, like where the character first made their debut, what their likes and dislikes are, fun facts, what abilities they have, etc. It’d be nice to have that. In fact, I actually made these bios for every character in this rewrite! Though, I don't know if I'll be posting any of it.
  • As for the unlockable artwork, I’d say I just want to move the art around, and zoom in and out like in Sonic Mega Collection. Plus, a short description for those would be nice, too, but I don’t mind if it’s not included.
  • Lastly, I’d change the statue room to a statue shelf in the main Museum Room, just for convenience. And instead of inputting codes to unlock statues, you’d instead have to do different objectives to get them, like completing levels, doing certain tricks, etc. Plus, it’d be nice to rotate the statues and zoom in and out on them, too.
Okay! I think that’s ALL the gameplay-related stuff covered! At least for now! Now, let’s get to some other miscellaneous things.

When it comes to the graphics for Sonic Generations, I think they were pretty great. Sure, Unleashed definitely looked more appealing, but this game certainly was a sight to behold. Though, it could look a little better, given the chance. But then again, maybe the quality was lowered a bit so that the performance wouldn’t suffer so much? After all, Unleashed definitely had some nasty slow-down at points, and there’s even one or two moments like that in Generations, such as during certain missions.
Music? Pfft. Like I even have to talk about it. The original Generations soundtrack was already fire, so do I have to change anything, other than just adding some new songs and remixes, along with changing a few pre-existing ones? No. No, I don’t.
Now, for the animations of the characters, particularly during cutscenes, I can understand the complaints about them looking a little stiff and less alive. So, changing that would be nice. Also, the pre-rendered cutscenes, I’m not against, and I can understand why they’re like that, but it definitely would be nice to have some in-engine ones. Maybe in White Space? I don’t know.
Lastly, there’s the voice-acting. I don’t really have any complaints towards any character’s voice here, but I can understand the dislike for, say, Roger Craig Smith’s Sonic or Cindy Robinson’s Amy. I’m not gonna straight up replace them with previous Sonic VAs, or entirely new ones, since I feel that’s unnecessary and a disservice to those who worked on the original game. It’s the direction mostly that’s causing problems, so just have better direction, and I feel it’ll be better. Not perfect, but definitely better.
Also, just gonna say this here…we’re giving Classic Sonic the ability to talk here. If Classic Tails and Eggman could speak, why doesn’t Sonic? Sure, you couldn’t get Jaleel O’ White back, but you could always just…get someone else to do a younger Sonic voice. Yeah, it’d be weird and met with some backlash, but I feel it’s a necessary thing to do.
Whew! I think that’s everything except the story! And yeah, there’s some stuff I haven’t covered or talked about yet, but I’ll get to it when I start discussing the rewritten story. So, let's move on!

Okay, so, the overall concept of the story in this game isn’t necessarily bad on paper. Sonic celebrates his XX birthday with his friends, only for a shadowy beast called the Time Eater to come in and kidnap all of them, and send Sonic to a white void. Then, by working with his younger self, he’d go through past levels, defeat old bosses, and collect the Chaos Emeralds in order to stop the beast, which is actually being controlled by the two Eggman’s. Or, Eggmen, if you will.
Honestly…this story doesn’t sound that bad when just describing the idea. It’s just that it’s CRIMINALLY under-utilized. You’ve got a story for a popular series full of memorable characters, moments, and set-pieces, and now you can use whatever you want because time-travel can excuse it, and make some fun callbacks and moments, but you barely do that in the actual game (At least storywise)? That’s SUCH a wasted opportunity!
See, that’s the issue with having writers who don’t know and understand the series write your time-travel nostalgia tale. I mean no offense to Ken Pontac, Warren Graff, or anyone else who worked on the script for this game. They were just doing their jobs, and aren’t terrible people for doing so. I just feel that they should have done more with the script to make it more fun and interesting.
Luckily, as a Sonic nutcase who has more knowledge about the series compared to the stuff I learned in school, I’m well-versed to do a time-travel nostalgia tale! Though, I’m not gonna act like I’m gonna make anything that rivals Shakespeare, as that would be ridiculous. I’m just gonna write my own interpretation of the Generations story, and see how it goes.
Now, what am I going to change or add here? Well, for one, I’m definitely having more scenes where the characters interact and talk with one another. Plus, have them say more about the areas they visit, the foes they encounter, and generally have everyone say more about their current situation other than “we gotta stop that thing from destroying time, Sonic!”
Speaking of characters, having them be more IN character is also a must here. So, no grumpy Shadow or anything. Plus, giving them more to do than just stand around and act as Sonic’s cheerleaders. Though, don’t expect any of them to be playable here. I’m still keeping it strictly the Classic & Modern Sonic show.
Next, having more callbacks and references to previous games, and even other media (Though, not straight up saying stuff like “Remember Princess Sally?” or anything like that) would not only be nostalgic, but also fun and make it feel like the characters have been through a lot and live in an actual world full of many people and events. Kinda like how Sonic Frontiers does it, only it makes greater sense here due to it being a “Greatest Hits” collection.
Lastly, the way I’m writing the story here is like a script describing what happens in the cutscenes, so that you can get an idea of how they would play out if this rewrite was an actual game you could play. But I’ll also add some other stuff here and there, like in-game dialogue and pictures (Both from the official Sonic stuff, and fan-made works, with proper credit). For the fun of it.
Okay! Next post, we can finally get started on the story! Which I'm naming "A Trip Down Memory Lane." I think it's just a nice title to give the story here.

Next Part
Previous Part
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2023.03.26 20:33 emptyberg Anybody else sad that they won’t be able to use Future Days in Season 2?

Future Days by Pearl Jam plays an integral role on Part II; however, because Craig and Neil chose to set the show in 2023, with outbreak day in 2003, the song doesn’t exist. I trust they’ll find a new song, but it’s still kinda sad they won’t be able to use it in Season 2.
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2023.03.26 20:32 Zombie7ime0901 Joel sympathizing with Henry

As I’m rewatching the season again. In the podcast Craig and Neil pointed out that Joel wasn’t burying because that’s something Joel wouldn’t do, he was doing it for Ellie. But there had to have been a part of him that wanted to bury them as well. In episode 9 we find out that Joel tried to kill himself after Sarah died. So when Henry shot himself, Joel understood his thought process. So was it just because Ellie wanted to bury them. Or did Joel want to bury them as well, but couldn’t tell Ellie that he wanted to bury them because he wouldn’t be Joel then.
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2023.03.26 20:26 nateap87 My cabinet is coming along nicely.

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2023.03.26 20:11 Landon1195 Why are Fanboy and Chum Chum, Breadwinners, Sanjay and Craig, and Pig Goat Bananna Cricket getting praise all of a sudden?

Back in the early to mid 2010s these shows were despised on the internet and you would be hard pressed to find anyone who liked these shows. In fact, these shows were used as the primary example of why Nickelodeon was terrible in the late 2000s and early 2010s. But now 10 years later I'm starting to see people like these shows. I would say the majority still don't but I'm starting to see people say things like "Am I the only one who likes Fanboy and Chum Chum and Sanjay and Craig?" and "Breadwinners was hated?". So what's with people suddenly starting to like these shows all of a sudden? Is it due to nostalgia?
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